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Thanks for Texting Me

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You've missed a group call.
You've missed a group call.
You've missed a group call.

Iida: Kaminari-kun, please stop calling the group chat or I will be forced to temporarily suspend you!

Kaminari: you've seen the news right?????
Kaminari: have you guys seen the news????

Yaoyorozu: We've all seen the news, Denki.
Yaoyorozu: So we know he's fine. No need to fret!

Kaminari: Ok im not "fretting" because only like elderly people "fret"
Kaminari: im not wringing my hands over here
Kaminari: Im ACTUALLY talking about the kid!

Sero: What kid

Kaminari: the kid in the videos?!

Uraraka: OMG him!!!! I WAS WONDERING TOO

Sero: still no idea what kid

Kaminari: the kid who ran back into the burning, exploding, crumbling building???

Jirou: he's presumably like, in college… can you really call him a kid?
Jirou: like you're the pinnacle of maturity

Kaminari: Kyouka I am literally just trying to live my life

Jirou: As an insufferable gossip

Kaminari: If it's so insufferable then how come you already know the kid to whom I am referring hmmmm?

Ashido: LOLLLLLL hes got u there girl

Jirou: it's literally all over the news cycle!

Kaminari: ANYWAYS holy shit???
Kaminari: what the hell happened there
Kaminari: is he like dead???

Todoroki: He's not dead.

Kaminari: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iida: Todoroki-kun!

Sero: YO DUDE!!

Yaoyorozu: Shouto! You're okay!

Todoroki: Weren't you the one just telling everyone not to fret?

Yaoyorozu: Well yes of course! But it's only natural to worry about one's friends!

Kaminari: Exactly.

Ashido: you self-admittedly were not even worried about him

Kaminari: i was told not to fret

Jirou: Todoroki is that dude ok??? Why the hell did he run back in?

Kaminari: A HA

Jirou: Shut up

Todoroki: He's fine.

Uraraka: Oh thank god

Kaminari: NICE
Kaminari: but seriously wth

Iida: That is quite the relief! But what on Earth was he doing?

Yaoyorozu: Yes, what happened in there after you went in after him? Nobody was able to get footage of the inside of the building.
Yaoyorozu: It was very foolish of him to run back in!

Todoroki: Yeah he's aware.
Todoroki: There was a girl trapped inside. He went back to rescue her.
Todoroki: And then he saved my life, too.

Sero: what lol

Uraraka: oh my gosh?????

Kaminari: ?????????

Ashido: ??????????

Iida: How? He was just a civilian!

Todoroki: uh
Todoroki: Science?

Sero: ………

Kaminari: …are you gonna expand on that more or

Todoroki: It was badass.

Kaminari: not really what I was looking for lmao

Yaoyorozu: But for Shouto to say that must mean he was quite amazing…

Todoroki: Yeah you could say that
Todoroki: His name is Midoriya, by the way. Midoriya Izuku.

Uraraka: oh~
Uraraka: he caught Todoroki-kun's attention~!

Todoroki: I have to go
Todoroki: Manager calling
Todoroki: Oh and Denki, I'm fine. Thanks for the concern.

Sero: lolllllll



"Hey, Aiko."

"Hey. You okay?"

"I'm… not sure."

"Okay… that's not like you. What's going on?"

"Have you seen the news footage? About the college kid—Midoriya."

"Yeah, he's the civilian you rescued?"

"Other way around."

"...Come again?"

"Midoriya, he… actually, can you get the PR department on a call in twenty minutes? I'll explain everything."

"Okay. Absolutely."

"Tell them sorry, I know it's after hours, I just—I think this story is gonna get out of hand, but I want people to know what actually happened."

"Shouto, what did happen?"

"I, um… I almost died. I wouldn't be talking to you right now if he hadn't been there. Me and the girl they brought out with us."

"But—how? Why did he even run back in?"

"Because that's what heroes do."

"Okay, now I'm really curious."

"It was… insane, Aiko. I was incapacitated, we were literally trapped in this tiny classroom, and he—oh, fuck my life."


"He's calling me, now."

"Oh, god—well, I need to get that PR call set up anyway…"

"Right, yeah. I'll talk to you soon."

"Good luck. Can't wait to hear about this hero of yours."



Dad: Shouto

Todoroki: Yeah?

Dad: Can you not answer your phone?

Todoroki: In a meeting

Dad: At 9 PM? 

Todoroki: It was kind of a busy day. What's up?

Dad: I saw the news

Todoroki: okay, and?

Dad: What happened?

Todoroki: There was a villain attack.

Dad: I know that, I just told you I saw the news.
Dad: Are you injured?

Todoroki: I'm fine.

Dad: How did that villain catch you off guard?

Todoroki: They asked me to close my eyes and I thought that seemed legit

Dad: Shouto

Todoroki: They just DID, dad. It happens. We can't all be All Might out there.
Todoroki: You should know that.

Dad: I know you're trying to make me angry, and it isn't going to work.

Todoroki: I never have to try to make you angry, to be fair

Dad: I have sources telling me a quirkless boy saved you.
Dad: Is that true?

Todoroki: Wait what
Todoroki: He's quirkless?
Todoroki: How did you even find that out?

Dad: He didn't tell you?

Todoroki: No, we didn't have time to get into our fucking life stories
Todoroki: Everything's fine, I'll handle the press.
Todoroki: Try not to like, be too unchill about things
Todoroki: I know that's hard for you

Dad: Shouto, we're not done talking yet.
Dad: Shouto
Dad: What are you going to do?



Yaoyorozu: Are you really okay?
Yaoyorozu: REALLY really

Todoroki: MOMO

Yaoyorozu: Sorry, sorry!!!
Yaoyorozu: I'll stop

Todoroki: No, I'm not annoyed
Todoroki: well, maybe a little annoyed but like

Yaoyorozu: That's just you

Todoroki: That's just me yeah
Todoroki: Not annoyed at you, either
Todoroki: My dad just texted me

Yaoyorozu: Oh no

Todoroki: lol
Todoroki: No, it's fine. I think he actually was worried
Todoroki: But then he ruined it

Yaoyorozu: I wish I could say I was surprised

Todoroki: You and me both.
Todoroki: um, one thing he brought up though
Todoroki: apparently Midoriya is quirkless…

Yaoyorozu: The boy who saved you?
Yaoyorozu: Is that a problem?

Todoroki: No!
Todoroki: Not at all
Todoroki: It's just that I gave a bunch of statements to the press
Todoroki: But they're still going to start digging
Todoroki: I just wanted people to know what happened, I mean he just like
Todoroki: I have never seen anything like that before
Todoroki: And people were starting to make fun of that news clip of him
Todoroki: Fucking assholes
Todoroki: those videos are completely out of context I needed to give them context
Todoroki: I don't even know how to explain it I'm still trying to straighten everything out and I have a PR call in like five minutes

Yaoyorozu: Shouto, take a deep breath!
Yaoyorozu: Are you worried about the press finding out about him being quirkless?
Yaoyorozu: It really shouldn't be an issue, I think! People are much less judgmental about that now.
Yaoyorozu: Especially after Yagi-sensei went public about his own history

Todoroki: I know
Todoroki: I just don't want them to blindside him
Todoroki: I didn't even tell him I was going to talk to the media
Todoroki: fuck

Yaoyorozu: Can you get in touch with him somehow to give him a heads up?

Todoroki: Oh
Todoroki: Ok yeah, I'll text him tomorrow morning

Yaoyorozu: You'll… text him?
Yaoyorozu: You gave him your number??

Todoroki: Yeah, why

Yaoyorozu: You're just usually so private about that kind of thing!
Yaoyorozu: With good reason, I mean!
Yaoyorozu: You know how some people can be…

Todoroki: Ah, yeah
Todoroki: But I think it's okay this time
Todoroki: He's just… I don't know. You'd have to meet him, I think.

Yaoyorozu: He really DID impress you, didn't he?

Todoroki: Yeah.
Todoroki: Well, you'll see soon anyway

Yaoyorozu: I will?

Todoroki: Yep
Todoroki: Gotta jump on this call now
Todoroki: Thanks for checking in

Yaoyorozu: Anytime ^^



Kaminari: OMGGGGGG
Kaminari: [Image Attached]

Uraraka: Is that Midoriya???
Uraraka: Is he wearing SHOUTO PAJAMAS?!


Uraraka: Todorokiiii
Uraraka: are you seeing thiiiis????

Todoroki: I am seeing it.
Todoroki: I told the media to leave him alone…

Uraraka: Okay, but don't you think he's aDORABLE????

Todoroki: He's definitely something. 

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SUBJECT: Last Minute Request

Kaneda-san, Mori-san,

I tried to call you but got your voicemail, so I wanted to follow up with you both. I hope this e-mail finds you well. I'm sure you've both already seen the news, but let me recap:

Yesterday, I encountered and was nearly killed by a villain at the attack on the local university near my agency. I was rescued by a civilian student at the college by the name of Midoriya Izuku, who has, to my knowledge, no formal training as a hero, but an impressively solid grasp of chemical solutions. I'm sure you're extremely curious to know what happened, but I won't give you the full story here, because I have a favor to ask.

I'm seeing a lot of shit circulating trying to paint Midoriya as some kind of idiot, but that's not the case at all. I want the chance to tell our side of the story - his side of the story. I know you typically book up guest slots months in advance, but is there any chance you could fit in an interview with me and Midoriya in the next week or two? I want to do this before the news cycle dies down, because I owe him that much. You know I prefer your show over anyone else. So, please, if you can make something happen, I'd be very grateful.

Thank you both.



SUBJECT: RE: Last Minute Request



Todoroki Shouto himself just asked us to be interviewed?!



SUBJECT: RE: Last Minute Request

He even said please, if I'm reading that correctly. And flattered us. Hold on, I may need to find my glasses…



SUBJECT: RE: Last Minute Request

I already regret this…  



SUBJECT: RE: Last Minute Request

Kidding, kidding! So glad to hear from you, Todoroki-san, although it did shock us both. Mori choked on his tea.

We would (of course) be delighted to have you on the show as soon as possible. Along with Midoriya-san, who I must admit has the questions brimming off the tips of our tongues already. But we heard about your sources warning the press off of him very sternly…

Would you like to let us know what works at your earliest convenience?



SUBJECT: RE: Last Minute Request

Yeah, he's a bit skittish. I'll talk to Midoriya and get back to you with some times later today if you don't mind. Also: please do not show the picture of him in the Shouto pajamas during the interview.



SUBJECT: RE: Last Minute Request

No pajama picture? But it was so cute!



SUBJECT: RE: Last Minute Request

I'm booking this interview so people stop laughing at him, Kaneda-san. No pajamas.



SUBJECT: RE: Last Minute Request

Okay, okay~ Sounds good to us (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・

Todoroki-san is going to so much trouble for this Midoriya-kun, I can't wait to meet him~





"Midoriya, hi. It's Todoroki."

"Ah, y-yeah! I know. You, um, you show up on caller ID."

"Oh, right."

"Not like—I don't have a picture of you or anything, that'd be, ha, that'd be w-weird, it's just your name."

"Should I send you a picture?"


"...Midoriya? Midoriya, are you okay?"

"—fine! I'm—fine, I just swallowed the—the wrong way—"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, just need some water…"

"Ah. Good."

"Sorry… ah, a-anyway, Todoroki-san, you wanted to go over the details for tomorrow, again?"

"Yes, just to confirm you have everything you need. The taping will start at ten AM tomorrow, so you'll want to be there at least a half hour in advance. You have the directions and everything? Do you need me to send them again?"

"I have them! I saved the text you sent."

"Alright. Are you sure you don't need a ride?"

"Yeah! You don't need to go through the trouble, really!"

"It's no trouble. I just want to make sure you're comfortable."

"Oh, I'm fine. Actually, I've been to the studio a couple of times to try and win the lottery for an audience member seat, so I could see y—to see the show!"

"Have you? Alright, then…"

"Y-yep! So please don't worry about me."

"It's not that I'm worried, exactly, I'm just… are you sure you're comfortable? You're not…"

"Not… what?"

"Un… comfortable…?"

"Oh! No, I, um—"

"If you are, we can call this off."

"I'm really not! I'm just… I'm just nervous."


"Yeah, but that's—that's probably normal."

"It is. Yeah, it is. But, I'll make sure there's no issues."

"I know you will! I'm just not—not good at talking. Especially in front of large groups of people."

"You're a tour guide."

"You say that like I'm a good tour guide."

"Hmm… most tour guides probably don't save their tour groups from almost certain death."

"T-Todoroki-san! That's besides the point."

"Is it?"

"It has absolutely nothing to do with talking!"

"That's true… but, I still think it shows you don't have to be nervous. Just, um, be you?"



"Well… you've met me."

"Yep. And tomorrow, so will everyone else. And I think they'll like you."

"That's not usually how it works!"



"That's… nevermind. You'll see. Get some sleep, okay? I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay. Thanks, again."




Kaminari: @Todoroki
Kaminari: @Todoroki pls return post haste we need to DISCUSS
Kaminari: i know enough time has passed since the interview @Todoroki!!!
Kaminari: @Todoroki u can't avoid me 


Ojiro: Busted 🤣🤣

Iida: We have rules about spamming someone's @!

Kaminari: This is IMPORTANT T___T

Iida: You and I both know this is not an issue that demands immediate attention.
Iida: We need to act in accordance with the rules we all agreed upon when this group was created in order to keep from descending into chaos and anarchy!

Kaminari: nobody agreed to the rules except you and yaomomo though

Jirou: I literally do not even know what the rules are

Iida: They are PINNED??!!?

Sero: in our defense
Sero: you pin everything

Iida: I pin everything of relevance!
Iida: Are you suggesting there's a flaw in my pinning methods?!

Sero: I would NEVER suggest that.

Yaoyorozu: Everybody calm down, alright?
Yaoyorozu: I'm sure Shouto is just busy right now wrapping things up.

Uraraka: @Todoroki where are youuuuu

Kaminari: You're the only one who understands me in this place

Uraraka: Everyone's seen it right????

Kirishima: holy shit u guys
Kirishima: m y heart

Kaminari: I
Kaminari: KNOW
Kaminari: I KNOW

Ashido: @Todoroki get your ass in here and tell us about your new man

Kaminari: omg mina said it

Ashido: i said it

Iida: The next person to @Todoroki is getting kicked from the chat!
Iida: I meant to put a space in there! Now look what you've made me do!

Todoroki: Tenya, is tagging me really necessary?

Kaminari: EYYYYYY

Uraraka: EYYYYYY


Kirishima: EYYYYYYY



Todoroki: lol
Todoroki: I know.
Todoroki: What are you all screaming about in here anyway?

Kaminari: MIDORIYA??!??!??!

Todoroki: What about him?

Kaminari: wh
Kaminari: what about
Kaminari: wh at aBOUT HIM???
Kaminari: I LOVE him
Kaminari: I am Team Midoriya

Sero: Who is on the other team

Kaminari: there is no other team, midoriya wins by default

Todoroki: Team?
Todoroki: What?

Uraraka: We're on his team

Kirishima: we're rooting for him

Ashido: and you

Todoroki: Thanks?

Kaminari: ok is he doing the thing
Kaminari: he's doing the thing

Sero: I can't tell

Todoroki: WHAT thing

Kaminari: the thing where you pretend like you dont know what we mean
Kaminari: and we all fall for it
Kaminari: because youre extremely socially awkward
Kaminari: and cute
Kaminari: so its easy for you to get away with it

Todoroki: i DONT know what you're talking about

Yaoyorozu: You guys
Yaoyorozu: Be nice.

Todoroki: do YOU know what theyre talking about???

Yaoyorozu: Well…
Yaoyorozu: I can't say I didn't wonder… 

Todoroki: okay seriously
Todoroki: someone spit it out

Bakugou: The little green dude has a MASSIVE fucking crush on you and you were staring at him the entire interview like he has the power to grow roses out of his ass crack
Bakugou: THAT'S what these morons are yelling about god DAMN you are all so annoying

Sero: OK
Sero: well

Kaminari: bull, meet china shop


Uraraka: oh my god not like THAT
Uraraka: is he still here
Uraraka: Shoutoooo

Kaminari: Todorokiiiii

Ashido: todoroki we love you we're not making fun of you
Ashido: we just got excited

Kirishima: he's totally gone

Jirou: incredible job katsuki

Bakugou: fucking spare me
Bakugou: none of you were going to say shit
Bakugou: rip off the band-aid idiots

Kaminari: it's not like it's a WOUND

Bakugou: Whatever
Bakugou: I just watched the fuckin interview
Bakugou: That Midoriya kid

Sero: Here it comes…

Bakugou: That impression of me???
Bakugou: Was so
Bakugou: FUCKING

Kaminari: uh oh

Bakugou: SPOT on

Kaminari: okay that is
Kaminari: NOT where I thought that sentence was gonna go

Bakugou: get your wimpy ass back here @Todoroki

Bakugou Katsuki has been kicked from the group chat.

Chapter Text

Ojiro: okay um…
Ojiro: this is too cute

Kaminari: oh my god

Kirishima: "Every single time @TodorokiShouto looked at Midoriya Izuku like he was the best thing to exist during That Interview."
Kirishima: !!!!!!

Kaminari: ohhhh my godddd


Sero: wow i think it really is every single time
Sero: shit it just keeps going
Sero: how many tweets are in this thread???

Asui: Since Momo-chan is on duty right now I feel like it's my duty to remind you all to be nice to Todoroki-chan


Sero: dude i'm STILL scrolling

Kirishima: we ARE being nice to him!!!
Kirishima: we think shouto is adorable
Kirishima: and midoriya is adorable
Kirishima: what's nicer than trying to hook up your adorable bro with a similarly cute, slightly sweaty shrub

Kaminari: are you still rolling with bakugou's ass crack roses metaphor here

Kirishima: yeah why

Kaminari: nothin
Kaminari: its just cute how u coordinate metaphors
Kaminari: very husbandly

Kirishima: husMANLY you mean

Bakugou: thought we agreed you'd stop saying that

Uraraka: BAKUGOU! Iida let you back in!

Bakugou: as if four eyes has any say in what i do

Iida: I did no such thing! He was supposed to be on chat probation for another 24 hours!
Iida: He stole my phone while we were on a patrol together and added himself back!


Bakugou: i fucking did not miss any of you

Kirishima: :C

Bakugou: we LIVE together

Kirishima: that's not very husmanly of you

Jirou: guys we're getting away from the point
Jirou: the THREAD?
Jirou: i know we're joking but also we're not joking, right? 
Jirou: Shouto, I think you should ask him out

Uraraka: seriously…
Uraraka: i dont remember ever seeing you laugh that hard before

Kaminari: not even at my jokes! 

Todoroki: i laugh at things that are funny

Ashido: oh shit hes here

Kaminari: TODOROKI!!!
Kaminari: okay one: ouch
Kaminari: two: iida kick bakugou before he makes Shouto run again

Bakugou: i'll kill you

Iida: NO death threats!
Iida pinned a message to this channel. 

Ojiro: could've sworn "no death threats" was already pinned…

Iida: HE UNPINNED IT when he stole my phone!

Todoroki: I'm not going to run
Todoroki: I was never running
Todoroki: At any point

Ashido: oh reeeeally…
Ashido: so if we point out how you are VERY focused on Midoriya in this interview…
Ashido: you wouldn't deny it?

Sero: i'm still scrolling btw
Sero: in case anyone was wondering

Todoroki: i'm not running or denying anything

Jirou: so you're not denying you're interested

Todoroki: no.
Todoroki: he's a very interesting person.

Kirishima: And you're not denying he's adorable?

Todoroki: Objectively, no.

Uraraka: but SUBJECTIVELY? To you
Uraraka: you think he's pretty cute right??? 

Todoroki: Why are you all so obsessed with what I think about him? 

Ashido: that's not an answer, Todoroki
Ashido: thought you weren't running~

Sero: UH
Sero: i got to the end
Sero: Shouto, my DUDE
Sero: did you lick your lips at him???

Kaminari: he sure did

Jirou: aaaand he's offline

Bakugou: l o l
Bakugou: you dumb motherfuckers

Kaminari: OH

Bakugou: oh i do
Bakugou: that dramatic little shit is playing you all

Kaminari: if todoroki knew how to "play" anyone
Kaminari: i'd be less worried about his love life

Asui: he just retweeted the last tweet in that thread

Kaminari: i'm

Ashido: ...alright I'll give him that round

Kaminari: huh
Kaminari: okay well
Kaminari: huh.

Bakugou: This is why I came back



...can't get to the phone right now. I'd prefer it if you e-mailed me, but if you insist, leave a message. I'll return it as soon as I'm able to. 


"Shouto, it's your father. I would e-mail, but given I've already tried that, and texting, with no response, this seems to be the only option left to me. I will cut straight to the point: I don't understand what your management team is doing, but you need to reconsider the employment of whoever suggested you do this interview with the quirkless boy. There was nothing for you or your agency to gain here, especially when the interview barely focused on you at all. You were as instrumental in the day's events as the boy was; your agency's PR should be leveraging your name, not letting it be reduced in the face of some five minute fad. I'll reach out to Aiko and have her schedule a meeting with some of my top representatives so we can regain control of the story. Speak soon."



Todoroki: Hey

Bakugou: oh hell no
Bakugou: What makes you think you can just slide into my DMs
Bakugou: I got kicked out of fucking group chat because of you

Todoroki: No, you got kicked out of group chat because you love antagonizing Iida

Bakugou: is that really exclusive to me

Todoroki: You're the most obnoxious about it

Bakugou: Alright, H&H, I know you didn't message just to say "hey"

Todoroki: maybe I did though

Bakugou: what do you want
Bakugou: yo
Bakugou: hello??? Paging Todoroki
Bakugou: do NOT hit me up and then go silent you know I will lose my shit

Todoroki: Was I really looking at him like that?

Bakugou: like what

Todoroki: Like how you said? Like…

Bakugou: like he has an entire rose garden blooming from his crack?
Bakugou: yeah
Bakugou: it was pretty fucking blatant
Bakugou: and embarrassing

Todoroki: like kirishima didn't look at you like that all the time when we were kids

Bakugou: yeah and we got fucking MARRIED
Bakugou: did you forget that little detail
Bakugou: you just met this guy
Bakugou: who is a random civilian need i remind you

Todoroki: So?

Bakugou: so… nothing, I guess
Bakugou: in any other circumstance but
Bakugou: he's a FAN shouto
Bakugou: and you know how fans can get

Todoroki: I invited him to come visit my agency.

Bakugou: you what

Todoroki: like, on a tour.

Bakugou: a WHAT

Todoroki: Like, he'll come to the agency and I'll show him around

Bakugou: TOdoroki

Todoroki: what

Bakugou: are you acting out
Bakugou: are you fucking sassing me

Todoroki: no

Bakugou: Look.
Bakugou: i know all of the others are gung ho 100% full steam ahead get your dick wet

Todoroki: That's not my intention with him

Bakugou: thats not your INTENTION?
Bakugou: what the fuck are you an 1800s romance novel protagonist????
Bakugou: anyway I KNOW it's not
Bakugou: but we dont know what his intentions are with YOU

Todoroki: oh yeah you're right
Todoroki: i didn't think about how when we ran into each other in a crumbling building in the midst of a villain attack while he nearly died trying to save the life of a child, and then MY life after that, WITH SCIENCE, that he might be planning on using me

Bakugou: okay
Bakugou: these are reasonable points

Todoroki: thank you.

Bakugou: still detecting a lot of sass though

Todoroki: Bakugou.

Bakugou: Todoroki.
Bakugou: fuck okay fine
Bakugou: the kid seems alright. He does

Todoroki: I thought you liked him already
Todoroki: because of the impressions

Bakugou: yeah I thought that was funny in a distant, famous person kind of way
Bakugou: because i am a very distant famous person compared to a mouthbreathing college sophomore
Bakugou: just like you are

Todoroki: the heavy breathing when he gets excited about stuff is kinda cute though, you have to admit

Bakugou: Shouto... 
Bakugou: it's just that you don't do this
Bakugou: youve never done this

Todoroki: I know.

Bakugou: at least I've never seen you do this
Bakugou: Have you before?

Todoroki: No.

Bakugou: Right thats what i thought
Bakugou: and I know that's why the others are so fucking into the idea
Bakugou: but they're all idiots unlike me
Bakugou: and I just
Bakugou: okay tell me something
Bakugou: is this a date?

Todoroki: no

Bakugou: are you SURE

Todoroki: I swear.
Todoroki: I really do feel like this is the right thing to do
Todoroki: romantic subplots aside
Todoroki: he saved my LIFE and he's just a random civilian. You said it yourself.

Bakugou: yeah I know

Todoroki: and he's so excited about hero stuff, he knows so much.
Todoroki: You saw how he gets, and it seems like he's been working towards doing whatever he can his whole life to stay involved.
Todoroki: Like, he doesn't just want to be a civilian.
Todoroki: He wants to help people if he can. It's really amazing.

Bakugou: those roses smell pretty good huh

Todoroki: I hate you

Bakugou: lol
Bakugou: nah
Bakugou: thats why you wanna know what I think

Todoroki: and what do you think?

Bakugou: ask me after your little tour



"Hi! Todoroki-san! Sorry to bother you—is that a really stupid question?"

"It's not stupid. You can just—"

"I wasn't sure because it's a tour, but since I'm coming to your office, I wondered if maybe I'd need to wear something more work appropriate? But I didn't want to be too overdressed, or maybe it's weird if I look like I work there since I don't work there?"

"I think probably—"

"What if something happened and people thought I worked there and started asking me questions and I couldn't answer and that reflected poorly on you… no, maybe business wear isn't the best option, but if I compromised and wore business casual, that would circumvent any—"


"Oh, y-yes?! Sorry—"

"Just dress casually."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"It's my agency. How would I not be sure?"

"M-maybe you're worried I have crappy business clothes."

"Are they maroon?" 

"Nooo! That's my formal wear!" 

"I see…" 



"Why did you say 'I see' like that…" 

"No reason. Casual is fine, okay?"


"Don't stress about it. I'll see you Friday."

"Y-yeah, see you Friday! And thank you again! I still can't believe it!"

"Have a good rest of the week."

"You too, Todoroki-san!" 



SUBJECT: Agency Tours?

Hello Toshinori-sensei,

Hope you are well. Sorry about emailing out of the blue, but I wanted to ask your advice. I'm going to be hosting someone at my office for a tour of the agency, but we don't really do tours… Actually, we've never done a tour before. This is sort of a one off thing. 

I also think the person I'm inviting would have rather had a tour of your agency, but since I can't offer that, I wondered if you had any pointers for how to set up a good tour? He's interested in working in the support industry. He's also a pretty big hero expert so I don't want it to be boring.

Thank you in advance,


SUBJECT: RE: Agency Tours?

Shouto, my boy,

It is wonderful to hear from you! No apologies are necessary; there's little an old man like me is good for nowadays beyond advice giving, so now I feel as though I'm fulfilling my purpose.

Agency tours, that does take me back! I was lucky to have such a publicly accessible office, but I suppose times were different back then, as well. I think the key to conducting a good tour is to show your audience something they could never see otherwise. You want to peel back the curtain on day to day heroics. People are used to the excitement of villain fights - they can watch all that on television (or in person, if they're unlucky)! I find it's the more personal things that make visiting other hero agencies fun - the training schedules, the office culture, and my favorite stop: the cafeteria. 

Also, if I may pry just a little. I imagine the guest you speak of is the Midoriya boy? I saw your interview… I don't think you need to worry about him getting bored or preferring to see my agency (although I'm sure Togata-kun would be delighted to host the two of you). 

You'll do just fine. Let me know how it goes! 




Todoroki: I need to ask you a hypothetical question.

Bakugou: is this like an asking for a friend thing

Todoroki: no, I'm asking for me
Todoroki: but it’s a speculative scenario
Todoroki: like, conjectural
Todoroki: it didn’t actually occur

Bakugou: yes i'm familiar with what the word hypothetical means

Todoroki: ok
Todoroki: Say you may be romantically interested in someone but don't want to push them out of their comfort zone and then you drag them into a tiny closet without thinking about it and accidentally force them to grind their crotch on your leg and they get a boner
Todoroki: What would you do in a situation like that

Bakugou: are you fucking kidding me
Bakugou: why were you hiding in a closet in the first place, we all know you're gay

Todoroki: You're treating this like a situation that actually happened to me, which it definitely did not

Bakugou: Okay stop
Bakugou: If we're gonna talk about this we're not doing any of this pussy pretend shit
Bakugou: own your boners

Todoroki: That is not something I ever wanted to hear you say
Todoroki: you get mad at Kirishima for "husmanly" but come out with "own your boners"
Todoroki: and that's fine somehow?

Bakugou: Todoroki Shouto
Bakugou: Was this a boner you yourself personally experienced

Todoroki: Sigh
Todoroki: Yes

Bakugou: Why are you coming to ME with this and not either of your stick up the ass bffs
Bakugou: they actually enjoy talking shit out

Todoroki: Can you EVEN IMAGINE saying the word boner to Iida, let alone discussing them

Bakugou: Point
Bakugou: what HAPPENED?

Todoroki: We were doing the tour. It was fun, actually. 

Bakugou: Try not to sound too excited

Todoroki: forgive me for not using an exclamation point after every sentence
Todoroki: I know you're used to that because of Kirishima

Bakugou: fuck I kinda am, aren't I

Todoroki: It really WAS fun, though. I did like spending time with him.

Bakugou: To the extent that you…

Todoroki: No. Near the end of the day, my dad turned up

Bakugou: Ah.

Todoroki: yeah.
Todoroki: he's been after me since the interview to try and set up a meeting about "public relations"
Todoroki: Anyway, it was unexpected, and I didn't really want to put Midoriya in a situation between the two of us and I panicked?

Bakugou: the Ice Prince panicked?
Bakugou: Not ready for a parental introduction yet huh?

Todoroki: Can you blame me

Bakugou: hell no

Todoroki: Right. Well.
Todoroki: I ran. And kinda dragged him. He's very small.
Todoroki: And I hid in the first place I could find.
Todoroki: Which was a supply closet
Todoroki: It was a very close fit.

Bakugou: HAHAHA

Todoroki: Yes, hilarious.
Todoroki: At the very least, I think I've ascertained that he is also interested.
Todoroki: In me, I mean.

Bakugou: Of course HE is
Bakugou: you're like 2 full meters of pro hero sex on legs and he is a hormonal fanboy
Bakugou: wait
Bakugou: did you actually have doubts about this????

Todoroki: I didn't want to assume anything
Todoroki: And I'm not… all of that

Bakugou: we have got to work on your ego

Todoroki: No, we have to work on yours.

Bakugou: fine fine

Todoroki: it was horrendously awkward obviously
Todoroki: but I may have
Todoroki: um

Bakugou: did you make out

Todoroki: No!
Todoroki: It just made me realize some things

Bakugou: his boner did

Todoroki: NO
Todoroki: well technically
Todoroki: okay no but I just… so he DOES like me i guess
Todoroki: and I might like him too????
Todoroki: I'm not used to this

Bakugou: Yeah, it's called having feelings

Todoroki: I do not need to hear that from you
Todoroki: You only had one emotion for like four years straight
Todoroki: Anger

Bakugou: And I REALLY don't need to hear that from YOU
Bakugou: "If I have to step on you to reach the top I will"

Todoroki: and I did

Bakugou: Only in our first year
Bakugou: Okay well I'm glad you figured your shit out, at least
Bakugou: I'd say play it cool but yknow
Bakugou: closet boners already happened

Todoroki: Yeah…
Todoroki: And I sort of invited him to be my +1 for the Hero's Gala…

Bakugou: the what

Todoroki: The Annual Japan Hero's Gala

Bakugou: you did WHAT

Todoroki: This is feeling very familiar… 

Bakugou: for FUCK'S sake



SUBJECT: Checking in

Shouto, my boy,

How did it go?



SUBJECT: Re: Checking in

Hi Sensei,

I think it went really great.

Chapter Text


Hello, Chinoda-san, 

I know you're probably extremely busy right now, so please feel free to decline if this isn't something you can accommodate at this time. 

I have a friend I need to get fitted for a suit, and you were the first person who came to mind that I could ask for help. This would be for the Hero's Gala, so I know that puts us on a very short timeframe (and I'm sure you've already received similar requests from multiple people). I can bring him by any time that's convenient for you to get his measurements. 

I'll look forward to your response, even if it's in the negative. It's been a long time since we had tea together, I'm only just realizing (although I know that's entirely my fault). 

Thank you,




You are entirely right on two accounts: firstly, I am inundated with requests right now due to the gala, both long scheduled and last minute. Secondly, it has been far too long since we last enjoyed a cup of tea together. 

I'll expect to see you and your friend at the shop sometime next week. It isn't often that someone can convince you to actually ask for help. Consider my curiosity piqued.

I'll have my assistant reach out to Aiko-san. 




I genuinely can't thank you enough. I just think somebody should do something a little special for him.

You'll understand when you meet him.



Todoroki-sama, might I add: the more you tell me about him now, the better I can have some options prepared for his fitting…




Todoroki: hi
Todoroki: panicking

Yaoyorozu: I'm here!

Todoroki: I might've done something really dumb
Todoroki: with Midoriya
Todoroki: to Midoriya
Todoroki: AT Midoriya???

Yaoyorozu: Shouto what happened?

Todoroki: I followed him on Twitter

Yaoyorozu: Okay.
Yaoyorozu: And then what??

Todoroki: That's it

Yaoyorozu: That's it?!

Todoroki: Yes
Todoroki: wait what
Todoroki: what do you mean thats it

Yaoyorozu: You said you were panicking!
Yaoyorozu: I thought you'd done something really serious
Yaoyorozu: Like sent him a p*nis picture or something!

Todoroki: You think I'd send someone a DICK PIC.
Todoroki: Momo what the hell?????
Todoroki: Also this IS serious

Yaoyorozu: I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!
Yaoyorozu: 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

Todoroki: OKAY its fine its fine 

Yaoyorozu: It's just that…
Yaoyorozu: Shouto, following someone on Twitter isn't BAD

Todoroki: he hasn't even accepted my request
Todoroki: his account is private

Yaoyorozu: Shouto, you don't even use your Twitter. Why is this the end of the world suddenly?

Todoroki: its not the end of the world
Todoroki: what if I made him uncomfortable and he's pretending not to see it?

Yaoyorozu: Didn't you say he had some trouble on Twitter and that's why he locked his account?
Yaoyorozu: Maybe he rarely checks it?

Todoroki: ah

Yaoyorozu: Ah?

Todoroki: he did mention he has notifications off because of that…

Yaoyorozu: There, you see?

Todoroki: maybe.

Yaoyorozu: I'm sensing a "but…"

Todoroki: BUT 

Yaoyorozu: Lol.

Todoroki: What if everything else I'm doing is making him uncomfortable anyway

Yaoyorozu: I'm not following you… 

Todoroki: i'm just worried he might feel like i'm pressuring him

Yaoyorozu: In what way?

Todoroki: i dont know
Todoroki: getting him to talk to me
Todoroki: asking him to come to the gala

Yaoyorozu: It's not like you're propositioning him for sexual favors.

Todoroki: but like…… propositioning him for friendship????
Todoroki: he's always extremely sweaty and nervous whenever i see him
Todoroki: what if I'M the one making him sweaty and nervous

Yaoyorozu: Todoroki-kun.

Todoroki: ok youre going to yell at me now i can feel it

Yaoyorozu: I am normally a very patient person, but you are really testing me. 

Todoroki: 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

Yaoyorozu: That doesn't work on me like it does on you.
Yaoyorozu: You met someone you really like and you want to spend time with them. And you have to do a little more reaching out than necessary because you are an extremely inaccessible public figure. That's not being "pressuring" it's called being approachable, which I know is a foreign concept to you but it's not a bad thing. 

Todoroki: You're starting to sound like Bakugou.

Yaoyorozu: Interesting you should mention him.
Yaoyorozu: You know HE thinks YOU'RE getting taken advantage of. 

Todoroki: yeah stupidly enough
Todoroki: wait
Todoroki: You and bakugou are talking about me to each other????
Todoroki: BETRAYAL

Yaoyorozu: Oh please at this point we have a whole Friends of Shouto support group. 

Todoroki: You guys are the worst
Todoroki: what do you think

Yaoyorozu: About what?

Todoroki: About… who's taking advantage of who

Yaoyorozu: I don't think anybody is taking advantage of anyone else, Shouto.
Yaoyorozu: But maybe it's Midoriya you should talk to about this, if you're feeling so unsure?



" …so I really want to emphasize again, Todoroki-san, that I don't think you should feel so unfavorably about Punk Prince, because it actually sort of revolutionized fashion standards for heroes at the time. Up until that point, people were basically locked in to certain kinds of stereotypes, but you adopting a more dangerous anti-hero look really helped to start breaking a lot of those walls down."



"I appreciate you trying to alleviate my horror at learning my fashion disasters are still being carefully scrutinized by thousands of people to this day, but I assure you, I'll get over it."

"Todoroki-san! That's not what I'm doing! Argh, Mayumi-chan would be so much better at explaining this than I am… I really do find it fascinating to talk about it with you personally…"

"I'm sure you feel that way." 

"Wait… am I embarrassing you?! Ahhh, I'm so sorry—" 

"You don't have to be sorry, because I probably deserve it—but also… yes." 

"I didn't mean to… although come to think of it, maybe you do!" 


"After trying to gain access to my Twitter!" 

"Ah… about that. I really am sorry, if it made you feel—it wasn't my intent to pry."

"If you're embarrassed about people debating your past hair choices, then you can imagine how I'd feel knowing you could see all my secrets!" 

"…Midoriya, what exactly are you doing on your Twitter?"

"N-nothing! Forget I said anything!"

"I see."

"Stop laughing."

"I would never laugh at you."

"I can hear you."

"Alright, alright… in all seriousness, if I ever make you feel uncomfortable, please let me know."

"You didn't! I really was just teasing you! I can do that too, you know." 

"Really? I would never have guessed you were capable."

"You wait, I'm going to tease you so much you beg me to stop!" 


"Wait, that came out weird—"

"I look forward to it."

"Todoroki-san, nooo!" 



Kaminari: ok literally TWO things

Jirou: why do you have to say literally

Kaminari: what

Jirou: how would something be figuratively two things

Kaminari: why must u attack me in this manner
Kaminari: FINE i have two things to say
Kaminari: firstly it has come to my ATTENTION that a certain bird around town was chasing paparazzi off our shouto's tail last wednesday at a nearby university
Kaminari: SECONDLY
Kaminari: todoroki what were you doing showing up at midoriya's SCHOOOOOOOL????????

Ashido: hold up whaaaaat
Ashido: also lmao why was tokoyami there

Tokoyami: the anguish of my soul knows no rest, and I am but a slave to its damnable musings.
Tokoyami: also i was scheduled to patrol the area

Shouji: on wednesday?

Tokoyami: I switched shifts with Bondo, remember?

Kaminari: guys focus!!!!
Kaminari: ur forgetting the most important thing here
Kaminari: (not that your chivalry isnt awesome fumi)
Kaminari: Shouto! Hangin out with little dude! 

Asui: have you ever considered that maybe the reason Shouto doesn't tell us anything is because you act like an overbearing mother every single time he makes a new friend

Uraraka: he acts like the president of the Prince Shouto Fan Club

Jirou: Where do you guys think they get all their intel from

Kaminari: you guys are mean but also not wrong
Kaminari: is it so wrong to be invested in my bro's budding romance

Todoroki: we're just friends

Kaminari: why do you tell me these liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies

Todoroki: i was just picking my good friend up to take him for a suit fitting

Kaminari: 👀👀👀 suit fitting for what?????

Bakugou: HOLD ON i gotta mute fuckin notifications
Bakugou: ok go ahead

Todoroki: i asked him to be my plus one for the hero's gala

Several people are typing… 

Kaminari: sshSGHISEH

Ashido: OMG
Ashido: Shouto!!!!! YOU GO BABE

Kirishima: i'm so uwu about this


Bakugou: you already KNEW shitty hair

Kirishima: yeah dude and im still happy af!!!!!
Kirishima: its so manly that you asked him out

Jirou: that's awesome Todoroki!

Koda: 😸😸😸


Aoyama: très fantastique~~!! ☆☆

Kaminari: i'm screeeeeeamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

Hagakure: todorokiiiiiiiiiii im so happy for you 😭😭😭
Hagakure: u guys r gonna be so cute together!!!

Ojiro: congrats!!!


Slow mode has been enabled. 


Iida: I'm ensuring you all don't overwhelm Todoroki-kun!

Todoroki: i'm okay tenya
Todoroki: and thanks guys but its not a date
Todoroki: sorry to get you all worked up over nothing

Kaminari: over NOTHING? This is EVERYTHING

Todoroki: if you say so lol



Todoroki: hey
Todoroki: thanks for the paparazzi thing

Tokoyami: it was no trouble.
Tokoyami: dark shadow has no stomach for them

Todoroki: ah
Todoroki: the camera flashes?

Tokoyami: hates them



Bakugou: so are you like his sugar daddy now

Todoroki: what's that

Bakugou: dont get cute with me
Bakugou: you're picking him up in a private car, you're buying him expensive clothes, you're taking him to fancy fuckin restaurants

Todoroki: how do you even know where we went to eat

Bakugou: I have my sources

Todoroki: you asked camie didnt you

Bakugou: a man never reveals his informants
Bakugou: i think a more pressing question is how the fuck did SHE know because i know you didn't tell her

Todoroki: you and i both know not to question where she gets her info
Todoroki: anyway just drop it
Todoroki: it's not like he's asking me to do any of this

Bakugou: but i bet he aint complaining either

Todoroki: sometimes i think back and remember how i could have smothered you in your bed in high school

Bakugou: but you didnt
Bakugou: because youre a fuckin chump

Todoroki: he's not trying to use me katsuki
Todoroki: i overheard him lying to his classmates 

Bakugou: and thats good HOW?

Todoroki: he was trying to tell them he didnt have my number after they heard him talking to me
Todoroki: he was that nervous about giving out my information even accidentally
Todoroki: even though they were making fun of him
Todoroki: he's not trying to leverage me or whatever it is you think

Bakugou: i don't think that anymore

Todoroki: then????

Bakugou: UGH
Bakugou: i'm trying to be fuckin realistic. because from an outsider's perspective and also from a best friend perspective you both seem like goddamn disasters who need to be protected from themselves
Bakugou: youre head over heels and blasting this kid with attention but what happens when reality drops him flat on his face if things don't work out or if something fucking HAPPENS to you
Bakugou: and for that matter i'm also not really keen on you getting burned if this whole dating a famous pro hero thing turns out to be something some college kid can't handle
Bakugou: you know what this job is like but he sure as hell doesnt know what hes getting into
Bakugou: its hard enough for ME every time Ei winds up in the hospital
Bakugou: it's not all talk shows and shopping sprees
Bakugou: ??? hello????
Bakugou: for fucks sake say something
Bakugou: or i'm deleting all those message and pretending they never happened

Todoroki: we're best friends?

Bakugou: i'm blocking you

Todoroki: WAIT
Todoroki: ok i have serious things to say but we need to address the best friend thing later
Todoroki: i already screenshot them
Todoroki: bakugou dont block me youre right just like always and i need to tell you how right you are about things

Bakugou: i'm listening

Todoroki: okay.
Todoroki: everything you're saying is
Todoroki: stuff i've already thought
Todoroki: i dont want to hurt him
Todoroki: but i dont think he only cares about the pro hero side of me, either
Todoroki: this is going to sound stupid but i dont think he has that in him
Todoroki: actually i think he might not even like all the extra attention and he might just… like… me???????
Todoroki: which feels like a fucking egotistical thing to say
Todoroki: but i HOPE its true
Todoroki: and i know youre going to ask me how i can know that for sure and the thing is i cant
Todoroki: i obviously cant know for sure
Todoroki: i just have to believe in that because otherwise what the fuck am i even doing?
Todoroki: because i think i do want to do this. 

Bakugou: yeah?

Todoroki: yeah.

Bakugou: well alright then.
Bakugou: you know thats all you had to say instead of all this bullshit dancing around
Bakugou: bitch

Todoroki: thanks best friend 🙂

Bakugou: shut the fuck up

Todoroki: no 🙂

Bakugou: hey
Bakugou: you said those other kids were making fun of him

Todoroki: yeah.
Todoroki: do you know this artist on twitter

Bakugou: why the fuck would I

Todoroki: she goes to midoriya's school
Todoroki: i think she bullies him

Bakugou: wait actually maybe i've seen some of her stuff at conventions?
Bakugou: she likes u and Ei a lot right

Todoroki: i didnt know she liked kirishima too
Todoroki: midoriya was trying to avoid telling me much but from what he's told me its gotten pretty bad
Todoroki: it uh
Todoroki: it took a lot of self restraint not to say anything but i dont think he'd want me to
Todoroki: but hes way too fucking nice about it
Todoroki: which kinda just makes me even madder
Todoroki: actually it feels like what being you must feel like all the time
Todoroki: bakugou?
Todoroki: you still there?

Bakugou: yea
Bakugou: i told ei
Bakugou: he blocked her

Todoroki: holy shit
Todoroki: 🙂

Bakugou: 😈



Todoroki: i'm alive

Sero: oh thank god

Yaoyorozu: Shouto thank goodness! 

Todoroki: sorry for the wait everyone
Todoroki: i just woke up a little while ago

Yaoyorozu: That's alright! Hawks-san managed to get some news to Tokoyami-kun.
Yaoyorozu: Still, it's just so good to hear from you.

Todoroki: you shouldn't have waited up for me

Kaminari: dude come on
Kaminari: of course we would

Iida: It is excellent to hear you are recovering well!
Iida: And you still managed to apprehend that terrible villain!
Iida: Have they mentioned when you'll be able to return to Japan?
Iida: Todoroki-kun?

Todoroki: not yet
Todoroki: sorry i just realized i missed a text

Uraraka: from who??
Uraraka: you should be resting, is it urgent?
Uraraka: one of us can reach out.

Todoroki: did anyone let midoriya know i was ok

Yaoyorozu: I don't think anyone did… I'm sorry, Shouto, I should have realized.

Todoroki: not your fault
Todoroki: he texted me hours ago shit
Todoroki: hes probably asleep now
Todoroki: what if he thinks i didnt care enough to text him back

Kirishima: todoroki

Bakugou: just fuckin text him

Kaminari: hes not gonna think you didnt care
Kaminari: you were concussed!

Todoroki: guys. all of you were right
Todoroki: i like him

Ashido: we know, hon. 

Todoroki: sorry hes calling me
Todoroki: gotta go

Kaminari: they grow up fast huh 💕