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Risk Takers

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Days like these Kirishima was sort of stuck in his own head. He didn’t know why he got like this, it wasn’t like he didn’t have a very fulfilling, wholesome, exciting sex life, it wasn’t as if his boyfriend wasn’t the most perfect fit for him with the most gorgeous face, muscular body and sparky attitude he could ever have hoped to find. And to be honest it was enough for him, if it was the only face he got to kiss, or the only dick he got to ride for the rest of his life he’d never complain. But lord it didn’t make Todoroki any less hot, any less absolutely fucking distracting some days.

He didn’t necessarily do it on purpose, it wasn’t conscious. He didn’t mean to stare, if anything that’d have been embarrassing to have been caught eyeballing someone other than his own boyfriend at the lunch table while Bakugo was literally sitting beside him. His mind just tended to wander when he wasn’t paying attention, which is something Bakugo told him was why he was so shit at studying, and something his mom tried to convince him was probably diagnosable. He’d rather not step into a shrinks office if he could help it, ever, so he was content to be an aggravating pupil to his far more studiously talented boyfriend and get randomly distracted by how soft and dreamy Todoroki’s smile was. How sultry his mismatched set of eyes were when he was just thinking to himself. How well his uniform fit and how much more it framed him as his muscle mass continued to build over the months since he’d started doing more hardcore training with Midoriya. Kirishima had trained with him a few times too and good lord in heaven he was so gorgeous when he fought just to top it all off. The aggression in his attacks was on par with Bakugo if he could get him riled enough and it was more exciting than he expected to hold off the ice and fire attacks. By the third time they’d trained together Kirishima had actually managed to beat him too, which he felt certain was going to get an angered reaction from the talented teenager, that’s what he’d have expected from Bakugo anyway. Todoroki on the other hand was absolutely thrilled when he’d LOST the match…sore all over, but excited. If he wasn’t already a gorgeous specimen of humanity he was also an incredible friend.

So there were a lot of reasons to be staring at him down the table, daydreaming and inadvertently sighing to himself to think about the next time they might train together. Again, he really didn’t even realize he was doing it. Not until there was a fist slamming next to him, startling him back to the present and greeting him with a, “What the fuck are you looking at Shitty-Hair?”

At first Kirishima blushed in embarrassment, but then he just smiled, rolling his eyes at Bakugo and the almost crazy look in his eye.

“Nothing, asshole,” he kicked his foot under the table, “You gonna eat that?”

Kirishima reached out for a sushi roll on Bakugo’s plate, but was swatted away just as quickly as he tried. Bakugo glared at him defensively, blocking the redhead from the sushi with very aggressively held chopsticks. It was hardly a deterrent. Kirishima went hard, making sharp angles to his fingers and posing ready to fight, the chopsticks seeming far less threatening suddenly.

“Don’t dodge the question, thief,” Bakugo scolded and poked the hardened arms with his utensils. He leaned around Kirishima and looked past him, trying to get what was at the end of his sightline. Kirishima attempted to block his view, by leaning over the table, elbow against the wood and smirking with bright sharp teeth.

“How am I the thief, when you went and stole my heart?” Kirishima threw the cheesy, god awful line at his boyfriend with a wink, still trying to keep him distracted from picking up on his wandering eye.

That got quite the reaction from Bakugo, something between horror and completely giving up. It was an adorable look on him, absolutely precious and it tingled in the core of Kirishima’s heart. Even still, there was the lightest blush on the blond’s cheek. Whatever he put off, he enjoyed how his boyfriend flirted, even if it was corny and sometimes made the will to live drain straight from his face.

But Bakugo was quick and replaced the reaction with a glare. “You’re trying to distract me.”

“Is it working?” Another sharp wink with a kawaii peace sign over the closed eye.

Bakugo thought about it, then got a sly look. “Only if you’re planning to follow through on that flirtation.”

It was Kirishima’s turn to blush, but he still smiled. “More than likely.”

“Really? In front of my rice?” was the flustered interruption from Jiro, who they’d both forgotten had been sitting on the other side of Bakugo.

Bakugo shot an offended look, the girl giving no response other than a sigh at her poor bowl of rice. “This is why I sit with Momo.” She stood and rolled her eyes and then eyed the two embarrassed faces with a deadpan expression. “Get. A. Room.”

And like that she was gone, leaving them suddenly very aware that they were indeed in the school cafeteria and not the dorm kitchen. They were surrounded by classmates and other UA students, plenty of which were staring at the way the two interacted so expressively at their end of the table. After a silent agreement and exchanged grit expressions they slipped back into their seats and went back to eating.

“What were you looking at, though,” Bakugo went at it again and Kirishima stiffened up at the thought.

There was no sign of anger or anything on Bakugo’s face which was a rare thing in and of itself, just curiosity. He was genuinely asking just because he wanted to know what his little redhead was thinking, not that he’d ever put it so delicately. It was those little things that softened Kirishima up and made him open up when he didn’t want to, his heart knowing that there wasn’t a thing he could say or admit that would change the way Bakugo felt about him or make him think any less of him.

“It’s stupid,” Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck and lowered his voice to more of a whisper since there were other students nearby, “I was just noticing that…well, Todoroki looks really good today…I mean he always looks good, not as good as you obviously, but you know especially nice today. He’s just pretty to look at you know…he’s got good features.”

Kirishima felt like a flustered ball of mush saying all that to Bakugo, to his boyfriend, his Katsu-chan. He closed one eye, waiting for the outlash, for Bakugo snap at him for looking at other guys, for Bakugo to lose his shit and probably try to fight Todoroki for the three hundredth time.

But none of that happened, just a light shoulder shrug and a nonchalant sound in the blond’s throat.

“The training is paying off,” Bakugo commented, taking another bite of his food, “He’s got potential to get a second look if he keeps it up.”

Kirishima hit him with a look that could have stopped a rhino. He wasn’t sure he believed what he’d just heard. Something had just come out of Bakugo’s mouth about Todoroki that wasn’t an insult or expression of annoyance…was he awake? Was he in some weird parallel universe where he wasn’t dating the world’s most irrational, insulting hero in training?

“Hold the fuck up?” Kirishima threw up his hands to make a “T”, leaning towards Bakugo with wide eyes, “Did you just call him attractive or do I need new ears?”

Bakugo gave him a sidelong look. “I said he had potential,” he leaned back a little at his boyfriend’s encroachment, getting closer and more enthused, “His face is still fucked up, though.”

“Come off it,” Kirishima laughed, “You know the scar just makes him more attractive. You think he’s pretty, you just don’t want to admit it.”

That got him a full on sneer and the chopsticks slammed down against the table loud enough that half the table looked up, but went back to their own business once they saw it was Bakugo. Nothing new to see there.

“I didn’t say that,” Bakugo said through grit teeth, voice at a whisper.

Kirishima wasn’t about to let up now. He had Bakugo exactly where he wanted him and he was so ready to keep pushing these buttons. Either it meant he’d get Bakugo to admit to thinking Todoroki attractive or get him so riled up he’d tried to fuck the living shit out of him the next chance they got to vent it. A win-win either way. He could play a brat really well and Bakugo tended to respond well to it.

He tickled Bakugo’s ear with his breath as Kirishima nearly pressed his lips into it, adding a sultry tone to his voice, the kind that he knew went straight to the blond’s groin.

“Katsu-chan,” he said the little nickname he’d given him and felt Bakugo squirm a little, pressing his legs closer together, “Just look at that face, that body, those soft lips and try to tell me you don’t just want to throw him on your bed and listen to him scream your name.”

Very subtly, Kirishima’s hand had slipped down Bakugo’s thigh and rode up to cup over his groin just as he was saying it. The solid twitch was answer enough, as was the red in his face when Kirishima leaned away from him to stare a wry grin into his flustered expression.

Then Kirishima let out a triumphant laugh and nudged Bakugo in the shoulder. “Told you, you thought he was attractive.”

Bakugo pinched his eyebrows and looked away, running over everything in his head. Kirishima figured he’d won, though, that he’d gotten his answer and that was it, so he turned back to his food and shoveled it down, grinning to himself, thinking about how he’d resolve the issue growing in Bakugo’s pants whenever they were finished. They had a longer than usual break today so he’d have plenty of time to make it up to his boyfriend for giving him a rager in the middle of the cafeteria.

He didn’t expect Bakugo to grab his arm and jerk him to face him, the redhead’s mouth still full, spoon hovering in front of him still. His voice was still quiet, the ears around them still too close for anything else.

“Well what about you then?” Bakugo spun the question on him, something mischievous and dangerous in the look he gave him, “You spend much time thinking about fucking icyhot?”

Kirishima almost coughed out the food in his mouth, but forced himself to swallow first. “W-what? No…I mean like who hasn’t thought about it at least once…but, no, like I’m happy with you I’m not going to go after him or anything, I just think he’s pretty.”

Bakugo rolled his eyes. “Yeah you fucking said that. I get it, you think he’s pretty. I’m asking you if you’d fuck him?”

The redhead was flashing his teeth nervously, unsure how to answer that, especially with the intent searching stare boring into him. He was genuinely becoming afraid to answer the question. There was no telling what Bakugo was leading to, possibly just payback for getting him to admit with his body that he could find potential attractiveness in Todoroki.

“I…well if the situation…”

Bakugo clamped a hand over his mouth and looked ready to punch something. “You idiot. I don’t care about the situation. No consequences, he’s naked, what do you do?” The hand dropped and he waited.

Was Bakugo being for real right now? He’d said no consequences…

“Sure,” Kirishima shrugged one shoulder, red in his cheeks, “I mean, why not. He’s hot and nice and I like him. I’m sure he’d make for a good lay.”

Bakugo stared at him a few extra moments before nodding and patting Kirishima’s shoulder, standing as he did. Kirishima watched him step out from the bench and moved behind him. He felt Bakugo lean around him and smush the side of his face in a hard kiss that made Kirishima squint and smile, before his boyfriend was walking away from him.

He had no idea what Bakugo was up to or what was going through his head, but watched him circle around to the very end of the table where most of the other 1A students were eating together. It was curious at first, but suddenly somewhat terrifying as he saw Bakugo stop next to none other than Todoroki and suddenly Kirishima was red to his ears and frozen in shock.

What was he doing? What was he saying to him? Was he telling him what Kirishima had said? Was he about to fight him? Why was Todoroki standing up…WHY WAS HE FOLLOWING BAKUGO BACK AROUND THE TABLE TOWARDS HIM?

Kirishima scurried up and almost tripped trying to get around the bench to understand what the hell was going on. Todoroki looked equally curious and confused as he followed Bakugo and offered a genuine smile to Kirishima when he saw him, even though the boy was gaping at him in shock and throwing questioning looks to the blond leading the way.


Bakugo snatched Kirishima’s arm and drug him along, not stopping and only exacerbating the overall confusion. They didn’t say anything as they followed Bakugo out of the cafeteria and into one of the empty classrooms of the school, the blond slamming the door behind them and spinning on the boy’s with red hair, a determined gleam in his sharp red eyes.

“Katsu-chan, what are you doing?” Kirishima looked back and forth between him and Todoroki, feeling about as embarrassed as a person could be.

“Asking a fucking question,” Bakugo shrugged and looked to Todoroki, who quietly eyed them both with equal uncertainty.

“What did you want to ask me?” Todoroki shifted.

“Do you think Eijiro is attractive?” the question hit the air like verbal electricity, zapping every brain cell in Kirishima’s head as his eyes went huge on Bakugo.

“Dude! What the fuck!”

Todoroki looked instantly uncomfortable, but spared a lot of quick glances at Kirishima. “I don’t know what you’re implying, Bakugo, but I’m not trying to…”

“Answer the question Half and Half!” Bakugo growled, “You two need to stop pussyfooting around everything and just fucking say what you mean.”

“You don’t have to answer the question,” Kirishima threw up his hands, “I’m sorry Todoroki, I don’t know what’s wrong with him right now…”

“Eijiro, I love you, but kindly shut your fucking mouth,” Bakugo responded and shot those bristling reds back to Todoroki, “Well?”

“Yes,” Todoroki eyed them quizzically, “He’s very attractive, you both are, I don’t know why you’re asking me, though.”

“Just trying to figure out if it’s even worth asking,” Bakugo folded his arms and moved to stand directly beside Kirishima.

“Asking what?” Kirishima asked, eyes wide and demanding.

The air in the room felt stiff as a board and the looks going around were so curious, cautious, and filled with tension that the next words felt like they’d shattered glass.

“Do you wanna have sex with us?”


Bakugo put a hand over Kirishima’s mouth. “Shush. Let the man answer.”

Todoroki looked like he’d been hit by his own quirk, frozen and more than a little shocked by the question. There was a lot of hesitance in his response and even more in the way he eyed them.

“You’re being serious?” Todoroki stared hard at Bakugo.

“Of course I am!” Bakugo yelled, “What you think you’re too good for us? Get over yourself Icyhot, they make patches that can do what you do!”

“No!” Todoroki threw up his hands and stepped towards them defensively, “I mean…no. It’s not that…I’m just surprised is all…I didn’t think you of all people would want anything to do with me in that way…”

“If you fuck like you fight, I’ll have everything to do with you in that way,” Bakugo put his hand on Kirishima’s shoulder, the boy muted by his shock up until then. “So you down?”

“Katsuki are you being for real right now?” Kirishima didn’t know whether he was trying to scold him or if he was desperately hoping that the answer to his question was “yes”.

Bakugo captured Kirishima’s eyes with his own. “Extremely. Don’t you want to fuck him?”

Kirishima looked at Todoroki with a shy expression and got a gorgeous, absolutely flawless smile in return. Good lord would Todoroki actually be okay with this? He hadn’t said no yet…he hadn’t run away yet…he was smiling at him…what the fuck?

Was…was Bakugo really trying to make a threesome happen out of nowhere? Just because he’d seen Kirishima eyeing him? Just because they’d agreed they both thought Todoroki was fuckable? Was this heaven? Was Bakugo actually a perfect human being?

No matter the answers to any of that, Kirishima realized the potential and knew he wanted it if it could happen. Holy shit he’d thought about getting a good look at what was under that uniform so many times. He’d definitely do his part in making that happen.

The smile he sported back at Todoroki was large, toothy, playful. He moved away from Bakugo, stepping close to Todoroki, invading his personal space entirely, while the half and half boy planted his feet and watched Kirishima’s face closely. There was a lot of interest and anticipation in that stare and it sent a tingle through Kirishima to witness that in the very attractive teenager’s expression.

“Well, Shoto?” Kirishima winked at him, “We have a free hour…”

Kirishima felt a tentative hand slide along the curve of his hipbone and watched a shuddered breath leave Todoroki’s lips, eyes so fixed on Kirishima they must have been glued. It was very tempting to start touching him back, to pull into him and feel over every curve and angle of his body, but Kirishima forced himself to hold off and keep his hands folded behind his back, hoping to tempt Todoroki into it. He obviously was already very into whatever Kirishima had going for him. Those eyes looked at him like they were already undressing him, like every article of clothing on him was the greatest form of frustration to him.

“Alright Icyhot we get it,” Bakugo stepped between them and pushed them apart, “You can stop eye fucking him. It’s a package deal, though. So if you don’t think you can handle being with me too, then you can step off my man.”

There was a solid surge through Kirishima, hitting him in the groin and squeezing his legs together. Not only was it just weakening to be eyed like that by someone so attractive, but the way Bakugo stood so possessive over him was lust inducing. His all or nothing attitude about it was so hot; he didn’t want to wait any longer for them to figure this out. But the staring match between the two strong, aggressive boys was capturing his vision and he realized that there was more natural beauty in this one visual than he might have ever seen in his life, what with the raw sexual tension in the air and the dominating postures from those exceptional bodies.

“You think I can’t handle you?” Todoroki allowed a wry smile that Kirishima wasn’t sure he’d ever seen on the soft, half scarred face.

Kirishima’s breath caught in his throat when Todoroki stepped entirely into the blond, grabbing the bottom of his school jacket and jerking him in, their faces less than an inch apart, eyes fixed into each other. He wasn’t even a part of this at the moment, but all he wanted was for that gap to close, holy shit he hoped to every star in the sky that one of them would just finish pulling the other in.

But those two were just intent on paining Kirishima, intent on building his sexual frustration to the breaking point. They shoved away from each other instead, keeping equally satisfied grins as they redirected their eyes to Kirishima, looking the wide eyed red head up and down, noting, no doubt, the hard to hide boner.

“Fuck,” he said breathily, “Why are you doing this to me?”

They boy’s exchanged smiles, Bakugo’s so full of mischief Kirishima could have just died.

“My room,” Bakugo said, “I have the biggest bed.”

That was all it really took, all that needed to be said and the three were out of the classroom like a shot. Kirishima held Bakugo’s hand keeping up the swift pace beside him while Todoroki followed just behind them. They tried not to look conspicuous leaving the school building and they slipped out unnoticed.

They made it back to the dorms quickly, practically running so as not to waste their valuable time before their next class. There were a couple kids back at the dorms, but they offered no questions to the trio slipping by and heading upstairs. There was nothing outwardly suspicious about what they were doing, it was actually less suspicious with Todoroki there, since if it was just the two of them running up to their rooms their dorm mates would all be assuming they were sneaking off to have sex. With Todoroki there that wouldn’t be on their minds, ironically.

The safety of Bakugo’s room closed around them and the security of his locks latching set the entire environment to a sexual tone. The sound of the door locking always meant sex to Kirishima and this time was no different, only there was an extra factor.

Bakugo loosened his tie and looked to Todoroki, jerking his head towards Kirishima as he slipped his jacket off. Apparently that was all the incentive Todoroki needed, because he was on Kirishima in a split second, no such thing as space left between their bodies as their lips collided. He was suddenly filled with the heat of Todoroki’s tongue shoving past his teeth and invading his mouth.

Hands ran up his back as Todoroki’s soft lips kissed into his, somehow aggressive and gentle at the same time, not like how Bakugo kissed at all, but amazing none the less. He felt like putty, like ice cream on a summer sidewalk.

Kirishima lifted his hands to hold Todoroki back, but they were jerked back by the familiarly rough hands of Bakugo, pulling them back behind him as his own jacket was jerked off of his shoulders. He elicited little pleased noises at the rough handling and the continued makeout from Todoroki, while Bakugo went for Kirishima’s tie from behind him and started to strip off the redhead’s shirt, never letting his arm pull from behind his back. Todoroki was easy with letting Bakugo’s hands slip in and out of his space to undress the boy between them, the two working together almost like they’d planned it.

When the sleeves of Kirishima’s shirt slid down his arm, Bakugo caught his wrists in the fabric before it could fall off, pulling the shirt in such a way as to wrap around and secure Kirishima’s hands behind him, sending needy pangs through him with the added dose of frustration, that he was being kept from touching Todoroki even while the slightly taller boy was tracing every line of his bare chest and lapping up the saliva in his mouth. It made him want to scream, but he ate up the feeling, falling hard into it. Fuck, Bakugo really did know how to drive a guy crazy.

A solid hand slipped between the two that were making out and shoved Todoroki back a step.

“My turn,” Bakugo’s voice hit the back of Kirishima’s neck before he was being spun around and captured in another moan inducing kiss. It was wild, aggressive, full of biting and nipping and such harsh affections. The type of kiss he knew all too well. And it just drove Kirishima insane, made his entire body fall to pieces.

While Bakugo occupied his mouth, Todoroki took the opportunity to strip off his jacket and tie and to undo the buttons of his shirt, kicking off his shoes and socks to match Bakugo except for the open shirt that still hung on the blond’s shoulders. They paused their kissing to watch him and eyed the body that revealed itself, the definition of the muscles and the way he was starting to bulk up, but still remain somehow slender, with the physical form of a dancer. Kirishima was salivating at the very sight and didn’t manage to stop the wanting sound from falling from his lips.

Bakugo noticed. Of course he did. He tuned into any sound Kirishima could make and attacked it with prejudice. He swallowed down the sounds with his own mouth, grabbing the red head’s face, holding him firmly when he pulled back to look him over with a bite of his lip.

“You like what you see?” Bakugo’s voice was sly as he glanced over at Todoroki and Kirishima followed the look, feeling his body clench up further at the way he stood and how his half red, half white hair slipped haphazardly into his face.

“Yes,” Kirishima swallowed.

“Do you want him to fuck you?” Bakugo forced Kirishima’s eyes back to him as Todoroki hovered close.

Kirishima nodded profusely. Holy fuck yes. His body was just aching for a cock, dying to feel that bare body against him and inside of him. He was shaking at the very thought.

“Well then you’re going to be patient,” Bakugo hissed close to his mouth, sending a shiver down Kirishima’s spine, “You can have him when I’m done.”

A whimper slipped past his lips and Kirishima found himself crashing against the bed, pushed aside as Bakugo closed the gap between himself and Todoroki. The more slender boy grabbed at the shirt on Bakugo’s shoulders as he grabbed Todoroki’s belt and slammed him into himself. But still their lips didn’t meet, they held off with intent stares, Todoroki searching Bakugo’s expression incessantly trying to gauge what he wanted. And it was just as unbelievably frustrating as before to the boy sitting on the edge of the bed, hands secured behind him and suddenly entirely left alone and unable to do anything about it after being passed around so aggressively by the others.

“Why are you doing that to him?” Todoroki asked, curious, intrigued.

Bakugo smirked and glanced at the wanting eyes of his boyfriend.

“The longer he waits the sweeter the reward,” Bakugo bit the air in front of Todoroki’s mouth, “Just look at his face and tell me it doesn’t just fucking get you off.”

The corner of Todoroki’s mouth pulled up, eyes never leaving Bakugo. “Your face will do for now.”

That surprised Bakugo, which was a rare thing, especially in sex, catching him off guard when Todoroki snatched his mouth in his own and sucked down on the full flesh he presented. Kirishima verbally moaned to watch them, to watch Todoroki rip off the shirt from Bakugo as the blond suddenly regained his composure from his shock and went at the buckle on Todoroki’s pants.

The belt came loose and the front unzipped, just enough for Bakugo to slip his hand inside. It was his turn to take Todoroki by surprise, the half and half boy gasping and eliciting a sound that was absolute music to Kirishima’s ear. It was high for his usually deep voice and was just heavenly, just driving Kirishima crazy to have to sit back and watch and not even be able to touch himself over it. Fucking hell he wanted to be touched so badly, wanted them to just pounce on him, but at the same time he didn’t want to see this show end, didn’t want to see those perfect wet lips part, didn’t want to hear those sounds from Todoroki stop, didn’t want Bakugo to ever remove his hand from the other boy’s pants.

Todoroki got his own little revenges where he could while Bakugo was slowly stroking his length, taking his fingers up the skin of his full chest and rolling his thumb and forefinger around the sensitivity of his hard nipples. Bakugo reacted with hisses and growls, not negative in any way. They kept building up the stimulation for each other to the point where they were far less focused on kissing and had settled into needy pants and moans into each other’s mouths, Todoroki slipping down a hand to run over the bulge of Bakugo’s pants without getting as invasive as he had.

“Fuck Katsu-chan,” Kirishima whined, watching them with heaving breaths, shaking to his core at the scene, “Please, Katsu!” He needed them so bad, needed to feel them, to feel someone, anything but this burn in his body.

Bakugo stopped mid stroke, both pausing in their own pleasuring to cast glances to the desperate look in those big maroon eyes. The pleased, insanely horny grit in Bakugo’s teeth was obvious and he and Todoroki stopped to meet eyes.

“What do you think?” he blinked into the mismatched eyes, “Let him have his way or tease him for a while longer?”

Todoroki considered it, taking a long exhale to come to a place of calm with his own heightened senses so stimulated. He got a wry look in his gray eye and blinked at Kirishima.

“I don’t think that request was good enough,” Todoroki offered a kiss to Bakugo’s jaw, nipping at his skin.

It was hard to believe his pants could get tighter, but they did somehow, finding the way Todoroki slipped so easily into their sexual games unbelievably enticing. He was a natural dom, no doubt about it, which made it increasingly amazing to watch him and Bakugo together, both so wanting for control, both so aggressive to get it, every action eliciting a counteraction. Their interactions were like an erotic fight and Kirishima wanted to burn the images of them together into his brain forever.

But right now he just wanted them to involve him again and he was more than willing to cave to Todoroki’s request.

“Shoto,” he let the name slip out in a moan, obviously sticking in Todoroki’s ear and slithering through him excitably, “Shoto, Katsuki, please fuck me! Katsu-chan, please.”

There were harmonized moans from the two still fondling and kissing on each other, liking the sounds of their names on his tongue.

There was a purr in Bakugo’s throat when he created a separation between himself and Todoroki, smiling at Kirishima, squirming on the edge of the bed.

“That’s more like it,” Bakugo grinned back at Todoroki, “Not bad Icyhot.”

“Thank you,” Todoroki gave a shrug and then a shudder as Bakugo’s hand pulled free from his pants finally and they converged slowly onto where Kirishima sat expectantly waiting.

Kirishima was pulled up and to his relief the binding that was his shirt fell away from his hands, releasing him to grab at the bodies that had come upon him as all three of them climbed into the bed and the two of them went to work removing Kirishima’s pants. Todoroki kept his mouth occupied, while Bakugo handled getting him naked, Kirishima’s hands roaming freely over the perfectly formed muscles, smoothing the sweat all over his skin.

He was so fucking hot it was irritating. To every sense. He looked like a god, he tasted like heaven, he smelled like a winter morning, he sounded like pure sex, and he felt incredible in his hands. And this specimen was snogging him, pawing at his flesh while Bakugo was undressing him. This couldn’t possibly be real. There was no way something this perfect could be happening.

But it was and it was only getting better. Cold air hit his lower body as the last of his clothing was ripped clean off, removing any last constriction to his aching cock to spring free. And with that Todoroki pulled up and looked back to get a look for himself, biting his lip happily to see the exposed body beneath him.

“Shit your gorgeous,” Todoroki mused through a pleased smile, getting an overjoyed blush from his compliment.

Bakugo slipped in once again, putting himself between Todoroki and Kirishima and gesturing to the nightstand as he grabbed Kirishima’s wrists and pinned him down and straddled over him.

“Lube’s in there,” he said, “I’ll keep him busy.”

Kirishima tried to watch as Todoroki stepped off the bed to remove his pants and find the lube, but Bakugo was greedy and wanted his attention, which was easy for him to get. It was so incredible and slightly disorienting to go back and forth from being touch starved to practically having his mouth constantly filled with tongues and the tastes of their saliva. This time on top of it, though, Bakugo was grinding down against his exposed cock, just teasing it with his own clothed erection, wetting the front of his pants with the precum it leaked.

“Mm-Katsuki-mm,” Kirishima tried to speak around the snogs and the sensation of his grinding, “Are you-nnh-sure? You’re-ah-o-okay with this?”

Bakugo licked his bottom lip and sucked air through his teeth, pushing Kirishima’s wrists deeper into the sheets.

“I want to see him fuck you,” Bakugo said firmly, “And I want to suck you off while he does it.”

Kirishima gulped down the excess saliva in his throat, becoming a human ball of need at the very idea, staring up adoringly at Bakugo. Was it even fair for him to get this much attention? This had to be breaking some sort of life rule.

Bakugo added a quick addendum, a lighthearted upward tilt to his mouth. “Unless you don’t want that. I won’t make you go through with anything you aren’t comfortable with.” The kiss that followed was gentle and loving and it sent all the warm fuzzies through him.

“Don’t get all romantic on me now,” Kirishima pushed a grin through the lust and warm feelings, “Just fuck me if that’s what you two are going to do.” He turned his eyes to Todoroki and found him giving the brightest of smiles to him as he tossed his pants aside, which was highly distracting from how beautiful that smile should have seemed. How was he supposed truly enjoy that gorgeous face when the guy had his cock out? While he was generously applying lube to his pulsing member?

Kirishima’s mouth went dry and his mouth hung open at the sight of him. His thighs squeezed into each other as he whined a little, wanting Todoroki to just hurry up and come back. He wanted to get his hands on the glistening cock and wanted to feel it inside of him and he wasn’t scared to vocalize it.

“Shit, stop fucking teasing me already,” he complained and noticed Bakugo’s similarly interested stare at Todoroki.

“So I can’t tease you and I can’t be romantic,” Bakugo snickered, “You’re really bossy for a sub, you know that?”

Todoroki laughed a little and it was a very soft, clear sound. It made Kirishima smile and he blushed at Bakugo’s chiding, offering a shrug as Todoroki crawled back into the bed.

“Well no one said you had to listen to me,” Kirishima batted his eyes up at his boyfriend.

Bakugo hummed and pulled back to sit up, taking Kirishima with him so Todoroki could move behind him. His naked body pulled against him, kneeling at his back while Bakugo still straddled over his legs. The soft, slick skin of a lubed cock was against his back and sending shivers through Kirishima in expectation, his own cock lifting erect in need.

Bakugo readjusted off of him and let Todoroki pull him into his lap, Kirishima’s legs bending to kneel and hover over the half redhead’s erection as one of those lean arms wrapped around his body. Todoroki got some of the excess of lube onto his fingers and slid a couple digits inside of the redhead to spread around the lubricant, Kirishima clenching on instinct and gasping at the invasion.

“I guess it was my mistake for giving you a chance to speak then,” Bakugo grinned at his devolving expression, trailing and rubbing along the skin of the redhead’s thighs, sliding his thumbs through the interior of his legs, tantalizing the sensitive area but not letting his rough hands find the straining, leaking cock looking for his touch. He even leaned his head down between his legs, biting the soft inner thigh meat, probably more roughly than would be considered safe.

“It’s a little late to do anything about that,” Todoroki shrugged, removing his fingers to align himself with Kirishima and begin slowly pushing inside. He pressed his mouth to Kirishima’s ear, dropping his voice to a whisper as the boy in his arms gasped at the way he was being so filled. “I like the sound of your voice too much to want you to shut up now.”

“F-fuck Shoto,” he moaned on the name and felt the arm around him tighten, “Who gave you the-ah-fucking right…”

Todoroki moaned against Kirishima’s ear as he slid all the way in and then smiled against his skin, sending glances to Bakugo’s watchful eyes, taking in the scene with a lick of his lips.

“The right to what?” Todoroki asked, gripping his waist and giving a sharp thrust into him.

“To-unh-be so fucking hot,” Kirishima gasped out, reaching back a hand to grab into Todoroki’s half white, half red hair, taking some of each color in his fingers. He gave a breathy laugh with it. “It’s not fair to the rest of us.”

The palms on his thighs heated up a little and snatched Kirishima’s attention, making Todoroki pause his thrusts as well as they both looked to Bakugo, who had a less than serious glare in his red eyes.

“You trying to say something, Red?” he cocked his head at Kirishima, who immediately started sputtering to his defense.

“No! Katsu, you’re…”

“He thinks I’m prettier than you,” Todoroki’s voice was challenging. Bakugo’s eyes sparked in response.

“I didn’t…”

“It doesn’t matter who’s prettier fuckface,” Bakugo interrupted him to snip at Todoroki, “It’s who can fuck better. So don’t hold back…I’m not going to.”

The gleam in Bakugo’s eyes was a little bit terrifying. Were they really making some sort of challenge out of this? Was his boyfriend really challenging Todoroki to see who could sex Kirishima better? Did he have a say in this?

Todoroki’s right hand moved up Kirishima’s chest and a fleck of ice nipped against his nipple, sending a jolt through him and a high pitched cry from his lips.

“I was never planning on holding back,” Todoroki accepted the challenged and immediately starting jerking his hips back and forth up into Kirishima, sending such amazing sensations through him that moaning starting to become its own language.

But Bakugo was not going to let that stand, wasn’t going to let Todoroki take the spotlight to this even though he himself had invited him to it. Instead that big wet mouth lowered down, jaw wide to swallow all of Kirishima’s cock in one go, letting his tongue flick out past his mouth to moisten the area around it even as the tip hit his throat. The soft heat wrapped around and accompanied sucks as Bakugo’s head started to bob up and down in rhythm with the jolts of Kirishima’s body in response to Todoroki’s thrusting.

Bakugo slid his hand under his own chin to get his fingers on the taught scrotum beneath the soaked cock. He fondled and played with him, licking, stroking, sucking, letting his teeth give very light, very deliberate grazes to the veins to drive the boy absolutely off the wall.

While Bakugo went to expert work on him, Todoroki continued slamming into him from behind and made full use of both of his quirks on the sensitive areas of Kirishima’s skin, alternating hot and cold bursts against his nipples and his inner thighs.

Having the ability to think outside of the excessive amount of sensation was becoming a lost talent, the room echoing whines, and choked out moaning from both himself and Todoroki, whose deep voice sounded so incredibly silky smooth in arousal.

The fight for who was better at fucking and pleasuring him was being hotly contested and the two were really not holding back. Both had the determination to win, but Kirishima was nearly in pain and his chest became constricted to the point of almost stopping oxygen from reaching his lungs, what with the sheer magnitude of feeling and endorphins pulsing through his brain. It was genuinely getting a little scary and like a shot of clarity Kirishima realized what was happening.

“Guys!” he finally said in a desperate, raspy voice, “Guys stop! It’s too much! Agh! Slow down, please!”

Over the months of them dating Bakugo had come to know when Kirishima was just saying things in a roleplay manner and when he was being serious and he picked up quickly on the seriousness in the redhead’s tone. He popped off of the cock immediately and shot up, grabbing Todoroki’s arm and jerking it away from Kirishima’s chest, eyes wide.

“Todoroki stop!” he snapped and the boy holding Kirishima froze, both sets of eyes suddenly searching the object of their interest and affections with concern.

Bakugo grabbed his face and looked closely in the maroon eyes, brushing away a tear from the overly pleasured face. Kirishima took a massive breath, like it was the first he’d experienced in a while, taking a bunch of rapid ones after that to the pounding of his heart.

“What’s wrong?” Todoroki asked, holding him close, comfortingly, brushing red hair from Kirishima’s face.

“Just too much,” Kirishima gasped out, shivering in their attentive hands, “I couldn’t breathe. Scared me for a second…”

“You were just over stimulated,” Bakugo shrugged, stroking his cheek in his thumb, “You’ll come back down.”

Kirishima grit his teeth and pinched his eyes. “I don’t want to, though, not completely. Don’t stop…just slow down or something. You two feel so fucking amazing! My brain’s having a hard time keeping up.”

The redhead’s hips strained out, still looking desperately for more friction now that it had all been so suddenly cut off. It got a relieved look from Bakugo and a smile from Todoroki as they relaxed. Their worries that they’d hurt him somehow dissipated and the hands on his body lost their gentleness.

Todoroki’s breath was hot and then cold, sending goosebumps up his neck. “You feel amazing too,” he hummed to Kirishima as he pumped back up into him.

“Ah!” Kirishima cried at the resumed fucking, and grabbed behind himself to hold onto Todoroki’s hips. There was sweat coating their bodies and Kirishima’s solid chest continued to heave as his cock twitched with continued want of attention while Todoroki picked his speed back up.

Bakugo held off a little longer, just watching, biting his lip at how Kirishima panted and shook and Todoroki groped and groaned into the half fallen red hair. There was distinct lust in those ruby reds and the problem in his own pants looked about to break out of his constricting school pants. Even still he didn’t touch himself or allow anyone else near the fasten of his pants, letting his boner rage and fight to get free and find friction without any luck. He focused only on the pair of intertwined naked bodies, letting his hands exploring around Kirishima’s leg and drift onto Todoroki’s to feel out the definition of their thighs.

“Fuck I wish you could see yourself,” his eyes were wide on them both, “It shouldn’t be legal to look that good.”

Bakugo’s adoration was pulsing like sparks through Kirishima, warming his chest and aching his erection even further.

“Stop being an attentive boyfriend and just suck me already,” Kirishima almost wanted to laugh, but couldn’t manage it through his moaning as the angle of Todoroki’s thrusts started to hit just right on the bundle of nerves it found deep inside of him.

The blond rolled his eyes and crouched back down over the still sloppy erection. “You remember what I said about being bossy…”

If Kirishima did he forgot instantly once his boyfriend’s mouth engulfed him again and started to fill their ears with expressive slurps as his cheeks hollowed and closed against the sensitive, rock hard shaft. Bakugo was good with his mouth, amazing really and his entire body adored its attention; his full lips and aggressive teeth or the lap of his tongue. His favorite state was being covered in hickeys and bite marks and that adventurous mouth had no issue providing all of it.

The two boys found their rhythm again and were careful to avoid over stimulating him, keeping to their current actions without adding too much else. They avoided giving stimulus to every one of his sensitive areas at once like they had before, keeping him present enough to enjoy it and not lose his subconscious functions. What they were doing was just right, a mouth around his cock and a solid dick in his ass, hitting on his prostate. It felt like absolute heaven.

Kirishima dug his fingers into Todoroki’s hips as the swirl of feeling and pleasure built and built and tightened inside of him, revving to burst. It hadn’t been hard to get him to that point after how they’d attended to him before, his body aching and ready to just release the massive build up they’d created in him. He wasn’t going to hold on much longer.

The sounds coming from Todoroki were getting high and fast and erratic as his hips snapped with an ecstatic speed up into Kirishima. His hold on the boy was tight and slipping on the sweat they’d created, his arms squeezing desperately as his voice mimicked the feeling.

“Kastu,” Kirishima whimpered, “I’m not…ah! I’m going to cum…”

“Not yet,” Todoroki’s domineering tone still pulled through in his pleasured state.

Bakugo shot his eyes up at both of them, mouth still on cock, but not going as fast as he was before, eyeing their unwinding expressions and the determination in Todoroki’s eyes. It took no more than a second for him to decide and snatched one of Todoroki’s hands bringing it around to Kirishima’s front as he slid off of the cock for a moment.

He made Todoroki take the base of the cock on his hand and pressed the fingers to hold tightly, to pinch down to the point where it cut off the blood flow to his member and held off the orgasm that was threatening to burst out of Kirishima at bay.

“Let him cum when you want,” was all Bakugo said before filling his mouth with cock once again and resuming the blow job, leaving Todoroki to determine when he was ready to let his redheaded boyfriend have his release.

There were pitiful whines pouring from Kirishima’s mouth, choked and hiccupped and wracking out of him with the jarring thrusts. He wanted to cum so bad, his body was burning with the need, but the cock ring Todoroki had made out of his fingers with his powerful grip wasn’t going to allow it. Not until he was ready. This entire attitude was really so surprising from Todoroki, so unexpected of how he expected him to be in bed, but Kirishima was anything but displeased. The only thing better than an aggressively dominating sexual partner was having two of them. He could stall Kirishima’s orgasm all day if that’s what he wanted. He was absolute jello in those soft, alternatingly hot and cold hands and he’d do whatever they wanted him to. And fuck Bakugo looked so beautiful, like he always did, slurping on his cock and taking the thrusts that Todoroki knocked into him. He could have climaxed at the sight of it if they had allowed him.

“Kiri,” Todoroki gasped his name, “Do I...need to...pull out?”

Any response was held back by a sob, so he just shook his head quickly, in the moment giving zero cares about what their sex ed classes told them not to do. Fuck safe sex. He wanted everything Todoroki had and wanted every ounce of his jizz shooting inside of him.

Even still, Todoroki gave a glance down to Bakugo, making sure it was truly okay. The blond offered a shrug and made the next few strokes long and hard.

That was all Todoroki needed to know, allowing himself to come completely undone in the next moment, releasing the hold he had on Kirishima’s cock as he let his orgasm rock through him. His erratic cry echoed off the walls and his cock shot hot cum into Kirishima as the redhead himself lost all function. The mouth on his cock finished him off at the same time, sucking down the larger than usual load that burst out of him right into the back of Bakugo’s throat. He was never one to let any escape, no matter how much Kirishima gave him.

With a sudden stillness they all waited to come down from the peak of their highs for a moment, before Todoroki collapsed back on the bed. He took Kirishima down with him as Bakugo pulled off of the cock and swallowed down what was left in his mouth.

The two became a panting, sweaty heap in the mattress, still shaking from their orgasms, wrapped in each others arms as Bakugo hovered over them, watching their undone expressions with an exposed canine in his smile. Todoroki pulled free and gave lazy kisses to the side of Kirishima’s head while they allowed themselves to calm down.

“Holy shit you two!!” Kirishima laughed breathily, “I had no idea you were so experienced at this, Todoroki.”

There was a soft chuckle in Kirishima’s ear, the half hot half cold boy still holding him close, absorbing the comfort of his body. “I’ve had a lot of steam to blow off in my life, fighting doesn’t always work,” he said and Bakugo crossed his arms over them.

There was a judgy, disgusted look in his eye, as he addressed Todoroki. “Not anyone I know I hope…”

Todoroki shook his head, looking away with a half frown. “No one you know.”

Kirishima glared at Bakugo for his reaction, rolling his eyes that he chose now to be such a pill.

“Good,” Bakugo leaned down over both of them, hands planted into the mattress, but eyes meeting Todoroki’s specifically, “If you’d said you fucked someone like Deku I’d have lost my appetite.”

That got a full frown out of Todoroki, but the adverse reaction was sponged away with a violent kiss and a hand in his split hair, jerking his head back further into the mattress. Kirishima was sandwiched between them and blinked uncertainly, but with a small renewal of his arousal at their resumed interaction. With Todoroki entirely naked beneath him there was no disguising that he was reacting much the same way.

Kirishima suddenly realized just how much he wanted this to happen, how much he wanted to see this and figured he’d try to help things along, not too much of a bottom to take some things into his own hands. He reached down and started unfastening Bakugo’s pants, getting both of them to stop their makeout to look down at what he was doing and then eye his sly grin.

He didn’t let them stop him as he slipped out of the cage they’d created around him, leaving Bakugo straddled over Todoroki and both watching him curiously as he knelt beside them. His turn as the pushed around bottom was up and he wanted to watch someone else in his place. They’d do what he wanted too, he could see it in their faces, already sparking with horniness, even though he and Todoroki had literally just come a few moments ago, the evidence still leaking out of Kirishima as he knelt on the bed.

“What’s up Red?” Bakugo frowned at him having removed himself from their situation.

Todoroki’s hand traced up and down Bakugo’s bicep, seeming to find fascination with the size of it. “Do you want us to stop for a while?” he asked, his voice so endearing and caring.

“Don’t stop,” Kirishima shook his head, a glint of mischief in his eye, “I’ll take care of myself this time.”

“Alright you voyeur,” Bakugo chuckled, “Don’t run off, though.”

“I’ll stick close,” Kirishima smirked at him.

Todoroki and Bakugo both sat up and there was a quick rearrangement, Todoroki looking a bit lost as Bakugo turned him around and Kirishima sat where Todoroki had been laying, already sporting a semi as Bakugo shoved Todoroki back to land on his hands a few inches from Kirishima on all fours. Even in his slight confusion he stayed in the position and absorbed Kirishima’s encouraging smile while Bakugo stepped off the bed to get rid of his pants and grab the bottle of lube Todoroki had used earlier. Somehow that seemed to be the moment it dawned on him what was going on and Todoroki chewed the corner of his lip, glancing back up to Kirishima who leaned down to give his open mouth some attention while Bakugo prepared himself

He really paid attention to the taste of him this time, noting the hints of Bakugo on his tongue, the warm familiar, taste that just felt like home to him. That mixed with the enticing aroma and soft texture of Todoroki’s mouth were simply incredible. And the arch of his naked, toned body were nothing to look away from either. Fuck it was hard to keep from just grabbing him and running his hands all over that perfect body. But he wanted Bakugo to do that, wanted to watch the man he loved handle and absolutely destroy the figure in front of him.

Bakugo was behind Todoroki again before he seemed to realize it and Kirishima released the soft mouth, letting the saliva in their mouths drip when they pulled apart. The blond took Todoroki’s hip in hand and slid a lubed finger, unexpectedly into him, offering no warning and getting a surprised gasp in response, Todoroki’s eyes shooting up to Kirishima’s lustful gaze.

“The things I do for you,” Bakugo winked at Kirishima.

Kirishima wanted to laugh. “Right because you didn’t half bust a nut when I asked you if you wanted to fuck him.”

“You asked what?” Todoroki pinched his brow, but let the look fall as Bakugo shoved another finger into him and started scissoring to open him up. He leaned back into it, red in the cheeks.

Bakugo leaned down over Todoroki and grinned at the way he moaned at the still unwarned third finger that jabbed inside of him. Bakugo enjoyed taking his lovers by surprise, enjoyed the shocked, breathy expressions they made, enjoyed being the most in charge person around. And with how much of a rival he and Todoroki tended to be about just about everything in life, it was no wonder he was being like this in bed. Inconsiderate, invading him without asking, without seeing how much he was comfortable with taking. And Todoroki didn’t complain or tell him otherwise. Which still didn’t feel like an admittance of truly being the bottom in the situation, but more like he’d be more of a bottom if he said anything about it. Just like everything else they were treating this like a challenge to be won. But right now Todoroki was definitely losing, definitely falling apart at the spreading and thrusting of Bakugo’s fingers hitting into him all while hanging a few inches from Kirishima’s own erect cock.

Bakugo’s voice took on that gravely, sultry husk. “He asked me if I wanted to throw you on my bed and make you scream,” there was a degree of intimidation to his voice that made even Kirishima shiver, “make you scream my name specifically. The answer is definitely, yes.”

Todoroki shivered under Bakugo’s breath hitting his back.

Bakugo smiled at Kirishima, but directed his words to Todoroki . “Now I’m gonna make a fucking cum slut out of you. Got it?”

The fingers popped out and and Todoroki barely had time to moan about it before the absolute size of Bakugo was pressing in where his fingers had left off.

“Ah! Baku-Katsuki,” Todoroki corrected himself halfway through his name and Kirishima suddenly found he liked hearing Bakugo’s name come out of that mouth. More than he expected. More than his cock expected.

Kirishima choked his own cock with slow strokes as Bakugo snapped his hips into Todoroki and snatched his hair to keep his head up. Forcing him to look at Kirishima while he got fucked, to watch the redhead watch him. His mouth hung open, the expressions that followed being thrusted so roughly into hanging in his throat and echoing off of the walls of his mouth.

Holy fucking fuck from fucktown, it might have been the most beautiful thing he’d ever laid eyes on. Todoroki was being fucked by his boyfriend, by Bakugo, in front of him, for his viewing pleasure. And Bakugo...he was making that intense, take-no-shit, expression that just demanded he be respected, that screamed he was in charge, that getting fucked by him was an ever loving privilege and Todoroki’s reaction did not say otherwise. That domineering way Todoroki had handled Kirishima was all but gone, his trembling body and shaking arms and heavy expression showing just how utterly fucked he was by Bakugo. He’d never really seen it before, but Kirishima recognized it, knew he’d made that face so many times, knew exactly how intense it felt to be so slammed and so roughly handled by those powerful hands. And lord Bakugo’s cock was something. Not that he had too much experience with many others, other than Todoroki’s today, but Bakugo not only had a perfect size and girth, but he knew well how to use it.

The strokes Kirishima ran up and down his firm cock got a little faster while he watched them and he grinned to himself when Todoroki grabbed onto his thigh, digging his fingers in almost desperately as drool began to drip at the corner of his mouth. Kirishima had intended to just watch and jack off, but how was he really supposed to deny that face and that wanting grab? Didn’t mean he had to stop rubbing himself, though.

Keeping up the rhythm he’d started on himself he readjusted his legs to cross in front of him and lowered down to catch Todoroki’s lower lip. With Bakugo’s thrust rocking him forward, though, Kirishima wasn’t able to be as careful as he usually was and involuntarily bit a little harder on the plump flesh of Todoroki’s bottom lip than he’d been trying to, cutting it on his sharp teeth, which got a whimpered wince from the boy.

Kirishima pulled back a little, Bakugo releasing the multicolored hair in the same moment, causing Todoroki’s head to drop down and for him to just gasp and claw at Kirishima for dear life.

“Sorry,” Kirishima apologized for the cut, but Todoroki just shook his head, barely giving it any thought at the moment.

“Fuck Eijiro,” he suddenly noticed Bakugo’s intent stare on him, on the way he ran his hands over his own cock, “don’t fucking stop.”

Bakugo looked ready to give out, but there was a determination in the stare that told him he wasn’t going to give up so easily. He wasn’t done. Not yet.

Again without warning or explanation, Bakugo pulled free from Todoroki. The half haired boy whined at the sudden emptiness, but soon found himself being shoved down and flipped onto his back, head just in front of Kirishima as Bakugo situated in between his legs, pushing him wide open, exposed for the gods, pale sweaty skin hitting the light beautifully.

And in a moment Bakugo was back inside of him and the harsh pounding continued. Todoroki reached back and Kirishima took the hand in his, never letting up on his self stimulation.

Bakugo offered attention to the erect cock in front of him while he slammed into Todoroki, leaving no portion of the presented genitals untouched or unloved, still slick with the lube and cum from earlier.

Todoroki’s hand twisted in the bed sheets and his body arched and rolled with the thrusts, seeking every ounce of friction Bakugo had to offer.

His cries and moans sounded like they were stuck in his throat though, and Bakugo was who he was...he wanted every sense excited. He wanted to see the full art piece of a body shaking to his touch, to feel the spark of stimulation, to taste flesh on his tongue, to smell the musk of sex, but most of all, to hear the effect he had on a person. And he was strong willed too. It didn’t matter how much the fucking was pushing him to his own orgasm, he wouldn’t let himself cum until he had what he wanted.

For that reason Bakugo leaned down over Todoroki, coming face to face, which readjusted the angle in a way that seemed to only add unbridled enjoyment to the half and half’s face.

“Spit it out, asshole!” he demanded through a groan, “Fucking say you want it. Say you’re fucked. You can top Eijiro, but you’re a fucking bottom for me. I didn’t ask for your silence.”

As if his words unlocked whatever had been so lodged in his throat, Todoroki gasped out a full sob of pleasure and pinched his eyes closed, before blinking back up into Bakugo’s excitable face. Kirishima squeezed the hand in his and felt a surge through him at the words and at the sound of Todoroki’s pleasure.

“I’m f-fucked,” he admitted, “K-katsuki!”

Bakugo flashed all of his teeth and immediately sped up the thrusting, snapping into him so fast and pulsing his hand along his cock so hard the boy’s eyes started to roll back. And it was about more than any of them could take when those floodgates finally opened and suddenly Todoroki couldn’t be silent.

Between every rapid, gasped, cry he shouted Bakugo’s name. “Katsuki! Katuski! Ka-ka-Katsuki!” he repeated over and over like it was the pure expression of sex to him, like it was the single force that could get him to his ultimate peak. Kirishima knew exactly how he felt, knew exactly what it was to just want to yell that incredible name until it made an impression into the very walls.

But he just wanted to hear Todoroki say it, to just listen, just silently push himself to a climax and let this incredible, magical thing happen in front of him.

Bakugo tended to become rather unhinged at hearing his own name shouted out in sex and he was obviously a second from cuming. He grabbed Todoroki’s hair one last time with his free hand and made his last few thrusts count, hitting him hard and long. Even still he likely could still have gone longer had Todoroki not lost his control and orgasmed hard, clenching around him as his body released its second round of semen within the short span of time, his voice striking every wall.

Orgasms tended to be chained events, one spurring another and Bakugo followed with his own a moment after, pulling free of Todoroki just in time to unload onto his thighs and the bed, their semen intermingling hot on each others bodies. Kirishima came next, not as hard or intensely as them, not wanting or trying to, just washing over with relief and release after getting to witness something porn could never hope to capture the likes of.

It took about a minute of just laying there, gasping, breathing, letting heart rates go down, for any of them to say or do or notice anything outside of their piled, sweaty, semen covered bodies. But when it all came back into focus a light chuckle fell out of Kirishima’s oddly dry mouth as he looked down at the mess he’d made.

“I think you have cum in your hair,” Kirishima gave a half bashful shrug down at Todoroki, who finally let go of his hand to reach up and check for himself.

Bakugo lifted his head to see what they were on about and scrunched his eyes at the quizzical look in Todoroki’s face when he found the hot thick substance in his hair and lifted his finger back in front of his eyes. He swallowed and sighed, contentedly if anything.

“It’s not like I was going to walk away from this clean anyway,” Todoroki smiled up at Kirishima and then down towards Bakugo who was starting to lift himself back up and assess the semen mess on their bodies.

“Made a fucking mess, half and half,” Bakugo snorted, hiding as best he could the extremely good mood he was obviously in.

“Come on dude you dumped your load on him,” Kirishima laughed, “It’s not all his fault. That was really nice of you by the way.”

Bakugo scoffed and rolled his eyes at the pair of smiles directed to him. “I just didn’t want to cum in him, nothing to read into. Idiots.”

“I think you just didn’t know if he’d be okay with it and tried to be respectful,” Kirishima smirked, teasing and distractedly brushing Todoroki’s hair from his eyes.

“Eat my entire ass,” Bakugo threw up his middle finger and Kirishima just laughed.

“Well we haven’t tried that yet, so, sure if you want,” Kirishima snickered, “Just not today. I think I’m sexed out.”

Todoroki nodded agreement and gave a long sigh. “What time is it...are we going to be late for class?”

Bakugo cocked his head at the clock and grit his teeth. “Yeah we have about ten minutes to get to class…”

Todoroki shot up and Kirishima’s eyes went wide.

“Holy shit!”

The two hopped off of the bed and grabbed immediately for their clothes, ignoring the gross feelings on their bodies and the cum they hadn’t washed off as they threw their shit back on. Bakugo didn’t rush, but laughed at them, finding their hurry comedic, even though he was in the exact same situation.

“I guess no cuddling then,” his tone was mocking and he felt a sharp slap to the back of his head.

“Get dressed,” Todoroki demanded after whacking him, “Unless you’re wanting to explain to Aizawa-sensei why we weren’t at class.”

Kirishima was buttoning his pants and couldn’t help the laugh that erupted at the thought.

“Could you imagine, though?” he said, watching Bakugo finally get up and start getting himself together, moving rather quickly and explaining in and of itself, why he wasn’t in as big of a hurry as the rest of them.

“Imagine Bakugo explaining why we were late?” Todoroki smiled warmly at the redhead, his expression soft with the thought of it, fingers securing his tie back on.

“You want to know what I’d say to him?” Bakugo rolled his eyes back and forth at them.

“That’s the idea.” Kirishima did his best to make his hair look less like he’d just been gang banged, but it was kind of hopeless. Though he did point to Todoroki’s hair to remind him that there was still cum in it. Icyhot, as Bakugo so fondly called him, was at a loss for what else do with so little time to spare and used the sleeve of his shirt to get out as much as he could.

There was a gleam in Bakugo’s smile and he grabbed Kirishima’s hand, jerking him into his arms and laying a good solid kiss onto his grinning lips. He glanced at Todoroki, but didn’t look like he had any intention of giving him the same courtesy, though Todoroki seemed alright with that, just smiling at the loving way Bakugo kissed his boyfriend.

“I’d just tell him I was having an amazing afternoon with the most gorgeous, incredible fucking guy in the world,” Bakugo kissed him again, “And that he could just fuck off about it.”

Kirishima blushed at the compliment and smiled so big it enveloped his whole face. “And what about Todoroki?”

Bakugo rolled his eyes and frowned at the unphased expression of Todoroki, hanging an arms length away from them.

“He helped,” Bakugo shrugged.

“Did a little more than help,” Kirishima winked at Todoroki.

The half and half was very aware of the time, though, and even while blushing at their words he shoved them towards the door, throwing Bakugo’s jacket into his hands.

“No time for all that,” he insisted as they slipped out.

“Class and then a post coital sesh?” Kirishima laughed.

“You have a fucking way with words, you know that Eijiro?”

Kirishima nudged Bakugo’s shoulder. “And you have a way with your dick.”

There was a shy smile to go with the redness in Todoroki’s cheeks. “He really does.”

Cue that as the weirdest sense of comradery Kirishima had ever experience, to find a sense of comfort in knowing Todoroki understood what was so great about sex with Bakugo. It was a friendship goal he hadn’t realized had wanted until then.

As they ran to class, Todoroki held onto Kirishima’s hand until they came upon their other classmates, the small gesture sort of a “thank you”, an appreciation for letting him be a part of whatever it was that had just happened. It hurt a little to let his hand go and watch him return to his usual group, but his heart was instantly renewed when Bakugo’s hand took its place. At the end of the day, that was really all he needed, no matter how he adored Todoroki, the boy could never compare to the occupancy Bakugo had in Kirishima’s heart. And that filled and sustained him. This hand in his, big, rough, calloused, was all he ever needed.