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Kirishima is a Tease

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Kirishima watched the elevator doors close slowly, a sunshine smile plastered on his face. He stared at the face of the blonde hair boy who stood alone in the box. As the doors began to close, Bakugou glanced up from his phone and locked eyes with Kirishima. Bakugou couldn’t help but crack a smile as he looked at the red-haired boy’s face, his natural scowl faltering as his eyes softened before the sliding doors cut off the small connection.

As soon as Kirishima was sure the elevator was sliding up, he whipped around in his seat to face his friends. “Guys!” He said rather loudly.

“What?!” Kaminari replied back with the same dramatics.

“So you guys know how I like Bakugou?” He began sheepishly, a blush creeping up onto his face.

Annoyed but loving smiles spread across the faces of his friends, each of them rolling their eyes as they continued playing their card game, paying attention to what Kirishima was saying but not looking at him. “Yes hon, we know.” Mina said. “What did he do today that made you swoon so hard you nearly fell over?”

“Actually swooning isn’t a thing.” Kirishima said indignantly.

“Maybe,” said Sero. “But I’ve seen you have to actually catch your breath after he does something.” The three friends laughed as Kirishima gave Sero a good natured shove.

“Stop making fun of me and let me finish!” He gave them a chance to calm their giggling before continuing. “So I like Bakugou and have for a while now. And like it’s impossible and I’m probably just too high on my own feelings, but the thing is,” He paused and rubbed the back of his neck as he looked down at his lap smiling nervously. “I think Bakugou might like me a little bit too.” He glanced up at his friend who were frozen in time, looking at each other but not him. A smile was slowly spreading across Mina’s face while Sero had leaned back into his seat and covered his face with his hands. Kaminari looked devastated. “Uh guys?” Kirishima asked tentatively.

Mina jumped up into the air with a cheer and fist pump. “Yes! Yes, yes yes!” She turned to Sero and Kaminari with a triumphant look and an outstretched hand. “Pay up!”

Sero pointed a finger at Mina. “No way! This doesn’t count! He has to do something first!”

“Oh come on!” Mina said waving a hand dismissively. “Obviously he’s going to or else he wouldn’t have brought it up with us.”

“No, we don’t have to pay until one of them actually asks the other out!” Kaminari said, jumping to Sero’s defense.

“What?” Kirishima question seemed to remind the others he was still there. Sero and Kaminari looked a bit embarrassed but Mina looked over the moon.

“Well….” She said sitting next him and putting her arm around Kirishima’s shoulders. “After you told us that you liked Bakugou, we kinda started to notice that he liked you too. So we made a bet about which of you would make the first move!” She gave Kirishima a wink. “I think Bakugou only recently realized his crush and he definitely doesn’t know about yours yet!”

“wha… Seriously!” Kirishima was blushing furiously and looked toward Sero and Kaminari for confirmation and received embarrassed smiles from both. “You guys knew he liked me back and didn’t tell me?!”

“We didn’t want to pressure you!” Kaminari said. “We knew you liked him but thought you had no chance and we didn’t want to make you feel pressured to do anything you weren’t comfortable with.”

Kirishima was silent for a beat. “Who did you guys bet on?”

“Me and Kaminari thought Bakugou would ask first since he’s so full of himself.” Sero gave a small chuckle. “We figured as soon as he realized he liked you he would ask you out on a date without even wondering if you liked him back.”

Kirishima couldn’t help but smile at that because he could honestly see the hot head doing that. He turned to Mina. “And you bet on me?”

She relaxed back in her seat confidently. “You’re so good at picking up people’s emotions, I knew as soon as you realized he liked you back you would want to ask him out.” She smiled smugly. “Bakugou is confident but terrible at expressing any emotion besides competitiveness.”

“Well are you?” Kaminari asked.

“What?” Kirishima said.

“Gonna ask him out!”

Kirishima looked down with a smile. “I mean I want to.” Sero and Kaminari groaned while Mina gave a small noise of satisfaction. Sero looked over at Kirishima.

“I mean don’t get me wrong dude, I’m happy for you and you should and I wish you the best of luck, but now I’m gonna be out 5,000 yen…” Kaminari grunted in agreement.

“Why did you bet so much?!” Kirishima asked.

“We really thought Bakugou would be that asshole.” Kaminari said. “Like we love him, but come on. “

“Ok, well, this bet aside, how should I ask him out?” Kirishima looked between the three others.

This seemed to shut them up. As much fun as the bet was, they did genuinely want to help their two friends get together, especially when they knew how happy it would make them both. Kaminari was the first to speak up. “What if you did it on one of your hiking trips?”

“Oh damn that’s good!” Kirishima said. “But Bakugou doesn’t like to do the hiking trips in the middle of the school year. It’s an all day kind of thing so he doesn’t like it to interfere with school or studying.”

Mina spoke up next. “What if you did something really dramatic and showy to express how you feel like-“

“I’m gonna stop you right there.” Kirishima said with a laugh. “Bakugou might blow me up if I did something dramatic in front of the class or something.”

Finally Sero went. “What if you just, asked?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you guys hang out in each other’s rooms all the time right? Playing video games or studying or just hanging out. Tomorrow night just hang out together one-on-one and ask.”

Kirishima fidgeted. “Wouldn’t it be weird for me to just bring it up out of nowhere?”

“We could tease him.” Mina said cheekily.

“What do you mean?”

“Like, me, Sero, and Kaminari could make jokes about Bakugou having a crush on you. Never saying the word but implying we know he has a crush on you.” Mina laughed to herself. “I think it’d be funny to see the angry little gremlin get all flustered and sputtering.”

The group paused for a minute, and smiles and giggles began to grow. “You know I saw him get flustered once over Kirishima.” Sero said.

“What?!” The other three said simultaneously.

Sero smirked. “Once while we were changing into hero suits I turned to say something to him and Bakugou was frozen still. He was watching Kirishima take his pants off.” Sero wiggled his eyebrows as Kirishima blushed furiously. “He was side-eyeing you but watching your every move. When he walked past you, he couldn’t look you in the face.”

Kirishima opened his mouth but no words came out. Mina excitedly grabbed his arm and shook it. “Please Kiri!” She begged. “Let’s all tease him tomorrow!”

Kirishima looked at each of his smiling friends. He was lying if he said he hadn’t thought about something similar before. Making Bakugou smile or blush and tease him and being in control of the other-

Kirishima sighed heavily. “Fine.” He said. “So what are some things we can do?”

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Bakugou’s eyes scrunched awake as the beeping of the alarm on his phone brought him from sleep to reality. His hand reached over and brought the device to his face to disable it before resting it on his chest. Without even thinking about it Bakugou turned his head to the left and stared at the wall. Kirishima was on the other side of the thin material. One blast, not even a particularly big one, would open the two rooms to each other. He looked back to the ceiling and threw his arm over his face with a small “tch,” feeling heat creep up his neck that was not caused by his quirk, but rather the boy next door.

Bakugou did not consider himself like the other students in his class. No, he was not one of those pretentious assholes who “wasn’t like other kids” to try and be cool and unique. He just knew he processed emotions differently. If he could even call them that. He was smart, observant. He had to be. To be the number one hero, you had to be able to analyze every situation quickly. And so he did. He didn’t want to bother with others like his peers did. He couldn’t afford getting distracted from his studies.

That didn’t stop him from noticing. He saw the way his classmates interacted. He knew what kind of jokes made Round Face laugh so hard she might fall over. He knew Kirishima’s favorite drink. He knew Raccoon Eyes was thinking of getting gauges. He knew Kirishima dyed his hair. He saw the blush that crept over Earphones’ face whenever Ponytail or Pikachu talked to her. He knew Kirishima would eventually have so many laugh lines you would get lost in them.

Kirishima. That Shitty Hair bastard. For whatever fucking reason, that idiot would not leave. Despite Bakugou’s yelling and threats, it only seemed to encourage him. He was always hanging around with a smile and a laugh. Bakugou didn’t care that he came second in the entrance exam, he didn’t want anyone to distract him from studies. But then that idiot’s dumb laugh and sunshine smiled dragged the others to be around Bakugou. Once again his threats meant nothing. They knew he could kick their asses, but never took his yelling seriously, laughing it off as “Bakugou being Bakugou.” With Kirishima always right there by Bakugou’s side.

Bakugou didn’t know when it happened. Did it matter? Whether it was slow and gentle like snowfall at night, or loud and encompassing like a tsunami? Or what if it was some weird combination of both? When did he get use to having someone around? But something different. He had his little posse in middle school but this group was different. And Kirishima was different than the group that he had now. Was it something Kirishima did? Or did Bakugou change? Or had he changed because of Kirishima? It was a new situation and one that Bakugou could not analyze.

At first it was just annoyance. Small talk when he wanted to be alone. Then a nudge and a nod to eat lunch next to each other. Then an arm around his shoulder when being show a funny video on a phone. Then it was smiles. Smiles brought on by just the sight of spikey red hair. Perking up when hearing a loud voice laughing in the common room. Two hands meeting high in the sky with a flip flopping stomach that has to be from the sudden flight, right? A head snapping to attention when there is a late night knock on his bedroom door. A racing heart when the door is opened to reveal the red head, who comes barging in and plops himself on the bed as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

It only got worse with realization. The realization he liked it. Hell he loved it. He loved the laughs and the jokes and the spikey hair and the crinkly eyes and he loved the late night snacks and lingering touches and the study sessions and the hanging out but not needing to talk and the ability to be around each other but not have to do anything. Just sit and be. He loved not being alone. But he hated the sweaty hands and shivering skin and late night day dreaming and staring when he shouldn’t and fucking up his words or not saying anything at all and he hated the ache in his chest and popping noises from his dangerous hands and the blushing face and nervousness the realization caused.
This was a situation that had never happened to Bakugou before and one that could not be analyzed because he was smack dab in the middle of this snow-tsunami combo.

All of this were the thoughts that had plagued Bakugou almost every second of every day for the past month. Bakugou moved his arm and looked at the time on his phone. About 5 minutes had passed since his alarm had gone off. With a heavy sign Bakugou threw the blanket off of himself and heaved himself out of bed to get to ready to face another day of being in love for the first time, and in love with his best friend that would never like someone as angry as him and learning how to navigate his emotions and try to over come them. Fun times.

Bakugou got ready quickly, having the same routine for a couple years now. He ruffled his spikey hair into place, which didn’t require much work. Through the process of getting ready, Bakugou forgot about his crush, something that was hard to do.

Kirishima was his classmate, roommate next door, and really his only friend (not that Bakugou would ever say out loud they were friends.) Sure there were the other three that always hung around Bakugou and they probably considered him their friend but Bakugou more tolerated them. Maybe that did make them his friends? That’s how it began with Kirishima. A tolerance for an annoying buzzing sound that eventually grew into a want for the sweet music.

As Bakugou shimmied his feet into his shoes, a knock came to his bedroom door. His hands froze and head snapped up as a familiar voice called to him. “Bakugou!” Kirishima called to him through the door. “I’m ready.”

“Yeah, yeah!” Bakugou yelled back as he slipped his shoe on completely and headed for the door, taking a deep breath before opening the door with a scowl. “What’s with the knocking?”

“Good morning!” Kirishima said with a smile so wide his eyes squeezed shut. “And I’m in an excited mood.” He brought forward his hand which Bakugou hadn’t realized he was hiding behind his back. “Look!” He said triumphantly, holding a tin foil wrapped cylinder.

Bakugou’s eyes darted between the tin foil and Kirishima. “What is it?”

Kirishima’s face gave a small disappointed scowl. “It’s a breakfast burrito!” He said loudly. “I woke up early so I could make it for you.” He voiced dropped as he looked away. “I even made it really spicy…” He finished trailing away.

Bakugou’s eyes widened slightly and his lip curled up in embarrassment. He woke up early just to make me food… “Well thanks, but it probably tastes like shit knowing how you cook.” He snatched the burrito away from the red head, who perked up instantly. Bakugou began walking as he unwrapped the food, not looking at Kirishima who Bakugou could tell was watching him carefully with shining eyes. Bakugou took a tentative bite of the still warm burrito. Spicy flavors flooded his mouth. Bakugou was surprised. Not many people could handle spice like he could so to get something to his liking was a challenge. As he chewed more he could taste some of his favorite vegetables mixed. It was a really good burrito. Bakugou looked at Kirishima who was looking back with sparkling eyes. “s’alright I guess.” Bakugou grumbled.

“Yay!” Kirishima said exploding. He gripped Bakugou’s arm in almost a hug. “I’m so happy you like it!” He let go and began walking normally before Bakugou could protest the contact. “I’m not gonna lie bro, I was worried I would mess it up.”

“Whatever man!” Bakugou said, feeling his ears get warm. “It’s just a dumb breakfast burrito.” He took another bite as they walked out the doors of the UA dorms and into the sunlight of morning. The walk from the dorms to the school building was short but Kirishima filled it with talk, commenting on everything and nothing at the same time. Though the walk was short, Bakugou quickly finished the burrito and Kirishima gave him a satisfied look as he threw away the tin foil.

As the two entered the main building of UA, they quickly became cramped together. The busy hallways were filled with other students who were also making their way to class with the morning rush. Bakugou began to get more irritated as they tried to make their way through the crowd. Bakugou wasn’t claustrophobic, but he hated large crowds. He hated the idea of getting lost in a large crowd with no one being able to see or find him among all the others. “Damn extras…” He muttered, feeling nervous sweat pool down to his palms. They were itching to light off and small crackles of ignition could have been heard if the halls were not also filled with voices.

But Kirishima could hear. He had taken the lead to guide them through the crowd and glanced back as he heard the familiar sound of Bakugou’s quirk. He saw the blond looking around nervously, eyes darting and teeth clenched together. Bakugou looked forward and locked scowling eyes onto Kirishima’s concerned ones. “Here,” Kirishima said reaching for Bakugou’s hand. Before Bakugou could even realize what was happening, he was being pulled forward by his friend. Bakugou’s hands still crackled nervously but he noticed Kirishima had hardened his hand slightly, just enough to protect himself but still being soft enough to hold comfortably. Kirishima expertly navigated the crowd, keeping Bakugou close as he squeezed in between people until they came to the more empty hallway that held their classroom.

Bakugou didn’t let go first. He held on. Even as the number of students dwindled and the popping from his hands quieted, he held on. Even after the crowd thinned and Kirishima wasn’t really pulling Bakugou forward anymore. Kirishima didn’t let go either. Bakugou kept his mouth shut, eyes flickering between their clasped hands and the back of Kirishima’s head. While his crackling had stopped, Bakugou was only sweating more. He didn’t need to be holding Kirishima’s hand and yet here he was. As the two got closer to class 1A, Bakugou looked at Kirishima’s head only to find him looking back. There was a happy smile on his face as Bakugou tried to keep his own neutral. He failed as they got to the door and he could feel Kirishima give his hand a slight squeeze and his eyes softened simultaneously. Bakugou’s eyes widened but Kirishima had let go and turned away, walking into the classroom with a loud hello to the classmates who had already arrived.

Bakugou was left trailing behind him with a surprised look on his face. As he walked toward his desk, he stared down at his hand, the sickly sweet smell of his quirk filling his nostrils. He dropped his bookbag to the floor and sat in his desk, still looking at his hand. The sound of laughter drew his attention away and he saw Raccoon Eyes, Tape Face, and Pikachu all crowded around Kirishima.

They were all smiles as Kirishima whispered to them, nervously rubbing the back of his neck. Bakugou couldn’t tell what he said but it seemed to make Mina happy as she squealed and grabbed his arm. She glanced over at Bakugou and smiled at him. His blank expression switched to a glare. Mina let go of Kirishima and said something to the group, which caused them all to laugh loudly.

Bakugou’s glared hardened, knowing that pink haired idiot said something about him. He jerked his head away with a small grunt of annoyance, his eyes looking out the window. The noises of his classmates fading as he watched the students of UA milling around the grounds outside. He was brought back to reality as he heard a chair scrape the floor directly to his right. He snapped his head to the sound with his lip already curling in a snarl only to see it was Kirishima who had grabbed Earphone’s chair and was sitting in it backwards to face him. His arms rested on the back and his chin rested on his arms, a smile shining up at Bakugou, who softened his gaze slightly.

“What?” Bakugou said looking down at the boy.

“Nothing, just wanted to see you.”

Bakugou felt heat building up. “We literally just walked here together and you sit 10 feet away from me.”

Kirishima gave such an easy laugh that Bakugou almost lost his composure. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“Of course I am Shitty Hair!”

“I guess what I meant to say is that I wanted to be near you.” Kirishima said casually while glancing over his shoulder at his friends, as if what he just said was the most casual thing in the world. As his head turned back to Bakugou a look of concern flashed across his face. “Whoa bro, are you okay?”

Bakugou had no response as he was still in shook from before. Kirishima stood up slightly and leaned close while putting one of his hands on Bakugou’s forehead. “Your face is all red, do you have a fev-“

“I’m fine dumbass!” Bakugou snapped, slapping Kirishima’s hand away from his face. Kirishima was being so touchy today, and so close. Bakugou loved it and hated how much he loved it. Bakugou’s eyes darted around the room and saw several of his classmates staring him. Despite having known them for months now, hearing him yell like that in class was uncommon. Bakugou’s eyes went toward Kirishima, who was now standing up and looking down at him in a kind, understanding way. Bakugou opened his mouth to speak but was cut off as Aizawa walked in, making both boys turn to look at him.

“Really Bakugou?” He said in a tired voice. “Yelling that loud this early in the morning?” He slid the door close behind him. “Everyone take your seats.” People finished off their conversations as they made their ways back to their seats. Kirishima turned back to Bakugou and deepened his smile before walking back to his own seat.

Thankfully Aizawa began the class so Bakugou was able to lose himself in the lessons. It was boring. One of their core curriculum classes. Bakugou tipped back in his chair as he absently stared forward, somewhat taking in the lesson but not much. He took his notes but didn’t actively pay attention. As his mind wandered it ended up where it always did; to Kirishima.

Kirishima. Bakugou lifted his head to stare at the ceiling so he could think without worrying about what face he might be making. He thought about his friend. Why did Bakugou like him? Bakugou was not the kind to like people and yet here he was, getting a thousand and one butterflies in his chest trying to break out just because Kirishima said he wanted to be near Bakugou. The concept was new. Bakugou knew he was a lot of work. While he was the best fighter UA had probably ever had and ever will, his ability to make connections with people was lacking. But still Kirishima stuck around, always there reaching out a hand that could withstand blasts and a smile that withstand his scathing tongue.

Bakugou was sure of himself. He never doubted his quirk’s abilities or his smarts. He never worried about what other people thought of him. They didn’t matter in the grand scheme of his life so why should their opinions matter? But Kirishima was different. Bakugou wanted Kirishima to matter in his life. And he did. He mattered so much to Bakugou that he couldn’t work up the nerve to tell Kirishima how important he was. Kirishima was exactly everything Bakugou was not, and rather than this fact making Bakugou resent Kirishima, it only made him look up to him. Bakugou knew he was hard to get along with, he knew even kind Kirishima got a little annoyed with him for always yelling at their classmates. How could someone who was as kind and loving and sweet as Kirishima ever like Bakugou? Bakugou did not doubt Kirishima friendship. He was so nice that Bakugou knew that Kirishima genuinely saw them as friends and had no ulterior motive to their friendship, but could Kirishima ever see anything more? Years from now if Kirishima ever crossed Bakugou’s mind, would he be more than the angry kid he was friends with in high school?

Bakugou slumped his chair forward with all four legs on the floor with a loud smack! The class, accustomed to his behavior, didn’t even flinch and he only got a small glare from Aizawa who did not even bother to stop talking about the lesson.

Bakugou’s gaze wondered and of course it landed on Kirishima who was staring intently at the board and taking notes diligently. He couldn’t help but crack a small smile. As much as he complained about having to give his friend extra lessons, he had to admit Kirishima tried really hard in class. It wasn’t like Kirishima wasn’t paying attention in class. Kirishima just struggled with schoolwork and had to apply extra effort just to receive average grades. He seemed to feel eyes on him and glanced over at Bakugou, red eyes locking onto red eyes. Bakugou dropped his smile but not his eyes, holding Kirishima’s look. Kirishima gave a small smile and stuck his tongue out slight between his pointy teeth. Bakugou turned away gruffly, but a smile still appeared on his face, one that only encouraged Kirishima.

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The rest of the morning went without incident. Bakugou allowed himself to get lost in paying attention to the lessons. Luckily since his seat was ahead of Kirishima’s, he would have to make an effort to look back at the cute red head. Staring ahead as Aizawa droned on was the easier choice. However none of this mattered as lunch arrived.

Bakugou was packing away his bookbag when he heard them all shuffle over to him. Without even looking up, Bakugou knew those idiots would be surrounding him like flies. “What do you want?” He said as looked up at them. Kirishima looked normal but the other three all had shit-eating grins plastered on their faces.

“Come to lunch with us dude!” Kaminari said. “You haven’t had lunch with us in forever!”

“It’s too damn loud in there and I can make my own, better tasting food in the dorm’s kitchen.” Bakugou said, slugging his bookbag over one shoulder. He tried to walk past them but Tape Face blocked his path.

“Come on, its been like two weeks!” Sero said, smiling a smile Bakugou did not trust. “I’ll even buy you lunch today.” Bakugou narrowed his eyes at this but shoved past nonetheless.

A hand was on Bakugou’s arm. He whipped around ready to go off on whichever extra grabbed him, but instead he saw Kirishima. He turned to face his crush fully but Kirishima left his hand lightly on Bakugou’s arm. “Please?” It came out soft and quiet. A slight tilt of the head with an upturn of his lips turning into the tiniest smile.

“Fine!” Bakugou growled, which was returned with cheers from the others. “You’re still paying for me Tape Face.” He began to lead the group out of the classroom, but as he did, Kirishima moved his hand from Bakugou’s arm to around his shoulders. It was normal. Kirishima did it all the time. But it was so much. Kirishima was being so touchy today. Or maybe Bakugou was being overly sensitive to it. Not that Bakugou minded but it made it hard to breathe. He could feel the warmth of Kirishima right next to him and smell his deodorant and feel his body shake with laughter from something stupid Pikachu said. Only when they got to the cafeteria did Kirishima detach himself from Bakugou, leaving a cold spot against his side.

The group got their trays and food, with Sero up holding his promise and paying for Bakugou. As they sat down to eat, Bakugou regretted it. First off, they sat with the rest of their classmates, as if they didn’t all see each other enough. Second, they had so much fucking energy today. They seemed to be extra loud and extra pushy. Kirishima sat next to Bakugou but on either side of them was Mina and Kaminari, who seemed determined to mess with each other despite not being willing to move next to each other.
The two kept trying to mess with each other. Mina kept trying to steal Kaminari’s cake and he kept trying to stick grapes on the ends of her horns. They kept pushing and shoving Kirishima and Bakugou against each other. Their entire sides were flush against each other and if Bakugou hadn’t been too busy blushing at the contact or Kirishima’s endless laugh, he would have told them both to fuck off. Bakugou turned to look at Kirishima the same time he turned to look at him. Both Mina and Kaminari however moved over the two friends and leaned on them for support, forcing Kirishima and Bakugou’s faces dangerously close.

Spikey blond hair mixed with spikey red hair as cheeks brushed against each other. Kirishima could only laugh. “Watch this.” He whispered to Bakugou, sending chills down his spine. Kirishima put his hand on Bakugou’s thigh. His hand tightened slightly in a grip. Before Bakugou could panic about what he was doing, Kirishima shoved backwards, causing Mina to fall back into Sero. She landed on him with a laugh. Kirishima’s hand lingered for a second longer than needed on Bakugou’s thigh as he turned to look at her. Bakugou could feel his leg burning from the touch.

Bakugou shoved backwards too, causing Kaminari to fall into Iida. The class rep turned to the group of rowdy teenagers. “PLEASE CONTAIN YOURSELVES.” He spoke loudly, pointing a hand at the five of them. “WE ARE REPRESENTING CLASS 1A AND SHOULD SET EXAMPLES FOR THE OTHER STUDENTS.”

“Yeah, Bakugou!” Kaminari said, sitting back up in his seat. “You shouldn’t be so clingy with Kirishima in public.” He gave the other blond a smirk and Bakugou turned on him with a scowl.

“It was you idiots’ faults!” He shouted back.

“So you admit you were clinging on him?” Mina said, popping up over Kirishima again.

“That’s it!” Bakugou said, standing up and grabbing his tray. “I’m leaving you dumbasses to keep doing dumbass things.” Bakugou turned away from the table as Kaminari, Mina, and Sero burst out in laughter. He dumped his tray in the return area and walked out of the noisy cafeteria, hands stuffed into his pockets, shoulders hunched up as if that could save him from his own feelings. As he walked down the hall, he heard footsteps following him. Bakugou turned around, ready to yell if Four Eyes was going to reprimand him more. Instead he saw the one person who always made situations like this better and worse as the same time.

“Hey, wait up!” Kirishima said, jogging a bit to catch up to Bakugou, who did wait. “Sorry about that.” Kirishima said with an awkward smile. “You know how they can all get when they have too much energy.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Bakugou just mumbled in response.
Kirishima studied him for a minute as they walked down the hall. “Are you okay? You seem a bit on edge today.” Bakugou look at Kirishima. The red head was staring at him intently, but not with scrutiny. His face showed concern but also care. He was open and willing to hear whatever Bakugou would say.

“S’nothing.” Bakugou said, jerking his head forward. And it wasn’t anymore. Kirishima made everything okay. Bakugou was calmer, the tension slowly releasing from his shoulders as he stood up more comfortably. He left behind the idiots that cause him to get pissed off and now he was walking with someone who always made him feel okay.

“I wont push,” Kirishima said, turning his own gaze from Bakugou to forward. A hand lightly landed on the small of Bakugou’s back. He felt Kirishima scoot closer to him to almost whisper in his ear. “If you ever need to talk about anything, you can always come to me.”

Bakugou snapped his eyes up to look over at Kirishima. The boy stared back calmly. His face wasn’t exactly blank, but it wasn’t really showing emotion. It was open, like a grass field. Ready to accept anything that Bakugou would say, and in that moment, he almost did. He almost said everything. How Kirishima could calm him and make his heart race at the same time. How he always felt 10 times more confident when they did class exercises together. How he had never felt this way about anyone before and always hated how he didn’t and thought that he was broken and then Kirishima came in from nowhere and made Bakugou feel like the entire world was a gift that Kirishima had made just for him.

“Same to you.” Was all that came from Bakugou’s mouth as he looked forward again, the gentle pressure on his back leaving.

Kirishima immediately returned to his more cheerful self and Bakugou appreciated it. He was bad with emotions and didn’t like spending a lot of time (or any time) discussing them, and Kirishima understood that. Yet another reason to love him. “Well, at least today we’re working with our quirks so those guys will be able to get all their energy out.” Bakugou grunted in agreement as they walked into their classroom.

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Normally he could handle all the adorable things that Kirishima did and could handle how touchy Kirishima liked being. Bakugou actually really like the physical contact. He was someone who did really like physical contact but aside from his parents, had never really felt close enough with someone to be able to have that sort of casual touch he so desperately craved. Realizing he liked Kirishima only made it worse cause he wanted to hug and hold hands and do other things but felt like he would be greedy to do so if his friend didn’t feel the same way. He also didn’t know how to express he wanted that casual human contact when he had always been rude and harsh.

That was one reason why Kirishima could always calm him. Kirishima was so casual about touch. A shoulder shove here, an arm slung around him there. A hug in the dark while Kirishima thanked him for taking his hand and apologized for getting tears on his shirt while Bakugou had to fight back the urge to completely collapse into Kirishima and beg him to stay.

Bakugou didn’t know how to start it but he loved it all.

Bakugou hated how much he loved it, because some days he didn’t know how to handle how much he loved him. Today was one of those days. It was like someone had given him an emotional aphrodisiac. Every little thing that cute fucking idiot did today sent Bakugou’s heart to the moon and back. Bakugou could actually feel himself falling more.

Turns out, doing hero work today, was a bad idea.

This thought only passed through Bakugou’s head as the boys of class 1A entered the changing room.

Normally Bakugou could handle it. It didn’t bother him to change in front of Kirishima or to see Kirishima changing. They were both dudes and despite Bakugou’s feelings, they were friends, so it wasn’t weird. But today was just different. Bakugou stared intently into his locker as his classmates changed into their hero suits. He hands unbuttoning his shirt rapidly as he hurried to change himself so he could leave the room. He could hear his classmates discussing what they thought they might be doing today as they all changed but Bakugou did not partake in the conversation.

This self outcasting did not go unnoticed by Kaminari and Sero, who had made it their life mission that day to fuck with Bakugou. Normally they could never get away with teasing him this much but today they could guarantee that Kirishima would come swooping in to calm their raging friend. As soon as the two hooligans noticed Bakugou specifically not noticing Kirishima, they gave each other a smirk and made their way over to Kirishima, who’s locker was just a couple down from Bakugou. Sero nudged Kirishima and pointed to Bakugou.

“Give him at least a small break.” Kirishima whispered to his two friends, who only replied with devilish looks. Kaminari spoke loudly facing Kirshima, his back to Bakugou.

“So Kiri,” He said, using a nickname to get the ashy blonde’s attention. “What kind of work do you think we’ll be doing today?” Kirishima stood there in his boxers, holding his hero suit pants in his hands. He faced Kaminari but saw Bakugou glance over at him. Kirishima couldn’t help but play along. He loved Bakugou and wanted to have a loving relationship with him, but it was just so much fun seeing what he could do to the blond. Kirishima never thought of himself as desirable so to see Bakugou losing his cool over Kirishima warmed every inch of Kirishima.

“I don’t know man.” He turned around so his back was also facing Bakugou, but now Kirishima faced Sero. Kirishima bent over and began pulling on his pants as he spoke. “What do you think Sero?”

Sero had to pause while smiling to keep himself from laughing. “I don’t know, maybe weight lifting?”

“Yeah?” Kirishima said. He fastened his belt and lifted his arm to flex his bicep. “I haven’t done weights in a couple days so I could use that.”

Kaminari reach up a hand and touched Kirishima arm. “Dude, you’re like the most ripped person I know.”

“So manly.” Sero added, before his eyes flashed over Kirishima’s shoulder. “What do you think Bakugou?”

All three turned to look at the short tempered boy. Kirishima couldn’t help but feel flutters in his stomach as he saw Bakugou’s eyes flash from where his arm had been before to where his face was now. He knew Bakugou had been watching him and the idea that Bakugou could be attracted to him was, nice, to say the least.

Bakugou was fucked. Somehow those two idiots knew. They knew he liked Kirishima. Or if they didn’t before but they knew now. While Tape Face and Pikachu sucked at school work, they weren’t idiots when it came to reading others, and like most teens, were obsessed with drama. Bakugou didn’t know if Kirishima could tell he had been staring, but those two definitely knew from the smiles they were giving him. “What do I think about what?” Bakugou snapped back at them, letting his shirt fall from his body and reach to undo his pants. His hands faltered slightly and a blush crept up as he realized Kirishima was watching him undress since they were all in a conversation together. Those fuckers!

“Don’t you think Kirishima is manly?” Sero asked, not letting Bakugou out of the conversation just because he wasn’t looking at them.

“Of course he is!” Bakugou said without hesitation, hoping it would throw them off.

“Thanks bro!” Kirishima said. Of course Kirishima speaking got Bakugou to look up. Kirishima was staring at him and Bakugou was painfully aware of how he was only standing in his boxers. Bakugou’s eyes flickered to Kirishima exposed abs and felt a chill run up his spin. He turned his head back to his locker as he grabbed his pants and quickly put them on.

“But how is he manly?” Kaminari demanded.

“Huh?!” Bakugou yelled back, eyes shooting daggers at the yellow haired boy.

“We all know Kirishima acts manly,” Sero put his arm around Kirishima shoulders.

“But do you think he looks manly?” Kaminari finished.

Bakugou froze at this. He couldn’t say no and possibly hurt Kirishima’s feelings, but he couldn’t say yes and give these dumbasses ammunition for making fun of him. He slipped his tank top over his head. “Looking manly ain’t what’s important.” He finally said before turning to lock eyes with Kirishima. “Being a man is about living with a good heart and being a good person right?” Bakugou looked away and grabbed his knee pads and boots to put on. “By that standard you’re already a pretty manly man.”

That got even Sero and Kaminari to shut up. None of them were expecting that. Kirishima could feel his face heating up and was glad Bakugou was distracted putting on his boots because he could feel  stupid grin spreading across his face. He looked up at the ceiling, causing Sero and Kaminari to smile as they saw how happy their friend was. Kaminari patted him on the back as they went back to their own lockers to finish getting ready. When Kirishima was sure the two weren’t paying attention he turned to Bakugou.

“Hey,” He whispered. When Bakugou looked up at him, Kirishima gave him a happy smile. “Thanks man.”

Bakugou jerked his head away, his ears getting red. “Tch.”

Bakugou’s trouble did not end there. As they all got done getting ready and made their way out to the gym, the two fools beelined for Mina. Mina looked at them with stars in her eyes as they excitedly told her something that Bakugou was terrified he knew what is was. He glared at them, hoping they would look back at him and give him a reason to blow them to smithereens. He was startled from his glaring as a hand waved in front of his face. He followed the hand to find it attached to Kirishima.

“Dude, are you sure you’re okay?”

Bakugou opened his mouth to answer but before he could, Aizawa came into view. “Alright everyone, gather round and listen up.” The chattering died away as the class crowded in closer to hear their deadpan teacher. “Most likely in the first few years after UA, you will end up in some agency. Since you’d all be graduates of UA, you’ll probably end up in the same agencies or agencies that will team up. The point is, even after you graduate there’s a good chance many of you will end up working together.  Everyone find a partner, and then spar with another pair. We’ll take turns sparring in groups so your classmates can see how you work in pairs.”

Before Bakugou could even turn, Kirishima slung an arm around Bakugou. “Partners?” He asked.

Bakugou gave him determined grin. “Who the fuck else would I go with?” Kirishima return his grin with one of his own. Both boys looked away as Kaminari and Sero approached.

“You two wanna spar with us?” Kaminari said. Kirishima gave them an uncertain look. He knew they wanted to mess with Bakugou but going against him in a fight….

“Yes.” Bakugou said in a happy growl before Kirishima could offer up any kind of resistance. If those two wanted to poke the bull Bakugou was more than happy to show them his horns. Bakugou immediately shot his head up to Aizawa. “We’re going first.” He said.

“Be my guest.” Aizawa said, waving an arm to usher the four boys to the arena. “You’ll have 10 minutes to fight. Your goal is to steal the opposing pair’s flag that on the pole behind them.”

“Only 10?” Bakugou yelled.

“The main purpose of this is to show good work in pairs bro.” Kirishima said, placing a hand on Bakugou’s tense shoulder, who melted under the touch. “And no one is a better pair than us!” He added in a determined voice.

Bakugou smiled at him but whipped around with a snarl as he heard Kaminari say a small “aww” which was followed by giggles from some of their classmates.

As each pair began to take their side, Kirishima whispered to Bakugou. “Sero is gonna be dangerous here. His tape is good for this sort of thing.” Bakugou nodded.

“With his new toys Kaminari is better at using his quirk.” Bakugou added.

“You should focus on getting the flag.” Kirishima said. “You’re quicker and more agile than me. Try to take out Sero at the same time and I’ll keep Kaminari busy.”

Bakugou grunted in agreement. He hated being told what to do and often did the exact opposite of what he was told to do just to be a little shit. But the way Kirishima spoke to him never made it seem like an order. Or maybe he didn’t mind being told what to do by Kirishima. Maybe he kinda liked it when Kirishima was bossy and in control. He shook his head to rid it of those kinds of thoughts. Aizawa blew the whistle and it began.

Kirishima was right; Tape Face was going to be a problem. As soon as the whistle sounded, he launched tape forward to try and snatch the flag, Bakugou quickly stuck out a hand as it flew next to him  and blasted a small explosion to burn the tape away. When he looked forward again Sero and Kaminari were closer than before. “Bastards.” Bakugou growled beneath his breath before launching himself forward, and Kirishima followed suit.

Bakugou faked like he was going in to blast Sero who pulled himself away and instead Bakugou blasted himself forward more to go for the flag. “Oh no you don’t Blasty!” Sero said. He used one arm to launch tape at Bakugou who blasted it away, and the other to swing Kaminari towards Bakugou.

 As Bakugou saw Kaminari approaching, he saw his finger pointed with electrical sparks blooming at the end. Bakugou whipped his head around and saw one of Kaminari’s shooters attached to the pole the flag was on. Shit! Bakugou thought. He pointed one of his hands down to the ground and set off a large explosion, the force sky rocketing him upwards. He used his blasts to control his landing as he re-grouped with Kirishima.

“I’ll be honest.” He said as he landed with a skid next to his friend. “I didn’t see Pikachu thinking that far a head.”

Kirishima gave him a smirk. “They aren’t always idiots.”

“Then let’s get them thinking.” Bakugou said, raising one of his hands. He sent out several small long distance explosions. Kaminari and Sero jumped back to avoid being hit, but Bakugou wasn’t aiming for them. The dirt in front of them was kicked up as all the explosion hit the ground, cause a large screen of dust. Kirishima immediately dove in and Bakugou followed him.

Kirishima went straight for Kaminari, landing a good punch in the face. He didn’t harden his fist for fear of seriously hurting his friend, but he also didn’t land a soft blow. The force was strong enough to make Kaminari stumbled backwards. Sero moved to help Kaminari but stopped as he heard Bakugou behind him, appearing from the cloud of dust, and making a break for the flag.

He whipped around and sent tape after Bakugou’s arm and leg. Bakugou was able to stop the tape from connecting with his arm but not his leg. As Sero yanked him close Bakugou aimed an explosion for Sero himself instead of the tape. The boy lifted his arms in defense but was still blown back by the force.

Kaminari had recovered from the recoil of Kirishima’s punch but now both boys were locked in a fist fight. Kirishima could get close enough to land a blow but always received a harmless but painful shock for doing so. Sero laid on the ground watching this and got an idea. “Kaminari!” He yelled.

Without needed to be told what to do, Kaminari smiled. Kirishima could hear the electricity building around him and stumbled backwards to avoid a major shock. Distracted, Sero whipped tape toward Kirishima, wrapping around him as he stumbled. Kirishima hardened his entire body where the tape was which worked in shredding the tape but not removing it from his body. Sero used his other arm to send more, which as soon as it wrapped around the boy, he swung his arms to whip Kirishima across the battle field, straight for Bakugou who had almost reached the flag.

“Bakugou!” Kirishima barely had time to release his quirk and warn Bakugou before the two crashed into each other. Bakugou had turned at the sound of Kirishima’s voice called to him and closed his eyes as he saw the incoming boy. As they fell, Sero’s tape only wrapped around them more. The two were chest to chest as they fell toward the ground, Bakugou landing on his back with Kirishima on top of him.

As Kaminari and Sero regrouped, Bakugou realized what situation they were in. Sero’s tape had wrapped around them both around their torso’s and were pining them together, Kirishima’s bare chest flush against own. Even through Bakugou’s shirt, he could feel Kirishima’s fast beating heart. Their legs were entangled and the only thing keeping their heads from colliding was Kirishima straining his neck upwards. Bakugou was trying to think but he could only focus on the feeling of Kirishima squirming on top of him. Kirishima’s hands grazed the sides of Bakugou’s hips as he tried to ripped Sero’s tape through force. “Kirishima stop, you’re gonna-“

“I’m not hard, don’t worry, you’re fine.” Kirishima said, looking up at their opponents.

Bakugou could have killed him then and there if he wasn’t too busy dying from that sentence with how their bodies were positioned. “Look just-“ Bakugou practically yelped. “Harden yourself and I’ll blast the tape.”

“I might hurt you.” Kirishima said, instantly looking worriedly at Bakugou, a sight that nearly caused his heart to melt.

“I’ll blast right after you harden so you can jump away.” Bakugou said. “Just do it!” Bakugou waited with his hand ready to blast, which was hard with it strapped to his side. He stared at Kirishima who still looked like his usual self. “What are you waiting for?”

“I can’t get hard.” Kirishima said.

Bakugou felt his entire body get hot but before he could answer, Sero and Kaminari were standing over him. "You should probably see a doctor if you can't get hard, Kiri." Kaminari said with a smile.

“Also the time is up.” Sero said, gesturing over to Aizawa, who’s hair was floating, indicating he was using his quirk on them.

Kirishima smiled up at his friends. “Mind helping us up?”

“I don’t know, you guys seem awfully cozy.” Kaminari said.

Kirishima rolled his eyes. “While Bakugou’s chest is comfy to lay on, he probably doesn’t like being beneath me.” Bakugou stared open mouth at Kirishima, having no response to that statement. Sero and Kaminari couldn’t hold back their laughter this time. They burst out laughing, immediately grabbing each other for support as they doubled over. Only Bakugou’s yelling seemed to snap them out of it slightly.

“IDIOTS!” He yelled, incredibly flustered. “Help us up already!” The two boys paused for a moment to look at him but only burst out laughing again, this time though moving to help their friends up. As they lifted Kirishima and Bakugou up, Mina wandered over to them.

“Need a little help getting rid of the tape?” She asked, raising a hand.

“Please and thank you!” Kirishima said. How close they were was even more evident now that they were standing up. Both of their arms were trapped at their sides so their chest were completely touching. Kirishima had been wrapped around Bakugou slightly higher so he had to stand on tip toes and lean on Bakugou for support as Mina slowly released acid to melt through the tape without getting on them. Kirishima rested his chin on Bakugou’s shoulder as he waited.

“wh-what are you doing, Shitty Hair!” Bakugou stammered out.

“My neck hurts from straining it away.” Kirishima said while releasing a small sigh. Bakugou moved to turn his head away but was met with a yell from Kirishima. “Gah, dude, stop! Your head things are hitting me in the face!” Bakugou turned his head so he was facing forward again and caught eyes with Mina, who wiggled her eyebrows at him.

“THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN RACCOON EYES?!” He yelled while take a step forward. The movement caused him and Kirishima to become unbalanced and they were caught by Sero.

“MOVE LIKE THAT AGAIN AND YOU’LL MAKE ME GET ACID ON KIRISHIMA!” Mina yelled back, very serious this time. That got Bakugou to comply.

“Dude relax.” Kirishima whispered in his ear, the warm breath making him have to suppress a shiver. Bakugou could feel Kirishima take a deep breath against him. Bakugou closed his eyes and focus on that. Focused on Kirishima. On his slowing heart, his deep breathing, the firm but comforting body pressed against his own.

Soon enough the last bit of tape on one side was melted enough that the two boys were now able to at least walk off the field side by side so Mina could finish melting the tape that held them together. As they walk off the field with one side still tape together, their hands brushed and Bakugou could swear that Kirishima was trying to hold his fingers, despite the giant grenade on his arm. He risked a glanced over at Kirishima who stared ahead, calm as ever.

Chapter Text

The rest of the hero training went by uneventful according to Bakugou. The rest of the class was able to show of their teamwork skills and the flag was only captured once. It had been Mineta and Shouji against Hagakure and Ojiro. In the beginning the teams had been staying pretty even when fighting each other, but in the last couple minutes, Shouji switched sides and teamed up with Hagakure and Ojiro to fight Mineta. The Idiot Grape was quickly over taken, much to his surprise and anger, demanding that Aizawa make them redo it but Shouji have to actually fight with him the whole time. Aizawa shrugged his shoulders.

“I over heard the three of them talking before the match about teaming up to stop you. They executed it and got their flag. That’s good teamwork as far as I’m concerned.” He turned away. “Class dismissed.” And with that, the class headed to the locker rooms to change back into their uniforms.

“Well that was an easy end to the day!” Kirishima said, walking next to Bakugou. Both boys had been able to remove all the little scraps of tape from themselves and now each carried a small ball of tape to the locker room to throw away.

Bakugou grunted in agreement. Normally he would blasting mad that he only got to fight once, demanding Aizawa let him go again or running to reserve a room for sparring. Today he was still a little miffed he didn’t get to really go off, but he was emotionally exhausted. Today had been a great day with Kirishima which meant that today had been a terrible day for his heart. As they entered the locker room, Bakugou threw his tape ball into the trash and walked to his locker.

Kirishima watched him carefully. Something was bothering Bakugou. Kirishima guessed that he was that something.

He wanted to drop it all. Wanted to cut the crap and just tell Bakugou how he felt. Wanted to reassure Bakugou that all this was going to end happy. Wanted to reassure Bakugou that he was worth more to Kirishima than he would ever be able to express with words.

Kirishima wanted to hold Bakugou. Hold him in the most reassuring hug and promise him that Kirishima would never leave him. He knows they’re only in their first year of high school but he would be there forever for Bakugou. As a friend or something more, whatever Bakugou wanted, Kirishima would be there.

He let out a small sigh, one that Sero and Kaminari noticed. The two watched Kirishima who was unhappily staring after Bakugou. They gave each other a look before nodding, with Sero going over to Kirishima and Kaminari going over to Bakugou. “Hey,” Sero called as Kaminari patted Bakugou’s back to get his attention. “Since class is over and we didn’t do much, what if we all rush back to the dorms, claim the common area first, play some video games, and then we can get done early so you,” He pointed at Bakugou. “Can go to bed early like the old man you are?”

Bakugou looked at him through narrow eyes before Kaminari continued. “Just a chill night with the squad.” He shot Kirishima a quick look, hoping the red head would understand they were willing to give Bakugou a small break. He seemed to understand as a smile spread across his face.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” He glanced at Bakugou. “But even then, me and Bakugou might have to leave early. He was gonna help me study for the quiz we have in a couple days.” All three boys looked expectantly at Bakugou.

“Whatever.” He said as he turned back to his locker. Sero and Kaminari gave each other a high five and a wink to Kirishima.

“Awesome!” Kaminari said. The boys finished getting ready and Kaminari shot Mina a quick text to warn her about laying off the teasing just for a few hours to get both of their friends back in a better mood.

The walked back to the dorm was easier for Bakugou and lightened his mood. He was able to be around Kirishima and not be over come by his feelings. He so often felt like he was drowning in his feelings and had no way to show them so to be able to just exist with Kirishima was his lifeline. Maybe it wasn’t just him today. On the walk back, Kirishima was also being touchy with the others. That was just Kirishima; he was so loving and open about his love for his friends who happily reciprocated that all four of them could be quite touchy with each other.

Quickly the group claimed the common room couches in front of the TV as Kaminari took off to his room to get his game system, with Sero in tow to carry actual games. When the two returned, arguments of what to play immediately broke out. The settled into a racing game, the four boys playing as Mina was happy to sit and watch.

At one point, Mina disappeared and returned with a lot of her makeup, sitting next to Kirishima on the couch. As she sat down, he glanced over at her while Kaminari chose the next map they would race on. She caught his eye and raised her eyebrow questioningly, her eyes flicking to Bakugou who sat on the other side of Kirishima.

Kirishima looked over at Bakugou. He stared at his phone with a dead pan look while waiting for the next race to start. A smile twitched on Kirishima’s lips as he watched his crush. Everything Bakugou did sent Kirishima’s heart to the moon. He glanced at the clock on the wall and saw they had plenty of time before Bakugou would want to turn in to study. Kirishima looked back at Mina and gave a small nod.

“Why did you bring all your make up out here?” Kirishima asked loudly.

“I’m experimenting.” Mina said, reaching for a hand held mirror before applying mascara to her lashes. “With my skin I have to find make up that will actually show up as well as match.” She blinked her eye a few times before looking at him. “Not all of us are lucky enough to have perfect skin with big cute doe eyes.”

Kirishima laughed at the compliment. “Come on Mina. Your skin is really good, just pink.” He got a small shove from the girl.

“Thanks.” Her eyes scanned his face before she let out an excited gasp. “Kiri!” She turned and began digging through her make up bag. “I just got this new eye shadow palette that would look great with your eyes and hair.” She whipped around holding the makeup. “Please let me do your make up!”

“No way!” Kirishima said. “I know that make up is like, impossible to wash off.”

“Please!” She grabbed his arm. “You have the perfect eyes for it!”

Kirishima scooted closer to Bakugou. “No. No way!”

“Alright how about this map?” Kaminari interrupted. All of them glanced up and Mina recognized the map. She was fucking awesome on this map.

“I’ll play you for it!” She said.


“Me and you race, and if I beat you, you have to let me do your makeup.” Mina stuck out her hand for Kirishima to shake. Kirishima glanced at the map. He had never seen Mina lose when she played this level.

“Deal.” He said, shaking her hand. Kaminari handed over his controller and Bakugou sat up to play.

He was torn. Bakugou wanted to win because winning. He also wanted Kirishima to win because deserved to always win. But he also wanted Mina to win for makeup. Bakugou would not consider himself to be a guy that focuses on how someone looks. It was Kirishima’s personality that made him fall for the red head, only later becoming attracted to Kirishima because of how much Bakugou started to like who he was as a person. Looks did not matter to Bakugou.

But just because looks don’t matter, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate them.

The counter went down, and the race began. “Fuck!” Kirishima said quietly. He got the timing wrong and stalled in the beginning, already off to a bad. Bakugou was in third, right behind Mina in second, and an NPC was in first. By the second lap, the three of them were jostling for the top three. Well mainly Kirishima and Bakugou were trying to get to first. Mina was well ahead of the other two. No matter what they threw at her or what speed boosts they took, they couldn’t catch up. Mina won with a significant lead, with Bakugou in second and Kirishima in third.

“Yahoo!” Mine yelled as she crossed the finish line. She began grabbing her makeup and moving it all to the kitchen counter, laying everything out neatly. When she returned back and saw the defeated Kirishima, she grabbed his arm and began dragging him upwards towards the kitchen. “Come on!” She said.

Kirishima gave Bakugou a nervous look over his shoulder. He returned it with a blank expression. Kirishima turned back to Mina and Bakugou scowled slightly as she placed him with his back to the group. Bakugou put his controller on the empty seat next to him. “You two play without me.” He said as he brought out his phone. “I’m taking a break.”

“Don’t you think about going and hiding in your room!” Mina yelled from the kitchen, already applying some cream to Kirishima’s face. “None of you are allowed to leave until you see my master piece.”

“I’m not leaving, Raccoon Eyes!” He yelled back without looking at her. He heard her huff at him but say nothing. Mina was probably the only one in the group who would dish out her own yelling at Bakugou without hesitating. Bakugou would never admit it, but Bakugou respected that about her.

Slowly he let everything fade into the background as he scrolled through the different social media apps on his phone. Occasionally a loud yell from Pikachu or Tape Face might cause him to glance up at the screen. His fingers always stopped mid scroll whenever he heard Kirishima speak up. Small comments here and there about what Mina was putting on him.

“Why’s this taking so long?”

                “Is eyeliner suppose to make your eyes water this much?”

                “Stop plucking the eyebrows so much!”

                “Why lipstick too?!”

                “Oh please, leave the hair up!”

                “Kirishima!” That voice wasn’t Kirishima’s or Mina’s and got all three boys by the TV to turn around. As they turned they saw a large group of classmates all gathered around the two in the kitchen. It was Hagakure who had spoken. “You look so amazing!” Her voice got high and squeaky with excitement and the others around her chirped in as well.

                “Yes, I’ve never seen a guy in person with make up on,” Yaoyorozu spoke. “And I have to say I’m very impressed.”

                “How differently would the makeup look if you hardened right now?” Izuku muttered.

                “Deku…” Uraraka said quietly while bumping his shoulder.

                “B-b-but you look great!” He quickly said. “Red really is your color!”

                “Simply dazzling!” Aoyama said while posing.

                “Kero!” Asui croaked in agreement.

                Mina backed away from Kirishima to look over his face. “Truly some of my best work!”

                “You guys are too nice!” Kirishima said, practically melting under all the compliments. Bakugou’s gaze shifted slightly as he heard Kaminari and Sero get up from their seats. They walked over to look at Kirishima, who’s back was still to Bakugou. The two seemed genuinely impressed and shocked when they saw Kirishima.

                “Whoa…” Sero said quietly, a small blushed budding on his cheeks. “Dude, you look, really good.”

                “Oh yeah!” Kaminari said, a bit more in control of his reaction. Without warning, he grabbed Kirishima’s knees and spun him in the stool he was sitting on to face Bakugou.

                Bakugou was glad he wasn’t standing because is he had, everyone would have seen him drop his phone. Everyone definitely saw his eyes widen and his mouth drop open slightly. To put it simply, Kirishima looked stunning. Not that Bakugou didn’t think Kirishima always looked good, but this was different. Mina had given Kirishima the full nine yards. Every little movement seemed to make Kirishima skin shimmer, and his jawline was more defined. His lips had been smoothed over and a turned a slight glossy pink. Mina had given him some kind of triple color eye treatment, with pink, red, and yellow all blending together beautifully like a sunset had been painted on them. Sharp eyeliner carved into the bright colors, all of it framed by full lashes and perfectly sculpted eyebrows. A blush was evenly spread on his cheeks and Bakugou didn’t know if it was Kirishima or the makeup. This stunning look was framed by Kirishima’s cherry red hair which Mina had worked to be as limp as she could get it with the gel still in it. A few strands fell in front of Kirishima’s face as he angled his head down in embarrassment. “Bakugou?” He said the blonde’s name in more a question.

                Bakugou blinked and was shaken from his trance. He had no idea how long he had been staring. It was probably too long based on the shit eating grin on his friends’ faces, and the awkward looks the rest of the class was giving him. It wasn’t long enough in Bakugou’s opinion. Bakugou opened his mouth to reply but no sound was coming out. He could tell everyone was staring at him and feel a blushing moving across his face but he couldn’t find enough breath to speak.

                “Well I knew I was good but damn!” Mina said loudly, drawing all attention to her. “I made Blasty go silent.” She huffed a breath onto her nails and rubbed them on her shirt. “If the hero thing doesn’t work out, I’m definitely going into doing makeup professionally!” This earned her some laughs and gave Bakugou enough time to gather himself. He turned back around away from the group and put his hand to his mouth, breathing in and out a few shaky breaths.

                “Well now that Kirishima is presentable,” Kaminari said, earning a small shove from the red head. “Let’s go out to eat!”

                “Huh!?” The surprise came from everyone gathered around.

                “Not like, out-out.” Kaminari said, waving his hand dismissively. “I’m too broke for that. Let’s go to the cafeteria.”

                Even Kirishima looked a bit nervous about that. “I don’t know man…”

                “Please Kiri!” Mina whined. “I’m starving after all this work.”

                Kirishima still looked nervous. He wasn’t nervous doing this sort of thing around his friends  and he knew there was nothing wrong with him, a guy, wearing make up, but others might not agree. He wondered briefly if he even might get in trouble by the school. Before he could open his mouth to voice any of his fears, Bakugou spoke up from the couch.

                “Don’t worry about it so much shitty-hair.” All eyes turned to Bakugou who was now standing and facing them all. He slowly made eye contact with everybody that had gathered around, not just those in his group, holding them to a promise he was making for them. “We’re all going to dinner together right?” He grit his teeth as he continued, forcing himself to appear normal. “Anybody who says shit about your makeup has to answer to us.” He raised his chin defiantly as he made eye contact with Kirishima. “Especially me.”

                Everyone seemed shocked for a minuet but Kaminari took it in stride. “Hell yeah!” He said, turning to give Kirishima a determined look. Kirishima wasn’t looking back at him though. Kirishima’s eyes were locked on Bakugou, looking at him like he was everything the red head would ever need in life. He probably is Kaminari thought with a smile.

                Kirishima broke the longing look to glance around at his classmates. “Makeup can be manly, right?” This earned words of agreements and he sighed before getting up off the stool. “Plus ultra…” He said with the inflection that implied he meant “fuck it.”

                With that, Sero and Kaminari quickly packed away the games and Mina put away her make up before the large group set out to the cafeteria. As they entered they got the usual looks from people for not only being class 1A but also being loud as fuck like they normally are. Kirishima hid himself in the middle of the group, hoping with all the make up and his hair down no one would recognize him.

                “Is that the infamous class 1A?” A loud voice called across the room. Of course he would be here now, Kirishima thought to himself as he heard a collective sigh of annoyance from the people around him. Even timid Midoriya seemed a bit more deflated than he did a few seconds ago.

                Kirishima looked over at Bakugou and saw the blonde’s face had taken a more irritated scowl and his jaw had squared more. Slowly Bakugou turned his head to look at Monoma. “Stupid quirk stealing basatrd…” leaked out from between his grinding teeth.

                “Bakugou, don’t” Kirishima said, grabbing his arm. “We just got here and I want to eat food.”

                “It’ll only take a second to burn him to ashes…” More teeth grinding.

                Before Kirishima could explain why that would be a bad idea, Monoma spoke again. “Oh? Someone is actually able to calm the beast…” His voice trailed off as his eyes scanned Kirishima’s face, recognizing who stood before him. Laughter exploded from him as he double over clutching this stomach. He looked back up at Kirishima with tears in his eyes. “OH MY GOD, KIRISHIMA? IS THAT YOU? UNDER ALL THAT CAKING? AND HERE I THOUGHT CLASS 1A WAS SUPPOSE TO BE PERFECT AND YET YOU HAVE TO COVER UP YOUR FACE WITH ALL OF THAT?!” More laughter came out, infuriating Kirishima’s classmates.

                Kirishima let go of Bakugou, retreating to the center of the group, painfully aware of how most of the cafeteria was now looking at him thanks to Monoma.

“Okay, now you’re going too far dude.” Kaminari said, his hands crackling with electricity.

“Don’t listen to him.” Mina said, moving closer to Kirishima. She planted a quick kiss on his cheek.

The rest of class moved protectively around Kirishima, each of them angrily glaring at Monoma. Even happy Asui had taken a dark look. “Guys stop, it’s fine!” Kirishima tried to keep his voice from shaking. “I don’t care what he thinks!”

Kirishima had been staring at the floor but looked up to meet the eyes of his friends. He met Bakugou’s last. Bakugou stared back in shock. Kirishima’s eyes were red and wet from the tears he was holding back. Bakugou watched as he swallowed hard, like it was an effort around a lump in his throat. Bakugou turned back to Monoma, his vision going red. “I’LL KILL YOU-“ His hands starting popping off but at the same time Kirishima launched himself forward to grab Bakugou’s arm, a giant hand came chopping down on Monoma’s head, knocking him out. Bakugou’s rage was stopped and he looked back and forth between Kirishima and Monoma, before Kendo and Tetsutetsu appeared.

Kendo stepped forward as Tetsutetsu picked up the lifeless body that was Monoma. She bowed slightly. “Kirishima-kun. I-I’m sorry! That idiot did go too far this time.” She looked up, severely embarrassed.

Tetsutetsu also looked ashamed. “Bro, I…” He looked around, not sure were to keep his eyes. The settled back on Kirishima’s face with a different kind of resolve. “Bro, your makeup looks super manly.”

Kendo let out a small laugh. “Yes, your makeup is very well done and suits you. We’ll be heading out now.”

Kirishima looked at both of them as they left. “Thanks bro.” he said as Tetsutetsu walked passed, giving the boy a fist pump with he happily returned. Kirishima then turned to Bakugou, who was still fuming next to him. He reached out and touched his arm. “And thank you.” He turned to the rest of the group. “Thanks, all of you.”

“Oh Kiri!” Mina said, wrapping her arms around his shoulders in a hug. “Don’t cry!” She said, sniffing a bit. “You’ll ruin my makeup!” He laughed and hugged her back. The group moved to claim a table, with the rest of the cafeteria returning to their own conversation, mostly accustomed to class 1A causing an uproar and not really bothering to figure out exactly what transpired. As they got their food and settle down, Kirishima sat down next to Bakugou, and as did Kaminari, with Sero and Mina sitting across from them.

“So…” Kaminari said with a drawl, giving Bakugou a shit-eating grin. “You were really like a knight in shining armor for Kirishima, weren’t you, Bakubro?”

Bakugou nearly choked on his drink. “The fuck you talking about?”

“You got so defensive of Kirishima. You were fucking pissed!” Sero said.

“I’m always fucking pissed at that quirk stealing bastard.” He took an angry bite of food. “He’s lucky that Hands and the Iron Giant were there to stop him or else he’d be a pile of ash by now.”

Mina pointing her fork accusingly at him. “But you don’t deny you were doing it in defense of the beautiful Princess Kirishima!”

Bakugou turned to Kirishima who faked a surprised gasp before blinking up at him with huge puppy eyes, hands clasped together on his chest. He leaned himself into Bakugou’s chest and looked up at him through the huge fake lashes. Bakugou suppressed a shiver.

“W-we’re were all getting defensive of him!” Bakugou tried to defend his actions, knowing full well he wouldn’t have gotten that angry if Monoma had decided to make fun of any other classmate.

“Kirishima defense squad!” Mina yelled.

“Kirishima defense squad!” Sero and Kaminari yelled as well, earning some laughs from their other classmates, and even a couple “plus ultra”s.

Kirishima was still leaning on Bakugou, who was glaring at the others. He gulped. Now let’s really test the waters. “My hero!” He said. Kirishima launched himself upward quickly and planted a quick little peck on Bakugou’s cheek. Before Kirishima’s lips even fully left Bakugou’s cheek, a loud explosion came from his hands. Bakugou’s tray went flying up into the air and the trays around him were flown back, most of them landing on the laps of the students sitting at the table. Cries of surprise rang from people at the table and others in the cafeteria.

Kirishima had held up in arms in defense, and as he lowered them, he looked nervously at Bakugou. The boy’s front was covered in food and his hair was blown back from the force of the explosion. His tray came down from its flight with a loud crash! causing another yelp from some of the girls at the table. Kirishima winced at the sound and looked at Bakugou’s face. It was contorted in embarrassment with a blush so strong he looked sunburnt. Despite his own embarrassment at the reaction, Kirishima noticed with a small twinge of satisfaction that some of his lipstick had stuck to Bakugou’s cheek.

Moments passed and Bakugou looked at his classmates furiously. Why did Kirishima just kiss me! He thought. Sure Kirishima was touchy with him but he never went that far. And then losing control of his quirk like that just over a simple kiss? Bakugou feared what he might accidently do if they ever dated and did other things. When he finally looked at Kirishima, his friend offered him a guilty smile. “Oops.” Kirishima said with a small laugh.

Kaminari, Mina, and Sero busted out laughing. Only they had seen the kiss transpire so only they knew why Bakugou had gone off. The rest of their classmates around them stare incredulously at the five of them.

“SHUT UP!” Bakugou yelled at them, which only made them laugh more.

“B-bakugou, i-I’m sorry, I just-“ Kirishima stuttered out, nervously placing a hand on Bakugou’s arm. “I don’t know what I was thinking…” Bakugou whipped his head to look at Kirishima who was looking up at him nervously through his lashes. “I just like being around you and I get-“ Kirishima was cut off as another, albeit smaller, explosion came from Bakugou’s hands again. Luckily his hands were clenched into fists this time so the blow back wasn’t bad, but the fact that Kirishima could make Bakugou loose control of his quirk caused more laughter from their friends, and even a few raised eyebrows from their classmates that were now paying attention. “Oh god, i-“ Kirishima stood up. “I’m sorry!” He raced from the cafeteria.

Chapter Text

The laughter died as Kirishima raced from the table. Without thinking, Bakugou stood up and chased after the red head. Mina, Kaminari, and Sero were about to follow as well when Mina’s phone pinged. “Hold on guys!” She said, reaching a hand out to stop her two friends. “It’s a text from Kirishima.”

>>Sunshine Smile
                Is he following me?

Mina looked up from her phone with her jaw dropped. “That little shit! Look!” She said, showing the phone to the boys. Their worried faces got replaced with smiles.

“Ugh, next time he needs to tell us when he has plans like this.” Sero said, sitting back down.

“For real!” Mina said, looking at her phone and sending a reply to Kirishima.

>>Pink Gremlin
                yes! Next time warn us we were so worried! Go get some!

Kirishima smiled at his phone as he read the message. He quickly pocketed it and leaned against the outside of UA with a sigh as he heard the door swing open, revealing Bakugou. Kirishima looked at him and then down at the ground. “I’m sorry!” He snapped his head up, knowing Bakugou would yell about him saying sorry. “Let me finish!” Kirishima took a breath. “I’m sorry I kissed you without consent and made your quirk go off and I’m sorry for embarrassing you in front of everybody by kissing you and making your quirk go off and then I’m sorry for worrying you when I took off but I panicked and didn’t want to upset you in front of everybody and I figured someone would run after me and distract everyone from what just happened with you.” He took a breath. “And I’m sorry for apologizing so much.” Kirishima faced Bakugou with square shoulders, ready to take whatever was going to say or do.

Bakugou walked up to him. He was still blushing. Kirishima was too nice and cute for Bakugou to handle. Bakugou grabbed Kirishima by his shirt collar and stared him in the eye, breathing heavily. He licked his lips as his eyes flashed down to Kirishima’s lip. Kirishima started to panic as he thought Bakugou might kiss him right then and there. Kirishima parted his lips slightly and closed his eyes. He felt Bakugou move suddenly and then…

BAM! Searing pain exploded from Kirishima’s forehead. Bakugou released his shirt as both boys groaned out in pain, stumbling away from each other. Kirishima’s eyes flew open as his hand went to his head. He saw Bakugou in the same stumbling manor he was in. He headbutted me! Kirishima thought as both hands started rubbing his forehead. “Bro…” He groaned out.

“Shut up, Shitty Hair…” Bakugou groaned back. He stood up still slightly rubbing his forehead. “I didn’t even do it that hard.” Kirishima stood up straight and faced him, waiting. Bakugou stuffed his hands into his pockets and brushed past Kirishima. “Come on. I’ll go cook us something in the dorm since I blew up our food.”

Kirishima smiled and trotted to catch up to Bakugou. “Thanks bro!”

The walk back was nice. Kirishima walked close to Bakugou, their hands occasionally brushing. When Bakugou glanced over at Kirishima, he looked back with a smile. Nothing needed to be said. Dinner was the same. Bakugou silently made the food and they quietly ate, the only sounds being Kirishima’s noises of satisfaction over how good the food tasted. Bakugou could feel it relaxing him. Slowly as he ate, his shoulders relaxed and were less hunched up. The scowl that normally adorned his face melted, allowing for a more neutral and less tense facial expression. As he sat next to Kirishima on the kitchen stools, he moved his leg over slightly to touch Kirishima’s.

Kirishima wasn’t surprised by this. This was the Bakugou that only he got to see. The one that was hidden from the rest of his classmates. The one that made his feelings turn from platonic to romantic. Kirishima pressed his leg back a little and gave a happy little hum, letting Bakugou know it was okay. Slowly Bakugou’s upper body fell to the side until their shoulders were touching, with Bakugou’s head resting on Kirishima’s shoulder. Bakugou let out a sigh of relief.

Bakugou had never found the nerve to tell Kirishima outright how much he loved the physical contact. Against popular belief, Bakugou was actually very aware of his own feelings when it came to people. He knew how he felt about each of classmates, he just didn’t know how to express them. Kirishima was somehow able to read all of those unsaid emotions, even the ones that didn’t involve himself. Kirishima knew despite his yellings he considered Mina, Sero, and Kaminari his friends. He knew Bakugou thought Jirou had good taste in music. He knew Bakugou thought Uraraka was a good fighter. He knew Bakugou liked to be touched. Bakugou always melted under Kirishima’s touch and Kirishima had quickly picked up on this when he first started testing the waters.

This was how they got to be when it was just them. Bakugou didn’t have to worry about being the best because Kirishima didn’t care if he wasn’t the best. He didn’t have to worry about what he said cause Kirishima would be able to understand what he actually meant. He didn’t have to Bakugou because he could be Katsuki.

Kirishima shifted slightly under Bakugou to pull out his phone from his pocket, but Bakugou still stayed put. “Hey,” Kirishima said softly, making Bakugou open eyes he hadn’t realized he had closed. “Mina texted me to say they’re all on their way back. Wanna head to your room and start studying before they all get here?”

Bakugou sat up. Kirishima always knew what to say. He gives a little grunt of agreement before taking his last couple bites. He and Kirishima wash the dishes together in record time and quickly scuttle off to his bedroom before the others get there. “Hey, you get ready and I’ll be there in a second.” Kirishima says, heading to his room. “I’m gonna shower and try and get this makeup off.”

Bakugou grunts in acknowledgement and goes into his room. He looks over at his clock and sees it’s a little past 7pm. Not too early and not too late. He pulls a couple folders and notebooks out of his bookbag, getting started ahead of Kirishima, knowing the boy will feel less bothersome if Bakugou’s work is already done when he goes to ask for help. Kirishima’s shower takes longer than expected and Bakugou is already packing away his work when the red head comes in.

“Ahhh I’m so sorry!” He said. “I was scrubbing and scrubbing but I couldn’t get all the makeup off.” He sat himself on the floor and looked up at Bakugou. Bakugou let out a small snort of laughter. Most of the makeup was off, except the eyeliner had really only smeared around.

“You know, after we’re done here, you can probably go ask Raccoon Eyes for makeup remover or something.” He studied Kirishima’s face. “You look like her now.” Kirishima wiped his hand near his eyes where he was sure there was probably still some eyeliner and shrugged.

The two once again settle into a comfortable silence. Kirishima sat on the floor, leaning against Bakugou’s bed, quietly filling out all the homework he knew before collecting the list of questions he needed help on. Bakugou laid down on his bed, flipping through a magazine. They had done this countless times and had their routine down perfectly. Soon voices could be heard as their classmates started to stick in the dorms for the night. Feet pattered down the hallway. Laughter and music leaked through the thin walls and echoed around them.

Slowly Bakugou put down his magazine and just watched Kirishima working. His back was against the bed with his knees bent to provide a base to write on. Bakugou glanced over at his desk which sat open and free for use. He had told Kirishima countless times that he could use the desk if Bakugou wasn’t but Kirishima never took up the offer, always choosing to sit on the floor near Bakugou. Bakugou sat up a bit and tilted his head as he watched Kirishima. His eyebrows had turned into a slight scowl of concentration and he bit his bottom lip absently, sharp teeth peaking out slightly.

Bakugou simultaneously never wanted this to end and wanted everything to change. He wanted to play video games with Kirishima and go to class with Kirishima and do homework with Kirishima and eat food with Kirishima and cook with Kirishima and hang out with their friends with Kirishima and just hang out with the two of them. But he also want more. He wanted to graduate with Kirishima and then do hero work with Kirishima and he wanted to go out to eat with Kirishima like a date, and he wanted to hold hands with Kirishima and hold Kirishima and be held by Kirishima and kiss Kirishima and more that Bakugou didn’t want to risk thinking about in detail while he wasn’t alone.

A smile spread cross Bakugou’s face. He was so happy with this fucking idiot. A content sigh escapes him, causing Kirishima to look up. When he sees the smile on Bakugou’s face, a smile spreads across his own. “What?” he says with a slight laugh.

Bakugou shakes his head and his smile widens. “Nothing.” He scoots off the bed and sits next to Kirishima, their sides pressed against each other. “You need help with anything?”

“Just these couple right here.” Kirishima points to some math problems and Bakugou narrows his eyes, giving the red head a slight shove with his shoulder.

“Dumbass, we literally went over this in class today!”

“I know, but it just doesn’t make sense to me!” Kirishima whined and gave a small pout. “The way you explain things always makes more sense than the way it’s explained in class.”

Bakugou tried not to blush at the compliment. “I explain it the same way it’s done in class!”

“Help meeeeee.” Kirishima whined more. Bakugou rolled his eyes and began the explanation, pointing out on the paper what Kirishima needed to do. After a bit, Kirishima was finally done and tossed his work aside with a satisfied sigh.

“Hey, don’t you dare fuck that up!” Bakugou said loudly. “No way in hell am I letting you lose that assignment after I spent all that time re-teaching it to you!”

“It’s fine!!!” Kirishima said, unbending his knees and raising his arms above his head to stretch. “I’ve been sitting for too long!” Slowly he flopped over until his body was draped across Bakugou’s lap.

Bakugou moved his legs to jostle the laying down Kirishima. “Then get up and stretch, not lay across me, dumbass.” Kirishima whined as Bakugou rolled him off his lap to stand up and stretch himself. Glancing at his clock he saw it was almost 9 o’clock. “Also get the fuck out.” He said. “I need to sleep.”

“You were so warm…” Kirishima whined with his eyes closed, ignoring Bakugou.

“Hey!” Bakugou yelled, nudging the laying Kirishima with his foot. “Get. The. Fuck. Up.”

Kirishima laid on his back and looked up at Bakugou. A small smile tugged at his lips. “Bakubro.”


“I like you.”

Bakugou froze. This was unexpected. VERY unexpected. He had no idea what Kirishima meant by that. Did he like his as a friend? Because he was a good fighter? Because he cooked food for Kirishima? Because he didn’t mind helping Kirishima with his homework. Did he like-like him? Oh god that so fucking childish to think, Bakugou thought to himself. He closed his eyes and raised his head confidently. “Of course you like me.” He said. “I’m fucking awesome.”

Kirishima laughed as he got up off the floor to look Bakugou from an equal point. “Yeah you are.” He said. “But I mean, I like you. Like, like-like you.” Kirishima gave a little laugh. He was blushing but unafraid as he stood there saying these things.  

Bakugou didn’t know what to do. He never thought this would happened. He figured he would spend the rest of his days here at UA hopelessly in love with his best friend who would quickly forget him once they graduated and then they would occasionally run into each other in their work and Kirishima would marry someone and live an amazingly happy life with his spouse and possible kids while Bakugou would go home alone every night, lonely but never expressing this to anyone and never able to get close to anyone again.

Maybe he had been watching too many love dramas with the old hag.

Bakugou shook his head. Now was not the time to think about that pitiful existence or her! Bakugou opened his mouth to speak but no words came out so he closed it.

Kirishima’s smile slowly faded into a concerned look. “Uh, Bakubro? You okay?” Embarrassment over took. “Oh god, unless I read everything wrong!” His hands shot up to cover his face. “Y-you don’t have to do anything!” Kirishima immediately began trying to diffuse the situation. “It’s okay if you don’t like me back! We don’t have to date or anything, we can keep being just friends-“

“Shut up!” Bakugou hissed through gritted teeth, looking at the floor. “I-“ He looked up with a pained expression and ran a hand through his hair. “I’m not good with words.” He said. “That’s something that is good about you. You understand without words.” He finally looked Kirishima in the eye who looked back confused. “Goddammit!” Bakugou cursed. “What I mean is, I like you too, dumbass.”

Kirishima started to smile. “Yeah?”


Bakugou was staring at the floor again. Kirishima cupped his face in his hands. Bakugou twitched slightly at the touch but didn’t pull away. “Bakugou?” Kirishima asked and Bakugou looked up at him. “Will you go out with me?”

Bakugou looked down again. “It’s gonna be hard.”


“I yell a lot and get mad a lot.”


“I don’t know how to talk about emotions so I wont be able to tell you what I’m feeling.”

“I know.”

Bakugou flexed one of his hands. “My quirk can be dangerous went it comes to stuff like,” There was a small pause. “you know...”

Kirishima’s eyes widened slightly at that. The thought that Bakugou was already thinking stuff like that was promising. “Look who you’re talking to!” Kirishima harden his hand slightly and placed it on top of Bakugou. “Your explosions can’t hurt me.”

Bakugou looked at Kirishima, like he had completely forgotten what had happened that morning when walking through the halls. He swallowed hard and tears were beginning to well up. A look Kirishima had never seen on his face before occupied the usually bold boy. Fear. Bakugou was terrified right now. He leaned in slightly the hand that Kirishima still had on his face and brought up his own free hand to hold it. “Are you sure you want to put up with me? And all my shit?”

Kirishima let go of Bakugou’s hand and gripped his face to bring him in for a kiss. Their lips knocked into each other and Bakugou tensed up, small pops! coming from his hands. Bakugou tried to pull away to protect Kirishima from himself and Kirishima grabbed both of his hands and harden his own, the small explosions becoming muffled against the harden skin of Kirishima. When the two pulled away a couple tears slid down Bakgou’s face and Kirishima gently wiped them away.

“You haven’t answered my question, Bakugou.”

Bakugou gave a small laugh and gently headbutted Kirishima’s chest. He shook his head up and down. “Yes, dumbass.”

Kirishima laughed and wrapped the boy up in a hug. “Yes what?’

Bakugou wrapped his arms around Kirishima. “Don’t push your luck shitty hair.” Kirishima simply  laughed and hugged him closer.