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Thanks for Texting Me

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You've missed a group call.
You've missed a group call.
You've missed a group call.

Iida: Kaminari-kun, please stop calling the group chat or I will be forced to temporarily suspend you!

Kaminari: you've seen the news right?????
Kaminari: have you guys seen the news????

Yaoyorozu: We've all seen the news, Denki.
Yaoyorozu: So we know he's fine. No need to fret!

Kaminari: Ok im not "fretting" because only like elderly people "fret"
Kaminari: im not wringing my hands over here
Kaminari: Im ACTUALLY talking about the kid!

Sero: What kid

Kaminari: the kid in the videos?!

Uraraka: OMG him!!!! I WAS WONDERING TOO

Sero: still no idea what kid

Kaminari: the kid who ran back into the burning, exploding, crumbling building???

Jirou: he's presumably like, in college… can you really call him a kid?
Jirou: like you're the pinnacle of maturity

Kaminari: Kyouka I am literally just trying to live my life

Jirou: As an insufferable gossip

Kaminari: If it's so insufferable then how come you already know the kid to whom I am referring hmmmm?

Ashido: LOLLLLLL hes got u there girl

Jirou: it's literally all over the news cycle!

Kaminari: ANYWAYS holy shit???
Kaminari: what the hell happened there
Kaminari: is he like dead???

Todoroki: He's not dead.

Kaminari: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iida: Todoroki-kun!

Sero: YO DUDE!!

Yaoyorozu: Shouto! You're okay!

Todoroki: Weren't you the one just telling everyone not to fret?

Yaoyorozu: Well yes of course! But it's only natural to worry about one's friends!

Kaminari: Exactly.

Ashido: you self-admittedly were not even worried about him

Kaminari: i was told not to fret

Jirou: Todoroki is that dude ok??? Why the hell did he run back in?

Kaminari: A HA

Jirou: Shut up

Todoroki: He's fine.

Uraraka: Oh thank god

Kaminari: NICE
Kaminari: but seriously wth

Iida: That is quite the relief! But what on Earth was he doing?

Yaoyorozu: Yes, what happened in there after you went in after him? Nobody was able to get footage of the inside of the building.
Yaoyorozu: It was very foolish of him to run back in!

Todoroki: Yeah he's aware.
Todoroki: There was a girl trapped inside. He went back to rescue her.
Todoroki: And then he saved my life, too.

Sero: what lol

Uraraka: oh my gosh?????

Kaminari: ?????????

Ashido: ??????????

Iida: How? He was just a civilian!

Todoroki: uh
Todoroki: Science?

Sero: ………

Kaminari: …are you gonna expand on that more or

Todoroki: It was badass.

Kaminari: not really what I was looking for lmao

Yaoyorozu: But for Shouto to say that must mean he was quite amazing…

Todoroki: Yeah you could say that
Todoroki: His name is Midoriya, by the way. Midoriya Izuku.

Uraraka: oh~
Uraraka: he caught Todoroki-kun's attention~!

Todoroki: I have to go
Todoroki: Manager calling
Todoroki: Oh and Denki, I'm fine. Thanks for the concern.

Sero: lolllllll



"Hey, Aiko."

"Hey. You okay?"

"I'm… not sure."

"Okay… that's not like you. What's going on?"

"Have you seen the news footage? About the college kid—Midoriya."

"Yeah, he's the civilian you rescued?"

"Other way around."

"...Come again?"

"Midoriya, he… actually, can you get the PR department on a call in twenty minutes? I'll explain everything."

"Okay. Absolutely."

"Tell them sorry, I know it's after hours, I just—I think this story is gonna get out of hand, but I want people to know what actually happened."

"Shouto, what did happen?"

"I, um… I almost died. I wouldn't be talking to you right now if he hadn't been there. Me and the girl they brought out with us."

"But—how? Why did he even run back in?"

"Because that's what heroes do."

"Okay, now I'm really curious."

"It was… insane, Aiko. I was incapacitated, we were literally trapped in this tiny classroom, and he—oh, fuck my life."


"He's calling me, now."

"Oh, god—well, I need to get that PR call set up anyway…"

"Right, yeah. I'll talk to you soon."

"Good luck. Can't wait to hear about this hero of yours."



Dad: Shouto

Todoroki: Yeah?

Dad: Can you not answer your phone?

Todoroki: In a meeting

Dad: At 9 PM? 

Todoroki: It was kind of a busy day. What's up?

Dad: I saw the news

Todoroki: okay, and?

Dad: What happened?

Todoroki: There was a villain attack.

Dad: I know that, I just told you I saw the news.
Dad: Are you injured?

Todoroki: I'm fine.

Dad: How did that villain catch you off guard?

Todoroki: They asked me to close my eyes and I thought that seemed legit

Dad: Shouto

Todoroki: They just DID, dad. It happens. We can't all be All Might out there.
Todoroki: You should know that.

Dad: I know you're trying to make me angry, and it isn't going to work.

Todoroki: I never have to try to make you angry, to be fair

Dad: I have sources telling me a quirkless boy saved you.
Dad: Is that true?

Todoroki: Wait what
Todoroki: He's quirkless?
Todoroki: How did you even find that out?

Dad: He didn't tell you?

Todoroki: No, we didn't have time to get into our fucking life stories
Todoroki: Everything's fine, I'll handle the press.
Todoroki: Try not to like, be too unchill about things
Todoroki: I know that's hard for you

Dad: Shouto, we're not done talking yet.
Dad: Shouto
Dad: What are you going to do?



Yaoyorozu: Are you really okay?
Yaoyorozu: REALLY really

Todoroki: MOMO

Yaoyorozu: Sorry, sorry!!!
Yaoyorozu: I'll stop

Todoroki: No, I'm not annoyed
Todoroki: well, maybe a little annoyed but like

Yaoyorozu: That's just you

Todoroki: That's just me yeah
Todoroki: Not annoyed at you, either
Todoroki: My dad just texted me

Yaoyorozu: Oh no

Todoroki: lol
Todoroki: No, it's fine. I think he actually was worried
Todoroki: But then he ruined it

Yaoyorozu: I wish I could say I was surprised

Todoroki: You and me both.
Todoroki: um, one thing he brought up though
Todoroki: apparently Midoriya is quirkless…

Yaoyorozu: The boy who saved you?
Yaoyorozu: Is that a problem?

Todoroki: No!
Todoroki: Not at all
Todoroki: It's just that I gave a bunch of statements to the press
Todoroki: But they're still going to start digging
Todoroki: I just wanted people to know what happened, I mean he just like
Todoroki: I have never seen anything like that before
Todoroki: And people were starting to make fun of that news clip of him
Todoroki: Fucking assholes
Todoroki: those videos are completely out of context I needed to give them context
Todoroki: I don't even know how to explain it I'm still trying to straighten everything out and I have a PR call in like five minutes

Yaoyorozu: Shouto, take a deep breath!
Yaoyorozu: Are you worried about the press finding out about him being quirkless?
Yaoyorozu: It really shouldn't be an issue, I think! People are much less judgmental about that now.
Yaoyorozu: Especially after Yagi-sensei went public about his own history

Todoroki: I know
Todoroki: I just don't want them to blindside him
Todoroki: I didn't even tell him I was going to talk to the media
Todoroki: fuck

Yaoyorozu: Can you get in touch with him somehow to give him a heads up?

Todoroki: Oh
Todoroki: Ok yeah, I'll text him tomorrow morning

Yaoyorozu: You'll… text him?
Yaoyorozu: You gave him your number??

Todoroki: Yeah, why

Yaoyorozu: You're just usually so private about that kind of thing!
Yaoyorozu: With good reason, I mean!
Yaoyorozu: You know how some people can be…

Todoroki: Ah, yeah
Todoroki: But I think it's okay this time
Todoroki: He's just… I don't know. You'd have to meet him, I think.

Yaoyorozu: He really DID impress you, didn't he?

Todoroki: Yeah.
Todoroki: Well, you'll see soon anyway

Yaoyorozu: I will?

Todoroki: Yep
Todoroki: Gotta jump on this call now
Todoroki: Thanks for checking in

Yaoyorozu: Anytime ^^



Kaminari: OMGGGGGG
Kaminari: [Image Attached]

Uraraka: Is that Midoriya???
Uraraka: Is he wearing SHOUTO PAJAMAS?!


Uraraka: Todorokiiii
Uraraka: are you seeing thiiiis????

Todoroki: I am seeing it.
Todoroki: I told the media to leave him alone…

Uraraka: Okay, but don't you think he's aDORABLE????

Todoroki: He's definitely something.