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Zero: The Birth of the World's Best Hero Duo

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Katsuki groaned as his soulmate once again tried to put on his shirt backwards. “What the fuck, you shitty nerd?! Why do you have so much trouble with your damn clothes?!” He grabbed the hem, yanking it up before fixing it and thrusting it back over his soulmate’s head.

It was finally the day of the entrance exam, and Deku was a fucking mess. “You’ll be fine, dumbass. You’ve had All Might himself training you!”

“R-right.” Deku was wringing his fingers, now. “That’s kinda why I’m nervous, actually? Because now if I fail, it’ll look really really bad? And I’ll not only have failed on my dream, but I’ll have let down All Might! Which would be terrible, I mean he’s done—”

“Shut the fuck up.” Katsuki glared at his soulmate, whose mouth promptly shut tight as his eyes widened. “No one but me knows about the All Might shit, so it’s not going to look bad or whatever the hell else you’re worried about. And you’ll become a hero even if you don’t pass the fucking exam, right? So stop freaking out about this shit.” Katsuki whacked his soulmate on the head for good measure. “You’ll be fine, nerd. We’re a soulmate duo. We’re destined for this shit.”

“Right!” Deku nodded firmly, his eyes shining, “You’re right, Kacchan. You always are.”

“Fuck yeah.” Katsuki grabbed his backpack, swinging it over his shoulder. He was glad more than ever that he’d made Deku pack his own bag the night before. With the state his soulmate was in this morning, he’d probably forget his pencil case or some shit like that. Not that Katsuki didn’t always carry an extra for the dumbass. “Come on, Deku. We need to leave.”

“R-right!” Deku scrambled out the door. Katsuki sighed, grabbing the nerd’s bag and throwing it after him. Katsuki smirked as it hit his head and the nerd tumbled to the floor. Served him right for forgetting it. “Your bag, dumbass.”

Deku rubbed the back of his head as he stood up, sending Katsuki one of his pitiful glares. “Thanks, but did you have to throw it that hard, Kacchan?”

“It’s not like you have breakable shit in there, now come on.” Katsuki pushed past him and headed toward the stairs. “I’m not going to be fucking late because you don’t have your shit together.”

“What?!” Deku’s eyes widened in panic for the five seconds it took for him to check his watch. He groaned in relief. “We’re not going to be late, you meanie.”

“We will be if this shit keeps up.” He’d reached the front door by that point, so Katsuki stopped to put on his shoes, calling out, “See you later Old Hag! We’re leaving!” Thankfully Auntie wasn’t back from her night shift, yet, so she couldn’t make them late by crying for forever about how much they’d grown up or some shit like that.

“Brat! Can’t you be nice on the day of your exams!” The old hag’s head poked out from the kitchen. “See if we make you a good dinner tonight.”

He smirked, “Auntie’s too nice. Of course we’re getting our favorites for dinner.”

“Tch.” His mother glared at him, then turned to Deku. “Good luck, Izu-kun. I know you’ll do fine. Make sure my brat doesn’t kill anyone, alright?”

Deku grinned, “I’ll do my best!”

“That’s the spirit! Go beat that competition to a pulp, boys!”

“Fuck yeah!” Katsuki grinned at his mom, then bounded out the door, Deku trailing behind him. They were going to fucking dominate all these loser extras and show them who was the best.

Katsuki grinned as he walked down the sidewalk toward the station. He’d memorized the route to the school the night before, but it would be hard to forget a single step since the nerd was clutching a piece of paper and muttering the directions over and over the entire fucking trip.

Katsuki’s eyebrow twitched. After they’d gotten on the train, two boys nearby hadn’t stopped staring at them both, probably bothered by the shitty nerd’s ramblings. Whatever. Katsuki didn’t care, they could go fuck themselves.

Then one leaned over to whisper to his friend, “Aren’t those the two from the sludge incident?”

Damn it.

Katsuki should’ve known this would happen. People at school had eventually gone back to normal, but it made sense that assholes who didn’t know them might fucking whisper about it.

Katsuki glared at them, and the two immediately looked elsewhere, pretending like they hadn’t said anything.

“Tch.” Dumbasses couldn’t even look him in the eye.

By the time they reached UA, Katsuki was ready to explode shit. He hadn’t been able to use his quirk in two damn weeks, and these fucking assholes on the train kept staring. His palms were practically itching to let loose again.

Katsuki took in a deep breath. Just a few more hours, and then he could explode things again.

He grinned.

“Umm… Kacchan? You’re doing the evil grin again and it’s scaring people.”

“Huh?!” He turned to Deku, but his soulmate just nervously nodded toward a group of kids skirting around them to get into the UA building.

“Fucking extras.” They couldn’t even walk by him normally? Like hell they would pass the exam.

“Kaaachaaan.” Deku groaned, putting his hand up to cover his face, “We’ve talked about this. It’s not—eep!”

Katsuki reached out, grabbing the nerd’s backpack as he tripped and fell forward.

A pink glove was reaching out, too, almost touching Deku, but it quickly retreated when Katsuki’s hand grabbed his backpack. Katsuki looked at the girl as he hoisted Deku back onto his own damn feet.

“Sorry!” The girl blushed. “I wasn’t sure if you’d catch him in time, so I reached out to help with my quirk. I figured falling would have been bad luck, and I could have stopped that with my quirk.” She pulled on her fingers nervously, “I can make things I touch have zero gravity…. Sorry, I know it’s rude to use my quirk on someone without their permission, I just—”

“Fuck off, Round Face.” Katsuki turned and headed toward the entrance, ignoring the girl behind him.

“Kacchan!” Deku’s voice was absolutely mortified. “I’m so sorry!” Katsuki rolled his eyes, knowing that the shitty nerd was probably doing a bunch of nervous bows to the girl before he ran to catch up with him.

“What did you fucking apologize for? The dumbass didn’t need to butt in like that.” He shoved open the doors, holding them longer than necessary so that Deku could slip in behind him.

“She was just trying to help, Kacchan!”

“Fuck her help. We don’t need anyone.”

“Kacchan…” Deku let out a long sigh, then suddenly froze as he realized a bunch of assholes were standing around in the atrium, watching the two of them. “Um…”

Katsuki was done with this shit. “Yes, we’re the fuckers that beat the sludge villain. No, we don’t want to be stared at. Now scram, assholes.”

Ignoring the chaos that followed his statement, Katsuki grabbed Deku’s hand and dragged him to the registration table. Thankfully, the guy that was in charge of it (some idiot with black hair who only mumbled and looked like he’d rather be anywhere else) didn’t fuss about who they were and just handed over their exam cards and told them where to go for the written exam.

Thankfully, they found their seats quickly. Katsuki threw his bag under the amphitheater seat and slumped down into his usual slouch.

“Kacchan! Kacchan!” Deku was pulling on his sleeve, whispering with nervous excitement. “That’s Ectoplasm! His quirk is clones! He can produce ectoplasm from his mouth and then mold it into clones!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes. Of course the nerd was starting to ramble. “Deku.”

“The clones disappear after taking a certain amount of damage, but it’s always hard to quantify an exact amount with that kind of thing. Like it could probably take a few of your small explosions, but I don’t know—"

Katsuki’s eyebrow twitched. “Deku.” Why the fuck would he ever want to know this much about this Ectoplasm bastard?

“--about a big one. Uwaah, I knew UA teachers were all pro heroes, but I didn’t think I’d actually get to see one today! Kacchan, did you know his legs are prosthetics? He lost them in a fight a long time—”

He growled in annoyance, “Deku.” The shitty nerd was really nervous if he was fucking ignoring him like this.

“--ago, but his prosthetics are ridiculously strong, so he still excels at close range combat and uses lots of kicks. And he can combine his clones, Kacchan! They become like—”

“Deku!” Finally the nerd’s mouth snapped shut. Katsuki sighed. He really didn’t want to deal with the muttering shit right before the exam. He’d tolerated it on the train because the shitty nerd was nervous, but this was fucking ridiculous. “I don’t give a damn about this Ectoplasm hero. I’ll care if he ends up as our teacher or some shit, but right now I just want to focus on the exam.”

“Oh! Right!” As the gym began to fill, Deku fidgeted with his fingers, twitching every so often from the effort of not rambling.

Finally, Katsuki groaned. “Fine. What is it?”

Deku gave him a big smile, “Ectoplasm’s a really good choice for an exam proctor, don’t you think? He can be everywhere at once! So they only have to spare one faculty member, but they still have someone everywhere in this stadium, watching to make sure no one cheats. And there have been so many interesting mutation quirks that have walked by! Like—”

Suddenly, the lights on the stage lit up, revealing Ectoplasm (or one of his shitty clones?) up on the stage.

Deku went blissfully silent, his eyes wide in awe.

“Welcome, hero applicants. We will now begin the written portion of the exam. One of my clones will pass the exam booklet down your aisle. If you open it before I say begin, you will be asked to immediately leave. Once you receive the booklet, you are not allowed to talk until you turn in your booklet at the end of the test. If you do, again, you will be asked to immediately leave.”

That was straightforward enough. Deku used to mutter during tests, but he’d gotten in enough trouble over the years for giving away answers that now he was pretty good at stopping it in that situation. So at least Katsuki could expect silence during the actual test.

When the booklet stack came down their aisle, Deku nervously took his own, his hands shaking as he passed the stack to Katsuki.

Shitty nerd and his damn nerves.

Katsuki grabbed one and deposited the rest on the no-name’s desk next to him, then kicked Deku’s leg.

The nerd winced, turning to try and glare at him, but Katsuki just raised an eyebrow. Deku stuck out his tongue, clearly annoyed, but his hands weren’t shaking anymore, so Katsuki didn’t care.

He looked at the unassuming booklet in front of him. It was fucking thick, but that didn’t matter. He would destroy the damn thing no mater what.

After Ectoplasm said the word “begin” Katsuki focused on the packet alone, flipping page after page as he answered questions that spanned history, English, math, science, kanji memorization, reading comprehension, and other random shit like music and art.

What schools even taught some of this damn shit? Which of the following ukiyo-e artists did not live and work primarily in Kyoto? What the fuck? He didn’t need to know that shit to be the best damn hero.

When the buzzer rang, Katsuki had only managed to get through about 95% of the test. He closed the book sharply, frustrated. He had been going fast, too. Obviously they didn’t intend for people to finish the piece of shit.

Deku looked like he was about to fucking pass out, his head flat on his chair’s folding table.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and kicked the nerd’s leg again.

This time, Deku shifted his head to the side and gave him a nervous smile. Whatever. That was better than no reaction, he supposed. At least the shitty nerd wasn’t in tears.

After the clones collected the booklets and passed out a sheet of instructions about the practical exam (which took a damn long time, even with all of the clones), a different hero stood up on the stage.

Deku immediately bolted upright, post-exam nerves forgotten.


“Kacchan! It’s the voice hero, Present Mic! He runs his own radio talk show, and his quirk lets him amplify his voice to the point that it can completely disable his enemies! And---”

“Hey, Listeners, are you ready?!!!”

Katsuki winced at the barrage of noise. Oh, he 100% believed that this dude had a damn voice quirk. He needed to tone that shit down, too. And what the fuck was he wearing?

“I can’t believe I’m seeing another pro hero in person! Hey Kacchan, did you know—”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and stopped listening to the nerd’s rambles and the dumbass announcer, instead reading the instructions from the sheet.

4 types of robots, each with a different number of points painted on the side. They had ten minutes to kill the robots and wrack up more points than everyone else.

Fucking easy.

“Excuse me! I have a question!” Katsuki looked up to see some square glasses extra start mouthing off about how there were four robots and UA was a disgrace and some other shit. Then he turned around “And you! You have been talking to your friend this entire time. It is very distracting. Please respect this testing environment and be quiet.”

Oh, hell no! No one got to tell Deku off for his shitty muttering except for him. “Oi, shitface, you—”

“Now, now! Let’s all be friendly, little listeners! And that was an excellent question!”

“Tch.” Katsuki slumped back into his seat, rolling his eyes as Deku tried to hide behind him. “Shitface is just an uptight bastard, don’t let it fucking bother you like this.”

“R-right, Kacchan.” Deku sat up a bit straighter, giving him a nervous smile.


Katsuki turned back to the host, just catching that the huge bot was worth 0 points. So it was just a fucking obstacle, then.

“And now, a present for you before you start: Napoleon Bonaparte once said: A true hero is someone who overcomes life’s misfortunes.” The blonde cockatoo smiled at them, “Go beyond, Plus Ultra!” That finally got a cheer from some of the audience, and Deku was hyperventilating next to Katsuki after hearing the UA motto. The announcer’s grin then took a sharp turn as he added, “Now everyone, good luck suffering!”

Katsuki grinned. Oh, he was going to make their fellow examinees suffer alright. He and Deku were going to destroy every fucking bot and not leave enough points for anyone else in their arena to pass.

He grabbed his bag, heading toward the locker rooms where they were supposed to get changed and store their shit while they fought. Despite the chilly air, Katsuki’d opted for a black tank top and some cargo pants, but Deku was wearing some shitty puke-green jumpsuit.

How he got stuck with a soulmate with such shitty tastes, Katsuki would never understand.

What he hadn’t anticipated, though, was that It took fucking forever for everyone to get changed. Weren’t there ways to make this shit go faster? He’d ended up standing in cold for around an hour, and now his hands were cold. Shit. Katsuki shook them loose, stretching his arms to try to keep his blood running and his body warm.

“Oh!” Deku pointed a ways off, “There’s that girl from earlier! I really should go thank her for trying to help.”

Katsuki snorted, “Don’t bother.”

Deku ignored him, though, taking a few steps toward the girl before a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“It’s you two again!” Fucking perfect. Shitface was in their arena. “That girl is obviously trying to focus for the test! Why would you go disturb her? Are you trying to sabotage others’ performances? And how did you both manage to get in the same arena?! My research said that they always try to separate people from the same schools.”

Katsuki raised an eyebrow in disbelief. Was the dude a fucking robot. What was up with those arm movements? The nerd was stuttering nonsense, though, so he should probably talk. “There’s only so many fucking arenas, shitface. They can’t separate everyone. I guess we got lucky.”

“I see. It is incredibly rude to call me that, though! We are both examinees, here, so we should show each other mutual respect--”

Present Mic finally appeared and began talking about the test again.

Katsuki raised his middle finger to the robotic shitface.

Deku let out a strangled gasp and thrust his hand back down.


Explosions immediately lit up his palms and green lightning flashed next to him as they both took off and raced through the now open gates. After so many drills without countdowns from All Might, the reaction was practically ingrained into their bodies.

“You go left, I’ll go right. Avoid the center street so we don’t run into each other.”

“You got it, Kacchan!”

As he veered to the right, he could hear Present Mic laughing and the thunder of feet racing after them.

And then he saw the robots.

No one else was there yet, so Katsuki landed, gripped his wrist, and let loose as big an explosion as he could, killing at least a good 15 of the fuckers right off the bat.

Annoyed shouts rose behind him, and Katsuki burst out laughing as he shot into the air again, propelling himself toward the robots that were further back and had escaped his blast. A few people with speed quirks managed to get ahead of him, though, which meant that he couldn’t repeat a huge blast.

“Tch.” Annoying extras. Deku’d kill him if he accidentally hit someone with an explosion, though.

As it was, he shouldn’t have fucking worried about the cold—with his adrenalin going, sweat wasn’t an issue. Explosion after explosion filled his vision.

This exam was a fucking walk in the park. The weak points were different for every robot, but easy enough to pinpoint, and after that just one regular sized blast was good enough to take them down.

Katsuki didn’t know exactly how many points he had, since he hadn’t seen the numbers of the first wave he’d destroyed, but he’d guess somewhere in the upper 50s.

Deku better be damn happy, because Katsuki had even helped a pair of dumbasses that were in over their damn heads and had no way of fighting the fucking robots that were attacking them.

He blasted through a robot’s side, then stopped, panting as the robot fell to the ground beside him. Another three pointer. Katsuki looked around, grinning as the adrenalin rushed through him, his breath slightly heavy as explosions crackled across his palms.

He caught sight of a robot toward the center and propelled himself toward it. It was a bit close to where Deku’s side, but still on the right, so it shouldn’t be a problem, as long as Katsuki got to it before it ran away.

A huge crash suddenly reverberated across the arena.

Katsuki exploded the robot’s head, then flipped over it to put the hard body between himself and whatever had caused the huge crash.

His eyebrows rose.

So that was the fucking zero pointer. He’d wondered when the damn thing would show up. He grinned, man that would be a fucking blast to fight, but unfortunately that wasn’t the goal right now.

Instead, Katsuki sprung toward some of the robots that had been abandoned by the dumbasses running away from the huge robot.

Fucking idiots, leaving points like that. Everyone knew the bigger the enemy, the easier it was to see and avoid the attacks.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw green lightning.


Katsuki whirled around, just in time to see Deku’s body shift from green lightning, to red centered around his right arm.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Explosions flew from his palms as Katsuki shot toward the zero pointer. What was that fucking idiot even thinking!

Deku’s fist made impact. The robot went flying backwards, a huge crater in its upper chest.

Deku, however, began to freefall, his arm mangled horribly.

Fuck, faster! He had to be faster!

Katsuki poured more strength into his explosions, he was so damn close!

But Deku was still falling, falling from so fucking high—why the fuck did the damn shitty zero pointer have to be that fucking tall?!

Katsuki couldn’t be too late. He couldn’t. He couldn’t handle it if Deku---with what would happen if he was too slow this time.

“Deku!” He was so fucking close!! Just one more huge blast—

“Kacchan!” Katsuki wobbled in the air, almost tilting too far forward as he reached out to grab his soulmate’s unmangled hand.


He clasped his hand, pulling him closer with his left arm while releasing an explosion with his right and twisting his body so that he flung his soulmate onto his back. “Hold on tight, you dumbass!”

Deku’s good arm circled around his neck, almost choking him. Katsuki ignored it—it’s not like the nerd had many options for a good hold right now since he’d gone and fucking destroyed his other arm.

Katsuki released more explosions, this time smaller, slowing down their rapid descent. He headed over to a flat lump of the robot wreckage, stumbling slightly as he landed next to it. “Not get the fuck off, you lying dumbass.”

Deku yelped as he landed on his butt, and Katsuki turned around to see him gently touching his legs with his good hand. Deku looked up at him, biting his lip and eyes wary. “Ummm…. Would it help if I said sorry?”

“Fuck no!” Katsuki whacked him upside the head. “You’re in no fucking shape to continue the damn test, you shitty dumbass, so you better have enough fucking points already!”

“Sorry, Kacchan! I just had to save her—”

“Her?!” Katsuki looked around and saw Round Face from earlier, leaning against some rubble and watching them warily, “How about thinking about your damn self for once you asshole—”

“She was under some rocks! You know I can’t just leave someone when they’re in trouble, that’s not very heroic—”

“You could have just lifted the damn rocks and carried her out! Fucking idiot, what the hell were you thinking?!”

A loud buzzer rang throughout the arena.

“Fuck it.” Katsuki grit his teeth in frustration. Deku was always going to pull this self-sacrificing shit. Katsuki had learned that long ago. “If your stupidity cost me the top spot, you’re going to fucking pay, you shitty nerd.”

“Eh?!” Deku gaped at him, “But you didn’t have to come help me, Kacchan! You even said we were supposed to stay separated!”

“Like I’m going to let you fucking plummet to your death, dumbass. We both know I’m damn unbeatable in the air.”

Deku had the fucking gall to roll his eyes. “How many points did you even get?”

Round Face was limping toward them, probably to thank Deku or some shit like that. She seemed the type.

Katsuki ignored the girl, focusing on answering Deku, who was now on his back, looking up at the sky. “Sixty something, I think?” Katsuki sighed and leaned against the wreckage, waiting for an announcement with their next instructions. “I don’t have an exact count because I killed a huge fucking group of them right at the start.”


Deku and Round Face spoke in unison, staring at him in shock.

“Kacchan!!! I didn’t get near that many!” Deku began to tear up, “What if you get in and I don’t! That would just be the worst!”

“How many did you fucking get?”

“Like the upper thirties?” Deku wiped at his eyes with his good arm, “That’s just half of what you got! 3% just wasn’t enough to break through their metal, so I had to figure out a way around that…. Turns out their own metal can pierce them, though, so once I started using that—”

“What’s all this fuss about?”

He knew that voice! “Granny, over here!” Katsuki looked down at his soulmate, “You get to explain this shit to her.”

“Eh?!” Deku’s eyes became round, “But Kacchan—”

“What did you do, boy?” Recovery Girl made it over to them and stood next to Deku with a sigh. “We’ve told you not to use your full power until your body can handle it.”

“He did it to help me! Please don’t yell at him!” Round Face was nearer to them now, her eyes earnest.

Recovery Girl sighed, “Sit down, dearie. I’ll look at that leg of yours in a bit. For now here are some gummies to help you feel better.” She walked over to hand the girl some treats, then tossed a couple at Katsuki.

He caught them and raised one eyebrow incredulously, “I’m fucking fine, Granny.”

“Good to see you’re impolite as usual.” When she got closer, she whacked his leg lightly with her cane. “If you’re fine, lift me up so I can see your friend.”

He rolled his eyes, “You’re too damn short for your own good.” Despite the retort, though, he did as she asked. It wasn’t like moving Deku was a good option at the moment.

Recovery girl sighed as she stood next to Deku. “You’re very much like him, and not always in good ways, Midoriya-kun.” She leaned down to kiss Deku’s arm. Deku gasped as it straightened out, the unhealthy color fading away.

She frowned as she pulled back, “Your legs, too?” She shook her head, “At least they’re not as bad. Bakugou-kun, he’s going to be very tired after all this at once, even with the gummies, so make sure he goes straight to bed once he gets home, alright?”

“Damn right, I will.”

“You-you know Recovery Girl?” Round Face was staring at the three of them in shock. She’d sat down a little ways off, but apparently she’d still been able to hear them.

Well, it wasn’t like they’d been fucking quiet.

“Deku’s quirk’s fucking ridiculous when he uses it at full power. She had to come heal him the first time he used it.” Katsuki glared at his soulmate, “The shitty nerd said he wouldn’t use it again until he was strong enough, but obviously that was a fucking lie.”

“3% wasn’t enough, Kacchan…” Deku let out a big yawn, trying to push himself up after Granny finished his second leg. “I had to make sure I defeated it in one shot, too, or I would’ve had to hurt my legs more.”

“Help me down, Bakugou-kun. I need to see the girl.” He sighed and lifted the Granny down.

“What am I, your damn elevator?”

That got him a whack upside the head.


Recovery Girl ignored him and made her way over to Round Face, bending down to heal her.

“I’m sorry…” Round Face apologized again, now looking down at her hands, “It’s my fault he got hurt. If I hadn’t gotten stuck…”

“Fuck that. Like I said, the shitty nerd could have just moved the rubble and carried you elsewhere. He’s damn fast enough.”

Deku slid off the wreckage, landing easily on his healed legs. “There could have been someone else I didn’t see!”

“And there could have been someone behind the fucking robot you bowled over, dumbass! Ever think of that?”

Deku’s eyes widened and he shook his head. “I-I didn’t—there wasn’t anyone, was there?”

“Fuck. I don’t know, probably not. It came up from inside a fucking building, right? And it was pretty damn close to you, so there probably wasn’t anyone,” Katsuki glared at Deku as he let out a relieved sigh, “But that’s not the fucking point! The point is you didn’t damn think! I keep telling you this, but once you’re fucking out of commission, you can’t save anyone. So don’t use your fucking full power and then you can keep saving people! Dumbass.”

Deku was rubbing his arm sheepishly, “I know, Kacchan, I know. I just… my legs moved on their own! I have to help people!”

“Then fucking think while you do it! If I hadn’t saved your ass, you’d be fucking dead, you dumbass! You think you can survive a fucking fall from that damn high? I can’t—I can’t--” Katsuki closed his eyes in pain. He couldn’t fucking deal with that.

Couldn’t handle a world without Deku.

Without his soulmate.

His chest hurt so damn much, even just thinking about it.

“Just… take care of yourself.”

“Boys.” Katsuki turned to look at Recovery Girl, who was watching them with a stern face. Round Face was walking away, now, so Katsuki supposed the hero had finished healing her while they’d been fighting.

Recovery Girl sighed, “The exam is over, now. I’ve seen you, so you have my approval to leave the testing area and head home. Go continue your conversation there, where you can talk freely.” She pointed to the left with her cane, “Just head that way and you’ll see exit signs. I need to go see if anyone else needs me, now.”

“Thank you, Recovery Girl!” Deku bowed to her, then stumbled as Katsuki grabbed his wrist and yanked him down the road, watching to see if Deku winced any more than usual.

Nothing other than annoyance. Good.

“Come on, Nerd. We don’t want to keep Auntie waiting.”

Deku froze.

“Umm…Kacchan?” His soulmate swallowed nervously, “Maybe we could uh… not tell my mom about this?”

Katsuki kept walking, ignoring his soulmate’s distress. “Hell no. You dug your own fucking grave, Deku. If you don’t fess up, I sure as hell will.”

“Kacchan!” Deku ran after him, “But she’ll be so upset!”

“And whose fucking fault is that, Deku?”

“But Kacchan!”

Katsuki grinned. At least the shitty nerd would face some consequence for hurting himself like that.