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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Wayward Baby

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Josuke was still submerged in the dark interrogation room with the most unpleasant man in existence. Wagner had gone from dead silence to singing show tunes out of key. The well-dressed sergeant was really losing his patience. How much longer would it take to get the power on? He was honestly beginning to worry a bit about his family. After the third rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama” in B Minor Josuke was about finished with Wagner’s attitude. 

“Oi, how about you just sit there quietly? Does that sound nice?” He quipped. 

Wagner was having the time of his life. Blondie’s plans were finally coming to fruition. Who wouldn’t be ecstatic at a time like this? He just rocked his chair back and forth gleefully. 

“What’s the matter, Higashikata? Sick and tired of my lovely voice? You could always leave.” 

Josuke could only groan in response. They’d been over this a dozen times already. Before he could explain himself once again, his attention was stolen by a loud slam in the distance. Both men’s ears twitched. They’d been isolated for what felt like hours. Whatever sound managed to penetrate the airtight room must have been enormous. This caused the family man to get even more nervous. Wagner decided to chime in. 

“Do you know what my Stand power is, Higashikata?” 

Josuke shrugged, not that Wagner could see his body language either way. “You can control the dead. Unfortunately for you there aren’t any corpses in here.”

The confined man just chuckled. “There aren’t any corpses to be sure. But are you aware of how much of your body is dead at all times? Chewed nails, hair sheddings, skin flakes, all of these are dead.”

The sergeant raised a brow cautiously. “And?” 

“I’ve been very patient with you, Higashikata. But now it’s time for me to go. It’s been nice. I’ll remember you in the new world.” 

“What are you tal-” Josuke was interrupted by a strange sound. 

He couldn’t see it, but he could feel a dangerous energy coming from Wagner. The insane man was combining every dead cell in the room from himself and Josuke to form a dense ball. Then, with surprising force, he fired it at his opponent. Josuke didn’t stand a chance in the dark. The ball hit him right in the head and knocked him out. 

Flying Dutchman emerged from Wagner and effortlessly destroyed his restraints. The psychopath stood tall with a big grin on his face. He flexed his muscles and stretched for a moment. It’d been too long since he could scratch his own ass. “I admire your strength, Higashikata. But you underestimated me. That’s typical for a Joestar.” He taunted Josuke’s unconscious body. 

“Eden has no place for you. Goodbye.”

It didn’t take much effort to shatter the glass wall and exit the interrogation room. It was silent for quite a while. Eventually, the one and only Joseph Joestar stormed into the room. He surged Hamon through his hand to produce a shining light and quickly found Josuke lying in the shards of glass. 

“Oh no! My boy!” He sprinted across the room and sank to his knees. “Josuke, we’ve got to go. There’s a lot to unpack, but we don’t have time right now!” 

Sergeant Higashikata took a moment to come to. He quickly woke up in Joseph’s arms and was startled by the man’s appearance. “Wha?” He questioned. “Who are you?” 

Joseph sighed. “I’m your daddy. Just way younger! I’ll explain on the way. We’re in serious danger. The others need your Stand.” 


Marina was lying face down on the cold tiled floor as she waited for Josuke’s arrival. She looked over to Ripley with a smile. “Santana took something from me. A slick black feather. Can you go get it from his ashes? It’s really, really important.” 

What Marina didn’t expect was a flash of recognition in the agent’s eyes. “ The black feather?” She questioned, running over to Santana’s remains. She gasped, holding a hand over her mouth in shock. “Where did you get this?” 

“It belonged to my mother. Why? Does it mean something?” 

“Marina, this was stolen from the Speedwagon Foundation over a decade ago. It was essential to Madam Dolly’s research. How did your mother end up with it?” 

The answer was simple, really. “I have no idea.” 

Jotaro groaned, clasping his hand over the bump where his other arm used to be. “The kids.” He mumbled. Everything had been so hectic that he didn’t even think about it until now. “Where are Pepsi and Shirlie? Did anyone see them?” 

“Not since the attack started. They must be hiding somewhere.” Shizuka frowned. 

“Or they found a way out. Either way, it’s not like we can find them. Where’s the old man?” 

Right then Joseph’s voice could be heard down the hall. “That’s young man to you, Mr. Kujo! And we’re right here. Two swashbuckling studs. We look like brothers! Isn’t that crazy?” 

Josuke looked tired. His eyes were adjusting to the light once more. “I’m very confused, Jotaro. Are we fighting the foundation now?” 

“Yes. Dolly betrayed us. She tried to have a monster kill us while she experimented on the old man. We’ve got to move fast, so heal everyone and let’s go.” 

“Great.” Josuke groaned. “I’m already feeling tired. Okay everyone, single file line. Let’s get this show on the road.” 

It didn’t take more than a minute to heal everybody. The crew was good as new once again. Jotaro stepped toward the hall Joseph originally entered from. “Jiji, how’d you get to this block? That has to be the way out.” 

Joseph nodded. “The only way out, and the place we’re most likely to run into enemies.” 

It took a moment for everyone to notice Ripley’s expression. The agent was looking down at the floor with clenched fists. Her lip was trembling, and it was clear that she felt horribly conflicted. “These are my coworkers. My friends.” She said softly. 

Marina looked down for a moment too. “They tried to kill us.” She reasoned. 

“No, Dolly tried to kill us! If we go upstairs guns blazing we might hurt dozens of innocent people who are just doing their jobs!” 

“It’s not like we have a choice. They’re working for Blondie.” Jotaro mumbled. 

“They’re working for Dolly. I doubt even half of the foundation would buy into her cultish beliefs.” Joseph admitted. “But there’s nothing to be done. We have to get out of here. Agent Ripley, you have no obligations here. Thank you for fighting with my family, but you’re an agent of the foundation. If you want to keep your job, I recommend you stay down here until it all blows over.” 

Nobody else said anything. They empathized with her plight. It’s not like any of them wanted to be in their current situation. If Ripley didn’t have to stay involved, it made sense for her to bail. She just stared down at the floor. After about ten seconds of silence, Joseph nodded. 

“Okay. Come on, Jotaro. We should lead. Everyone, stay behind us.” 

The group sprinted down the cooridor with determination. Ripley stayed put, quickly fading into the darkness as Shizuka’s light faded down the hall. She felt overwhelming shame and regret. But it wasn’t like she could just uproot her life and betray the foundation. They gave her everything she had. Where would she be without them? What if the Joestars lost? Would she be killed? Would she be fired? She couldn’t take such a risk. 

“I’m sorry.” She whispered to no one in particular. 


The Joestar party stood tense in the elevator as it rose from the underground base up to the first floor. The Speedwagon Foundation looked rather unassuming from the outside. It just seemed like a fancy academic building with several labs and conference rooms. Very few people knew what rested below the surface. Everyone was ready to attack as the elevator dinged. The doors slowly opened, revealing Alfonz, the security guard they argued with earlier.

Star Platinum appeared and had the man in a death-grip in an instant. Alfonz shouted in shock. 

“Wait! Wait! Joestars, I’m here to help you! I saw everything with my Stand. I couldn’t get down to assist, though, because the elevators were out of service.” He gagged desperately. 

Jotaro let go with skeptical eyes. “Jiji, you know everyone here better than I do. Can we trust him?” 

Joseph rubbed his chin in thought. “I’d have trusted Dolly with my life an hour ago. We can’t be certain about anything.”

The agent held his hands out. “I’ll prove it. Look!” His Stand manifested. It was a small transparent computer hovering at eye-level. He turned it to the group. The screen displayed hundreds of different rooms and views. The rooms that were dark seemed to be displayed using night vision. “I’m the ultimate security guard. I can see everything that happens in this building!” 

“Show us Blondie then.” Jotaro ordered. 

Alfonz typed at the keyboard for a moment. The screen showed Blondie in all her glory walking down some hallway within the building. She had changed from her lab coat and blouse into a tight, form-fitting black dress. She had a red vial hanging from her neck, two rings on her left ring finger, and six inch heels easily putting her over six feet tall. She sensed something was off and stopped in place. Then, her eyes met the invisible Stand camera in the corner of the room. Al gasped, slamming the laptop shut. 

“She just saw me! She knows I was watching. Do you believe me now?” He demanded. 

“Where’s Wagner?” Josuke questioned, not wasting time with Alfonz’s hysterics. 

“Do you think I’m a magic mirror? I’m not just gonna show you everything for the next ten minutes. Do you want out or not?” 

“Where was Blondie heading? What part of the building is she in?” Joseph asked, trying to stay on task. 

“Close. She’s heading to the main entrance.” 

That’s when the PA system activated. There was the white noise of a microphone for a moment before a man began speaking. “Attention, everyone. There are five imposters attempting to leave the premises. These five have used supernatural abilities to take the appearance of Jotaro Kujo, Shizuka Joestar, Marina Archer, Josuke Higashikata, and a young version of Joseph Joestar. All exits are to be guarded, and the suspects are to be detained by any means necessary.” 

Alfonz went pale. “The PA is my job. Who gave that announcement?” 

Shizuka gritted her teeth. “That voice. It was Wagner.” 

“We’ve got bigger problems. The building is going on lockdown. What’s our plan?” Marina questioned. 

“Well, the blast-shields only cover the underground base. We should be able to just punch through a wall and jump.” Joseph thought out loud. 

“And then what, Jiji? We can’t outrun the foundation on foot.” Jotaro interjected. 

“The Valkyrie!” Joseph said triumphantly. 

Alfonz went pale. “M-Mr. Joestar. Surely you can’t be serious.” 

“What the hell is the Valkyrie?” Jotaro questioned. 

“It’s a fighter jet capable of breaking the sound barrier, along with several other terrifying and dangerous qualities. With all due respect, Mr. Joestar, your history with planes is-” 

“Alfonz! Get us to the Valkyrie now!” Joseph ordered, pointing in no particular direction. 

“Yes Sir.” 

Shizuka had a bad history with planes. She had no idea how many times her father had been involved in crashes, however. If anyone knew, perhaps they would have hailed a taxi instead. The crew followed Alfonz closely through the twists of the ground level base.

They arrived at a hallway with an armed guard watching the next door. Shizuka’s eyes widened. In a flash, she turned everyone but Alfonz invisible. It didn’t take long for her to begin sweating. Hiding others was an exhausting task. She couldn’t keep it up for long. Thankfully, they got through quickly. They were fortunate that the PA system masked five extra pairs of footsteps behind Al, though. 

Eventually they ended up in a large docking bay. There was quite a variety of aircrafts lining the area. There didn’t seem to be anybody else besides the crew in the entire bay. They sprinted for the Valkyrie as fast as they could. 

“What’s our plan once we get away? Doesn’t the foundation have ties with every major government?” Josuke questioned. 

“We need to stop Blondie. She’s a cancerous mole on the foundation. If she’s gone, they can heal.” Joseph explained. 

“I hope you’re right.” The sergeant mumbled.  

They arrived at the Valkyrie’s boarding station. Marina finally spoke up. “I’m sorry, but aren’t fighter jets meant for one or two pilots? There are five of us.” 

Joseph smirked, pointing at her. “The Valkyrie is special! It’s a jack of all trades! Why do you think the foundation is working on it? It can transport up to fifteen troops in the back hatch. I’ll power it up and drop the back.” 

Jotaro just looked around cautiously. This all seemed to be going too well. Even the landing bay’s door was wide open. Why wouldn’t it be shut in the lockdown? And why did they only run into two or three guards their entire way there? The Speedwagon Foundation wasn’t to be reckoned with. So how were they reckoning with it so effortlessly? His eyes widened as he realized what was happening. 

“Jiji! Don’t open the hatch!” He shouted. 

It was too late for Joseph to hear him. After a few tense moments the Valkyrie’s back hatch began to lower. Everyone stood upright when they saw who was waiting inside. Blondie was standing at the top of the entrance ramp with a glass of red wine in her hand. Josuke grabbed Alfonz by the collar. 

“You.” He growled. “Why didn’t you tell us she was heading here? The very place we were retreating to!?” 

A delightful laugh escaped Blondie’s lips as she looked down at them. “Oh Josuke, always the detective. Haven’t you pieced it together? Alfonz is a member of Red Eden. I ordered him to bring you here. ” 

“Star Platinum!” Jotaro clenched his fists.

I wouldn’t. ” Blondie raised a dismissive hand. Her tone was sharp and concise. “If my head were to suddenly burst from your unbridled rage, there would no longer be any reason for the dozens of armed guards to hold back. Do you know how many energy canons are currently aimed at this Valkyrie? If I die, we all die.” 

Jotaro leaned back a bit in hesitation. “So this was your plan? Round us up and kill us?” 

“Only in my wildest dreams.” A familiar voice called from inside the ship. Wagner stepped into view beside Blondie, grinning down at them. 

Blondie rested her face in her free palm for a moment, groaning. “Honestly, Wagner, do you have to make everything so dramatic?”

“What? C’mon, Blondie. You should try smiling for once.” He laughed, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “Aren’t you happy that everything went according to plan? You know you are. C’mon, show me that pretty smile.” 

Blondie became expressionless. She just stared forward like nothing was wrong as Wagner’s lifeless body slammed against the metal floor of the Valkyrie. His eyes were empty. His body was motionless. Shizuka could see his essence fading away into the sky. It took everyone a moment to realize what had happened. Wagner was dead. Shizuka’s eyes widened as she felt like she might throw up. How had Blondie done such a thing? When did she do it? There was no flash, no sound, nothing. He touched her, and he died. 

The head of Red Eden just rolled her eyes. “The commander of the dead had outlived his use. He was barely ever worth that mouth of his anyway.” 

No one had anything to say in response. Marina and Shizuka had never witnessed the light leave a man’s eyes before. Josuke just looked down with clenched fists. Jotaro took a step forward, letting his shoe slam against the metal ramp. Blondie raised a brow. 

“You’re approaching me?” She asked in a dry tone. “Ask Wagner how that went.” 

“I’m conflicted.” Jotaro said calmly. “One one hand, Wagner was a piece of shit. He deserved to die. On the other hand,” He fixed his hat and glared up at her. “ I wanted to be the one to deliver his justice.” 

Blondie’s red lips twisted into an amused grin. “Oh yes, Jotaro. I remember the mandatory psych evaluation we conducted on you after Egypt. Do you? When asked if you regretted killing those people on your journey, your answer was…”

I only regret not killing them twice. I remember.” He growled. “The real question here is if you remember what happened in Egypt.” His finger pointed right at her. “I took down a whiny blonde with a god complex. Would you like a hands-on demonstration?”

“Dio was weak, shortsighted, selfish, and ironically fueled by the primary urges of man. He thought he was above mankind, but he was owned by his own humanity. Money, sex, power… All of these controlled Dio Brando’s life. It was never enough. He would have continued down his path until the entire planet burned. I find that… Inefficient.” 

“And your plan is better? Humanity isn’t doing too hot, so let’s burn it down for the insurance money. Is that it?” He growled. 

She lifted her head higher. “Your contributions to the Speedwagon Foundation have been appreciated over the years, Jotaro. That’s why you’re all still breathing. I’ll even let you have the Valkyrie. I’ll have a hell of a time explaining its absence to the White House, but they won’t matter for long. All I ask is that you hand over the feather that was stolen from our organization.” 

Marina tensed up. “What do you even want with the feather?” 

“My youth was restored using a modified strand of Santana’s DNA. He’s what we classify as a higher being. The ability to heal wounds, drink life force, and cease the aging process are all incredibly valuable. The one problem is the Pillar Men’s inability to tolerate sunlight. I’m currently counteracting that with the Hamon blood Joseph donated. The Hamon and Pillar Man DNA are fighting inside my body as we speak. It’s keeping me from fully transforming, and thus sunlight cannot kill me. This solution is temporary, however. Eventually Joseph’s blood will completely eradicate Santana’s DNA. That will reduce me to my normal human state. That’s why I need the feather. That black feather belonged to the wing of Kars: The Pillar Man who conquered the sun. If I extract DNA from it, I can solve the puzzle. I’ll be unstoppable.” She spoke calmly, like a professor giving a lecture on a subject she’d spoken on hundreds of times. 

Josuke grimaced. “Like we’d hand you the key to immortality, Blondie. It looks like this can only go one way. We’re gonna stop you right here. Right now.” 

Blondie’s eyes turned maroon as she glared down at the humans. “I’m sentimental. That, and all of you qualify for Eden. I’ll admit it, I’m hesitant to kill you. However, I won’t let you get in my way. I’m asking you as a former ally, please don’t make me kill you all.” 

Jotaro had heard enough. Veins were bulging in his arms as he clenched his fists. Star Platinum was ready to attack. He’d have to kill Blondie instantly. She had some terrifying unknown ability. Despite that, he was stronger. 

Blondie rolled her eyes. “I even asked nicely. Alright, alright. I suppose I’ll start with you then, Kujo. Maybe your death will set the rest of them in line.” 

The woman’s Stand emerged from her body silently. As it hovered above her head and glared down at the crew, each member felt an undeniable termour of fear. The Stand had a presence unlike anything Shizuka had ever experienced. It was mostly black in color, wearing a long plague doctor’s mask. The beak drooped down low, and the eyes were vacant voids of orange energy. It wore a dark top hat that seemed to connect to the mask. From the neck down it was submerged in a dark cloak, though an expensive three-piece suit could be seen underneath from certain angles. The Stand carried a long sceptor with an orange crystal on top. The way the Stand looked down at the humans was intimidating. Its limbs seemed too long. It’s neck tilted in an unnatural way as its glowing orange eyes stared down at the escapees. 

Jotaro couldn’t deny it. This Stand was dangerous. It triggered similar sensations of fear and panic that The World did all those years ago. Being in its presence was unnerving. Perhaps its horror was exemplified by Blondie’s inhuman qualities. She had the same type of charisma as Dio. Her aura crept through one’s defenses, rendering them unnerved and anxious of what would come next. For the first time in quite a while, Jotaro Kujo was truly intimidated by the mere sight of an enemy. 

Blondie tilted her head with the Stand curiously. “What’s wrong, Kujo? Weren’t you about to stop time? Go on. I’m sure it will work.” She spoke with such confidence that Jotaro knew for a fact it wouldn’t work. Somehow, she knew she’d survive a direct attack from Star Platinum. The tall woman looked up at her Stand, smirking. “Oh, I see. You’re frightened. Any rational person would be. Allow me to introduce you. This is Rapture.” 

The name seemed fitting, Shizuka had to admit that. She couldn’t help but stare at the long dark Stand in fascination. Rapture… The end of days. Would such a Stand be able to defeat Star Platinum’s World? 

“I see no reason to keep secrets, so I’ll tell you what it does. Rapture has a simple ability. A vision that aligns with my own. Change. ” She purred. “It can change things. And with it, I’ll change the world.” 

Change? That was a very open-ended description. How had the ability to “change” kill Wagner instantly? Unless… 

“Did you change Wagner’s insides?” Shizuka called out from behind the adults. 

Blondie’s brow raised. She’d nearly forgotten about the child. “Shizuka. I didn’t see you there behind everyone. Step closer.” 

Everyone looked at the young girl with caution. She took a deep breath, walking up onto the ramp next to Jotaro. Blondie smiled fondly. “Go ahead, dear. Ask your question again. Don’t be shy.” 

Shizuka rolled her thumbs against her index fingers nervously as she looked up at the inhuman woman. “You changed Wagner’s insides, right? That’s how he died?” 

Blondie clapped her hands gently. “That’s exactly right. I turned his brain tissue into paste. Humans can’t last long without their brain.” 

“You have to be touching someone to do that.” The little girl pointed at Blondie. 

The woman seemed shocked. “Hmm? What makes you say that?” 

“You killed him the minute he put his arm around you. And if you could do it from far away, you wouldn’t have weapons aimed our way. You need to touch people!” She shouted. 

Her words bounced off the concrete floor and reverbed against the metal dome surrounding the bay. Blondie just smiled. 

“Yes, I can’t change organic matter without physical contact. Life energy makes such things very tricky. I would criticize your misplaced confidence though, little girl. Just because I can’t change your body from a distance doesn’t mean I can’t kill you.” 

Rapture’s scepter began to vibrate. The orange stone at the top glowed beautifully. The floor of the Valkyrie shifted for a moment causing Blondie to sink right through. She was gone! She sank right through the ship and into the concrete slab beneath it. Everyone was on high alert. With their Stands drawn, they looked around rapidly for any sign of her. There was an odd rippling sound followed by Blondie emerging behind Marina. She finished off her glass of wine, breathing down the girl’s neck. 

“Mind if I take that feather?” She smirked. 

Everyone jumped away from Blondie and scattered for an advantageous spot to defend themselves. Things weren’t looking good. She must have been changing the physical nature of the floor and traveling through it. She could go anywhere. And with a single touch she could kill any of them. It began to dawn on everyone that they’d be better off fighting Santana. Blondie’s Rapture was too strong. 

“Oh calm down, everyone.” She sighed, pointing at her empty glass. The oxygen within the cup slowly transformed into more red wine. She raised the glass to her lips and took a sip, letting out a satisfied sigh when she was finished. “Nobody has to get hurt. Just give me the feather and be on your way.” 

Josuke gritted his teeth. “She’s messing with us. Refilling her damn drink in the middle of a fight?”

“It’s because she doesn’t see any of us as a threat.” Marina panted, sweat forming on her face.

Joseph came around the side of the Valkyrie. “Why isn’t anybody getting in the damn ship? We’ve got to- Oh SHIT! She’s here!? Why didn’t anyone tell me?” 

Blondie rested a hand on her hip. “Hello, Joseph.” She stepped closer, hips swaying as she sipped her drink. “I told you I’d ask you one more time to join the right side. What do you say?” She offered dryly, already knowing the answer. 

Joseph clenched his fists. “You’ve turned your back on Speedwagon, Dolly! He’d be ashamed of your twisted ideals.” 

“Robert was a sweetheart with one weakness: Joestars. He could have been so much more if he didn’t devote so much of his life to your family. He could never see the big picture.” 

“Is that how you view us then? Leeches who waste the foundation’s time?” 

Her eyes darkened. “I’m beginning to. And if your little friend doesn’t hand over that feather, we’re all going to witness something very upsetting. I’ll give you ‘till the count of three.” 

Everyone stood still as she said this. Marina didn’t seem to budge. She couldn’t just hand it over. She didn’t understand much of what was going on, but she understood that Blondie planned on using the feather to become immortal. She couldn’t let that happen. 

“One.” Blondie warned. 

Nobody did anything. 


Once again, Marina didn’t budge. 

“I suppose one of you has to die then. That usually motivates a crowd.” She sank into the floor again. 

Jotaro took charge. “Everyone stay calm!” Star Platinum manifested, staring at the floor. “I’ll find her.” 

Josuke knew what was about to happen. Blondie wanted to make an example of whoever she targeted. Jotaro was the mouthy powerful one. The group would be lost without him. Sure, Joseph could take on a leadership role, but even he couldn’t compete with the raw power of Star Platinum. She was going to kill Jotaro. He could just feel it. Anticipating this, he sprinted toward Jotaro as fast as he could. 

The biologist’s eyes widened when Josuke ran toward him. Then, he heard something beneath him. Rapture rose from the ground and touched Jotaro’s arm. His body began to tremble. 

Crazy Diamond!” Josuke screamed, punching Jotaro repeatedly in the stomach and reversing whatever effect Rapture had just caused. 

Blondie glared up at the annoying sergeant. He was getting in the way. She’d planned on killing the leader, but the healer would also work. Right when Josuke shoved Jotaro away, Blondie grabbed him by the throat. 

“Shh, shh, shh.” She purred, using her free hand to place her index finger over his lips. “You need to relax. It’s over.” 

The blood in Josuke’s body began to literally boil. He’d never felt a pain quite like it. His vision began to fade, and boils grew all over his skin. Blood vessels in his body started to burst. His eyes were flooded with red, and then went completely black. Shizuka screamed, running toward Blondie with Ultra Violet drawn. Jotaro reached out for her.

“Shizuka, don’t touch her!” He ordered. 

She was beyond listening to such a thing. Her hand was about to touch Blondie when something odd happened. Everyone in the room began to feel complete and utter hopelessness. This would normally make sense, seeing the current situation. However, it felt artificial. That’s when Shizuka noticed Blondie loosen her grip on Josuke’s neck. She stared at him with shock, looking down at herself. 

“What are you doing?!” She demanded, feeling deep down that all of her efforts were futile. How could that be? She believed in her mission. So where was this misplaced anxiety coming from?

That’s when it hit Shizuka. She recognized this power. And at that moment, Pepsi struck Blondie in the face with their brass knuckles. It wasn’t their body that touched her, so they were spared from the effects of Rapture. There was a loud crash as Blondie’s glass of wine shattered against the concrete. She stumbled back, cupping her face in her hands as it bled. 

“Agh, fuck! What in the hell?” She questioned, her eyes darting around to find whoever just hit her. 

Josuke fell to the ground, motionless as he rested face-first onto the concrete. His skin was still bubbling, and he didn’t seem to be reacting to the events. Shizuka looked at Pepsi with complete admiration. 

“You didn’t leave us.” She said warmly. 

Pepsi had literally no idea how one should react to such a statement. Of course they didn’t leave, they were right there. Still, they were sure Shirlie would handle the emotions later. In the meantime, they looked to their twin. “Is he alive?” 

Pa-Pa-Power reached down and touched Josuke. “He’s miserable. But that means he’s alive.” Shirlie said firmly. “We’ve gotta go!” 

Joseph had no idea who these two were, but he was digging the energy. “You got it! Get him into the ship!” 

Shirlie looked over to Blondie for a moment. Power extended his hand, putting all the energy he had into damaging the woman’s emotional state. He dug for every ounce of trauma, pain, suffering, and anguish and forced her to experience it all at once. Tears welled up in Blondie’s dangerous eyes. 

“F-Fire!” She shouted, pointing to the Valkyrie. 

The armed guards watching from afar readied their cannons. “ Ready!” The leader barked. 

“Ready!” The group responded. 

Their weapons never fired, though. Each of the futuristic cannons began to surge with an odd static charge. Then, they burst, sending dangerous chemicals into the wielder’s faces. The men and women began to scream in pain. This didn’t stop a single guard from trying to fire their own weapons, however. They all fell like sacks of potatoes with chemical burns, and deep psychological fears of energy weapons that would likely never fully heal. 

Shizuka was taken aback by this turn of events. That’s when she noticed a figure emerging from behind the fallen soldiers. It was Agent Ripley. She’d tampered with all of the weapons using her Stand. The two exchanged a small smile. Ripley then took aim with her own cannon, firing it directly at Blondie. Rapture wasn’t anticipating this high-speed attack from behind. The blast connected directly with Blondie’s body, sending her flying across the bay. Her body crashed into an aircraft, hitting it right on the front wheel. The wheel gave out, causing the large ship to collapse onto her body. She was crushed underneath it. 

This was their chance. Jotaro and Shirlie lifted Josuke into the Valkyrie’s passenger hatch. Marina and Joseph got into the cockpit, getting ready for launch. Shizuka waited for Ripley to arrive. The woman was panting as she caught up with the group. 

“I couldn’t just sit back and let Mr. Speedwagon’s legacy be tarnished. And I like the world, too. It’d be nice if she didn’t destroy it.” Ripley smirked. 

Shizuka grabbed her by the hand, looking over to Pepsi. “C’mon!” 

She dragged Ripley up the ramp and into the Valkyrie with Pepsi close behind. Everyone was accounted for, and Joseph had just figured how to take off. With Marina’s assistance, he thrust the ship forward and out of the docking bay. They were home free. For the time being, they’d escaped the Rapture.