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Melodies Of A Wild Tiger(Katsuki x Reader)

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"Welcome to the manor (Y/n), I just had your room prepared."

"Thank you very much, Madam Mitsuki. I promise I'll do my best and be the hardest worker." You assured giving her an astute bow before she turned with a tender smile, leading you down the long hallways. While walking she gave a small tour, pointing out certain rooms she wanted you to familiarize yourself with.

Such as, the kitchen where you would help prepare meals, the music study where the young lord would have his classic instrument lessons, A large library where they had an abundance of first editions, and even letting you know where her bedroom with her husband was as well as the office where both usually did most of their work.

"There are many other maids here, but your main task (Y/n) will be to take care of my son." She paused in her movement to show you a picture of a little boy wearing a sailor uniform. The boy displayed looked rather grumpy, but he was still rather small and adorable. Which Mitsuki gloated about like a very proud mother, and even joined in when you aired a soft giggle.

"His name is Katsuki, he's 10 years old but don't let his small size fool you." She warned picking her pace up again, explaining he was rather bratty and foul mouthed even for a child. "I must admit he's scared away a fair share of maids, that can't handle him..but.." You can't help but feel the soft frown on her face inside your heart.

"I just want to keep him safe."

"Leave it to me, I'll do my best to keep an eye on him." You did your best to show her a determined yet refined expression so you wouldn't be rude. She held a wary smile because even she was unsure of how you would fair against her son but thanked you none the less as she opened the room that you would be using.

"Once you pack your stuff away, go further down this hall and out the back door. Katsuki is usually hiding in the garden."

Your head graciously nodded, understanding completely that she had work to get back to. She did after all run a large company with her husband, which is how they made their fortune. Once you'd stepped through the frame, she'd already excused herself allowing you a moment alone.

The room you'd been given was better than expected, but that thoughtful remark came from a person used to living in poor conditions.The bed was most certainly the most extravagant item in the room, with it's large cotton blanket, mattress and of course two fluffy pillows. No telling later tonight you would get the best sleep you'd ever gotten in years.

However, you couldn't focus on being lazy right now. Instead you placed your small suitcase on the dresser for unpacking later and quickly changed into the soft and simple maid outfit that had been provided for you.

It was simplistic in it's white and black tones, thankfully not to long but not short either. It's length was right over your knee's and came with a nice pair of black leggings, and white bonnet that you didn't really want to wear. After some debate you decided to leave it, and simply tie back your hair into a tight bun.

With a quick pace in your step you trailed down the hall and right out the nearby back door. Instantly you awed at a large square shaped pool, finding it's deep blue color to be pretty and taunting you into diving right into it. A shake of your head had you smiling at how silly that thought was before pacing onto the bright green grass and heading towards the entrance of a most beautiful garden.

For a few minutes did you slow your step down to a sensual pace, because you couldn't help yourself as you admired flowers of all kinds and colors. Completely vibrant and blooming under the best of conditions, proving they were well taken care of.

By time you were walking along a clear path towards the fountain in the middle, did it dawn on you the real reason you came out here. Specially since your eyes land upon a small blonde child resting among some white fluffy dandelions.

Your breath hitched unable to think how the picture his mother had shown you didn't do him enough justice. Also it was now obvious that the photo itself was at least a year or two old, but he was still tiny and adorable. The fancy clothes he was wearing not matching the grassy garden around him.

His eyes flickered open once you started approaching, where you watched him sit up with a smile on your face. Both of his tiny paws rubbed at his groggy eyes, letting a wide mouth yawn air freely from his lips. The moment you bent down in front of him he flinched, caught off guard by your presence.

"Good afternoon, Young Master." You smiled to show him you were friendly, but his sharp red eyes sized you up like you were the enemy. "My name is (Y/n). I was employed by your mother to be a new maid, and help take care of you. I hope we can be friends." Lifting your hand you offered it to him, but he slapped it away before standing and walking away.

"Don't talk to me stupid maid."

You frowned before sighing, his mother wasn't kidding this was going to be harder than you thought. Despite his bad attitude you still followed him closely, trying to have a casual conversation but he would either pick up his pace or snub his nose up in the other direction ignoring you completely.

"Is there anything I can get for you? If you're hungry just let me know." He didn't even acknowledged your voice. Instead you watched him pick up a soccer ball that was resting against the wall surrounding the manor, and kick it back and forth.

"Do you like soccer? Can I play with you?"

"What does a girl know about sports." He scoffed, clearly at that 'no girls allowed' age. The sound of your laughter actually confuses him, getting him to pause and turn back to realize that you weren't crumbling under his bratty nature like the others.

"I'll tell you what my Young Master, If you can get the ball past me..I'll leave you alone for today." You promised, placing a hand over your heart and giving him a delicate bow. You missed the flutter to his curious eyes but did witness the quirk to his tiny lips. It kind of looked like he thrilled in a challenge.

"Fine. You just a stupid girl, you wont stop me." His nostrils flared like a little lion before he kicked the ball several times as he jogged forward. He must of thought he was taller than you, as he simply tried to step around but you blocked him and side swiped the ball with your foot sending it whirling behind him.

"That..t-that was a lucky shot. You can't do it again." He fumed like the child he was, circling back to get the ball and bring it towards you. However, this situation was just unfair to him. His legs weren't long yet and his kicks lacked power. Plus it was disheartening to watch him try his best and begin to loath himself for not being strong enough.

"Hey, I have an idea." Bending down you explained a little fun move you wanted him to try. This time though you walked over to the wall using two large stones to mark a spot where the point box would be. Because he was still trying to beat you he was actually listening, and into the idea of scoring.

For a while you blocked perfectly, thanking Miss Mitsuki for picking a maid uniform that wasn't very long and easy to maneuver around in. He kept getting close, angling ball just a little off a few times to hit the wall right outside one of the rocks before actually making it in and thrusting both of his tiny fists fist into the air.

"Yes! I did it! I told you I could (Y/n)!"

"That's right you did, good job, Young Master!" Your hand slid down to ruffle the top of his blonde hair, where you watched his small cheeks puff into an embarrassed pink. He even tried to shove you away, but there was no strength behind his push. Not to mention he was stuttering so adorably that it made you smile.

"I think it's about lunch time, are you hungry? Is there anything you don't like?" He rubbed his nose and shrugged his shoulders, but the grumble from his tummy foretold a very hungry boy.

"S-shut up! Don't laugh at me! It's not funny, t-that was just.." He tugged on the tail of your dress and made up excuse after excuse, till you were bending down giving him a comforting pet along his cheek. His expression became embarrassed and wobbly, till he was hiding against your hip seemingly unsure of what to do with himself.

"W-woah..! Hey -p-put me down..!" The moment you picked him up and started carrying him against your hip, he wobbled to and fro like he had motion sickness.

"You don't like to be carried?" You questioned, telling him it was no problem he wasn't heavy or anything. "I thought most kids liked to be doted on, you don't like it?" Despite your serious curiosity you began walking back into his estate, holding him snugly against his hip and bottom.

He bit his lip staring at your side profile, feeling discombobulated but he barely was able to gather you weren't trying to make fun of him. Both of his slender paws wrapped around your neck, pressing his cheek down against your shoulder. It was alleviating to feel him relax, giving you the impression you might of gained a little bit of his trust.

"My stupid parents..are the only one's that have ever picked me up.."

"Count the stupid maid as well then." You giggled, displaying no hard feeling for his attitude which actually got him to smile. Usually the adults around him always tried to correct his speech patterns, which wasn't wrong they did want him to grow up and be a proper young man after all. But he hated changing who he was.

You sat him down into a nearby chair after stepping into the kitchen. After looking around in the cupboard to familiarize yourself with where cups, plates, and even the silverware was you stepped over to the fridge and listed off couple of things you could make with the ingredients you saw.

"I could make you a salad, there are lots of vibrant veggies in here." Right away he stuck out his tongue, saying it wanted something else. "Well how about..hmm..oh! Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches?" He looked confused like he had never had it before, which made you pull the items you would need out and start cooking.

After a couple of minutes he was standing at your side, but he couldn't really see to far over the stove so he grabbed a chair and climbed into it. "Here take the spatula...yeah flip it over like that and press down.." Your instructions were easy to follow, and he found himself enjoying it more than he thought he would. Usually he's never even in the kitchen when his food was being made.

"Is it done..? It smells so damn good.." He mumbled wiping at his chin, earning a giggle and simultaneous huffy pout from him. As you instructed he flipped them both once more to check how brown the sides were and with your help flopped them down into the nearby plate. Where he watched you slice both in two before taking it over to the table.

He was quick to follow dragging his chair back, where he took a bite just seconds after you blew on them to cool them down. "..This is so good.." He garbled mouth full as he took another bite and another, chasing them down with a swig from some concentrated apple juice.

"Don't eat so fast, Young Master. It's not going anywhere." You assured, sitting delicately across from him where it took him finishing the first slice to notice you had not given yourself any food. All you were doing was drinking a little bit of the juice.

"Why didn't you make yourself some, stupid.."

"Ah..well, I figured I'm not suppose to eat with my master. So I would have to make me something later." You answered honestly with a sheepish rub of the back of your head. Bakugou's eyes trailed down to his food and you before taking one of the slices and shoving it towards you with warm cheeks.

"Th-that's stupid. Here take this. I'm your master right, so if I say your stupid ass can..then..yeah..just take it.." He mumbled, avoiding your face once you took it from his tiny paw. The deer in headlights type blink you gave him, was an unusual expression that he didn't know how to deal with so he simply looked away munching.

"Thank you." Your smile was sincere, but he wasn't trying to look at it. After that you both ate in a comfortable way, only speaking every so often and getting him more juice when he asked for it.

When you were done with your slice, you washed the pan and spatula you'd used and made sure to put away any extra ingredients. He slid his plate into your grasp when he was done, letting you quickly wash and store it on the rack. Only to become started by how he was waiting for you against the archway that lead into the hall.

Over the course of the rest of that day and the many that followed, you would intrigue little Bakugou and therefore become closer. He was closed off and usually didn't say what he meant, but after realizing that you were actually entertaining and made how you were taking care of him fun and enjoyable..the walls he had up for strangers began to crumble.

2 years later(12 year old Katsuki)

"Please come down, Young Master. Your piano instructor is waiting for you."

"I don't give two shits (Y/n). Tell him to go away."

An exasperated sigh escaped your lips, this attitude of hiding in the garden or in the largest tree on their estate was becoming an every day thing and you didn't understand why. You were sure he really enjoyed playing the instruments you've seen his genuine thrilled expression when he completes a hard song.

Little did you know he'd become unhappy about his lessons because lately you were no longer there to over see them. You'd been at his side nearly every single day without pause, and he had grown accustomed to your presence, smiles, and how you cheered him on when he was struggling.

Lately though his mother had you taking on a few other duties, it was only during his lessons but he hated it. In fact, before you came along and were curious about what instruments he could play he'd been avoiding those lessons for a long time. For you though he pridefully attended showing off his skills.

"Your mother will be disappointed if you miss another lesson." His cheeks puffed out hating how you knew just how to guilt trip him, but he still held his ground. Pursing your lips you took out the pocket watch his mother had given you for your 17th birthday just a few months ago. You had no idea though that it was picked out by him.

"There are only 40mins left in your lesson, what can I do to convince you to attend them?" You pleaded to him, jutting your lip out with an adorable gut wrenching puppy dog pout.

He scoffed, who was the younger one here? It wasn't something he'd realize till much later but your attitude towards him was different than that of the one you gave his parents. You were rightfully respectful, but to him since meeting you were playful and bounced of his more bratty inclinations with ease.

"Fine stupid, I'll go on one condition." Instantly you perked up, watching him make his way back down the branches. When he was closer to the ground and leaning his legs off both of your hands pressed at the middle of his shoulder blades steadying him, as he touched back onto the grass.

"I know you didn't need help, but I just didn't want you to fall." He looked up at you with a soft expression, disliking how you were still a bit taller than him. The warmth of your hands reminded him how gentle you've always been and very motherly but that wasn't how he saw you.

"I want you to start calling me by my name." He looked away when your brows rose in surprise, shrugging his shoulders and grumbling that he hated being called 'young master' when he wasn't a kid anymore. At least even as a rowdy 12 year old he didn't view himself as a kid.

"Your mother might not like that.." He frowned, down casting his gaze making you remember how much you disliked seeing him unhappy. " about this though.." His scarlet eyes tilted towards you out of curiosity, watching your frill out your dress and smile tenderly as you curtsied to him.

"Master Katsuki."

You made the muscle in his tiny chest skip a beat, before he shoved past you hiding his expression. He was so pleased beyond all believe to hear the syllables of his name finally from your soft voice, that he almost tripped on the concrete surrounding the pool on his way back towards the sliding glass door.

"Ah, where are you going Master Katsuki?"

"To the last probably like 10mins of my stupid music lessons." Hearing it from you again made him even happier, because it made him feel closer to you. He even snickered at the relief he could hear in your voice as you thanked him, walking with him to the door before wishing him luck.

"You can do it, I'm sorry that I'm not able to watch you like before." He was startled even before you patted the top of his head. Part of him didn't think you cared, but again he was wrong about you. Leaning down you kissed his cheek with a giggly smile, and watch him like you thought puff into a pink mess.

"Hope that makes up for not being here with you..Katsuki." You whispered his name, before walking away with your own softly tinted cheeks.

Did you have any idea that you were seducing his 12 year old heart and all you had done was say his name and constantly prove how you cared about him? He couldn't help it, you were an older woman and very beautiful in his tiny ember eyes.

By time he was sitting at the sleek grand piano and not listening to his instructor in the slightest you had completely taken over his mind. He was definitely planning to bother you as soon as this was over and even looking forward to cooking alongside you later tonight for dinner.

3 Years Later(15 year old Katsuki)

You never thought you'd be here this long to watch little Bakugou grow from a small child into the visage of strapping young man. You figured once he entered his more teenage years, his mother wouldn't think he needed a caretaker anymore but you were wrong.

In fact, she knew that you'd gotten close and her son trusted you. If she wanted him to do something, she would ask it through you by proxy and knew he was more than likely to do it. He'd changed, not as much as she would of liked but enough that he was taking his lessons seriously and studying hard.

"Oh, That one looks like a sunflower."

"The one next to it looks like a starfish."

You shared a smile with him, breathing a content sigh as you looked back up towards the clouds. You'd been laying on the grass gazing at them with Bakugou for the past 30mins and it was one of the most relaxing things to take part in.

Even now you remember when he thought this was silly years ago, but now here you both are getting him to take part in this relaxing game without being prompted. Your eyes glance to his frame and find yourself unable to not admire how tall and attractive he has become. No longer is he a little boy but a handsome young man.

His embers catch your gaze causing you to force a laugh and glance away, where he to notes a full bodied woman next to him. Lately he's taken notice that you're not as playful with him anymore as you used to be. It probably started last year when he was 14 and had his growth spurt that finally made him just a bit taller than you.

He turns on his side calling your name, getting you to turn back and do the same. You talk for a little about anything and everything. He doesn't hold back his thoughts anymore as long as he's with you. Throughout the years he's learned everything about you there is to know and you probably understand him more than anyone.

A lift of his palm absentmindedly strokes along your cheek, the smile on your lips giving him the impression you don't mind. After pushing back a few strands of hair behind your ear, he has an unhindered view of the features on your face and can't stop himself from thoroughly admiring them.

Specially your kind bright eyes and the outline of your lush pink lips. He's been thinking about a certain thing ever sense he started reading a lot of books with a heavy lean towards romance. Sometimes he would picture the people in the books as you and him, and it would further accentuate his feelings towards you and remind him he'd been falling for you for a long time.

"(Y/n), Can I kiss you?"

The questions catches you by surprise, forcing you to sit up rubbing the back of your head. "Uh..sure you can, you mean a kiss on the cheek right?" You laugh of your unease, watching him sit up up with a scowl shaking his head vigorously.

"No, I mean a real fucking kiss (Y/n). Your...stupid lips and mine.." He has you becoming lost in his alluring eyes and feeling more out of it when his hand lifts brushing his thumb over both of your appendages.

His desire is made clear, and he even starts to lean forward but both of your hands press timidly at his shoulders and shake your head with warm cheeks. "We can't.." Was your simple excuse, muttering that there was a real thick line between your roles as master and servant.

"Do you still think I'm some dumb kid?" He sneers gripping your wrist to assure you wont be escaping him.

"No..! I..I've watched you grow up and you're a not a kid anymore.."

"Am I not attractive enough to you?"

His fiery eyes make you feel small even though you should be the older person in this situation. When you admit that you think he's handsome his lips quirk up, only to fade when you shake your head back and forth and still deny that there can be any form of romance or intimacy between you.

"As your Master, I fucking order you to kiss me." That fact that he has to phrase it like this is disheartening, but if this is how he must have you...then so be it.

Your head instantly shot up at his words, fluttering your long lashes several of times before he repeated them along with a threat to tell his mother you weren't doing your chores. A soft frown formed on your lips, knowing she would believe him over you no matter what. So you really didn't have a choice anymore.

"Katsuki.." The whisper of his name dulls his senses, making him completely soft like a marshmallow as both of your hands lift and curve along his cheek bones. Slowly you lean closer giving him several seconds to admire your shy facial features, only to become instantly lost when your lips press together.

It was so much better than his imagination could of ever simulated. Not only were your appendages soft and incredibly warm, but you had a subtle sweet flavor maybe the peppermint tea you always had during breakfast. Whatever it was he was determined to taste it thoroughly as he snaked around your hips and pulled you closer into his body.

For someone you knew to be inexperienced, he had his instincts to guide his movement giving you a very passionate and tingly french kiss. This could of gone on forever, you knew he was determined to make this feverish make-out session last as long as possible. However, you detached when the need for air became substantial.

His sharp ember eyes had become lidded, while you watched him pant just as badly as you were. When he'd recovered enough he tried to quickly lean back in, but you paused him with a blushy smile and a press of your index finger against both of his lips.

"I have to go back inside, there is a pile of laundry that needs to be washed."

"Who gives a fuck about laundry, stay with me." He retorted back, making you smile at his arrogant mentality but even he understood that wasn't always going to work.

"It has to be done Master Katsuki, the usual maid is sick and I don't want it to pile up. When I'm done come find me in the kitchen. I enjoy it when we cook together." His rugged expression waned enough to be caught off guard when you gave him one more feather like kiss. Only then did you giggle with red cheeks and quickly walk away from him.

For a moment he pursed his lips before using both hands to cover his expression because he was smiling so hard it would kill him inside if someone saw it. Finally he got to kiss and hold you, making him realize that his frame had gotten broader since he was a child. He almost encompassed your a few years he'd probably tower over you.

The addictive feeling behind tasting your lips, would most certainly leave him desiring many more kisses. He even enjoyed making you all flustered, because you were usually playful and calm. Those tints and tones of pink though they looked so perfect on you.

"I want to kiss her..every fucking day."

3 years later(18 Year old Katsuki)

"Do I really have to wear this..Master Katsuki?"

"I'm not going to fucking respond if you don't address me properly."

Your cheeks puffed out, before saying just his name and peaking out around the edge of the door. "It's a force of habit..Katsuki. Is this really what you want me to wear today though?" His thin lips curved up, nodding and making you squeak when he yanked at the knob to reveal the thin short black dress hugging your curves in all the right ways.

"You asked me what I wanted for my birthday...and this is it. Your stupid ass wearing a dress I had made specifically for you." With an expression that said you were under his spell, you took his offered hands and gladly indulged in a moment where he danced with you.

There didn't have to be any music at all, to enjoy the way he held your hip or threaded your fingers together with his other. The short frills sashayed as he swayed you around his bedroom, using how ruggedly attractive he had become over the years to lure you into meeting his lips.

If you were alone with him like this, you no longer tried to resist at all. This was a forbidden relationship in every way possible, but he has always displayed how little he cares for tradition, formalities, or even his higher status. All he wanted in this life seemed to be to have you by his side.

Your wonderful waltz came to an end when he slides you both down onto his bed, tugging you into his lap. Where he delights like the jackal he's become, in making your face warm with subtle pink blushes because of how you're straddling over him.

One of your hands loop around his neck, pressing up against the back of his head before meeting in the middle for another kiss or two. You can feel his own paws slinking around your hips, caressing the large hole that shows off your back.

The dress he had made came with no sleeves, the only thing to keep it up was a ribbon that coiled around your neck. He even made you a seductive temptress with the amount of leg you were showing off cause the frills barely went over your thighs.

"I'm also...determined as fuck to make you mine tonight." He rasped, showing the powerful gleam behind his orbs before leaning down to kiss at the side of your neck. Your body arched closing your eyes, he knew you were so very weak against this type of affection. Which might be why he displayed his more intimate desires by dragging one of his hands up under your dress to squeeze along your inner thigh.

"Oh..Katsuki..w-we can't.."

"I say we can though." Despite the warmth burning your skin, the confident chuckle he hazed against your neck still brought a smile to your face. "Give yourself to me and let me make you feel good. I'll show you I'm a man and you're my woman." He promised, sliding his fingers under your chin pulling you to meet his lips.

He had your heart beating in disarray from both his desire and powerful declarations. Honestly you wanted him just as much as he wanted you. Never have you looked at him like he was a child sense he had grown taller and quickly grew into his more muscular features. The only thing holding you back was what his parents would think if they caught you.

The more you kissed and swapped saliva, letting him trace your curves in the slow intimate fashion he wanted..the less you cared about anything else. Shifting away from your lips with a mild tug, he trailed down your jaw cupping one of your breasts with his hand. Right away you moaned a soft breath into his ear, sending an addictive shiver down his spine.

While he began to squish and softly roll the mound, his other hand made soft cotton contact with your clothed core. He was panting in a haze of his own warm desires, even before he started to outline the shape of your intimate lips. The heat of your sex already felt so warm, was he turning you on? Honestly he wasn't sure but you were clinging to his shoulders, pressing your body closer to his seemed to be a good indication.

"Oh Katsuki.."

"Does it feel good..? He questioned, nipping along the edges of your neck betraying his own inner thoughts because he needed confirmation. Despite his rough and aggressive exterior he never had any intentions of hurting you.

"It's making me so warm..of course it feels good.." You whispered back, giving him the confidence he needed to make sure he gave you a special night you would never forget. He was kind of surprised though that you could admit your pleasure, but you have never lied to him and have always been honest.

Pausing his movement for a moment he pulls back and starts unbuttoning his vest, giving you most heart racing smirk when you instinctively start helping him slide it off. As well as, the simple white undershirt beneath till his shapely chest and abs are on complete display.

"If you want to touch me, go ahead (Y/n)."

He saw your hands fidgeting in mid air, unsure if it was okay but instantly they pressed at his shoulders slowly curving down. With you tracing his pecs he let out some of the most tiger like growls of approval. Which got more prominent with the added syllables of your name when you outlined his six pack with a ticklish sway of all of your fingers.

Your lips even curved up becoming giddy when you decided to be silly and press at his belly button, and it earned you an instant wiggle. "Katsuki is ticklish..? I didn't think I'd see the day.." His cheeks became red but he couldn't even begin to get mad at you, when you had such a beautiful smile on your face.

"I bet you're ticklish too stupid.." He huffed, and for a moment you thought he might start trying to tickle you as well. Instead he lifted both of his hands, tugging your closer till your noses were practically rubbing together for an Eskimo kiss. However, it was merely a distraction as he tugged at the ribbon around your neck, loosening the knot easily.

The moment the soft material began to fall, you gasped pulling back from his body to hold it up with bright warm cheeks. He chuckled, licking his lips before gripping your hips lifting you up with him as he stood only to toss you down on his bed and climb in over you.

His broad muscular build created a very looming shadow, before he coerced you into letting go with many kisses and tender caresses. The reveal of your womanly curves was a slow and sensual affair, as he truly looked like he enjoyed unwrapping you like a present he's longed for.

"Katsuki..d-don't stare to hard..please.." You whispered, covering your breasts becoming bashful. It honestly didn't even look like he heard you, since he was still bouncing his eyes up and down like you were a perfect piece of art.

"You're fucking beautiful..don't hide from me. Or i'll bite you~." The smirk on his face didn't last but a few seconds before he was leaning forward and kissing all over your stomach. It felt so tender and even gave your warm tickly shivers. His lips curved up when you wiggled like he expected, but he choose to not call attention to it. Instead he licked a circle around your button before edging upwards.

He planted kisses against the back of both of your hands, not bothering to move them. Soon his fine appendages were against your neck licking and sucking, turning you into a shivering mewing mess. By time you'd abandoned your chest to curl around his back, he had just captured your lips and was thoroughly swishing around your cavern making it his own.

"Ah're such a good kisser.."

"I been kissing your stupid ass for 3 years, I better be good."

Oh, you couldn't help but snort and push his face away to laugh. He was right though, since that day in the garden when he was've shared so many kisses you've long sense lost count.

Taking the opportunity, his embers set their sights on the round shape of your breasts. He's already kissing the space between before you even realize, soon taking the closest nip into his mouth and delightfully sending pleasure throughout your body when he pops it.

"Ah..Katsuki..That feels so good.." You whisper, easing your eyes closed and petting a hand up through his tresses to get lost in the many more kisses he starts to plant along your tender skin.

You don't even know how much he enjoys when your hands are running through his hair, but than again he relishes every moment where some part of you is in his arms. Parting from your now perky tip he licks his way like a puppy over to the other, flicking it with his muscle and looping a circle or two before nipping with his teeth.

The sharp sound of you moaning his name and completely arching, drives him utterly insane because you fit so well against his frame. Like his perfect puzzle piece and sometimes he just doesn't know what to do about how addicted to you he feels. He's been smitten with you sense he was like 12.

"'re leaving so many m-marks Katsuki...what if others see them..?" You whimpered, dragging your nails absentmindedly down the middle of his back when he gave your nip a rough chomp with his teeth.

"I would say who gives a shit..but these marks are on parts of your body I don't want anyone else to fucking see...So don't worry." With warm kisses he assured, he'd get rid of anyone that ever looked at your inappropriately.

An endearing smile formed on your lips at how possessive of a man and your soon to be lover he was. Even as he started angling his kisses lower, all you could think about was how romantic and caring he was.

Which is why a lick or two against your inner thighs caught you off guard, and even more so the way he eyed the middle of your body noting the damp area that outlined your womanhood. Slowly he gripped the waistband edging them down but paused when he felt your frame twitch.

"Are you nervous..? Want me to stop..? We don't have to.." Each question and even that last statement was followed by kisses against either your stomach and inner thigh.

The fact that he was even asking after coming this far, really made you feel special and important to him. You enjoyed with a warm smile the way he kissed your hips and back up over your breasts. He only halted when your hands curved around his cheeks and brought him forward for a passionate kiss.

"I want to be with Katsuki..I am nervous but..please continue.."

Oh, you had his expression softening before capturing your lips several times and not letting you off the hook till you were both panting heavily for air. He gave you a handsome smirk, before lowering his body and at the same time tugging down your pure white undies letting them coil to the floor.

You'd never been naked before a man before, but you managed to keep your hands clutched against the sheets of his bed. Your face was incredibly red and doe-like, but his was giving your already thumping heartbeat palpitations because he looked so..famished. A predator sizing up his prey and thoroughly delighting in the meal before him.

"Fuck..I could just eat you up.." He was already between your legs, making his dreams a reality before you could even respond. His tongue extended immediately lapping up and down the shape of your womanhood, growling at the intoxicating flavor of your arousal glistening against your intimate lips.

"'re drive me crazy..!" You mewled, tossing and turning your head trying to control the volume of your voice because you didn't want anyone to hear. It was nearly impossible though, he was being so detail oriented on your most private body part.

From the way his tongue slid along the edges of your slit, to the way he sucked on the sensitive flaps, and even the way he pursed his lips against your clit. It was the most erotic sensation you'd ever felt, your legs were practically trembling. While both hands had long sense clenched against the back of his head.

"I can't help it (Y/n) taste so fucking good..have me drooling all over myself." He rasped, fraying both of his paws along your stomach and hips, in their journey to cup and roll your breasts. Almost at the same time his slippery muscle coiled between your slick folds, pressing as deep into your cunt as possible.

"Oh Katsuki~! Ah, it f-feels so good~! I'm going to f-faint~!" You warned, but if anything his traction only sped up with a hazy snarl. Thrusting his tongue back and forth, feeling along your inner walls in all the right ways. Not to mention the pleasurable switch between either squishing your breasts or giving them small pinches, added incredible levels to your euphoria.

A vicious grin forms on his lips when your thighs clench against his head, while he can barely hear you whimpering and losing your mind. His paws shift again, gliding beneath your bottom and pushing your even deep down against his tongue.

At this point your entire body was trembling while you gave his hair several overwhelmed tugs, achieving your first blissful orgasm of the night. When he starts to pull back your legs flop back down against the bed, while your hand slide down against your stomach as he lifts his head.

The image of his glistening and dripping with your arousal tongue, has you finally admitting how embarrassing this situation is with the complete cover of your face. He snickers gulping down your flavor while unbuttoning and shoving his pants to the floor. The moment he starts climbing back in over you, both of your hands shyly meet the flat of his chest blushing brightly.

"I can barely contain how much I fucking want you (Y/n). Are you ready to become mine?" He watches you with clouded eyes, lift one of your hands and pet his cheek. His embers search your expression for a sign you don't want to continue, but you're smiling tenderly encouraging him down to your lips for a sweet kiss.

"Please be gentle with me.."

"Of course s-stupid..tell me if it hurts.." He waits for you to nod, before pushing your legs apart and aligning the tip of his cock right up against your warm slit. Both of his hands caress your hips, making sure you're relaxed before easing his own forward slowly burring his girth into your walls.

"N-ngh..Katsuki...Ah.." You twitch and gasp his name, digging your nails into his skin while he watches you grit your teeth at the unexpected sensation. Leaning down he kisses your cheek and forehead, before finally meeting your lips for a slow distracting make-out.

His warm paws are even petting all over your curves, hoping to soothe any pain you might be feeling. Which you're completely grateful for. These tender actions further displaying him as a man perfectly capable of being gentle, he just doesn't show people whom don't deserve it.

"It's okay can move now..please hold me tight.."

"You got it, sweet thing." He licks at your cheek making you smile, before getting a tight grip on your hips and thrusting his own back and forth.

Instantly the feeling was overwhelming for the both of you, because he was a well endowed man and you were completely squeezing his girth. The way you gripped his back muscles and mewled his name fed his every primal desire to make love to you and give you the best kind of pleasure.

"Ah Katsuki~! I c-can feel you so deep..! You're making so hot..!" One of your hands flew up against the back of his head, fraying into his hair while you got completely lost in the pleasure that burned so brightly inside your frame. He even made that feeling several times brighter, by kissing and sucking on your neck knowing it would drive you even more insane.

He practically lived off the sounds of your ecstasy as he nipped and bit against your neck, leaving subtle marks of his teeth. Your inner walls were pulsating against his manhood with each vigorous thrust he gave. Not to mention how wet he could feel you were. Was that your heartbeat he was sensing? It was an excruciating and invigorating pulse there was no doubt in his mind.

"H-hah you drive me fucking insane (Y/n)! I wont let you leave! I don't give a damn if someone finds out about us!" His declarations had his deeply penetrating rhythm increasing with the lift of both of your legs. Despite the mad blush covering your face, he was thrilled when you coiled around his back and met him in the middle for an abundance of ferociously passionate kisses.

"Oh Katsuki, you make me f-feel so special! I'm just a maid..I was just suppose to take care of you, but I ended up falling for you instead.." You mumbled to him between your pleasure, tugging him down against your body so you could hold him as close to your heart as possible.

"What the fuck is wrong with both?! You made my lonely days better, I wouldn't take any of those god damn days back!" He growled snapping his teeth over the ridge of your ear. "You're mine! You got that?! I wont ever let you leave my side!" He was pounding into your body so fast, you couldn't even form words to respond but their were tears in your eyes.

With the shift of his hands dunking under your ass, he pushes and pulls your soft plush body to meet with his every thrust. It feels so excruciatingly good to be inside you, that he knows he can't last much longer. The pulse of your inner walls telling him it's just the same for you.

The moment you can hear the slap of his his hips against your thighs, sloshing your profusely dripping folds you know you can't hold back any longer. With a scratch of your nails down between his shoulder blades mewling out your orgasm, his tongue glides down you throat.

The convulse of your cunt and taste of your vivid euphoria send him over the edge as well, giving him barely a thought to pull back and relieve himself on the spot beneath your body. Where he discovers to his surprise and incredible dismay that you're bleeding.

"(Y/n)..s-stupid..I was your first..?" He blurts out, honestly unsure why he thought you weren't a virgin. You were a beautiful older woman, he figured it was crazy to assume no one else had fallen for you.

"You were...we took each others virginity..I don't regret it.." You whispered with a smile, feeling completely exhausted. Your lower half definitely sore making you unable to walk for the rest of the night. "You thought I had been with someone before?"

"N-no..I mean...You've always been pretty.." It's weird to watch him mumble so much, he hasn't done that since maybe the first year you arrived. "Just so you know, I don't fucking regret it at all either..! I meant everything I said..I just thought..m-maybe some else looked at you the way I did.."

This is the most sincere confession you've ever been given. He's such a rough around the edges type of man, but completely tender on the inside when you get to know him. Which he proves by finding a cloth to wipe off your thighs and gently over your sensitive core.

"Do you feel any pain..?"

"Maybe a little bit..its more like a throb and my thighs feel red.." You manage a small giggle watching him laugh as well, giving a soft apology but it comes with a smirk. Since he is a proud man whom made love with the woman he cared about deeply, and doesn't regret going hard if he made you feel good.

"Stay with me tonight, not like you can get up anyway." He chuckled, sliding in next to you as he tugged up the covers and encouraged you to lay as close to him as you wanted. A sleepy smile curved to your lips while happily wrapping around his hips and laying your cheek against his warm muscular chest.

"(Y/n)..I love you."

You felt the genuine pick up in his heart against the ridge of your ear, and it brought tears to your eyes. It was like a dream come true, and probably very nerve wracking for him to confess to someone for the first time. However, after watching over him for 8 was practically written in the stars that you were meant for each other.

"I love you even more, Katsuki. I'll do my best to make you happy."


Ahhhh this is over 8k words. I kind of like how I did progressing time to show how Katsuki and reader subtly grew closer and closer. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Also random fact, I was curious if Mitsuki and Masaru(Katsuki parents) had an age difference. Turns out they are 4 years apart from each other. Mitsuki likes older men sksksk xD

Next up will be - DragonKing!Katsuki x Dragon!Reader(L) - She can transform between her human and dragon form at will :3