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To Redeem Myself

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  1. In Memorial





Hagen, Radius, Erendor, and Saladin were the ones in charge of the memorial service. The Fortress of Light was decorated with photos of the fallen and food from their home realms. Family and friends alike arrived, having moments of silence and reliving old memories.

It was bittersweet for the Company of Light…

A testament to the friendships they had formed and the loyalty to each other… And a reminder of who was no longer with them. A reminder of who would no longer laugh or join in on the drinks…

These were the survivors of the Great Magic War. These were the ones who were left. The ones who made it…



Story after story was told about those who had fallen. “Remember the time Marion and Amelia fought off those shadow creatures like it was nothing?”

“Remember Oritel’s coronation?”

“Amelia was so incredible at the Alfea graduation party. Her powers really blossomed that day.”

“She was always so nice.”

“Remember how Hayden used to create those incredible dance routines?”

“Marion was always so sure of herself… It’s so rare for a royal to be that calm while still being confident.”

“Amelia loved this song.”

“Tony enjoyed Eraklyon food. It was his favorite.”

“Daphne used to be so graceful…”


“Is it wrong, to discuss the future right now?” Salvador asked their group. Faragonda, Saladin, Griffin, Salvador, and Palladium had moved away from the others, needing to breathe away from the grief.

“It’s acceptable I think… Though I’m not sure what future we have.” Saladin remarked.

Faragonda gave a slight smile. “Speak for yourself. I’ve been offered a job at Alfea. I’ll be teaching the Magic of Winx.” Griffin found herself smiling again.

“I’ll be teaching at Cloud Tower. I’m teaching the History of Dark Magic and the Balance.”

“I’ll be teaching Dragon Taming at Red Fountain.” Saladin added in. Salvador and Palladium chuckled.

“How interesting… We all have been offered jobs at the schools in Magix. I’ll be teaching Dark Magic to Red Fountain Wizards.” Salvador admitted.

“And I’ll be teaching nature and potions at Alfea.” Palladium grinned. “At least until I deliver… And then I’ll be on leave for a bit.”

“Guess we’ll still be close then.” Faragonda grinned. Saladin sighed.

“To bad… Amelia can’t be here for this… Or… Oritel and Marion.” Griffin placed a hand on his shoulder. An attempt to comfort him.

“They’ll be there in spirit.”