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What are years in the face of eternity?

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The day that Bakugou Katsuki died was tragically uneventful.

There hadn’t been any massive or horrible crimes committed, no threats of terror, no enemies rising up now that he was gone. All it had been was a quiet, sunny tuesday when Ground Zero, a retired hero that held the number 1 spot off and on for nearly 3 decades, passed away peacefully at the age of 68. It happened in his sleep, with the only pain he’d felt was the pain of getting old which he had long grown accustomed to.

A week later, at the funeral, while every one of the members of class 1-A stood around in silent mourning, Kirishima was the first to speak. “...He would have hated it.” He said in reference to the downright boring nature of the man’s death. Ochako blew air out of her nose and one by one, the rest of them quietly laughed along as memories of the explosive blond flashed through their heads as brightly as his quirk once had. When the tears started to fall, each and everyone of them used the laughter to hide it. Because it was true. Bakugou Katsuki would have hated the way that he died. He would have hated how uneventful it was. How unsurprising. Especially with the fact that the most unsurprising thing about his death was that Deku followed him only a few hours later.

The doctors said that Midoriya Izuku died of organ failure due to his body slowly shutting down after years of heroics and abuse. Class 1-A would have believed them if it had been any other day but it wasn't, and they all knew the truth even if it would forever go unspoken. Midoriya Izuku died of heartbreak. He’d been the first Eijirou had called and they had talked for a long while, Deku seemingly keeping it together as the once red headed man sobbed into the phone. He managed to keep him from completely crumbling and even going as far as to give Kirishima the strength to call their other classmates to tell them the news. Turns out, that strength had been the last he had.

The sheer size of the funeral for the two symbols had no rival. It was the widest broadcast, most watched event in history. And much like the day of their deaths, it was completely uneventful on a sunny, calm weekday. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, no rain, no storms, nothing to hide the tears that fell or screams of anguish that people all over the world experienced. But for Class 1-A, it was fitting. It was right that the two who’d fought all their lives against, with, and for each other finally, finally, had a moment of peace between them. On the day of the funeral, no crime was committed as shocking as it was. Nobody knew whether it was out of respect for the late heroes or if it was out of fear that any ruckus would cause the two to come back and start raising hell for the criminal underworld once again.

Class 1-A all stayed together for the reminder of the day, all finding their own sense of peace with each other in one way or another. Most gathered together to reminses, others sat together in companionable silence. On a balcony away from the others, Kirishima Eijirou and Uraraka Ochako sat together, passing a bottle back and forth as the mourned their husbands, fathers of their children, and the loves of their lives. And together they prayed, hoping that the combined prayer would be loud enough for whatever higher power that was out there to hear them. They begged that whatever happened, that wherever Katsuki’s and Izuku’s souls went, that they would be allowed to stay together. They prayed for them not to be seperated, if not for the two men than for the sake of the afterlife because should Katsuki go to hell as many long suspected he would, the man would have no problem fighting tooth and nail to claw his way out of it. And Should Izuku find Heaven or paradise, and find himself alone without his Kacchan, then there was no doubt that he’d probably punch whoever was in charge just to be with him. Let them be together as both a punishment and reward for all the struggles that life put them through. May they find the peace in being together in death that they couldn’t find on earth.

After that, Class 1-A found more and more time to be together now that most of them had retired. Amazingly, the only one still doing active Hero work was Koda, who still assisted in nearly every rescue mission. They came together at least once a month and every year,on the anniversary of Izuku and Katsuki’s death, they spent the day and had a picnic at the cemetery in honor of the both of them for everyone and their families, extended ones included. A young Hero, one that was steadily climbing the ranks in ways that would have challenged the symbols of Hope and Victory was adopted into the group even though nobody was really sure what connection they had to the two. But, their quirk reminded them all of Midoriya in the way that Midoriya had reminded them of All Might. They always sat squished between the Bakugou family and Midoriya family, listing on the edge of their seat to the stories the two would tell, talking with the grown children of the family, and playing with the grandchildren of everyone in 1-A.

Seven years after Izuku and Katsuki passed away, Kaminari Denki died of heart failure and once again, Class 1-A huddled together in morning. 10 months later, Tokoyami hosted a Halloween party in celebration of his 74th birthday which had been the day before and said goodbye to everyone individually, taking his time talking with everyone and pulling them all close for an out of character hug before moving on to the next guest. They never did see him again after that night and, though unspoken, each of them acknowledged it for what it was. Another year passed without a funeral, however it became increasingly obvious that time was catching up with them. All of the good they had down for the world had come at a price and now it seemed they were paying for it as more and more issues developed in their bodies, and for a few, their minds.

Yaoyorozu Momo was the first of the women to pass away and they made sure to see her out in a style she would have been proud of. Mineta’s funeral was less than 5 months later and while they laid him to rest with dignity, for he had matured with time and he had made a hero out of himself, the women still lightly teased that he passed away when he did so that he would still be mourned by them. Though the teasing had quickly stopped after Mineta’s third wife started talking about how happy she was to finally collect the inheritance and Mina had just about thrown away her life’s work of being a hero because even though he’d been a little creep, he’d been 1-A’s little creep.

Ageing and alone, Ochako and Tsuyu moved in with Tenya and while there had now been a 13 year hole where Izuku had once stood, The group never felt empty, for though he was long gone, he was still with them all in their hearts and minds.

Three months after the 15th anniversary of Katsuki and Izuku, Eijirou was laid to rest. And Mina followed him two weeks later. Later that 15th year, they attended the funerals of Aoyama, Ojiro, Shoji, Toru, and Sero.

Tenya passed away two years after that and had the remains of class one A-1 sobbing with how beautifly his traditional funeral was carried out. He had chosen to be buried at his family plot rather than at the Hall of Heroes cemetery like the rest of the class so far had. Tsuyu passed as well not long after that, also opting out of being buried at The Hall. She chose instead to be cremated and have her ashes spread at the same lake her parents were. After her funeral Shouto Todoroki surprised the other four that remained by offering his home to them. Jiro was the first to accept, followed by Ochako and though Sato and Koda both deciled, they would still come over every week for dinner to stay in touch.

More years passed and the Famous Class 1-A that had produced the best heroes the world had ever known was gone. But they were never forgotten. Statues of them lined the streets, grandparents told their grandchildren what hit had been like to grow up in a world kept safe by the Symbols of Hope and Victory. They had long since surpassed the titles of heroes and had taken new spots in the legends that people told. Their lives became stories and inspiration to new generations of heroes.

But the one thing the stories don’t talk about was how, after all the fights that were both won and lost, the end was utterly, peacefully, uneventful for all of them.