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Shadow Master

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            Inko Midoriya had been a lawyer for several years; she’s been on many cases before mostly involving children. She could never really stop her caring nature and being a mother has only increased her desire to help wherever she can. However, when she arrives in front of a hospital she can’t help but feel that this may be her most difficult case yet. As she walks in she informs the receptionist who she is and which doctor she is supposed to see, the doctor in question walks into the lobby saying just before shaking her hand “Ah, Mrs. Midoriya, glad you’re here.” Inko replies “Thank you sir, could you tell me what happened with the patient?”

            The doctor leads her to his office as he explains “Well, as I already informed you over the phone, the patient had previously been diagnosed as Quirkless.” Once they’re in his office he pulls out a file and hands it to her “The thing is in most cases when a Quirk suddenly appears it’s due to the patient simply being a late bloomer, but this one is different entirely.” Inko opens the file and the first thing she sees is an x-ray of a child’s foot with two joints in his pinky toe. The doctor continues “Studies have shown that there is a correlation between the number of joints in a person’s pinky toe and the likelihood of manifesting a Quirk. People with two joints usually grow up Quirkless while people with one joint manifest a Quirk at the latest of eight years old. However, the patient in question here is ten years old and had manifested a Quirk a few days ago.”

            As Inko heard the doctor speak she felt her heart stop, because not only was her child under the same circumstance as this one; Quirkless, but they are also the same age too. Inko asks “Do you know how he manifested a Quirk so late?” The doctor hesitates before he answers “T-there has been a theory going around for a few decades that there’s no such thing as being Quirkless. The theory goes that any person can manifest a Quirk; it only requires some effort to do so. However, the reason the theory was never actually tested is because it would be inhumane to do so.”

            Inko gulps before she asks “How so?” The doctor takes a shaky breath as he and Inko sit down across from each other with his desk in the between them “The patient would have to undergo years of intense induced physical stress. As you can see on the first page the child was only four years old when he was diagnosed.” Inko flips to the next page and gasps quietly in horror, the doctor says “No other information had been added until a few days ago, no check-ups, no injuries or illnesses, nothing. Of course, it is entirely possible he could’ve been taken somewhere else instead, but due to the circumstances I’d find that highly unlikely.”

            Inko looks at the file as she sees pictures and x-rays the patient’s arms, legs, back, and chest completely covered in scars, cuts, gashes, and bruises along with x-rays showing all of his broken bones that had healed wrong. The doctor purses his lips before he says “Since his bones hadn’t healed correctly we had to break them then heal him again.” The doctor goes quiet as he looks down in shame; Inko asks with trepidation “What happened?” The doctor takes a breath before he answers “For whatever reason we couldn’t put him under for the process, we’re not sure as to why he was immune to the medication. The best we could do was have one of our nurses who has a pain relief Quirk constantly at his side,” the doctor stops as he exhales shakily “it didn’t stop the pain.”

            Inko covers her mouth as tears form in her eyes, the doctor explains “After we were finished we had called in Recovery Girl to help speed up his recovery, but she could only do so much for him.” Inko asks shaking “I-is there anything else that I should know?” The doctor answers as he recomposes himself “He hasn’t eaten or slept ever since he got here, but he doesn’t seem to have lost any weight or shown any signs of sleep deprivation.” Inko asks “What does that mean?” The doctor answers “When we went to draw his blood it came out black, we assume that his Quirk is a Mutant type so maybe his Quirk is giving him the nutrients he needs in order to survive. There’s a lot we don’t know about Quirks and considering everything that we see on the news I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.”

            Inko asks as she closes the folder before she hands it back to the doctor “Is there anything else that you can tell me about his Quirk?” The doctor shakes his head “That’s all we’ve been able to gather, due to the circumstances we didn’t want to do any tests until he was completely healed.” Inko replies as she lowers her head “I understand.” The doctor asks hopefully “Would you like to see him, h-he doesn’t really have anyone who visits him.” Inko answers after she takes a breath, wipes her eyes, and smiles gently “Yes, I’d like that.”

            The doctor leads her out of his office and to room 117 with the patient’s name on the door “Seramir Kamax”, the doctor opens the door carefully as he says “Good morning Kamax, you have a visitor today.” The doctor walks in with Inko behind him; the boy was staring out the window but slowly turns to look at them. Seramir has long dark brown hair that hangs passed his chin and almost to his shoulders and has dark brown eyes that hold far too much pain than any child should ever experience. Inko waves gently with a kind smile “Hello Kamax, my name’s Inko Midoriya I’ll be helping you in your case.” The doctor says before he leaves “I’ll leave you two to it.”

            Inko sits in a seat beside Seramir’s bed as he looks down at his hands in his lap; Inko thinks to herself “This poor boy, he’s been through too much for someone his age. I couldn’t imagine Izuku going through anything like this.”  Inko says “You know my son is Quirkless.” Seramir tenses, Inko’s heart aches “He used to always talk about being a hero like All Might, but after he was diagnosed he’s been more closed off. He hasn’t been through anything like you have, but I can tell that he’s being bullied even though he won’t tell me.”

            Seramir’s shoulders slightly relax, but still obviously on edge as if waiting for someone to hurt him, tears start pricking at her eyes again as she looks down “I know that it may not help, but I’m sorry about what happened to you.” A moment passes before suddenly Seramir asks quietly “Why?” Inko looks up at Seramir with a dead expression “Why do you care?” Inko answers sadly “Because, no child should ever have to go through what you did. I can’t possibly know how you may feel, but even still I-I don’t want anyone to get hurt needlessly.”

            Inko laughs lightly as she wipes her eyes “I guess that’s one of the reasons why Izuku wants to be a hero.” Something in Seramir shifts, it’s not trust but it’s something. Inko smiles “If you don’t mind, can I come by and see you when I come around?” Seramir answers after a moment of contemplation “Sure.” Inko replies “Thank you, I need to go now, but I’ll be back soon.”

            Inko waves bye as Seramir gives her a slight nod; she waits outside of her son’s school waiting for the last bell to ring. As the bell goes off and Izuku walks up to her she asks “How was your day sweetie?” Izuku answers with a wobbly smile “It was good.” Inko’s heart aches as she remembers Seramir “Alright, but if anything happens you know you can talk to me right?” Izuku answers “I know.”

            After a while on their way home Izuku asks with concern “Mom, is everything alright?” Inko thinks about telling her son that she was fine, but that would be hypocritical of her so instead she sighs and answers “I-I met someone today.” Izuku looks up at Inko with a sad look, because he knows when she has her bad days “There was this boy who is just as old as you who lost everything recently. He’s in the hospital, but he’s recovering, it’s just that” Inko hesitates for a moment “his parents hurt him…a lot.” Izuku’s eyes widen “Why would they do that?”

            Inko purses her lips before she answers “I don’t know why, I don’t know what would drive a person to ever hurt their own child, but the boy used to be Quirkless.” Izuku asks “Used to be?” Inko nods “His parents hurt him for not having a Quirk, but when he finally got his Quirk he…he lost everything. Once he’s healed he won’t have a home to return to, he doesn’t have any other family and he’s been hurt so much.” Izuku looks down thoughtfully, if what Inko was implying was what he thinks she was implying then he wonders if a Quirk would be worth it.

            Izuku wants to be a hero more than anything, but people keep telling him that he can’t be a hero without a Quirk, that he’s useless, worthless, Deku. Izuku then says “I-if I had to lose you to get a Quirk,” Inko looks at her son as he looks up at her with tears in his eyes “I’d rather be Quirkless.” Inko tears up as they both stop and hug each other silently crying with Inko stroking his hair “I know sweetie, I know.” Once they get home Izuku asks over dinner “Is there any way we can help him?” Inko answers after a moment “There is one option.”

            Izuku asks immediately “What is it?” Inko answers “I could see about adopting him, but I don’t want you to feel like I’m trying to replace you.” Izuku replies after a moment “I know you wouldn’t do that, but if that’s how we can help him then we should!” Inko asks “Are you sure sweetie?” Izuku nods as he answers “A hero should always try to save people, so we should do everything we can to help him.” Inko smiles proudly at her son “You’re right sweetie.”

            Every other day Inko comes to see Seramir, talk to him and tell him about her day or how her son was doing. Three weeks later on a Friday Inko asks “Kamax,” Seramir looks Inko in the eyes looking significantly better “I was wondering if after you’re all healed you’d like to stay with me?” Seramir’s eyes widen in surprise “A-are you sure, I mean after what happened.” Inko replies “What happened wasn’t your fault.” Seramir says “But-” Inko cuts him off “You didn’t want that to happen, did you?” Seramir closes his mouth then shakes his head “Then it wasn’t your fault.”

            Inko then says with a kind smile “I know it’ll take a while for you to come to terms with that, but you shouldn’t blame yourself for something you had no control over.” Seramir nods, Inko then asks nervously “So, what do you think? You don’t have to answer now, but whenever you want.” Seramir answers “I’ll think about it.” Inko then says “I know Izuku would like to meet you.” Over the weeks that Inko has visited Seramir she has told him about her son, how her son was, how much he liked heroes, his analysis on Quirks, etc.

            The day before Seramir is released he says to Inko on her visit “I’ve come to a decision.” Inko asks curiously “About what?” Seramir answers as he looks at Inko “I-I’d like to be…part of your family, if you’ll have me.” Seramir looks away as Inko takes a breath “I mean, you don’t have to, I just thought that the offer still stood and I’m going to be released soon so I thought I should tell you now. If you don’t want to it’s fine, I know it can’t be easy as a single mom.”

            Inko places her right hand over top Seramir’s left causing him to stop and look at her again to see her smiling “I’d love to adopt you.” For the first time since meeting Seramir his lower lip quivers and black tears start to swell in his eyes just as Inko also tears up happily. Seramir replies softly with a heartfelt smile “Thank you.” Inko had already looked over the adoption process and was already ready to adopt Seramir on the spot as long as he asked her to. Now that he wants to be adopted she’s more than prepared to go through the process.

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            The day of Seramir’s release Inko takes him with her to Izuku’s school, the two of them wait outside for Izuku. Seramir asks “A-am I going to go to school here?” Inko answers with a smile “Yes, at least whenever you’re ready I don’t want you to push yourself if you aren’t.” Seramir nods just before the final bell rings, once Izuku sees his mom and Seramir he rushes over to them excitedly “Hi mom!” Inko replies as Seramir takes a step behind Inko “Hi sweetie, did you have a good day.”

            Izuku hesitates before he nods which Seramir immediately thinks “Liar.” Izuku notices Seramir “Hi there, my name’s Izuku. Mom has…told me a bit about you, she told me that you were going to be coming home with us and I’ve been really excited since. I was also wondering if you could tell me about your Quirk, I mean if you want to, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Seramir answers shyly “Maybe later.”

            Izuku replies “Okay.” Inko asks “Are you ready to go home Izuku?” Izuku nods “Yeah, I’m ready.” Izuku walks on Inko’s right while Seramir walks on her left, Izuku comments “I can’t wait to show you my room. I hope we get along.” Seramir nods with a hum.

            Once they get home Inko shows Seramir the guest room where he’ll be staying “This is your room, I can see about getting you a desk, computer, or anything else.” Seramir replies “Thank you Mrs. Midoriya.” Inko says “You can call me Mom or Inko if you prefer.” Seramir nods “O-okay.” Izuku then asks excitedly “Can I show you my room?” Seramir replies “S-sure.”

            Izuku leads Seramir to his room while Inko goes to fix dinner, as Izuku is showing Seramir his action figures and paraphernalia Seramir asks “Why did you lie?” Izuku freezes for a moment “You said that you had a good day at school, but you lied.” Izuku looks at Seramir with a smile recovering from his surprise “I-I don’t-I don’t know w-what you’re talking about.” Seramir replies “I know that smile, something happened at school.” Izuku looks away nervously “Nothing happened, I’m fine.”

            Seramir says sternly “Midoriya,” Izuku flinches “look at me.” Izuku slowly looks back at Seramir; the look in Seramir’s face is like that of a parent who caught their child doing something they know is wrong. Izuku replies “I-I just, I don’t want to make mom worry, she’s got enough going on as it is.” Seramir’s gaze softens “Mrs. Midoriya worries about you because you don’t tell her; she knows you’re not telling her stuff and that you’re getting bullied at school.” Izuku remembers that Seramir used to be Quirkless too, which explains how he knew that Izuku was lying behind that smile.

            Seramir then says “If you tell her, I’m sure she’ll do everything she can to help you.” Izuku replies quietly as he looks down “I-I can’t, Kaachan, he’s going to be a hero, I can’t hurt him like that.” Seramir takes a step forward “If he’s hurting you then he doesn’t deserve to be a hero.” Izuku looks up with tears in his eyes frustrated “But Kaachan’s super cool, and smart, and talented!” Seramir asks “Did you do anything wrong?” Izuku hesitates before he answers “N-no.”

            Seramir then replies “Then he has no reason to hurt you.” Izuku opens his mouth, but no words come out because he can’t argue against that. Seramir says “I don’t know who this ‘Kaachan’ is and I’m not going to make you tell Mrs. Midoriya about him, but you shouldn’t defend him if he’s hurting you.” Izuku wants to argue to defend Kaachan, but when he thinks about it he remembers how his mom had told him that Seramir’s parents had hurt him so much that he was forced to manifest a Quirk. Izuku says “I-it’s not that bad.”

            Seramir replies “I don’t care if it’s not bad, he shouldn’t hurt you at all. If-if I’m going to be a part of this family then I need to do everything I can to help!” Izuku realizes that he can’t argue against Seramir, he knows that Seramir’s right, but he doesn’t want to ruin Kaachan’s chances of being a hero. The door opens with Inko saying “Boys, dinner’s ready.” If she notices the tension between the two she doesn’t say anything, Izuku is the one to walk out first with Seramir behind him.

            When Inko sits a plate in front of Seramir he looks at her surprised “Mrs. Midoriya, you know I don’t need to eat.” Inko replies “I know, but I made a bit more than I was expecting and I would hate for this to go to waste.” Seramir thinks that Inko had done that on purpose, but he doesn’t say anything and begins eating with them. The flavor hits Seramir like a truck, because he can’t remember the last time he tasted something so good. After the first bite black tears spill down his cheeks, Inko asks worriedly “Are you alright Seramir? It’s not too hot is it?”

            Seramir shakes his head as he wipes his eyes with his sleeve “N-no, I’ve just n-never had something s-so good.” Izuku looks at Seramir then back at his own food thinking to himself “He’s never had anything like this.” Inko says “You don’t have to push yourself to eat it.” Seramir replies “N-no, it’s fine, I’ll eat it.” Inko says as she keeps an eye on Seramir “Okay, if you say so.”

            After dinner Inko starts washing the dishes “Mrs. Midoriya.” Inko looks over her shoulder to see Seramir behind her “I want to go to school tomorrow.” Inko dries her hands as she turns around “Are you sure sweetie, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Seramir answers with a determined expression “I want to.” Inko sighs before she replies “If that’s what you want then I’ll support you, just don’t push yourself too hard, okay?” Seramir nods “Okay.”

            Izuku who overhears the conversation becomes nervous because he doesn’t know how he’s going to react to Kaachan. That night Seramir thinks about what he’s going to do tomorrow, he remembers how he was bullied at school for his Quirklessness. He remembers how people would gang up on him call him freak, useless, worthless, kick, punch, and even use their Quirks on him. He remembers feeling helpless and useless, but this time he has something he wants to protect and he will fight tooth and nail to protect it.

            The following day Seramir stands in front of the class with the teacher saying “Good morning class, today we have a new student joining us. Would you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?” The rest of the students wait excitedly as Seramir takes a breath then looks straight at the students with determination “My name is Seramir Midoriya and until recently I used to be Quirkless.” The class goes silent in shock along with the teacher with Seramir holding his determined gaze, Izuku looks at Seramir slack jawed thinking “Is he trying to paint himself as a target!?” Seramir hears someone say “Tch, so what, we have two worthless losers now!?”

            Seramir looks over and sees a boy with spiky blonde hair sneering at him, so Seramir does the first thing he thinks of which is tilt his head to the side and widen his eyes creepily “Got a problem with that?” The rest of the students feel a chill go up their spine, the blonde’s expression turns angry “What you think you’re better than me or something!?” Seramir answers as he raises his head looking down his nose “You’re not worth thinking about.” The blonde growls as he lets out explosions before the teacher says “Okay, that’s enough you two. Seramir, you can sit beside Izuku.”

            Seramir nods, then as he makes his way to Izuku’s desk the same blonde sticks his foots out clearly trying to trip Seramir, but instead Seramir stomps on it. The blonde yelps out in pain “Hey you fucker!” Seramir glares over his shoulder at the blonde “Don’t get in my way.” The blonde stands up out of his seat “Why you little!” The teacher says “That’s enough, Seramir I know that this is your first day, but you’re not allowed to hurt other students.”

            Seramir looks at the teacher with furious indignation “Then tell blondie to leave me alone.” The teacher reels back in surprise that a new student would talk to him like that, but Seramir continues to walk to the empty desk beside Izuku. The teacher says “W-well, anyway, let’s start class shall we.” During lunch Izuku whispers “What the heck was that for?!” Seramir answers “I needed to set the record straight, I wasn’t going to take any crap from the teacher or blondie.”

            Izuku replies “But you basically made everyone either scared of you or hate you!” Seramir says “I don’t care what other people think, let them be scared of me, let them hate me. As long as no one bothers you or me then I’ll be fine.” Suddenly they hear “Hey asshole!” Seramir mutters “Speaking of which.” The blonde asks “Just who the hell do you think you are!?”

            Seramir deadpans “Seramir Midoriya.” The blonde lets sparks fly from his hands “Where the fuck do you get off talking to me like that!?” Seramir answers “Probably because it’s my first day here and I can already tell you’re a jerk.” The blonde then says “I’m the top dog around here got it, nobody fucks with me and gets away with it!” Seramir replies “Of course you’re a dog, only dogs bark like that.”

            The blonde raises his fist, but before he makes contact Seramir swiftly spins around to stand behind his seat with his guard up ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Izuku says “Stop it Kaachan, you’ll get in trouble!” The Kaachan yells “Shut up Deku, this fucker is going to get what’s coming to him!” Kaachan moves passed the desk while Seramir changes his positions to focus solely on him; Seramir takes note of his surroundings. Some students are watching two students are standing at his and Izuku’s desk also watching the fight, probably Kaachan’s friends.

            The teacher is gone at the moment, the doors are closed, but one of the windows is open. Kaachan lunges at Seramir with a right hook, but on instinct Seramir drops low to the floor before he shoots back up and uppercuts the blonde in the chin sending him sprawling onto the floor. Kaachan sits up with blood in his mouth and tears in his eyes “You little bastard!” Seramir says “You picked a fight with me; it’s your fault for being stupid ‘Kaachan’.” Kaachan stands back up as he yells “My name’s Katsuki Bakugou you fucker!”

            Seramir replies “I’ll remember your name when I start to give a crap.” Bakugou tries to rush Seramir again with his sparks in his hands, at the same time Seramir throws a punch at the center of Bakugou’s chest as hard as he can. However, Seramir doesn’t feel the explosion hurt him; he realizes almost immediately that a black tendril blocked the explosion for him. Everyone stares in shock as Bakugou stumbles back and coughs with his hand on his chest “I thought you said you were Quirkless.” Seramir replies “I said I WAS Quirkless, my Quirk came in recently.”

            Seramir then hears some students whisper behind him, villain, freak, monster, before those words would’ve hurt, but now he knew people were scared of him. Seramir lets out a thin wicked smile as he says aloud “I may be a ‘villain’, a ‘freak’, or a monster, but” Seramir looks over the rest of the class “at least I’m a far cry from being as weak as any of you.” For the first time the entire class trembles in fear, because he probably knows how Izuku’s been treated if he’s a Midoriya. The teacher opens the door and asks “What’s going on in here!?” All the students look at the teacher as Seramir’s smile disappears; Bakugou’s lackeys say “S-Seramir was fighting Bakugou.”

            The teacher glares at Seramir which he returns in kind, the teacher says “Seramir come out here now.” Seramir looks over his shoulder at Bakugou and his lackeys with a silent threat of “I’ll be back.” Seramir steps outside with the teacher, the teacher asks “Why were you picking a fight with Bakugou?” Seramir replies “What makes you think I’m the one who picked the fight?” The teacher answers “Because two of my students said so.”

            Seramir raises an eyebrow “You mean Bakugou’s friends? Seems a bit one-sided wouldn’t you say?” The teacher answers “Doesn’t matter, you attacked a classmate.” Seramir asks “Have I raised my voice today?” The teacher seems caught off guard “What?”

            Seramir repeats “I asked if I have raised my voice today?” The teacher answers “No, but that has nothing to do with the situation.” Seramir then asks with a calculating look in his eyes as if he’s planning ten steps ahead of the teacher “Wasn’t it Bakugou who called me a loser after I introduced myself?” The teacher answers “Yes, but Bakugou is always like that.” Seramir asks “Has Bakugou bullied another student here?”

            The teacher hesitates for a moment before he answers “No.” Seramir says in a tone that makes the teacher feel like a child “Don’t lie to me.” The teacher wants to take a step back, but they don’t want to seem weak “Mrs. Midoriya already has suspicions that Izuku is getting bullied here. Imagine what would happen if she were to find out what you’ve been neglecting to inform her.” The teacher begins to sweat, the teacher feels so small, like Seramir is the one towering over him “I’m sure that a lawsuit would be in order, of course it won’t be just you, the school as well would be involved. I was bullied back at my school and Mrs. Midoriya saw to it that the whole staff got replaced, do you think she won’t do the same for her own son?”

            Seramir takes a step towards the teacher making him take a step back “Let me make something clear, I will not hesitate to bring down hellfire upon you and any other staff member that has been ignoring this kind of behavior. Understand?” The teacher stares wide-eyed before they gulp as they tremble “Y-yes sir.” Seramir replies “Good.” Seramir smiles evilly as he walks back into class, the teacher who looks like they’ve been sweating “B-Bakugou, go ahead and head to the nurse’s office, okay.”

            Bakugou walks out of the room with the teacher leaving Seramir with the rest of the students, so Seramir does the only thing he can think of. He holds onto his evil smile as he raises his hand and says breathily “Hi.” The rest of the class think “Nope!” as they go back to their lunch. Seramir goes back to his seat as Izuku asks “What happened?” Seramir answers as he stops smiling “Nothing, I told the teacher that if anyone bullies either you or me I’ll get him and everyone else fired.”

            Izuku says shocked “You can’t do that.” Seramir replies “I can and I will if I have to, I’m not going to let you or anyone else get bullied around here.” Izuku says “B-but you don’t have to be mean about it.” Seramir replies “People like them won’t change just because you want them to; if you want them to change you’re going to have to make them. So if I have to be mean to get them to see that what they’re doing is wrong then so be it.”

            Izuku thinks to himself in realization “He painted a target on himself just to make sure no one tried to hurt me, then he fights Kaachan and practically wins, then he talks to the teacher and makes sure no one gets bullied again…He planned for this to happen.” Izuku gains newfound respect for Seramir, he would never be afraid of him because he knows what he had been through. However, he does know that he would never want to make Seramir angry, not that he thinks Seramir would try or even want to hurt him.

            Later that night while Izuku was in his room Seramir walks into the kitchen where Inko was doing dishes “Mrs. Midoriya?” Inko looks over at Seramir curiously “I need to tell you something.” Inko dries her hands as she and Seramir take a seat at the dinner table “What is it sweetie?” Seramir answers “Today Bakugou tried to bully me.” Inko looks at Seramir surprised “He thought that I was Quirkless because when I introduced myself I said I used to be Quirkless. Plus, he seems like a real jerk, Izuku may be getting bullied by others, but I know that Bakugou is one of them.”

            Inko asks as if putting pieces together “Is that why you wanted to go to school?” Seramir nods, Inko places her hands on Seramir’s “Oh sweetie.” Seramir says almost regretfully “I know that you want Izuku to be safe, but I didn’t know what else to do. Bakugou and I got into a fight, I-I think I won, but the teacher thought that I was the one who started it, because other kids said so. I think that’s the reason why no one has told you about it before now, i-it’s just like my old school.”

            Inko pulls Seramir into a hug “It’s okay sweetie…you shouldn’t have done that if you weren’t ready.” Seramir replies “But I wanted to, I wanted to show everyone that I was strong, I wanted everyone to know that I could protect Izuku.” Inko begins rubbing circles on Seramir’s back comfortingly as he cries softly into her shirt “Shh, it’s okay sweetie. I know you only wanted to help, I know that you want what’s best for Izuku.” Seramir hugs Inko back as he continues to cry. After a few months the staff had been completely replaced just like Seramir’s old school with people who were more open minded.

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            A few years have passed and over time Izuku and Seramir have been training at several martial arts studios to train their physical bodies, Seramir also went to Quirk counselling to help control his Quirk better. Seramir named his Quirk Shadow Caster, to put it simply; his Quirk allows him to use darkness as if it was an extension of himself. Fortunately, with Izuku’s help and Seramir’s intuitive mind he was able to progress at a fast pace. Bakugou wasn’t OFFICIALLY punished, but he was sent to anger management classes as well as got grounded for a long time by his parents. Izuku also managed to come to terms with the fact that Bakugou wasn’t a nice person and has since retired the name Kaachan.

            Now in their final year of middle school Seramir sits behind Izuku as the teacher talks about their future schools. The teacher mentions Bakugou as a student aiming for Yuuei who brags about acing the mock exam, then the teacher mentions Izuku and Seramir also aiming for Yuuei. The room goes dead silent, it’s not exactly the same class as elementary school, but rumors have spread about Seramir as well as how manipulative and scary he can be if someone crosses him. When the class looks at the two of them Izuku comments “Well, it’s not like Quirkless people can’t apply to Yuuei, besides there are plenty of heroes who don’t have physical based Quirks.” Before Bakugou would’ve stormed over to Izuku and talked about how useless and worthless he was, but now he knows that if he makes a move out of line Seramir will crush his chances of getting into Yuuei, so he just looks away with a “Tch.”

            Seramir scans the room causing the students to look away letting class resume, after school Izuku sighs “Man that was nerve racking when the teacher called us out.” Seramir shrugs “Meh, I didn’t mind it’s always fun to see their faces when someone mentions my name.” Izuku comments “That’s probably because you scare the crap out of everyone you meet.” Seramir replies sagely “‘It is better to be feared than loved if you cannot be both’ Niccolo Machiavelli.” Izuku chuckles “Hopefully you won’t have to scare everyone when we get to Yuuei.”

            Seramir comments “I can go without other people.” Izuku asks “What’re you going to do when they eventually separate us?” Seramir answers in feign anger “Hey, I can make friends just fine thank you very much.” Seramir then says “Besides don’t forget that Kendo is also going to be a hero too, so even if we aren’t in the same class there’s still the possibility she’ll be there.” Izuku replies with a nod “That’s true; it’d really suck for you if you ended up in a class without either of us and with Bakugou.” Seramir says “Don’t jinx it!”

            Izuku laughs, but suddenly they both hear a metallic clang behind them; they turn around to see a giant sludge villain “Ah a medium sized skin suit!” The villain rushes towards Izuku, but Seramir pushes him out of the way and gets caught instead, Izuku turns back to see the villain force itself into Seramir’s mouth and nose “Seramir!” The villain comments “Haha, stupid kid playing hero, don’t worry this will only last a few seconds!” Seramir then uses his Quirk to summon a bunch of tendrils inside of the villain then they all shoot out and splatter the villain on the pavement, walls, and ceiling. Seramir falls forward as Izuku rushes over to him “Seramir are you alright?!”

            Seramir hacks up the sludge “Oh God that was disgusting!” A booming voice says “Never fear because I am-” All Might notices that the sludge villain is sprayed all of the places with two middle schoolers in the middle “late apparently.” Izuku pats Seramir on the back as he continues puking out the sludge “Oh God it’s even worse when I’m puking it out.” All Might asks “Are you two boys alright?” Izuku notices All Might and begins freaking out “Oh my God it’s actually the real All Might!” Seramir asks after a cough “Were you expecting the fake All Might?”

            Izuku smacks Seramir over the head, All Might repeats in slight concern “Are you two alright?” Seramir answers “Yeah, just puking out my soul.” Seramir stands up and turns around to see All Might’s worried expression “I’m kidding,” All Might relaxes for a beat “I don’t have a soul.” Izuku snorts “Seramir that’s not funny.” Seramir replies “I thought it was.”

            Seramir then says “But seriously I’m fine.” All Might replies “Well that’s good, I usually don’t get civilians caught up in my heroing, but unfortunately I don’t know the layout of the sewer system.” Izuku and Seramir think to themselves “Why would anyone know the layout of the sewer system?” All Might then pulls out two empty soda bottles, Izuku walks over “Here, let me help you with that.” All Might replies as he hands an empty bottle to Izuku “Thank you young man.”

            Izuku begins scooping the nearby sludge into the bottle while Seramir uses summons black tendrils to scrape the sludge together which he lifts and deposits into both bottles until they’re full. All Might says “Thank you again young men for your assistance!” All Might begins walking away when Izuku exclaims “Wait, c-can I ask you a question?” All Might turns around as he answers “Of course young man, but please make it quick I need to get this villain to the police ASAP!” Izuku asks shakily “C-can I become a hero even if I don’t have a Quirk!?”

            Seramir who is standing by Izuku’s side looks at Izuku in shock then looks back at All Might waiting for his answer. All Might sighs before he answers “Hero work is dangerous, as you two both know villains won’t hold back even if you’re children and the same could be said about those who are Quirkless. So no, I don’t believe that one can become a hero without a Quirk.” Seramir glares at All Might with righteous indignation which All Might feels pierce through his very core “However, there are plenty of other jobs, such as firefighter, doctor, or police officer. I know it isn’t what you want to hear, but please try to be realistic with your goals.”

            Seramir’s glare doesn’t let up as All Might turns back around then bounds off without another word; Seramir looks at Izuku worriedly as he asks “Are you alright?” Izuku wipes away the tears from his eyes as he answers “Yeah, I’m fine.” Izuku looks at Seramir with an obviously paper thin smile “It’s just another person I have to prove wrong, right?” Seramir smiles gently at Izuku as he nods, throughout the years Seramir has told Izuku exactly that, with every person who said Izuku couldn’t be a hero Seramir simply stated that Izuku had to prove them wrong. However, it’s one thing to hear that from people who never expect anything from you, it’s another when someone you admire says the exact same thing.

            Seramir puts his hand on Izuku’s shoulder “Come on, we should get home before mom starts freaking out.” Izuku chuckles mirthlessly “Yeah.” As they’re walking home they both hear a loud explosion causing them both to turn in the direction of said explosion, Seramir asks “Want to check it out?” Izuku looks at Seramir and smiles lightly knowing he’s trying to cheer him up “Sure!” The two of them rush to the scene as quickly as they can; when they arrive they see the same sludge villain from before in a fiery alleyway.

            They hear about how the villain has a hostage, they both wonder how the villain managed to escape since it was in All Might’s possession. Izuku worries that he might’ve not screwed the cap on tight enough, while Seramir thinks that All Might was careless and didn’t secure the bottles in his pockets. The two boys watch as the “heroes” make excuses, Death Arms talks about how he’s not strong enough, Kamui Woods talks about how fire isn’t his element, Mount Lady mentions that the alley is too small for her to get into, and Backdraft talks about how he’s busy with the fires. Seramir thinks angrily “These worthless ‘heroes’ are making excuses and are willing to let someone die!” However, Izuku sees a familiar set of crimson eyes begging for help.

            Without a second thought Izuku rushes in, Seramir of course follows after him wordlessly with the heroes yelling out “What’re you two doing!?” As Seramir rushes behind Izuku he notices a lead pipe lying on the ground so he sends out tiny black threads to pull the pipe to his right hand. Izuku tosses his backpack at the villain which hits it in the eye, Izuku then starts clawing away at the villain with Bakugou asking “What the hell are you doing!?” Izuku answers tearfully “I don’t know, I couldn’t just stand there and watch you die!” The villain raises a slimy green tendril “You little brat!”

            However, before the villain can attack Izuku, Seramir jumps from behind Izuku with the pipe raised in both hands and viciously stabs the villain in the eye forcing it to pull away from both Izuku and Bakugou. The villain lets out a cry of pain as Seramir pulls both Izuku and Bakugou behind him in a protective manner. The villain looks back with its one good eye at the three of them “Why you little-” but before it could finish its sentence All Might jumps in and stops the villain’s attack. All Might says “I really am pathetic; after I admonished you I realize that I wasn’t living up to my own ideals! Pros always risk their lives!”

            All Might then throws a punch as he yells “Detroit Smash!” After the incident is over paramedics rush to Bakugou, Seramir, and Izuku checking them over for any injuries. Afterwards the heroes begin scolding Izuku and Seramir for rushing in, but Seramir overhears one hero praising Bakugou which causes something in him to snap. Seramir stands up with an angry look on his face “Now hold on a minute!” Everyone in the area looks at Seramir as he asks “Are you all fucking serious right now?!”

            Seramir argues “You dumbasses weren’t doing shit to save Bakugou and you’re going to get mad at us for doing your jobs for you!” Seramir points at Death Arms with a scathing glare “You said you couldn’t do anything because you weren’t strong enough, but all it took for me was to stab the fucker in the eye with a pipe, you mean to tell me you couldn’t do that!?” Seramir looks at Kamui Woods with a similar look “And you, as far as I could tell there was no fire on that villain’s body and your wood can work just as well as any pipe!” He looks at Backdraft “Also, did you not think that maybe you could use your Quirk to dilute the villain’s body so that he could just fall off of Bakugou!” Seramir looks at Mount Lady who is currently at her normal size “And you, sweetie, I know that you’re new to this whole ‘hero’ business, but surely they taught you how to fucking use your Quirk properly. You mean to tell me you couldn’t reach into the alley and pluck Bakugou from the villain!?

            The look that Seramir was giving them along with his words made them look down in shame and slight fear, then Seramir looks at the hero talking to Bakugou “And you, I don’t even know who the fuck you even are and as far as I can tell you did fuck all nothing to contribute to this whole ordeal! Are you even a real hero?” The hero in question looks down and backs away shamefully before Seramir turns back to the rest of the heroes “Before you start criticizing civilians for rushing into a fight maybe you should try being more useful. A heroes’ duty is to serve, protect, and save, if a civilian has to do your job for you then none of you have any right to call yourselves heroes!” Izuku speaks up “Come on Seramir, it was an intense situation, it’s not entirely their fault.”

            Seramir looks at Izuku then back at the heroes then back at Izuku before he sighs “Alright,” Seramir looks back at the heroes more calmly “I expect all of you to make sure this incident doesn’t happen again, understand?” The heroes nod in agreement “Good.” Seramir begins walking away with Izuku bowing an apology before following behind him; Izuku asks “Was that really necessary?” Seramir answers “Yes, if they’re going to be heroes then they need to learn this lesson before someone loses their life over it.” Izuku replies “I guess you’re right, but still that seemed a bit harsh.” Seramir comments “No lesson comes without pain, if they can’t stand little bit of harsh criticism then they don’t deserve to be heroes.”

            Izuku has always admired heroes so for the most part he believes they can do no wrong, but Seramir watches heroes with a critical eye ready to take apart every detail without mercy. Their relationship is one that they’ve been building together over the years, where Izuku is bright and hopeful Seramir is dark and calculating. However, Seramir isn’t without kindness, but he withholds that kindness until he deems it necessary to be used otherwise people would try to take advantage of him. Due to Seramir’s experiences before the Midoriya family came into his life he has a darker and more critical outlook on the world around him, but when he sees someone in trouble he’ll step in without question. Seramir has pulled children out of traffic, helped old people carry groceries, and has stood on a rooftop to stop someone from jumping.

            Seramir is a walking enigma, though he seems cold and indifferent to the world around him, he feels deeply and others’ pain hurts him just as much as his own. Seramir read a quote that described him perfectly “Too weird to live, too rare to die” by Hunter S. Thompson. As the two are walking home they both hear a familiar voice call out “Deku!” Seramir groans as the two turn around to see Bakugou panting in front of them “I didn’t need your or the freak’s help! I was doing just fine on my own!”

            Bakugou huffs before he walks away, Izuku asks “What was that?” Seramir replies “Don’t know, don’t care.” Seramir perks up before he looks at the nearby corner in the direction of their house “Come out whoever you are or I’ll call the police.” A gaunt blonde man with blue eyes steps out from behind the corner “I’m impressed, how did you know I was there?” Seramir answers sharply “My Quirk.”

            The man winces a bit at the answer before Izuku asks cautiously “Who are you and what do you want?” The man answers “Well young man, I’m Yagi Toshinori. I saw you two rush in during that sludge villain incident and I was just curious.” Seramir asks suspiciously “About what?” Toshinori answers “Well, I was just wondering why you two would rush in like that despite how dangerous it was.”

            Izuku answers as he looks down contemplatively “I-I don’t know, my body just moved, there wasn’t really any time to think.” Toshinori’s eyes brighten before he looks at Seramir who is still eyeing him suspiciously “I went in because it’s my job as his brother to protect him as much as possible.” Toshinori asks “You two are brothers?” Izuku answers as he scratches the back of his head “Sort of.” Seramir adds “I’m adopted if that’s what you’re wondering about.”

            Toshinori is taken aback by Seramir’s response “O-oh, I’m sorry.” Seramir replies “Doesn’t matter, now then I assume you came here for a reason other than curiosity.” Toshinori says broken out of his stupor “Right, anyways I came here to make an offer.” Izuku watches curiously while Seramir watches suspiciously before Toshinori buffs up into All Might, Izuku lets out “A-All Might!?” All Might lets out a boisterous laugh “Yes young man, I am All Might!”

            Izuku asks “B-but why are you here!?” All Might answers “You see young man, I saw what you had done earlier and had to confirm my suspicions, as it turns out I was right and I wish to correct my earlier statement.” The two brothers watch All Might “You see there is one thing all great heroes have in common, when a dangerous situation occurs their bodies move before they have time to think. You young man embodied what it meant to be a true hero and you,” All Might looks at Seramir “though you may have only done it for the safety of your brother you still reacted on your instinct to protect.” Seramir looks away slightly embarrassed at the praise “In any case, I came here to tell you that you young man can become a hero!” Izuku covers his mouth as tears prick at his eyes and falls to his knees crying since the only other person to tell him he could be a hero was Seramir.

Chapter Text

            Seramir kneels down beside Izuku and begins rubbing circles on his back as All Might returns to his true form “So young man, I offer you my Quirk as yours to inherit.” Izuku looks up at Toshinori then tilts his head in confusion “Huh?” Toshinori explains “You see young man, I wasn’t born with this Quirk rather it was given to me by my predecessor who had it passed onto them. This Quirk amasses power as it’s passed on from one generation to the next; my Quirk is called One for All.” Izuku repeats in awe “One…for…All.”

            Toshinori asks “So kid, are you willing to accept my Quirk?” Izuku wipes away his tears before he bows “Yes sir!” Toshinori chuckles with a smile “No hesitation, that’s what I like to hear.” Seramir helps Izuku stand up as Toshinori says “In any case I’ll need both of your numbers if you don’t mind so that we can start training.” Izuku replies “O-oh right, okay!” Izuku and Seramir give Toshinori their numbers and names “I’ll send you both a text of when and where we’ll be training.”

            Izuku replies with a bow “Thank you so much All Might!” Toshinori waves his hand “Come on kid, when I’m in this form just call me Toshinori.” Izuku says “O-okay Toshinori.” Toshinori then says “In any case you two should probably head on home, it’s getting late.” Izuku replies as he stands ramrod straight “Oh, right, mom will be worried if we’re not home in time!”

            Izuku looks at Seramir who simply says “You go on ahead; I got something I want to talk about with Toshinori.” Izuku looks at Seramir for a moment “I’m not going to do anything bad, I just want to talk to him.” Izuku replies “Okay, if you say so.” Seramir says “I’ll catch up in a minute.” Izuku then rushes off in the direction of their apartment, Seramir looks at Toshinori sharply which causes a chill to run up his spine.

            Seramir says simply “I don’t like you,” Toshinori looks at Seramir surprised “before I didn’t much care for you. You may be the number one hero and the Symbol of Peace, but to me you’re no different than any other hero. However, after what you said to Izuku today, needless to say that pissed me off.” Toshinori is caught completely off-guard since he has never been talked to like this “Back at the alley there were a total of five ‘heroes’ who stood around and did nothing while a teenager was dying, but my brother who didn’t even have a Quirk was the only one who had the bravery to step in to save him. Also, there are plenty of heroes who have non-offensive Quirks such as Eraserhead, Midnight, Snipe; hell the principal of Yuuei has an intellect Quirk. None of these people have super strength or super speed and can be killed just as easily as any other human, yet you told my brother he couldn’t be a hero because he was Quirkless.”

            Seramir continues “I know that you said that it was dangerous to be a hero, but it’s no less dangerous for anyone, you can die just as easily as anyone else, you’re not a God.” Toshinori steps back from Seramir’s criticism, but was expecting this based on what he saw earlier “If it bleeds then it can be killed, if it exists then it can be destroyed, there’s no such thing as immortality or invulnerability despite what most people believe.” A certain villain comes to Toshinori’s mind as Seramir says this “Izuku didn’t ask if he could be the best hero or be the next Symbol of Peace, he asked if he could be a hero. Yet you completely disregarded that part of the question, you may be the number one hero, but to me popularity is meaningless.”

            Toshinori replies “But I said that young Izuku could become a hero.” Seramir cuts him off “Only when you offered him One for All, would you have still said the same if he declined your offer?” Toshinori’s mind stops completely, because would he or was he just trying to pass it off to the first person he found? Seramir states “I appreciate that you took Izuku into consideration for this power and I won’t stop him from accepting it, but you need to realize that it isn’t the Quirk that makes the hero. The mark of a true hero is standing up against what is wrong even if they stand alone.” That statement alone shakes Toshinori to his very core making him stare in awe at this teenaged boy who seems almost otherworldly in the way he speaks and thinks yet seems wise beyond his years.

            Seramir finishes “Anyways, that’s all I had to say, I hope you realize what your mistake was and that you won’t make it again. I truly hope that you can help Izuku become the hero that he wants to be.” Seramir walks passed Toshinori who calls out “Wait!” Seramir stops then looks over his shoulder at Toshinori who bows to him “Thank you, you were right and I hope that I can be a mentor that both you and young Izuku can be proud of.” Seramir blushes black embarrassed before he replies as he turns away “You’re welcome Toshinori.” Seramir begins sprinting after Izuku to catch up since his talk with Toshinori took longer than he had expected.

            Toshinori thinks to himself as he lifts his head “That boy…I don’t think I’ve met anyone like him before.” He briefly thinks back to his fight with All for One, before it seemed almost impossible to beat him, but after Seramir’s words he doesn’t seem as formidable as before. Perhaps if he had heard those words earlier then maybe he could’ve done more in his fight against All for One. Toshinori shakes his head “Now’s not the time to be thinking about that, I need to come up with a plan to train those two thoroughly.” Toshinori walks home thinking of how he could train the two boys who have both managed to impress him in their own ways.

            Seramir manages to catch up to Izuku before he reached the apartment “Hey.” Izuku replies with a smirk “Hey Seramir, what took you so long?” Seramir answers “Shut up, I didn’t mean to go for that long.” Izuku asks “Do you ever think you talk too much?” Seramir retorts “Do you ever think you mumble too much?” The two brothers look at each other for a moment before they burst out laughing.

            As they open the door they’re immediately tackled into a hug “Oh my babies, thank goodness you’re both okay!” They reply “We-we’re okay mom, you’re crushing us.” Inko pulls away embarrassed “Oh, I’m sorry.” Izuku replies “It’s alright mom.” Seramir adds “Yeah, you were just worried about us.”

            Inko crosses her arms as she frowns at them “Speaking of which.” They both shrink at Inko’s tone “What were you two thinking when you ran out there like that?! You could’ve gotten hurt!” The two boys bow shamefully “We’re sorry mom.” Inko sighs “You know that I worry about you two, but please try to be more careful okay.”

            They both answer “We’ll try.” Izuku then says “But mom, it was Katsuki who was trapped.” At that Inko’s eyes widen, though the boy had tormented her son she had no ill will towards him especially since he was her best friend’s son. Izuku adds “I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing, he was hurting, I had to help.” Inko places a hand on Izuku’s cheek with tears in her eyes “Oh sweetie, I know that you’re heart is too big and too kind for your own good, but please try to be careful…for me?” Izuku’s eyes prick with tears as he nods with a smile “I’ll try mom.”

            Inko and Izuku wipe their tears away “Anyway, I’ve already got dinner ready, so go wash your hands and we’ll eat.” Izuku and Seramir nod with smiles “Thank you mom.” As they both go to wash their hands Inko can’t help but watch their backs thinking “They’ve grown up so fast…I’m so proud of them both.” At dinner Seramir mentions “By the way mom.” Inko and Izuku look at Seramir “After that incident Izuku and I met someone who offered to train us.”

            Inko asks curiously “Train you how? I mean you both have trained quite a bit over the years, what more can you add to it?” Seramir answers with a fist over his chest “One can never stop improving!” Inko giggles “Yes I know that, but what can this person offer to you that others haven’t already?” Seramir answers “Well, apparently he has experience in the field of heroics.”

            Izuku of course is nervous through this whole exchange and tries his best to hide his anxiousness; Inko asks “Oh, can you tell me who it is?” Seramir answers “His name is Yagi Toshinori.” Inko asks “Which hero is he?” Izuku freezes up and Seramir tenses, but tries to hide it “I don’t think I’m under obligation to tell you as of yet.” Inko looks at Seramir sternly “Seramir, tell me who it is or I won’t allow it.”

            Seramir asks “What if I tell him to meet us here after school tomorrow and he can tell you himself?” Inko eyes Seramir suspiciously who manages look calm despite internally panicking; Inko finally decides “I’ll allow the meeting, but I won’t decide anything until after, understand?” Seramir answers “Yes ma’am.” After dinner Seramir texts Toshinori that their mom wants to meet him and know which hero he is, he texts him the time and address afterwards. Toshinori replies that he understands and that he was expecting this to happen at some point.

            The following day Toshinori sits in the Midoriya residence with a cup of tea in front of the four involved at the coffee table. Both boys shift nervously as Inko stares at Toshinori, Toshinori realizes that if Seramir is nervous that this mother must be really scary. Inko starts “So Mr. Yagi.” Toshinori waves his hand “Please, just call me Toshinori.” Inko continues “Mr. Yagi, I’ve heard from my sons that you were wanting to train them, is this correct?”

            Toshinori gulps “Yes ma’am.” Inko then says “I’ve also been informed that you work for the hero industry, is this also correct?” Toshinori repeats “Yes ma’am.” Toshinori is starting to realize why the boys seem so nervous, Inko asks “Can you tell me what exactly it is that you can offer to my boys that other people haven’t already taught them?” Toshinori answers “W-well, I have experience in the field of heroics and after I saw what the two of them did yesterday I couldn’t help but feel compelled to help train the next generation of heroes.”

            Inko questions “So you’re a teacher?” Toshinori answers “W-well, no, not exactly.” Inko asks “Have you ever worked with children?” Toshinori answers “No.” Inko then asks “Then explain to me why exactly I should entrust my boys’ safety to you if you have no way of ensuring my children’s safety?”

            Toshinori takes a breath to calm himself then he buffs up into his hero form “Because I am All Might.” Inko looks at All Might in shock “What, but how!?” All Might reverts back to his normal form and tells everyone what had happened to him six years ago explaining why he looks the way he does in his normal form and why he chose Izuku as his successor. Toshinori says “I was going to tell young Izuku and young Seramir about this today to see if they still felt the same. I don’t want to put any children in danger, but after seeing your sons’ courageous actions I knew that whether if I wanted them to or not that they would both become heroes, I just want to make that path for them a bit easier if you’ll allow me.”

            Inko looks at Izuku worriedly “Are you sure about this Izuku?” Izuku answers with a determined gaze and a nod, Inko sighs then says “Very well, I guess I’ll entrust their training to you, but you have to promise me that you won’t put them in any unnecessary danger, alright?” Toshinori nods “I promise.” Seramir asks “By the way Toshinori, I understand why you would want to train Izuku, but why me too?” Toshinori answers “Because even though I haven’t seen much of your Quirk I can tell how powerful you are, you seem to have this aura about you that I can’t quite place that makes you seem otherworldly that I can’t explain.”

            Inko comments with a fond smile “He’s always been like that; ever since I took him in he’s always seen through people. Most people thinks it’s scary, but I think it’s his way of showing how much he cares.” Izuku adds “When he first did it to me I thought it was scary and when I saw him do it to my classmates he seemed even scarier, but after a while I realized he only did it for everyone’s best interest. Before he came into our lives I was being bullied for being Quirkless, but when he came to school he practically shut down all the other kids and even the teachers. When I look back on it now I’m actually happy and proud to call Seramir my brother.” As Seramir is being praised he hides his face in his hands as he blushes.

            Toshinori chuckles “It seems that your family really cares about you young Seramir.” Seramir asks “Can we please change the subject?” Inko laughs lightly before she asks “In any case how do you plan on training them?” Toshinori answers “Well, there’s this beach not too far away from here called Dagobah Beach, but for a few years now it’s been a place for illegal dumping. I was thinking of having young Izuku clean it up so he can be ready to inherit One for All, as for young Seramir I want to see how well he can use is Quirk and how strong it is to help him improve on it.”

            Inko thinks on it for a moment then concedes “Alright, just make sure that neither of them get injured and I’ll accept.” Toshinori replies “I’ll make sure of it.” The two of them shake hands before Inko asks “Why don’t you stay for dinner?” Toshinori answers “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly impose.” Inko smiles in such a way where there is no refusal “I insist.” Toshinori gulps before he replies “Alright, if you insist."

Chapter Text

            Over the following months Izuku and Seramir follow Toshinori’s plan to a “T” mostly thanks to Seramir keeping Izuku in line when he tries to overdo it. Fortunately due to their previous training they were already strong in their own rights, more often than not Seramir would catch All Might by surprise with a new trick. In about nine months Izuku manages to clean the entire beach much to Toshinori’s surprise, Seramir comments “Geez Izuku, overkill much?” Izuku chuckles tiredly, Toshinori asks “Are you alright young Izuku?” Izuku answers “Yeah, I’m fine just a bit exhausted is all.”

            Toshinori replies proudly “I see, well in any case you both managed to surpass my expectations.” Toshinori buffs up into his All Might form “Remember this young Izuku,” All Might plucks a strand of hair from his head “there’s a difference between being lucky and deserving; one is an accident, the other a reward. Never get the two confused.” Izuku begins crying “I-I can’t believe this is actually happening, i-it feels like I’m cheating.” Seramir comments “Come on Izuku, you worked hard for this.”

            Izuku wipes his face as he looks back at All Might who holds out the strand of hair as he says “Now then…eat this.” Seramir bursts out laughing as Izuku asks with a shocked expression “Huh?” All Might explains nervously “To inherit my power you have to ingest my DNA, it’s just how this is supposed to work.” Meanwhile Seramir falls to the ground still laughing “That was perfect!” Izuku whines “Seramir, it’s not funny!” Seramir replies “You’re right, it’s hilarious!”

            Izuku puffs his cheeks in a pout which is honestly adorable, Seramir stops laughing “Okay, okay, I’m sorry, but that was too funny.” Izuku asks as he turns back to All Might “Do I have to do this?” All Might answers “This is most sanitary way it can be done.” Seramir comments “That’s disgusting.” Izuku takes the hair and looks at it with dread as Seramir hands him a bottle of water “Bottoms up I guess.”

            Izuku swallows the hair and chugs down the bottle of water with Seramir patting his back as All Might explains “Now then, it’ll be a few hours before One for All integrates itself into your system. So I suggest you two head on home for the day and meet back up with me tomorrow.” Seramir asks “Will there be any backlash to this Quirk?” All Might answers with his hand on his chin “I’m not entirely sure, it is a possibility. Honestly, I was able to use it right off the bat without a problem, but considering the circumstances perhaps we should be a bit more cautious.”

            Seramir asks “Is there some place we could test out One for All with a medical specialist on standby?” All Might thinks for a moment then answers “I believe I know just the place, I’ll take you both there tomorrow after school, just meet me here.” The two boys both nod as they reply “Okay.” On their way home Izuku asks “Where do you think All Might will take us?” Seramir thinks for a moment before he answers “There aren’t many places he could take us; his agency is too far away so I think it’s safe to assume we won’t be going there.”

            Seramir thinks for a few moments longer before he grins “I think I know where he’s going to take us.” Izuku asks curiously “Where?” Seramir answers still with a mischievous grin “I’ll leave that as a surprise.” Izuku comments with a pout “You’re mean.” Seramir cackles maniacally since he knows where All Might will be taking them.

            The following day Izuku and Seramir are in Toshinori’s pickup truck as he drives to their destination, Izuku asks “Where are you taking us Toshinori?” Toshinori answers with a smile “You’ll see.” Izuku comments “You’re just as bad as Seramir.” Seramir chuckles beside him “Your face is going to be priceless.” When the pull into Yuuei Izuku gapes at the size of the building and begins fanboying causing both Toshinori and Seramir to chuckle “Called it.”

            As they all step out they are greeted by a white dog, bear, mouse thing “Hello there everyone, my name’s Nedzu and I’m the principal of this here establishment.” Izuku and Seramir both bow “It’s nice to meet you sir.” Nedzu says “I’ve heard quite a bit about both of you from Toshinori.” Nedzu walks up to Izuku “So you’re Toshinori’s successor?” Izuku answers “Yes sir.”

            Nedzu comments “I assume that you will be attending Yuuei?” Izuku repeats “Yes sir.” Nedzu squeaks in a way that sounds like a laugh, then he looks at Seramir “I’ve heard you have managed to make Toshinori shake in his boots a few times.” Seramir chuckles as he scratches the back of his head “Yeah, I come off as a bit intense at times.” Nedzu comments “That’s no easy feat.”

            Toshinori says “Sir, if you don’t mind, could you lead us to the training facility you set up?” Nedzu replies “Of course, right this way.” Nedzu leads the group to the facility as he comments “Recovery Girl is already waiting for us in case something goes wrong.” Seramir adds “Never too careful.” Nedzu replies “Precisely.”

            The facility they’re at is one of Yuuei’s mock cities they have on campus for training purposes, Toshinori says “Alright young Izuku, I want you to grit your teeth, clench your butt cheeks, and yell smash!” Seramir asks unimpressed “Is that really necessary?” Toshinori answers with a shrug “I don’t really know how else to say it.” Izuku takes a stance as he raises his right fist; Seramir interrupts “Woah, woah, woah, wait a minute! Don’t you think you should start with something smaller?”

            Izuku pulls back before he holds his right hand in a form of a flick with his left hand on his wrist to cushion the blow as he charges up One for All “Smash!” Izuku flicks his finger which sends out a gale of wind causing the pavement in front of him to break apart as it is sent flying. Izuku’s finger is of course broken, Seramir comments “I was afraid of that.” Recovery Girl says as she approaches “Let me see it dearie.” Izuku holds it out for Recovery Girl as she checks it over; she then kisses it causing it to heal at the cost of Izuku’s stamina.

            Seramir mumbles as he holds his chin thoughtfully “Right now Izuku is a glass cannon, he can’t use One for All without breaking his bones, but maybe…” Seramir looks at Nedzu as he asks “Can we try something for a moment?” Nedzu answers “I don’t see why not, Izuku is going to need all the help he can get. If you have something in mind then we should try it.” Seramir looks at Recovery Girl who looks back at him before sighing “Alright, you can let him try one more time.”

            Seramir says “Alright Izuku, I want you to do what you did before, but don’t flick your finger just hold the power steady.” Izuku gets back into position as he does as Seramir suggested Izuku holds the power in his finger but it doesn’t break. Seramir comments “It looks like it only breaks his finger after being used, but not during use which means it’s the backlash of the Quirk and not the Quirk itself.” Nedzu asks “You managed to gather all of that after seeing it once?” Seramir answers as he looks at Nedzu “In Halo when you use the Spartan Laser you have to charge up the gun before firing it after using it the battery of the gun severely decreases, I more or less applied the same principle to this except in this case it would be Izuku’s bones taking the hit.”

            Nedzu smiles as he comments “Interesting.” Seramir asks “Izuku, how does it feel in your fingers?” Izuku answers “I don’t know, hot, like electricity is running through it or something.” Seramir puts his hand over his mouth as he looks down in thought, everyone can see the gears turning in Seramir’s head but have no idea what he’s thinking. Seramir finally says as he looks at Toshinori “I think we should try to get Izuku used to One for All before we try to find another way to use it, although I’ve already got an idea on how to solve this problem.”

            Nedzu comments as he looks at Toshinori “I like this one.” Izuku lets go of the power in his finger without actually using it so his fingers aren’t broken. Recovery Girl is both pleased and impressed that Seramir’s theory was actually correct. Nedzu asks as he looks at Seramir “Would you like to show us a demonstration of your Quirk?” Seramir smiles at Nedzu as he answers “You’re going to have to wait just like everyone else, that is if I get the chance to show it.” Nedzu laughs before he comments “I look forward to it.”

            As the group leaves Toshinori comments “Seramir, I believe you may have caught the attention of a very dangerous principal.” Seramir chuckles “Good, that should make things interesting.” Toshinori thinks to himself worriedly “What have I done?” Izuku asks “So what should we do for my training?” Seramir answers “Well first we need to get you used to One for All’s power, right now you’re firing on all cylinders. So the first order of business would be finding a way to help you get some semblance of control over it which is why I told you to hold onto the power rather than use it.”

            Seramir continues “After you gain some level of control we should try to dial it to around five percent first and see how well it works from there then move on up until we find your maximum output without breaking. Of course you can’t just fire it off like a gun, because that’s just not how One for All works.” Toshinori asks curiously “What do you mean?” Seramir answers “Well when you use One for All you don’t buff up one part of your body to attack then deflate, you buff up your entire body and keep it that way for as long as you need it. So once Izuku gets control of One for All he’ll have to, in your case buff up essentially spreading the power throughout his entire body to maximize efficiency.”

            Izuku comments “That makes sense.” Toshinori asks “Are you sure you don’t have a hidden intelligence Quirk?” Seramir asks “Do I look like a rat or a dog or a bear?” Toshinori chuckles before he answers “No, but still I’m just surprised you managed to think that far ahead.” Seramir comments “To be honest it wasn’t so much of thought process as much as it was a gut feeling.”

            Toshinori asks “You mean like intuition?” Seramir answers “Yeah something like that, I don’t know why but I always seem to have a knack for reading into things.” Toshinori comments “Sounds like an excellent skill to have.” Izuku asks “Would that be considered a skill though?” Toshinori and Seramir look at each other before shrugging not knowing for sure.

            Over the last month before the entrance exam Izuku manages to get enough of a handle on twenty percent of One for All with Seramir and Toshinori’s help as well as due to previous training. The day of the entrance exam is upon them, Izuku is practically vibrating excitedly “I can’t believe this is actually happening!” Seramir places a hand on Izuku’s shoulder “Calm down butt munch.” Izuku stares at Seramir unimpressed “Really?” Seramir chuckles “I thought it was funny.”

            Izuku sighs as they both walk towards Yuuei’s doors, but Izuku in his excitement accidentally trips over his own foot where both Seramir and a brown haired girl help with their Quirks. Izuku begins floating, but Seramir uses his black tendril to hold him as the girl says “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know you had him.” Seramir replies waving his hand dismissively “No, it’s fine, you were just trying to help.” The girl places her hands together as she says “Release.” Gravity returns to Izuku as he lands on his feet “Woah, is your Quirk anti-gravity or something?!”

            The girl answers as she scratches the back of her head embarrassedly “Yeah, I know it’s not much, but I still want to try for the hero course.” Izuku replies “No way, I think it’d be great, especially for a rescue hero!” The girl blushes as she asks “You really think so?” Seramir answers with a nod “Yeah, it’s definitely useful for hero work and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.” The girl laughs “Well thanks, my name’s Ochako Uraraka.”

            Izuku says “Izuku Midoriya.” Seramir adds “Seramir Midoriya.” Uraraka asks as they all walk in “Are you two brothers?” Izuku answers “Yes actually, most people don’t believe it at first since we look nothing alike.” Seramir adds “That’s because I’m adopted.”

            Uraraka looks at Seramir with a sad expression “Oh, I’m sorry.” Seramir replies with a smile “Don’t worry about it, becoming a Midoriya is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I couldn’t be happier.” Uraraka brightens at that “That’s good, well we better get in line, I’ll see you guys later.” Izuku and Seramir wave her off “See you later!” As Izuku gets in line Seramir uses a move he calls Bend Perspective, this power allows him to change his perspective to that of a nearby shadow, as he does so he looks through the papers that are being handed to examinees before he grins with an idea.

            Seramir says “I’ll go in my own line.” Izuku replies confused “Okay, but why?” Seramir answers with a grin “No reason.” Izuku comments “Liar.” Seramir proceeds to laugh mischievously as he goes to stand in his own line.

            The written test was easy since Seramir doesn’t sleep and the two brothers study together which is mostly Seramir teaching Izuku something new while he was asleep. However, in the auditorium they sit separately from each other not knowing where the other is, Present Mic comes onto the stage asking for a “Yeah” only to get no response.  During Present Mic’s explanation a blue haired boy in glasses stands up and begins scolding the Hero about a misprint then turns around to call out an examinee who is muttering. Seramir stands up as he says loud enough for everyone to hear “Excuse you.” A light shines over Seramir as he stares at the boy with an angry expression “First of all; you interrupted a pro hero while he was giving us important information, if anyone is being a distraction it’s you for interrupting, second; maybe, just maybe Present Mic was going to get to that fourth robot before you so rudely interrupted, and third; some people here are nervous so maybe they have a nervous tick that they can’t help.” Most of the nearby examinees stare in slight fear that Seramir completely dismantled the person in front of him “Before you start being a hero you should start being more considerate of those around you.”

            The blue haired boy opens his mouth, but closes it before he sits down shamefully before Present Mic explains the purpose of the fourth robot. The examinees then go outside and load on separate busses, Seramir walks up to Izuku “Hey there buddy.” Izuku turns around in surprise “What the-what’re you doing here?!” Seramir answers as he holds up his examinee paper “I figured out which area you’d be going to so I went to a line where I could go to the same area.” Izuku’s jaw drops completely baffled before he comments while shaking his head “You’re a sneaky devil.”

            As they are loaded onto the bus Seramir and Izuku sit beside each other when suddenly the same blue haired boy from earlier says across from them “Excuse me.” Seramir looks at the boy in annoyance while Izuku looks at him with apprehension; the boy says with a bow “I want to apologize for what I said earlier, I’m sorry I hadn’t taken everyone’s feelings into consideration.” Izuku waves his hands “No, it’s alright, you just wanted to make sure that nobody was distracted.” The boy replies “I know, but I had not taken into account that perhaps I was being hypocritical in my approach so for that I’m sorry.” Seramir comments “As long as you understand.”

            The boy is somewhat surprised at how easily Seramir let it go before bowing again “Thank you.” The boy extends his hand “My name is Tenya Iida; it’s nice to meet you two.” The brothers shake Iida’s hand “Izuku Midoriya, it’s nice to meet you too.” “Seramir Midoriya.” Iida asks “Are you two brothers?” They both nod “Yep.”

            As the examinees load off the bus Seramir sees Uraraka ahead looking nervous, Seramir says “Excuse me guys, I’ll be right back.” Iida asks as Seramir walks off “Where is he going?” Izuku answers “If I know Seramir probably to help someone.”

            Seramir says as he approaches “Hey Uraraka.” Uraraka turns around and smiles “Oh hey Seramir, looks like we’re in the same area huh?” Seramir replies “Yeah, how’re you feeling?” Uraraka answers “Honestly, a bit nervous.” Seramir says “Well, considering the type of test this is we’re likely going to be monitored so there’s probably another point system that they hadn’t mentioned that would be suited for a Quirk like yours.”

            Uraraka looks at Seramir confused then it suddenly hits her as Seramir smiles “In any case a little extra help shouldn’t hurt too much.” Seramir extends his hand in front of him then from his shadow a black staff rises from the ground which he promptly grabs and twirls before handing to Uraraka. Uraraka replies as she takes the staff “Woah, that’s so cool!” Seramir chuckles “Thanks, my Quirk is actually very versatile, I call that move Shadow Smithing.” Present Mic calls “Go!”

            Seramir pulls on Uraraka’s wrist as he and Izuku run passed the gate causing her to run with them, behind them Present Mic asks “What’re you waiting for there’s no count down in real life!?” Izuku uses Full Cowl 20% to rush towards robots and smash them while Seramir sinks his feet into shadows to move at the speed of darkness which he calls Shadow Step. The two brothers split off to gather their own points, meanwhile in the observation deck Nedzu comments to Toshinori “I’m surprised at how fast Izuku has progressed.” Toshinori replies “I know, if young Seramir hadn’t done what he did I doubt young Izuku would be prepared for this.”

            As Seramir tears through crowds of robots he can’t help the manic grin from appearing on his face with exhilaration, but unbeknownst to him the sclera of his eyes turn black as his irises turn blood red “Oh fuck the hell yes.” Seramir has never cut loose like he is right now and it’s euphoric to him as if lifting a huge weight off his shoulders. However, to those watching whether in the area or on the observation deck it looks as though Seramir is simply carving a path of destruction with manic glee. Toshinori comments thoroughly scared “I’m glad I got off of Seramir’s bad side.” Nedzu asks “What did you do to get on his bad side?” Toshinori replies “I did something stupid.”

            The teachers on the observation deck also watch on in slight fear of Seramir’s rampage as he tears through robots mercilessly. Seramir comments after all nearby robots are destroyed and his eyes return to normal “Ah, I really needed that.” Seramir’s eyes suddenly shoot open wide “Crap, I forgot to keep count!” Seramir looks around at all the destroyed robots before he says “I think I got enough.” Seramir then summons black tendrils from his back which he uses to scale a nearby building and proceed to jump from building to building.

            Seramir spots Izuku and jumps down to meet him using his tendril on the nearby building to slow his descent “Hey Izuku, how many points you got?” Izuku answers panting “I got sixty-three I think, you?” Seramir answers “Don’t know wasn’t keeping count.” Izuku shakes his head as he chuckles. Suddenly the ground quakes beneath them as a giant robot appears before everyone, the examinees start running passed Izuku and Seramir.

            Seramir comments in shock “That’s a bit much don’t you think.” Izuku replies “Yeah, we should probably run.” They both turn when they hear a familiar voice call out “Help!” The two boys turn back to see a familiar tuft of brown hair, without a second thought the two boys rush towards Uraraka and the Zero pointer. Seramir sends out a large shadow platform called Carpet of Shadow beneath Izuku as he leaps with all his strength at the robot, fortunately the dark platform cushions the shock of One for All.

            Seramir sends out a tendril as he reaches Uraraka and tosses the debris off of her and pick her up then pulls her to his side; they both look up when they hear explosions above them. They see the robot falling backwards and Izuku falling towards them with a broken arm, Seramir summons Carpet of Shadow again above him to cushion Izuku’s fall. Seramir lowers Izuku to the ground, Izuku says “Ow.” Izuku pushes himself up on his left hand “That hurt.” Seramir and Uraraka start laughing at the absurdity with Seramir commenting “Really, that’s the first thing you say.”

            Izuku replies as he stands up “It’s not funny!” Seramir comments “It’s kind of funny.” Present Mic calls out “Time’s up!”

Chapter Text

            The adrenaline rush leaves Seramir as his black tendril disappears and he collapses, Uraraka asks as she falls to his side “Are you alright?!” Seramir answers as he turns his head toward her “Tired.” Uraraka looks up at Izuku “Does he usually get like this?” Izuku shakes his head concerned “No, but then again this is probably the most he’s ever used his Quirk.” Uraraka notices Izuku’s broken arm “Are you alright?”

            Izuku answers “Oh no, this thing is broken, but the pain hasn’t hit me yet.” After a moment he says “There it is…ow.” Recovery Girl walks over to them “I keep telling them that this test is too dangerous but they never listen.” Izuku says “Oh, hey Recovery Girl.” Recovery Girl comments sternly “I see you broke yourself again.” Izuku replies apologetically “Sorry, I wasn’t really thinking.”

            Recovery Girl sighs “Well, I won’t hold it against you this time, but this better not happen again understand?” Izuku nods “Yes ma’am.” Recovery Girl kisses Izuku’s arm before handing him some gummies “Eat these, it’ll help.” Recovery Girl walks up to Uraraka “What about you dearie, are you hurt anywhere?” Uraraka answers “Oh, I think my ankle is sprained, I’m not sure.”

            Recovery Girl examines her ankle before kissing it and handing her some gummies, she then kneels beside Seramir “Are you okay?” Seramir answers again “Tired.” Recovery Girl asks “Could either of you two hold him while I check him properly?” Uraraka answers “I’ll do it.” Uraraka uses her Quirk before propping Seramir up against a large piece of debris so Recovery Girl can check him.

            Recovery Girl comments after she’s done checking him “Well nothing’s broken, but he’s extremely exhausted, I suggest he gets plenty of rest before he does anything else.” Recovery Girl hands Izuku a small bag of gummies “Make sure he eats these when he can.” Izuku explains with concern “Sorry, but Seramir can’t eat these.” Recovery Girl looks at Izuku confused as Uraraka looks at him worried “Technically he can, but it won’t do anything any time he takes medication it has literally no effect on him, no matter how much he eats he never feels full.” Uraraka asks somewhat jealous “So he can eat whatever he wants however much he wants?”

            Izuku answers “Technically yes, but it’s not as great as you think, for him it’s as if he has a hole where his stomach should be.” Recovery Girl asks worriedly “Then how does he gain nutrients?” Izuku answers “From what the doctors explained, it’s like his Quirk is the giving him sustenance to survive it’s also why he doesn’t sleep.” Recovery Girl looks at Seramir in recognition before Uraraka asks “You mean like insomnia?” Izuku shakes his head again “No, I mean he doesn’t sleep, he hasn’t slept in over five years.”

            Seramir comments “It’s true.” It isn’t until then that the truth sinks in; Seramir can’t sleep, can’t eat, and can’t take medication. To most it would sound convenient, but Seramir can never feel rested, he can never feel satisfied after a meal, and whenever he’s in pain he has to simply push through it. Izuku walks over to his brother and throws his arm over his shoulder “Thanks for your help Uraraka and Recovery Girl, I’ll take Seramir to the bus so he can get some rest.” Seramir says as he leans on Izuku “Thanks Izuku.” Izuku replies as they walk away with a small smile “You’re welcome Seramir.”

            Uraraka and Recovery Girl watch sadly as the two brothers leave, towards the exit Iida sees Izuku carrying Seramir and despite only knowing them for a short time he can’t help but feel worried for Seramir’s health. On their way home Seramir doesn’t sleep exactly, but his eyes seem to glaze over in exhaustion as he leans on Izuku. Eventually Seramir begins walking again sluggishly, Izuku asks “Are you alright Seramir, I can carry you if you want.” Seramir answers “I’m fine, I can walk.” Izuku stays by Seramir’s side to make sure he doesn’t fall over or trip by accident, Izuku can’t help but feel sad at how expressionless and exhausted his brother is.

            Seramir has never been the most energetic person in the world, but he never drove himself to the point where he either couldn’t walk or barely walk. Izuku wants to help, but knows he can’t since Seramir’s Quirk simply won’t allow it and Quirk suppressants work about as well as medication. So all Seramir can do is simply push through the exhaustion through sheer force of will just to make it home with Izuku. As Izuku opens the door he calls out with Seramir shuffling in behind him “We’re home!” Inko meets them at the doorway with a smile that falls as soon as she sees Seramir’s current state.

            Inko asks as she walks up to Seramir and takes his hands “Oh no, what happened?” Izuku answers “I think he overused his Quirk during the practical exam, he’s better than what he was before.” It was meant to be reassuring, but it certainly wasn’t, Seramir looked like a shell of his former self with his seemingly dead eyes. Izuku says “I think he just needs to rest for a bit.” Inko replies quietly “Okay.”

            Inko pulls Seramir over to the couch and lie him down on it before she turns on the TV for him to watch, Inko asks as she and Izuku walk into the kitchen “Do you think he’ll be okay?” Izuku answers “I think so; it’ll probably be a while before he’s back to his usual self, but right now I think he needs time to himself.” Izuku had never seen Seramir like this, but Inko has. When Inko saw the initial pictures after the incident all those years ago he had the same lifeless look as he does now except now he isn’t bloodied, beaten, and broken.

            Seramir lies on the couch staring at the empty space in front of him, his eyes are looking, but he’s not seeing, his ears are hearing, but he’s not listening. His mind is quiet, usually he’s always thinking, always planning, thoughts go through his mind a mile per second and doesn’t stop. However, now it’s different, now there are no thoughts, no plans, nothing, but that’s not all, he feels empty, like something is missing. Something feels wrong, like something is out of place, he doesn’t feel normal, but he doesn’t know what it is. He feels…hollow.

            It isn’t painful, but Seramir knows that he doesn’t like it, Seramir knows pain, he’s known pain for roughly six years of his life. This isn’t pain, this is much worse than pain. To Seramir there is a purpose behind pain, usually anger or hatred of some form, sometimes on rare occasions it means healing, but whatever this feeling is it has no meaning. This feeling is indescribable, no words can possibly explain what this is, it feels like…nothing. It feels like Seramir is in a void of complete emptiness where he can’t hear, see, or feel and the silence has never been so loud or consuming for him.

            For Seramir it feels like an eternity has passed when feeling like this, but eventually he is shaken out of his trance-like state to see Inko worried before him. Inko says “Sweetie, dinner’s ready.” Seramir realizes in that moment that that hollow feeling of emptiness that felt like it could go on forever had only been roughly thirty minutes and never at any moment has he been so terrified. Seramir quickly sits up and hugs Inko as black tears start streaming down his face as he says barely above a whisper “I don’t want to go back, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go.” Inko hugs Seramir back as Izuku stares at the scene before him shocked to see his brother like this.

            Inko hushes Seramir as he continues to repeat “I don’t want to go.” Inko says as she rubs circles on Seramir’s back as he cries “Shh, it’s okay sweetie, you’re not going anywhere, I’m here, I’m here.” Seramir holds onto Inko tighter as if to keep himself grounded, Izuku walks over then hugs from Seramir and Inko’s side. Seramir pulls the two of them in as he sobs quietly. To say that the Midoriyas were worried would be an understatement, they were beyond scared because neither of them knew what to do other than to try and comfort the now crying teen. They hold onto each other for a few moments until Seramir’s crying begins to subside.

            Inko asks as she gently pulls away “Seramir, would you like to eat with us?” Seramir wipes away the tears still coming from his eyes on his sleeves before he answers with a slow quiet nod “Yes.” Inko replies “Okay, I’ll go warm it up.” Inko stands up and asks “Izuku, could you help Seramir to the table?” Izuku answers still by Seramir’s side “Sure.”

            Izuku throws Seramir’s arm over his shoulder as he lifts him from the couch; Seramir stumbles along as he tries to walk with Izuku to the table. Seramir isn’t sure what that feeling was, but he’s glad it’s gone now, now he feels lighter. As they begin to eat warmth flows into Seramir and he couldn’t be more happier for it, during dinner his thoughts start to come back. Seramir begins to wonder why what happened had happened as well as what could be the cause of it; the only answer he could come up with was Quirk exhaustion. He remembers reading online about how sometimes Quirks will have psychological backlashes on the user depending on the type of Quirk.

            After dinner Inko asks “Are you alright Seramir?” Seramir answers with a nod “Yeah, I’m…better now, I think.” Inko asks definitely not convinced “Is there anything we can do for you?” Seramir looks down as he thinks before he answers “C-can I just stay with one of you?” This catches both Inko and Izuku by surprise, because Seramir has never asked for anything like this before.

            Seramir has never been the touchy-feely type so for him to ask this it must be important for him, Inko answers with a smile “Of course sweetie, you can stay with me however long you want.” Seramir replies with a fragile smile “Thank you mom.” For the rest of the day Seramir stays by Inko’s side, he’s not sure why since Inko herself isn’t particularly strong and neither is her Quirk, but for some reason he feels…safe around her. The only person Seramir has been so dependent on was his sister before the incident, but he doesn’t think of that. He’s just content with feeling safe in Inko’s presence.

            About a week later the test results come in the mail, Seramir is mostly back to his old self, but they’re all still recovering from what had happened. Izuku had been informed by All Might that he passed with sixty-three villain points and sixty rescue points coming to a total of one hundred twenty-three points. Seramir on the other hand was informed by Nedzu that he passed with fifty-four villain points and ninety rescue points for saving both Uraraka and Izuku coming to a total of one hundred forty-four points taking first place. Inko of course hugged both of her boys as she cried proudly which they both returned, they were going to Yuuei.

Chapter Text

            April first comes sooner than they were expecting, but the Midoriya brothers were ready for their first day of school. Before the boys leave Inko calls out “Boys,” they both turn to look at their mom who smiles proudly at them with tears in her eyes “I’m so proud of both of you.” They both smile as they answer “We know mom, we’ll see you later.” Inko calls out as she waves “Bye sweeties!” Fortunately after the day of the entrance exam Seramir didn’t have another breakdown and went back to normal after a little more than a week.

            They stand before the door to 1-A, Izuku takes a breath before Seramir asks “Are you ready?” Izuku answers with a smile “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Seramir opens the door to see Iida scolding Bakugou for putting his feet on his desk, Izuku stares at the scene while Seramir massages his temples. Seramir comments “I can’t believe we have to deal with him again.” Izuku replies encouragingly “Come on Seramir, it’s a new school, things will be different.” Seramir answers blankly “I sure hope so.”

            Iida notices Izuku and Seramir “Ah, good morning Midoriyas, it is good to see that we are all in the same class together.” Izuku smiles as he replies “Y-yeah.” Seramir doesn’t smile, but remembers that Iida had apologized during the entrance exam so he simply replies with a nod “Same here.” Iida says “I must say you two are far more intelligent than I gave you credit for, you managed to see through the test.” Izuku and Seramir tilt their heads in confusion as they ask “Huh?”

            Iida answers “You both figured out that there was another point system during the practical exam.” Izuku replies “Actually, I didn’t know about the whole rescue point thing until my results came in.” Seramir replies “I was ninety percent sure there was another point system, but that’s not why I ran in when I did.” Iida asks shocked “You mean neither of you saved that girl because of the rescue points?” Seramir becomes a little annoyed by Iida’s question before Izuku answers “Heroes are supposed to save people; we couldn’t just ignore someone’s cry for help.”

            Iida feels overwhelmed by Izuku’s answer; he then bows before them as he comments “You two are truly the superior students!” Seramir gets ready to argue, but they hear a familiar bubbly voice say “Hey, I know that messy green hair!” Izuku and Seramir turn around to see Uraraka “Hey guys!” Izuku smiles brightly while Seramir smiles lightly as they both reply “Hey Uraraka!” Uraraka comments “It’s good to see you both.”

            Uraraka looks at Seramir as she says “I should really thank you for telling me about the rescue points and for that staff you gave me, it really helped.” Seramir replies with a slight black blush “You’re welcome.” They all hear a gruff voice behind Uraraka say “If you’ve come here to make friends then just leave.” The four of them look at the floor where a black haired scruffy man lies in what looks like a yellow sleeping bag. The man then says as he stands up still in the sleeping bag “You should get to your seats.”

            Everyone gets into their seats as the man steps out of the sleeping bag “It took you eight seconds to get in your seats, time is crucial so I expect everyone to work on that.” The man introduces himself as he stands before the class “My name is Shota Aizawa and I’ll be your homeroom teacher.” Aizawa then pulls out a box from beneath his desk then opens it as he says “Put these on and meet me outside.” The students go to the front of the room to pick up what looks like gym uniforms then leave the classroom. Aizawa directs them to the changing room before going outside and waiting for them.

            Over the years Seramir’s scars have mostly healed, now they look more like white lines and spots going across his body in different directions. So when Seramir takes off his shirt the room goes quiet, he stops and looks behind him to see his classmates staring at him. Seramir has been stared at before, but not like this, his classmates excluding Bakugou look worried so he asks “What?” A spiky red haired student answers “Dude, are you okay?” Seramir looks at himself, he’s gotten so used to his scars that he forgot that most people don’t carry as many as he does so he answers “I’m fine.”

            The other students hesitantly go back to getting dressed along with Seramir, once they’re outside the girls are already waiting for them as Aizawa asks annoyed “What took you all so long?” Seramir answers “That would be my fault.” Aizawa looks at Seramir with a quirked eyebrow who raises his arm, since the gym uniform doesn’t cover his whole arm his scars show from his wrist to his elbows “I don’t think they’re used to seeing someone with so many scars.” The girls of course look even more worried than the boys did and Seramir’s choice of phrasing didn’t help either. Aizawa sighs before he explains “Today you’ll be performing a series of exercises to gauge the strength of your Quirks.”

            Aizawa talks about how the system is irrational for not teaching kids how to properly control their Quirks, he then says that whoever comes in last place will be expelled. Uraraka comments “That’s not fair; you can’t just expel us on our first day!” Seramir replies before Aizawa in a cold and distant tone as he recalls his past “A lot of things in life aren’t fair, more often than not people suffer needlessly due to their unfortunate circumstances. It’s the job of heroes to overcome that injustice to make the world a better and easier place to live in.” This stops anyone from complaining; Aizawa tosses a soft ball to Seramir “Seramir, what was your distance throw in middle school.”

            Seramir answers “I’ll be honest; I don’t remember.” Aizawa points to the circle behind him “I want you to throw that ball as far as you can while using your Quirk.” Seramir walks to the center of the circle, closes his eyes and focuses on his Quirk. Seramir gets into position as black wind begins circulating around his right arm; Seramir increases the speed turning it into a Black Whirlwind. Seramir opens his eyes as he throws the ball while sending the whirlwind after it pushing it even further. Aizawa shows the class that Seramir threw the ball six hundred fifty-seven meters.

            Aizawa says with a smile “This is the kind of thing you can expect from Yuuei, so if you want to stay here I suggest you give it your all…Plus Ultra style.” During the fifty meter dash, repeated side-steps, and endurance run Seramir sinks his feet into his shadow to increase his speed and efficiency using Shadow Step. During grip strength, seated toe-touch, and sit ups Seramir summons tendrils on his arms. As for the standing long jump Seramir summons Shadow Carpet to launch himself to the other side while also using it to soften his landing. Throughout the test Izuku of course uses Full Cowling to enhance his strength, speed, and agility.

            The one in last place turns out to be Minoru Mineta who had been ogling at the girls throughout the whole test. The boy cries out “No, this can’t be happening, I haven’t even got to see any boobs yet!” Seramir sends a death glare at Mineta as he asks in a murderous tone “Do you really want to stay in the same building as me?” Mineta looks up at Seramir to notice the overwhelming dark murderous intent coming from him before Aizawa says “Mineta, don’t bother coming in tomorrow. Everyone else, your syllabi are waiting on my desk, you’re dismissed.”

            The students get changed before they head back to homeroom, Uraraka walks up beside Seramir as he walks with Izuku “You know I’m actually not all that sad that Mineta got expelled.” Seramir replies “Same, I can’t stand perverts.” Izuku comments “You can’t stand a lot of people.” Seramir pauses for a moment “This is true.” Uraraka giggles before she asks “Are you two always like this?”

            Seramir answers “Generally speaking yes.” Izuku adds “It’s just the sense of humor we picked up over the years.” Iida calls out “Midoriyas.” The brothers look over their shoulder along with Uraraka to see Iida walking up behind them, Izuku replies “Oh hey Iida.” Iida walks up beside Izuku as they continue “It seems you both performed well in the Quirk assessment.”

            Uraraka adds as she pumps her fists “Yeah, I can’t believe you got second place Seramir!” Seramir blushes slightly “Y-yeah, I just couldn’t believe how versatile Yaoyorozu’s Quirk was, plus Todoroki was giving me a run for my money too.” Izuku adds “Plus Katsuki was as strong as always.” Seramir scowls “I hope he doesn’t cause us too much trouble here.” Iida asks “Did something happen between you and Bakugou?”

            Izuku nervously looks away as Seramir explains “Before Izuku’s mom adopted me Bakugou bullied Izuku for being Quirkless.” Iida and Uraraka look at the brothers in shock as Seramir continues “Turns out Izuku is just a late bloomer, his Quirk appeared about a month before the entrance exam.” Uraraka asks incredulously “Are you serious!?” Izuku hides his face in his hands in embarrassment as Seramir nods “So for about six years Bakugou bullied Izuku for not having a Quirk. Then when we were ten Izuku’s mom adopted me and after that I shut down Bakugou and everyone else’s bullying.”

            Iida asks in amazement “How did you do that?” Seramir answers with a not-so-innocent smile “Intimidation.” Iida is taken aback by Seramir’s answer as he explains “Before I showed up Bakugou was ‘top dog’, so when he tried to ‘assert his dominance’ I more or less beat him to the ground.” Izuku comments “That’s not technically wrong.” Iida asks “Didn’t either of you get in trouble!?”

            Seramir answers “It was my first day after getting out of the hospital and at the new school, I got in trouble, but I was actually planning on that. When the teacher called me out into the hallway he tried to put all the blame on me, because I too was previously Quirkless before…the hospital.” Uraraka and Iida look at Seramir uncertain as to why he took so long to finish his sentence before he continues “So, since the teacher tried to place the blame solely on me when Bakugou tried to bully me, I told him that I could have my mom make him lose his job due to negligence.” Uraraka asks “How did you even know what negligence was?” Izuku answers “Mom had visited him while he was in the hospital and she told him a bit about her job.”

            Iida asks “Your mom is a lawyer?” Seramir nods “Anyways, with that threat as well as a little intimidation I managed to get away without punishment, then I sold him out to mom.” They pause for a moment before Uraraka comments “You’re evil.” Seramir smiles as he replies “I know.” Seramir then says “After that nobody messed with Izuku or myself since I thoroughly scared the crap out of everyone.”

            Iida comments “That’s not very hero-like.” Seramir replies “‘It is better to be feared than loved-” Yaoyorozu who is ahead of them joins “‘if you can’t be both’ Niccolo Machiavelli.” Seramir asks surprised “You’ve read Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’?!” Yaoyorozu answers as she slows down to walk with them smiling “Yeah, I’ve also read the ‘Art of War’ by Sun Tzu.” Seramir stares at her for a moment before he smiles brightly and throws his hands in the air “Friend!”

            Uraraka and Yaoyorozu giggle at Seramir’s outburst before Yaoyorozu comments “I think it’s a bit early to call me a friend.” Seramir replies “Too late, you’re my friend now.” Izuku adds with a smile “It’s best not to argue with him when he’s happy.” Yaoyorozu smiles “Well in that case, I accept your friendship.” Seramir smiles happily after making a new friend.

Chapter Text

            The following day Seramir sits behind Izuku and in front of Yaoyorozu since Mineta was expelled the day prior much to many of the girls’ relief in class. During lunch Seramir says “I’m going to go find us a place to sit at.” As Seramir walks off Iida asks “Wait, aren’t you going to get something to eat?” Izuku answers as he stops Iida “It’s alright, his Quirk takes care of that for him.” Yaoyorozu asks curiously “What do you mean?”

            Uraraka answers “Seramir’s Quirk feeds him, I’m not really sure how it works, but how Izuku explained it to me and Recovery Girl at the entrance exam, he doesn’t need to eat or sleep.” Iida comments thoughtfully “That sounds incredibly useful.” Yaoyorozu replies before Izuku or Uraraka could say anything “I don’t think so.” Iida asks confused “What do you mean?” Yaoyorozu answers “Well think about it, if you never felt hunger could you ever truly enjoy eating? It would be more of a chore for you to go out of your way to eat if it wasn’t necessary and just because he doesn’t need to sleep doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get exhausted, so he’d essentially have to wait it out until he can move again.”

            Izuku and Uraraka are both surprised by Yaoyorozu’s reasoning as Iida looks much more regretful for his thoughtlessness “I…I hadn’t thought about that.” Uraraka adds sadly “Apparently medicine doesn’t work on him either.” Izuku continues “Yeah, so if he’s ever in pain he has to endure it until it passes.” After a moment of silence Yaoyorozu says with an encouraging smile “We should cheer up so Seramir doesn’t worry about us.”

            Izuku comments with a mirthless chuckle “He does have a tendency to worry.” This gets a small laugh from the group of friends. Uraraka asks as they wait in line “So Izuku, what was Seramir like when you first met him?” Izuku answers thoughtfully “Well, my mom had told me about him every day she’d come home after a visit. She told me how fragile and reserved he seemed, but he also had the desire to help her and me as much as he could. Of course his way of helping is a bit…different from how most people would go about it.”

            Izuku continues “Honestly, when I first met him he seemed distant and disconnected from everything, when he looked at me it was like he was trying to read my thoughts or something. After that he seemed a bit scary, because he managed to pick up who was bullying me without me having to tell him and he told me that I shouldn’t view them as a friend anymore. It took a while, but eventually I found out that he was right since he didn’t treat me the same way they did. After Seramir took care of the bullying he seemed to look out for me, he hadn’t even known me for very long and he was already treating me like a brother.” Izuku then says “I just hope that someday I can repay him for everything that he has done for me.”

            Iida replies “I’m sure you’ll find a way Midoriya.” Uraraka adds as she pumps her fists “Yeah, I have to pay both of you back for saving me.” Yaoyorozu says with a smile “I’m sure you’ll make him proud.” Izuku smiles brightly “Thanks guys.”

            That afternoon at the beginning of Foundational Hero Studies the students hear All Might in the hall “I AM HERE!” All Might swings the door open as he steps in dramatically “Coming through the door like a normal person!” Seramir thinks humorously as he sweat drops while everyone else gets excited “That’s not how you do it.” All Might says as he makes his way to the podium as he holds up a blue card with white letters “Today we’ll be doing Battle Trials!” All Might then pulls out a remote that he clicks “But before that we have…Hero Costumes!”

            The students get up and take their designated suitcases and for once Seramir is just as excited as everyone else about his costume. Seramir walks out with Izuku who’s in a green jumpsuit that looks like a bunny, but Seramir’s costume is much darker than Izuku’s. Seramir wears a black bullet proof long coat with pads on the elbows over a silver chest plate on top of a black shirt with black jeans with pads on the knees along with black combat boots. The one part of Seramir’s costume that he doesn’t wear is his mask which he leaves in the briefcase.

            Uraraka comments as she sees Seramir and Izuku “Woah, you guys look super cool!” Izuku blushes slightly embarrassed as he scratches his cheek as he and Seramir reply “Thanks Uraraka, you look good too.” Uraraka comments as she looks at her costume “Thanks, although I think I should have been more descriptive with what I wanted.” It isn’t until Uraraka points it out that both boys start blushing since her costume is skintight. All Might comments in front of the class “They say the clothes make the pros and you young men and women are looking like real heroes!”

            All Might explains how everyone is going to be split up into teams of heroes and villains, the heroes are going to have to infiltrate the villains’ base to retrieve a nuclear bomb. The hero team can win by either capturing both villains or by touching the bomb itself, the villains can win if they’re able to either capture the heroes or keeping the heroes away long enough before the time runs out. Iida raises his hand which All Might calls out “Yes young Iida.” Iida comments “Considering that there are currently nineteen students total one of the teams will have an advantage over the other. So how will this be counterbalanced?”

            Before All Might answers Seramir’s hand shoots up as he calls out “I volunteer as tribute!” Immediately after that Ashido kisses three of her fingers before raising them while whistling much to everyone else’s confusion. Izuku of course is shaking his head while face palming trying not to laugh. All Might asks confused “I’m…sorry?” Seramir answers “I want to be on my own team.”

            Yaoyorozu asks concerned “Are you sure about that Seramir?” Seramir answers with a nod “Yeah, my Quirk is versatile enough, so if someone were to team up with me they wouldn’t be able to show what they can do.” Seramir then says as he rubs his hands together with a mischievous smile “Plus, I like the challenge.” All Might asks “Does anyone have any issues with that?” No one argues against it so All Might says “Very well then, young Seramir will be on his own team.”

            The first teams to participate are Izuku and Uraraka as heroes vs Bakugou and Iida as villains, before they walk off Seramir places a hand on Izuku’s shoulder as he says “Hey Izuku,” Izuku looks at Seramir as he smiles with determination “kick his ass.” Izuku replies with a determined smile and a thumbs up “You got it.” Izuku walks off with Uraraka as she asks “Are you ready for this Izuku?” Izuku answers as he puts on his respirator “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Uraraka smiles more confidently knowing that Izuku and her will win.

            On their way to the observation deck Ashido asks “That was a ‘Hunger Games’ reference, right?” Seramir answers with a nod and a smirk, Ashido comments excitedly “That’s so cool; I thought I was the only one who liked watching old movies like that!” Seramir replies “I’ve both watched and read the ‘Hunger Games’.” Yaoyorozu adds “I’ve only read it, I haven’t watched it.” Ashido exclaims excitedly “Oh, you’ve got to watch it, it’s so good!” Seramir adds with a wave of his hand “Eh, it’s not bad.”

            In the observation room before the match starts Kirishima asks “So, who do you guys think is going to win?” Sero answers “I’m not sure, everyone’s Quirks are pretty good plus we haven’t known each other for very long.” Asui answers “I think Midoriya and Uraraka’s team are going to win, ribbit.” Kaminari answers “I don’t know, Bakugou’s Quirk is pretty strong, I think his team is going to win.” Seramir answers with finality “Izuku and Uraraka are going to win.”

            Jirou asks as she looks at Seramir “How do you know?” Seramir answers “I’ve known both Izuku and Bakugou for five years so I know both of them inside and out. Bakugou’s Quirk is strong there’s no doubt about that, but he’s not known for being a team player and tends to let his anger and pride control him. I’m going to bet that Bakugou is going to go off on his own without even considering Iida’s help, he’ll search out and pick a fight with Izuku who will win.” Kirishima asks curiously “How do you know Izuku will win?” Seramir answers with a proud smile “Because he’s my brother.”

            Kirishima comments while clenching his fist with a toothy smile “That’s so manly.” Kaminari says “I don’t know, I still think Bakugou will win.” Seramir comments with his arms crossed as he leans against the wall “Whatever helps you sleep at night.” Jirou covers her mouth as she tries to hold in a laugh.

            Before the match begins Izuku and Uraraka are looking over the layout of the building, Uraraka asks “So where do you think the bomb is?” Izuku answers after a moment “I’d say the bomb would be on either the fourth or fifth floor, the first and second floors would be too easy, and the third floor would likely be where most people would expect us to look first. In any case, we should still be on the lookout for the bomb anyway just in case I’m wrong.” Uraraka replies with a nod “Yeah, what do you think we should do about Bakugou and Iida?” Izuku answers “I don’t know much about Iida, but based on how he is he’ll likely be waiting by the weapon, since there’s no doubt that Bakugou would go off on his own to find me.”

            Uraraka asks confused “Why would he go looking for you?” Izuku answers after an exasperated sigh “Bakugou and I haven’t gotten along ever since I was diagnosed as Quirkless, plus Seramir has been blocking him ever since they first met. Bakugou has been to anger management, but I doubt he’ll pass up on an opportunity like this to attack me.” Uraraka puffs her cheeks angrily which looks beyond adorable “Alright then, we’ll take Bakugou down first then head for Iida and the bomb.” Izuku replies “No, we can’t afford to waste time, you should go looking for the bomb while I take care of Bakugou.” Izuku then says determinedly “Besides, I’ve got a score to settle.”

            Uraraka smiles as she thinks excitedly “Izuku wants to prove to his bully that he can beat him!” The two of them spend the rest of their time planning before All Might calls for the match to begin. Izuku and Uraraka move up from the first to the second floor, with no sight of Bakugou or Iida. On the third floor Izuku and Uraraka quietly make their way down the corridor before Bakugou leaps out from behind the corner shooting out an explosion at them. Izuku tackles Uraraka to the floor to avoid Bakugou’s explosion which end up destroying part of his mask.

            Uraraka asks worriedly “Izuku, are you alright!?” Izuku answers as the two of them quickly move away from Bakugou “Don’t worry, it’s just my mask.” Bakugou comments with an angry grin “Took you long enough to get here Deku! I’ve been wanting to beat your ass for years and now I finally have the chance!” Izuku says quietly to Uraraka “You know what to do.”

            Uraraka nods with determination before she runs off on her own, Bakugou asks “You really think you can take me on by yourself you worthless loser!? Just because you have a Quirk now!” Izuku answers as he takes a fighting stance with a determined glare “No, I’m going to beat you without my Quirk to show that even someone who’s Quirkless can be a hero!” Bakugou looks taken aback for a moment before he grits his teeth in seething rage “You damn nerd, you were always scared of me before! You should be shaking in your boots and begging for mercy!”

            Bakugou lunges at Izuku with a right hook, but Izuku sees it coming from a mile away and ends up grabbing his arm then throwing him over his shoulder slamming him into the floor as hard as he can. The slam causes Bakugou to bounce of the floor as Izuku regains some distance “You can call me Deku if you want, but I’m not the same defenseless kid anymore.” Bakugou starts to get up as Izuku continues “Someone once told me I could be a hero without a Quirk, Deku no longer means useless.” Izuku yells out as Bakugou stands up completely “From now on Deku is the name of a hero!”

            Bakugou snaps “Damn you, you and that freak are always challenging me, that’s why I hate you!” Bakugou and Izuku charge at each other, Bakugou thrusts his hand forward to make a smokescreen but Izuku drops down and slides beneath him as Bakugou maneuvers over Izuku not realizing where he is. Izuku spins on his heel before he charges through the smoke where Bakugou turns around with a surprised look on his face only to get punched in the side of his face. Bakugou stumbles back disoriented before Izuku punches him in the face again causing him to stumble back again only to receive an uppercut to his gut. Bakugou doubles over wide-eyed at the punch to his gut, Izuku then grabs Bakugou by the throat before sweeping his feet out from under him and slamming him back first onto the floor as hard as he can.

            Bakugou becomes dazed with his ears ringing in his head while Izuku wraps the capture tape around Bakugou’s legs. All Might calls out “Young Bakugou has been captured!” Meanwhile, in the observation room Seramir smiles smugly at the screen as he asks “You were saying?” Kaminari and the rest of the class stare shocked as he answers “Okay fine, you win.” Seramir comments “Never underestimate Izuku.”

            Izuku begins walking off before Bakugou says while still recovering “You bastard…when the hell did you grow a backbone!?” Izuku stops before looking over his shoulder “When I stopped living in your shadow.” Bakugou stares in shock as Izuku continues to walk away, leaving him behind.

            Uraraka carefully makes her way through the halls on the fourth floor; she eventually finds the room with the bomb and Iida. Uraraka speaks over the comm in her ear in a hushed voice “Izuku, I’ve found the weapon and Iida; they’re on the fourth floor.” Izuku replies “I’m on my way.” While Iida is busy trying to get himself into the mindset of a villain Uraraka quietly sneaks in to hide behind one of the pillars. Uraraka quietly takes a few breaths as she thinks “Alright, I just got to touch the weapon to win.”

            Uraraka thinks of how strong both Seramir and Izuku are, about how hard their lives had been and psyches herself up “I can do this.” She then hears Iida say in a mock villain voice “I am the face of pure evil!” Uraraka purses her lips and holds her breath, she wants to laugh so bad right now, but she doesn’t want to blow her cover. She decides to quietly let the breath out while keeping her attention on Iida; she activates her Quirk on herself to make her float. She floats to the ceiling before pushing herself along it to get closer to the weapon, as she floats above said weapon she presses her fingers together as she quietly says “Release.”

            Uraraka grabs the weapon as she falls “I got it!” Iida turns around to see Uraraka happily hanging off the weapon “No, the weapon!” All Might calls out over the intercom as Izuku reaches the room “The hero team wins!” Uraraka slides down and off the weapon as she hops over to Izuku who is just now arriving happily “We did it Izuku!” Izuku replies as they high five each other with a grin “Yeah!”

            Iida sighs in disappointment before he comments “It seems I got distracted in trying to make myself more villainous.” Uraraka giggles “You mean by talking about how you were ‘the face of pure evil’?” Iida groans in embarrassment only then realizing how stupid it sounded coming from someone else. The four students leave the building and head to the observation room where the rest of the class is waiting for them.

            All Might asks as the four participants stand at the front of the class “Now then, who do you believe was the MVP of the first round?” Yaoyorozu raises her hand “Yes young Yaoyorozu.” Yaoyorozu answers “The MVP of the round would be a tie between both Izuku and Uraraka; the reason being is that both of them were focused on the objective at hand and performed brilliantly. Izuku not only kept Bakugou’s attention, but also managed to beat him without getting injured himself while Uraraka stealthily snuck passed Iida by using her Quirk in order to capture the weapon. Both of them performed very important parts of hero work, not every situation can be solved with stealth or through sheer strength.”

            Yaoyorozu goes on to explain “As for Bakugou, he allowed his history with Izuku to cloud his judgement and allowed his anger to control him, which Izuku took advantage of. He didn’t even consider hearing out Iida’s thoughts or plan on the situation and went off on his own without a second thought just as Seramir predicted. Iida on the other hand was too busy caught up in trying to play the part of a villain that he was so distracted to not notice Uraraka’s presence. Not that that was entirely his fault since Uraraka’s Quirk allows her to float unhindered by gravity making her perfect for a stealth mission like this.” All Might thinks as he sweat drops “Geez, this girl has got a good eye on her.”

            All Might replies with a thumbs up “You nailed it!” Seramir holds up his hand to Yaoyorozu which she looks at confused, Jirou whispers to her “It’s a high five.” Yaoyorozu blushes embarrassed before she gives Seramir a high five who smiles happily. The rest of the rounds proceed as normal with Izuku pulling out his notebook and writing down everyone’s Quirk while watching them.

            Jirou asks while pointing at Izuku’s notebook “What’s that?” Izuku smiles sheepishly with a slight blush “O-oh, this is my hero analysis book, ever since I was a kid I’ve always been fascinated by Quirks so I always write down what I find out about them in notebooks.” Iida notices the number on the book “You’ve written sixteen books on hero analysis!?” Izuku chuckles nervously “Y-yeah, but it’s mostly thanks to Seramir that I wrote so many, he shows me videos of hero fights that he finds while I’m asleep and he helps me think.” Seramir adds “Izuku and I usually have debates over the effectiveness of Quirks and their uses.”

            Yaoyorozu comments with a smile “Having a second pair of eyes would provide a different perspective and insight on such things.” This makes everyone in their now growing group of friends nod in agreement simultaneously.

Chapter Text

            All Might calls out after the drawing for the next round “Young Jirou and young Kaminari as heroes vs young Seramir as the villain!” Kaminari punches his hand with a smile “Two on one, this is going to be easy.” After Kaminari’s comment Seramir slowly smiles evilly causing everyone in his group of friends to take a step back. Izuku comments “Kaminari’s screwed.” All Might hands the participants the layout of the building that they’ll be going to.

            Seramir wipes away his smile which Kaminari doesn’t notice on their way to the building, All Might says over the intercom “You’ll have fifteen minutes to prepare, good luck to all of you.” Outside of the building Jirou comments “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Kaminari replies “Ah come on, it’s two on one, we’ve got this.” Jirou says “Seramir is really strong and also is pretty smart if how he talks is anything to go by.” Kaminari dismisses Jirou with a wave of his hand “Nah, we got this.”

            Meanwhile as Seramir enters the building he begins putting his plan into action with a wide evil smile on his face that looks beyond creepy. Uraraka asks in the observation room “So what do you think Seramir’s plan is going to be?” Yaoyorozu replies “I’m not sure.” Izuku answers with an unsettling expression “If I know my brother like I think I do, he’s going to do something very scary and I don’t know if I’m ready for it.” Iida comments “Well, you did say that he was intimidating when you first met him.”

            Izuku explains “No, I mean when Seramir really wants to, he can scare just about anyone. He absolutely loves Halloween strictly for the purpose of scaring people.” Uraraka asks a little scared herself “Come on, it can’t be that bad right?” Izuku doesn’t answer for a moment before Uraraka asks again a little more scared “Right?”

            After All Might calls out the beginning of the test Jirou and Kaminari enter the building to see some of the lights above them flickering. Considering that these buildings were built by Yuuei Jirou didn’t think that they would have faulty wiring. Kaminari on the other hand pays no mind to it so they both press on further into the building to find either Seramir or the bomb. On the second floor more lights are either broken or flickering, some of which are hanging from the ceiling with glass lying on the floor. With such little light and the unsettling scene, fear begins to trickle down their spines, but they have a job to do so they continue pressing forward.

            The third floor looks completely destroyed, all the lights are off or broken, there are what looks like claw marks all over the walls. Jirou comments quietly “I’ve got a really bad feeling about this.” Kaminari replies quietly “Come on, he’s just trying to scare us.” The two of them try to take the most direct route as stealthily as possible, but both freeze in place when they hear faint footsteps and a soft creepy humming. Seramir singsongs in a creepy unsettling voice “Mr. Sandman…bring me a dream…make them the cutest…that I’ve ever seen…”

            With each line from the song fear takes hold of their bodies as their eyes widen, Seramir continues “Give them two lips…like roses and clover…” Seramir steps out in front of them not that they can see as they can only hear a short distance away from them “and tell them that their lonesome nights…are…over.” They both hear Seramir’s voice in their ears as his red eyes pierce through the darkness “Hello…friends.” Jirou and Kaminari both let out bloodcurdling screams as they both run from Seramir, but as they reach the end of the hall Jirou gets grabbed by something she can’t see by her ankle. Jirou falls to the ground as she raises her hand out “Help!”

            Whatever is grabbing her legs quickly pulls her down the hall, Kaminari runs off screaming. He runs through the halls as fast as he can in a panic thinking “Got to get to the stairs! Got to get to the stairs! Got to get to the-” his thoughts are cut off as he sees the stairs destroyed preventing him from going to the fourth floor “Oh fuck.” Suddenly he hears Seramir’s voice directly behind him saying beyond creepily “I found you.”

            Kaminari spins around as he senses something rush at him and grab him as he screams in pure terror, All Might calls out “The villain wins!” Whatever is holding onto Kaminari disappears as he stops screaming and begins shaking still in fear; the place begins to light up to reveal the room. Seramir says with an apologetic smile “Sorry about that, I was having too much fun.” Kaminari yells angrily “Dude, that was not funny!” Seramir replies grinning “Never underestimate me.”

            Kaminari says still angry “You’re an asshole man.” Seramir replies “I know, but I thought it was funny.” This gets a chuckle out of Kaminari as Seramir offers his hand which he takes, Seramir pulls him up “Come on, I got to untie Jirou.” The two of them walk through the hall as the darkness seems to disappear, but as far as Kaminari can tell there’s no light source.

            Kaminari asks “How are you lighting this place up?” Seramir answers “My Quirk is essentially darkness itself; so I’m just pulling away at the darkness to allow light to take its place.” Kaminari asks “How the hell does that even work?” Seramir answers “There must always be a balance, where there is no light there must be darkness and where there is no darkness there must be light.” Kaminari comments “That’s confusing.”

            They come across Jirou who is sitting against a wall with a furious expression; Seramir placates with an apologetic smile “I’m sorry, I was having too much fun.” Seramir cuts off the capture tape from her ankles and wrists, Jirou stands up massaging her wrists before she smacks Seramir. Seramir comments with black tears in his eyes as his cheek stings “Yeah…I deserved that.” Jirou yells angrily “You’re a fucking jerk!” Seramir looks down sadly as he sincerely apologizes “I’m sorry.”

            Jirou is still angry, but she can’t help but feel a little guilty at how Seramir looks before she says sternly “Don’t do that again.” Seramir wipes his eyes before he looks up at her hesitantly “Are…are we still friends?” Jirou looks at Seramir surprised, Seramir then says as he looks back down and shifts from foot to foot “I understand if you don’t want to…I just.” Seramir can’t find the words to describe how he feels as tears prick at his eyes both in frustration and sadness at the thought of losing a friend because of what was meant to be a joke. Jirou sighs as she can’t hold onto her anger anymore “Yeah, we’re still friends, just don’t do that again or at least only do it to Kaminari.”

            Kaminari shouts “Hey!” Seramir chuckles wetly as he tries to wipe away his tears, Jirou says “I’m not going to lie; hearing you scream like a girl is pretty funny.” This gets a small laugh out of Seramir as Kaminari replies “It was not funny!” Seramir says with a smile with tears still in his eyes “We should head back to the observation room.” Jirou replies with a small smile of her own “Yeah.”

            In the observation room the participants stand in front of the class as All Might asks “Now then, would anyone care to explain why Seramir won?” Izuku raises his hand “Yes, young Izuku.” Izuku answers “Considering what I know about my brother, his plan from the beginning was to make Jirou and Kaminari on edge as they proceed through the building. That’s why he took out the lights as he made his way through the building in order to set up the scene, Seramir’s Quirk is of course stronger in darkness which improved his effectiveness. I’m also going to guess that he said something before showing himself in order to increase the creepiness factor which we weren’t able to hear, am I right?”

            Kaminari answers with a nod “Oh yeah.” Jirou adds also with a nod “Definitely creepy.” Izuku explains “Seramir once told me that more often than not people don’t think when they’re afraid, they get sent into a panic and begin making mistakes. Seramir is an expert on fear and intimidation, but if it hadn’t been for his ability to properly control his Quirk then Jirou and Kaminari could’ve seen through the fear and taken Seramir down. Seramir won due to his complete control of the situation.”

            All Might replies with a thumbs up “Correct young Izuku!” All Might asks “Any questions?” Ashido raises her hand as she asks “What did you say that scared them so bad?” Seramir answers with a smile “I made a reference to an old YouTube series called ‘Dragon Ball Z Abridged’ which was before Quirks. I sang the first part of ‘Mr. Sandman’ by The Chordettes.” Ashido comments “Well after what I just saw now I’m going to have to watch the whole series.” Seramir replies “It’s hilarious, but the first few episodes are a bit…different.”

            All Might asks “Are there any other questions?” Nobody answer before he says “Alright, moving on then.” The class proceeds as normal, as the next match starts Jirou taps Seramir on the arm causing him to look at her curiously “Sorry for slapping you so hard earlier.” Seramir replies as he waves his hands “No, no, it’s fine, you were scared and angry, I understand.” Jirou says still feeling guilty “I know, but still I just feel bad about it you know.”

            Seramir looks at her for a moment before he smiles gently “Well then, I accept your apology.” Jirou smiles back as she replies “Thanks.” The class ends with All Might saying “Well, I’m sure you all learned something useful today, now then watch as a hero makes an exit” All Might runs off at breakneck speed “like he’s got somewhere to be!” Uraraka comments “All Might is so cool.” Seramir replies “He is kind of goofy though.” Everyone generally agrees after a moment of thought.

Chapter Text

            The day after the battle trials as Seramir and Izuku make their way to school they see a horde of reporters standing at the front gate which causes Seramir to grimace in disgust. They both try to sneak passed, but of course the reporters spot them “What’s All Might like as a teacher?” “Can you tell us what you know about All Might?” “How is All Might integrating into the school system?” The reporters continue to shove cameras and microphones in their faces.

            Seramir growls out angrily “You all do realize it’s illegal to interview minors without their parent or guardians’ consent, right?” All the nearby reporters freeze up as Seramir continues “My mom is a lawyer; I can call her up right now. I wonder how long you all will keep your jobs.” The reporters all collectively back off with fearful expressions, Seramir replies “Thank you.” After that threat the reporters don’t try to interview another student, but still stand by the gate of Yuuei ready to interview any staff members they see.

            Izuku asks “Was that really necessary?” Seramir deadpans “Yes, yes it was.” Izuku snorts as he shakes his head.

            As soon as they enter the building Seramir sees Present Mic “Hey Present Mic?” Present Mic looks at Seramir with a smile “Yes little listener, what’s up?” Seramir answers “There’s a bunch of reporters outside trying to interview students, or at least they tried to interview us. They were also blocking the entrance, I know this is a lot, but could you get them to leave or at least get them to back off?” Present Mic replies with a thumbs up “You got it listener; I’ll see what I can do.” Seramir smiles content “Thank you sir.”

            Izuku asks “What was that for?” Seramir answers “Contingency plan.” Izuku raises an eyebrow as he comments “That seems a bit much, don’t you think.” Seramir looks at Izuku “Izuku, this is me we’re talking about; I’ve got contingency plans for contingency plans. No good hero goes without a backup plan.” Izuku replies with a shrug “Fair enough.”

            During homeroom Aizawa walks in exuding irritation making most of the students act a bit more obedient, Aizawa comments “Looks like you all have improved in your rationality since the first day.” Aizawa then says as he stands before the class “Today I’ll be going over the results of yesterday’s exercise. To start off;” Aizawa looks at Bakugou “Bakugou, while you possess plenty of potential that does not excuse you from holding a grudge match in the middle of a training exercise. You’re not in kindergarten anymore; you’re in Yuuei, so start acting your age.” Bakugou looks down in shame before Aizawa moves on “Iida, while I understand you were trying to take the exercise seriously I suggest you work on paying attention to your surroundings.” Iida replies “Of course sir!”

            Aizawa goes through each match giving advice where it’s needed, by the end he says “Now that that’s over, you’re all going to participate in something that will decide your high school career.” Aizawa lets the trepidation hang over the air before he answers “You’ll be choosing your class representatives.” The class begins throwing their hands up in the air saying how they want to be class representative while Seramir simply lays his head over as disinterested as anyone can be. Iida speaks above everyone else “Enough class, the best way to solve the issue of class representative is democratically. I suggest we all vote!”

            Asui asks as she places a finger on her chin “But how will we know who to vote for when we barely know each other?” Iida answers as he chops the air “Obviously the people who has more than one vote will be the one most deserving of the position.” Kirishima comments “Sounds good to me.” The class begins writing down their votes on pieces of paper handed out to them. Meanwhile Aizawa gets into his yellow sleeping bag as he tries to take a nap.

            By the end of it all Seramir gets the most votes with Izuku getting the second most, Izuku asks surprised “What the-how did Seramir and I get the most votes!?” Aizawa calls out “Get up here you two.” Seramir sighs as he stands up with Izuku and heads to the front of the class, Aizawa asks “Now, do either you have anything you want to say?” Seramir clears his throat as he steps forward and raises his right hand as if making a pledge “I politely decline.” Aizawa snorts immediately afterwards while the rest of the class cries out in confusion.

            Seramir explains “Look, I can understand why some of you chose me for a leadership position like this, but that’s just not me. First off; I didn’t want the position and I don’t feel that I would be all that good for the position, I’m more of a strategist than a leader. Second; intelligence and strength has nothing to do with being a good leader, a good leader is approachable, encouraging, and overall accepting of everyone in their charge. I am none of these things, as some of you are aware I’ve been known to be intimidating, I’m generally lazy if I’m not interested, and I’m petty. If someone has done something to hurt someone I care about I will likely hold a grudge towards them until I feel they have earned my forgiveness.”

            Seramir continues “A good leader must be charismatic and caring; they must encourage their charge to do better than before, and accept them despite their flaws. So, because of that there is only one person I can think of who should be our class representative;” the class waits on baited breath “Momo Yaoyorozu.” Yaoyorozu stares at Seramir in shock “What?!” Seramir answers “You’re both strong and intelligent, which are the only reasons I can think of as to why I was chosen. Plus, as I said you’re approachable, you seem like the type to encourage others to do better, and you accepted my friendship while knowing next to nothing about me.”

            Yaoyorozu cups a hand over her mouth as tears form in her eyes, Seramir smiles gently as he holds out his hand “Come on up here Yaoyorozu.” Yaoyorozu stands up and makes her way up to Seramir and shakes his hand although in truth she wants to hug him for everything he said. Yaoyorozu says as she wipes away her tears “Thank you so much Seramir for those kind words, I hope to live up your expectations.” Seramir replies “I know you will.”

            Izuku steps forward “I would also like to resign from my position and offer it to Iida.” At this point the class wonders what the point of even voting was, which Aizawa finds to be amusing. So, by the end of homeroom Yaoyorozu is class representative while Iida is vice class representative both of which graciously accept the positions.

            When lunch rolls around Uraraka comments “I’m surprised you didn’t want the position Seramir, I thought you’d be a great representative.” Seramir replies “Yeah, I think most people thought that since I was in complete control in yesterday’s exercise.” Yaoyorozu adds “I also thought you would’ve made a good representative, I wasn’t expecting you to choose me to take your place.” Seramir says with a shrug “I just don’t feel like I’d be all that good at it, I know it would be a good learning experience and all, but I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of responsibility yet.” Izuku adds “Yeah, same with me; since I haven’t had my Quirk for very long I feel as though I should focus more on that than anything else if I want to be a hero.”

            Izuku explains “I mean, back at the entrance exam I actually ended up breaking my arm punching the zero pointer while using my Quirk at one hundred percent.” Jirou asks curiously “How much control do you have over it now?” Izuku answers “Twenty percent.” Everyone except Seramir yells in surprise “Only twenty percent!?” Seramir explains “He has only had the Quirk for a few months, so it’ll take a while before his body completely adjusts.”

            Izuku is quietly grateful for Seramir’s cover-up for every time someone asks about his Quirk, Iida comments thoughtfully “That does make a bit of sense now that I think about it.” Uraraka comments “By the way Iida, I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while, but you’re from a rich family aren’t you?” Iida looks taken aback by Uraraka’s question before recomposing himself and answering proudly “Well, I wouldn’t say rich per se, but the Iida family has been known as a family of heroes throughout generations!” Seramir comments “So that’s why your Quirk reminds me of Ingenium’s.” Iida replies “He is my elder brother!”

            The group falls into comfortable conversation, Seramir can’t help but smile at the fact that both he and Izuku finally have friends after years of being ostracized. However, that peacefulness promptly ends as an alarm sounds off much to Seramir’s annoyance. Iida asks a third year “What’s going on?!” The third year answers in a panic “It’s a level three alarm; it means someone broken in onto Yuuei property! This has never happened before!”

            The third year runs off before they can get any other answers, all the students are in a panic as they push and shove their way through the halls. Seramir on the other hand is standing at the back annoyed by all the commotion, Seramir looks outside a nearby window to see the reporters from earlier. Seramir thinks to himself in disbelieving anger “Are you fucking kidding me!?” Seramir sighs before he uses Shadow Voice which allows him to open communication through shadows as he commands “Everyone calm down!” The students slow down and begin looking around to see who spoke “It’s only the media who broke in; you’re all Yuuei students start acting like it!”

            The students begin filing out calmly, Jirou sidles up to Seramir as she asks “Still think you wouldn’t make a good representative?” Seramir answers “Intimidation is a useful tool.” Jirou replies after she thinks for a moment “That’s fair I guess.” Seramir gets a bad feeling in his chest that something doesn’t seem right, why would the media break in onto Yuuei property? The reporters were intimidated by him so logic would say they wouldn’t even consider breaking into Yuuei.

            Not only that, but the only way they could get in would be through illegal Quirk use, which of course would land them in jail. Something about the whole situation makes Seramir feel like something else is wrong, but of course the students needed to be calm rather than panicking so he doesn’t say anything. As he and the rest of the students file out he goes into deep thought about the whole situation.

            For some reason Seramir recalls how the newspaper a few days ago mentioned how All Might was teaching at Yuuei, this was of course public knowledge. Which means anyone could get this information, breaking into Yuuei, illegal Quirk use…villain. Seramir quickly realizes that a villain was behind the break in, nothing else would make sense, but Seramir looks over and sees the heroes holding off the press. Seramir thinks “If the villain managed to break into Yuuei then that would be their top priority.” Seramir uses Bend Perspective to search throughout Yuuei looking for a villain, unfortunately this takes a long time since the school grounds is so large.

            During Seramir’s search Asui asks curiously “What’s wrong Seramir?” Seramir answers without looking “Nothing, just thinking.” Asui feels as though Seramir’s lying since the response sounded preloaded, but doesn’t say anything. By the end of Seramir’s search he finds no sign of a villain on the premises, but that doesn’t make sense. Then a thought occurs to Seramir “What if there was more than one?”

            Considering that this was the first time Yuuei has ever been attacked in history then the only reason would be because of All Might. If a villain wanted to take on All Might then they would have to have a team since All Might is just too powerful. If that’s the case then that means that the villains likely have either a teleportation Quirk or a warp Quirk, which would make them very dangerous since those types of Quirks are so rare. It could be coincidence that the villains just so happened to have someone with that kind of Quirk, but Seramir feels as though that isn’t the case. Something big is going to happen and in all likelihood it’s going to happen soon.

            As everyone is making their way back into the building Seramir hangs back as the media are taken away by the police. His friends look at him curiously before he says “You guys go on ahead, I got something I want to speak with Aizawa about.” Everyone except Izuku nods then head off, Izuku has known Seramir long enough to know that something is wrong. However, he doesn’t want to draw attention to it so he walks off with their friends.

            Seramir sighs in relief before he makes his way to Aizawa who’s with Present Mic rubbing his temples trying to fend off a headache. Seramir says with a serious expression “Mr. Aizawa.” Aizawa and Present Mic both look at Seramir; they immediately realize that what Seramir has to say is serious. Present Mic asks “What is it listener?” Seramir answers “I don’t think that this was some random break in.” This catches the teachers off guard because they were thinking the same thing; Seramir continues “I think that at least two villains broke into Yuuei.”

            Aizawa asks giving his undivided attention to Seramir due to the severity of that statement “What do you mean?” Seramir takes a moment to organize his thoughts before he explains his theory “So I think that the villains attacked Yuuei because of All Might since it was recently put in the newspaper which everyone has access to. I would guess that some villains see All Might as a challenge rather than a deterrent, one villain would have to have some sort of destruction based Quirk that isn’t loud or flashy. Probably disintegration or decay or something else, the other villain would have to have some sort of teleportation or warp based Quirk. I searched the entire campus using my Quirk, but found nothing; if the villains came here for something then I bet it would be All Might’s schedule. Of course, I could be wrong, but I don’t think that I am.”

            By the end of it Seramir comments “I know that it sounds crazy, like a conspiracy theory, but it’s the only thing that makes sense.” Aizawa replies after a moment “You’re right it does sound crazy.” Seramir looks down in disappointment; he has dealt with people who didn’t believe in him for many different reasons. Seramir has always been considered a freak both before and after his Quirk manifested; adults would say that he was looking for attention or that he shouldn’t lie.

            Seramir is broken out of his thoughts as Aizawa states “That’s why I believe you.” Seramir looks up at Aizawa in surprise as he says “As you said no other explanation would make sense and it’s likely villains see All Might as a challenge, so it’s not like your theory is unlikely. I’ll make sure to bring it up to Nedzu today to see what we can do to prevent whatever plan these villains have.” Seramir purses his lips as he tries to hold back his tears, Seramir bows slightly “Thank you sir.” Seramir then heads back inside on his own with Aizawa and Present Mic watching him walk off.

            Present Mic comments “If I didn’t know any better I’d say that kid was a detective based off those deductions.” Aizawa nods in agreement “He’s certainly smarter than I thought he was, that’s for sure.” Aizawa walks off with Present Mic “We should tell the principal about this.” Present Mic replies with a smile “Right.” For the rest of the day Seramir shakes his leg anxiously in anticipation of what the villains have planned.

Chapter Text

            The day after the break in Aizawa says at the front of the class “Alright everyone today we’re going to be going to an off-campus site for rescue training. You can either wear your hero costume or your gym uniform, meet me out front.” Throughout the school day Seramir has been shaking his leg essentially waiting the other shoe to drop. Seramir knows that the villains are going to attack soon, he just doesn’t know where and when. Considering this is essentially a field trip the school must have planned this in advance, so the villains could attack them there, but he already notified the teachers so hopefully they’ll be prepared for the situation.

            Uraraka breaks Seramir out of his thoughts as she taps him on the shoulder making him jump, Uraraka giggles “You alright?” Seramir answers as he lowers his guard “Yeah, just got lost in thought.” Uraraka replies “Come on, we’ve got to get changed.” Seramir comments with a paper thin smile “Right.”

            In the changing room Seramir changes into his hero costume and takes his mask then puts it in an internal pocket on his coat. If villains are going to attack he’s going to want the intimidation factor in case he isn’t able to do it himself. Iida tries to organize everybody for bus seating, but turns out to be pointless. Ashido tries to comfort Iida “It’s alright Iida, maybe it’ll work out for you next time.” Asui says as she looks at Izuku “Say Izuku,” Izuku replies “Yes Asui?” Asui comments “Call me Tsuyu.”

            Izuku says “O-okay.” Asui replies “I usually say whatever is on my mind and there’s been something I’ve been wanting to say since the first day of class.” Izuku looks at Asui curiously as she comments “Your Quirk reminds me a lot of All Might’s.” This catches both Seramir and Izuku off guard, because it shouldn’t have been that easy to figure it out. Izuku replies with a light laugh “I-I guess it does, but enhancement type Quirks aren’t exactly a rarity, plus I can’t use more than twenty percent of my Quirk without breaking.”

            Kirishima adds “Also All Might doesn’t light up when using his Quirk like Izuku does.” Izuku thinks to himself “Thank god for Kirishima.” Seramir on the other hand is simply sitting there staring at the floor shaking his leg nervously. At some point Asui notices and asks “Are you alright Seramir?” Seramir looks up to notice all eyes are on him, he answers with a light smile “Yeah, I’m just thinking.”

            Ashido asks curiously “What were you thinking about? You seemed pretty deep in thought about something.” Seramir replies “It’s nothing just…stuff.” Though they have only known each other for a few days the class could easily tell that something was wrong with Seramir. The problem was that they couldn’t tell what exactly was bothering him without having him tell them, but from how he reacted it was clear he didn’t want to talk about it.

            Shortly afterwards Aizawa stands up as he says “We’re here.” The class makes their way off the bus to see a giant dome in front of them; this just escalates Seramir’s nervousness, because this would be the perfect time for the villains to attack. Asui asks as she walks up beside Seramir “Are you sure you’re okay?” Seramir answers “Yeah, I’m fine.” Asui doesn’t look convinced in the slightest, but doesn’t press any further.

            As the class heads to the dome Seramir catches Iida by the wrist “Hey Iida, can I ask you something?” Iida looks at Seramir as he replies “Of course, what is it?” The rest of the class continues forward, but Seramir still whispers “I need you to do me a favor, okay?” Iida looks confused “Okay, what’s the favor?” Seramir answers “When I give you the word I want you to run out of the building as fast as you can.”

            Iida asks slightly annoyed “Is this some sort of prank?” Seramir replies seriously “Iida, I need you to trust me.” Iida and Seramir stare at each other for a moment before Iida sighs “Okay, I’ll trust you. You’ve been acting strange ever since yesterday, so there must be some reason for you to ask this of me.” Seramir says with a smile feeling a little less nervous “Thank you Iida.”

            As they make their way inside the dome they see the heroes Thirteen, Aizawa, and Ectoplasm; Aizawa says something that the class can’t hear, but Thirteen holds up three fingers as an answer. Seramir thinks “Three fingers, they must be talking about All Might’s three hours; he probably used it all up this morning.” Although All Might didn’t show up when scheduled Seramir felt at ease since Ectoplasm’s Quirk allows him to make clones of himself. It wasn’t All Might, but it was certainly better than if it were just Aizawa and Thirteen by themselves. Thirteen talks about how they had built the Unforeseen Simulation Joint or USJ for short then transitions into the dangers of Quirks.

            After Thirteen is done with their lecture Seramir feels something shift in the air and immediately uses Bend Perspective throughout the facility. Seramir notices a black and purple mass at the center of the building, the first thing Seramir thinks is “Warp.” Seramir yells out “Iida now!” Iida spins on his heel and rushes out of the USJ as fast as he can. The mass widens as a horde of villains start pouring out of the warp gate, Kirishima asks as he steps forward “What’s going on?” Aizawa says sternly as he raises his right arm to block Kirishima “Stay back, those are villains.”

            Ectoplasm comments “Looks like Seramir was right.” Thirteen says to the class as Eraserhead and Ectoplasm jump down the stairs to fight the villains “Everyone evacuate now!” The class begins to rush towards the door, but the black and purple mass appears in front of them “Apologies for our intrusion in this haven of heroes. We were informed that All Might was supposed to be here, but I don’t see him anywhere near here.” Seramir asks angrily with a glare “Who the hell are you?”

            The mist villain answers “We are the League of Villains; we have come here to put an end to All Might.” Thirteen pops open the cap on their index finger, but Kirishima and Bakugou jump ahead to try and attack the mist villain. Seramir yells out “What the hell are you idiots doing!?” Their attacks of course have no effect on the villain, Seramir yells out “Scatter!” As if on instinct the class scatters away from each other just as the mist villain tries to use his Quirk, Seramir finds himself in what he can only assume is downpour zone Thirteen had mentioned.

            Seramir looks around to see that Kouda is also with him; Seramir asks “Are you alright?” Kouda nods quickly showing his fear, Seramir says “Don’t worry, I already informed the heroes that this could happen. I sent Iida out since he was the fastest so that he could inform the teachers as quickly as he could; I doubt he brought his phone with him though.” Kouda visibly tenses, Seramir looks around to see a bunch of villains surrounding them, one of the villains comment with a grin “Looks like we got some fresh meat.” Kouda trembles in fear as Seramir reaches into his internal pocket to pull out his mask “Don’t worry Kouda; I’ll take care of things from here, just get somewhere safe.”

            Seramir puts on the white mask which has slits for eyes and a red smile that goes from edge to edge of the mask. Kouda runs into a nearby building to find a place to hide, one of the villains comment “Sending your friend off to fight by yourself, don’t you know that suicide is the coward’s way out!” Seramir replies “I didn’t send him off because of that.” Seramir says as he looks at the villains with an unsettling voice “I sent him off because I don’t want him to see what I’m going to do to all of you.” This causes the villains to flinch before Seramir sends out a wave of tendrils from all sides at the villains.

            The villains scream out in fear as the tendrils reach out and grab them by their arms and legs then begins slamming the villains into the ground, into the walls, and into each other ferociously. The villains that weren’t caught fall to the ground in horror at the sight of all their comrades getting beaten simultaneously by a teenager. Seramir drops the villains to the ground as they fall unconscious and retracts the tendrils, Seramir looks at the closest villain to him before he slowly starts walking towards him. The villain backs away wide-eyed in fear only to hit up against a wall, Seramir stands above him as he asks “Now then, you’re going to tell me everything I want to know.” Seramir gets shot in the arm, but it only stings since his jacket is bulletproof, Seramir calmly looks over at the villain who shot him.

            The villain looks at Seramir in fear before he tries to shoot him again, but this time Seramir is able to block it with a black tendril. The villain then begins firing every round he has in a panic, which Seramir blocks by turning the tendril into a wall. The nearby villains back away as the villain with the gun runs out of ammo before Seramir shoots out a black tendril at the villain who shot at him. The tendril grabs the villain by the throat and lifts him off the ground strangling him causing him to drop the now unloaded gun, Seramir asks as he cocks his head “At what point did you think that was a good idea?” The villain of course can’t answer since Seramir is choking him mercilessly; once the villain stops struggling Seramir abruptly drops him onto the pavement. Seramir turns to the crying villain in front of him as he asks “Now, where were we?” The villain cries out “I-I’m s-sorry.”

            Seramir asks as he menacingly stands over the villain “Why do people always say that before they’re punished?” The villain begins to cry even harder as Seramir asks “Now, how exactly does your little League think they’re going to kill All Might.” The villain asks “W-why should I tell you, y-you’re just going to hurt me anyway?” Seramir answers sweetly “It’s not THAT I’m going to hurt you, it’s HOW LONG I’m going to hurt you. So you can answer me when I ask you, or I can carve the answers out of you.”

            The villain whimpers before he answers “T-the leader; Shigaraki, h-he said that he had a genetically made monster that could b-beat All Might.” Seramir asks “How so?” The villain answers “H-he said that the m-monster had S-Shock Absorption and Regeneration.” Seramir asks “What is this ‘Shigaraki’s’ Quirk?” The villain answers “I-I don’t know, h-he didn’t say he only talked about the Noumu.”

            Seramir asks “What about the warp villain, what’s his name?” The villain answers “I-I don’t know his real name, b-but Shigaraki called him Kurogiri.” Seramir says “I see, anything else I should know about?” The villain shakes his head vehemently.

            Seramir asks threateningly “You aren’t lying to me are you?” The villain reels back in fear “No, no, I swear I’m telling the truth!” Seramir looks at him for a moment building up the fear in the villain before he replies “I believe you.” The villain exhales in relief, Seramir then says “Of course, I’m sure you know I can’t just let you wonder around freely, right?” The villain looks at Seramir fearfully.

            Seramir says loud enough for all the villains to hear “Let this be a lesson, give up on being villains before you get yourselves killed.” The villains nod in understanding before Seramir sends out tendrils at them at high speed and knock them all out including the one he was interrogating. Seramir stands amongst a bunch of bodies of villains lying unconscious as he uses Bend Perspective to find Kouda; once he does he uses Shadow Voice to speak with him “Kouda.” Kouda of course jumps at the sudden voice “I’ve taken out the villains in this area; I’m going to head out and see if I can help out the teachers. I suggest you wait here until this all blows over, okay?”

            Kouda nods quietly, Seramir then says softly “If anything happens, I’ll come back for you, I promise.” Despite not knowing Seramir at all Kouda still finds himself trusting Seramir’s word. Seramir then runs off to the exit of the downpour zone so he can help his teachers and classmates.

Chapter Text

            Meanwhile, at the entrance of the USJ the only ones who were warped away were, Bakugou, Kirishima, Ojiro, Aoyama, Todoroki, Kouda, and Seramir. Izuku is worried about his brother since they have never been too far apart from each other and have become dependent of each other over the years. They both provide each other safety and comfort, so now that Izuku and Seramir are separated from each other, they’re both feeling more anxious than usual. The only difference between the two of them is that Seramir knows how to hide his feelings while Izuku is more open about his.

            Kurogiri comments “Hmm, I was hoping to send more of them away, but it seems that the one who figured out what my plan was is no longer here. I wonder what it was that gave me away.” Thirteen doesn’t hesitate to use their Black Hole Quirk which they use to suck Kurogiri into their finger, but after a few moments of resisting being sucked into the hole Kurogiri opens a warp gate in front of him and behind Thirteen. Izuku yells out “Thirteen stop!” Unfortunately Thirteen was unable to close the cap to their finger in time and greatly cause themselves damage.

            The students stare in horror as the hero who was trying to protect them had fallen to the villain, Kurogiri says “None of you are escaping from me.” Satou comments “You’re too late, Iida already escaped and he’s going to bring the teachers with him!” Kurogiri looks at him in slight shock “What?” Izuku answers with an angry expression “Seramir already figured out your plan, that’s why he sent Iida after the teachers!” Kurogiri replies “It’s rude to lie to your elders.”

            Uraraka whispers by Izuku’s side “Izuku, what’s the plan?” Izuku answers in a whisper “Working on it.” Izuku begins putting together a plan to beat Kurogiri, after a moment he whispers “Okay Uraraka, when I give the word I want you to use your Quirk on the villain to hold him back. Afterwards tell Sero to use his tape on the villain so that one of you can fling the villain to the other side of the facility.” Kurogiri states “Whatever it is that you’re planning, I can assure you it won’t work.”

            Izuku replies with a smile “We’ll see about that.” Izuku uses Full Cowling as he rushes towards the exit of the USJ; Kurogiri gives chase before Izuku calls out “Now!” Uraraka lunges for the now exposed metallic neck brace around the villain’s neck negating his gravity, Uraraka calls out “Sero use your tape now!” Sero aims as he shoots tape out of his elbow which sticks to the neck brace, without even having to be told Satou grabs the now detached tape and spins Kurogiri around in the air before throwing him off in the distance. Kaminari comments in surprise “Wow, I can’t believe that actually worked!”

            Yaoyorozu rushes over to Thirteen’s side as she says “Sero, I need your help patching up Thirteen.” Sero rushes to her side where she produces a first aid kit which she and Sero use to patch up Thirteen and their costume. Asui asks worriedly “What should we do now, Iida already went after the heroes and they haven’t-” an explosion goes off near the entrance.

            At the same time as this is going on Aizawa and a bunch of clones of Ectoplasm are fighting off hordes of villains with almost ease. Ectoplasm comments to Aizawa “Say Aizawa.” Aizawa takes down the villain in front of him before he asks “What?” Ectoplasm answers “Remind me to thank Seramir when this is all over.” Aizawa replies as another villain tries to attack him only to get taken down just as easily as the one before “We’re not out of the woods yet.”

            A villain manages to get behind Aizawa and tries to attack, Aizawa notices the attack coming, but he isn’t fast enough to react and Ectoplasm is too far away to help him. However, just as the villain’s attack is about to land a giant black tendril slams down on the villain’s back causing him to crack the concrete floor beneath him. Everyone turns to see Seramir with his mask on and a tendril coming out of his back retract, Seramir says “These villains are going to use something called a Noumu to try and beat All Might!” The leader stares in shock at Seramir’s entrance, Aizawa asks as he takes down another villain “Seramir, what’re you doing here?!” A villain tries to attack Seramir, but he summons another tendril which promptly grabs the villain by the throat before slamming him face first into the concrete floor “I was warped, I don’t know how many others were warped too.”

`           Aizawa thinks in frustration “Damn it, I was careless.” The leader; Shigaraki, says to the large beaked thing beside him “Noumu, kill that brat.” The Noumu rushes at Seramir, time seems to slow down, the Noumu lands behind Seramir as a geyser of blood sprays from the Noumu’s shoulder as his arm was taken off. Everyone including the villains freeze in shock, Seramir still has a black tendril in front of him which he used to slice off the Noumu’s arm which lies in front of him on the floor leaking blood. Shigaraki asks angrily “How-how did you do that!?”

            Seramir answers “Fuck you, that’s how.” Shigaraki yells “You would use lethal force against an enemy you don’t know anything about!?” Seramir answers as he stands his ground “You came here with the intention of killing All Might; therefore you have no right to complain on what happens to you.” Seramir then says menacingly as he raises more black tendrils “The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed.” Shigaraki takes a step back taken aback by Seramir’s response while the rest of the villains remain frozen in place through sheer fear.

            The villains tremble in fear of Seramir and his bloodlust, since he didn’t sound like he was afraid, if anything he sounded as though he should be feared. Not only that, but his words were filled with resolve and his actions proved that if he was pushed he would kill. The villains fall to the floor completely overtaken how a teenager in a hero school would be willing to kill every single villain here if he was pushed to do so. Shigaraki asks angrily “You would kill even though you’re trying to be a hero!?” Seramir answers in a disturbingly calm tone “No matter how hard I try, I can never truly become a hero,” he then says in a menacing tone “besides sometimes the world doesn’t need another hero. Sometimes what the world needs” Seramir’s eyes start glowing red “is a monster.”

            Kurogiri appears beside Shigaraki, he notices how shaken Shigaraki is as well as Seramir standing before him with his back to the Noumu. Kurogiri says “Shigaraki, I apologize but one of the students managed to escape from my grasp.” Noumu’s arm grows back quickly, Aizawa calls out “Seramir, get out of there!” At the same time Shigaraki yells “Noumu, kill him!” The Noumu raises it’s fists over Seramir, but before he could bring them down Seramir summons more tendrils which wrap around Noumu’s arms and legs then lifts him off the ground rendering him useless.

            The Noumu struggles uselessly as Seramir holds it in the air above him, suddenly there is an explosion at the entrance of the USJ and a familiar voice says in a not-so-familiar tone “Never fear, because I am here!” One of the villains says in a hushed voice “Oh god no.” All Might jumps down to the plaza where they’re at to see all the villains have fallen except for Shigaraki and Kurogiri. All Might says after he lands “I’m sorry young Seramir, you had informed us yesterday that this could happen and I went and wasted it all.” Shigaraki exclaims in shock “H-he knew!?”

            Seramir comments “You all lost before the day even began, there was no way any of you could win and your little Noumu isn’t as great as you think. He has Shock ABSORPTION, not nullification; which means there’s a limit to how much he can take.” Shigaraki and Kurogiri back away as he asks “How-how do you know that!?” Seramir answers as he strides towards them “It seems your comrades fear me more than they respect you. Honestly I find that this little ‘attempt’ of yours as a joke, your villains are just a bunch of street thugs, you act more like a petulant child who cries every time he doesn’t get what he wants, and your plan was absolute shit.”

            Seramir stops a few meters away from them “So why don’t you two be good little boys and surrender now so we can move on with our day?” All the heroes stare in shock at how Seramir is controlling the entire situation through mostly words and just a few actions. Kurogiri says as he quickly opens a warp gate that swallows Shigaraki “We need to go now!” The two villains disappear, Seramir looks behind him to see that the Noumu is no longer struggling “Looks like they left us a present…that was nice of them.” Aizawa walks over to Seramir with a stern expression “Seramir,” Seramir looks at him as his eyes stop glowing “we’re going to have to have a talk.” Seramir sighs in defeat “I know.”

            Shortly afterwards all the teachers and police show up to take the villains away, when Seramir finally makes his way outside with the three heroes escorting him. Seramir’s friends all rush to him “Seramir!” Uraraka and Izuku both hug Seramir while the others simply hover around him, Jirou comments “So that’s what your mask looks like.” Izuku and Uraraka pull away as Seramir explains with a light chuckle “Yeah, it’s based off of an old anime I watched called ‘Darker than Black’.” Jirou replies with a smirk “Looks cool.” Seramir replies as he takes off the mask “Thanks.”

            Aizawa says “If you’ll excuse us we need to speak with the police.” They continue escorting Seramir to the police; Uraraka asks “What do think they’re taking Seramir to the police for?” Iida answers “Probably to get his statement, I’m sure they’ll ask for ours later.” They all nod in understanding, but Izuku’s anxiety still remains.

            All Might finds a spot to hide before he turns back into Toshinori as he, Aizawa, Ectoplasm, and detective Tsukauchi are all interrogating Seramir. Seramir explains “Before we got into the USJ I told Iida to run out as fast as he could when I gave the word, I wasn’t aware until now that there was an alarm system in place since I didn’t hear any alarms. When the warp villain stopped us he told us that they were the League of Villains and that they came here to kill All Might. Bakugou and Kirishima tried to attack him, but ultimately failed due to having no knowledge on the villain known as Kurogiri. Afterwards I assumed that he would separate all of us based on what I saw of his Quirk, so I told everyone to scatter to avoid getting warped somewhere else.”

            Seramir continues as he looks down “Turns out some of them still got warped anyway.” Seramir looks back up at them “Anyways, I was warped to the downpour zone along with Kouda, from what I understand his Quirk required animals in order to work so I told him to hide while I took down the villains. Of course while taking down the villains I said a few things in order to intimidate them so they wouldn’t attack then I began interrogating one of them while promising them pain if I thought they were lying to me. That’s how I found out about the names of the two leading villains as well as what I found out about the Noumu. If I had to guess though, I’d say Shigaraki’s Quirk has something to do with his hands since he had disembodied hands all over his body and I feel as though he was the one who destroyed Yuuei’s gate.”

            Tsukauchi asks as he writes everything Seramir says down “Do you have any evidence to back up that statement.” Seramir answers “No, it’s just a feeling I have.” Aizawa comments “If I recall correctly, you said you had a feeling that the attack yesterday was also done by villains and also gave us a reason as to why they would attack.” Seramir replies “I do what I can with what I have to work with, more often than not all I have is circumstantial evidence, but if my intuition tells me something I listen.” Tsukauchi asks “Why were you so brutal in your attacks?”

            Seramir answers “They came here with the intention to kill All Might and since they were willing to kill I thought it would be safe to assume that they would also try to kill us too. So I fought to subdue the villains as best I could which just so happened to be knocking them unconscious, but I also wanted to instill fear into them so they would take me seriously. That’s why I was ‘brutal’, but again my attacks were meant to knock them unconscious not kill which is why about half of the villains that were in the downpour zone remain unharmed. As for what happened at the plaza, I saw that Aizawa was about to be attacked from behind so I did what I could to stop that. After that I informed Aizawa and Ectoplasm of what the villains had planned, which was when Shigaraki ordered the Noumu to attack me.”

            Seramir goes on “The Noumu was clearly fast and incredibly strong, but since I already had my guard up I was able to react fast enough to prevent any harm to myself. This resulted in cutting off the Noumu’s arm, which I knew beforehand would grow back due to his regeneration ability. Through that action I tried to intimidate the villains into surrendering which worked for the most part except for Shigaraki and the Noumu of course.” Aizawa asks as he narrows his eyes “What about what you said, that you could never be a hero and that you were a monster?” Toshinori and Tsukauchi look at Aizawa surprised, while Seramir looks at Tsukauchi sadly who looks back at him.

            Tsukauchi realizes what the meaning behind those words meant “You still blame yourself.” Seramir purses his lips before he looks down and replies quietly “Yeah.” Aizawa asks confused “He blames himself for what?” Tsukauchi answers “About five years ago there was…an incident. At the center of said incident was Seramir who went through a very traumatic experience, from what I heard he started seeing a psychologist shortly afterwards.”

            Tsukauchi looks back at Seramir with a sympathetic expression “You’ve been holding onto that for all this time.” Seramir replies in a broken voice “Wounds heal, scars don’t.” Aizawa, Ectoplasm, and Toshinori all look shocked since none of them have heard or even seen Seramir like this. Seramir was by no means the happiest person around, but none of them truly knew how much pain he was hiding. Tears begin to stream down Seramir’s face, after a moment Ectoplasm places a hand on Seramir’s shoulder as he says sympathetically “Seramir,” Seramir looks up at him and his expression breaks their hearts “you are not a monster.”

            Seramir looks at Ectoplasm for a moment before he lunges into him hugging him and begins crying with barely contained sobs; Ectoplasm returns the hug as he tries to soothe the crying teenager. Aizawa immediately regrets thinking that Seramir was ever dangerous to his fellow students, to hear one his top and strongest students cry with such pain, there is truly no worse feeling. After Seramir is able to regain his composure Tsukauchi asks softly “Is there anything else you can tell us?” Seramir answers shakily “T-the Noumu has Shock Absorption and Regeneration, I-I think they’re Quirks but I-I’m not sure they could be something else since the Noumu was genetically created.” Something changes in Tsukauchi’s and Toshinori’s expression that Seramir can’t discern, Tsukauchi writes something down before he says “Okay, you can go now, we’re sorry for troubling you.” Seramir replies with a small smile before he walks off with Ectoplasm “Thank you.”

            Aizawa asks as he turns to Tsukauchi “Is there any way I can get the details on what happened during the incident five years ago?” Tsukauchi answers with a sigh “I really shouldn’t be divulging that kind of information,” Tsukauchi looks over to see both Aizawa and Toshinori looking at him expectantly “but I’ll see what I can do.” Aizawa replies with a nod “Thank you.”

            When Izuku and his friends see Ectoplasm escorting Seramir back they rush over to him, the first thing Izuku notices is the obvious black tear tracks on his face. Yaoyorozu asks worriedly as it seems everyone notices “What happened?” Seramir answers with a fake smile “Nothing, I’m fine.” Seramir’s response of course doesn’t sound convincing especially considering how broken it sounds. Jirou looks at Seramir sympathetically as she says “You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to, it’s okay to not be okay.”

            Seramir purses his lips as he begins to tremble trying to hold back the tears, this time the group except Iida and Jirou decides to hug Seramir. As they hug him Seramir sobs out quietly “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Uraraka replies as she tries to hush Seramir gently “You have nothing to be sorry for.” From a distance Asui notices the group hugging Seramir as well as the black tears streaming down his face, she wants to help him, but she doesn’t know how he feels about her yet. So instead she waits where she is and promises to herself she’ll be there for Seramir from now on to help him even when he doesn’t ask for it.

            Someone else also just so happens to notice Seramir and his friends, someone who has been watching him since day one. Todoroki simply stands by a nearby tree; ever since he saw Seramir’s scars in the changing room he’s been watching him. Something about Seramir seems familiar, like a kindred spirit, Todoroki touches his own scar as he wonders “Did he have to go through the same thing as I did?” He recalls the scars that litter Seramir’s body “No…he went through something much worse.” Something in Todoroki cried out urging him to help his classmate, but how was he supposed to help Seramir if he couldn’t help himself?

Chapter Text

            School was cancelled the day after the USJ incident, even though only one hero was injured; the students still needed time to recuperate after such an incident. So on their day off Seramir and Izuku just decided to relax at the house, the two of them sit on the couch while Seramir plays an old game called ‘Skyrim’ which Seramir absolutely loves. During which Izuku asks worryingly “Are you alright?” Seramir answers “Izuku, you’ve asked me that every hour on the hour ever since the incident and every time I’ve said I was fine.” Izuku replies “I know, it’s just…I’m worried. First it was the entrance exam and now this; I’ve never seen you cry for as long as I’ve known you.”

            Seramir asks without any harshness “Am I not allowed to cry?” Izuku answers “No you are, in fact I’m glad that you’re showing more emotions, but I just…I just don’t know how to help you. You’ve always seemed so strong and confident for as long as I’ve known you, so seeing you like that is a little jarring.” Seramir sighs as he pauses the game “I know…I know it’s not what you’re used to, but it’s like…I hide behind that false strength and confidence, because the truth is that I’m not.”

            Seramir continues “The truth is that I’m not okay, I’m generally not okay, but it’s been like this for so long that I don’t even know how to feel okay. I haven’t slept ever since that day, I know this sounds crazy but for all I know this could all just be a figment of my imagination. For all I know I could be either dead or unconscious living inside my own mind and I’m not even sure how to feel about that.” Seramir looks at Izuku sadly “I love you, I love mom, and after all these years I finally have friends, but I don’t know if this hasn’t all been building up to some tragedy, because before I came here that’s all I knew. At this point, I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

            Izuku hugs Seramir, Seramir then says “I-I don’t know if this is real, ever since that day I’ve hoped and prayed that things had finally changed. That I could fight, that I could protect, that I could make sure that what happened to me can never happen again, but…I don’t even know what is real.” Izuku pulls away from Seramir as he looks at him sympathetically; Izuku grabs Seramir’s hand and begins squeezing “Do you feel this Seramir? This is proof that what you’re seeing and what you’re feeling is real. You are alive and this is real, I’m real, mom is real, our friends are real.”

            Izuku says with a soft smile “I know we haven’t actually talked about what had happened, but I hope that someday you’ll tell me. Until then, I’ll wait for you.” Seramir hugs Izuku as he also returns the hug “Thank you Izuku, I…I needed that.” Izuku pats his back “Anytime little brother.” After that Seramir seems to act a bit more like himself rather than throwing himself into whatever he can find to avoid the issue.

            The weekend goes by uneventfully, Monday comes around and everyone is back at school. The homeroom of course chatters amongst themselves while Seramir leans over his desk with his arms crossed in front of him on his desk. Aizawa walks in as the bell rings “Alright everyone calm down.” The class quietens immediately after, Aizawa stands behind the podium “Though what happened at the USJ may be over, the fight is not.” Kirishima comments “Don’t tell me” Kaminari finishes “not more bad guys!”

            Aizawa answers with a smirk behind his capture weapon “The sports festival is coming up.” The class cheers in excitement, Aizawa uses his Quirk to silence the class before Jirou raises her hand “Excuse me sir, but is it really a good idea to have the sports festival after the USJ incident?” Aizawa answers “The school is under a lot of pressure from the media at the moment, so in order to mitigate that the principal believes we should show that everything has been taken care of and is under control. We’re going to have increased security as well as have some pro heroes on patrol to ensure everyone’s safety.” Aizawa then says “In any case, I expect you all to give it your best.”

            During their break before the next class they talk about how excited they all are about the upcoming sports festival, Seramir stays at his desk not really talking to anyone. He then hears Uraraka’s voice say in an unfamiliar tone “Seramir,” Seramir looks at her to see her with a somewhat intimidating expression taking him by surprise “let’s do our best at the sports festival!” Seramir asks as Uraraka throws some jabs “Woah Uraraka, are you alright?” Asui comments as she walks up to them “Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you like this before.” Uraraka answers “I’m just getting pumped up for the sports festival!”

            Uraraka turns to the rest of the class as she throws her fist in the air “I’m gonna do my best!” The class replies by raising their fists in a cheer “Yeah!” Uraraka replies even more intensely “I said I’m gonna do my best!” The reply she gets isn’t as intense as before “Yeah.”

            Suddenly they hear Kaminari’s voice ask “Hey, what the heck are these guys doing outside our door?!” Seramir looks at the door to see a horde of students outside, Bakugou answers with a growl “These extras are just here to scope out the competition.” An exhausted voice comments “‘Extras’ huh? Well, if I were a bunch of egomaniacs I’d probably say the same thing.” A purple haired student makes his way to the front with bags that could rival Aizawa’s “Unfortunately, like some of us here we couldn’t make it into the hero course because we didn’t have your flashy Quirks, but at the sports festival that’s a different story.”

            The boy explains “You see if one of us manages to impress the teachers here then we could be moved into the hero course. So if you want to stay in this class I suggest you bring it your all, because if you don’t then we’re just going to swoop in and take your place.” Seramir replies with a smirk “We’ve already got one position open, but I’d be more than happy if you manage to get rid of Bakugou for us.” Kirishima replies “Dude, that’s not cool.” The other boy looks at Seramir with a quirked eyebrow, Seramir then says “Although, I don’t appreciate you lumping the rest of us in with him, he’s the jackass here not us.”

            Bakugou yells “You want to go freak!?” Seramir replies with a menacing grin “Are you sure you want to do that after what happened last time?” Bakugou freezes, Seramir adds “Let me remind you that we’re in UA, not grade school or middle school.” Bakugou turns away with a “Tch.”

            They then hear another student with silver hair and sharp teeth like Kirishima “Hey, I came here to see if 1-A was as great as I heard to see if it was true! But it turns out that you’re all just a bunch of jerks!” Seramir replies “No, that’s just Bakugou, the rest of us a pretty okay.” Asui asks “I know that Bakugou isn’t the most approachable person, but why do you hate him so much?” Seramir looks at Bakugou with a sneer “Well Bakugou, do you want to explain what you did?”

            Bakugou simply walks away while Izuku shifts uncomfortably, Seramir comments “Looks like he isn’t up to storytelling.” Seramir looks at Asui as he answers “To put it simply; I hate Bakugou because he hasn’t asked or earned my forgiveness as of yet.” Izuku comments “Seramir, it’s been five years.” Seramir replies “And I’m going to hold that grudge five years longer until he apologizes for what he did.” Izuku argues “We were kids.” Seramir replies “That doesn’t excuse what he did.”

            The classroom remains quiet as the tension builds up between the two brothers, Seramir eventually turns his attention to the students outside “In any case, I think you guys should start heading to class. Next period is going to start soon.” The students outside disperse, Uraraka asks quietly “What was that all about?” Seramir sighs before he answers “Bakugou had done something to Izuku that I simply can’t forgive; Izuku more or less doesn’t care about it anymore since it’s in the past and he’s over it now. However, I’m not as kind as him and I want Bakugou to apologize for what he did to him.”

            Izuku says as he makes his way back to his seat “I told you it’s not a big deal.” Seramir asks “What would you have done if it were the other way around?” Izuku goes quiet not because he doesn’t have an answer, but because he knows that Seramir knows what his answer would be. Seramir then says “If what happened to me happened to you I wouldn’t forgive myself.” Izuku looks at Seramir sadly “Seramir.”

            Seramir sighs before he comments “Can we just drop this, I haven’t been in a good mood and this is just bringing me down even lower.” Yaoyorozu asks worriedly “Why, what happened before?” Seramir answers as he waves his hand “I’ve just been feeling off ever since the USJ incident and I’m waiting for whatever this feeling is to pass.” Asui asks “What does this feeling feel like?” Seramir takes a moment to think before he answers “It feels like there’s a hole in my chest, this isn’t the first time I’ve felt this way, but there’s nothing I can do to ease it. I’ve just got to wait until it passes.”

            Uraraka asks now also worried “It doesn’t hurt does it?” Seramir answers “It doesn’t hurt per se, but it feels…empty, I don’t really know how to explain it.” Jirou suggests “Maybe you should do something to take your mind off of it.” Seramir replies after a moment “Yeah, I’ll just have to figure out what I can do to occupy my time.” His friends and brother can’t help but feel sorry for how he’s feeling and guilty for not being able to help.

            The day proceeds as normal, while on their way to lunch Izuku says “By the way Uraraka, I’ve never asked, but why do you want to become a hero?” Uraraka stops in her tracks before she answers quietly embarrassed “For the money.” Everyone reply in surprise while Seramir can’t muster up the energy or the emotion “Money?” Uraraka explains “Well you see, my parents run this construction company, but they haven’t been getting much business over the years so I figured that if I could get a license then I could help.” Izuku comments “You could use your Quirk to help lift equipment!” Yaoyorozu adds as she places her hand on her chin “It would certainly reduce the cost for equipment.”

            Uraraka points at them as she replies “Right, that’s what I said, but Dad told me that I should be a hero for my own reasons.” Uraraka looks at them with determination as she says “I want to become a great hero to earn lots of many so I can give my parents an easy life.” This takes everyone by surprise before Iida starts applauding “Bravo, bravo!” Asui comments “You shouldn’t feel embarrassed, I think that it’s a very noble reason especially if it’s to help your family.” Uraraka replies with a smile “Thanks Tsuyu.”

            Seramir says while looking away and feeling unsure “You know Uraraka, if you want, I could help you train.” Uraraka looks at Seramir surprised at his timid demeanor, after he looks at her she answers by waving her hands “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly do that, I mean I’m glad you would want to train me, but you need to train too.” Seramir then says with a bit more confidence “That’s just it though; you’ll be helping me too.” Everyone looks at Seramir confused except for Yaoyorozu who seems to have figured out what Seramir means. Uraraka asks confused “What do you mean Seramir?”

            Seramir explains awkwardly as he looks away “Well, if I help you train then you’d be helping me by keeping my mind off of…other things. I know it sounds like I’m using you as an excuse to avoid dealing with my own issues, you don’t have to accept my offer if you don’t want to. I just thought that I’d offer, you know.” They realize what Seramir was asking for, Uraraka then answers with an embarrassed smile “Well, I mean if you’re willing to then I guess you can help me with training.” Seramir looks at Uraraka with a small smile “Thank you Uraraka.”

            They hear a cough from behind the corner up ahead of them to see All Might peaking around the corner “Young Midoriyas, would you two like to have lunch with me?” The girls try to hold back their laugh as they think “He sounds like a school girl.” However Seramir and Izuku know that if All Might is asking them to have lunch with them that it must be important, so they both answer “Sure.” Izuku says with a wave to their friends “We’ll see you later guys.” Their friends wave back “See you.”

            Once they’re in the lunch line Asui asks “What do you think All Might wanted to speak with Izuku and Seramir about?” Yaoyorozu answers “I’m not sure, I know that Seramir was with the teachers when he came up from the USJ so maybe All Might wants to see how he’s doing.” Jirou replies “Okay, but what about Izuku, he was with us when everything was going down.” Iida answers “Perhaps All Might wants to speak with him because of how similar their Quirks are.” Meanwhile Todoroki thinks to himself “Izuku…what is your connection to All Might?”

            In the teacher’s lounge Seramir and Izuku sit across from Toshinori as he asks “So are you two ready for the sports festival?” Izuku nods while Seramir answers “About as ready as I’ll ever be.” Toshinori looks at Seramir somewhat worried “Are you alright Seramir?” Seramir answers “Yeah, I’m just feeling off today is all.” Toshinori suggests “If you aren’t feeling good then you should go home and try to get some rest.”

            Seramir explains “Toshinori, you know as well as I do that rest does not come easily to me, besides being at school provides some distraction for this empty feeling in my chest.” Toshinori nods in understanding “I see, still if you aren’t feeling well don’t try to push yourself.” Izuku asks jokingly “Have you met Seramir?” Toshinori replies after a moment “That’s a good point young Izuku.” Seramir comments unamused “I feel like you two are picking on me and I don’t appreciate that.”

            After a moment the three of them laugh together, Toshinori says “In any case, the reason I brought you two here is because I wanted to speak with you both about the sports festival.” Both Seramir and Izuku give Toshinori their undivided attention as he explains “This’ll be both your opportunities to make yourselves known to the world. Everyone in the entire world is going to be watching so this will be your best moment to show exactly what you’re made of!” Toshinori raises his fist as he says “This will be your chance to say ‘I am here’!” Izuku replies “But Toshinori, that’s your catchphrase.”

            Toshinori says as he interlinks his fingers “Yes, well as you two know since I passed on One for All my power has been getting weaker. Right now I can only stay in my hero form for a little less than three hours. I know that I’m putting a lot of pressure on you two by asking this, but I believe that the two of you could very well become the next Symbols of Peace.” Izuku stares in shock before Seramir says “But Toshinori, you passed One for All onto Izuku and while I believe that he deserves One for All, I don’t see how I could be a Symbol of Peace.” Toshinori answers “Young Seramir, just like your brother you’ve managed to impress me time and time again.”

            Toshinori explains “The relationship that you two have is like that of the moon and the sun, or the light and the darkness, like you’ve said many times before one cannot exist without the other. In all honesty, I believe that is where I failed.” Izuku asks worriedly “What do you mean Toshinori?” Toshinori answers “Ever since I became the Symbol of Peace I’ve been bearing the weight of the world on my shoulders alone without asking for help from anyone. You two on the other hand are both quite powerful, so instead of the world having only one pillar, it’ll have two.”

            After a moment Seramir says “You’re wrong.” Toshinori and Izuku look at Seramir surprised before he says with a look of determination “There won’t be just two, we have an entire class. We also have all of class B as well, you are our teacher, you can show us what it means to be a hero so that we can all be our own Symbols of Peace.” Toshinori and Izuku stare at Seramir in shock before Toshinori replies with a smile “You’re right young Seramir; I have two whole classes to teach!” Toshinori looks at Seramir with gratitude “Thank you for reminding me young Seramir.”

            Seramir replies with a smile “You’re welcome Toshinori.” During this exchange the empty feeling in Seramir’s chest seems to have grown smaller, Izuku smiles at Seramir’s brightened mood. During their lunch together Toshinori thinks to himself with a proud smile “Just when I think I’ve got young Seramir figured out, he surprises me. I wonder if he got that from young Izuku or if young Izuku got it from him.”