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Void Fighters

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“Vice, behind you!”

A painful scream escaped the assassin’s mouth as the mushroom tackled him again, sending him flying through the cave before he could react. The fellow assassin who warned him jumped forward to narrowly avoid the one going her way, before she went to Vice’s side to help him get to his feet. The third member of the crew shot a blast of magic on the shroom that went after him, and then…

… Did Heinwald just vanish into the ground?

“Vice. Focus.” Alex reminded him.

“Yeah, yeah, I got this.” He said, properly getting up, and staying back-to-back against her, as the shrooms remained circling them. Ilia, did he hate these things. How come they showed up ALL THE TIME too.


Vice shouted, and they both jumped to the left as another shroom attempted to tackle them. They both jumped after him, slicing it down with ease, leaving one less fiend to deal with.


Alex reacted as instructed, allowing Vice to jump over her and unleash his attack on the monster that was about to attack her. “Lethal Edge!” He cried out, putting the shroom into a status of peaceful sleep, before Alex immediately followed up with a lethal blow, the assassins’ song-and-dance being one that they were well used to, after enough time spent together.

Another shroom got blasted by Heinwald, from, well, somewhere, with only few remaining. Alex stepped backwards as one attempted to headbutt her, skillfully replying with her Shadow Weaver, which, alongside finishing off her target, weakened two other nearby shrooms, that where quickly put out of their misery by Vice, leaving only the main shroom behind.

Which promptly split up again.

The two honestly wanted to groan over having to do all of this again. Even if against much weaker targets this time, they were still decently though to beat. However, the frustration was cut short as the third member of the team finally raised his voice again.

“Call of Chaos!”

Pure darkness erupted from the cave’s floor, covering all of the shrooms, which soonly gave up on trying to resist the attack, only having so much energy in their current size. The darkness started subsiding after a while, showing all of the many, many copies lying dead on the ground.

“Couldn’t you have done that earlier!?”

“No.” Heinwald flatly replied to the male assassin. “If you two had sped up your part of the fighting, mine would have came out faster too. Now, start carving the corpses, the way I explained to you two before. Those fiends are useful ingredients for my experiments.”

Heinwald went off to examine and dissect the main shroom by himself, leaving Alex and Vice no choice but to begrudgingly do as he instructed. Going to some of the copies farther away from the investigator, Alex wondered aloud, just for Vice to hear. “Just how does Curran manage to handle this guy all day. I can’t picture myself managing to do so.”

“I know. He just gives me the creeps after a while. And I’ve saw plenty of messy scenes in my line of work.” Vice replied, plunging his dagger in the corpse to start the job. “Heck, I’m pretty sure I just saw him vanish into the floor!”

“... Vice, that doesn’t seem like something he can do.” Alex replied, although with a noticeable pause before she did so. “I’m sure you just got dizzy for a moment.”

“I’m telling you, I swear I saw him-”

“Will you two begin working already?”

“FINE!” Vice angrily barked back, resigning himself to just finishing this quickly so that he and Alex could leave the madman alone.