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Their Omega whore

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Izumi scampered through the dark woods. She could hear multiple sets of feet chasing her. She tripped over a large decaying piece of wood hidden to be the decaying leaves and fresh plants growing around t hung from her line of sight. Izumi stumbled and hit the ground with a rough thud. As she tried to catch her breath and gather herself up she felt a pair of hands grab her waist and flip her on her back and sat on her pelvis. Her eyes shot open as a strong scent hit her nose.
She heard the others of the group chasing her come to a stop, the smell was overwhelming. Alpa, they were all alpha. Izumi finally got a good look at the alpha sitting on her. She was a female. She had a crazed look in her cat-like eyes, she grinned happily showing Izumi her sharp teeth. She had pale blonde hair that was up in two twin messy buns and- and
She was holding a freaking knife.
“Omega. “ She said happily. “Oh, I‘ve never met an omega before! Oh my goodness you're so cute!” She cheered. She leaned down a smelled Izumi’s scent gland inhaling the sweet scent. Izumi heard another set of footsteps approach her, the female alpha grabbed her short curly green hair and pulled it back roughly showing her face to the others of her hunting group. She got a decent look at the others around her. The female on top of her was the only girl in the group. One had dark spiky red hair, well built with much sharper teeth than the girl holding her down. He smiled at her as if she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He got on his knees and licked and sniffed her scent glands. A tall muscular alpha with blue eyes and dark hair sniffed the air and whispered to another pale blonde with blood red eyes, he was very well built and another with wild purple hair and violet eyes and pale skin looked at her calmly. Izumi jolted as not one, but two people began to run their hands on her body, one of them tried to remove her pants, but the female alpha snapped.
“Hey back off Dabi, you to Todoroki! I caught her. So I get her first!” The two alphas came into view brothers obviously. Their eyes and build were too much alike to not be related. One had pitch black hair and was scared heavily, but the scars where to even to have been caused by accident the other was slightly shorter, his hair was red and white on opposite sides, one eye dark brown, the other pale blue and a burn scar on his eye. The female alpha giggled excitedly as she continued to scent Izumi.
“Please let me go,” she whispered. The pale blonde with blood red eyes pointed at and looked at the girl on top of her.
“Omega?” he asked.
She giggled and began to grind her hips on Izumi’s casing her to produce some slick between her thighs.
“Yep!” She’s omega.” she said with a laugh.
“Who are you Omega?” the leader growled. Izumi whimpered and managed to gasp out her name as the female alpha continued to grind her hips against her own. The Alpha pointed to her and said “Toga”
He pointed to the brothers
“Dabi and Todoroki.”
The redhead.
The blonde with a stripe in his hair.
The black haired one.
The purple haired one.
And finally, he pointed to himself. “Katsuki.
He gestured to himself and the others before saying one word.
Toga began to undo Izumi’s pants and pulled her underwear down. Izumi tried to kick her away but she pinned her legs down and gave her a couple of kitten licks on her cunt.
“What are you- ACK” Izumi gasped as Toga dived between her legs.
“Not just alpha’s,” Katsuki said.
Izmiś heart dropped and her blood went cold.
“Your Alpha’s and our Omega.

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Toga undid the tiny green-haired Omega's pants as the Katsuki, their pack leader spoke to the Omega. Her name was Izumi! How cute. Toga pulled down Izumi's underwear, the smell of her slick filling the air. It smelled sweet, like strawberries. She forced the omega's leg open and dove between her pale, freckled legs. She sniffed her cunt, taking in her sent and licked the pack's new omega's pussy with a few timid licks. Izumi gasped in surprise as Toga began to eat her out. She took her fingers and spread open her cunt and dove her tongue deeper in her folds. Izumi cried out in pleasure and tried to push Toga away but Dabi grabbed her legs and spread them wider so Toga could have better access to Izumi's pussy.

"Please-Oh god! Please Oh, oh mmghh. Please stop." Izumi gasped. Toga flicked and dug her tongue in deeper and deeper. Izumi gasping and moaning in the pleasure that she did not want. Izumi felt an unfamiliar burning sensation in her lower belly. "Oh god, wha- what's happening?" Izumi gasped out. Izumi began to thrust her body closer to Toga's face, bucking her hips fiercely, her toes curling in pleasure, her back arching, her muscles tensing until finally.

She came.

"AAAHHHH!" Izumi cried out in pleasure as her orgasm hit her hard and fast, squirting all over Toga's face. Toga lifted herself up licking her lips, enjoying the taste of Izumi's cum. Izumi's body continued to twitch from her orgasm. Unaware of Toga undressing. Toga took off all her clothing and unsheathed her cock. She rubbed Izumi's cunt roughly causing the omega to suddenly scream. "Stop, please stop it's too much!" Izumi cried out. Toga felt herself grow harder as the Omega writhed from overstimulation. Her body spazzed and her back arched as she counted to beg and screamed for Toga to stop. Dabi walked up to the Omega his cock swelled in his pants, yet remained dressed grabbed Izumi's hair and pulled it roughly. "You might want to get used to honey." He purred as he wiped the fat tears that rolled down her face. "Cause you are nowhere close to being done," Izumi screamed as another orgasm hit her tiny body suddenly. "Cause once Toga's done fucking and knotting you, you're gonna go take another one and another and another. Until your fucked full with all of our cum and pups.”

Toga rubbed the head of her thick cock against Izumi's red swollen cunt for a moment, slick still pouring out of her body and then she slammed into her. Izumi creamed again gasping in pleasure. Toga fucked her at a steady pace at first, taking her hair in her had as Dabi walked away and pulled softly. "You like this, don't you?" She giggled. "N-No." Izumi gasped. Toga suddenly slapped Izumi's ass and pulled her hair roughly. Her pace growing harder and faster. "Be a good girl, don't lie to me," she whispered gently in her ear. "I do-I don't-Ack" Toga pulled her hair again her pace growing angry. "Tell. Me. The. Truth." She growled pounding into her roughly with each word. Izumi whimpered as the female Alpha continued to fuck her. Her body screaming in overstimulation. "Oh god.." Toga whimpered. Your cute little pussy is so wet." Toga laughed again. "You might not say it, but your body loves what's happening right now. That's all that mattered is what your body wants." Izumi let out a broken sob as Toga continued to thrust into her.

“Please stop. Please. I’ll do anything just please stop!” Izumi begged as she continued to cry as Toga’s thrust became more rapid. Toga buried her nose into her scent glad and inhaled deeply and giggled again while nipping at her neck. “Why would we stop, when you’re already doing what we want you to do?” Izumi let out a violent sob as Toga continued to thrust into her.

Izumi clawed at the ground desperately trying to get away from the ruthless treatment but she was always pulled buck roughly. Toga continuing to whisper in her ear about how cute she was. She pulled Izumi to her chest and grabbed her breast and groped them softly. Izumi’s eyes shut tightly as Toga began to massage her nippled. “No more, please no more! Izumi shrieked as she felt her body starting to submit. “No…” She whimpered as she felt Toga’s knot start to form. Izumi began to kick her feet wildly trying to get away. “No! Please don’t! No, no, no, no don’t please! Don’t kno-” Toga’s knot swelled up and she pushed in inside Izumi. Izumi felt her body tense as Toga came into her. Izumi’s body spasmed as her orgasm and went limp in Toga’s arms, panting harshly. Toga took a minute to catch her breath and a small crack began to form in Izumi's mind.

About thirty minutes later Toga's knot began to go down. Izumi's body twitched violently. As Toga pulled out of the omega gently, she caught some of her cum slipping out. As she laid the omega down gently, she scooped up what had fallen out and forced it back into the omega's body. "Don't waste it cutie!" She said with a light laugh as Izumi's body flinched from being so oversensitive. She turned back to her pack, her cock disappearing into her body, tucked away until needed again and sat on a nearby rock. Izumi's body continued to twitch and spaz as the other alpha's walked to her. She felt one of the male alpha's pick her up like a bride in their arms. Izumi felt another one walk close to her brushing her sweaty green hair out of her face before growling.

"You're nowhere near being done yet."

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As soon as Toga’s knot deflates Kirishima headed toward the Omega’s direction. He picks her up after Toga shoves her cum back in the omega’s twitching body. He holds her close to his chest, her body twitching every now and again from shock. As the pack of Alphas’ headed back to their home, Kirishima continued to inhale her scent. Toga’s knot and the relentless pheromones of the pack of Alphas’ around her had triggered an early heat. Her pheromones were strong and smelled like fresh flowers in the spring. Katsuki had told him that he could have the omega next for helping Toga catch her.

He couldn't wait to get her in his cot. As they arrived home the omega had woken up as he set her down. The poor thing was whimpering. Kirishima could feel her slick coating her legs staining his arms. Kirishima nuzzled her neck as Izumi continued to cry silently. Kirishima shushed the omega softly. “Sh, sh, shh. It’s okay. You're going to be okay Omega. We’re all going to take such good care of you! I promise.” Kirishima said happily. “I promise I’ll make you feel good. That’s what alphas supposed to do.”
Kirishima started to kiss Izumi’s neck softly, wanting to calm her down. His lips traveled to her ear before he asked-
“What’s your name?” he whispered as he began to finger her open, knowing he was a bit bigger than Toga. The green haired Omega remained silent, only whimpering as her body was intruded. As Kirishima added two more fingers in her, he activated his quirk. The Omega screamed in pain as the Alpha’s skin suddenly became rock hard. He started to fuck the Omega with his hands roughly, his skin jagged and hard as a rock. The Omega screamed and tried to run away again but Kirishima pulled her to his chest. Pumping his hand in and out roughly. “Stop! Please stop!” she screamed.

Her panting grew more rapid and loud through her pleading.
It hurt! It hurts! Please stop!” she cried out.

“Then tell me your name,” he grunted as he thrust his hands in deeper. Kirishima could see the Omega gritting her teeth. Drool leaking out of the corner of her mouth, before finally-

“Izumi!” she screamed.

“My name is Izumi! I told you okay now please stop. Please!” she screamed. Kirishima removed his fingers from Izumi’s leaking cunt.

Kirishima smiled brightly at the viridescent haired omega. Her emerald green eyes glazed slightly over, small tears in the corner. He nuzzled her neck affectionately. Izumi flinched at the gentle touch. How could someone doing something so vile show such gentle affection of bonded mates? He gave her scent glands small kitten licks. “Your so cute y' know?” he whispered. “Well, cute’s more of Toga’s thing.” He mumbled softly in her neck. “The way you ran. Your hair seemed so wild. You just seemed so powerful and stunning. Kinda like in those old legends with the stunning omega, that no one seemed to be able to touch that needed to be rescued by the heroic alpha of the story!” Kirishima said brightly looking at Izumi’s delicate form. “And we saved you! We caught the stunning Omega together! And know you can be a part of our pack!” He said excitedly.

Izumi’s heart hammered in the chest as she listened to Kirishima words. He thought she some omega from Greek mythology. He thought he and his packs were heroes for catching her. Did they really think they saved her?

“Why did you think I needed to be saved?” she whispered. Kirishima began to finger her softly. One digit slowly opening her back up properly. “Omega’s need to be protected. They're delicate and fragile. It’s our job as Alpha’s to keep our chosen Omega safe and happy with their pack.

He added another finger. Izumi started to moan softly in pleasure. Kirishima smiled happily as she started giving small signs of pleasure. It made him happy seeing Izumi enjoying herself. He felt like a good alpha.
“It shows that you weren't given the proper care of alpha in your family. You were raised to think you could provide and protect like an alpha. Maybe a beta, but that’s not how it goes. We’re supposed to protect and care for you. Not vice versa.” Izumi was about to protest, for her mother’s sake given how she was the one who raised her, but Kirishima beat her to it.

“I don't mean to insult the one who raised you. They did a wonderful job! But know you don't have to worry about it anymore.”
Kirishima removed his fingers from Izumi’s sex. The omega letting out a soft whimper at the loss.

Kirishima lined his cock up to Izumi’s cunt,

“Because we're going to take good care of you. And break you of those habits and treat you like the beautiful omega that you are.

And then he thrust in.

Izumi let out a startled cry as Kirishima began to thrust into her. She absently mindedly grabbed onto him, digging her nails into his back, her ankles digging into the small of his back.

Kirishima moaned at Izumi’s tightness, her slick gushing around him.

“S-shit! You're so tight!” he gasped thrusting lightly into her. Kirishima looked at Izumi’s face, grunting and moaning with each thrust, drool continuing to slip out of the corner of her mouth, leaving a small puddle on the ground.

He brushed the hair out of her face admiring her face. “You look so lewd,” he said happily as Izumi felt pleasure forming. Kirishima began to kiss her breast, sucking her sensitive nipples. Izumi gasped as he nipped and sucked her nipples as he thrust into her.

As he released her nipple he grabbed her legs from behind and spread her legs and pushed them to her chest, his thrusting growing faster. Izumi covered her mouth as she felt screams of pleasure building up.
You’re so cute!” he gasped. “How can you look so innocent while doing something so lewd” he moaned as he added two fingers in her stuffed cunt. Izumi cried out. Her head thrashing.

“Stop! Stop! I’m too full! You’re going to break me!” she screamed.

Kirishima nuzzled her neck again.

“Don’t be so silly Izumi. Your body was made for this. I’m just prepping you for the future.”

Izumi panted harshly as she spoke.

“What- ohh-are- yo-you- oh god- all-talking about.” she whimpered.

“You’ll see.” He whispered. Right before activating his quirk mid-thrust.

Izumi screamed as she felt Kirishima’s dick become quite literally rock hard. He felt wider and more jagged inside of her.

“Hah wa- wait!!!” she begged, but Kirishima kept going.
Kirishima began thrusting harder and faster. He flipped their position over and Izumi screamed once more as he hit her deeper.

Kirishima grabbed her breast as he continued to thrust into her roughly, the crack in her mind slowly growing bigger and bigger. Izumi’s tongue rolled out of her mouth as her begging for him to stop, turning to plea’s for more.

“Oh fuck! She screamed as she felt his orgasm building. Kirishima planted his feet firmly on the ground and started thrusting even faster in her, praising her as the orgasm continued to build up.

“So tight, you feel so good. You’re doing so well. It’s okay you can cum. I want you to Izumi. Cum. I. Want. You. To. Cum!” He said roughly with each thrust. The final one bringing her to a screaming orgasm.

Izumi’s body went limp, but Kirishima kept thrusting. His quirk helping his stimulation. He still hadn't cum yet. He wanted to hold out till Izumi did, wanting to bring her pleasure first. He was alpha. He was supposed to make sure the pack omega was taken care of. That included her sexual stimulation.

Kirishima grunted harshly as the omega went limp on him, dazed out from her orgasm. Spit leaking from the side of her mouth. Yeah, she definitely was going to feel that in the mourning. Kishima let out a could more animalistic thrust before pulling the omega down to his chest, thrusting a couple more times before cumming inside her. He moaned in relief as he let out his load, his knot soon forming. Wider and rougher than usual given how his quirk was still activated. He looked at the omega’s stomach seeing her belly beginning to bulge out, from the cum. He smirked He really hoped she would catch after the night, knowing if she did one of the pups would most likely be one of his.

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Dabi made his way over to Kirishima and the new omega. He hadn’t had one for a while and this one was absolutely perfect. From her freckles all over her tiny, feminine frame, to her cries of pleasure as an Alpha had their way with her.

He found her covered in furs and curled up in Kirishima’s corner. He had clearly cleaned her up when his knot had deflated. He kneeled down and brushed her green curls away from her face. He leaned down and inhaled her scent and groaned with please. “Wakey, Wakey, sweet heart.” He whispered in her ear. The omega emerald eyes fluttered open. She rubbed the sleepiness from her eyes amd curled in open her self as Dabi picked her up.

Let’s go have some fun. He whispered as he took her away from Kirishima’s corner to his own. He laid her down on his cot and walked away for a moment, he expected her to run away, but she stayed put. Dabi returned later with the furs Kirishima had given her after he was done knotting her and placed them on the other side of the cot. He let his scarred hands run up and down her legs before giving a small lick to her cunt. The omega tried to pull away, but he grabbed her hips and slowly ate her out. The omega pleading for him to stop.

Her cunt began to make slick and Dabi moaned at the taste. She tasted as sweet as Toga said she did. She begged him to stop. Pleading for him to let her go. He pulled away from her dripping pussy. He was glad that she hadn’t been broken yet, but she wasn’t physically fighting back anymore, like she had with Toga. She was close just another crack or two and she was done for. Their little omega  for all of eternity once her mind shattered.

He walked up to the omega’s face and wiped away her tears. And kissed her gently holding her green curls firmly in his hands. Forcing her slick in her mouth. He stood up and tightened his grip on her hair and guided his cock in her mouth.He felt her gag and pulled away before putting it back in further. HE kept he motion going until he could get his cock in her mouth with minimum gagging.He stayed like that for a moment until the omega began to thrash, nodding air. 

Izumi panicked as the scared alpha, Dabi, if she remembered correctly stayed in her moth. She felt herself running out of oxygen and finally he pulled away. He began to kiss her body. Her neck then her breast, biting every now and again. Her cunt growing slicker as he began to gently  fuck hider throat. The cracks growing deeper and deeper as he kissed her body as he fucked her mouth.

He pulled away and kissed her on the lips. Her eyes becoming clouded. He pulled away and held his cock to her face. Izumi began to lick it and try to put it in her mouth like her natrure wanted her to. So Dabi did. He showed his cock back in her throat panting as he reached her her cunt and began to rub it roughly. Izumi screaming around his cock as  he began to grow more violent as he played with her pussy.  He shoved to fingers in and began to thrust his s hips faster.   Izumi chocking on his cock and thrashing her legs. 

The cracks growing deeper and deeper until he pulled away and walked to her her cunt. He slapped her cunt with his cock before finally pushing in roughly. Izumi felt her mind shatter to a million pieces as he fucked into her. “Oh god. “ She whispered. “Oh fuck. OH fuck.” She  began to scream as Dabi fucked into her like  a mad man.He tongue rolling out of her mouth as she Alpha fucked her harder and faster.

Izumi whimpered as Dabi began to grow more erratic. Dabi smirked as Izumi pleaded for his knot. She had only been with three alpha’s in the pack and her mind had already shattered. He thrust line more time before he his knot locked into her. He still hopped her. He pleas growling louder and louder, begging hi,m not to stop. He grabbed her and held him close to his chest as he humped her roughly, cumming inside her. She giggled  Dabi dropped her as he stopped cumming. Looking at Izumi as her body twitched . 

As his knot deflated, he knew that when she inevitably gave birth, one would be his. He spread her legs and began to eat her out , sucking her cunt licking and taking in as much of her as possible. She grabbed onto his hair and pulled his closed to cunt and began to ride his face. 

Her eyes crossed and tough out as Dabi continued  day to eat her out and she screamed his name in pleasure. Until she squirted harder than she thought humanist possibly and her body went limp. Dabi pulled away smirking at the broken omega.

He looked at the edge of his room and saw his little brother Shouto and his friend Iida watching. Iida’s face blushing as he looked at the limp om,ega giggling with delight, legs twitching and Shoto stared at her with lust in his eyes. Dabi walked out of the room smirking at the two younger Alphas as he sit and locked the door with them and Izumi in it.