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Walking to school with your bag over your shoulder you hummed a song playing through your headphones without a care in the world. As a young teenager you knew you should pay more attention in the dangerous world you lived in but when music was involved you were gone. Tapping your feet and bouncing as you walked to the beat you felt in complete bliss. Your black fingerless gloves suppressing the immense power you were created to have as you walked to school. You were overall left to your own devices at school. No one really spoke to you or made an effort to either and you were perfectly fine with that. Maybe that's where the social anxiety started? Oh well.  


As you walked to the school gates you texted your mother and then father letting them know you made it to school safely and then put your phone on vibrate. Humming the tune of the last song you listened to you got to your locker and received everything you needed for class. Your middle school was pretty laid back. So you didn't have to worry about much. Once in class you headed to your seat in the back near the window. You were the only one in the class since it was still early but you prefer it that way. This way you wouldn't have to do morning greetings.


You didn't like to talk unless needed due to a trama you experienced a few years back, one of the reason why your parents wanted you to text and inform them where you're going and when you get there at all times. Not talking made it hard to make friends but you didn't mind. You were going to high school soon, and against your mother's wishes Yuuei no less. You father wanted you to use your quirks to fight for the people that can't while your mother wanted you to live a simple life.


So needless to say you had mixed feeling about starting high school.


As time passed more people began to pile into the classroom and soon enough the class was filled and the teacher, Ken-sensei came in to start class.


“Good Morning everyone please find your seats.” she said happily. “We have a few things to discuss before the end of 2nd term approaches. And one of those things is high school. Most you already said what high school you're planning to go to..” Her voice flattered as she looked through the papers.


“Ken-sensei how many people put Yuuei!?” one of your classmates eagerly called out causing her to look up and smile.


“I was just getting to that! I bet so many of you guys are excited!”


“Yeah!!” the class roared in response. You on the other hand held in a groan. You knew how this was going to turn out


“Well this is shock! Shinso-san and Yagi-san, I didn't know the two of you wanted to go into hero work! What changed your minds?” she exclaimed with excitement and shock. Eyes split between you a boy in the front of the class.


“No way! You two really think you can't accepted into Yuuei!? Aren't you quirkless Ya-chan? And you have a better chance of being a villain than a hero Shinso-san! I mean there still has yet to be an orphan hero. But I bet must villains are”

The class erupted in laughter and you could see the purple haired boy put his head down slightly in defeat.


“Haranjiro Rayomi! That was rude and uncalled for! Class settle down immediately!”


“It's not like I’m wrong Sensei!” he exclaimed back with a laugh of his own. His alpha pride practically shining through for making the class laugh. His long maroon colored hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. Half his head was shaved and the shorter hair was black showing that he died his hair against school rules. His orange eyes shined in the light and if he wasn't such an asshat you knew you might of had have feelings for him just like so many other girls.


Finally having enough as you see the boy you knew for 3 years on the verge of tears you spoke up. “Shut the fuck up.” you said emotionlessly causing the class the finally quiet down. Everyone looked at you in shock. Including the teacher.


“Y-Yagi- san please refr-”


“I said shut up.”


Ken-sensei straightened up in shock and then puffed out her cheeks ready to discipline you but before she could you spoke again.


“You.” you called out standing up walking over to the boy the that made fun of you. “Who are you to tell me what I can and can't do? You wanna talk quirks? What's yours? Pop rocks? Really useful in a fight huh? Whether or not I have a quirk is none of your business. But I want you to apologize to Shinso-san.” you said low and dangerously.


“Scary!!” everyone in the class thought. You didn't mind getting made fun, but Shinso was one of the only people in the class you tolerated. He was quiet, smart, but not invasive, he knew boundaries and you respected him for that.


“S-sorry Shinso-san!” he stuttered out in earnestly as he couldn't help but find himself captivated by you. Looking into his eyes seeing no fault or lie you stood up straight and relaxed your tense body.


“It’s fine.” Shinso said, not wanting to for the problem to draw out longer than it needed to.


“Yagi- san please be seated immediately and see me after school.” Ken-sensei finally spoke up. You nodded against your better judgement and sat back down in the back of the class. Shino's eyes never leaving your retreating figure as something sparked in him.


Homeroom went on how it normally did just without high school being brought back up and neither were quirks. As the day went on it was finally lunch. Most of the people in your class stayed inside to eat but you never did. Gathering everything  you needed you headed out the classroom ignoring the lingering looks. With a sigh you rubbed your face with your free hand as you made your way to the staircase. “God damn it Kaa- chan is gonna kill me if he hears about this.”


“Why’d you do it Ya-san?” you heard from behind you. Turning your head slightly you saw Shinso standing there with clenched fist. You could tell the beta was confused but you stayed quiet. “I could of handled myself perfectly fine.”


“Shin-chan. I was expecting you.”


“Answer the question!” he cried. You knew if he was able to he would of brainwashed you to answer. Sighing softly you turned around full to look at him with your signature deadpan eyes.


“You cant let them keep doing that to you. Don't let them see you down. They know how you feel and they used it against you. I don't care what they think about me because it doesn't affect my ability to be who I am. Shin-chan I believe in you. Now it's your turn to believe in yourself, it would be better for society if you did.” you found yourself saying. Shinso stood there in shock. Normally you were a girl of very little words but for you to just encourage and insult him at the same time was a huge eye opener. But before he could say anything you were gone.


“Fucking hell.”


Normally you didn't like using your teleportation quirk due to the queasiness you get after but you knew if you didn't Shinso would try to continue the conversation. Standing on the rooftop of the school you let out a sigh of relief at the feeling of fresh air. Sliding down against the wall you let yourself bathe in the sunlight, your skin glowing and greedily taking in every ounce offered. You take deep breaths of the clean air to calm your stomach  before you even thought about eating, it would be a waste to lose the good food your father had cooked the night before. Once your stomach calmed you opened your bento and took out your utensils to eat. The silence and the soft blowing of the wind was comforting as you ate alone. And it’s been like that ever since you were kidnapped 4 almost 5 years ago . It’s something you don't like to think about that much but still haunts you through phantom pains.


It’s also one of the main reasons you don't like being in large groups. Its loud. Its suffocating. And it's way too stressful from all the touching. Ever since those 2 and a half weeks that happened years ago you’ve never been the same. And you knew your parents blamed themselves which is why you never talked about it it wasn't their fault you were careless. They were pro heroes after all they shouldn't have to worry about you the way they constantly do. It made you feel guilty. So you decided to stop feeling to the best of your ability. Stop talking about your problems, and put on a calm demeanor so they wouldn't worry. But every time what happened was brought up you were told the same thing.


"What happened wasn't your fault." they'd all say


‘It's not your fault’


‘It's not your fault’


‘It's not your fault’


‘It's not your fault’


“But why does it feel like it is.”  you whispered softly staring at your half eaten bento.


Suddenly you weren’t hungry anymore.

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When the lunch bell rang, signaling the end of lunch, you closed your unfinished bento and head back down to class. Walking down the stairs you kept your head up holding onto your stuff. Once at the bottom of the stair case you stopped and let out a soft sigh.


“Baba why are you like this? I’m at school and you breaking in to see me isn't exactly legal.” you said simply before turning around to see your father on the balls of his feet most likely trying to sneak up on you.


“N-N/n-chan my dear! I see you're as keen as ever. Must get that from your mother.” he chuckled nervously as he mumbled the last part.




“Yes, Yes my child. I’m just here to check on you. You haven't been answering my text or your mothers and we were worried.” he said honestly as he relaxed his body shifting back into his regular form only to cough up blood. You held in your cries at the sight of the blood and instead kept an emotionless deadpan look as you walked over to your father. With a sigh you placed your hands on his chest and before he could protest you let your hands warm up and glow as it healed him. Knowing your father would push you away you put in as much of a controlled amount as you could to make him comfortable. “N/n-chan. What have I told you about healing me.”


“I know Baba but it was only a little bit so it should be OK.”

“We don't know the limits of your quirks yet so please don't do that again.” he said voice full of worry. Looking your father up and down you nodded, you could visibly see the relief of pain in his body language.


“Yes Baba.” you answered obediently.


“Good.” he said softly as his tall lanky figure walked over to your smaller one to kiss your hairline. “I love you my dear. I’ll be sure to tell your mother that everything is alright. I’ll pick you up at 3.”


“Actually..” you started softly


“Aghhh.. What did you do?”


“I cursed during class, and yelled at Ken- Sensei. Please don’t tell Kaa-chan”


Your father found himself groaning again as he looked down at you. But seeing your eyes look at him with guilt he stopped himself from scolding you. “Fine. But be ready to scolding when you get home.”


Nodding your head you watch your father suck in a breath and his body expand to his All might form. With one last kiss he was gone and you were late to class. Once you were in your class you went straight to your seat without a word. Eyes following your figure was nothing new but you being late to class was.


“Yagi-san is there a reason as to why you’re late?” your Japanese literature teacher, Makine-sensei, said as you sat down.




“Since this has never happened before I’ll let you off with a warning. Please don't make it a habit”


“Hmf” you grunted in acknowledgement as you turned to look out the window. Clouds were innocently floating through the sky and birds were flying without a care in the world. ‘Must be nice’


Rayomi's eyes never left you however. As an alpha with a flashy quirk he wasn't used to being told off especially not by someone who was assumingly quirkless and still hasn't presented. Needless to say he was intrigued. No one has ever stood up to him and here you were a quirkless emo loner talking down to him like if he was an insolent brat.


“Haranjiro-san the board is up here not at Yagi-san.”


“S-sorry teach!” he said with a jolt. Turning to face forward he gave you one last look before turning to look forward with a huff.


Classes went on as they normally do until the end of the day came. As everyone piled out of the classroom telling each other to get home safe you said in your seat still looking out the window. The class was soon as empty as it was when you got there and you sighed standing up.




“Ah Yagi-San! Glad you came.”




Ken-sensei turned to face you as you stood near her desk. Her smile dropped slight seeing your emotionless careless stance and let out a sigh. “Is everything alright at home Yagi-San? You never act out like you did today and it worries me. Should I contact your parents?”


Shaking your head you looked at your teacher just wanting to leave already as you let her continue. “You're not in huge trouble but due to cursing and interrupting class I'm making you responsible for cleaning the classroom for the 3 days.


“Yes sensei.” you said simply.


“That is all. Get home safe Yagi-Chan.”


“I will.” you mumbled and nodded causing her to give you a soft smile before turning back to her work. When you left the office you closed the door behind you and started making your way outside. The sun was setting leaving the sky in an array of orange, red, and yellow. Walking toward the school gates you can see a glimpse of matron hair in the corner of your eyes. Holding in a groan you walked a little faster hoping to catch your father who stood at the gates before the boy caught up to you.




Or not.


Slowing down you turned your head to look at the boy in annoyance. “What?”


“Go out with me!” he cried while bowing. His orange eyes were closed and there was a dust of pink on his tanned cheeks. Your eyes widened as you stared at the young boy that stood in front if you. “No one has ever talked to me the way you did this morning and I admire you for that! I sincerely apologize for the way i acted during class and i promise to change! So please be my girlfriend!”


You stared at Rayomi unable to know if this was a joke or not. Either way you were going to reject him. Opening your mouth to give your response you were suddenly pushed behind a large and tall figure.


“I am here!”


‘God fucking damnit’

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Your father stood tall in front of you as All might. Letting out an audible groan you pinched the bridge of your nose to subdue the headache you were beginning to gain.


“A-All Might!! I-I-it's really you! I can't believe it!” cried out Rayomi.


“Neither can I. Say All Might what are you doing here .” you stressed in annoyance. Your father looked down at you and you can tell he didn't think this through.


“I.. I uh.. I am here!.. Toooo… To take N/- I mean Y/n-san home. Her mother is a dear.. friend of mine and asked me to, since I was in the area.” It was easy to see that calling his mate and former husband a friend hurt him, but it was all he could come up with. Deciding to make things harder on your father in a form of teenage rebellion you walked around his large form and stood next to Rayomi.


“Oh? Well it's fine All Might-sama the two of us will be taking the metro home right Haranjiro- kun ?” you asked while looking at the shocked and flustered boy.


“R-right! Ya-chan!” he replied almost immediately but your father was having none of that. His large hand grabbed the back of your uniform and brought you into his large arms, glaring at the boy. For him to call you that so casually struck a cord in him he hoped wouldn't be tampered with until you were at least 25. Lucky for him, however, Rayomi didn't notice or care one bit.


“Sorry kid but her mother wants her home now. Get home safe and stay out of trouble.” he said all too seriously before crouching down and taking off with a jump.


“Wow! I just met All might! And Ya-chan wanted to walk home together!”




“N/n-Chan you know I love you right?”


“Yes Baba.”


“And you know I love your mother right?”


“Yes Baba”


“And you know I hate to lie right?”


“Father please get to the point.” you groaned as you crossed your arms staying still in your fathers arms.


“You're too young to date, my precious daughter” he said with a hint of remorse.


“Kaa-chan said you started dating and having sex at my age.” you said nonchalantly.


“Gah! Uh.. Uh.. Damn it Shouta what are you telling our child.” he mumbled.


“So it's true then?”


“No! I mean Yes! I mean.. That's besides the point we're talking about you you here!” he scampered out.


“I'm not dating anyone Papa. So you don't need to beat around the bush. And I've never had sex. He was just a classmate.”


Toshinori let out a sigh of relief as he landed on a random rooftop. “Good.”


“Are you and Kaa-chan on speaking terms again? You said that he was worried about me earlier today.” you had a tiny bit of hope that they were. You missed seeing them both happy together especially since they longed for each other.


“We're slowly making our way there my dear. It takes time. Especially since we're both stubborn.” he said in a somber tone. “I know I said I'd take you home but there's something I need to do before I go home do you think you can fair well on your own?”


“Yeah” you nodded and with a kiss on the forehead he was off again leaving you on the roof of the building. Watching him leave you looked down from the building and decided to jump while using your levitation quirk. For all girls in school they normally wore school skirts but you did not. You wore pants, which was technically against school policy but one look from your mother was enough to change their minds. Once on the ground you ignored the looks from passerbyers as you kept walking. You would of just flew home but since you had to stay after school it was rush hour and you knew you could get in trouble if caught.  Since you still had time before it got dark you decided to take the long way home and pass through Musutafu. The streets were relatively empty as you walked past a park.


It was a decent sized but small park there were swings, a slide, jungle gym, and a small  rock climbing station. “I guess it doesn't hurt to to swing for a while.” Since It was a school night the park was empty as you walked closer to it. Behind the park was a woods like area and normally you wouldn't pay any sound coming from them any mind but there were whimpers and a weird scent in the air. Dropping your bag near the swings you carefully walked over to where you heard the sounds only to let out an uncharacteristic gasp at the sight of a boy your age with messy green hair, freckles, and a curled of body covered in scrapes.  Kneeling down you brushed his hair out of his face causing him to flinch away slightly before opening his eyes.


“A-are you an angel?” he mumbled softly only to wince in pain.


“What happened?” you asked and you gently laid him on his back to asset the damage.




“Oh.. Is it ok if I heal you.. I'm sorry what's your name?”


“M-midoriya Izuku and y-yeah. Is that your quirk?” he asked softly. You let out a grunt with a nod as you rubbed your hands together letting them glow before hovering them over his body. Taking hesitant glance between his body and face you watch as face shifted in pain to a relaxed one. “W-warm..”


“Yagi Y/n”




“My name is Yagi Y/n.”


“Ah.. Ok. Thank you Yagi-chan.” he smiled. Looking at him you felt your heart skip a beat and you grunted.


“No problem Midoriya-kun. Just sit back I'm almost done.. They really did a number on you.”


The young beta boy nodded and let out a weak cough. “I'm glad they did.. Or I would of never met you.”


Your heart skipped a beat again and a uncharacteristic warmth filled you. You were happy your (Tanned/brown) skin could hide it though. “I'm done. You can stand up now.” you said as you removed your hands and stood up offering him one of your own. Helping him up you could see the two of you were the almost the same height, him being about 3 cm taller. He was on the skinny side but had a major baby face. ‘Cute’


“I'm sure you don't mean that. Would you like me to walk you home? Where's your bag?” you found yourself asking. This boy was truly a treasure and you couldn't help but to want to help a little more.


“I think it's near the slide, but you don't have to walk me home I'll be fine! I actually feel good as new! Your quirk is amazing!” he praised. Spotting his bag he rushed over to grab it as you grabbed your own. When you turned to face him he was muttering incoherent words as he wrote in a notebook.


“Midoriya-kun what are you doing?”


“Ah! Sorry! I like to take notes on people, heroes and their quirks!” He said with a heavy blush while scratching his cheek with his pointer finger.


“Do you wanna be a hero or something? Why take notes?” you asked as the two of you walked. This seems to flatter his mood and you couldn't help but to feel bad.


“Ah.. Yeah I wanna be a hero but you see I'm quirkless.. So I can't.” he muttered sadly.


“Says who?”


“P-pardon?” namjoon has left the chat


“Who says you can't be a hero? You don't need a quirk to be extraordinary, just be true to yourself. You seem kind and understanding and that's something some heroes aren't. A hero is what you think it is not what society says it is. A doctor, therapist, scientist, or even just a kind old person can be anyone's heroes so if you say you can't be one then you can't. But if you think and know you can then I know you will. So the question isn't whether or not you can be one, it's really just how you'll become one and what type.”


The words came out of your mouth on their own as you looked at the dark orange almost purple now sky. You continued to walk a few more steps until you realized you were the only one walking and Izuku stopped. Turning your head your eyes widened to see the boys green widen and full of tears. He rubbed his tears out onto his torn up sleeve but more came to replace them.


“S-sorry.. Did I say something wrong?”


“N-no! N-not at all! It's e-exactly what I n-needed!”


You stood there dumbfounded and confused but you kept quiet. Even as the boy jogged over to you and engulfed you in hug repeatedly thanking you stood there in shock but weakly pat the boy's back in a sorry attempt of reassurance.




When Izuku was done crying the sun was fully set and you already knew you were gonna get an earful from your parents. Walking the sidewalk you guys got closer to his house and you let him talk your ear off. You gained a fair understanding of his love and fascination for heroes and he said everything with a smile. Once at his door you stood at the bottom of the step and looked up at him.


“Wait! Before you go let's exchange numbers! I wanna meet up with you again so I can tell you my journey to become a pro- hero!” he exclaimed. Too tired to protest you took out your phone and gave it to him. There was no password on it so he was able to open it on his own and put his number in

“There! All done I put myself in as ‘Izuku the hero’ if that's ok with you.”




“Great! And by the way, thanks again. I'll be sure to try my hardest and get into Yuuei, my dream school, on my own! Just you wait! And you better go with me!” Izuku paused and then his face erupted into flames. “T-t-that's only I-if you want t-to that is!”


“Hmf.. I'll go. Only because you'll need healer.” Izuku's blushing face lit up as he gasp and frantically nodded at the promise. Waving goodbye to you after handing back your phone he headed inside. Once he was inside you looked at your phone and smiled slightly, happy that you didn't ignore his whimpers at the park.


Unknown to you he was watching you through his peephole. When you smiled down at the phone his cheek felt warm again. ‘C-cute!’


“Izuku sweety is that you!?”


Pulling away from the peephole he called out loud enough for his mom to hear from the kitchen. “Yeah Mom! It's me!”


Waiting for another response but receiving none he looked through the peephole in hopes of seeing your retreating figure only to be greeted with the sight of nothing. “Awe she left.”


“Who left?” his mother asked from behind him causing Izuku to cry out in shock from the surprise.


“N-no one!”


“Umhm. Ok Zuku-chan keep your secrets I'll find out about your girlfriend through Katsuki-kun instead.” she teased softly as she turned around heading back to the kitchen to finish up dinner


“S-she's not my girlfriend!” Izuku cried in embarrassment but with a faint smile. Looking down at his and opening it up and looked at your contact name the he put and smile.


‘She's my angel’

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As soon as Izuku walked into his home and you were sure he was in the apartment, you used this time to take a deep breath and teleport to your father's house. 


“-uta! I know! Please stop yell-... Yes yes I know I should of… But!” you hear your father's panicked voice fills the penthouse apartment that he owned. Hearing terms of endearment and then the sudden silence you already knew who he was talking to, and mainly just by the mix of fear and admiration in his voice.


“Is Kaa-Chan mad?” you called from behind him. Toshinori jumped and let out a cry of shock causing him to almost drop the phone. He could hear Shouta's yell of questioning asking if that was you through the phone but that was the least of his concerns right now.


‘Be still my beating heart.’ Toshinori thought as he held his chest. His heart was beating erratically and if it wasn't for the fact he had One for All running through his veins he probably would of had a heart attack right then and there. The only thing stopping him from yelling at you or even smacking you upside the head was the way you nervously fidgeted from side to side while looking at the phone in his hand. Putting the phone back to his ear he turned around slightly to talk. The least he could do is try to coax his mate to calm down before letting him talk to you.




“Is that her!? Put her on the damn phone now Toshinori!”


On second thought, every man for himself, he draws the line at angry Omegas saying his full name; especially when it comes to their kids. A mad omega is something you should only wish upon your enemies after all. 


“Sorry my girl, you're on your own.” he said quickly as he put the phone on speaker.


“Oh god if Papa is giving up that means Kaa-Chan is gonna kill me. Tell him I'm not home.” you whined. Your mother was one of those people that were horrifying when mad. And you, being THE beacon of trouble, have grown to fear, love, and worship him, much like your father does.


“I can hear you!!”


“Wahh! Papa He's mad!”


"Where were you!? First you don't tell us your at school then you go missing after school! Do you know how worried we were!?" Aizawa yelled into the phone, Hizashi next to him rubbing the ear closest to him. 


"Shouta go easy on her.. I'm sure she has a valid explanation." he said nervously, you were his only niece after all, the two mates were already looking for their missing child they didn't need a dead one on top of that. Aizawa looked at his long time best friend and frowned.


"Fine. Y/n, what's your excuse all this? And why didn't send a message this morning either." he grumbled. Hizashi let out a sigh at the sound of his friend's voice. The voice that made it seem like he was genuinely interested but really didn't care at all in reality. A voice he's heard all too often throughout high school.


"I did send the message! Maybe the connection blockers at school interfered! But I can show it now! It'll say sent right around the time I got to school!" 


There was a brief silence as gears began to turn inside Aizawa's head. "The school has connection blockers now?"


"Yeah they put them in like last week."


"Oh.. Well what about getting home so late?" 


A frown graced your face knowing you had no choice but to tell him about what you did. You didn't regret it one bit though, hell you'd do it again in a heartbeat. Midoriya looked like he needed a friend anyway. So that's what you gave him as you walked him home.


"She got confessed to by some alpha boy. Maybe that's one of the reasons."


Or that. 


Looking at your father you rolled your eyes, being petty is something he never is, but there's always a first for everything. The least he could have done was be strategically petty and not impulsively petty, that way it wouldn't blow up in his face.


"You had us worried sick… because of a boy?" the confusion in Aizawa's voice was clear as day. "I expected better of you. I know you're young and all but that doesn't-" 


"It was Baba's fault. He's the reason why I got home so late." 


"What?" both said at the same time. If your father was ready to throw you under the bus then you'll gladly return the favor. Two can play it that game.


"Baba saw him confessing to me and then he turned big right at the school gat-"


A look of panic danced across Toshinori's face as abruptly interrupted you. "Uhh.. Well now that I think about it it doesn't really matter right! She got home safe and that's what important!"


"Yagi Toshinori let her finish." Aizawa growled into the phone. In the background a soft face palm and 'Why am I not surprised' could be heard.

"Then he carried me to a part of Musutafu that I didn't know, left me there and then I got lost." 


Ok now that was a lie, but they don't know that.


"Why did you just teleport home then?" 


"Baba was jumping through the air and I felt dizzy so I didn't want to risk it." 


"Ok. Fine. You can go. I need to talk to your father anyway." Aizawa sighed out. A smile graced your face as you went up to your room. Knowing your parents they'd end up inattentively flirting with each other within the next hour so no real harm done, at least you got out of it scotch free as well.




You were brushing your teeth before bed when a text rang through your phone, stopping the music coming from your Bluetooth headset in the process. The pause in music only lasted for a short amount of time before it resumed as you spat out the last of your toothpaste. Rinsing your mouth and face you then dried yourself off and checked your phone. 


'1 new text message from Izuku the hero. Tap to view.' 11:46

With a raised eyebrow you clicked the notification that transferred you to your texting app. 


'hey. are you still up?' 

Sent at 11:46


Your fingers were nimble as they worked across the screen to make a message. 



Sent at 11:47



Sent at 11:47


OK now you were confused. Is that all he wanted to know? Unknown to you, Izuku was having a mini panic attack about texting you and you responding. He had little experience when it comes to girls, never mind someone as cool and calm as you. Anything can go wrong and fast.


'what do you think about all might?'

Sent at 11:48


'He's very loud. Prefer Eraserhead.'

Sent at 11:48


Biting his lip Izuku racked his brain to think of who that hero was. He didn't know or couldn't remember them, and that's saying something coming from the boy who prided himself on analyzing heroes and their quirks. 


'what do you like about

 eraserhead the  most?" 

Sent at 11:48


'He's quiet. And if I do 

become a hero an underground

 hero like him is what 

I'd prefer to be.'

Sent at 11:49


'really? why not be popular like

 all might?'

Sent at 11:49

"Being a hero isn't a popularity 

competition. If all you care about 

is being popular then by job you 

may be a hero but in reality you're

 not. Being a hero is about 

selflessness. And that's what I admire 

about underground heroes. You don't

have to be popular to be great, the ones

that are overlooked are often just as good

if not more. Idk if you know who 

Eraserhead is but you should look 

him up"

Sent at 11:50.

Rereading the message over and over again Izuku felt his heart stop. Without even knowing it you always seem to encourage him to do what he thought he could never do. If only he met you when he was younger, he would have so much more confidence in himself. But now that he does know you, he'll make sure to stay close friends with you for as long as he can.


"ive never heard that before,

 but that ideology is a good one.

also you said you prefered quiet people,

is that why you dont talk much?" 

Sent at 11:51

"I guess."

Sent at 11:51


" I just prefer to talk

 through sign language

 that's why. w ell I have to

go to bed  soon. "

Sent at 11:52.


'ok thanks for telling me, night' 

Sent at 11:52


'Good night Izuku the hero'

Sent at 11:52

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A month has passed since befriending Izuku, and through that time the two of you became great friends, or better yet best friends. Picking each other up from school on certain days became a common occurrence, just like hanging out at cafes and fast food restaurants. Though Izuku did pretty much all of the talking in your conversations you didn't mind listening. And with the little sign language he did know your brief responses were relatively easy for him to decipher. He was a lot more confident as well, but still timid no less. It was a working process. 


Today was no different from any other, at first. You were sitting near a small fountain at Izuku's school waiting for him to be let out. With your normal uniform, your braids pulled into a ponytail, and your gloves you looked the same as any other day, the only difference was your gloves were fingerless today.  On Friday's your school let you early, a true blessing, so normally you waited for Izuku outside the gate. But since it was on the warmer side sitting near the fountain was a lot more cooler. Your bag was at your feet as a shadow glided across the ground. Looking up you were meet face to face with a burnt book flying your way.  Feeling too lazy to catch it with the help of your telekinesis you were able to bring it to you. It landed on your lap as you used your hand to block the sun's glare so you could look up. A head was poking out the window but you couldn't see who it was.


"Y/n! What are you doing here!?" 


Well now you knew who it was. 


More heads poked out the window just as the sun went behind a cloud. With the temporary shade you were able to make eye contact with Izuku and wave. A blush dusted across his cheeks as a large smile covered his face, something that didn't go unnoticed by the childhood friend that was bullying him. Izuku's eyes landed on the book on your lap and his smile lowered some.


"You caught my book! Thanks! Can you hold onto it for now? You can give it to me when we're walking home together!" Izuku suggested, oblivious to the whispers and gasps of confusion as speculation of you being his girlfriend were made. Holding the book in your hand you glanced at Izuku and then back at it. It was burnt and probably had a few ruined pages as well, so your fingers began to glow and just like that the book was back to its prime state. Izuku didn't have to say it for you know that it was a classmate, so instead of having to look at the ruined book, might as well fix it to the best of your ability with your new found skills. It turns out one of your quirks wasn't to heal, but to reverse. And it could be used on anything.


The sun was no longer blocked by the cloud and was back to beating on your forehead hard. As you put got head back down you missed the wide smile on Izuku's face after you fixed his book. "Ok class settle back down. Everyone back to your seats so we can finish up for the day." the teacher finally said. 


Knowing you weren't far Izuku couldn't stop smiling as the teacher talked, unable to care about Katsuki's glaring eyes. 




When class was finally done no one had seen Izuku leave in such a rush before. The normally timid and mumbling beta boy was packing his stuff up before the bell ring and out the door before it could finish. About a minute later he was seen outside standing in front of you like an excited puppy holding your bag out to you as you stood up. 


"You're getting better at that! Wow my notebook is as good as new! Almost as if I just got it!" Izuku gushed as he flipped through the pages. You gave a curt nod as you put your arm into your bag, the two of you walking close together. You wanted to ask what happened but at the same time you didn't want to ruin his mood. For the next 5 minutes Izuku was recording notes about your quirk again causing you to sigh. But as you did a soft smile graced your face, even on nice days like this one he still had his nose buried in that book.


"Hey Deku! Wait up!" 


Izuku's feet stilled and face dropped as a familiar voice called out to him. Turning around you looked at him in confusion as you glance between him and the group of boys approaching. You didn't miss the bodily shutter that Izuku let out either. Before they could get any closer you stood in front of Izuku as a barrier. You didn't know who these boys were but if Izuku could change moods so quickly they had to be bad news. And who was this Deku they spoke of? 


"Y/n You can go ahead without me! Its ok!" he urged. The forced smile on his face was something you could always tell. When he smiled for real his eyes often closed completely or almost complete, and right now his eyes were wide.


"It's fine. I'm staying." you signed as the 3 boys closed the distance. 


"Deku! You didn't tell us you had a foreigner girlfriend! Does she speak Japanese?" the one with wings said, a beta, a smile on his face as he landed on the ground to put his arm around Izuku, as if they were long friends.


 "What was that hand stuff she did?" the other one said his eyes racking down your figure, an alpha. You didn't look at the extras though, your eyes glared at the red eyed alpha in the center. His hands were in his pockets and his hair was a mess, as he looked back at you trying to intimidate you with no avail. 


"It was sign language you idiots. She can't speak. Looks like Deku got himself a Deku, birds of a feather and all that stuff." Katsuki said with a smirk. But you knew better than to entertain stupidity. Reaching behind you you wrapped Izuku's hand and turned looking away from the blond. You tried to lead Izuku away but he wouldn't budge. 


"Take that back Kacchan! You can say what you want about me but Y/n is not useless!" Izuku growled leaving the three boys in shock, as well as you. 


'Useless?' you thought to yourself, but then it hit you. Deku was a kanji character in Izuku's name that could be translated to useless person. Your frowned deepen as you looked at the three. And then 'kacchan' Izuku's supposedly childhood friend.


"Tch! First you apply to Yuuei and now you got yourself a girlfriend!? I bet you think you're all high and mighty!" Katsuki growled as hands crackles with explosions, going straight for Izuku's face. But instead it hit yours. "Oh look! Your Deku girlfriend is even protecting you! How useless can you be Izuku!" 


"That's enough." you growled softly. All of the boys looked at you in shock, the 3 that thought you to be mute, and Izuku because he never thought you could would so mad. You didn't move as you touched got burnt cheek, you were in shock that someone, an unknown alpha no less had actual hit.  Izuku let out a gasp at the charred flesh and growled lowly, ready to fight even though he didn't know how to but with a with a shake of your head and a soft no he was back in place, but clenching his fist. With just a touch it was healed and good as new. 


"Oh look! Turns out she can speak! Guess you were wrong Bakugou!" the beta said in shock. 


"Tch! That doesn't make her any less of a Deku! All she has is a lame healing quirk!" Katsuki countered. 


"Izuku let's go. If I stay any closer to trash I'll start to break out." You hissed lowly, but loud enough for them all to hear. Izuku nodded loosely as the two of you began to walk away, but not before you turned around to glare at the three bullies. "Do the world a favor and change. Pollution is bad enough as it is. And we don't need shit like you spreading like a disease." 


Katsuki looked at you in shock, no one has ever told him off or even called him a name before. You just insulted him multiple times in a row. You! Someone who hasn't even presented yet! Snapping out of it a growl rumbled in his chest as he quickly stepped to close the go between the two if you, ready to fight to mend his alpha pride. His lackeys not far behind him. "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BITCH!?" 


His hand never made contact with you, and neither did his friends. Their bodies were stilled as your normally e/c eyes were a sharp yellow with hints of black in them as well.. Anyone around that were watching everything happen as bystanders watched in shock as well. 


"You have a lot of fucking nerve." You started, their immobilized bodies starting to ascend slowly into the air. "To even THINK ABOUT putting your hands on ME. AGAIN." you growled. Izuku watched in horror and disbelief at what you were doing.


"Y-y/n! Put them down if you're the one doing that!" Izuku said as he gripped your arm shaking you. People were starting to stare and whisper, taking a deep breath you looked at Izuku and then the boys. You lowered them down some and then dropped their immobilized bodies to the ground. It won't kill them just make their butts sore. "C-come on let go." 


"I'm sorry Izuku. I didn't mean to lose my temper." you whispered softly, putting your head down. The two of you quickly walked away from prying eyes the three boys were still on the ground. 2 out of the three groaning in pain, and one sitting in shock at the fact that he technically lost this fight.


Just who were you? And how did Izuku know you?

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"What was that back there!? Why did you tell me you had another quirk!" Izuku scolded (or was he gushing?). The two of you stood under a shaded tunnel on the other side of the park. You were leaning against the wall and he was standing in front of you talking a mile a minute as he wrote down notes about what just occurred.


"Sorry Izuku." you mumbled again, eyes trained on the ground feeling embarrassed by your behavior but never your action. "But I'm not sorry for what I did to them. They're the ones that ruined your book aren't they?" 


Izuku lowered his book as his eyes met yours, silence was all you need as he didn't confirm or deny. "Then I'll gladly do it again Izuku. And don't say it's fine or don't worry. I'm supposed to be your friend right? Friends don't hide stuff like this unless its life or death." 


"Then tell more about your other quirk." 


"I can't. There are things, secrets, I have to keep in order to protect those I care about. That's one of the reasons why you can't meet my parents. I don't want you getting mixed into things you don't need to be mixed. And no, it's not because you're quirkless. It's because you and one other person are the only friends I have and I just got you. I don't want to lose either of you for something that was avoidable." You admitted. Silence surrounded the two of you, neither of you knowing what else to say. Until a nearby sewer crate began to rattle and the silence was disturbed by both of your cries of confusion as a green substance began to leak out. 


"I finally lost him! Now I just need a vessel to hide in." the green substance said. Both of your were frozen in fear as the sludge Villain turned around and it's eyes landed on the two of you. "Perfect. Sorry little girl but I'll be taking your friend's body. As for you kid, Don't worry. I'm just hijacking your body. Calm down. It'll only hurt for about 45 seconds... then it'll be all over." 


In a matter of seconds Izuku was trapped and your body was moving on its own, scratching and trying to pull the sludge away from Izuku's crying and screaming body. "LET HIM GO! IZUKU HANG ON I'LL SAVE YOU!" you yelled desperately. But every time you moved the sludge Izuku was forced in deeper. Using too many quirks in one day can make you dizzy but you were nowhere near your limit. Holding your hand out the sludge villain was forced to still as you manipulated the water in his body. As you closed your slowly closed your fist the sludge began to steam quickly. You wanted to go faster but if you did you might hurt Izuku. 


"What the hell are you doing little girl!?" the sludge villain growled as he began to shrink. Izuku's head was freed and it lolled to side, it was clear he was unconscious. 




You've never been more happy to hear those words. With a strong gust of wind Izuku was free and All Might's large towering figure was in perfect view. But you did have time to cheer, catch Izuku with your telekinesis you lowered him to the ground slowly as you wrapped your arms around him. Both of your stuff was scattered on the ground but you didn't care. Right now you needed to make sure to sludge entered his system. 


"N/n? I didn't see you there!" You heard from behind you. Gently placing Izuku's head down you got up and tackled Toshinori into a hug, your face buried into his stomach as you squeezes him. "Ha! I'm glad to see you're alright too! Did he hurt you anywhere, my girl?"


Shaking your head again you took in your father's soothing alpha scent. He smelt like citrus dryer sheets, maybe it was his shirt but right now you didn't care. "I thought he was gonna kill Izuku.. I used my water quirk and it was working but I was worried I might be too late."


"I think you did great. You were able to get his head free within a relatively short amount of time and that way he was able to breathe. If I didn't come I'm pretty sure you could of handled it on your own. Pretty good for a first time if you ask me. And I'm ALL MIGHT!" Toshinori boasted as he ruffled your hair with his large hand. This caused your ribbon used to tie back your hair to fall out and your hair to fall as well. "Who's the kid by the way? A new friend? Wait were the two of you on a date!?" 


The gentleness that was once in your father's expression turned to concern as he glanced between you and your passed out friend. "No All Might. He's my friend. And now that I remember he's a huge fan. And I can not stress that enough." you explained as you let go of Toshinori to pick up both yours and Izuku's property. Grabbing his book you gave to your father as he carried the unconscious Izuku, flipping through the pages. "You should sign it. And his book bag as well. He's had a long day and this will cheer him up."


When your father finally agreed to sign Izuku's note book you placed his head was in your lap, waiting for him to awaken. Toshinori sat across from the two of you as you told him how your day went, including the bullying. The sludge Villain was also knocked out within the bottle it was contained so the two you didn't have to worry about him listening.


"Well your cousins are coming back to Japan to stay with us, and your mother and uncle said they might of found your brother. So there's that to look forward to." he said. You knew you had a brother your parents had to give up for adoption since they were teenagers who both thought they were unable to raise a child that young. Especially since your father was in America at that time. 


"I still don't understand how you guys said you were too young to have Hitoshi but about a year or two later adopted me. Grandpa Sora must of been out of his mind when he let y'all have me. Same with Grandma Chiyo." 


"Chiyo didn't agree at first actually. When we first adopted you she wouldn't let either of us touch you. And she wouldn't stop kissing you either. Me and Shouta used to joke that she's the reason why you have a healing quirk." Toshinori said fondly as he thought back to his youth and both times he became a parent.


"Oh, about that.. It's not a healing quirk. It's a reversal quirk. From what me and Izuku have gather it reverses the affected person or object back to its physical state of prime. But markings don't get removed. Sooo hypothetically speaking if I were to, I don't know, use it on you.."




"Hear me out! If I were to use it on you the scar might stay but your insides would go back to normal. You'd be able to eat Grandma Chiyo's cooking again! Think about it!" You pleaded hopefully.


"I have. And the answer is still no. I know you want to help but you're a child and this is adult stuff. So remember that." He said firmly.


"You dying for no reason is adult stuff!? Otou-San please! It's my fault you're like this! I don't want to grow up without you! You and Ka-Chan finally might get back together and for what!? You to leave us the next year!? I never forgot what Uncle Nighteye said! I never forgot!" You cried. Using your sleeves you wiped away your following tear as fast as you could as all your worries were let out. "I-I never forgot! F-five years! And it's been 4 so far! I never forgot!" 


A sigh escaped Toshinori as he stood up to crouch in front of you as you cried. "I-.."


Your cries and hiccups only got louder, even when you placed your face into his shirt. "Otou-san you're not invincible! You're trying to teach me that it's ok to ask for help when needed! And the more I find out about what happened that day, the more I realize you're a hypocrite! If you'd have ask Ka-chan for help you wo-wouldn't be.. you wouldn't be dying! We'd still be a family! Maybe even a bigger family! And even if we find Hitoshi, without you we'd be back to square one and missing a family member!"


"I'm sorry Y/n. I didn't.. We didn't know you felt this way.." He mumbled, unable to form words as he processed everything you just said. The worst part about it all was that you were right, he was a hypocrite. He's main motto was to face your fears with a smile and yet here he was hiding behind his own without seeing how it affected the people around him, the people he loved and cared about most no less. "Let's make a deal.. If you stop crying, and get into Yuuei with or without recommendation, and work hard on your quirks I'll let you heal me. And I have to be able to see just how strong you've become. What do you say?" 


Sniffling a few times as hiccups continued to escape you, you pulled away from your father and wiped your eyes nodding.



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Being in class 2A was an adjustment you still weren't used to. But with the help of your boyfriend, Izuku, you were able to settle in. The dorms were always lively to say the least, from rap battles to miss using your quirks all together there was never a dull moment. Today was no different. Mina and Kaminari were as they call it 'patrolling' around the dorm rooms. But in reality they were just following people around to make jokes. You sat in the common area laying across the couch with your head on Shinsou's lap and feet on Bakugou. The only time you two were allowed to be together is if someone else was present. According to everyone you and Bakugou were 'too powerful, too scary' when together. Suddenly a thought popped into your head, and you gently nudged Bakugou's leg to get his attention. 




'If I drenched you in gasoline and you used your quirk would you be set on fire? And would it hurt? Cause technically its still your quirk and it shouldn't hurt you. But its also there's gasoline turning it into fire.' you signed. Bakugou blinked twice looking down at his hands, clearly thinking about it. 


"Whatever it is you two are thinking about doing. Don't." Shinsou said without looking up from the game he was playing. Bakugou sucked his teeth ready to protest the sound of shattering window, a scream and thud of someone falling outside caused him not to. It was winter. There was snow outside and it was freezing, so why is Izuku running away in a pajamas and red blanket over his head?




Izuku looked at his reflection in the mirror, he was holding one of the limited edition replicas of the hero Zoro's swords. It was sharp and an actual weapon, it was a miracle he was able to sneak it into Yuuei in the first place but here he was holding it at his reflection in the mirror. He wore All might pajamas and had his red blanket pulled over his head and covering his body as protection from the winter's cold. But Izuku doing weird stuff was very common, just not seen like this. From outside his door Mina and Kaminari walked quietly through the halls recording their adventure as they peeked into their classmates room. When they reached Izuku's dorm they slowly opened the door, recording as he careful swung the sword around until pointing it at himself in the mirror.


"No! She's mine! She's my girlfriend! Y/n is spoken for! She's-" he whispered yelled to himself, coaching himself on how to declare you as his girlfriend for all to know. But when Kaminari bumped his knee into the door from trying to hold in his laughter Izuku cut himself off and looked at the two. When eye contact was made Izuku's face erupted in a deep red blush as they struggled on not letting out their laughter.


"DUDE WHAT WAS THAT!? WHAT'S WITH THE SWORD! DENKI TELL ME YOU GOT THAT ON CAMERA!" Mina said as she held in her laughter, hitting Kaminari repeatedly on the back as the camera shook in his hand. Unable to speak, Kaminari nodded his head vigorously as Izuku let out a cry of embarrassment and dropped the sword. With nowhere to hide, Izuku tapped one for all and went straight out the window. The cold air was hitting him but didn't look back, he just needed to disappear for a while.


Days later


The video of their adventure was all that was sent in the class group chat. Nobody has seen Izuku since, not that they were surprised. You on the other hand haven't seen it yet. You didn't see the point in social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, so you didn't have them, so as everyone made jokes about Izuku and reenacted what he was doing you sat in your seat in confusion, waiting for class to start. 


"Yagi-chan! Did you watch you the video yet!? Its hilarious and so adorable at the same time!" Uraraka gushed, thrusting the new smart phone she had into your line of vision. You had given it to her as a Christmas gift, lying to her by saying it was an old phone, and she happily accepted it. The thumbnail was a picture of Izuku wrapped under his blanket holding out a sword and you looked at it on confusion. Shaking your head, Uraraka pressed play and moved to stand next to you.


"No! She's mine! She's my girlfriend! Y/n is spoken for! She's-"


Blinking twice the video ended with Izuku jumping out the window and Mina and Kaminari's laughter. At the same time Izuku walked through the door, a blush on his face, and his head hung low. Eyes fell on the two of you as he tried to avoid eyesight. But everyone knew just how whipped he was for you and seconds later his head was up and your eyes met. "Y-y/n.. G-good morning!" he stuttered out nervously as he sat next to you. 


Normally you weren't one for morning interaction, or even talking for so many to hear,but you knew more than ever that this needed to be addressed for the sake of your relationship. 


"Dude.. Why the hell do you have a sword?"

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Izuku awoke with a jump, shooting straight up from Y/n's lap to look around. With him now awake, you slowly began to rise and pick up your stuff. 


"A-A-ALL MIGHT!" Izuku screamed out in shock. A heavy blush in his face as he covered his mouth to stop any other unholy sounds to be released. Izuku sprung up snatching his note book off the ground, holding it out to All Might. "W-Will you sign my notebo-"


"I already made sure he did Izuku." Y/n interrupted, holding out his yellow bag to take as well. From the way you held it he was able to see the signature on both straps as well. Tears of joy brimmed Izuku's eye and he then tackled Y/n into a tight hug. 


"Thank you Y/n-chan!" he cried, tears of joy coming from his eyes like a waterfall. A common occurrence for Izuku. Y/n wrapped her arms around the green haired boy, cheeks feeling hot and heart skipping a beat. But lucky for you, no one noticed. Not like Izuku ever would anyway. 


During the time of know the kind quirkless boy feelings were caught. But never mentioned or acted upon. You knew wouldn't matter anyway. He was too busy fan boying over your quirk rather than you. But that was ok. Or at least that's what you told yourself. 


"Well seeing that you're all fine and well, I have to get this man to the police immediately. Stay out of trouble young ones!" Toshinori said as he coughed into his fist. A frown traveled across your face as you stepped forward knowingly.


"H-hey d- All Might. It's almost as if you don't have a limit that has been reached. Maybe I should-" you said softly, crossing your arms in the process. 


"I know right! All Might is amazing! I have so many questions!" Izuku gushed, bouncing around like a bunny. 


"T-That's um.. Nice. You're real enthusiastic aren't you kid?" Toshinori said as he took a step back. A sigh escaped you as you clenched the bridge of your nose, a migraine rising from the two males in front of you. But before you could even suggest healing him, All might was in the sky and Izuku was there with him screaming.


"I don't get paid enough for this… wait I don't get paid at all."



Walking down the street you frowned, in your hold was Izuku’s things including his phone. You had no idea where he was,  if he was ok, or even if your father shifted in front of him from maxing out his time limit. So walking down the streets aimlessly in the direction they hopped off to was your best bet for now. The sun was going to set within the next 1 or 2 and you need to be a the lake by then. If you didn't you'd lose handle of your quirks again. It's ironically funny, though, how to control your quirks you had to use one of them. Your siren quirk was mainly just a meditation method, it's like singing in the shower after a long day of work or school. Simple but refreshing. You didn't have any swim gear on you, or even your family to keep watch of the area but it didn't matter much to you.


 If you die, you die.


Classical music softly played through your ear buds as you walked through the crowded streets, staying calm was your main focus right now. Worrying about your father and Izuku will only make things worse. Bach's 'Sheep may safely graze' played into your ears, a calming yet uplifting vibe. Just what you needed. More and more people began to surround you as rush hour hit its peak but you kept your face hidden behind your braids ignoring the stares you've grown accustomed to. 


Where the hell are they? Why has your life come to this?


When a hand was placed on your shoulder you snapped out of your self pity to turn around and meet the gaze of the person who touched you. Sad green eyes met deadpan e/c eye and you couldn't help but to think, 'What the hell did Papa say to him?'


"Is everything alright Izuku?"  You asked. "Did something happen that I should know about?"


What All might said to Izuku flashed into head, about him firmly saying not to tell you or anyone else. It hurt that Izuku had to keep a secret from you, but it's not like you're innocent either. You keep secrets from him and even told him that. He didn't believe you when you said it was to protect him, Izuku just thought it was an excuse. Your way of saying that because he was quirkless he needed to be protected instead of trying to be protective. Izuku knew it was a huge stretch, but he had nothing else to go on. A fake reassuring smile travel across his face, and he took his stuff from you. "It's nothing Y/n-Chan, please don't worry! I was just thinking."


Izuku began walking ahead of you before you could respond and you couldn't help but feel sad for young boy. He was staring at the ground with each step, jogging to catch up you stood next to him at a lost for words. You didn't know what happened so you didn't know how to soothe him. An idea popped into your head and bite your lips nervously. Touching people voluntarily was something you've never done, never mind letting someone else touch you. Taking multiple deep breaths you braced yourself, if you couldn't cheer him up with words then maybe holding his hand will do the job. 


When you hesitantly reached out to grab his hand Izuku came to a stop in front of you glancing into a crowd of people with sad eyes. There were many heroes, most that he knew and they were trying to fight a sludge Villain, the same from before. Upon further inspection there was fire everywhere and explosions going off. The villain was way larger than before and it had someone in its grasp, the person was yelling and thrashing inside the Villain, their quirk most likely causing all of the damage. You stood next to Izuku watching it all unfold, but then he was gone, running through the crowd and pushing past people and heroes.





Chapter Text

Your legs were moving on your own to catch up to Izuku, he was pretty fast when he needed to be. Weaving past people much like he did, you tried to catch up but when you got to the roadblock a hero grabbed you just before you could cross. 


"HEY KID DON'T YOU SEE HOW DANGEROUS IT IS! GET BACK HERE!" he yelled to Izuku. Helplessly you watched as Izuku clawed at the same sludge villain that attacked the two of you before. More explosions went off and a growl escaped you. If these 'heroes' won't do their job then you and Izuku will. Shuffling in the hero's arms you dropped your things and handed them your headphones and phone. They looked at the items confused, since you were still in their grasp via the back of your uniform, and then you teleported. You appeared next to Izuku causing him and many others to look at you in shock.


"Y-Y/n-Chan! You shouldn't.. My legs.." he tried to make out, but you knew what he was trying to say. Giving the young boy a smile, you took a deep breath and did what you should of been able to do the first time. Digging your fingers into the villain you manipulated the water within his body, heating him up until he began to let out a loud blood curdling scream. As space formed between Katsuki and the sludge you formed a protective force field around him.


The use of two of your quirks at the same time wasn't unheard of but was known to be hard. It left your stomach feeling knotted and made you feel like vomiting, and teleporting earlier didn't help one bit either.


The force field you made for the young bully was a milky white and transparent, Katsuki was basically trapped in a bubble, and as your head began to spin you slowly made it rise out of the villain. When Katsuki was completely free of the sludge, you let the field pop near the other heroes. Your fingertips were a blazing red from the heat of the sludge and slowly your fingers slid out of him and you leaned into the dumbfounded boy next to you. 


"Y-Y/n-chan!? A-are you alright!?" He shouted as your weight against him began to increase. With his attention on you, the sludge villain began to grow back, hissing in pain as he fixed the damage given by you. If you had taken off your gloves your head wouldn't feel like something was drilling into it. But that was too risky, you can barely control yourself with them on and if you took them off people could get hurt. You allowed Izuku to help support you as you shake your head a few times in an attempt to decrease and be rid of the multiple projections you were witnessing. It worked somewhat but not nearly enough as you hoped it would. 


With both of you distracted and Katsuki being tended to by heroes you didn't see the villain as he got ready to pounce on you while you were weak. "I should have killed you when I had the chance little girl!"






"What were you two thinking! You shouldn't have ran into trouble like that! Heroes exist for a reason and you could of gotten yourself along with others killed! Even if your quirk is great you shouldn't have done that!" Letting out a groan and visibly rolling your eyes you picked your stuff off the ground, ignoring the heroes scolding you and Izuku for your reckless behavior as they praised Katsuki for his quirk. Both boys sat on the ground as you dusted off and put your headphones around your neck.  "HEY KID WE'RE TALKING TO YOU!" 


"Yeah. And I'm ignoring you, fuck off. I've had a shitty day and I don't need to listen to some shitty heroes to make it worse. Izuku would you like to walk home together?" you said in a monotone yet annoyed voice cause both boys, the heroes, and bystanders around you to gasp and watch in shock, some news cameras turning away from All Might to zoom in and catch the commotion you were causing between you and the heroes.


"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE LITTLE GIRL!? WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS!?" one hero yelled, face flushed in anger and embarrassment. 


"I think- no I know- I'm Yagi Y/n, the girl that did what you didn't. You're supposed to heroes. We're supposed to trust you with our lives, And yet all of you, ALL OF YOU, watched as boy was basically suffocated and fought for his life because of a Villain! You call yourselves heroes and yet you all stood there with your heads up your asses as if you couldn't help. You're adults, We’re children, you're certified heroes and we’re in middle school and yet Izuku did what you couldn't. He didn't wait. He acted. He's more of a hero in my eyes then you'll ever be. Because at least he cared, he tried, and he inspired me to help. So it looks like they just gives the hero title to anyone with a nifty little costume and a flashy quirk, cause all I see here are fake heroes getting fat off the money that comes from the taxes of hard workers. So excuse me if I'm annoyed and don't care about what you have to say. Izuku and I actually took initiative to help, despite being children, what did you do that you could be proud?" you said in an icy voice as you threw your bag over your shoulder. Cameras zoomed in on your face as you sucked your teeth and rolled your eyes again. During your whole rant you didn't notice the look of awe and shock that both boys gave you. "But since I'm the irresponsible one here, ALL MIGHT-sama!" 


Turning his in a matter of seconds, Toshinori coughed into his hand and made his way over to you concern laced in expression. You weren't looking at anyone else but most shared the same thought and expression. "Is everything alright over here?" 


"No. They want to speak to an adult about my reckless behavior. Do you think you can handle that? My Kaa-chan is expecting me home soon."  came your smooth voice. Placing your hand on his arm you allowed your reversal quirk to work its magic, giving him a solid 10 to 15 extra minutes in his muscled form. A sigh escaped the man as he pinched the bridge of his nose. Leave it to you to pick a fight with certified heroes and then leave him to clean up the mess. "Do you still wanna walk home together Izuku?" you asked, your voice immediately softening and your body in a more relaxed and bashful stance that didn't go unnoticed by those watching. However it did go unnoticed by Izuku as he stood up hesitantly with a nod. 


The two of you walked away from the wreckage as the sun began to set, a new chapter in both of your living opening up. For better or worse. 




A soft whistle and chuckle came from the man within the empty warehouse as he watched from his phone a live news broadcast of a young girl. Under him was a large puddle of blood and just 2 yards away was a weak and crawling Yano: the air hero, fighting for his life. But his efforts were futile because all it took was the man to take 7 steps before his bloody combat boots pressed into the back of the wounded hero, causing him to scream out loudly in pain.


"Well isn't that just precious!? This girl is something else. Isn't she Yano?" 


He didn't get the chance to answer.




Silence was in the air as the two of you walked together. You secretly hopped your speech didn't upset Izuku though, he idolized all heroes and just insulted a good 6 on live television. Your dry throat was proof of such. You haven't talked this much in a long time and the tight dry feeling in your throat that cause immense discomfort reminded you why.


“Y/n.. Why did you mention me? I didn’t do anything I ju-”


“My throat is starting to hurt my like crazy but I’ll talk anyway. Izuku, you’re quirkless. We both know this, but that doesn't make you worthless or a burden, like you think you are. To you your quirklessness is known to you like the sky is blue. But to me?” you cut yourself off to stand in front of the moping boy. As you stood in front of him the light of the setting sun hit your brown skin majestically, and reflected off the stray hairs within your loose braids a smile wide on your face. “To me the sky's so many different colors, and on many different days as well. You inspired me to help, so yeah maybe I saved your ‘Kacchan’, but you sparked that Izuku. That was all you . And I love that about you. You do your best, and because of that you should never ever sell yourself for a penny less, because you're amazing Izu. So when you get called Deku by him and his lackeys, hear me say do your best instead. Because that's what you always do, no matter the obstacle.”


The soft smile that graced your face never left, even as Izuku had big fat tears rolling down his face. You kept your smile despite the painful tingle in your body, a telltale sign for over using your quirks. However, that was the least of your worries, nothing matters to you more than Izuku knowing just how amazing you thought he was. That was until you heard your phone ring, your mother’s ringtone specifically that was almost as loud as the boy you knew and loved cries.


“I’m sorry, that's my mother, I have to go. But don't forget what I said Izuku. I believe in you. So do yourself a favor.” this was the moment of truth. Placing your hand on Izuku’s shoulder you took a step forward as his glassy green eyes met yours causing him to sniffle. Your soft lips met his plump tear stained cheek in a gentle and warm Siren’s kiss, granting immunity to your Siren quirk if ever used around him, and in the process of doing so you were showing your affection. In less than a second, his eyes were wide and face flushed immediately.




“Believe in yourself too. I’m counting on you. I'm supposed to be your personal nurse after all.” and just like that you left with a wink, leaving Izuku flushed with wide eyes and stone still.

The only reason he moved was due to Toshinori appearing in front of him minutes later, meters away from where you once stood. Just like any other day in Izuku’s life there were hardships. But today? Today was the best day of his life.

Chapter Text

"What the hell was that!?"


The constricting feeling of Shouta's capture weapon got tighter with every other word, leaving you short of breath and on the brink of passing out with no way of escape. The omega man that was your mother glared at you in annoyance as his hair floated and eyes stared into your soul, red. 




"Don't Kaa-chan me Y/n! What you did was dangerous and illegal!" came his harsh and quick growl. The scent of an angry and distressed omega filling the foyer of your childhood home leaving you paralyzed with fear despite not presenting yet. "And why would you disrespect those heroes like that!?"


"Kaa-chan Please! I'm sorry!"


"You better be! Because even though you're right you're writing each of those heroes an apology letter! Hand delivering them! And you're coming straight home for the next 2 weeks! NO hanging out, I want you here by 4 the latest!"


"Yes Sir!"


Chapter Text

"I always thought you were crazy but seeing you all over the news really proved that." 


Swallowing the food in your mouth you placed your metal chopsticks down and looked at the boy that sat next to you on the roof. "Not you too."


"What do you mean me too? You literally yelled at certified heroes and called them fakes. And then made All Might cover for you. I don't know if that counts as brave or stupid." Hitoshi said, mouth full of food as he scarfed down another one of the bentos you made for him. There were a few grains of rice around his mouth that made him look more childish than he actually was, and it made you think that maybe you should of made more for him. "Thanks for the food Ya-chan" 


"Y/n" you sighed as you went back to eating. The young boy next to you let out a soft burp behind his hand and stretched as he stood up. 


"Right, sorry. Y/n. But yeah, that was great. Much better than the orphanage's food." 


"If you want, you can have the rest of mine. That way you could save the last two bentos for dinner and/or breakfast. I'm sorry I couldn't make more. My mom made me write a bunch of letters and deliver them last night." you held out your half eaten bento for Hitoshi to grab. He looked at in a way that said 'are you sure?' And you pushed, more like thrusted it a little more, to let him know you were. "I can't let you starve now can I? You're like a brother to me."


"Like a brother? That's new, so what? I'm your Onii-san now?" he teased, nudging you with his elbow as he ate from your bento. You didn't make anything special, just seasoned chicken strips over egg fried rice with a few pieces of sushi and tamagoyaki with bacon and vegetable bits. Common things in your school lunches but making enough for 8 bentos was where the trouble laid. 5 of them were for you and Hitoshi while three of them were for your parents. For obvious reasons the two you made for your father were different due to his dietary restrictions, but simple to make no less.


“Hito-nii does have a nice ring to it.” you teased back half  heartedly. A chuckle left the boy and silence soon surrounded the two of you leaving you to think. “I actually have -well had- a brother named Hitoshi you know?”


“What happened to him?” he asked with hesitation, not knowing where the new topic would lead. You weren't one who talked about family often, it was a touchy subject for both of you after all.


“I.. I dont know. Kaa-chan said him and Baba had Hitoshi while they were still in high school. I think he was 16 or 17 when he gave birth to Hitoshi. And my grandparents kicked him out for getting pregnant as a teen so it was hard for him. Especially since Baba was away at the time." You explained thoughtfully. Hitoshi lowered the bento slightly to look at you with an indescribable feeling.  


"Your mom is an omega man right?" he asked thoughtfully as picked up his water bottle. "Omega men are rare but also not uncommon. And for them to kick out their pregnant son is unacceptable. It must of been hard for him." 


"Probably. My adoptive grandfather tells me how much he didn't want to give Hitoshi up but he couldn't raise him while juggling hero work, school work, and being a practically single homeless teen. When my father found out he was really sad but mad at himself as well." you explained as you brought your legs closer to your body with your eyes closed as you thought about it all more. "It must have been really hard for Kaa-chan.. It must be hard for Hitoshi too. I hope he doesn't think our mother hates him or something.." 


Hitoshi drank his water slowly, lost in thought as stared at the sky. He always thought his biological parents hated him and that's why they gave him up. But hearing your perspective about your brother really made him think. People give up their children for many different reasons and most of them its in hopes of them having a better life. Maybe he was one of those cases as well. He hoped he was one of those cases.


 "Sorry. I didn't mean to make the mood all sad ." you signed bashfully with one hand after Hitoshi looked at you. Hitoshi shook his head and finished the last of your bento. 


"No its ok. It wasn't sad, not to me at least. It would be cool if we were related though." he said with a chuckle as he playfully nudged you causing you to chuckle and shake your head. 


"If we are then our family is absolutely crazy."


"What's wrong with crazy? I'd expect you to love crazy the most to be honest." 


You shook your head as you took the dirty bentos from Hitoshi, who briefly protested about how he should clean them. But one look was enough to kill the argument that would start between the two of you. Hitoshi held the other two bentos that were tied in a cloth as you walked down the stairs to leave the roof. "Crazy is the last thing I want at this point. To be normal for once would be nice. But if you knew who my family was you'd understand why normal is unattainable."


"That bad, huh?" Hitoshi said sympathetically. One of his hands were in his pocket as be walked next you. You nodded you head and groaned recalling all of things you've been through with your 15 years of life. Being kidnapped 4 years ago was definitely the worst, especially after finding out you were just a bait to bring out your father. It was your fault he was dying. If you never would have stayed after school you wouldn't of been kidnapped. You wouldn't have gotten hurt. You wouldn't of had to find out who your biological father was either. You wouldn't hate yourself either. "Well for what its worth. I think your cool. Not just cause you feed me though. You're a good friend. I hope we get into UA together." 


Walking back into the class and closing the door behind you you nodded and went to your seat. Hitoshi sat in front of you and gave a half smile, his straight teeth peeking through as you relaxed. 

" Me too Hito-nii "


"You're really gonna start calling me that!?" Hitoshi laughed out. 


" I did say it had a nice ring to it ."

Chapter Text

Monday classes were finally done and you were in a rush to leave. Your mom said you couldn't hang out but it was barely 3 and you had an hour to get home. So what he didn't know wouldn't kill him, especially since his heat was approaching and he had the next 2 weeks off because of it. With that hour you could hang out for a while and then teleport home. Maybe if time permits you could hang out with both Izuku and Hitoshi, you wanted them to meet after all. 




You held in a groan at the familiar voice and looked up to meet the eyes of the boy that has been nothing but a nuisance for the past 2 months. His orange eyes held a fond adoration for you and his maroon hair fell onto his shoulder in a low ponytail. You resistated the urge to sunck your teeth or roll your eyes at his unwanted presence as more and more of your classmate surrounded your desk. So much for being able to leave and hang out. “Haranjiro-san. What is it that you want?”


“Go out-” before he could finish what he was saying he was pushed to the side by a female classmate that smiled widely at you. 


“Yagi-chan! You're so cool! I saw what you did on the news! That was so heroic of you to help that boy and then you even yelled at those shitty heroes for not doing their job! You're amazing!” she gushed, her short wavy hair bouncing with every movement as her body did weird moments you couldn't explain with one word. Her arms were pressed together over her chest and her hands were clasped together as her body fidgeted with each word. It could've been cute if it wasn't for the fact that you witnessed her bullying someone the other day. No matter how physically attractive a person may be if they were ugly on the inside they were ugly on the outside as well. The peers around her nodded in agreement as you looked around. It seems like Hitoshi already left without you.  


You were going to tell them it was nothing but then you remembered they didn't know sign language so you would just be wasting your time. So you did the next best thing. You stood up and gave them a bow of appreciation and then grabbed your things, leaving quickly before they could react.


“Great job Jinso! You scared her away with your point nose! I was gonna ask her out!” Rayomi hissed as he pushed the girl back, who happened to be his cousin. Said girl growled and pushed her cousin back.


“If anything you should be thanking me you asshat! I save you and everyone watching the embarrassment of seeing you get brutally rejected by Ya-chan! AGAIN! She doesn't want an ugly alpha like you! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD, STUPID!” Jinso hissed back causing everyone around the two to take a step back, all ready for their fighting to get ugly quickly. The two of them fightly was fairly normal, especially since they had the same quirk and were both Alphas.


“Take that back you asshole!”  


“Make me!”



You ran to catch up to Hitoshi, but he wasn't that far away when you noticed the messy mop of purple hair. Once at his side he threw his bag over his shoulder and smirked at the sky. “I'm surprised you noticed I left, especially with that little fanclub you're starting to grow.” 


“I’d hardly call that a fanclub.” You said with a roll of your eyes as you bumped the boy with your hip. Hitoshi laughed as he stumbled to the side slightly only to push you away by your shoulder. His smile only grew wider as the two of you conversed aimlessly on your walk to the train. As you talked you mainly used sign language but you did switch to verbal responses now and again.  Hitoshi was a good person to talk to since he always had something to say, and listened closely to those around him. The conversation continues once you swiped onto the train station and as you waited for the train you stood in front of each other. 


“Tell me more about your family. Yag- I mean Y/n.” Hitoshi said suddenly after a moment of silence. “What are your parents like? Do they have any siblings? Do you have any other siblings aside from Hitoshi?” 


‘Well my mother is an omega man, and my father is an alpha man. I have technically have 3 sets of grandparents but I’ve only met 1 which is my Father’s, and they’re the ones that help my mother raise me and Hitoshi. Both of them are only childs but I do have aunts and uncles. Obviously they're not by blood but because they’re my parents long term friends. I have a cousin on my father's side, her name is Melissa and she scares me. But I'm adopted as well, so from biological mother’s family I have an uncle who has twins, my cousins. They’re both alphas but they’re hard of scenting, so they can only smell certain things and they don't really have ruts. To be honest if it wasn't for how protective they tend to be and the fact that the do have occasional ruts, I’d definitely call them betas. Oh, and they also don't know what personal space is.’ you explained as the air picked up, signaling the arrival of the train. Hitoshi nodded as the two of you boarded the near empty final train cart, but you didn't miss the shock that registered in Hitoshi’s face.


“You have a pretty big family.” Hitoshi said, in deep thought, as he took a seat next to you. His eyes were looking down at his feet as he continued to space out and you couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking.  


“You know..” you started, gaining his attention as you drawled on, waiting for you continue and finish your sentence. Swallowing the saliva in your mouth you thought for a second on what you should say. Even though Hitoshi didn't say it you knew he was upset when it came to the talk about family, and making him sad was the last thing you wanted to do. Your mind wandered back to your conversation during lunch and you couldn't help but smile as you turned your head to look at him. “You know, maybe crazy isn't as bad as I thought. Now that I think about it, I’d like crazy. Wouldn't you? “


His face contorted into one of confusion as he racked his memory for what you could mean. And when he found it his eyes widened and blush spread across his face as a cheeky smile spread across yours. You giggled as he turned away and when he gave you the finger your giggles turned to laughter. “Die in a ditch.”


Your laughter grew stronger at Hitoshi’s expense.