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Behind the wall

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You’re that ”Once in a lifetime dream come true”



Franky woke up to bright sunshine shining through the window. She blinked a couple of times so her eyes could adjust to the bright daylight before looking at the clock behind her on the wall. 9.45. Holy fuck! When had she last slept this long? She can’t remember when she fell asleep, it could have been late night or early morning. Somehow she ended up sleeping on the couch and it probably explains why her back was so sore. She stretched her back carefully and thought back to just a couple of hours ago. Had everything just been a cruel nightmare? Then she felt Gidget in her arms, her body pressed close to Franky’s front and she remembered that last night might have started out as a nightmare but ended up the best dream possible. This was real wasn't it? She snuggled closer to the petite blonde who was sleeping comfortably and peacefully in her arms on the tiny couch and she wondered if the gorgeous blonde was as happy as she was. Franky had never been a fan of cuddling but laying here with Gidge, she wondered if she ever would tire holding her like this. Not remembering the last time she had woken up this happy, a huge smile on her face as the last couple of hours came back to her. 

Last night, on the porch, when Bridget had asked Franky to come back inside so she could talk, she had indeed been telling the truth. Franky chuckled at the memory because her Gidge had not been able to stop talking. All her feelings and emotions and scares had come pouring out of her mouth and she had explained why she had tried so hard to fight against the inevitable. She was scared - had been scared, to loose her licence, her career. But also, scared for Franky’s sake. That she would get caught up in the middle and maybe loose everything she worked so got damn hard for. Franky had listened and she had been understanding, knowing it wasn't as black and white as she had been seeing it. She could still feel the goosebumps that arose on her body when Bridget had told her what changed her mind.

’I know I told you I could loose my license - my job. For 20 years my career has been my whole life. I have loved every second of it. It’s what I have been good at. But when you left, when I heard that door slam and you were gone, none of that meant nothing if it also meant not having you in my life. From the first time I saw you I was hooked. You are different, you are special. That connection we have, I’ve never felt that with anyone before. So when you left it suddenly felt like I had nothing. It really felt like you brought my heart with you. I felt empty. Nothing mattered anymore, because you own my heart.  A life without you is not the life I want. I’ve fallen pretty damn hard for you Franky’’

Franky had kissed her hard then, showing her that she felt the same. Showing her with actions instead of words because there were no words that could describe her feelings towards Bridget like her actions could. They had come to a mutual agreement to keep their relationship to themselves for the time being. The less people that know the better. 1 year was going to fly by and after that the consequences would be much lighter. After that they had ended up on the couch just talking about everything and nothing. Getting to know those tiny bits about each other like favourite cheeses and favourite movie, worst pet peeves. They had cuddled, there had been stolen kisses here and there, full on make out sessions, some groping, but mostly just enjoying being together, being in each other arms. Finally.  



Bridget stirred when Franky strengthened her arms around her, afraid that if she wasn't holding onto her tight enough that she would somehow vanish into thin air. She loosened her arms when she felt Bridget stir again, afraid maybe she was holding on too tight and Bridget felt uncomfortable. She couldn't have been more wrong. Bridget wriggled around so she was now facing Franky, her eyes still closed and a cute smile on her lips. ’Morning’ she rasped out in her sleepy voice and Franky’s throat suddenly got very dry. Gidge’s morning voice was sexy as hell and it did things to Franky’s already aroused middle section. Half asleep Gidge was adorable and Franky’s heart grew wider.

’GOOD morning’ Franky responded and smiled back leaning in to give Bridget a peck on her nose. Bridget scrunched her nose and Franky thought that might be the cutest thing she’s ever seen. Bridget snuggled closer to Franky’s chest, her lips almost touching Franky's chest, her warm breath tickling Franky. Franky’s body was on fire. 6 months of waiting, yearning and want and now to finally have her in her arms, it was a bloody miracle Franky hadn't already exploded. The need she felt to worship every inch of Bridget’s body, to be inside of her, to map out every single freckle on her body and make love to her over and over again until the sun came dawn was the only thing Franky could think of. 5 months ago Franky would have already been on top of her, taking what she needed, what she wanted. Not in a forceful way by any mean, but with that witty charm and cocky confidence she has. This was different though, this wasn't just some random girl, some meaningless fuck. This was her dream girl, her Gidge, and she didn’t just want to take what she wanted when she wanted it. What if Bridget wasn't up for it, what if she had read Gidge wrong? Maybe she wasn't a sex in the morning person or maybe she thought it would be too soon, and FUCK! There’s so much stuff they yet have to learn about each other. She was again overthinking things and self doubting herself, when suddenly Bridget, with her eyes still closed, started to kiss her way up Franky’s chest. Franky’s heart rate spiked, Gidge’s lips on her body felt so fucking good that she could have orgasmed right there on the spot. Maybe it didn't matter that they hadn't spoken about everything yet, it seemed like Gidget already could read her minds. 


Franky, in one swift motion, rolled Bridget to her back, while she spun on top. Bridget hadn't expected that and opened her eyes only to be met by the cheekiest grin and the greenest eyes she’s ever seen staring back at her. She had wanted to make Franky feel good first but how could she be annoyed when she saw the look Franky gave her. And also, how many times hadn't she dreamt of this moment, having Franky on top of her about to have her wicked way with her. Her time would come eventually. Franky leaned in slowly and kissed Bridget, slowly at first but it got passionate and heated pretty quick. Her tongue grazed Gidge’s teeth and she was permitted entrance instantly. They lay liked that for a while, feeling each other, tasting each other. It felt so fucking good kissing Bridget fucking Westfall. When she started to feel Bridget squirm underneath her she kissed her way down towards her chest, stopping on her neck, to pay a little more attention to the sensitive spot she found there last night. When her lips came in contact with Gidge’s singlet, as cute as it was, she knew instantly it needed to be gone.

’Can I take this off?’ she asked between kisses.

’Please’ was Bridget’s response and it was gone in a second. The sight underneath her, Bridget naked expect her panties was a sight she will never forget. Bridget was sexy as hell, her arms were toned and her stomach was perfectly flat. She was so damn tiny but she fit perfectly together with Franky but most of all she was the most gorgeous woman Franky had ever seen. Franky’s attention was stuck on 3 perfect freckles just under her right breast and it quickly became Franky’s favourite. She paid extra attention to Bridget’s breast, sucking, licking and grabbing, making Bridget moan loudly.

’Oh god it feels good’. 

Franky’s thigh fell down between Bridget's legs and she could feel the wetness through Bridget's cotton panties on her own leg and damn if she wasn't thinking of going straight there. God damn, she was so fucking aroused. When she tried to get further down, the armrest at the end of the couch, stopped her. As hot as it would be to take Bridget on the couch Franky had other ideas. She had bigger plans then this, and also, Bridget deserved better then a quickie in the living room. Franky had dreamt about this moment many times and she was going to take her time. She was going to worship every inch of the beautiful psychologists body and really show her how much she cared about her. 

She put her arm around Bridget’s back, ’wrap your legs around me’ she mumbled against Bridget lips, never wanting to break their kiss. Bridget did as she was told and Franky raised from the couch, with Gidge wrapped like a monkey around her. She carried her to the bedroom, all the while she kissed, sucked and licked Bridget's neck skilfully. Like she knew all along what Bridget liked, like they had done this for years and years. Bridget couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips and Franky gasped in response. The noises Bridget was making was music to her ears. Fuck fuck fuck, this is really happening. Bridget was still wrapped around Franky when Franky's knees hit the bed and she gently laid Bridget down on her back. She crawled up Gidge’s body slowly, taking her time kissing every inch of her skin. She left a trail of kisses over Gidge’s already soaked panties, and when she heard Bridget whimper all she wanted to do was to rip those pink undies in pieces and dive straight in. She smelled so fucking good and she couldn't wait to taste her. But Franky was a tease and she wanted to take her time, prolong Gidge’s pleasure. She kissed her way up Bridget’s body until her lips met hers and their tongues danced together in a beautiful slow dance.

Bridget was a fucking goddess, she was so fucking gorgeous. Franky leaned back for a second just to watch her. Taking a mental picture of a naked Bridget all ready for her. She has never seen anything more beautiful in her life. Bridget however didn't like the sudden loss of contact and opened her eyes. The way Franky was looking at her was something else, she could feel herself starting to blush. No one had ever looked at her the way Franky did and it did things to her that she couldn't even imagine. She squirmed underneath Franky, seeking friction where she could.

’Please Franky’ Franky only grinned at her.

’You’re so fucking beautiful’ was Franky’s answer but before she had time for a second look Bridget dragged her towards her, lips crashing together in a heated kiss. Bridget’s body was on fire.

Franky’s hand massaged Bridget’s breast while she kissed her way down from Bridget’s mouth. She took her nipple in her mouth and bit gently before soothing it with her tongue. 

’Oh god, Franky, please’

’What do you need?’ she kissed along her ribs, down to her abs, intoxicated by the way Gidge’s body reacted to her touch. She could see the goosebumps rising on her skin wherever she touched her. 

’I need you’ came her breathy respond. Franky wanted to drag this out as long as possible but took pity on her. Fuck if she was this fucking turned on, she just wondered how Gidge hadn't self combusted yet. Franky swiped her tongue over her panties, her hot breath teasing earning another desperate moan from Gidge. She hooked her fingers on each side of the thin fabric and dragged them down and threw them on the floor, much to Bridget’s delight. Franky kissed her way up her thigh, stopping inches away from Bridget’s center, making Bridget groan impatiently. Finally she swiped her tongue where Bridget wants her the most and she loves the way her body responds to her touch. Bridget doesn't just tastes heavenly, she tastes divine. It doesn't take long before she feels Bridget is close, feels her tugging at her shoulders, wanting her up there with her. She replaces her tongue with her fingers and moves up her body, and Bridget's hands is wrapped around her neck as soon as she reaches. Bridget drags Franky into a kiss and it's so fucking hot knowing she’s tasting herself when they kiss. She kissed her passionately and when her free hand reaches down to caress Gidge’s breast, it all becomes too much for Gidge and she comes hard. Franky’s movements continues, but in a slower speed, wanting Bridget to ride out the waves of her orgasm. 


2 hours and multiple orgasms later, they’re laying naked in bed, a thin sheet over them. Franky is on her back, her arms resting protectivly around Gidget, who's body is snuggled into Franky's side. Franky’s hand is stroking Gidge’s arm lovingly. 

’Tell me this is real Gidge’

Bridget smiles and shifts around, so she comes face to face with Franky. She presses her lips softly against Franky's.

’It is baby. I’m here. You’re here’

'Holy shit' Franky mumbles, like she still really can't believe it.

’I love you Franky’

’I love you too Gidge’




1,5 year later


They were walking along the beach, on their way home from Vera’s house. They had spent the evening with their friends, barbecuing and drinking cocktails. All of their friends had been there, Allie, Booms, Chris and Vera, Will, Jake and Linda, all colleagues and friends from Wentworth. It had been a great evening with lots of laughter and good conversations, a perfect way to rewind after a long work week. They were walking hand in hand enjoying the quiet sound from the waves in the ocean. Suddenly Franky stopped, making Bridget almost fall over.

’Franky what are you doing?’ Bridget said, surprised and confused to the sudden stop.

Franky was looking out over the ocean, her favourite place in the whole wide world, well, her second favourite place. Her first was, and always will be in Bridget’s arms. Because where Bridget was, Franky would be, and everything would be alright. They stayed quiet for a moment, hand in hand, both looking out into the horizon. It was a beautiful evening, the night sky, the stars, the calm ocean. Then suddenly Franky spoke,

’You know, sometimes I still can’t believe this is my life’

Bridget wrapped her right arm around Franky's waist, her head resting on Franky’s chest. She snuggled further into Franky, letting her know she was right here, but remained silent knowing there was more to come.

Franky sighed, and continued.

’My life could have been very different if I hadn't met you and I still wonder sometimes what the hell I did right in my past life to ever deserve you. I know we have had our ups and downs and i’m not always easy to be with and yet by some fucking huge miracle you’re still here, with me’

She released the breath she was holding. It was still hard for her to talk and open up about her feelings but Gidge never forced her, never prodded her about it. She never held it against her and she was always there when Franky broke, too pick up the pieces and glue her back together. Franky was forever grateful for that. 

Bridget kissed her cheek before snuggling back into Franky’s warm embrace.

’I am and I’m not going anywhere without you. Ever’ Bridget said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

And that, right there, was why Franky was trying so damn hard to be a better person, to be more open towards Gidge. Whenever Franky had needed her, Bridget had always showed up and given her more then she ever knew she needed. Bridget was her rock, her diamond, her everything and she deserved the world. Franky loved Bridget with all her heart. She had never loved anyone the way she loved the beautiful blonde and she was forever grateful for everything she had done for her. Without Bridget she wouldn't have the life she was living today. Franky took Bridget's face in her hands and kissed her like her life depended on it. A kiss that would tell Bridget everything she couldn't put into words and hoped she would feel how much she meant to her, how much she needed her, how much she craved her. The kiss only ended because both of them needed air, and they stood close together, their foreheads resting against each other - their favourite position. They stood like that in silence for a couple of minutes, just enjoying being close together. 

Bridget gently and lovingly started to kiss Franky’s neck, working her way upwards slowly. Franky moaned. She would never get tired of the way Gidge’s lips felt on her skin. When she got to her sensitive spot just under her ear, she sucked gently, earning yet another moan. 

’Up for a swim?’ Bridget whispered, her lips close to Franky's ear - and this right here, was one out of the thousand reasons why Franky loved her so much. She was so fucking spontaneous and the way she could make Franky crumble from her touch was something no one else could. Franky stood speechless for a second, too turned on to actually think. She saw the way Bridget’s eyes sparkled of mischievous and arousal and she quickly mimicked Bridget's actions and unbuttoned her pants and shirt. Franky was faster to undress and she slapped Gidge’s bum on her way out into the ocean yelling ’last one in is a rotten pig’. The water wasn't warm but it was not cold either, it was the perfect temperature too cool off their burning bodies. The ocean was calm and when Bridget finally got in they gravitated towards each other like magnets. Franky’s arms drew Bridget in, her hands squeezing her ass before they fell a little further down, down to her thighs and lifted her up in her arms. Bridget wrapped her legs around Franky and their lips met in a sensual kiss. Franky slid Bridget’s undies away and entered her earning a moan from Gidge. The sounds that sometimes came out of Bridget did things to Franky she never thought was possible. She kept a steady pace with her fingers while her thumb circled her clit. She felt her own arousal build up and her eyes rolled back when she felt Bridget inside of her, matching her own pace. They were both close and when Bridget felt Franky’s mouth licking and sucking on her nipple she soon fell over the edge, moaning Franky’s name over and over again. It wasn't long after Franky followed the same route. 


They stayed in the ocean, Bridget still safely wrapped in Franky’s arms. Franky kissed her nose then her cheek and finally her lips. She pulled away an inch, so their lips were barely touching, their eyes never leaving each others.

’Marry me’ Franky whispered against her lips. Bridget wasn't sure if she heard it right. She wasn't sure if it was a question, a statement or just a joke. Where the heck did this come from? Not that it wasn't unwelcome, but it was certainly very surprising. 

’Franky..’ Bridget didn't have time to finish before Franky’s lips was pressed against her again. It was a quick peck but it got the job done, shusshing Bridget.

’Just hear me out Gidge’ Bridget nodded dumbstruck.

’I know we haven't talked about this, or that this might be too soon but for the first time in my life Gidge, I know what I want’ she never once took her eyes away from Bridget. 

’I love you Bridget and to be honest with you, I think I have since the first time I saw you. Even if I didn't know what my feelings meant back then, with my knowledge today, I reckon yeh, it was love at first sight alright’ she chuckled at herself how clueless she was only 2 years ago. 

’You’ve made me a better person, you’re the only person I trust completely. I wanna spend the rest of my life making you happy and being the person you deserve’. She paused and took a deep breath. Traditionally, now was the time for her to get down on one knee but how the fuck was that suppose to work. She would drown. She hadn't really thought this proposal through had she. She smiled against Bridget's lips, still only an inch apart. She walked a couple of meters in to the shore, until the water was knee high on Bridget and gently put her down. She intertwined their fingers and went down on one knee. Bridget’s heart stopped. 

’Bridget Emily Westfall, my Gidget. You are the biggest part of me and I love every single thing about you. Will you marry me and make me the happiest woman on planet earth?’ she looked up with hopeful eyes and a nervous smile. Bridget met her gaze with teary eyes. How on earth Franky chose her of all the woman she would never know but she felt like the luckiest person alive. She had never loved anyone the way she loved Franky and she had never been loved the way Franky loved her. Even if the question came as a surprise and a little unexpected, she had known the answer since the first time she met Franky Doyle.

’Yes. Yes baby, of course I will. I love you baby, so much’ she said and tugged at Franky’s hand, wanting her to get up. When Franky was halfway up Bridget threw herself around her neck, eager to kiss her soon to be wife. Franky wasn't ready for the force that came with Gidge’s eagerness and lost her balance, making both of them fall into the water. None on them cared. Bridget’s lips were on Franky’s and they kissed until there wasn't any more air in their lungs. When they parted, Franky pressed her forehead against Bridget’s,

’You really are my once in a lifetime dream come true’ she whispered and kissed Gidge again. A kiss that was filled with so much love. So much hope. So much happiness. Franky had never before looked forward to her future. Now she couldn't wait for it. For her future. Her future together with Bridget. Forever. Until death do us part.