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This isn’t giving in, Cosima thought, squaring her shoulders.  This is just another step in the plan.  She stood in the doorway of Rachel’s office, suitcase in hand, wearing soft sweats and a loose tank top.  “Well, here I am.  Show me to my room.”  She coughed into her shoulder.

(“You’ll never leave our sight,” Sarah’s boyfriend Cal told her, fastening a tiny camera to the button on her tank.  “You’ll never be in danger.”)

Rachel stood, looking even more fierce with her new eye.  It twitched around, the electronic pupil dilating like it was scanning Cosima for something.  But Rachel only nodded, hands folded in front of her, and said, “Welcome to DYAD, Cosima.”


Little lost girl, Rachel thought, blood warming at the sight of Cosima in her soft pajamas, battered suitcase and oxygen tank in tow.  Little lost girl stepping into my lair.

She studied Cosima and her new appendage immediately detected a camera hidden in Cosima’s top.  She tried not to smile, to give herself away.  They’ll see everything.  They’ll see me hold her, give her medicine, sooth her sickness.  Nurse my dear sister back to health. 

Rachel knew she could cure Cosima.  She didn’t know how to yet, but she would, because Rachel fell down but always got back up.  She was not going to let her sweet, pretty little sister die.  She will choose me in the end.  She will love me.

“Welcome to DYAD, Cosima,” she said.

Welcome home.