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Zero: The Birth of the World's Best Hero Duo

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Katsuki woke with a gasp, he could still see the image of Deku’s back as his soulmate turned from him, as he laughed about Katsuki with his friends. As Deku deserted him.

Katsuki closed his eyes in frustration. It wasn’t like that! It had just been a fucking dream. Deku wouldn’t—

“Katsu-kun, please answer me.”

He groaned at Auntie’s voice. Katsuki had barely escaped her clutches last night; the woman had been fucking clingy, even more so than when the sludge villain happened. He’d said he was tired, though, and fled to his room, leaving Deku to deal with her by himself.

Thankfully, the evening had been blissfully silent after that.

But now… Auntie had mentioned on the ride home that all the adults were taking off work because of the incident, so today would be a full fucking house. Katsuki doubted he’d be able to stay alone today; everyone would be fucking encouraging the shitty nerd to talk to him.

“Katsu-kun, I know you want to be alone right now, but you need to come down for breakfast.”


Maybe she would leave if she thought he was still asleep?

“I know you’re awake, Katsu-kun. You never sleep in.”

Damn Midoriyas.

Katsuki rolled off the bed, his feet hitting the floor with a soft thump. He didn’t bother with changing out of the t-shirt and gym shorts he’d worn to bed, simply trudging over to the door and flinging it open.

Auntie stood there, her smile nervous as her fingers fidgeted. “Thank you for opening the door, Katsu-kun. It’s time for breakfast.”

“I fucking heard.” Katsuki slipped past her, heading toward the stairs.

“Katsu-kun, please, will either of you at least tell us what’s wrong? This can’t be good for you two.”

Katsuki ignored her question, instead plodding down the staircase. He heard her sigh at his non-responsiveness, then slowly follow him.

Deku was already at the table, and his soulmate’s head shot up when he entered the room. “Kacchan! Kacchan, can we please talk after breakfast?”

Katsuki glared at the nerd. “I told you, Deku. I don’t want to fucking talk about it.”

“But everyone says communication is important! Please, Kacchan!”

“Tch.” Katsuki sat down on the complete opposite side of the table from Deku, grabbing an apple and biting into it. He ignored the adults’ inquisitive eyes and Deku’s pleading ones, instead picking up the morning paper that his Dad had discarded.

A large picture of USJ was printed across the front.

Katsuki took another bite of the apple as his eyes skimmed over the article, trying to figure out what the public would know.

70 villains captured, 10 villains dead, two heroes critically injured (though Katsuki was glad to see that it said both were expected to recover), one student severely injured (due to overusing his own quirk in self-defense), and none of the students suffered any lasting harm. None of their names had been mentioned, though, unlike with the sludge villain. That was good, at least.

He tossed the paper back down, grabbing a banana from the bowl and starting to peel it, still ignoring his family’s stares.

His Dad sighed. “We’re glad you boys are safe, even if something happened with your bond that has apparently made things tense between you two.”

Katsuki snorted. So that’s what Deku had told them last night. Well, it wasn’t a lie. And Katsuki was grateful that his parents didn’t know about all this shit. It was too personal.

He still felt… raw.

“Katsu-kun…” Auntie was fidgeting again. “Katsu-kun, the villains that died… they were in your area and Izuku’s…” her voice trailed off.

Ah, shit.

The screams replayed in his mind.

Whatever. He clenched his left hand. The bastards deserved it. They’d been trying to kill him! Trying to torture him and kill him, and to do the same to Deku. He’d had every right to defend himself, however the fuck he’d needed to!

“We know it was in self defense, brat. We just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

With what had happened afterward, he’d honestly not even thought about it.

Katsuki snorted. He’d not even thought about the fact that he’d killed people.

And they wanted to know if he was ok?

The screams echoed in his head. He could see the horror in Shitty Hair’s eyes as he looked back into the building.

But Katsuki had never looked. He’d been too focused on Deku.

He snorted. Well. That was telling, he supposed.

He didn’t fucking care about some villain trash! Shit, the fuckers had it coming.

All he cared about was his soulmate’s feelings, but now everyone was fucking staring at him and expecting him to say something and—

His mom sighed, “What happened, kiddo? Izuku told us about his area, but he had no clue about yours. Just that you blew up half of a huge building at some point.”

Katsuki stood up, annoyed. “That’s what happened. I had a fucking fever, so I just let out the biggest explosion I could at the damn assholes.” His steps sharp and agitated, he walked away from the table and entered the kitchen, tossing the banana peel into the trash.

When he turned around, Deku was in the doorway, blocking Katsuki’s escape.

Katsuki frowned. “Move, Deku.”

Part of him wanted to shoulder past the nerd and force his way out of this situation. He sure as hell didn’t want to talk about any shit right now.

He just wanted to be alone.

But at the same time… His eyes trailed over Deku’s form, needing to make sure that yesterday’s injuries were really gone. To make sure that his soulmate really was alright. That he was still standing there, a few feet away, wanting to be near him.

“Kacchan…” Deku’s fingers were fidgeting again. “It doesn’t matter to me, you know? That explosion…” Deku grinned, his chin wobbly, “It let me know you were ok. It let me know what to direction to go in. I was trapped on this ship and villains were all around us, but then I saw your explosion and I… I knew you were ok. That you’d make it out, and we would too. So, umm…. You don’t need to feel sorry about it, ok? You did your best and it, um, well, it helped me, too.”

Fuck. Of course Deku fucking cared about the villains’ deaths—this was Deku, after all. The shitty nerd always believed in the good in people, even if they were villains, even if the assholes had been attacking them. Katsuki wanted to laugh. Here Deku was, trying to reassure Katsuki about the fucking explosion, but all it was doing was making him more anxious.

He would never be good enough for Deku.

Katsuki leaned back on the counter, refusing to make eye contact with his soulmate. If he wanted to be alone, silence wouldn’t work right now, nor would just forcing his way past Deku. To get the nerd to drop this shit, he’d have to distract him. Whatever. Deku was usually pretty easy to distract. “It was Brain Fucker in your group, right?”

Katsuki hoped this worked. He really didn’t want to be around people right now. His skin itched and his mind was practically screaming at him to leave.

“Huh? How… how do you figure?” Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“Frog Girl’s powers aren’t lethal, and neither are yours at 3%. That means Brain Fucker did it. Probably not on purpose, though. He’s in the damn hero course, after all.”

“Shinsou-kun… he, um… he taunted the villains and a group of them responded. He told them to knock each other out quickly and they… they got mad at each other. They didn’t realize that the villains were now attacking them because of Shinsou-kun’s order, I guess? Apparently people don’t usually remember what happened while they were under his control, so… so when the villains were jolted out of his control, all they knew was that their…um…companions, were attacking them, and it got… it got really vicious.”

“So the fuckers killed each other, then.”


Which meant Katsuki was the only one in the course that had directly killed a villain. Everyone else had managed to stay safe while still being heroic and not killing their attackers.

He’d been the only one to fail at that.

Katsuki pushed himself away from the counter.

Fuck this shitty discussion. Katsuki was done.

Was it any wonder why Deku didn’t like him?

Katsuki wasn’t good enough.

He’d never been.

Katsuki walked over to the door, this time following through with the urge to shove Deku aside.

Deku’s hand shot out to grab his wrist, but Katsuki pulled it away quickly, warning pops exploding from his hand. “Fuck off.”

Katsuki tried to ignore the betrayed look in Deku’s eyes.

He needed to be alone.

Damn Deku and his fucking eyes, making Katsuki feel like he’d kicked a puppy or some shit like that.

Katsuki pounded up the stairs, slamming the door shut behind him and pushing 100 lbs. of weights in front of it to make sure no one came in.

“Kacchan!!” Deku’s voice was muffled on the other side of the door. Katsuki growled under his breath. The dumbass couldn’t just leave shit be. Katsuki reached into his backpack, grabbed his headphones, and plugged them into his phone to blast music as he leaned back against his bed’s headrest.

He had maybe five minutes of peace before the door burst open, the weights skidding across the floor.

Deku stepped in, shutting the door behind him and sighing at the weights that were now scattered across the room. He said something, but Katsuki couldn’t hear him over the music, and he was happy to ignore the nerd’s presence.

Then his soulmate stomped over to Katsuki, yanking off the headphones.

Red eyes immediately narrowed as he hissed, “What the fuck do you want?!”

“I want to talk! Like we were earlier, before you just decided to leave!” Deku jumped onto the bed next to him. “You can’t just hide in your room all day, Kacchan.”

“Oh yeah? Watch me.” He grabbed the headphones back, annoyed. “I thought the weights would make you get the hint that I damn well want to be left alone, but you always have been dense as fuck.”

“Well you’re… you’re… a big meanie!” Deku’s cheeks puffed out in anger and it was not cute. “You’re not supposed to kiss someone and then walk away and refuse to talk about it, Kacchan!”

Katsuki raised one eyebrow, “Since when have I cared about shitty social rules?”

Deku huffed. “I mean, I think… I’m pretty sure you didn’t do it just because we’d been in danger, like just because you wanted to be stronger, but that’s what the timing suggests, you know? Because we’d just been in a really bad situation that was made a lot worse by the bond, but… but… But you got so upset… you wouldn’t be that upset, I don’t think, if it was just to help us be safer. I mean, you’d be upset, sure, but you looked… Kacchan, you looked at me as if I had upset you, not the bond itself and I just, I never want to hurt you! But that… that made me think that probably you like me? But you’ve—”

“Would just shut the fuck up already!” Katsuki shoved his hand on top of Deku’s mouth. “Damn you.” The nerd’s eyes were wide, but he nodded, so Katsuki dropped his hand.

“You want to hear it, then?!” Katsuki glared at him, clenching his fists to keep himself from setting off small explosions. “You can’t just fucking leave this alone, can you? No, you have to be fucking sure. Make sure that you’ve identified everything and have all your damn facts straight. You can’t just leave me be!”

Deku bit his lip, his chin wobbling for the second time that morning. Shit. “Kacchan…”

“FUCK!” Katsuki screamed in frustration. Why did he have to have such a damn fucking annoying soulmate who couldn’t just leave shit alone?! “Fine. I fucking like you, you shitty nerd! Like romantically and all that shit. You happy now?”

Deku was staring at him with wide, confused eyes.


Katsuki glared at the dumbass. “Well? You fucking made me say it. Don’t you have anything to say now?”

“I…” Deku fidgeted, looking down at his hands. “I didn’t actually… I mean, I figured, but I didn’t think…” he pulled his knees up to his chest, peeking over them at Katsuki and mumbling, “Sorry, Kacchan.”

“What the fuck are you damn sorry for? For making me say that shit? You should sure as hell be sorry for that, but if you’re fucking sorry for anything else I swear I’ll k—” Katsuki froze, swallowing hard. “I’ll make you fucking regret it.”

“I hurt you, though! I never want to hurt you!” Deku’s eyes were bright, pleading.

“Tch.” Katsuki pulled the headphones over his ears once more. “I’m not talking about this shit any more, Deku.”

He would never want Deku to like him because the nerd fucking pitied him.

Katsuki hit play and closed his eyes, ignoring the nerd.

Or he tried to.

He’d honestly expected Deku to try and rip off the headphones again, or hit pause or some shit like that, so this lack of movement from the other half of the bed was unnerving.

After a few minutes, he felt the bed shift slightly, and then—

A head landed in his lap.

Deku’s head.

In his lap.

All his muscles were tense as Katsuki took a deep breath, slipped the headphones onto his neck, opened his eyes, and looked down. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Deku tilted his head, his soft hair brushing against Katsuki’s calf, and— “Why do you keep shutting me out, Kacchan?”

Deep breaths. Deep breaths and not thoughts about—Deep. Breaths. “Get off.”

Didn’t… didn’t the nerd realize what this shit did to him?

“Eh?” Deku blinked, honest confusion filling his eyes. “But it’s never bothered you before when I did this. In fact, you usually calmed down. I always thought you liked it.”


His hand twitched. He wanted to—

“Get. The Fuck. Off.”

“Alright, alright!” Deku sat back up, hands raised defensively, “No need to get all grumpy.”

“You broke into my damn room and accosted me with shitty questions, Deku.”

“You’re the one that made me do it!”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, how does that logic even work?”

“You wouldn’t talk to me!”

Katsuki glared at his soulmate. “I still won’t. Not about that.”

His chest felt too fucking raw. And if Deku wasn’t meant to like him, if Deku was just meant to stay his friend… Katsuki really didn’t want to think about that.

“Kacchan!” Deku glared back at him. “We need to talk. If… if you won’t, then… then I’ll bring it up when we meet with Aizawa-sensei next time! I know you don’t want to talk about emotions or anything like that with him watching us.”

Katsuki shrugged. Their sensei would probably be in the hospital for a while, so it’s not like that threat mattered any.

“I will!” Deku pout-glared. “Don’t think I won’t, Kacchan!”

“You gonna drag me to the hospital to visit him?” Katsuki scoffed, “That threat’s pretty empty, Deku.”

“You’re so frustrating sometimes!” Deku turned, pouncing suddenly and pinning Katsuki’s shoulders to the headboard.

“What the fuck, Deku?! Get off!” He pushed at his soulmate’s chest, but Deku wouldn’t move.

“Not until you promise to talk to me about this!”

“I don’t want to talk about this shit, you asshole!” Katsuki pushed harder, but the nerd just lit up his arms. Katsuki glared, giving up on the now useless fight. “Oh that’s fair, I can’t use my fucking quirk on you, but you get to use yours to keep me still whenever you damn want.”

“Recovery Girl just said we shouldn’t spar with them! And how else am I supposed to get you to stay put, huh?! You always run away whenever emotions are involved!”

“For a damn good reason!” Katsuki hissed. “Shit, Deku. I knew damn well you didn’t like me. I knew that! But I still…” he closed his eyes in frustration. “I shouldn’t have done that.”


When he opened his eyes, the green lights were gone.

Katsuki shoved Deku to the side. Deku groaned, but he just sat next to Katsuki, silent yet practically radiating nervous energy.

Katsuki sighed, how did he get the shitty nerd off his damn case? It was clear the asshole wasn’t going to leave his damn room any time soon. Maybe if he tried to reason with the nerd? “Look, you can’t control this shit, alright? That’s why talking about it is fucking useless.”

“But…” Deku frowned. “I don’t know what it means to like someone.”

“Then go ask your damn mom, not me. You’re not getting a list of shitty reasons I like you or any shit like that.”

Deku turned bright red, his arms floundering as he protested, “I don’t—I don’t mean anything like that! I, I just…How do I know when I like you as more than my best friend?”

Katsuki’s heart clenched.


Deku… fuck, he had to jump straight there, didn’t he? The nerd had to say when not if. But what if… Katsuki groaned in frustration, shaking his head to try to get the idea out of his mind.

Oblivious to Katsuki’s turmoil, Deku kept going, “Uraraka sometimes mentions physical details she likes about the guys. Is it that kind of thing?”

Katsuki stared at his soulmate. His truly dense as fuck soulmate.

There was no way Katsuki was telling Deku he liked his fucking hair and his damn eyes. Or… no. No. Fucking. Way. But maybe…maybe if he embarrassed Deku, the nerd would leave? Katsuki smirked, “Is there a physical detail you like about me, Deku?”

“EH?!?!” Deku yelped, shooting upright, bright red. “I—you—you can’t just—Kacchan!!”

Katsuki shoved the nerd’s shoulder, “Then don’t fucking ask me that, asshole!” Tch. Turnabout was fair play, dumbass.

Deku groaned. “I just want to figure out what things I should watch out for! So that I can know immediately when I start to feel like you do! And then we can seal the bond!”

Katsuki frowned. Deku kept saying when. “It doesn’t bug you? That fate or some shit has set this all out and says I was destined to like you, and you’ll inevitably like me? Do… do you ever think we might be different than everyone else?”

“Oh.” Deku bit his lip. “I mean, the whole destined romance thing used to bug me? Like, how was there this whole big destiny thing when we couldn’t even talk yet?” He waved his arms around for emphasis, but after a moment’s pause he sighed and began fidgeting with his fingers, “But honestly… now that I know you like me… I want to like you. I don’t want you to be hurt. Yesterday, you looked so—”

Katsuki hissed. “Fuck that!”

Deku looked up at him, startled. “Huh?”

Of course he would have to spell it out for the shitty nerd. “I don’t want your fucking pity, Deku.”

“I know!” Deku groaned, “I know that, Kacchan. You… you’re too strong to deserve anything but the best.” He sighed, muttering under his breath, “and it’s not like I’m the best.” Katsuki’s eyes narrowed, but he’d yell at the nerd for that comment, later.

In a louder voice, Deku continued, “It’s hard to explain, I guess. But no. The whole destined soulmates thing doesn’t… it doesn’t bother me anymore. It just,” he hummed under his breath for a bit, then continued, “It feels natural. Right.” He shrugged. “No one else could match me like you do. And Aizawa-sensei said the whole friendship bond thing didn’t exist, and he knows a lot more about this than we do, right?” Deku’s head tilted to the side, “So I guess… I guess it’s only a matter of time, for me.” He wrinkled his nose, “Although that’s still weird to think about, honestly. And I know you can’t force feelings or anything, but I want to try!”

No one else would match him? Katsuki supposed that made sense. And… well, Aizawa-sensei definitely knew more about bonds than Auntie. But Katsuki really hated the idea of Deku being forced into a relationship with him.

He didn’t deserve the nerd. Not when…


Not when Katsuki still wasn’t the best.

Not when Deku had to protect him from Handshit, and he’d failed at keeping the Warp Fucker in place.

Fuck. Focus on Deku. He would train the second he could to make up for his own fucking failures, starting tomorrow when they were back at UA. Now he would focus on Deku and his damn stupidity.

“You… you want to try to force yourself to like me.” Katsuki stared at the dumbass. “Why the fuck would you do that, dumbass! I told you! I don’t want your pity affection, and I don’t want forced affection or any shit like that, either!”

“It’s not like that!” Deku glared at him, “It’s going to happen anyway, right? So I’m just going to pay close attention to how I’m feeling and… and… try to help it along. We need this bond, right? We need to be stronger.” Determination shown in Deku’s eyes, “So I’ll do everything I can.” Katsuki stared at him. Usually Deku’s face when he was this determined was fucking amazing, but right now…

“You’re such a dumbass.” He groaned, dropping his head into his hands. “Who the fuck gets all fired up about making themselves like someone?”

“I’m not making myself! I do like you, Kacchan, you’re my best friend and my partner. I just.. I just need to figure out this new thing, now. That’s all.”

“It’s not a damn school subject, Deku.” Katsuki looked up, “You ca—” His eyes widened at how close Deku was. The nerd was inches from his face. Deku must have scooted closer with his declaration while Katsuki wasn’t looking and—


He shoved Deku backwards. “Personal space, dumbass!”

“Awwww.” Deku sighed. “Is that going to be a thing, now? And is it why you got grumpy earlier? You never used to care.”

Katsuki turned bright red, looking off to the side and refusing to speak.

Deku huffed. “Fine, I guess. If that’ll help you, I’ll try to remember.”

Katsuki looked back, and—Fuck. Deku was pouting and he looked fucking adorable and Katsuki just wanted to put him in a headlock and mess up his damn hair.

Deku scratched at his cheek, “I… umm…. I want to figure this out. And, well… I’ve obviously never liked someone before? So…” he groaned, dropping his head into his hands. “I don’t know what I’m doing, Kacchan! I need to know things! What if… what if I already like you that way and just don’t know it?”

“Dumbass.” Katsuki rolled his eyes. “The bond wouldn’t have worked then.”

“Right. That would be too easy. But that’s kind of what I mean?” Deku fucking whimpered. “I just don’t know what I should be watching for!” His arms flapped around, “Like, if it’s not physical traits or something like that, then what is it? I already like you as a person! You’re my best friend! What’s the difference?!”

Katsuki groaned, fingering the headphones on his neck. He just wanted to be left alone and not have to deal with this shit. Like hell he wanted to sit on his damn bed and have a heart to heart with fucking Deku about why and how Katsuki liked him.

He stared at Deku, thinking. “If I answer one of your shitty questions, will you leave me the fuck alone for the rest of the day?”

“Three!” Deku grinned at him, holding up three damn fingers. Katsuki ground his teeth. It wasn’t fucking cute!

“One, dumbass. Don’t get greedy.”

Deku pouted. “One and another question about what happened at USJ.”

Katsuki’s eyes narrowed. Why the fuck did the nerd still want to talk about that shit? “Fine.” Katsuki sighed. He hated this, but at least it would make Deku leave.

Deku tapped his chin, muttering under his breath for what felt like forever, before he finally looked back up at Katsuki, eyes firm with determination. “Are you really ok with what happened in the collapsed building at USJ?”

Katsuki grunted, looking away from the nerd. Was he ok with it? “I’m fucking pissed at myself. I didn’t… I can control my damn shit a lot better than that, but all I fucking thought about was getting to you as fast as possible. I didn’t even think about the fact that I was fucking hitting those assholes dead-on with a damn huge blast. Those fuckers deserved retaliation and all that shit, and they deserved to be beat to a damn pulp, but they also fucking deserved to be thrown into damn jail, and we might have gotten some good intel from them or shit like that…” he frowned, annoyed that Deku was making him talk about that shit.

“Oh.” Deku looked down, fidgeting with his hands again. “I honestly hadn’t thought about all that. I mean, it makes sense! It’s just… well, I thought you might be upset just about having, ummm… well, having killed someone.”

Katsuki sighed, “I knew you’d fucking think that way.” He shrugged, “The fuckers were trying to kill me, though. Trying to kill us. I did what I had to to stop that. Could’ve done a damn better job, though.”

“It’s just… sometimes when you mess up, you blame yourself and you get this huge black cloud following you around for months!” Deku glared at him, “You’re not allowed to do that this time, ok?”

Katsuki rolled his eyes—the dumbass was being way too overdramatic. “I defended myself, and I don’t regret doing that, but I’m the only one that fucking killed the assholes. Everyone else got out alive and without blood on their hands.” Small pops came from his hands, and Katsuki looked down, annoyed to see more singe marks on the sheets. “Tch.” He crossed his arms. “I have to get better and fucking control this shit so I don’t make these damn mistakes.”

.“But Kacchan,” Deku frowned, “Everyone else wasn’t dealing with an unsealed soul bond, so you can’t compare yourself to them. And since when do you compare yourself to others, Kacchan?! You’re always better than them! Always!” Deku hit Katsuki’s shoulder for emphasis. “You’re better than them, because we’re going to be the best heroes and the best hero duo, right? So of course your actions have a bigger affect than theirs do!”

Katsuki’s eyes widened. “Shit, Deku.”

Deku let out a huff. “You’re the best, Kacchan. And being the best just means you have to be careful. But we’re still learning. And that’s ok.” He glared at Katsuki, “Right?”

Katsuki sighed, ruffling Deku’s hair. “Sure, nerd.”

Katsuki’s gut twisted, though, even as he spoke. They may still be learning, but how could Katsuki be the best if his own classmates were ahead of him? Like that fucking half and half bastard. To distract Deku, he asked, “What’s the damn second question? Pick carefully, because I’m never doing this shit again.”

“Right!” Deku frowned, “I get that the physical thing maybe wasn’t the best idea, but umm… I really do want to figure out things I should be aware of. Like…” he groaned, “maybe…” Deku’s face screwed up in concentration before he finally asked, “When did you first notice a difference? Between liking me as a friend or, or… some… other way.” Deku blushed. “That… that might help me.”

Katsuki groaned. Why couldn’t the nerd pick easy shit. He wracked his brain, trying to figure it out. “Looking back… probably the day you got One for All. That morning you were just so fucking happy and proud that you’d finished cleaning the beach and I just…” He could feel himself turning red, but plowed on, “I wanted you to look like that forever.” He grimaced. “With me, that is.”

Deku’s eyes were wide.

Katsuki rapidly turned an brighter shade of red, “Fuck! I knew this wouldn’t help any!”

“That long?” The nerd’s voice was quiet, almost reverent. “Before… before I got the quirk?”

“Yeah.” Katsuki frowned at his soulmate. “What’s got you freaking out, nerd? If I have to spill all this shit, you don’t get to hold back your shit.”

“I… umm…” Deku looked off to the side. “It’s just a long time, and… well…” his chin began to wobble. “Before the quirk, Kacchan? Right before the quirk?” He let out a hiccuping laugh. “Thank you.”

“What the fuck?” Katsuki stared at the dumbass. “Why the hell are you thanking me?”

“You said you wanted me to stay proud and happy forever, even when I didn’t have a quirk! Now that I have one, so many doors have opened and I have actual friends and it’s wonderful, but I always wonder if they would treat me the same if I was still quirkless, you know? I don’t think they’d bully me, but… they’d probably pity me. At least at first. But you… I’ve always been the same to you, either way.”

“Tch.” Katsuki looked away. “Of course. You’re Deku.”

Katsuki’s breath was knocked out of him as Deku once again tackled him, this time squeezing him tightly. “F-Fuck. C-can’t breathe, Deku!” The arms loosened, and Katsuki promptly shoved his soulmate onto the floor.

“Now get the fuck out.”

“Eh?!” Deku looked up, startled. “But we talked! So you don’t need to keep avoiding me, right?”

Katsuki glared at him. “You fucking promised, Deku. Get out.”

“Ok, ok!” Deku scrambled up, slowly stepping around their weights. “I’m leaving, jeez.”

Katsuki closed his eyes after the door clicked shut.

Fucking finally.

He’d never admit to the nerd that he did feel better, now, but he still didn’t want to deal with people. Especially not when he’d have to deal with all their damn classmates tomorrow.

Katsuki groaned, his head tilting back and banging against the wood behind him. “Damn it.” The extras were going to be damn annoying. And he was so fucking frustrated that they’d done better than him in that one area.

Katsuki had to get better.

He had to be the best.

For Deku.