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The Rightish Reasons

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"I don't see why I have to wear a tux," says Yoongi. "I'm not a tux man."

"Every man is a tux man," says Jin, tugging at Yoongi's tie until he growls, which makes Jin pull even more tightly. "You especially. Look at that little ass in those perfectly tailored pants. I'm salivating."

Yoongi grins at him in the mirror. "Sounds good to me. Let's go."

"We are leaving in ten minutes," says Jin firmly. "To spend ten minutes on an hour job is a criminal act."

"An hour?" asks Yoongi, eyebrow raised. "Aren't we feeling ambitious today."

Jin swats him on the ass a little harder than he needs to, just to see Yoongi's face flush. He always breaks first when it comes to their foreplay competitions, and Jin wouldn't have it any other way. "Someone's getting sassy now that he's the subject of an award-winning film."

"One award," says Yoongi. "And it hasn't even won yet. It probably won't win, you know how these things go."

"I don't know anything of the sort," says Jin. He frowns, picking lint off of Yoongi's sleeve. "When did I become the optimistic one in this relationship?"

Yoongi heads into the bathroom, raising his voice to carry back into the room. "You always have been. You just used to be better at lying."

"Rude," says Jin. "I'm knocking fifteen minutes off of your ass time later tonight."

The hotel room door opens in the middle of his sentence, and Nayoung doesn't break stride as walks in and says, "I don't want to know."

"I do," says Jimin behind her. "But don't listen, Kookie, you're still too innocent."

Jeongguk drapes himself over Jimin and bites his hair happily. "I'm not innocent!"

More people pile in, Hyebin and Taehyung and Hoseok and Namjoon and Hojin and Suran, and the room is crowded until Taehyung yanks as many people onto the bed as possible, freeing up floor space as he laughs.

Yoongi emerges, blinking at the sudden crowd and touching his tie. "I still don't think I need to go to this. This is Hoseok's night."

"I'm nothing without you, Yoongichi," says Hoseok dramatically, trying to get out from under Jeongguk's massive bulk. "You're the Juliet to Seokjin's Romeo, the Fairy to his Woodcutter, the Ilsa to his Rick. You made the film sing."

"Hey!" says Jin, only half-paying attention as he fixes his hair. "I'm the movie star around here, and -"

"I've got this," says Yoongi, patting him on the shoulder and rounding on Hoseok. "First of all, stop heteronormalizing love. Second, if one of us is always going to be the girl it's Jin. He's the pretty one."

"Damn right I am."

"Third, those are all tragedies, so fuck you."

Hoseok laughs. "You didn't let me finish. You literally made it sing, because you produced all the music."

"I loved the music!" says Jeongguk, which he's said a hundred times but it still makes Yoongi smile. "I play it in all of my group classes. It gets us pumped up and crying at the same time."

"My man does know how to produce beautiful music," says Jin, tucking Yoongi against his side. "You should hear him when I have my -"

Yoongi pinches him, and Jin breaks off in outrage, and Nayoung and Hyebin roll their eyes at the exact same time. "Please tell me you're going to be dignified tonight," says Hyebin. "This documentary reflects on my show as well, you know."

"It does?" says Yoongi, wide-eyed. "I had no idea. Wait, which show do you work on again?"

"Be nice," says Jin, but he doesn't really mean it. Hyebin had earned her way back onto Yoongi's acceptable people list by being the secret mastermind behind his production contracts, the most Hyebin of possible apologies, but Yoongi will never stop being himself. "We'll be angels, I promise."

Namjoon snorts from the depths of the mattress, where Taehyung has his arm twisted behind his back like a wrestler. "I bet all of the money I spent on this suit that you won't."

The universe owes Namjoon a lot of money, Jin thinks, because angelic falls by the wayside completely before the end of the night.

They'd made it through the red carpet flawlessly, cute and non-threatening and disgustingly in love thanks to Jin employing the secret weapon of kissing Yoongi senseless in the car before they got there. It had made Yoongi a little silly-looking in the photos, dazed and happy in a way that would concern anyone who knows him, but the reporters on an LA red carpet don't know anything so it's fine. Instead they yell their questions indiscriminately, and Jin answers them because Yoongi told him he was going to pretend not to understand English all night, and they get into the theater in a hail of flashing lights.

The show itself is dicier, because Yoongi's dazedness gives way to sarcasm as the kissing wears off, and Jin's professionalism gives way to liking sarcastic Yoongi and egging him on. It isn't until they call Hoseok's name as the winner for True Destiny that both of them find their normality again in their happiness, which is timed perfectly for when Taehyung loses his shit entirely, screaming and weeping and making out with Hoseok with so much enthusiasm that the cameras swooping in on them aren't sure where to focus.

A few catcalls sound from the distance, Jimin's voice prominent among the rest of their group sitting in the cheap seats. Taehyung blows them kisses too, once he finally lets Hoseok go, who then bounces onto the stage to deliver a tear-jerking, heartfelt speech about equality and the beauty of love which hardly anyone in the room understands.

"Why don't you kiss me like that in public?" Jin asks Yoongi when they sit down for the commercial break. "You always kiss me like a queen bestowing her favors on a visiting dignitary, and don't talk to me about gender roles right now."

Yoongi snorted. "Because it would be bad for your ego. And because you don't like it. And because you love me because you have to work for me."

"Slander. I love passionate kisses, and I do not have to work for you," said Jin, his fingers already inching up Yoongi's thigh. "You're putty in my model-quality hands. I snap my fingers and you melt. I bat my eyes and you come running. I pluck you like a guitar string and you hum."

"That's ridiculous," says Yoongi, spreading his legs slightly. Loosening his tie as he eyes Jin with careful consideration. "So if I climbed in your lap, right here in front of everyone, you'd be happy about it."

"Happy doesn't even begin to cover it, Yoongichi."

"Good to know," says Yoongi, letting out a breath when Jin squeezes the meat of his thigh dangerously. "Good to know."

"Hoseok is an extremely talented filmmaker," says Jin to a reporter during the after party. There weren't supposed to be reporters here but they always wormed their way in, and this one is polite at least so Nayoung's making him handle it. "He can find hidden angles in a shot and make you see things in a new way. I'm honored to be seen by him."

The reporter nods and scribbles something down, and Jin checks his watch. He's been stuck with the press all night, a punishment for his diligent English study and rising star, and he cuts a subtle glare at the rest of his party who's currently watching Jeongguk lift a sofa with Jimin and Taehyung still on it. Jimin looks smug, which means money is changing hands from this, but Yoongi looks happy which means at least they'd bet on the right side.

Yoongi sees him looking and gives him a big smile, and Jin's annoyance vanishes into the clouds.

"You say in the film that you're a blank canvas," says the reporter, holding the tape recorder closer as Jimin and Suran scream for shots. "That you allow the audience to paint their expectations across you. Has that changed as you've gained international recognition?"

Jin tries to focus when Nayoung snaps her fingers at him, and says, "Yes and no. When I work, I am a canvas. It's my job to be what people need. The audience, the directors, the producers. If I bring too much of myself to the role, it's no longer the role. And the job is important."

Yoongi starts moving closer to them, listening, and Jin says the next words to him. He's saying all of his words to Yoongi, these days, even when Yoongi's not around, and it's sappy but Kim Seokjin could use a little more sap in his life.

"But when I'm not working, I'm not blank these days. I'm myself. A son, and a friend, and a boyfriend, and a guitar player and a very promising rapper," says Jin, laughing in a way he'd practiced the night before. "I used to feel the need to perform all the time. Now I only perform when it's necessary, and that's made me happier."

"Is that because of Yoongi?" asks the reporter, and Yoongi crosses his arms smugly.

"No," says Jin, then laughs when Yoongi's eyes narrow. "It's because of me. To make myself a person who I love not because no one else will, but because I truly do love myself. But Yoongi shows me how. He's the kindest, gentlest, most caring man I've ever known, and his love is the path I walk. The love I try to give back."

He doesn't know if Yoongi follows it all but by his face he follows enough. He takes a shot from Suran without looking, knocking it back with ease, and right as the reporter is asking a follow up about if they're considering marriage Yoongi walks past her and climbs directly in his lap.

"Hey you," he breathes, his mouth sharp with liquor, and Jin doesn't try to stop him when he leans down for a messy, tongue-filled kiss. "You going to be talking all night? I miss you."

When he pulls back he looks like Agust D, like the way he looks on a stage with dark neon around him, the dangerous glint in his eyes when he knows he's on top of the beat. When he knows he's got it, that he's controlling the room, and Jin's mouth waters at the night they're about to have. Which is inconvenient because he's still in the middle of an interview

"Just a few more questions, darling," he says, shifting Yoongi into a less provocative position. The shifting involves him digging his fingers warningly into his back, and Yoongi hums lightly as he does. "Forgive us, please keep going."

To the reporter's credit, she barely blinks, though a half-smile flits across her face. "Not at all. This is a big night for you both. I'm sorry to take up so much of your time."

Yoongi's still kissing his neck, very gently, almost not there at all, and Jin tries not to react. "It is a big night, thank you. We're private people, usually, but it's lovely to be here and feel so much support from everyone."

"Are you private by choice or need?" she asks.

"Choice," says Jin, pinching Yoongi when he starts kissing him more obviously. "We like to keep our lives to ourselves."

Nayoung rolls her eyes as Yoongi starts taking off Jin's tie, and the reporter stifles a laugh as well. "Would you translate a question, if I ask one to Yoongi?"

"Of course," says Jin, his throat now exposed to the world. "Though he actually understands English well, he's just being rude."

Yoongi winks at him, still in performance mode, and Jin keeps his face neutral with effort.

"Yoongi, what is it you like best about Seokjin? Obviously he's delightful, but throughout the documentary it's shown that you care for the parts of him that aren't obvious. Can you share what those are?"

Jin translates quickly, though he can see Yoongi already thinking about his response. He shifts deliberately again, sending Jin through the wall, before he says in careful English, "He's nice."

The reporter nods encouragingly, and Jin tenses because Yoongi's expression looks like trouble.

"He is… handsome? Handsome," says Yoongi, gesturing to Jin's face. "He loves all people. Always. Very kind."

Jin doesn't blush, because he never blushes, but he feels his ears burning.

"And," says Yoongi, smiling gummily. "He has a big dick."

Nayoung stands up, her hands waving indiscriminately. "The interview is over, thank you so much. I'll answer any follow ups you have," she says, leading the reporter away and glaring back at Jin, who's too busy sputtering to care.

Yoongi doesn't even laugh, just looks smug, running his hands through Jin's hair as he twists back into his original position. "Did I say it right?"

"Depends on what you were trying to say," says Jin, still trying to get enough air.

"I was trying to say I want to go back to the hotel," says Yoongi, his fingers twisting almost painfully. "I was trying to say someone promised to eat me out and I'm not getting any younger over here, old man."

That gets Jin sputtering again, and he pinches Yoongi's elbow. "Take that back."

"No," says Yoongi, smirking. "I'm your younger lover, and I have needs, and those needs are not currently being met."

"I can help you, Yoongi!" says Taehyung behind him. "But only if Hoseok comes, too. We fuck together for life!"

Yoongi chokes, clambering off of Jin's lap with a tomato-red face, and Taehyung gives Jin a high five as he says, "Tender Fox still has it. Thanks for doing all of those interviews for us."

"I'd say you owe me, but I probably owe you more," says Jin. "Especially for not sleeping with my boyfriend. Ever."

Taehyung grins, flopping down next to him and pulling Hoseok too. "You owe me a make out with him, though. I'll collect someday. Maybe at my wedding. It's tomorrow night. You're all invited!"

Hoseok rolls his eyes but doesn't say anything, and Yoongi looks at him in horror. "Please tell me you're not getting legally tied to this walking chaos bomb."

"When in America," says Hoseok, shrugging. "Road trip to Las Vegas, anyone? We leave at ten."

"I'm the best man," says Taehyung. He laces his fingers through Hoseok's and puts them in his lap. "They have that here."

"You're the groom," corrects Jimin, making his way over with more shots much to everyone's displeasure. Except for Suran, who's wide awake, and Jin, who motions for one with an imperious air.

The rest of them are less eager, especially Jeongguk, who's listing, and Hojin, who's laboring under the weight of a Namjoon clearly past his limit by the way he's mumbling indecipherable phrases in every language he knows.

"I'm the best groom," says Taehyung happily. "And Hoseok is the second best one. Jimin, will you be our third best groom?"

"How many people are getting married at this event, exactly?" asks Yoongi, then rolls his eyes when Taehyung cheerfully says all of them.

Jeongguk takes another shot at Suran's insistence, then lifts Jimin up in a princess carry like it's nothing despite the stagger. "I'll be there."

"Thanks Kookie," says Hoseok, patting him on the back. "Please don't carry us all down the aisle, though."

"I could! But I won't. Unless you bet me, then I definitely will."

Jimin starts to whine, saying he's the only one who gets to be carried by Kookie, and they're starting to bicker amongst themselves when Yoongi leans over and murmurs, "I'm horny."

"When are you not?" says Jin, but he stands up and holds his hand out like a prince in a drama. Yoongi takes it delicately, drawing up his non-existent skirts, and Jin grins as he kisses his hand. "Excuse us, the hottest couple on the planet needs to get back to the hotel now."

"But we're not going anywhere," says Jimin, momentarily diverted from his fight about carrying rights. "Kookie and I are staying here."

Taehyung gasps. "How can you say that, Jiminie? Hoseok and I are so hot! And award-winning!"

Namjoon's head comes off of Hojin's shoulder like the movement of clouds across the sky, slow and ephemeral. He clears his throat, blinking his eyes open just long enough to say, "Being gay is so good, isn't it?"

He looks at them all blearily, smiling in his giant, dimple-filled way, and the rest of them glance at each other with identically fond expressions.

"Yeah, Joonie," says Yoongi. "It's really good."

"I love you guys," Namjoon says, going back in for more petting. "Thanks for inviting us."

Taehyung jumps on him, then Jimin, then Jeongguk, and Hoseok is hanging on for dear life when Yoongi nudges Jin once more. They both give Namjoon a single pat on the back before they excuse themselves for real, and the stars above them wink prettily as they wait for the car.

"Your ears turned so red when I got on your lap," says Yoongi triumphantly. "I knew you'd hate PDA shit when you're not instigating it."

"I loved it," says Jin airily. "If my ears were red it was only in sympathy for you and how obviously smitten you are. It's shameful, Yoongichi, but I suppose it can't be helped."

"I am smitten," says Yoongi, quiet and sudden like he always does when he stops joking, and Jin is never prepared for it.

This time is no exception, as Jin takes their linked hands and starts playing with them. "Oh?"

"I always have been," says Yoongi, not making him stop. Being perfect, as he always is. "Even when I first met you you tried to help me out on camera. I was being an ass to you, but you still tried to help me look better. I think that was the beginning, really. When I told you I was great at sucking cock, I'm pretty sure what I meant is that I thought I could love you."

"That's embarrassingly sappy," says Jin, still tracing the back of Yoongi's hand. "And embarrassingly quick. I didn't know until we cooked. Until you did Namjoon's work for him and wouldn't have told a soul. I fell for you right then, you in your cute little apron with your grumpy little face."

"Don't you dare talk about that apron," says Yoongi, tilting his head up, and Jin kisses him softly. With all of the love he doesn't always know how to express but Yoongi somehow still understands. Their reality is a miracle, and so is he, and Jin is full to bursting with him nearly all of the time.

"Do you want to fuck tonight?" asks Jin when he pulls away.

It's gentle and quiet, and the world is moonlight.

"Always," says Yoongi, kissing him again. "Always."