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Zero: The Birth of the World's Best Hero Duo

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Katsuki yawned as Deku pushed open the classroom door. They’d fucking gone to bed early last night, and they were both still damn tired.

He hated that Recovery Girl was right.

“Bakugou! Midoriya-kun!”

Katsuki’s eyebrow twitched. Since when was he on good enough terms with Shitty Hair for him to drop the damn suffix?

Deku fucking giggled as Katsuki growled.

Shitty Hair ran up to them, waving a form in their faces. “I went by the teacher’s offices this morning and Aizawa-sensei gave me the form! He said on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons we can have access to the weight room in Gym Beta that also has some sparring mats. We just have to swipe our IDs and they’ll let is in, now. If we want access to anything else we’ll have to ask, though. Oh! And he said we could add one more person, if we wanted, but groups over four people need someone with a hero license to watch them.”

“Awesome!! So we can start tomorrow, then?” Deku (apparently wide awake now) reached out, taking the form from Shitty Hair and skimming it.

“I’m down!” Shitty Hair nodded, “You guys want to add someone else? Do you have anyone in mind?”

Katsuki shrugged, “As long as they’re fucking good, I don’t give a damn.”

“What about Toshi-kun?” Deku tilted his head to the side. “He can’t really practice his quirk on his own, right?”

“Toshi-kun?” Shitty Hair looked between the two of them, confused.

Katsuki growled, “He means Brain Fucker.”

“Brain…Oh!” Shitty Hair scratched the back of his head, “Man, why can’t you two just use people’s actual names.” He shook his head, then grinned at Deku, “Sure! I never thought of that, but it makes sense with his quirk.”

Shit. Katsuki had hoped Shitty Hair would refuse. “Wait, Deku!” Katsuki grabbed Deku’s arm before he could wave to Brain Fucker.

“Eh? What, Kacchan?”

“Just…” ugh! Why didn’t his soulmate realize how dangerous Brain Fucker’s quirk was for them? Katsuki grit his teeth in frustration. “No two-on-twos. I’m not putting myself in a position where Brain Fucker could turn us against each other.”

“Oh.” Deku blanched. “Yeah, um. No two-on-twos.” Katsuki released the nerd’s arm, and his soulmate grinned at him before immediately bouncing over to Brain Fucker’s desk, waving the form around.

“No two-on-twos, huh?” Shitty Hair gave him a knowing look. Ah, fuck. The guy probably assumed Katsuki just didn’t want to hurt Deku or some shit like that. Katsuki punched his arm.

And hurt his fucking knuckles.

Damn that quirk.

Shitty Hair’s grin widened, “Man, you’ve got it bad. I don’t know how I missed it, earlier.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Katsuki shouldered past Shitty Hair, ignoring the asshole’s laughter as he headed to his desk. It’s not like he could fucking explain the real reason he refused to use his quirk against the nerd.

Aizawa-sensei thankfully showed up a few minutes later, sparing Katsuki any further teasing, but all their homeroom teacher did was pass out forms about the shrink that had directions to her office. Well, that and blather about how there was no shame talking to her, and that every hero needed to have someone they could talk to. Whatever. Katsuki had Deku for that shit.

When Aizawa-sensei handed Katsuki his form, Katsuki frowned at the note attached to the top. Sensei wanted to meet them after school next Tuesday—something about Mic-sensei insisting Aizawa-sensei needed rest this week, so their individual weekly meetings would have to be cancelled. The note also underlined a sentence in all caps commanding them not to try to seal the bond again until after they talked.


It’s not like Deku’s feelings could change that damn fast.

Katsuki nodded and the teacher moved on, pausing for a second at Deku’s desk, as well—most likely waiting for the nerd to confirm that he understood the note, too.

Shit. This would probably be the fucking how-to meeting. Katsuki groaned, slumping over on his desk and not moving until Deku’s pencil poked him, signaling that their next teacher was there.

Katsuki sighed, pushing himself back up. He knew the information was important, but he really wasn’t looking forward to that shit.

By the time lunch came around, it was getting harder and harder to resist falling asleep.

Katsuki absentmindedly rubbed at his eyes as he walked toward the cafeteria, wondering how many dummies Granny could give them per day…

“Gah!!” Katsuki stumbled, startled, as All Might pulled him to the side and into a different hallway.

Katsuki glared at the hero. “What the fuck do you want?” The dumbass hero had a limited time like this, why was he wasting it by pulling Katsuki aside?

“I need to talk to you and Young Midoriya for a bit.” All Might shifted nervously, “Would you wait here while I get him?”

Katsuki sighed and nodded. Whatever. At least this would help him avoid the extras. He leaned against the wall after All Might left, but it wasn’t much longer before the hero returned and led them into a room Katsuki had never been in before. Maybe the teacher’s lounge?

After the hero shut the door, there was the usual puff of smoke and then the twig stood in front of them. Yagi-sensei motioned toward the couch and chairs in the middle of the room. “I don’t want to keep you two from lunch. Please go ahead and eat.”

Katsuki nodded, absentmindedly sitting down and opening up his bento as he stifled a yawn.

Yagi-sensei frowned. “You both look tired. Is everything alright?”

“Just bond shit.” Katsuki shrugged.

Deku elaborated, “The warp portal sent us away from each other at USJ. It umm.. Put a strain on our bond, I guess. We’ve both been getting more and more tired.”

Yagi-sensei’s frown deepened. “That’s not good at all.”

“Aizawa-sensei told us to get some gummies every day before heroics class, so hopefully that will help.”

“I see…” The hero sighed. “This is a difficult time for you both, then. If you can’t handle something in heroics class, I insist that you let me know immediately, alright?”

“Aizawa-sensei said the same fucking thing. We won’t push ourselves.” Katsuki rolled his eyes. They should be fine, with the gummies. Hopefully. “Why’d you want to talk to us? It wasn’t because we look tired.”

“No…” Yagi-sensei shook his head. “Though it seems USJ has weakened all of us. I am now down to roughly one and a half hours per day.”


Beside him, Deku gasped. “I’m so sorry! If we had just been able to help more… If I had more control--”

“No!” Yagi-sensei coughed out blood, shaking his head firmly and then wiping his mouth off. “Man, we really are alike, you and me. You have nothing to apologize for, Young Midoriya. You and Young Bakugou both did wonderfully, Aizawa-kun told me how you two and Young Shinsou helped him. You were all very brave.” He shook his head, “Foolishly so, but it all turned out ok.”

Deku winced, probably remembering the moment Brain Fucker fell unconscious.

Yagi-sensei stood up, pacing. “I called you both here because I don’t have much time left as the symbol of peace, and some of those with villainous intent are beginning to realize this.” He sighed, turning to face Deku. “Young Midoriya, I granted you my power because I want you to succeed me.”

“And I’ll do my best, All Might! I want to save as many people as possible! I want to give everyone the same hope you gave me!”

Yagi-sensei gave him a thumbs up, grinning. “Then the time has come for you to show that passion! The UA sports festival is something pro heroes, no something the whole country, is watching closely! A big event! That is what I brought you here to talk about. I know you only have control of three percent of your powers, Young Midoriya, and this is selfish of me to request it, but….You two want to be the next All Might, a hero duo that is a fledgeling symbol of peace. So at the sports festival in two weeks, I want you both to tell the world, I am here!”

“We will!” Katsuki grinned as his soulmate’s voice echoed his, the two of them responding to their hero as one.

“That’s good to hear.” He smiled, “I know it may be difficult for you especially, Young Midoriya, since you don’t have full control of your quirk, but you must try your best! There are those who are always aiming for the top, and those that aren’t. That slight difference in attitudes will have a big impact once you go out into society.” All Might nodded, then shifted and scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Well, that’s really all I wanted to say. Don’t forget to get some gummies before my class, though!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes as he wrapped his bento back up. “We won’t, old man.” He stood up, turning toward Deku, “You want to stop by her office on the way to the cafeteria, or afterwards?”

“Umm, well, it’s on the way, so I guess before would make sense.”


The two of them left the room, exhaustion settling back into their bones now that they knew the hero hadn’t needed anything urgent. There wasn’t even any reason for All Might to have fucking pulled them aside to say all that shit. Katsuki would aim for the top no matter what, and so would Deku.

When they reached Granny’s office she took one look at them before tutting and forcing them onto one of her patient beds.

Katsuki groaned. “We’re just tired, Granny. It’s not anything else.”

“I’ll be the judge of that!” She bent over, kissing Katsuki’s hand. He hated that he was getting used to that, now.

After doing the same to Deku, she stood there, arms crossed as she stared at them.

“Well? Some other shit gone wrong?”

“No…” Granny sighed. “No, it’s the same thing, it’s just getting worse, as I feared.”

They fucking knew that already.

“I have half a mind to forbid you two to enter that foolish festival.”

“Hell no!” Katsuki growled, clenching his hands to prevent small explosions from busting forth.

“Please, no, Recovery Girl! We’ll follow whatever advice you give us, but please not that!”

“I know, I know.” She bustled over to the counter, “I said I had half a mind to, not that it was what I was going to do. But I better see you two every day around lunchtime! And after school if you two feel extra tired!” She turned around, returning to them with a handful of gummies. “And stay extra close to each other in the meantime, alright? No sense risking making it worse.”

Katsuki frowned, thankful for once that the table he’d picked in the cafeteria wasn’t too far from Deku’s. “Alright, Granny. We’ll be careful and all that shit.”

“You both better be.” She clicked her tongue against her teeth, “And don’t train too much! You’ll only drain yourselves and you won’t get any better. Conserve your energy.”

“Is… um… we’d been planning on sparring with some classmates after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Is that ok?” Deku was fidgeting with his fingers as he looked at Recovery Girl.

She sighed. “See me before and afterwards. I’m here most days until five, so don’t stay later than that.”

Damn it. That barely gave them an hour and a half. “Fucking fine.” At least she wasn’t demanding they cancel.

With one last frown, Recovery Girl pushed four gummies into each of their hands, then shooed them off of her table and toward the door. “And eat healthily! None of this junk food, now!”

“Of course!” Deku grinned at her, “Always!”

“Good!” One final shove, and they were back in the hallway.

Katsuki sighed as the door shut behind them. “Well, that shit could have gone better.” He started off down the hallway, popping one of the gummies into his mouth.

“It could have gone worse, too.” Deku shuddered next to him. “I can’t believe she wanted us to stay out of the sports festival. I mean, I know the bond is getting worse, but… after everything All Might said, I just can’t…”

“Yeah.” Katsuki tore off a chunk of a second gummy, annoyed. “Even if he hadn’t said that shit, I still would’ve hated it. This is our chance to start making a name for ourselves.”

Deku grinned at him as they reached the cafeteria doors. “We’re gonna do great, Kacchan!”

“Hell yeah.” Katsuki grinned back, then nodded his head toward Deku’s usual table. “Go spend time with the damn extras, Deku. See you after lunch.”


Katsuki rolled his eyes as the nerd bounded off toward his extras. Then he caught sight of Raccoon Eyes waving at him.

Katsuki groaned, shoving the last two gummies into his mouth before he began to trudge in that direction. Fucking extras.

“You’re here! Finally!” Raccoon Eyes was grinning, leaning forward with her elbows on the damn table. “We’ve been talking, trying to figure out a way to help you win Midoriya-kun’s heart. Do you have any kind of plan?”

What the fuck? Katsuki glared at the nosey assholes as he dropped his bento onto the table and sat down. “There’s no fucking plan, you dumbasses.”

“Eh? Why not?” Raccoon Eyes pouted. “Did he reject you?”

“Tch.” Katsuki opened up his bento, resigning himself to dealing with the nosey assholes. “As if.” He frowned, trying to think of a way to explain their situation in a normal way…. “He said he needed to fucking think about it or some shit like that.”

“Then come on, dude!” Pikachu was holding his chopsticks up, acting like he was doling out the best fucking advice ever, “You have to fight for your man!”

“Totally!” Shitty Hair was nodding, “You’ve got to show him how manly you are!”

Katsuki snorted, “We train together all the damn time. That’s not the fucking issue.”

“Then you just need to show him a new side of you!”

Katsuki grimaced. He was sick and tired of hearing that shit. “We’ve known each other our whole lives. I don’t exactly have a ‘new side’ to show the shitty nerd.”

“Of course you do!” Raccoon Eyes still had that bright fucking grin. “You’re hot, right?” Katsuki almost choked on his tempura—who the fuck just said shit like that?!—but the girl just continued, “I bet Midoriya hasn’t noticed it, though, since you two have been around each other so long.” She winked at him, “Am I right?”

“Deku doesn’t think about shit like that.”

“So you make him think about it.” Raccoon Eyes leaned forward, poking Katsuki in the chest. He growled, shoving the arm away. The girl just shrugged and continued, her eyes determined. “Get some new clothes. Clothes like he’s never seen you in. Clothes that make you look like the hot stuff you are.”

“What the fuck?!” Katsuki stared at the three in disbelief as Pikachu and Shitty Hair nodded in agreement with the girl. “Clothes? That’s your damn answer?”

“Of course, dude!” Pikachu spread his arms out in a ‘what can you do’ kind of gesture. “The right clothes can really turn heads.”

Shitty Hair swallowed his food and voiced his agreement, “It makes sense. You need Midoriya-kun to look at you differently, right? So go for a new look. What do you usually wear?”

Katsuki rolled his eyes, “Tank tops and shorts. Work out clothes, basically.” It’s not like he ever really needed outfits for anything else. The Old Hag always hated it, too, which was a definite plus.

“We talking tight work out clothes?” Pikachu waggled his eyebrows, “Something that shows off your muscles?”

“Fuck no. I just grab whatever.”

Pikachu sighed, looking at Katsuki like he was some fucking lost cause.

“I know! Let’s go on a shopping trip!” Raccoon Eyes was practically bouncing up and down. “This Saturday! We can help Bakugou-kun get the perfect outfit! One that’ll make Midoriya-kun drool!”

“Hell no!” Katsuki glared at them. “Fuck off, Raccoon Eyes. If I get new clothes, I’ll go with my mom or some shit like that!” He was not going to deal with the extras and have to explain why Deku had to come with them, even though the outfit was supposed to be a damn surprise for the nerd or some shit like that.

Raccoon Eyes glared right back at him, “Ok, first off, that is not going to be your nickname for me. It’s way too uncool and I will not answer to that for my entire highschool career. Pick something else. And second, your mom? Really? You don’t seem like a mommy’s boy, and mom’s usually aren’t the best at picking out hot clothes.”

Katsuki’s eyes narrowed. He really didn’t want to give in on the name, he’d never done that shit. But… she was trying to help him with Deku. And her idea actually made some damn good sense, the more he thought about it. And… and he’d fucking hated the nickname Blonde Asshole had given him yesterday. “Fine. Pinky.”

“Ugh.” She groaned melodramatically, dropping her head into her hands. “You’re so unoriginal.” She let out a long sigh, “I suppose that’s fine, though. It’s better than the other one.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes, “Deal with it, then. And I could care less about my Old Hag’s opinion, usually, but she works in the damn fashion business, so she’s good at that shit.”

“Really?!” Pinky shot up in her seat, forgetting her melodramatics from seconds before, “What company does she work for?!”

Shit. Bakugou sighed. Maybe they wouldn’t overreact? Whatever. It was probably better to get this shit over with. “She’s a designer for Mastermind Japan. My Dad works for Head Porter.”

“EH?!?!?!” Pinky slammed her hands down on the table, standing up and then leaning over to shake Katsuki’s shoulders, “INTRODUCE ME!!! PLEASE!!!!”

“Damn it!” Katsuki shoved her arms back, jumping off the bench and stepping back a few paces, “Fuck off!”

“Those are like, huge companies! And their stuff is so cool!!! Especially Mastermind! Please! I’ll do anything!”

“Ugh!” Katsuki threw his head back with a groan, “this is why I never fucking say anything. People always act crazy about shitty clothes, especially now that both of them are with damn big name designers.” He glared at Pinky. “The Old Hag’s not a director or chief designer or anything like that, she’s only been with Mastermind for like three years.”

“It’s still a huge deal!” She was bouncing up and down in place, now. “Please! I have to meet her! She’s practically my hero, working at a punk fashion place like that!”

“You don’t even look like you wear their shit!” If anyone in the class did, it was Purple Hair and Bird Head. Maybe Brain Fucker. But Pinky’s hero costume was a fucking mess and nothing like Mastermind’s skull and crossbones aesthetic.

“I have like, one shirt! But it’s expensive! And I also like bright colors!”

Pikachu had been laughing his head off, but he’d finally calmed down a bit, and was now wiping the tears from his eyes, “Ok, dude, you have to admit, Mastermind’s stuff is awesome.”

“Well, yeah, but they’re just fucking clothes.”

Pinky groaned, this time collapsing in a fake faint against Shitty Hair. “How can you, the son of two such brilliant fashion designers, refer to clothes like that?”

“Because they’re just shitty clothes!” Katsuki glared at her and sat back down, relatively certain that he wouldn’t be tackled again.

“That’s pretty cool, though, man!” Shitty Hair was grinning at him while awkwardly patting Pinky’s back. “Your mom could probably pick out something great!”

Katsuki frowned. Could clothes really help? He glanced over toward Deku, groaning when he realized the nerd and his posse were all staring at them.

Fucking great. Now those assholes would want to know, too.

“Can we come with you on the shopping trip?”

“Huh?!” Katsuki turned back to glare at Pinky again, “Fuck no! I’m not dealing with the Old Hag and you losers at the same time!”

“Pictures, then!” Pinky nodded firmly, “Pictures, or… or we’ll pester Midoriya until he tells us when and where you go!”

“Why the hell would you do that?!” And fuck, it would probably work, too. Even if he didn’t tell Deku shit, the Old Hag would definitely tell Auntie. And Deku would want Katsuki to make friends, so he’d gladly get them the damn info. Katsuki’s eyes narrowed. “How would I even get you the fucking pictures?”

“Send us some texts, obviously!” She held out her hand, grinning. “Give me your phone and I’ll put in my number.”

“Like hell I’d give you my phone.” She’d probably do some other shit to it than just put in her damn number. Katsuki reluctantly pulled his phone out of his pocket. “If I send you pictures, you won’t bug Deku and crash the shopping trip?”


“Me too!” Pikachu was grinning, too, now, his own phone out in his hand.

“I want your number, too, man!”


Jaw clenched, Katsuki ground out his phone number. His eyebrow twitched as he received three texts, each confirming that the three assholes had saved his number.

Katsuki shoved his phone back into his pocket.

If he didn’t think the dumbasses were onto something…

Damn it.

Katsuki focused on the food in front of him, ignoring their bright chatter. He had to finish lunch—he would need every fucking piece of energy it could give him—and he didn’t have much time left.

Thankfully, the extras seemed to fucking understand that he’d reached his limits with all the damn talking about Deku, and were now content to talk among themselves about shitty clothes.

By the time they’d all gotten changed for heroics class, the energy from the gummies had kicked in and Katsuki no longer felt like yawning. Katsuki grinned, stretching his arms out as he waited for the rest of the extras to show up in the gym. Hopefully this energy lasted all afternoon.

His mood quickly soured as All Might announced what the class would start off doing.

Shitty endurance drills.

The hero’s eyes were following both him and Deku with worry as they went to the start line. They’d be running fucking laps around the city, using their quirks, for fifteen minute stretches, with five minute breaks. For the next fucking hour.

Damn it.

They could do this shit, though. They had energy right now.

Once the all the laps were finally fucking done, Katsuki forced himself to keep moving, heading over to the water fountain (and ignoring everyone’s grumbles behind him as he drank his fill). Then he collapsed on the cement next to it, Deku following suit.

Katsuki closed his eyes.


They still had another two hours of heroics, and all he wanted to do was sleep.

After what felt like mere seconds, All Might’s voice boomed out, calling them all to gather around and receive instructions for the next exercise. With a sigh, Katsuki hoisted himself back up, Deku groaning next to him.

Apparently they’d be doing another rescue drill. Stuffed kittens (of all the shit to pick, seriously) had been hidden in the city ruins, and were crying for help. They would be graded on how many brought back to the rescue zone (where All Might was standing) within an hour and a half, and on how well they managed to keep the kittens in their current uninjured state. They could also work with one partner, but would have to switch partners every thirty minutes. Some shit about your team in rescue missions often being whoever happened to be closer to the disaster site.


Katsuki would rescue the fucking stuffed kittens.

All Might blathered on about proper procedures and building integrity and sound in city sometimes being deceiving because of shitty echoes, then gave them all the signal to start.

Immediately, Katsuki shot toward the city, Deku right beside him. As if his first partner would be anyone else.

The fucking kittens were pretty damn easy to find. A couple of times Katsuki swore Deku was hearing shit and making up that he could hear one, but there was always a kitten where he claimed he’d heard the cry. Damn piece of shit and his good hearing.

After that, Katsuki ended up partnered with Round Face, which wasn’t too bad, and then Pinky, which was terrible. The alien girl kept melting the building too much or accidentally hitting the kitten. The extra needed to learn some better control with her damn quirk, and Katsuki told her that, repeatedly.

Because of her, Deku ended up getting a better grade than him, which pleased the shitty nerd to no end.

Damn it.

Then All Might lectured them on where they’d done well and where they could use improvement. Katsuki had maintained the damn building structure and all of his damn kittens had been uninjured. A little singed fur here and there didn’t count. The explosions had barely touched them.

After getting more water and changing out of his hero costume (and trudging all the way back to Granny’s office for more gummies) he and Deku slowly made their way home.

Katsuki sighed, adjusting the strap of his bag on his shoulder as he took a seat on the train.

“Kacchan, I’ve been wanting to ask, but…” Deku turned in his seat to face him, “What was all that about at lunch?”

“Tch.” Katsuki groaned, tilting his head back until it hit the window. “I mentioned where the Old Hag works. Apparently Pinky’s a fucking fan.”

Deku laughed. “I guess you never know who will like them.” The nerd’s grin was bright, “I’m glad you’re getting along with them, Kacchan.”

“Am not. Pinky cost me a lot of points today. She can go fuck herself.”

A snort. “All Might said we should always try to make up for our partner’s weaknesses.”

“Fuck that.”

Deku hummed noncommittally, then frowned. “Are we going to do our usual run and weight exercises and such tonight? After heroics today…”

“Tch. We’ve run enough for the damn day.” Katsuki stretched his arms out, then cracked his neck. “I’m doing the weights, though. We can’t get lazy with the festival coming up.”

“I know! But…” Deku bit his lip, looking off to the side as he began to mutter about balancing how tired they’d been with their need to prepare and the fact that they had to take care of their bodies, but All Might had asked them to win, but—

Katsuki knocked the nerd on the back of the head, cutting off the stream of mutters. “We’ll do what we can each day, alright nerd? No sense in planning in advance when we have no clue what the fuck this shit is doing.”

Deku gave a cautious nod, then their stop was announced.

As they walked home, Deku recounted all the shit he had talked about with the extras at lunch, and how much fun it had been to have people to talk to, now (besides Katsuki, at least), and how he really liked them all, and how they’d each talked about why they wanted to be a hero, and how Round Face and Shitface seemed to have good families but Deku was worried about Brain Fucker, because he wouldn’t say anything about his foster parents—

And then they were home and Deku was calling dibs on first shower and running upstairs.

Katsuki’s eyebrow twitched in annoyance. Whatever. He could use this.

Taking a deep breath, he walked down the hallway and knocked on his parents’ door.

“Come in!” His mom’s voice didn’t sound annoyed—mostly just confused. He pushed it open.

The Old Hag was sitting on the bed, one eyebrow raised. Katsuki swallowed. “Where’s dad?”

“Outside in the garden.”

Right. That made sense. Katsuki shifted nervously before entering the room and shutting the door behind him. Katsuki rubbed his sweaty palms off against his shorts.

“Well? What’s this about? You never seek me out, brat.”

“I...” Shit. Katsuki grit his teeth. How the fuck did people do this shit? “I need your damn help.”

Now the Old Hag had both eyebrows raised. She set aside her fucking fashion magazine. “This is rare. With what?”

“I want Deku to look at me.” Shit. Katsuki could feel his face turning red.

“He looks at you all the damn time, brat.” The Old Hag was smirking now, fuck her. “You’ll have to be more specific.”

“Damn it!” Katsuki growled, “Everyone keeps fucking saying that the only way to get the shitty nerd to think about feelings and shit is to get him to see me in a damn new light or some fucking shit like that! But we’ve grown up together, so how the fuck do I do that?! Hell, the nerd knows every damn thing about me! But then one of the extras mentioned clothes, so I thought maybe—”

“Let me get this straight.” The Old Hag slipped off the bed, stalking forward and standing in front of him, hands on her hips. “You want Izu-kun to like you. Romantically.”


Katsuki looked away, his face burning.

He gave a jerky nod.

The Old Hag burst out laughing, “And how long has this been going on, brat?”

“Couple months.” Like hell he’d tell her what he’d told Deku.

“And you’ve told little Izu?”

Another nod.

She sighed, “That kid’s never really had romance on his mind, huh? Well. We can change that.” Katsuki looked back to see his mother grinning.

He usually hated that grin.

But this time, she winked at him. “Don’t worry kid. Leave some time free on Saturday and we’ll go shopping. I’ll make it so that Izu-kun can’t look away from you.”

“Just clothes!” Katsuki gave the Old Hag a wary look, “No other shit.” There was no way he’d wear any of that damn shit she put models into.

“Uh-huh. Demanding as always. You’re lucky you got my genes and are so damn handsome.”

Katsuki glared at the woman.

“Also….” He huffed, rubbing at his arm uneasily. “Granny said that after USJ messing with our bond and shit, Deku and I have to stay even closer to each other, so he probably shouldn’t even be in a different store from us, if it's a big department store or some shit like that.”

That made her frown. “You’re ok now, though, right?”

“Just get damn tired easily.” He shrugged. “But we can’t…. we can’t keep fucking going on like this.”

Katsuki winced as the Old Hag pulled him into a tight hug, crushing him. “We’ll get you through this, kiddo. You and Izu-kun have a great future ahead of you. This is just a speed bump, that’s all.”

Katsuki snorted. “It’s a fucking annoying one, and its timing is shit.”

She laughed, loud and right in his damn ear, then shoved him toward the door. “Teenagers. It’s always the end of the damn world. You’ll get your new look on Saturday, brat. Get out of here and go bug that soulmate of yours.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

The Old Hag pushed him out of the room, “And don’t wear your shirt when you two do your weight exercises!”

The door shut in his face before he could retort.


He doubted it would work, since Deku had seen him shirtless plenty of times while they exercised, but it would mean one less shirt to wash, so whatever.