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Bed of the Scorpion

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The next morning, Sasori rose with the sun. It was not often that he was up that early but he was feeling particularly irritated. He did not want to deal with going to the party that night. Knowing he would not be able to fall back asleep, he pulled himself from the bed and decided to fetch his own breakfast.

One of the three servants that usually harassed Azumi was in there, drinking tea. They looked up from their cup, a little surprised to see Sasori in there and not Azumi. "Getting food for yourself this morning, Lord Sasori?" they asked. "What happened to your slave?"

Sasori gave the servant a tired and deadly look. “What does it matter what happened to her?” he asked, the early morning rasp in his voice making him growl softly.

"I suppose it never matters what happens to any of them," they hummed. "But not seeing her today makes me think that you finally ended her life. As you seem to do often." The other two servants walked in and grabbed their own tea, mumbling their greetings to Sasori.

He wrinkled his nose at them. “Even if I did, again, it would not matter to you,” he grumbled, pouring him and Azumi cups of coffee and making a bowl of breakfast for each of them. “And you’ve made it rather uncomfortable for her to come in here, considering you three are so keen on placing bets on my business,” he hissed.

"In all of the years we've known you, you have not cared about how your slaves have felt," the first one scoffed. The second one elbowed them, trying to get them to stand down. "And you're bringing her breakfast and coffee."

“In all your years of knowing me,” he stalked towards the table, making the other two creep back as the first one did their best to hold their glare, “you have not learned a damn thing about me.” He kicked the leg of the table, making the whole thing jump and spilling their tea. “Stay out of my business or I will make you mine! I don’t care what my grandmother has to say about it!” His voice was a low hiss. “If you don’t want to wind up another one of my experiments, I suggest you heed this one and only warning.”

The second and third one put their hands on the shoulders of their friend, giving them a warning squeeze. "We will not pry anymore," the second one said. The glare from the first one did not waver.

“Glad we have an understanding.” His mouth turned up in a mockery of a smile. He turned and walked down the hall to Azumi’s room. He opened the door with no warning or announcement. “Get up,” he said just loud enough that he expected her to hear it as he put her coffee and bowl down on the window ledge. 

She was sitting on her bed with Naga coiled in her lap. His mouth was wide open and she was checking inside of it. She turned her head as Sasori set the bowl and mug down. "Good morning," she said to him. She looked at the bowl and mug. 'He brought that for me?' she thought, setting Naga to the side and standing up. "You are up early," she noted, looking at the sun that had only just begun to rise.

He raised an eyebrow, taking in what she was doing to Naga. “Yes, well I didn’t exactly want to be up too early but I am.” He took a sip of his coffee and stared at Naga. “What were you checking for just now?” he asked.

“I was checking to see if his venom gland was swollen,” she said. She picked up her bowl and started eating. “He said he felt pain behind his eyes. He may just be overproducing venom. Nothing milking him will not fix.” Naga hissed dramatically. “You will be fine,” she said, rolling her eyes.

Sasori raised an eyebrow, smiling a little at the dramatic snake. "His venom gland..." He looked Azumi over and the curious thought occurred to him. "Do your people have those?" Her eyes were an obvious mutation so it was not entirely out of scope that she could have other snake-like mutations.

She paused for a moment, sharing a look with Naga as she sipped her coffee. That was not information she was willing to disclose with someone who would clearly abuse it. “I have heard those rumors,” she said to Sasori. “And that is what they are. Rumors.”

Sasori narrowed his eyes. That was not a straight answer. "Mhm," he hummed. A smirk pulled at his lips. He would just have to explore and find out for himself. He filed the newly burning question away for later use. "We need to start getting ready for this party," he sighed. It was early but he was going to take a long time deciding what he wanted to wear and he wanted it out of the way quickly.

“Right...” she sighed, finishing her food quickly and sipping more of her coffee. She picked up Naga and wrapped him around her to follow Sasori to his room with her coffee in hand.

Sasori sat down on his bed and sighed. "Let's make this fun. You pick." He waved his hand in the direction of his wardrobe. "Pick three outfits and model them for me," he smirked.

Azumi stifled her laugh as she finished off her coffee. “Model your clothes for you,” she smirked. She unwrapped Naga from her and set him down on the daybed. “Alright,” she chuckled. It was dumb, but it seemed like fun. She went into his wardrobe and shifted through his different outfits. “This is a lot of the same thing,” she mumbled to herself. Sasori hardly ever wore any proper shirts, leaving his chest and torso area exposed most of the time. She was only going to try on pants, knowing whatever top she chose would be rejected by him. He watched her idly as she shifted through the clothes. She found an outfit that was mostly white with gold accents, much like what he made her wear on a daily basis. She took it out and stripped her own clothes off to put on her first choice.

 He chuckled, watching her strip. "It might get a little tight around the hip area," he warned, chuckling. "Try not to rip any seams."

She scoffed and looked at him. “Excuse me,” she said. “I will not rip any seams, thank you very much.” She continued to put on his clothes. “You are bigger than I am so I am drowning in this,” she mumbled.

"I took your measurements," he teased. "I'm not that much bigger than you," he countered, mildly offended. 

She frowned, looking him over. She had never given thought about his measurements and what they were compared to hers because she did not think she would ever have to model his clothes for him. 'I refuse to believe,' she thought. "You are taller than me," she said. "Your hips are not at the same height as mine."

"You're right," he grinned. Her calculating look was more than a little amusing. "However, my hips are far narrower than yours." He leaned over, reaching for his ledger. "Your rear is also much more pronounced than mine which will account for the material added for my height if not a little more." 

"More?" she scoffed. She looked down at her lower body, placing her hands firmly on her hips and then bringing them out to look at the gap between them. "Unbelievable," she mumbled, rolling her eyes. "Then is that a no to this outfit?"

Sasori chuckled, waving his hand dismissively. "I've worn that one too much this season," he said with pure mirth in his tone. "Try on another."

"Hmph." She went back into the wardrobe and took another outfit out. It was white and blue. She expected him to not choose it but because she liked it, she changed into it. He watched her pull the outfit out. His mouth started to twist in disapproval but he let her start to put it on. It had been a long time since that particular outfit had seen the light of day. As soon as she put it on, she knew it was not the one from the look on his face and the way it felt on her. She liked the outfit before she put it on. It was tight in the exact area he told her it would be but she would not admit it to him. She could hardly get it past her hips and she did not want to try to push further. "This is not the one," she said in agreement with his expression.

He raised an eyebrow, his smirk reappearing minutely. He knew why she had stopped. "Put it on all the way. I need to be sure." He flicked his hand in an upward motion. "I need to make sure this really isn't the one." 

"Hm," she hummed, not exactly wanting to put it on all the way. "I..." She stopped herself and sighed then proceeded to pull the pants on all the way. There was a very small tearing noise. "My apologies," she said, feeling for where the tear happened.

Sasori let out a low, soft laugh. He knew that would happen and it was oh, so satisfying. "Still think your hips aren't bigger than mine?" he taunted. "There is a thread and needle in that drawer." He pointed to the top left-hand drawer of his desk. "That outfit is a hard no," he sighed. "I only wear it when Mei is attending a party." He started to pout a little.

She sighed and started to remove the clothes. 'Then I suppose you will never wear this again since she actually has a man now,' she thought. She set the outfit to the side to fix it later. She went back into the wardrobe and chose another outfit. It was red with gold accents, something that would match the outfit he wanted her to wear. She thought about it for a moment, glancing at him before looking back at the outfit. 'He is supposed to be finding a wife, but he will not find one if he matches his slave.' She stared at it for another moment. 'He does not even want to find a wife.' She rolled her eyes and took the outfit out anyway, putting it on quickly.

He stared at her silently for a moment. He also considered the fact that they would be matching. It bothered him a little but not enough that he actually cared. They would look like a cohesive front. "Leave that one out," he told her. "Don't take it off yet. I need to pick jewelry, too."

She nodded and kept the outfit on, moving over to the dresser where he kept his jewelry. She looked at what was already laid out on it, finding mostly gold. "All of this would match," she muttered, picking up a long necklace. He was curious to see what she would pick. He knew he had an overwhelming amount of gold to choose from. It came with the territory but he did have a few pieces that he favored over others. She put the necklace on and looked at the rings, picking what she found matched it the best. "All you need is a pair of earrings," she smirked.

Sasori touched his earlobe as he looked her over. "I should have a few pairs in there," he said thoughtfully. "I haven't worn them in a long time. Pick something," he commanded again. 

She grinned, looking through the pairs of earrings he had. Finding the pair that best matched the necklace and rings, she put them on immediately. She had taken her earrings out before she left her village. It felt so good to be wearing earrings again.

He hummed softly, getting up slowly. He walked over to her and tapped his forefinger against her jaw to turn her head. He hummed again, taking his time to look over the choices she made. He moved his hand from her face to trace down her neck and chest. He picked up the pendant of the necklace. "This is will do," he finally said with a smirk. "Go get your clothes then come back and run a bath." She nodded, taking a step back to pick up the clothes she stripped out of and move toward the daybed to change back into her own clothes. She needed to grab the red outfit that she wore on the last day of the night market and the box of makeup that he gave her as well as take Naga back to her room because he was not going to the party with them. "Don't change back until you come back from your room," Sasori smirked. He looked over her half dressed form. He did not have a particular attraction to seeing her half naked. It would just amuse him because all of the other house's occupants would see her.

She frowned and looked back at him. 'You would find that amusing, you asshole,' she thought. She sighed heavily, picking Naga up and wrapping him around her. "I will be back then," she said, leaving the room. "Unbelievable," she grumbled as she walked through the halls, draping Naga over her shoulders in a way that he would cover her chest. Sasori leaned in the doorway, watching her walk down the hall with a grin. There were several servants passing her as she walked. Generally, they all had the same reaction to her. Eyes went wide then were quickly averted to anywhere that was not her. Azumi made it to her room quickly. She unwrapped Naga and set him on her bed. "Oh..." she said, realizing she would have to walk back without him covering her. She growled quietly to herself and grabbed her outfit and put the perfume she made for herself in the makeup box. "I will see you later," she said to Naga, kissing him on the top of his head and then heading back to Sasori's room with all of the things she grabbed.

Sasori grinned, watching her round the corner to his room in a hurry. He held up a hand. "Slow down there," he grinned. "There is no need to rush ," he chuckled through the words.

She huffed, looking up at him and holding her clothes and the box tighter to her. "I was not in a rush," she said.

"Really?" he smirked. "You were practically jingling down the hall. I could hear you all the way from your room." He rolled his eyes as he walked back into his room. He started to strip off his clothing, throwing them to the floor in his usual fashion. "So, back to this morning," he started. "You, as a daughter of the snake, have only heard rumors of your people having venom sacs like real snakes?" 

She narrowed her eyes at his back as she followed him into the bathroom. "Yes," she answered. "They were and are only rumors." She began to run his bath, using the new salt and oils she made for him. "We are human," she said unsurely. "And humans do not have venom sacs."

"Humans also don't have slitted pupils that blow wide when they smell something good," he reminded her. "Or golden irises. We've yet to have a chance to properly explore your anatomy." He sat down on a stool as he waited for the bath to fill. "For a child brought up in science, it's rather surprising."

"I focused on other things," she said as she started to strip. "The matter of my own anatomy did not take priority over making medicines and antivenoms." She walked out to the bedroom, stripping out of his clothes and setting the outfit and jewelry out on the bed for him then went back into the bathroom to set up her own bath.

Sasori was already sinking low into the bath when she walked back into the bathroom. "Well, now you don't have to worry about it," he bubbled into the water. "I will."

She frowned as she stepped into her own bath. 'So much for leaving things to be a mystery,' she thought. Of course, she knew she had a venom sac. She was not looking forward to his constant prying about it. It was not something that someone like him needed to know about. She sunk low into the water, sighing at how warm it was. Sasori settled deeper into the water and sighed as well, trying to mentally prepare himself to the evenings social promise. He honestly hated going to them and he knew his mother had probably pulled strings to have any eligible woman attempt to speak. He could feel himself getting irritated already. "How much of your mother's wrath would you endure if you left the party early?" Azumi asked, moving to the side of her bath that was closer to him and leaning over the edge, resting her chin on her arms.

Sasori groaned, it boarded on a whimper. "She'd skin us both alive. Me for leaving and you by association," he chuckled through gritted teeth. "And because you didn't rat me out that I was trying to leave."

"Mm," she hummed. "Terrifying." She sighed and sunk back into her water, pushing herself off of the wall to swim back a little. She leaned against the other wall of the pool. Suddenly, she heard someone walking into Sasori's room. She peeked over the edge of the pool and gasped quietly, seeing Chiyo walking into the bathroom.

"Oh, good, you're starting early," Chiyo chirped, looking at both Sasori and Azumi.

Sasori stiffened, curling close to the edge of the tub. "Grandmother," he growled. "We talked about you just barging in like this!"

Chiyo rolled her eyes, scoffing. "I've changed you, bathed you and was there the day you were born." She pulled up the stool that Sasori was sitting on earlier. "You'll survive." Azumi sunk a little lower, trying not to be seen too much by Chiyo. Chiyo's eyes snapped to Azumi, watching her sink. "Good morning," she said.

"Uh, good morning, Lady Chiyo," Azumi said, poking her head up a little. "My apologies, I would bow to you but I am—"

"Don't worry about it."

Azumi let out a quiet relieved sigh, sinking back below the water. Sasori glanced at Azumi from the corner of his eye. "Why are you here, Grandmother?" he huffed. 

"Because you're like your mother," she rolled her eyes. "I need to ensure you were starting to get ready so we won't be late." Sasori ground his teeth, glaring at Chiyo. "My son was never late until he married your mother."

Sasori clicked his teeth, earning a glare from Chiyo. "She is always on time. It's you who is always late, " he growled. " You were the one who was always asking her to do a million last minute things and running her ragged!"

"It's not that I ask her last minute, it's that she waits until the last minute to do it."

Azumi's jaw dropped, watching them argue back an forth. She knew Sasori would do just about anything for his mother. She would not be surprised if that meant hurting someone who insulted her. Even if that someone was his own grandmother.

"You literally have handed her a list of twenty fucking things to get done right before she was about to leave and expected them to be done!" His voice was starting to rise.

"Don't you dare take that one with me, boy."

Sasori tilted his head, blinking wildly. "I will take that tone!" he rasped. "You bitch about her being late but can never do your own shit. You always dump it on my mother and bitch about it!"

Chiyo stood up from her chair and it fell over, echoing in the large bathroom and making Azumi flinch. The rage between the grandson and grandmother pair made her extremely uncomfortable and she would rather have been thrown into the river than have to be around this.

"Your mother does a fair amount of bitching herself," Chiyo spat. "If only she could do things without having to be told."

Water sloshed out of the tub, spilling all over the floor as Sasori stood up rapidly. Azumi did her best to avert her eyes but there was so much going on and it started to get overwhelming. "She had every right to bitch when an old hag is chewing her out every chance she gets!" he growled, curling his fists tightly. "Get out! I would like to finish my bath in peace!" he snapped. 

"How dare you!" Chiyo's voice going shrill. "You live in my house still. You have as much power as that child!" She pointed to Azumi in the other bath. 

"It won't be your house for much longer!" Sasori countered. "You practically have one foot in the grave!"

"One thing your mother never taught you was respect !" Chiyo yelled. Azumi slowly moved to the other side of the pool, away from both of them and tried her best to slowly and quietly lift herself out to remove herself from the situation. Chiyo suddenly bent over, yanking one of her slippers from her foot. She threw it hard towards Azumi, hitting her square in the temple. "No one dismissed you, girl!" Chiyo snapped. Sasori's eyes went wide. His breath started to come up short as he felt his rage shake through him. Chiyo turned back to address her impudent grandson when she felt something hard to connect with her cheek. Her head snapped to the side and she stumbled back, losing her footing. She slipped on the water that was spilled around the tub and fell, hitting her head hard on the limestone floor.

Azumi heard the sound of the old woman's body hitting the ground and gasped, covering her mouth to stop a scream. Her gaze immediately moved up to Sasori, seeing that his reaction was nothing like hers. She took a couple of deep breaths, trying to calm herself down as much as possible. She looked back at Chiyo. There was a small pool of blood forming around her. "What the fuck," she whispered. “What the fuck just happened.”

"Tch," Sasori sucked his teeth. "Fuck, I hate getting blood out of this floor," he groaned, stepping out of the tub. Chiyo groaned softly, in pain as Sasori nudged her onto her back with his foot. He smirked, seeing the light starting to fade from her eyes. "Azumi, get your snake," he said without looking away from his dying grandmother. 

Azumi took a second to process everything before getting up and wrapping a towel around herself. She did not bother to get dressed and ran straight to her room in her towel. "Naga..." she said softly. The snake looked up at her from his coil on the bed and immediately sensing her panic, moved quickly to slither toward her and up her body. Once he was securely wrapped around her, she ran back to Sasori's room, taking a deep breath before stepping into the room.

Sasori had moved Chiyo to his bedroom when she walked in. "Make him bite her," he demanded softly, putting his robe on.

She stroked Naga's head gently, moving toward the body. "Go on," she whispered, encouraging the snake to move in close to Chiyo. He looked at her and then back at Azumi who gave him an encouraging nod. Naga looked back at Chiyo and bared his fangs as Sasori lifted one of Chiyo's arms. Naga sunk his fangs into the arm and injected venom into the old woman. After a couple of seconds, he released her and moved back to Azumi.

Chiyo's eyes shot up, her body bucking hard upwards. She groaned, a tired sad ghost of a scream she could no longer produce before her body flopped back down hard onto the ground. Sasori rolled his eyes, ignoring the soft death rattle of his grandmother breathing. "Perfect." Sasori pushed her body back up and closed Chiyo's eyes. "Okay, now we need to sneak her into her room."

Azumi looked up at him, trying not to panic. "And how do you suppose we should carry her past the many servants that roam the halls?" she asked softly. He was so calm about this and she was having an internal conniption.

He rolled his eyes again. “For once I actually wish you were Komushi,” he grumbled. “We’re going to clean her up and then just carry her. We’ll make it look like she hurt her foot and we’re helping her back to her room.” He said it like it was obvious. Azumi tilted her head back and groaned softly, feeling more inconvenienced at this point. She did not even kill this woman. She went into the workshop to grab a rag to clean his grandmother up with. As they cleaned her up, Naga hissed softly in Azumi’s ear, trying to help her calm down. She kissed the top of his head and helped Sasori pull his grandmother up, slinging her arms around each of them and holding onto her to walk her body to her room. Sasori looked down each hall and bend before proceeding as they carried her. It went smoothly and uneventfully until they stepped in her chambers. One of the servants from the kitchen, the one with the particularly bad attitude, was laying out new linen curtains. "Shit," Sasori hissed. They would have to pass right under the servant to get to Chiyo's bedroom and he knew the servant would not simply let them go by without some sort of confrontation. He sighed heavily and looked at his grandmother's body and Azumi. They were going to have to bite down and deal with this. He tipped his head, pressing onward.

Azumi followed his lead, trying to remain as quiet as possible as they moved. They were halfway across when the servant turned and noticed them. "Oh," they said, no respect to their voice as soon as they saw Sasori, "what a surprise to see you on this side of—" They cut themselves off with a gasp as soon as they saw Chiyo between Azumi and Sasori. "Lady Chiyo!" they screamed.

"Naga!" Azumi whispered with a panicked hiss. Immediately, the cobra struck the servant, biting into their neck and injecting venom. His body coiled around the servant's to constrict it. The servant’s scream came out as a choked gurgle as Naga squeezed tight around their throat.

Sasori's eyes lit up, watching the display. He chuckled softly as he stepped over the servant's body with Azumi and Chiyo's. "Nice move," he complimented. "This actually works out even better for us," he grinned. "We just killed two birds with one stone and I know exactly how to stage it." Sasori gestured for Azumi to help him lay Chiyo in her bed. "We'll go to the party as usual. And when we come home, we'll discover this ‘unfortunate event.’ Of course, we'll have to tell my uncles," Sasori folded his arms, rolling his eyes. "And because Sandaime won't trust my word, Gaara will have to double check my diagnosis of the snake sneaking up on them and making Chiyo slam her head on her bedside table." He was now speaking more to himself than Azumi. He hummed softly as the gears turned rapidly in his head.

"What will happen to the snake?" Azumi asked, looking down as Naga as he uncoiled from around the servant and made his way back up Azumi's body. She did not want him taken away from her because they were pinning these two murders on him.

Sasori watched Naga cooly. He huffed heavily, drumming his fingers. This was another inconvenience. "Relax," he said, looking at the servant still collapsed in the doorway. "Gaara would never tell and I can easily play it off as some random snake." He frowned, leveling Azumi with a cool, hard look. "You need to keep him hidden until all of this cools down. They will want the snakes in the shop accounted for as well. Anything I say will be compared against Gaara's word since he's the only one who has any authority on the body and poisons aside from me." He reached for her hand, pulling her close. He grinned menacingly, laughing softly. "You just committed your first murder with me." He cupped her face, leaning in close to look into her eyes. "How does it feel?"

She breathed heavily through her nose. "The servant meant nothing to me," she said. "But your grandmother...I am not sure how I feel about that." Chiyo was not only Sasori’s grandmother but Gaara’s as well. She was Sandaime’s mother. Azumi recalled the moments before Chiyo died and how she started an argument with Sasori over his mother. Then she recalled the slipper flying at her face. "My only qualm with this is that we are not clothed," she said.

Sasori blinked at her then took a step back to look at them. They were only clothed in a towel and his robe. He laughed hard, the sound echoing off the walls. "Then I suggest we hurry back to the room and get dressed." He lowered his voice. "Before the other two show up." He started towards the door with a spring in his step. He felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He might actually enjoy this party.

Azumi followed him quickly. They made their way back to the room and cleaned themselves up. "It is still quite early," she hummed. Naga hissed at Azumi. "I am glad you no longer feel the pain." She stroked Naga's head gently. "Injecting them with venom helped reduce the swelling of your venom sac."

"Oh," Sasori grinned over his shoulder. "That means this whole situation was a three for one!" He laughed a genuine laugh again. It was a light, happy sound. Completely unfitting for the situation. "But you're right, it is still early. Let's re-rinse ourselves and maybe you can take your time making yourself look nice." He was practically floating with glee.

"I will clean up the spilled blood first," she told him. "Before it gets to a point where it is too hard to clean." She moved into the bathroom and drained his original bath to run him a new one. While she waited for it to fill, she cleaned up Chiyo's blood from the floor and dried up the areas where water was spilled. 'I cannot believe all of that just happened,' she thought. Once she was done, she drained her original bath and ran a new one for herself.

Sasori walked back into the bathroom, hanging up his robe once more. He sighed happily, looking at the freshly clean spot. "What a turn of events," he hummed. "Let's see..." He started to contemplate all the things that would have to happen once she was discovered. "This house is going to be a nightmare for a little while." He frowned but the grin quickly returned to his lips. "The other slaves are going to hate to find out that I own all of them now," he gasped with excitement. "And I will have access to all of the old hag's stores!"

"Do you think they will get suspicious?" she hummed, removing her towel to step into the bath. Just like the first of Chiyo's personal servants, she had no hesitations with getting rid of the other two.

"Without a doubt," he said easily. "They will think I did it regardless of this being the best accident of my life and I had planned it down to a T.”

She looked up at him, seeing how happy he was about the whole situation. She washed herself up and then relaxed in the water. On the outside, she tried to be as calm as Sasori was but on the inside, she was battling her own morality. She was not a trained killer but this was not her first murder. In self-defense, she would have had no problem. Chiyo was an accident. The servant was on purpose. From experience, she knew what was going to happen to her mental stability. There were going to be moments of extreme guilt and panic, at least for a little while. And then after about a week or so, it will all just be a distant memory. Until then, she needed a way to suppress it. 'I can make anxiety pills,' she thought. She had done it before and it worked for a while. She sighed heavily and sunk underneath the water's surface for a moment.

Sasori cleaned himself up once more. He smirked, watching Azumi try to maintain her cool. "You're bad at this," he purred. "You'll have to get it under control before we leave."

She came back up and scoffed, rolling her eyes. "I can do that," she said. She stepped out of the bath and grabbed a towel. As she dried herself off, she tried to recall the recipe she used last time she had to make something for her anxiety. Most of what she remembered she knew Sasori had in his workshop. She took a fresh towel out for Sasori and replaced his robe with a clean one that did not touch the body of a corpse. "I will be fine," she said.

He dried himself off and followed her out of the bathroom. He laid down on his bed, tucking his arms behind his head as she walked into the workshop. "I have concentrated valerian root on the upper left shelf if you need it," he called to her. 

She found all of the ingredients she needed and started working on making medication for her anxiety. It would help her get through the next week until she no longer felt anything about the situation. It was not the most healthy way to deal with her problems, but admittedly, she had more of a hard time coming to terms with her feelings than she did figuring out ways to suppress them. It took her about half an hour to make the pills. She only made enough to last her the next couple of days and as soon as they were done, she took one. Then she walked out of the workshop and fell onto the daybed with a sigh. "Maybe this will distract everyone from you having to find a wife," she said after a few moments of silence.

Sasori put his ledger down in his lap. "It might," he hummed. "For about a week. And then my mother will be back on my case the moment Grandmother's tombstone is rolled into place." He rolled his eyes as he pushed a hand through his hair. "I'll take what little reprieve I can get. She'll probably come at me a lot stronger since I'll be the one inheriting this house."

"I see," she frowned. She could feel the pills kicking in and her body started to relax. She sighed again and rolled onto her side. She took a couple of moments to clear her mind and relax. After a couple of minutes, she got up and moved toward the vanity so she could start doing her makeup. "Is there anything you wanted to work on before we leave?" she asked as she opened up the box of makeup he gave her.

Sasori looked up from his ledger again. He took a deep breath, tapping the cover of the book against his chin. "Did you have something in mind?"

"No," she hummed, looking at him in the mirror. "I think that your...'party trick' is enough for me," she said. She shifted through the items in the box and found kajal kohl eyeliner. She smiled at it and immediately started to tightline her eyes.

He chuckled, watching her line her eyes. "Do you like that kind of pencil?" he asked her, changing the subject.

"I do," she said. "It lasts longer than other ones. And it intensifies a gaze." She did her makeup as she used to do when wearing makeup was a daily thing for her. "Which I always appreciated."

"Intensifies a gaze," he parroted. "Adorable. I made some a while back but I don't wear it myself too often." He started to consider making some to sell in the shop. "Gaara wears it, though." Normal small talk. Like there was not a body rotting just across the house. 

"I have noticed," she smirked. "Do you make it for him?" Once she finished her eyes, she moved on to the rest of her face, keeping the rest of it light since it was too hot to wear heavy face makeup.

"It was a small project we did together," he nodded. "It started out as a test run for some art project Kankuro was working on and it sort of just became part of Gaara's look. Many others that live here wear a similar style. It's surprisingly common."

"It is a good look on him," she said softly with a smirk as she finished her makeup and moved on to her hair. Normally, she left it all out and did not bother with it much. But her normal go-to for events, when she was still a noble, was to just put half of it up. So that is what she did.

He continued to watch her intently. "I suppose it is," he murmured. "Tell me more about your village. Did you have these sort of parties, too?"

"Yes," she answered simply. "And as I mentioned before, I did not enjoy going to them. They were usually birthdays, engagements or wedding parties."

"Right," he laughed. Maybe he was a little more stressed than he was letting himself to believe. He stood up and stretched lazily. "What about funerals?" he smirked.

"Longevity is sort of something that runs in my village," she hummed, looking up at him through the mirror. "We did not usually have many funerals," she smirked. She stood up as well and unwrapped her towel from her, picking up the skirt of the red outfit and getting dressed.

This piqued Sasori's interest. "Really?" he breathed. "I wonder if it has something to do with your physiology," he grinned. "I'm convinced Chiyo would have kept living had that accident not happened." He filed the thought away with the venom sac question. He was excited to learn more about her body. 

She finished getting dressed and turned to him. "My physiology is the same as yours," she said. "As any other human's." He did not argue with her. He simply smirked at her as he began pulling on the outfit she chose for him. He sat down in front of the mirror as Azumi had earlier and pushed back part of his hair, clipping it back in his usual party style. They spent the next couple of hours getting ready and keeping themselves occupied before they had to leave.