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Melodies Of A Wild Tiger(Katsuki x Reader)

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This was my very first one-shot for Katsuki...It brings back memories xD (They get less cringy after this one I promise)

I wonder if my OG followers back in the day remember this one.(Originally posted on wattpad)



"W-wait Kaa-chan, someones going to see us.." You whimpered to him, pushing at his shoulders.

"I don't care, let the losers see what a real man can do." His crazy grin dominated his handsome features, as he grabbed both of your wrists pressing them against the wall. Leaning down he pressed his teeth against your neck but didn't bite, relishing in the way your body jittered bellow him.

A hot breath left your lips as an intense blush swarmed your cheeks. You felt his tongue slide against the side of your neck, licking up to your ear.

How did this even start? Well lets take it back to this morning.

"Good morning, (Y/n)-san" Deku's voice called as you made your way into the classroom. Smiling back to him, you made your way over to your desk, which was right next to his.

"Morning, Deku-kun."

He seemed to be a little nervous as you started talking. A soft shade of pink decorated his cheeks, while both of his hands flexed back and forth. It looked like he wanted to say something, but the moment he turned to you a fist slammed down onto his desk nearly making him fall backwards.

"Oi, Deku you shitty nerd, Who said you could talk to my girlfriend?" Bakugo's red eyes flared angrily making Deku wave his hands back and forth, saying he was just be friendly.

Just as he lifted his hand creating a mini explosion in his hand, did you quickly cup your own around your lips and blow. The fire in his hand chilled instantly, as he turned towards you with a huff.

"The fuck are you doing, (Y/n)?!" He hissed, practically breathing fire as he complained about wanting to demolish Deku. All you did was roll your eyes in response, earning a loud tsking sound from him before he sat at his desk and faced away.

"Sorry Deku-kun.." You whispered with an apologetic smile, holding both of your hands together.

"No..It's o-okay.." He assured with a wave saying he was more than fine. He after all was used to being the punching bag of his childhood friend, whom was always consumed with intense emotions.

That was one of the reasons you fell for him. He never sugar coated how he felt, and was honest even if it was sometimes in a brutal way. He was the type of man who would never lie, and always be true to his words.

Turning to the back of his head, you looked at the reflection of his face in the window. He was clearly sad that you hadn't even spoken to him, most people wouldn't be able to see sadness on his face..they would just see anger, irritation, outrage, and fierce disapproval.

However, you cared about him deeply and knew just how to read his expressions.

Standing you walked over to his desk, bending down next to him. "Kaa-chan." You called to him with a smile, getting him to turn almost immediately in your direction.

"What the hell do-" The moment his cheek turned, it pressed into your finger making you giggle. Just as he started to blush getting a little flustered, did you lean forward pressing your lips against his.

It lasted but a second or two, but when you pulled back his face had completely calmed down. "Just wanted to give you a morning kiss." You smiled to him, standing back up. Just as you were about to go back to your desk he grabbed your hand pulling you till your ass landed on his desk.

He didn't say anything as he laid his head in your lap, placing one of his hands on your knee. It was a gesture that made you blush, but this wasn't an uncommon position for him to take in the mornings.

Smiling you slid a hand into his hair and relaxed till morning classes would start.

"Bakugo-kun and (Y/n)-chan are so cute together!" Gushed Ochaco.

"Really? He always seems so explosive even though he has a girlfriend.." Mumbles Kaminari, as he leans back in his chair. "Well I guess she does manage to calm him down..most of the time."

"Ah, I'm so jealous.." Mineta huffs, glaring daggers at the back of Bakugo's head.

"Mineta-chan, just wants to lay in a girls lap, ribbit." Tsuyu shrugs, saying his reasons for wanting a girlfriend are all screwed up.

"Class is starting, back to your seats." The door to the classroom slides open and a very tired looking Aizawa-sensei strides in. "That include you (L/n), back to your seat."

"Hai~" You call with a smile pushing at Bakugo's head getting him to lift himself. He doesn't look happy about loosing his comfy pillow, but doesn't stop you as you slide back into your seat.

Class goes by relatively quick, with little to no hiccups. Before long its lunchtime, making everyone depart their own separate ways. Some forming small groups eating at their desks, some moving to the courtyard.

During this time you like to eat lunch on the roof with Bakugo, so that's where you start to head. You know he's trailing behind you with his hands in his pockets, looking as annoyed as ever.

"(Y/n)-chan! Lets eat lunch together?" The sound of his voice makes you pause giving Deku enough time to jog to your side. He chuckles nervously showing you his lunch, which has a cute blue cloth wrapped around it.

"Sure that sounds-"

"Bastard, it's like you don't even see me." Bakugo hisses interrupting you, taking a dangerous step towards Deku making him back up. "Are you trying to steal (Y/n) from me?"

"T-that's not it Kaa-chan!" He panics waving his hands back and forth taking a few steps back trying to create space between them.

"If you don't get away from us, I'll kill you." He flexes his hand making sparks emanate from his palm. A trail of sweat slides down Deku's brow clearly on edge, he was sure Bakugo wasn't joking.

"Kaa-chan, Enough I get it. You just want to eat lunch together, lets go." Walking away with a soft sigh, you quickly tell Deku maybe next time before trailing up to the roof.

Bakugo is quiet till the door shuts behind him, just as you're about to sit down he grabs your hand pulling you against the wall. Both of his hands slide around your hips pressing himself into you.

"(Y/n), I wish you would stop talking to Deku." his voice is cold as his eyes glower down at you, his face is so close you can feel his hot breath against your parted lips.

"He's just my friend, You can't be so controlling Katsuki.."

Your words seem to agitate him even more, as he slides a hand up cupping one of your breasts while leaning down to the right side of your neck. Your face instantly twinges in a blush, as he places a hot kiss against your skin slowly kneading your breast in his hand.

"I'm your boyfriend though, stop paying attention to people that aren't me." His breath hazes into your ear, wrapping his teeth around it. "I'll show you who you belong to."

"w-wait..Someone might see us.."

And this is where you are right now. Trapped between the wall and your gropey boyfriend who doesn't care at all that you're both at school.

Your head tilts back out of instinct when he starts sucking at the skin of your neck, no doubt marking you completely with red hickeys that will show everyone at school that you're his.

His hands slides down your body outlining the shape of both of your breasts, before edging the buttons to your blazer apart. Your body warms as he smirks at the sight of your sports bra, licking his lips in an almost primal way.

"You always come to school prepared for a workout.." He snickers, saying maybe you knew this was coming making your entire body tingle. However, as he pulls your chin to meet with his lips in a steamy kiss he whispered.

"I'm glad you're not the type to always wear lace."

Your eyes slid closed melting into his kiss, wrapping both hands around his neck. He forcefully pressed his tongue passed your lips, making you gasp as he hotly licked around every corner of your mouth.

Once he pulled away he licked your combined saliva from his lips with a grin. Leaning forward again you expected another kiss, but twitched as he wrapped his teeth around your bottom lip and sucked on it.

His hand slid around your stomach, caressing around your skin till he edged his fingers under your bra. He smirked as you moaned his name, when he kneaded your round flesh between his digits.

Letting go off your lip after making it sufficiently red and swollen, he trailed his own down your neck kissing your shoulder and upper body. His fingers slid sensual circles around your nip, feeling just how perky they were before hungrily craving to wrap his lips around it.

With a sharp tug that had you squeaking, he freed both of your breasts. Before you could even register the air swirling around your skin, his lips were against your nip sucking on it passionately.

"Ah~ Katsuki~" You moaned to him, gripping one of your hands into his hair. Leaning back letting the pleasure he was giving you, take over your body.

You could feel his lips curve up into a smirk, as he licked hot wet circles from one breast to the other. He must of enjoyed the taste of your skin, because he couldn't stop himself from biting down against it.

"Oh, Katsuki..d-don't be so rough.." You panted to him, meeting his gleaming red eyes.

He let your nip go with a slick pop, giving you a toothy grin. "I haven't even started yet, (Y/n)~" He pulled your rosy bud between his teeth making you arch your back, gasping out his name. "Just wait till we really get started.."

One of his hands trailed between your legs pressing at your thigh, making you spread them just enough for him to slide his fingers against your panties.

"Ah, Katsuki.." You whispered out a moan, gripping both of your hands against his shirt. He traced your cloth slit with two fingers, murmuring to you how wet you felt before dipping into the side of your panties.

"'re insatiable sometimes.." You moaned softly into his ear, pulling his body closer and closer till he was smack against your bare chest. He chuckled, licking the shell of your ear with his tongue as he curled a few fingers into your folds.

"It doesn't sound like you want me to stop.." He husked against your skin, thrusting his fingers back and forth listening to your moans of his name. "I can feel how wet you're, I'm the only one who ever gets to touch you like this."

His words were unbelievably possessive, as he pleasured your body. You could feel his hot breath against the skin of your neck, his hand caressing around your stomach and exposed tits. It was an overwhelming warmth consuming your skin, unable to contain your many moans of his name.

"Are you going to cum?" He rasped against the rim of your ear, when he felt your walls starting to pulse against his fingers. However, just as you were about to answer he sharply tugged your panties down your legs.


Before you could even ask, his fingers slid back into your core thrusting at an incredible pace. Your body starting writhing in pleasure, biting at the side of his neck trying to dissuade any loud moans from escaping your lips.

He groaned your name loving the way you were squeezing him, he loved making you desperate. It meant he was the only one in your field of vision, and the only one who could satiate any of your desires.

It didn't take to long before your womanly arousal was sliding down his fingers, body jittering from an intense pleasurable release. You watched with rosy cheeks as he licked his fingers, making sure you saw how he enjoyed your flavor before pulling away.

It only took a moment for him to unzip his pants, sliding on a condom you didn't even know he brought to school. He merely grinned at the flutter to your embarrassed eyes, as you admired his well endowed cock.

"I'm not going easy on you.." His hands slid up your legs, grabbing them hoisting you up against the wall till his cock was right against your wet entrance. "Cause you're mine.." He waited till your hands had gripped around his shoulders, giving him a shy nod letting him see how much you could not deny to wanting him too.

Sliding a hand up into his blonde unruly tresses, you pushed him to meet your lips. His hands gripped the bottom of your ass, before thrusting forward. Instantly he felt drool from the moan you hazed into his mouth slide down his lips.

Giving you but a moment, he started an extremely fast pace that had you moaning against his lips. His cock filled you up in an intense way, letting you know just how slick your juices were making him. He even groaned into your mouth pulling away to bury his face against the side of your neck.

"Katsuki, Oh my god!~ Y-you're going to fast!~" You whimpered and moaned as your breasts started to bounce up and down from the aggressive friction he was rocking into you.

"But you feel good, don't you?~" He snickered, biting down against your neck nibbling your skin tasting how your voice was rattling your vocal chords with your every moan.

You panted and panted his name, gripping his shoulders as tightly as you could muster. You could not deny, that it felt amazing but you dare not say it. He knew without the words anyway, your slick warm arousal and the pulse of your walls against his member told him everything.

The intense feeling of another orgasm was building up quickly in the pit of your stomach. Both of your legs gripped around his waist as tightly as they could, trying to relay to him how close you were.

He must of understood as both of his hands grip the bottom of your ass, starting to bounce you against his member in tune to his thrusting. Your moans turn into begs, that just make him thrust even harder.

"Katsuki!" You mewl one last time, coating his cock with your slick sticky arousal. After thrusting a few more times achieving his own release as he slowly sets your legs back down, snickering at the way you slide to the floor, unable to keep yourself up.

"Kaa-chan, you're so mean...just be happy I like you.." After you manage to fix your cloths, your eyes start to ease shut telling him you wont be able to make it to your next class. He says he'll take you to the nurses office, in a few minutes. With one last soft smile sleep consumes your pleasured body.

Smiling down at you, he touches your cheek a soft gesture he would only ever give you. Standing back up he opens the door, glowering at his green haired childhood friend. His hand flexes creating a spark of fire.

"I knew you were listening, you shitty nerd."

"N-no..I..j-just..(Y/n)-chan.." Deku's face is a complete red mess, he didn't mean to listen to you both having just sort of happened.

Bakugo grabs him by his collar nearly choking him as he lifts him off his feet. "Take this to mean she'll never be yours. So stop flirting with her, or I really will kill you."

Man I really like this one! Kaa-chan <3

ooof the nostalgia for this chapter is soo strong.

I never call Katsuki "Kaa-chan" anymore lol