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Zero: The Birth of the World's Best Hero Duo

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“Oi! Nerd!” Katsuki kicked open his soulmate’s door, annoyed that Deku wasn’t already ready to go to UA. First he pulled that ‘I need to be alone and think’ all fucking day yesterday, even though he’d seemed to be fine with everything on Saturday, and now he was fucking sleeping in?

Katsuki snorted at the sight that greeted him. Dumbass couldn’t do shit without him.

Deku was tangled up in his shirt, apparently having tried to pull it over his head while some of the buttons were still fastened. “What the fuck, nerd?”

“K-Kacchan! Knock!”

“Uh-huh.” He walked over, undoing the buttons so the nerd could straighten everything out. “And since when do we do that?” When Deku’s head finally emerged, it was bright red.

“It’s different now, isn’t it?” Deku was steadfastly avoiding eye contact, his fingers fumbling over each button.

“Tch.” Katsuki rolled his eyes, “Like hell. I mean, yeah, we’re developing the bond further and all that shit, but it’s still just us. It’s nothing I haven’t seen.”

Deku bit his lip, finally looking up.

Katsuki immediately frowned. Why were the nerd’s eyes so tired? It was still the morning! “Damn it, Deku, did you not fucking sleep?”

“I just… couldn’t stop thinking. That’s all.” Deku turned away, grabbing his UA jacket off the desk chair and shrugging it on.


“Us, I guess.”

Katsuki sighed. He knew it. He shouldn’t have left him alone yesterday. “Don’t fucking overthink it, dumbass. It’s just us.” He bent over to pick up Deku’s backpack, then handed it to the nerd. “Come on. We’re going to be late.”


They walked in silence as they left the house and headed down the sidewalk, and Katsuki looked over, evaluating the nerd. He was fidgeting with his fingers, his shoulders were a bit lower, his head looking down at the sidewalk… “I told you to stop fucking overthinking shit, Deku.”

Deku looked off to the side, but didn’t say anything.

Katsuki groaned. “What the fuck, you shitty nerd? Don’t you dare close up on me. What about ‘us’ has you so damn worked up, huh?”

Deku stopped.

His soulmate stood there in the middle of the sidewalk in front of the train station, pushing his fingers together nervously, before finally looking up at Katsuki. “We went on a date, right? I mean, I know our moms, well, your mom, really, organized it and so you never asked me out or anything but I know you like me and I… well…” Deku made a strangled gargling noise.

Katsuki raised an eyebrow, “All this is about that shitty lunch in the food court? You barely talked! You just turned red at everything I fucking did the whole time.”

Aaannndd he was red again.

The nerd’s eyes were all screwed tight and he looked like he was about to run away, but instead he screamed out, “I like you!”

Katsuki’s eyes widened. He’d… he’d thought maybe… with all Deku’s blushing, after all, but…Shit, hearing it was nice.

“I mean, I really think I do? You’re really amazing, Kacchan and you’re, um…. Well you’re handsome and I never want to leave you and—”

“As much as I really like hearing that,” and, fuck, was it nice to hear, “why are you freaking out about it so damn much? First you’re freaking out about not liking me, and now you’re freaking out because you do? What the hell, Deku?”

“I just…” Deku looked off to the side, rubbing the back of his head. “Are we dating, Kacchan? We don’t exactly have a normal relationship.”

What the hell? That was why the shitty nerd couldn’t sleep? Why he spent all of yesterday holed up in his room? A damn label? “We’re whatever the hell you want us to be, Deku. I know you’re mine, so I don’t fucking care. If you want to tell the shitty extras that we’re dating, go for it. If you don’t, don’t.”

“And… and if I want to hold your hand?”

Katsuki blinked. He wanted to… Fuck. But…“Whatever. If you want to risk having your hands blown up, go for it.” Katsuki turned around, picking up his pace as he headed into the station. He left his hand outside of his pocket, though, and when Deku’s hand slipped through his... Well, Katsuki wasn’t complaining.

Still, though… Katsuki frowned. “You sure?” It’s not like he was known for fucking controlling his damn quirk.

Deku just grinned at him. “Kacchan would never hurt me.”

Shit. Katsuki turned away, looking out the train window and trying to hide the red tint to his cheeks. Why did the nerd have to be so fucking adorable? Why did he have to trust him so much?

Ugh. If the nerd wanted to do this shitty romance thing, then… “Let’s have lunch together today in the classroom. We haven’t done that shit in a while.”

“Oh, um, ok.” Deku’s hand squeezed around his. “I… I’d like that.”

They were silent the rest of the train-ride and walk to campus, their hands still clasped together.

Katsuki wasn’t sure why this felt so different from when they’d held hands before, why it felt so…awkward, but nice. Why it felt like it meant something. Before, they’d held hands whenever one of them was excited to drag the other somewhere and show them something, or when their moms told them to for some reason, but this…

This was just for companionship.


Deku was turning him into a fucking sap.

At least they managed to make it to class on time, if barely.

Katsuki shoved the door open, only to hiss in annoyance at the extras’ loud squealing. “What the fuck?!”

“You’re holding hands!” Pinky ran up to them, grinning. “Bakugou-kun, you’re supposed to tell people when things like this happen!” She turned toward Deku, getting all up in his damn face, “Midori-kun, he looked really handsome on Saturday, right?! I knew clothes would help!”

Katsuki pulled his hand out of Deku’s, shoving Pinky away from his bright red soulmate and stepping in front of him. “Fuck off, damn it! Like hell I have to tell you anything!”

Deku was fucking stammering nonsense again—just after he’d gotten the nerd out of that damn distracted state, too.


He dragged the nerd toward their desks, ignoring Shitface’s confused shout of ‘you’re dating?!’ and Shitty Hair’s declaration that ‘getting his man was super manly.’

Katsuki slouched in his seat, annoyed.

Thankfully, Aizawa-sensei showed up at that point and everyone went silent. The teacher’s eyes narrowed suspiciously, but finally he just sighed and trudged toward the front desk, muttering about sometimes it being best not to know things.

All morning long, Deku’s pencil tapped a nervous rhythm against the desk, and Katsuki wanted to turn around and snap it in two. Why the hell had Deku wanted to hold hands and shit if this was going to make him so damn nervous?!

Finally, lunch came, and Katsuki pulled the bento out from his bag and turned around in his chair, setting it on the nerd’s desk.

Deku opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say anything Round Face bounced toward them. “So you two are dating, now?”

“Umm…” Deku glanced at Katsuki before slowly nodding. “Yeah. It’s… it’s new.” He rubbed at the back of his head. “It’s nice, though.”

“Congrats!” Round Face beamed at them. “Are you two—”

“What business do you have with Class 1A?”

Huh? What the fuck was Shitface on about? Katsuki looked toward the door, where a huge crowd was gathered outside. Dumbass extras.

“What’s going on?” Round Face had turned toward the door, now, and so had Deku.

“Tch. They’re scouting out the enemy, obviously.” Katsuki opened up the top layer of his bento and picked up his chopsticks. “We’re the one who made it out of the villain’s attack, so they want to check us out before the sports festival this weekend. Not like there’s any point to that. Dumbasses.”

“Kachaaan.” Deku pouted. “There could be people like Toshi-kun who want to move up to the hero course. It might be a good idea to go see who came.”

There was a snort from behind Deku. “No one besides me even dared to try to face that hero course guy in a spar. Except for maybe that kid, no one from general studies is going to try for a position.”

Katsuki frowned. “Like I care about that fucking extra.”

“Bakugou-kun!” Ah, damn it. Shitface had turned around now, and the extras outside were all yelling. “Stop calling people extras just because you do not know them!”

Katsuki sighed, setting down his chopsticks before he singed them again. All he’d wanted was a lunch with just Deku, but no. These extras had to fucking blockade the classroom.

Katsuki stood up, ignoring Deku’s worried ‘Kacchan?’ and the nerd’s scrambling to follow him as Katsuki stalked to the entrance.

“Listen up, bastards. I want to have lunch with my damn boyfriend, and you extras are ruining that, so fuck off.”

“Kacchan!” Deku’s hands wrapped around his arm tugging him backwards, but Katsuki didn’t budge, and no green lightning appeared to make him move.

“You!” Katsuki looked down to see some small purple kid pointing his finger at him. “You think you’re so awesome because you came in first place in the practical exam, huh?! Well I’m not stupid! The papers said that some of the villains that died were killed by a large explosion and a building collapsing on them! That’s your quirk! They may have just been villains, but you’re a murderer! I can’t believe UA hasn’t kicked you out of the hero course, yet!”

“What the fuck did you just say, you bastard?!” Katsuki tried to charge forward, but Deku’s arms switched to wrap around his whole torso, green lightning flashing and preventing Katsuki from breaking free. He snarled in frustration.

“Kacchan! You know it’s not true!”

“Hey Balls for Brains.” Brain Fucker walked up, smirking as the small asshole’s eyes widened in fear and he stumbled backwards a few steps. “What? Not going to respond?” Brain Fucker scoffed, “Coward. You lost your spot fair and square, even after you got a second chance. Don’t take that shit out on someone else, you’ve only got yourself to blame.”

Katsuki relaxed a bit at the extra’s fear. Damn right he should be afraid. Deku’s arms loosened around him, though he kept one arm around Katsuki’s waist. It was… comforting… in a weird way, to have Deku anchoring him like that. To know that his soulmate supported him, despite…


Despite all the shit he’d already done.

“Shinsou-san, please don’t antagonize him.” The damn vice prez came up, one hand on her hip as she turned to face the crowd. “Such accusations are not welcome here. You were not at USJ. You do not know what it was like to fight for your lives. So do not yell at us about what was done, or not done.”

“How can you defend him?!” Balls for Brains was practically frothing at the mouth. “He killed people!”

“The darkness can overpower anyone.” Huh? Katsuki turned to see Bird Head sitting on a desk not too far off, his shadow demon thing towering over him. “It is difficult to restrain one’s quirk while fighting for one’s life.”

Katsuki’s eyes narrowed.

The whole fucking class was standing around them, now, and all of them were glaring at the students outside, especially at Balls for Brains.

But why… why were these dumbasses supporting him? They knew what had happened. What he’d done. He’d assumed… assumed they would be more freaked out by it.

“I don’t know what you guys have heard about USJ, but Bakugou saved my life that day, and I was with him the whole time, and he’s a damn good hero!” Katsuki blinked, startled, and stared at Shitty Hair as the guy stepped forward and stood by his side. What the fuck was the guy talking about? If anything, Shitty Hair had saved him, defending his unconscious body and all that shit! Fucking dumbass. But the guy just kept going with that damn grin of his, “I don’t know why you guys all came, but it’s not manly to insult us. So whatever you want to say, let’s have it out at the festival, like real men, ok?”

“Yeah!” Pinky was leaning over Shitty Hair’s shoulder. “Because it’s lunchtime right now and I’m super hungry and I want to tease Bakugou about calling Midori-kun his boyfriend, but I can’t do that if you’re here!” She pouted, then winked at them all, “So could you like, please leave?”

Some of the boys shifted, but no one left.

Katsuki glared at the extras. “That means scram, assholes.”

“Kaaaacchaaaan.” Deku groaned, his forehead hitting against Katsuki’s shoulder. “Do you have to ruin the moment by being rude?”

“What fucking moment? I don’t need you bastards defending me!”

“Uh-huh.” Deku sighed, turning toward their classmates, “Well I appreciate it.” He grinned at them, “It’s nice to have friends for once.”

Shitface stepped forward then, fucking finally, and began forcefully ushering everyone down the hallway.

“Tch.” Katsuki stomped back toward his desk, “Damn extras. It’s not like seeing us did them any fucking good.”

Shitty Hair sighed, “I get that, man, but do you have to be so up in their faces? You did insult them first, and you’re making enemies for the whole class, you know.”

Katsuki shrugged, plopping back down in his desk. “It doesn’t matter. And it’s not like I asked you to fucking defend me or any shit like that.”

“Of course it matters!” Shitty Hair stared at him, confused. “And I’m not going to let him insult you like that! But they’d also hate us whether or not we’d stood up for you.”

Dumbass. “It doesn’t matter as long as you rise to the top.”

Now Shitty Hair looked like he was about to fucking cry, “That’s so simple and manly! I love it!”

The rest of the damn class then began clamoring about whether they fucking agreed with him or not, as if Katsuki even cared. He frowned, glaring at the bento in front of him.

Today was supposed to just be a quiet lunch with Deku.

Not dealing with all this shit.

He growled in frustration, clenching his hands to keep explosions from springing out.

Then fingers rolled over the muscles in his shoulders, rubbing out knots. Katsuki relaxed a bit, closing his eyes and leaning back into Deku’s hands.

“Midoriya-kun! Please do not sit on the desks! That is disrespectful!” The fingers froze, making Katsuki open his eyes again, annoyed.

“Awwww, let him stay!” It was Pinky’s voice, this time. “It’s cute! Like he’s taming a wild beast!”

Katsuki’s eyebrow twitched. What the fuck?! The fingers began to move again, but a bit slower. Katsuki sighed. Whatever. Just ignore the noise. Ignore what those assholes had said. Ignore their classmates. Focus only on Deku.

After what felt like hours, the fingers slipped away.

Katsuki opened his eyes to see Deku settling back into his own chair. “We’re alone, now. You doing better?”

“Yeah.” Katsuki slowly picked up his chopsticks. “Thanks.” He could feel the daily exhaustion starting to claw at his body, and the USJ shit had come up out of nowhere… Fuck, he just wanted to go blow up some shit.

“You know what he said was wrong, right? You did amazing, Kacchan. Aizawa-sensei even said so.”

Katsuki snorted. “He didn’t say ‘amazing.’ I killed people, Deku. They were fucking villains, but that’s still not a damn heroic action.”

“But it was in self-defense and he did say you’d done well! They were adults trying to kill us! And you heard Kirishima-kun! He’s thankful that you saved him, and he’s the only one that actually saw what happened!”

“He’s a fucking dumbass, then.” Katsuki frowned, shoving food in his mouth and chewing slowly.

Deku was giving him his shitty attempt at a glare. “Kacchan… I hate it when you talk like that about yourself.”

“I didn’t say anything!” Not about himself, at least.

“You should always be confident! That’s who you are.”

Katsuki stared at Deku. “And what if I fucking mess up, huh?”

Deku grinned at him, “Then trust that I’ll tell you! I’ve always done that, right?”

“Tch.” That was for sure. The damn idiot could be fucking stubborn when he wanted to be, even if it ended up hurting himself. Katsuki sighed. “Whatever.”

“So you’ll stop beating yourself up about USJ?”

“I’ll keep focusing on getting better, at least.” Katsuki smirked, “And I’m going to pulverize Balls for Brains at the festival.”

Deku’s returning grin was sharp, determination filling his gaze. “Of course! We’ll be the top two.”

Fuck, Katsuki wanted Deku to always look like this. Like he was going to take on the world and do whatever it took to come out on top.

Katsuki wanted so badly just to lean in… fuck!

He clenched his hand. He needed to distract himself. To get Deku talking about something other than beating people up. “The extras didn’t fucking bother you about the dating thing, did they?”

Deku shook his head, “No, they were, um, kinda sweet about it, actually. I didn’t know they’d been the one to give you the idea about getting new clothes.”

Fuck, Deku’s smirk should be illegal. This topic wasn’t helping. “I would have thought of it eventually.”

Deku hummed, “Don’t worry, I thanked them, so you don’t have to.”

Katsuki choked. “Why would you fucking—”

“Because you look really nice in them, Kacchan.” The nerd gave him one of those damn blinding smiles, but then he looked off to the side a bit, cheeks slightly red. “Like… really nice.”

Deku looked back up at him, peering through his damn mop of hair, and Katsuki just wanted to disappear. When the fuck did Deku get so free with complements about how Katsuki looked? Why the fuck did it make him feel so weird?

He glared at the bento.

“Whatever, nerd. It took you long enough.”

Deku laughed. “Yeah, I guess that’s true.”

There was an awkward pause while the nerd pushed his food around. “I think…. I think it would work now, if we tried. Not that I think we should right now! Aizawa-sensei was pretty clear that he didn’t want us to do that until he talked with us. It’s just…” Deku bit his lip. “I think it would work, is all.”

“Because you shouted to the whole train station that you liked me?”

“Kacchan!” Deku groaned, sulking as he took a bite of Auntie’s food. “I wasn’t that loud.”

“You totally were, nerd.” Katsuki smirked, “All that thinking got you damn worked up about it.”

Deku sunk lower in his chair.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and decided to take pity on the nerd, switching the topic to what Cementoss had been discussing before lunch. Immediately his soulmate perked up, starting to ramble about the shitty story they’d been reading and whether or not it provided a fair representation of the hero community.

Katsuki nodded along, but mostly just watched the nerd’s eyes dance as he talked, passionate about the hero protagonist’s sidekick and how he performed a critique of the sidekick industry or some shit like that.

All too soon, the dumbasses were filing back in. Katsuki sighed as Shitface got into a fucking debate with Deku about the sidekick, going on about how his brother was a sidekick for a while or some shit like that.

Whatever. He should probably review his notes before the next class, anyway. He closed up the bento and turned around, resigning himself to the dullness of classes once more.

When classes finally ended, Katsuki was grateful to grab some gummies from Recovery Girl and head to the gym for sparring. The third years had some internship shit or something and wouldn’t be there, thank fuck, and pounding on Shitty Hair would be good stress relief. 5:00 definitely came too soon, even if he was tired and shit.

“Tch.” Katsuki stomped over to the changing room, wiping off the sweat and pulling on a black t-shirt. He frowned, looking between the uniform and the other clothes he’d shoved into his gym bag this morning. If Deku liked the other outfit so much…

Katsuki pulled out the white jeans, along with the white & black bomber jacket from Mastermind, and started to put them on.

“Bro! Those look awesome!”

“Ka-Kacchan?!” Katsuki smirked, ignoring Shitty Hair in favor of watching his soulmate turn bright red. “You… you brought a change of clothes? Other than your umm, your uniform, I mean.”

There was a scoff from the other side of the room. “Of course he did, if you’re going to turn red like that, Zu-kun.” Brain Fucker rolled his eyes. “I’m heading out. Have fun flirting, losers.”

“I’ll go with you, Shinsou-kun!” Shitty Hair bounded after Brain Fucker, the two of them quickly exiting the training room.

Katsuki sighed as Deku fidgeted with his uniform’s buttons, the morning’s unease obviously returning for the nerd now that the two of them were alone.

“If the clothes make you that fucking uncomfortable, I won’t wear them.”

“No!” Deku’s head shot up, then slowly turned bright red as he realized how fast he’d spoken. “I-I mean, it’s just… um, well…”

Katsuki rolled his eyes, then walked toward the door. Shitty nerd couldn’t make up his mind. “Come on, then. We still have to check in with Recovery Girl before we head home.” When Deku didn’t move, Katsuki looked back over his shoulder.

The nerd was frozen, staring at him. “You coming, dumbass?”

“Uh, yeah!” The nerd’s head nodded up and down, but his feet still didn’t move, his eyes glued on Katsuki’s figure.

Katsuki groaned, retracing his steps and grabbing the nerd’s hand to haul him toward the door. “You can fucking look all you want, but you still have to move, dumbass.”

“R-right!” His soulmate was bright red, but his hand clung to Katsuki’s own. “Sorry! I just, umm… got distracted.”

“Uh-huh.” Katsuki snorted. “Distracted by what, dumbass?”

Deku looked off to the side, muttering something that sounded suspiciously like a long list of body parts. Katsuki smirked.

Thankfully, though, Deku seemed to manage semi-normalcy while they visited Recovery Girl, and then again once they were home. Of course, it helped that the Old Hag was distracted during dinner—some intern had apparently fucked up and made her day miserable—so they managed to get through the rest of the day without too much teasing from their mothers, even if Deku often turned into a blushing mess while they were studying in his room.

The next day was more of the fucking same, except instead of being able to relieve stress by sparring after school, he had to deal with the shitty meeting with Aizawa-sensei.

The rest of their classmates had been quick to leave for the day—Brain Fucker had been the last one in the room, and Aizawa-sensei had told him to leave and go bother Mic-sensei for a bit, whatever that was about.

Damn Katsuki wished he could skip over the next few minutes. Instead, though, he reluctantly moved up to sit with Deku in the front two desks.

“First off, Bakugou, read over this before the festival.” The teacher flicked a piece of paper toward Katsuki and he raised his hand to catch it.

A brief glance had him frowning. “Another damn form?”

“An information sheet with guidelines for your speech. Follow them.” At Katsuki’s blank look, the teacher sighed. “You came in first in the practical exam, so you have to give the speech at the opening of the festival. You didn’t know?”

“Tch. Right.” He’d forgotten, but there always was some shit at the beginning, now that he thought about it. Katsuki shoved the sheet into his bag. He’d deal with the damn speech later.

“Now.” The teacher sighed, leaning back against the desk. “I know I’m probably the last person you probably want to discuss this with, but since you two are now dating, we really need to have this conversation.”

Katsuki frowned. It was like the man was gearing up to give them a damn sex talk or some shit like that. Katsuki didn’t fucking want to talk about kissing Deku with his teacher, but it was just a damn kiss.

“The basics are that the bond requires a kiss, that you both like each other romantically, and that you both want to seal the bond. Once sealed, a mark will appear on your chests and you will gain one or two abilities. For heroes, those abilities usually include some sort of shared pain.”

Katsuki frowned. They’d already fucking been over this shit. Why couldn’t their sensei just get on with it already, damn it?

Aizawa-sensei sighed, scratching at his cheek. “When you got your quirks… what was it like?”

“What the hell?” What did that have to do with the damn soulmate bond?

“Thinking about the bond like an additional quirk can be helpful.” The teacher shrugged. “Now, neither of you have mutation quirks, so you probably had an experience like mine. Well, Midoriya’s might be a bit different since his came so late. But overall you just had to learn how to use the quirk correctly, and there wouldn’t be any pain. Your body adjusts slowly to the presence of the new ability.”

Katsuki nodded. Shit was different for Deku, but that had definitely been because of how he’d gained his quirk. As long as Katsuki didn’t push himself too far, too fast, he’d been fine.

Aizawa-sensei tilted his head back toward the ceiling, pausing a second before continuing, “Unlike most quirks, but like Midoriya’s, bond abilities spring into existence within your bodies all at once, already fully formed.” The hero turned to focus on Deku. “I’m betting the first time Midoriya used his quirk was really unpleasant for him, given that he wouldn’t have known to hold back.”

Deku swallowed nervously beside him, nodding as Katsuki snorted. “That’s putting it fucking mildly.”

The teacher sighed. “I’m glad All Might was there, then.” He rubbed a hand across his forehead, “When the bond forms, you two will essentially get one or two fully formed quirks shoved into your body, and usually those quirks are the kind that are always active, not something that can be turned on and off like Midoriya’s quirk.”


Katsuki had never… he’d never thought about that before.

Deku’s hand reached out, brushing against Katsuki’s. “It… It’s going to hurt a lot, isn’t it, Sensei?” Katsuki squeezed it as the fingers slipped through his. He could still remember Deku flying through the air, his arm completely floppy, all the bones destroyed—


“It won’t kill you, but…” Their sensei’s eyes suddenly hardened. “I won’t lie. You’ll probably feel like it will while it happens. The bond rewrites your biology. Fills in those gaps or spaces or whatever it is that Recovery Girl says are what’s making you both so tired right now. Yes, you’ll be stronger afterward, and you’ll have abilities that will help you be better heroes, but the actual moment when those gaps are filled is incredibly painful.”

“I don’t care!” Deku’s hand was around his own, squeezing it so hard Katsuki could have sworn the nerd had his quirk activated. “I mean, thank you for telling us, Sensei, but I… I want to be with Kacchan forever! I don’t care about the pain, if this will bring us closer together, if this will help us be stronger together as heroes, then I’ll do it! I’d do it one hundred times if I had to!”


Deku couldn’t just…. He couldn’t just say shit like that! “Deku…” Katsuki wanted to kiss the nerd so fucking bad right now! But their sensei was right next to them, damn it, and apparently their first kiss where both of them actually had damn feelings for each other was going to be accompanied by almost unendurable pain and wasn’t that just fucking peachy—

Their teacher’s sigh cut through Katsuki’s thoughts. “Honestly, you wouldn’t be soulmates if you didn’t think that way.” The hero shrugged. “But there are precautions you should take, when the time comes. For example, don’t kiss each other for the first time when anyone else is around you.”

Shit. Yeah, Katsuki could see why that would be bad. Knowing this information… he winced. USJ probably hadn’t been the best idea. At least they’d mostly been covered by the damn smoke, but still.

“Your home or UA would be the best options. Your home because it’s as private as you can get, UA because it’s close to Recovery Girl and she can check on you right afterwards and make sure you both are ok.”

Those both seemed reasonable, though Katsuki was having a hard time wrapping his brain around the idea that his teacher was basically sitting there and telling him where he and Deku should have their fucking first kiss.

Aizawa-sensei reached into his pocket, then, pulling out a cell phone. Why the hell—? “When you bond, you’ll be unguarded and in a lot of pain, but more importantly, you’ll need someone there right afterwards to help you through whatever disorientation happens as you adjust to your abilities. So it is highly important that you tell me when and where you try to seal the bond. I know telling your teacher that you’re about to kiss each other is not ideal, but trust me. You do not want to come out of that pain alone. It’s disorienting, and it is very helpful to have someone there who has experienced the same thing and can help you figure out what is different with your bodies”

Katsuki swallowed. Shit. He slowly nodded. He sure as fucking hell didn’t like this, but… but he could understand it. After Deku had used his quirk, if All Might and Recovery Girl hadn’t been there…



He’d tell the man whatever he wanted.

“Give me your numbers, and I’ll text you mine. Text me when and where you try, and if nothing happens, text me again within three minutes, or I will show up at that location and I will be very annoyed if you two are still unbonded. We clear?” At their nods, he continued. “If I can’t come for whatever reason, Mic will come since he knows about you. If for some reason both of us are busy, I’ll send Togata and Amajiki, but will get there as soon as I can.”

Annoyed, Katsuki ground out his number. Before high school, only Deku, Auntie, and his parents had known his phone number. Having more people able to contact him was damn weird, especially when one of them was his shitty teacher.

“Contact me for anything that isn’t bond related or a life and death emergency and I will make you regret it. Got that?”

Katsuki nodded, glaring at the teacher. Like he’d want to text the man for anything, anyways.

“And also, think about when you do it, please. You’re basically getting new quirks. It will take you time to adjust to those and, until you do, you won’t be able to fight as well.” He stood up, giving their joint hands a pointed look. “I should hope I wouldn’t need to spell this out further, but this close to the sports festival is not ideal.”

Damn it.

Katsuki hated that the hero was right.

“But… but won’t it help us be less tired? That’s going to be hard during the festival, right?”

Aizawa-sensei sighed. “To be honest, it’s a gamble. It’s almost impossible to practice adjusting to sharing pain, and a healing factor is easy to deal with, so Mic and I bounced back pretty quickly, but struggled when we entered internships and activities where injuries became more common. Togata and Amajiki, though, took months to adjust after the bond. They had to deal with suddenly hearing each other’s every thought and feeling. At first it was too overwhelming for them to think clearly, but once they had it down, they had no difficulties with it during their internships and difficult fights.”

Ah, fuck.

Being tired during the festival and taking gummies was definitely a safer bet than dealing with any shit like that.

But that meant… that meant they’d at least have to wait another week before they even tried.

But… it was just a week. Even one week ago, he never would have imagined that Deku might want to try again so soon, but after the past few days…

Maybe… maybe it would work, the next time they tried.

But first, he had to get through his individual ‘session’ with the teacher, along with the rest of the week and the sports festival.

Katsuki smirked. He and Deku would show the world that they were the fucking best, then they'd deal with this bond shit.