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    For this fest, create something that might stretch your comfort zone a little. Get dangerous, get wild, get ready to create something you’ve never created before! Kinks can be sexual or non-sexual, in partners, groups, or alone. All pairings and characters from Hannibal and the Hannibal Extended Universe are welcome, and entries can be writing, art, poetry, gifsets, photographs, and all other forms of creativity.

    Disclaimers: Everything that you submit for this fest must be new work. Works inspired in previous works are allowed, but only the new creation will count as an entry. Please make certain that any work you submit is tagged appropriately. Use the hash/tag #justfuckmeup to be retweeted or reblogged on Twitter, tumblr, and Pillowfort.

    Thank you so much to @gleamingandwholeanddeadly for the GORGEOUS banner. Go give love to them!!

    (Open, Unmoderated)