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Melodies Of A Wild Tiger(Katsuki x Reader)

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This was my very first one-shot for Katsuki...It brings back memories xD (They get less cringy after this one I promise)

I wonder if my OG followers back in the day remember this one.(Originally posted on wattpad)



"W-wait Kaa-chan, someones going to see us.." You whimpered to him, pushing at his shoulders.

"I don't care, let the losers see what a real man can do." His crazy grin dominated his handsome features, as he grabbed both of your wrists pressing them against the wall. Leaning down he pressed his teeth against your neck but didn't bite, relishing in the way your body jittered bellow him.

A hot breath left your lips as an intense blush swarmed your cheeks. You felt his tongue slide against the side of your neck, licking up to your ear.

How did this even start? Well lets take it back to this morning.

"Good morning, (Y/n)-san" Deku's voice called as you made your way into the classroom. Smiling back to him, you made your way over to your desk, which was right next to his.

"Morning, Deku-kun."

He seemed to be a little nervous as you started talking. A soft shade of pink decorated his cheeks, while both of his hands flexed back and forth. It looked like he wanted to say something, but the moment he turned to you a fist slammed down onto his desk nearly making him fall backwards.

"Oi, Deku you shitty nerd, Who said you could talk to my girlfriend?" Bakugo's red eyes flared angrily making Deku wave his hands back and forth, saying he was just be friendly.

Just as he lifted his hand creating a mini explosion in his hand, did you quickly cup your own around your lips and blow. The fire in his hand chilled instantly, as he turned towards you with a huff.

"The fuck are you doing, (Y/n)?!" He hissed, practically breathing fire as he complained about wanting to demolish Deku. All you did was roll your eyes in response, earning a loud tsking sound from him before he sat at his desk and faced away.

"Sorry Deku-kun.." You whispered with an apologetic smile, holding both of your hands together.

"No..It's o-okay.." He assured with a wave saying he was more than fine. He after all was used to being the punching bag of his childhood friend, whom was always consumed with intense emotions.

That was one of the reasons you fell for him. He never sugar coated how he felt, and was honest even if it was sometimes in a brutal way. He was the type of man who would never lie, and always be true to his words.

Turning to the back of his head, you looked at the reflection of his face in the window. He was clearly sad that you hadn't even spoken to him, most people wouldn't be able to see sadness on his face..they would just see anger, irritation, outrage, and fierce disapproval.

However, you cared about him deeply and knew just how to read his expressions.

Standing you walked over to his desk, bending down next to him. "Kaa-chan." You called to him with a smile, getting him to turn almost immediately in your direction.

"What the hell do-" The moment his cheek turned, it pressed into your finger making you giggle. Just as he started to blush getting a little flustered, did you lean forward pressing your lips against his.

It lasted but a second or two, but when you pulled back his face had completely calmed down. "Just wanted to give you a morning kiss." You smiled to him, standing back up. Just as you were about to go back to your desk he grabbed your hand pulling you till your ass landed on his desk.

He didn't say anything as he laid his head in your lap, placing one of his hands on your knee. It was a gesture that made you blush, but this wasn't an uncommon position for him to take in the mornings.

Smiling you slid a hand into his hair and relaxed till morning classes would start.

"Bakugo-kun and (Y/n)-chan are so cute together!" Gushed Ochaco.

"Really? He always seems so explosive even though he has a girlfriend.." Mumbles Kaminari, as he leans back in his chair. "Well I guess she does manage to calm him down..most of the time."

"Ah, I'm so jealous.." Mineta huffs, glaring daggers at the back of Bakugo's head.

"Mineta-chan, just wants to lay in a girls lap, ribbit." Tsuyu shrugs, saying his reasons for wanting a girlfriend are all screwed up.

"Class is starting, back to your seats." The door to the classroom slides open and a very tired looking Aizawa-sensei strides in. "That include you (L/n), back to your seat."

"Hai~" You call with a smile pushing at Bakugo's head getting him to lift himself. He doesn't look happy about loosing his comfy pillow, but doesn't stop you as you slide back into your seat.

Class goes by relatively quick, with little to no hiccups. Before long its lunchtime, making everyone depart their own separate ways. Some forming small groups eating at their desks, some moving to the courtyard.

During this time you like to eat lunch on the roof with Bakugo, so that's where you start to head. You know he's trailing behind you with his hands in his pockets, looking as annoyed as ever.

"(Y/n)-chan! Lets eat lunch together?" The sound of his voice makes you pause giving Deku enough time to jog to your side. He chuckles nervously showing you his lunch, which has a cute blue cloth wrapped around it.

"Sure that sounds-"

"Bastard, it's like you don't even see me." Bakugo hisses interrupting you, taking a dangerous step towards Deku making him back up. "Are you trying to steal (Y/n) from me?"

"T-that's not it Kaa-chan!" He panics waving his hands back and forth taking a few steps back trying to create space between them.

"If you don't get away from us, I'll kill you." He flexes his hand making sparks emanate from his palm. A trail of sweat slides down Deku's brow clearly on edge, he was sure Bakugo wasn't joking.

"Kaa-chan, Enough I get it. You just want to eat lunch together, lets go." Walking away with a soft sigh, you quickly tell Deku maybe next time before trailing up to the roof.

Bakugo is quiet till the door shuts behind him, just as you're about to sit down he grabs your hand pulling you against the wall. Both of his hands slide around your hips pressing himself into you.

"(Y/n), I wish you would stop talking to Deku." his voice is cold as his eyes glower down at you, his face is so close you can feel his hot breath against your parted lips.

"He's just my friend, You can't be so controlling Katsuki.."

Your words seem to agitate him even more, as he slides a hand up cupping one of your breasts while leaning down to the right side of your neck. Your face instantly twinges in a blush, as he places a hot kiss against your skin slowly kneading your breast in his hand.

"I'm your boyfriend though, stop paying attention to people that aren't me." His breath hazes into your ear, wrapping his teeth around it. "I'll show you who you belong to."

"w-wait..Someone might see us.."

And this is where you are right now. Trapped between the wall and your gropey boyfriend who doesn't care at all that you're both at school.

Your head tilts back out of instinct when he starts sucking at the skin of your neck, no doubt marking you completely with red hickeys that will show everyone at school that you're his.

His hands slides down your body outlining the shape of both of your breasts, before edging the buttons to your blazer apart. Your body warms as he smirks at the sight of your sports bra, licking his lips in an almost primal way.

"You always come to school prepared for a workout.." He snickers, saying maybe you knew this was coming making your entire body tingle. However, as he pulls your chin to meet with his lips in a steamy kiss he whispered.

"I'm glad you're not the type to always wear lace."

Your eyes slid closed melting into his kiss, wrapping both hands around his neck. He forcefully pressed his tongue passed your lips, making you gasp as he hotly licked around every corner of your mouth.

Once he pulled away he licked your combined saliva from his lips with a grin. Leaning forward again you expected another kiss, but twitched as he wrapped his teeth around your bottom lip and sucked on it.

His hand slid around your stomach, caressing around your skin till he edged his fingers under your bra. He smirked as you moaned his name, when he kneaded your round flesh between his digits.

Letting go off your lip after making it sufficiently red and swollen, he trailed his own down your neck kissing your shoulder and upper body. His fingers slid sensual circles around your nip, feeling just how perky they were before hungrily craving to wrap his lips around it.

With a sharp tug that had you squeaking, he freed both of your breasts. Before you could even register the air swirling around your skin, his lips were against your nip sucking on it passionately.

"Ah~ Katsuki~" You moaned to him, gripping one of your hands into his hair. Leaning back letting the pleasure he was giving you, take over your body.

You could feel his lips curve up into a smirk, as he licked hot wet circles from one breast to the other. He must of enjoyed the taste of your skin, because he couldn't stop himself from biting down against it.

"Oh, Katsuki..d-don't be so rough.." You panted to him, meeting his gleaming red eyes.

He let your nip go with a slick pop, giving you a toothy grin. "I haven't even started yet, (Y/n)~" He pulled your rosy bud between his teeth making you arch your back, gasping out his name. "Just wait till we really get started.."

One of his hands trailed between your legs pressing at your thigh, making you spread them just enough for him to slide his fingers against your panties.

"Ah, Katsuki.." You whispered out a moan, gripping both of your hands against his shirt. He traced your cloth slit with two fingers, murmuring to you how wet you felt before dipping into the side of your panties.

"'re insatiable sometimes.." You moaned softly into his ear, pulling his body closer and closer till he was smack against your bare chest. He chuckled, licking the shell of your ear with his tongue as he curled a few fingers into your folds.

"It doesn't sound like you want me to stop.." He husked against your skin, thrusting his fingers back and forth listening to your moans of his name. "I can feel how wet you're, I'm the only one who ever gets to touch you like this."

His words were unbelievably possessive, as he pleasured your body. You could feel his hot breath against the skin of your neck, his hand caressing around your stomach and exposed tits. It was an overwhelming warmth consuming your skin, unable to contain your many moans of his name.

"Are you going to cum?" He rasped against the rim of your ear, when he felt your walls starting to pulse against his fingers. However, just as you were about to answer he sharply tugged your panties down your legs.


Before you could even ask, his fingers slid back into your core thrusting at an incredible pace. Your body starting writhing in pleasure, biting at the side of his neck trying to dissuade any loud moans from escaping your lips.

He groaned your name loving the way you were squeezing him, he loved making you desperate. It meant he was the only one in your field of vision, and the only one who could satiate any of your desires.

It didn't take to long before your womanly arousal was sliding down his fingers, body jittering from an intense pleasurable release. You watched with rosy cheeks as he licked his fingers, making sure you saw how he enjoyed your flavor before pulling away.

It only took a moment for him to unzip his pants, sliding on a condom you didn't even know he brought to school. He merely grinned at the flutter to your embarrassed eyes, as you admired his well endowed cock.

"I'm not going easy on you.." His hands slid up your legs, grabbing them hoisting you up against the wall till his cock was right against your wet entrance. "Cause you're mine.." He waited till your hands had gripped around his shoulders, giving him a shy nod letting him see how much you could not deny to wanting him too.

Sliding a hand up into his blonde unruly tresses, you pushed him to meet your lips. His hands gripped the bottom of your ass, before thrusting forward. Instantly he felt drool from the moan you hazed into his mouth slide down his lips.

Giving you but a moment, he started an extremely fast pace that had you moaning against his lips. His cock filled you up in an intense way, letting you know just how slick your juices were making him. He even groaned into your mouth pulling away to bury his face against the side of your neck.

"Katsuki, Oh my god!~ Y-you're going to fast!~" You whimpered and moaned as your breasts started to bounce up and down from the aggressive friction he was rocking into you.

"But you feel good, don't you?~" He snickered, biting down against your neck nibbling your skin tasting how your voice was rattling your vocal chords with your every moan.

You panted and panted his name, gripping his shoulders as tightly as you could muster. You could not deny, that it felt amazing but you dare not say it. He knew without the words anyway, your slick warm arousal and the pulse of your walls against his member told him everything.

The intense feeling of another orgasm was building up quickly in the pit of your stomach. Both of your legs gripped around his waist as tightly as they could, trying to relay to him how close you were.

He must of understood as both of his hands grip the bottom of your ass, starting to bounce you against his member in tune to his thrusting. Your moans turn into begs, that just make him thrust even harder.

"Katsuki!" You mewl one last time, coating his cock with your slick sticky arousal. After thrusting a few more times achieving his own release as he slowly sets your legs back down, snickering at the way you slide to the floor, unable to keep yourself up.

"Kaa-chan, you're so mean...just be happy I like you.." After you manage to fix your cloths, your eyes start to ease shut telling him you wont be able to make it to your next class. He says he'll take you to the nurses office, in a few minutes. With one last soft smile sleep consumes your pleasured body.

Smiling down at you, he touches your cheek a soft gesture he would only ever give you. Standing back up he opens the door, glowering at his green haired childhood friend. His hand flexes creating a spark of fire.

"I knew you were listening, you shitty nerd."

"N-no..I..j-just..(Y/n)-chan.." Deku's face is a complete red mess, he didn't mean to listen to you both having just sort of happened.

Bakugo grabs him by his collar nearly choking him as he lifts him off his feet. "Take this to mean she'll never be yours. So stop flirting with her, or I really will kill you."

Man I really like this one! Kaa-chan <3

ooof the nostalgia for this chapter is soo strong.

I never call Katsuki "Kaa-chan" anymore lol

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This one-shot will contain - lots of swearing cause hey its Katsuki, train grope, biting, rough intense bathroom sex.


"There he is again."

"Isn't he the kid that told the rest of his classmates to die, during the sports festival?"

"Yeah...He's more like a villain than a hero."

Turning your head, your eyes landed on Bakugou Katsuki. He was incredibly famous but for all the wrong reasons. Known as the boy who got captured by the slime creature a few years ago or as the hero in training with an extremely bad attitude.

Your cheeks warmed watching him, you had to admit he was extremely handsome. Those piercing red eyes, that blonde spiky hair, the muscles you could tell were under his school shirt. Instantly your entire face was on fire forcing you to turn away, covering your cheeks with one of your palms.

This wasn't the first time you'd admired his features from afar, usually he was always on the same train every morning on your way to school. His stop was the one before your own, he went to U.A of course but you just went to a normal school.

The train stops to let the next set of passengers off and on, making you huff as the car your in becomes so full, you ended up being pushed towards the back of the car.

Suddenly some one is right behind you, they are so close you could feel their shadow looming over you. You ignored it though, until a hand pets the back of your ass making your cheeks warm.

You try to shove his hand away but he keeps sliding it against your ass, groping the back of your skirt. A hand is placed on your hip, pushing you forward almost up against the wall in front of you. Fingers start to trail from the back of your leg to up under your skirt.

Tears prick at your eyes, wanting to call out for help but being to scared and embarrassed. Turning your head your eyes meet piercing red ones, Your lips quiver but you mouth the word 'help' to him.

The strangers hand makes sensual contact with your panties, forcing you to shut both of your eyes a tear trailing down your cheek. A loud explosion suddenly enters your ears, the hand on your ass disappears.

"Oi, you fucking perv! If you don't keep you grimy hands to yourself, I'll fucking destroy you!" Roars a very aggressive voice, grabbing the pervert by his collar hoisting him off his feet despite how much taller he is.

Turning you wipe at your face, staring wide eyes at your savior who is none other than, Bakugou Katsuki. In one of his hands is a fire that is emanating sparks, his other is around the guys neck threatening to choke him.

"I d-didn't do anything!" The guy panics, but Bakugou just squeezes his neck tighter narrowing his eyes. When the train stops at its next destination, it just so happens to be Bakugou's. Keeping a firm hold on the guys neck he starts to walk forward, only to turn his fire-like red eyes towards you, grabbing your wrist tugging you behind him as he gets off the train.

Bakugou tugs you both over to a nearby police box, tossing the guy he had by the neck to the ground. He growls at the officers that he is a pervert, he caught him groping you, and wants them to lock him up.

They seem a little lost but when they see how shaken up you are, red faced and barely able to speak they believe him. The officers handcuff the guy, before giving Bakugou a salute thanking him for being a good citizen.

"I'm not just a citizen! I'm going to be the number 1 Hero!" He hisses to them making them both cower a bit, before quickly excusing themselves.

You hear him tsk loudly, muttering something about no one understanding greatness when they see it. His words make you smile, you were probably one of the only people that found his arrogant attitude cute.

"And you!" He hisses turning around and that's when you realize he's still holding your hand. "Why the hell didn't you scream for help?! He was molesting you, you can't just fucking stand there!?" He berates you with lots of cussing and harsh words, as he squeezes your hand making you flinch.

"I..I..u-uh...I was scared..I d-didn't.." Your face tilts towards the ground feeling dejected, him yelling at you wasn't helping either.

"Don't just ignore me, dammit!" He grabs your chin tilting your face back up to his, "If I wasn't there you would of been violated, do you even care?" He screams making your entire body tremble before you shove him away, completely surprising him.

"Of course I care! I'm just not brave like you! I don't have a quirk or courage.." A couple tears trail down your face, before you cover it with both of your hands. "I..know you hate people who don't have quirks...but it's just how I was born..I'm completely useless.."

"How do you know that?" He questions taking a few steps towards you, frowning at the way you back up. "I've seen you on the train before, the girl whose always watching me." Your face twinges under your hands, he's seen you staring at him..can this day get any worse.

"You got a problem with me or something?? What the fuck is your name?"

"My n-name is (Y/n)..and I d-don't..I j-just..."

"Just what? Spit it out!" His gruff highly aggravated voice just makes you completely blurt out the truth.

"I j-just really think you're handsome!" As soon as the words left your mouth, you instantly regretted them. Your entire face blossomed into the deepest red, barely looking at his eyes you immediately turned away from him, "I h-have to go, c-class will start soon.."

He said something but you didn't hear it as you started running the opposite direction. Your thoughts screaming at you for practically shouting, right to his face that you liked him. There was no way he'd even respond to your comment, he'd probably make fun of you.

Panting heavily you leaned against the wall, noticing you were right next to a girls bathroom. Wiping at your brow you realized you could use a moment to freshen up, your entire face was probably red and covered in sweat.

Just as you were about to place your hand on the door knob, a palm slides over your shoulder resting flat against the door. Instantly your blood runs cold, recognizing the grey outline of his all to familiar blazer.

"For someone whose quirkless, you can run pretty fast."

Squeaking you try to turn around but he shoves you both through the door, pressing you up against it. His lips are curved up into a smirk, as he slides his hand against your cheek before gliding it down to the doorknob. When he pulls away the metal material is completely melted, there is no way you can leave now.

"W-wait what are you d-doing?" You stutter like crazy, skin becoming warm and tingly as he places both hands on either side of your head. His muscular body leans into yours, pressing against your chest.

"It makes things easier, knowing you've been looking at me for the same reason I look at you." He smirks, cutting off the words you were about to say by smashing his lips against yours. Everything inside your head starts to swirl madly barely able to comprehend the furious lips devouring your own.

His tongue forces its way passed your lips, grabbing the back of your head refusing to let you even think about pulling away. Both of your hands grip at his gray blazer, whimpering his name into his mouth.

When he pulls back he lets his slick muscle hang out of his mouth showing your extremely red face a sticky trail of saliva connecting you together. He smirks at how speechless you are, before gliding both of his hands down your body.

"Ah~ W-wait..what's happening right now?!" You couldn't help the small moan that left your lips as he outlined the shape of both of your breasts, but you really needed him to answer your question.

"I see something I like so I'm taking it." The corners of his lips held the most sadistic look you'd ever seen..and yet you couldn't help but think he looked so incredibly sexy.

His hands squeezed the outline of both of your breasts, as he leaned down biting at the side of your neck. It made him snicker in an almost delightful way when you couldn't help but moan his name arching your back pressing your chest towards him.

"(Y/n), you like it rough, I see." His voice hazed against your skin, pressing his hot lips against your neck kissing, sucking and leaving you some incredible feeling bite marks.

"No...t-thats not it.." You murmured, but the way your hands were squeezing at his shirt not pushing him away told him just how good you were feeling.

His hands roughly pulled at every button on your shirt, getting frustrated when some of the buttons weren't coming loose. You found it adorable and even started to giggle, before he aggressively pulled your shirt so hard at least 3 of the buttons flew off revealing your stomach and lacy bra.

"W-woah wait a just ripped my shirt!" You protested blushing as you covered your chest with both hands.

"I don't give a shit, they wouldn't unbutton." He growled, grabbing both of your hands shoving them against the door. He licked his lips hungrily before, tugging up your bra flopping both of your breasts free.

"Don't look!~ Ah!~" He of course didn't listen to your embarrassed whimper, as he leaned down wrapping his warm lips around one of your rosy buds, where he wasn't gentle as he sucked and roughly nipped the tit between his teeth.

"Bakugou, Oh please don't!~" You begged to him not to bite your nips but the way you moaned his name and wiggled your body, just made him want to devour your skin all the more.

Letting go of your nip with a slick pop, he snickered before leaning down to your ear. "Call me Katsuki, before the day is over I'm going to make you admit you like it rough." He bit into the shell of your ear, making you both flinch and arch towards him.

You couldn't even respond to him, as he slide his lips back down your neck and over both of your breasts. Switching back and forth between your round flesh, making sure to leave an assortment of hickey's as well as pulsating bite marks on your tender skin.

It was an addicting sensation, the feeling of his extremely warm and wet lips. Fighting the situation was no longer at the top of your list, as you slide both of your hands into his unruly spiky locks. His hair was a lot softer than it looked, making you smile as you caressed through it.

His red eyes glanced up, smirking at the way you'd leaned your head back closing your eyes. Even the way your hands were wrapped around his head petting his hair, made him grin. You'd been a shy little kitten up till this point, but now you were letting yourself admit that he was making you feel good.

Deciding he wanted more of you, he didn't bother asking as he bent down to his knee's spreading your legs. The moment you felt his teeth dig into the flesh of your inner thigh, you tossed your head back moaning his name so loudly, you were sure everyone outside this door heard you.

"Fuck that was a loud moan.." He pulled away from your thighs to smirk up at your brightly colored face. "I was going to tell you not to hold back, but I guess I don't have too." Grinning so widely he was showing you his fangs, he slide back between your legs.

He slide his tongue against the bite he gave your thigh, before licking up to your panties. Pressing his lips roughly against your clothed slit, he gave your lower lips one hell of a passionate kiss.

"Oh, not there!~ Don't k-kiss me there!~" Biting into one of your fingers trying to stifle the moans that wanted to leave your lips, you also slid one of your hands down to the back of his head trying to push him away.

Your body was more honest than your words were, as you could no doubt felt an overwhelming type of pleasure. The way you could feel his lips against your lower ones and even the way his tongue lapped up and down..had your legs turning to jelly. He wasn't even making actual contact, yet it still felt so heavenly.

"(Y/n), do you have any idea how wet you've made your panties?" His deep voice hazed against your skin, even though you couldn't see his face you could practically taste the grin on it. "I never knew a girl could be so lude..being so turned on by how I bite you.."

"N-no that's not true...It's..b-because you.." Your face was so red you couldn't even complete the sentence you wanted to say.

"Because what?" He smirked sliding his tongue down the middle of your clothed slit.

"Oh, Katsuki~" You moaned to him, but he merely licked against your panties again telling you to answer his question. Fluttering your eyes, you bit your lip..trying to find the strength before you whispered.

" k-kissed me..d-down there.."

"You mean down here?" With a wide grin he gripped your panties and in a swift movement tugged them from your body. Before you could even react his tongue slid between your slick folds, darting back and forth at a shocking pace.

"Katsuki!~ Katsuki!~ Oh!~" You moaned his name over and over again, gripping several strands of his hair. Your head smacked against the door behind you, as your legs clamped around his head. No longer could you be concerned with how loud you might of been moaning.

The depth of his warm muscle had both of your legs jittering badly. His tongue curled up and down pressing against all the right pleasure zones, as he enjoyed the sweet taste of your womanly juices.

Pulling back to take a husky breath, those red eyes of his landed on your clit and smirked getting and incredibly naughty idea. Both of his lips wrapped around your sensitive bundle of nerves, before pressing his teeth against it.

Oh, the way your entire body spasmed.

"No, don't do that!~ Oh!~ Ah!~ I can't take it!~" Tossing your head back and forth you whimpered and moaned his name over and over. He didn't care at all about your desperate begs for him to stop as he sucked and swirled it between his lips, getting off on the way your legs were trembling.

Even as your hand jittered in his hair trying to push him away, but having no strength behind it whatsoever, just egged him on to suck furiously enjoying all the mewls that left your lips.

"Katsuki, I c-can't!~"

Screaming his name you coated his lips and chin with your slick arousal, feeling an overwhelming orgasm sway through your body.

Pulling away he licked his lips, lifting himself off the ground. His red eyes gleamed at your pleasure hazed ones, giving you a grin full of all his fangs as he unzipped his pants sliding them to the floor.

The sight of his manly muscle had you immediately wanting to cover both of your eyes, but at the same time you couldn't help but awe at his size and shape. When he started edging closer, you held out both of your arms stopping him with an extremely pink face.

"W-wait, I w-want to see your chest too.." You found the strength to murmur a small desire, you'd always wanted to see his abs and chest muscles.

"Take it off for me then." He smirked sliding off his blazer leaving only his white undershirt on. Stepping over to you, he pressed your hands against his chest encouraging you to unbutton his shirt.

Fluttering your eyes, you took a slow deep breath before edging his buttons apart. It was actually pretty easy which had you smiling wondering how he'd had so much difficulty taking your own off. It took but a moment for his chest muscles to be on full display.

Your fingers bravely traced his chest and down to his abs outlining his extremely well built body. It wasn't lost on him how you were biting your lips, making him smirk as he wondered if you really thought he was that sexy.

"How about we get to the best part." He snickered at the way you instantly retracted you hands, blushing at his handsome face madly. His rough fingers pulled you in for a passionate haze of kisses, that included some lip biting that had you moaning and whimpering into his mouth.

The moment he pulled away, he grabbed your hips forcing you to turn around. You blushed as you felt his fingers grip the back of your ass pulling it, getting you to bend over. He pushed up your skirt sliding his his cock up to your wet lips.

"I don't have a condom, I hear the pullout method works just fine." He grinned leaning his bare chest against your back. The feeling of his skin against your own, sent wonderful tingles down your body. It was almost like you didn't even hear what he said.

Gripping the back of your ass, he thrusted his hips forward sliding into the warmth of you womanly core. "(Y/n)'re so tight.." He groaned feeling in incredible detail how badly your folds were squeezing him.

"Angh!~ Mh!~ Oh my g-god!~" You hissed, gripping the door in front of you so hard your knuckles were turning white. He was bigger than you were prepared for, it was an incredibly full feeling he was giving your body.

Sliding his hands to your hips, he barely gave you a second to get used to his girth before he started thrusting his hips back and forth slapping against your ass.

"Katsuki!~ N-not so fast!~" You whimpered to him, as he rocked into your body. His voice chuckled directly into your ear before kissing the side of your neck. It was soft gesture that had you smiling, before gasping his name as he bit into the skin.

"I told you, that you like it rough.." His lips curved up against your skin, as he continued to slap his hips against your ass. You could feel a pleasurable tingle forming on the back of your ass, letting you know it was going to be red later.

Suddenly he's pulling you squarely back against chest, wrapping both of his hands around your breasts roughly squeezing and pinching your rosy nips. Your body both arches back into him, as well as writhes in the consuming pleasure he's fucking you with.

"I c-can't breath, Katsuki!~ Oh, please!~"

He slid his tongue down the side of your neck, grinning deviously. "If you want to cum, you have to say you like it rough~" He huskily whispered into your ear, slowing his pace down considerably to a teasing thrust that just had you whimpering in complete desperation for more stimulation.

You tried simply begging him to go faster, even though it was embarrassing..but nope he wouldn't give you what you wanted. The ache inside your body for him was so painful, that you could do nothing but give into his whims completely.

"Katsuki..H-ha...I l-like it when you're rough.." You whispered grabbing both of his hands that were wrapped around your breasts. It was so embarrassing, your face was completely on fire. You were almost extremely grateful for not being able to see his face.

Grinning wickedly, he pinched both of your breasts before slamming his hips against your ass thrusting his cock between folds so fast your folds were completely pulsating against his member. Your screams echoed around the bathroom, not bothering to keeping your voice down.

"S-so fast!~ Oh, so deep!~ Katsuki, please I can't!~" You whimpers and the way your walls were throbbing against his cock, told him how close you were. Your body moved completely in tune to his every thrust, rocking against his muscular chest.

His skin was so sweaty it was almost sticking to your back, his hands moved from your breasts to grope all around your body, his lips pressed against your shoulder blade leaving a wet love bite. All of his intense mannerisms were melting every single pleasurable nerve inside your body.

As soon as he nipped his teeth into the soft skin of your shoulder, the orgasm you've long desired swiftly consumed your body. The moan of his name that left your lips, had him squeezing your body against his so tightly he barely pulled out in time to coat the floor with his sticky juices.

When he pulled away your entire body started to slide to the ground, but he pulled you into his chest. Watching you breath deeply, clinging your hands to his muscular shoulders. His lips curved up into an arrogant smirk, as he watched you ease away and try to fix your cloths.

However, the buttons on your shirt had been broken off making you blush and twiddle your thumbs glancing from his face to anywhere else. "How am I suppose to leave..since you ripped the buttons on my shirt.." You murmured, refusing to look at his face.

Suddenly something a bit large and gray wraps around your shoulders, looking up you notice he's given you his school blazer. "Wear that, or go naked." He shrugged, scratching his neck in a bored way.

Your cheeks warmed hugging his blazer close to your skin, as you buttoned it up. "Thank you..k-katsuki.." You smiled to him, with a pink hue dusting your cheeks.

"Move out of the way, so I can blow the door open." He pushed your shoulders, trying not to look at your face. For a moment you could of sworn his cheeks looked a little pink.

With great ease he basically snapped the door from its hinges, as it clanked to the floor. There was crowd of people outside, but before you could start rambling about some kind of excuse for why you both were in the bathroom together..Katsuki just grabs your hand roughly pushing everyone else out of the way.

"W-where are we going?"

"U.A, I'm late for class but it doesn't matter. I'm basically the top student anyway." He grinned to himself, not noticing the smile that came to your lips. You simply loved his arrogant attitude, it was well deserved in your opinion he was amazing.

"Wait..I don't go to U.A though, I can't go with you?!" You panicked pulling at his hand trying to get him to stop but damn if he was so much strong than you.

"Don't care, they'll let you in or I'll blow up the school entrance."



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Chapter Text

"Bakagou, Are you following me?"

"Oi, shrimpy I said stop calling me that!" He hissed clenching his fist as a few sparks emanated from his palm."I'll fucking destroy you!" However, despite how scary he was trying to make himself appear, all you did was roll your eyes and quicken your pace.

"Oh, I'm so scared~." Your lips curved up into an amused grin, at the way his fiery red eyes narrowed. You always loved pressing his buttons, if he was flaring his power then you'd count it as a job well done.

He flexed one of his hands before tsking, turning his body he angled the other way walking away from you. A soft frown ghosted over your lips, before you changed directions as well and started padding a long behind him.

"(Y/n), why the hell are you following me?"

"I'm hungry, your house has good food." You laughed to him, giving him a smile that just had him rolling his eyes. Despite how annoyed you were making him he didn't bother to tell you to stop following him, or that you can't come to his house.

This is what almost everyday was like with your childhood friend Bakugou Katsuki. He was a wild firecracker, with a very dangerous quirk. However, his plan was to be #1 Hero in the world, and contrary to his aggressive attitude he was a good guy.

Once you'd both reached his house, he tossed off his shoes trailing into his kitchen. Following right behind him, you sat at his table before playfully demanding he make you something to eat.

"Hah!? Shrimpy, I'm not your fucking butler." He huffed, pulling open the fridge to pour a glass of milk before slapping it down in front of you with a toothy grin. "But you could use more milk, maybe someday you'll be taller than a little mouse." He snickered, placing one hand on your head and the other on his own.

"You're so short it should be illegal."

Puffing out your bottom lip you pouted as aggressively as you could, "I'm not that short, maybe you should drink less milk!" You pointed a finger at him, complaining that he was just a rowdy tall ass bean pole.

He just laughed, turning away pulling out some bread and peanut butter to make simple sandwiches. Even though you were highly annoyed from his short jokes, you still downed the milk he gave you.

"Maybe I'll make it apart of my daily routine to give you milk." He snorted, sliding a plate with one sandwich on it in front of you. "Although, you're such an animal you have a milk mustache." He snickered, surprising you when he leaned forward, using his thumb to wipe your upper lip off.

Your cheeks dusted with a soft blush when he licked his finger, before taking a bite of his food. It seemed he hadn't even registered, such an indirect kiss. I mean..that milk touched your lip..and then it touched his.

Suddenly you were staring at his lips, wondering what a real kiss felt like. The moment his eyes seemed to sense your own, he looked up but you immediately looked away.

"Oi, savage I thought you were hungry. Eat your damn sandwich before I take it."

Huffing you grabbed the sandwich, eating it rather quickly just so your mouth would be to full of sticky peanut butter to talk. Your face was feeling a little warm, but to be honest thinking about giving him your first kiss didn't sound to bad.

As soon as you both were done eating, like usual you went up to his room where you both lounged around. Sometimes you did homework together, sometimes you watched tv, sometimes you just quietly read books.

You were probably the only one who knew he was actually capable of being quiet. Doing something as simple as reading a book, cause most people only new his aggressive personality. But you knew he was more than that, you'd be lying if you said you didn't like spending time with him.

"Nee, Katsuki." You hummed to him, lowering the book in your hand. He was laying on the bed so as he turned to face you, you propped yourself up on your knee's so you could be eye level with him.

"Have you ever kissed anyone before?" You asked in a soft voice, with slowly fluttering eyes.

"What..did you say?" It wasn't lost on you, how you could see the top of his ears turning a soft pink. His piercing red eyes, seemed to flicker anywhere that wasn't your face. "W-why, would you ask that shrimpy?"

You looked down twiddling your thumbs together, "I w-was kind of curious..what does a kiss feel like?" The thump of your heart started beating excruciatingly fast, you never been this nervous around your best friend before.

It was silent for the longest time, making you feel a twinge of regret. Smiling you forced a laugh, waving your hands back and forth. "It was j-just a question..haha..I didn't mean anything by it.." You whispered glancing up to his face, before starting to turn around.

He grabbed your hand, forcing you to look up at him. There was a different look in his eyes, one you'd never seen before. You had no idea how to describe it but..he looked confident.

"I'll show you, (Y/n).."

As soon as you started to open your mouth, he pulled you forward so roughly that your lips smashed against his. Instantly your face warmed, eyes snapping wide open as you noticed his own were closed. His face that was usually so rough looking, looked extremely peaceful.

It took a moment but your own eyes slid closed as well. The warmth of his surprisingly soft lips was enveloping to all your senses. The way he melded your lips together was gentle, even the press of one of his hands against your cheek was caressing your skin slowly.

Suddenly his lips were gone, but not for to long as grabbed your wrist pulling you into bed pressing your body down against the mattress before smashing his lips back against yours.

Out of either instinct or desire to touch him as well, your hands wrapped around his back clumsily meeting his lip movement with your own. You certainly didn't hate the feeling of his sweet flavored lips, not minding at all when he wanted more.

"Ah, K-katsuki.." You murmured to him, as he slipped his rough and slimy tongue into your mouth. His muscle curled and licked all around your own, letting you feel how much he wanted this. How much he's craved to kiss you, how much he's wanted to taste your flavor.

After what felt like several minutes, he finally pulled away smirking down at your hazy eyes and rosy pink cheeks. Licking his lips he pulled away tossing off his school blazer, sliding one of his knee's between your legs.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to kiss you, Shrimpy?" He husked leaning down to let his hot breath fan against your neck. "Now I wont let you leave, till we've experienced another first." Sliding his tongue down the skin of your neck, he relished in the way your entire body jittered from such sensual contact.

"K-katsuki, w-wait..I'm not sure.." You whispered with swirling eyes and red puffy cheeks. Was he asking what you think he was? Did he want to be more than friends? The hot feeling from just the hovering sensation of his body was making your head completely foggy.

"Don't worry Shorty, I have a condom."

Instantly your eyes darted open, but before you could even answer, his hands were all over your body. His fingers trailing over both of your breasts, squeezing and kneading the outline. The warmth of his lips pressed against the side of your neck, as he did his best to quickly undo the buttons of your school shirt.

Both of your hands gripped his shirt, panting his name feeling an intense sway of prickly desire slide through your body. Your cheeks tinted darkly as he undid the last button pulling your shirt to slid down your shoulders.

Smirking he licked his lips, leaning down to slide his tongue between your breasts. As you started to moan from the sensual contact, he gripped the thin material of your bra tugging it sharply upward spilling your breasts out.

"A-ah!~ D-don't be so rough!~" You whimpered to him, pressing one of your hands into his hair as he wrapped his lips around one of your nips.

His tongue slid a slick circle around the bud, before pulling on it with his teeth. The way you gasped his name, arching your back had him completely relishing in your skins flavor.

"Your tater tots are bigger than I thought.." He murmured gliding his lips from one breasts to the other, passionately licking and sucking hot wet circles with his tongue. "They do fit perfectly in my hand, guess that's what matters.."

Your entire body tingled as his palm wrapped around one of your breasts, sliding his finger around the nip, pinching it between his fingers. You had to admit despite the twinge from his pinching, like he said you seemed to perfectly outline his palm.

"Katsuki..have you always wanted to touch me like this..?" You whispered, feeling really embarrassed as he lifted his eyes, but you burned with desire to know the truth. "I..I've been wondering what your lips would feel like for..awhile.." You admitted to him, with a small smile.

He paused for a second, before lapping his tongue against one of your nips. "Not always." he murmured, trailing his lips up to the other side of your neck. "But since we started always walking home..I've felt different towards you."

The press of his lips against your skin, sends a few tingles through your body. Your face felt warm once you realized you've been walking home with him since last year. His feelings changed a year ago but he never acted on them till now.

"I suppose, that's when I noticed how much I liked your stupid smile."

You manage a small giggle, he was still himself..even if this was an act of intimacy. You had to appreciate his still rather rough and rowdy attitude, but he was still capable of sensual kisses all the same.

After turning his lips up, he pressed his teeth into the side of your neck and grinned when your hands shot up to wrap around him, clinging to him gasping his name.

"I'm marking you as mine, so don't whine about the pain." He husked, pulling away as he left you a rather prominent bite mark. His tongue lapped against the mark, as if trying to insure it doesn't fade anytime soon.

You had to admit the pulse from the mark, felt amazing. There was even a haze of heat coming from it as it throbbed in a tingly way.

"Mhm, Katsuki the mark you gave me feels weird.." You murmured turning your head to the side, sliding a few of your fingers over the marks. The actual impressions of his teeth in your skin, made you twitch slightly it did kind of hurt.

"You sound like you like it, (Y/n)." He gave you a toothy grin, pressing his hand against your cheek as he leaned down to give you a feverish french kiss.

The feeling of saliva pooling at the back of your throat, had both of your eyes fluttering as you gripped his strong shoulder muscles. While sliding his tongue over yours, he trailed a hand down your stomach sliding into your skirt.

He smirked against your lips as you wiggled your body, when he slide his fingers up and down your panties. Drool started sliding down both of your lips from the feverish way he was kissing you, but you also felt the unfamiliar pulse of pleasure down bellow as well.

Without warning his fingers dipped into the side of your panties, caressing your lower lips before sliding several fingers into your core. He pulled away chuckling, at the way you tried to clench your legs closed but his knee was already their preventing you.

"Relax shrimpy, Your body feels wet..that means you like this.." He bit into the rim of your ear, making you gasp leaning your head back. "You're making my fingers slippery.."

"Katsuki, a-ah~, Don't s-say that!~" You moaned to him, squeezing your eyes shut wondering why this felt so good. Your could feel his slender digits, curling and thrusting back and forth in excruciating detail.

He merely chuckled, giving you a snarky comment about how your body was being very responsive to his fingers. However, if you had your eyes open you'd be able to see the redness to his ears and cheeks. This was his first time touching a girls body, let alone the most private area..he was acting tough but his heart was pounding.

However, your moans and pants gave him confidence telling him he was doing this right and making you feel good. He could feel himself getting extremely hard, the desire to bury his cock inside you overwhelming.

Abruptly he pulls away, sliding his fingers away from your wet core. Your eyes open whimpering his name in an almost needy way. He smiles down at you, taking several deep breaths sliding his fingers into his mouth.

"Not a bad taste." he hummed, licking his fingers clean before sliding the zipper to his pants down. With hazy eyes he tossed them to the floor, as well as his under shirt leaving himself completely naked.

The amount of times your eyes fluttered, while you looked as his manly muscle for the first time had them swirling. You felt sick in the way your heart was pounding, skin hazing off a severe amount of heat as he gripped both your skirt and panties pulling them down your legs.

Both of your hands covered your lower area, looking at him with dough-like eyes. "Katsuki..I'm n-nervous...You will be my first time.." You murmured shyly, having a hard time looking into his eyes but you still managed to meet them.

"Mine too shorty, You're not alone in feeling...nervous.." He grabbed one of your hands and placed it over his heart. It brought a soft smile to your lips feeling the intense pitter-patter of his heart, but it didn't really help you relax.

Leaning over he opened one of the drawers on the desk next to his bed, pulling out a green package that you could only assume was a condom. Tearing the plastic he slid the rubber onto his cock, before placing himself between your legs.

"Wrap your hands around me, (Y/n). I know this might hurt."

You didn't have to be told twice, both of your hands slide up around his smooth shoulders gripping onto his back. The moment his cock grazed your wet lips, you squeezed him against your bare chest blushing madly.

His hands slide down your hips, asking you if you were ready before slowly thrusting his hips forward. His surprisingly sharp nails dug into your skin, groaning your name as your walls squeezed him tightly

"A-angh...Ah...K-katsuki...d-don't move hurts.." You whimpered to him, feeling a small tear form in the corner of your eye. He nodded his head, as he pressed a rather soft kiss against your cheek sliding his tongue against the edge of your eye lapping up your tear before it could even fall.

"It f-feels like you are trying to suffocate me (Y/n).." He groaned, sliding his hands up and down your sides. It was a soothing gesture, that was helping you calm down. This full sensation was overwhelming but, you wanted him so bad.

"You can move.." You whispered to him, blushing as he pulled back to look into your eyes before he started thrusting his hips back and forth.

"Ah!~ Ah!~ Oh god!~" Your nails dragged against his skin, "Katsuki, so fast!~" You moaned to him, squeezing his body as tightly as you could muster. The heat from his skin was maddening, the pace he was rocking into you completely overwhelming.

"You're so wet (Y/n), even if your body feels so tight.." His lips curved up into a smirk, as you whimpered his name tossing your head back and forth. The rough slap of his hips against your thighs, was definitely making them red and tingle.

Pushing up your legs around his waist, he deepened the depth of his manhood as well as increased the pace of his thrusting several times over. You could not even dream of controlling the way you were screaming and moaning his name, it didn't hurt at all it felt so good you were starting to feel feverish.

"Katsuki!~ Katsuki!~ I feel..w-weird!~" You panted to him, trying to relay the weird knot forming the pit of your stomach. He nipped his lips against your neck several times, feeling your each and every moan of his name.

He knew what you were trying to say..well he had an idea since he was feeling the same. A desperate sense of wanting and needing release, that had him roughly pushing and pulling your body to meet his thrusts.

Gripping his hands around the bottom of your ass, it only took a few more slaps of his hips against your thighs before your womanly arousal coated his manhood as you screamed his name. He thrusted just a few times, before groaning as he felt his own pleasurable release.

Your extremely tired body plopped back against the bed, feeling the painful pulse of your lower half as he pulled away. He grunted your name as he slid off the spent condom, tossing it in the waist bin next to his bed before collapsing next to you.

You barely had the strength to turn your body to face him, but the smirk on his lips just made you smile.

"I think you were bleeding, I hope you can walk Shrimpy." He gave you a wide toothy grin, that just had your heart thumping madly.

"I..I.." You were at a complete loss for words, he was basically saying his cock was that big. You couldn't bring yourself to look at his face, so you started to turn away but he slid his arms around your stomach keeping you in place.

"Don't." He leaned down to give you a soft kiss, before resting his head on the pillow next to your own. "You're not allowed to look away, your eyes must always be focused on me."

"Katsuki.." Sighing in defeat, but smiling at him gently you edged closer wrapping an arm around his waist. "I'm always looking at you, even before today. Always watching you...always thinking about you.." Slowly your eyes fluttered shut, whispering to him how he consumed your mind so much you might even dream about him.

"Good, even your dreams know you're mine."

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Chapter Text


"Katsuki, come here I'm about to take it."

Even though the music at this club was blaring, he turned at the sound of your voice smirking with his intense red eyes that burned brightly with his sharp aggressive emotions.

"It's about damn time." He huffed, sliding into the chair next to you sipping from his Cherry bomb cocktail. "You said you were going to take it like an hour ago, I thought you were getting scared." He teased, pulling the lime wedge from his glass, sucking on it as he puckered his lips.

"Hmph, you sure are excited about just want to take advantage of me.." Puffing out both of your cheeks you stole his drink from his hand, taking a long swig before slapping it back down on the table.

His lips curved up giving you a toothy grin, sliding one of his hands against your knee. "What If I do? You wont be able to stop fact you'll want me so much.." He leaned closer to you til his lips were almost pressing against your ear.

"You might start begging me to just take you right here."

Your cheeks darkened, feeling his warm breath tickle both the rim of your ear and skin of your neck. Damn him for being so extremely hot and sexy, and he took full advantage of how attractive he knew you thought he was.

"Feeling hot already?" He whispered before clamping his teeth down against your ear, smirking at the way you yelped his name.

"K-katsuki.." Your eyes fluttered at him, before pulling out the foil containing the pill you were going to take. "You better watch me.." He nodded his head, tilting yours as he leaned forward giving you a quick kiss.

You smiled as he pulled away, ripping the package placing it on your tongue just as you were about to grab his drink he pulled it away. Smirking he took a long drink, before placing both of his hands on your cheeks pulling you to meet his lips. The sensation of him passing you the liquid was as stimulating as the actual idea of what the pill would do once it took affect.

The feeling of the liquid gliding down your throat along with the pill, had your heart rate picking up. Your face warmed as he licked his lips, looking completely satisfied.

"Mhm, How do you feel?" He asked as he finished the last of his drink.

Humming you glided a hand through your hair, not really feeling any different, at least not yet. After telling him that, he ordered you both another Cherry bomb cocktail while waiting for some time to pass. Katsuki wasn't saying it but alcohol helped this type of pill run its course faster.

When you were just about done, he grinned noting the subtle change in your skins color. Your cheeks were a slight hazy pink, your breathing had become a soft pant, and you kept flexing your fingers like you were having trouble focusing.

"I feel..hazy.." You whispered, turning to look at him. Both of your eyes tried to focus on his face, but his basic outline seemed foggy and smudged. You also were leaving out the hot sensation your skin was becoming consumed with.

"Shit, you look like you can't see straight." He snickered, grabbing your hand noting the slight flinch your body did at his touch. "Let me guide you, I want to dance."

"B-but I don't think I can walk.." You murmured trying to tug your arm away, the touch of his skin was making you feel weird. It was a little overwhelming, the heat spreading through your body from such a simple touch.

"Well tough luck, I want to dance. So we are going to dance." He growled, pulling you up from your stool tugging you towards the dance floor.

From the first step you took, everything looked out of focus. It was like you were watching a movie in slow motion, with the sound all bundled together. You were sure there was some music playing with a good beat but the words eluded your ears.

Suddenly you're smack against a muscular chest, looking up red gleaming eyes come into focus, as he slides his hands around your back. "Wrap your hands around me." He grins at your blushing face as you comply before resting your head against his chest.

He smells so..good.

He starts to slowly sway you both around the room, before his touches turn into heated gropes. His rough hands glide all over your back, petting over your ass and sliding a few fingers against the slit in the side of your dress making you nearly moan his name.

"My,'ve gotten so sensitive..I've barely touched you." He husked into your ear, smirking with his toothy fangs. "Good thing no body is looking.." He rasped sliding his tongue down the side of your neck, before finding a patch of skin to suck on.

"If Anyone looks at you I'll kill them."

"A-ah...Katsuki..H-hero's shouldn't say stuff like that.." You moaned to him softly gripping his shirt, pressing your self into him. The tingle from his passionate neck kisses was making your legs feel weak, the heat from his lips created a warm fog in your mind.

"I don't give a shit, you're mine." He possessively slid several of his rough fingers up the slit in the side of your silky green dress. Smirking at the way you pressed yourself into him, as he gripped the skin of your inner thigh.

It felt like your skin was a mass of highly sensitive nerves, as you were unable to contain a breathy moan of his name when he caressed several fingers against your panties.

He pulled back when you were just about to completely give in and spread your legs for him. It was embarrassing the needy whimper that escaped your lips, as you looked up meeting his cocky grin.

Pushing at your hips he had you turn around, where you were surprisingly into the intimate way he wanted dance. He swayed your ass against his crotch, and rolled your hips in tune to his while both of his hands held onto your waist.

"'re a good dancer..I never knew.." You managed a small giggle, even though your body felt overwhelmingly warm. It was an amazing feeling grinding against his body, feeling his skins heat so accurately.

He smirked gliding his hands around your hips, placing a wet kiss against the nape of your neck leaving you a particularly large puffy pink hickey. You instinctively leaned back against his chest, wrapping your arms around his neck.

"Mhm, Katsuki.."

"Your skin feels warm (Y/n).." He slid his fingers down the front of your dress before pressing his nails into your knee. "I bet you're wet already.." He snickered directly into your ear, as he dragged his claws up making sure you felt accurately both pain and pleasure.

"..Ah, you're scratching me.." You huffed to him, rolling your eyes when he said he didn't fucking care. Suddenly your lips edge up, thinking two can play at this sexual game. Despite how hazy and foggy your head felt, you could still think pretty clearly..but you felt every sensation 10x more accurately than before.

Pressing your ass back against his crotch, grinding against him you grinned even though your cheeks felt warm. "Hmm..I'm not the only one excited.." Sliding both of your hands against his hips, you circled your ass teasingly against his very aroused manhood.

"You have such a hard boner, Katsuki.."

His intense hot breathing hazed against the side of your neck, before he straight up leaned forward and bit aggressively into the skin. When you started to yelp he shoved two of his fingers into your mouth, rasping into your ear darkly.

"If you keep teasing me, you wont be able to walk for a week later.." He dragged his rough tongue down the impression he gave you groaning at the way your tongue started to lick his fingers. "Mhm, I do like that though..suck on my fingers." He demanded sliding his fingers back and forth.

If this was any other day, you'd slap his hand away and turn around to yell at him. However, the desire and sexual stimulus of the pill you'd taken had you not caring about how rough he was being. In fact your body really liked it, his aggression..his passion..the taste of his fingers..

Swirling your tongue around his digits, you lathered them with your saliva. He issued a few praises into your ear, which mainly consisted of "Fuck, your tongue is so sticky." or "Shit I want you to suck my cock, if you're going to lick my fingers this good."

His every word only made your cheeks warmer, the heat seeping off your skin more overwhelming. Just as one of his hands grip your breast giving it a few rough squeezes he pulls away, both hands including the fingers in your mouth.

"We're going home." He declares, grinning at your hazy eyes sliding his soaked with your saliva fingers into his mouth licking them clean. He grabs your wrist tugging you towards the exit, not that you have any objections.

You knew you needed him. You needed him so bad it was an overwhelming thirst for him to fuck you coursing through your every vein.

Even though he had a couple of drinks, he drove the way back home. You knew he had a pretty good tolerance for alcohol, specially since neither of you had really been drinking anything to hard.

While the drive home was pretty silent but full of his intense music on the radio, you couldn't help but glide your eyes over his well built body. He had warn a black muscle shirt that showed off his delicious muscles, that you loved running your tongue along. He also wore tight black and red pants with chains hanging off one side.

Smirking you casually leaned a little closer to him before gliding your hand against the outline of his hard cock. His eyes shot over to you, raising one of his brows before he just started chuckling.

"Thirsty?" he snickered hoping to just make you feel embarrassed.

"I want to taste you." Your voice hazed to him, rubbing your fingers up and down his crotch even giving him few squeezes. He started to say to wait till you both got home, but you just felt to strong of a desire for him, as you slid the zipper of his pants down.

"F-fuck..I'm trying to drive here.." He groaned as your finger tips slid along the outline of his girth before full exposing him. You licked your lips before leaning over, sliding your tongue against the tip of his cock and down his length.

You could feel one of his hands slide against the back of your head as he groaned about trying to concentrate on driving, but he wasn't making any effort to stop you. It was almost like your body was moving on its own, as you licked up and down before wrapping your lips around the tip of his cock.

The moment you started sucking, you heard a loud beep from the car next to you both, and him saying something like "S-shit, learn how to drive fucking twat!" He proceeded to flip the guy off before fixing the wheel straight. Clearly it was his fault for not driving straight, but hell if he'd admit that.

Pushing your hair back, you pressed your self down against his well endowed cock as deep as you could without choking on him. From the many groans of your name that left his lips, he must of been feeling really good.

You even swirled your tongue as best as you could, while bobbing back and forth. A bit of drool was sliding down your lips, but if he didn't just taste amazing for some reason. You couldn't even worry about people seeing, as you deep throated him with a bit of desperation.

Suddenly the car stops, thinking you've arrived back at home you start to pull away. However, the moment your lips leave his cock, he shoves you back down against him gripping your hair roughly as he bobs you against him.

"K-katsuki..c-can't breath.." You murmur while drool completely coats his manly muscle. He either doesn't care or didn't hear you as he aggressively forces his cock all the way to the back of your throat.

After forcing you back and forth against his member for several minutes, he presses your head down till his manly arousal slides down your throat.

"Swallow it." He husks panting your name in a deep voice.

Fluttering your eyes, you do your best to completely swallow his bitter liquid before pulling away from his cock with a slick pop. Wiping at your lips, you can feel how tingly they are and taste his arousal in excruciating detail.

"You're fucking lucky we made it home without crashing."

"You're fucking lucky, you didn't suffocate me to death." You spat at him, glaring with your hazy eyes. He narrowed his eyes huffing as he looked away muttering a small apology but you barely heard it, as you opened the car door and stumbled up to your houses door.

"Easy there, wobbly. If you fall I'll take pictures and then I'll help you."

You snorted loudly as you shoved your key into the lock, "My Hero." laughing you shoved the door open leading the way in.

The moment the door was closed, he grabbed both of your hands slamming you up against it. "That's right, I am your fucking Hero." He smirked pressing one of his knee's between your legs, edging it up till he was rubbing against your panties.

"K-katsuki, Ah..s-stop teasing me.." You moaned to him, wiggling your body in an attempt to feel more of him. He merely gave you a toothy grin, as he leaned forward smashing his lips against your own shoving his tongue down your throat.

The feeling of his tongue gliding around your own, had you moaning his name meeting his vicious french kisses with your own desire laced ones.

Both of his hands glided down your body, roughly groping both of your breasts before practically ripping the dress from your body letting it flop to the floor. Even before you could register being almost completely naked, his teeth sunk into one of your breasts while sucking your rosy nip passionately.

"Oh my f-fucking god!~...Katsuki!~ Ah!~" Gliding your fingers into his untamed blonde locks, you arched your back pressing your breasts more into his mouth moaning to him about how much more you wanted. The rough way his slick muscle licked and lapped around both of your nips leaving a hot sticky trail of saliva, was making your body burn with uncontrollable desire.

Without warning his fingers waste no time dipping straight into your panties, pressing several between your folds. "You're dripping (Y/n), I can even see how soaking wet you've made your panties." he husked sliding his tongue up from your chest to your neck, where he kissed your skin so intently you are going to have several purple hickeys you wont be able to hide.

"Ah~..Ah~...Katsuki..i-if you go so fast I-i'm going to cum!~.." Tossing your head back against the door you couldn't contain your many moans of his name, as he rocked his fingers into your core so fast you could feel how slick they were becoming.

He clamped his teeth around your ear before husking his breath against the rim, "Then cum, I want you to scream my name. Let our stupid ass neighbors know, whose making you feel good." He demanded as he increased the pace of his fingers and even added another into your slick core.

Your hands gripped around his shoulders squeezing him tightly, as you did not disappoint him moaning and screaming his name, before coating his slender digits with your womanly arousal.

"Your juices are so sticky.." He rasped pulling away from your wet lower lips, his beady red eyes noting how slick you'd made his fingers before sliding them into his mouth.

Panting you tried catch your breath from complete over stimulation, but even when he wasn't touching you your skin still felt overwhelmingly hot and tingly. After he licks his fingers clean he smirks before tossing off his shirt.

His muscles are so gorgeous, but you barely get to admire them before squeaking his name as he tugs your panties down your legs leaving you completely naked.

"A-ah Katsuki! W-wait can't we like..go to the bedroom..?" You murmur sliding your hands over your exposed body.

"No. I want to fuck you to badly." He growls dangerously almost like a wild animal, as he unzips his pants letting them slide to the floor. "Wrap your legs around me." He commands sliding his rough hands down your legs before picking them both up.

Instantly you comply, squeezing your legs around his warm waist out of slight fear he might drop you if you're not holding him. He licks his lips, showing you his sharp fangs before pressing his hips forward sheathing into the warmth of your core.

"Angh! deep.." You groan to him, wrapping your hands around his neck pressing your chest squarely against his.

"S-shit, you're squeezing me so fucking tight.." He groans, sliding both of his hands to the bottom of your ass before roughly slamming your body down against his over and over again. Your screams of overwhelming pleasure haze into the air, as you grip his skin so tightly your nails create scratch marks down his back.

"Katsuki!~ Oh my god!~ Too f-fast!~ C-can't breath!~" You whimper, clinging your body to him so tightly out of complete desperation for stability which you already know you're not going to get. This is your rough and completely aggressive lover, we're talking about..he doesn't know how to be sensual.

Even though you're feeling completely overwhelmed, there is drool sliding down your lips from the pure ecstasy of pleasure he's rocking into your body. Soon your whimpers turn into overzealous moans of pleasure.

"That feels so good!~ I c-can't take it though!~ Please please!~" You mewl to him in desperation, the knot forming in the pit of your stomach threatens to snap any second.

Grinning wickedly he's more than happy to bounce you against his cock even faster. Pulling up your legs even higher, he presses your body completely against the door. Now every time he thrusts his hips forward your back slaps against the frame creating a very obvious echo around the room.

"Right there!~ O-oh my god!~" You gripped him tightly feeling his every thrust in amazing detail as his cock pressed against your womanly walls. You could even hear the embarrassing sound of him sloshing your juices because that's just how aroused you were.

With a few more deep and rough thrusts, the heavenly orgasm you've been waiting for completely unravels. The moment you feel your long awaited release, he pulls you off his cock making you gasp his name when you feel his hot liquid slide down your thigh.

Sliding your head down you rest it against his shoulder, breathing in deeply hoping to relay air into your tired lungs. Closing your eyes, you feel him walking by time you reopen them he's laying you down on the bed.

"Thanks for not making me walk.." You giggle to him, snuggling into his side when he flops down next to you. He sighs contently wrapping both of his hands around your waist as he turns and practically suffocates your face with his head.

"(Y/n), you get to clean the hallway in the morning."

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Chapter Text


"Can you try to look more interested, Katsuki? This is our group assignment." Sighing heavily you flipped through the book, you were looking at trying your best to find the right information. Honestly even if he wasn't here, leaning back in his chair clearly not looking at his book, with a scowl plastered on his weren't really concentrating to hard on the assignment either.

"Eh?! I told you I wanted to go home." He hisses, rather loudly earning a sharp shush from the librarian. His scowl only deepened, as you saw him flex his fingers wanting to spark his power but oddly doing his best to hold back.

"Why can't we fucking go home?"

A laugh left your lips at the way he tried to contain his voice, but you were pretty sure the people even on the other side of the room heard him. Pointing at your book and then his, you reexplained how the U.A library had some of the best books for the assignment, it was just better to get it done here and then go home.

He tsked rather loudly, before resting his chin on the palm of his hand. He stared down at the pages in front of him, but it didn't look like he was really reading them.

Another sigh escaped your lips but, it wasn't like you were mad at him. You also just wanted to go home and rest together on his couch, watch a movie neither of you were really interested in and just take a nap on top of his muscular chest.

That thought had your cheeks warming, he was your boyfriend but sometimes it was still hard to believe. You weren't nearly as hot headed as he was, or even that angry of a person but you still feel for him hard.

If people really looked at him, really thought about the mechanics of his mind..they'd see he wasn't all that bad. Yeah he was an aggressive person, in possession of a sharp whit and even sharper tongue. However, he was a Hero in his own way. Capable of protecting, caring, and even sometimes his rough hands could be gentle.

Smiling you leaned your elbow on the table, observing all his handsome features. He had spiky blonde hair that felt amazing between your fingers, sharp red eyes that gleamed with determination, amazing muscles, and even deep red lips that you found yourself focusing on.

He yawned lazily not bothering to cover his mouth as he glanced up, the moment he meet your eyes you turned away feeling a soft pink swarm to your cheeks. Standing up you grabbed the book, you'd been absentmindedly flipping through.

"Where are you going, (Y/n)?"

"I'm going to put this up right quick." You whispered to him, so the librarian wouldn't shush you. Telling him you'd be right back, you walk down the many rows of book shelves till you find the one where you originally pulled the book in your hand from.

Reaching up you slide the book into place, running your finger along the spines as you pull back. You wanted to find a more descriptive book for your work, but just as you slide your hand up to the top shelf suddenly someone looms over your body placing their hand over yours.

Slowly your hair is swayed to the side as hot lips lean down pressing sensually at the side of your neck. Instantly your body temperature spikes, blushing darkly as he kisses all around your skin, even pressing his chest against your back forcing you to lean more into the bookshelf.

"A..ah...Katsuki..w-what are you doing?" You whisper hiss, trying to turn around but the pressure from his body keeps you in place.

"Don't think I didn't see how you were looking at me, Mouse.." He rasped against the shell of your ear, biting down sinking his sharp fangs into the rim. His lips curved up into a smirk at the quick way your hand shot up to cover your mouth, so you wouldn't yelp from the shock.

"What dirty thoughts were running through your mind just a minute ago?"

"It's not like that.." You murmured lowering your hand to whisper, feeling a sensual tingle slide through your body as he licked his warm tongue down the shell of your ear and against the skin of your neck.

"Hmm, is that so?" He smirked clearly not really believing you as he petted over your hips, "What were you thinking about earlier, that had your face so pink then?" One of his hands swayed up cupping your breast, giving it a rough squeeze.

Covering your mouth, you managed to stifle the moan of his name before whispering, "I..I was just thinking about..a kiss.." You murmured, feeling the pink from before swarm back to your cheeks.

"A kiss?" He snorts, forcing you to turn around showing you his sharp red eyes as tilts your chin up. "If you wanted me to kiss you, all you had to do was ask."

Before you can even respond he's pulling you forward to meet his lips in a passionate kiss. Even though you were a bit shy, the moment your lips touched you melted into it. Wrapping both of your hands around his neck, letting him lean you back against the book shelf.

One of his hands slid into your hair resting against the back of your head, while swaying his other down your hip before caressing over the back of your ass. Gasping against his lips, he darts his tongue into your mouth roughly circling his warm muscle all around your own.

His kiss is making you feel extremely hazy, as you legs tremble threatening to buckle. Finally after several minutes, he pulls back letting his tongue hang out of his mouth with a smirk. Both of your eyes flutter at the thin trail of saliva sliding down the tip of his slick muscle.

He leans forward attacking your neck, with possessive rough kisses. As well as licking up and down, sucking on the skin so hard dark hickey's are forming.

With each press of his lips, its getting harder and harder to contain your voice as it desperately wants to moan his name. Or even just moan a simple praise, telling him how good it actually feels despite how you are nervous someone is going to see what you are doing.

"Ka...Ah~...Katsuki, we can't do this hear.." You whimper to him, as he presses a hand against your inner thigh getting you to spread your legs.

"Oh, but we can." He pulls away sliding both hands down the front of your chest, pulling at the buttons of your school blazer. "Besides us, the nosy librarian, and 2 other students in the business section...we are at the back of the library..I think you came this way on purpose." He rasped huskily, shoving away your hand as you tried to hide your newly exposed bra.

"I want you, and I know you want me."

You gasped his name ever so sharply, immediately covering your mouth as he tugged up your bra freeing your breasts. He smirked, sliding his tongue around his lips hungrily before leaning forward wrapping them around one of your rosy nips.

"Mhm..Katsuki..please someones going to see us.." You moaned ever so softly, sliding both of your hands into his hair. Even in this embarrassing situation, you had to admit to falling deeply into the pleasure he was giving you.

His warm muscle lapped circles around the nub, sucking on it between his surprisingly soft lips switching to the other breast giving it the same slick treatment. Your breathing had gotten hot and heavy, as you did your best to control any moaning or words in general from leaving your lips.

"Ah~ Katsuki, d-don't bite..!" You hissed out a moan as he pulled the bud between his teeth, smirking at the way you leaned back and arched your breasts forward.

"Why did you moan, if you don't want me to bite you?" He teased, showing you a toothy grin lapping in a surprisingly slow way against your nip as he pressed a wet kiss between your breasts.

"I want to hear you moan my name.." He husked darkly, wrapping one of his hands around your breasts roughly kneading the skin frowning at the way you started biting your lip to keep your voice in.

However, such actions didn't stop him from wanting you, as he sucked your other breast while squeezing the skin of your inner thigh before dipping into the side of your panties.

"Ah~ Katsuki, n-no...ah~ Not here.." Gripping your hands around his head, you squeezed him close to your body as he traced several fingers against your slit outlining your lips in slow excruciating detail before pressing several into your core.

"(Y/n), you're so wet.." He husked against your skin, nipping at your breast several times amused by the way your body pressed into his clutching your fingers around his shoulders. "I think you're more turned on doing it in public, then you're in my house."

Your lips parted to answer him, even though he had insinuated something really embarrassing but before you could even say one word..his fingers started thrusting back and forth against your folds.

All the words on the tip of your tongue turned into soft moans, as you bit harshly into the skin of your lip to keep your voice from being to loud. He noticed this and frowned heavily, licking across your nip one more time before leaning up to press several steamy kisses against your lips, sucking on your bottom lip in an attempt to sooth the pain you might of given yourself.

Such a soft and caring gesture, really had you relaxing more than it should of..considering his fingers were still thrusting back and forth between your folds. He was right could feel how wet his fingers were becoming with your juices.

It was honestly a miracle he was kissing you, as the moans that wanted to escape your lips hazed into his own. Your entire body started jittering after he added another finger curling all three of them up and down, grazing against the special zone that threatened to send you over the edge.

"Oh..Ah...K-katsuki...please I'm going to.." You buried your face against the side of his smooth neck, trying to hide your rosy cheeks unable to say that actual word.

He laughed, but it was soft as he to didn't want to draw unwanted attention. His rough fingers picked up their thrusting, pressing deeply into your core holding your body close to his till your walls convulsed around his slender digits coating them with your slick juices.

Your body feel lax against his panting his name ever so softly, twitching the moment he pulled his fingers away from your core. He smirked at the soaked state of his fingers before sliding them into his mouth, sucking them clean.

"Mhm, I don't really like sweets but I'll make an exception for you." He smirked down at you, as you lifted your head fluttering your eyes shyly before smiling.

"I..I'm glad you like me.." You whispered, sliding your arms around him giving him a soft hug. A sigh escaped his lips, that's not exactly what he was getting at but..he did like you and wouldn't admit it out loud but really liked how adorable you were.

Pulling back you started fixing your cloths, "We should get back to our table, we can finish the assignment at your house or just come back here tomorrow." Turning you started to walk away but barely made it a few steps as he wrapped his hands around your waist pressing his crotch against your ass.

"Were not done yet, (Y/n)." He breathed hazily against the skin of your neck, grinding his very hard cock against your ass. Blushing heavily you were going to start arguing that you couldn't do it in the library but the accurate way you could feel his manhood against your ass as he pushed up your skirt, made you realize you burned with the same desire.

"W-we can't though...The condoms are at your house.." You tried to reason with your self, trying to keep a level head so that sexual desire wouldn't win out against common sense.

"I have one." He smirked, sliding his hand into his back pocket taking out his wallet and then the plastic tucked away inside. After pocketing his wallet he slid his hand over your shoulder, so you could see the green rubber package.

"Just try not to scream, we're in a library after all." He snickered, pressing his hand against your back getting you to bend over. Your cheeks dusted darkly with a blush as you heard the slow sound of his pants being unzipped.

Without actually pulling his pants down, he exposed his cock, tearing the package and sliding on the condom. His rough fingers caressed your ass, pushing your skirt up enough to edge your panties to the side as he pressed his member up to your slick folds.

"Katsuki..Ah.." Biting onto one of your fingers, you did your best not to gasp or moan his name, as your other hand gripped the bookshelf so hard your knuckles turned a soft white.

The moment his hips pressed forward, your teeth pressed hard into your skin containing the loud moan that wanted to escape your lips. Drool started sliding down your hand and lips, from the overwhelming full feeling of his cock between your womanly folds.

"'re gripping my cock so tight.." He groaned, hardly able to contain his voice as your walls pulsated against his manhood. Unable to give you more than a few seconds, he started thrusting his hips back and forth slapping against your ass with a steady but overbearing pace.

"Katsuki~ Ah~ d-deep.." Your every word hazed against your hand or fingers, probably making it hard for him to even hear a single word of your praise, but even if he couldn't he still pounded into your body with a hazy desperation.

His hands gripped your hips as he pushed and pulled you to meet with his every thrust, you could feel a pleasurable tingle forming on the back of your ass. Suddenly his hand slides around your waist sliding under the shirt you'd fixed pushing up your bra to squeeze and knead both of your breasts.

"I can feel you pulsating against my cock.." He husked as he pulled your body up, leaning his chest against your back as he continued to thrust his hips. Honestly you think there was an obvious slapping sound creating an echo around the library but you couldn't be bothered to care about that at all.

"Katsuki, p-please..I c-can't take it.." You whimpered drooling all over your hand that was covered in your desperate bite marks to keep your voice down.

"Me neither, Babe." He groaned against the rim of your ear, pressing his lips against the skin of your neck. He bit down but not to hard, leaving a soft impression of his teeth that would tell people you were his.

A warm blush tickled your already rosy cheeks, he knew you liked it when he called you babe. It made you feel like you were really his, cause only one person in the world could call you babe, and get away with it.

He gripped your breasts tightly, pinching both of your nips as he slapped his hips against your ass faster and faster. He could feel your body writhing in the overwhelming pleasure coursing through it, as a few of your moans slipped passed your hands.

It didn't take much longer of this deep and aggressive pace, before your walls convulsed around his cock coating his muscle with your slick arousal. He continued to thrust his hips forward, sloshing your juices till the condom was full of his own manly seed.

As soon as he pulled away your body trembled, starting to slide to the ground cause your legs were far to weak to hold yourself up. However, he wrapped a hand around your waist having you lean into his side wrapping your arms around his side for support.

"Try not to collapse, cause I'm not carrying you home." He huffed using one hand to slid the condom off and pull up his pants. You merely groaned at him in response making him chuckle, as he fixed your panties and skirt and even pulled your bra back over your breasts.

"Katsuki, carry me.." you murmured wrapping your arms around his hips, resting your head against his shoulder. Honestly you weren't sure you could take even one step without collapsing to the ground. Your boy friend and lover had been way to rough, while he fucked you in library of all places.

"You were to mean.."

He sighed, wrapping both of his hands around your back before sliding one under your legs as he lifted you up. "Fine, but if I drop you on the way home..don't hold a grudge." He grinned down at you, but you just smiled softly snuggling into his chest. Not for a second did you believe he would abandon you.

While your eyes were closed his features softened, as he glanced at your left hand. Red, puffy, and covered in bite marks. You'd chomped your own skin rather harshly just to keep your moans down, and that had him feeling bad.

"(Y/n), what do you want for dinner tonight?"

Humming you didn't even bother to open your eyes as you felt him start walking. "I like the way you make pasta, so how about that?" his hands felt so strong as they carried you easily, it didn't feel like he was struggling at all.

"Its not my turn though.." He huffed, glaring down at your serene face.

"I know but.." Your eyes fluttered open smiling up at him, leaning your cheek against his chest. "Master Chief Katsuki, wont you make me some pasta tonight?"

He snorted, almost thinking about sitting you down on one of the tables and making you walk the rest of the way always made him give into your whims. For a strong willed, firecracker of a hero, you always seemed to relax him.

"Fine, but..I'm making round 2, in my bed apart of my reward." He grinned, down at your blushing and still hazed eyes. His fingers caressed over your ass, before focusing on carrying you in a gentle way.

"Tonight you wont have to hold back your moans."


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Chapter Text

"Nee, Katsuki!" You call jogging over to him, noting the raise of his eyes as he watched your breasts bounce ever so slightly with your every step. "Can you tie the string for me, I don't think I tied it very well." Giving him a small smile, you turned around showing him the black and white strings to your bikini top.

"Stupid, you should of called me over if you couldn't of tied it in the changing stall." He huffed, stepping up to your back pulling on the string before making sure it was tight enough around your body re-tying it.

"Well I'm asking you now, that's good enough!~" You cheered to him with a giggle, bending down letting him observe the perfect shape of your ass in your bottoms.

Just as his hand was starting to slide forward, a smirk planted on his face with full intentions to give your cheeks a good sat back up brandishing a bottle of suntan lotion in your hands.

"I hope we don't get sun burnt, its one of those really warm days." Squeezing the bottle you lathered your hands, rubbing your arms and shoulders, and even slowly outlining the top curvature of your breasts.

"Let me help you, (Y/n)." He smirked holding out his hand, swaying his crimson orbs up and down your body. Oh, how he really wanted to run his hands along your shoulders, slender neck, and even those smooth legs, maybe even including a grope over those squishy butt cheeks.

"That's okay Katsuki, I got it." Smiling you thanked him for his offer, but showed him that you were able to apply the lotion all by yourself.

"Stupid, you can't get your back let me see the damn bottle before I toss you into the damn water." He tried snatching the bottle from your left hand, but you swatted him away fake gasping.

"Oh you're right, I certainly can't." Turning you jogged over to one of your friends, "Excuse me, Ochako-chan can you put some lotion on my back for me right quick." You put your hands together and murmured please a few times.

"Oh Sure (Y/n)-chan." She smiled, taking the bottle from your hand asking you to move your hair so the lotion wouldn't get caught in your tresses before lathering her hands.

You could see the very not pleased expression on your darling boyfriends face, and it took everything not to just crack up. You knew he would love this (F/c) bikini, that showed off all the right amount of skin. Even the perfect way it outlined all your curves, breasts, and ass.

It wasn't like you hated the way he touched you, but you really really wanted to tease him today. Seeing his angry expressions, or listening to his over the top cussing just made you giddy on the inside.

"There you are, (Y/n)-chan." Ochako handed the bottle back to you, before murmuring something about joining Deku and a few others in building a sand castle. That sounded kind of fun, but you still wanted to torture Katsuki.

Walking back over to him, he glared daggers straight into your eyes but before he could say anything, you spoke up first. "Want me to help you put on some lotion? I think you'd look good with a bronze tan." Smiling you slid a hand over his chest, admiring his muscles.

"Eh?! So, you wont let me put lotion on you..but you fucking want to put lotion on me??" Even as he yelled and berated you, he never pushed your hand away. In fact, even though he didn't respond to your comment he seemed a bit pleased that you were admiring his muscles.

"Sorry, Sorry! I didn't want to trouble you. But I wouldn't mind helping you out, if you want me too." Giving him your best innocent smile, you watched his brows furrow before tsking loudly turning away.

"Fine, just hurry up." He growled, folding his arms over his chest giving everyone that passed by the angriest stare ever. Specially people who looked past him to you, he glared so hatefully they instantly started running the opposite direction.

Unable to stop a small giggle you lathered your hands, sitting the bottle down into the mushy sand before running your delicate fingers along his shoulders and back. It was really hard to not pay special attention to his perfectly shaped muscles.

He relaxed under the gentle sway of your hands, letting his arched brow loosen. His eyes slid closed as your tip toed your fingers down one arm to the other lathering them, before stepping around his body to his chest.

Applying just a little more lotion, you swayed both hands around his absolutely perfect chest and abs. When you saw how utterly calm, a usual wild tiger like him was it had your lips curving up into the softest smile. You really wanted to lean forward and give him a kiss, but fought the desire as you wanted to stick to your plan.

"There we go, all lathered up. You shouldn't burn now." His eyes opened as you stepped back giving him a smile, tossing the bottle into your beach bag. When you turned back around his hands slid around your hips, leaning in for a kiss but you pressed a finger to his lips.

"No kisses till we get home~" You giggled at the almost psychical stress mark that appeared on his brow, as his entire face distorted.

"Why, the Fuck, can I not kiss you?!" His angry scream drew a lot of attention, but you just laughed waving your hands back and forth telling people not to worry.

"Because..I want to swim!" Was the best answer you could come up with, as you turned and paced over into the gentle sway of the water. You didn't even have to look at his face to know how angry he was.

When you did look back over to him, he was kicking every single pile of sand that was around him. It looked like he was cursing and angrily muttering but you couldn't hear him from where you were in the water.

Then he looks over at the sand castle that Deku was building with a few other people. A sickly venomous grin came to his lips, as he marched over and proceeded to blow it the fuck up. The almost villainous way he was laughing, threatened to have you crack up and loose complete control.

When he was done, he actually looked relieved which just made you shake your head with a smile on your face. You honestly didn't even care if he'd upset the rest of your friends, all that mattered in your world was him.

After some time, of wading around in the water just enjoying the cool breeze along with the slow sway of the tidal waves, you noticed Katsuki swimming towards you. Deciding to make him chase you around the water, every time he got close you swam away.

Eventually he got so pissed he just used his quirk to catapult his body right into yours, sliding his rough hands around your back squeezing you tightly as he hissed.

"Why the fuck do you keep running away from me?!"

"I was just playing.." You couldn't help but sweat drop, hoping he would believe your obvious lie. Which of course he didn't, as he scowled heavily grabbing your wrist dragging you over till you were both behind some rocks.

"I'm really fucking sick, of my girlfriend avoiding me." He growled, trapping your body against his and the large rock behind you. "If I don't get a damn kiss, I'm making you walk home." From the look in his fiery red eyes, you knew he was serious.

Sighing softly, your lips edged up into a smile trying to hold back a smirk. "Okay, kiss." Sliding both of your arms around his neck, you felt his own circle around your hips as he pulled you to meet his lips.

The moment your lips touched, it started as a sensual lip lock but then you suddenly bit down on his bottom lip making him hiss out of surprise. After sucking on it for just a few seconds, you pushed away from him using your wind quirk to lift yourself out of the water.

"There, you didn't say for how long!" You didn't even bother to really read the expression on his face before using both hands and your wind power to fly back over to the sandy beach.


Oh he was pissed.

He didn't say a word to you, as he drove back home. The silence was concerning but, hopefully he wasn't going to murder you or anything.

Once you were both back inside your house, you were sure he was going to lay into you but he completely ignored you, going to the bedroom. With a heavy sigh, you headed down the hall wanting to take a quick shower.

Easing off all your cloths, you turned the water onto a perfect temperature before sliding into the shower. The water felt incredible, as it cascaded over your neck and shoulders, and even down your breasts and stomach.

You never even heard the bathroom door open, nor the sound of cloths dropping to the floor. It wasn't till the glass door opened that you turned around, with wide eyes and red cheeks.

"Katsuki wh-"

Before you could even really register just how completely naked he was, his arms wrapped around your body pushing you into the wall smashing his lips against yours. He roughly ravaged your lips like they were the oxygen he needed to survive.

His tongue slid into your mouth, circling around your own and every slick surface your cavern had to offer. You couldn't help but moan against his ferocious lips, as you felt intense warm and sticky saliva pool at the back of your throat.

The moment he pulled away, saliva edged down your lips as you panted his name. He smirked before leaning down to kiss at your neck, sliding his tongue up and down your skin.

"(Y/n), You fucking ignored me almost all day."

Even though he sounded angry and pissed off, his lips kissed all over your neck and shoulder. Sucking roughly on any patch of skin he could get between his lips.

"You did it on purpose too." He rasped biting down on your ear, pulling it hard enough to get you to gasp and flinch from both a twinge of pain and surprise.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about.." You murmured, having a hard time keeping the smirk that wanted to edge up your lips down.

"You wouldn't let me touch you earlier, but you seemed to enjoy touching me." Sliding both of his hands down the front of your body, he gave both of your breasts several rough squeezes, before leaning down to lap his tongue against one of your rosy nips.

Wrapping his lips around one of your buds, he swirled his tongue in warm slick circles making you moan and arch your back towards him. After coating your nub with his saliva he couldn't help himself as he kissed and sucked all around your breasts, in an almost absentminded way.

"Mhm, K-katsuki...I thought you would be more mad at me.." You whispered, sliding one of your hands into his hair panting and moaning his name softly. The incredible sensation from his every lip press, had your body craving so much more.

"I am mad at you." He huffed against your skin, swaying his slick tongue over to your other breasts where he did the same pleasurable treatment. Kissing and nipping all around, almost avoiding the hard bud before lapping his tongue against it.

"I'm your boyfriend, and you wouldn't let me touch you."

The hurt tone in his voice would be missed by almost anyone that wasn't you. This man whom was full of an overbearing amount of pride, was actually damaged by the way you'd ignored him.

Although he loathe to admit such words, it was written in his pleasurable acts, that seemed almost desperate. As if he'd forgotten what your skin felt like, or how it fit between his lips, or even the smooth taste of your flesh against his tongue.

Sliding his knee between your legs, he smirked at the bright blush that adorned your cheeks. "I wont let you get off, with a simple apology." He assured, pressing his knee against your lower lips rubbing his skin against yours.

"A-ah~ K-katsuki, don't do that~" You moaned to him, wiggling your body in a vein attempt to pull away. He merely cackled, showing off his fangs as his slid both hands against your stomach before resting against your hips.

"You say don't do it..but I think I can already feel some of your slick juices against my knee.." He rasped, pressing both hands against your hips getting your body to basically sit atop his knee.

You tried to deny such an accusation, but the way his muscular knee was pressing against your sensitive womanhood was definitely making you feel hot.

Sliding his knee up and down he outlined your slick lips, and even pressed against the nub of your clit making your body spasm clinging both of your hands to his shoulders. He was getting off, on the way you moaned his name and clung to his muscular body, almost begging him to go faster.

Squeezing his fingers around one of your breasts, he leaned down attacking the skin of your neck as he increased the pace of his knee. He peppered your warm wet skin with, passionate and rough purple love bites.

He could almost feel how each of his mannerisms was making you wet. Your body was shaking with the desperate desire to feel sweet release.

As soon as he started squeezing both breasts, nipping at your neck the pleasure inside swelled till you screamed his name coating his knee with your slick arousal.

His manly voice husked into your ear, "Mhm, I never knew I had such lewd girlfriend..I haven't even fucked you..and yet you came on my knee.." His teasing voice slithered directly into the rim of your ear making your cheeks burn.

Pushing his chest you stared into his handsome face for a few seconds, before leaning forward. He was surprised, and expecting a kiss so he let his guard down. Which is why he nearly yelped when you bit against his bottom lip much like before.

However, this time you sucked it passionately and could even taste some of his blood. He didn't seem to care or even notice the pain, as he groaned your name enjoying the feeling of your slick saliva dripping down his chin.

Eventually you turned it into a real kiss, as you craved the flavor of both of his plump lips. His hands petted around your body, noting its every curve before dipping between your legs. He felt your body twitch, the moment his fingers caressed your slits outline.

Pulling away from your lips with a slick pop, he licks his own pressing against your stomach edging to his knee's. "I think, I deserve a taste of those slick juices of yours.." He rasped, swaying his tongue down the skin of your stomach pressing against your inner thigh getting you to spread your legs.


"Shut up, the only thing I want to hear from your mouth are moans." He was quick to cut off the words you wanted to say, by sliding his tongue through the slickness coating your slit. Instantly the words you wanted to say turned into a sharp moan of his name.

Pressing your hands against the wall behind you, there was nothing to do but to give in completely. It wasn't like you didn't like the feeling of his slick muscle inside you..but you felt bad about earlier. Ignoring him and all, you wanted to be the one to give him pleasure but was him who was pleasuring you.

Lapping his tongue up and down, he nearly groaned from the sweet taste of your juices. Wanting to devour the warmth of your womanhood, he curled his muscle between your folds thrusting it back and forth.

"Ah~...Oh my god, Katsuki..." You could feel his muscle so accurately as it pressed against your folds, making your legs writhe in an overwhelming pleasure.

Both of his rough hands slid to the back of your ass where he pressed you more against his tongue, smirking at the way your hands flew into his hair gripping his spiky tresses whimpering to him how good it felt.

"Katsuki, p-please!~" You moan to him desperately, tossing your head back against the tile of the shower. He was french kissing, your core like it was his last meal, the pleasure was driving you crazy.

Deciding to tease you, one of his fingers slid down the middle of your ass grazing over your back hole before pressing one solitary digit in. Instantly he felt your folds clench around his tongue, threatening to coat his muscle with your juices.

Even as you whimpered for him not to finger you right there, he knew you better than that. You were always pretty open when it came to pleasure, and sex..and he knew you liked when both of your holes were pleasured.

The slender digit between your cheeks wasn't thrusting as fast as his tongue was, but the pleasure was to much for you to handle as you coated his slick muscle with your womanly juices.

When he pulled away you entire body trembled from the loss of having both of your holes pleasured. Looking down, you watched with incredibly hazy eyes as he licked your slick sticky arousal from his lips and even seductively lapped at his finger making your cheeks burn.

"Do you want to get out of the shower?" He asked suddenly, but you nodded your head slowly. Once he motioned for you to walk by him, you stepped forward but the moment your hand pressed against the door, both of his shoved your ass pressing your body up against the glass.

"You didn't think I was going to let you go so easily, did you?" His hot breath wafted directly into your ear, petting his hand over your ass cheek gripping it tightly.

"Mhm..No, I was actually thinking 'bakagou hasn't fucked me yet..' so I was wondering what you were planning.." You grinned, letting him see the reflection of your curved up lips as you wiggled your bum back and forth enticing him.

"I told you to stop fucking calling me that!" He hissed, pulling your ass back sliding his cock between your legs teasing your pussy lips by rocking his hips back and forth.

"A-ah~ What about Daddy?~" You purred to him, trying not to focus on the intense cold feeling of the glass against your nips.

He smirked, before thrusting his hips forward leaning his lips down to bite against the back of your neck at the same time as he filled your core up to the brim.

"F-fuck you're so tight.." He hissed, breathing huskily against your skin as he gripped the back of your ass tightly.

"Oh, my fucking god!~" You moaned loudly, as he roughly started thrusting his hips back and forth, squeezing the skin of your ass. Both of your palms pressed flatly against the glass, as with each slap of his hips against your ass your breasts were squeezed against the shower door.

Eventually his hands left your ass to slide around your waist, petting your skin in a surprisingly sensual way before swaying up to cup your breasts. As he kneaded your flesh, he pulled your body back a bit till his chest was against your back.

"I can feel the way, your pussy is throbbing against my cock.." He growled, as he marked your neck, shoulders and the smooth skin of your back with his many love bites.

"Katsuki!~ Mhm!~ It feels so good!~" You moaned to him your many compliments, he was your boyfriend after all. You should have no problem telling him how good he's pleasuring you. Even though you couldn't see it, he had a small smile as he kissed every where he could get his lips on.

"(Y/n), fuck your body is about we step it up another notch?" He whispered into your ear, but didn't bother waiting for your answer as he licked his fingers coating them with his saliva before trailing them down between your cheeks again.

Your skin prickled as you knew exactly where his slender digits were going. He circled around your back hole, smirking at the way you moaned and jittered in anticipation before pressing into you up to his knuckle.

"h-hah!~ Katsuki, s-so deep!~" You could barely indicate you meant his finger as he started thrusting it back and forth in tune to his hips. A pleasurable tingle was forming on the back of your ass, and even turning it red as your moans soon turned into mewls of intoxicating pleasure.

"Ah, shit (Y/n)..your walls are clenching around me so really like being fucked like this.." He rasped holding onto your body with his free hand, as he continued to aggressively pound into both of your holes.

Drool was sliding down your lips from utter ecstasy but you wanted to answer him, so after taking a deep breath you moaned to him your answer.

"I-it feels so good..I w-wouldn't want to be with a-anyone else." Your lips were trembling as you spoke, feeling an overwhelming knot tighten in the pit of your stomach.

"Good, Because I'll destroy anyone else who tries to be with you." He threatened, possessively sinking his teeth into your shoulder leaving marks all over your body that would scream you were his.

Your lips curved up into a smile but it didn't last long since he slid another finger into your back hole, while increasing his thrusting making you scream his name gripping both hands into fists so tight your knuckles were turning white.

It didn't take much longer of this incredibly pleasurable treatment of both of your sensitive holes, before you were arching your back leaning into his chest achieving the most powerful orgasm of the night while letting the neighbors know just how good you were being fucked.

As soon as he felt your release, he pulled away coating the back of your ass. A small gasp of his name left your lips when you felt the sensation of his seed against your skin but you didn't mind it since you were in the shower anyway.

It took everything to not completely collapse to the ground when he pulled away, as you turned and leaned against him wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

"I'm so tired, Katsuki.." You whispered, resting your head against his shoulder feeling weak from all the heat of the shower, as well as the many orgasms your hot blooded boyfriend had given you.

"That's what you get." He tsked, threatening to let you fall to the ground and yet he slid his arms around your back till he was picking you up bridal style letting you lean against his chest.

"Thank you.." You murmured with a soft smile, as he carried you out of the shower clumsily wrapping a towel around your body before plopping you onto the bed.

You giggled as you bounced on the mattress, before patting the space next to you. He sighed sliding into bed, wrapping his hands around your hips as you squirmed into his side.

"I love you, Katsuki."

He squeezed your frame with one hand while laying his cheek on top of your head. No matter how angry or upset he got at you, he found himself always better in your presence.

"I love you too, when we go back to the beach I'm tossing you in."


So romantic! lmao xD

Chapter Text

(Y/n), was born quirkless. However, unlike most of the people around her she didn't care. It was never her dream to be some hero with super powers, all she ever desired was a happy life.

However, she greatly appreciated those out their who did have powers. She held no grudge towards them, she only held adoration and gratitude because they put everything on the line to protect everyone. They deserved respect in her bright (e/c) eyes.

Sometimes (Y/n), would go to the U.A school gate and wait for the young hero's in training of her generation to leave. It was her desire to encourage them, because they were really the future of the world she lived in and she wanted them to all do their best. Be the best hero's they could be.

That's how you became friends with students of class 1-A. They all were very nice for the most part, there was however, one boy with a rough face who seemed annoyed by your presence and completely ignored you every time you were around.

You'd be at the gate waiting, and since he was usually the one to leave school first he'd be the first person to pass you by. His sharp red eyes, glared at your smiling face that showed no fear towards his rugged attitude.

"Quirkless people should stay away." He would growl, not even bothering to look back to case your reaction although he figured he'd either upset you or made you cry, either way hopefully you'd learn your lesson and stay away.

But he was wrong.

You came back every couple of days, talking to either Deku, Ochako, or someone else from his class. Sometimes he would see a soft smile slide up your lips from the way, his classmates would show off their quirks for you.

The way you were genuinely impressed seemed to strike a nerve inside him. My quirk is so much fucking better then all of theirs. He would huff to himself, almost angry that you never complemented him..but then again he made it a point to avoid you.

"(Y/n)-chan watch this!" Called Ochako as she tapped her fingers together before gently patting your shoulder. Both of your eyes widened giggling in delight as you started floating off the ground.

"It's my duty as class rep to catch her!" Iida declared, using his engines to propel himself off the ground jumping up to catch you in mid air before resting you back on the ground. His cheeks tinted softly when you happily thanked him for catching you.

Bakugou was leaning against the wall, one of his hands starting to bawl into a fist.

"(Y/n)-san, I made you a headband with our schools symbol on it." Momo held the cloth out to you with a hopeful smile on her face, sighing in relief when you immediately tied it around your hair and wholeheartedly thanked her for such a thoughtful gift.

"It's such a pretty color, thank you Momo-chan"

Bakugou flexed his fingers, gritting his teeth. What was this feeling swelling inside his gut? The more you smiled at his classmates, complementing them on each of their quirks the angrier inside he was getting.

"(Y/n), You said you really like snow. I could make it snow for you." Todoroki spoke, waving his hand in front of him. Your eyes widened with excitement, as the tips of his fingers froze over before soft snowflakes started to flutter over your head and body.

"Ah! So pretty, I love snow! Thank you so much!" Leaning forward you hugged him out of pure astonishment, apologizing once you'd realized you might of been invading his space bubble.

"It's alright. I'm glad you like it."

Suddenly a mild explosion draws everyone's eyes including your own over to a very disgruntled looking Bakugou. The moment your eyes meet, he flicked his tongue scowling aggressively before sharply turning his head away.

A small frown ghosted over your lips, before you smiled turning to Asui who was climbing the wall almost like a spider despite how she kept croaking. It made you giggle when Kaminari held his hand above your head making your hair cling to him because of the static from his electricity.

I'm tired of watching this stupid fucking talent competition. Bakugou clenched his fists, wanting to turn away and go home. However, he kept turning back to look at your face, watching your reactions and getting angrier.

It wasn't till Bakugou watched his childhood friend, show you with a timid laugh how he could bounce from one wall to the other with little effort that he couldn't take it anymore.

Just as you started clapping your hands together, telling Deku he had an amazing quirk did loud explosions erupt almost right next to your ears. Suddenly something grips your hand tightly, then the rushing sound of wind and the blurry image of walls and buildings all clump together.

When everything starts to come back into focus you fall to the ground with an 'oof'. Panting softly you look up rubbing your face as ruby red eyes come into focus, along with blonde pointy hair.

"Bakugou-kun?" You question softly, tilting your head at him curiously.

Without saying anything he grunts, turning away much like he did before as he clamps a hand over his forehead. Why the fuck did I do that? I didn't mean to grab her.

You watch as he seems even angrier than he usually is at you.

Frowning softly you force a nervous laugh before smiling, "I g-guess you really did want me to leave..You even used your quirk to get rid of me.." You didn't mean for those last few words to come out as a whisper.

His head lifts looking to you with a growing sinking feeling, your face that was once full of happiness looks troubled. Another feeling he doesn't understand starts coursing through his body, as he immediately grabs your wrist when you start to turn away from him.

"It's okay Bakugou-kun, I'll go home. I didn't mean to annoy you."

"Wait a second stupid." He hisses, gripping your hand a little tighter than he meant to. "What do you think of my quirk?" Turning his cheek away, he used his other hand to scratch his cheek in an almost thoughtful way.

For a minute you weren't sure what he meant, but then the smile returned to your face much brighter than before. "Your quirk is amazing! You can move so fast! I bet you're even faster than Deku-kun!" You started rambling on and on about how great you thought his quirk was, motioning excitedly with your free hand.

A small very light blush came to Bakugou's cheeks, as your every compliment feed his ego making a wide grin form on his face. Letting go of our hand, he started showing off his power for you. From showing you the small sparks he could create, to even boisterous explosions.

"Uraraka can make you float, but that's a shitty ability compared to me." He grinned, turning around as he jabbed his thumb at his back. "Hold onto me, When you're with me I can make you fly." It even surprised you as he bent down a smidge waiting for you to grab him.

Your cheeks warmed with a blush, never did you expect to hear something that sounded kind of romantic from him. Although, he didn't seem to mind as you slid your arms around his muscular shoulders.

"I might be heavy.." You whispered feeling really shy, despite how your hands were still touching him.

"Tsk, you're not fucking heavy." He grumbled, feeling a bit hot when your breasts pressed against the muscles of his back.

Shit I didn't think this through..I can feel her chest against my back.

Despite how he felt warm, he found his hands sliding against your legs pulling them up abruptly to wrap around his waist.

"W-wait..Bakugou-kun this is a little.."

"You have to hold onto me tightly or I'll drop your ass." He insisted, but he found himself liking the warmth your body was providing him. After making sure your hands were secure around him and even your legs had tightened against his body, he held both of his palms out sparking his power till he propelled both of you into the air.

You didn't mean to but both of your eyes squeezed closed as you gripped his body tightly. His grin grew even wider as he jetted you both through the air, till your eyes were open and the world around you was breathtaking.

"It's so beautiful.." You whispered, making him flinch slightly as your breath hazed into his ear. You didn't notice it though as he continued to fly you both through the air, giving you a tour of what it was like to be high above the ground.

"My quirk is so much better than my shitty classmates." He snickered, making you smile as you rested your cheek against his back. He had such a great amount of pride, was he perhaps jealous of the attention you showed everyone else?

Couldn't be.

Bakugou could feel you relaxing against him, were you really not scared to be so high up in the air with him? Did you trust him not to drop you? Was he..your hero?

"Bakugou-kun, thank you." Leaning over his shoulder you pressed your lips against his cheek. The moment he felt your kiss, his eyes widened a new found warmth growing over his entire face. He even found himself doing circles and flips in the air, just for you.

After awhile he finally touched back down on the ground, easing down to let you slide your legs back to the floor. He found himself missing your body heat, once you had fully pulled away.

"Bakugou-kun, do you hate me?" You whispered softly, casting your eyes from the ground to his face. Your eyes held the softest flavor of sadness, that had him frowning.

"Hah!? Who said I hate you?" He growled, flexing both of his hands saying he never said anything like that.

With a soft laugh, you held up both of your hands. " was kind of the first thing you said to me..'quirkless people should stay away'..So I thought..I would never.." Your cheeks warmed, thinking about confessing to him your heart you felt he wouldn't see you as more than an annoyance.

Holding out your hand like he had earlier when he was showing off his quirk, you smiled even though both of your eyes were becoming glossy. "I'm one of those people born without a quirk. I probably will never have one." A tear slid down your cheek as you whispered to him.

"Does that mean you hate me?"

You were unable to keep your eyes on his face, as your own slid to the ground. Doubt, misery, sadness, solitude, every negative emotion was starting to pile onto your heart. You'd never been sad before that you didn't have a quirk..but now..when you wishing with all your heart you could mean something to hurt deep inside. It was almost an unbearable weight.

Suddenly rough hands grab a hold of both of your cheeks, letting you barely register of flash of ruby red eyes before warm lips smash against your own.

W-whats happening? His lips..? He's kissing me?!

Confusion swarms your body but his lips feel warm and soft, and out pure instinct your eyes have long sense slid closed relishing in the feeling of his kiss. You'd expect him to be rougher but his kiss was surprisingly slow and sensual.

Without really thinking about it you start to pull away, wanting to take a breath of air. However, the moment you try to separate his teeth clamp over the bottom of your lip, forcing you to yelp letting him slide his tongue into your mouth.

"B-Bakugou-kun.." You pant into his mouth, feeling weak from his hot endeavor as he licks passionately around your tongue.

After several minutes of a steamy french kiss, he pulls back letting a thin trail of slick saliva connect his tongue to yours. He grins deviously at the deep blush to your cheeks and heavy haze to your eyes, as you try to regain air back into your lungs.

"Do you still think I hate you?"

Your eyes flutter at him, a soft smile sliding up your lips. "If I said yes, would you kiss me again?" A shy smile formed on your lips, watching as he stepped over to you. His hand touched your cheek a surprisingly serious look on his rugged handsome face.

"I'll kiss you again, regardless of what your answer is."


I picture Katsuki falling in love with someone who's quirkless.

Chapter Text


"Todoroki-kun, can you help me with this question?" Your face held a soft frown, as you walked over to him with the homework your class had been assigned about 20minutes ago. Aizawa-sensei, had rolled himself up in his sleeping back and long sense vacated, but many of the students remained forming small pairs to get the assignment done before heading home.

"Sure, Which one are you stuck on?" He lifted his heterochromic eyes, watching you pull up a chair next to his desk before sliding your paper down on to his desk.

"It's this one, I've done most of the first set but number 15 still confuses me a bit." You gave him a smile as he calmly leaned forward, using one of his slender fingers too articulately explain how to do this problem.

Just as you're about to ask him about the next one, just to make sure you're doing them right a hand slams down in front of you. Before even looking up you know who it is, sighing heavily, as his gruff voice practically growls into your ear.

"Oi, (Y/n) If you needed help why didn't you just fucking ask me?" Red eyes glare from your face to Todoroki, before back to you narrowing. "I'm much better than, icy-hot."

"Because.." You pause, frowning at his scowling features. "All you do is yell when I don't understand what you're saying." Turning up your nose, you look away with a huff. "I'd much rather have Todoroki-kun help me, He's actually able to calmly explain how to do the equations."

Sparks flicker from Bakugou's fist, making everyone in close proximity immediately back up. Although, both You and Todoroki remain in your seats, calm as a cucumbers. Ignoring your short tempered boyfriend, you ask Todoroki to check your work when you've done the next few problems.

"This one is a little off." His smooth voice chastises you for getting the wrong answer, but unlike Bakugou he does it in a calm and clear way. Letting you know how you got the wrong answer, so you can see exactly where you went wrong.

"Ah, I see. So I did this..wrong..and here I forgot to carry.." You mumble to yourself, feeling Todoroki gently guide you towards the right answer without actually doing the work for you.

You don't even have to look up, to feel the overbearing presence of the ever growing angry Bakugou. The heat from his eyes, the gnashing sound of his teeth, the flex of both of his can practically taste in the air how jealous he is.

He was the type that hated when you talked to other guys, to be honest he was even jealous when you were gal paling with the other girls in class. If your focus was anywhere but him, he absolutely hated it. Sometimes you hated that attitude, but on the inside you really loved how possessive he was.

"(Y/n), we're leaving." It wasn't a question, and clearly he wasn't letting you argue as he shoved your homework paper into his book bag before gripping your wrist tightly and tugging you along behind him.

"Bakugou, if you miss treat your girlfriend so much someone might take her from you." Todoroki's voice came out as smooth as butter, and sharp like a knife. It probably wasn't suppose to sound threatening, just a piece of advice but..if Bakugou didn't just completely start loosing it.

"EH? The fuck did you just say?!" He turned, ruby eyes illuminating a deep ember of hatred..or maybe it was fear. Both of his hands flexed, as small sparks hazed from his fingers till a fire was flickering from his palm.

Bakugou took a menacing step forward, and you knew deep inside he would not care about the collateral damage he caused if he was feeling pissed off/threatened.

"Katsuki." Usually he would stop if you called to him, but this time it seemed like he didn't hear you or maybe he just didn't care. Either way, your brows furrowed in frustration gripping the back of his school blazer.

"Katsuki, if you want to stay here and fight for no reason go ahead."

Just as he turned back to you, lowering both of his raised fist did you slide open the classroom door. He tsked loudly, following in step behind you when you stepped into the hallway. He even issued Todoroki a intense threat, to stay away from you before he was right next to you.

It was silent as you both walked off school grounds, side by side. Sometimes you enjoyed a thoughtful silence, because you simply enjoyed being in his presence but wanted more than to feel the brooding scowl on his handsome face.

Sliding your hand into his, you sent him a smile when he turned to look at you. He didn't seem very happy, as he huffed looking the other way. At least you can be happy, with the tight grip his fingers had on your own.

"(Y/n), I could of helped you with your homework." It was actually a sentence he managed not to hiss out, but the squeeze of your hand told you he was still mad.

"You could of, but you yell a lot." A frown slipped onto your lips, "I don't like to be yelled at all the time, Katsuki." The reflex of your hand softened, as you looked to the ground slowly walking forward.

The grip he had on your hand feel lax enough, to where your fingers were free to move if they wanted too. It was almost like he was saying sorry, as he furrowed his brows looking both vexed and irritated by himself.

"It's okay though, Katsuki. I'm not telling you to change who you are." Leaning forward, you pressed your lips against his cheek. Your eyes glanced towards his house, that you both had stopped at the entrance gate of.

"I need to get home too, I'll see you at school tomorrow." Turning you didn't mean for a soft frown to ghost over your lips that he must of noticed, as he immediately slid both of his arms around your waist holding you from behind preventing you from leaving.

"I didn't say you could leave." It was a possessive rasp of his voice, that tickled the nape of your neck as he pressed his chest against your back.

You could feel heat swarming your cheeks, as his hands pressed flatly against your stomach. A warm breath hazed over your skin, before his lips were against your neck planting the most incredible feeling kiss.

"Ah~..Mhm...Katsuki.." The moment you felt his lips, a sharp gasp escaped your mouth. However, when he started sucking against the skin, your body started to completely relax against his enjoying the pleasurable tingle.

He smirked, planting hot kiss after hot kiss against your neck relishing in the way your body arched into his. Suddenly the warmth was gone, but it was only for a moment as he started tugging your wrist leading both of you up to his front door.

Even when you murmured a very soft protest, it didn't stop him from pulling you into his house and pressing you up against his door. You barely registered the hungry look in his eyes, before his lips were smashed against yours.

Both of your hands grip his shirt, feeling warmth pool on your face as he shoves his tongue past your half parted lips. He grins when a moan of his name slips from your mouth, as he laps and circles his slick muscle passionately around your own.

Just as one of his hands pet down your chest cupping your breast, he pulls back panting softly with a smirk on his face. "Lets go to my room." His hand slides against your cheek, watching your eyes for a sign that you didn't want him in the way he wanted you.

Its a gentle side, no one besides you would recognize. He was, of course, a very rough and aggressive person, but it no sense was he evil. Despite what anyone would think, he would never force himself on you.

Smiling you pressed your palm against his chest, before sliding both hands up and around his neck. For a minute he seemed curious about your actions, as he relaxed in your grasp letting you lean over his shoulder and up to his ear.

"I want you to make me feel good."

Oh. The way you felt his breathing hitch, a hot breath fanning against the rim of your ear. Your words definitely excited him, as he slid both of his hands down your hips slowly pressing your body into his as he cupped the bottom of your ass.

He chuckled, when you gasped his name sharply the moment he picked up your legs getting you to wrap them around his waist. "Hold on tight, or I'll drop your ass." It almost sounded like a threat, but you knew him better than that.

Squeezing your legs around him, you held onto his shoulders as he started walking up the stairs to his room. Being in his grasp was surprisingly calming, despite what was about to go down. You had admit to drowning in the warmth seeping from his body, and the intoxicating smell of his natural musk.

Tilting your eyes slightly to the left, his smooth neck was right next to you. Feeling drawn to his skin, your hand pressed against the other side before leaning forward to sensually kiss his neck.

"Mhm...You really want me, don't you (Y/n)?"

He was most certainly teasing you, but you didn't mind. It was true, he was making you feel warm, turned on, and full of desire for his pleasurable touches.

Pressing open his door with the back of his ass, he made sure it was locked before walking over to his bed. He sat with you in his lap, grinding you down against his crotch, smirking at the way you tossed your head back moaning.

"'re already hard.."

"That's right, I'm going to fuck you till you can't breath."

Oh tingle. You bite your lip harder than you meant to, as you fluttered both of your eyes at his incredibly sexy handsome face. The confident gleam to his sharp cat-like eyes, was making you feel feverish with lust and desire.

He leans forward, sliding his tongue down your chin till his lips are pressing hot open-mouthed kisses against your neck. The soft way you moan, encourages him to leave you bright and puffy pink love bites.

His rough hands easily slide the buttons to your blazer apart, pulling it off your shoulders dropping it to the floor, doing the same to his own blazer. You smile, to encourage him as he starts to unbutton your undershirt revealing your lacy bra underneath.

"I like, the way your tits fit into my hand." He husks, pushing up your bra wrapping both hands around your breasts kneading the flesh in a hungry desireful fashion.

"Mhm, like to pinch them.." You moan to him, gasping as he pinches the hard nubs. A wide smirk forming on his face, as he leans down wrapping his lips around the closest rosy bud, swishing his tongue in a hot slick circle.

Your flesh must taste delicious as he sucks and bites against it, leaving many passionate hickey's. The sound of your moans fueling his every desire to make you, tremble in the overwhelming pleasure he gives your body.

Switching to the other breast he gives it the same pleasurable treatment, while sliding his hand up your inner thigh. Your legs are already spread over his lap, so its incredibly easy for him to dip his fingers into the side of your panties.

"You said I'm hard, but you have already soaked your panties." He rasped sliding his tongue in a sticky circle against your nip and up to your neck where he pressed his sharp teeth into the side enough to feel your vocal chords vibrate with your every moan.

"Don't be mean to me.." You murmured to him, sliding both hands up into his hair as he pressed several of his smooth digits into your core and started thrusting them back and forth.

"Ah, Katsuki...Mhm..I can feel the way you're c-curling your fingers..inside me.." You couldn't help the many moans of his name that left your lips, and even the way they were quivering as he induced a sharp sense of pleasure in your body.

He grinned against the skin of your neck, feeling the inside of your body in accurate and intimate detail. The slick way your juices were coating his fingers, and even a bit of your inner thighs was driving him insane with animalistic desire.

"K-katsuki..I..h-hah.." Both of your hands pressed against the back of his head, showing him an incredibly needy gleam in your hazy eyes as you pushed him to meet your lips. He returned your passionate kiss, with an even rougher more lustful french one.

As his tongue and your own danced a passionate waltz, you moaned into his mouth feeling yourself reach a very pleasurable release that had saliva dripping down your lips.

"Fuck, your juices are warm and sticky." He hissed, a hazy breath fanning against your lips as he pulled away. Pulling his fingers from your core, he grinned at how slick you'd made them before dipping them into his both.

"Mhm, I like the way you taste."

" say really embarrassing things..sometimes.." Your eyes fluttered at him before looking away, with warm bright pink cheeks.

He licked his lips chuckling, as he pressed at your hips getting you to stand. However, the moment he started pulling the skirt from your body you stopped him, wagging your finger telling him he needed to be naked first.

"If you want me to be naked, take my cloths off." He challenged you, leaning back on the bed spreading his legs smirking at the way your eyes immediately went to the large bulge in his tight pants.

"F-fine..." Your cheeks were warm, but you'd already seen him naked before. The first thing you did was slide of the bra that was still around your shoulders, barely hanging on as it was. You smiled at the way he licked his lips, clear desire to suck your tits some more written on his face.

Leaning forward you pressed a hand against his knee, trailing up till you gave his crotch a good squeeze. He hissed, in way that just begged you to already take off his pants..but oh no you weren't going to give it to him that easily.

Sliding your hands upward, you pulled the buttons on his shirt sliding it off revealing his well built muscles. You smiled caressing his abs and chest, feeling the temperature of his skin becoming warm from your every caress.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore as he grabbed your hand and pressed it against the outline of his cock. "Stop being a tease, (Y/n)." He growled, a clear lustful desire written on his face, that just had you giggling.

"Alright, my wild tiger." Leaning down you gave him a quick kiss, as you unzipped and tugged his pants down his legs. The sight of his well endowed manhood, had a haze of pink tickling your cheeks that didn't go unnoticed by him.

Before you could even think about taking off your own cloths, he was already gripping both your skirt and panties sliding them down your smooth legs leaving both of you completely naked.

"H-hah Katsuki..w-wait.." You gasped to him as he pulled you back into his lap, teasing the tip of his cock against your wet slit.

"Mhm, No more waiting." There was barely time for your hands to slide around his shoulders, before he pulled your body forward sliding you onto his cock. The instant way you moaned his name, tossing your head back had him grinning against your skin as he groaned about how tight your walls felt against his member.

"You're fucking squeezing me so tight, (Y/n).." He husked, caressing his hands around your hips till they were on the bottom of your ass. "I want you to scream my name.."

Just as you opened your mouth, the words you wanted to say turned into a scream as he started bouncing you against his cock. The incredible depth of his member, was making you feel completely feverish with pleasure.

"Ah!~ Katsuki, I c-can feel you soo deep inside me!~"

"You're so wet, Fuck!"

Gripping your body tightly, he roughly bounced you against his feeling your womanly core in accurate detail through his manly muscle. The pulse of your folds against his cock was positively driving him crazy, the slick juices of your arousal dripping onto his thighs making it easy for him to fuck you as deep as he wanted.

Pressing your nails into his shoulders, you held onto his body as tightly as you could muster. "Katsuki..p..please I can't!~ I'm g-going to cum!~" You whimpered to him, as he squeezed the flesh of your ass pounding your body down against his with no mercy.

He increased his speed even more, huskily rasping into you ear to soak his cock. You couldn't even relay to him how incredibly close you were till, you were already screaming his name coating his cock with your slick arousal.

Before you could even start to relax, he was already pushing you onto his bed. His sweaty rough hands grabbed your ass pulling into into the air as he leaned his muscular chest against your back sliding his cock teasingly between your legs.

"Katsuki..w-what are you..?"

"You asked icy-hot to help with your work, when your boyfriend was right there." He slid his hips back and forth, pressing the girth of his cock against your slit, tracing your lips with excruciating slow detail. "I know I yell a lot, but I still don't like it."

His hands swayed up cupping both of your breasts, before thrusting his hips forward pressing back into your slick folds. As you whimpered and moaned from the over stimulation of your womanly core, he pulled your body up pressing your back against his chest before he started thrusting at an aggressive and deep pace.

"Ah!~ Katsuki, h-hah..I c-can't breath.." You literally gasped his name as you moaned, gripping his hands that were over your chest. Your lips were half parted as drool slid down your chin, unable to contain the utter ecstasy he was pleasuring your body with.

"Mhm..don't breath just moan.." He rasped, slamming his hips against your ass creating an embarrassing wet slapping sound around the room. The thought that you were just completely turned on from being fucked by him, had warmth swarming every part of your skin.

The insane pace he was rocking into your body, had a red tingle forming on the back of your ass from the rough way he was slapping against your skin. Your could feel just how much your body was pulsating against his member, a tight knot forming in the pit of your stomach that was completely driving you insane.

Before any of your mewls and whimpers of complete pleasure could form an actual sentence, you were already arching your body feeling the press of his hot lips against the side of your neck, as you screamed his name so loud you were sure his parents heard you even though they weren't even their.

He bit into the back of your neck, as he continued to thrust into your body till his own release swayed through his body. Pulling away he coated the back of your legs and a small part of your ass with his manly seed, before completely falling on top of you.

"F-fuck you're heavy Katsuki..get off me.."

"That's not what you were saying a minute ago."

He chuckles at the tired way you shove at his chest and face, but are completely weak that you can barely even move at all. After letting you rest he took you home, before his parents got back.


"(Y/n)-chan, are you okay?" Deku's concerned green eyes looked you up and down, noting the tired sway of your legs and the way you kept rubbing the back of them.

"Um..I'm fine..I just.." Trying to think of an excuse, Bakugou comes over grinning at the way your cheeks warm with a blush.

"It's not any of your concern, Deku. She's just tired, we exercised a little to much yesterday and she's feeling sore." He gave Deku, the most snarkiest grin ever sliding one of his hands down the back of your leg when his childhood friend looked away with a dark blush.

It was embarrassing that even Deku could read between the lines but, it wasn't like you regretted what happened with Katsuki.

"(Y/n), My parents wont be home till later tonight. Do you want to come over again?"


Someone wants to go for another round?!

Or maybe he just wants to make you dinner :>

I can see him, being all dramatic while complaining about making you food but still doing it anyway, cause that's the SWEETHEART he truly is.

Chapter Text

The warmth of the sun cascaded over your body from the window, slowly waking you from a comfortable slumber. Gently lifting yourself up, you rubbed your eyes covering your mouth as a yawn left your half parted lips

Lowering your eyes they landed on the oddly serene sleeping face of the ever wild Bakugou Katsuki, otherwise known as your handsome boyfriend. It brought a smile to your face to see him resting so peacefully, you were used to seeing the scrunch in his brow, pointy ends of his teeth, or even the angry way he yelled.

Even you can be calm, sometimes I guess..

Laying back down you spent a few minutes admiring all his features. From his spiky unruly blonde hair, to the muscular outline of his cheek bones and chin, even the slightly parted red outline of his very kissable lips.

You fought the small urge to lean down and give him a peck, as you really just wanted to admire him a little longer. One of your hands gently slid into his hair, curling a few strands around your finger. It was actually kind of soft despite the rough or even ragged appearance.

Without meaning to your hand slid down to rest against his cheek, you were going to pull away less you wake him..but his skin was so warm. Caressing a few fingers against his cheek, your eyes softened wondering how you snagged such an explosive man like him.

Love would not come easy to a man like him, but that never stopped you from trying. Even if he wanted nothing to do with you in the beginning. He was just so caught up in his hero training, even after graduating U.A and going to a high class university.

Nothing could stop your desire to be around him, so you ended up stalking him a little bit following him around like a puppy, making him beyond annoyed and angry. Till the one day you decided to stop, it wasn't because he had upset you it was more got in the way.

When you stopped coming to see him or following him around, he realized you were the only one who was always by his side. The thought of actually liking you, was a bit too much for him to admit though. He was content when he saw you around campus, but when you smiled at him from far away..he found himself scowling. The aggressive thoughts inside his head wondering why you couldn't just stand right in front of him and show him your stupid smile.

Thoughts like that would have him wanting to get closer to you, walking with you to some of your classes even keeping a protective eye on you. It wasn't till some other guy started to show interest in you that he literally shouted at you to be his girlfriend.

It's actually one of your most fondest memories, even though you could remember in accurate detail how completely flushed your face was. Even the intense stares from the crowd of people around, as he didn't bother waiting till you were alone or even off campus before confessing in the most passionate way possible.

The tip of your finger trailed over his bottom lip. Oh, his lips were so soft, warm and red that they called to you. Unable to stop yourself, you leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss against his lips. It only lasted a second or two, before you pulled away only to find sharp red eyes completely opened staring right at you.

"S-sorry..I didn't mean to wake you.."

The moment you started pulling away to sit up his hands wrapped around your waist roughly pulling you back till you were smack against his chest. "I didn't say you could get up." He muttered, laying his head on the top of yours yawning straight into your ear. It was a sensation that had your skin tingling.

Smiling you nuzzled into his muscular chest, sliding both of your hands around his back. It was just a nice feeling to be wrapped in his tight embrace, even if your face was a little warm. One of his hands slide down your back, petting over the curvature of your ass smirking at the way you gasped softly against the skin of his neck, before he pulls one of your legs over his own. Leaning back he licks his lips at the flutter to your eyes, while casting his own down your body.

Like he remembered, you were wearing one of his baggy black shirts with only panties underneath. His rough fingers squeezed the back of your leg, till he was dipping the tip of his fingers into your lacy lingerie.

"Ah, Katsuki...s-so early..?" You gasped softly, pressing yourself more into him despite the blush forming on your cheeks. A small moan escaped your lips when he started giving both of your cheeks a mixture of slow and rough squeezes.

"You're the one that kissed me, I think you want it more than I do." He husked into the rim of your ear, wrapping his lips around it sucking the warm skin till it was pink and puffy.

"It w-was just a kiss.." You whispered, arching your body into the shape of his. "I just couldn't resist, you looked so cute.."

His lips curved up into what you would know as a gentle smile, but since he was sliding them down the edge of your neck you couldn't see them. Kissing against your neck, he peppered some soft kisses before pressing against your ass as he thrusted his hips forward.

"Oh! Katsuki.." Your entire body twitched, from the grind of his very hard cock against the thin material of your lacy panties. He grinned, biting into your skin leaving one hell of a bite mark that you didn't mind at all. You honestly loved it when he bit you, it was such a possessive trait but it felt so good.

"(Y/n), Are you mine?" It was a question laced with his possessive desire, to completely own you. It was just apart of his personality, that by now you knew better translated to 'Do you love me?'

"Always.." Pulling back you meet his amazing fiery red eyes, that despite his rough features were softly laced with longing. His hand slid against your cheek, cupping your chin as he pulled you to meet his amazing soft lips.

One of your hands swayed into his hair returning his kiss full force, even meeting the slick swirl of his tongue as it pushed into your mouth. Kisses like this were always completely overwhelming, but felt amazing because that's just how much he liked/desired you.

Your cheeks warmed when you could feel him swaying his hands all over your body. Caressing your legs, squeezing your ass, petting over your hips, and even feeling how perky your nips were through his shirt when he kneaded your round flesh through the material.

Pulling back for a moment he sat up pulling the thin muscle shirt from his body, tossing it to the floor before pressing at your shoulders getting you to lay flat on the bed. He pushed up your legs spreading them apart, pulling your thigh to meet his lips biting into it.

"Mhm, really like to bite me everywhere.." You moaned softly closing your eyes leaning back against the soft pillows. The smirk on his face relaxed till it was a calm smile, only you wouldn't yelp or scream when he bit you.

Part of him wanted to tease you and call you a masochistic for getting off on the pain he inflicted but, this one time he'd let it go. The desire to taste all of your skin was deeper than the small need to embarrass you.

Trailing his tongue up your inner thigh he licked down the middle of your clothed slit, relishing in the way your legs threatened to clamp around his head. Grabbing the hem of his shirt you were wearing he had you lift your hands so he could slide it off joining his shirt on the floor.

His hungry eyes took in the sight of your completely exposed breasts, "Your tits are already hard.." He rasped licking his lips, before his tongue was lapping around one rosy nip to the other. Sucking the flesh, swirling hot slick circles, tasting in intimate detail how perky they were.

"Mh, I can't deny that you turn me on.." You whispered, sliding a hand against the back of his head moaning his name, arching your back gasping the moment he started pulling the sensitive bud between his teeth.

"I know that I more than turn you on.." His voice wafted against the skin of your breasts, as he trailed one of his hands down your stomach dipping into your panties. "I make you wet, I can feel it on my fingers already.."

He admired the warm blush on your cheeks, and shy flutter to your eyes but he couldn't tease you for to long. The slick warmth of your arousal against his fingers, had him burning with a deep desire to slide his tongue into your body so he could feel your skin tremble with pleasure.

"I want to taste you." He rasped huskily, a lustful haze to his ruby red eyes as he gripped the side of your panties and tugged them down your legs. A sharp gasp of his name left your lips the moment he pushed apart your legs spreading them wide, making you feel completely and utterly exposed as he stared at the part of you that made you a woman.

"Katsuki, stop staring.." You murmured, placing a hand over your privates.

"Why?" He shoved your hand away, leaning down to slide his tongue against your wet slit tracing your lower lips with his own slick muscle. "You're mine, So I can stare at whatever part of you I want." It was a possessive and arrogant rasp that left his lips, as he lapped up and down enjoying the taste of your arousal.

Your face warmed gasping and moaning his name, feeling the intimate sway of his tongue and even the way his lips wrapped around your clit sucking on it like a delicious piece of candy.

"Ah, Katsuk.i please.." You whimpered, legs trembling from the overwhelming pleasure coursing through your body.

He smirked curling his tongue into your folds, tasting your body in excruciating detail groaning at the way your walls threatened to clamp around his slick muscle. After frenching your body deeply for several minutes he pulled away, swallowing the sticky juices of your arousal.

"You can't cum by yourself today, I want you to soak my cock."

Your eyes widened, a warm blush tickling your cheeks as he leaning away sliding off his boxers. His rough hands slide up your legs, pulling your body forward to meet the tip of his cock as he teasingly slid himself against your wet lips.

"H-hah! Katsuki, don't tease me!~"

Leaning forward he pulled one of your nips between his teeth, sucking the flesh passionately before letting it go with a slick pop. "Tell me how much you want it.." He rasped, lapping across your rosy bud before kissing up to your neck.

Panting his name softly, your eyes fluttered in a shy way but now was not the time to hold back. Both of your hands caressed against his smooth back muscles, before lifting your legs up wrapping around his waist leaning forward to kiss the smooth skin of his neck.

"I want you so bad, please..please hold me..please fuck me.." Sliding your fingers against the back of his head, he responded immediately to your gesture meeting your lips in the middle for several steamy kisses.

He was at the end of his rope, even if he wanted to tease you more his lustful desire was to overwhelming, the heat from your body completely enveloping as he craved to be inside you as deep as possible.

Grabbing your hips, he waited till his tongue and yours were dancing a passionate melody before thrusting forward sliding deeply into your slick folds. He absolutely loved the way you moaned into his mouth, clinging your hands around his body a desperate desire to be as close to him as possible.

"Mmf!~ Katsuki, h-hah..I feel deep inside.." Your words hazed against his lips and into his mouth, as he barely let you speak before attacking your lips over and over again. Your hands clung to his warm back as he started a rough but steady pace of thrusting, holding your body close to his.

His thrusts were driving your body crazy, as you could feel him pressing against your walls in all the right ways sending you to heaven. It felt so good, it was like you were seeing stars..and he was the brightest one out their.

It was embarrassing, because his saliva was pooling at the back of your throat and even sliding down your lips and chin. You could taste his desire in intimate detail, and it actually made you feel completely loved by him. Because he was a man who sometimes had a hard time showing how much he cared, but by making love..he no longer had to hold back.

Pulling away from him so roughly he literally growled from the loss of your supple red flesh, you moaned to him desperately how much you loved and cared about him.

"Mh!~ Ah!~ Katsuki..I love you!~"

His ember enhanced gorgeous red eyes widened just ever so slightly, a dust of pink lighting up his cheeks before he was burring his face against the side of your neck as if trying to hide from your feelings. It was so adorable, that you couldn't help the small giggle even though he was still thrusting deeply into your body.

"Don't laugh while I'm fucking you.." He hissed, against the rim of your ear but his words sounded so soft like he wasn't really mad just a bit embarrassed.

His hands suddenly slide under your back pulling you up off the bed, your arms and legs were already tightly wrapped around him so it made it easier for him to sit back on the bed with you in his lap as he started bouncing your body against his getting you to deeply ride his cock.

"Ah!~ Katsuki, Too f-fast!~ Too deep!~" You entire frame was trembling against his, even your lips were quivering from the intense pleasure. Your body was smack against his, as with each bounce your tits were rubbed up against his muscular chest.

"(Y/n), You're gripping my cock so tightly..I can feel how close you are.." He growled, biting down against the rim of your ear whispering naughty words about feeling just how slick your lips were making his muscle, and even the way your walls pulsated against him.

It was your turn to bury your face against his warm neck, hiding the blush on your cheeks but unable to stop all your moans as they hazed against his skin. The knot inside was tight like a ribbon, unfurling the moment he started slamming your ass down against his body.

Tossing your head back, you screamed his name in complete ecstasy letting your neighbors know in excruciating detail just how good your lover was fucking you. Even as he felt the warmth of your arousal coating his cock, he continued to bounce you against him nipping like a cat against your neck till his seed was stickily coating your inner thighs.

Falling lax against his sweaty muscular body, you panted heavily feeling an exhausting but pleasurable throb pulsate around your skin. His hands petted against your back in a surprisingly soothing gesture even though you could feel his heart thumping just as fast as your own.

"(Y/n), why do you love me?"

His question had you trying to pull back, but he wouldn't let you as he leaned his head over your shoulder and continued to hold your naked body against his. Relaxing after a small moment of struggling to see his face you laughed softly, feeling his warm breath haze against your skin.

"To answer you question, I would have to get that okay?"

"J..just hurry up.." He mumbled, feeling the warmth pool on his face. He didn't want to yell at you or get angry so he had to temper his aggression, but he really was curious what kind of answer would you give him.

"I love you many reasons it would take a life time to list them all. A life time I would love to spend with you." Both of your hands petted against the muscles of his back, laying your head against his shoulder smiling warmly.

"I like how sharp your eyes are. I like how aggressive your attitude is. I like watching you use your quirk. I like the person you're on the inside, that you wont let most people see." You gave his neck a small kiss before continuing. "Words can't explain how happy I was the day you asked me to be your girlfriend, I was sure..I would never mean anything to you." Your words were a soft whisper, "You know..I was okay with that..I understood how much being a hero meant to you..a-and how maybe you didn't need anyone by your side to accomplish your dreams.."

Your voice turned into a soft croak at the end full of forlorn desire, a warm tear sliding down your cheek. Lifting your hand you were just about to wipe it away when something hot plopped against the skin of your back. Instantly your skin prickled, heart swelling as it thumped haphazardly.

"Katsuki..Are you crying..?"

"No, I'm not!" He instantly hissed, viciously wiping at his face.

You smiled softly, waiting for him to calm down. There were still so many reasons why you liked him that you wanted to list, but your thoughts all disappeared replaced with warmth when he whispered his affection.

"I love you, Stupid. The day when you stop chasing me, I'll just have to chase you."

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Chapter Text


"Deku-kun, Thank you for walking with me."

"It's no trouble (Y/n)-chan. You told me that your street late at night is deserted. If..I um..make you feel safe I'd be g-glad to walk you home." He held a soft smile on his face, running a hand through his lush green hair.

"You do make me feel safe, but I feel kind of bad." You held up both of your hands, waving them back and forth. "I'm going to be a Hero, walking home in the dark shouldn't scare me.." Jutting out your bottom lip, you began to pout till Deku patted your shoulder giving you the most reassuring smile that was actually really alleviating.

"Don't feel bad (Y/n)-chan, Having a fear doesn't make you weak, it makes you realize what you need to improve on." His eyes were the most alluring shade of green, as you continued to look into his enchanting orbs. "Sometimes you can't overcome your fears by yourself, so having a friend with you will build your confidence."

Without realizing it his words actually brightened your view, before you knew it you were smiling at him brightly making a soft blush dust his cheeks as he admired the lush pink of your lips, that he couldn't help but think was really cute.

"Thank you Deku-kun, you really know how to make a person feel better." Wrapping an arm around his elbow you leaned your head on his shoulder as you continued to walk.

You didn't notice the intense blush that swarmed his cheeks, as he became overly nervous by your close contact. Even the way he could feel the plush outline of your breasts had him taking a deep gulp trying not focus on how soft they felt.

His deep forest green eyes glanced down, noting the serene features of your face. You really seemed completely relaxed in his presence while he was a mass of nervous twitches most of the time. Being so friendly with a girl was new to him, especially since you were just so cute everything you did made him extremely bashful.

Suddenly something cold plops on his nose, making him pause his steps to look up. "Uh oh, (Y/n)-chan I think its about to start raining.." As if on cue, you lifted your head just in time to have several plops of water trickle down cheeks.

"This way (Y/n)-chan, we're pretty close to my house." He declares sliding his fingers into your hand, before jogging with you down a few blocks making it safely to the awning at his front door. However, when he looked back at you his cheeks flushed heavily. The rain had started flowing heavily enough to soak your blazer, giving him a pretty unique view of the outline of your bra.

"Those spring rains like to pop up so suddenly..Damn, I'm soaked..." You huffed, wringing out your hair that was all matted together thanks to the sudden pour. "Ah, Deku my house is a few streets over I think I can make it their from here on my own."

Just as you turned ready to use your book bag as a makeshift umbrella, did you realize his soft fingers were still threaded with your own. "W-wait (Y/n)-chan, You're already wet if you go home like that you'll catch a cold.." He stuttered, looking from your face to his door motioning with his free hand.

"You..c-could come in and wait out the rain and when its done I'll still walk you home cause that's what I promised to do.." Even though he seemed a bit nervous and unsure, the way he still remembered his promise had you smiling.

"Well..If it isn't to much trouble..I don't have any extra cloths though.." You mumbled, unsure of what you were gonna wear while he dried your cloths.

"If you're okay with my cloths..You c-can wear one of my shirts and one of my pants..although i'm not sure they will fit you.." His cheeks were a warm blush, as he unlocked his front door and lead the way in gesturing to a pair of slippers by the entryway that you could wear.

"Um, well pardon the intrusion then.." You smiled softly, letting him lead the way up the stairs to his room, wear you apologized for the small amount of rain your cloths were tracking in. He,however, assured you it was no trouble as he picked out a random green shirt and pair of blue jeans for you to wear gesturing to the bathroom with a heavy blush having the hardest time looking at you.

It seemed you hadn't even noticed the damp way your bra was showing through your white top, he could tell you had on a black bra, and the moment you closed the bathroom door..a soft naughty thought crossed his mind where he wondered if..your panties were the same color.

Shaking his head he began to mentally scream at himself, saying you were just a really good friend and he can't think of you like that. Even though, almost everyday he found himself admiring your soft eyes, fluffy long/short hair, and even the way you laughed.

Come on, she's really cute but..she probably doesn't see me li-

His thoughts were cutoff the moment, he looked up watching you exit the bathroom. The blush on his face intensified several times over, the smooth outline of your legs were on complete display, and your hair looked sexy and disheveled..he found himself taking a deep loud gulp that he was 100precent certain you heard.

"Sorry Deku-kun, but your pants kept sliding off so I just decided to leave them." Rubbing the back of your head with a sheepish smile, you murmured with a soft blush that you still left your panties on because his shirt was pretty long it would be okay like this.

"O-oh..okay..I..uh..are you s-sure you're okay..?" He muttered unable to keep his eyes off of your legs, before just completely turning away so he could stop thinking you looked so erotic just in his shirt. I swear my heart is beating so fast, maybe this was a bad idea..

"I'm fine, may I use your dryer for my cloths Deku-kun?" The moment you started heading towards his door, he stopped you immediately taking your cloths from your hands.

"T-thats alright (Y/n)-chan, I'll dry them for you. Just um..relax..I'll b-be right back.."

As soon as you gave him a smile and a nod, he was quickly padding down the hallway and descending the stairs till he was carefully placing your cloths into the dryer. "Oh..her bra is black.." He murmured nodding to himself that he was right, feeling an intense thump to his heart as he thought about how this lacy piece of clothing was just touching your chest.

Before his actions could turn perverted he was tossing your delicates into the dryer along with your school blazer and skirt. He noted his own cloths weren't to wet but it'd be better to wash them anyway, so he slid them off quickly pulling on a dry white shirt from the nearby basket with a simple pair of shorts making his way back up to his room after turning on the dryer.

"(Y/n)-chan, It should take about 30mins to dry your cloths." He spoke softly as he opened and closed his door, turning to notice that you were laying under his beds blanket.

"Thank you Deku-kun." Your voice actually made him flinch as he edged closer, till he saw the soft smile on your face and adorable way you were snug under his blanket. Giggling at the way he gasped, you edged backward a little lifting up his blanket.

"Want to lay with me? I borrowed your blanket cause I was a bit cold."

"That's fine (Y/n)-chan, I thought you might get cold.." He muttered, slowly sliding into the bed with you blushing at the close proximity of your body. There was still a good amount of space so you weren't squished together but, while he rested his head on the pillow he found himself admiring your facial features.

He wouldn't know it but you were doing the same. Despite how rather weak and scrawny he appeared, you knew he had some good muscles on his body from that day at the pool. Those beautiful emerald green eyes of his seemed to possess an alluring gleam, as you found yourself slowly leaning forward till your hand was against his cheek.

"You got really pretty eyes Deku-kun.." You whispered, smiling a the soft blush decorating his cheeks, "And your skin feels warm, sorry if my hand is kind of cold.."

"I..uh..thank you, I like your eyes too (Y/n)-chan." He slowly edged closer frowning at the chill of your hand, he was starting to worry you were going to catch a cold. "Are you cold still, (y/n)-chan? its okay with you..maybe we could lay closer together so you wont be so cold..?" His hands were shaking as he asked that question, taking a deep breath as he was barely able to meet your eyes.

"I'd like that." You smiled, sliding even closer to him till one of your hands wrapped around his back as you laid your head gently against his chest.

Out of pure instinct he slid both of his hands around your body, holding you close to his. He was more than sure you could hear the intense thump to his heartbeat, but he could feel himself liking a little to much the feeling of having you in his arms.

Suddenly your legs and his wrap around each other, pressing your body into his. For a moment, he bites his lip taking in the scent of your amazing smelling hair. Which smells deliciously fruity, and feels soft and fluffy against his cheek as he rests his head gently on top of yours.

"Mhm, Deku-kun..your hands are so soft.." You murmur to him ever so softly, lifting your head as moves his own. The moment your head tilts up your nose brushes against his cheek, feeling the warm breath of his parted lips fan against your own.

Your cheeks warm fluttering both of your eyes as you look from his luminescent green orbs to his lips, feeling overwhelmingly drawn to them and yet hesitant because he's your best friend.

"(Y/n)-chan.." He whispers, unable to control the soft way he leans down brushing his lips against your own. He had planned to pull away, thinking you wouldn't want him to kiss you but when your eyes slid closed after the initial contact he found himself wanting more.

Pressing one of his hands against your cheek, he leaned down till he was giving you a very sensual slow kiss. You couldn't help but completely melt into the sway of his amazing warm and gentle lips.

Was it possible to be kissed so delicately? Well now you knew, it was as if he was scared to make it more passionate less he scare you away.

You felt the sensual caress of one of his hands as it pressed against your back before swaying even lower till it was petting against the smooth skin of your legs. The moment his fingers inched up the back of your leg, slowly sliding under the shirt you were wearing..,you involuntarily jittered.

"I'm s-sorry!" He instantly blurted out detaching his lips from your own, rambling on high speed about how he didn't mean to touch you like that. He didn't mean to become greedy, he didn't mean to scare or take advantage of you.

Placing a finger on his lips, you got him to almost immediately calm down. "It's okay be honest..I don't mind if you want to touch me like that.." You whispered, biting your lip in a shy way before meeting his eyes.

"I really like you Deku-kun."

His eyes widened immensely, a pink dusting his cheeks he'd never been confessed to before. " me?" He questioned softly, feeling elated the moment you nodded your head. A smile formed on his lips as he took a deep breath, before gaining the same courage you just displayed.

"I you too (Y/n)-chan..I've always admired you from a far cause I was to nervous to get close.." He mumbled, down casting his eyes like he was already defeated but lifting them back up with a shy but warm smile.

"Can I kiss you again..?"

Returning his inviting smile, you didn't bother giving him an answer as you leaned up till your lips and his were together once again. This time he was more into it as he slid a hand into your hair pressing against the back of your head, slowly making the kiss more passionate.

The moment you felt his tongue gently lick at your bottom lip, your face warmed but you parted your lips inviting him in. The warm sway of his slick muscle as he sensually licked around your own, was sending shivers of pleasure all over your body.

Your hands wrapped around his back gripping his body tightly as you felt the heat of desire pooling between your legs. His own smooth fingers caressed experimentally at the back of your leg like he had before, petting your skin up and down as if noting your thighs shape to memory.

As a move meant encourage his actions, you slowly spread your legs apart for him when you felt his fingers gliding under the cotton material of his shirt. You could feel how nervous he was but it seemed his hands had a desire of their own as he pushed at your inner thigh till his fingers grazed over the silky material of your panties.

"Mhm, Deku-kun.." You moaned softly into his mouth, meeting his eyes when he pulled away. You watched as he admired the soft haze to your eyes, and slick gleam of your lush pink lips from the passionate way you both had been kissing.

His face was a soft blush, gliding his hand up from your panties, to the silky smooth outline of your tummy. He caressed your skin softly, before slowly swaying up further to cup your breast where he with a very shy flutter slowly slid the tip of one of his fingers against your nip.

"Oh, Deku-kun that tickles.." You smiled to him, easing down against the bed where you pressed at his hand getting it to completely envelop your chest. "Your fingers are very warm Deku-kun, I like the way it feels.." Your voice was soft encouraging whisper, as you slid your fingers against his cheek before pressing at the back of his head pulling him forward to meet your lips.

The kiss and your encouragement really seemed to help him get into the grove as he started kneading the very soft flesh of your breasts, from one mound to the other. He even gave your nip a few slow sensual pinches, nothing that would hurt but its as if he was seeing how hard it was.

"(Y/n)-chan.." He panted your name with heavy and hazy desire as he pulled back just enough to grip the hem of his shirt and ask you a silent question with his emerald green eyes. Only after you gave him a small nod with soft pink cheeks did he slowly lift the material from your body taking in the sight of your almost naked glory.

"I've never seen a girls body before.." He murmured, with a shy flutter of his eyes as he pressed the tip of his finger against the small pink nub of your nip.

Slowly his entire hand enveloped your soft breast, gently kneading the flesh watching how you seemed to relax under his touch closing your eyes arching your body towards him.

"Mhm Deku-kun, you're so gentle.." You moaned his name, truly wondering if it was possible to be so gently touched. Like he might of thought your body was more fragile then his own, so he took great care in how he caressed your skin.

His heart was pounding, as he slowly wrapped both hands around your breasts giving experimental squeezes, feeling utterly relieved when you softly panted his name like he was making you feel good.

(Y/n)-chan..I want to kiss you.." Your eyes opened expecting him to be leaning towards your lips, but what you actually saw was him towering down towards your chest till his wet lips were pressing against the soft skin of breast.

"Oh Deku-kun.." Pleasurable shock waves rippled through your body, as you slid a hand up into his hair feeling the fluffy softness that was his tresses.

The soft sway of his lips as he kissed, and even experimented with a swirl of his tongue lapping across one breast to the other was officially making your entire body melt. The soft panting from before turned hot and heavy as your skin prickled, with the suck of his warm lips.

For a moment he pulled away, his own face a mess of reds and pinks as well as a cloud of hazy desire in his gentle green orbs. He looked lost, so you encouraged him by gently gliding one of his hands from your stomach to down between your legs.

"You can touch me wherever you want.."

Out of pure clumsiness, his fingers arched against the shape of your womanhood pressing against your lower lips outline. Instantly your body twitched, as you leaned back moaning his name sharply.

"Are you okay..(Y/n)-chan?" He watched your body slowly relax, instinctively tracing your clothed slit with several of his fingers when you gave him the most erotic pleading look, that had a certain tightness getting so much worse in his pants.

Slowly he gained more courage, as he caressed up and down, till his fingers were dipping into the side of your underwear giving your wet slit several caresses, before curling a few digits into your core.

"Ah, Deku-kun!~ I feel weird.." You moaned, feeling extremely hot and hazy as the smooth like silk digits of his hand pressed back and forth into your body. Despite the surge of pleasure he was still being so gentle, making you want so much more.

Suddenly the thin material of your panties is pulled from your body, till they are wrapped around the ankle of one of your legs. Your eyes spark open cheeks dusting heavily with a red blush, watching as Deku admires the part of you that makes you a women.

"D-deku-kun don't lo-"

"You're so beautiful.." He mutters cutting you off, despite the redness to his cheeks he looks genuinely stunned by the glory of your complete nudity.

Pulling back he slides off his shirt, showing his toned muscles and smooth skin before pressing at your leg gently. "(Y/n)-chan..I.." his words turn into a fast mumble that sounds all jumbled together, before you can even ask him to repeat himself..he's kissing gently against your stomach.

The moment your body relaxed under that soft feeling, it quickly turned into an otherworldly pleasure as he spread apart your legs and gave the most sensitive part of your body several sweet kisses.

"Ah, Oh Deku-kun..don't k-kiss me their.." Several heavy pants escaped your lips, and even hotter more desperate moans that despite your objection only told him you wanted more.

"But you're so..wet (y/n)-chan.." He protested softly, lapping his tongue up and down tasting the sweet nectar of your arousal before sliding his tongue between your folds.

Its a wonder this ball of nerves could make you feel good at all, but it seemed with his gentle and caring caresses he was just a natural at giving pleasure.

The toss and turn of your body, as it writhed in pleasure helped him understand just how good he was making you feel. As he pressed deeply into your core, thrusting his slick muscle back and forth feeling the heat of your womanhood and desperate cling of your hands as you pulled his hair almost pressing him more into your body.

"Ah~, Ah~, Deku-kun, please..Please..I can't!~" You whimpered to him, feeling a tight knot form in the pit of your stomach. Your hand tried to push him away but your entire body was trembling from the onset of pleasure, zapping any strength you had.

Just as his hands caressed against the skin of your legs, sending the soft sway of a tickling sensation through your body were you tossing your head back moaning a lot louder than you meant to achieving sweet heavenly release.

Pulling away from between your legs he licked his lips, trying to still the intense pounding of his heart. He wanted to say that you tasted sweeter than any candy he'd ever tried, but the words were caught in his throat. He was to embarrassed, despite the actual act he just did.

Looking up he literally felt his heart skip a beat, the image of you was just so..heavenly. However, he noted the intense red covering your face, the haggered way you were breathing, and even the way you couldn't meet his eyes

"(Y/n)-chan, Are you okay? Did..did I hurt you?"

" Of course you didn't hurt me..I just feel..a bit tired and..e-embarassed.." You mumbled, slowly lowering your hands trying to give him a small smile but the intense thump of your heart felt almost painful.

Those gentle eyes widened, before he was leaning up to press a hand against your cheek. For a moment you both seemed lost in the beauty and depth of each others eyes, before desire had your lips meeting in a haze of several passionate kisses.

Your mind was so foggy, with unbelievable desire giving your first time to the best friend you've been in love with sense even before you entered U.A..seemed like such a heavenly dream.

Slowly his lips pulled away from your own, only to trail down to your neck where he gave your skin the softest and most sweetest kiss.

"Deku-kun..I want you to take my first time.." You mumbled something that sounded like 'but we don't have a condom so you'll have to be careful.' as the rims of both of your ears became consumed in a deep pink.

Pulling back he glanced from your face to the dresser, before slowly sliding off the bed pulling out something before coming back over to you. He took several deep breaths before showing you the plastic green package in his hand.

"It's not what you think though.." he muttered, waving his hands back and forth. "Kaachan gave it to was a joke..or more like he was trying to embarrass me in front of some of the other girls..I just never bothered throwing it away.." He looked ever so shy as he mumbled, the entire story and circumstances like he felt he needed an excuse to

Smiling softly you sat up to give his cheek a soft kiss, "It's okay Deku-kun..its weird circumstances but it works out." Grabbing his hand you placed it against your cheek, leaning into his palm.

He caressed the soft skin of your cheek with a few of his fingers, before nodding as he pulled away and started sliding his shorts off letting them flop to the floor. Your cheeks burned when he turned to face you, letting you see his cock for the very first time..and he was very clearly aroused.

Quickly he fumbled with the plastic on the condom, tearing and sliding it onto his member before crawling back into bed. He looked entirely unsure what to do..not that you knew any better but, being a little proactive would help him gain his confidence.

"Deku-kun, come here." You whispered, sounding way more seductive than you planned as you held out your hands, pulling him towards you spreading your legs letting him slide between.

"I'm nervous too, but remember what I make me feel safe."

Some of the tension on his face subsided, as he looked genuinely relieved by your words before leaning down to give you a kiss. He made sure you were still okay with his movement as he slowly eased his cock up to your wet entrance.

Only after you gave him another nod wrapping your hands around his muscular shoulders, did he slowly press himself forward till he was fully sheathed into the slick warmth of your core.

Your body shuddered from the sudden girth of his cock, gripping his skin tighter than you meant to maybe leaving him a few scratches, but he didn't seem to mind as he gently kissed the corner of your eyes when he saw tears forming.

"I wont move, till you're okay (Y/n)-chan.." He whispered, wrapping his hands around your hips petting the skin in soothing circles.

Oh, he's so sweet. Even when are bodies are combined together like this. I really do love Deku-kun...

"You can move, be gentle with me." You whispered returning the soft shy smile on his face with one of your own. Slowly he started pulling his hips away only to thrust forward, making the most erotic noises escape your lips that had your covering your face.

"(Y/n)-chan..h-hah don't hide..I want to see your face.." he mumbled, pushing at the bottom of your hands moving them above your head. You could feel the heat from his slightly parted lips as they fanned against your own, making you crave for more of his sweet kisses.

Suddenly his tongue slipped into your mouth, sliding around every corner your cavern had to offer in the most sensual way. The intense pleasurable feeling of his cock as he thrusted into your body was already sending you to heaven, but his erotic kiss was making your every thought cloudy.

"Deku-kun, I..Ah..Feel so good..I can't think.."

"I f-feel the same way..Your body is so..warm.." He whispered, shyly pressing his nose against the side of your neck, giving it a few kisses so he couldn't focus on how the press of your folds against his cock was literally driving him mad.

Sexual desire was certainly something new for him to feel, but he felt it so accurately, and wanted to make you feel good too. So he picked up his pace a bit, his thrusts becoming sloppy from hazy desire and the feeling of how close to sweet release he was.

"(Y/n)-chan, I've r-reached my limit.." He murmured into the rim of your ear, before you could even respond he was sliding his hands around your body pulling you close to his chest, pushing and pulling you to meet with his thrusts.

"I c-can't!~ Deku-kun, please!~" Wrapping both of your hands around his neck you held him tightly, as your body trembled from the pleasure he was rocking into it, till your entire frame spasmed screaming out his name feeling a very exhausting orgasm sway through your body.

The warmth of your juices and grip of your folds around his cock, sent him over the edge to as he groaned huskily against the skin of your neck slowly pulling away and collapsing next to you almost panting more aggressively than you were.

"H-hah..(Y/n)-chan...I'm sorry if I hurt you.."

Weakly you turned towards him, smiling softly as your chest heaved up and down. Leaning forward you gave him a soft peck, pulling back to scratch your cheek sheepishly with a soft pink blush.

"It's okay, my legs hurt though." Easing closer to him, you wrapped an arm around his warm slightly sweaty skin till your head was resting against his muscular chest. "I hope the rain hasn't stopped yet, I'd like to stay with you..just a little longer.." You whispered closing your eyes, relaxing even though you were still very naked.

His eyes softened before pulling you squarely against his chest. For a moment you were really confused, but the wrap of his hands around your back, and the soft way his breath fanned against the side of your neck told you..maybe just maybe he wanted you to stay with him too.

"(Y/n)-chan..I feel like this is out of order but..please be my girlfriend."


Okay so this is...SO HOT and SO CUTE...and SO ALKJDF:LKJLKJDF

Chapter Text


"Bakugou you got the highest score again!" Kirishima slapped his friends back screaming about how manly that was, earning a hiss but their was a proud grin on his face saying of course he'd gotten the top score, he was smarter than everyone else in the room.

"Todoroki still got a high score, it wasn't just you." Laughs the voice of Kamimari as he jabs a finger at his dual haired duel eyed classmate.

A frown ghosted over your lips, why did Bakugou have to talk to the rest of the class? You knew he didn't even like them that much, yet he was still friendly for the most part. The only one he was obsessively aggressive with was Deku, that thought has a grin sliding up your lips.

Deku was sitting all by his lonesome, forcing an amazing idea to swarm inside your head that was starting to make you feel all giddy.

I'll get to see his angry face! I'll get to hear him yell! Maybe he'll even hit Deku, that would be so interesting!

Sliding your chair back, you picked up your test and sashayed your hips delicately till your bottom was sitting directly on top of Deku's desk, you could see an adorable blush forming on his cheeks that just had you giggling.

"Deku-kun, How did you do on the test? I bet you placed pretty high like Bakugou."

"Ah..I..think I placed 4th..(Y/n)-chan..W-what about you?"

Clapping excitedly you got everyone's attention even the one you wanted the most. "That's amazing Deku-kun! You're so smart!" Your praised him with a wide smile, grabbing his hand clenching his fingers between yours knowing just how deeply his cheeks were starting to burn.

" was nothing.." He laughed nervously, but you could tell he was happy for your small praise and even more embarrassed by how touchy you were being.

Just as you as you were about to praise him some more, Suddenly he's retched from your hand by none other than Bakugou whom looks quite pissed. His eyes dance with that fiery furry that you absolute love, as he grabs Deku by his caller forcing him to sputter squeaking that he can't breath.

"K-kacchan, c-can't breath.."

"Oi, you fucking shitty nerd. You think just because you placed 4th, you deserve to be praised?!" Bakugou hisses, if he could breath fire he would most certainly turn Deku into a very crispy piece of broccoli.

It was rather difficult to keep the smirk that wanted to edge up your lips down, as Bakugou berated Deku over and over again. Till he was but a whimpering mess, hands shaking, eyes glossy and threatening to cascade down tears.

How could you simply not get off on how pathetic this future hero was suppose to be? Deku was rather adorable pleading and cowering, but turning your eyes towards Bakugou you couldn't help but let this soft dreamy sigh escape your lips.

Mhm, He's so handsome...I want him so much.

Deciding enough was enough Bakugou dropped Deku harshly to the floor, letting him heave these aggressively heavy breaths like he'd been strangled. Uraraka, Iida, and a few others went to his aid, asking if he was alright but honestly you couldn't see any hand prints on Deku's flimsy neck, so he wasn't applying as much pressure as it seemed.

"Let me see you fucking paper." He hissed sharply, snatching your test paper from your hands before you could even respond. You watched his face contort, before he was slapping the paper down on Deku's desk leaning incredibly close to your face.

"Why are you praising the nerd, when you did better than him?!"

A snort left your lips before you smiled in the kindest way you could muster. "Bakagou, Not everyone cares about being number one. I'm simply praising him for a job well done." There was an assortment of gasps from the playful way you'd slurred Bakugou's name, but all you did was smile carefully sliding your paper out of his hand.

"The fuck did you just call me.."

"Baka~Gou~" You repeated slower, leaning closer so that your words would fan directly against the rim of his ear. Instantly his hand tried to grab your wrist, but you sidestepped out of his grasp giggling, while the class watched in horror.

Bakugou kept trying to grab you but you kept playfully dancing around the whole classroom. His face was a mass of wrinkles from the intense angry scowl on his face, that was turning his skin red, and even had sparks emanating from the palms of both of his hands.

That was probably the part your classmates were worried the most about. None of that concerned you though, the aggressive way he really seemed to want to grab you was setting your body aflame and had a naughty form of heat pooling between your legs.

Mhm, I want him to grab me..slam me against the wall and just-

Distracted by your own impure thoughts, a chair you hadn't been watching for caught you off guard as you tripped over one of its front legs. As luck would have it, the same moment you started tumbling his fingers wrapped around your elbow forcing him fall with you.

Next thing you know you're in a very compromising position. During your tumble, Bakugou had some how gotten underneath you. Both of your hands were on either side of his ash blonde head, staring directly into those sharp red eyes, while one of his legs was between yours.

A small gasp-like moan escapes your lips when something gives your breast a squeeze. That's when your realize, as smirk was edging up that snarky face of his, as your eyes trailed down noticing his hand was against your chest.

"Bakugou, (Y/n), Are you guys okay? That was one manly fall." Kirishima chuckles, walking around the desks just as you detach from Bakugou's grasp.

"Y-yeah, luckily Bakagou broke my fall." Giggling you offer your hand to Bakugou pulling him up into a standing position. It's not lost on you how he's smirking at you, or how the anger he was feeling before is completely gone.

"It's getting late guys, we all should start heading home." You quickly mutter, grabbing and packing your bag up. "I'll see you guys tomorrow, don't get lost out there." Smiling you wish them luck, before being the first to exit.

"Well that was weird." Murmurs Kaminari.

"Aw, I wanted to walk home together.." Pouts Uraraka.

"She might of had something to do." Points out Asui, pondering with a finger on her chin.

"Maybe she got upset because of Bakugou. He was chasing her." Sero glances around with a shrug of his shoulders.

"She was laughing when he was doing that, I doubt she's scared of him. Or even easily upset." Heads turn to Todoroki, sweat dropping at how calm and straight to the point that was.

"Speaking of Bakugou..where did he go?"

Immediately heads look from Mineta, to all around the room noticing the complete absence of their explosive classmate.

"It's going to be..fine...right?"


You were gliding down the hall, while at the back of your head wondering if anyone noticed Bakugou's gropey paw..or if they noticed anything else. However, your calm thoughts told you from the way you had tripped, it was highly unlikely that they saw him.

Just as you were about to heave a sigh of relief, something juts out in front of you grabbing your wrist tightly, covering your mouth before you could scream pulling you into a nearby closet. Once your back smacks against the wall, your eyes flutter several times before relaxing once you see his familiar face.

"What the hell Bakagou, you fucking scared me.." You sigh heavily, tilting your head at him. "Why are we in a closet? Gotta secret you wanna tell me?" Your lips edge up into a playful grin, before you finally notice just how close he is.

"More like a secret you have.." He smirks, sliding both of his hands up to automatically wrap around the outline of both of your breasts. "..that I want to confirm.."

You're unable to contain a gasp of his name as his fingers circle around both of your breasts, paying special attention to the accessory he can feel against your nips before smirking.

"Mhm, you have nipple piercings that's fucking hot."

"Ah..Bakugou, what are you doing..?" You were going to push him away, but you could not deny you liked the feel of his hands.

"I'm doing what you want me to." He said so matter-of-factually, pulling away to slide off his school blazer letting it topple to the ground. His eyes sharply reflected his desire, as he pressed a knee between your legs grabbing both of your hands holding them above your head.

"I thought I was the only one who imagined bending you over my desk, pressing my body against yours, listening to you scream my name, as I fuck you so hard you wouldn't be able to walk straight.."

"Ah..Bakugou..Mhm..." You moaned just from the husk of his word against your ear, tilting your head practically begging him to run his lips along your neck.

He smirked licking his lips before obliging, giving the side of your neck a warm kiss. Even sliding his tongue up and down the skin, before wrapping his teeth around a smooth patch leaving you the most obvious and possessive bite mark.

"Mhm...fuck that hurt.." You murmured with a smile on your face, feeling the most pleasurable tingle slide through your body.

He let go off both of your hands when it became obvious you had no intention of stopping or pushing him away. In fact when he let go of your wrist you, automatically slide your arms around his muscular shoulders pressing him more into your body.

Your movement actually felt nice, since he could feel your breasts and piercings through your shirt turning him on even more. Which is why, he was so caught of guard when your hand pressed against one side of his neck only to sink your teeth into the other.

His hands gripped your hips groaning your name, from the passionate way you were sucking on his neck. "You really want me..don't you (Y/n).." He panted softly even though he was trying to sound confident, "Usually its the guy who leaves hickeys, but fuck do your lips feel good."

Smirking you lapped your tongue against his neck one last time before pulling away, His lips were curved up as well before sticking out his tongue.

"Stick out your tongue."

"Why?" You snickered, watching him roll his eyes.

"Just fucking do it."

Shaking your head with a laugh, you slowly complied sliding your tongue out of your mouth not surprised when his wet muscle pressed against your own. His slick tongue, lapped sticky circles around your own before pressing into your mouth. His hand slid into your hair pushing at the back of your head, not giving you any space to even think about pulling away as he gave you the most lewdest first kiss ever.

Your hand gripped his shirt, as your eyes slid closed from the initial contact. You could feel warm drool sliding down your chin but you didn't care at all, his intense kiss was making your mind go completely fuzzy as you craved so much more.

When he pulled away he smirked at the heavy haze to your eyes, that probably matched his own before licking his tongue down your chin lapping away your combined drool.

"I want to see your piercings, take off your shirt."

"My, My so demanding~" You teased, sliding your hands down the front of your shirt purposefully giving yourself a grope outlining the studs around your nips.

"Don't I get a please?"

"Your please, is in my fucking pants." He hissed, pushing up your skirt as he gripped your hips and thrusted his crotch against the thin material of your panties.

Instantly your head tossed back, moaning his name sharply feeling in accurate detail just how hard his cock was. Oh, and he didn't just grind against you once, he did it several times letting you get a taste of pleasure before pulling away as abruptly as he started.

He smirked at the heavy and needy pants that left your lips, that told him you really really wanted him. That desperation on your face was just making the tightness in his pants several times worse, as he cleared his throat and repeated his demand.

"Take off your fucking shirt."

You really didn't want to comply so easily just so you could make him mad, but damn that cloths on cloths grind just made you want the real thing. After taking a slow deep breath, you edged your fingers down your school blazer sliding all the buttons apart till your surprisingly cute bra was on full display.

Just as you were about to push it up, committing to showing him your piercings he stopped you with a strange smile on his face.

"Wait, I didn't think you were the type to wear a bra with hearts on it. It's actually looks good on you, let me take a picture."

" way.." You snorted covering your chest, as he pulled out his phone from his back pocket and held it out in front of him with a knowing smirk on his face.

"Oh, yes way. Unless you want everyone to know about your piercings." He licked the tip of his fangs, smirking but he still mentioned that it was going to be a picture for his eyes only.

Somehow that sounded kind of sweet, so you let your guard down giving in to his request, letting him take a quick picture before pocketing the phone where he got it.

This time he stepped over to you, sliding his finger around your bra teasing your perky nip through the soft material before pushing it up, so he could admire the erotic imagery of the (Rose Golden/Sterling silver) studs against both of your nipples.

"Mhm, this looks like it hurts. But I think we've established that you like pain." He snickers at the way you turn your nose up, but don't bother denying it. Leaning forward one of his hands cup your breast before lapping his tongue against both the stud and hard bud.

"Oh, Katsuki..that feels good.." You moan, leaning your head back relaxing under the sway of his tongue as it licks wet and warm circles around one nip to the other. He even wraps his lips around your succulent nubs, sucking the skin hard enough to elicit a shudder of both pain and pleasure from your body.

"I like it when you say my first name." He rasps massaging several of his fingers around the other breast, almost playing with the stud against your nip. Pinching the bud and tracing around the stud, noting your breasts shape and feel to memory.

Wrapping his teeth around one of the studs he pulls it, getting you to completely arch your body towards him as you gasp his name sharply.

"Mhm~ Katsuki, holy fuck..h-hah.." Your body shudders and jitters from the course of pleasure sliding through your body. Your hands wrap around his shoulders holding him tightly, being completely caught of guard when one of his hands slid up your inner thigh.

"You're so wet, your panties are completely soaked.." He rasps huskily a clear hazy drool of lust written in his words, as he caresses several of his fingers up and down your panties. "Your thighs even felt sticky..fuck spread your legs..tell me how bad you want it.."

This time their was no desire for teasing, you just wanted him to touch your most sensitive body part. Spreading your legs further for him, he didn't even wait for you to speak before dipping his digits into the side of your panties.

"Mhm!~ Oh!~ Katsuki.." Your moans increased an octave, as he traced a slender finger around your pussy lips before curling into your folds. "F-fuck!~ Ah, Katsuki!~ I want you so bad it feels like I can't breath!~" You mewled to him your lustful desire, "I don't want anyone else to have you!~"

He pulled away from your bruised with many red hickey's breasts, and maybe even a bite mark or two only to lean up to your neck. "Good, I don't want anyone to have you either." His lips pressed a few wet and warm kisses, making you positively lightheaded.

"I'm going to make you addicted to my everything. So you'll never even think about leaving me."

Your lips parted to say something, but your entire body started trembling when his fingers started pressing as deep as they could into your core. Feeling your body in intimate excruciating detail, making it a point to scrap against that pleasure zone that threatened to have your legs completely give way.

He retracted his fingers the moment he felt your body start to clench around them. He chuckled at the growing scowl on your face, even though you were a panting chest heaving mess.

"Katsuki..w-why did you stop.." You pouted, feeling cheated the incredible high you were feeling dissipated as quickly as it formed.

"Because I don't want you to be tired from just my fingers.." He husked, licking his sticky digits clean before unzipping his pants. He smirked at the raise to your brows, as you might've unconsciously licked your lips admiring his size.

"You look like you want to give it a taste." He snickered, only to be surprised by the way you edge to your knee's with a grin on your perfect pink lips as you gave them a seductive lick.

"Sure, I wouldn't mind giving your lollipop a lick~"

He blinked before giving himself a few strokes with a smirk, "Mhm, you really know how to entice a guy don't you (Y/n)?" Stepping forward, he placed his cock right in front of your lips immediately groaning when your tongue slid out and gave him a sensual lick.

Licking down the length of his girth, you glanced up when his hand slide into your hair resting on the back of your head. His eyes had eased closed, leaning back a bit as he bit his lip when your lips pressed against the tip of his member before sliding down to envelope him.

"Holy shit..t-this is more than a lick.." He muttered, petting a hand through your soft locks before giving your hair a tug getting you to slide of his cock. If the image of saliva dripping from your chin connecting your lips to his cock wasn't just the most erotic thing he'd seen..but he knew if he let you continue he'd bury himself deep in your throat and wouldn't stop till you were swallowing his essence.

"Enough, I'm going to make you mine." He grabbed your hand, pulling you back into a standing position pressing at your hips till you were back against the wall. Cupping both of your cheeks he pulled you to meet his lips, giving you a passionate and hazy kiss, as you slid your arms around his shoulders.

"Mhm, Katsuki..." You murmured against his lips, as he slid his fingers under your skirt gripping your panties tugging them down till they were wrapped around your left ankle.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard, the only thing you'll be able to do is moan my name." He husked, wrapping his teeth around your bottom lip biting into it hard enough to draw blood as he slid both of his hands to the back of your legs picking them up till they were wrapped around his waist.

The moment you felt the tip of his cock graze against your wet slit, your hands squeezed his shoulder muscles tightly whimpering into his ear how desperately you needed him. He smirked, teasing his cock against your lips listening to your every beg and plead.

"Ah, Katsuki please..please...fuck me!~"

"I never thought you'd ask~"

Squeezing the bottom of your ass he pressed your body into his, as he thrust his hips forward sliding into the enveloping warmth of your core. He felt your body spasm, as your folds gripped his cock so tightly he was positively hissing into the skin of your neck.

"Fuck..You're gripping my cock so tightly.." He panted, several hazy breaths against your neck barely giving you any time to get used to the girth of his cock before he was hastily thrusting his hips back and forth. Rocking into your body so deeply, you weren't just moaning you were positively hissing, mewling and whimpering from the intense pleasure.

"Ah, Katsuki!~ Katsuki!~ So fast, oh g-god!~" Your lips were quivering as you moaned over and over again, sliding a hand up into his hair gripping his blond tussles between your fingers absolutely loving the feeling of his soft tresses.

"You think this is fast..just give me a moment." He panted giving your neck a quick kiss, before getting a firm grip on your ass positively slamming your body down against his cock. Pushing and pulling you to meet his thrusts, not listening to any of your whimpers for him to slow down. He could feel your folds soaking his member, and even a great portion of your combined thighs.

"You're s-so wet.." he husked, with a smirk biting into the unmarked site of your neck relishing in the way you moaned directly into his ear, folds gripping his cock tightly.

Saliva slipped down your quivering bottom lip, as your hands gripped his body so tightly even though he still had his undershirt on you were most likely leaving him scratch marks. Which he didn't seem to mind at all, as he positively devoured the skin of your neck hungrily biting, kissing, and licking.

"Mhm!~ Hah!~ Katsuki, I c-can't!~"

"Me neither!"

Pounding into your body you could of sworn, your juices were even dripping to the floor from the complete over stimulation and aggressive way he was fucking you. Not to mention how completely and utterly turned on your body was.

Tugging his hair, you heard him hiss against the rim of your ear as you tossed your head back twitching in the most aggressive way before moaning his name loudly, feeling pleasurable exhausting release sway through your body.

"Fuck..." He hissed feeling your juices drip all over his cock and thighs, "You're getting the floor all dirty." He rasped a hazy chuckle into your ear, thrusting back and forth a few more times sloshing your arousal before pulling you off his cock holding your body tightly against his as he coated the floor of the closet with his sticky seed.

You could feel his chest thumping just as fast as your own was, at least he was as stimulated and felt as much pleasure as you had. It was hard to tell given his natural rough personality, but you hugged him close surprising him with a soft kiss against his neck.

"Can you walk?" Leaning your legs back slowly to the ground he stepped away from your combined messy juices. Watching you carefully, it was clear your legs felt like jelly from the way they were shaking and your chest was heaving.

"Give me a minute, I'm tired.." You laughed, taking several deep breaths as you fixed your bra and buttoned your shirt back up. You also admired Bakugou as he fixed his pants and slid his blazer back on, it made you smile when you could see your small bitemark becoming red a puffy.

"Can you hand me my panties, they fell off my ankle while you were being an animal." He snorted making you smile as well as he walked over and grabbed the soft material.

He pretended to hand them to you before pulling them away, "Mhm, I think I'll keep these. They'll be my prize." He licked his lips, giving your panties an embarrassing whiff before sliding them into his blazer pocket.

Pushing open the door he left you with a smirk on his face forcing you to trail behind him keeping a hand on the front of your skirt so it wouldn't fly up.

" expect me to go home like this?"

"I expect you to come back to my place, and then I'll think about giving them back to you."


Probably not as bloody as it could be but oh well. I think its really good.

And HOT, that's what's important :D

Chapter Text

It was just a bit after midnight, as you paced down the long hallway passing by the room where all the boys were sleeping. You shook your head smiling at all the fun antics that happened earlier in the day.

You weren't sure who thought of this idea for the entire class to come to this hot spring, but even if it was the Pervy Mineta's it was still a very fun idea. Even if some of the boys were being silly, they relatively meant no harm.

The thing about this hot spring was.. that it was co-ed. Meaning boys and girls, enjoyed the warmth of the spring together. You can still remember the heavy blush decorating Deku's cheeks, as the mere idea of being so close to many of his half naked female classmates proved to much for him..nearly moments after getting in the hot spring he passed out.

"Pfft..It's still so funny..specially how Ochako-chan seemed the most concerned.." You grinned, muttering to yourself how you shipped them so hard. If only they would hurry the fuck up and confess to each would honestly clear up so many things between them.

Deku passing out wasn't the only interesting thing to happen, as after he was taken somewhere to rest the others kept daring everyone to swim around naked. You chuckle shaking your head at how Momo said she'd do it to prove she had courage but every girl stopped her.

"She's so cute for trying to make friends but the boys.." You shake your head, mumbling that what they wanted to see had nothing to do with courage.

Pulling the latch on the changing room, you slide off all your cloths plopping them in a nearby basket not bothering to fold or tidy them. Grabbing a fluffy white towel you wrap it delicately around your body, before peaking into the open air hot spring.

"Phew...All to myself." Giggling you ease over and slowly step into the water murmuring delightfully at how the heat of the spring completely warmed you up.

Thoughts of a fun splash contest came to your mind, that had you smiling. Because not only did everyone loose to the energetic Bakugou, but it was a chore to avoid scalding water from the heat of his quirk. He wasn't trying to maim anyone but, simply he'd gotten so excited and maybe a little agitated when Todoroki splashed freezing water on him.

"He positively looked like he wanted to throttle him." A soft giggle escapes your lips as you wade around in the water for second, sliding your hands and feet through the warmth enjoying the very soft breeze from the wind. It wasn't too cold, and the water wasn't too was perfect.

Sighing with a content smile, you leaned over the stone edge of the spring resting your head on your arms getting to comfortable for you own good. It felt like you could fall asleep like this, but it would be a bad idea..not only would you get all pruney but you might even catch a cold.

A swooshing sound jars you from your comfortable position watching as the door to the spring slides open. Instantly you panic thinking its one of the pervy boys, but the moment the calm face of Todoroki comes into view you completely relax heaving sigh a relief.

"Good evening, or morning I guess Todoroki-kun." You smile, laying back on your arms unaware of the amazing view down your towel you're giving him. "Come to enjoy the spring late at night as well?"

"You could say that, I thought no one else would be here." After shutting the door behind him, he slides into the water right next to you. Clearly he wasn't affected at all by how naked you both were under your towels, as he leaned back in the water.

"Hm, that water feels really nice."

"Do you want me to leave you and miss hot spring alone?" You giggle to him, laughing even louder when he just gives you a vacant expression. "Lighten up Todoroki-kun, you have a handsome face you should smile more." Lifting your hand the tips of your fingers lightly brush his red hair away from his eye.

"Even if your face has this scalding mark on it."

His eyes soften, before a small smile slides up his lips. "Thanks, (Y/n)." He grabs your hand and presses it against the other side of his face. "Your skin is soft, are all girls this soft?" He seemed genuinely curious, which is why such a gesture wasn't making you feel embarrassed.

"Well..I don't know. Most girls tend to use lotion or other cosmetics but I'm not really into make up." You rambled softly that make up was just a hassle, and never looked that good on you anyway so you just never really applied any.

"That's not true, I'm sure you'd look pretty." His fingers slid under your chin tilting your head up to look into his dual colored eyes. "But you have also have natural beauty, you don't need paint to be beautiful."

Whether he meant to or not, his thumb grazed over your bottom lip feeling the soft heat of your breathing fan against his skin. "Your lips are soft as well." Suddenly your heart starting thumping in your chest as he slowly leaned forward, whispering ever so softly before your lips were together.

"I bet they'd feel even better against my own."

You were caught so off guard by the gentle warmth of his lips that you immediately pulled away, blushing brightly fluttering your eyes at the small smirk on his face. Back stepping a smidge you created a small amount of space between you before finally finding your voice.

"Why did you k-kiss me..?"

"Because I wanted to."

Your entire face deadpanned at such a straightforward answer, but the incredibly soft sound of his laughter had your cheeks warming as you couldn't help but think..his laugh was cute.

"To be more exact, I wanted to see if they were soft."The moment he steps towards you, a thump resounds around your body from the pulse of your heart. "But I didn't really get to feel if they were, so I want to kiss you again." He keeps moving closer even when you step back, till you bump against the wall.

"Todoroki-kun I.."

"Shouto." He corrected, sliding his hand against your cheek caressing the soft skin beneath his finger tips brushing over your lips once again. "When I want to kiss you, you can use my first name. That's the natural step right? When someone's trying to relay they like you." His voice whispered, noting the way you had seemed nervous but then relaxed under the sway of his touch.

One of your hands slid against the smooth damp muscles of his chest, right before he leaned forward and connected your lips again. This time you didn't pull away, there wasn't really any room..but at the same time you had to admit his lips felt warm.

You felt one of his hands slide to the back of your head, while the other wrapped around your hip pulling your body closer to his. The wet material of your towel met his, as you followed his example wrapping both of your hands around the smooth muscles of his back completely melting under his gentle kiss.

"Mhm, Shouto..." You murmured in a soft way against his lips, becoming hazy as he turned one kiss into many. It felt like he was simply addicted to your flavor, from the way he refused to part from your lips for more than a second before connecting them again.

"I was right, They are soft. I bet other parts of your body are soft.." His smooth voice hazed directly into your ear, before trailing his lips in a feather-like way down the side of your neck.

When he pressed a kiss against your neck, a soft gasp left your lips as your arched your body into his leaning your head to the side just enough offering him complete access. You felt the curvature of his lips against your skin, as he took the initiative you didn't really mean to offer, giving your neck several more warm kisses.

He even slid the tip of his slick tongue down your neck, till his lips were even giving your shoulders soft but warm and passionate kisses. Suddenly he decides he wants more, as his fingers that were resting against the towel on your back slide down till they are caressing the skin of your knee.

"The hot spring has made your legs smooth as well." He murmured, petting up and down your leg before he started edging his fingers under your towel.

"Ah...W-wait..Shouto.." You let out the sharpest gasp, feeling his fingers against your inner thigh slowly pressing at your legs get them to spread apart. "S-stop..someone's going to see us.." you whispered, panting his name heavily pressing the flat of both of your palms against his shoulders.

"When the body of the girl I really like is right in front of me, covered by the thinnest can I stop?" He sucked at the skin of your neck, with clear desire in his every movement, his every heated touch.

Your lips parted the deepest blush consuming your entire face, but it turned into gasp-like moan of his name when he tugged the towel down just enough to have your breasts on full display. Before you could even think about covering yourself, he pressed your body into the wall swaying his hot lips down your chest till they were wrapped around nub of your nip.

"Ah..S-shouto.." You moaned, arching against the wall behind you sliding one of your hands up into his dual colored tresses. Due to the fact that he was licking warm sensual circles around your breasts, you completely forgot about the hand between your legs till it was making sensual contact with your slit.

"Oh Shouto, n-not there don't touch me there.."

He had no intention of listening to your small whimper, as the warmth of your core called to him. "I can't tell if you're wet, but your pussy feels warm perhaps I should cool you down?" He husked a hot breath against the rim of your ear, as he curled several of his digits between your folds activating his quirk letting you feel the cool radiation of his ice side as he thrusted back and forth.

"Ah~ Mhm~ W-why does that feel so good?~" You mewled, entire body jittering from the cool sensation wadding through your lower half.

He smirked wrapping one of his hands around your breast using the heat side of his power to warm the pink nub, pinching it between his fingers listening to how your moans increased in several octaves. While he passionately sucked at the other licking sensual circles.

Your flesh must of tasted delicious as he could not stop himself from covering one side of your chest with passionate pink hickey's. You were completely loosing yourself under the pleasure he was giving you, that you never heard the door open. Never expected someone else to be up at this time of night..and most certainly never expected someone to join in Todoroki's steamy actions.

"Well if this isn't one erotic porn movie, I've stumbled upon."

The moment you heard Bakugou's all to familiar voice you shoved Todoroki away, squealing loudly in embarrassment gripping the towel back around your body securely before swimming to the other side of the hot spring. You felt like the heat from your body was making the water around you boil from your otherworldly embarrassment.

Todoroki frowned heavily in your direction before turning towards Bakugou with the most annoyed scowl on his face. "Bakugou, you've ruined the moment go back to bed."

"Eh? If I ruined the moment you need to try harder." Bakugou hissed flexing one of his hands before splashing into the spring next to Todoroki. "It didn't look like you were making her feel all that good, I know I can make her moan louder than that."

"It what alternate reality, do you know how to pleasure anyone?" Todoroki scoffed, before slowly making his way over to you apologizing softly for Bakugou being a perverted idiot who couldn't read the room.

The moment he tried to touch you, you shoved his hand away with a deep blush. "D-don't touch me.." You saw the hurt look on his face, but still turned away only to smack right into Bakugou's incredibly muscular chest making you blush as he immediately circled his arms around your body.

"Mhm, Don't you fit in my arms real nice (Y/n)?" He grinned down at your blushing face, sliding one of his hands under the back of your towel giving your ass a good grope. The moment your lips parted a yelp escaping he roughly pulled you to meet his lips in a passionate kiss, shoving his tongue down your throat.

Almost instantly your legs started getting weak from the incredible way his warm muscle was looping around your own, licking every spot your mouth had to offer. He wouldn't even let you think about pulling away as he pressed against the back of your head keeping you in place.

The moment he pulled away a drip of saliva edged down your lips, as you almost instantly started falling legs feeling wobbly and weak. He looped both hands around you keeping your body up as he pulled you against his chest, giving you the most incredible smirk before glowering at Todoroki.

"You see Icy-hot, That is how you fucking kiss. She can't even stand." He snickered, with the most proudest grin on his face even showing off his fangs.

"You didn't see her face after I kissed her before, She prefers softer kisses. Your just a wild animal who can't control himself." Todoroki, slid his arms around you from behind placing the softest kiss against your neck that had you shuttering in delight.

"No, she likes rougher kisses they're more stimulating. I thought you were fucking smart icy-hot?!" Bakugou hisses, luckily he didn't yell into your ear as he leaned down to the other side of your neck and gave it a rough lick before placing some incredible feeling wet kisses.

Your body tingled from both amazing feeling kisses, it certainly felt like both boys were leaving an assortment of hickey's. Placing one of your hands on Bakugou's chest, you gripped the other around one Todoroki's wrists applying the smallest amount of pressure but honestly you were to hazy to have any strength to pull or push them away..

"W-wait..guys..ah...Bakugou-kun..Todoroki-kun...this is weird please let me go.."

"No." Bakugou said simply, chuckling at the raise of your brow before one of his hands was gripping at the towel that was barely covering your body. "I think you'd feel better without this towel, don't you think?" His handsome face held a smirk, that most certainly didn't care what your answer was as he started tugging it.

The moment you felt it sliding away from your body, your hands flew up but they never made it to your towel. Todoroki wrapped his smooth hands around your wrist and pulled them behind your back, as he kissed softly around your neck and shoulder whispering in to the rim of your ear.

"Relax (Y/n), We're not going to hurt you. Let us make you feel good."

"B-but.." You squeezed your eyes shut when your towel was completely pulled from your body leaving you in your naked glory.

"Mhm, you have nice tits (Y/n)." Bakugou husked against your skin, as he leaned down giving the top of your chest a slick lick before wrapping his lips around one of your nips flicking his tongue in extremely wet and warm circles, that had your body instantly arching back into Todoroki's chest.

"Oh..Bakugou-kun..I..Ah~..d-don't bite them.." You moaned sharply when he tugged the nub between his teeth smirking up at you, meeting your eyes that told him you said no but your body was screaming yes.

Hands were everywhere, petting, groping, squeezing every part of your body. Todoroki was caressing every piece of skin he could get his fingers on, swaying the warm water in the softest ripple as he grazed the softest temperature of his ability from one area of your body to the next.

From the way he slid cool notions with one hand over the back of your ass, to the way heat radiated down your stomach and against your thighs. It almost wasn't fair how good, such temperature play with his quirk felt against your body.

"Oh, Shouto..that f-feels so good.." You moaned, relaxing under the sway of his hands and even the passionate way Bakugou was sucking from one nip to the other, leaving the slickest trail of hickeys and bites.

You didn't see it but Bakugou's brows furrowed when you moaned Todoroki's name, just as he was about to bite into your skin and show you a rough kind of pleasure..your hands slid around his broad shoulders caressing his back, sliding one up into his spiky blonde hair.

"Mhm...Katsuki, Please..I want more.." You moaned to him, letting him see how you'd given yourself to the situation you were in. Desire and pleasurable stimulation winning out against fear you'd might get caught, or just embarrassment from having two people see you naked..none of that mattered anymore.

He smirked, a toothy grin ever prominent on his ruggedly handsome features. Leaning forward he lapped his tongue against the hard nub of your nip before pulling on it roughly with his teeth, grinning at the gasp-like moan that left your lips as you clung to his body even tighter.

Suddenly he pulls you from Todoroki's arms, pressing your naked body against his very naked body as well. "Ah, d-don't have your towel on.." You gasped fluttering your eyes shyly as you felt his very hard cock press against the skin of your thigh.

"Who needs a towel, when I want your body against mine?" He husked, a lustful rasp in his voice as he swam with your over to the edge of the hot spring. For a minute you had no idea what he was doing, till he was pushing at your hips getting you to sit on the rim of the spring, your feet barely hanging in the water.

Your face was a mass of blushes as he admired your unsubmerged body, even if you were clenching your legs together tightly. Breathing deeply you slid your hands over your breasts, looking away having a hard time meeting his sharp red eyes.

"You don't have to be embarrassed." Bakugou mumbled, leaning forward to press a kiss against your knee trailing both of his hands up the smooth skin of your legs. "I'm going to make you feel something much better than, Icy-hots fingers."

The warmth on your face was threatening to make you pass out, as Bakugou pressed at your knee's easily getting your weakened body to spread apart for him. Those intense eyes of his gazed at the sensitive part of your body licking his lips, like a hungry wolf before kissing up your inner thigh in surprisingly slow way for someone like him.

It only took a moment of sensual kisses up your thigh till he was making heated contact with your womanhood. Giving your slit several licks, pressing some very passionate kisses even wrapping his lips around the pink nub of your sensitive clit getting your body to completely spasm.

"Ah!~ Katsuki, oh please!~ I feel weird, I c-can't think.." Your body shook with every pleasurable movement of his tongue and lips between your legs. It felt so good and your head was so foggy that you completely forget about Todoroki till you had tossed your head back only to meet with his chest.

"Bakugou's making you feel good, huh?" He questioned, turning your cheek towards him enough to press his lips against yours. This time you meet his movement, and even swirled your tongue around his when he wanted to press his muscle into your mouth.

Suddenly he grabs one of your hands, sliding it down the front of his chest letting you feel the outline of his abs before the tips of your fingers glide over his cock. Pulling back from his lips your eyes flutter shyly looking into his dual colored orbs but you don't retract your hand.

"If you don't want to, I wont force you but.." With his help your hand slowly slide up and down his member feeling in detail how hard he was. "Remember I said your skin was soft, it would feel nice against my own."

It was the softest plea for pleasure you'd ever heard. From the kind look in his eyes if you wanted to pull away he would not stop you, but it wasn't wanted to stop. This situation was already out of control..from the moment Bakugou saw what was happening and decided he wanted a piece of the action.

"It's you to feel good too.." You mumbled, looking away but gripped your fingers around his cock squeezing his muscle just enough before pumping up and down. It made your skin tingle when he started softly groaning, saying you could hold him tighter.

Your other hand slid into Bakugou's unruly hair, pressing at the back of his head moaning to him how good he was making you feel, as he slid his tongue between your folds and started curling it up and down pressing against all the right zones.

"H-hah...I'm starting to feel..cold.." You muttered, feeling a small shiver from the wind as it passed over your wet and naked body.

"I'll warm you up." Todoroki whispered, sliding both of his hands around your body encouraging you to keep pumping his cock while he pressed one of his hands against your stomach and sent a warm pulse over your skin.

"Ah...That feels like...the soft warmth of the sun.." You moaned in a low voice, from the sensation, as the most gentle wave of heat washed over your body, instantly making you feel better

He smiled gently kissing your neck a few times, before both of his hands were swaying up to knead both of your breasts. You gave into to him, leaning back against his chest as you got a better grip on his cock and pumped him in a fast enveloping way that let him feel the entire palm of your hand.

"Mhm, (Y/n) go faster." He husked, panting a hot and heavy breath against your neck where you could feel how much he wanted to cum. Your hazy eyes fluttered, gripping Bakugous hair tightly between your fingers as he tugged your legs and pulled your body more into his tongue.

"Oh!~ D-don't...I..h-hah...c-can't!~"

"Then cum on my tongue." He husked, pressing his tongue as deep into your core as he could grazing against the zone that had your body writhing underneath his every pleasurable motion.

You could barely keep up your movements on Todoroki's member, but lucky for you he was also helping you again. Moving your digits up and down, getting you to squeeze his girth as he husked lustful words into your ears about loving the way your skin felt against his cock.

As soon as Bakugou used several of his fingers to stimulate your clit, you were tossing your head back against Todoroki's chest moaning loudly as pleasurable release swayed through your body. Because you'd been so focused on your own pleasure, you didn't notice how your hand squeezed Todoroki rather hardly but it seemed to be the right type of stimulation for him as he groaned a husky and heavy pant of your name coating the palm of your hand with his arousal.

"Mhm, you really coated my tongue.." Bakugou whispered lustfully, as he pulled away from your core showing you just how sticky his tongue was before swallowing your juices. "Not a bad taste, even better that Icy-hot wont get to taste your flavor."

His eyes held a possessive gleam, as he pulled your legs forward till you were dipping back into the hot spring. The warmth of the water had a soft moan escaping your lips as he Bakugou slid both arms around your body, pressing you against his chest as he gave you several steamy kisses where you could of sworn you tasted a bit of yourself.

"(Y/n), I want you." Bakugou husked into the rim of your ear, lifting up one of your legs pressing it against his hips as he slid his hips forward. The moment his cock grazed against your slick folds, you whimpered out a moan of shock.

"You don't deserve her." Suddenly strong arms pulled you away from Bakugou, only for your breast to be pressed up against Todoroki's smooth chest. He pulled your chin forward for a warm kiss, that had you relaxing under his touch letting him pick up both of your legs wrapping them around his waist.

"Give yourself to me (Y/n)."

Your body shuddered as he pressed the tip of his cock against your slit. Both of his hands gripped the bottom of your ass, where he slowly rocked you into his body giving you the most sensual taste of pleasure that had your hands positively gripping his shoulders whimpering in desperation.

"Ah..Shouto..don't tease me..I w-want you.." Sliding your arms around his neck, one of your hands petted up into his two toned tresses pushing him to meet your lips. He took that as a sign, to ease your body down against his cock giving you soft kisses, and petting the skin of your back when you shuddered from his girth.

"Oh..Shouto..You're so d-deep inside me..Ah.."

"You're gripping me pretty tightly too. Your body feels positively warm."

You share a soft smile with Todoroki, leaning forward to meet his lips in the middle but a hand grabs your cheek, redirecting your lips towards his. Bakugou slaps Todoroki's hands away from your ass, so he can grip both cheeks pulling you to meet with his cock.

"Ah...K-katsuki..w-what are you doing..?" You gasp feeling the purposeful swaying of his cock against the soft skin of your ass.

"Mhm, what does it look like I'm doing? I want you too, its not fair to leave me out." He husks lustfully, that both him and Todoroki can give you the best type of pleasure. "You'll be moaning so loud you might wake up the rest of the class though~" He teases, sliding his cock between your cheeks teasing your back hole with his cock.

You blushed darkly as Todoroki and Bakugou started arguing about the best type of pleasure, the former going as far as saying that what Bakugou wanted to do was going to just hurt you.

"Do you want (Y/n) to be in pain?"

"No, for fucks sake. You don't know what she likes."

"You don't know how to be gentle, that's what I know."

"I'm not going to fucking hurt her!" Bakugou hisses almost directly into your ear as he argues.

It's actually kind of sweet how he's defending the type of pleasure he wants to give you, going as far as saying he'll be slow, gentle, and even let you decide when he can start moving. How could you deny him, when he promised to be careful with your body?

"Katsuki.." You whisper getting both of their attention, leaning your head from Todoroki to Bakugou. "It's o-okay...I want you gentle with me..I'm nervous.." Your voice was so low, if they hadn't been so close they wouldn't of been able to here.

Instantly the scowl on Bakugou's face disappeared as he slid his hands around your waist from behind pressing a wet kiss against your neck like he was saying thank you. "You got it Beautiful." He murmured into your ear, making your face twinge with a warm blush.

Todoroki didn't look happy, but he didn't want to move and cause you any discomfort. Slowly Bakugou pressed the tip of his cock against your back hole, holding your body tightly as he slowly but furtively eased forward.

He slowed down or stopped all together when he felt your body jitter, or painful gasp escape your lips. Only easing forward again once you'd relaxed, till he was fully sheathed into the tight warmth of your body.

"Fuck..Ah..this feels better than I thought it would.." Bakugou groans,swaying both of his hands from your stomach to your breasts as he sandwiches you between him and Todoroki.

His words make you snort, despite the overwhelming feeling of being double penetrated. However, it wasn't as bad as you thought..specially sense he was true to his words and was as gentle as he could be and even caressed your body soothingly when he thought you were in pain.

"Mhm...I feel so lightheaded.." You murmured unable to keep your head up as you leaned back and rested against Bakugous chest making both boys frown.

"We've been in the Hot spring too long, hold on I'll cool you down." Todoroki placed his hand on your forehead sending a refreshing chill down your body.

"You really are like one of those..icy-hot patches.." You giggled to him, making him smile despite the snickering from Bakugou. Leaning forward you fixed your position gasping softly when it swayed both of them inside you, but you nodded your head.

"Go ahead, guys. Mhm, I expect to feel really good." You taunted lightly wrapping both hands around Todoroki's shoulders, feeling the grip of Bakugous around your breasts.

Slowly Bakugou thrusted his hips back and forth, almost in tune to Todoroki whom bounced you against him in a way that was letting you get used to his girth. Almost instantly your gasps of slight discomfort turned into moans of shutter inducing pleasure.

"Oh!~, Ah!~, I c-can't breath..I f-feel so good.." You moaned to both of them, whom seemed to feel the exact same way. Both were groaning messes, and even as they thrusted their hips and forth pressing deeply into your body, they still couldn't get enough of your body as they caressed all over.

"(Y/n), Fuck...You're squeezing me so tight.." Grunted Bakugou, as he slide his hips back and forth gripping any part of your body his hands could hold onto. Leaving your breasts to hold you around your waist where he pushed and pulled your body to meet with his thrusts, getting off on the unhinged way you were moaning his name(and Todoroki's).

"Katsuki..oh my god..f-faster I want to cum!~" You mewled, feeling the edge so close you could taste the most pleasurable release just right around the corner.

" have any idea what you just asked?~" He whispered into your ear, muttering for you to lean forward but it wasn't really a choice as he pressed at your back getting you to fully lean into Todoroki's chest. The two-toned boy gave him a skeptical look, that he merely ignored before gripping your hips.

The moment he started trusting again it was a lot faster, deeper, sloshing the water creating heavy ripples and even louder moans from your trembling lips. The most obvious wet sloshing sound of both water and body smacking echo'd around the open air hot spring.

You would of been concerned about all this noise were to busy moaning in complete body trembling ecstasy to care about it. Your fingers were gripping Todoroki so hard that you were most definitely leaving faint scratches but he didn't seem to care either, as the intense thrusting of Bakugou had your folds rocking deeply against his cock making him husk deep and desireful groans against the side of your neck.

"I c-can't!~ I c-can't!~ Please, Ah!~" You entire body was writhing from the intense penetration of both of your bodies most sensitive holes. Your lips were trembling as they became dry and rough from the exhausting amount of moans.

The moment Bakugou pinched both of your nips, biting into the side of your neck it sent you over the edge, as you tossed your head back nearly smacking into his head tainting the warm water of the spring with your womanly juices.

Bakugou Instantly pulled away probably a little quicker than he meant to because you whimpered in shock, gasping his name loudly making him feel bad. His milky seed tainted the water as well, as he panted heavily chest heaving sweating from the force he put into fucking you.

Todoroki was a little more self controlling as he thrusted into your body gripping your ass, maybe a little possessive in the way he wanted to be the only one to have fucked you. He kissed and peppered your neck and shoulder, loving the way your moans fanned into his ear before he was sliding you off his body husking your name. You felt something warm touch your thigh but it was quickly washed away by the warm water of the hot spring.

When Todoroki let go off your body you feel backwards, laughing at the way both of them screamed your name in concern but stopped the moment you were just floating on top of the water giggling softly but looking tired as hell.

"You both ruined my relaxing hot spring moment."

"We made it better you mean." Bakugou chuckled placing his hand on your stomach as he leaned over your head giving you a quick kiss. He was actually relieved when you just smiled softly as he pulled away. "I'm surprised you can float, aren't you tired?"

"I am tired, I'm floating cause I can't stand." You giggled at the way he rolled his eyes.

Todoroki did the same as Bakugou, placing his hand on your cheek gently turning you towards him as he leaned down and gave you a soft kiss that felt refreshing like maybe a twinge of his power was cooling you down.

"Are you just going to copy everything I do, Icy-hot?"

"I think you mean coping me. (Y/n) would of been mine, if you hadn't of been a simple minded idiot and ruined our romantic moment."

"Like I'd let you have a romantic moment with (Y/n)!"

This arguing goes back and forth, it was honestly setting your face on fire. They were both arguing over who deserved to have you more, which you honestly didn't know who to pick. Both of them were your very good friends and fellow classmates, they were amazing and Hero's in their own way.

How could you pick..when you certainly felt something for both of them?"

Using the fact that they weren't even looking at you, the strength in your leg returning you eased out of the water wrapping your towel around your body before scampering over to the door.

"Hey boys!"

Their heads instantly turned up to look at you, where they both made comments wondering how you got over their so quick. However, you just laughed at them saying it was getting late and all of you needed to go to bed.

"(Y/n)'s right, Aizawa-sensei might come looking for us."

"Yeah..yeah..I'm only getting out because My skin is getting all prickly"

You watched with a growing smirk as they both looked around the edges of the spring for their previously discarded towels before calling to them once again with a wide grin on your lips.

"Looking for these guys?~" Using one hand you showed them their towels before, opening the door tossing both as far as you could into the changing room. "Woops, Guess you'll have to walk naked~" Smiling warmly to both of them, you blew a kiss closing the door after shouting a good night as you scampered quickly back to your room barely remembering to grab the basket with your cloths in it.

"Look what all your arguing got us." Todoroki sighed lifting his body out of the water not caring all his naked glory was on full display.

"Eh? I didn't do anything. You're the one who wouldn't fucking shut up." Bakugou growled, flexing his hands as he muttered, "I'm glad I woke up, I wont let you have (Y/n)."

"We will see about that."


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Chapter Text


(Y/n), where are you going?" Neito pressed his hand against your shoulder as you shifted the door of Class-B open.

"Since it's free period right now I thought I'd uh..go up to the roof and get some fresh air." You smiled shifting a hand through your hair, telling him you were feeling kind of hot and wanted to feel the breeze since today's weather was really nice.

"Let me go wit-"

"No, Nii-san." You laughed playfully pushing at his shoulder, "You follow me everywhere, I got this. I promise I'll be careful." You pointed to the box on his desk before telling him sternly to eat everything you made in his Bento, before excusing yourself from class.


"She's right Neito, you follow her everywhere." Kendo stepped up to his side, patting his back telling him being a protective older brother was fine, but you still needed your own space.

"She's young maiden, with a strong head on her shoulder, we must believe she will stay on the right path." Spoke Shiozaki clenching both of her hands together as she looked up, as if praying to a higher power making the rest of class sweat drop at how pure her aura was.

"I wonder if she'll meet up with Class-A, She's pretty friendly with them." A number of hands slap over Testutetsu's mouth, hissing for him to be quiet, but it was already to late. The mention of Class-A already had Neito's brow raised a sinister Aura cloaking his body, as he immediately turned towards the door.


There was a certain bounce to your step as you quickly jogged to the stairs once you left Class-B. Before climbing, you looked back to see if anyone was following you, more specifically your extremely protective older brother.

When you didn't see hide nor hair of your favorite sarcastic person, a sigh of relief escaped your lips as you turned back and quickly paced up the stairs.

Turning the knob on the door to the roof, you gasped when something immediately grabbed your wrist but the moment you meet a very warm chest you instantly relaxed, sliding your hands around his muscular toned body.

"The fuck took you so long?"

You giggled at the haze of his rough voice that tickled the rim of your ear, tilting your head up to meet his sharp red eyes. "I had to convince my brother, to not follow me. You know how protective he is.." You gave him an apologetic smile, before resting your head on his chest.

He made the most annoyed huffing noise, but rested his head on top of yours enjoying your hairs soft scent. One of his hands rested against your lower back, before sliding his other through your tresses pressing at the back of your head getting you to tilt up so he could give your pink lips a quick peck.

You held the softest blush as he pulled back, smirking down at the shy flutter to your eyes. "Are you sure you're related to that copy bastard?" His hand pressed against your cheek before giving it a playful pinch, making you swat his hand away giggling.

"You're cute and he's just..not."

Snorting you pushed at his chest, "Come on don't dis my brother like that." You playfully tugged at his blazer getting him to lean forward enough to press a soft kiss to his cheek. "Thank you though for calling me cute, I think you're very handsome as well."

A soft content sigh escaped his lips, before he was leaning almost all his weight on you, forcing you both to sit on the ground as he pulled you into his lap wrapping his hands around your waist. It was a position that was making you a bit shy, but you had to admit to liking the feeling of being so close to him.

Turning you rested against his chest, closing your eyes whispering to him that his natural musk was actually a very soothing scent. Kind of like Vanilla with a hint of Coffee, that had you thinking maybe his mom or dad enjoyed a cup in the morning and he just sort of brought that scent to school.

"Thanks you smell fruity, I'm not sure If I like it." He snickered at the way your head lifted with the cutest pout on your lips, mumbling that your shampoo was (Fav fruity flav) and that you were offended he didn't like it.

"You look even cuter when you pout." He gave you a somewhat soft smile, placing his hand against your cheek ghosting his thumb over your bottom lip. Your breath hazed delicately over his skin, making it impossible to resit leaning forward pressing another kiss against your lips.

This time it was more than a small peck, as you melted into the warm feeling of his lips. One of your hands pressed against the side of his neck while the other gripped his blazer, you almost felt desperate for the heat his kiss was providing you.

Just as his hand was sliding against your leg caressing your soft skin, making your heart race as he inched up the short material of your skirt..the door to the roof slams open.

"Their he is, I told you he'd be up here."

"You also said he'd be up here with her, and yet you still dragged us up here to bother them." Mina's apologetic face came into view as she roughly shoved Kirishima to the ground making him stumble as he nearly face planted the floor.

"I'm sorry, (Y/n)-chan I told them..but they insisted on eating lunch with Bakugou-kun"

Luckily the moment the door opening, Bakugou retracted his fingers and pulled away from the steamy kiss he was giving you but he still had his hands wrapped around your waist. And boy howdy did he looked pissed that you'd be so rudely interrupted.

"Kirishima, you dunce I told you not to come up here." Bakugou hissed, gripping you even tighter when you tried to wiggle out of his grasp. "They already know about us (Y/n), stop your damn wiggling. I'm not letting you go."

Your cheeks warmed glancing from his friends faces back to him before settling down, they really did already know. They were pretty supportive of how you wanted to be together too, and even offered to help keep your brother away if it was really necessary.

"Damn Bakugou, who knew you could be so romantic. It so manly!" Gushed Kirishima excitedly as he plopped down next to you both, opening his lunch which looked like it was covered in an extreme amount of hot sauce. However, he started chowing down like it was nothing, pausing momentarily when he saw you looking before offering you some.

" thank you.." You mumbled with wave of your hand, he didn't seem all that bothered before he was wolfing down his food again.

Sero, Kaminari, and Mina did similar, coming over to sit next to you both opening their bento boxes making friendly conversation, as they ate. It was actually kind of calming being around them, even though you were still in a compromising position.

However, Bakugou certainly wasn't letting you go anytime soon. Nor did he care who was watching as he held you. It was kind of relieving in a way to know he cared about you so much but at the back of your head you were still worried about what you brother would think.

As the free period for lunch was starting to end, Bakugou finally let you move off his lap so you could both stand up. His hand slid into yours, threading your fingers together as he volunteered to walk you back to your class.

Just as your lips parted, someone tumbles through the door to the ruff panting and breathing heavily. When his familiar blond hair comes into view you worriedly call out to him.

"Nii-san, what are you doing? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I was just looking for you.." He huffs standing up mumbling something about going to the wrong roof, grimacing at the sight of people from Class-A. However, the moment his gray eyes trail over to you, looking down seeing Bakugou holding your hand, he instantly grabs your wrist tugging you away.

"Nii-san, d-don't pull me so hard..." You flinch at the tight grip he has around your hand.

"Sorry..(Y/n)..but did you know the #1 idiot of Class-A was holding your hand?"

Oh. Instantly you can feel the anger seeping off the person behind you. His eyes flaring dangerously, fist both flexing and sparking flames at the same time.

"What the fuck did you just call me you extra?" Bakugou growls taking a heated step forward.

" can't call him extra just cause you don't know his name." Mumbles Kaminari, as he takes a step back not wanting to be caught up in the ensuing chaos that's about to go down.

"See, (Y/n)? He can't even hear right. Lets go, before idiot becomes contagious." He grabs your hand starting to tug you along behind him, but he pauses when you forcefully pull your hand away giving him the most hurt frown.

"Neito you don't have to be so critical." Walking back over to Bakugou you slide your hand into his giving him a smile, watching the crease in his brow slowly relax. "I have a confession, I..umm.." a blush tickles your cheeks before you take a deep breath and just commit.

"I really like Katsuki, and we've been seeing each other awhile."

His face froze entirely before he blinked in succession. "I'm sorry, (Y/n). My little sister, I don't think I heard you right." He had a skeptical smile on his face as he cleaned out his ear, like it was stopped up.

A frown curved to your lips, he heard you he was just going through some serious denial right now. You parted your lips planning to repeat your statement just to show how serious you were, but Bakugou pulled away sliding behind you to wrap his hands around your waist.

"Now whose the fucking idiot who can't hear, she said I'm her boyfriend." Your cheeks warmed, but it wasn't like you planned on denying his statement. His chin rested on top of your head, as he stared daggers at your brother.

"Bakugou. Let go of my sister, you're a danger to everyone around you." Neito's voice was surprisingly calm, as he held out his hand like he expected you to make the rational decision and agree with him.

"Neito..Don't treat Katsuki like he's an outsider."

"You should tell him that! Do you remember how he told all his classmates to go die at the sports festival? He's dangerous and an impulsive idiot, he's going to get you killed and I absolutely will not allow it!" Reaching forward he tugged your hand, pulling you from Bakugou's grasp which was extremely strange. Bakugou was definitely stronger than your brother, it was like he'd simply let you go.

When you turned back you saw how he'd shifted his eyes to the floor, you couldn't see his handsome rugged features. His fist was balled squeezing the inside of his pocket, you knew he wasn't the type to care about getting bad mouthed.

You could read him though, you knew he was worried about getting you hurt cause he knew himself. He was impulsive like your brother said, the last thing he wanted to do was get you hurt because he felt like he needed to be better than someone. Or simply drag you into a fight you shouldn't be involved in.

Just as you were about to be pulled through the door, you forcefully stopped Neitos movement. The moment he turned to face you a heavy frown formed on your lips, as you shoved him..hard. It wasn't playful like earlier.

His lips parted but you were already turning, scampering back over to the one you cared about more than your own brother. Neito watched as you touched Bakugou's cheeks, whispering to him soothing words, doing your best to tell him you didn't care about all the stuff that was in the past.

"Right now Katsuki, there is me and you, and I can't be me without you."

Your arms slid around his broad shoulders hugging him tightly, completely relaxing in his grasp as he did the same. He mumbled some words into the rim of your ear, but you merely smiled nodding your head refusing to let him go.

"Ah..she really is the only one that can get him to calm down." Sero Mumbles, leaning on his palm admiring the situation and your ability to put the roughest person he's ever known at complete ease.

"So romantic!~ If only Ochako-chan could see this scene, maybe she'd be motivated to confess her own feelings." Mina chuckled, clasping both of her hands together.

"It's so beautiful, these are manly tears I'm shedding!" Kirishima dramatized, wiping at his face enthusiastically before giving Bakugou a thumbs up that he of course wasn't paying attention to.

Neito glanced from Class-A, to you and Bakugou wondering if that was all true. How long had you been seeing each other behind his back? He knew he couldn't blame you for the clear way he reacted in complete disapproval, but he really was just caring about your safety.

The longer his gray eyes watched, You and Bakugou talk it was clear you were happy talking to him. It was even clearer that you were in love with him, as you brushed your hands over his cheeks or in his hair, or even the way you held each other in a tight embrace, where neither of you wanted to let the other go.

He had to even admit that the smile Bakugou was capable of was..real. That explosive personality actually seemed better when you were right in front of him.

The most heaviest sigh escaped Neito's lips before stepping up to both of you, clearing his throat to get your attention. He blinked at the way you turned and basically used your body to shield Bakugou, giving him a fierce glare.

"Neito, if you have more bad things to say about Katsuki..I don't want to hear them."

"Calm down Sis, I have something to say to Bakugou. Man to man, step aside." You eyed him suspiciously making him chuckle, before he was adding the softest please to show he meant no harm.

Slowly you stepped to the side, letting Neito stand in front of him. You watched as both guys sized each other up. They were about the same height, but with very different personalities.

"My sister, means a lot to me. I wont hesitate if I ever hear that you've hurt her or made her cry." Neito's eyes held no fear as, Bakugou's intense eyes narrowed like he was about to pounce. "I don't like you Bakugou, but its clear she does." He paused before reluctantly raising his hand.

"Take care of her."

"Tsk, I don't have to be told how to take care of my girlfriend." Bakugou gripped Neitos hand giving it a tight squeeze like handshake. "If she isn't happy with me I'll let her kick my ass."

Oh how you started losing your shit, when Neito said he'd pay real money to see that. Instantly you darted forward giving your super protective older bro a tight hug, which he returned whispering the softest apology before letting you go.

You gave him a thankful smiling leaning forward to kiss his cheek before turning, and basically dog piling Bakugou knocking him backwards with a loud giggle. He wheezed telling you how heavy you were, but the moment you started pouting he pinched and pulled both of your cheeks making you laugh before pulling you to meet his lips.

"I have your brothers approval, Next thing I need to do is ask for your fathers permission to marry you, right?"


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Chapter Text


"I have an announcement."

Everyone felt a chill as Aizawa-sensei, waited till every eye was on him. The intense feeling in the air was palpable. Worse possible scenarios running through everyone's mind, as a few people gulped in anticipation hoping they weren't in trouble.

"Today we are.." Everyone leaned forward, on the edges of their seats hearts racing. "Going to be assigned groups for a class project."

"ITS A NORMAL SCHOOL ACTIVITY." Was the entire classes relieved outburst.

"Quite down, I'm going to assign you partners so don't think you will always get to team up with your friends." Pulling out a clipboard, he looked like he was ready for a nap as he slowly called out all the group pairings.

"Bakugou, Midoriya, Asui, Shoji, and Sato"

"Hagakure, Jiro, Yaoyorozu, Kaminari, and Eijiro."

"Kirishima, Mineta, Uraraka, (Y/n), and Todoroki."

"Ashido, Koda, Tokoyami, Iida, Aoyama, and Ojiro."

Plopping the clipboard on his desk he was already rolling himself up in his sleeping bag, before the groups had even formed circles. "Each group has 5 students, with the exception of the last pairing being 6. That's just how it worked out"

"He just didn't want to watch a lot of projects.." You sweat drop at how laid back of a teacher he truly was, and how many shits he didn't seem to give as he paired up the wort duo..Bakugou and Midoriya..was he hoping they would never finish it?

"Why do I have to be paired with this shitty nerd!" Bakugou hissed, clenching his fist that absolutely threatened to throttle someone but he managed to hold himself back.

"Kacchan..i-its just a group project we will be done in no time..if we work together.." Midoriya mumbled, twiddling his thumbs together smiling at the way the rest of his groups partners made the same encouraging remarks.

He huffed like he was going to breath fire but turned his chair around, straddling it as he leaned his hands. "I'd rather be paired with my girlfriend." His eyes trailed over to you, frowning at the way you seemed to be getting along perfectly with your group.

"So everyone is okay with the division of labor?" Todoroki spoke casually, sliding his pencil against the worksheet in front of him. "It's all pretty straight forward, no one should have any trouble doing research."

" sound like you don't understand the severity of this assignment." With a wag of his finger Minenta seemed to be oddly serious, "We can do separate research but It would be better if we studied as a group."

"Mineta-kun has a point, we'd get more done together." Ochako placed a finger on her chin humming in thought, nodding her head when you agreed.

"We could all meet up after school is over." You hummed, feeling a little bad because such an action would cut into your time spent with Bakugou. It was a daily ritual to always walk home together, holding his rough but warm hand.

Oh well, it can't be helped. He would understand right?

"Why the fuck can't we walk home together?"

You nearly face palmed at his clearly angry and pissed off disapproval. "Katsuki..come on, we just got assigned that group project. I need to study with my partners and get some of the work done as a team." You insisted, apologizing to him several times gripping his hand trying to relay to him the importance of studying together.

The crease in his brows only got tighter, as he squeezed your hand demanding with his intense red eyes that you ignore your duty to your group partners and stay with him. However, he knew you'd feel terrible for leaving them. So even before the words left your lips he was already turning away frowning heavily.

"I'm sorry Katsuki..We can definitely walk home tomorrow."

He pulled his hand from your own rather aggressively, before walking away leaving you there with your own frown. Usually when you part ways he gives you a kiss, or at least wraps his hands around you giving you a hug that lets you know just how much you mean to him.

However..none of that today as he walked away kicking a can that was on the ground in front of him. It looked like he was a mixture of mad, sad, and pouting. The latter making a small smile curve to your lips, pouting and Bakugou went well together cause he was always so..angsty.

With a heavy sigh you returned to your classmates who were waiting for you besides the schools gate. "I'm Sorry about that guys, where shall we go to get studying done?"

Everyone pondered for a minute before Mineta was opening his mouth a certain gleam to his eyes but was cut off by Todoroki.

"Lets go to the public library. They probably have the best section on what we need to research." Everyone nodded in approval liking that idea because it made the most sense, missing the tsking sound the Mineta made clearly he wanted to either go to your house or Ochako's house but studying was probably the furthest thing from his mind.

Studying at the library went rather well considering how under motivated Mineta became, but everyone else even the intense Kirishima did his best to remain quiet and pass along helpful information. It was nice being with your friends and fellow classmates, but you would of much rather been with Bakugou.

When you thought about him those murky feeling of loneliness would disappear. It was hard to tell him how much you hated the solitude at home, because neither of your parents were ever really around. Nor did they seem very interested in your life, so most of the time you had to deal with pure emptiness.

Your life was full of this stability that was completely maddening and heart breaking all at the same time, but then he came into your life like the most wildest wrecking ball ever. He broke down every wall you'd ever built up, and gave you two choices.

"Be my girlfriend or don't ever talk to me again."

It was the cruelest and most heart pounding ultimatum you'd ever been given. Of course the tears in your eyes as you held him, sobbing about how you couldn't even go a day without talking to him, told him your answer as clear as day.

"Please..p-please don't leave me alone.."

"Then give me a kiss short stuff."

The smirk on his face as he slid his hand up to cup your cheek, only made the erratic thump of your heart worse but you still held a blissful smile as you whispered to him, leaning forward pressing your lips against his warm and rough ones.

"I'm not that short..."

You were smiling so fondly at the memory of your first kiss, that you never even noticed how everyone had started to stand up deciding it was time to go home. It had been nearly two hours and you'd gotten a good amount of the project done.

"Be safe on your way home guys." You waved to them, as they departed wishing you the same thing before you were on your way back to the house you knew would be empty.

The moment you stepped in the door you were meet with..silence. Heaving the heaviest sigh you slid off your shoes not bothering to make them perfectly lined up before trailing up to your bedroom.

Some people would think you lived the life. No parents to tell what you could or couldn't do. No one to stop you from doing or going anywhere. However, having no one was a thousand times worse than having the strictest parent.

Plopping onto your bed, you curled to one side closing your eyes thinking about taking a nap to clear your head but you weren't really feeling all that sleepy. Rolling back and forth a few times you decided a shower would be the next best thing.

Picking out some simple cloths to change into you headed into the bathroom, turning on the shower to the perfect temperature shedding your cloths letting them crumble to the floor freely before stepping into warm water.

"Mhm, that feels good.." You murmured to yourself as you let the warmth of the water cascade all over your naked body. Little did you know that your fated Romeo had snuck through your window, moments after you entered the shower.

The door to the bathroom was left ajar, and it didn't surprise him at all. You were used to being at home all by yourself nearly every single day. It had become your habit to hardly ever lock any of the doors to your bedroom or bathroom.

Pushing the door even further open he watched the erotic image of you as you lathered your skin with body wash, running your hands all along your curves. He licked his lips admiring the completed exposed view of your tits, stomach, long legs, and the trail to your womanly privates, before the glass on the door got fogged up.

Smirking he edged into the bathroom and quickly and quietly edged off all his cloths. Sliding off his tie, blazer and even unzipping his pants letting them flop to the floor before leaning forward tapping the glass door of the shower, pulling the handle open.

" KYA!~ Oh my god, w-what the fuck are you doing here Katsuki!?!" You screamed the moment the door opened, relaxing a bit the moment you recognized your spiky haired boyfriend. He merely chuckled as he edged into the shower with you, wagging his finger at the way you covered your body with both of your hands.

"I came to spend time with my girlfriend obviously, the one who ignored me earlier just to do some stupid as fuck project." He growled, approaching you like a lion stocking its pray amused by the way you kept back up till you were against the wet tile of the shower.

"Get o-out of my shower, Katsuki...t-this is embarrassing.."

"Well I don't give a fuck. I've already seen that ass before."

The moment he leaned his smooth body into your own, placing both hands on either side of your head your own instantly slide away to press against his chest looking at him with the shyest flutter.

His body was so..masculine, muscular, and flawless. When his eyes trailed lower to gaze over your wet pink body, it was clear he thought your body was perfect as well.

"(Y/n)'re the only one who relaxes in my presence. No matter what." His hand slide against one of your cheeks cupping it between his fingers as he observed the way you leaned into his palm with a soft smile on your lips. "Even when you're're not afraid of me.."

Before you could even answer he was pulling your cheek forward as he leaned down and pressed a warm haze of kisses against your lips. It was instantaneous the way you melted completely in his palms relaxing under the sway of his kisses, as you looped both hands around his neck pulling him closer to your body.

He smirked against your lips, sliding his hands down your body caressing over both of your breasts giving them a few rough squeezes. The moment your lips parted moaning his name, he pressed his slick tongue into your mouth dancing with your own muscle feverishly.

"Oh Katsuki..I would never be afraid of you.." Your moan echoed softly around the closed space of the bathroom, as you leaned back when he licked down the side of your neck, biting into your skin hard enough to leave the most possessive bite mark that people at school would no doubt be able to see.

He husked a chuckle against your skin when he felt your body jitter, but the only thing you did was cling to his body even tighter like you wanted more. So after lapping across his bite mark, admiring the shape and the way it felt in your skin he was more than happy to give you more.

Edging down he kissed a warm and wet trail of love bites against your shoulder and upper chest till his lips were sucking against one of the rosy pink breast, getting you to moan loudly arching backwards for him.

"Mhm, Katsuki..I can hardly think when you're touching me.." He seemed to pause at your words looking up momentarily to admire the soft way you were panting, and the pleasurable haze to your eyes before a toothy grin edged up his lips.

Wrapping his teeth around your nip, he pulled it roughly relishing in the way you squeezed his shoulder gasping his name ever so sharply. He sucked the hard bud passionately, sending shivers of pleasure all over your body as he hungrily nibbled your flesh like you were the meal he's been waiting for all day.

"I can never get enough of your tits." He rasped sliding his tongue all over both of your breasts, sucking one nub to the next leaving an even wetter trail then the shower water was on your body. "They taste soft and your body is always responsive to my..touches~"

Your head tilted down blushing at those sharp red eyes, you knew exactly what he meant. He knew how to pleasure your body, to get your breasts to become sensitive and hard making it easier for him to suck and pull them as he pleased. It was embarrassing but incredibly pleasurable, he knew your body sometimes more than you knew yourself.

"(Y/n), Who do you belong to?"

An intense blush swarmed your cheeks as he kissed down your stomach, lapping his slick tongue over your belly button, smirking at the way your body jittered.

"I...belong to you.." You whispered softly, fluttering your eyes shyly feeling an extra thump to your heart when he wagged his finger at you disapprovingly with a smirk on his handsome face.

"What was that (Y/n), I didn't fucking hear you, you'll have to speak up." He immediately sunk his teeth into the space right above your belly button, holding onto your hips growling when you tried to push at his shoulders. He sucked your skin leaving a mixture of pink and purple hickeys, that extenuated the bruise of his bite mark.

"Oh..Katsuki..t-that hurts.." You made the mistake of moaning even though you protested in the softest way that just had him smirking. Edging even further down he slid to his knee's as he pushed apart your legs, scowling at the way you covered your sensitive lower half.

"Mhm, You're being so defiant today..I'm not sure if I like it." He smirked, getting a naughty idea as he stood back up and opened the glass door on the shower. For a moment a bit of relief flooded through your system thinking maybe he would at least stop his heated maneuvers until you were both in bed.

But oh no, was he not even close to done with you yet, As he pulled back into the shower, turning around showing you the red material of your uniforms tie. He walked back over to you, leaning into your body pressing his hand against your cheek getting you to tilt up so he could give you passionate breath stealing kisses.

"Oh Katsuki..y-your tongue.." You moaned meeting his movement as best you could. Your eyes had long sense slid closed relaxing under the tingle of pleasure from his steamy kisses. Which exactly what he wanted to happen.

Next thing you know he's pressing at your hips getting you to step to the side enough, that you are now completely under the water of the shower head. It warms and prickles your skin even heavier when its applied to the sensation of his kisses and touches.

Lifting your hands you want to wrap them around his neck and hold him close..but then your face darkens retracting away from his rough lips with a slick sticky pop noticing how your hands are suddenly immobilized. Looking up to the shower head, you blink hazily at the red material wrapped around both of yours wrists tying you the metal.

"Katsuki..w-what the hell?"

He snickers, licking his lips as he looks your shapely naked body up and down. "This is so you can stop trying to hide from me, but I got to admit that having you bound and naked in front of me is so..fucking hot.." He rasped with the most obvious haze of lust in his fiery red eyes, as he slid both hands down your wet and smooth hips.

Your face twinged in the most intense bright blush, as he grazed his fingers between your legs and teased them against your slits outline. Your lips quivered moaning his name as an air of anticipation, made you spread your legs almost begging him to just take you.

"Mhm, you want it huh?" You could not deny the wave of desire sliding through your body, so you completely gave in and nodded your head. "Tell me who you fucking belong to then?" The moment he asked several of his fingers curled between your folds, pressing deeply into your warm core.

"Oh, Katsuki!~" You moaned tossing your head back, nearly banging your head on the metal shower head. The pleasurable way his fingers were curling and pressing against all the right zones inside your body, made you realize if you didn't answer him he would take this amazing sensation away.

"I" You moaned to him, hoping your voice was loud enough, as you showed him the desperation in your eyes. "Katsuki is the only one for me..No one else makes me feel the way you do..I wanna be with you forever.."

For a moment he paused his fingers movement turning his head away, placing his other hand over his face. You were confused thinking perhaps you didn't say what he wanted to hear..but when he tilted his head enough you saw the faintest pink to his pale creamy cheeks.

Oh my god that's so cute. He's blushing..I can't say anything though or he'll get mad..instead I'll just have to encourage him..

"Katsuki..please don't m-make me feel so good.."

His eyes flared at your words, the blush dying down quickly as he picked up the pace of his fingers once again. His hot lips made passionate contact with the side of your neck, leaving many dark purple possessive hickey's that would show everyone at school you were his and most certainly wouldn't fade anytime soon.

"Ah, I c-can't think're making me so hazy..Mh..." Your neck was one of your weakest area's when it came to him. The feeling of his lips pressing, licking, or even leaving rough bite marks always had you completely giving into his every whim.

He smirked sliding his tongue down your extremely marked with his bites neck, "Fuck, I can feel you pussy pulsating against my fingers...I thought it would be hard to tell if you were excited..but shit I can feel your slick juices all over my fingers.." He husked lustfully, increasing the pace of his thrusts despite your overwhelmed whimper of pleasure.

"Ah!~ Oh!~ Katsuki, t-too fast!~" You moaned loudly, feeling in intimate detail the curl of his fingers as they pressed against your folds. The knot forming in the pit of your stomach was fast approaching and the moment you moaned it out to him, he completely retracted his fingers making the most needy whimper escape your lips.

"O-oh my god...Katsuki..w-why did you stop..I was so close..." You panted to him heavily, watching with hazy eyes as he brought his slick with your juices fingers to his lips and completely sucked them dry, even lapping his tongue seductively against the tips.

"Because, maybe I don't think you deserve to cum." Edging down to his knee's he pressed both of your legs apart, picking up one only to instantly sink his teeth into your inner thigh making you both scream in pain and hiss in the sharpest way from pleasure.

When he pulled away the intense heat from his bite was completely pulsating, red and outlined the layout of his teeth so looked like you'd been mauled by a wild animal.

"Tell me how bad you want it, and maybe I'll give it to you."

The hottest breath hazed past your parted lips, as you watched him lick and suck the skin of your inner thigh leaving you more animalistic bite marks. Honestly the sway of his tongue felt so nice, and the press of his warm lips felt heavenly..but he was making it a point to completely avoid your wet sex.

Oh how your skin prickled every time his wet tongue grazed ever so closely to your slit, teasing your body with his kisses and driving you absolutely insane. There was no choice but to completely give in.

"H-hah..Katsuki please..I want you so badly..I need you.." When he looked up, he admired the desireful haze to you once bright (e/c) eyes. "I want to feel good..and you're the only one who knows how to please me.." You nearly whimpered like a sad puppy, when he kissed right above your core.

"Mhm, that's right the only one who can touch your body is me." Finally his tongue slid against the outline of your slit, dragging his muscle up and down relishing in the way your body absolutely trembled from the pleasure.

"The only one who gets to taste your body and its juices, is me."

Your legs started to jitter from the way his tongue slid between your slick folds, thrusting deeply into your body like he was as desperate to feel your core as much as you were desperate for the pleasure he could give you.

He pressed deeply into your tight folds, curling his muscle up and down just enough to get you completely mewling and moaning in desperation for him to make you cum before he pulled back yet again.

But this time he didn't let you whine about being close, as he stood and smashed his lips against your giving you a sticky taste of your own flavor. His tongue ravaged your own viciously coating it with his saliva, letting you taste how much he wanted to devour you, as he slid both of his hands to the bottom of your ass picking up your legs.

"I want you to let the neighbors know how good I'm fucking you." He husked pressing your body into the wall as he teased the tip of his cock against your slit.

Your cheeks twinged, looking into his possessive yet alluring ruby red eyes. Wiggling both of your arms you pleaded with him, "I w-want to hold you Katsuki..please untie me.." Leaning forward you kissed at his cheek and down to his neck, hearing the softest but very pleased murmur.

"You're are lucky I'm so nice to you." He grunted, sliding his hand up to pull on the knot of his tie unfurling the cloth from around your wrists setting you free. Instantly your arms wrapped around his muscular frame, gripping him tightly having no qualms about how your breasts were pressed up against his chest muscles.

He gave your ass several rough squeezes, before thrusting his hips forward burring his cock as deep into your body as he could. Your entire frame twitched in his arms, scratching your nails down his back making him growl but never did he say he didn't like a little pain himself.

"Oh Katsuki, I can feel you so deep inside my body..."

"Mhm, I can feel the grip of your tight walls.." He hazed the most lustful breath against the skin of your neck, before kissing and lathering any unmarked area with more love bites.

After giving you but a few seconds to get used to the girth of his cock, he roughly started thrusting his hips up into your body. With every rock of his hips your ass smacked against the wall behind you sending thrills, chills and of course the most amazing pleasure all over your body.

"Oh, Katsuki!~ F-fuck yes, I c-can't breath!~ B-but I feel so good!~" You mewled out all these praises, that were absolutely feeding his already inflated ego.

Your legs squeezed around his waist, wrapping one hand around his neck, the other tugging at his unruly messy wet blonde locks. He grunted at the way you gripped his hair, but none of the pain he was feeling compared to the pleasure of being inside the tight warmth of your body.

"Fuck, I can feel how wet you pussy is.." He growled into the rim of your ear, slamming your body down onto his cock sloshing your juices with every aggressive thrust. "You're practically milking my cock, you must really love how I fuck you.."

He wasn't letting you respond not that you had a single thing to say to that, as he pounded into your body with a completely animalstic desperation. You moans and screams of pleasure echoed off the wall, reverberating around the bathroom. It wouldn't surprise you if your neighbors really could hear how loud you were moaning.

The moment you felt the sweet release of your long awaited orgasm, you gripped his body so tightly he would have these deep claw marks on his back later that he would wear with pride.

The warmth of your slick juices, combined with the convulse of your walls had him biting one last time into the side of your neck, before dropping your legs to the ground as he slid you off his cock warming your legs and thighs with his sticky arousal.

He leaned his head forward, resting it against yours as he practically applied all his weight to your body. Both of your heavy and hazy pants mixed together, as you felt the warmth of his hot breath against your parted lips.

"I'm not very clean.." Smiling softly, you wrapped your arms around his back, holding onto his frame for stability, because you felt most certainly at any moment your legs would give way.

"You're clean enough." He snickered pulling you off the wall turning you around with him letting you lean back against his chest as the water of the shower head rinsed your body off. He even ran his hand along your thighs to make sure his slick juices were being washed away, which you smiled at.

"There, better be grateful." He huffed, rubbing the end of his nose against the side of your neck smiling in a soft way when you giggled.

"My Hero." You whispered, finding a bit strength to turn around and cup both of his cheeks, before leaning forward to plant a soft kiss on his lips.

He returned your soft peck, before picking you up in his arms walking out of the shower grabbing a towel for you both before plopping you both on the bed. You giggled at the way he rubbed the towel over your head trying to dry your hair.

You did the same to him wrapping it around his head covering his eyes for a moment, admiring his lips before giving him another kiss.

"Don't think all these kisses are making me forgive you for earlier."

"But I didn't ignore you on purpose.." You pouted, sliding one of the towels over your body as you leaned back on the bed. He huffed in an annoyed way before, using the other towel to just cover his lower half easing down next to you.

"Fuck, I hate that you know my weakness." He growled, wrapping his hand around your side as he pulled you closer to his chest. The softest smile covered your lips as you laid your head against his still slightly wet muscles, thinking about the way he smelled like your soap.

"I can't fucking stay mad when you pout like that."


Do you guys want to know a secret?

I'm not a virgin.



Shocker, I know.

Chapter Text





That was the only sound you could hear for the past several days. Was that sound supposed to drive you crazy? Could they not fix their damn leaky faucet? Was this some kind of psychological torture..because honestly it was working.

You gritted your teeth, gnashing them together tugging on your metal chains as hard as you could but they wouldn't budge no matter how hard you tried. Of course you already knew this, having been captured and bound with your hands cuffed to a chain high on the wall least 3 or 4 days. It was honestly kind of hard to tell, since the room you were in was bleak, dark, and had no windows. It was difficult to tell how much time had passed.

The League of Villains...what a pompous name you couldn't help but think. Yeah they were the bad guys, but couldn't think come up with a better name? Shaking your head that wasn't what was important. Finding a way to escape was top priority.

You couldn't help but wonder how Bakugou was doing, since he had been captured at the schools trailing camp just like you. The moment you were warped through some strange purple vector, you wound up in what looked like a small underground bar.

Instantly all these cuffs and restraints were snapped onto Bakugou as he huffed all these obscenities that would absolutely make his mom want to wash his mouth out with soap. While at the same time your own hands were cuffed behind your back by the man named Dabi, whom tugged you down the hall and into this room chaining you to the wall.

"Welcome to the penthouse suite."

He had said ever so sarcastically, a grin plastered on his severely stitched up face. It seemed like this man knew a lot about not just your power but you as well. He knew to keep your hands apart as they were bound, other wise you couldn't activate your wind quirk called Kamakaze(Sickle/scythe like wind)

He knew personal details about your family, school, and even a little bit about how you aspired to be a hero. You assumed they had captured both Bakugou and yourself to try and convince you to come to their side. While you weren't sure what they were saying to Bakugou, when Dabi came to see you..that's not exactly what he was trying to do.

"How are you today, princess?"

Came his oddly suave and deep voice, as he trailed into the room showing off his completely out of place crystal blue eyes. He walked over tilting his head curiously, chuckling at the way you instantaneously started cursing at him.

"I'm not a fucking princess, what the hell are you doing to Bakugou?"

He wagged his finger before cupping your cheek, pulling your face closer to his letting his breath fan against your half parted lips. Your heart started to thump madly, he was so close your lips were merely millimetres apart, you could see the alluring color of his eyes so clearly.

"My such fowl language from an aspiring hero." His fingers slid up pushing back a small strand of your hair grazing his fingers over the rim of your ear. "You're much more than a princes, I'm afraid. You're a damsel in distress waiting for a real hero to come save you."

Those blue eyes of his danced with amusement from the way your brow furrowed in anger, clenching both of your bound fists together before you tried to kick him in the balls. However, he merely laughed, easily catching your leg with his hand..making you blush as he trailed his fingers up your inner thigh before dropping it back to the ground.

"Kiss my ass, you surgical zombie." You hissed turning your nose up, missing the grin that came to his handsome face.

"If you insist." He snickered, leaning down letting his words haze into your ear, as he presses at your hips with both of his hands getting you to turn around. Your entire face warms body twitching as he slides one of his hands over the back of your ass giving it a sensual pet.

"What are y-you doing??" Your body jiggles, trying to move away from his grasp but honestly all your movement does is slide your ass perfectly back and forth into his grasp.

"Mhm, Can I get some fries with that shake?" He snickers, wrapping one of his hands around your waist pulling your back against his chest while the other slides into the back of your pants caressing over the skin of your ass giving your cheeks a few squeezes.

"A-ah...s-stop touching me.." You made the mistake of making the softest murmur, before you said stop that sounded like you actually liked the way he was touching you.

"I haven't kissed your ass yet, so no." Leaning forward he slid his tongue against the side of your neck, relishing in the way your body jittered from such a small action. "I've been holding myself back because of that brat Shigaraki, but no more."

"I brought you here because I wanted you, So I'm going to have you."

A incredibly hot and heavy pant left your lips, as he outlined both of your cheeks with the entire palm of his hand even grazing his fingers down the middle as if teasing you, with where he really wanted to touch you.

Your lips parted protests and no's on the tip of your tongue, but a sharp gasp-like moan of his name is the only thing that escaped when he gave one of your breasts a tight squeeze. He smirked pressing his leathery lips against the skin of your neck sending foreign tingles all over your body.

For a moment you begun to relax under the soft sway of pleasure, till his fingers make good on their teasing. The moment they slide down the middle of your crack, grazing over your back hole your head snapped back leaning into his slim muscular body as you hissed out a surprised moan.

"Mhm, so you like that huh?" He pressed a few more kisses against the soft smooth skin of your neck, murmuring how good your flavor was. He even started kneading both of your breasts back and forth outlining their shapely design.

"Dabi..oh my...mhm.." It was becoming difficult to tell him to stop, because he was starting to make you feel really good. You also had to admit despite his disfigured form, he was kind of handsome and mysteries looking.

Oh no..I'm attracted to one of the villains...

As soon as the realization passed through your head, you felt him slide down to his knee's pulling your pants down enough to have your ass completely on display. Again he caressed over the skin of both of your cheeks, but this time he used both of his hands kneading the flesh between his fingers smirking at the way you moaned his name.

"You have a nice ass." He rasped, sliding forward pressing his lips against your left cheek, giving it the most sensual slow kiss.

It was confusing the feeling of his stitches as he slid his lips from one cheek to the next, even lapping his slick muscle feeling your body shudder as if you wanted so much more.

Standing he caressed one of his hands around your hip till it was sliding under your shirt feeling the skin of your stomach before roughly tugging your bra up freeing both of your breasts. Automatically his fingers toyed with your hard nip, pinching, pulling, and kneading the flesh between his smooth fingers.

"Oh~ Mhm! Don't p-pinch them.." You moaned arching your back against his chest, pressing your breasts more into his hand. He merely licked the rim of your ear before biting into it, holding your body tightly when you flinched trying to pull away.

"I'll do what I want with your body." It was such an incredible lustful haze that rang inside your head, as he nibbled your earlobe. The thoughts inside your head were completely cloudy as they fogged with hidden desire.

"I want to feel more of your body, since I'm going to make you mine." Your cheeks twinged with a warm blush, this was the oddest confession you'd ever been given. Well it wasn't really a confession as it was..staking a claim like you were already his property.

He squeezed your ass one last time before trailing one of his longer slender fingers down the middle. This time when it grazed over your hole, he pressed the tip of his finger into your body squeezing you against him smirking at the way your body started trembling.

"N-no!~ Ah..n-not there!~" You wiggled, panting loudly before it turned into straight up moaning as he curled his finger up and down, thrusting it back and forth feeling in slick detail the warmth of your body.

"I think your ass likes to be pleasured, so just give in." His smooth deep voice rasped into your ear, pulling back only to sharply tug your pants and panties down your legs, leaving your lower half fully exposed as he pushed you into the wall and pulled your ass back.

He sunk his teeth into the skin of your shoulder as he pressed his finger back inside your back hole and started thrusting it at a steady pace. It was undeniable the pleasure consuming your body, as you mewled his name over and over again.

"Ah, Dabi!~ Oh, p-please I feel so weird!~" You whimpered, at the way he rasped about how wet your body felt, telling you to submit yourself to the pleasure because he wasn't going to stop.

"Mhm, fuck I bet you're positively dripping.." He husked indicating which area of your body he meant by removing his finger from one hole, only to shove several into your slick womanly folds.

"I was right, you're soaking my fingers."

You whimpered in complete embarrassment, as he thrusted his fingers back and forth feeling your tight cunt in intimate detail. He was going so fast you were completely loosing your mind, feeling just how badly your legs were starting to jitter from the pleasure.

"Dabi!~ Dabi!~ I c-cant!~" Even as you moaned to him how close you were, he never slowed down. In fact he seemed pleased by the grip of your pussy around his fingers, demanding into the rim of your ear that you cum on his digits.

You did not disappoint him. As he kept up his pace till your folds completely convulsed around his fingers squeezing them tightly soaking them with your slick juices.

"That's my girl." He praised you, as he pulled his fingers from your hot core. Since you were leaning into the wall hands cuffed and pressed against it, you couldn't see how he slid his soaked fingers into his mouth and groaned from your sweet flavor.

Your entire body was twitching from its pleasurable release as your breathing started to relax and your vision that had became blurry started to clear. It wasn't till you heard the most obvious zipper noise, that you realized...this wasn't over yet.

"I want to hear you scream my name." He demanded, dropping his pants to the floor as he slid both of his hands against your ass and roughly tugged you back to meet the tip of his cock.

Instantly you whimpered from the initial contact, squeezing both of your hands against the wall with the deepest blush on your cheeks. He slid his cock between your legs and rocked his hips back and forth tracing your slit, letting your juices slide over his cock as he pushed your hair away from the back of your neck so he could press a few passionate kisses.

"O-oh my god..t-this can't be happening..." You whispered, fluttering your eyes wanting to turn back and see his face. "You're a villain..and I'm a Hero...or going to be at least.." You shook your head, protesting in the softest way but knew you couldn't stop this from happening at this point.

"Instead of a Hero, be my princess." How could he ask such a soft thing, being the way he is? A villain, someone who relished in tormenting his foes.

Was he really in love with you? How long has he been following your life? You barely even knew him..but he certainly wasn't as cold hearted as you expected.

Your answer to his question certainly didn't even matter, at least not right now. Not in the heat of the moment and the desire for pleasure, as he pressed his hips forward sliding his cock deeply into your folds sheathing himself completely into your tight core.

"Mhm!~ Fuck! I c-can feel you so deeply!~" You nearly screamed in overwhelming pleasure, from the unexpected girth of his cock. He snickered, dragging his teething from the back of your neck to your shoulder before biting into the soft skin.

As you whimpered in both pleasure and pain, he started roughly thrusting his hips back and forth slapping against the back of your ass. This incredible wet sloshing sound echoed around the room, making both your ears and cheeks burn brightly as you thought about how utterly turned on he had made you.

"Fuck, you're gripping my cock so tightly. I can feel your juices even on my own thighs." He husked such lascivious words that were making your heart and body completely tremble, as you writhed in an overwhelming way from the incredible pleasure.

"Dabi, oh f-fuck please, I c-can't feel my legs..I g-going to collapse!~" You desperately tried to relay to him how jelly-like your legs were becoming, but he didn't seem to care. He only picked up his pace, fucking you even faster gripping his hands around your stomach then up to cup both of your breasts as he slammed into you with his own desperation.

He groaned against the rim of your ear, the moment he felt your folds grip his cock completely coating his member before he pulled away slickly warming the bottom of your ass with his own arousal.

Suddenly the cuffs around your wrists slide away, but your legs were already heavy and tired. However, before you could start sliding to the ground in exhaustion, he grips both of your hips turning you around to face him, smashing his lips against your slightly parted ones.

Your cheeks warm pressing against his shoulders, moaning from the way his tongue hazily fights with your own muscle. His kiss caught you so off guard, that you were completely unprepared when he slid his hands to the bottom of your ass and picked up both of your legs wrapping them around his waist.

"I want more." He growled against your lips, clearly not giving you a choice as he slid your body down onto his cock and immediately started bouncing your body against him.

"Ah!~ Ah!~ Dabi!~ Oh, my g-god!~" Both of your hands wrapped around his shoulders, squeezing him tightly screaming his name as you tossed your head back against the wall. He smirked squeezing both of your cheeks, leaning forward to kiss and lap at the side of your neck.

"That's right squeeze me tighter, drip all over my cock." He rasped, ravaging the skin of your neck leaving deep purple hickey's that matched his discolored skin. Your heart was absolutely pounding, feeling completely desperate for the feeling he was giving you.

Your body was trembling and writhing, squeezing his member tightly as you slid a hand up into his black spiky tresses and couldn't help but think it felt silky and amazing. The marks he was leaving on your skin were beginning to pulsate with his possessive desire and even his bite marks felt tender.

"Dabi, oh my god!~ I'm g-going to c-"

"Cum?" He husked cutting you off with a rough press of his lips, demanding you completely soak his cock with your juices.

His hands squeezed your cheeks as he slammed your body down against his cock, thrusting his hips up meeting his every movement trying to fuck you as deeply as possible. He knew you were close when your hands clung to him in the most desperate sense.

With a few more incredibly deep thrusts that were most certainly scrapping against that special pleasure zone, you buried your face against the rough skin of his neck squeezing his body tightly achieving the most pleasurable orgasm that had your vision completely blurring.

He groaned huskily from the warm sensation of your arousal, bouncing you against his cock a few more times be sliding you off his member coating the wall behind you with his sticky seed.

The moment he pulled away your entire body feel completely lax against his, panting and breathing so deeply you could feel your heart pounding against your rib cage. It was a little relieving when you could feel his chest beating a bit irregularly as well.

"(Y/n), so are you my princess?"

"No..I-i'm a hero.." You murmured, weakly fluttering your eyes a few times before exhaustion completely won over your body.

He chuckled, sliding you to the ground so he could pull up his pants before he slid your own back on. His crystal blue eyes glanced at the cuffs and chains on the wall, before cradling you in his arms walking out the door.

"Dabi. I thought I told you to get rid of her. We don't need her to win our game." Shigaraki glowered, demanding Dabi get rid of weak pawns. "We only need one student hear to lure All Might."

"I told you, She's mine and I'm not giving her up." Dabi's tone was disinterested as he pushed passed completely ignoring him.

"I'm taking her to my room. Touch her and I'll kill you."


I picture Dabi as this cruel person yes, but he would totally have these cheesy one liners and pick ups lines.. I CAN SEE IT.

Chapter Text

Dear Future #1 Hero,

It makes me smile to write that, cause I truly believe with your remarkable quirk and abilities that you will replace All Might as the top Hero in Japan. You have an arrogant and punk-like attitude but I know you would never hurt anyone, in fact you've saved me a few times.

I know you appreciate directness and getting straight to the point, so..I'll tell you this is a confession. A romantic declaration of interest. I know you would probably respond better If I could form the words while standing in front of you, but I've tried before..and I'm to shy and scared of rejection to say it to your face.

You have these alluring ruby red eyes, and some very intense features that make it hard to talk to you sometimes. I'm not saying your aggressive attitude is a fault you need to correct, in fact that rugged attitude is one of the reasons I feel for you.

Because You're a man who would never lie, even if you're being mean. You're always true to your words, and keep your every vow and declaration. You have this amazing abundance of pride that is completely backed up by your naturally born skills.

I don't think you've ever really noticed me, even though I sit behind you in class. Even though we went to the same middle school, and even though some circumstances have lead us to walk home at the same time every so often.

I'm one of those people you would refer to as an Extra. You probably don't even know my name, but that's fine. I actually would of never told you my feelings..if it wasn't for what you said 2 months ago.

It was another one of those odd circumstances where we were both leaving school at the same time. Usually you leave before everyone else, walking home by yourself but that day we left the school gate together. I was overjoyed to walk next to you, even though I never planned to say a word.

We actually had a decent conversation, about school and our quirks even though you said mine was stupid. I actually kind of agree, you called my ability an over glorified night light. I'm still smiling at that, It made me laugh back then and it still makes me giggle today.

That wasn't what made me consider writing this letter, it was actually what you said afterwards when you straight up stalked me to my door. You said It seemed like I might get lost if I didn't have a real hero guiding me, and even though I should of been mad it just made me blush that you cared enough.

You even said and I remember it vividly...

"You're a mouse, I don't know what makes you think you can be a fucking Hero when A lion like me could just eat you."

....Your eyes were and reflected your animalistic words..but you started walking away before I could even figure out how to respond to you.

I thought a lot about your words after that, and then I found myself thinking maybe...just maybe I could tame a Lion like you. I care about you, and I have a strong desire to protect you even though I'm more than aware that you would never want to be protected.

But I don't care. When you love someone, you don't care about getting hurt or how much they might disapprove of your actions, if the end result keeps them alive.

No matter what other people think about you, my heart guides me towards you. I can't leave you alone..and I can't be courageous enough to tell you to your face just how much you mean to me..but please I hope this letter relays my feelings.

I don't know how you feel about me, and to be honest I think I'll be okay even if you don't return my feelings. I know that I'll be sad at first but you're a proud man with a dream that will take everything to come true. You'll be focused on being the being Number 1, in your own way that maybe you wont need someone by your side.

I'll be cheering for you. Always.

If I could be greedy...I only ask you for one thing. Please don't avoid me. Please don't take one look at this letter and realize that I'm just some annoying extra who isn't worth your time.

All I want is to be your friend.

From the squeakiest mouse, That wishes with all her heart to have the Lions courage.

The heaviest sigh escapes Bakugou's lips, as he folds the paper in his hand noting its faded words and crumpled creases from having been read hundreds of times. Turning he places it on the desk next to his bed before rolling back over to face..none other than your sleeping mug.

His scarlet red eyes soften at the sight of your relaxed and serene sleeping face. Sliding one of his hands against your cheek, his thumb brushes over your bottom lip smirking at the way your lips parted almost kissing the tip of his digit.

How was he to ever know a letter you placed on his desk almost 4 years ago, would drastically alter his life? Would make him turn around the moment he was done reading it, grabbing a hold of both of your cheeks completely ignoring the world around him as he brought you to meet his lips.

That kiss was the start of everything.

The return of your romantic feelings, that he seemed to have possessed for maybe just as long as you had. He would growl and hiss later, reprimanding you for not having the balls to tell him from your own lips, but the red on his cheeks and the way he folded your letter for safe keeping..told you he didn't actually mind that you had written him a love letter.

"You've been such a hassle from day one.." He murmurs, pressing the entirety of his palm against your cheek before tilting your chin up to brush his lips in a feather-like way against your own, a soft motion only you would ever know he was capable of.

"..but I've been told, that I'm a hassle too." If only you could see the cheeky grin on his face right now, as he pulled your body closer to his. Grabbing the blanket you were all snuggled under, he shoved it away so he could admire the cloths you were sleeping in.

He shook his head snorting, making you shift in your sleep stretching out one of your hands grazing it against his chest while your legs almost tangled with his own with the goofiest grin on your face.

You were wearing the shirt he bought you for your birthday with (Fav band/singer) on it, while your legs were almost completely exposed and even spread letting him have a glimpse of your underwear.

Biting his lip, he narrowed his eyes in a hungry way before leaning down to kiss at the side of your neck. You made the softest murmuring noise, that sounded like you enjoyed the sensation making him place another and another.

"Mhm..." your hand slid against his chest before you relaxed, leaning your head back against the pillow basically giving him more access.

His lips curved up into a smirk, sliding his tongue down your neck licking warm and wet circles till he could almost hear you purring. He made sure your neck had a few hazy pink hickey's that would make you blush and shove him playfully later, because you wouldn't be able to hide them.

You knew he liked marking what was his. That possessive nature was just another reason to fall for him, deeper and deeper into the pit of his and your love.

He grazed his teeth against the skin of your neck, tugging on the rim of your ear smirking at the way your body jittered arching your breasts forward till they were touching his chest.

"You really don't want to wake up, do you little mouse?" He rasped into the shell of your ear, before a wickedly naughty idea crossed his mind.

Pulling away he slowly unraveled his feet from yours, making sure your eyes were still closed as he edged down to your lower body. His fingers ran slowly along the skin of your legs, pushing them apart inch by inch till he could clearly make out the shape of your clothed pussy lips.

He licked both of his lips with hazy and sexual desire as he tugged off his thin muscle t-shirt. Leaning forward he pressed his warm lips against your knee, trailing hot kisses up your inner thigh even sucking the skin till a deep red hickey was forming.


Glancing up at the mention of his name he thought you might be awake but merely grinned at the way your eyes were still shut lips half parted, the palms of your hands resting gently against the bed billow you.

Deciding it was time for your real wake up call, he slid his tongue up your inner thigh till it was gliding down the middle of your slit. Your entire body shuddered bellow him, as he pressed his lips against your lower ones and started giving your most private body part passionate and steamy kisses.

Out of complete instinct one of your hands flew to the back of his head, as you tossed your own back and moaned his name loudly. He smirked against your panties, licking and lapping against your womanly core relishing in the way his name kept leaving your lips.

Slowly your eyes fluttered open, feeling your body trembling from an unexpected and surprising wave of pleasure before you looked down and recognized unruly spiky blonde locks.

"Oh~ K-katsuki? w-what are you..A-ah~..d-doing?!?" Even as you asked your question, you couldn't stop the moans or the tossing of your head, as he undoubtedly made you feel so good it was rather difficult to form words.

"I want to hear you squeak." He husked, smirking up at your shyly fluttering eyes.

Just as your lips parted, his tongue began licking and lapping up and down the outline of your clothed slit turning any words you wanted to say into delighted moans of his name.

Your skin was becoming warm, breathing turning into heavy pants, as the confusion from being woken up in such an intimate way completely faded away replaced with want and desire for your lover.

"Ah, Katsuki..You make f-feel so good.." You moaned out your praises, feeling a bit courageous but just as you were feeling proud of the way you could complement him he decided to step up his game. Or maybe he simply desired to have real contact with your slick core as he edged your panties down your legs.

The moment his tongue slid against your slit, a squeak of his name escaped your lips as you clenched a clump of his hair with one hand while the other squeezed tightly at the sheets.

His slick muscle lapped up your womanly essence, groaning against your skin relishing in your flavor before curling into your folds. Your moans increased several times over as he thrusted back and forth into your core.

"A-ah!~ Katsuki, I feel so..h-hazy.."

He chuckled, pulling away from your core only to slide his hands up your stomach pressing up your shirt wrapping both of his hands around your breasts giving them several rough squeezes as he curled his tongue back into your slick core.

Tossing and turning your head, you couldn't help but feel completely overwhelmed with the pleasure he was giving you. The sway of his fingers around your tits, the curl of his tongue, and even the warmth his skin was providing was driving you wild.

"Katsuki, Oh g-god..I'm s-so close!~" You whimpered to him, trying to relay how badly the knot in the pit of your stomach was close to snapping. However, he knew as he felt your body pulsating against his tongue only making him want to increase his pace, delving into your core as deeply as he could till you were coating his muscle with your womanly juices.

He pulled away panting softly as he licked his lips, grinning down at the way you seemed completely dazed and out of it. "Mhm, I think you wet the bed my little mouse." He snickered, showing you the tip of his fangs before completely relieving you of your shirt.

Your cheeks warmed with the deepest blush, covering your body but it was just for a moment before letting him have an uncensored view as you ran your fingers against his muscular chest, sliding them up to wrap around his neck pulling him down to meet your lips.

"Mhm, Katsuki..Why are you so horny in the morning?"

"The better question is, just how far could I have gotten before you woke up?~"

An intense hazy pink blush formed on your cheeks, fluttering your eyes as you admired the confident and proud gleam to his own. Leaning forward he gave you another steamy kiss, sliding his tongue around your own, stickily coating it with his saliva before sliding down to pepper your neck.

He kept kissing lower and lower till his tongue was swirling around your hard nips, even pulling them between his teeth relishing in the way you arched and gasped his name. Slowly his hands edged down your body till they were pulling down his boxers, letting his hard cock press against your inner thigh.

"Morning wood?~" You teased with a small giggle, admiring the intense gleam of his scarlet red eyes and confident snarky smirk as he gripped your hips pulling your lower body to meet with the tip of his cock.

"I'm going to make sure the neighbors and their yappy little mutt, know just who you belong too." He smirked lapping across your breasts a few more times, not letting you respond before he was thrusting his hips forward.

Both of your hands shot up wrapping around his shoulders, squeezing his skin as you couldn't help but moan his name ever so loudly. His hands held your hips tightly as he started a rough and incredibly deep pace, while nipping and pulling your nips with his teeth.

"Oh!~ Katsuki, Oh g-god!~ H-hah That feels so good!~"

"Thats fucking right, Only I can make you feel this way." He rasped against your skin in such a possessive way placing these surprisingly soft bites all along the flesh of your breasts till he was nipping at the side of your neck and even pulling the rim of your ear with his teeth.

Even though you were blushing you couldn't help the complete feeling overwhelming every portion of your body. This was the man you loved, fucking you, making love to you, always saying and displaying just how much you were his.

Panting and moaning, you lifted up your legs till they were squeezing around his waist surprising him as you pulled his body against yours and held him as tightly as possible.

"My Lion.." You whispered, failing to see the relaxed arch of his brows, his face displaying the serenity you made him feel that no one else ever gave him.

Suddenly he started absolutely rocking your world as he pounded into your body with aggressive and passionate desire. His lips pressed hot searing kiss all over the side of your neck, shoulder, and even the top of your chest refusing to leave any of your skin unmarked.

Your entire body writhed in an overwhelming pleasure as you mewled and moaned his name, gripping his skin tightly. The slapping sound echoing around the room was nothing compared to your screams of ecstasy that was most certainly letting the neighbors know in embarrassing detail just how good you were being fucked.

Before you could even tell him how close you were, he was slamming against that special spot inside spiraling you over the edge. Almost at the exact same time you could feel him pressing as deeply into your core as possible before his hot seed was filling you up, making you hiss in the softest way.

"Oh Katsuki..i-inside me.."

"Oops." He grinned, leaning down to give you another kiss. "I guess you'll just have to bare me a cub." He snickered, at the flutter to your eyes before a certain feeling of jubilation started spreading through your body as you threw your arms around him and hugged him tightly.

"If you're the father of my child, that would make me so happy."

"Then maybe we should go for a second round, just to make sure there is a bun in your oven~"


Raise your hand if you want to have Katsuki's child?

If you don't raise your hand..GET OUT.


Chapter Text


"Kacchan, are you sure we can stay over..?" Mumbled an unsure Deku as he shyly fluttered his eyes between you and his childhood friend.

"I already fucking explained this.." Bakugou hissed, turning to face Deku who was already holding both of his hands up defensively. "My mom nagged me to invite some friends over while she and my lazy dad are out of town, some bull shit about me being alone.." He shrugged his shoulders almost rolling his eyes, making you giggle.

"Basically they think you're going to destroy the house if you're all by yourself?~" You giggled dancing out of his grasp when he turned to swipe his hand at you. Smiling to him and then to Deku, you couldn't help but feel a little giddy.

Both Deku and Katsuki have been your best friends since kindergarten. Being with them has always brought about some of the most fun adventures, and even had all three of you sharing an amazing dream of one day being top notch hero's.

"Ah, I'm so excited...Katsuki you're going to make me dinner right?~" The softest smile slid up your lips as you skipped along the pavement, you heard Bakugou huff angrily hissing some major curses but it just made your smile even wider.

"I never fucking agreed to be your butler (Y/n)..make shrimptastic Deku cook your lazy ass some food." Hissing in the most annoyed way possible, he shoved his key into his apartment door thrusting it open so hard it smacked loudly against the wall behind it.

"Now, Now Katsuki the door didn't do anything to you~" You giggled slipping in behind him, smiling at the way Deku actually checked the spot the door hit, making sure it didn't actually have any cracks. He was so caring, not wanting his friend to get in trouble for actually causing his house some damage.

"Kacchan, I don't mind making us all dinner..if y-you're okay with letting me use your kitchen." Deku mumbled, twiddling his thumbs together muttering he did help his mom a lot at his house, so he knew how to make a lot of things.

"I don't care, as long as you clean whatever dishes you use." Bakugou shrugged seeming disinterested but you got the feeling he was kind of curious what Deku was going to make all of you for dinner, which just had you smiling.

Deku returned your smile, before leading the way down into Bakugou's kitchen. Despite how they seemed like enemies at school, they never really were. You knew both of them more than anyone else, the three of you spent almost all of your time together. So it was no surprise that Deku knew Bakugou's home, as well as his own.

"(Y/n)-chan, Kacchan, I can make dinner while you guys watch tv if you'd like?" Deku started pulling out some pans from the cabinet placing them on the stove before looking into the fridge to see what kind of meal he could prepare.

"Katsuki and I would be more than thrilled to help you cook." You smiled brightly volunteering both you and your favorite explosive firecracker who didn't seem all that pleased.

Deku pointed to a few things in the fridge asking Bakugou if he could use said ingredients to prepare something like a hot pot, smiling brightly when he said, "Doesn't matter to me, use whatever just don't make anything shitty."

Both You and Bakugou chopped veggies, while Deku prepared the pork and miso stew. It was kind of fun cooking together, Bakugou was one of the best chefs you'd ever known even though he rarely showed off his culinary skills. To be honest you'd wager he was better than Deku, but cooking wasn't something a person like Bakugou would brag about.

"Katsuki, you chop so fast I swear you could do it with your eyes closed!~"

"It's nothing, anybody can chop up food, stupid."

Smiling you got a little distracted watching him chop carrots, and ended up cutting the tip of your index finger. "O-ouch..." You hissed softly looking down at the slash, but just before you could cover it up with a napkin, Bakugou angrily swiped your hand towards him.

"Fuck, you're so clumsy (Y/n). Can't you even cut in a straight line?" He growled, sliding your finger into his mouth pressing his tongue against your wound trying to stop the bleeding.

"Sorry..sorry..haha.." You apologized a few times, telling him he just looked so cool and manly that it was distracting. "Blame yourself for being so intriguing to watch." You thanked him when he washed your finger off under his sink before tugging you along behind him to the bathroom so he could grab a band aid.

"Do you know how fucking mad my mom would be if she came home and found a finger on the floor?" He huffed, sliding the band aid around your digit tightly making sure it wouldn't fall off anytime soon.

"Oh I see how it is. You don't actually care that I got hurt.." You pouted, flexing your hand to make sure it wouldn't just slide off the moment your curled your fingers. "You just don't want to make your mom mad."

"Obviously. You've seen my moms dragon mode before." He smirked, before turning away rubbing a finger against his nose scratching the tip, not letting you see the soft look in his eyes as he asked.

"Are you okay, Klutzilla?"

You smiled glancing at his reflection in the mirror, sure he was a tough and arrogant person but he wasn't heartless. In fact maybe he cared more than anyone would ever know, as he always displayed his kindness while it was mixed in with his rough attitude.

"I'm fine, the kiss you gave my finger earlier made it feel all better~" You teased, sliding your arms around him from behind giving him a hug. He huffed something that sounded like he was annoyed but he never pulled away.

"I can smell the hot pot, Deku must be almost done." Turning he shoved at your shoulders getting you to turn around. "Hurry the fuck up and move, I'm starving." He huffed, making you laugh as he nearly dragged you back down the hall and into his kitchen.

When both of you made it back into the kitchen Deku was putting the finishing touches on the pot, grabbing bowls for each of you as he poured a little bit of everything into them. Carefully making his way over to the table he placed all three bowls down with a smile.

"Done! It smells really good I hope you guys like it, thanks for your help."

"No problem, Deku!~ I agree it smells so delicious.." Your lips were half parted almost salivating at the delicious aroma that was wafting into your nose.

"It smells okay, doesn't look like you fucked it up." Bakugou shrugged his shoulders, sliding his spoon into his bowl before shoveling some of the pork and vegetables into his mouth. From the look on his face it was clear that Deku had done an exemplary job as he never even stopped to blow on the hot food and kept gulping down spoonfuls.

Deku sighed in relief returning your small giggle with his own chuckle before sitting down, blowing on his food softly as he ate. It was comfortable silence, that was only interrupted by Bakugou or your own snarky remarks that had everyone smiling or laughing or in Bakugou's case snickering like a sly fox.

Once everyone was done, clean up took about 30mins with everyone helping even though Bakugou was adamant about not being the one to clean the pans he ended up washing some of the cutting boards instead.

"So what do you guys wanna do now?" You hummed curiously trailing behind Bakugou as he made his way up stairs, Deku following closely behind.

"We could watch a movie.." Deku suggested, pointing at his friends Tv once you all were inside his bedroom. "I saw some popcorn down stairs too..we could make a bowl and watch a movie none of us have seen before."

"That sounds boring." Bakugou rolled his eyes, flopping on top of his bed.

"Okay Bakagou what do you suggest?" You grinned at the angry flare of his eyes, as he bawled not just one of his fists but both of them, eyeing you with a force that would make other people tremble but all you did was sit down next to him.

"Don't fucking call me that!" He snarled reaching out his hand to grab your shoulder, but paused when a wicked idea crossed his mind that had him smirking. "I know what we can do." Deku eased down onto the bed as well, looking nervously between you and his explosive friend.

"Lets play truth or dare."

Your eyes fluttered a few times thinking he'd suggest something less normal. However, a smirk edged up your own lips before you were pointing at him.

"Okay Katsuki, Truth or dare?~"

"Dare." He didn't even have to think, his red eyes dancing with amusement challenging you to give him your worst.

Glancing to Deku, you tried to sound as nonchalant as possible as you spoke.

"I dare you to kiss Deku." You were unable to stop the grin from forming on your face, thinking you'd completely won his little game before it even started as his eyes rose in surprise.

"Okay, get over here you shitty nerd."

Before you could even register how he'd agreed to your dare, he was tugging Deku by his caller towards him smashing their lips together. Your entire face warmed watching as Deku's eyes widened in complete in utter surprise.

Once they pulled away both boys were panting softly the thinnest trail of saliva connecting them together, that Bakugou licked away with a grin before turning to you. "There, that was nothing I hope you have something better up your sleeve." He snickered, before saying it was his turn.

"Deku, truth or dare?"

The poor caught of guard Deku was still rather red faced, trying to catch his breath and maybe even realize that he'd just given his first kiss to his best friend which he didn't actually mind all that much.

"Um..I...d-dare.." He mumbled after a solid minute of mumbling.

Smirking in a way that showed of the tips of his sharp teeth, he turned to you before back to Deku. "I dare you to give (Y/n), a hickey." His grin only got wider when Deku's entire face swarmed in the brightest blush stuttering that he couldn't do something like that.

" really are a shitty coward."

Glaring at Bakugou, even though your own face was a bit warm you turned to Deku with an encouraging smile. "Deku, It's okay. If that his dare you can do it. I don't mind. I promise." Again you nodded when he still looked unsure, telling him it was fine.

"Well..I..u-um..if you're okay with it.." He mumbled shyly as he eased closer to you, gently pushing your hair behind your shoulder till he had a clear view of your neck. He made sure you were okay with this one more time before, easing slowly down to the side of your neck pressing his lips giving your neck the softest kiss that had your skin tickling.

Your skin warmed and twinged, as he slowly got into it sucking at your skin in a experimentally slow way even grazing his tongue up and down making you shudder beneath him from the sensation. It was a bit weird had to admit that it was nice feeling.

When he pulled away he meet your eyes for a brief moment before averting his gaze. A small pant left your legs as you placed your fingers against the mark he made wondering just how big it was, when Bakugou leaned close to see he chuckled turning to Deku giving him a thumbs up.

"I didn't think you had it in you, but its a pretty red mark."

Your cheeks twinged, wondering if it was really that noticeable. "(y-y/n)-chan..t-truth or dare..?" He mumbled glancing from your face to the bed to back to your face, having the hardest time looking into your eyes.

You didn't really want to be the only one who didn't say dare so after a moment of thinking it over you finally mumbled. "Dare, do your worst Deku~"

He hummed in thought, having no idea what really to say but he kept glancing to Bakugou which means he had something on his mind. Slowly he mumbled his dare, which you had to have him repeat cause you really had no idea what he was saying.

"I..d-dare you to give Kacchan a h-hickey.."

You blinked looking from him to Bakugou and back. "That's the dare he gave you to me, you sure you want to go with that one?" You asked calmly, not really minding but..

"Let the slacker piggy back on my dare." Bakugou chuckled showing you that he wasn't affected at all by such a dare. "Unless you're scared?~ maybe you want to switch to truth." He teased with one snarky comeback after another, completely pissing you off.

"The only thing I'm scared of is whether or not you took a shower today." You snickered, meeting his beady red eyes with your own raised ones.

"Stop making excuses, I bet I fucking smell better than both of you." He hissed, indicating he meant not just you but Deku as well. Shaking your head you couldn't stop a small giggle, but you still eased towards him glancing from his face to his strong muscular neck.

Your cheeks warmed as you leaned down pressing your plump pink lips against his actually soft feeling skin. The moment you started to suck you felt his hand against your knee, the other sliding around your hips pulling you more into him.

One of your hands on instinct pressed against his chest, trying to assure yourself that you were merely trying to keep your balance but you could feel his muscles very accurately underneath your digits.

Katsuki is so well built..He is handsome too..just like Deku. Both are good looking in their own ways, Katsuki muscular and rugged, while Deku is cute and friendly. I can't think of them as if I'm attracted to them..even If I am.

This is just a game right?

Without realizing your kisses and licks against the side of his neck had turned into a few more than just the one you were suppose to give him. When you pulled away he had at least 3 puffy pink very noticeable marks that were making you feel light headed with want when you realized you actually liked giving him Hickeys.

Tilting your head up, he has you look in his eyes, as he slides his hand against your cheek cupping it. He looked almost as out of it as you did, but he seemed to know what he wanted.

"(Y/n), I pick Dare. What would you dare me to do?" He glanced down at your lips, his hand still resting against your cheek his breath fanning against your own.

What you started to say wasn't really a dare, it was...a desire. However, even as you started to say it, he leaned forward pulling you to meet his lips mid sentence, cutting you off with the enveloping warmth of not just his lips but his body heat as well.

The moment your lips touched, you completely melted into his grasp. His hand slid around your hip resting on your lower back, the other was still against your cheek almost pressing your lips against his in a rough way.

It took literally no time before you could feel his tongue pressing into your mouth, licking slick and hazy circles around your own muscle. His kiss lasted a lot longer than you thought it would, making you realize you'd become so hazy with desire that you'd forgotten to control your intake for air.

Pulling away you barely panted his name, feeling overwhelmed and tingly all over, before he was roughly smashing your lips back against his. This time to keep you against his lips he slid his hand to the back of your head, pressing you into him as he kissed you like he was desperate.

Slowly you hands pressed against his chest before wrapping around his neck, holding him close as one swayed up into his unruly spiky tresses. Your tongues danced to their own tune forgetting about Deku, as you couldn't help but think he tasted amazing.

After several minutes of the most passionate kiss you'd even been given, you both finally parted panting in the heaviest way possible. He smirked at the gleam in your eyes, and even licked his lips enjoying the sticky trail of saliva connecting you both together.

"Katsuki.." You panted his name, with a small wag of your finger before turning and curling the same digit at Deku. "..Deku..h-he was suppose to be just one kiss but he turned it into be fair maybe I could give you a kiss.." You smiled tinting your head in way that let your hair frame your face perfectly making Deku blush as he admired how truly beautiful he thought you were.

"Or maybe you could give both of us a kiss?"

"Mhm, I like the second option." Bakugou hummed, wrapping his arms around your waist as he pulled you back till he was sliding his lips against the skin of your neck, smirking at the way you shuddered.

Deku was a blushing mess, but he still found himself edging closer grabbing your offered hand as you pulled him close till your hands were sliding around his shoulders. He seemed to know what you wanted as he leaned forward and gave you a much different kiss than the one Bakugou had.

His lips were much more gentle, as he slid against your own relishing in your flavor like a succulent piece of fruit. One of your hands found its way up into his fluffy green hair, feeling one of his own find its way to the side of your neck, holding you in a soft way that kept your lips together.

He may not have been as rough as Bakugou, but it was clear he was as desperate as the other in the way his warm lips kept pressing against your own, slowly meeting the movement of your tongue letting your saliva combine together before pulling away.

You gave him a small smile while panting in the softest way, as you tried to lean out of the way so he could get over to Bakugou but the ash blonde kept his hands wrapped around your waist keeping you in place while leaning forward a bit to your side growling for Deku to come closer.

Your eyes fluttered hazily as you watch Deku pant softly like he was out of breath but he muttered his friends name with a mixture of want and need, before meeting Bakugou's rough lips in the middle.

There was something mesmerizing in the way they were kissing, you could even see the sway of their tongues as they mingled a few french kisses here and there. You couldn't help but wonder if your kisses with both of them had looked so...erotic as well.

Unable to fight your desire, you leaned forward pressing your lips gently at the side of Deku's incredibly soft neck kissing till you were giving him a warm and wet hickey, sliding your tongue against his skin smiling at the way one of his hands pressed against your hip, almost pulling you closer to him.

The one love bite you wanted to give him, turned into several just like with Bakugou by time you pulled away, both boys had separated as well making your cheeks warm at the red round hickey's that were very prominent against Deku's light skin.

Bakugou smirked pulling you to meet his lips for several more kisses, before letting you pull away to do the same to Deku. This trading of warn and hot kisses went on for several minutes, letting each other feel the sway of your sticky tongues in such an accurate detail that there was even saliva dripping down your chins.

"Mhm, Fuck how about we step up this game." Bakugou husked into your ear, one of his hands caressing your knee and up to your inner thigh licking his tongue against the rim of your ear before he was growling a dare that had your cheeks warming.

"I dare you to take of your shirt, or maybe I could take it off for you?~"

You managed a small giggle, before pushing his hand away from your hip to grab the hem of your shirt pulling it up and over your shoulders letting it drop to the floor.

A warmth hazed to your rosy red cheeks at the way both boys admired your breasts shapely outline and even the sexy bra you had on, before Bakugou was pushing at your shoulder pressing your back down against his bed as he hovered over you.

He licked his lips before sliding his fingers up the smooth skin of your stomach, till his index finger was curling under the middle of your bra with a grin. "Ah, I think I heard Deku dare me to take of your I have to do it.." He teased, meeting your shyly fluttering eyes with his intense scarlet ones, as he tugged up your bra freeing your soft breasts.

Before you could even think about covering yourself, he was leaning down sliding his amazing feeling warm lips against the tip of your nip, licking and lapping his slick muscle around the bud. His hand even cupped the mound pulling you more into his mouth, enjoying the taste of your flesh.

A soft moan of his name escaped your lips before you turned your foggy eyes to Deku, you were going to beckon him closer but he was already right beside you. He looked completely embarrassed at the sight of your exposed breasts but he was still...enthralled.

Slowly one of his hands cupped your other breasts before meeting your eyes taking a deep breath, "(Y/n)-chan..c-can I..?" You smiled sliding your hand over his own nodding your head, giving him permission to touch you if that was what he wanted.

The cutest relieved smile came to his face, before he experimentally began massaging the soft skin of your breast. He even trailed the tip of his pinky against your small pink nub, feeling encouraged when you moaned his name leaning your head back.

The moment both of your breasts were enveloped by the warmth of their lips, you tossed your head back against the pillow moaning. Your hand even pressed against Deku's chest, while the other slid into Bakugou's spiky blond hair. It was as if you wanted so much more of them, but the words failed to leave you lips.

The difference between their kisses against your flesh were as clear as night and day, but if both pleasurable maneuvers weren't just driving you insane...your head was so foggy and almost completely blank..but slowly you began to form a small idea that had your lips curving up.

"Katsuki...mhm...Deku.." You moaned softly calling their names getting both boys to pause, as they pulled away letting you feel in embarrassing detail how wet they'd made the tip of your nips and even the warm heat pulsing from maybe a few hickey's they'd given your softest flesh.

"I dare you to take each other's cloths off~"

Bakugou smirked at the way Deku turned his hazy eyes to him, before turning back to you leaning down to pull your nip one last time with his teeth chuckling at the way your frame shook gasping his name.

"Your dares are so soft are you even trying?~" Bakugou chuckled, grabbing Deku's collar as he immediately started pulling the buttons on his blazer apart.

Deku was a little slower on the uptake but once his own shirt was being slid of his shoulders he pressed the palm of his hand against Bakugou's pulling his coat off before slowly unbutton his under shirt.

Your lips felt dry as you watched the erotic imagery of both of your best friends undressing each other. It wasn't actually as awkward as you thought it might be, as even Deku seemed to like Bakugou's muscular features as much as you did. Even running his palm in a slow way against his abs, with a small smile on his face.

"Kacchan, you have some unbelievable muscles."

"If you worked out more nerd, you could have them too." He snorted, grabbing the side of Deku's face before bringing him in for another kiss. Those rough hands started gliding all over his friends body, even sliding the zipper to his pants down making the shyer one squirm with uncertain desire.

Bakugou didn't really give Deku a choice, as he started tugging his pants down revealing his manhood while forcing him to palm his own erection through his slacks. "Stop being a chicken, and take off my fucking pants." He husked, giving Deku a few hard strokes smirking at the way his body started jittering heaving several hazy moans against the side of his neck.

You bit your lip at the sight of Deku's cock..this would be the first time you'd ever seen a guys body in full detail..and you had to admit that he looked rather..big. It was undeniable the heat pooling between your legs as you watched Bakugou stroke Deku, even squeezing the tip just to get the other to squeak his name.

Deku was embarrassed and clearly way more shy than either of you were as his beautiful emerald green eyes kept bouncing between you and Bakugou, having the hardest time deciding what to do or even how to do it.

You could see Bakugou getting aggravated by his friends shy demeanor, before he just straight up grabbed his hand and shoved it into his pants till those soft fingers were wrapped around his girth.

"If you don't do anything, I'm going to kick you out of my fucking room and just focus on (Y/n)." Bakugou threatened, before sinking his teeth into the side of Deku's neck getting off on the loud whimper of his name that left Deku's lips.

"A-ah...Kacchan...t-that hurts.." He muttered, but he wasn't exactly pushing him away. Deciding he didn't want to be kicked out..he didn't want to leave either of you. He started stroking Bakugou's cock using his other hand to slide the zipper to his pant down before pushing them down his hips letting them hang around his knee's.

You bit into your bottom lip, swaying your eyes between Deku's girth to Bakugou's manhood. They were both pretty endowed, and clearly turned on as their members were hard and standing tall.

After stroking and squeezing each other, hazing some of the most incredible sounding moans of each others name into the air, they pulled away. Immediately turning to you, making your heart start to pound as both of their hazy eyes glanced down your body before turning back to each other and nodding.

Before you could even part your lips, hands were sliding up your legs, caressing your flesh in the most sensual way before gripping at the sides of your skirt. It took a mere few seconds before both your short skirt and panties were tugged down your legs cascading to the floor with all the other clothing.

"H-hah...k-katsuki..deku..." You whispered sliding your hands over your body, in a vain attempt to cover yourself as you squeezed your legs closed feeling completely exposed despite how you weren't the only one naked.

"Mhm, stop your cheating (Y/n) none of us are trying to hide." Bakugou growled grabbing both of your hands pushing them above your head, before smashing his lips against yours. It took mere seconds for you to relax, and even rest your hands against the bed bellow as you felt numerous hands gliding all over your skin.

From the soft way Deku's hands were petting over your legs and hips placing the softest kisses against your stomach, to the rough way Bakugou was devouring your lips and even sliding down to pepper your chest with numerous red love bites.

His hands were also Or maybe he just had a clearer desire of where he wanted to touch you, as he slid his fingers up and down your legs pushing at your knee getting you to spread just enough for him to trail his digits up to your most private body part, outlining your womanhood smirking at the way your body jerked towards him.

"Oh K-katsuki..touching me there.." You mumbled shyly, meeting his eyes for a brief moment before he curled several digits into your core forcing you to completely arch your body pressing your breasts more into Deku's soft lips as he suckled your tits and even licked warm circles.

"I can feel how wet you're against my fingers.." Bakugou rasps, thrusting his digit back and forth getting off the excessive amount of moans that leave your lips. He can even feel the intimate detail of your inner body, as it clamps against his fingers making them warm and sticky.

"I wonder what you taste like..?" He grinned, at the way you started whimpering in embarrassment as he lowered his head, spreading apart your legs so he could eye the part of you that made you a woman.

His scarlet eyes narrowed at the slick outline of your slit, clearly you were aroused and very wet. Licking his lips he leaned forward till his tongue was lapping up and down, holding your legs down when your body started jittering from the intimate contact.

"You taste tangy.." He rasped as he started feverishly making out with your lower body, tasting every slick detail your core had to offer.

"Oh..Ah..Katsuki..d-don't kiss me..ah..right there..I f-feel weird.." Your voice kept getting higher and higher pitched, as you nearly moaned his name between every other word.

He merely snickered, as he devoured your lower body pressing his tongue deeply into your core pressing against all the right pleasure zones that had you seeing stars. Even the way Deku was licking and kissing both of your breasts, giving you a softer version of pleasure overstimulated every nerve you had.

The moment you felt his tongue grazing against that special pleasure zone, you tossed your head back so hard you nearly smacked against his headboard. It took just few more curls against that spot, before your entire body was trembling with its first orgasm.

When he pulled away his hot breath fanned against your sensitive lower half making you not only gasp his name but jitter from the loss of his warm tongue. He wiped his chin with his palm licking your slick juices from his hand.

Suddenly he was grabbing Deku's hair pulling it a little as he smashed his lips against the surprised green haired boys. It was clear to you even with hazy eyes that he was letting Deku have a taste of..your slick juices that were coating his tongue.

They seemed to enjoy the taste as they kissed and slid around each others tongues before finally pulling back with heavy panting. From the dreamy look in Deku's eyes you would of thought he was the one who had experienced the orgasm.

"I just came up with a great dare." Bakugou spoke, leaning over to pull out a box from his dresser. "Before you even ask, yes these are condoms. Yes my stupid mom gave them to me." He growled at the way you managed a small giggle, but it didn't last long as he gave you a handsome grin.

"I dare (Y/n), to suck my cock~ and I dare Deku to fuck you~" He tossed Deku the small rubber package, cackling at the way he nearly fumbled it onto the floor but managed to grab it before it fell.

Your eyes fluttered a hundred times as you glanced down to his manly muscle, he was still very erect as you admired the girth wondering if that could even fit all the way into your mouth. Turning Deku was rambling softly about how he couldn't do that to you, how you were his friend and how he didn't want to take advantage of you which just had you smiling.

"Deku..its okay with give you my first time." You assured, sliding one of your hands up to gently caress his cheek. "If It wasn't you..both of you..this wouldn't of gotten this far." You paused pulling him to meet your lips for a soft kiss.

"I love both of you."

There was a shy but adoring smile on Deku's face, before he mumbling he felt the same. He loved you with all his heart, and he loved Bakugou his courageous friend that he's always looked up to and admire his rugged and handsome features.

"This is getting to mushy for me." Bakugou sighed.

"Enough out of you porcupine head." You snickered, shoving him playfully before turning and telling Deku with soft approving eyes, that it was okay for him to make love to you.

Slowly he ripped the rubber package before sliding it onto his cock, your eyes fluttered shyly but still spread your legs apart inviting him forward, gasping the moment the tip of his manhood pressed against your wet entrance.

Those soft green eyes made sure you were ready, before he pressed his hips forward sheathing into the tight warmth of your core. When he felt your body spasm he immediately apologized, and started rubbing your stomach and hips in soothing circles hoping to alleviate some of your pain.

"(Y/n)-chan, are you okay?" Deku questioned softly, "Do you w-want me to stop..?" He murmured, with clear and innocent care in his green eyes. Even though you could feel his member twitching inside you..he was excited and clearly liked the sensation..but if you wanted to stop he would.

"No...Deku..j-just give me a moment.." You whispered softly, smiling when Bakugou leaned closer kissing the side of your neck and shoulder trying to distract you from the sudden feeling of being so full.

After a minute you nodded to him, whispering that he could move. The moment he started sliding his hips back and forth, the most amazing pleasure started to consume your entire body. The moans of his name echoed around the room, making Bakugou jealous before he started stroking himself.

"I hope you didn't forget about your dare." He said with animalistic desire fogging up his already lust filled red eyes. Slowly he pushed at your shoulders getting you to lean to the side, as he placed his cock right in front of your lips.

You panted heavily, as Deku continued to slowly rock into your lower body. Deciding know was a good a time as any to give in to Bakugou's desire, you leaned forward sliding your tongue against the tip of his member.

He made the most approving groaning noise, that fueled your desire as you licked his length up and down a few times before placing the softest kiss at the tip. He actually growled out a few cusses from the way you were going so slow, which just made you smirk.

Slowly you slid your parted lips down against his girth, taking him in slowly as you started bobbing your head back and forth. Almost immediately he started rocking his hips in tune to your bobbing, sliding one of his hands to the back of your head trying to press his girth as deep into your mouth as possible nearly making you choke.

Saliva completely coated his cock, and even started dripping down your lips as you couldn't help but moan against his member from the way Deku was pressing against your folds in all the right pleasurable ways that was just making you salivate.

Bakugou pushed and pulled your head, huskily grunting his lascivious compliments about how good your throat felt or even how wet your tongue was against him. He was shoving you back and forth so fast, your lips were starting to go comply numb from the friction.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum.." He hissed, gripping a few strands of your hair as he tried to basically make you deep throat his cock. "I dare you to swallow it all.." He panted, it was a miracle in your eyes he could still even think of the game but it was only a pretense..he just wanted you to swallow his sticky seed.

It wasn't like you had a choice as he pressed his hips forward pushing you against his muscle as deeply as possible before coating your throat with his manly juices. He pulled away with a loud groan of your name, it was a miracle you didn't immediately start choking as you did your best to gulp down his oddly bitter tasting seed.

"Fuck, K-katsuki are you trying to choke me?!" You hissed wiping at your lips, feeling just how numb they were from not just his friction but the bitter liquid that was on the tip of your tongue.

"My bad, but do you know how good your throat felt?" He grinned at your blushing cheeks and fluttering eyes, but before you could even respond to him Deku was sliding his hand against your cheek, pulling you to meet his lips in steamy kiss that was full of the hazy pleasure he was feeling from rocking into your core.

"Ah!~ Oh Deku!~ You're so d-deep inside me!~" You moaned against his lips doing your best to meet the slick sway of his tongue as he pumped into you faster and faster, grabbing a hold of both of your hips pulling you body more into his as he desperately tried to feel the inside of your body as much as possible.

It didn't take much longer of the incredible depth, and even the way he pushed up your legs reaching that zone in side your body that had you tossing and turning your head, before screaming his name coating his cock with your slick juices.

The warmth of your juices sent him over the edge as well, your entire body pulsating the moment he pulled away. You could feel in embarrassing detail how wet and sticky your thighs were, as he collapsed to your side panting heavily.

"Are you okay..(y/n)-chan..?" He panted, with a soft but very tired looking smile.

"I'm fine...just feeling really tired.." You sighed taking several deep breath, squeaking when Bakugou flopped down next to you wrapping his hands around your waist. Your cheeks warmed feeling his muscle against your leg, but you didn't have the strength to push him away.

"Mhm, I'm going to let you rest (Y/n)..but its not fair that Deku was the only one who got to fuck you." He rasped sliding his tongue against the shell of your ear grinning at the soft flutter of your eyes. "So, its only right that I get to have you too later?"

Your eyes widened before softening, it was a little unfair if you thought about it. You said you loved both of them, but gave your first time to Deku whom was sliding closer caressing one of his hands against your stomach as he sandwiched you between him and Bakugou.

Sighing softly you turned, sliding even closer to Bakugou till your head was resting against his muscular chest wrapping one hand around his back, as you pulled Deku's getting him to sandwich even closer to you than before. You smiled at the feeling of his warm cheek against your back, and even the way he hugged you from behind.

"I..wouldn't mind giving myself to you as well Katsuki.."

"Good then, round 2 in the morning before school. Maybe I'll even let the nerd fuck me, while I fuck you~"




I' wow.

This was going to be SO much longer its not even funny. It's already really really long..but ORIGINALLY I wanted to include...Deku and Katsuki fucking, after Deku was done,
Katsuki was going to go his round with you right away in a rough doggy style position~ I had even planned more truth or dare foreplay before it got really steamy but like I said already really long. >_<

Don't worry tho part 2 incoming! :D

Chapter Text

It was a warm enveloping sleep, that had your mind so relaxed and at complete ease despite the previous nights..passionate actions. Being so close with both of your best friends, even though you'd fallen asleep clad in your birthday suit, wasn't actually as distressing or even embarrassing as one might of expected.

It felt natural to snuggle into Bakugou's warm muscular body, resting your cheek against his chest and even pressing your ear against his skin listening to the softest pitter patter of his heartbeat.

It was even more natural when, Deku would wrap his hands around your waist pressing his own cheek against your smooth back placing the softest kiss on your shoulder as he whispered about how much he cared about not only you but Bakugou as well.

Who knew you and your best friends would develop such a steamy relationship but, it wasn't like you were fighting it. You could admit to yourself that both of them were very handsome, and would both make great boyfriends..just would you have to pick one of them someday?

Something warm and slightly wet presses against the side of your neck, making you shift your head just ever so slightly. The softest murmur escapes your lips, as you flex a few of your fingers gliding them against something soft and muscular before relaxing.

A smirk slides up Bakugou's lips, as he licks his tongue over his bottom lip leaning back down to kiss the side of your neck again. Your body shifts almost automatically sliding your head just a bit to the side, offering him more access which he of course takes advantage of, peppering your silky smooth skin with hot and sensual kisses.

" should wait t-till she's awake.." Murmurs the sheepish voice of Deku, as he watches his spiky haired friend kiss you over and over again. His soft cheeks were a hazy pink, as he couldn't help but admire your beautiful sleeping form(That was indeed still very naked).

"It's just a kiss, shitty Deku." Husked Bakugou, whom was actually containing his desire to yell. "It's time to get up, this is basically her wake up call." He grins, from Deku's bashful face to your serene sleeping form.

"Mhm..How many hickey's can I give her before she wakes up?"

Before Deku could even say anything, Bakugou's lips were back against your neck, giving your skin several more sensual kisses. Soft emerald green eyes watched with hazy want and desire, as puffy pink circles started forming and how you even seemed to be into it, as small very soft moans escaped your lips and even the tilt of your head that was telling them you wanted more.

Bakugou pulled back gripping Deku's wrist tugging him forward, glaring at him before hissing, "If you want to kiss her do it, or I'll mark her neck completely as mine." Deku's eyes still looked iffy and unsure making Bakugou grunt, before leaning towards him biting into the skin of his neck.

Deku managed to stifle a whimper of pain, before relaxing when he could feel the warm sensation of Bakugou's tongue licking against his skin. A soft moan escaped his lips, as the other pulled back with a grin.

"Now she isn't the only one with a Hickey." His scarlet eyes glanced down to admire his works of art, snickering at the way you'd already been covered with at least 5 hickeys. "Mhm..I'm going to have to start moving down, I'm running out of space.."

Bakugou started to shift your head just enough with his hand to have the other side of your neck exposed, but before he could lean down Deku tugged his arm gasping out a "W-wait..." He pulled back, as the other leaned down and shyly gave your neck a very soft kiss.

A small smile edged up your lips as you murmured in approval, making relief flood through Deku's system. Slowly he got more into it, leaving small hazy pink spots against your neck, gently sliding his tongue up and down giving you these ticklish kitten licks that just had you melting underneath him.

The moment you felt not one set of lips but two, such amazing feeling kisses had your eyes finally fluttering open. For a second, you thought you'd dreamed the sensual feeling of such warm and wet lips, but it takes but a moment to realize both of your friends are peppering your neck with kisses like you're a sweet piece of candy.

"Ah...Katsuki....o-oh Deku...w-what's going on..?" You couldn't contain the soft moans of their names from leaving your lips, as you slid both of your hands up pressing your fingers into their tresses.

"Finally awake, huh?" Bakugou rasped, taking full advantage of your groggy state to pull your chin forward giving you a passionate morning kiss.

Even though your cheeks warmed, the moment your lips touched you relaxed under the sway of his wet kiss. You even meet his tongue when he wanted to play around with your own, coating your muscle with a thin trail of saliva before pulling away.

"I hope you still remember what you said last night, (Y/n)." Both of his rough hands slid down the naked outline of your body, groping over both of your breasts before pulling you squarely against him.

Your hands press against his chest fluttering your eyes shyly before wrapping them around his strong muscular shoulders. "I d-do...I remember everything from last night..I would never forget." Leaning forward, your lips kiss against his muscular chest, smiling up at his handsome face before glancing back at Deku.

"You can have me..I meant it..b-but I feel bad leaving Deku out.."

"Pfft, I never said I'd leave the shitty piece of broccoli out." He huffs, glaring at Deku while his hand has a mind of its own and starts to squeeze your ass. He gives you a toothy grin at the way your body arches and moans as he kneads your round flesh.

"Mhm, I like the way your ass feels in my hands."

" haven't changed..even when we were kids you liked to tease me..I thought you were just being a bully like how you're with Deku..but I guess that just how you express how you like someone.." You mumbled, gasping the moment you could feel another pair of hands caressing gently down your back.

"(Y-y/n)-chan..would it be okay to kiss you?" Deku mutters, making your eyes soften at his still shy and timid demeanor. With a gentle smile you turn away from Bakugou, and give him a nod of approval.

The relieved smile that came to his face, nearly had your heart swelling he was such a good boy. Slowly he started leaning forward placing the soft flat of his palm against your cheek before meeting your lips in the middle for a few slow kisses.

His lips were gentle and enveloping like a warm ray of sunshine, even his fingers were gently caressing your skin, doing everything to make sure he wasn't hurting you.

When he pulled away you smiled at each other, before he turned shyly to his other friend and mumbled softly, "Kacchan..c-can I k-kiss you as well?" Rowdy features scoffed before aggressively pulling Deku to meet his lips.

Oh heat pooled on your face and between your legs at the erotic site of them kissing. You'd think maybe you would get used to it after last night but it was still very unexpected but, if it wasn't just the hottest thing you'd didn't know how to control your desire to be apart of that.

They were even trading saliva in a few steamy french kisses, where you could start to see some dripping down Deku's chin. After a few minutes they finally pulled away, Deku was softly panting licking his bottom lip while Bakugou instantly turned to you with a grin.

"Mhm, I just got an idea..I already got to taste your..flavor." He whispered, pressing his hand against your stomach till you were laying flat on his bed. "But Shitty Deku, doesn't have any idea how sweet your juices are..maybe you should let him have a taste?~"

He indicated what he meant by gliding his hand down your stomach and over your legs, pulling one to inch apart from the other. His long slender fingers caressed up your inner thigh till he was making sensual contact with your slit, tracing your lower lips and even the nub of your clit with his index finger smirking at the way your entire body jerked tossing your head back with a loud surprised whimper.

"A-ah..Katsuki....oh..p-please that part of me f-feels sensitive.." You muttered, unable to contain the moans between your words as he circled his fingers around your slit and even teased a few between your folds.

"Mhm, you are starting to feel wet...maybe you're a little excited to have Deku taste you?~" Bakugou teased, sliding his fingers back and forth just enough to have his fingers slightly moist with your arousal before pulling away. He showed the slick on his fingers to Deku, before telling him to open his mouth.

Instantly your body tingled when not only did Deku comply, he started licking Bakugou's fingers when he edged them into his mouth. The green haired boy looked like he certainly enjoyed your flavor, licking the others digits clean before turning his hazy emerald eyes to your face.

"(Y/n) taste so sweet.." He rasped softly, fluttering his eyes before gently caressing his fingers against your leg. He looked incredibly nervous as he glanced from your face, to your womanly lower half, and even to Bakugou before back to you.

"I..w-want to make you f-feel good..I-if you'll let me.." He almost muttered something about wanting to taste you sweet flavor but tried to make sure you couldn't hear it, but even as a whisper of his desire you still heard him clearly.

Rather than answer him, you grabbed his warm slightly jittering hand gliding it up your inner thigh till it was against your core, giving him an embarrassed but encouraging smile. His soft cheeks were puffy and pink, and for a minute you'd thought he'd surely retract being to embarrassed but his fingers gently traced around your lips as if testing to see how sensitive your body was to his touch.


Even though it was slow the pleasure building was incredible, as he lowered his body down between your legs. His lips pressed sensually against the skin of your inner thigh, placing the softest most body trembling butterfly kisses that had you moaning for so much more.

After giving your skin a few small love bites, where he was whispering how soft your skin felt, he finally edged up further. Intensely blushing at the site of your core, but still found it natural to lean forward and give your lily a warm wet kiss.

"M-mhm..oh Deku...k-kissing me right their..." You moaned leaning your head back, getting lost in the way his tongue slid down your slit before curling between your folds, giving your core a passionate french kiss that was letting him have an intimate taste of your juices.

A sudden tug of one of your nips, has your eyes darting open back arching as one of your hands slide up into your assailants spiky blonde locks, meeting the smirking face of none other than Bakugou. Truthfully you'd nearly forgotten he was here since all your focus had switched to the pleasure south of the boarder.

"So the shitty nerd knows how to make you moan, Its a miracle." Bakugou snickered, placing warm and rough kisses against your breast letting you know that he's still here and very much wants to be apart of the action.

"Oh Katsuki..a-are you trying to leave me more hickey's on my b-breasts..?" You murmured, panting his name softly feeling dizzy from all the pleasure coursing through your body.

"Mhm, maybe I fucking am." He husked, letting his hot breath fan against your skin as he switched to the other breast, sucking your skin passionately, even licking his warm muscle in slimy wet circles against your perky little nip.

Deku slides his hands under your legs, till they are holding your hips almost pulling you more into his tongue. The incredibly accurate way his muscle was pressing against your folds, had your head tossing and turning, gripping against the sheets of the bed while tugging Bakugou's spiky hair with the other.

The more you moaned, the more both boys seemed to be intent on pleasuring you. From the searing hot kisses against your breasts, to the thrusting and curling of a certain tongue inside your core. It was all completely over stimulating, and driving you mad with desire.

"A-ah!~ Deku, o-oh please I c-can't take it much longer!~" You whimpered, nearly clamping your legs around his incredible feeling soft hair. Your legs were starting to jitter badly, breathing completely unstable as you moaned and mewled Deku's name when his tongue licked hazy circles around the pleasure swollen nub of your clit.

"(Y/n)'re shaking so badly..." Deku husked against your sensitive skin, before wrapping his lips around the nub sucking and swirling his tongue, feeling incredibly empowered from the way you were mewling his name consumed with the pleasure he was giving you.

It barely took anytime at all from the passionate way he was sucking your clit, like one tasty piece of candy before intense release swayed through your body. Your entire body shuddered, when he sensually licked up your womanly juices before pulling away with intensely foggy green eyes.

"Ah..(Y/n)-chan taste so good.." He whispered, lifting his hand about to wipe at his chin but Bakugou stopped him with a mischievous gleam in his eyes, licking his lips like he was hungry before roughly tugging Deku to meet his lips.

While you were coming down from your high, you admired the way they ravaged each other in an intense french kiss. It looked like Bakugou wanted to taste your juices, as badly as he wanted to kiss they furiously locked lips not just once but over and over again.

By time they'd pulled away, you'd made one eye opening discovery. Both boys had very hard erect cocks, Bakugou was even giving himself a few slow strokes as he turned his lust filled scarlet red eyes towards you.

"It's my turn to rock your world." He snickered, grabbing a condom from the box he'd left on his desk tossing one at Deku, before grabbing another for himself. He ripped the package with his teeth, in a purposefully sexy way as he slid the rubber onto his cock.

"I'm going to make you scream a lot louder than Deku ever did."

He pushed Deku backwards, so he could slide between your legs caressing his fingers up your skin before abruptly tugging your wet slit against the tip of his cock. "O-oh..k-katsuki wait.." You murmured, getting his intention with softly fluttering eyes.

"I w-want a kiss first.."

He scoffed, leaning forward looming over your body cupping both of your cheeks before giving you a surprisingly calm and gentle kiss. His lips were just as you expected them, warm, wet, and enveloping like the waves of the ocean.

Both of your hands slid up wrapping around his shoulders, returning his kiss with everything you could offer. He even slipped his tongue into your mouth, swirling his muscle around every crevice you had to offer before pulling away with a sticky trail of saliva connecting you together.

"If it hurts, scratch my back." He murmured burring his face against the side of your neck not letting you see the caring expression on his face. Your heart swelled as you squeezed him tightly, whispering to him that you were ready.

With a hard press of his hips forward, he slid into the warmth of your core. It was a bit different from how it felt with Deku, but to say it hurt wouldn't accurately describe this feeling. While it did feel..different and was mainly a intoxicating full sensation.

"H-hah..Katsuki.." You whispered, gripping at his back out of instinct feeling in accurate detail how deep he was inside your body. His lips kissed warmly at the side of your neck, sucking at the skin leaving even more Hickey's that would guarantee they wouldn't fade anytime soon.

"I can't wait any longer, s-shit you're so tight.." he grunted, despite what he said he looked into your eyes for signs of approval and when you nodded your head he began thrusting back and forth, holding onto your hips tightly.

"A-ah!~ Oh!~ Katsuki, s-so deep!~" You moaned, tossing your head back against the pillow feeling the warm slimy sensation of his tongue passionately coat the rim of your ear with saliva before tugging on it with his sharp teeth, relishing in the jolt your body experienced.

"Lift your legs up, wrap them around me (Y/n)." Bakugou husked, smirking at the way you did your best to comply. He even helped you squeeze around his back, before leaning more into your body propping his knee's up so that Deku had a clear view of his ass.

"Deku, I hope you plan to fucking join the party sometimes soon?" He hissed, smirking at the flutter to your eyes that had your cheeks warming several red shades over. You knew what he wanted, or remembered what he said he wanted to do last night.

"A-are you sure Kacchan..I uh..." Deku muttered shyly, but he'd already long sense slid the condom onto his cock..he was merely waiting for the right opportunity and of course approval from his friend.

"You act like you got a big cock, I bet I will barely feel anything." Bakugou snickered, leaning down to meet your lips in a few steamy kisses, while his hips still slid back and forth pressing against all the right pleasure points inside your body.

Deku seemed a little thrown off, but he was determined to show his friend that he could give pleasure as much as receiving it. Slowly he eased up to Bakugou's back sliding his hands down his muscles, before pulling his ass back enough to press the tip of his cock between his cheeks.

Instantly Bakugou pulled back from your lips with an intense slick pop, gritting his teeth groaning loudly from the sensation of being penetrated. Deku sheathed fully inside Bakugou but didn't move, instead did his best to soothe any pain he might be feeling by gently rubbing his shoulders and placing soft kisses.

"I d-don't fucking need your charity.." Bakugou hissed, but it didn't look like he particularly hated how Deku was kissing or touching him.

"Katsuki...a-ah...I c-can feel you pulsating inside me.." You whispered, sliding one of your hands against his cheek caressing his skin soothingly. "Are you s-sure you're okay..?" The real concern in your eyes had his own softening, before kissing your forehead.

"I'm fine stupid, be more concerned with yourself." Smirking he, got a tighter grip on your legs glancing back at Deku before starting to thrust his hips again. Deku seemed to understand, as the moment Bakugou started rolling his hips, he started thrusting his own as well.

"O-oh my god!~ A-ah!~ A-ah!~" Your moans went from low pleasurable tinder's, to five alarm fire screaming. It was almost unbearable, the depth of Katsuki's cock as he rocked back and forth not to mention the depth he was reaching thanks to your legs being up around his waist.

"S-shit, the nerd is bigger than I thought.." He groaned, gritting his teeth as Deku slid his cock back and forth, slapping his hips against Bakugou's fine toned booty.

"H-hah Kacchan...My h-head is swirling..this feels so good.." Deku slid his hands from the back of Bakugou's ass to his slim waist, gripping his body tightly increasing his pace and rhythm several times over becoming desperate for the warm grip of Bakugou's body.

Everyone's combined moans and groans filled the room as well as the hot and musky smell of sex. Not only could you tell how wet you were because of the sloshing sound, but you could even feel how slick your thighs had become, not to mention the way your nails had started to absolutely dig into his back leaving him some claw marks.

"O-oh!~ P-please..Katsuki...I c-can't!~" You whimpered, tossing and turning your head, lips trembling, if he wasn't holding your legs in place they'd have long sense collapsed away from his body..the pleasure forming in the pit of your stomach was threatening to snap any second.

"I'm f-fucking close too, you're squeezing me so tightly..and Hell Deku is fucking me just right..This shit feels amazing.." He was thrusting so roughly, a desperate rhythm to the sway of his hips, that was absolutely making your body jitter

Squeezing his skin as tightly as you could muster, your nails dragged down his skin at the exact same time that you screamed out his name, feeling pleasurable but very exhausting release.

He pulled you in for another kiss, as he continued to thrust his hips till the condom was spent. Only then did he lower your legs back down, letting your body fall completely lax against the bed as your breathing came out harsh and labored.

Bakugou's body loomed over your own as Deku kept thrusting till, he also felt the pleasurable sway of release. Making both boys groan loudly, before Deku took great care easing away in a way that wasn't going to cause his friend pain, before collapsing next to you on the bed.

"I d-don't think I can walk..." You panted, smiling in a very tired way from one friend to the other.

"That means I did a good job fucking you." Bakugou laughs, sliding a hand against your stomach before resting his head against your shoulder. "I do admit...that my ass hurts."

You couldn't help but snort loudly as Deku started frantically apologizing for being too rough, which anyone and everyone knew Deku wasn't capable of being rough at least not when it came to the act of making love.

"I say hooky just for today.." You murmured smiling softly, as you turned and wrapped your arms around Deku's slim body resting your head against his warm sweaty chest. "I c-can't..keep my eyes open..I'm sorry.." Nuzzling into his chest like a kitten, your eyes slid closed almost instantly falling asleep.

"'s nothing to apologize for." Bakugou huffed, sliding over to you wrapping his hand around your waist laying his hand right above yours. "It's Deku's fault anyway." He snickered, looking up at a frantic apologizing Deku.

"I d-didn't mean to...was I really that rough..?" Deku questioned softly wondering if he'd really been so fast in his thrusts, that it cause Bakugou to fuck you faster and deeper than you could handle.

Bakugou rolled his eyes, bawling one of his fist shoving at Deku's chest. Even though it was rough gesture it was a lot more contained than anything else he's ever done to him.

"Shut the fuck up Nerd, I fucked her hard because I wanted to make her feel good. That had nothing to do with how fast you think you might of been fucking me."

"Kacchan...I still hope you're okay.."

"Pfft, just you wait till I'm the one fucking your ass. You wont be able to walk for a weak."



Chapter Text


Sometimes life decides to be quirky, full pun defiantly intended. The most rough and aggressive people can be turned into something soft and delicate.

Not Bakugou though.

Someone with his natural pride and aggressive tendencies wouldn't be changed just from one factor. You can alter the way someone looks but you can never change their personality. You knew the man you loved very well, and you were just about to find out he could still manage to surprise you even after years of being together.


It was one of those long days, where you'd of course been the first one to make it home. He was hardly ever here waiting for you to get home, like you always were. You'd shared this apartment for a long time, and without your explosive boyfriend here it was always rather boring.

"I just hope he doesn't come home completely exhausted.." You sighed heavily flopping down on the couch. He was always overworking himself, in his stride to become the ultimate hero. Sometimes he wouldn't even be able to make it to bed, leaving you to find him either barely laying on the couch or slumped on the floor in the hallway.

Honestly it pissed you off so much, but no matter how much you argued...he was going to do his own thing even if he ended up hurting himself. Even if he had less time to spend with you, and even if his body was aching.

He'd burn himself so brightly, that his life might extinguish at any moment.

"I just want to be with him..."

Just as you were about settle in for a long night of waiting on the couch, the door creaked open ever so gently. You didn't even register how odd that was, as you completely hopped off the table diving around the coffee table, practically jogging down the hall with a huge smile plastered on your face.

"Katsuki, welcome ho-" Instantly you paused nearly falling over when the person, standing at the entryway...wasn't exactly what you were expecting. Oh it was Bakugou alright...but there was a huge difference.

He was a She. Complete with a round chest, slightly longer ash blond hair that was spiky as all hell and jutting out in every direction. Even his face looked a little different, but with those beady red eyes and naturally arched brows, he looked as aggressive ever.

"Well..fuck stop staring and get it over with.." She hissed, angrily stomping over to you tossing off her shoes in the process.

Oh you completely started losing it at the sound of her voice. It was definitely different, higher pitched by an octave or two, but it still possessed that demand he normally carried.

"Stop fucking laughing (Y/n)!" She snarled grabbing your wrist, "This wasn't my fault, those other piece shit hero's just fucking got in my way..and this..this stupid quirk got used on me!" She was ready to start a full fledged fight, but was completely caught off guard when you wrapped both hands around her hugging her close.

"I'm so glad you're home early, I missed you."

The deflation of her anger was almost instant, as she huffed wrapping both of her hands around your back pressing your chests together. "You really know how to cheat, laughing and then hugging am I suppose to stay angry?" A smile slid up your lips, as you enjoyed the oddly sweet aroma coming from her body.

"Don't be angry then~ Kacchan~" You giggled, earning an annoyed sigh against the side of your neck but the fact that you still had your ability to calm him(her) down, just made you smile.

"So this was a quirk?" You questioned, tilting your head up. "That's a really odd ability..changing someone's gender.." A few chuckles escaped, despite your best efforts to not laugh.

"That's what I said..." She growls flexing one of her hands making it spark, even though you were mere inches from the flicker of her power you remained still. "I wanted to destroy that shitty glasses wearing egghead!"

"Calm down, contain the calamity that is your sudden mammaries."

The instant you saw a tick mark appear on her forehead, you detached laughing loudly as you scampered down the hall. She immediately gave chase, following you all over the apartment making swipes at you but you kept ducking and jogging out of her grasp.

"Dammit (Y/n), stop hoping around like a fucking rabbit."

"But that would defeat the point of running away~" You giggled, shaking your butt at her before scampering away.

It wasn't lost on you that she wasn't trying as hard she could've been, in fact you could see her smiling in the way you'd seen him smile before when he enjoyed being rowdy and playful.

It became a different game when you'd jogged into your shared bedroom, as her arms seemed to jut out of nowhere, snaking around your waist before tumbling you both onto the bed.

"You know I could fucking destroy you, right?" She rasped, sliding one of her knee's between your legs, while she held down both of your wrists looming so close to your face, you could feel her warm breath tickling your lips.

"Oh, I'm so scared." You whispered, smiling up at her alluring ruby red eyes.

A grin edged up her lips, before she was leaning down to lick the side of your neck. The smallest gasp escaped your lips as you murmured her name, tossing your head back the moment she decided to give your soft flesh an aggressive bite.

"Ah, Katsuki.."

"Mhm, I think I need to give you some punishment." She rasped, pressing her soft pink lips against your neck a few times almost alleviating the pain she'd just given you. "Girl or not, you're still mine, and I'm going to show you just how much.." She leaned her lips right next to your ear, sending the most tingling chills down your body as she whispered.

"..I can still make you scream."

Your cheeks instantly warmed, as she dragged her tongue down the rim of your ear biting and pulling it enough to hear you gasp. She smirked, pressing one of her hands against your cheek tilting your head up enough for your lips to mash together in a few hazy warm kisses.

Sliding one of your arms around her shoulders, you edged the other up into her unruly new tresses, doing your best to return her passion with your own, trying to show her that gender didn't matter when it came to the one you loved.

She smiled against your lips, before your tongues were mixing together in a few warm and slick french kisses. A small moan escaped your lips from the hazy sensation, that you could not deny was very pleasurable as your muscles danced a sensual tune.

"Mhm, Katsuki..It doesn't matter if you're a girl for one day or forever...I want to be with you no mater what..and I wont let anyone stop my love for you."

She panted softly, shaking her head with a small smile before giving you a toothy grin. "Always the sentimental one, but I get it.." She whispered, meeting your lips again only to tug your bottom lip and suck it so hard saliva dripped down your chin.


She let your lip go with a slick pop, snickering at the soft way you said that hurt, but you weren't really in any pain. At least nothing you didn't actually like.

Both of her hands slid down your body groping over your breasts, giving both a tight squeeze through your shirt before pulling away with a curious snicker. "Hmm, I just thought what if my tits are bigger than yours now? Damn, that would be such a burn." She grinned widely giving herself a grope humming thoughtfully before meeting your eyes.

"It's hard to tell with your shirt still on, so that has to go."

Before you could even respond she was sliding off her muscle shirt, revealing a very topless soft chest. You'd stopped what you were going to say completely, and ended up admiring her rosy pink nips and the soft color of her flesh.

You were so caught off guard, that she easily removed your shirt and slid of your bra. Your cheeks warmed, watching her lick her lips like she wanted to devour your breasts. She leaned forward licking her tongue across one of your buds, circling it with her warm tongue relishing in the moan of her name and arch of your back.

It wasn't fair to be the only one being pleasured, he had a new body and deserved to know what such acts of passion and pleasure felt like. Wanting to touch her soft new chest, your hands slid up caressing her hips and stomach till they were wrapping around both of her tits.

"Mhm, I admit that does feel good. Its different from when you touched my chest before." She murmured, with a soft moan of your name when you began to gently trace the tip of her little nub.

"On second skin feels fucking you always feel like that when I touch your tits?" She seemed genuinely curious as she began massaging both of your breasts, and even giving your hard buds a pinch watching as you gasped out a loud moan of her name tossing your head back.

"I guess you are, never thought about it before." Sliding down she licked her lips before wrapping them around your left nip, sucking and licking the hard flesh leaving you some dark red Hickey's and even a few small bites marks.

"Ah..Oh..Katsuki, always trying to e-eat me.." You panted her name, squirming underneath her from the way she was nibbling the tip of nip, and even switching to the other one giving it the same pleasurable treatment that was leaving your skin wet, warm and tingly.

"That's right, Remember what I told you the day you confessed to me?" She lapped her tongue up and down your already slick bud before pulling away to meet your hazy eyes with a toothy grin.

Your eyes softened panting a few times before smiling, of course you remembered what he said back then. It was one of the reasons even though he'd turned you down, you still began to chase him. You chased him so hard, he had no choice but to admit that he felt something for you too.

"I remember, like it was yesterday.." You whispered closing your eyes picturing that day in detail before speaking them like they were your mantra of love.

"I don't fucking date weak people, you can't be a hero. I'd devour you in a second, like you were little Red Riding hood, and I'm the Wolf till there is nothing left."

Opening your eyes you chuckled, "And then you walked away from me, luckily I know how to give chase just as much as receiving it.." You muttered, sliding your hands up to her cheeks pulling her down to meet your lips for a warm kiss.

If only your eyes had been open, you'd of witnessed an almost serene look to her own. Never had she been more grateful that her aggressive attitude hadn't scared a person away, then the moment when she got to feel your lips for the very first time.

Both of her hands cup your face giving you a way more passionate kiss then the sensual one you'd initiated. The slick sway of her tongue, the press and suck of her lips, and even the way her hands started traveling down your body once again, were all adding to your pleasure.

You didn't honestly mind when you could feel the zipper on the side of your skirt being lowered, the soft material being pulled down your legs till you were only in your underwear. Her lips detached from your own with a warm trail of saliva cascading down her chin.

Casting her eyes down your body, she licked her lips at the erotic image that was your almost nude body. She figured might as well, take everything off but before she could pull your panties down your hand grabbed hers.

"W-wait, I want to kiss you.."

"Stupid.." She snorted leaning up to your lips, "Then give me a kiss." You chuckled softly placing a finger against her newly soft pink lips, shaking your head.

"Not there."

Her eyes flickered, before a grin edged up as she gave your finger a lick making you retract with a surprised gasp. "Then where?" She rasped sliding one of her hands up your legs, squeezing your inner thigh till her palm was tracing the outline of your core.

You gasped out a soft moan, feeling the sensual but heated sway of her fingers as they slid up and down tracing your lower lips, rasping lasciviously into your ear about how wet your panties felt.

"Oh Katsuki...I w-want to kiss you...everywhere." Fluttering your eyes shyly you pushed at her hips, slowly getting her to switch places with you till she was the one bellow you.

"Pfft..I don't know if I like being on the bottom." She grinned at your rosy red cheeks, as you blinked at her shyly but more than anything you wanted to make her feel good too.

Glancing to her breasts, you slowly leaned down till you were giving her nips slow and sensual licks. You could hear the softest murmuring from her, that sounded like moans but she was holding back. So you decided to step it up a little, wrapping your lips around the bud sucking on it passionately like a juicy piece of candy.

"Fuck...that feels good.." She groaned, arching her back pressing her chest forward almost begging you for more.

You smiled peppering her new sensitive chest with warm kisses and sensual licks, and even teasing the tip with a tug or two like she'd done to you on numerous occasions. It seemed like she was right when she previously said her breasts were sensitive, as the moment you tugged them with your teeth she made the cutest gasping noise.

"Kacchan, wasn't kidding.." You whispered against her skin, kissing the middle of her breasts sliding both hands down her stomach till they were unbuttoning and unzipping her black pants. "Your body really is sensitive, to this new type of stimulation.."

Her cheeks reddened before she turned up her nose, making you chuckle as you tugged her pants down. "Hmm, this isn't still look good in boxers.." You giggled, meeting her eyes that had calmed down a smirk edging up.

"I look good in everything." She snickered.

"I think you'd look better naked." You smirked at her, but on the inside your heart was pounding but you were feeling a little more empowered than usual.

She snorted shaking her head, "That sounds like something I'd say."

"It is something you've said, if memory severs." You chuckled, feeling a lot better that she didn't really call attention to how cheesy that line had sounded but instead lifted her ass up when you started sliding the boxers that were a bit big on her new body down till she was completely naked.

"Katsuki..." You eyes trailed all over her body, she didn't seem to feel any kind of embarrassment from letting you see all of her newly naked feminine body. "You might get mad but, before I thought you were very handsome but now I can't help but think you're are cute and pretty." You admitted sheepishly, rubbing the back of your head.

She snorted, lifting her hand up to press it against your cheek. The look in her eyes was rather serious as she brought you to meet her lips, whispering between her many kisses.

"The cute one is you. It's always been you."

You smiled, returning her many kisses before pulling away to kiss down her chest and stomach, till you were looking at her womanly core. "And you always say I'm wet.." You whisper, pushing at her legs to lean down and licked her slick slit smirking at the sharp gasp that left her lips.

"You're positively dripping Kacchan~"

She began hissing angrily, but she couldn't do anything to really deny what you were saying as you gave her lower lips a few slow and sensual kisses, feeling her legs absolutely starting to jitter from the sudden pleasure.

She was becoming a moaning groaning mess but, even in here new sensitive body she started getting a naughty idea as she tugged your hair getting you to pull back. You gave her a few curious blinks, but before you could say anything a wicked grin edged up her lips, pulling at your hips.

"I'd like to enjoy a nice meal too, don't think I couldn't feel how wet you'd made your panties." She husked, pulling your body up turning you around, as she slid your lower half over her face, leaning forward to give your damp panties a rough lick, smirking at the shudder that slid through your body.

"Ah...Katsuki..w-wait I still have my panties on.."

"Doesn't matter, You know I like to tease you first."

You blushed, it was true in the past he seemed to have a strange infatuation with licking or kissing against your panties letting you feel the smallest amount of stimulation and pleasure, making you writhe in anticipation before lowering your panties and ravaging your lower half like the best meal he's had in years.

Today was no different. She pressed her lips again the outline of your slit, giving you a wet kiss before using the tip of her tongue to trace around your clothed lips and even press against the sensitive nub of your clit getting you to completely forget that you'd wanted to make her feel good to.

"Oh...Ah...Katsuki...always the tease.." You whimpered, shaking your body trying to relay to her how much more you wanted. Although when you glanced down, you realized two could play at this game of pleasure.

Leaning down your tongue went straight for her clit, the moment it began licking wet circles her movements stopped and she jittered letting her hot breathy moans haze against the skin of your legs. Smirking you stepped it up a notch even more, by wrapping your lips around the sensitive nub and sucking on it like a delicious lollipop.

"Holy f-fuck!~" She hissed tossing her head back, her hands squeezing your legs trying to control the overwhelming coarse of pleasure sliding through her body. "Shit (Y/n), s-slow the fuck down, I know I m-must taste good and all but for f-fucks sake.."

You couldn't help but snort against her warm skin, sure she was trying to sound tough like her normal rough self but you could feel the way her legs were jittering and the way she stuttered almost every other word. The new stimulation was almost to much for her to handle, and of course she was realizing it was a lot different that having his dick sucked.

"Now you understand how overwhelming it is.." You rasped a husky breath against her pink pleasure swollen clit, licking down to her slit before sliding your tongue between her folds.

"Mhm, f-fuck..No w-wonder you scream s-so loud when I eat you out...this s-shit feels amazing."

Almost instantly she decided it was enough playing around, as she wanted real contact with your slick womanhood. Pulling your panties down your ass she lifted up one of your legs making it easier to slide the thin material off, before instantly lapping up and down your slick folds.

You couldn't help but moan against her folds, but did your beast to keep going, sliding your tongue back and forth tasting her slick core in intimate detail. Both of you were completely going to town on each other, sliding your tongues back and forth, pressing your lips giving each others folds passionate kisses and slick warm licks.

Her hands slid around your ass pushing your core even further down against her tongue, making you toss your head back almost screaming from the sudden depth. "Oh, h-hah..Katsuki.." You moaned loudly, as she curled her muscle pressing against your walls in all the right ways.

Dipping your own head back down you slid your shaky tongue back into her folds, relishing in the way her body was almost trembling.

Like she had, you tried your best to push as far into her new womanly core as possible. It wasn't lost on you how you could feel her walls clenching around your tongue, she was very close. A smirk edged up your lips thinking about how she'd feel experiencing her first womanly orgasm.

Quickening your pace you slid back and forth, almost instantly her hands squeezed the back of your ass increasing her own pace and depth. It almost became a game, who would feel sweet release first? She was hitting all the zones she knew drove you wild, but you could tell which spots made her legs jitter more, or her hands squeeze tighter.

And then she started being unfair, squeezing your ass with both hands kneading the flesh almost bouncing you against her tongue, you could feel the knot snapping faster than you expected, as you tossed your head back and screamed out pleasurable release.

"Mhm, You made my chin so sticky."

Despite feeling a little overwhelmed from your orgasm you kept sliding your tongue back and forth pressing against her folds, making her hot breath haze against your inner thigh as she moaned and panted, till she was digging her nails into your skin groaning your name loudly feeling her very first orgasm.

Panting heavily you slid off her body resting your back against the mattress next to her, licking your lips humming thoughtfully at the taste of her sweet nectar. "H-how does it feel to have an orgasm?" You panted, taking a few slow deep breaths trying to relax the thump to your heart.

"Mhm, It's n-not to bad.." She huffed, lifting her self up enough despite the way she was almost wheezing for air. "I think I still prefer for you to suck my dick." She grinned, at your warm red cheeks and fluttering eyes snickering.

"Of course you do.." You sighed with a small giggle, easing your eyes shut relaxing in the moment of just being next to your love..but it wasn't for to long.

Suddenly She's grabbing your leg pulling your body closer, sliding them apart sliding one of her own between. For a moment you were confused, but the moment she tugs your leg hard enough to make your slit rub against hers, a surprised gasp-like moan hazes from your lips.

"O-oh..Katsuki...t-this is.."

"Scissoring is the word I believe." She grins widely, "This is how I'm going to fuck you, I don't need a cock to make you cum."

Even before you could respond, she started rocking your body back and forth rubbing her slit against yours, making you both moan loudly from the pleasurable friction. It actually felt really good, you could feel her slick outline gliding against your own and even grazing your clit, simply driving you wild.

It wasn't just you who was feeling good, as she kept groaning your name almost digging her nails into the soft flesh of your ankle. Turning to the side you gripped her leg tightly, hugging it close to your breasts, gasping when her sudden every grind against your body was rubbing against your clit.

"Oh, h-holy shit.." You gasped, tossing and turning your head feeling entirely over stimulated and even the jitter to your body as you desperately clung to her slender leg in hopes of any kind of stability.

"Fuck (Y/n), I can feel how wet you are.." She murmured, panting heavily despite how tough she was trying to act. Your lips quivered from the pleasure, wanting tell her it wasn't just you who was wet but the words failed your lips..but it didn't matter.

You started becoming desperate for the sway of her lips against your own, as you even started rocking your own body in tune to the way she was pulling your leg. She smirked, biting her bottom lip before pulling your leg close enough to bite into the soft skin of your ankle.

"Ah!~ O-oh!~ Katsuki, t-that hurts!~" Despite your words your moan only got louder, as she knew your body very well, and knew you didn't mind a bit of pain with your pleasure. Especially if they were bites and rough licks with his slick tongue.

"Mhm, You know you like it~" She teased, licking her tongue against the bite mark a few times before groaning loudly, and even gasping when she could feel her own pleasure swollen clit being rubbed against.

"K-katsuki I can't..t-take it.." You whimpered her name loudly, squeezing her leg as tightly as possible the stimulation on your slit and clit were to much. She understood, feeling the same as she gripped your leg tightly almost like she was thrusting her body, like he used to.

You could feel her legs jittering almost as badly as your own were, with one last loud whimper, and a moan of your name from her, both of you felt the exhausting sway of another pleasurable orgasm. It was embarrassing how accurately you could feel the sticky sensation of your combined arousal.

Dropping your leg she collapsed backwards on the bed, panting loudly and aggressively. It was definitely something new, but you were glad you experienced it with her. This act of intimacy confirmed everything you already knew.

I love Him/Her no matter what form.

Being the first to recover from pleasurable over stimulation, you sat up and shifted positions till you were laying right next to her face to face giving her a soft smile. She turned to you, huffing softly before sliding forward enough to meet your lips.

"I'm not sure its as good as fucking you with my cock, but it has its..charms." You shook your head giggling, nothing would change that personality of hers(his).

Shuffling closer to her warm sweaty body you wrapped your arms around her slender frame resting your head against her chest with a soft hum.

"Breaking news, your tits aren't as big as mine."

"Pfft, whatever. I prefer you to be the one with breasts anyway." She scoffed, resting her head on top of yours. "Your tits always feel nice in my hand." she whispered tickling your ear with her breath chuckling at the way you huffed.

"How long do you think you'll be a girl?'

"Hell if I know, but If still look like this in the morning we should go another round." She smirked, tilting your head up to look in your eyes. She saw how you were looking at her, with the same love and devotion you've always given. A soft content sigh escaped her lips as she gave your own a quick peck.

"Even If I'm back to normal in the morning, we should go another round anyway. Because why the fuck not?~"


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Chapter Text


The gate to U.A was always this tall gleaming unbearably high structure. It wasn't brightly colored but the hue and shape definitely stood out next to everything around it. The campus was probably as large as 5 football fields.

A special school specifically created to train and develop Hero's. Children born with amazing abilities called quirks, were the main target of enrollment. However, they'd recently changed their rules and would let in non-quirk kids..but honestly if you didn't have a quirk why bother going to this school?

As one of those rare children in this generation, you did not have a quirk. Years and years went by while all you friends either developed them around the age of 4 or a few years later. While you alone were left in the dust of normalcy.

No matter how hard you wished, or how much you prayed..fate was rather cruel and would not bestow upon you an ability. It didn't matter though, at least that's what you would tell yourself. No one would ever know how truly broken hearted you were to not have an ability.

I have to be strong.

Who needs a quirk?

I'm badass on my own.

These are the thoughts you had to tell yourself, never could you let anyone see you crack. There is a mask people wear when they don't want others to see the true ugliness inside their hearts, the sad, the depression, the feelings of worthlessness, all of these feelings must be locked away or you wouldn't be able to function.

"Well if it isn't, Miss quirkless."

Instantly your brows arched, a frown seeping onto all your features as you recognized the voice of none other than Bakugou Katsuki. He was the last person you wanted to see right now, when your head was dancing with thoughts that would threaten to break you mask.

Turning you sighed at him, placing a hand over your mouth as you yawned. "Bakugou-kun, I don't have time for you. Specially when you only know how to repeat the same words you say everyday." A smirk grew to your lips when you saw the arch to his brows, the furl of one of his fist, and the angry way he stepped towards you.

"I thought you were the top student here? However, your insults aren't very clever~"

You started laughing loudly when he started issuing all his insults and curses, about killing you and how pathetic you were. It wasn't anything you hadn't heard before, so you let those comments roll off your skin like water.

"Fuck you! At least I have a quirk-"

"(Y/n)-chan! Sorry to keep you waiting." Huffed a slightly out of breath Uraraka as she jogged her way over to your side. Smiling brightly, as she told you how she tried her best to leave class as soon as possible but wanted Deku's help on some of the homework right quick.

"No problem, Ochaco. I entertained myself by talking to Bakugou-kun~" You smirked, pointing to the hissing like a very pissed off snake Bakugou. Whom snarled a few more insults before turning and walking away, leaving you there with a smile and a few giggles.

"Oh..(y/n)-chan, you really are fearless to fight with Bakugou-kun.." She seemed genuinely concerned, that you might anger him to much one day and he could end up hurting you.

Your shoulders shrugged as the words left your lips like you knew him so much better than that, "Nah, He doesn't seem like the type that would hurt me just for trading a few insults." She still shook her head and sounded iffy, but him trying to hurt you wasn't anything you were concerned about.

At least you didn't think he'd hurt you psychically.

"Lets go to that Ice cream shop we saw last week, Ochaco-chan." You suggested deciding to change the subject, the smile on her face was infectious making your lips curve up as well. Having her for a friend was probably the only thing that was saving you from solitude.

"Thats a great idea!" She cheered, an extra skip to her step as she started walking by your side. "It'll be my treat to, for keeping you waiting." She kept her wide smile, as you started to say that wasn't necessary, you knew she was pinching pennies nearly every day, her goal of helping her parents was remarkable.

"It's fine really, I'd like to treat my friend."

The softest smile slid up your lips, before nodding your head. "Thank you, but next time It'll be my treat. Deal?" You held out your pinkie to her, a delighted smile covering your face when she enthusiastically thrusting her own out to curl around yours nodding her head.

That's usually how days with your childhood friend went. She was another one of those kids who got her quirk like she was suppose to when you were in kindergarten but unlike all the others as the years went by she never treated you any differently.

She was like the sister you always wanted. You would of done anything to protect her, keep the smile on her face, and even alleviate some of her parents worry for her trying to live and work on her own.

Although, you tried with all your might to be strong, in the end when she was getting hurt because of villains or the school sports festival there was a single damn thing you could do to help her. You'd never felt so useless, but she was always encouraging.

This is how the days would go by. When the normal school you went to let out you'd take the train and go to U.A waiting for your best friend to get out so you could spend time together.

"Deku-kun, Your hair has gotten kind of long, I like it." You smiled to him patting your hand against the top of his head just to feel his fluffy green locks.

"Thanks (Y/n)-san.." He mumbled with a small smile, running one of his hands through his hair with a sheepish chuckle.

"I like Deku-kuns hair too, I can never get mine to grow out." Ochaco complained with soft pout petting both of her hands through her hair, making you glance to Deku noticing a small blush tickle his cheeks. A soft smile formed on your lips, thinking the crush he had on her was rather adorable if only he'd say something. You even knew Ochaco thought highly of Deku..and all the time..she cared about him too.

"(Y/n), should think about cutting her mane or people might think she's a lion." Came the snickering voice of Bakugou, as he walked around the corner apparently he'd heard the whole conversation.

Your cheeks puffed out in a mock pout before swiping at him, he only side stepped out of your grasp cackling making your face warm with a small blush when you saw how everyone was watching.

"At least I don't look like a porcupine with a bad hair day."

Almost everyone started laughing loudly, making a grin form on your face as you eyed the ever snarling Bakugou, whom most certainly wasn't pleased.

"I'm surprised the class can hear you considering how fucking small you are." He retorted with a heavy glare, as he walked up to you looming over your body before patting your head. "Does the little baby need a bottle?~" He cou'd, with a loud cackle.

Your cheeks warmed pushing his hand away, before you started trading insults back and forth. It was amazing how many one-liners your both seemed to have, as if you'd thought about each other a lot before in great detail.

"I could blow you away with my fucking quirk!"

"Oh, I'm so scared! Can you do anything else? Is that all you got?!"

"At least I have a fucking quirk! What do you have? Nothing at all, you're just some normal girl trying to pretend you're all badass, when you can't do anything at all!"

Your eyes widened, an extra tremble to your heart that threatened to have your eyes swelling with tears but you kept them back.

"That was uncalled for Bakugou-kun." Reprimanded Iida, as he started chastising his classmate for bullying a girl.

"Yeah, its not very manly to make a girl cry." Kirishima huffed, patting you on the back before pushing at bakugou's shoulders telling him, he could try to control himself some more.

"I'm not crying." Tilting your head up, you smiled at them widely before waving your hands back and forth with a few forced laughs. "I'm fine, It's nothing new. Bakugou-kun only knows how to repeat the same old words, I wish he'd get some better insults."

Turning you stretched your hands still trying to act normal, before looking to Ochaco. "I think I might head home early, Sorry I'm feeling kind of tired." She seemed to sense that you weren't really feeling well, as she nodded her head and volunteered to walk you home but you politely declined before waving everyone goodbye as you walked away.

The smile you'd forced on your face remained till you made it around the corner, and started running like your life depended on it. People you passed by were blurs, at first you thought you were running that fast but then realized..tears were streaming down your face.

You tried to wipe at them, demanding yourself to stop these silly waterworks. That you already knew being born without a quirk made you one of the most pathetic people to exist, that there was never anything you would be able to do about it, and that everything Bakugou said was true.

Globs of hot tears were streaming from both of your eyes non-stop. Your heart was pulsing so painfully in your chest, it almost felt like you were having a heart attack. Your legs were hurting, and you were completely out of breath but never did you stop running, not till you made it somewhere secluded where you could let the rain flow freely.

"W-why..can't I just have a quirk..It doesn't even have to be a good one..or a strong one.." Your voice was so low and full of the most painful sorrow. It didn't even sound like you were sounded like you were wailing.

"There you are, fuck, you run really fast."

Oh no..not him. Not now. Not when I'm breaking, and my mask is almost nonexistent. Not when it feels like I'm dying inside..

"W-what do you want?" You croaked to him, turning away completely refusing to let him see the glistening stream of tears coating your face.

"Easy shrimpy, I didn't follow you to trade more insults." He stepped closer and closer, and each time he tried to look at your face you turned and turned till you just started walking away, mumbling to him that you had somewhere to be.

"Wait, a fucking second why wont you look at me?!" He growled grabbing your wrist forcefully stopping your movement, but still you refused to even glance at him.

"Let m-me go..I have to be somewhere.."


He pulled your wrist so hard you started to stumble backwards, the only way to keep your balance was to look towards him and reposition your legs. Which was a bad idea, as the moment he saw your face his brows furrowed in angry confusion before cupping your cheek.

"Why the fuck are you crying?" He hissed, getting even angrier when you couldn't even meet his eyes and only started viciously wiping at your eyes.

"I'm n-not crying! Dust got caught in my eyes..a-and..i-i.." Even as you tried to come up with an excuse, your eyes refused to stop tearing up. Without meaning to your hands gripped at his shirt, wanting to shove him away and at the same time wanting to hug him close just to feel some form of comfort.

"Why are you lying? Stupid your face is completely tear stained." Suddenly he was using the sleeve of his blazer to wipe at your cheeks and the corner of your eyes, an oddly comforting gesture from a bully like him.

The moment he cleaned your face up, and your eyes tilted up to finally look into his you completely started losing it. Your hands shot up pushing at his shoulders harshly making him stumble backwards, as the angriest face you could muster formed.

"You want to fucking know why I'm crying?!" You voice rose several times over, before you pointed a shaky finger at him. "You are." Your croaked, tears forming once again in the corners of your eyes.

"You are, and everything you've ever said to me that was true."

His eyes rose before trying to take a step closer to you, but your entire body trembled taking several steps backwards wrapping your arms around your body as you started sobbing.

"I'll never be anything. I'll never have a quirk. I'll never be able to protect the people I care about." Your head suddenly tilted back up to Bakugou with a smile on your completely tear stained and puffy face, a look to your eyes that'd completely given up.

"You were right..Bakugou, I'll n-never be able to do anything..I'm just some quirkless little girl who was playing pretend for 16 long years..."

You didn't care anymore, tears and sorrowful sobs left your lips as you covered your face and dropped to your knee's. All the pent up depression flowing from your eyes, searing heat from the incredible feeling tears that dripped down your cheeks, and even the snotty way your nose was running.

Bakugou bent down to his knee's wrapping his hands around your shoulders, before pulling you into his chest. Even as you started to struggle in his grasp trying to push at his chest, he refused to let you go as he pressed one of his hands against the back of your head.

"I'm sorry stupid.." He mumbled, making your eyes widen as you gripped his blazer. "That's why I followed you..I came to..apologize.." he grumbled, clicking his tongue clearly he was having trouble.

"I'm not good at this shit..but sense you're crying and all.." His hands slide around your hips resting on your lower back, keeping you close to him. "I didn't mean to say that stupid shit from earlier..I just got so caught up..whenever its you..I just cant control myself sometimes..everything you say just..affects me so much."

Even though you didn't really want to, you found yourself relaxing in his grasp laying your head against his chest noting a rather soothing smell coming from his shirt. Your hands slowly slid around him, returning the gesture of his hug to feel more of his warmth.

"Baka..everything you said was true..I ca-"

"THEN PROVE ME WRONG." He roars making you flinch as he spoke almost directly into your ear, clenching both of his hands tightly against your body. "YES YOU'RE FUCKING QUIRKLESS, BUT YOU'VE ALWAYS SAID IT DIDN'T MATTER...BE THAT SASSY GIRL THAT I FEEL FOR."

For a minute everything slowed down, the sound of the wind, the rustling of the leaves, the pounding of your all seemed to just stop.

What did he just say? He couldn't of said..what I think he just said? No way..his quirk is amazing and I'm just nothing.

"Don't..." You whimpered, gripping his body as tightly as possible as your own started to tremble. "Don't give me hope..p-please..that would be worse than anything you've ever said..don't give me hope that I could mean something to you.."

His brows creased together a tick mark forming on his head, as he pushed at your shoulders till you were face to face. "Do I really have to fucking spell it out for you, (Y/n)?" The look in his eyes seemed different, and even his face looked a dash more pink than you remembered as he cupped both of your cheeks roughly pulling you forward.

The moment your lips touched, you felt that unmistakable spark. It was warm and slightly wet, probably because of your tears..but it still felt amazing. Even though your eyes had rose from the initial contact it took only a few seconds for you to slowly slide them closed with warm red cheeks.

Oh..why does this feel so right?

Slowly he slides one of his hands to the back of your head, while your own wrap around his neck bringing your bodies smack against each other. You enjoy each others flavor in a surprisingly soft and warm kiss before he pulls away, letting you take the breath you didn't know you needed.

He smirks licking his lips, meeting your softly fluttering eyes with his sharp scarlet ones before pulling you in for another kiss. Slowly but surely you get into it, melting against his lips enjoying his addicting flavor like a scoop of ice cream.

"Bakugou..w-wait.." You push at his chest, not as harshly as before just enough to separate your lips. You can see that look in his eyes that says he wants more, making your cheeks redden but you need to hear it again. You need to know this is..real.

"Say it again.."

He snorts, cupping your cheek running his thumb along your bottom lip admiring the incredible blush on your face. "The kiss isn't enough for you?" He smirks when you shake your head, a growing grin on your own face.

"That's my sassy girl." he chuckles, making your heart palpitate. It felt like their were butterflies in your stomach as he took a deep breath and with the most snarkiest grin said.

"I feel in love with the way you don't know how to shut up."

Your brows raise, a snort escaping as you part your lips but he presses his finger against them getting you to stop before even one word can leave your lips.

"Let me finish." He snickers, pulling away his finger, "I like how feisty you are, I did think in the beginning that because you were quirkless you weren't worth my time..but.." He pulls you close enough to rest his forehead against yours. "But..from that time where you had better snarkier comebacks then I did..I haven't been able to leave you alone."

"I feel in love with your inner strength more than your outer strength."

You bite your lip, tears forming in the corner of your eyes as you slid one of your hands to the back of his head, a desperate desire to show him just how much you appreciate such words consuming your mind as you press him forward for a soft kiss.

He immediately returned your kiss, sliding his hands around your hips holding your body against his. He'd gotten so into it that he started pressing you backwards just because of how close he wanted to be to you, not realizing you were already off balance. So it was only a matter of time before you started falling backwards till your back was smack against the ground.


"Sorry, but I have to admit that I like this position." He whispered into your ear, letting you realize just how much his body was looming over you before sliding to the side, resting his back against the ground next to you.

It was a comfortable thought provoking silence, that had your mind whirling with everything that had just happened. From the heart breaking bad, to the warm enveloping good.

"So (Y/n), Do you wanna be my girlfriend?"

Turning to the side you smiled at his handsome profile as he looked up at the sky, that was the one thing you were waiting for. The one thing that would really make this official, a small grin edged up your lips as you shuffled closer to him resting your head against his shoulder.

"Sure, It's been one of my dreams to tame a Lion."


So my face hurts, from all the TEARS I shed while typing this.

Chapter Text

"Nee Katsuki, Are you awake?"

"Mhm, no, what is it?" He grumbled, not bothering to open his eyes as he looped both hands around your back squeezing you close to his body. You giggled at the way he used you as like a giant body pillow, and even the way a rough person like him seem genuinely relaxed.

"I..uh..wanted to tell you something.." You whispered, lifting your head enough to look at his face but his eyes remained closed and his chest started to slowly rise up and down, making both of your eyes soften, he was just so tired it was better to just let him sleep.

"But it can wait, Sleep well my Hero." Leaning forward you placed the gentlest kiss against his cheek, smiling at the way his nose scrunched up before snuggling into his chest. One of your hands slid around his back, cuddling with him enough to be intoxicated by his warmth and natural musk.

This is how it went lately, he came home tired and exhausted and even though you had something extremely important to tell him you always found yourself stopping short. First you told yourself it was simply because you wanted to tell him when he was fully aware, relaxed, and in a good mood.

However, truthfully deep inside you were afraid. There was..a life growing inside you. A life he helped create, and even though you hadn't known very was becoming difficult to articulate the words to him.

What if he doesn't want kids? He was always saying how bratty and shitty kids were, and seemed genuinely annoyed by how inquisitive they could be. It was also hard for him to reprimand someone with a softer voice, so anyone he tried to scold just ended up terrified and crying.

Being in his grasp was comforting though, he didn't even have to say anything for you to feel better and at ease. That is simply what being in love with him was like, the warmth of his body, hold of his hands, and gentle sway of his chest as it rose up and down..was all you needed to feel complete.

Suddenly he's rolling pressing you backwards onto the bed, almost dog piling on top of your body making you giggle loudly. "K-katsuki, are you trying to suffocate me?" You question, pushing at his shoulders only to blush when his lips press against your shoulder.

"Mhm, not exactly." He smirks, trailing his lips up the side of your neck. "You used that soap I really like again, fuck...I just want to eat you.." he husked, sliding his tongue up and down your skin placing gentle and warm kisses, till tilting your cheek to push your lips towards his.

Both of your arms instantly slid around his neck, sliding one palm up into his unruly spiky locks melting underneath his kiss. It wasn't as heated as you expected, but it was a nice relaxing wake up smooch, that let you sensual taste his flavor.

"Mhm, Katsuki...I don't think you have time for this.." You murmured, falling into his rhythm and sensual touches that started to caress down your body, pulling your legs up and around his waist. "Oh..Don't you need to leave soon..?"

"I do, but I don't have to be there at ass am." He pulled your body against his before sliding you both off the bed, making sure your legs were secured tightly around him so he wouldn't drop you. He smirked at the almost confused flutter to your eyes, as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders holding onto him for dear life.

"Katsuki..what are-"

"Calm down, I just want to take a shower together." He said it so nonchalantly, walking towards your shared bathroom kicking open the door before sitting you down on top of the counter. He opened the glass door before setting the right temperature for the water.

You didn't fight him as he started sliding your cloths off, and even helped him take off his own before you both stepped into the shower. The moment the water glided over your skin, you felt instantly relaxed even when his hands wrapped around you from behind, and he placed a few kisses against the side of your neck.

"Mhm, Katsuki...your kisses are warmer than the water."

"Don't pass out." He warned, husking a threat you knew he would ever go through with about leaving you in here if you feinted. No one would ever know just how truly sweet and romantic a rugged man like Katsuki could be, till they were in love with him.

Despite how heated his touches around your body were, they never exceeded beyond caresses. He seemed to understand that maybe the shower wasn't the best place to make love, but maybe even more so it was how he knew you were being considerate to him. He had to leave soon, and you didn't want him to pour to much stamina into making you feel good before leaving.

His hands glided all over your skin, swishing the water around your breasts stomach and legs. He even lathered his hand with the soap, that drove him wild before coating your body with the soapy suds. You didn't mind, this was a rather romantic gesture letting your lover clean and wash your entire body.

Because their wasn't a single part of your skin or body, that you were afraid to have him touch. He did make your heart pound a bit faster when he would glide over your stomach, because it would remind you of the small essence of life growing inside you, but his caress was still very relaxing.

"My turn." You whispered, turning to face him after he'd finished rinsing your body of most of the soap he'd applied. Your (e/c) eyes, admired his exceptional manly physic and even his most private one before grabbing his soap, lathering your hands and this his body.

He closed his eyes, relaxing completely under the soft sway of your touch as you glided delicately over his shoulders, chest and toned muscles of his abs. He grunted at the way you teased his belly button, before grazing over his lower areas, making sure to clean him as thoroughly as he had yourself.

Once you were done with the front of him, you pulled him forward enough till he was the one under the water of the shower, letting you tiptoe behind him before gliding your hands over his back muscles.

He shivered involuntarily from your gentle touch, maybe revealing a side of him that was just ever so slightly ticklish but you knew he wouldn't ever admit such.

Your eyes softened leaning forward to press a warm kiss against his back, before wrapping your arms around him pressing your breasts against his back as you gave him a tight hug.

He seemed a little surprised, before grabbing both of your hand to turn around. "I like the feeling of your breasts against my back, but even more.." he eased you back into the wall, slowly leaning down till he was placing warm kisses on both of your breasts.

"I like even more..the way they taste in my mouth.."

"Mh, Katsuki..." You moaned, sliding a hand into his moist hair as he gave each tit a warm lap with his tongue and even a slight tug with his teeth before pulling away.

"Maybe we will continue tonight." He grinned, showing off the hazy gleam in his eyes that said he wanted more right now but he would exercise control, because he could see how tired from the heat of the shower you were starting to get.

After making sure both of you had no more soap on your bodies he was the first to step out of the shower after turning off the water. He grabbed a towel holding it up to you only to yank it away when you reached for it, snickering when your brows creased in annoyance.

"Katsuki, give me a damn towel."

"Oh, feisty." He chuckled, showing you the gleam in his scarlet red eyes before tapping his lips. "If you want a fucking towel, you have to pay the toll." He even licked his lips, as if enticing you.

Your face contorted in a weird half laugh, half sigh before leaning forward and giving him a warm smooch. Just as you pulled away, he pressed against the back of your head giving you another and another till you moaned ever so softly from the feeling of his tongue, only then did he pull back.

"Payment received." He smirked, handing you your towel before grabbing his own leading the way out of the bathroom.

No one would ever know how truly romantic this man was. No one would see how silly sometimes he could be, where he can't just ask for a kiss he has to turn it into a game. It was his personality but it was also his pride, but they were all sides of him you loved.

After both of you were dressed you walked with him to the front door, watching him put on his shoes and even pat his pockets to make sure he had his phone and wallet before stepping towards the door.

"Katsuki, be careful." He turned towards you, scoffing at your words before leaning in for quick kiss. When he pulled back, he huffed the same words to you even though your job wasn't nearly as dangerous as his own before stepping out the door.

The moment he was gone, the heaviest sigh escaped your lips as you trailed back down the hall and flopped onto the couch curling up into a ball of indecisiveness. You shook your head berating yourself why couldn't you just tell him..he deserved to know.

"I want to tell him..I really do..but.." A familiar ring tone enters your ears, but you don't even bother looking at the caller Id before answering with a lazy, "Hello?"

"How did it go?!" An over excited voice booms, "I wish I could of been their when you told him. He must of been so shocked." It takes but a moment to realize that happy plucky voice belongs to not other than your good friend Ochaco.


"Oh no, he didn't take it well?"

"N-no..that's not it..I just didn't really tell him yet..." You rub the back of your head sheepishly nodding your head at nothing in particular feeling like you should apologize.

"What? Why? I thought you said you wanted to tell him today before he went to work?"

"I tried..but he was just so tired..and I don't know.." You whispered, starting to feel dejected as you curled up into a ball. "I'm scared Ochaco..what if he isn't ready for kids..?"

"(Y/n)-chan.." Her voice sounded soft, before she tried her best to sound cheerful for you. "You can't really know till you tell him, as rough as Bakugou-kun is..I'm sure once you talk to him about'll feel so relieved." She assured.

"He said kids are so bratty though.." You sighed, unable to see the frown on your friends face before she was abruptly saying she had something to do, telling you to cheer up before ending the phone call.

As the hours ticked by, you thought about all the hardships your relationship has endured while being with Bakugou. You didn't start dating till the last year of high school, and now you'd been together for almost 4 years.

"I know he loves me..He wouldn't of asked me to live with him otherwise.." You assured yourself, knowing more than anyone the depth of his love. It was as enveloping as the ocean, and rough like the tides, but calmly waded against the shore of your heart.

Suddenly your phone rings again, and the moment you place it against your ear the voice instantly screams making your entire body flinch nearly dropping your cell to the floor.


Almost instantly you dart off the couch sliding on your shoes, before running as quickly as you can down the street. Ochaco's voice sounded strained and on the verge of tears as she explained that Bakugou had gotten hurt, and she just happened to be in the area, she was waiting for help.

Your heart was thumping so quickly, as you sped through the oncoming crowd of people with one singular thought in mind. By time you'd made it to where Ochaco said he was, their were tears in your eyes as you frantically tossed and turned your head, just as you were about to call Bakugou's name Ochaco jogged towards you.

"(Y/n)-chan, you ma-"

"Where is he?!?" You hissed, interrupting her sentence grabbing her shoulders shaking her body nearly completely losing yourself with what you thought might of happened to him.

She opened her mouth, but before any words could form..his loud voice cutt through the air. You'd recognize that aggressive yell from anywhere, no matter where you were or how loud other people were..his voice would always be the one you'd focus on.

You barely saw the front of his face before he was thrusting his hands around your body, squeezing you so tightly... that you could feel his body trembling.

"Fuck..I'm so fucking're fucking okay.." He Hissed, tightening his hands around your body making both of your eyes flutter in confusion before sliding your own arms around his muscular back.

"K-katsuki..what are you talking about? Of course I'm okay!"

"Shitty Deku, told me he thought you were hurt! I'll fucking kill that nerd for lying to me!"

Confusion registered in your eyes as you glanced past Bakugou's tall frame, to see a very apologetic looking Deku twiddling his thumbs looking like he'd done something really terrible..and that's when it hit you.

"Ochaco..told me you'd gotten hurt.." You pushed him enough to see for yourself just how uninjured he was, and that's when you angrily turned to Ochaco with furious eyes.

"What the hell?! Why did you lie to me?! Why did you lie to both of us?!"

She took a calm slow breath, looking to Deku before meeting your eyes with her own determined brown ones. "Tell him." Was all she simply said, gesturing her hands at both of you before repeating her words.

"Tell him, no more excuses."

Your eyes widened, heart starting to absolutely pound. You wanted to tell him but not like this, you still weren't mentally prepared and had no idea how to phrase it.

"Tell me what? If I don't get some fucking answers, I'm going to barbecue me some broccoli!" He turned his furious ruby red eyes to Deku, flexing his hand enough to wear sparks were starting to combust in his palm.

Instantly you turned and wrapped your hands around his waist from behind. "W-wait, it's not their fault!" You whimpered, unable to contain the frightened tremble to your hands.

He paused at the sound of your voice, turning around to face you. "Why do you sound like you really are hurt? What the hell did they do to you?!" He took a step towards you, but you stepped backwards turning away, you couldn't even look at Ochaco..the fear inside was so real.

"(Y/n), why can't you fucking look at me?!" He hissed, grabbing your shoulder trying to forcefully turn you to face him, but you refused. "(Y/n), fucking look at me! This isn't funny, what do you need to tell me?!"

Without warning you turned back to him glossy eyed, fists bawled heart pounding in your chest before you just screamed the words that you've been frightened to tell him.


Instantly the color in his face faded, as those beady eyes of his widened brows arching in complete and utter surprise. He looked from your teary eyes, to down to your stomach where your hands were gently placed.

"Holy fuck.." He murmured, voice surprisingly soft before he completely started rambling reminding you a bit of Deku, as he didn't seem to take any breaths in between his many many questions that came out as aggressive hisses.

"When? How long? Why didn't you tell me? Are you sure? Where is the test? Your stomach doesn't look any bigger? You don't act sick? Who else knows? Why wasn't I the first fucking person you told?"

Tears started flowing from your eyes the moment he placed both of his hands against your tummy, before pulling your body against his giving you a tight hug.

"Why are you crying?"

"I'm j-just so...relieved." You croaked softly, using one of your hands to wipe at your face trying to clear the tears from you eyes. "I'm sorry..I was so scared to tell you..I didn't know if you were ready for kids..and I didn't want to burden you.."


He was right, you knew he was right..why couldn't you see it before? Tears flowed again as you hugged him tightly, sobbing to him about how sorry you were. Trying to explain to him how dear to your heart he truly is, feeling at peace in his arms just like earlier this morning.

His hands caressed your back getting you to calm down, before he demanded answers to his questions from before.

"How long have you known? Did you take the test thing?"

"I did, it w-was about a weak ago..I even took two to make sure.." Pulling away you grabbed one of his hands, placing it on your stomach giving him a teary smile. "You're going to be a dad..and I'm going to be a mom.."

A grin edged up his lips before he bent down to his knee's becoming eye level with your waist. He lifted up your shirt just enough to look at your stomach before placing his hand against it, you blushed glancing up to look for Ochaco and Deku but they were both gone.

"So you have a mini explosive bun in the oven." He grinned at the way you started giggling, leaning forward he placed his ear against the smooth skin of you belly.

"I suppose its to early to feel them kick.."

"Of course it is..If I had to guess it was only 2 weeks ago the last time we.." You blushed meeting his eyes whispering, that it was the last time you had sex.

"Oh, so this little brat was made when we were at the beach that night.." A wide grin formed on his lips, as he admired the heavy blush that came to your cheeks. "I thought that night was already special, but now..we will have an even better reminder." Turning he placed his lips against your stomach, giving mommy and baby both a kiss.

"The little shrimp better know who mommy belongs too."

You snorted in the most delighted way possible, pressing your hand into his spiky tresses. "Oh Katsuki, only you would fight with our unborn child.." Sliding your hand down to your stomach you gave it a gentle caress smiling.

"Papa is going to be jealous at how much of a Mama's attention you're going to get."


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Chapter Text

"(Y/n), hows the little monster treating you today?" Bakugou snickered, sliding his hand against your round plush stomach. His featured softened when you pressed his hand more into your tummy with a giggle.

"Our little monster, is actually rather tame today." You smiled up at those alluring scarlet red eyes, telling him how your baby hadn't been kicking to much lately. Then again you were only about three months pregnant, and thinks to daddy dearest who'd been so understanding..this pregnancy wasn't a difficult one.

"That's good, It pisses me off when the little munchkin wont let you sleep."

"Maybe baby, is more calm when papa is touching them." Grabbing his hand that was against your stomach, you bring it to your lips and give it a kiss. "I know I always feel relaxed when you're touching me."

He smirked, sliding his hand against your cheek before pulling you to meet his lips. His kiss was warm and enveloping, even the way his hands moved down your body easing you closer to him was sensual and pleasing.

"So you like it when I touch you?" He whispered into the rim of your ear, grabbing your hips pulling you to sit in his lap. "I do like having your body in my hands as well, your shape fits against mine..even more so than it used too.."

Your cheeks warmed a tear twinging in your eyes, as his hands slide around your back relaxing as your own fingers slid around his shoulders laying your head on his chest. This man, he just said something so very romantic..he literally insinuated that your pregnant body was like the perfect puzzle piece to his own.

"Oh, Katsuki..I love you."

"I love you too, squishy." He snickered, giving the the bottom of your ass a nice grope, leaning down to give the space bellow the rim of your ear a puffy pink love bite.

A small scoff escaped your lips at his new nickname, as you leaned into his body resting your cheek against his muscular chest. It was always a wonderful sensation to feel his muscles beneath your touch, and be mesmerized by his natural pheromones that told you without a doubt you were attracted to his everything.

Bakugou was the perfect boyfriend, not only did he never think about abandoning you once he found out you were pregnant he was..accommodating to your mood swings and late night requests.

Who knew the explosive Bakugou, would leave at 3am just to get his pregnant girlfriend Ice cream? Or provide a nice sensual massage if your back was aching? Or even yell at you were a piece of glass if you tried to do anything strenuous?

It would feel like he cared about the life growing inside you, more than you did. Even though neither of you had come up with a name yet, and made a pact to leave the gender of the baby a secret till they were born.

Suddenly you gasp sharply reaching immediately for his hand, sliding it under your shirt with a wide ass smile on your face. "Oh, Katsuki they're kicking again!" His face lights up as he presses the entire palm of his hand against your tummy, waiting to see if he can feel it too.

After a moment he starts to frown, "Damn..I don't feel anything..the little bugger, likes to get my hopes up.." Just as he was starting to pull away, his eyes dart open, brows arching in utter surprise before a smile that would make anyone fall in love, consumed his handsome face.

"Holy shit, they're going to be a soccer player." He cackled, sliding his other hand to your stomach as well. It had you both laughing and giggling delightfully, as he started talking about what strong kicks your little baby had.

Life was so perfect. Nothing could beat being together with the man of your dreams, carrying the child you'd both created through passion and love. At least not till the day when said child would be born, but the man you would give everything for..continued to surprise you.

Another month went by with your belly becoming even rounder, it was another one of those days where you were scheduled to get checked up by the doctor to ensure that both Mommy and Baby were doing just fine.

Katsuki promised he'd go with you, even though he seemed a little preoccupied on his phone. While you were getting ready, his phone would ring and then he would slide into the bathroom. You could hear him hissing some words, but nothing you could really understand.

"Katsuki, my appointment is in like 30mins we should leave soon." You murmured sliding open the bathroom door, meeting his red eyes for a brief moment before he turned his back to you and hissed annoyingly into his phone.

"Just fucking get it done."

You blinked at him curiously as he turned back to you with the heaviest sigh. It brought a small frown to your face thinking, the agency where he worked(For a hero) needed him and he was busy escorting you to the Doctor.

"Katsuki, if they need you to come in for whatever reason, you can go..its ok-" Before you could even complete your sentence he was grabbing both of your cheeks, roughly pulling your plump pink lips to meet his own effectively silencing you.

Your eyes fluttered before settling on being closed, feeling the intimate sway of his tongue as he edged into your mouth, giving your own muscle a few passionate laps before pulling away. He smirked at the soft pant of his name that left your lips, while he pressed gently against your stomach.

"You're more important. Both of you."

A relieved smile came to your face, as you wrapped both hands around his tall muscular frame whispering to him your soft thank yous, that just had him scoffing returning your affection with a squeeze to your belly of his own, before abruptly deciding it was time to leave.

Usually you would walk wherever you needed to go in town, but sense your belly had gotten rounder Bakugou started driving you, insisting that you don't walk to far unless he was with you. The doctors office was about a 25min walk, but less than 10 by car, so in the end you made it to their office right on time.

Katsuki sat next to you as the nurse gave you an ultrasound, and let you both hear the sound of your little monsters heart. Both of you were smiling widely, as she assured your little one had a strong heartbeat and nothing appeared to be wrong

"Would you like to keep a picture of the ultrasound?"

"Oh..umm.." You glanced to Bakugou, whom had wide eyes like he had no idea you could get a picture. "Well we don't want to know the gender of our baby, will people be able to tell in the picture?" To be honest you kind of wanted one for keepsake, but wanted to keep your promise.

"Well, You're far enough along to where we would be able to know the gender. The picture will show certain developed body parts, if you know what you're looking at..I'm afraid the picture will give the gender away."

"Oh..." You started to tell the nurse it was alright, but even before you could say anything Bakugou spoke up and said to print the picture anyway. When you looked at him he huffed, pulling at both of your cheeks.

"Forget our pact, I want a picture of our mini monster. I know you want it too." His lips curved up into a grin as he squished your cheeks, making you both playfully pout at him and smile brightly.

"This way we can figure out what to name them, I'm thinking King Explosion."

Instantly you started loosing it, laughing loudly and brightly feeling tears form in the corner of your eyes not from sadness but from just how completely and utterly ridiculous he was. "W-what if its a girl?!" You nearly sobbed with how much your gut was hurting from the deep boisterous laughter that was escaping your lips.

"Oh shit you're right." He blinked a few times before leaning forward, "How about Princess Explosion?" He started laughing as well, as you turned and pulled him to meet your lips, both of you doing your best to contain your laughter. And even though you were failing, every time you laughed, your lips just meet again and again.

After the nurse came back and gave you your ultrasound, both you and Bakugou examined the picture thoroughly. It wasn't like you were experts on what an unborn child looked like, but after a few minutes you turned to each other and said the same exact thing.

"It's a girl!"

"Princess explosion it is!" He declared, ducking away from your hand when you tried to give him a playful swat.

"No way! We will think of a better name for our little..princess later." You smiled thoughtfully, rubbing the edge of your belly thinking about just how much of a Daddy's little girl this mini monster will no doubt be.

Bakugou got another call while you were both making your way back to his car, he instantly ducked away and told you to wait in the car while he dealt with whatever issue was going on. It was starting to annoy you, that he felt he had to shield you from whatever was going on. If he was having a problem you'd expect him to tell you, pregnant or not you could still help.

When he finally came back to the car, he looked winded and out a breath. His cheeks were kind of pink and his hand looked like it was jittering. His ruby red eyes could barely meet your own, and hardly said one word before shifting the car into reverse.

"Katsuki, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

"I'm f-fine. Just don't distract me while I'm driving." Your cheeks puffed out in annoyance, watching as his left hand patted the left side of his pocket before gripping the wheel. Once again he glanced at you, and back to the road sighing heavily.

You expected him to drive back home, but he detoured down a different road. Curiosity was winning against all other instincts, as you didn't dare ask where you were going, and instead waited to see where he was taking you.

He pulled into a parking lot that was unfamiliar, parking the car before turning to you. "We're going to walk from here." It was a statement, but the moment he started opening his car door he paused and turned back. "Shit..I didn't think this through..are you in any pain?" He started scratching his head in utter anger muttering he should of parked closer, but the moment you snorted he instantly looked back up to you.

"Katsuki, I told you our little one was tame today..I can walk but where are we going?"

He shifted his eyes from your face to his car door before back with a small smirk. "It's a surprise squishy, just trust me..okay?" His eyes were surprisingly sincere, as he gripped your hand giving it a tight squeeze.

"Of course, Papa. Baby and I trust you with our lives."

Once you'd given him a loving smile, you turned sliding open the car door, completely missing the way his eyes started to become glossy. He was quick to wipe his eyes before making his way over to your side, sliding his hand into yours intertwining your fingers.

"I feel like you'll get lost if I don't hold your hand." He teased, chuckling at the way you stuck your tongue out at him. You knew more than anyone though, the way he spoke in a code that once translated would reveal how much he loved and cared about you.

He lead the way down the street and around the corner till you were both walking through a very familiar park. It was so relaxing, that you couldn't help but ease your head down onto his shoulder, closing your eyes smiling at the soft sway of the wind around you.

"(Y/n), open your eyes."

Slowly your eyes fluttered open, looking up only to blink confusedly at the beautiful bouquet of (Fav flower), resting delicately against the rim of an all to familiar circular fountain. Immediately your eyes shot over to him, noticing for the first time sense he first got back to the car, how jittery and red faced he was.

"Are t-these for me?"

"Of course they're stupid, who else would I give flowers?" Even though he sounded angry, it was like he was using that voice to hide just how nervous he was. He bent down grabbing the bouquet turning to you with warm hazy cheeks. You'd never seen this man so anxious before, as his eyes bounced from your face to the flowers before aggressively thrusting them towards you.

"J-just hurry up and take them."

Grabbing the flowers you held them as delicately as possible, admiring just how truly beautiful they were before giving them a small whiff. "Katsuki..They're wonderful, thank you so much." Stepping forward you leaned up and gave his cheek a very soft kiss, smiling at the pink on his cheeks.

He bawled both of his fists, looking almost completely distraught, like he was at a loss for words. The most aggressive sigh left his lips, before he pointed at the fountain right in front of you both, those red eyes seemed to have a lot of difficulty meeting your own, before he was finally able to form words.

"Do you remember..t-this place?"

Your eyes focused on the fountain he was pointing at, the memories coming back instantly. "Of course I do, we had our very first date here." A soft chuckle escaped your lips, before you rephrased "Well I suppose it wasn't really a date so much, as this boy I really..really liked deciding to steal my very first kiss."

Several of your fingers gently traced your lips as if feeling that kiss again, turning to him with warm red cheeks. "He even decided that a simple kiss would not relay his emotions enough, as my first kiss was also a french one."

"(Y/n).." Was he always capable of whispering so softly? The way he said your name was almost chill inducing, as he stepped towards you pressing his hand against your cheek slowly pulling you to meet his lips. Where he tried to duplicate the french kiss from 4 years ago, but it was different now. While still being very passionate, it was slower and more sensual full of the love he was sometimes unable to say.

Once he pulled away he wrapped his arms around your back, tugging your body against his. It took a mere few moments to realize just how erratically his heart was beating. The thump of his chest was making your own speed up, what did he want to say and why was it making him so..uncharacteristically frightened?

"Katsuki, Are you okay? You're making me nervous.." You whispered into his ear, telling him in the softest way possible you wanted to help him if you were able.

"No." Was his almost immediate answer as he tightened his hands around your body, pressing your pregnant belly against his own stomach. "But It's not what you think..Fuck why is this so're right here and So am I...I have it and shit I just don't know how to..say it."

"Say what? Please tell me?" Pushing at his shoulders, you had him back up enough to where you could beg him with your eyes to let the burden off his chest. But your gentle eyes only seemed to make him angrier, as he pulled away and started cursing.

"Fuck (Y/n) stop looking at me like that!" You nearly flinched at his words, brows arching in confusion but the moment your lips parted he interrupted, "I'm completely weak against those eyes, and it both infuriates and brings me the most elating peace of mind."

His words greatly confuse you, but you understood a little bit..he was saying he hated having a weakness which for a prideful person like him was extremely bad, but at the same time he was saying..he found such a weakness...peaceful?

He bit his lip before pulling something from his pocket, "(Y/n)..I want your eyes to always focus on me. No matter if they are full of love, anger, confusion or even sadness..I want your eyes to always be mine."

Your heart skipped a beat as he edged down onto one knee, both of your hands starting to tremble. His eyes held a determination you were used to seeing, but his cheeks were a soft pink, and you could even practically taste in the air the pound of his heart.

"(Y/n), no one understands me like you do. No one has bothered to put up with me like you do." He paused taking a deep breath, his cheeks becoming even more red with the brightness of a tomato. "I..okay this is hard for me squishy..but I'm trying.." He sighed exasperatedly, from his own inability before meeting your eyes again.

"I've never loved anyone before I meet you. I don't want anyone else to have you, no I wont let anyone else have you..because you're mine.." He gives the box in his hand an aggressive squeeze before roughly sliding it open and pushing it up towards you.

"(Y/n)..Will You Fucking Marry Me?"

Tears swell in your eyes instantly, for a moment it feels like you're dreaming. Everything around you slows down, even the sound of the running water from the fountain fades away..letting the only thing you can hear be the thump of your own erratic heartbeat.

The ring in the box is completely and utterly beautiful. Sterling silver with wispy vines entwined towards the middle which had a luxurious (birthstone color) Gem as the center piece. To say it was gorgeous and the most exotic piece of jewelry you'd ever seen would be an understatement.

He was being very patient despite the twitch to his brow, and the bite of his bottom lip that told you he wanted you to hurry up and say something, but he also understood you wanted to take in the moment..form the right answer.

"Oh Katsuki...nothing would make me more happier than to bind my life to yours...forever."

The light that came to his face, the smile, and even the tears..yes the small trickle you could see in the corner of his eyes..made your entire body swell with love and joy, as he practically shot up from his position and squeezed your body so tightly, it knocked the wind out of you.

"Fuck yes!" He roared in delight, like a wolf that had just marked his mate. He took the ring from the box and immediately slid it onto your finger, pulling you to meet his lips not even giving you a moment to admire the ring at all.

Both of your hands slid around his broad shoulders, pressing one up into his hair returning his kiss as passionately as you could. His hands held your body so furtively, pressing against your hips dominating your mouth with the sway of his tongue.

When he pulled away you felt completely hazy and light headed but you still had a thought, that had you giggling as you gently lifted your shirt showing off your pregnant belly, not caring at all who was watching.

"I think our little princess wants a kiss too."

His eyes softened a small smirk coming to his lips as edged back down to his knee's leaning forward to press not just one kiss but a few against your round tummy. Once he was done he turned his head pressing his ear against your stomach with a grin.

"The little monster is already so demanding~" He teased, laughing when he felt a small kick as if the baby was already protesting. "They better be glad, that I already like them and they haven't even been born yet."

Soft tears flowed from your eyes as you petted a hand through his hair, using the other to wipe your face. For a moment you caught the glimmer of the ring, and begun to admire it again. It was truly stunning and fit on your finger perfectly.

"Katsuki i-"

"Let me say it first." He interrupted, rising back to his knee's, taking both of your hands in his own sliding one of his fingers over the ring as if thinking about everything that has happened up to this moment.

"I love you, (Y/n). I don't say it enough, but you' everything."

"Katsuki..I know more than anyone how important I am to you. I hope you know how lost I would be without you. I love you, more than the air I breath." Your hands slid up to gently cup his face as you brought him to meet your lips.

"You're my oxygen."


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Chapter Text


"(Y/n), can you escort the citizens down the block? Its more important to get them to safety than to fight the villains when they're still around."

"Of course, but Todoroki-kun I think my power would be of better use against the enemy."

His heterochromic eyes looked from your face to the ensuing chaos in the distance, something seemed to be on his mind before he turned back and placed his hand on your shoulder, "I know you have a strong power, but your water walls can make sure the people escape and block falling debris please escort them for me."

There was an almost pleading look in his eyes, making you give in because he'd seemed so sincere and you wanted to keep the people safe. So the moment you turned away from him you waved a hand creating a water path blocking crumbling walls as you screamed to the people to follow your path.

The people around you cheered, your name which you'd dubbed yourself Aqua. It was definitely inflating your ego to hear so many people cheering your name, as you ran along side them showing off your power as you protected them as best as you could.

You escorted and protected as many people as you possible, leading them to either the police or more Hero's before looking back in the direction of some familiar sounding explosions. Buildings were crumbling in the distance, an assortment of flashes of ice and fire meeting a shock-wave like explosion had your brows furrowing.

"Who...who has the power to hold off Todoroki-kun?" Your brain instantly started to puzzle, you knew your own power was strong but not once did you ever think you'd win in a battle against Todoroki Shouto. His power was renowned even among the Villains who knew better than to mess with someone with a dual power.

Suddenly a flash of green glides against the building next to you, and even though they were moving to fast for the human to form a real knew it was Deku. So did the citizens around you, as even they knew what a flash of green meant, instantly starting to cheer his name and wish him luck.

Deku had in the years after U.A become a pillar of light for the people, in a similar fashion to that of All Might. They'd come to depend on him in a similar way and even though he carried a heavy burden just like his teacher, he never let that weight hold him down.

You gripped your fist in your hand knowing with Deku and Todoroki on the scene they could handle whichever Villain was causing all the destruction. However, at the back of your mind curiosity began to flood.

Who is causing all this damage? Why does the damage seem so random? It isn't focused on one area, in fact the building started to crumble several blocks in the other direction before moving east.

Your quizzical mind raced, what if the random destruction was just to get certain Hero's to come out? That thought had you fearing for your two close friends in the distance, quickly deciding your power would be better used to help.

"Everyone please listen to the police, and the other Pro Hero's stay safe." As soon as they wished you luck, and told you to whoop the villains ass you were off smiling to yourself. It was a rather wonderful feeling to be counted on so much.

The closer you got the louder the explosions started to get, you could even feel the chill of Todoroki's power as an ice wall hung against a tattered building above you. It took a moment to focus on the bright flashes of explosions before you could see your dual haired friend riding an ice wave high in the air.

Just as you were starting to wonder where Deku was, a thunderous loud explosion erupts in the sky and suddenly green lighting slams into the ground just several feet away from you.

"Deku! Are you okay?!" You scream dashing towards him, but he's quick to his feet wiping the blood from his chin, looking surprisingly serious as those emerald green eyes dash between you and the figure in the distance.

"(Y/n)-ch-..No Aqua." He corrects, knowing you should be treated like the Hero you've worked hard to be since this is an intense situation. "I think you should go back and protect the citizens. We can handle the Villain, the people need your more than us."

Your lips part but a boisterous cackle interrupts your words. Suddenly the short distance between you and Deku is set aflame before it combusts. Both of you are quick to dodge the ensuing crumbling concrete, jumping back to a safe distance.

Instantly your head looks back up at the culprit a scowl on your face, your hand raised to cast a water wave if need be. However, the moment your eyes land on an all to familiar handsome face..your hand droops to your side.

He looks exactly as you remember, with his unruly spiky blonde hair, black mask around his face, and all to familiar Hero suit. Except there was a few differences, his suit was caked with dirt and blood and the scarlet color in his eyes seemed almost manic.

His gleaming red eyes dance with amusement, a smirk sliding up his lips as he propped both of his hands behind him, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Your head jerked left and right, taking a precautionary step backwards but it was useless.

Next thing you know, a flash of powerful ruby red is right in front of you. His red and green gloved hand darts out, cupping your chin instantly pulling you forward. You had no idea what was going on, till the warm rough press of his lips was against your own.

Both of your cheeks warm, eyes flying open in utter surprise as memories of days long past start to flood your mind. It felt like a kiss that lasted for hours, but in reality it was but a mere few seconds as he pulled away smirking at your fluttering eyes before using both hands to propel himself back up into the air, just in time to miss getting punched by a panting bleeding Deku.

The blood dripping from the gash on his left elbow draws you back to the situation, darting over to him instantly. "Deku are you okay? You're bleeding but it just looks like a small gash." You hold your hand over his wound using a small amount of water to clean it.

"I knew both of you shitty fake Hero's were trying to keep her from me." Bakugou's voice comes out a sneer as your eyes slide back up to his brooding features. "That fucking nerd deserves a lot worse than the scratch I gave him, you should let him bleed."

"I can't do that..Katsuki." Your eyes soften up at him, how did it come to this? His dream was to be a Hero, but then it all changed when he found out he was the reason All Might no longer had any power. Back then you tried to help him but his struggle was internal and he had to much pride..nothing you said could ground his anger.

"It's okay Aqua, It's just a scratch." Deku smiled up at you reassuringly before stepping forward to square up against his old best friend. "Kacchan, it doesn't have to be this way. We didn't try to keep her from you, but you're hurting innocent people."

"Shut the fuck up, Deku. What do you even know?" Bakugou flexed one of his hands before thrusting it at a building in the distance, instantly the frame exploded rubble flying in every direction.

"(Y/n), I want you to Join me. I've been looking for you, but you moved and something has been obscuring your presence." he glares daggers at Deku, even though he clearly doesn't have the power to hide you like that. "Come with me." Even though he is several feet in the air he offers his hand in your direction.

Deku takes a step forward shielding you from Bakugou's site, shaking his head in the most somber fashion. "Kacchan you can't force her to go with you, I know you care about her but being a Villain isn't the right answer!"

Bakugou frowns lowering his head, for a moment you think Deku's words might be getting through to him but again he's gone in the blink of an eye. Explosions erupt in front of you watching in high speed precision how Bakugou's explosion powered fist smashes right into Deku's chest sending him flying to your right.

"I didn't fucking ask you, I asked her." His voice came out dripping with how much he loathed Deku, before standing straight and walking right towards you. "(Y/n), Eventually you'll realize the same thing I did. Hero's are merely tools to the public, the people you save don't actually care about you." He raised his hand, and thoughts of protecting your self crossed your mind but this was..the man you loved.

He would never hurt me. We used to be so happy together, I can't bring myself to move or even look away from those eyes..that look like they're in so much pain.

His gloved hand slid against your cheek much like earlier but this time he merely made sure your eyes were completely focusing on him, as he asked you once again to come with him. Deep in your heart you wanted to go with him but, thoughts of the injured Deku and the people that wished you luck...those voices didn't sound fake.

"I'm sorry, but I can't go with you."

For a minute his brow arched before pulling away, his expression surprisingly unreadable given how naturally his face was always a permanent scowl. "That's not the answer I wanted. But it doesn't fucking mater." Confusion registered on your face as he lowered himself down to the grown holding up the flat of both of his palms behind him.

"Bakugou, don't do this!" Came Todoroki's pained scream, as the blast that was focused on him knocked him completely backwards slamming him into the ground barely being shielded with his ice powers.

"Don't fucking tell me what to do icy-hot! You have never been in love, or been with someone who understands you, like (Y/n) does me." He turned his fierce eyes to you, thrusting both hands around your body pulling you squarely against his chest.

"So she's coming with me, whether she wants to or not."

Suddenly a sharp pang erupts from the side of your neck before your world goes completely dark. The last thing you heard was the combined screams of Deku and Todoroki as they called out to you, before a deep slumber took over your body.


While deep in the darkness that was a haze of misty dreams, it seemed your mind was consumed by all the good old times. The way you'd loved those beautiful alluring red eyes, the ruggedly handsome features of his face, and even the perfect way you fit in his arms.

Even the sound of his voice resounded and reverberated against the walls of your subconscious. The octave in his voice aggressive and bewitching, capable of getting you to always bend to his whims.

Rough hands that always seemed calloused from the fights he either incited or was just involved in, and yet they were always passionate in the way they slid against your body.

I missed him so much...

Suddenly your eyes flutter open, and the moment you sit up a tear slides down the edge of your cheek, before you notice the unfamiliarity of a soft red bed. Wiping at your face you tilt your head left and right, confirming that this is indeed not your room.

"Where am I..?"

"I guess you could call it my hideout." Came the all to familiar voice of Bakugou. When you looked over to him, the door was just being shut giving you a moment to admire how utterly handsome he looked in his normal cloths.

He walked over to you with that snarky smirk you used to see everyday, sitting down on the bed. His hand slid up to rest against your cheek, looking into your eyes that he found alluring, before leaning forward.

"I missed you.."

Those words have your eyes instantly tearing up as you shove at his chest moments before your lips touch. You register the arch in his brows, the confusion consuming his face as you jump off the bed and put some distance between you.

"Don't s-say that.." You whisper shaking your head, "Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've seen you? I thought we were important to each other but when the weeks turned into months, I was sure you stopped loving me." Your hand grips over your heart, you can literally feel it cracking just like it did all those months ago.

"6 months, left me 6 months ago."

"I didn't fucking leave you! I-..I.. needed to think about some things, I just needed some time." He tried to assure standing and pacing to your side, trying to wrap his hands around you but you back away from him like you expect him to hurt you.

"N-no..It was my fault." You sob, shaking your head body starting to tremble from the aggressive flow of tears. "I had no idea how to help you..I tried..b-but my words never made it through...and then eventually you got so fed up with just left."

"NO!" He roars, making you flinch as he squeezes his hands around your trembling body. "That's not it at all! I was confused about everything with All might, and I admit I was stubborn about what you were telling me..but everything about being a Hero is complete bullshit!" His hands possessively tug at your body till your back is against his chest, refusing to give you even one iota of space.

"Deku is a fucking liar! That school was full of Hippocrates! The only good thing about U.A, was you! I wont let you go ever again!"

His hands push at your shoulders, shoving you into a nearby wall smashing his lips against your tear stained ones. Both of your hands grip at his chest trying to push him away, but he's so much more stronger than you. Soon the passion in his lip lock turns you weak, as your hands relax till they're just squeezing at his black shirt.

Your cheeks warm, breathing becoming labored as his tongue presses passed your lips, both of his hands trailing down your body till they're against your hips as he leans his entire body against your own sandwiching you against the wall.

The moment he pulls away warm saliva drips from your lips, before your face darkens entirely red as he licks the tears from you skin. He even tilts your chin up to glide his tongue down the smooth skin of your neck, only to sink his teeth into your sensitive flesh.

"Ah, Katsuki!~" You nearly shout in utter surprise, clinging your hands around his neck unconsciously tilting your head back for him, as your body remembers the pleasure inducing pain he's given you numerous times before.

"Mine." He rasps against your skin, letting you feel the haze from his desire filled breaths as he licks and sucks against the mark insuring that not only do you have one hell of a bite mark but its also covered in the darkest hickey.

He smirks at the soft moan of his name that escapes your lips, while he trails his own over your shoulder, slowly making his way back up your chin before connecting his lips against yours again and again.

"We are meant to be together." He rasped between his many kisses, that refused to let you give your own answer. Not that you had one, his warmth and grasp were addicting, the flavor of his lips intoxicating. The love you felt for him burning as brightly as it did 8months ago.

"I missed you.." You finally whispered against his lips, feeling teary eyed again. "I waited..and waited, why didn't you come back to me sooner? You're a villain've hurt innocent can we be together?"

Your glossy (e/c) eyes stare deep into his own, begging him for all the answers you've sought while he was gone. Instead of answering right away, his hands push against your hips sliding to the back of your ass picking up both of your legs to wrap around his waist.

"I fucking love you (Y/n), that's how we can be together."

Those simple words were the only answer he gave you, as he pressed hot kisses against your neck and even nipped at the rim of your ear relishing in the arch of your body against his own as you squeezed your hands around his muscular shoulders.

He groaned against your skin as he gripped the bottom of your ass giving it a few squeezes before grinding his crotch against your clothed sex. Instantly your body shuddered feeling just how hard his cock was, as you tossed your head back and moaned his name.

The clothes against clothes contact started to instantly drive you wild, as you could very accurately feel the shape of his manhood as it rubbed against your clothed groin, eliciting some of the most sharpest moans and gasps of his name.

"I know what gets you hot." He growled into the rim of your ear, lapping his tongue against the shell as he husked incredibly dirty words, that he knew would entice your body and prickle your nerves with overwhelming desire.

Your breathing had become completely labored, skin tingly and seeping with heat, before suddenly your back was no longer against the wall. He smirked down at your panting lips and hazy with pleasure eyes, as he trailed over to his bed and through your down on top of it.

He gripped the hem of his muscle shirt quickly tossing it to the floor, before trailing his hands up both of your legs pushing them apart as he slid between. Instantly your hands caressed against his chest, unable to deny how attractive and irresistible those sculptured muscles were.

"Mhm, Fuck I forgot how much I loved the way you touch my muscles." His words had you smiling but it quickly turned into a blush as he was eager to relieve you of your shirt as well. Even pushing up your bra, tugging the material till it was just another item tossed to the floor.

He licked his lips admiring your supple round flesh before taking your right nipple between his teeth, sucking the hard bud and sliding his tongue in hazy slick circles completely coating your flesh with his saliva.

"Oh, Katsuki...that feels so good.." You nearly purred to him, gliding your hand up into his tresses as you relaxed completely under his dominating body.

He chuckled against your skin, peppering the tip of both of your nips with sensual kisses that no one besides you, his lover, would ever know he was capable of. That shuddering slow sway of pleasure, always had you aching for him, and he knew that all to well.

After giving both of your breasts a mixture of warm and wet love bites, he trailed his lips down your stomach kissing over your bellybutton grinning at the way your body wiggled and a small giggle left your lips, before pulling the button on your jeans apart and sliding the zipper down.

Your entire body prickled with a deep blush, as he slid your pants down kissing at your inner thigh even before the denim was on the floor. He bit into your flesh once again, leaving you another possessive bite mark on your inner thigh, before sliding his tongue against your panties.

"Mhm, Your panties are wet (Y/n). Let me clean you up."

Before you could even part your lips, his own were against your soft cotton lingerie licking his tongue up and down the outline of your clothed slit. Your voice instantly went up an octave as you whimpered his name tossing and turning your head, gripping the sheets bellow you with both hands.

He knew he wasn't even 'cleaning' you, he was only making the pool between your legs worse. He was making out with your lower half so intimately driving your senses wild, that you barely registered the removal of your undies, till you felt his tongue lap around the pink nub of your clit.

"Oh Katsuki!~ Don't s-suck so hard..o-oh my god, p-please!~" Even as you begged him not to, his lips were already wrapping around your clit sucking on it like one delectable piece of candy. He could even feel your legs jittering, as he swirled his tongue and even dipped the tip of his muscle between your folds tasting the inner warmth of your body.

The sweet taste of your juices, had him groaning from your all to irresistible flavor and even had his pants tightening till he could no longer resist his urges to completely ravage you.

He pulled away from your core licking the slick from his lips, hastily unzipping his pants letting them crumple to the floor leaving his all to erect cock on full display. A few hot and heavy pants left his lips as he pushed apart your legs, tracing the tip of his member against your wet slit.

"A-ah, oh...Katsuki, I.." Your lips quivered wondering just how much to tell him, but the moment you saw the look in his eyes that said he wanted you just as badly as you wanted him..any barrier you had against what was happening instantly crumbled.

"Katsuki, I w-want you so bad, no one makes me feel the way you do."

"That's right, only I get to pleasure your body." He growled, gripping his hand against your hips giving you no warning as he thrusts forward completely filling your body to the brim.

Instantly your hands shot up off the bed wrapping around his neck, pulling him as close to your body as possible. The groan of his name hazing directly into his ear, as you whimpered just ever so softly from being so full.

Only after a few seconds did he start roughly thrusting his hips back and forth, slamming into your heat feeling in accurate detail the warmth and drip of your womanly arousal. His lips found their way to your own, where with each thrust he tasted your every moan.

Your hands caressed his back, petting over his muscles and even digging your nails into his back when the pleasure was just to much. He never seemed to mind the passionate scars you gave his body, and even wore them proudly. Like he was smug about having a woman, who in the throws of pleasure marked his body.

He gripped your legs pushing them up and further apart, making you feel way more exposed then you wanted to be, but never could you even begin to protest before he was slamming even deeper into your body, pressing against all the right pleasure zones making you absolutely writhe beneath him.

"A-ah! I c-can't Katsuki!~" You whimpered trying to tell him about how close you were, you could even feel how close he was as the thrusting of his hips became more and more erratic.

With a few more slaps of his hips, pressing as deeply into your folds as possible, your body spasmed beneath him screaming his name in euphoric pleasure, as heavenly release swayed through your body.

He seemed to get off on the drag of your nails down his back, as he pulled away from your slick core coating the skin of your inner thighs with his sticky seed.

Your limbs fell lax against the bed, chest heaving up and down trying to relay air into your tired lungs. You could feel in embarrassing wet detail how slick your inner thighs were from your own arousal, making you wonder for a moment how wet the actual bed might be.

However, such thoughts were cut off the moment your hips were pushed against, the sweaty grip his palms pulling your body to flip completely over. He pushed your body up against the wall next to the bed, till both of your hands and breasts were flat against the surface.

"H-hah..Katsuki..t-this position.."

"Is one of your favorites." He smirked, pressing his cock up against your ass as he slid his hands over the curvature spreading both cheeks. "I missed that ass, as much as I missed the rest of you." He snickered, relishing in the way you gasped his name as he pressed the tip of his member into your back hole.

Your entire body shuddered from the new sensation, but his cock was still lathered with your juices making it easier for him to penetrate your sensitive back hole. Your moans of complete and utter ecstasy started, from the very first thrust and echoed around the room.

"Mhm, So tight..squeezing my cock so much.." He rasped, a husky and lustful growl in his voice as he slapped his hips against your ass creating a deep red tingle against your skin. He knew your body so well, maybe even better than his own..and you were always open to the pleasure he gave you.

"Oh Katsuki, I c-can't breath!~ I c-can't think straight.." Even though your lips were quivering from the overwhelming pleasure you managed to relay to him how good he was making you feel, and even enjoyed the way he was nipping at the nape of your neck.

His hands slid around your waist pushing and pulling your body to meet with his every thrust, rasping into the rim of your ear about how your ass was squeezing him so tightly you were basically milking his cock.

He knew from the way your body started to convulse, that you were close making him increase his pace slapping your ass even harder, gripping both of your tits till your body convulsed with another orgasm. Only then did he pull away warming the tingly skin of your ass with his seed, before you both were collapsing down against the bed.

The waves of pleasure consuming your body was a sense of euphoria you hadn't felt in a long time. He was always good at finding the right zones of your body to touch, caress, and even bite, that left you hot and bothered, begging for more.

Nothing changed. However, in reality everything had changed. He had abandoned you for 6 months, and despite his claim of never actually leaving you..being together with him again could not be so simple.

"Katsuki, answer me can we be together?"

He lifted his scarlet eyes to your face, an arch to his brow that told you he thought your question couldn't be more stupid. His hand touched your forehead, caressing the warm skin before petting through your unruly locks.

"(Y/n), do you love me?"

Your eyes widened, a stutter to your lips before you turned away, but he grabbed your cheeks and forced you back to his eyes.

"Do you fucking love me, (Y/n)? Yes or No?"

"Of course I do, stupid!" You hissed to him, wiping at the corner of your eyes trying your best to prevent tears from falling. He smiled pulling you to meet his lips, before wrapping his hands around your body and holding you against his sweaty chest.

"Then it's that fucking simple."


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Chapter Text

"Katsuki, I knew you would be up here. Get your lazy ass to class."

"I don't feel like it. I'm tired (Y/n), go the hell away."

Instantly you huffed, stomping to his side but he didn't even look at you as he rolled onto his elbow. He didn't seem to hear a word you said as you nagged at him, that sleeping on the ruff wasn't helping his education, nor would it help him be #1 but lately he was having a lot of difficulty paying attention in class but you had no idea why.

"Katsuki...ugh what is wrong with you?" Bending down you jostled his shoulder with a heavy frown, "I wanna help dummy, but you wont talk to me.."

He heard the concerned tone in your voice, slowly turning back to gaze at your face but almost instantly his scarlet eyes went to your half parted pink lips. Why did your lips have to look so soft? So succulent? Why did he watch the way they moved so intently?

A scowl started to form on his face as he pushed your hand away, telling you in the most annoyed voice he could muster that it wasn't your concern. However, such words only had your own frown forming, fingers gripping his blazer tugging him in your direction.

"Katsuki, if I have to drag you down the stairs I will!" You warned, gripping one of your hands around his wrist, pulling him as hard as you could. "Get the fuck up, I'm sick of your attitude." Even as you tugged him, your eyes pleaded with him to tell you what was wrong but, he wasn't even sure himself.

"(Y/n), just go away for fucks sake. Nag someone else, go find the nerd or something." He turned his head away so he wouldn't have to see the hurt expression on your face, retching his wrist from your grasp..which was a bad idea on his part.

The moment he pulled, the crouching position of your legs went off balance and you started tumbling forward. Luckily for you, a certain muscular body broke your fall.

Your cheeks were already warm before you opened your eyes to softly apologize but got darker when you saw the position you were in.

"Katsuki, I'm s-sorry.." You'd muttered softly, tilting your head up only realize one of your hands were pressed against his chest, the other on the left side of his head. One of your knee's between his legs, and his face mere inches from your own.

You barely took notice of the hand that was against your hip, his other on the ground. One of his legs must of raised in shock from your fall, because it was under your skirt inches away from your butt.

You thought he'd be huffing and hissing for you to immediately get off of him, but he seemed almost intrigued by your somewhat intimate position. The soft pink tint to his face uncharacteristic but it wasn't like he actually looked embarrassed, just curious.

"Katsuki..?" You whispered questioningly, feeling shy and nervous as the hand against your hip slid around to your back pulling you against his body. "What a-are you doing??" You stuttered pressing the flat of both of your palms against his chest.

"Be still stupid, I'm not going to hurt you." He huffed, in the same annoyed voice that had you feeling somewhat relieved. He was still himself even if he was acting really really weird.

Both of his hands wrapped around your back, holding onto your body giving you what felt like a hug, pressing your chests together, and even pressing his nose into your hair.

She smells like strawberries..Fuck why does that smell so good? Her body is so warm and soft, not to mention those tits pressed against my chest..Ugh..I both want to push her away and hold her tight..fuck she's messing with my head...

You'd just started to come to terms with being in his arms, finding it relaxing, even if you were against his had to admit to feeling very protected in those muscular arms. However, the moment was ruined when he suddenly shoved you to the side creating a fair amount of distance between you.


"Just go away."

Your brows furrowed in confusion before it was replaced by anger. You lifted the notebook from your book bag with the notes you were going to give him from the last class, and threw it square at the back of his head, not caring at all that it bonked him before falling to the floor.

"Stupid Katsuki, I hope you flunk!"

You scurried away from him slamming the door to the ruff, not even bothering to see if he was angry because at this point you honestly didn't care. He was confusing you so much with his moody actions, and the sudden odd affection which had your heart pounding face completely red.

Rubbing the back of his head he sighed picking up the journal from the floor before laying back against the ground. Your hand writing was detailed, you'd taken effective notes for him. There were even some side notes in the margin about certain things, with cute little faces that had him grinning shaking his head.

"It's just like you to take notes and doddle at the same time." He had a somewhat calm smile on his lips as he shuffled through all your notes. He paused when he came to a drawing you'd done of him, spiky hair and teeth with a chat bubble that said 'I'm going to be #1' in all caps.

His scarlet red eyes softened, wondering if you were thinking about him just as much as he'd been thinking about you? He wasn't stupid he knew you cared about him, and wanted him to succeed but were you thinking about him in any other ways?

He closed his eyes turning to the side burring his face against his arms, sighing as aggressively as possible. Lately he couldn't help but notice how matured your body was, since you'd both been in middle school. From your round breasts, your soft skin, the perfect way your hair framed your face..the plush pink outline of your lips..

I can't stop thinking about wanting to kiss her..She's just some girl though..I don't need her..

He was caught between his new found desire for you, and the pride he had as a loner. Of course a tough person like him wouldn't admit to having feelings for you, he kept assuring himself you were just friends, nothing more.

This is how the days played, he would go to school you'd be their and even if he didn't want to give you his attention he simply couldn't avoid you. He was drawn to everything about you.

From your (e/c) eyes, to the sound of your voice that he found himself wishing he didn't have to share with anyone else. Even the way you licked your lips when you were thinking about how to solve a question, had him grinning wanting to make fun of you.

He was even jealous of all the attention you gave other people, but could barely notice how you, yourself, watched him a lot as well. If only he could see how much your eyes wondered to him, how much you liked to sketch or doodle him in your notes, just because you found him relaxing to draw, even his rugged attitude where all he did was yell sometimes just made you smile.

When it was time to go home and Bakugou was no where to be found, you knew exactly where he was. So with a smile you told Ochako and Deku to go ahead without you, before making your way up to the schools ruff.

"I thought you might be here." His red eyes lifted in your direction before looking away, making a soft frown ghost over your lips before you slowly sat down next to him. "Did I do something to make you mad?" You questioned like a soft hurt kitten.

You didn't see it but he bit his lip hard, before the heaviest most aggressive sigh left his lips. Without looking his hand grabbed your own, and gave it a squeeze almost as if relaying, that you'd done nothing wrong.

It was a relieving gesture, but still you couldn't help but wonder why he couldn't look at you or tended to avoid you when you were around. If you didn't make him mad, then what was wrong with him?

You didn't have any idea what to say, so you simply leaned close and laid your head on his shoulder. Your fingers twined with his, feeling just how much bigger his hand was than your own and even the muscular outline of his knuckles.

He sighed again before laying his head on top of yours, bonking your head in the process making you groan and shove at his shoulder playfully before you both were just laughing, finally looking into his eyes

"(Y/n), you bug me so much you must like me." It sounded like a questioning statement but the grin on his face made it declarative, as he admired the blush that came to your cheeks. "That means if I wanted to kiss you, you would let me..right?"

Your eyes must of fluttered a thousand times, lips parting but no words forming. The pound of your heart aching in your chest, skin becoming absolutely warm and tingly. He seemed amused by your reaction, as he turned his body towards your own, cupping your chin.

"If you don't say no, in 3 seconds..I'm going to kiss you, and I don't want to hear any complaints."

As he pulled you towards him you barely had time to whisper his name, before your lips were together. It was such a slow and warm kiss, that felt right in every single way. It was like ice cream, wet, sweet and addicting.

It lasted all but a few seconds, the moment he pulled away meeting your softly lidded eyes and hazy pink cheeks, your hand albeit shaking nervously, gripped his blazers collar.

"I w-want another.." You whispered, panting softly feeling out breath despite how short the previous kiss had lasted.

His ruby red eyes blinked a few times before a grin spread to his lips, "Mhm, Another what (Y/n)?" He watched with a smile, at the way your eyes were completely focused on him, just like how he's always wanted.

"B-baka..." You muttered, sliding your hands around his neck pulling him closer to your body. "I want another kiss..please.." Your voice soft and alluring called to him, like a sirens song. Making it nearly impossible for him to tease you, as he simply had to give into your desire.

"Fuck, look what you do to me (Y/n).." He husked, sliding both of his hands up to grab your cheeks, letting you see the want in his eyes before pulling you to meet his lips again.

This time the kiss was deeper, as yours hands slid around each others bodies till your chests were smacked together. The sway of his warm lips was sending tingly vibes down the skin of your back, while at the same time calming your heart because he made you felt safe.

Slowly his hands change positions, one still against your cheek keeping your lips together like he absolutely refused to part from your succulent flavor for more than a second before connecting again and again, while his other hand slid down the skin of your neck and shoulder till, he was wrapping his long fingers around the outline of your breast.

"Ah, Katsuki.." You gasped detaching from his lips, blushing madly as you tried to take a step backwards but his hand slid around your back keeping you close.

"Just a little.." He whispered, leaning down to haze his gruff voice into the rim of your ear. "I just want to touch you a little, your tits have been calling to me for days." He dodged laughing at the way you tried to push at his face, giving you a genuine smile as he pressed a quick warm kiss against your half parted lips.

"Trust me shorty, I wouldn't hurt you."

The protests forming on your lips quickly died away, when you heard those gentle words. He wasn't being fair at all, saying something so genuine and romantic. How could you possibly say no? Of course you trusted him.

The moment you felt his fingers tracing the outline of your breast, you instantly leaned more into his body blushing darkly gripping one of your hands against his blazers sleeve but not pushing him away.

"Mh, Katsuki.." You mumbled, feeling the palm of his hand pressing into your chest. He was slow in the way he kneaded and caressed the outline of your breast, gliding his fingers even over to the other one, not so much squeezing but petting your round flesh.

"I knew they would be soft, but damn they're like marshmallows." Even though your heart was pounding, you managed a small giggle meeting his ruby red eyes.The soft way he was experimenting with your body should of been a little more concerning, but he was the person you cared about the most.

"What about a hickey? Can I give you a hickey?"

The moment he started to lean towards your neck, you squeaked his name loudly placing one of your hands over his lips. "W-wait..Katsuki..we're not even dating..yet?" You questioned, having no idea if the kiss from before meant what you wanted it to mean.

His brows furrowed, a raise to his beady red eyes that said he was on the verge of eating you alive. "(Y/n), do you just go around kissing whoever the fuck you want?" He seemed genuinely angry, as he wrapped both hands around your breasts and gave them a good squeeze making you gasp arching your body towards him.

"Or do I really have to spell it out for you? I get it if I do, maybe you're feeling especially slow today."

Before the angry words on the tip of your tongue could even leave your lips, he pushed at your hips pressing you back into the wall before smashing another kiss against your lips. Your entire body shuddered at the passionate way he stole your breath, not letting you say anything between his many kisses.

"Ka-katsuki.." You muttered weakly, gripping at at his shirt feeling absolutely hazy. He even slid his tongue past your lips, using your weak state to his advantage as he stickily coated your tongue with his saliva.

Eventually you returned his passionate french kiss, holding him close feeling the hot drip of your combined saliva edging down your chin. Oh this was everything you'd dreamed a kiss would be like, and so much more.

Only once your legs started to give out did he finally pull away, watching you like a lion stalking its prey as you panted and heaved aggressively for air. He only gave you a moment before, his hand pressed against your cheek sliding to your chin where he tilted your head up and started to lean down to your neck.

"I'm going to mark you as mine."

His lips pressed against your neck, placing the warmest kiss as he slide his tongue up and down. Out of instinct your body relaxed under his, leaning your head to the side allowing him complete access, as your eyes slid closed.

"Mhm, Katsuki..that feels good.." You murmured, in the softest moan of approval liking the warm sway of his lips as they kissed and sucked at your neck.

You felt the curl of his smirk against your skin, as he hotly slid his wet muscle up and down pressing kiss after kiss against your flesh, even sucking on the skin making these wet popping noises that had you gasping his name.

After several minutes of a hot make out with your neck, he finally pulled away admiring his sizable purple mark with a growing smirk on his face. You didn't have to even see the mark to know it was probably bigger than what it felt like, as you could feel an overwhelming heat and pulse coming from your neck that felt really tingly.

"(Y/n), will you be my girlfriend?"

You laughed at the way he actually decided to ask after all the posturing he did a minute ago and even the the possessive mark he'd given your skin. With a hum you pretended to think about his question, before leaning forward wrapping both hands around his muscular back.

"Only If I get to give you a Hickey too."


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Chapter Text


"She's so cute! Why doesn't she have a home?"

"Ah..that cat she's really unfriendly, she wont let anyone get close to her."

"She probably has rabies."

"I heard she bit someones pinkie off for just trying to pet her!?"

Rolling to your side, you mew'd softly to yourself trying shut out the words you heard nearly every single day. Sleeping in a tree had its advantages, at least the humans couldn't get to you so easily. Not to mention a pretty view of a lake in the distance with sparkling blue water.

Those words the humans said as they walked by, wasn't anything new. They all took one look at you and thought you were a disease carrying rabid stray. Even if it wasn't your fault you didn't have a home. It wasn't like you asked to be thrown out on the street, all it took was a master who decided he didn't want you anymore..for you to loose the comfort of a warm place to sleep.

"Oi whiskers, I fucking told you a few days ago its dangerous to sleep in trees."

You lifted yourself up at the familiar sound of his voice, one of the humans who actually bothered talking to you. He was always huffing and yelling, but despite how annoyed he made you couldn't deny the small happiness that came with having someone to talk to.

"And I told you Porcupine head, that I do what I want." You murred ever so softly, as you stretched out your arms raising your ass in the air curling your long furry tail in the process.

It was lost on you how, those red eyes admired the curve of your body, even though he was hissing to you a very detailed threat that included his full name. You watched him with calm eyes, and an eager smile as your tail sashayed back and forth.

Suddenly he's turning away covering his face, not letting your see the soft blush on his cheeks muttering to himself that you're kind of cute. Although, you never heard a word he said as you waited curiously for him to turn back.

"Bakagou, are you feeling slow today?" You giggled at the way his head instantly whipped in your direction, a scowl on his face. "I bet your hair could poke out an eye ball, are you related to the porcupine species?"

"You shitty cat! My name is Bakugou Katsuki, learn to fucking remember peoples names!" He growled, flexing one of his hands making sparks flare from his palm.

You yawned, covering your mouth as you mewed unable to stop a small giggle from the way he rolled his eyes as you spoke, "Oh, I'm so scared~ I bet you can't even climb a tree?~" Licking the back of your hand, your tail sashayed as your eyes challenged him.

"I'll fucking show you!" He hissed stomping forward, but the moment he placed his hand on the tree a few other people started calling out to him.

"Oi Bakugou, What are you doing in the park?"

"It's a public place Kirishima-kun, anyone can walk through the park." Mina sighed, walking side by side with him till they were right in front of Bakugou.

"I know that!" Kirishima hissed, before looking at Bakugou rubbing the back of his head with a sheepish chuckle. "I just meant the park isn't a very many place, didn't think Bakugou would be here."

"I can walk where ever the fuck I want." Bakugou huffed, calling Kirishima a dunce starting to turn around so he could continue his conversation with you, but both of his fellow classmates interrupted asking him some questions about homework they were concerned with, saying he was one of the smart people and they needed help.

Your ears drooped from the moment Bakugou started talking to his friends, he looked annoyed but they acted like they were good friends. Your tail curled at the tip, ears clamping down against your head before making your way around the tree to another branch slinking away from them, unable to stop a small tear from forming in your eye.

He had friends. He has people to talk to. I should of known..He wasn't alone like I am. I thought..I don't know what I thought. I was happy that he saw me, He was the only one who never felt fake..The only one who didn't treat me like..trash.

A few tears warmed your cheeks, as you found a quiet place to curl up into ball mewing softly and sorrowfully, wanting someone to hold you in their arms..but it was a dream that just wouldn't come true.

After explaining to Kirishima and Mina, in a very aggressive way how to do the homework they were having trouble with, Bakugou immediately turned back expecting you to still be sitting in the tree tail drooping bellow the branch a curious kitty expression on your face but, you were long gone.

"What you looking for Bakugou-kun?" Mina asked curiously looking up a the same tree with a confused head tilt.

His brows arched angrily, turning and shoving passed both of his classmates. The expression on his face a mix of irritation and annoyance.

"You idiots scared away My cat."

He was already stalking home, missing the confused expression on both of their faces as they turned to each other the same question on the tips of their tongues.

"I didn't know Bakugou had a cat?"


Days went by where you didn't see Bakugou at all. You only had yourself to blame, you didn't even say goodbye to him before you left. In the past you always said goodbye to each other in the most silly fashions, purposefully annoying each was like you had your own language.

"Where are you Porcupine head.." You questioned with a soft mew, wondering if you should adopt some of the characteristics of a dog and follow him home one day, just to know where he lived. "I Hope he's okay..."

Your tail wagged heavily back and forth, before you let it droop over the branch you were laying on. With a lazy yawn, that showed off your kitty fangs you rested your head against your arms and closed your eyes, however before you could even drift into a comfortable little cat nap..something tugged your tail.

Instantly your eyes shot open, a very loud yelp-like hiss leaving your lips as you frantically looked left and right with very pink cheeks. It took but a mere second for your sharp (e/c) eyes to find the ruby red ones, they've been longing for.

"B-baka! Did you just pull my tail?!?" You stuttered, cheeks warm and red but unable to deny the twitch in your lips that had them smiling. It was alleviating to see him again.

He snickered, showing off the white of his teeth before he started climbing the tree. "What If I did, little miss kitty? What are you going to do?" He rose up the tree as quickly as, you would have yourself, till he was sitting on the branch next to you smirking.

Your cheeks puffed out in mock protest, feeling a little shy from how close he was. He'd never been right next to you before, not to mention how he'd never touched your tail..the most sensitive part of your kitty body.

"Stupid porcupine head, ya know the other humans say I'm rabid..what if I infect you?" You mewed to him softly, as you leaned forward if he was scared his eyes didn't reflect it. Without thinking about it, your tongue licked gently against his cheek before pulling away with blushing cheeks and fluttering ears.

"That w-was an apology for not saying goodbye to you b-before.." You muttered looking away, not seeing the curious expression on his face that quickly edged up into a grin.

"Well whiskers, you're not forgiven. I'm fucking mad." You turned back to him heart dropping, feeling scared as your ears pressed down against your head, but the moment he turned his head pressing a finger to the other side of his cheek, you could tell he wasn't actually upset.

"Don't make that face, it makes it harder to tease you." He chuckled, tapping his index finger against his cheek. "I still want another kiss, or lick, or hell give me both. Then I'll forgive you."

Your entire face puffed into a pink, ears fluttering, tail wagging and curling, almost in pace with how fast your heart started thumping. "A k-kiss..?" You whispered, glancing immediately at his lips before focusing on his cheek. It wasn't like you were opposed to giving him another lick..but-.

"I can always just go home." He shrugged his shoulders, turning away almost immediately panic flared in your body making you grab his wrist with desperate eyes pleading with him not to go.

His brows arched at the pained look on your face, sliding one of his hands up to cup your cheek. He was almost sure you'd flinch away from his touch or pull away being the snarky cat that he knew you to be, but you leaned into his touch like you were desperate for his contact.

"Why the hell do you look sad, Whiskers?"

Instead of answering him, you leaned forward pressing your soft lips against his warm cheek giving him a quick peck and a soft wet lick. Both of your hands slid around his shoulders, before slowly pressing the tip of your nose against his neck mewing his name ever so softly.

"Don't go." Was all you could say.

His eyes softened, wrapping both of his hands around your back pulling you closer hugging you tight against his body. "Fuck you really know how to make someone feel bad." He huffed against the rim of your ear sending shivers down your spine as your tail slowly wagged drawing his attention.

Smirking he petted his hand down your back and over the shape of your ass, feeling your body jitter before his fingers wrapped around your fluffy long tail. You gasped his name squeezing his shoulders as he caressed up and down the slender furry outline.

"Mhm, was that a moan?" He teased, pressing his lips against the skin of your neck. The wave of soft pleasure that slid down your body from the gentle outline of your tail and warm kisses had you purring, leaning into his body with hazy warm cheeks.


"Katsuki." He corrected cutting you off, pulling away to meet your fluttering eyes and cat ears. "I want to hear you purr my name." He rasped, sliding one of his hands against the back of your head pushing you to meet his lips.

It took a second after the initial surprise of his warm lip lock, till you were returning it. Parting your lips you felt his tongue, only to mew his name when your muscles started hazily dancing and sliding over each other.

After several minutes of a warm and wet french kiss, he pulled away smirking at your hazy round eyes. Pressing your head down, he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the tip of one of your fluffy kitty ears, giving it a nibble.

"Ah, Katsuki..d-don't bite my ears.." You mewed, starting to pout when he had no intention of listening to you, as he kept biting and licking the rim inducing some soft moans from your lips. Realizing two could play at this you game, you leaned down biting on the rim of his ear nibbling and pulling on it with your teeth.

"Mhm, I think we should move off this branch and find some place more private." He rasped, pulling away to give you another quick kiss, before motioning you to follow behind him as he climbed down the tree. He knew more than enough that you could get down on your own, but he stilled grabbed your hips pulling you against his chest as you hopped down in front of him.

"Hmm, where to go? Deeper into the wounds?" He suggested, sliding his hand down your wrist and into the cracks of your fingers. Your tail was wagging behind you excitedly, you knew where this was going and didn't mind, and even started to get a sort of romantic idea.

" the lake under that bridge..I d-don't think anyone will see us.." You murmured blushing, at the grin that slid up his handsome face.

"Good idea." Tugging you along behind him, he trailed you both through the trees and slowly down the embankment next to the lake. Your eyes watched the sparkling water for a few seconds, smiling at the gentle sound of wading waves before you were under the bridge.

You mewed to him softly as he leaned you back against the concrete wall, sliding his hands against your hips pressing his chest against yours. "This is a nice spot, secluded and spacious." He smirked as he pressed his hand against the side of your neck, leaning to meet your lips in the middle.

Instantly your own hands wrapped around his muscular frame holding him close, meeting the warm sway of his tongue. Slowly he trailed his lips down the side of your neck, pressing kiss after kiss even licking hot and hazy circles around the skin till a few puffy pink hickey's were forming.

"Mrr..Katsuki..Your kisses feel so amazing.." You purred him, leaning forward to nuzzle your nose against his own neck before sliding the rough tip of your tongue up and down, picking a patch of his flesh to suck. He seemed to enjoy the sway of your lips, as he groaned your name softly before you pulled away admiring your mark.

"Mhm, (Y/n), I'm going to give you so much more than a kiss." He rasped, a lustful trill in the sound of his voice as he trailed his hands all over your body. You arched into his frame at the outline of both of your breasts, before he started unbutton your shirt.

Once the last button separated he pushed the material to hang off your shoulders so he could admire the shape of your breasts in your cute cotton bra. Your cheeks were a mass of blushes as he licked his lips, edging forward till he was sliding his tongue down them middle of your breasts.

With a soft moan of his name you slid your hand into his soft spiky tresses. He smiled against your skin, placing a kiss against the top of your chest before curling his fingers under your bra and sharply tugging it up to free your breasts.

You gasped his name but before you could even think about hiding yourself his lips were already against one of your nips, sucking the skin like a sweet piece of candy. The hot sway of his tongue as it licked warm and wet circles, had your tail sashaying back and forth displaying how turned on he was making you feel.

Using the edge of his teeth he tugged your tit, smirking at the way you mewed his name in protest tossing your head back. "Ah Katsuki, b-biting me..I'll bite you back.." You assured him, meeting his beady red eyes with your own determined ones, but all he could focus on was the flutter of your fluffy kitty ears.

"Oh, I'm so scared, kitten." He snickered, lapping his tongue purposefully against your hard bud getting you to moan his name before pulling back to slide off his black shirt that had a skull in the middle of it. Your eyes couldn't help but admire the shapely outline of his muscles, he had a very toned and muscular body.

"Like what you see?~" He teased stepping back over to you, gliding his fingers along the skin of your stomach before wrapping around your breast giving it a rather soft squeeze.

You mewed a soft moan, unable to deny how you loved that your breast seemed to fit well within his grasp. "Ah, I think you have really nice're so handsome.." You admitted with rosy cheeks, and shy kitty flutter to your eyes and ears.

He looked away with a huff covering his face momentarily but you could see a soft pink to his pale cheeks that had you smiling, unable to stop a giggle. He turned back raising his brows as if challenging you before smirking, sliding his hand over your breast teasing the nipple before giving it a pinch.

"Ah!~ Katsuki!~"

"That's right moan my name, I want you mewing and purring my name letting the extra's in the park know whose making you feel good."

The insanely husky rasp of his voice nearly had your fur and skin prickling, want and desire mixing together. One of his hands slid over your belly button, till it was dipping into the waistband of your pants and panties.

You gasped his name clinging to his body, as he traced the outline of your wet slit leaning down to pull the rim of your ear with his teeth as he husked a hazy desire against your skin.

"You're so wet, fuck, spread your legs for me whiskers." It sounded like a demand but the press of his lips against your neck giving you a soft gentle kiss, let you know he asking.

With a sashay and curl of your tail, the softest mew of his name leaving your lips you edged your legs apart wrapping your arms around his neck as you leaned your head back against the wall giving into the pleasure he wanted to give you.

His slender digit traced up and down the outline of your lower lips, smirking at the way your body jittered when he traced the sensitive nub of your clit. It wasn't lost on him how he could hear you purring very accurately, even before he pressed a finger into your core.

Your claws dug into the skin of his back, as he started thrusting his finger back and forth feeling in intimate detail the inner warmth of your body. He kept husking lascivious words about how wet you were making his digit, and even admitted to loving the way you were mewing and moaning his name.

He added another finger increasing his pace, curling up and down pressing against all the right pleasure zones that had your tail trembling as it wrapped around his wrist squeezing him for dear life. His lips even left you a few more love bites on the edge of your shoulder and top of your chest, as if desperate to claim you as his.

"A-ah, Katsuki, p-please!~ I'm g-going to c-cum!~" You whimpered feeling desperate and jittery, as your nails squeezed his back muscles.

He pressed against your body, thrusting his fingers back and forth at an incredible pace that was making you moan louder than you wanted to, but you couldn't be bothered to care if anyone would hear you or not. The aggressive curling of his finger swiped against that spot that had you mewing out a whimper, before sweet release swayed through your body.

Your body shuddered when he removed his fingers, pulling them from your pants admiring how slick you'd made his digits before licking them clean. He grinned at your hazy expression, and the soft way you were panting from over stimulation.

"Katsuki.." You mewed, "I w-want to make you feel good too.." Your voice was soft and shy, but you still managed to meet his eyes before running one of your hands along his chest. You weren't even sure if he wanted you to touch him, but he smirked grabbing your hand guiding it lower till it was tracing the outline of his hard cock.

He was most certainly very aroused, as even looking down with fluttering eyes you could tell his manhood was pressing against his tight pants like it wanted to be free. Slowly your fingers pressed and squeezed him through his pants, ears fluttering when he moaned your name clearly enjoying the way your fingers felt.

Such noises were encouraging as you gained confidence, wanting to actually touch his manly muscle. With a slow deep breath your fingers pulled at the button on his pants, sliding the zipper down. He could tell you were still nervous, so he had no qualms about just letting his pants drop to the floor till his cock was on full display.

Your ears flickered cheeks dusting with a pink, as you couldn't help but mutter softly that he was bigger than you thought. Such words just fed his ego, making him snicker as he grabbed your hand and helped you stroke his length.

Even though you nearly pulled away from initial contact, his muscle actually felt soft. The groans of your name, letting you know he was feeling good, so this was okay. When he pulled back you'd already started your own rhythm of pumping his length up and down, even squeezing just enough to elicit some sharp hisses of pleasure from him.

Desire and curiosity feed your actions as you leaned forward pressing your lips against the muscles of his chest before edging your knee's to the the ground. He seemed completely caught off guard the moment your tongue slid out and lapped at the tip of his dick.

"Mhm, Fuck, I thought you were shy?" He snickered, sliding one of his hands over your kitty ears petting your head, "Not that I mind..s-shit use your tongue more.." He groaned leaning back as your wet tongue lapped around his girth, up and down before slowly edging him into your mouth.

His petting of your ears and hair encouraged you to bob your head back and forth, slowly taking more and more of him in till you were nearly choking . It was embarrassing how he barely fit in your mouth, not to mention the way his hips started to sway like he wanted to deep throat you.

Your hands pressed against the smooth skin of his hips trying to steady the sway of his hips, but the warmth of your mouth was too much. He wanted more, he wanted to feel you moan against his cock, saliva coating him entirely,and even feel the sway of your tongue swirl.

The friction from his movement was making your lips numb, a somewhat bitter taste against your tongue. He husked something about being close, but your body was to hazy to respond or even pull away if that was what he wanted.

Out of instinct his hand pressed against your head feeling the overbearing warmth of your mouth, before his sticky arousal was filling your mouth and sliding down your throat. When he pulled away, you swallowed his bitter seed coughing softly wiping at your lips. He hadn't actually been very rough but the feeling and taste caught you off guard.

"That was fucking sexy." He grinned, pulling your hand getting you to stand back up as he leaned you back into the wall trailing his hands down the skin of your hips, dipping his fingers into the waistband of your pants.

"I'm going to make sure you're mewing and moaning my name, as loud as possible." It was a possessive rasp-like promise, that hazed into your ear as he tugged both your pants and panties down, lifting up both of your legs to wrap around his waist.

Your hands clung to his shoulders, squeezing your legs around his waist gasping out a soft moan at the feeling of his member grazing against your slit. With a soft mew of his name you licked his cheek much like earlier, before giving him a wanting and desire filled kiss, that he completely returned.

During the lip lock, he slid your body down against his cock pressing himself into your warmth, smirking at the moan and gasp of his name that hazed into his mouth but he wouldn't let you pull away from your steamy kiss.

After your tongues mixed together for several long french kisses, he started to pull away but you couldn't help yourself when your teeth clamped around his bottom lip and nibbled his soft flesh. He actually shuddered from the sudden sensation, squeezing your body groaning.

"I guess you weren't kidding, about biting me too, from earlier." He grinned, liking the gentle sound of your laughter, before sliding his hands to the bottom of your ass where he immediately started bouncing your body against his.

Your moans started out soft, hazing into the rim of his ear as you squeezed his body against your own. The deep thrusting of his hips, pressing into your body was maddening. If he wasn't holding you up, your body would be trembling tired from the intense course of pleasure.

"A-ah!~ Mhm!~ Katsuki, s-so fast!~" You purred his name, moaning and mewing just like he wanted from the pleasurable stimulation. Your claws were digging into his skin leaving him some faint scratches, but he didn't seem to mind, if anything the pain had him groaning thrusting even faster.

"I can feel how wet your kitty is.." He teased licking his tongue up and down the rim of your ear, as he squeezed both of your cheeks. "You're soaking my cock, shit it feels so fucking good." He growled slamming your body down against his girth, feeling the accurate way your entire body squeezed him.

You couldn't even form words other than mews and moans of pleasure, gripping your tail around one of his wrists squeezing him with every part of your body. He smiled down at your tail, as his thrusts started to become sloppy and erratic desperate for his own release.

The moment your kitty fangs bit the smooth skin of his shoulder, sweet heavenly release coursed through your body. He hissed even louder than you did, at the slick sensation of your arousal thrusting desperately a few more times before pushing you up against the wall coating the floor bellow both of you with his manly seed.

Both of you were panting heavily, as you held each other. You could feel the pleasurable pulse from your lower half and even feel a slick wet sensation against your thighs. Your eyes noticed the bite you'd given his shoulder, leaning forward to lick it gently as if apologizing.

"Nothing you did hurt me." He scoffed, pulling away to meet your eyes where he had your face focus entirely on his. "I never listened to any of the things the stupid Extra's in the park said, I only ever came here because there was a snarky kitty."

Your ears fluttered at his words, heart thumping softly in your chest. That was what you wanted to hear weeks ago, months ago, even a few days ago. He came here for you, and only you.

"I haven't been here the past few days because I was telling my nag of a mom about you." He huffed rolling his eyes, as he explained in an annoyed voice how he hated that you had to sleep outside all by yourself. "I been trying to convince her to let you stay with us."

Your ears perked up, a smile coming to your face tears pricking your eyes. He cared about you that much to give you a place to stay? It'd been awhile since your previous owner abandoned you, and honestly you were used to being outside.

"Does that make you my new master?" You questioned curiously with a head tilt.

His brows furrowed in automatic anger before deflating at the clamp of your ears around your head. He had zero intentions to see that sad face, so he cupped your cheeks with both hands pulling you to meet his lips.

He only spoke to you after relaying that soft sway of affection, the words having warm tears sliding down your cheeks.

"I don't want to be your master, I want to be your equal."
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Chapter Text


The sound of soft snoring filled the room, a tight grip around your waist that was holding you rather possessively. The hot breath of his parted lips fanned against the nape of your neck, warming and tingling your skin. His fingers despite being long and slender were rough and calloused making you realize he'd had an abnormaly antagonizing life.

Who'd believe you'd have a man like him in your bed? A man who didn't seem capable of romantic or loving gestures, a mindset that was similar to a child's..but he still had a manly body, and you'd find out in a very passionate way, that he also had adult sexual desires.

"Tomura?" You question softly, using the space between your bodies to turn over and look down at his sleeping features.

You thought he might be awake, since his hands weren't squeezing your body anymore and had fallen rather lax, but when his chest heaved slowly and soft breaths left his dry lips, it became obvious he was still asleep.

Which you couldn't blame him for, you knew what he did. A villain who wanted All Might to fall, and even though you knew in excruciating detail how he planned to kill him, you still couldn't help but be drawn to him.

Like A moth drawn to his flame from the very first time you bumped into him. Which was actually at a popular mall in town, he seemed to be scurrying away from someone with haste and smacked into you when he rounded a corner.

His intense burgundy red eyes, and mummy like dry skin sent a shiver down your spine, telling you to stay away or he'd snuff out the flame the was your life..but even so..that first meeting that lasted but a few seconds would not be the last time you saw him.

Your eyes admired his sleeping facial features, he had kind of a haggard appearance but he was still handsome, and to be honest what attracted you to him first was that light blue hair. Not wanting to wake him less he have to immediately leave like gently edged closer to him resting your head on his pale chest wrapping an arm around his back closing your eyes as you thought about everything that lead you to this point.


Sometimes at night when you were feeling restless you'd walk through a park that was close to your house. Walking at night was actually really relaxing, no one was hardly ever around, and the sun rising just enough to illuminate the park in a thin veil of light was beautiful. Even a gentle breeze cascaded around your body, being outside at this time always had some of the best weather.

It wasn't like you were the type to go for a morning jog, but sometimes you'd trace the outline of the river, just enjoying the smell of the water. While walking down the middle pathway between the tree's your eyes looked over to a bench noticing a man clad in completely black sitting their all by his lonesome.

Well you thought he was by himself, but upon closer inspection there were a few pigeons around his feet. He was tossing what looked like bread crumbs to them, the image making you smile as you eased over.

"They really like you, they always fly away when I get close to them." You called making an attempt at small talk, as your feet softly clacked against the ground till you were standing right next to him.

The moment he looked up revealing a familiar face with cracked lips and sharp red eyes, your skin prickled with an intense chill. He seemed caught off guard by your presence as he stood up and immediately started walking away. You didn't really mean to startle him or...offend him, but something inside you didn't want him to leave so you said the first thing that came to mind.

"Biting your lips is bad, you should try relieving your stress in another way."

He stopped in his tracks, you thought he might turn back and tell you to butt out of his business, however he actually started laughing. The octave in his tone sent a small shiver down your back, his voice was soft and deep at the same time. How was it possible to achieve such a suave balance?

"There is no potion to heal this damage." He turned back, walking straight towards you hands in his pockets till they were lifting pressing against the side of your neck. His eyes danced with amusement, from the way you immediately recognized just how intense the situation got.

"I don't like people telling me what to do, when you're dead you wont have any extra lives"

You could feel sweat forming on your brow, the expression on his face serious. He definitely had no qualms about killing you if he had to, but the way he said it had an idea forming in your head. With a soft breath, that had your eyes and his focusing on each other you spoke.

"But the plumber told me I had an extra life?"

His eyes rose before completely starting to cackle, sliding his hand away letting your body almost fall backwards from relief. "I held your life in my hands just like these pigeons, who flock to me daily when I'm here because I give them food. They depend on me, and they could die so easily without me, I pity them for being so pathetic."

"It's n-not wrong to enjoy being around someone, even if its a dependent relationship." You caressed your neck like you'd been injured, taking a breath before pointing your finger at the small creatures around you. "They may not be able to say 'thank you' but not being afraid of you and flocking to you like you said, they show their gratitude by staying close."

He hummed in thought, chewing his lip in the process it was like second nature for him it seemed. "Birds are just birds." Was all he said, it felt like he meant to say humans are just humans from the narrow of his eyes. He turned and abruptly left you there with a quizzically raised brow, a thought at the back of your head where you wondered if you'd see him again.

After that you began going to that park nearly everyday around the same time, in hopes you'd see him again. Whether it was feeding the birds or just sitting on the bench, you just wanted to see him.

It would seem he almost expected to see you again, as he was there waiting the next day. Slowly you had conversations about many things, from the pigeons, to even the Hero's of society and even games since he made a lot of game-like references in his speech patterns.

Sometimes you feed the pigeons together, and even learned about his quirk and why your body knew out of pure instinct to be frightened of the threat of his touch. He could disintegrate your body if he wanted too, luckily you seemed to be on his good side.

"Shigaraki-kun, I wish you'd stop biting your lips. They are so cracked and chapped already." You told him one day, digging into your pocket to pull out a small tube. "I know this might be kind of girly, but even guys use chap stick. I just want your lips to heal, and this will keep them hydrated."

He blinked his burgundy red eyes taking the small cylindrical tube, looking to your lips before tracing a finger against his own. "If I can't bite my lips, then let me bite yours."

It was such a simple phrase, that you didn't even register till he was leaning forward pressing his rough fingers against your cheek wrapping his teeth around your bottom lip giving it an intense bite that had you gasping his name from shock fluttering your eyes at his close foggy red ones.


He chewed on your lip like a kitten, you could feel him leaving you a small crack enough to where he could taste your blood. He seemed surprised that you hadn't even tried to pull away, not to mention how utterly soft your lips were compared to his.

Your cheeks were warm and pink, as the sudden act of him pulling your hair caught you completely off guard as he tugged you towards him enough to press the entirety of his pale cracked lips against your own.

His kiss actually felt rather nice despite the rough texture, and whats even more heart race inducing was the way he seemed to enjoy your flavor as he turned one kiss into many. Even sliding his slimy tongue over your lush pink lips, before pressing it down your throat making you whimper into his mouth.

Several of his fingers pressed against the back of your head, keeping you still and perfectly in place as he coated your muscle with his slick saliva letting it pool at the back of your throat before swallowing the moment he pulled away.

"So your chap stick is cherry flavored." He spoke simply, his eyes not even looking at the tube in his hand making your cheeks warm. He'd tasted the flavor from your lips, enjoying the intense shy flutter your eyes gave him..


"I think I like the flavor, I don't need this tube if I can just have your lips."

This time when he leaned forward, you were more prepared and even met him in the middle, letting your lips smack together several times and even slid a hand over his chest till it was wrapping around his slender shoulders. He was even careful in the way he pulled you closer, making sure all 5 of his fingers were never touching the same place at the same time.

Suddenly he's detaching standing as he slides several fingers around your wrist tugging you along behind him. "W-wait Tomura..w-where are you taking me?" You missed the wide grin that came to his face, liking the sound of his first name from your lips way more than he should of.

"I'm going to see if the rest of you tastes like Cherry."

Your entire face blossomed into a very intense rosy red, as he rounded the corner to the park. Was he saying what you thought he was saying? This was escalating really quickly but to say you hadn't been thinking about what his lips would feel like against your skin would be a damn lie.

"W-wait, go down this street my place is a few blocks away." You murmured, blushing madly at the turn of his head showing you a wide grin on his intense features before he was leading you quickly down the sidewalk. He listened to every word you said following your directions, till you were sliding your key through the lock of your door and walking into your apartment.

"Make y-yourself at home." You mumbled softly, easing off your shoes starting to lead the way down the hall but he grabbed your elbow pushing you up against the wall. He placed both hands on either side of your head with a toothy grin.

"Don't mind if I do." He started to lean down only to notice your wall starting to decay. He quickly moved a few of his fingers giggling in a very child-like way, mumbling "Oopsie, your wall might have a few holes in it.." before wrapping his teeth around your lip biting the soft appendage a few times before pressing hot and heavy kisses.

Both of your hands pressed against his chest, before gripping at his black hoodie moaning into his mouth from the passionate sway of his tongue. You could feel the lick and lap of his muscle as it tasted every slick surface your mouth had to offer.

One of his hands slid over the curves of both of your breasts, giving each several squeezes murmuring in approval from how squishy they felt between his fingers. Once he pulled away he grinned down at your heavy panting placing both of his hands on your shirt.

For a moment you thought he was going to pull it off, but then it started to completely decay into a gray powder till you were just standing there in your bra blushing madly. Just as your hands were flying up to cover yourself, he grabbed both shoving them above your head an intense expression on his face as he shook his head.

"Don't move." He husked, licking his dry lips warning you if you wiggled to much his hands might slip and disintegrate you and it wouldn't be a very pretty sight.

He let your hands fall to your side once you'd understood, using the tip of his index finger to slide under the middle of your bra where he tugged the material sharply till your breasts were on full display.

You whimpered his name the moment he leaned down and slid the tip of his tongue against the nub of your nip. He even wrapped his lips around the bud sucking, and pressing his teeth into your flesh making your entire body shudder arching as you moaned his name.

One of your hands slide into his wavy light blue hair, tossing and turning your head as he nibbled the tip of your nip and even tugged it between his teeth. "Not exactly cherry tasting, but still sweet and soft..makes me want to eat them." His words felt so genuine maybe because he had no desire to lie, so he was purely straight forward with his desire.

"Tomura, i-it feels good.." You murmured to him, hoping to relay to him that he was making you feel amazing. Even the way he was chewing your flesh, which should of been a little concerning just had tingles of pleasure sliding through your body.

His warm breath hazed against your skin, as he switched to the other breast giving it similar pleasurable treatment, even sliding his cracked lips against the outer rim sensually teasing your bud before snapping his teeth around it and tugging roughly

"A-ah!~ Mh Tomura!~" Your head tossed back, pressing your breast more into his mouth feeling the accurate and sticky sway of his muscle.

The palm of his warm flesh slides down the edge of your stomach, making you gasp his name the moment he starts tugging your pants down. "Tomura w-wait, lets move to my b-bed.." You whispered, placing your hand on his cheek lifting his head away from your wet and bruised nipple.

"Fine, I was getting tired of standing anyway." He grinned, pulling away enough to let you free yourself from the cold surface of the wall, trailing in step with you as you lead the way down the hall and into a spacious bedroom.

The moment you turned sitting on the bed you watched him slide off the thin material of his black hoodie, and even grip his under shirt till his extremely pale manly chest was on display. "I can remove your pants for you, like I did you shirt." He snickered, flexing one of his hands reaching for the leather material chuckling at the way you backed away from his grasp.

"I c-can take them off, You destroyed one of my favorite shirts.." You pouted to him, but you weren't really upset. The intimate situation really had your full attention, but later you'd probably really start to miss that shirt.

Sliding your hands down your stomach you edged the button on your pants apart, before sliding the zipper down and edging the material off till you were slowly kicking it to the floor. Your entire face twinged at the way his smoky red eyes took in the almost naked image of your body.

"Humans are really so delicate, your body looks like it would break in half at the slightest act of aggression." He pressed one of his hands against your knee using his other hand to shove you backwards till your back flopped onto the bed. He trailed the sharp nail of his index finger up your skin, leaving you several scratches along your unblemished skin.

With each nick, your body twitched gasping his name feeling the twinge of both soft pleasure and sharp pain. Once he was looming over your body, he leaned down biting into the skin of your neck leaving you a deep bite only to lap his tongue against it moments later as if apologizing, but it was more like he was curious how your body would react to pleasurable pain.

"H-hah, Tomura despite my soft flesh, I think you might know how resilient people can be." You tried to sound confident, telling him you weren't frightened of the way he was being rougher with your body. You might of indicated to him that the right amount of pleasure and pain, would have you melting like putty in his hands.

He pulled away from your neck after leaving your skin wet and darkly covered in a savage bite mark and even many purple pulsating hickeys. As if testing you he pressed the tip of his pinky into the skin of your cheek, before sharply cutting into your flesh.

Your lips parted gasping, eyes wincing from slight discomfort but never did you make any efforts to push him away. He blinked his eyes curiously leaning down to lap the trickle of blood bubbling from the wound he'd given you. Even more did you wince from the sear of pain and the lap of his muscle, before surprising him when one of your hands pressed against the back of his head pushing him to meet your lips.

It was unsurprising that you could taste the small bitter inclination of your own blood, as your lips swayed against each other. You were so caught up in the kiss you wanted, that you didn't notice his calloused fingers tiptoeing down your hips till they were pressing into the outline of your clothed lower lips.

You moaned into his mouth trying to pull away, but he was demanding as he refused to let you leave his cracked lips in favor of him devouring your own. His tongue started swaying with yours again, giving you several minutes of passionate steamy french kiss while he caressed several digits against your panties tracing your womanly outline noting in lustful detail how damp you'd made them.

Once he pulled away their was an incredible sticky line of saliva connecting your tongues together, that had your heart thumping haphazardly. He husked something you didn't hear about cherry flavoring, but your mind was to hazy to fully comprehend.

His chapped lips slid down the front of your chest letting you feel the odd sensation on your breasts, stomach, and even the skin of your inner thigh as he spread both of your legs and lapped his tongue against the smooth skin before biting into the perfect flesh.

"O-oh!~ Tomura, d-don't bite me right there!~" You whimpered, gripping your hands against your bed feeling the twinge of pain that was so close to your danger zone. He didn't care of course, for your protest as he lapped his tongue up and down insuring it wouldn't fade anytime soon liking the indention of his teeth.

Suddenly he's pressing the tip of his nose directly into your panties, giving your silky lingerie the most embarrassing whiff. "Mhm, another fragrance that is not cherry but I'm not complaining." Before you could even part your lips, he was sliding his tongue down the middle of your slit several times making any words you wanted to say turn into sharp moans of his name.

"O-oh..Tomura..d-don't lick me right there.." You whimpered ever so softly, legs jittering threatening to clamp over his wavy blue hair.

He frowned before he absolutely started ravaging your lower half, with intense licks and even passionate kisses. His fingers kept your legs wide apart so you wouldn't even think about closing or squeezing them shut. He made out with your womanly outline, till your panties were but a intense wet mess.

"Telling me what to do..I really hate it.." He rasped, pressing kiss after hot kiss against your panties, till he was completely fed up with the material blocking the real flavor. He practically ripped your panties from your body, tossing the wet material over his shoulder not caring where it landed as he admiring the glistening outline of your womanhood before wrapping his lips around your clit.

"M-mMhMF! O-oh my g-god!~ N-not so rough, c-can't breath!~" You whimpered tossing and turning your head, gripping the sheets so hard you knuckles were turning pale and white.

He, of course, had no intention of listening to you as he ravaged your pink little nub till it was completely pleasure swollen and the only words you could say were desperate mewls of his name telling him how close you were.

However, he pulled away before your body could feel pleasurable release, tugging his pants off kicking them away with the most incredible lustful haze to his beady red eyes. You barely got to see the outline of his manhood before he was grabbing your hips carefully flipping you over till he was the one on the bottom and his cock was teasing the wet outline of your folds.

"A-ah, Tomura...m-me on top?" You shyly mumbled, meeting the grin on his face that intensified the scar over his eyes and even the one over his lip.

"I want you to ride me, I've been doing all the work." Even before you could protest, his hand pressed against the bottom of your ass aligning his cock with your folds before pushing your slick core to slide completely onto his member.

Instantly you moaned his name loudly pressing the flats of both of your hands against his chest, groaning from the intense feeling of being so full. Your folds were slick and tight, pulsating against his cock as your body shuddered from want and desire.

"Ah, Tomura so deep.." You murmured, panting his name softly before desire for pleasurable friction won throughout your body as you lifted your hips before pressing them back down. Both of your hissed the others name, feeling the intense twinge of pleasure.

Slowly your hips developed their own rhythm as you lifted up and down, pressing yourself deeply onto his member. His claws dug into the skin of your ass, squeezing your round flesh leaving you even more wounds that merely added to your pleasurable stimulus driving you absolutely wild.

Leaning forward you tried to stabilize how weak with pleasure your legs were starting to feel, but the position of your body was one that helped him sit up and passionately suck at one of your tits, while his hands carefully held your ass slamming your body down against his sloshing your arousal creating the most obvious wet echo around the room.

It was obvious with the fervor he was slamming your body with, how desperate for release he was as he tugged your nip hazily. Even your own nails were pressing into the skin of his stomach, as your entire body writhed with pleasure till you felt the intense sway of release.

He let your nip go with a slick pop, hissing from the slick feeling of your arousal before pressing himself as deep into your body as possible loving the tight feeling of your folds before his hot seed was filling your core, making you absolutely tremble from the intense feeling.

"A-ah..o-oh my...i-inside me..I can feel it.." You whimpered, letting your body fall lax on top of his sweaty and warm chest panting and breathing in as deeply as possible. The pulse of your lower half was almost painful, as you could feel your inner thighs sticky with your combined juices.

"Thank g-goodness I'm on the pill.." You murmured, eyes drooping from pleasurable exhaustion.

"I need to go, get off me." He sighed, starting to sit up but your lips pressed gently against his skin making his eyes widen in shock. Could kisses be so soft? Was the thought ringing throughout his head, as you nestled into his chest like a kitten.

"Don't go, Tomura. You make my bed nice and comfy."

That would be the start of an almost every night type situation. Not the sex part, but he would find himself enjoying sleeping next to your soft lush/plush body. He would slowly discover, that you cared for him deeply and genuinely and then figure out, maybe some people are different than the fake hero's and normal people of this world that judge someone based on how they look.

A soft kiss against the side of your neck has your eyes fluttering open, waking from your dream like memory and reverie of how you'd meet and fallen in love with the man in your bed.

"(Y/n), I think you should join the League Of Villains."

Your eyes widened as you pushed back from his chest, tilting your head in the most skeptical fashion. "B-but my quirk isn't meant for battle, I can only create plants and flowers...p-plus I don't wanna hurt innocent people..." You muttered softly fluttering your eyes as he placed a few of his fingers against your skin.

You couldn't help but admire the way his lips weren't as chapped or cracked as the first time you'd meet him. He'd stopped chewing his lips in favor of yours or any other body part he just so happened to like the taste of.

He frowned pulling you forward to nibble your bottom lip as if thinking about something, before giving you a rather soft kiss pulling you against his chest. His eyes narrowed at the wall behind you before speaking soft words that should of scared you, but you couldn't help think they were very romantic.

"I'm not really giving you a choice, I am a villain after all. If I want something I take it."


How did I do? I think its pretty Okay for Tomura, i was trying to think if he's evil just to be evil but I don't think he is. I mean All Might is his really only enemy besides like Deku and a few others at U.A.

Chapter Text


"Katsuki, take me to the beach."


You began playfully pouting tugging on his elbow, rocking your bodies back and forth as you whined and whined about wanting to go to the beach, but he just wasn't giving in. He kept saying the beach was boring and full of Extras he didn't want to deal with.

"Please~." You whispered into his ear before trailing your lips down to nip gently like a kitten against his neck. He twitched visibly, you knew just how much he liked to have his neck kissed or even the many love bites you would leave him.

He turned his head, gripping both hands around your lower back as he murmured your name in approval, telling you without the words to kiss him more. Smiling against his skin, you pressed the lush outline of your pink lips against him several times, slowly and sensually giving him the pinkest hickey.

Sliding your tongue up to his ear you enticed him even more by licking the rim a few times, smiling at the way he tried to hold in his laughter. No one but you would know a man like him, was actually ticklish, around his ears of all places. It was just another piece of private information that you as his lover, and girlfriend would value for the rest of your life.

"Can we please go to the beach?~" You purred, rubbing your nose against his cheek hoping to be utterly adorable to where he couldn't say no.

"No, the beach is lame. Besides I don't feel like it."

Instantly you huffed, pulling the rim of his ear with your teeth hard enough to hear him gasp before pulling away with a frown. "Fine, I'll just go by myself." Standing, you slapped away his hand when he tried to grab your wrist before walking over to your dresser looking for your swimsuit.

"Have fun sweating in the heat." He shrugged, turning over in bed to stare at the wall with a disappointed arch in his brows. All he really wanted was for you to stay in bed with him and cuddle, but he was to prideful to say such a thing.

Glancing back at his grumpy position, your lips slid down in a soft frown. However, you couldn't let his laziness ruin the fun you wanted to have. Pulling out the new bikini you'd just bought, with full intentions to show it off to him, a thought crossed your mind making your smirk.

"Fine Katsuki, If you don't want to appreciate me in my Bikini..I'm sure someone else at the Beach will. Maybe I can even find someone to put lotion on my back."

It was nearly instantaneous the way he leaped off the bed, grabbing your wrist with the most aggressive arch in his brows ever. "Hold the fuck up (Y/n), You didn't say you were going to wear a bikini." He hissed, telling you that if you were going to go to the beach you could just wear a shirt and shorts, but that just had you snorting.

"No way Katsuki, If I'm going to the beach I'm going to wear a bikini and go swim in the water."

He made a rowdy argument where he tried to demand you not go, and even went as far as saying only he was ever allowed to look at your body. Even though his clear jealously was kind of cute, you turned your nose up and stated that you were going whether he wanted to or not.

"Fine, for fucks sake twist my arm why don't you." he threw up both of his hands stomping over to his dresser where he tossed nearly everything in it to the floor before pulling out his red and black swim trunks.

"You look cute when you pout~" You teased, giggling at the glare of his ruby red eyes. It wasn't like his naturally rugged face ever really scared you, he was very handsome, and you constantly liked to let him know just how fine he was.

Once everything was packed for your day at the beach, you volunteered to drive since he was pouting. He didn't seem to mind even though it was his car, he trusted you not to fuck it up. You were honestly probably a better driver than he was, since he liked to speed through the streets half the time.

The drive to the beach was filled with a silence that had you frowning, it wasn't like you wanted to force him to go. It was just something fun you planned a few days ago, thinking a day under the sun is just what you both needed to relieve the stresses of everyday life.

"Katsuki, Thanks for coming even though you didn't want to." You whispered, not meeting his eyes almost avoiding them cause you didn't want to see just how annoyed he was. However, if your had bothered to look at him, you'd see the soft expression on his face.

At one of the intersections, he leaned towards you placing his hand on your cheek as he turned you to face him so he could give you a quick kiss. It was such a soft and warm gesture, that you completely forgot you were in a car till the person behind you honked their horn.

Bakugou pulled away from your lips abruptly, hastily turning around to flip the guy behind you the bird as he snarled, "Can't a fucking guy kiss his girlfriend?! Or are you jealous cause she's hot and your not?!" Such words had you cackling and giggling, returning the smile on your handsome bou's face as you started driving once again.

After 15-20 more mins, you finally arrived at the beach parking lot and were a bit grateful to see it wasn't as crowded as you thought it might be. Once you'd parked the car you leaned over and gave Bakugou a soft kiss against his cheek, smiling at him before getting out of the car.

You'd been so quick to get out, that you missed the soft pink to his cheeks and even the blink to his eyes before he smiled to himself shaking his head. He was in step behind you as you started walking towards the changing stalls, sliding into the one next to you almost watching the other people like a hawk so they wouldn't peep on you.

A few mins later you both were dressed, Bakugou of course changed quicker since he just had to put on trunks, so he was leaning on the pole next to the stalls. The moment you emerged calling to him, his eyes widened in complete surprise taking in the site of your sexy bikini.

Your cheeks twinged with a blush as he eye humped your entire body, noting the bright red material and even the way there was an oval opening in the middle showing off just the right amount of cleavage. As well as soft red bottoms that outlined your hips and slender legs.

"Pick up your jaw, babe~" You giggled to him with a wide smile, doing a sexy pose that just had him barking and blushing like the tsun-tsun you knew him to be.

"That's a fucking sexy bikini, that you're letting the trash of the beach see." He growled, sliding both of his arms around your hips pulling your body square against his as if trying to hide your goodies from prying eyes. "If someone starts looking at you, or flirting with you..I might have to explode a bitch."

You scoffed with a giggle, sliding your hand down to his wrist pulling him over to the mushy sand, looking for a place to put down your towels so you could both apply some sunscreen lotion. It wasn't till you were pulling out your towel, that you heard some cat calls that had you nervously looking to Bakugou,

"Damn look at the beach babe, where has she been all my life?"

"Look at the scary dude she's with, think its her boyfriend?"

"Who cares, look at her tits they're begging to be free from her bikini."

Oh. You could feel the air shift as Bakugou, stepped forward a venomous aura hazing from his entire body as he flexed his right hand making sparks combust in his palm. His ruby red eyes narrowed, like a lion ready to pounce.

"Shitty targets acquired, roasted assholes are on the menu today."

You thought you'd have to step in and grab Bakugou, convincing him they weren't worth it but it was unnecessary as soon as they saw his power and the fierce look in his eyes..they immediately turned tail and practically sprinted to the furthest side of the beach.

"Cowards really know how to run." He muttered, throwing down his towel before stretching out burring his face in the cotton material sighing in the heaviest fashion. Smiling softly you put your towel next to his, before lathering your hand with some lotion.

"Let me put some lotion on you, Katsuki. I'd hate for you to turn into a crispy piece of bacon." He merely grunted in response, relaxing from the very first touch of your fingers against the muscles of his back. He even slid his eyes closed, turning his cheek to the side liking the soft sway of your delicate and soft digits.

You may have done a little more than apply sun screen, as you wanted to show him how truly grateful you were to have a man like him in your giving him a nice sensual massage as well. It was easy to tell his entire body while being very toned, was full of the tension he carried around with him.

Sometimes you wished with all your heart you could take some of the burden off his shoulders but you had no great aspirations to be a Hero. While you fully supported his dream, you knew the path he'd chosen was a very difficult one.

When his back, shoulders and arms had lotion applied you went lower squeezing gently around his legs after re-lubing your hands with the lotion. He made some murmurs of approval, making you smile as you massaged his thighs and down to his ankles.

"Turn over, so I can put some on your chest."

"I just got comfortable.." He mumbled, but still lifted himself from his towel and sat with his legs crossed. You gave him a thankful smile, applying just a bit more lotion to your hands before gliding your hand over his delicious muscles and abs.

Glancing up you noticed his eyes had slid closed, completely relaxed and at peace with himself while you were touching him. Such a soft look on his handsome face, had you gently cupping his cheeks pulling him forward to meet your lips in a soft kiss.

He was caught of guard for a mere moment, before leaning into your lips, sliding one of his hands through your curly hair. When you began to pull away, he pressed his hand against the back of your head sliding your lips back together for another soft kiss before finally parting.

"My turn, Lay down." He gestured pointing to the bottle of lotion so you'd hand it to him, before you edged down onto your towel. Once his hands were lathered he pressed them in a rather gentle motion along your back and shoulders, caressing over your muscles.

"Mhm...Katsuki that feels nice." You murmured, closing your eyes relaxing under the sway of his rough fingers that were actually touching you in a very gentle way.

He smirked gliding from one shoulder to the other, even wrapping his slender digits around your neck applying a very small amount of pressure before swaying down the middle of your back. He chuckled when you started wiggling when he tried to apply some lotion to your sides, he knew you were ticklish right there.

Eventually he got a soft naughty idea, where he made sure no one was to close to you both before gliding a few of his fingers into the back of your bikini bottoms. He heard the smallest gasp escape your lips as he gave both of your cheeks a squeeze and a good grope, smiling at the way you didn't seem to mind.

"Mhm, that ass is so squishy." He murmured, meeting your fluttering eyes when you turned your head with the softest pink blush to your cheeks. You whispered something about people looking, or someone seeing what he was doing but, a small gesture with his hand to look around told you no one was even close by.

"Seems my actions from earlier scared more than 3 stooges away." He chuckled, caressing his fingers over both of your soft cheeks licking his lips at the soft way you murmured his name.

The tips of his rough digits kept edging further and further down, getting dangerously close to your sensitive core. The warmth of his fingers felt so enticing, as he squeezed the curvature kneading the flesh before tracing a few fingers against your womanly outline.

"Ah..Katsuki, can't you just apply lotion.."

"Oh but I am, you never now where you might need to apply sunscreen." He husked, purposefully outlining your slit curling not just one but two digits between your folds. He slowly thrusted back and forth, relishing in the way your body shuddered legs jittering, as soft moans of his name left your lips.

"Mhm, you're getting wet already." He rasped, edging closer till he was laying down right next to your body. He pulled his fingers from your core, to push at your hips getting you to lay on your back before reapplying some more lotion.

He met your fluttering half lidded eyes, before pressing one hand against your stomach caressing over your belly button, pulling your chin with his other to meet his hungry lips. Slowly both of your hands slid over his incredible muscles, before wrapping around his back holding him close not minding at all when he loomed over your body.

It was actually even better since he was laying right next to you, because his large muscular frame was blocking your own from view. No one would be able to tell exactly what he was doing, it would merely seem you were kissing. The mischievous nature of his hand would remain unseen, as he caressed up the middle of your chest till a few of his fingers were sliding in the oval opening of your bikini top.

You moaned softly into his mouth, as he cupped the outline of your tit tracing the tips of his index and middle finger over the nub of your nip. "Mhm, Katsuki that feels nice..what if someone sees us though.." You hazed the softest whisper into the rim of his ear, before trailing your lips down to his neck giving him a few warm kisses.

"You say that but, your entire body is arching towards me." He snickered, pinching your tit between his fingers just to show you how much you really wanted him. "I think you might be more turned on, then you're when we are at home~" He teased, pulling away from your breasts till he was dipping his fingers into the thin material of your bikini bottoms.

"Fuck, you're so wet..I want to taste you so bad."

You pressed your body into his, twitching from the outline of your wet slit. The moment he pressed a few fingers between your folds, you tilted your head back showing him a beautiful display of your neck...where he felt the sudden desire to mark and devour your skin.

He pressed and thrusted several fingers back and forth as he sucked possessively at the soft flesh, leaving you a few pink puffy love bites. You did your best to hold back most of your moans, but you still murmured and gasped his name softly from the course of pleasure.

He added another finger, while at the same time tracing a soft circle with his thumb around your clit. The sudden stimulus had your entire body shuddering, as you dragged a few nails down his back biting into his skin just to keep the loud moan of his name from escaping your lips.

" know I like it when you bite you just want me to fuck you right here (Y/n)?" He groaned, increasing the pace of his fingers back and forth, feeling in accurate detail the warmth of your womanly core and the way you were completely coating his fingers with your arousal.

All you could do was whimper his name in desperation, clamping your legs against his fingers begging without the words for him to go faster, to press into your deeper, to let you feel the sway of pleasurable the knot forming in your stomach threaded and twined tightly.

He seemed to understand what you wanted, as he picked himself up just a bit to press his slender digits as deep into your core as possible, grazing against the special zone that had you almost immediately seeing stars tossing your head back moaning a little loader than you wanted to before coating his fingers with your slick juices.

You gasped his name ever so softly when he pulled away from your bottoms, smirking at how incredibly slick you'd made his fingers before sliding them into his mouth. "Mhm, don't you taste sweeter than any dessert" He praised, making you smile even though you were coming down from your pleasurable high, cause you knew he wasn't actually that big of a fan of sweets.

" made me move so much that I got sand in my butt crack.." You huffed to him, pushing at his chest playfully when he just absolutely started cackling, as he watched you fix your towel and pat your bum swaying some sand off your ass.

"Well if that isn't just sexy as fuck." He snickered, grabbing your hand kissing the palm before trailing it down his muscular warm chest, till he was letting you feel just how aroused he was.

"O-oh..Katsuki you're so..hard.." You whispered that last word, giving his cock a few strokes through his swim trunks. It wasn't like you hated the idea of having some steamy romantic beach sex, but just where would you do it?

Then an idea formed the moment you could hear the waves of the beach lapping at the shore. With a smirk you whispered your naughty idea into his ear, giving the rim a small nip to entice him before detaching from his body. You gave him a small wink, before jogging over into the water and swimming out just enough to where the waves were up to the middle of your chest.

Oh he didn't have to be told twice, or at all really that you wanted to have some sexy and erotic sex in the water. You actually thought he'd have to catch up with you but even before you could turn back and see if he was making his way into the water, warm and rough hands slide around your waist from behind..immediately placing wet kisses against the side of your neck.

"Katsuki..ah..I love you, and I love the way you make me feel."

For a moment he paused all his maneuvers to bury his face against the skin of your neck. You couldn't see it, but there was a surprising pink tint to his normal milky cheeks, as he squeezed his hands around your body as if giving you a tight hug.

"I love you too, if there was ever a single person on this shitty planet I wanted to spend the rest of my life would be you."

Such loving and gentle words seemed betrayed by the chomp of his teeth into the skin of your neck, but you knew more than anyone that this was a possessive trait from a man with wolf-like tendencies as he used such marks to claim your everything as his.

"Oh Katsuki, h-hah.." You panted his name feeling the mark against your skin pulsating, as you leaned back wrapping your hands around his neck rolling your hips against his letting him know you wanted him just as much as he wanted you.

He smirked, sliding his tongue up and down your neck as he grabbed your hips grinding his hard cock against the back of your ass, loving the way you moaned from pure anticipation. Pushing down his swim trunks, he gave himself a few strokes huskily groaning into your ear before edging the thin material of your bikini to the side enough for him to press the tip of his cock into your folds.

"Ah, Katsuki I c-can feel you so deep inside me.." You moaned, letting him pull you all the way back against his chest, not even carrying when he pushed up your bikini top to wrap both of his hands around your breasts.

"I'm going to make you scream." He rasped with an incredibly lustful trill into the rim of your ear before wrapping his teeth around it, as he started thrusting his hips back and forth. Almost immediately he felt your body twitch, your own hands grabbing onto his hips under the water letting him control the rhythm.

"S-shit this feels a lot better than I thought, we should do it in the water more often." He grinned against the skin of your neck, swaying his hips back and forth sloshing the water around you making these small ripples. You were going to laugh as well, but the pleasure of him rubbing against your slick walls was to much as the only thing you could do was moan and pant his name.

His hands kneaded and pinched your tits, letting you feel the warm, wet, and slender outline of each digit. He husked lascivious words about you fitting into his hand, how your nips were hard and incredibly pinchable, and even the way your body was squeezing his girth.

Suddenly he's detaching from your body, but before you can even whimper out your woahs, he's grabbing your hips turning you around smacking your body against his as he picks up your legs and slides your throbbing cunt back onto his cock.

"A-ah!~ O-oh!~ Ka-katsuki!~ So freaking d-deep!~" You mewled wrapping your hands immediately around his neck, gripping your legs as tightly around his body as possible as he continued to rock into your core this incredible depth.

He growled and husked your name, before hungrily claiming your lips in several passionate and steamy kisses as his hands held the bottom of your ass, slamming you down against his body as hard as he could, making these sizable waves form all around from his incredible rhythm.

Your legs and body were trembling against his, the threat of another orgasm approaching quickly. You did your best to meet the passionate slick sway of his tongue, even hazily feeling the form of saliva drip down your chin.

The moment he started squeezing both of your cheeks in tune to the thrust of his hips into your body, the stimulation was to much as you screamed in pure ecstasy. The warmth and convulse of your womanly core, had him groaning into your mouth before pulling away pressing you down onto his cock as deep as possible filling your core with his seed.

Both of you were panting heavily, as you came down from such a pleasurable high. You barely even noted the warmth of his arousal inside your body, as you laid your head down against his shoulder hazing several hot breaths against his neck.

"(Y/n), I think your bikini bottoms are starting to drift away."

Instantly your head whipped around detaching from his body, letting your legs touch back onto the floor as you viciously looked left and right spotting them just a bit further in the water. Sighing in complete relief, you swam over grabbed and put them back on, even fixing your top.

"Should of let them drift away." He tsked with a chuckle, pulling his own swim trunks back up before offering you his hand. "I saw a food shack a little further down the beach, I'm fucking starving lets go eat."

Snorting you took his hand, letting him lead the way back to shore. Thinking this day was fun just like you hoped it would be, because you were with the one you loved the most..and even cemented how much you cared about each other by making love.

"Today will always be special, thanks for coming Katsuki."

He huffed something that was very tsun-tsun, but he was smiling not letting you see the dust of pink to his cheeks as he twined your fingers together. It would take a few more weeks to know just how special this day actually was.


Prequel to Afraid to Tell you.

Explosive bun in the oven! :D

Chapter Text


A hot and heavy pant escaped your lips, as you tried to still your body as best as you could. Which was nearly impossible considering the rhythm of the vibrator between yours legs.

Did you put this sex toy between your tight folds?

No. It was a gift from him, it was his way of enticing and dominating you with incredible pleasure he gave you nearly every day.

Before he left to deal with things for his League of Villains,(Yes you knew what he did and who he was..and not a lick of that shit did you even care about), He picked this toy he'd bought for you that was covered in pleasure bumps and slid it between your pussy lips while shoving his tongue down your throat giving you the most steamy french kiss he could muster, that left you whimpering an moaning into his mouth.

He told you with that suave tone of his, that you were forbidden to take it out till he got home, nor could you turn it up as he would leave it on its lowest setting. You should of been grateful that he was nice enough to have it on such a slow setting but..after having it between your legs for so body was trembling with desire..wanting to desperately turn it up and feel pleasurable release.

You'd already soaked your panties thoroughly, after the first few hours and changed into a new pair. He never said you couldn't change cloths so hopefully, he would punish you for doing so. Or maybe secretly you hoped he would, sex with the most handsomest man in this world always had you seeing stars.

"A-ah Daddy.." You moaned squeezing your legs shut, hoping to feel more of the pleasurable friction from the vibrator. Your head leaned back against the pillow biting your lip as one of your hands gave your breasts several squeezes, picturing his rough hands in perfect detail.

He knew just how much to touch you, he knew where all your pleasure zones were. He knew just how rough or soft to be with your body, so that you were a trembling begging mess underneath him.

He was a very dominating man, but you loved every single bit of it. As rough as his personality was, he was also capable of soft gestures and sensual licks and kisses. The leathery feeling of his lips or even his patchwork stitches all across his skin sent tingles and prickles all over your body.

Whimpering his name you tossed and turned your head, squeezing your legs tightly together as the tension from the slow building pleasure between your legs was beginning to boil over till a heat inducing orgasm swayed through your body.

Laying flatly against the bed you panted and heaved loudly trying to calm the thump of your heart and the tingle of pleasure between your legs. You could feel how wet your thighs had become not just from your orgasm but just from the toy between your legs in general.

At least since you'd achieved pleasurable release the soft vibing of the toy wasn't as unbearable as before, it still had you hoping he'd be home soon though.

As if answering your prayers you heard the sound of the front door opening, a wide smile spread to your lips as you quickly detached from bed and patted down the hallway till you could see his tall muscular frame.

"Welcome home, Dabi." Leaning forward you gave his cheek a soft kiss, not minding the stitches before standing straight to admire his alluring blue eyes.

He seemed slightly caught off guard, before smirking and pointing his finger at you. "That's not the exact greeting I wanted (Y/n)." He twirled the same finger with a lick to his lips, "Lift up your dress for me babe, I want to see how wet you are."

With a soft blush you did as he instructed, grabbing the bottom of your dress before lifting it up enough to give him a detailed view of your legs and panties. Slowly he edged down to his knee's placing his hands on both of your legs spreading them apart further before eyeing the clear dampness of your lower half.

"Mhm, these are different from this morning. Did I say you could change?" He rasped leaning forward to slide his tongue against your inner thigh, licking up some of your slick arousal that had lubed your skin.

"Ah..I..t-they got really I changed them..." You whispered, out your answer moaning his name softly as you slid one of your hands through his black hair. "I missed you so much Daddy..I couldn't help but get so wet..when I thought about you.."

You felt a rather soft smile against your inner thigh as he started giving you warm and wet kisses, sucking your skin just enough to leave you a pink puffy hickey, before switching to the other leg, giving it a possessive love bite as well, relishing in the way your legs trembled from such a sensual touch.

"Baby girl, I can smell how wet you are..did you have an orgasm without me?" He questioned, pressing the tip of his nose against your cotton panties taking in an embarrassing whiff of your essence that had your entire face warming in a bright blush.

"I..c-couldn't help my-..A-ah!~" Instantly your words were cut off with a loud moan of his name, the moment he started making out with your clothed lower lips. The press and lap of his tongue absolutely making your body writhe in pleasure, as he made sure your panties were nothing but a warm clump of your arousal and his saliva.

He only stopped momentarily to tug your panties completely down your legs, smirking at the way you gasped his name. His gorgeous blue eyes admired the erotic image of your folds being consumed by the vibrator before clicking it off and pulling it from your core.

"Mhm, holy shit you've completely coated this toy.." He lapped his tongue against the tip groaning from the sweet taste of your nectar before tossing it to the floor. The moment you tried to respond to him his tongue was already tracing your glistening folds, before dipping between.

"A-ah!~ Mh!~ Daddy t-that feels soo good!~" You moaned out all your praises as his tongue lapped up every drip of your arousal, curling against your slick walls driving you absolutely insane with pleasure.

The warmth of his breath tickled your clit, before his tongue lapped a hazy circle around the sensitive bud. He smirked at the way you whimpered his name telling him, your legs were going to give out if he sucked your nub so hard.

However, he didn't care, as he lapped and sucked the already pleasure swollen nub till he could feel your body shaking as you moaned to him about being close...only for him to completely retract from your body.

He snickered at the way you whined his name and nearly feel backwards as he stood up. You fluttered your eyes at him a hundred times, placing both of your hands on the wall to steady the course of pleasure that was fading inside your body.


"Because princess, you had an orgasm without me. That's not fair." He smirked, before trailing down the hall motioning for you to follow behind him. You didn't have to be told twice, as you followed behind him despite how you'd just left your panties in the hallway.

He sat on the edge of the bed with a demanding flare to his gleaming blue eyes, "Take off my clothes, I'm feeling lazy." You knew him better than that, but it wasn't like you minded ridding your handsome lover of his clothing.

Edging over you slid your hands down his chest till you were removing his black coat tossing it randomly to the floor. Then you lifted his white under shirt, till his stitched chest was on full display. This felt like a good moment to show him, he body wasn't disfigured to you leaned forward and kissed along his chest muscles and down, slowly edging the zipper to his pants down.

"I like the way your lips feel." He husked sliding a few fingers through your hair, licking his lips hungrily when you tugged his pants down till he was completely naked, hard cock on full display and clearly very aroused.

"I've been thinking about those plump pink lips all day, I even had to take care of myself earlier cause I couldn't stop thinking warm you throat feels against my cock, or how wet your tongue is as it trails around my length....fuck baby girl you know what to do."

A hot and heavy breath of his name left your lips as you eyed his sizable girth, before leaning forward to run your tongue along the tip and down his girth. He made several groans of approval before you placed the wettest kiss against his tip, and edged your parted lips down enveloping him.

One of his hands pressed against the back of your head, leaning his own back as you started a rhythm of bobbing back and forth, taking him in as deep as you could..knowing just how to breath through your nose to insure he wasn't choking you.

The more you coated his cock with your saliva, the deeper he pressed your head down against him. You knew he always had this lustful desire to be as deep in your mouth as possible, so when he sort of started pushing and pulling your head when your pace wasn't good enough for him, you didn't mind so much.

Your lips were starting to become numb from the friction, saliva dripping down your chin as you tried to swipe your tongue around his cock at the same time while bobbing but it would prove too difficult when he was completely occupying your mouth.

Placing both of your hands against his hips, you tried to steady yourself but the pace he was rocking your head with was making it impossible. You could feel his manhood pulsing and throbbing, and even the loud sound of his groans as he started to become desperate.

After pushing as deep into your throat as he could a few more times, his hot seed completely filled your mouth and slid down your throat forcing you to swallow most of it. When he pulled away, some of his cum ebbed down your lips as your hazy eyes fluttered shuddering from the incredible bitter taste of his seed.

Wiping at your lips, you licked the rest of his seed away before he pulled both of your wrist getting you to stand back up. He pushed the spaghetti straps of your dress to the side letting the material easily slip away from your frame till you were as naked as he was.

"Sit down, tell Daddy what a good girl you are?~" He patted his lap, smirking up at your hazy lust filled eyes. It only took you a moment of hesitation before you were edging your knee's on either side of his waist, straddling him as you sat down feeling the outline of his cock against your thigh.

"Oh..Daddy, I'm always a good girl for you..I want to please you and make you happy..You're so handsome, and make me feel so good...I want to be your princess forever.." Your hand slid against his neck, meeting his eyes briefly before pulling him to your lips.

He seemed to approve of not just your lip lock but your words, as he wrapped both of his hands around your body turning your sensual kiss into a steamy french one. Small moans of his name hazed into his lips as he licked and swayed his tongue over your own, before moving down to place hot kisses against your neck.

One of his hands pawed at your breast, squeezing and pinching the soft appendage as he left your neck purple marks that would reflect the color of his skin tone. He even pinched the hard bud between his middle and index, rolling the nub just enough to elicit gasps of his name.

Eventually after satisfying his taste for your neck his lips trailed down your chest, wrapping around your other nip leaving you incredibly hot and wet kisses. Even the sensual sway of his tongue as he lapped at your skin like you were a piece of candy had you arching your back wanting so much more from him.

A few of his fingers trailed down your stomach till they were dipping between your legs, gliding over your slit and clit before curling into your folds. As soon as he started thrusting your hands clamped around his head holding onto him for dear life as he pressed his digits as deep into your womanly core as possible.

He pulled away after just a few seconds, licking his fingers clean before smirking up at your cloudy and lust filled eyes. Both of his hands groped over the curvature of your breasts, before sliding around your ass and pushing your body just enough for your core to glide easily onto his cock.

"Mhm, Daddy..o-oh you make me feel so full.." You moaned to him, grabbing onto his shoulders before sliding both of your legs around his waist squeezing his frame as tightly as possible.

"I'm going to make you feel full in another sense before we are through.." He promised in a hazy lustful voice, as he gripped the bottom of your ass and started bouncing you against his body as hard and deep as possible.

Your moans were instantaneous, feeling the girth of his manhood press against your walls in all the right ways making your body tremble and writhe from the overwhelming pleasure. He even husked naughty words about feeling just how tight your cunt was against his cock, and even the throb of your walls that begged him to fuck you even harder.

"Y-yes Daddy! A-ah!~ Harder, f-faster!~ You make me feel so good!~"

Oh he had no problem obliging such requests, as he shifted his hands positions just ever so slightly to get an even tighter grip on your ass before he absolutely started slamming you down against his cock. Your moans turned into screams of insane pleasure, as he rocked your body against his making your breasts both bounce and press against his muscular chest.

"Be a good girl, and soak Daddy's cock." He rasped licking the rim of your ear before wrapping his lips around it making the edge pink and red from his hazy kisses.

Both of your hands held him as tightly as possible before edging one up into his spiky black tresses, begging him with your eyes for a kiss which he was happy to give. As he practically tried to eat your lips, shoving his tongue down your throat tasting every slick crevice it had to offer.

Such a steamy kiss full of your desires for each other was sending you over the edge as you could practically feel in excruciating detail how wet you'd made his cock already..but he wanted more and you had no choice but to give in completely.

With a few more deep penetrating thrusts, your entire body convulsed around his cock as you tossed your head away from his lips with a slick pop, screaming his name as your juices completely coated his manhood.

He husked something about the grip of your pussy, as he pressed you down deeply onto his cock filling your core to the brim with his manly essence. He snickered, at the way you hissed his name from the sudden warm full sensation before collapsing onto his sweaty muscular chest.

"A-ah..Dabi...I don't think I can move.." You whispered to him, nuzzling into his stitched chest like a kitten. He seemed to be okay with that, as he pressed his hand against your back in soft soothing circles, before edging you both down onto the bed.

"(Y/n), we might have to change locations in a few days. That brat Shigaraki, got our previous hideout destroyed and more than likely a new place will be picked somewhere more hidden."

"Thats fine with me..I'll follow you where ever you go..because I'm addicted to your love." You whispered, cuddling into his frame as you let your sleepy tired eyes droop, whispering to him how much you cared about him before falling lax in his arms.

He smiled softly, petting a hand through your hair before tilting your head up to give your forehead a small warm peck. Elation passed through his body when not only did you smile at the sensation of his leathery lips, you murmured his name like you wanted more.

"Good, I would of said you didn't have a choice but, You're in love with me as much as I'm in love with you. So we will be together no matter what."


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Chapter Text


"I think this shirt would look good on you, Katsuki." Smiling brightly you walked over to him holding up a red muscle shirt similar to his black ones but this one had the words 'Wild Tiger' written in black letters with an actual tiger captioning it.

"It's just your thing."

"You always pick weird clothing." He teased, taking the shirt from your hands hold it over his chest nodding in slight approval. "Its not to bad, I guess I'll get it." He tossed it over his shoulder like a towel he planned to use for the shower, which just had you smiling.

"But I get to pick you something, where was the lingerie section at again?" He grabbed your wrist, and almost instantly began tugging you, using his sharp red eyes to look for the woman's section but you tugged you hand free laughing.

"Woah there, my feisty tiger." You giggled at his snort, "I wouldn't mind if you picked me out something sexy, for our nightly activities but first how about some normal clothing?" Wrapping your arm around his elbow you steered him, the other direction towards the shirts, dresses and other clothing.

He huffed, but didn't fight it as he let you drag him over to the clothing and proceeded to just stand their like a bump on a log while you rummaged through nearly every rack of clothing they had.

Clearly he wasn't here to shop or even look at clothes, but only agreed to come to the mall with you to earn boyfriend points. Which was honestly really sweet in general, you knew he wasn't really a crowd type person and would prefer to just be at home cuddling in bed or on the couch.

"Katsuki, come on I know you're bored but pick something out for me please..." You puffed out both of your cheeks pouting to him hard enough to make him completely give into your whims. With an aggressive flare of his nostrils he rustled through the clothing, not really looking none of this shit was even sexy.

Sighing ever so softly, you had to give him props for at least trying. Turning you looked through some jeans that were on a wrack, knocking one of them from the hanger by accident. Bakugou turned, just as you bent over giving him a very nice and enticing view of your ass.

He flexed a few of his fingers not even looking around before his hand was reaching forward giving your bum a nice grope. Instantly you shot upwards, a yelp about to sharply gasp your lips but he placed his hand over your mouth chuckling into the rim of your ear.

"Mhm, your ass is extra sensitive today..try not to let everyone know." He grinned, pushing your hips just a bit till you were in front of the clothing rack while he was blocking you from the other side, slowly caressing his hand up and down your plush curvature.

" can't grope me in public.." You whisper hissed to him, jiggling your body in a vein attempt to pull away. However, such rocking of your body had your ass just sliding back and forth in his palm letting him squeeze both of your squishy cheeks.

"Damn, I need both hands to fully appreciate that fine ass."

Your cheeks darkened with a soft pink as he slid his other hand against the outline of your hip before trailing it down the round curve of your ass. He used both to squeeze, grope and caress through your jeans, smirking at the soft way you whispered his name feeling enticed by his actions.

Just as he was about to dip his hand into the back of your jeans to really feel your skin, some people began walking around the corner towards the middle row of clothing so he had to detach and look like he was helping you pick a pair of pants.

"How about this one?" He could barely keep himself from laughing, as he watched your aggressive pouting face before you slapped the pair of pants from his hand.

"Hell no, that pair is ugly." You huffed, walking away ignoring his every single word. He sighed heavily, watching as you nonchalantly looked at clothing turning up your nose every time you glanced back at him doing your best to show him you were pissed off.

Rubbing the back of his head, he glanced around till he saw something behind a bunch of other clothes. Pushing the shirts to the side he pulled a rather slinky soft black spaghetti dress from the rack, looking it up and down before nodding in approval.

"Oi Sweet cheeks, I think you'd look sexy as fuck in this dress."

You turned a hiss on the tip of your tongue, but you paused when he had an actual piece of clothing in his hands. You thought he was playing, and just trying to get you to talk to him again, but the dress he had was actually kind of cute.

Taking it from his hands you flipped it back and forth, it was a nice soft material. Spaghetti straps, open back, pretty long and flowered out at the bottom. Looking up to his eyes he was actually waiting for you verdict, which was making it difficult to be mad when he was trying to make it better.

"It's okay. Guess I'll take it." You mumbled, walking off with him trailing behind you as you paid for the few items you'd gotten, and even paid for his shirt cause he only wanted the one item you'd picked for him.

"Buy me lunch, I'm hungry." looping your arm around his elbow, you leaned your head on his shoulder letting him lead the way. He didn't seem to mind the extra weight or warmth of your body, even if he was pissy about being the one to buy lunch but he didn't really say he wouldn't.

After buying food you sat together at one of the booths enjoying your meal, when a naughty thought crossed your mind. He was sitting on your right side, your knee's touching. Now would be the perfect time to tease him back for earlier, part of you wanted to see him squirm as well.

Taking a bite of your food, you slowly slid your hand down to rest against his knee. He glanced at you but didn't think you were going to do anything as he lifted his burger and took a large bite from the bun.

Oh how wrong he was.

As soon as he relaxed you grinned wickedly, sliding your hand up and down his knee before inching to the leathery material against his inner thigh. He visibly twitched as your fingers got closer and closer to his crotch, till the tips of your fingers were outlining his clothed length in very soft detail.

"Mh...f-fuck if you want my cock so much we should go home.." He husked, but never did he bother to push your hand away..if anything he spread his legs further apart letting you have as much space as you wanted to grope his manhood.

You held back a snort, deciding to step up your game a little as you used all of your digits to stroke his outline and even give him a few sensual squeezes, smirking at the almost groan of your name that left his lips as he completely forgot about his food and instead focused on growing sexual desire.

It was a good thing his knees were under the table, no one would be able to see your naughty actions less they looked directly underneath. The moment you could feel him getting hard, you wondered if you should make it worse for him and slid his zipper down and give him a few teasing strokes..but such an action might be a little much.

He switched his burger to the other hand, so that he could do the exact same thing to you. Sliding his long rough fingers between your legs squeezing at your inner thigh pulling a little rougher than he meant to..letting you feel how much he wanted to take you right here and now.

A soft pant of his name escaped your lips as he had no qualms about doing exactly what you thought about. Sliding the button to your pants apart like he was an expert at one handed action, edging the zipper down till a few of his fingers were dipping into your panties.

Instantly you nibbled your bottom lip trying to contain the small moan that wanted to leave your lips as he traced several digits up and down your slit, teasing a finger between your folds before curling it up and down feeling the jitter of your body as you nearly whimpered from the sudden pleasure.

"A-ah..Katsuki..n-not fair.." You mumbled, voice barely above a whisper as you tried to close your legs but that just trapped his fingers in your pants, letting him have free range to add another and slowly thrust back and forth, smirking at the way he could feel you getting wet.

"Mhm, whats not fair is stroking me in the food court when I already wanted that ass way before we even got to the mall." He leaned closer to you nipping at the rim of your ear hungrily, "But no, you said you were tired and wanted to go like the nice boyfriend I am..I accompanied you to this shitty place..full of extras."

You would of laughed or snickered, but your lips were to busy being nibbled by your teeth as you tried to desperately keep the moans of his name from escaping. This couldn't go on to long or you'd end up soaking your chair, and you really didn't want Katsuki to cum all over your hand.

However, your fingers had a mind of their own as they unzipped his pants dipping into the leather material starting to stroke his increasingly hard cock. Sliding up and down, squeezing the tip getting off on the way his eyes were becoming overly hazy with lust and desire.

Suddenly you pull away from his pants gripping his hand tugging it from your jeans, panting in a rather heavy way. He tsks, feeling the slick on his fingers smirking as he leans over and husks naughtily into your ear about wanting you to cum, and how he could feel just how close you were.

"N-not here..b-baka.." Was all you managed to pant to him, feeling the enticing pleasure from moments before dying away, secretly wishing you let him continue so you could feel incredible pleasurable release. However, while you were in the mall food court that wouldn't be a good idea.

It took an extra few moments but eventually you both finished your food, you were going to tell Bakugou it would be fine to go home now but you did promise him he could pick you some lingerie. So after throwing away your trash you lead him to a store that had a good selection of clothing including Lingerie.

"I thought we could go home by now (Y/n)..." He sighed very very heavily, feeling exasperated not to mention the way he might of been trying to hide just how hard he still was.

"In a minute, I want you to pick me some lingerie..but if you don't wan-"

"Oh fuck yes, Finally." He practically shoved through the crowd knocking a few people down in the process till he was intently looking through lacy and silk lingerie. You snorted, never before has your rowdy firecracker ever been into picking clothes till now.

Whats even worse is he had no qualms about holding said garments up to your body, or pressing against your chest as if trying to figure out if your boobs could fit into certain pieces. Honestly it should of been a little embarrassing, but just having a boyfriend who thought you would look sexy in these things was amazing.

One moment he was picking up some sexy as fuck black lingerie, then he'd put it down finding something more sexy and see through. This would go on for several minutes, till he found this incredibly sexy red silk baby doll set.

"I like this one, (Y/n)." He held it up to your chest licking his lips imagining the material on your body in perfect detail, you could see drool almost forming on his bottom lip.

"Its cute and sexy, but let me try it on right quick since we are close to the changing rooms." He let you take it from his hands, watching your ass sashay back and forth as you walked fighting the urge to pinch your squishy cheeks.

Sliding the door to the changing stall shut, you edged off all of your cloths till you were completely naked. it took a mere few seconds to pull the two piece silky lingerie on. It fit really well, and showed off an enticing amount of cleavage while being partially see through but not all the way.

The bottoms were silky and soft, outlining the curvature of your ass perfectly without actually being caught between your cheeks. "Damn Katsuki can really pick lingerie..I should let him pick my clothes more often.." You smiled softly at your image, doing a little twirl letting the short tail of the top frill out.

"(Y/n), I found another one I think you'd like its a blue sapphire color." His voice called to you from outside the door, making you smile. Without even thinking about it you pushed the door opening, holding your hand out to him telling him to give it to you.

But mistakes were made.

His eyes widened, a hungry gleam in his iris's that was almost brighter than the lingerie you were wearing. In one swift movement, he'd grabbed your wrist pulling you back into the changing room locking the door behind him, making you blush as he loomed over your body pressing you up against the wall.

"Fucking hell, if you're trying to seduce me its working." He smirked, gliding his hands over the thin material coating your body completely forgetting about the other set he brought with him letting it clump to the floor.

His fingers outlined your breasts, feeling your perky nips through the silky material grinning at the way you murmured his name tilting your head to the side showing him a glorious view of your neck that just begged to be lathered with kisses, so that's exactly what he did.

He kneaded both of your breasts, placing warm and wet kisses against your skin till he found your sweet spot and absolutely started devouring it, making sure to leave you the darkest possessive love bite.

"Ah, Katsuki...s-someone's going to hear us.." You whispered, but both of your arms were looping around his muscular shoulders pulling him more into you, moaning his name ever so softly into his ear as he slide a hand under the lingerie top and up your stomach till he was squeezing your bare chest.

"Then don't be too loud, but I know how hard that will be for you." He rasped in a teasing voice, gliding his slick tongue up and down your skin peppering kiss after kiss loving the taste of every part of your flesh. "I know you're a screamer, but try to tone it down today..babe~"

His words hazed lustfully into the rim of your ear, sending shivers all over your body. His fingers circled and pinch both of your nips, rasping to you how hard your nips were already, snickering when you tried to blame it on how cold it was inside the mall.

One of his hands pressed against your cheek tilting your chin up before sliding his lips down against your plump pink ones. Instantly you melted like a warm piece of chocolate under his sweet and sugary kiss, that felt absolutely amazing.

His tongue easily slipped passed your parted lips, taking full advantage. Sliding his slick muscle all around your own, refusing to pull away even for a second till you were whimpering for air. Only then did he detach smirking at the sticky trail of saliva connecting your tongues together.

"H-hah...Katsuki.." You panted his name, as he grabbed both of your hands and pushed them back against the wall. He husked like the demanding lion you knew him to be, for you to be still as he edged a warm tingly trail of kisses down your chest, kissing the top of your breast and even the space between them, before edging the straps to the side letting the top fall enough for your chest to be on full display.

Instantly you hand slid into his spiky blonde locks, leaning your head back moaning his name as he took one of your nips into his mouth and sucked on it like one succulent piece of candy. Even the flick and curl of his tongue stickily coating your perky little nip was sending thrilling chills of pleasure all over your body.

One of his hands trailed up your inner thigh, pressing several fingers against the thin silky lingerie bottoms feeling in intimate detail the outline of your womanhood. He smirked at the way your body twitched, your hands flying up to grip his shoulders but it wasn't like you were trying to push him away.

After tracing your slit up and down with a few fingers, he slid your panties to the side to thrust several fingers between your slick folds.

"" you were moaning in the softest way possible, tossing and turning your head as he slid his digits deep into your core and started curling them up and down feeling the intimate detail of your body, he even continued his passionate licking and sucking of both of your tits making sure both were slick with his saliva.

"Mhm, (Y/n) you're really fucking're ruining this lets take it of." He rasped huskily pulling away from your folds to sharply tug your panties down till they were wrapped around one of your ankles, and he was edging down to his knees.

You panted his name heavily, feeling your heart thump as he eyed your glistening core. He teased your lips with several fingers, watching himself finger you, feeling your legs and body jitter from the pleasure, only pulling away when you'd soaked his fingers with your slick womanly juices.

He husked something you didn't hear, licking his fingers clean before leaning forward and sliding his tongue up and down your womanly outline. You started to moan his name rather loudly but one of your hands flew up and covered your mouth, making him smirk at the way you desperately tried to control your voice.

His tongue lapped up and down a few more times teasing the sensitive nub of your clit before sliding between your folds. He ravaged your lower body like a meal he hadn't had in years, getting off on the way you were struggling to control the overwhelming pleasure coursing through your body.

He got you close, feeling your walls pulsate against his tongue before pulling away. He chuckled at the needy whimper that left your lips, as you held a hand against the back of his head as if begging him to properly finish his meal.

"Don't worry, sweet cheeks I'm going to make you cum." He promised standing up to unzip his pants letting them cascade to the floor till his cock was on full display and even had a bit of precum on the tip. He pulled a plastic blue package from his pants back pocket, showing you he had a condom before sliding it onto his cock.

"Katsuki..prepared for this aren't you?" You managed a small chuckle, meeting his alluring scarlet red eyes that always held immeasurable desire for you.

"When you have a fine ass girlfriend, you start to make it a habit to carry around condoms." He pulled you to meet his lips, in a kiss that was rather romantic and sensual before urging you to turn around asking you to show him the ass he loved so much.

"Remember to not scream or moan to loud, who knows what perv is out there listening~" He teased, caressing both of his hands up and down the back of your ass, before pulling it back to meet the tip of his cock. He had you bend over till both of your hands were flat against the wall, and waited for you to be prepared before sliding his length forward into your slick core.

"M-mhm..O-oh..Katsuki..this position always feels the d-deepest.." You murmured to him, with soft moans and hot pants, feeling the depth of his manhood pressing against your tight walls.

"Good, I want to feel the entirety of your body..because you're fucking mine." He husked, edging his hips back just enough before thrusting forward again. He smirked at the way you gasped, hands twitching against the wall as he did it again and again.

It was a rather slow rhythm but it felt utterly amazing, and it was taking everything to not just loose yourself in the pleasure and mewl his name as loud as you wanted.

Leaning over your body he pushed your hair away to kiss at the back of your neck, nipping your skin thrusting his hips faster and faster. He was doing his best not to create an echo, but the incredible grip of your core around his cock was proving impossible to not want more of.

"F-fuck, you're squeezing me so tight..even with the condom I can still feel your heat so accurately.." He rasped, wrapping his teeth around the edge of your ear nibbling it like a very possessive tiger. Such a thought had you smiling, it perfectly matched the shirt you'd picked out for him.

"Mhm..Katsuki..f-faster..please it feels so good..." You purred to him, gripping his hands that were around your hips pulling them up to wrap them around your breasts, nearly begging him to grope and pinch them because you wanted to feel more stimulation.

He was more than happy to oblige as he started roughly kneading your soft flesh, giving your hard nips a pinch here and pull there, increasing the slap of his hips against your ass not caring about the echo anymore as you both were just completely desperate to feel release.

"A-ah..Katsuki..A-ah~ Mhm!~" Your lips quivered from the pleasure, feeling a bit of saliva sliding down from the ecstasy and pure bliss of pleasure, before clamping your teeth against your palm to stifle the loud moan of his name as exhausting release swayed through your body.

He hissed something as he bit into your shoulder, stilling both of your bodies as he spent the condom feeling the warmth of your arousal against his thighs as he slid away panting.

Both of you took a few moments to come down, wiping what you could from your legs and putting your regular cloths back on. It was a relief when you started exiting the stall and no one was really around.

"I'll buy these both for you (Y/n), the red one is definitely..enticing." He smirked, walking with you over to the cashier. "The blue one, I think it will look erotic on you as well."

Instantly you scoffed at him as he paid the lady at the register, leading the way out the store but she said something that had you pausing.

"You might want to save those type things till you are at home."

Turning back your cheeks started to warm, thinking she could hear you some how even though you did your best to keep your voice down, and Katsuki wasn't loud either..maybe she heard him when he picked up his thrusts..but when she tapped her neck with a soft laugh you understood.

"You have like 6 hickeys on your neck, that I'm pretty sure weren't there when you first entered the store."


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Chapter Text


"Katsuki, do we really have to..walk this way?" You whispered, glancing around at the heavy crowd of people on the street.

"(Y/n), we're going home, this way is the fucking quickest. Just take my hand so we don't get separated." The moment he grabbed your hand your cheeks flushed heavily, muttering that your fingers might be warm and sweaty but he merely scoffed not caring one bit as he lead the way through the crowds.

He was both determined to get home as quick as possible, and never let go of your hand which had you smiling, even though the eyes of every person passing by made you feel extremely self conscious. Even when you could hear their judgmental whispering, it wasn't anything you hadn't heard before but it still made your heart sink.

"Look at the handsome guy, he has a scary face but dang he looks good."

"I know, he's slim and muscular. Whose the cow he's with?"

"Maybe she's his girlfriend?"

"No way, she's like 3 girlfriends all in one maybe she ate his real girlfriend?"

"Pffft, you better watch what you say or she might eat you to!"

Boisterous laughter entered your ears, after all those hurtful comments that had you slowing your pace down till your face was completely staring at the ground. Bakugou stopped in his tracks looking back at you, but when he asked what was wrong you forced a smile shaking your head several times saying you were 'fine.'

However, this was the one who loved and cared about you the most so he knew at first glance just how much you were lying to him. His brows furrowed in anger, before tugging your arm sharply till you were squeaking as you smacked into his chest.

"Katsuki, w-wait people are staring..."

"I don't give a fuck." He growled, sliding one hand around your hip while the other cupped your chin pulling you forward till your plush lips met his warm red ones.

Even though you were extremely embarrassed, and could feel like a dozen eyes he refused to let you pull away. He held your body against his, displaying in the most possessive way that you were his, even sliding his tongue passed your parted lips giving you a knee weakening french kiss before finally pulling away.

He smirked at the hazy flutter to your eyes, admiring the slick trail of saliva connecting you together before pressing you into his chest, Sometimes words weren't his strong suit but such an encouraging and gentle gesture was him trying to cheer you up.

Such a loving gesture had tears forming in your eyes, as you wrapped both arms around his slender frame and held him tight, shutting the prying eyes of onlookers out completely focusing on the man you loved with all your heart.

You didn't see it but he smiled softly for a few seconds, before lifting one of his hands and flipping the crowd behind you the middle finger. His wild scarlet eyes dared them to make fun of you some more, sparks flaring from the tips of his fingers that threatened to barbecue anyone who dared speak one foul word about you.

The people watching grew pale before quickly pacing away, only when hardly no one was around you both did he slide both of his hands down your back till they were resting on the back of your ass. The moment you started wiggling and jiggling, blushing madly did he squeeze both cheeks with a wide grin.

"Damn, girl you got ass for days." He rasped, into the rim of your ear noting its hazy pink shade before gliding his tongue down till his lips pressed softly at your neck. "(Y/n), your body may be fluffier than mine..but it still fits in my arms, that's all that fucking matters, right?"

Your eyes watered, a stray tear sliding down your cheek before you hugged him tightly nodding your head enthusiastically. He was right, he was always right..why did you have to listen to the people around you? Why couldn't you just take his loving words, and make them apart of the bible to your heart?

The walk home was silent but comfortable, your hands tightly twined together as you enjoyed each others warmth. The outline of his rough fingers always felt nice, even if sometimes you felt like you were just sweating all over his hand. To say he made your heart race and nervous, would be an understatement.

He walked you both back into your shared apartment, where you both flopped on the couch and picked a random tv show to start watching. While his eyes were focused, you couldn't help but admire how truly attractive he was as a man.

His side profile was very muscular, his chin astute, sharp red eyes, spiky blonde hair that you just wanted to run your fingers through. He was tall but not overbearingly, his shoulders broad, and his frame slender but he wasn't a stick figure.

He was your perfect opposite.

"Katsuki..I'm sorry.." You whispered getting his attention, those red eyes turning to focus on you. "I'm sorry that I'm always so pessimistic about..the way I look..but you're so handsome, and sometimes it feels like I'm dreaming..that I'm with a guy like you." Grabbing one of his hands you slid the back of it up to your lips pressing a soft kiss to his skin.

"I love you, what did I ever do to deserve you?"

You may of thought that sounded romantic, but such words had his brows arching angrily. While he liked the warm press of your lips, it was like such a loving gesture was ruined by clear hatred for yourself and the way you looked.

Suddenly he's tugging his hand away, only to shove your shoulders till you're falling backwards on the soft couch. Before you can even react, he's pushing apart your legs sliding between them as he looms over your body.

"(Y/n), your self loathing is starting to piss me off. I think I need to show you, exactly just how much I like your body." He smirked at the shy flutter to your eyes, leaning down to meet your lips in a few soft kisses where he wrapped his teeth around your bottom lip nibbling and sucking on it passionately.

"Ah, Katsuki.." You murmured his name, feeling warm saliva trickle down your chin from his rough passionate endeavor. Even if he was pulling on the appendage, it wasn't like he was actually hurting you as tingles of slow pleasure started to build.

Both of his hands slid down the soft plushy outline of your thick body, till he was gliding up the smooth skin of your belly. You gasped his name softly when he instantly pushed up your bra, so that he could have free reign to grope both of you mounds.

He flicked his index and middle finger over one of your nips, smirking at the arch of your body that told him you liked the way he was making you feel. Pinching your little nub, he groped around both of your breasts licking his lips hungrily, noting just how perky they were starting to get before relieving you of your shirt.

His fingers cupped your breasts pushing it up to his lips before sucking and swirling his tongue around not just your nip but the plush outline of your breasts. You panted his name sliding one of your hands around his shoulder as you leaned back against the couch relaxing under the soft sway of pleasure he was giving you.

"You have a lot of breast, so I need to appreciate every...single..soft part.." He rasped placing kiss after kiss between almost every single word, licking and lapping his tongue making sure your chest was covered with his pink love bites.

It was embarrassing having your flabby upper body on full display but he didn't seem to care at all. As he tried to kiss nearly every piece of exposed skin, not just on your breasts but on your upper chest, neck, and stomach, even sliding his tongue into your belly button snickering at the way you wiggled and giggled.

"Mhm...Katsuki...n-not there I'm ticklish.." you murmured, pushing at his shoulder but he merely growled shooing your hands away.

"Good, I know every place on your body that is sensitive." He husked, purposefully licking the rim of your belly button a few more times inducing a shudder of pleasure down your spine before gripping the waistband of your pants and tugging them down tossing them on the floor.

Your heart raced as he licked his lips at the site of your almost naked body, you didn't honestly think you were sexy but from the hungry haze in his eyes he must of thought you were utterly beautiful and simply delicious enough to completely devour.

He used the palm of his hand to spread your legs apart before peppering warm and wet kisses up your knee and inner thigh, getting dangerously close to your panties. Suddenly he sinks his teeth into your skin, making your entire body flinch nearly squeezing your legs around his head making him laugh as he sucks your skin leaving you a possessive bite mark-like hickey.

"H-hah..d-did you just leave me a hickey on my thigh...?" You murmur voice laced with disbelief.

"I fucking did, problem?" He growled, lapping his tongue against his mark making sure such a love bite wouldn't fade anytime soon before pressing the tip of his tongue against your panties.

His smirk widened at the way you tossed your head back moaning, sliding one of your hands against the back of his head as if telling him you wanted more. Which he was more than happy to give you, as he was a man who thoroughly enjoyed the taste of your juices.

Wasting no more time on your panties, he hungrily ripped them from your body before leaning down and lapping his tongue in hot wet circles against your sensitive clit. Any words you wanted to say, immediately turned into loud lewd moans of his name.

His lips slid around the sensitive nub, sucking and rolling it between getting off on how badly he could feel your body shaking, not to mention the slick taste of your arousal. Only when the nub was completely pleasure swollen, did he glide his tongue down your slit curling between your folds.

"A-ah!~ Katsuki, f-fuck!~ I-if you go so fast I'm going to cum!~" You whimpered to him, tugging a few strands of his hair as you tossed and turned your head.

Such words only had him increasing his pace several times over, flicking and curling his tongue against your slick walls in incredibly pleasurable precision. Both of his hands slid to the bottom of your ass cupping and pulling your body more into his, so he could press his muscle as deep into your core as possible.

The depth was too much for your stimulated body, as your hand tugged at his hair gasping his name loudly, before he was pulling away licking your juices from his lips.

"Mhm, you soaked my chin." He huskily rasped, meeting your hazy eyes and heavily panting lips, before he was leaning away to slide off his shirt. You barely got to admire his abs before he was unzipping his pants tugging them off with clear sexual want and desire.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard, words other people say that are NOT me will no longer fucking matter to you." He growled like the lion you knew he was, leaning down to press another wet kiss to your stomach before meeting your lips in the middle.

His possessive tongue danced with your own as he pushed up your legs, sliding his hips forward enough till his cock was against your wet entrance. You moaned into his mouth, from the sensual contact sliding both hands around his muscular frame.

When he felt your legs squeeze around his waist telling him you desperately needed him to fuck you, he gripped your plush hips tightly before thrusting his own forward. Your groan of pleasure filled his mouth, and even the squeeze of your nails against his shoulder told him just how full he was making you feel.

"A-ah Katsuki, so deep inside me.." You moaned out your compliments of how good it felt to be so entwined with his body. Only when you were together, alone like this, did it remind you how truly and deeply in love with this man you were.

He felt your hands wrap around him tightly, as you leaned your head up and gave the side of his neck a few warm kisses letting him know it was okay for him to start moving. His rugged features softened for a few seconds, a rush of true appreciation for the woman bellow him that loved him probably more than she loved herself.

"(Y/n), I want to hear you moan my name." He whispered into the rim of your ear, a surprisingly soft trill to his voice even though the desire he relayed was a naughty one.

He didn't wait for you to respond, before easing his hips away thrusting forward, increasing his pace which each movement of his hips, determined to feel in accurate detail your womanly core.

You did not disappoint him, as with each press of his cock against your walls you moaned and gasped his name, tightening your grip on his shoulders and squeezing your legs around his upper back, not minding when he pressed against your legs moving them up even higher so he could reach a body writhing depth with each of his thrusts.

"A-ah Katsuki, S-so deep, a-ah can barely feel my legs.." You gasped to him, blushing at the way he started snickering but he held your legs in place for you as he kept up a steady rhythm. He also kept rasping and husking intimate words about how nice your ass felt in his hands, or how his lips wrapped around your breasts even though they were bouncing with his intense thrusts.

"Fuck you're squeezing my cock so tight." He groaned, feeling your walls pulsate against him and even how wet he was making your body, as your juices made it incredibly easy to fuck you fast, deep, and without pause.

"Katsuki, O-oh god!~ C-can't last much longer!~" You whimpered to him desperately trying to relay how close you were, but the grip of your nails down his back leaving him a scratch or two was more than enough to get him to increase his pace several times over.

He rasped huskily about the warmth and tight grip of your folds, as he slammed his hips against your thighs creating a loud wet echo. However, such a sound was nothing compared to the moans and whimpers of his name that was letting the neighbors now in intimate detail just how good your lover was fucking you.

With a few more deep thrusts, you squeezed his shoulders tossing your head back against the couch completely coating his cock with your juices. He groaned something you couldn't hear, thrusting a few more times sloshing your arousal before pulling away to warm your inner thigh with his seed.

Both of you panted heavily, gasping the moment his body feel lax against your own pressing his cheek against your breasts. His warm breath was hazing against your skin, and you could even feel in accurate detail how fast his heart was thumping.

"(Y/n), You're fucking beautiful."

Your eyes rose in surprise, tears tingling in the corner of your eyes as he squeezed your body never bothering to even look up, as if using the grip of his hands to relay his possessive desire. All you could do was return his tight grip, sliding one of your hands into his hair feeling truly enamored by his everything.

"If you ever need another reminder of just who you belong to I'll be more than happy to fucking rock your world any day of the week."


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Chapter Text


"Ah, I just love being on the roof!" You beamed feeling the wind rustle your hair, loving the view of both the sun in the high sky as well as the beautiful color of the clouds. Turning to your boyfriend whom for some reason isn't even looking at you, you grab his hand smiling when his scarlet eyes finally meet your own.

"I like being up here with you."

You saw a visible tremor to his eyes before he pulled his hand away, and the deepest scowl forming on his handsome features. Such a look had your heart pounding and your eyes widening the most hurt expression coming to your soft eyes, that had him turning completely away from you.

"I didn't fucking bring you up here so you could admire the stupid scenery." He growled gnashing his teeth together, bawling both of his fists before abruptly turning back to you. His expression was as determined as you've seen when he's fighting a villain or training his abilities.

"I'm tired of babysitting you, I want to break up."

Your eyes widened before you laughed, reaching for him but he viciously backed away from your touch like you were full of disease. Again you forced a laugh even though your heart was thumping erratically, "T-that's not funny Katsuki...You know you're not really good with jokes.." Your voice came out as a shaky whisper that was trying to dissuade the tension, but it failed.

"It's not a fucking joke, (Y/n). Spending time with you is making me fall behind in my studies, cause I'm always around you or helping you. I want to be number 1, second rate just wont fucking cut it for me."

"I..." Your lips were trembling the words sinking at the bottom of your stomach, making you feel both queasy and you'd throw up any moment. "I w-would never hinder your dream, you know I fully support you..did I-"

"It doesn't matter if you support it." He cut you off with scoff, rolling his eyes at the way you still kept talking like you even understood what he was trying to tell you. The more you rambled on, the more his brows arched fist bawling hard enough to sink his nails into his skin, before he screamed words you never wanted to hear.


The tears that you'd somehow managed to keep at bay flowed from your eyes almost immediately, Bakugou could see your entire body trembling yours hands squeezing the bottom of your school uniform as if you were trying to keep how badly you wanted to sob inside.

"O-oh..." you croaked to him, eyes dropping to the floor and despite the aggressive flow of tears there was a smile on your face. "D-did I..make you mad..if I did I'm really s-sorry..." Your words were dripping with imaginable sorrow, globs of hot tears searing both of your cheeks and even coating your lips making them red and puffy.

"No, you fucking didn't do anything to make me mad. I want to focus only on being a Hero." His words came out clear, not a single lie you could detect in such calm words despite how aggressive and rough he usually spoke.

He meant every single syllable, he truly didn't need you to be the best hero he could be..and now was a time where that harsh reality crashed into your face.

"Don't call me, don't text me, and don't come over to my house anymore." With those final words, you heard the clack of his feet as he turned around and headed for the door. Everything inside wanted to reach out for him, wanted to beg him to stay..wanted to convince him he was wrong..but fear and immeasurable sorrow kept your feet in place.

When you heard the door slam shut, your legs collapsed to the ground bonking your knee on the concrete but such a small pain didn't compare to the breaking of your heart. The sobs you were holding in leaked from your lips, as you felt hot tears consume every feature of your face, it was like he ripped your heart out and stomped on it.

"Why...w-why...p-please tell me why..I did something wrong to him..and he doesn't love me anymore...that has to be it..." You sobbed every other word, throat becoming hoarse and nose dripping with snot. Heat was searing from every single pour on your skin, it literally felt like you were dying inside as you curled into a ball and cuddled yourself desperate for any type of warmth.

On the other side of the wall stood the very man who broke your heart. He listened to every single desperate sob and cry of his name, fighting every single emotion inside his body that he felt for you. Blood was dripping from his bottom lip from the rough way he'd bitten himself, and his knuckles were bleeding from the way he slammed against the wall.

It was painful for him to listen to you cry, and not be able to rush to your side and hold you in his arms. However, ever since he'd started thinking about how his scores have started going wasn't enough for any real concern but for him..if he wasn't top, it was a real problem.

What he said to you was the truth, being with you was detracting to him. Did that mean he hated you? Hell no, in fact this firecracker loved you more than anything. Leaving you behind would be the most crushing decision he's ever made.


It would take 3 days of missing school before you finally had the strength to go back. You told the class you'd caught a stomach bug and felt sick, which is why you'd missed school but only one person knew the truth.

The one who could see just how dark the circles around your eyes were from the lack of sleep, the puffy red features to your nose and cheeks, the usual tone of your skin now faded from not leaving your room, and of course the way you'd stopped wearing the ring he'd given you.

"Bakugou-kun, why didn't you tell us (Y/n)-chan was sick?" Ochako huffed to her blonde classmate, wagging her finger reprimanding him, calling him a bad boyfriend and classmate cause they were all very concerned about you.

"Ochako-chan, it's okay we decided to break up, so its not his fault." You lied through your teeth with a soft smile, that if you'd bothered to look at Bakugou was making him sick. He shoved his chair hard before he just walked out of class, and who knows if he'd come back this period.

"What? You broke up?" Ochako's voice was stunned.

"That's terrible are you okay, (Y/n)-chan? I hope Kacchan didn't hurt you?" Deku's emerald green eyes were full of soft and caring concern, that would normally make you feel better but it was difficult to keep the swell of tears from forming in your eyes but you managed to keep them away.

"Guys its okay, Bakugou-kun and I just weren't clicking..a-anymore so we decided to separate." You'd become a master at hiding your feelings so nearly everyone believed you, as you dissuaded all their concerns doing your best to convince them that you were of course sad but it was nothing overbearing.

Which was the biggest lie you'd ever told in your life.

Days, turned into weeks and eventually a few months went by. It was hard but you managed to be relatively okay, and hey you found out that what he said was just as true for you as it was for him. As without him around you focused more on your studies and went up several places in school ranking.

However, it wasn't anything you truly cared about him. You'd take being the stupidest person in school if it meant you could be with him again.

Speaking of the man who tore your heart into tiny shreds, your eyes lifted slowly turning to the right just so you could admire his side profile. He was diligently working on the previous worksheet the teacher had given, which you were grateful for. You could observe him silently without meeting his alluring ruby red eyes.

Ever since we broke up..we can't even be proper friends. We used to be close in middle school, before we started dating the first year of U.A. After a year of being together he just decided..that he didn't need me. I want to understand, I truly do..I want to support him..

Tears were forming in your eyes as you thought about how truly and deeply in love with him you still were. Everything about being together washed over your mind and memories, making it psychically impossible for you to work on some silly school worksheet.

"I'm sorry, Excuse me." You muttered to the teacher about not feeling well, refusing to let anyone see your eyes before you beelined down the hall and into the girls bathroom, where you could let the tears floor freely as you whispered about how broken you were.

When you heard the door open, you ducked into the first stall and waited for whoever they were to leave trying to not make any sound but they knocked on your stall. "O-occupied, use a different one.." You sniffled every softly to them, trying to not sound strained.

"(Y/n)-chan, it's me I know you're not to me."

It was Ochako, one of your very caring classmates but you couldn't bring yourself to burden her as you muttered that you just felt sick and would come back to class in a few minutes. However, she smacked her fist on the door harder than you thought a person like her would getting your attention.

"You don't have to lie! I know why you're sad, You still love him don't you?"

Instantly more tears cascaded down your cheeks plopping to the tile of the floor, the feelings you thought you could deal with becoming overbearing as you stood and unlocked the door letting her see just how terribly tear stained your face was.

She wrapped her gentle arms around you pulling you into a tight hug, as she caressed your back in soothing circles and just let you sob whispering to you that it'll be okay, and that she wouldn't leave you.

"I l-love him so m-much.." Your croaked burring your face against her shoulder, "I m-miss him so much..I miss him so much It feels likes I can't breath.." If she heard your choked and sobbed words it was miracle but from her soothing gestures and the gentle rubbing of your back seemed to indicate she understood completely.

It would take some time but eventually you calmed down, but nothing could soothe the ache inside your heart you could merely mask how you felt..and focus on other things, and hope that one day someone could fill the void left by your first love.


6 years later

Somethings had changed like Bakugou got recruited by one of the most prestigious hero agencies in Japan, and he was well on his way to achieving his dream.

You had no aspiration to be the best hero so you were working a modest job(think like baker, teacher, librarian something simple even though you do have a quirk), but even though you had what most would classify as a normal job, you still liked to help when you could.

Your quirk was to create bubbles that could contain one of the four elements, it was pretty strong ability but for any real damage to happen multiple bubbles of the same element would have to touch at the same time or the power would be fairly weak.

Kind of like how Deku collected things that had to do with All Might, You started collecting things that had Bakugous image on them. Nothing to big or fancy but sometimes they made posters that you couldn't help but admire of him with his agency, he was like the poster child for a successful hero..and nothing can explain the joy you felt for him when people truly accepted him.

After saying goodbye to your fellow coworkers, you trailed down town with plans to do some quick shopping. However, when you'd gotten onto the outskirts of town it was clear that something huge was going down as most civilians were being evacuated, and even in the distance you could hear familiar explosions.

Instantly you recognized those sounds, and quickly darted past everyone even police who told you to stay back but you were to fast on your feet. Even using some wind bubbles to travel faster, a tremble in your heart that feared for the one you still cared about the most.

Relief flooded your system when he was perfectly fine, he even had two people bound bellow him with tight rope. You didn't want him to see you so you ducked behind a corner and watched him with a wide smile. He'd gotten so much more handsome and his muscles had developed so well.

However, another villain started fighting with him and while you were sure he could handle one person or even a few it seemed he was clearly distracted by something. Within seconds it became obvious their were some children, not to far away scared and frightened..and he didn't want to cause collateral damage and hurt them so he was keeping his power in check.

Deciding to relieve some of his burden, you quickly darted out and over to them. Grabbing both of their tiny hands before trying to run as fast as you could away, however another villain would stand in your way.

By this time it was obvious that Bakugou had seen you but with lives on the line you could hardly be bothered by that. Holding both of your hands up your eyes gleamed a bright blue as you blew softly forming round light colored bubbles.

"Is that all you can do?" The villain snickered, only for you to grin wickedly the moment all of the bubbles squished together creating one giant one, thinking nothing of it he slashed his dagger through the bubble but such a choice was extremely bad as the burst caused a massive winter chill instantly freezing the bad guy in his steps.

"Shit, you've gotten more control over your ability." His familiar voice called to you, using the blasts from his palms to glide over till he was right in front of you, giving you the most approving smirk like he thought you ability was so cool.

Your face warmed as he admired all your features like you were doing his, it's been years since you'd been right in front of each other. His facial structure had gotten even more rugged, his chin more astute and the gleam of his eyes even brighter.

"You look good." He smirked at the familiar blush that came to your cheeks, as a small smile edged up your lips..however it faded when your eyes glanced past him noticing one of the people he thought he'd knocked out getting up, they raised their hand producing what looked like a gun aiming it right at the back of Bakugou's head.

The moment you heard the shot, you darted forward pushing Bakugou out of the way, knocking him to the ground with an angry huff. He cursed loudly but used a blast from his hand to thoroughly bombard the man with explosions enough to cause some third degree burns and unconsciousness.

"Fucking hell (Y/n), did you really have to shove me so hard?" He groaned standing up rubbing his back side, expecting you to answer right away didn't say anything. Glancing up he found you standing their with a smile on your lips but you were covering a spot on your stomach.

"I'm g-glad you're okay.." You coughed, spitting blood on the floor before collapsing. He was quick to dart forward and catch you before you body smacked against the concrete, the look in his eyes full of concern and a mixture of anger.

"(Y/n)? Are you okay? Just relax, you're going to be okay stupid."

You managed a small laugh, as he viciously patted all his pockets till he found his phone and started barking order after order demanding someone from the medical team come to his location immediately.

"Katsuki...I just wanted to say that I love you, and I always have.." You choked to him, getting his attention watching as his cheeks dusted with a pink, that you hadn't seen in a long time before he started hissing at you that you were going to be just fine.

"Don't talk like we wont see each other again, You're going to be fine. So stop acting like an idiot." Even though his words were a confident huff his hands were shaking as he held your body steady, his red eyes glanced down to the wound on your stomach feeling a cold chill when the material of your shirt was completely soaked in your blood and even soaking a good portion of his own clothing.

"I h-hate you.." You choked to him, getting his attention as you weakly lifted your hand to touch his cheek, it was covered in blood but he would just have to deal with that. "But I l-love you, I was so sad without you..can you p-please tell me that you love me one more time..even if y-you don't mean it.." You whispered to him with tears trailing down your cheeks, a heavy feeling inside starting to make it difficult to keep your eyes open.

He completely started losing it, tears swelling in his eyes before cascading down his cheek as he gripped your body tightly and hugged you close to his own. "Of course I love you, I love you so much that you can't leave me alone with all these're the only one that's real.." he growled possessive holding your body, he was begging..a tough man like he was begging that you don't leave him.

The most alleviating relief flooded through your system, the thump of your heart painful despite how utterly happy his words made you feel. You could feel his warmth and loving grip, that you've longed for squeezing you tightly, the heavy feeling making your eyes shut before you forced them open again.

Using every strength you had in your body, you pushed away from his chest enough to pull him forward to meet your lips in a kiss that just had more tears cascading down your cheek. Such a sweet and sugary feeling, you've long sense forgotten how truly wondering his kisses were.

He returned your kiss full force, holding his hand against your cheek the other around your back. Suddenly, your entire body falls lax in his arms..the hand that was in his hair dropping to your side, your lips that were maneuvering gently against his own ceasing all their movement.

Pulling away horrid realization at just how pale your entire body is slaps him harshly in the face. The blood you've lost from your bullet wound completely soaking the ground around you, your features serene and your body hot and sweaty.

Tears cascade down his cheeks plopping onto your face, that he tries to gently wipe away admiring all your features like this isn't really happening.

He didn't just loose the only person whose ever loved him.

He didn't shun you for the past 6 years and just loose you like he'll never have a chance to apologize for what an idiot he was.

You're merely sleeping and not the dead body of the person he loved the most.

"Come back to me, Angel Face."


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Chapter Text


"Himiko, do we really have to go this direction..." You signed exasperatedly, rolling your eyes at the way she merely giggled, gesturing wildly with both of her hands.

"Yes! (Y/n)-chan, you told me you haven't been feeling very well lately. Which gave me a fantastic Idea!" She beamed hopping and skipping between the tree's even turning around to face you as she walked backwards with complete ease.

"I like to see (Y/n)-chan happy, so trust Himiko!~"

Turning away you tried to hide the soft pink blush on your cheeks as a giddy smile edged up your lips. Himiko was the cutest person you'd even known, and although her personality was a bit psychotic, none of that could stop you from developing a heart racing crush on her.

You managed to mutter a soft thank you, before walking close in step with her. It was true, lately you'd been feeling a bit down but it was partly her fault and partly your shitty parents who didn't give a damn about you at all.

Himiko Toga had been your best friend since as long as you could remember, you shared many memories and even dark secrets with her. One day when your feelings started to develop into something that no longer felt like friendship you got a little scared.

Finding another girl attractive was...different. If you had to be honest it felt right though. When It came to love all that should matter is accepting each other, and inside your heart you felt that Himiko and you truly accepted every part of each other..and yet you were sure if you tried to kiss her she would reject you.

On the other side of your sad spectrum, were the parents who should of loved and accepted you unconditionally...but were anything but normal parents. If you weren't utterly perfect in everything you did, they were emotionally abusive which was honestly worse than if they had actually hurt you.

Sometimes you'd wish they would just hit you and get it over with, rather than yell hateful and harmful words. Scars would heal, but those words would last forever.

Suddenly Himiko's slender hand slides between your fingers, making you both blush softly and smile up at her beautiful yellow like the sun eyes. "(Y/n)-chanchan!~ I can see the wheels in your head turning a very sad tune, that's a no-no when you're with Himiko!~"

Instantly you giggled, giving her hand a tight squeeze unable to stop yourself from caressing the soft skin of her fingers. Which she didn't seem to mind, as she pulled you close enough to where she could loop her arm around your elbow while still holding your hand as she leaned her head down against your shoulder.

"(Y/n)-chan, your parents suck do you want me to kill them for you?"

You paused your steps but only for a moment, before picking your pace back up again. "Hmm..That's a very tempting offer Himiko, but maybe after I turn 18..that way I can get a job and leave those fuckers behind." Using your other hand you poked at her cheek making her pout ever so adorably, "I be more than happy to help you bury the bodies then."

She hummed in a thoughtful way before snuggling your arm, "Alright, (Y/n)-chan but if they make you cry again, I'll just have to chop off a few of their fingers for compensation~" Her words had you smiling, loving that she cared about you that much to want you to be safe.

It was calming talking to her even though she always spoke in radical playful way. You knew that she had no qualms about hurting people, when she declared it necessary but her combination of rough and girly nature would be the very reason you started falling for her.

After passing through a clearing of tree's what came into view was the beautiful site of a lake surrounded by the most breathtaking flowers. Instantly Himiko, gripped your wrist and started running forward before you could even register what she was going to do..your body meet with the water.

Gasping from the pure shock and extremely cold sensation, you coughed a few times wiping at both your forehead and eyes pushing your damp tresses away from your face before turning your wide eyes to a very giddy, smiling, and even bouncing happily in the water Himiko.

"Ah!~, So refreshing, it feels sooo nice don't you think, (Y/n)-chan?" She paddled over to you, swimming around your body with a wide grin.

"Its not to bad..but now my clothes are all wet.." You huffed, feeling just how completely soaked your shirt and pants were getting. The material of all your clothes absorbing the moisture around you, becoming heavy and tightly clinging to your body becoming very uncomfortable.

"Oh, thats right. Our clothes are soaked, we should take them off!" She declared spontaneously, already sliding off her shirt revealing a velvety purple bra underneath that perfectly framed her breasts..which you couldn't stop staring at. When she started unclasping her bra, you turned away red swarming your face.

"(Y/n)-chan, don't just stand there, wet clothes are icky right?"

You managed a small mumble of yes, the wet sensation starting to irritated your skin. Slowly you began to convince yourself, that this place was perfectly secluded, and you were both girls so it would be fine..even if you had a crush on her.

Unbuttoning your top, you slid it off your shoulders tossing it on the grass next to the lake. Slowly you edged your pants off, resting it in a separate pile. Glancing back at Himiko, entire face swarming with a bright red when you found her leaning back on the water floating completely naked.

Turning away quickly, you didn't want to seem weird for being the only one with your cloths still you quickly tugged off both your bra and panties laying them in a neat pile in hopes that they would dry by time you were done taking a dip.

When you first turned back to face her, you covered your chest with a soft layer of shyness but quickly let them fall to your side, this was your best friend and you had nothing to hide from her. Swimming over to her, your eyes couldn't help but note her slender bodies naked beauty.

From her cute face, that was framed by her adorable damp blonde hair, to the shapely outline of her breasts and perky pink nipples, and even trailing down her stomach to the outline of her long legs and private lower body.

"Nee, (Y/n)-chan.." She murmured tilting her head to meet your eyes that instantly shot up to her face, "I feel like you've been keeping a secret from me..and I don't know why.." A pang past through your heart when you noticed the genuine hurt expression on her face.

"We've been together a long time, and if you like me you should just say so."

An instantaneous blush swarmed your cheeks as her lips curved up into a knowing grin, her yellow eyes dancing with the same playful tune she's always carried. Her body leaned up till she was standing up right in the water, breasts on full display as she edged closer to you making your heart absolutely pound.

"(Y/n)-chan, is just so cute I feel like I could devour her..and maybe you want to devour me too?" It was a question that felt like it needed to be answered, but her arms were already wrapping around your neck pulling your body against hers till your breasts were smack together and her lips against your own.

The warmth that washed over your entire body felt incredible and right in every way, so much so, that you arms instinctively wrapped around her body, sliding one hand against the back of her head loving the soft and wet feeling of her hair.

One kiss turned into, to many to count, as you both seemed determined to steal the others oxygen, and even let your tongues meet in the middle, slipping and sliding hazily in a passionate tune till saliva was dripping down your chin, and connecting your muscles together as you finally detached from one another.

Panting softly the notion that it was now or never to confess overwhelmed your heart. Sliding both of your hands against her smooth cheeks you brought her to meet your lips again, before hugging her close to your body leaning your lips down to the rim of her ear before whispering.

"Himiko, I love you, M-more than a friend.." You stuttered trying to make sure she understand, your feelings were in the romantic sense.

Her eyes softened before she hugged you close and giggled, "I know, (Y/n)-chan is the cutest person in this world and I love you too." The outline of her soft pink lips planted a warm wet kiss against the side of your neck, before her hands started roaming around your body.

She grazed over all your delicate body parts eliciting some of the softest moans, that had your face pink and hazy..but its been a long desire to do the very same to her.

Gently your hands slid down the soft skin of her back, grazing over her ass cheeks purposefully feeling the texture, smiling at the way she seemed to wiggle under your touch as if ticklish. Once you'd felt her squishy cheeks enough your hands caressed around her hips, and over her breasts sliding the tip of your index fingers over her perky nips, making her moan against the skin of your shoulder before she placed a kiss.

"Mhm, (Y/n)-chan, your breasts fit so perfectly in my hands." She murmured, sliding her tongue up and down your neck picking random patches to suck as she used both hands to knead your tits and even gave both nips a rough pinch, smirking at the way your entire body arched backwards moaning her name.

She even began trailing her hand lower down your stomach, till a few of her fingers were dipping between your legs caressing a slow sensual outline against your slit. "A-ah, Himiko..d-don't touch me there..." You gasped, trying to clench your legs shut at the way she almost immediately went for your clit, circling her index finger against the sensitive nub grinning delightful at the way you started writhing back and forth.

"But!~ (Y/n)-chans body is sooo soft and smooth, and her red face gets me so excited!~" She giggled, nuzzling her nose against the side of your neck like an affectionate little kitten. The unbelievably adorable nature of your best friend was nearly impossible to say no to, as she even whispered against the rim of your ear how she wanted to feel the inner warmth of your body.

Instantly after such words hazed against your skin, she slid one of her fingers against your womanly outline one more time before sliding two of her fingers between your folds. Out of pure unexpected pleasurable instinct your body clung to hers tossing your head back moaning her name, and even spreading your legs under the water like you wanted her to feel more of you.

Slowly she developed a rather deep rhythm sliding her fingers back and forth, turning you into a moaning blushing mess. When you had the courage to look at her face, her cheeks were swarmed in a pink but you knew better than to think she was embarrassed..that was her excited face..and maybe even displaying a bit of lustful desire.

"Mhm,'s not fair if I'm the one feeling good.." You murmured to her, feeling courageous enough to pull her in for a quick kiss, which she returned with a giddy grin, before you trailed the soft outline of your lips down her slender neck till you were kissing at the tip of her perky pink nip.

She leaned her head back just enough to arch her body more towards you, moaning ever so softly as your slick tongue danced a warm and hazy circle, stickily coating her breasts with wet kisses and even sucking her tit relishing in the amazing sweet and addictive flavor of her skin.

"(Y/n)-chan, your kisses feel so good.." She grinned, only to moan very loudly when you gave her nip a small tug with your teeth just to see how she would react. Such a pleasurable reaction told you, she liked a little bit of pain with her pleasure, and it was difficult to not think you were probably the same way.

Another one of her slender digits curled between your slick folds, quickening her pace like she was desperate to feel the tight grip of your pussy against her fingers as she pressed them into your body as deeply as possible.

Your erotic and lewd moans hazed against the soft skin of her chest as it became difficult to kiss and suck her breasts when she was giving such enveloping pleasure. However, you did your best it'd been a naughty desire and even in a few of your day dreams to lick or kiss her chest.

Sliding your slick muscle up and down, you switched to her other tit with hazy lustful desire laced in your eyes as you sucked on her pink nub like the sweetest piece of candy. She most certainly didn't seem to hate your pleasurable gestures and even began using her other hand to caress your own breasts pinching and kneading the flesh as both of your moans filled the air.

"A-ah Himiko, p-please go faster I w-want to cum!~" You whimpered to her, feeling an overwhelming knot form in the pit of your stomach that desperately wanted to snap.

"My,my!~ Such a naughty demand!~" She giggled wildly her yellow orbs glowing under the moonlight like the only light that ever existed. "If you want to feel good, give me a kiss!~ Not just any kiss though, your bestest kiss ever!~" Her lush pink lips puckered in front of you in an almost playful like way, even sliding her tongue over her bottom lip enticing you.

Oh you didn't have to be told twice, as you caught her a bit off guard using both of your hands to cup her cheeks smashing her lips against your own. Your tongue slid passed her parted lips in the midst of her hazy confusion, dancing in the most erotic and lewd way you didn't know you were capable of.

Only once you pulled away with the thickest trail of saliva connecting your tongues together did you realize your kiss had been so intimate and steamy that her fingers had paused all there movement.

You watched as her yellow eyes fluttered, a thick lustful gleam in them and swarming the excited pink tint on her face as she pushed you backwards till your back was against the embankment next to the lake, just so she could steady her fingers before thrusting them as fast between your folds as she was able.

"Oh!~ Mh, Himiko!~ A-ah So fast!~" You moaned, tossing your head back gripping her shoulders tightly, writhing bellow her as she even decided to lean down and swipe her warm tongue over one of your nips.

The moment she decided to suck your tits roughly, even using the sharp tips of her teeth to both bite and pull your delicate little nub you completely started loosing it. Never did you thinking being intimate with your best friend could feel so good, but your body was responsive and tingling under her every gesture.

It only took a few more moments of the deep pleasurable friction of her fingers brushing against all the right spots inside your body, till your entire frame spasmed, folds convulsing around her digits warming them with your arousal only to be quickly washed away due to the water of the lake.

"Boo, this lake was very mean and washed away all your flavor.." She pouted sticking out her bottom lip, making your cheeks warm at her indication and even the playful way she still maintained her cute attitude.

Your lips parted, plans to make her feel good as well on the tip of your tongue because you didn't want to be the only one achieving an orgasm but it would seem she already had her own idea to feel pleasure.

"Nee, (Y/n)-chan~ I have an idea, of how we both can feel pleasure. I may not be a dude but that doesn't matter right?~"

Slowly you nodded your head, making her lips curve up into a very pleased smile as she started jumping up and down excitedly making her breasts bounce. She quickly leaned forward giving you a quick kiss before climbing out of the water and siting down butt naked on the grass. One of her slender fingers curled at you seductively as she spread her legs and used another to play with herself.

The image of her pleasuring herself was to erotic, the sway of her fingers to hypnotic for you to even care about being cold and chilly the moment your naked body rose up from the water walking over to her sitting down in front of her like you already knew what she wanted to do as you spread your legs and slid your lower half up to hers.

"Mhm, (Y/n)-chan I think must watch a lot of porn~" She teased with a toothy grin, at the immediate puff of pink on your cheeks and even coating the tips of your ears.

That's okay though, you wont need porn anymore when you can have me when ever you want!~" She declared ever so easily, grabbing onto the ankle of your leg pulling it closer to her chest as she leaned back on the ground and pressed her wet slit against yours.

"'re my best friend but I want more.." You moaned out your desire, as you lifted her leg up just enough before you started pushing your body up against hers. The outlines of both of your folds passionately rubbing against each other, eliciting several lewd moans from both of you.

"Ah~ (Y/n)-chan, sounds so love sick its adorable!~ I want to be more too, I want you to give me everything!~" She purred, gripping your leg tightly as she rocked her body against yours even pressing her long nails into your skin as she squeezed your leg between her breasts.

The combined rhythm of both of you pushing and pulling against each other was creating this overbearing pleasurable stimulation that felt body heat inducing. The thump of your heart only adding to your stimulation, and nothing can compare to the wet sensation of her folds against your know you turned her on that much and were making her feel that good, ah you just wanted to kiss her so bad but the position you were both in would make that difficult.

Suddenly after pushing her leg up just a little trying to get a better grip, did her slit graze against your clit making your entire frame jitter, such a reaction not going unnoticed. With a wide grin, she picked up her body enough to slide her lips in a perfect precision over your clit and even applying some pressure to her own in the process, making her hiss out a moan of your name.

Oh Himiko, I c-can't!~ It f-feels so good!~" You mewled, trying to relay to her just how close your body was to another pleasurable release.

She must of understood as the moment your pace picked up so did her own, as you pushed and pulled each others legs rubbing your lips against each other in unbearably pleasurable precision till you both were tossing your heads back screaming the others name as heavenly release swayed through your body.

"(Y/n)-chan.." She panted arms falling lax laying against the floor just like you were, "I can feel your sticky juice on my thigh, you were so excited~" She teased with a soft giggle, despite the way her chest was steadily rising up and down.

"S-stupid.." You hissed softly with lightly shaded cheeks, before smiling as you shifted your position till you were laying right next to her staring at her adorable features. "I'm not the only one excited." You slyly indicated with a gentle press of your finger tip against her aroused pink nip, just how turned on she was as well.

She giggled, throwing both of her arms around your waist pulling you closer till your chests were smacked together. Once again she nuzzled against you like a kitten, before resting her head against your breasts closing her eyes.

"(Y/n)-chan, you wont leave me right?"

"Of course not, without Himiko I'd die from loneliness."


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Chapter Text


There are only ever maybe a handful of people who truly understand you. People look around and think making a connection with someone is easy, but while simply saying 'hello' might be easy developing a meaningful connection is sometimes impossible.

All the onlookers say outcast, your parents say attention seeker, maybe a parental figure at school can see you suffering quietly but never would you be able to say how..lost and alone you feel inside. The students around try to make small talk, or to get to know you but it simply feels all to fake and pretentious to put any actual effort into.

However, there was one person who made everything feel so much better. He wasn't exactly a nice person, but what he said was important to you. Sometimes he was the only one who could see through all your bullshit, and fake smiles, and call you out on them.

How were you to know one day when he knocked your binder to the floor, scattering the papers only to snarl that he was completely sick of seeing your face that held no true happiness. How he would absolutely bark at you that he hated meek week people like you, who had no spine to say what was really going on.

"(Y/n), give me some of your lunch."

"What was that? I didn't hear a please?"

"I said...Give me some of your fucking lunch, I left mine on the counter at home." Bakugou practically growled, nearly sitting on top of you as he swiped at your lunch making you laugh and smile, trying to keep it out of his reach but his arms were a little longer than your own, giving him ample height to grab and start scarfing your lunch like a hungry dog.

Even though you frowned and pretended to pout, really you were smiling. The person who nearly tried to bite your head off a year ago was now one of your best friends. The one who said he hated people like you, actually hung around you nearly every day. After the initial contact it seems you changed his mind or something. Whatever it was you were..grateful to have a person like him in your life.

Your (e/c) eyes watched him with the softest of smiles, he may of been your closest friend but..on the inside you wanted something more. How could you not develop a crush on him? He was very handsome, smart, caring in his own way, and helped alleviate the pain of being alone.

He helped you become brave and courageous. He made it easier to come out of your shell, letting not just him get closer but a few others as well. He knew everything, you never wanted anyone else to know..and never once did you think he would ever spill your secrets.

On the flip side, you also knew things about him no one else did. The deep anxieties he had about being a hero, not being good enough, the fear of not being able to accomplish his dream. He was full of so much pride that, no one else could see how these things deeply hurt him on the inside.

"Katsuki, do I get to eat any of my lunch?" You huffed, puffing out your cheeks only for them to deflate when two of his fingers pinched at your cheek, snickering at the way air wheezed past your lips.

"No. It's mine now." He munched your food, watching you sigh annoyingly before leaning back on the wall behind you. Both of you had came to the roof to have lunch, hardly anyone ever came up here so it was just the two of you.

He waited for you to get relaxed before using your chopsticks to pick up a watermelon slice, waiting for the moment your lips parted when he called to you, before shoving it into your mouth. He chuckled at the surprised way you nearly spat it back out before munching on it with an annoyed huff.

"You trying to choke me?"

"Hey, you were the one who said you wanted some of my food." He shrugged his shoulders, almost snickering like a Cheshire cat before eating the rest of your food.

A skeptical laugh left your lips as you shook your head, trailing your eyes over his handsome face. He really was difficult to keep your eyes off of, not just his alluring scarlet red eyes but his muscular chin..and even the outline of his pale lips.

I wish I could tell him how I feel...I want to really badly. I'm scared he wont return my feelings though, and I might ruin this friendship..I've come to rely on.

Turning away you clenched a hand over your heart, thinking about all the good things in your life..and every single one of them started with him.

Bakugou noticed how quiet you suddenly got and frowned, worse scenarios playing in his head as he grabbed your wrist getting you to turn back to him. "Your stupid mom didn't do anything to you did she?" He asked, arching his brows angrily as he looked you over to see if you had any new bruises.

For a minute you were caught of guard before gasping in realization, "Oh the test you mean. Well as you know I did get in the 90s thanks to your help, still wasn't good enough for her.." You raised your hand as he began to snarl angrily, "but she didn't do anything, I promise. She just said I was stupid and not trying hard enough, that's nothing."

He deflated at that huffing in an annoyed voice, "Your mom is such a bitch, she should be fucking happy you have a quirk and got into U.A. All those other shitty people, don't even compare to us." He ranted, for several minutes on your behalf making you smile.

The more he articulated his words, the deeper you were falling for him. It truly felt like he cared about you, maybe he liked you as well? His hand was still holding your wrist, deciding to try something you flipped your hand over till your fingers were sliding into his.

He barely reacted, giving your hand a squeeze letting you feel the outline of his rough slender fingers. He didn't pull away at all, it was becoming unbearable to keep your feelings in cheek as you leaned closer to him, your other hand grabbing his blazer pulling him closer.

You were going to give him a kiss and show him how deeply you cared about him, however right before your lips touched suddenly he placed his palm over your lips. His scarlet red eyes looked somewhat confused and startled, but one thing was clear.

He doesn't want to kiss me.

Instantly you retracted, forcing a laugh pulling away from his hand and body entirely. "I'm s-sorry..I thought..." You shook your head, tears forming in your eyes that you desperately tried to keep at bay. "That was s-stupid..h-haha...please forget about it..I have to go.."

"(Y/n) fucking wait a second.."

However, you were long gone rushing through the door, and down the stairs wiping the warm tears from your face as you beelined to the bathroom. Everything you feared finally came to fruition, making unbearable searing hot tears pour down your face.

"I'm s-so stupid..but the moment felt right.." it was hard to contain your sobs, as you whimpered to yourself how desperate you were for the return of your feelings.

Why did I have to ruin everything? I knew what type of person he was..I know that he isn't the type that will seek romance. Why did he have to kind to me? Make me fall for him when he's so unattainable?

You were sobbing so hard and so quietly that your body was trembling from the way you were trying to keep everything inside. Your entire body wanted to scream, yell, and lament the tortured love sick desire of your heart.

Looking at your frame in the mirror was utterly disgusting. The tear stained skin of your face, the snot building up in your nose, the wet and hazy look in your eyes. Suddenly you couldn't take your own image anymore as you lift your hand barely creating the thinnest layer of ice on your knuckles before absolutely smashing the mirror in front of you.

Glass shattered to the ground in a million tiny pieces, blood dripping down your knuckles but you didn't register any of the pain. The empty feeling inside your heart was so much worse than any bodily inflicted damage, so much so, that you didn't even notice that a shard of glass had cut your face creating the smallest cut that had blood oozing from it.

There was no going back to class after getting your heart broken, and wounding your hand. After going to recovery girl who didn't believe you at all when you said you simply slipped, she sent you home after disinfecting your hand and wrapping it in bandages.

The next few days at school you spent avoiding the person, of whom your heart pulsed for. Honestly kind of glad when he did the same, perhaps understanding that you both needed some space to sort out..the feelings of rejection.

He may have made your heartache, but you still found yourself smiling at him when he wasn't looking. Even if you misunderstood the way he cared about you, it was still true that he was your best friend. You wanted to apologize again, and beg for things to go back to the way they were..but such a thought felt impossible.

Days turned into weeks, before eventually things went back to a version of normal. It seemed like a mutual understanding for you both to never talk about the kiss that didn't happen. You thought about it every so often, but would repress it just to be near him again.

"Katsuki, can you help me with my homework again. Pleaseeee?~" You smiled to him giving him the adorable puppy dog eyes, hoping he wouldn't be able to resist your charm.

He snorted, turning up his nose rubbing the side of his cheek before turning back. "Fine, but I'm only helping you with like a few of them. If you get them wrong after that I'm making you a dunce cap, and you have to wear it to school." He held a snarky grin, as he snatched your paper and began to explain how to do the next problem.

Smiling brightly you did your best to pay attention, letting him show you how to solve it and then doing one on your own. 10minutes later you were almost done with the whole paper and feeling extremely relieved as you threw your pen in the air after finishing the last one.

"Ah!~ I always feel like you explain how to do it better than the teachers." You complimented him with a soft smile, missing the dash of a blush that came to his cheeks as he turned away rubbing his nose.

"You're just super fucking lazy. Don't think you can pull something over me." He huffed, but despite the roll of his eyes he didn't seem all that upset.

It was extremely relaxing to enjoy some time alone, at your secret spot in the park. It was a clearing with an assortment of flowers, right next to a small lake that on good days might have a few ducks around it.

This was technically his spot and he shared it with you, when he didn't want to go home. A place where no one could bother him, a small joy in your heart when you realized he didn't think you bothered him.

"Helping you with your homework, makes me need a nap." He hummed, rubbing the corner of one of his eyes as he fought the escape of a yawn. Just as you were about to say something, he leaned his head into your lap, using your legs as a makeshift pillow.

"Softer than the ground." He muttered, making you blush as he kind of nestled into your lap resting his cheek against your legs. The sudden closeness was making your heart rate pickup but, he seemed completely relaxed..soon your eyes softened testing one of your hands through his spiky tresses, noting how actually fluffy and silky they felt to the touch.

He didn't seem to mind the caress of his locks, as he closed his eyes and actually started falling into a comfortable little nap. Your other hand slid up over your heart, the feelings of longing starting to return. How could he be so...soft and somewhat gentle..when he didn't love you?

I still love him, and being an adorable this isn't helping..

Your thoughts were laced with tender love and caring, for the best friend whom made you feel safe and protected. Tears were forming in your eyes once again, as you thought about the clear rejection of him not wanting to be kissed..making you gently push at his head till he was lifting up.

He seemed confused like before but you merely smiled in the way he hated. "I think I'm going to go home now, Thanks for helping me with my homework." You were already standing up before he could even respond, but he grabbed your wrist before you could even take a second step.

"Why the fuck, are you showing me that stupid fake smile again? I thought we fucking established, your shitty fake smile doesn't fool anyone."

A nostalgic smile formed on your lips, as a tear trailed down your face before taking a deep breath. "I know you appreciate directness, and not sugar coating the I'll just get right into it." You didn't even look at him as you spoke, your other hand clenching against your skirt so tightly your knuckles were turning white.

"I've fallen for you. But don't worry, I know that you don't feel that way about me." You gently shook your head, feeling a few more tears slide down your chin, "It's just...its so hard when you're so kind to me..I can't get over you..when you just keep making me fall deeper."

"I need to put some distance between us before, I ruin our friendship trying to kiss you..or even hold you..." You laughed wiping at the corners of your face. "God..I want to hug you so bad.."

Suddenly your shoulders are shoved hard getting you to turn around, your watery eyes barely note the red on his face before he's pressing your body into his. Both of his hands loop around your back, holding you tightly against his muscular chest refusing to let you go.

Your hands instinctively slide around his hips before resting on his back, feeling a few more tears slide down your cheeks. His chest is so muscular, even through his shirt you can feel just how toned and built his body is. He even has an utterly addicting sweet aroma, that would be relaxing in any other situation however all you can do is focus on the unrequited love inside your heart.

"Please let me go...please don't be nice to me..Please stop making me love you.."

He merely squeezed your body even tighter, that's when for the first time you noted..his heart was actually thumping faster than normal.

"I never fucking rejected you." He growled into the rim of your ear, sending a shiver down your back from the rather soft octave in his voice. "I..just didn't..or no..I wasn't ready to label these stupid feelings you give me."

Tears and lots of them were cascading down your face, as your heart started to beat out of control. " rejected me...when I tried to kiss you..and I wouldn't want to kiss someone you d-don't love.."

Bakugou frowned at the way he could feel your body trembling, his words weren't getting through to you. He started to realize how betrayed you must of felt when he denied you the chance to express your feelings to him.

Pulling away he cups your cold tear stained cheeks, looking into your once bright eyes that are now consumed with the inner turmoil he's made you feel. His eyes soften in a pained way, before abruptly pulling you to meet his lips.

Instantly you pull away, only to be pulled back, his hands holding your face gently yet tightly refusing to let you breath as he gives you a long sensual kiss. His lips are everything you hoped they would be, warm and soft, and sweetly flavorful despite how you knew he isn't a big fan of sweets.

After what felt like an hour he detaches, letting you both take deep breaths. "Express your feelings for me again." He rasps, though several deep intakes of air, his fingers sliding a little lower down your face till they are holding the outline of your ears, making sure your eyes are focused on his.

Your cheeks warm still feeling the tingly way your lips were locked merely seconds before. He wants you to express your love for him again? Were your words and tears not enough? You can only think of one other way to fully express yourself..but, what if he..?

Throwing caution out the door, he's already given you one..its time to return the favor. Your shaky fingers grab his blazer like you did over a month ago, tugging him down closer and closer, til your lips are together once again.

Oh the feeling of his lips through a kiss he let you initiate, has your hands flying up to wrap around his neck. Soon the one kiss you wanted turns into a hot and heavy make-out, as both of his hands slide over your shoulders resting one at the back of your head pressing you into his lips deeply and passionately while the other rests against your back.

The desireful way he was kissing, had your knee's becoming unbearably weak before just straight up collapsing you to the ground. He held you close sliding to the floor with you, pushing you backwards till you were laying on top of the grass, and his muscular body was looming over your own.

Even as you both laid on the ground he still wanted more, kissing you over and over till you were completely and utterly breathless. The slick warm feeling of his saliva coating your own muscle, as he danced his tongue feverishly around every surface your mouth had to offer.

"A-ah Katsuki.." You moaned softly into his mouth, gripping his shirt tightly feeling some warm saliva drip down your chin as he pulled away.

You could feel his breath against your parted lips, as you looked into his beautiful alluring eyes with the deepest of blushes. This felt like a dream come true, and honestly you weren't sure what to do next or what even to say.

"Katsuki..Be my boyfriend..I feel like, I can't be me with you.." You whispered ever so softly, hoping that wasn't to much..but he appreciated honesty right?

"I was just about to tell you to be me girlfriend. I like a strong woman, whose demanding when they want to be with me." He smirked, down at your fluttering eyes feeling even better when you started laughing sliding one of your hands up to caress his cheek, with the most alluring look of pure love in your eyes..and it was all for him.

"Baka...Katsuki, I want you so much my heart might explode."

"I fucking hope it doesn't, I would hate for you to mess up the flowers."

You both shared the most snicker inducing grins, that had you laughing delightfully before meeting each others lips in the middle for another warm and romantic passionate kiss.

You couldn't believe the feelings you've had for such a long time, that you started to repress were finally being returned. It was making warm relieved tears form in your eyes, before wrapping both hands around his body and holding him tight.

"I'm going to annoy you so much, you'll have no choice but to love me as deeply as I love you."

"You wont have to try very hard."


I love happy endings

Katsuki deserves all the happy endings.

When I right stories like this it makes me think about my first kiss. I'm reminded of how...awful it was. -_- The dude that kissed me was so terrible I just remembering all this drool, it wasn't like a sexy kiss it was just sloppy and gross. I've had better sense but jeezus that was my first one DX

What was your first kiss like?

Chapter Text

Walking along a brick path, you wagged your tail with the softest hum. Today was unbelievably boring, no one interesting to play with. No one to mew at adorably only to bite their hand when they tried to pet you.

That's just how precocious you were most of the time. It wasn't like you hated people, but you kind of liked to play tricks on them. Liked to play around and have fun, be a bit of a Cheshire cat if you will. Someone who just enjoyed seeing the many reactions one might have to your attitude and gestures.

Scampering off the regular path you were going to go find that field of flowers with the dandelions you really liked to play with and just roll around in them, but your eyes just so happened to catch a glimpse of a familiar blond tail. Your own began wagging happily, an excited flutter to your ears as you slowly made you way towards him.

"Mister wild fire cracker is sleeping." You mewed ever so softly crouching down next to him, noting his other wise soft relaxed features. A smile slid up your own, as you thought about how loud and angry he usually was. He was just another cat who liked this park just as much as you did, but maybe you took a little extra joy in pissing him off.

For a moment you thought about pulling his tail or nipping the tip of his soft blonde ears, but he just looked so relaxed that you didn't have the heart to disturb him. Instead you nestled close to him, laying your head down on his shoulder gently smiling at the way he seemed to instantly lean against your own, your long fluffy tail sliding around his wrist before falling into a comfortable slumber.

Next thing you know several hours have past, and not only has your position changed to resting cuddled together on the ground, but your hands were wrapped around each other, while your combined long furry tails were twined together. It was a somewhat intimate position because he was using your chest as a pillow, resting his hands around your lower back and ass.

A small blush warmed your cheeks, given the drastic change in your sleeping positions he must of woken up sometime after you found him, but he didn't just leave you here? With a soft mew you wrapped your tiny kitty fangs around the tip of his ear giving him a little tug and a nibble.

"Mh...the fuck are you doing (Y/n).." His response was somewhat delayed and even carried the softest sound of a mur-like yawn.

"So you do know it's me~" You couldn't help the smile on your face, as you playfully tugged his ear giggling at the way they fluttered while he shook his head with an annoyed huff.

"Of course I know, you're the only one that has the balls to bite me."

Instantly you snorted, giggling and purring feeling thrilled and abnormally happy. The tip of your tail curling back and forth before settling down, when he started to pull away letting you both sit back up.

He yawned as wide as he possibly could reminding you of a lion more than a cat as such a maneuver showed off his fangs. He took a moment to scratch behind one of his fluffy blonde kitty ears, tail swaying in the softest way before focusing on you again with a smirk.

"I also have the balls to deal with a pain in the ass like you."

Before your own snarky reply could leave your lips he pounced on you, making you both roll along the ground mussing up the dandelions around. It was a playful type of fighting, were he nipped at your ears and you returned the favor tugging his own. This going back and forth till you both were out of breath and panting.

There was always something different about the way you treated him, he always got special attention or at least a lot more than you gave anyone else. It was difficult to not notice the way he was looming over you, holding both of your hands down in an attempt to still your movement while biting your ears.

Mewing his name in the softest way you leaned up and gave the side of his cheek a warm lick. His scarlet eyes blinked a small twitch to his ears, before he leaned down but instead of a return lick against your cheek, he gave your neck a rough lick with his slick tongue.

"Mhm...Katsuki,..a-ah..not fair don't bite me.." Despite your soft protest, you purred his name leaning your head to the side as he gave your neck a warm kiss, as well as a possessive bite with his teeth.

"Why are You purring if you don't like it?" He snickered, rubbing the edge of his nose against your neck placing several more kisses, before trailing the tip of his tongue all the way up over your cheek. He meet your eyes for a moment before running his muscle along your bottom lip, waiting for you to try and say something only for him to tug on it with his teeth.

"I heard you purring even before we woke up, ya know." He rasped, tugging your soft appendage enough to hear you gasp his name. "So I know for a fact, that you feel good..just being next to me." Your ears fluttered in a somewhat shy way, as he trailed one of his hands down your body tracing over one of your breasts.

"I can make you feel even better though, give you so much pleasure that you'll be mewing and purring my name nonstop."

He didn't even let you respond before pressing his lips down, giving you a somewhat rough and passionate kiss. The tip of his tongue instantly pushing past your already parted lips, swaying feverishly around your own. Only pulling away once your muscle was completely coated with his saliva.

"I want you to be my mate, (Y/n)."

You mewed his name blushing, fluttering your ears a few times before sliding your arms around his slender neck puling him back down to your lips. Once again you meet his tongue, but with an added sway of your own desireful movement.

When you finally pulled away you didn't hide how much you liked him, as you leaned up and rubbed your nose against his cheek even giving his smooth skin another soft kiss. The way his skin tinted with the softest of blushes had a giddy smile coming to your features.

"Baka-Katsuki...I bet you think you sounded so cool..and you'd be right." You purred to him with a smile, giggling at the confident smirk on his face. "Make me yours." You whispered softly, with warm and red cheeks, grateful for the way he returned your soft sign of affection when you both nuzzled your noses together.

"I'll be more than happy to make you mine, pretty kitty." He nipped the edge of your cheek, trailing his lips down against the skin of your neck. He peppered warm and wet kisses all over till several puffy pink hickeys began to form. The pulse of each mark sending delightful tingles down your body.

Both of his hands slid down your curves, tracing heatedly over both of your breasts smirking at the moan of his name. He kneaded the soft flesh through your shirt, till pushing it up enough to see your stomach. Leaning his lips down he kissed the space above your belly button, licking a warm circle around your skin while sliding both of his hands under your shirt.

You gasped his name arching your body, as he slide both of his warm paws under your bra immediately trailing his claws around both perky nipples, and even giving them a pinch or two. The way you could see his tail sashaying back and forth as he kneaded your breasts, let you know he was feeling good as well.

It was honestly really cute, to feel the press of his warm lips and the flutter of his fluffy blonde ears against your skin as he became enamored with the lustful desire to pleasure your body. Even the way he trailed the tip of his kitty fangs along your skin, till your shirt was pushed up enough for him to swipe one of his sharp claws under the middle of your bra cutting it clean in half till it was sliding away from your body.

The feeling of being bare under his sharp red eyes, was a little embarrassing but never did you try to hide your body, all you did was mew his name softly. He smirked down at you admiring the lush outline of your breasts, licking his lips hungrily before leaning down to lap his tongue in warm hazy circles around the closest nip.

"Mrr...Oh, Katsuki that feels good.." You mewed to him several soft moans, purring delightfully from the soft sway of pleasure. Both of your hands found their way into his spiky tresses, petting over his fluffy ears arching your body gasping as he bit into your soft flesh enough to leave a mark.

His lips curved up against your skin, loving the way you were caressing his ears feeding his desire to bite and nip at your flesh. Once one nipple was wet, perky and bruised from his pleasurable nibbling, he moved to the other tit giving it the same heated treatment.

One of his hands found its way to your long furry tail where he gripped it between a few of his fingers before caressing the tuffs of your fur. Instantly your body shuttered, moaning out his name a lot louder than you meant to as you tail started flopping back and forth in his hand, as if trying to escape.

"Mhm, I want to tease you so fucking much..when your tail starts wiggling like that." He husked, pulling away from your wet and slick breasts, to pull your tail closer to his face. For a moment you thought he was going to maybe give it a kiss, which would of elicited a delightful tingle, however, he decided to slide the tip into his mouth sucking on your sensitive little tail.

"A-ah!~ Katsuki, d-don't lick my tail.." You whispered with the heaviest of blushes, pressing your hands into his chest unable to contain the way your claws extended from the sudden over stimulation on a sensitive area of your body.

He didn't listen to you as he smirked deviously, sucking and licking, watching you moan and twitch bellow him before deciding to taste something even better. Sliding your wet clump of a tail from his mouth he let it drop back to your side before pushing apart your legs, teasing his claws along your inner thigh with a very hazy mew of heavy desire.

His wet tongue licked at the skin of your inner thigh before sinking his teeth into your soft flesh, giving you not just one hazy bite mark but several. Each nip of his teeth, making you mew and gasp tossing your head back against the grass.

Once he was satisfied with the markings he'd given your thighs, that displayed how much he wanted to make you his. Those bright scarlet eyes of his turned to the clear dampness against your panties. His long blonde tail wagged back and forth, curling at the tip trying to contain the way he could smell how aroused you were.

Leaning forward he slide his long tongue down the middle of your clothed slit, hissing at the way you tried to pull away from him out of shock. "Don't fucking wiggle, Your smell is driving me crazy..if you move to much I might just have to bite you down here.." He rasped with a murr of possessiveness, lapping his tongue up and down several times tasting just how worse he was making the heat between your legs.

You didn't even get to respond, as he almost immediately grew tired of your panties tugging them down till they were but a wet clump around your right ankle. His bright red eyes seemed heavily tinted with lust and primal desire, as he pushed your legs even wider apart before curling his tongue deep into your folds.

"M-mhm!~ Oh, Katsuki..d-don't..n-not so...A-ah!~" You tried to tell him not to go so fast or deep, but nearly all your words turned into heavy mewls of his name. It was otherworldly how good he was making you feel, as you felt the intimate sway of his muscle against all the right pleasure zones of your inner body.

The depth of his tongue slid back and forth, devouring your body like you were the tastiest of catnip. He lapped up every single bit of your arousal like he didn't want to waste such a delectable flavor. Your every mew and moan of his name, only making him ravage your core deeper and deeper, till he felt your walls convulse against his muscle.

He groaned like a tiger once he pulled away, scarlet eyes completely dilated as he licked his lips clean of your slick womanly juices. While you were trying to catch your breath he growled wantingly, before sliding up to meet your lips in several wet and hazy kisses.

Both of your hands flew up to wrap around his muscular shoulders, meeting the desire of his kiss with your own. His and your own tail curling and looping around each other, like it was your version of holding hands.

For the first time you could hear and feel him purring, the grip of his hands petting over your hips before gripping the bottom of your ass as he pressed his hard clothed cock into your bare womanhood, letting you feel how aroused you'd made him.

"A-ah Katsuki, you're so h-hard..Mh.." You mewed to him between his many hot and heavy kisses, clamping your ears down against your head out of overwhelming want and desire.

"That shows you just how much I want to fuck you and make you mine." He husked, tugging at your bottom lip with his teeth before sliding his hands down to his pants, pulling the button apart and sliding his zipper down till his aroused manhood was on full display.

You mewed his name with softly shaded cheeks, a shy flutter to your kitty ears as you noted how well endowed his shape and size was, and even the spines along his girth.

(A/n) - male cats have penile spines along their cocks)

He kissed tenderly and passionately over your neck and shoulder, as he eased his cock against your wet slit. Once again you nestled against his cheek with the tip of your nose before giving him a soft kiss, letting him know you were ready. The moment he returned a mew of your name, you'd never felt so giddy as he pressed his hips forward sliding into the tight warmth of your core.

Your claws extended out of surprise and instinct, clutching his body tightly as you tossed your head back hissing loudly from the sudden tight invasion. He slid his tongue against your cheek, as if trying to console you but it was clear in the grip of his hands against your hips that the way you were squeezing his cock was making it difficult for him to control himself.

He gave you as long as he could muster, waiting for you to nip at his neck softly giving him the warmest kiss as you whispered he could start moving. You missed the way his eyes softened, or the way he relaxed under the gentle sway of your lips. No one but you would see him in a relaxed state, he was known in this park as the cat who might kill if you did something as simple as look at him funny. Everyone but you avoided him like the plague, only you were never scared away by his aggressive features.

With a tight grip on your plush hips, he eased his body away only to thrust forward again. The way you gasped his name fueling his desire, as he developed a steady but deep pace. It was difficult to keep your voice down, as he thrusted faster and faster rocking your body back and forth.

"O-oh Katsuki!~ A-ah, so f-fast!~" You moaned squeezing your claws into his shoulders, blushing at the was he smirked down at you before dragging his tongue along your neck, and up to meet your lush pink lips in a haze of rough kisses that had saliva dripping down your chin.

His hands slid down your legs, petting over your skin before pushing your legs up to wrap around his waist. He rasped possessively for you to squeeze him tightly, while he gripped the bottom of your ass and absolutely started pounding into your slick and tight cunt.

"Nyan!~ O-oh Katsuki!~ Katsuki!~ Oh my g-god!~" You yelped and mewed his name in loud moans, the new depth and speed that he was rocking into you driving your kitty body insane. It wasn't an issue anymore to contain yourself, as all you could do was moan his name gripping his body tightly, feeling the details of his girth press against all the right zones.

He used the aggressive arch of your body to lean down and lap his slick tongue over one breast to the other before sucking on the hard nub passionately. The feeling of his muscle against your skin only driving the course of pleasure through your body even deeper, as you felt a knot forming in the pit of your stomach.

You tried to mew it to him, but your lips were shaking from all the pleasure. The moment he tugged your nip with his fangs, the knot in your stomach snapped letting you feel the heavenly sway of a blissful orgasm.

He groaned your name loudly sashaying his tail back and forth like a whip, as he continued to pump into your folds several more times, sloshing your warm womanly juices till he pulled away with a sharp hiss coating the skin of your inner thigh with his slick seed.

The air of the wind around you chilled your slightly nude body, it wasn't like you were completely naked but your breasts were exposed and despite having a skirt on still your panties were now on the ground by your legs. You started to shiver siting up, asking Bakugou to hand you your panties.

However, his blonde kitty ears twitched mischievously before grabbing your hips getting you to turn around till you were on all fours. He chuckled at the way your long furry tail sashayed back and forth, placing a soft kiss on the tip missing the way a shiver ran down your body, the softest moan of his name escaping your lips.

"Mhm, that ass is nice." He murred, caressing both of his hands over your cheeks making you wiggle back and forth with a warm blush. "I still want to give you some more pleasure, (Y/n). We're not done just yet.." His deep voice hazed against the skin of your back, as he gripped your ass and pulled you back till you met the tip of his cock.

"Oh, Katsuki...b-baka..If i can't walk I'm making you carry me home." Despite the way you protested, you didn't tell him to stop, and even wrapped your tail around his waist as he leaned over your body, giving your cheeks a squeeze or two before pressing his cock back into your slick folds.

"O-oh!~ Katsuki, I c-can feel you so deep.." You mewed, pressing your hands against the grass in front of you as you propped your ass up even higher for him, letting him know you were ready to feel more of the pleasure he could give you.

He kissed the top of your shoulder gently before biting into your skin, as he slid his hips back and forth. The tips of his claws dug into your hips, as he developed a steady rhythm relishing in the many moans of his name that left your lips.

The deep thrusting of his hips, felt like he was making your walls pulse against him. Maybe a little bit of that was not being able to come down from your previous high, but it wasn't like you felt pain. If anything you felt the most deepest body melting pleasure he could offer.

Bakugou lifts up his shirt just enough for your tail to wrap around his chest, a small desire he had to feel your furry tail against his skin and muscles. His warm lips place kiss after kiss all along your nape, shoulder, and back leaving the occasional nip of his teeth to keep you on your toes, mixing pleasure and pain delightfully together.

Both of his hands slide around your waist caressing your stomach, before swaying up to cup both of your breasts kneading and pinching your perky nips between his fingers, while he thrusts his hips faster and faster rocking against your ass so fast, he was making this wet slapping sound echo all around you. Even the way you can fee a pleasurable red tingle forming on both of your cheeks, has you mewing and moaning, lips quivering from the overwhelming depth he's thrusting into your kitty core.

"Nyan!~ K-katsuki, I c-can't!~" You whimpered, gripping the grass and dirt bellow you mewing out your begs for him to go faster, hold you tighter, just so you could feel another pleasurable release.

He squeezes your breasts tightly, tugging the bottom of your ear with his fangs as he happily answers your desire, slapping his hips against your ass as deeply and roughly as he can without actually causing you pain. Your mews and moans, become music to his ears as he feels your folds convulse around his cock, the tingly warmth of your arousal sliding down his thighs and completely coating his member.

His thrusts become sloppy growling your name possessively, dragging his fangs over your shoulder before pulling away, hearing the hiss of his name leave your lips as he gives himself a few needy strokes coating the grass bellow your body with his manly seed.

Feeling pleasurably exhausted you slide to the ground curling yourself up into a ball, fluttering your ears while mewing ever so softly. Bakugou climbs over your body, till he's snuggling into your shape, giving your cheek a small lick as if saying sorry for being so rough with you.

The softest smile adorns your lips, as you slide a hand around his hip leaning your head up just a bit to rest against his muscular chest. Its alleviating to listen to the gentle sound of not just the thump of his heart beat but the rhythmic way he's purring.

Your tail finds its way to his once again, twining together loving the feeling of your combined fluffy fur. Lifting your head up you nip at his cheek, before giving him a warm lick. His eyes are soft and calm, bringing a smile to your lips as you nuzzle your nose against his.

"(Y/n), my place isn't to far from this park. Come spend the night."

"Only if I get to bite your tail, and maybe even a nip your soft ears." You giggled, holding him tightly giving him somewhat of a snuggle and hug at the same time. He gave you this annoyed sigh, but since you weren't even looking at his face you missed the smile on his lips.

"Fine, I demand to bite that sweet ass of yours."

I like the parallel here, where one of the sexy positions is doggy style..when we are both cats! xD

God Kitty Katsuki is so freaking adorable to just picture him with these blonde fluffy ears with white in the middle, and a long blonde silky kitty tail that I imagine with the tip being a soft white color.

Story time. Intimate story time.

Okay so my boyfriend and I text in a very...uh naughty way. Little ole me feeling stressed wanted a nice smexy distresser. However, he wanted some sexy timez, but he only wanted a bj. I'm usually adamant about some equal pleasure ya know, he gets something I have go get something to, ya know?

After going back and forth, convincing him that I'm the one who worked all day he finally agreed to come over, but I still gave him a nice bj. Perhaps it was to lets just say he couldn't get it up again afterwards. Leaving me very very dissatisfied.

The more you know, makes us goood buddies :D


Chapter Text


"Wake the fuck up sleeping beauty, this isn't a hotel."

"Five more minutes..." You mumbled, rolling around on the hard surface of your very uncomfortable bed, which honestly didn't have the right to be called a bed. As it was just a flat mat on thin metal railings, the fact that you could sleep at all was a miracle.

Bakugou flares his nostrils angrily, slapping his baton against the metal bars of your cell loudly and aggressively, hissing threateningly for you to get out of bed or he'll give you some love taps with the long end of his weapon.

Your eyes eased open, scowling deeply before sliding onto your feet. The gleam in your (e/c) eyes sneered at the spiky blonde haired prison guard who loved to make your life an absolute living hell. He personally took it upon himself to give you difficult duties, wake you up at the crack of dawn, and never let you back into your cell till you were extremely exhausted.

"Can't you bother someone else for one day, Bakagou?" Walking over to him your hands gripped the thin metal bars separating you, not feeling threatened by him just positively annoyed, and still groggy from how early it was.

His scarlet red eyes narrowed glancing around before sliding his hand though the bars gripping your hip tight enough to roughly pull you forward till your body and even your breasts were pressing against the metal. He smirked at the way your cheeks tinted gasping his name.

"I'll let you sleep a little longer if you stick out your tongue." He licked his bottom lip, with a handsome grin that just had your heart rate picking up several times over.

For a moment you turned away with warm cheeks, but this was not the first time he'd made such a request. Taking a small breath, your lips parted leaning forward offering him the tip of your tongue with soft eyes.

His other hand cupped your chin, pulling you just a bit more forward wrapping his warm lips around your slick muscle. He sucked and slid hazily around your pink appendage for a few seconds, making your mind become hazy with the sway of pleasure. He even slid past your parted lips, desiring a kiss but with the bars in the way he couldn't make it as deep as he wanted.

He parted after a few seconds letting saliva drip from your combined tongues, admiring the way you were panting with a grin. "Get back into bed before I change my mind." He muttered, turning around walking away as he left you there with a slick tongue and warm lips.

You shook your head softly with a groggy yawn, sliding back into bed day dreaming about the warm feeling of his lips, and even more so the strange relationship you had with a rowdy prison guard. He was true to his word, leaving you alone till it was time for all the inmates to get up.

Your entire life in prison was planned and timed down to the last second. It was like being in the military, but this wasn't a voluntary situation. Of course you landed in prison being a naughty little cat burglar, stealing whatever you wanted till you made a mistake and landed in jail.

Today was an all day laundry and cleaning situation, which was normal except for the fact that Bakugou kept telling you to move and clean certain things. He would escort you to the back room, telling you what to grab, ordering you to do so many things you were becoming extremely fed up with his dictatorship.

You decided to get him back for the hazy feeling he'd given you earlier this morning. While folding several long white sheets, you waited till he was standing pretty close before trailing one of your hands over his hip and down his leg.

In any other situation, you would of been immediately reprimanded but your hidden relationship, made it easier for things like this to happen. He also believed himself to be a lot stronger than you so he knew you couldn't over power him, if what you wanted was to escape.

He grew curious by your sudden touch, waiting to see what you would do next as you petted over the denim material of his pants slowly till you were grazing over his crotch. It made you grin deviously at the way he growled, sliding even closer allowing your fingers to outline the growing hard shape of his cock.

Just as he was getting into it, you pulled away hearing the most dissatisfied groan leave his lips, that had you doing your best to hold in a chuckle. Smirking at him out of the corner of your eyes, you grabbed the clothes you'd finished folding, before making your way back to the laundry room.

Teasing him like that would prove to be a very very bad idea, as later that same day one of your friends dropped by to see you. Usually you'd be brought to a visiting area where you could sit across from each other, but Bakugou used his authority to ensure the only way you could talk to each other was through a glass window, talking with one of those inter-connected phones.

"Thanks for coming to see me Deku."

"It's no problem, I feel so bad that you're even here.." Those soft green eyes held the heaviest layer of concern, pressing his hand against the glass as if trying to hold your own. You smiled pressing your fingers against the glass, however, the moment you parted your lips a sharp surprised gasp escaped when a hand found its way to your inner thigh.

"Are you okay (Y/n)-chan? They aren't hurting you here are they?"

"N-no, its nothing like that Deku." You assured, trying to give him a genuine smile doing your best not to focus on the rough fingers pressing against the clothed outline of your private lower body.

Bakugou had been leaning against the wall moments before, outside the line of site of the glass, however when you started smiling and talking happily to your friend he found himself becoming annoyed, angry, and maybe even a bit jealous. Which is why he slid to the ground when you weren't paying attention, crouching under the table enough to push apart your legs and tease your body.

While talking as casually as you could muster with Deku, he began pressing his fingers against your clothed slit enough to feel your lips in accurate detail. Your body jittered but you managed to keep your gasps and moans down, that is till he decided to pull the waist band of your pants enough for him to slip his hand between your legs and into your panties.

The only way to keep your self from moaning out of complete surprise was to viciously bite into your lip, covering your face as if you were trying to hide from Deku whom was becoming more and more concerned but you kept assuring him you were okay.

Bakugou slid his fingers back and forth between your folds, smirking at the way your body shuttered and squeezed together your knee's from the sudden pleasurable stimulation. "Mhm, fuck you're already so wet..I want to taste you, stand up so I can pull down your pants." He husked in a hazy naughty voice, that only you could hear.

Your cheeks warmed, barely responding to Deku's question as you gave serious thought to what he wanted. Oh, he was so fucking attractive and certainly making you feel good, with the sensual rise of want and desire. Also it wasn't like..this would be the first time he's given you pleasure.

"I could always send your puny friend away, use my authority to ensure you don't have any visitation rights for awhile?~" He threatened, adding another finger deep into your core curling it with heated desire.

You gasped his name into the phone against your ear, making Deku blink his curious emerald eyes asking you gently who that was. However, you were quick to dismiss, saying it was just a friend who you were wondering about.

Even though you couldn't see his face you could practically taste his smug ass smirk, but the more you thought about his threat the more you talked yourself into the pleasure he was giving you, as you could not much you really wanted him.

"Your legs hurt (Y/n)-chan?" Deku asked as you pushed your chair back and stood, the glass concealing most of your body as you held the phone in your hand.

"Y-yeah, my foot kind of falling a sleep. Tell me, how are things going with you and Ochako-chan? Did you ask her to marry you yet?~" You teased with a soft laugh, trying to conceal the way you could feel the loss of his fingers from your inner body, only for him to grip the waistband of your pants tugging them down.

Ruby red eyes gleamed with the intense lustful desire, as he observed the slick state of your womanly core His fingers traced the outline of your slit, smirking at the way you gasped before shoving the tip of his index finger between your folds. He watched himself finger you, the wet juices of your arousal coating his digit before pulling it away to suck it clean.

Licking his lips with a heavy groan of how delicious your sweet flavor tasted, he husked that he wanted so much more. Both of his rough hands grip your legs pushing them further apart before settling on your hips as he leaned forward and used the tip of his tongue to tease your clit.

"M-mhm! N-no, Deku that's not it. I think my um..stomach hurts a bit from the weird food they give you here. Sorry that I'm being s-so weird.." One of your hands clenched the counter in front of you, while the other slid into the back of Bakugou's hair pressing flatly against his soft tresses as he circled and pleasured your sensitive little bud till it was completely swollen.

The moment you felt the sway of his tongue push into your core, you slapped one of your hands over your lips biting them, shaking your head at your friends concern, doing everything in your power to not moan...or let the soft soul that was Deku know you were being pleasured right in front of him.

Both of Bakugou's hands gripped the plush skin of your hips, before sliding back to the the curvature of your ass. He pushed at your body, gripping both of your cheeks sliding your slick folds deeper and deeper onto his tongue relishing in the way he could feel your walls pulsating against his muscle.

It was so cruel to feel the intense sway of pleasure Bakugou was giving and not be able to moan his name or tell him just how good it felt. He seemed to know all the right zones on your lower body,so well that the knot forming inside your body had you telling Deku in the softest way he should head home.

"T-thank you for coming to see me, but they are b-big about not taking forever with I think I should get back to the work they want me to do."

"O-oh I see, if you feel like you're being treated unfairly you should really say something (Y/n)-chan. Prison or not you're still a person who has rights."

"I know...t-thank you, No one here is hurting me." Your cheeks warmed when you could feel the heavy smirk against your skin, the push and pull of his tongue curling against your walls in all the right ways, making your legs tremble.

Deku gave you a sincere smile, placing his hand on the glass and only once you'd returned his gesture did he wish you farewell. The moment he was out of site you leaned forward, gripping Bakugou's hair dropping the phone in your other hand letting out several heavy groan-like moans of desire.

"A-ah...Katsuki...m-my legs are going to give out.." You whimpered, clenching against his soft spiky tresses.

He merely smirked devouring your core with heavy and deep thrusting of his tongue. His hands gripped your ass, pushing you deeply down against his muscle till he could feel your walls threatening to convulse..only then did he detach chuckling at the whine of desperation that left your lips before you sunk back into your chair.

"W-why did you stop.." A heavy frown ghosted over your features, trying not to show how needy you felt for sweet release but the deep way you were panting, and the slick feeling of your inner thighs..already displayed how turned on you were.

You watched with hazy eyes as he stood back up licking his lips clean of your slick juices, with a handsome smirk on his face. "I wanted you to cum on my tongue...but you decided to send your dumb ass friend away..." His red eyes glance back at the glass window, making sure no one is watching before tugging you up from your chair.

A loud gasp of his name escapes your lips as he shoves you up against the counter, pushing apart your legs grabbing both of your hands forcing you to lean back against the glass. Your cheeks warm as his breath tickles your parted lips, teasing a feather-like kiss against your jaw.

"It would of been glorious if you'd had an orgasm right in front of your sheep of a friend. It doesn't take a genuine to see he's the overly timid type..he probably even likes you."

Your lips parted trying to tell him that Deku was just your friend but he prevents any words from leaving your lips by smashing a rough kiss against them. The more passionate he is, the more you began to think he's somewhat jealous of the attention your shy green haired friend gave you.

Suddenly his very aroused clothed manhood grinds against your exposed womanhood making you realize that your pants and panties were never pulled back up after..the way he wanted to ravage your wet lower lips, as they were merely dangling off of one of your ankles.

Desire and want mix together as your tongues fought for dominance, doing your best to win but the hazy feeling inside your body makes it easier for him to over power you. Hot saliva drips down your lips and chin, even pooling at the back of your throat before he finally pulls away letting you breath.

"Mhm, fucking hell I want you right time to take you to our spot." He rasps, slipping his hand into his back pocket pulling out a bright red plastic package. Your cheeks warm panting softly, watching as he sexily uses his teeth to tear the wrapper while sliding the zipper to his pants down.

"Baka..someone's going to catch us...also why do you have a condom?" Despite your warm cheeks, you raise a skeptical brow at him a smirk edging up your lips as you can't help but feel like a beautiful woman when you entice a man like Bakugou Katsuki.

"No one is going to catch us, I made sure this area was private when I forced you to take your ugly visitor here." Exposing his slender but well endowed manhood, he slid the rubber onto his cock easing up to your slick womanhood. "I also have this condom because I confiscated it from another inmate."

You gasped arching your body as he traced the tip of his cock up and down your slit, gliding the warm top of his tongue against the skin of your neck. He purposefully teased your body, till you were moaning into his ear how much you wanted him to just take you.

"If anyone in this shitty prison is going to be having sex, its me and you."

A heavy blush adorned your cheeks, thrusting up both of your hand wrapping tightly round his muscular shoulders the moment he gripped your hips and shoved his girth deep into your tight cunt. Your loud moan of pleasure hazing into his mouth, when he hungrily claimed your lips.

His tongue swirled around yours for a few seconds, biting your lip when he pulled away, rasping huskily how wet your juices were making his cock, before easing his hips away only to thrust back at a deep and swift pace.

"A-ah!~ Mh~ Katsuki, s-so rough!~" You gasped out tightening your hands against his shoulders, gripping his body as tightly as you could muster while his own hands pushed up your shirt aggressively tugging your bra up to reveal your breasts.

Your head leaned back against the glass as he kneaded your round flesh between his warm slender fingers. His hips slapping against your thighs forcing a red pleasurable tingle to form on your skin, the depth of his cock dangerously scrapping against that sensitive zone inside your body driving you mad.

"Fuck, you're squeezing my cock so tightly." He rasped, pinching the hard nub of one of your tits smirking at the way you completely arched your chest towards him as if begging him for more. Which he was more than happy to give you, as he kneaded and squeezed both lush rounds of flesh, so much so, it was like he wanted your skin to remember the warmth of his palms.

Your moans fueled his desire all the more, as he slapped his hips faster and faster against your body, groaning your name into the rim of your ear as your slick juices warmed and coated his manhood. The pulse of your folds driving his animalistic desire to ravage your body hard and roughly.

"A-ah, Katsuki!~ I'm s-so close!~ Faster, rougher!~" You begged shameless, pushing at the back of his head till your lips were together once again. Instantly his tongue slid into your mouth dancing around every slick surface your cavern had to offer.

The fact that he'd made you so desperate for release, feeding his ego making him pound as harsh and as fast as his stamina would allow him. Your juices were completely covering the counter your were sitting on but you didn't even care, as you did your best to lift your legs and squeeze them around his hips, whimpering when the new depth started completely rocking your world.

Your entire frame was trembling and shivering from the overwhelming pleasure he was thrusting into your body. Even after you tossed your lips away moaning his name loudly achieving a pleasurable orgasm, he didn't stop. He continued thrusting through your release, giving you as much pleasure as he could before obtaining his own release.

"O-oh..Katsuki.." You gasped ever so softly as he pulled his soaked cock away from your core, the sensation of your juices making your thighs both sticky and wet. Your chest was heaving pretty badly, your legs and body jittering as you came down from a very enamoring high.

"For a sure do break the rules a lot.." You whispered, with a soft smile pressing your hand against his cheek admiring his attractive features, and even the smirk that slid up his lips.

"I make my own rules. Specially when I see something I want."

For a moment you shared a toothy grin, before he helped you get dressed. He disposed of the spent condom in a nearby waist bin, as he escorted you back to your cell. It was always a mystery how you both got away with all of your naughty activity, but rarely did you feel like questioning it.

When you started to head back to your sorry excuse of a bed, he slapped his baton against the metal bars similar to how he woke you up this morning.

"Hey, if you want me to let you sleep in, come back over here and give me a damn kiss."

"My, my, you're so demanding~" You teased, turning back around striding over to the bars with a tired smile. One of your hands pressed into his through the railing before leaning close enough for your lips to touch, in a somewhat soft kiss.

"If you want me to kiss you, demands like that aren't really necessary."


Okay so confession...part of this idea came from a hentai I watched like a long time ago. I don't remember its name but the scene about being pleasured while the prisoner had a visitor was taken a bit from that.

Don't forget those tasty kudos <3

Chapter Text


The sun was high in the sky, the wind rustling gently through your hair while you sat on the stoop right outside your rowdy boyfriends house. With a hum you glance at your phone, re-reading the text you'd sent nearly 10minute ago, telling him you were here and waiting right outside so you could walk to school together.

He didn't reply, but that wasn't unusual even if you had the softest pout on your face. When it came to being with a aggressive person like Bakugou, sometimes your need for affection would have to take a backseat to his prideful and tough quirky attitude.

Suddenly the door behind you opens and shuts almost simultaneously. By time your body is turning around to see who it is, bakugou's body is already walking down the steps. His scarlet red eyes barely glanced at you before continuing to walk forward.

"Katsuki, you could at least say 'Hi' or something." You frowned, picking up your bag trailing behind him as quickly as you can so you don't get left behind.

He shrugged his shoulders, huffing something about being annoyed but you didn't understand. Was he mad at you for waiting for him? Or was he mad at his mom or dad? Or maybe he was just an angry dude who was mad at life.

That last thought had a small smile edging up your lips, missing the way he was watching you with a somewhat curious gleam before looking away the moment your head tilted up. His pace was so quick for a walking to school rhythm, it was like he thought you both were going to be late, when you knew for a fact you still had at least 15mins.

"Katsuki, slow down please.." You frowned trying to grab his hand, but the moment your fingers grazed his skin he pulled away shoving both of his hands into his pockets. Such an act had your movement slowing down till you were almost left in his dust with a sinking feeling consuming your heart.

Wiping viciously at your eyes, you begged your body not to feel like it'd been rejected. You'd held hands before, both walking to and from school...why didn't he want to now? Every terrible scenario ran through your mind, as you slowly trailed through the U.A school gate.

"(Y/n)-chan, are you okay? You seem out of it?"

Tilting your head up you meet Deku's soft green eyes, the look on his face curiously concerned. The genuine way, he asked if there was anything he could do to help almost brought fresh tears to your eyes.

"'re really sweet, I wish..."

He was just a little bit more like you, but I love him anyway. I must be a sucker for pain..

The moment you slid your arms around his soft frame, you felt him squeak in embarrassment making you smile. "Thanks for the offer, but it's alright." Pulling back you giggled softly at the way he started stuttering, almost covering his pink cheeks.

Just as your lips parted to ask him how his morning was, the sleeve of your blazer is tugged forcing you to almost smack right into a very muscular chest. "(Y/n), what the fuck are you doing? I was waiting for you at the door, come on." His ruby red eyes threatened to set Deku aflame with clear and obvious jealousy before tugging you along behind him.

"W-wait a second, Katsuki! Don't tug me so hard." You huffed, turning back to shout an apology to Deku which had your feisty bou gritting his teeth. He positively hated it when you were friendly with anyone that wasn't him, most of all his childhood friend.

"I didn't think you cared if I was even next to you.." The forlorn tone in your voice had him pausing, turning as he raised his brows like he thought just said something completely stupid. "You didn't want me to touch you, or even talk to me...I thought you were mad or something.."

His eyes softened but you missed such a gentle look as you were staring at the ground bellow you. He lifted his hand, wanting to cup your cheek and pull you in for a much needed kiss but he stopped himself turning around.

"I'm not mad at you."

"Then prove it!" You demanded, throwing yourself at him nearly knocking him to the floor. Both of your hands gripped his body tightly, unable to stop the scared tremble. All you wanted was a sign he cared about you, anything would do..anything at all.

He was going to push you away, but the moment he felt something warm drip onto his shirt..he didn't care about the secret he was trying to hide. Quickly he grabbed your wrist, and that's when you noticed how warm his skin actually was. Shifting his eyes left and right making sure no one was around, he pulled you both into a nearby empty classroom before pressing you up against the wall, and wrapping his hands around you tightly.

He squeezed you against his chest giving you an aggressive hug, where you could feel the spike in his body heat almost instantly. "Katsuki, oh my god you feel so hot? Are you sick?" When he pulled away he snickered a very lame joke, but you barely registered it as your palm flew up to the top of his forehead.

"You're burning up! Why didn't you say anything?!"

"Cause it doesn't matter, it's just the flu. It'll be gone before school is even over." He pressed the tip of his finger against your lips, when you began to immediately protest. "No, I don't want you to fucking tell anyone, I'm fine."

Just as you were about to protest more he leaned forward, making your heart thump faster as you assumed he was going to give you a quick kiss. However, he stopped short kissing the back of his finger that separated your lips. There was no skin contact but from the way you blushed, it might as well have been.

"I can't give you a kiss right now, I don't want you to get sick."

He turned up his face rubbing the tip of his nose, trying to hide the genuine way he cared about your well being. Your eyes softened, the man you loved was a complete wild tiger but on the inside he was soft and caring, like a kitten.

Leaning up you gave his cheek a small peck, "That should be okay, right? If I get sick it'll be my fault..I just care about you a lot.." Your eyes begged him with the devotion you've felt sense the day you confessed and not only did he accept and feel the same way, but he stole your first kiss that night, to hold you as dear to his heart a you did him.

"Don't...please don't push me away when you're suffering."

"Fuck..stop making that face.." He growled, caressing his hand against your cheek before holding you close to his chest. "Just let me get through today, it's the day of the quirk improvement finals. I got to show that fucking nerd he's nothing compared to me."

Reluctantly you hugged him back, agreeing to his terms but if he started to become really sick you'd take him getting angry over him becoming deathly ill any day. You shared a grin with each other, before twining your fingers together, walking quickly to class hoping you wouldn't be late.

The day went by slower than you would of liked, as you couldn't help but keep one eye on your work and the other on Bakugou. He didn't appear to be struggling or particularly in pain, he even had his whits still, making fun of Kirishima or issuing death threats to anyone who annoyed him.

When Aizawa-sensei, finally lead the students to the practical field Bakugou was obviously excited. This was a chance for many of your fellow classmates to shine in certain areas. Such as Iida beating his past record of 100yard dash with his recipro burst. Or Kaminari strengthening the distance his electricity could go.

Deku also had more control over his quirk then he did at the begging of the year, so he'd vastly improved a lot of his scores in nearly every course. Which had your rowdy lover positively fuming, it was difficult for him to process how quickly his skills he was a natural. More in tuned with his quirk than Bakugou was with his own, which was a pill he refused to swallow.

"Bakugou, step up this is the last course." Aizawa held the ball in his hand, waiting for your ash blonde boyfriend to step forward. "As you know, you get three tries I only record your farthest throw."

"I want to go last, let the nerd go first."

"Katsuki..." You sighed heavily, but he merely shrugged at your exasperation, sneering at Deku who held up both of his hands as he assured Aizawa that he didn't care what the order was.

"It doesn't matter, step up one at a time. Oh and if I don't see drastic improvement from your last throw Midoriya..I'm expelling you."

"WHAT?! B-but!?" Panic flared through Deku's eyes, as he gripped the ball in his hand. He'd improved that was true but..would it be so much greater than his last throw? You desperately wanted to encourage him, but with your handsome tiger right next to you..such gestures would have to be silent.

"Finally, I'll get to see that shitty nerd get expelled." Bakugou growled with a wide grin on his handsome face, making a frown ghost over your own.

"Deku-kun, you can do it!" Ochako cheered giving him two thumbs up.

"All you can do is try your hardest, that's what matters." lida nodded pushing up his glasses, encouraging Deku in his own way.

When those emerald green eyes seemed genuinely relieved you smiled, giving him a thumbs up with one of your hands missing the flare of Bakugou's nostrils as he fought within himself not to spark his power. He was also focusing on not letting you or anyone around see how factually exhausted his body was becoming, the flush of his cheeks from his fever masked by the general way everyone had been training.

Deku stepped up and gripped the ball in his hands tightly, taking several deep breaths before throwing. "700.4, that's not improvement that's worse than before." Aizawa warned, handing him another ball. Sweat dripped down Deku's brows as he bit his lip and gripped the ball again before throwing it but it wasn't much better.

"705.2, you get one more try."

Once again panic flared through the kind Deku's features,as he squeezed the outline of the ball against his chest. Without saying anything you sent him all your silent prayers, willing him to succeed as he wound his wrist taking one last deep breath before throwing the ball with all his might, sending it flying into the air with a green spark.

He immediately turned to Aizawa as did you and everyone else, your teachers sleepy eyes cast over the results looking unimpressed as he flipped the screen around and showed everyone the results.

"722.3, you beat your record but not by very much. Next student step up."

Ochako and a few other people comforted Deku saying his score was the highest out of everyone who'd gone up so far. He'd even beat bakugou's last improvement score but he looked disappointed in himself, like he was sure he could of done so much better.

When Bakugou started stepping up, you frowned the flush in his skin tone was becoming obvious. " look positively're starting to scare me.." You whispered, grabbing his wrist only for him to wretch it away like this morning.

"J-just a little longer, I'm putting all my strength into this last event." He pushed at your shoulders when you tried to stop him, turning away before he could see the concerned look in your eyes as he quickly stepped up to the field.

Scarlet red eyes looked into the distance but little did anyone know his vision was becoming somewhat blurry, his breathing becoming heavy and haggard, sweat dripping from his forehead not from the training but from the fever swarming over his skin. He refused to focus on the heavy feeling consuming his body as he gripped the ball tightly in his hands, before winding up several times gritting his teeth as he focused the most powerful explosion he could muster behind the force of his throw before releasing the ball.

"Fucking rot in hell!"

You chuckled at the way he insulted the ball, like he always does being delightfully amazing at the speed and distance his ball went. However, the moment your eyes trailed back to his muscular frame he wobbled before collapsing straight to the ground.



"Bakugou, what the hell! That was a manly throw but, nothing to collapse over?!"

You were the first one by his side, placing your hand against his sweaty forehead only to hiss and immediately pull away. "His fever is completely taking over his body, c-can someone please help me carry him to the infirmary?!" You begged to everyone, the first one to respond being Deku but the one who actually lifted him up onto his back was Kirishima.

"I got him, I can take him to the recover girl, lets go (Y/n) I know you are going to insist on coming anyway." You gave him a nod, not listening to Aizawa at all when he calmly told you to stay put, saying only one person needed to go. However, he didn't stop you when you disobeyed being to lazy or generally not caring.

"I hope Kacchan is okay..."

" a monster he had a fever and he was still out performing nearly all of us.." Ochako muttered, patting Deku's back as she tried to console him.

"I wonder what his score was..probably not his best since he was sick."

All eyes turned to Aizawa, who grabbed the board with his score on it. Looking it over before sighing, from the expression on his face it looked like he'd done worse than expected but when the screen was flipped around all eyes were wide fluttering hundreds of times in disbelief.

"735.5, Bakugou has the top score."


You were absolutely fuming the entire time in the infirmary. Nothing Kirishima said could calm you down, and even the way Recover girl said he'd be fine if he just rested. He only looked so weak and lethargic because he'd forced himself to literally power through his fever.

After letting him sleep for a little while, you were adamant about making him go home once he had enough strength. He didn't even try to argue, as he even seemed a bit delirious from his fever, as he wasn't as prideful about letting you help him get home. Letting him even lean on your body, of which he would almost put all of his weight on.

"Come on, Katsuki..d-don't make us both topple.." You laughed, holding his wrist and a hand on his back and hip. He mumbled that he couldn't really see straight, so it was either lean on you for most of the direction and support or just commit to sitting on the ground for a while.

"All your weight it is then, I got this." Even in his tired and exhausted state, the way you were determined to get him home had his lips curving up into a somewhat soft smile. Why you cared about him so much to put yourself through such hardship, he wouldn't really be able to understand.

Eventually after much struggling you made it back to his house, before making sure to lay him in bed. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get you a cloth for your forehead." You began to turn around but his warm sweaty hand grabbed your own stopping you. He tugged you with what strength he had left to slide into bed with him.

"Don't leave me.." He mumbled, but from the way his eyes had the most difficult time staying felt like he truly thought you were about to go home or something.

"I'm not going anywhere, my fierce tiger." You assured, petting a few fingers against his warm cheek, before leaning down to plant a soft kiss. He seemed to relax under the press of your lips, as if it was an ice pack. Both of his hands slid around your hips before gripping the bottom of your ass making a surprised gasp leave your lips.

He smirked, eyes hazy with delirium as he leaned down giving you a sensual and warm kiss. Your cheeks dusted with a soft pink, as he pushed your body into his resting his hands on the plush curvature of your ass. Slowly the press of his tongue found its way into your mouth where he danced with your muscle for a mere few seconds before pushing you backwards on the bed to collapse on top of your chest.

"K-katsuki..the hell, are you okay?"

"To fucking tired..just be still funny face."

A soft blush tickled your cheeks as he nestled into your chest, getting comfortable like he really was a kitten before quickly falling into well deserved and needed sleep. One of your hands pet through his hair, frowning at the heat hazing from his body but if just laying with him helped him feel better than you didn't have the heart to move.

"Sleep well my hot headed wild tiger."


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Chapter Text


One of your hands stroked gently through his soft blonde spiky tresses, smiling at the possessive way he was cuddling you, with his hands that refused to let you even think about getting out of his bed. The warmth from his body was completely consuming, not because of his natural heat but because of the fever enveloping his body.

Originally you hadn't planned to stay this long, manly you wanted to make sure he made it home and went straight to bed. Which thanks to your help he did, but now here you were laying in your tigers tight grasp unable to do anything else.

You'd managed to catch an almost 2 hour nap, but now you were wide awake simply enjoying the special place you had when you were with him, which was in his arms. Both of his hands were resting flatly against your lower back, while he used the soft mounds that were you breasts as pillows.

A position that was a little embarrassing but in all you didn't mind when your hands had free rain to pet through his soft locks with thoughts of how he was an intense wild tiger, but he was also a kitten capable of gentle gestures at least when it came to you. Other people not so much, but such a thought didn't matter when you had the greediest desire in your heart to be the only one he treated special.

His head suddenly shifts dragging the soft skin of his cheek against your chest, till he's like nose deep between both breasts, making you both laugh and blush. You can feel him smiling against your body, making it utterly impossible to tell him to would be a criminal offense to rid the soft features from his beautiful face.

Without really thinking about it you desire to be even closer to him then you already are. Lifting up one of your legs you pretzel it around his own, sliding your hands down the material of his school blazer which he'd never bothered to take off.

He must of wanted the same thing as he dragged his hands down your back till they were against your ass pressing you to arch into his body. You gasp as he rubs his face against your breasts, a small chuckle escaping his lips letting you know he's awake before he pulls back showing you a wide toothy grin.

"Mhm, are you trying to suffocate me with your boobs?"

Even as your face warms, he's sliding his body upward pressing the flat of his warm and slightly sweaty palm against your cheek tilting your chin up enough to place the haziest hot kiss against your neck.

You actually gasped out a moan from initial contact, his lips were positively pulsing with the heat from his fever. That warmth radiating from the soft smooth outline sending prickles of delightful pleasure down the nerves of your body.

He didn't just press one kiss to your neck, he peppered several each more electric than the last as you instinctively let him have complete access. Shifting his weight once again, one of his legs slide between your own pushing at your hip with his other hand getting you to lay flat as he loomed over you.

"Ah..Katsuki, y-you're need to rest.." You whispered, sliding a hand up to his cheek before pressing the back of your hand against his pinkish forehead, tinted hazily with the fever he had. "You got a bad fever..we can't do this right now.."

"Just because I'm sick doesn't mean I don't know how to pleasure my woman." He rasped, groping both of his hands heatedly down your body. Smirking at the gasp of his name as he gave both breasts a rough squeeze, "I can't help myself either when your body is against makes me want much more.."

Your eyes softened as he leaned up meeting your lips for a desire filled kiss. Oh, those pulses of electric pleasure were back, the heat hazing from his plush lips making your mind foggy with want. Even the sensual way he started unbuttoning your shirt, sent shivers through your body as he slowly revealed your (F/c) bra.

Abruptly he pulled back from your lips, lapping his warm slippery tongue over your bottom lip before trailing down your neck. He sucked at the top part of your chest, the skin that was on display above your cotton bra. You moaned gripping his muscular shoulders as he left you a bright pulsating hickey.

Pulling back he panted softly maybe trying to steady the hazy feeling coursing through his body that wasn't just sexual desire, but the foggy fervor from his fever as well. Edging back a little bit he pulled off his blazer, before pulling all the buttons to his under shirt apart sliding it off till it was crumbled on the floor and his muscular chest was on full sweaty display.

Out of your own desire your hands slid up and caressed his warm skin, he groaned your name trading between closing his eyes and just blinking. It seemed like your fingers provided him with a much needed cooling sensation like the wet cloth you were never able to get for him.

You smiled up at him softly tracing over his beautiful muscles with the gentlest sway of your fingers tips, before sliding up to cup his cheeks pulling him down to meet your lips for several more hazy kisses. You couldn't be bothered to care about getting sick at this point, all you wanted was to make him feel good.

His tongue met the hazy sway of your own, dancing to the most passionate melody you could both muster. Both of his hands found their way to your soft stomach, where he pets over your delicate curves till his fingers are sliding under your bra cupping both plush breasts.

You moan softly into his mouth as he kneads your flesh, squeezing and pressing the entity of his long slender fingers into your skin. He rolls the nub of both of your nips between his index and middle fingers, before pinching enough to entice an arch of your body making you press yourself more into him.

He detaches licking your combined sticky saliva from his lips as he pulls off your shirt and removes your bra with deep hazy desire to taste your flesh. Your eyes flutter at him blushing softly feeling a few extra thumps to your heart as he eyes your exposed tits with a gleam of hunger in his scarlet orbs before leaning down to passionately suck the closest nip.

"Oh..Katsuki, that feels good..your kisses are so electric today.." You moan softly, sliding a hand through his spiky locks leaning back as he laps and circles his warm tongue all around your tits.

He smirks against your perky flesh, lapping wet circles from one hard nub to the next sucking and even nipping enough to entice jitters all through your body. His teeth wrap around one rosy nub tugging on it relishing in the way you sharply gasped his name and even gave a small tug to his hair letting him now you actually felt pretty good while he bit sensitive areas of your body.

"I know your body better than I know my own, Funny Face." He husked letting go of your nip with a wet pop, smirking at the way it was completely covered with his saliva. "I know what makes you feel good, I know what turns you on."

You moaned his name gripping one of his hands as he trailed warm open mouthed kisses all down your stomach, leaving a pulsating trail of love bites as he slid the zipper on your skirt down. He pressed both hands against your hips as he gripped your skirt and tugged it down slowly letting you know what he was doing before tossing it over the side of his bed.

"'re so fucking sexy..laying half naked in my bed..I can't get tired of seeing you like this.." He ignored your soft protests where you doubted yourself, and instead trailed warm sloppy kisses over your belly button and down to your inner thigh wear he made sure to leave large purple hickeys on both of your inner thighs.

Only once he was satisfied with their hue, did he move onto something even better. He nearly growled from the clear dampness against your panties that told him he'd turned you on so well, you'd already become rather wet before sliding his tongue down the middle of your lower lips.

"a-ah, Katsuki don't tease me.." You moaned to him, before you started losing yourself as he passionately lapped his tongue up and down and even pressed the tip of his nose against the soft material of your panties getting off on the aroma of your sex.

He merely chuckled before continuing his naughty venture of making you completely soak your panties before you even had an orgasm. This wasn't fair, He was the sick one but you wanted to make him feel would seem just pleasuring your body made him feel ecstatic..but you still wanted to give him more.

"Oh..K-katsuki, wait I want to make you feel good too.." You stuttered, blushing as you gave his hair a furtive tug. He pulled back with confused blink, but he parted his lips with a shake of his head only to stop. Suddenly a naughty Cheshire like grin curved up his lips as he sat up and dropped to lay at your side, however he was positioned opposite to your body.

"I like the sound of that, but i'd also like to enjoy a nice fucking meal~" he husked with a heavy lustful trill as he leaned over grabbing your hips, smirking at the way you squeaked as he pulled you to lay atop his body positioning your legs on either side of his head.

A heavy pant escaped your warm red cheeks as you steadied yourself over his body by placing your hands on his pants where you could feel how aroused he was through the material. A shutter of pleasure slid through your body as he curled a finger into your panties tugging them to the side enough for him to lap at you wet slit.

"Oh..Katsuki.." You could feel his tongue against your core, the insane level of heat hazing from his body onto your own from the haze of desire along with the intensity of his fever was nearly overwhelming. Deciding to go ahead and give in to this position your fingers slid along the outline of his girth caressing his hard cock through his pants before edging his zipper down.

He groaned from the soft friction of your finger tips that slid into his waistband before edging them down, taking in the site of his manhood with hazy pink cheeks. One of your hands slid along the smooth outline of his girth, with a certain curiosity wondering if it was warm like the rest of his body.

Like you assumed his cock was positively pulsating, and hazing with warmth giving you a sense of want that was hard to describe. Leaning down you slid your tongue along the tip before lapping down one side and over to the other.

It was empowering to feel the groans and hazy moans of your name leave his lips, his muscle must of become more sensitive for him to be so emotive with his pleasure, usually he wasn't like that. It wasn't like he didn't show he felt good, but it was always grunts and groans never hazy soft ones like now.

" really know how to use your tongue.." He husked, sliding his hands up to grip the bottom of your ass as he tried to steady the sway of his own pleasure, while circling his tongue around the nub of your clit a few times before delving between your slick folds.

Even with the throb of pleasure he was inciting, you managed a small snort. Guys always like it when you use your tongue, most certainly you were no exception to this as you swirled your muscle all around his pulsating cock lathering him with your saliva before enveloping him between your lips.

You did your best to bob your head back and forth but the way his tongue was curling up and down against your slick womanly folds had you moaning against his girth saliva dripping down your lips from the pleasurable ecstasy.

Both of your hands caressed his warm somewhat sweaty legs, feeling the heat from his skin while taking his cock as deep into your mouth as possible. You could of sworn his length might be grazing against the back of your throat but you took great care in not trying to gag.

While bouncing your lips against his muscle, you glided your tongue down the bottom of his girth completely coating his cock with your saliva. With each intake of his member, you could feel him getting closer and closer, the skin of his girth throbbing with the desperate need to be enveloped completely by your throat.

"S-shit..h-hah I can't last much longer when you're sucking my cock that good." He rasped, panting against the skin of your slit sending a delightful tingle through your body.

It brought a grin to your face to know you were making him feel so good, giving you newfound strength to pick up your pace even more deep throating his manhood with hazy desire. Your saliva sloppily coating and dripping against his cock as you bobbed, jittering from the lick of your own slit.

The moment his fingers gripped the bottom of your ass and your lips took him in as much as you could, you felt the slick sway of his manly arousal coating the inner lining of your throat surprising you a little bit as the bitter liquid dripped from your lips despite the way you tried to swallow.

Pulling away you wiped the drip of his arousal that had slid down your lips and jaw, feeling hazy and oddly stimulated as he shoved his tongue back between your folds. "A-ah!~ Katsuki, h-hah..p-pressing so deep.." You stuttered gripping his legs as he pulled your ass down, pushing your walls deeper and deeper onto his tongue.

He knew where every pleasurable zone inside your body was, the sway of his tongue driving you completely mad as you tried to tell him just how close you were but your lips were quivering from the pleasure. It didn't matter though as he devoured your body passionately till your arousal was coating his tongue and dripping down his chin.

Almost immediately after feeling sweet release your body fell lax down against his, laughing at the way he husked that you were heavy before pushing you to the side. After sitting up it became apparent, that he was becoming lethargic and tired from his fever again..which had you frowning.

" need to rest, lay down please.."

"I'm fine, don't look at me like that." He leaned up to your lips for a few quick kisses, as if trying to distract you from how sick he actually felt. Once he pulled away he pushed at your hips enough to get you to turn around, as he dragged his warm sweaty hands down your back before giving your ass a playful spank.

"A-ah, stupid?! Did you just spank me?!" You gasped with a warm blush, as he brought your ass further and further up using both hands to squish your plush cheeks.

"I fucking did, what you going to do about it?~" He teased, leaning over your body and down to the draw on his table next to his bed. When you glanced over to see what he was grabbing, a dark blue plastic package caught your eye that had your cheeks blushing heavily.

"Try not to scream to loud, I'm not sure when my parents are coming home." He husked, tearing the plastic package before sliding the rubber onto his cock. He tossed the wrapped on the table, before bending down over your body pressing his lips along the warm skin of your back easing his cock up to your folds.

Even though you wanted to say something, you held your tongue feeling the delightful sway of heat from his electric kisses all along your back and even a soft smile played on your lips when he actually asked if you were ready.

"Go wild tiger..I c-can't say no to you.."

Since you were facing away you missed the somewhat soft smile that curved to his lips, as he wrapped both of his hands around your smooth waist before pressing his hips forward enough to be enveloped by the tight warmth of your core.

You moaned his name curving your body to perfectly outline his own, the maddening warmth of his combined fever and natural body heat consuming all your senses. His lips pressed against the nape of your neck sending another shock wave of pleasure through your skin, as he started thrusting his hips back and forth.

"Mhm, Katsuki...I f-feel delirious and I'm not even sick like you..your warmth is intoxicating.." You murmured, gasping and moaning his name as he slid both hands up to cup your breasts giving each nip a small pinch and tug just to entice you even more.

"So you like being fucked by me when I'm sick, is what you're saying." He snickered, but his voice was husky and soft while he focused most of his attention to his thrusts trying to maintain a steady but deep pace, so you wouldn't find out he was becoming hazy and dizzy from his fever.

His tongue lapped against your shoulder before suckling on your skin, leaving you an assortment of soft to dark pink love bites. The sweaty slender outline of his fingers kneading both of your breasts, liking the way they bounced against his palms as he slapped his hips against your ass feeling the slick tight warmth of your inner body.

Suddenly his thrusts got quicker, an obvious wet slapping sound echoing around his room as the aroma of his naturally sweet smelling body enveloped all your senses and even the heat of his skin covered your own like a fluffy blanket.

"Mhm!~ Katsuki, I s-so fast!~ I c-can't!~" You whimpered, feeling your body spasm and jitter as he slapped against that special pleasure zone that brought you closer and closer to the edge, till your folds convulsed against his cock lathering his manhood completely with your womanly juices.

He growled huskily against the rim of your ear before pressing his nose against your skin, biting the bottom of your ear tugging it as he continued to pound into your body till the condom was spent..and he was collapsing down on top of you panting heavily sweat dripping from his brow as he groaned softly about feeling kind of nauseous.

"Baka...I told rest.." You whispered to him easing to the side as he slid slowly off your body, one of your hands petted his skin gently with the softest of concern in your devoted eyes that was making him feel bad.

Leaning down you gave him a soft kiss against his cheek, before gently meeting his lips for a warm sensual kiss. "I would be very sad if you were sick for more than a few days, because of me. So don't overwork yourself..and let me help you if you need it." Your eyes threatened to tear up but you held back as you snuggled into his warm muscular frame pulling the blanket over both of you.

"Maybe I can keep you warm with my body."

He smirked, but it turned into a content tired smile as he wrapped his hands around your back resting his cheek atop your fluffy tresses.

"By the way, where did you get that condom? used the one you said you stole from the infirmary at U.A." You whispered, with soft cheeks just a little curious where he managed to get another one.

He frowned before laughing as he squeezed you against his chest. He licked his tongue along the warm skin of your fore head tilting your chin up with his index finger placing a hot and heavy breath stealing kiss before parting.

"That's a secret, that I'm taking to my grave."


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Chapter Text


"Come on (Y/n)-chan, come dancing with us."

"Yeah (Y/n)-chan, I hate seeing you so down in the dumps."

Heaving a soft sigh, you started to wave both Ochako and Deku off telling them you'd be fine just to stay home tonight by yourself. However, the more they expressed their genuine care, the more you felt like you just had to give in.

Instantly you regretted turning towards them, as you got to witness the sweetest version of their romance. Ochako was sitting next to Deku, hands twined together the brightest smile on her round cheeks. Such a gesture had the softest blush on Deku's cheeks but never did he pull away if anything he gathered his courage to place a small peck against her cheek.

Huffing you turned away, trying to hide the intense jealously forming in the pit of your gut. Ochako had found her Alpha, the person she was meant to be with..and you hated to admit just how perfect they looked together. They were the sweetest couple, and even better friends...forcing a soft smile to light up your face as you gave in.

"Okay, okay I'll go with you guys. Just give me a second to change." Their faces lit up nodding excitedly before missing the roll to your eyes as they leaned closer nestling their noses together like love sick puppies.

Even in the seclusion of your room all you could think about was, that certain void in your life. You'd never felt the spark of love, let alone the intense emotions Ochako talked about when you find your Alpha. She said its like this deep attraction, your heart, body, skin, and even your soul will know it when you meet them.

Frowning you held a hand over your heart, sure you'd been attracted to the occasional handsome man and maybe even the odd lovely lady or two, but never were you drawn to them in an absolute sense.

After a few moments you'd slid on a soft baby blue cotton dress, with spaghetti straps that showed off the smallest trail to your cleavage. It even had a velvety black ribbon tied around the waist forming a large bow in the back. You'd paired it with with silk black stockings and flat comfortable shoes because you had no intention of wearing heels just to face plant the ground.

The trip to the club was a bit overbearing, because Deku and Ochako wouldn't stop being lovey dovey for even one second. You'd move past jealousy and were deep into resentment, giving serious thought to just dropping them off and going home.

Must resist urge to smack their cute faces...

"Oh no, look at this long line we might not be let in at this rate." Deku soft green eyes looked to the line that dragged from the front of the club to around the corner, before turning back with a small frown.

"Hmm, we could just get in line? It might not take that long." Ochako slid her hand into Deku's, leaning her head on his shoulder saying you couldn't just give up because you'd come this far. It would be wasteful to go home without having a least some fun.

Just as your lips parted, about to ground your words in harsh realism you caught the sight of discolored purple skin. The person at the door was someone you were very familiar with, making a grin edge up your lips as you laughed telling them to follow you as you walked straight up to the red ribbon cutting off the entrance.

"Dabi." You called, meeting those alluring blue eyes. Instantly he disregarded the line right in front of him, casually walking straight over to you with the handsomest smirk. "It's been awhile."

"It has been, you look good." Your cheeks warmed as he slid his wondering eyes up and down your body, before taking your hand kissing gently against your skin. Such an act sending soft tingles down your body as you remembered where else he used to kiss you.

"I didn't think you liked the club scene." He glanced past you when you muttered that was right, you were merely here because of your friends. "Really? I should show my appreciation to them for letting me see you again." His fingers slid up to caress your cheek, turning his hand over to rub your skin reminding you of old times.


"Shh, the past is the past." His finger pressed against your lips hushing you before bending down to remove the rope in front of you, waving you forward. "Just go, have fun." You returned a shy smile, stepping past him only to have him bend down and whisper directly into your ear.

"Save me a dance, I'll come find you."

Your cheeks tinted with a pink blush but nodded your head, waiting for Deku and Ochako to be by your side before thanking him for letting all of you in. Turning you trailed over till you were inside the club. Thumping music and a mass of bodies littered every inch of this place, making you feel relatively calm after such an awkward intense moment.

"(Y/n)-chan..who was that guy?" Deku asked curiously, scratching the tip of his nose. "I sense an Alpha."

"Oh..well he is. His name is Dabi, he's my ex." You held up your hands when despite the bumping music, you heard their gasps of disbelief in excruciating detail. "He was never..My Alpha but we dated, and I liked him but I left him when I found out I wasn't the only girl he was seeing."

You couldn't help but smile at the soft way both of your friends apologized, but you merely shook your head. It wasn't like you were a meek girl, the fact that you left an attractive man like Dabi proved you weren't the type that would let yourself be played.

After awhile you traded dancing between both of your two good friends. It was a nice fun type of dancing, where Deku would bow you both backwards and twirl you and even smiled when you took Ochako's hand and danced with her solely by yourself. However, it became obvious you were the third wheel even if they were to kind to say it.

"Think I'm going to go get a drink at the bar, you two crazy kids remember its illegal to kiss in public." You teased with a giggle watching as they both blushed heavily, Deku stuttering with clear embarrassment while Ochako twiddled her fingers together a small indication that she actually would of liked a kiss.

Turning you walked with a soft sigh, sliding into the nearest chair placing an order for something fruity and not to heavy. Something to just take your mind off how you hadn't been in a relationship in awhile, and more over wondered if your Alpha was even out there.

Just as you lifted your hand about to grab your glass the most interesting smell wafted into your nose. Turning it took a mere moment to realize just how intense the twinge of your skin was starting to burn. The thump of your heart beating, till it was thundering almost pounding insanely fast in your chest.

What is this feeling..I feel so..faint..? I feel both sick and high, I'm going to to either faint or jump off the walls. This..couldn't mean..that..he's here..could it..? My true mate?

Gripping a hand over your heart you stand and wobble forward, searching the crowd for any signs that someone is feeling exactly what you're feeling. The crowd is so thick, and the masses dancing so close together that its difficult to see anyone other than couples.

Your eyes frantically search the face of everyone close by, but nothing about them feels drawing. Just as you start to completely lose hope, a flash of red has you gasping. Everything around you disappears, as your reality boils down to the light in those dangerously alluring scarlet red orbs.

Without even realizing it you're on the move, pushing through the crowd with a singular desire in your mind. The eyes are on the move as well, getting closer and closer. You fail to notice just how aggressively he's shoving everyone in his path to the ground, just so he can get to you faster.

The moment his frame comes into view, your heart pounds even faster. You could swear every cell in your body is throbbing, this is so much worse than what Ochako described. This one can tell a third party about this feeling..and have it be accurate.

You could swear he's the most beautiful person you've ever seen in your entire lifetime. His frame is tall and muscular, with the most intense red eyes that stare you down the moment he's in front of you. His face appear somewhat rugged and pink, like he's out of breath before he starts circling you.

He takes in your everything, as you try to steady the painful thump inside your chest. Suddenly his rough hands slide against your hips from behind, wrapping around your waist as he roughly pulls you back to meet his chest while at the same time pressing the tip of his nose against the warm skin of your neck taking the deepest whiff.

"My Omega." He growls possessively trailing his nose along your skin, from your neck, up over your cheek and even through the silk tresses of your hair. "You smell so fucking good."

You lips curve up into a small smile, leaning back sliding your hands down his hips shivering from the delightful sensation of touching his body. "Ah, I could say the same thing.." Your nose almost meets his slowly nuzzling down his skin, placing the softest kiss against his cheek because your desire was just that strong..and his aroma was that overwhelming.

"You smell divine..where have you been all my life?"

He smirked, a grin edging up his lips before lapping the warmth of his long red tongue up the side of your neck relishing in the way your body twinged under his finger tips. "For a girl you sure are smooth, maybe you are my mate." His deep voice hazed into the rim of your ear making your skin prickle.

"Tell me your name."

"(Y/n), I- ah...Your hands are wondering..I want to know your name too.." You whispered, feeling warm and light headed as the palms of his hands slid over the soft material of your dress, caressing your stomach with one while the other squeezed your hip trailing down the back of your ass.

"It's not wondering, its called inspecting." He rasped, squeezing your plush cheek between his fingers smirking at the way you gasped arching your body backward against his chest. "I gotta admit you fit nicely in my hands, (Y/n).."

"I'm Bakugou Katsuki, and I want all of you. You're mine."

Warmth swarmed all over your body, the clear and hazy attraction you felt for the man behind you was so intense, telling him to stop was not on your list of things to do. A hot breath of his tickled the skin of your neck as he leaned up and wrapped his teeth around the lobe giving it a sharp tug

"O-oh..Are you going to m-mark me here?" You whispered, it was so soft it might of sounded similar to a breathy moan.

"Mhm, There is so much more I want to do then just give you my mark.." He husked a heavy breath against your shoulder, baring his sharp teeth after taking a deep breath. "But giving you my mark sounds like a fucking nice first step."

Before you could even say anything one of his hands slid up to your chin tilting your head up as he leaned over the top of your shoulder enough for him to sink his teeth into the delicate flesh of your neck. Instantly you howled his name, both hands flying up to press against the back of his spiky blonde tresses.

The mark he was giving you did not feel painful, despite the twinge that slide through your body from initial contact..what was coursing through every nerve was pleasure. You clung to him as if he was your everything, your life line, your reason for air, a desperate sense that had you whimpering his name like a hurt puppy feeling the furtive sway of his tongue.

The moment he pulled back, and cold air hazed over the mark he'd given, a pulse of belonging surged through your skin. You didn't even have to see the depth of the bite he'd given you to know it was large and displayed his every possessive desire.

"With that you belong to me." His palms pressed at both of your hips getting you to turn around, once he looked into your eyes something sparked between you both once again. One of his rough hands gripped your wrist tugging you hard enough for you to flatly fall into his chest.

You knew what he wanted, or at least what he might be feeling as you slid both of your hands up to his cheeks. Both of you looked deeply into each others eyes, as if searching for the same feeling, the same desire that felt like the deepest most intoxicating need in your life.

Leaning forward the first thing you did was gently lick his cheek, before pulling him to meet your lips in what started out as a slow sensual kiss. Instantly you opened your lips when he demanded a more passionate kiss, dominating your entire mouth with the sway of his tongue.

One of his hands slid against the back of your head, as if refusing to let you even think about pulling away as he roughly swirled and lapped at every slick surface your mouth had to offer, dancing the most hazy rhythm that had your mind becoming blank with pleasure. You didn't even mind the grip of his hand that held the bottom of your ass pushing you to be consumed by the warmth and dizzying sweet smell of his body.

The moment you felt the fingers of one of his hands slide under the soft fabric of your dress, you detached with a heavy blush feeling saliva drip down your lips. "W-wait, you can't touch me here..." You gasped gripping his muscular frame as he squeezed at your inner thigh, furtive in the sway of his fingers as he edged further and further up.

"Are you giving your Alpha orders?" He rasped burring his nose into the tuffs of your hair taking in a nice whiff, as if he was enticed by the smell of your everything. He held you against his body which was technically shielding his naughty actions from prying eyes.

"If you w-weren't my Alpha..I would of slapped and pushed you away a long time ago.." You whispered, pressing your own nose against his neck. The softest pant of his name hazing against the rim of his ear, as you arched your body when two of his slender digits caressed against the soft material of your panties.

He smirked licking his lips, giving your lower body a sensual pet up and down feeling your clothed slit in slow intimate detail. "Mhm, feisty aren't you? I like that." He rasped, biting into the rim of your ear giving it a tug before sliding his naughty fingers away from your lower body.

"If I can't have you right now, then you're coming back to my place. And I promise we wont be sleeping."
Heat swarmed your entire face at his declaration, but it wasn't like you were opposed. Giving him a soft shy flutter you leaned up giving him another peck, which he turned into several sensual kisses before finally letting you speak.

"I don't mind, as long as you let me spend the night. My Alpha"


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Chapter Text

When you first entered this club, you could of sworn bumping music was playing but right now it was like you couldn't hear it at all. Maybe you could feel a bit of the thumping base but your mind was completely focused on the man, whose hands were pressed against your hips swaying your body in tune to his movement.

It was a bit comforting to know despite the clear desire he felt for you, and the aggressive tendencies that dripped from his very being, he was still capable of control. Which is why you were able to talk him into staying here just a little longer. All you wanted to do was dance with him, and get to know him before you let him take you home and ravage you all night long.

You had no desire to stop such a thing from happening, deep inside the sway of want and need were thoroughly mixed together making everything feel like it was meant to be. Never had you wanted someone so much, not even the attraction you felt for your handsome ex compared to what you were feeling for Bakugou Katsuki.

"So you're an art major? Which college? What time are your classes?" The deep octave of his voice hazed directly against the rim of your ear, sending a soft shutter down your spine as well as a smile up the lush curve of your lips. It was a nice feeling to know he felt such possessive desires to know everything about you.

You answered him as best as you could, resting your hands on the leather material against his hips. The muscular outline of his body was so warm, his smell enveloping all your senses as you meet the swaying of his crotch against the back of your ass not minding.

It wasn't like you didn't know there were people here, but for some reason you felt safe and protected in his arms. If anyone was giving you unwanted attention, no doubt in your mind that your handsome Alpha would simply destroy them.

After an intense hour of dancing, you'd learned a lot about him as well. You found out he was a chef at a pretty nice restaurant, that you'd only been to once before.

"This Saturday I'll take you, and I'll make you dinner. My food will be better than anything you've ever tasted before." He rasped in an arrogant but proud trill dripping with unbelievable pride as he caressed his hands around your hips, and even trailed the warm outline of his lips against your neck enticing a murmur of his name from your own.

"I'd like that..maybe you'll even let me paint your portrait." You whispered in a soft questioning tone, tilting your head back hoping to brush your lips against his. However, he gave you more than a soft peck when you whispered how truly handsome you thought he was.

The press of his tongue slipped between your lips, giving you a deep passionate french kiss. The sway of his hands gliding down to the back of your ass, squeezing the plush curvature smirking at the way you managed the softest moan into his lip.

You were so lost in your own little world when it came to him, that you failed to notice a set of glimmering blue eyes watching your every action. He was true to his word, when someone came to relieve him of his duties, he immediately set off to find you. He knew your smell more than anyone else's, so it took him less that 5minutes to locate you within the crowd.

Low and behold, your body was intimately pressed up against another man. He watched with growing frustration, just how into the blonde spiky haired porcupine you were. You weren't shy, there were no signs you were being forced, and you even seemed to initiate some of the affection.

He'd been watching for at least 10 minutes almost refusing to understand what he was seeing, but the moment you turned your head, saying something he couldn't hear your lips slid against the mans, and now you were both hotly making out without a care in the world.

Balling one of his fists he couldn't take it anymore, you used to be his, and he wanted you back. You blushed earlier when he touched you, so maybe a part of you still liked him? Such a thought giving him new found hope, a smirk sliding up his discolored lips as he marched forward tugging your wrist enough for you to abruptly detach your lips from Bakugou's

Panting softly, you heard Bakugou growl like he wasn't done yet as you turned around thinking maybe Deku or Ochako had found you. However, when your eyes landed on black unruly locks and bright blue eyes, your own widened in surprise.

"Dabi? What are yo-"

"I came for that dance you promised me." He brought the back of your hand to his lips, giving you a handsome smile along with a delicate peck against your skin. He was so sure you'd be blushing a small shy smile on your face, However..his eyes rose in utter surprise when you wretched your hand away a furrow to your eyes that looked...angry?

"Dabi, can't you see I'm with someone? I know you saw us kissing...I promised you a dance but, I can't anymore. I found him finally..My Alpha."

A sneer came to Dabi's handsome features as he spoke, "I thought you didn't believe in that shit,(Y/n). It was one of the reasons we clicked so well. We never needed some innate feeling to tell us who to be with." he stepped closer threading his fingers into yours, staring you down with his intense light blue eyes.

"You don't need him (Y/n), you have me."

"Why didn't you say that a year ago? Why did you cheat on me?" Your eyes softened, thinking about all the time in your life you'd given to him. He was someone you truly cared about but, if you couldn't be his everything, then he was your nothing.

"You lost the right to want to be with me."

Dabi bared his teeth with a truly angry expression, growling possessive words that you didn't understand the situation. Or that it was one time thing, or even saying he'd been drinking when that other woman put moves on him, so it wasn't even his fault.

Deep anger boiled inside you, but before you could even raise your hand with heated desire to slap Dabi across the face, Bakugou pulled you from out of his reach, sliding you behind his body as he completely blocked you with his muscular frame.

"Stop touching My fucking Omega, before I kill you." Bakugou snarled, flexing both of his hands between bawled fists and wide fingers with long claws that were getting pointier and sharper with each passing second of his boiling anger.

"Clearly she doesn't want to fucking talk to you patches, so get the hell away from us."

"I'm not even talking to you porcupine, this is my club basically so if anyone is leaving its you and your deformed hair." Dabi spat, looking past Bakugou's shoulders to your startled and worried face. Once again he watched with a growing frown as you pressed your hand against Bakugou's muscular shoulders, telling him with soothing words to calm down.

"Katsuki, we should jus-"

"(Y/n), I know you remember how much I rocked your world. Come over here, so I can give you what I know you missed." Dabi possessed a cocky smirk as he held out one of his hands, gliding his warm tongue along his bottom lip as if trying to entice you.

For a moment you lowered your head before stepping around Bakugou, A grinned instantly edged up Dabi's discolored lips, however it disappeared the moment you pressed your fingers delicately against Bakugou's cheeks and pulled him forward for a soft passionate kiss. One which he was more than happy to return, once his surprise faded.

After a few seconds of a steamy french kiss you pulled away, rubbing your nose against his cheek missing the soft way he blushed as you edged down to his neck while giving him a tight hug. "I feel everything for you so deeply, It doesn't even compare to what I felt for Dabi. I only want you, Katsuki." You whispered as if assuring him, with a gentle peck against his neck sending a chill down his body that had him gripping your ass tightly pressing you more into his chest.

"Mhm...We can leave now..but if you want to kick Dabi's ass I wouldn't mind."

Pulling back you meet his confident smirk, as he cupped your cheek pulling you to his lips again for a desire filled and possessive kiss. "I feel like you're ordering me around a lot..but if its protecting you.." He rasped sliding his tongue along your bottom lip before detaching and waving you to the side.

"I feel like its my duty as your boyfriend to kick your shitty Ex's ass."

A delighted giggle left your lips, smiling ever so brightly as a form of elation slid through your body. You hadn't even known him but a few hours but it was relieving to hear him say he was already your boyfriend. In your heart you felt you were both so much more, but starting there was a good beginning.

Dabi was absolutely furious but the moment he tried to talk to you again, Bakugou dashed forward swinging out one of his fists instantly connecting with his jaw knocking him backwards. Your former lover, hissed some dangerous words before he was back on his feet trading blows.

Despite how short the fight actually was both had landed decent blows, punching, kinking, and even clawing. It looked like Bakugou was determined to cut out one of Dabi's blue eyes, and even kept growling that he'd add more purple to his discolored skin just to even his tone out.

By time there fight was broken up, by security Bakugou had a cut across his face and bruise forming on his chest from being kicked. Dabi had a large black eye, well it hadn't started to swell yet but anyone looking could tell that it was going to be one hell of a shiner. He also had numerous scratches on his neck, like Bakugou had tried to decapitate him.

Bakugou was literally thrown out the back door so hard he crumpled to the ground with a loud grunt. Just as you bent down to his side, did he howl a lot of murderous threats, before the back door was slammed shut and he was told not to come back.

"Fuck. Like Anyone would want to come to this shitty stupid club." He grunted, brows completely furrowed in anger till he turned towards your face and his features relaxed till he was smirking triumphantly. "Specially since I found my Omega, no reason to come here again." Your cheeks warmed as he leaned forward for a quick kiss.

As soon as he pulled away, your eyes were soft with care and worry as you edged close to his injured cheek and gave his cut a warm gentle lick. "Are you okay? I didn't think you'd get hurt, almost wish I hadn't encouraged you..but damn if you didn't look so cool..defending me and stuff." The blush on your cheeks got darker, when he gave you a prideful smirk.

"Come here." He growled possessively, assuring you it wasn't a request but a demand as he tugged your body till you were sitting in his lap. Both of your hands landed delicately on his shoulders, blushing before the softest gasp of his name escaped your lips as he gave the skin of your neck a warm kiss.

Your entire face twinged with a dark blush as his knee edged up between your legs, rubbing the cotton outline of your lower lips with a heated grind of his knee. He smirked at the arch in your body, and the hazy pink blush swarming your face as you moaned his name softly.

"Ah, Katsuki..we haven't made it to your place yet.." Despite the surprise in your voice, your entire body relaxed in his arms. His lips curved up against your skin, sliding his tongue up and down a few times before giving your flesh a tug with his teeth.

"I want you right now, and I don't feel like waiting...but I'd rather not have anyone else see you while I ravage your lush body...and hear you scream my name." He bit into the skin of your shoulder gripping your ass as you body jittered and your hands wrapped around his spiky tresses trying to steady the sudden pleasurable pain sliding through your nerves.

"O-oh, Katsuki bite me more, mark me as yours...I'm confused by how good it feels.." You whispered, moaning his name as he pushed down one of the straps on your dress sucking at the top of your chest till a bright pink hickey was forming.

"Mhm, That's what I like to hear. Lets go babe." He pushed you off his lap till you were helping him stand. He looped his hand around your waist tugging you a long behind him, opening the side door on his car for you like a gentleman that he didn't seem like, which had you smiling.

The trip to his place was full of a thoughtful silence, or at least it would be if his music wasn't blaring. Even though such aggressively thumping music, and shrill voices of some man screaming...certainly fit his image. Such a thought had you admiring his physical appearance.

Once again you noted he was a very attractive male specimen. Unruly spiky blonde hair, dangerously alluring red eyes, astute jaw structure and cheek bones, a well built muscular body that screamed he must of worked out on a regular basis.

God he's so beautiful, just looking at him is a fantastic gift. I can still feel the warmth of his lips, the caress of his rough fingers on my skin..Damn I really want to hold his hand...

Shifting you glanced forward waiting till he was stalled at a red light before gently reaching over, gliding the tips of your fingers over his wrist and down twining into his hand. A smile slid up your lips as he gripped your hand.

"Now who can't wait till we get back to my place?"

"I just want to hold your hand silly...your skin is surprisingly soft and warm. Your heat makes me feel comfortable, relaxed, and...admittingly full of desire." You whispered with a gentle smile, delighted when he held your hand as he drove once the light was green.

He was silent after that, it looked like he was thinking about something. You weren't sure what was running through his head, but it was simply sensational to hold his hand, and you could tell he didn't hate it either, so that's what you focused on.

His place wasn't to far away, so after a few more turns he was driving up the stone path of his driveway. You detached hands, once he parked walking up to his door side by side. The moment he let you in first, your heart started thumping again.

Finally you were alone with him, want and desire well over the boiling point. Which is why the press of your body against the nearest wall did not cause alarm or even a gasp of surprise, the only thing that happened was a whisper of his name and a warm twinge to your cheeks.

"Alone at last, with My fucking Omega." He growled, leaning forward to trail the tip of his nose down the side of your neck before lapping his tongue over the mark he'd given you the first time he bit into your skin. He smirked at the way you shivered, leaning your head back against the wall letting him have complete access.

His hands began to trail all over your body, petting over the plush curvature of your breasts, down over your stomach and hips, before pushing up your dress inch by inch as he fingers slide up your inner thigh.

The intimate caress of your body was so much more stimulating then you thought it would be, his every touch eliciting more want, more desire, and even more need to feel his skin.

With each press of his lips against your neck and shoulder, which would quickly turn into nipping, sucking, and even the occasional biting of your delicate felt like he was truly trying to eat you in every sense of the word.

You'd already started moaning his name in the softest breaths, as he wrapped his teeth around one of the straps of your dress tugging it to the side enough for your dress to start sliding off, while he used the smooth tips of his fingers to tug the other one. Almost instantly the soft material slid from your shoulders till it was a crumpled pile on the floor around your ankles.

Panting his name softly you made the mistake of trying to hide your exposed body from his gleaming scarlet eyes. Which he immediately growled at, gripping your wrist tightly shoving them against the wall behind you.

He husked something that sounded like, you weren't allowed to hide from him as he leaned down and lapped the flat of his tongue against one of your breasts. Oh, he must of liked the way you tasted as he let go of your hands almost instantly. Using one of his paws to grip one breast, while he licked and sucked the other.

"Ah, Katsuki...o-oh my mind is going blank.." You whispered, pressing one hand into his soft hair closing your eyes leaning back against the wall. The sway of his warm tongue and even the kneading of your flesh felt simply divine.

Wrapping his teeth around the hard nub he nibbled your flesh, while swirling his tongue against the tip feeling empowered when you gasped out several hot moans, telling him not to pull but your moaning already indicated just how much you liked it when he was a little rough.

His unoccupied fingers slid down the outline of your stomach, not wasting anytime before dipping into the soft cotton material of your panties. He smirked at the way your body shook under his finger tips when he made sensual contact with your slit, eyes dilating with lustful desire when he could feel how wet you were already.

"You're dripping on my fingers already..fuck that's so hot." He husked, against the perky skin of your nip sending shivers down your body, and even a bright blush over your cheeks. "You really want me that badly, huh?"

He didn't even let you answer, at least not right away as he curled a few of his digits between your slick warm folds thrusting back and forth at a steady rhythm. He nearly growled at the way your walls pulsated around his fingers, making them warm and sticky with your arousal as all your moans hazed close to his ear, an addicting melody that had him pressing as deep into your core as he possibly could.

"O-oh my god~, a-ah~, please Katsuki I'm g-going to cum!~" You mewled to him, clenching both of your hands on his shoulders as you felt the stimulating sway of his fingers touch every pleasurable nerve your inner body had.

"Then fucking cum, I can already feel how desperate your tight body is for release." He rasped possessively trailing the warm wet flat of his tongue from one breast to the other. Biting and pulling your nips, sinking his teeth into the flesh hard enough to leave impressions, marking your body in every way he could to let you know you were his.

"Ah!~ Mh!~ Katsuki, I c-can't!~" Your entire frame shook nearly screaming, as you dragged your nails down his shoulder giving him some thin scratch marks that seemed to excite him as he picked up his pace till your womanly juices were sliding down his fingers, effectively ruining your panties as well.

He pulled away from your bruised breasts with the slickest of pops, smirking down at your hazily pleasured face and heavily pounding chest. A soft gasp escaped your lips as he pulled away, missing the warmth of his fingers, blushing at the slick gleam of you arousal that coated his digits before he slid them into his mouth.

"I got to admit your flavor is addicting." He husked with a growl of desire, pressing his warm hand against your cheek as he leaned down and instantly shoved his tongue into your mouth, giving you the most lewdest kiss that let you taste your own essence.

No longer did you feel the need to temper the desire your felt for the man who had your heart roughly pounding in your chest, and sending tingling jitters through your skin. So you returned his kiss full force, pressing both of your hands up into his hair, getting lost in the addictive sweet sensation of his lips.

His hands groped all over your body, from your plush bruised with his bites breasts, to over your stomach and belly button, till he was sliding down the back of your legs, abruptly picking both of them up slamming his clearly aroused manhood against your wet thinly clothed pussy lips, devouring the moan that hazed into his mouth.

He grinded into your body several times, letting you become mad with want and desire before gripping your ass as he pulled you off the wall and began walking down the hall to his room. Your legs squeezed around his large muscular frame out of instinct, meeting the sway of his tongue with your own movement, till he was tossing you down onto the soft shape of his mattress.

The intense gleam in his eyes let you know, he wanted to straight up devour your very being and that he was no where near done. He tugged off his shirt, carelessly tossing it to the ground giving you an amazing view of his toned chest muscles. His tongue trailed over his bottom lip in an unbelievably sexy way, before running his index finger along you hips till it was curled under the thin waistband of your panties.

With one rough tug, the wet clump that was your panties dropped to the floor leaving you completely exposed to his dreamy ruby red eyes. Even though his eyes trailed your body over several times, noting its every intimate detail you did not try to hide yourself from him.

"It's n-not all that.." You whispered, dragging a hand over your body shyly not really covering yourself but trying to display your body wasn't as perfect as his. "It's nothing compared to yours. I really want to touch your muscles.." Testingly you trailed your finger tips down his chest before outlining the smooth skin of a few of his abs.

He didn't stop you but he looked somewhat confused by your words, before a growl escaped his lips both of his brows arching angrily. Pushing away your hand he gripped the skin of both of your legs pushing them apart, lathering his tongue up your inner thigh before sinking his teeth into the skin.

You sharply gasped his name tossing your head back, feeling heat haze from your lower body he was so close to your core. Which he almost instantly slid his tongue against, lapping hungrily against your slit tasting some of your juices against your skin from earlier.

"I fucking hate people who are always doubting themselves." He growled, trailing his tongue up to the little pleasure swollen nub of your clit. Even as you whimpered for him not to tease that part of your body, he refused to listen as he wrapped his lips around it and sucked on it till you were a trembling, panting, moaning his name mess.

"I think your body is fucking perfect, it fits against mine nicely." He grinned handsomely, making your heart pound and the warmest smile ghost over your lips. You wouldn't of thought he was the type of man who said nice..and sweet things like that..but he just kept proving how perfect he was.

Pulling back he licked his lips savoring your flavor, as he unzipped his pants hastily letting them drop to the floor displaying his well endowed cock. He smirked at the hazy blush on your cheeks as you admired his girth, size, and even his full naked glory..he was completely dreamy like a model from a magazine.

"I'm going to show you just how well we fit together." His handsome grin combined with such naughty words had your heart skipping several beats as he pushed apart your legs sliding his cock up against your slit, biting your lips demanding a kiss before pressing his girth deep between your tight folds.

"Oh, m-my god..K-katsuki.." You moaned sharply into his mouth, feeling his saliva pool at the back of your throat as he gave you a passionate and rough french kiss. Both of his hands squeezed at your warm hips before gripping your skin tightly as he started a very deep and incredible pace.

Instantly you clung to his skin which was a combination of warm, smooth, and sweaty. The most intoxicatingly sweet aroma wafting into your nose, that made him all the more addicting. Even the thrust of his hips slapping against your own, sent desire filled tingles all over your body, the incredible sway of heat singeing off your skin.

"A-ah!~ Mhm, o-oh my god so fast!~ A-ah, it feels so g-good!~" You moaned completely unhinged all of your praise directly into the rim of his ear, before biting and nibbling it. He growled but it wasn't threatening as he groaned from the incredibly grip your folds had on his cock, driving him insane with desire to fuck you as hard and deep as possible.

"You're completely soaking my cock..I can feel your juices on my thighs.." He rasped hot and heavy lascivious words about how wet your pussy was making his cock. Telling you in naughty detail how it was making it easier for him to slide back and forth, and even the pulse of your folds against his manhood telling him just how close you were.

Both of your hands gripped his back muscles tightly digging your sharp nails into his skin, leaving him a few feint scratches as you howled and whimpered to him how deeply he was fucking you, trembling from the overwhelming build of pleasure as he pressed against all the right pleasure zones inside your body.

"Katsuki, o-oh please!~" You gasped pressing your nose against the skin of his neck when he started hitting that overwhelming pleasure zone inside your body. "F-faster please!~ Y-you can cum inside me..I w-want all of you!~"

He grinned ever so widely with his sparkling white fangs on full display. Both of his rough hands slid from your hips to the bottom of your ass, where he pushed and pulled your body to meet with his every single deep thrust. It was clear from the way your body shook and twitched, that you were close making him pound into your core faster and deeper till he felt the warm sensation of your arousal coating his cock and dripping down his thighs.

His aggressive voice growled biting into your neck licking his markings, while he continued thrusting sloshing your juices till he abruptly pulled away warming a bit of your stomach and inner thighs with his arousal.

He merely smirked at your softly shaded confused eyes, while watching you try to steady the heavy breathing and pound of your heart. While leaning down he lapped his tongue against your bruised heavily marked nipple, before trailing up to meet your lips.

"While I sure as hell wouldn't mind having you bare me a few cubs, maybe we should wait." He smirked chuckling at the soft blush on your cheeks, biting your cheek licking it seconds later as if apologizing before leaning down to your ear.

"Plus the night is still young, and I'm not tired."

I've wrote about this headcanon before, and its supported at least a bit by the anime...that Katsuki is good cook. If he wasn't a Hero I can so picture him as a majorly talented chef.

We all gonna call him the Gordan Ramsay of Anime, and its fucking soooo true!

I love me a wolfy daddy Hnnnng~!

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Chapter Text

The water was beautiful glimmering and shinning under the bright round sun, and at the same time it was terrible for it delivered upon your very being a curse. You could not live without it for very long, as a life on land would make you feel somewhat empty on the inside.

It wasn't like you hated living in the ocean, as a mermaid it was your home and it gave you a sense of serenity, but sometimes you couldn't help but want to be with the humans. If you were honest you didn't really trust them, you'd had a few bad experiences with them..but you still found yourself drawn to walk the sand of the beach and feel the mushy land between your toes.

You could be on land and walk around for as long as you wanted, just as long as you didn't get wet. Any form of water spilling on you would make you revert back into your mermaid-tailed body. It was a cursed body you were born with, something only people ever thought was in books of mythical creatures or fairy tales.

Today was another day just like any other but instead of a tranquil sea, the waves of the water were building up and lapping against the shore.

You eyes watched from a distance as a muscular man, with a long red surf board paddled out into the ocean. He had spiky blonde tresses that meshed together in an unruly way, hiding the features of his face.

Suddenly he was angling the board forward paddling just enough so that the flow of an oncoming wave would carry him up its body, he stood on his two feet shakily before holding out both of his hands. Your eyes sparkled in amazement as you watched, he was actually really good and road the waves like a pro.

For a moment you became enthralled in a 'what if' scenario where you cheered him on silently wondering if each trick he was doing was going to end well. If you were sitting down you'd be on the edge of your seat leaning closer trying to get a better view, each time he almost stumbled you found your long slender tail wadding back and forth in a somewhat excited fashion.

He's kind of the opposite of me. He rides the waves of the ocean while I have to swim and wade inside them. I've never surfed before, although I suppose I've let the waves carry me around before. It's not the same though..

Suddenly the nose of his board shakes, the rough tide of the water tougher than he seemed to expect as he completely started tumbling forward. It looked like a simple in balance but on the way down it looked like he smacked his head against his board causing your heart to quicken.

What if he's hurt and can't swim back to the surface?? I can't let him die!

Your fin instantly wades into the water as you dive forward and use all your strength to swim. Your tail allows you to swim quicker and more accurately then any human, as you reach him in a matter of seconds.

For a moment his and your eyes met, the gleam in his fiery red eyes completely opposite of the liquid around him. Those beautiful orbs completely stand out and for a few seconds you're lost in their ferocity.

However, quickly his consciousness seems to fade as his eyes slide closed causing panic to flare in your heart as you loop your hands around his waist and use all your strength to wade with him over to the shore, where you do your best to pull him completely from the water.

"Hey..o-open your eyes.." You call with a anxious tremble, tapping the edge of your fingers against his slightly moist cheek.His forehead even has a puffy red bruise that given time will no doubt turn a bit black and blue. When he doesn't respond, instincts tell you to completely start losing it but you do your best to remain calm.

What..w-what was it that helps people who drown..CPR, I think it was? H-how do i..?

Lifting your your hands you place them delicately onto his chest right in the middle before pressing. After a few times you begin to think you aren't using enough pressure, because you're kind of scared you might be hurting him.

With a deep breath you apply more pressure, pressing several times in tune to your own intake for air before tilting his head back plugging his nose with your two fingers covering his lips with your own giving him a quick breath from your own lungs. Again he's unresponsive, but you breath for him again making sure his head is straight.

The moment you pull away his entire body shakes before he sputters several times with water spewing from his mouth as he turns to the side and retches aggressively. Even with him coughing heavily relief floods through your system, feeling abnormally happy that you'd just helped save a human.

He groans in a painful way turning back laying on the mushy sand as his eyes flutter several times before looking to you. Once again you find yourself admiring the strong features of his face along with his gem like ruby red eyes.

It almost looks like he's still out of it, as he reaches a hand for you but before it can touch your cheek like he wanted you turn and dive back into the water. For some reason you'd became overly frightened of him, what if he noticed you still had a mermaid tail? Fear pulsed through your veins for another human that would want to capture and put you on display.

"Who the f-fuck was that..?" He groaned, wondering how you seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye. He never even saw you dive into the ocean, he merely blinked his groggy eyes and suddenly you weren't there anymore making him wonder if you'd even been real in the first place.

From a safe distance in the water you watch him relax for a few minutes as if building his strength before easing to his feet. He looks around making you wonder if he's looking for his surf board which is floating away further out in the ocean, but he quickly dismisses whatever he's doing and hazily makes his way down the beach.

After making sure he made it to other people, who could look over his injury you swam out into the depth of the ocean grabbing the rim of his surf board. It was really long, almost the length of your fish tail, with the head of a tiger near the tip.

A small smile ghosts over your lips wondering if the person you just rescued is fierce like this tiger or if he's serene like a lot of the fish in the sea? Such a thought has you hoping in the smallest way to see him again.


Weeks go by where you use some of the time you have by yourself to walk the rim of the ocean. Making sure the waves don't lap at your feet, just so they wont transform back into a fish tail. Usually when you're in your human form, you attract a lot of unwanted attention from guys who just so happen to think you're beautiful.

It comes with the territory if you had to tute your own horn. You were a mythical creature after all, being attractive was almost a given due to how rare of a species you were.

However, you had no desire for anyone. Humans were rather scary and you knew from experience that they..don't keep secrets very well. If you were honest, the man you saved from downing was at the back of your mind often these days didn't even know his name let a alone if you would see him again.

You'd walked so far away from the inhabited path of the beach that you were all by yourself once again. Looking out into the ocean you spotted a large bolder, with a perfectly flat surface. Smiling you waded into the water and swam over till you were perched atop it, dangling your long shimmering fish tail in the water.

With a deep breath you parted your lips and closed your eyes as you sang a song lamenting about your tortured feelings about being alone. Each word rolled off your tongue quicker than the last, the trill of your voice beautiful and alluring as you failed to notice that such a sirens song was attracting a certain persons attention.

"That's a fucking beautiful voice.." he whispered to himself, stepping around the embankment till he was watching you with his bright intense red eyes. Even though he couldn't see your face, for some reason the sound of your voice felt familiar to him making him tug off his muscle shirt before wadding into the water.

He was quiet as he swam to the boulder you were sitting on wading his feet back and forth to keep himself afloat as he leaned his cheek against the moist frame and silently listened to you sing. Thoughts of a certain type of serenity formed inside his mind, never did such a sound bring him this intense form of peace.

By time you stopped singing he was already lifting himself up onto the boulder next to you with a grin, "You have a rather nice voice." He called, chuckling at the way you were completely startled and even squeaked from the initial sound of his smooth voice.

Your eyes rose meeting the familiar red in his iris's, a heavy blush forming on your cheeks as he smirked ever so handsomely. His lips parted but just as he was about to say something he looked down noticing the long glimmering mermaid tail attached to your body.

"Holy..holy fuck! You're a fucking mermaid!?"

"N-no I'm not! You didn't see anything!" You mutter quickly, turning away getting ready to jump into the water and get as far away from him as possible. However, he grabs your wrist halting your movement entirely with an aggressive raise to his brow as you struggle in his grasp.

"I knew it! You're the one who saved me a few weeks ago. I thought I'd gone completely crazy when I saw a beautiful mermaid in the ocean."

Your cheeks hazed with the heaviest of blushes, you'd been called beautiful before but it sounded so much different when it came from him. For a moment you turned back and found that both of you were admiring each others features, he even slid his eyes over your scaly tail before edging his hand down to caress the body of your wet fin.

Instantly you gasped before shoving his hand away, he seemed startled as his lips parted but you were already diving forward but this time he gave chase. Jumping in after you, making your heart pound as he grabbed a hold of your wrist again but this time he pulled you closer to him sliding his hands around your waist till your bodies were smack together.

Your eyes fluttered at him pressing the flat of both of your palms against his smooth muscular chest. Slowly both of his hands rose up your hips till his fingers were cupping both of your cheeks, the look in his eyes seemed hurt and angry at the same time but he didn't feel dangerous.

His lips parted bubbles flubbing from his lips as he tried to say something but the water muffled all of his words, but you could of sworn he said 'I'm not going to fucking hurt you.' or something a long those lines which had your eyes softening.

Your finger lifted from his chest to press against his lips, shaking your head back and forth. You could see him struggling to hold his breath, he would need to swim to the surface soon less he drown for real.

However, the flare in his eyes refused to give in to his basic human need as he stared you down with his fierce red eyes as if demanding for you to be completely still just so he could admire your mermaid beauty.

After a moment you grabbed his hand and threaded your fingers together before pointing to the surface, only then did he agree to swim upward taking the deepest breath the moment his head was above the water.

"I meant what I fucking said, I'm not going to hurt you stop trying to fucking run away from me." He growled giving your hand a furtive squeeze showing you with the demand in his eyes that if you wanted to swim away, you'd be dragging him with you.

"I...don't believe you. Humans see a side show attraction when they discover me." Your voice got softer and softer till it was just a whisper with forlorn desire. Both of your eyes feel from his face almost instantly staring into the blue liquid beneath you.

"Hey, look the fuck at me tail fin." He pressed his hand against your cheek meeting your fluttering eyes, confused by his sudden nickname. "I don't like being compared to shitty extras, I'm nothing like anyone you've ever met before."

His unchanging ember enhanced eyes seemed to gleam with the pride he felt for himself. One of his hands slid around the soft skin of your stomach, till it was resting against your lower back. Your heart started to absolutely thump as he brought you closer and closer your lips inches apart.

"My name is Bakugou Katsuki, tell me your fucking name or I'll kiss the answer out of you."

Instantly the thumb on his right hand slid over your bottom lip, caressing the smooth lush pink skin making your heart completely bound against your rib cage. Your eyes fluttered like a butterfly caught in a net, hazing a soft breath against the tip of his fingers as your own (e/c) eyes couldn't help but jump from his handsome face down to his parted pale lips.

"I..I..My n-name is (Y/n).." You stuttered, almost wishing you hadn't responded just so you could feel those no doubt in your mind warm lips against your own.

"(Y/n)..hmm not to bad. Are sure your name isn't Ariel though?" He snickered, grinning at the way you let a small giggle escape your lips before he pulled you back over to the bolder you'd been sitting on. demanding that you try to not run off, he just wanted to talk.

It'd been such a long time since you just had a simple conversation with anyone. Usually when you were in your human form you got hit on but no one who truly wanted to get to know you. It was all cheesy one-liners and trying to get into your bikini bottoms so fast..that you had no desire to be with any of them.

You spent what felt like hours talking to the man you'd come to know as Bakugou Katsuki. He was a rather arrogant and prideful person, but he never gave off that air of being a bad guy. While you were talking to him you felt drawn to his air, as if he was the embodiment of the ocean that you didn't have to hold your breath to be in.

"Your tail is so fucking long, I'd kill to have a weapon like that to smack my enemies with." He grinned, showing off the tips of his spiky white teeth as he edged his hand down your hip and over the scales of your fin. This time you didn't push him away, heart thumping as you became curious to know what he thought about your tails texture.

He gave your scales a testing caress, watching your face to see if this part of your body was more sensitive or if you just plain didn't want him to touch you at all. When all you did was give him a shy blink, he eased his hand down along the length of your fin gliding his finger tips over your scales noting their shape and bumpy texture.

"Your tail has an odd texture, a little rough and bumpy while being smooth around the edges. Your tail shimmers like the fucking ocean, how have you not been caught before?" His brows rose in what looked like anger, but it wasn't specifically directed at you.

A small gasp escaped your lips as he caressed down over the body of your tail, till he was feeling the edges at the bottom of your flipper. Your cheeks hazed with a warm blush, never had you let anyone touch you so much before..but it wasn't like you hated it. He was also being rather gentle in the way his finger tips slid over your scales.

"Do you have a fin all the time? Like have you ever walked the beach?" His deep voice came out as a somewhat raspy whisper as he scooted close to your body, sliding one of his hands against your back pulling you against his chest.

Out of instincts or maybe desire to feel his skin beneath your finger tips you pressed one of your palms against his manly muscular chest the other rested on top of his shoulder. You weren't sure what to do as he leaned down grazing his lips along the soft skin of your neck, making the most wonderfully sweet aroma waft into your nose.

Why does he smell so good? He's making me feel weird..maybe its his pheromones telling me I'm attracted to him. Oh...his lips feel so good.

"I...I have the ability to have human legs, as long as I don't get wet." You let him ease you backwards till you were both laying atop the warm stone. The hand that had been stroking your tail slid up resting against the skin of your tummy, smirking at the way your hands slid around his neck as if you wanted to hold him against you.

"Can I see your legs? I bet they wouldn't compare to your tail though." He pushed at your hip just enough to make sure your tail wasn't in the water anymore, whispering into the rim of your ear that your secret was safe with him and he wasn't stupid enough to betray such a beautiful creatures trust.

"I s-suppose I can show you..ah,'ll take a f-few minutes for my legs to transform though.." You whispered the softest moan as he pressed a hot kiss along the skin of your neck, trailing the edge of his lips up to your cheek where he met the somewhat hazy look in your beautiful eyes.

"A few minutes pass the time we could...make-out.." He suggested, with a breathy whispered brushing his lips against your own in a feather-like way. Your skin began to tingle, but before you could even respond he locked your lush lips together with his own.

Instantly he began giving you the most passionate breath stilling kisses he could muster. Slipping his warm tongue past your lips when you were in a delightful delirium about how wonderful such a sensation felt. His slick muscle completely coated your own with sticky saliva, nearly shoving his tongue down your throat with how much he wanted you.

"Oh, Katsuki..I c-can barely breath.." You murmured through his many hazy kisses, that barely parted from your lips. If he heard you he showed no signs as he continued giving you lewd french kisses, dancing passionate with your own muscle till your combined saliva was dripping down your chin.

He pulled back just time to see a glow from your fin before in the blink of an eye such a shine was gone and in front of his very eyes were two long slender legs accompanied by a rather cute bikini bottom that matched your top.

"I have to see if they are real.." he assured when you sharply gasped his name the moment his hand slid against your knee. Your face warmed with the brightest of pinks as he pet up and down your legs, sliding over one knee to the other before squeezing at the skin of your inner thigh.

"Mhm, Very nice got thick squishy thighs..I like that." He husked, pushing at your legs enough to get them to spread apart so he could slide on top of your body. You blushed and inadvertently moaned his name in the softest way when you felt the press of his crotch against the thin material of your bikini bottoms.

"I like the way you moan my name..I want to hear more of it." He rasped, pushing his body down against your own as he caressed both of his palms up your stomach giving both of your breasts a wanting grope, making you gasp and arch your body forward.

"Ah, Katsuki..I'm so glad that you didn't get hurt that day...I really liked watching you surf.." You whispered sliding both of your arms around his smooth back, sliding one palm up against the back of his head where you pressed into his unruly locks till your lips were together once again.

His smell was too intoxicating, the warmth hazing from his skin too enthralling, the feel of his lips completely and utterly much so that you wanted to give in and let him run his fingers all along your body.

He was more than willing to meet the passionate and desire filled sway of your tongue, as you both lapped and swirled, not missing a single beat as he began to explore your body.

Your breasts were covered by the thinnest of bikini straps so it took, but the glide of his index finger under the middle string of your top to push it upward freeing your perky mounds. You gasped his name and moaned into his mouth as he wrapped his fingers around both, giving each a collection of gropes and squeezes, even rolling the nub of your nip with the flat of his thumb.

Once he detached from your lips his scarlet red eyes rose up and down your body, licking his lips at the site of your exposed tits. "Fuck you're so sexy and beautiful...where have you been my whole life?" He grinned, leaning down to your chest lapping his tongue in a warm circle against your left nipple coating it with his slick saliva before sucking on the nub like the most flavorful piece of candy.

"A-ah...I've been in the ocean.." You moaned rather cheekily, leaning your head back against the smooth stone relaxing your eyes shut as he planted hot and incredibly hazy kisses against your breasts, even leaving a dark red hickey or two.

He chuckled against your skin, gliding his tongue over both perky nips before tugging the pink nub with the edge of his teeth, getting you to arch squeezing one of your hands against his back.

"A mermaid with attitude..just another reason to fall for you." He murmured against your skin, missing the twinge of red swarming your cheeks. "I should of gotten injured sooner, if it would of gave me a chance to meet you." He puckered his lips against your nip for just a few seconds swirling his warm tongue enough to hear you moan his name several times before letting the slick nub go with a wet pop.

"Be my girlfriend, I'll fucking protect you."

It didn't sound like a question it was a demand, that had your cheeks hazing with the warmest blush. His tongue trailed up from your chest to lick warmly and tenderly all along your neck, placing hot and wet kisses as if it was his way of enticing you to be his.

While you were giving serious though to his..well his suddenly felt his fingers glide between your legs. He gave your squishy thighs a squeeze or two, before the edge of his finger tips slid up against your clothed core pressing down the middle of your slit.

You moaned his name ever so loudly gripping both of his shoulders, as he caressed through your clothes up and down several times. Licking his tongue all over your neck, he peppered kisses over the top of your shoulder and bellow your chin till he found your sweet spot sucking on it passionately enough to leave you the darkest most purplest hickey of desire ever.

"Oh Katsuki, I..a-ah~ Want to be your girlfriend!~" You moaned to him, with a small whimper of want and desire as you surprised him by edging your legs just a bit further apart, begging him with the lustful haze in your eyes to make you feel good.

He smirked leaning forward to grab your bottom lip with his teeth sucking on the appendage in a passionate and hazy way, before curling a few of his digits into the thin material of your bikini bottoms. He caressed his index and middle finger up and down your womanly outline, before curling both into your folds.

You instantly moaned his name tossing your head back, feeling the press and curl of his slender digits against the slick walls of your inner body. The depth and pace was completely overwhelming, and even had your breasts bouncing with the thrusts he was pleasuring you with.

"Oh, mhm Katsuki!~" You mewled in the throws of pleasure, gasping and clenching your legs around his body the moment you felt his thumb circling the pink sensitive nub of your clit. "A-ah, n-not there..o-oh my god please I can't!~ You whimpered, trying to tell him what sudden stimulation on that part of your body did to you..but even as your body shook and jittered he seemed determined to make you cum on his fingers.

Adding another finger between your folds, he aggressively circling his thumb around your clit while thrusting back and forth. He could feel how close you were, as your body pulsated before convulsing coating his digits with your slick juices.

A sharp gasp of his name escaped your lips as he slid away from your core, casting his sharp red eyes at the slick of your arousal gleaming from his finger tips before lapping his tongue against them, groaning huskily from the sweet taste of your essence.

"I'm kind of glad you don't taste like the ocean." He teased with a handsome grin, admiring the hazy flutter to your eyes and even the casual rise and sway of your chest as you came down from a pleasurable high.

He licked his lips dragging his hands down the edge of your body, groping over both of your breasts, stomach, and even gliding under your ass picking up both of your legs, before completely flipping your positions, till you were the one on top of him.

Pushing your ass up just enough he pulled the waist band of his swim trunks down till they were nearly falling from his ankles. When he sat your body back down your clothed womanhood pressed against his exposed cock, eliciting the sharpest of gasps and moans.

"Katsuki..w-what are you..?"

"I think it'd be sexy as fuck if you were the one on top..just the thought of a beautiful fucking mermaid riding my making me throb. I want to fuck you so deep, get you addicted to my cock so much...that you'll never think about being with anyone else."

Every nerve on your body prickled with the most overwhelming sense of desire, even if such words made you the most embarrassed and red you'd ever been in your entire lifetime..having someone so handsome say that to you was enthralling.

His fingers caressed all along your legs, letting you work up the courage or maybe waiting till your lustful desire to be pleasured boiled over. It wasn't till you were lifting yourself up with the press of one of your hands against his chest, sliding the thin material of your bottoms to the side as you position your wet folds over his cock, that he gripped your hips giving you soft encouragement as you lowered your body till he was completely sheathed into your core.

"O-oh my god, s-so deep inside me..." You moaned leaning your head back as you pressed both palms against his smooth muscles. You groaned to him about needing a moment to get used to the overwhelming sensation of being so full, and he gave it to you while fondling your breasts making it difficult for you to relax when he built up a sensual sway of pleasure.

When he began pinching one nipple, twinging a spark of pleasure through your body you couldn't take it anymore. Leaning forward your body loomed over his before picking up your hips only to lower yourself back down, gasping from the initial depth before developing a pleasurable rhythm that had you moaning his name over and over as you caressed your hands all along his beautiful chest muscles.

"F-fuck you're squeezing my cock so tight, (Y/n)!" He growled, pushing your breast up with the palm of one of his hands as he demanded to ravage your supple skin while your lifted your body up and down against his length.

He devoured your flesh in every sense of the word as you folds gripped and pulsated against his member so much so that he could feel how wet your body was becoming. The warm drip of your juices, sliding down your thighs making it easier for you to bounce your body against his.

"O-oh, Katsuki!!~ A-ah, I f-feel so good!~" You moaned out your praises of desperate hazy desire as you leaned forward demanding a kiss forcing him to detach from your slick bruised nipple, before smashing your lips against his.

It was at this moment with the warm sway of your tongue into his mouth that he felt, how sensational the grip of your walls were against his girth. He was so desperate for faster and deeper penetration that during the kiss his hands slid down and gripped the bottom of your ass were he absolutely started pounding your body down against him.

You whimpered and mewled into his mouth from the completely overwhelming speed and depth of his manhood. The moment you felt your core convulse with the relieving sensation of an orgasm that had your vision blurring you tossed your lips away feeling saliva drip down your chin as you screamed from a pleasurable release.

He growled your name pulling your body down against his, as he continued to grip the plush curvature of your ass, pumping you up and down against him just enough before pulling your body completely off his cock warming your slick inner thigh with his manly juices.

Instantly you collapsed down against his sweaty chest, pressing your ear against his skin smiling at the soft thumping of his strong heartbeat. You'd never listened to anyone's pulse before..and you had to admit to being lulled into a sense of peace by such a serene sound.

"So tail fin, are you allowed to leave the beach?"

"Allowed?" You echoed trying to lift your head but you barely managed to angle your face towards his. He looked somewhat annoyed as he turned up his nose rubbing his cheek before lifting himself and you up from the ground.

"I meant..if I wanted invite your mermaid ass to my house to make you dinner..would go? Or would some ridiculous mermaid-rule thingy stop you from being away from the ocean..?"

It was a serious question he was positing while he held your naked body against his, resting both of his hands on the top outline of your ass, feeling the soft press of your breasts against his chest as he looked you in the eyes for answers to his questions.

"I..well there are no rules like that.."

"Good, I'd tell you to wipe such a rule from your memory if there was anyway." He smirked, pressing his forehead against yours meeting the soft smile that curved to your lips as you leaned forward brushing your lips against his.

"I think you might have..what I think is called Florence Nightingale syndrome." You whispered gliding a hand up into his unruly spiky tresses, resting the other on his cheek admiring the red in his ember eyes.

"So what if I do? Falling in love with a beautiful mermaid who just so happened to have saved my life sounds like the start of the best fucking fairy tale ever. It just doesn't end till you say you're mine forever."


I thought about making this a two-part thing but I ended up just making it a little longer than normal chapters. I think it's paced pretty well, and spaced good so it should flow in an easy to read way.

When I was a kid The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie..I watched that shit like 100000000000x.

What is your favorite Disney movie?


Chapter Text

"I'll see you tomorrow, Deku-kun." You smiled brightly at those emerald green eyes waving back to him as he wished you a farewell and made sure to tell you to be safe on your way home.

It was just a little after 9pm, as you walked calmly down the street glancing at your phone before sliding it into your back pocket. You'd just gotten off of work, which believe it or not was working at a pretty famous bakery with one of your closest friends.

'One For All' was the name of the shop and if you had to admit it was a very catchy name, even helped the staff come up with catchy slogans to attract customers. Midoriya Izuku was one of your closet friends whom offered you a job even before he was finished setting up his shop.

Spending every single day baking was like a dream come true. It wasn't hard and because you enjoyed cooking, going to work was always fun and never a hassle. Also, when certain things didn't sell Deku would let you take them home just so they wouldn't get old. His policy was never waist anything, even if it can't be sold just take it home and it eat when you need a snack.

Looking up at the night sky you were a little disappointed when you couldn't see the moon anywhere nearby. Usually it was right above, hanging in the sky being luminous and glimmering always making sure you could see on the somewhat darkened path you took to get home.

Suddenly something veers out of nearby alley way, knocking a collection of garbage cans to the ground. The initial loud crash has you shrieking jumping backwards throwing up both of your hands in self defense, completely ready to karate chop someone if they mean to cause harm.

However, when your eyes focus a large burly animal comes into view. For a moment you think its a rather big dog with unruly black hair, but the moment it turns your direction and you focus on its slender pointy ears and glowing yellow eyes you know exactly what it is.

"Holy..crap a wolf.." You whisper, as if you think being loud will cause your demise. He's been snarling sense the moment he came into view, so he was already a very cautious animal who didn't want anything to do with you. He snaps his teeth in your direction, making you gasp and nearly fall backwards as he turns and quickly pads away.

A sigh of relief escapes your lips, but when you look down you notice the smallest pool of blood. Stepping closer the bright color indicates that its still very fresh, no doubt it came from the wolf that was in front of you mere moments ago.

Slowly you start stepping around the corner following the blood, each pool of red getting larger and larger, making the softest of frowns slide over your lips. That beautiful creature was injured and he might be bleeding to death, you may of been frightened of him but most certainly didn't wish him a slow painful death.

With the briefest of hesitation you quickly jog after his bloody trail, stepping into a nearby park with a brush of woods. Technically it would be a good location for an animal but not one who was injured, that blood as good as leaving a sign saying where he was going.

After treading into the woods you found the injured animal leaning against a large old oak tree, you watched for a few seconds as it licked the wound on its leg growling at its own inept weakness. For a moment you wondered if he'd fought with another wolf, or if it was a human who took matters into their own hands.

Slowly with the raise of both of your hands you stepped forward. His head instantly shot up, baring his fangs snarling in a threatening way as he tried to stand and back away but it was clear in the way he put weight on his hind leg that he'd have a difficult time escaping.

"Shh, It's okay..I know that you're injured..and I'd like to help.." Gently you stepped forward till you were just a little bit away and lowered yourself to the ground, keeping the palms of both of your hands up in a stop motion.

"You're bleeding, let me help you please."

His bright yellow eyes narrowed, snapping his teeth at you once again doing his best to frighten you, but despite the sharpest gasp, you took a deep breath easing off your jacket and tearing it into several long strips. You held up the shredded material and pointed towards his leg, telling him a soft voice you wanted to bandage his wound.

"If I'm a bad person, you can bite me. I'm sure even injured you could rip me to pieces." Your lips edged up into a smile, watching him look from your eyes to out into the shrub of the bushes before back again. With a growl, that felt somewhat like permission granted he edged down in front of you laying on his side with his legs in front of him.

Very slowly with one eye on his face and the other on his injured leg, you scooted forward pressing the tips of your fingers atop his flank testing your touch on his fur. Scoping out his reaction, just encase your touch was already making him angry. When he just stared at you with his unblinking beautiful yellow eyes, you slid your hand down to his paw lifting his leg up to slowly wrap your shredded coat around his wound.
He growled and gritted his teeth, slapping his tail back and forth displaying his anger from the pain of his leg, while he did his best not to maul you. He knew you were trying to help him, and it was odd to him because he knew humans to be vicious in their own way.

"I know it hurts, I'm sorry..I'm going to make it tight enough to stop the bleeding." Sliding the makeshift bandage around the wound, you paused to hold up your other hand close to his mouth startling him enough to look at your face. "This is so you can bite me if you need to." You smiled, missing the expression on his face that was confused by a human who was literally asking him to bite them.

With a few more quick movements, the shreds were wrapped perfectly around his wound. You gave your work an approving nod, before sliding your hand against his back giving him a slow pet that felt natural.

"There we go, you did so well. Thanks for not biting my fingers off." You gasped the moment you felt his tongue lap against the skin of your palm. He seemed somewhat docile with your hand on his body, which had the happiest smile coming to your lips..maybe you'd just made a new friend.

"I know you probably want me to leave you alone now." Your hand slid to the top of his head giving his messy black hair a sensual pet, "Sorry for treating you like a dog but how often does one get a chance to pet a freaking handsome wolf like you." You giggled, telling him to be careful and stay out of trouble before standing.

With a small wave you turned and began to walk away, it took but a moment to hear the tapping of his paws as he followed directly behind you. The moment you turned back he sat on his hind legs before howling in the softest most alluring voice. Oh such an octave had a tingle sliding through your'd never been close to an animal that's howled.

When he was done, he padded directly over to you sitting at your side. Testingly you lifted your hand and gently placed it on one of his ears giving him a slow pet, when it became obvious he had no intentions of harming you.

"You're kind of lovable for a wolf." You giggled, watching him growl softly before pawing at the ground like he was stomping his foot. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I meant you're a tough guy. The toughest." You laughed, like you understood him giving his ears a scratch and rub watching him relax, he was very much like a dog but a lot more deadly.

"If I walk home are you going to follow me like a puppy?" You questioned to him meeting his yellow eyes for moment, before he sat up and circled your legs even walking between them grazing his fur against your skin and wagging his silky tail against your knee.

It felt like he wanted to be your guard dog, escorting you home which had you smiling and becoming overly giddy. This was a wolf after all, and he wasn't trying to kill or harm you..this was an opportunity you couldn't miss out on.

You walked either side by side or with him trailing a head of you, ever sense you'd bandaged his leg he seemed to be doing better even after you said he didn't have to walk so fast. You wanted to be casual, but he would growl like he was full of so much pride before doing it his own way.

It took maybe 10-15mins to make it back home, while you were cautious not wanting other people to see that you had a wolf with you before you made it to your door. He paused waiting for you to open your door, before he turned and started to walk away.

"W-wait, you know I wouldn't mind if you wanted to stay. You're still hurt maybe after resting you'd be back to full strength." You murmured, using that as an excuse to get him to stay even though the real reason was you just wanted to admire his beautiful black fur and glowing yellow eyes just a little longer.

He turned back, before glancing up at the sky making you wonder if he was looking for the moon to howl at. When he lowered his face back down he padded over, sliding through your legs making you giggle at the soft sensation of his fur before shutting the door behind him.

That night you would give him full permission to lay where ever he wanted, even making sure he understood that the couch was perfectly fine and you didn't care about animal hair. However, by time you woke up the next day he was laying at the foot of your bed, curled up in a bawl laying on top of your feet.

It seemed due to being kind to him and treating his wound, you'd developed a somewhat friendly connection. You even started calling him Alpha, telling him you knew he wasn't a dog but you needed to refer to him some how, and he most certainly seemed like an alpha.

It was like you'd adopted a wolf as a pet, letting him come and go from your house as he pleased. When he wanted to leave he'd paw at the door, and when he came back like this was his home which made you so happy he'd howl right in front of your door.

Even if such a sound notified the neighbors you always made sure no one saw him, and if they asked you'd just say you were watching loud horror movies which wasn't to far off from what you'd normally do. They already knew you as a thriller fan.

He'd been coming and going for a couple months, spending the night with you nearly every day. He possessed some of the most warm silky fur, that you couldn't help when you just wanted to crawl up next to him and wrap your arms around his large frame and just rest your head against his side.

Today just so happened to be one of those days, you were laying together on top of your bed, with your hands resting atop his back with your cheek snuggled against his side. You could even feel his tail curled around your leg, making you feel comfortable, relaxed, and protected.

Why can't I leave this silly girl alone? I fucking wish I could wrap my own hands around her, press her body into mine..feel those nice breasts of hers against my chest..Shit she's making me horny.

He turned his yellow animalistic eyes towards your resting face, complete with a stupid smile on your lips while hazing soft breaths against his fur. No longer were you afraid of him at all, not since the first day you let him into your home. There was a mutual trust, where he knew you meant no harm and you seemed to know the same.

At least she's not taking a shower right now. She's fucking driving me insane when she leaves the door half open and I can easily just push it open with my paw..and just stare at her naked body while she bathes.

It's fucking taking all my of self control not to just shift and take her while she's showering. I've noted the outline of her body to fucking memory, because of how much she doesn't care that a wolf watches her.

And I know she sees me, but other than mild curious concern she completely relaxed when she see's its me. Telling me in a soft child-like way that pisses me off, that she'll be out soon..only to fucking change right in front of me!

His tail starts wagging back and forth feeling aroused from thinking so deeply about your naked body. Leaning forward his wet nose presses against your cheek making you giggle, before lapping his long tongue across your cheek.

"Mhm, that tickles Alpha. Are you hungry?"

Fuck yes, I'm hungry I could just eat you up.

The moment you lift your head just enough his tongue slides out, licking over your lips frowning at the way you gasp and retract with a soft blush wiping at your lips before sheepishly laughing. "Sorry, you startled me. I'll give you a kiss too." You whispered apologizing as you pat the top of his head before leaning close enough to place a kiss atop his black snout.

After that small peck you sit up stretching and yawning in the softest way before standing. Without thinking about it he starts to growl, wanting so much more than a kiss on his nose.

"You can't leave yet, (Y/n) I want more."

Suddenly it was like a voice echoed inside your head, making you turn left and right barely grazing your eyes over your wolf. Turning you focus on the door to your room, with a soft skeptical frown before reaching your hand for alpha knowing he'd protect you.

"Who's in m-my house? I have a wolf, and he'll fucking eating you!"

"If anyone else was in your house, I'd do more than eat them. No one would ever be able to find their body." A deep husky voice rasps, from right behind you wrapping both of his hands around your waist as your own fingers press into his chest

Instantly you start panicking, wiggling your entire body in his hands forcibly scratching his wrists as you retch them from your body and stumble forward. Grabbing the nearest weapon off your table which just happened to be a brush, you brandish it like a knife before turning back to face the mysterious stranger in your bed.

Your cheeks dust with a soft blush as a very handsome rugged face comes into view. He has intense scarlet red eyes, accompanied with some very strong chin muscles. A sexy smirk adorns his lips, as he bring the back of his hand up to his lips and give the small scar you'd given him a warm lick.

"I like a feisty woman."

It felt like steam was escaping your eyes from utter embarrassment but you still managed to take a deep breath and point your weapon at him, while you issued him a stern warning."I d-don't know who you are, but get out of my house before I c-call the police. Also what the hell did you do to my wolf, if you hurt him so help me.."

"Your wolf is right here." Your eyes widen as he places a hand over his chest, standing up making you take a cautious step backwards. "I've been living with you off and on for a few months, You call me Alpha..which is an astute judgement by the way.." He grins stepping towards you closer and closer backing you up so much that your feet smack into a nearby desk, before he's pushing at your hips getting you to sit your ass on top of it.

"My real name is Bakugou Katsuki though, and I know your name is (Y/n)."

It's at this moment that you realize he doesn't have a shirt on as your hands press against his chest in a mock attempt to push him away. When your finger tips graze against his skin, you look down and notice despite some very delicious muscles he has an assortment of scars all along his skin.

"Those are from getting into fights, other packs pushing in on my territory. I had to show them a lesson about whose fucking city this is." He rasps, leaning into your body pushing apart your legs so he can pull you against his chest.

"I..umm..w-what are you doing..I don't e-even know you.."

"That's not a very fucking nice thing to say. I'm your wolf, you told me before that you trust me..and that you like laying with me. And you even like the way my fur feels, which is why you cuddle me so much at night." He growls into your ear, placing one of his hands on your cheek to tilt your face up so he can tug the rim with his teeth.

"Was that all a fucking lie?"

A hot breath escapes your lips as he licks the edge of your ear, "No..I..Alpha is so important to me..Are you really him?" You whisper pushing at his chest enough to get him to back up so you can look at his face as if searching for those familiar yellow eyes, but his orbs are a bright scarlet.
He frowns pulling away enough from your body to shift before your very eyes, letting you see his wolf form in all its black furry glory. He props his head into your lap, resting his paws on your knee, pressing his ears into your hand when he feels your finger tips pet his head

"Do you fucking believe me now (Y/n)."

From the salty tone in his voice its clear you'd upset him, it was also mysterious how you could hear his voice even though he didn't have lips or was moving his mouth at all. Feeling kind of bad your hand slid up and down his soft tuffs of fur whispering an apology.

"I'm sorry, can you blame me though..I must be dreaming..A handsome wolf..and an even more attractive man..all in one, this is like a version of Little Red Riding Hood...Am I in a fairy tale?"

He shifted again making you blush as he rose up from his knee's between your legs, sliding his hands against your hips before pushing back to rest on your ass.

"Are you going to be my Red Riding Hood? I'd be happy to devour you~" He teased, with a handsome smirk pushing against your ass till your bodies were smack together and his lips were inches from your own.

"Do you have any Idea how much I want you, right fucking now?"

You bit your lip as you gazed into his ruby red eyes, contemplating what was really going on right now. The wolf you'd simply wanted to help was actually a very handsome man, who was very much attracted to you. Even the furtive sway of his hands over your body was very enticing, as he gave heated gropes to nearly all of your lush curves. From the curvature of your ass, hips, and over your breasts before finally cupping your cheeks, with a look that said he couldn't hold himself back anymore..which lead him to smashing his lips against your own.

Instinctively your hands slide around his chest muscles looping both around his back, responding to his kiss immediately as the warm sway of his lips stole your breath away. He most certainly knew exactly what he was doing, as his tongue lapped at the bottom of your lips before straight up wrapping his teeth around it getting you to sharply gasp his name just so he could shove his muscle into your mouth.

The warmth of his and your combined saliva pooled at the back of your throat as his viciously circled his tongue around your own. He made sure there wasn't a singe slick surface his tongue didn't lap over before pulling away with the thickest trail of saliva connecting your lips together.

He smirked down at your hazy fluttery eyes, admiring the red outline of your soft lips like he wanted more kisses. The sharpest gasp of his name escaped your lips as he pressed against the back of your head smashing your lips together again while his hand slid down squeezing the outline of your breast through your shirt.

You moaned into his mouth, feeling drunk on the passionate way he was ravaging your lips till they were absolutely pink and swollen. His hand gave your breast several gropes before demanding skin contact, as he slid his hand under the edge of your shirt gliding over your tummy till his fingers were under the material of your sports bra.

"Mhm, fuck your tits are so soft." He husked, groping around the outline of one breast to the other as he bent down to the side of your neck deciding your skin that was perfectly unblemished needed several dark hickeys and even a bite or two from his wolfish fangs.

Your body gasped and jittered under his every touch, every searing hot press of his lips. You could swear pulsating love bites were forming on your skin, but the thump of such bruises sent enthralling tingles all through your body.

Which is why you didn't even mind when he tugged the material of your sports bra up freeing both of your breasts, so he could feel your skin more accurately. His finger tips played with the hard nub of your tit, swirling his index finger over the skin and even giving it a pinch or two loving the way you purred into his ear.

"Oh, Katsuki...your skin feels so warm.." You murmured, indicating you meant the wrap of his slender digits around your breasts and even the smooth muscular surface of his back muscles.

"I like how your skin feels too..soft, warm and most of all..perky~" He husked, purposefully giving your nip a sharp tug with his thumb and index finger getting your body to arch into his with a desire filled cry of his name.

He smirked down at the canvas of his love bites, that was your neck admiring just how completely covered with red and purple bruises it was. He even lapped his tongue over his bite marks as if tenderly licking the skin to soothe you just in case such bites actually caused you pain.

Both of his hands grabbed the hem of your shirt, pushing it up your stomach till your breasts were on full display. Before you could even try to cover yourself, he was edging down your body kissing under your chin caressing your hips getting you to lean back just so your breasts would be pressed forward for him to lap his warm tongue against.

"Mhm, Katsuki...o-oh don't pull on them to hard.." You made the softest mistake of moaning when he wrapped his teeth around one of the nubs giving it an animalistic tug with his teeth while swirling his tongue along the tip. The moment he began sucking on your flesh, both of your hand slid against the back of his spiky blonde tresses completely arching your tits more into his mouth.

While passionately sucking your nip, his other hand slid down between your legs giving your inner thighs several gropes sliding underneath the short black skirt, till his fingers were caressing against your clothed core.

He growled against your skin when he could feel just how wet he'd already made you, as he could feel a certain slick sensation against your panties. Your body shook under his finger tips as he slide up and down, outlining your lower lips in intimate detail before curling his index finger into your folds.

"O-oh Katsuki, p-pressing so deep inside me.." You gasped out a few moans of his name, clinging to his head as he thrusted his finger back and forth enough to feel the warm sensation of your arousal coating the tip.

"You haven't seen anything yet." He promised with an incredibly lustful rasp as he let go of your nip with a slick pop. "I can smell how fucking turned on you are..Shit I want to taste you so bad.." With the curl of his fingers around the waistband of your panties he easily tugged them from your body easing you back a little on the desk as he pushed up your legs while licking his lips edging down to his knee's.

You whimpered from complete and utter embarrassment as the way he held your legs up and apart had your womanhood on perfect display for him. He admired the slick wet outline of your lower lips before leaning forward gliding his tongue down the middle.

"O-oh my god.." You moaned sharply blushing profusely as he lapped up and down your slit, tasting your arousal like he was famished for your flavor. Only once he gave your clit a lick or two like a kitten, feeling your entire body shake did he smirk finally pressing the tip of his tongue deep into your warm folds.

Instantly you started completely losing yourself in the incredible throws of pleasure, as you felt in accurate detail the sway of his tongue curling and pressing against your core in all the right ways. He was devouring your lower body like he'd never get a chance to have such an amazing meal ever again.

"A-ah!~ Oh!~ Katsuki, p-please!~ Oh my god!~" Tossing and turning your head, one of your hands pressed against the back of his head as your legs completely started shaking from the overwhelming stimulation.

He gripped the skin of your thighs giving your flesh furtive squeezes, while thrusting his tongue back and forth. He could feel your walls pulsing and your legs trembling, as you whimpered and moaned his name begging him for release which he was happy to give with the deepest press of his muscle into your body, like he was determined to taste your sweet spot.

With the a loud cry of pleasure, heavenly release swayed through your body coating his muscle and sliding down his chin. When he pulled back his eyes looked like they were glowing as he growled in a husky voice how fucking good you tasted, while licking and wiping off his chin.

Standing he lowered your legs back down letting them hang off the side of the desk while he leaned into your body with aggressive desire for several hazy and lewd french kisses where you could swear you tasted your own essence.

One of his hands slide down to his zipper while he meet the sway of your tongue with his own. He easily unzipped and lowered his pants till they were crumpled on the ground, and he was pressing the hard tip of his cock against your slit.

"H-hah...oh a wolf is about to fuck me.." you gasped, gripping your hands against his back blushing at the smirk on his face. No wonder he was so beautiful as a wolf..and simply breathtaking as a man..he was the pure essence of a supernatural being.

"You sound fascinated by the idea." He rasped, gliding his tongue along your cheek and down over your neck till his lips were against your ear. "Are you turned on by the idea of a wolf ravaging you?"

Your face warmed with the haziest of blushes, but you surprised yourself when you decided to be honest by shaking your head. "No one..admits how sexy some fairy tales can get.." You whispered, looking away only for him to grab your cheek and turn you back to face his eyes.

"It seems you have a naughty fantasy, I'll be glad to make it come true." With the rough press of his lips he thrusted his hips forward, sliding into the tight warmth of your core.

Both of your hands squeezed his back muscles moaning loudly against his lips, causing saliva to drip down your chin. He barely gave you a minute to get used to his girth, before he lost himself to the grip of your folds around his cock.

From the very first thrust of his hips, he was absolutely rocking your world. It felt like your body at least the intimate part of it was so much small then the girth of his manhood. Which is why the press of his muscle against your folds had you mewling in utter ecstasy.

"A-ah Katsuki!~ So fast, y-you're making my thighs red!~" You gasped and moaned to him, as the skin against skin contact had the most tingling red sensation forming on your inner thighs.

"Mh, Fuck, you know you like it~" He grinned, sliding both of his hands to the back of your ass where he gripped both cheeks stabilizing the deep depth he was rocking into your body, by pushing and pulling your body to meet with his every thrust.

You blushed heavily burring your face against the side of his neck, as you continued to pant and moan feeling in accurate detail just how much his muscle was hitting that special zone inside your body that had your entire body trembling, and your nails digging into his flesh.

The moment he bit into the side of your neck, a scream of pleasure erupted from your lips as you dragged your nails down the smooth skin of his back most certainly leaving him a pleasurable wound as sweet release racked through your body.

He let go of your flesh, growling possessively lapping his tongue up against his previous marking ensuring such a sign that you were his wouldn't fade anytime soon as he pumped into your body several more times before coating the top of the desk you were sitting on with his juices.

You panted heavily against his body, feeling the overwhelming throb of your own as your chest rose up and down with each desperate intake for air. His skin was a comforting warm temperature even if he was sweating a little bit.

You'd begun to relax but suddenly he's lifting up your body cradling you in his arms smirking down at you with his handsome alluring red eyes. He presses you down against your bed, gripping both of your hips getting you to flip over, as he pulls your ass into the air giving it a desireful caress.

"Mhm, not yet Red. We're not done, do you know how pent up I am?" He squeezes your ass smirking at the way your body wiggles, but all your movement does is entice him to give your cheeks a nice slap.

"A-ah! W-what do you mean.?!"

"Do you know how many times I've watched you take a shower?" He rasped, easing his cock up to the back of your ass. Tracing the tip against your crack, before spreading your cheeks easing down against your wet folds.

"You sure as hell never minded 'Alpha' watching you bathe or change, and fuck that drives a man crazy. Specially when I can't touch you..but not anymore..I can touch you all I want now.."

Your skin tingles, you'd never thought about that before. He..he was just a wolf, that you really cared about and wanted to take care off..never did you think of him as a man..So that's why you never cared about him watching as you showered or change your clothes in front of him..cause he was like your best friend.

"I'm going to make you feel so fucking good, just so I can listen to you moan my name on repeat." He husked, not letting you register what he said as he thrusted forward sheathing back into your core, gripping both of your cheeks with a growl before slapping his hips back and forth.

"Ah!~ Oh!~ Katsuki!~ KatsukI!~ Oh, S-so fast so deep!~" You mewled gripping both of your hands against the sheets of your bed, as your breasts bounced back and forth with each slap against your ass. You'd barely been able to come down from your previous high so your core still felt overstimulated which had you whimpering from such overwhelming pleasure.

His muscular frame leans over your body sliding both of his hands around your stomach till they're gripping the plush outline of your breasts. He gives each tit a squeeze and a pinch almost in tune to his deep thrusting, which has your lips quivering saliva dripping down from mind numbing ecstasy.

He growls words of possessive owner ship directly into the rim of your ear, as he presses the paw of one of his hands against your stomach. Suddenly a warm tingle envelopes your skin, its a very relieving and soothing sensation that feels wonderful.

It's gone in a matter of seconds though, as he picks up his pace slamming into your body as quick and deep as he can muster. Groaning into your warm skin, how your pulsating walls are driving him mad threatening to send him over the edge.

Even with the tight convulse of your folds around his cock, he continues to thrust sloshing your juices so much so, that your thighs are completely sticky now with your own arousal. With a growl of your name he suddenly detaches, making the sharpest of gasps escape your lips when you feel the warm sensation of his manly seed against the back of your ass.

Your entire body slides down against your mattress feeling completely and utterly exhausted, but you still manage a soft giggle when his own sweaty frame just sort of dog piles on top of your own, before sliding in front of you.

You share a tired smile with him, admiring his naked body since you hadn't really had a chance while he was passionately fucking you. His stamina certainly matches his muscular body, while your own is immensely tired and barely able to keep your eyes open.

"I imprinted my mark on your body." He muttered pointing down at your stomach, when your eyes flutter with soft confusion. Glancing down you don't see anything at first, but then the softest pink paw print catches your eye. It's actually really cute and right above your belly button, looks like the smallest most softest tattoo that gives you a warm sensation.

His hand slides up against your cheek, brushing his thumb over your skin and down to your lips noting their extremely puffy and swollen color from the way he'd kissed you earlier. When he leans closer you do your best to meet him in the middle for another kiss, which lasts all but a few seconds.

When you ease open your eyes meet his glowing yellow wolf ones, as he slides closer to your body letting you wrap your hands around his fluffy frame like you'd done so many times before. Your soft plush body presses against his fur, making you delightfully murmur into his perked up ears as pleasurable exhaustion washes over your body.

"I always wondered what your fur would feel like against my skin.."


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Chapter Text


This world was full of good and bad. Where ever there was light there was always a shadow of darkness as well. One could not exist without the other, this was the worlds natural order and its been that way since the beginning of time.

If there was a good and a bad choice, there would always someone making the right one and another making the wrong one. This is where creatures like Angels and Devils came into play. It was both sides job to convince you like they were perched atop your shoulder which choice was better for you.

Sitting atop a very tall building your luscious white wings fluttered, as you gazed your (e/c) eyes out into the city bellow. Your (long/short) silky locks hung behind you perfectly framing your face and all its smooth features. The white cotton dress that clung to your body gave you an unbelievably shimmering aura, that if anyone saw they would simply go blind from your beauty.

With a soft smile you waved your hand right in front of you producing a soft ball of light, before glancing down to the crowd of worker bee's bellow you known as humans. Giving the small ball a soft pet, you held it in both hands before dropping it. Watching it with a delightful gleam in your eyes till it was near the ground and you were snapping your fingers.

Instantly a glow erupted from your orb, that only you and other angels would ever be able to see before being absorbed into the people around it. This light was of course nothing bad, as it was merely a small wave of happy emotions. It was meant to encourage those who were feeling doubtful, fill someone with low self esteem a modicum of pride.

A small gasp escaped your lips as rough hands slide around your eyes from behind, before a familiar deep voice wafted directly into your ear. "I see you're spreading pixie dust over the Extra's down there again, Angel Face."

You giggled, as he slid his hands away and glided in front of you showing off his beautiful feathery black wings. He floated in mid air, with the smallest flap giving you a chance to admire how handsome he was. Beautiful scarlet red eyes, spiky unruly blonde hair, sculptured chin structure, and a body that was completely covered in black.

"It's not pixie dust, you know its apart of my job to spread happy emotions."

"Just like it's my job to spread negative emotions." He grinned, snapping his finger in an aggressive line forming a purple ball of smoke that was sparking with electric pulses. A frown was already forming on your face before he even tossed it to the ground snapping his fingers only for it to pulse roughly before everyone in its block was consumed with a mixture of negative emotions.

He chuckled at the pout that formed on your face, before you completely turned up your nose refusing to look at him. "You just ruined all my hard work, don't you have other things to do? A shoulder to perch on, and convince that the bad way is always the right way."

His warm hand slides up against your cheek turning you back to face him, "I do have other things to do, but being with you trumps them all." His index finger pushed a soft strand of your hair behind your ear, smirking down at your pink cheeks.

Oh, A small shiver slide down your body as you fluttered your eyes shyly..he always said things that had your heart thumping. For a moment you just stared at each other, admiring the others beautiful features and even letting him pet one of his hands through your hair. However, the moment he began to lean forward his lips inches from your own, you slipped from his grasp flapping your wings gliding upward.

" always fly away when I try to kiss you." He growled, frowning heavily as he flapped his wings joining you higher in the air.

You blushed forcing a laugh, wagging your finger at him only to place it in front of your lips like you were keeping a secret. "Silly, You're a devil and I'm an Angel. We can't do things like kiss. Such a thing is forbidden.." You whispered, trying to hide the sad look to your eyes while you avoided the frown on his own.

"Rules were meant to be broken, you should start thinking about what you want, Angel Face."

You hummed giving his words a soft thought but still shook your head in the end. "I can't be corrupted as easily as the humans can. You should stop trying, Katsuki." The moment after you said his name you turned and flew away, refusing to turn back even as he called to you.

Bakugou swayed his long black wings back and forth as he watched you till you were completely out of site. With several aggressive snaps of his fingers he formed at least a dozen electric balls of smoke before viciously tossing them in every direction, not caring where they landed or who they infected with negative he swore if he couldn't be happy no one would be.

Why did he have to be a Devil? Why do I have to be an Angel? If we were normal humans, I wouldn't hesitate giving these..emotions he gave me a chance. It's just not possible though, we live in two different worlds.

From the first time you meet the handsome and charismatic Devil known as Bakugou Katsuki, despite his destructive attitude you got along rather well. He delighted in the misery of others, but as a creature that was your opposite he actually wasn't a complete monster.

He was a prankster and trickster, that you found yourself curious about. Even some of the things he talked the humans into doing, he merely did it for your entertainment. It was terrible when you begun to laugh or even giggle at someone else's embarrassment.

That was when you begun to realize that he was a bad influence. You were suppose to be a pure being that wanted to help others, you'd call yourself a defective Angel if you began to torment the humans you'd sworn to make happy and protect.

That's when you started avoiding him, the rules of Heaven and what it was to be an Angel was written into your very DNA and you could not go against such strict bylines. Even if you'd already begun to question what you wanted and what your desires were.

With the deepest sigh you flew down to a beautiful open lake in the middle of a park, dipping your feet into the water murmuring delightfully from the cool sensation. Both of your eyes cast up to the moon, watching its bright full luminous glory thinking about how you were suppose to be laying on a cloud sleeping with the rest of the angels..but you couldn't.

These days you felt restless, your duties as an Angel tedious. At the back of your mind you kept wondering what Bakugou was doing. A frown slid up your lips, as you shook your head in denial refusing your feelings on the grounds that they were forbidden.

Suddenly something flies down dipping into the lake, till they're just standing in it with the water up to their hips. It takes but a moment to recognize long silky black wings as they completely stretch as far as they can giving you a weird tingly feeling all over your skin as you whisper how beautiful he is.

"Thanks, Angel face." He grins turning to face you wading his wings back and forth in the water a few times before clamping them against his back so he can walk towards you. "I think you're kind of cute too." He teases, walking over to your fluttering eyes till he's lifting himself up to sit next to you on the embankment with his feet in the water as well.

Just looking at him again has you smiling in a soft content way, questioning the relief you feel inside as you surprise him by scooting just a little closer to rest your head on his shoulder. One of his hands slide down to yours where he tests his fingers along your wrist before twining your fingers together, a little relieved when you don't pull away.

His other hand pets through your hair pushing it away from your face, till his fingers are under your chin pulling you close to him. Your eyes widen, his lips getting closer and closer, but this time it feels like you don't have the strength to resist the call of his plump pale lips.

The moment your lips are together the most incredible feelings warms your body, sending delightful tingles down your skin, so much so, that its too much of a wonderful feeling for you to take as you detach from his lips, immediately pulling away from his body.

"Oh no, I'm not letting you get away from me so easily this time (Y/n)." He grips your hand tightly, your fingers still intertwined together. "Don't tell me you didn't fucking feel anything? Cause I felt everything!"

Your face warms with a blush refusing to look at him, as you grip a hand over your heart. "I didn't f-feel anything.." You lie with the softest of whispers, feeling a tear form in the corner of your eye. This is so forbidden, but your heart aches for him so deeply that with each thump your denial becomes painful.

"Don't fucking lie to yourself!" He growls, gripping your hand hard enough to tug your body roughly towards his own. Once your face turns towards him gasping sharply from the sudden force, he places both of his hands on your cheeks demanding you focus on his eyes.

"I thought Angels were all about fucking honesty and truth, but here you're lying convincing yourself that what your feeling is wrong. Just tell me what you're fucking feeling!"

Both of your eyes soften as a tear glides down your cheek, before thrusting your arms around his neck burring your nose against his skin hugging him tightly. "I c-can't..We can't...things between us are against the rules.." You whisper to him, even though that's not what you wanted to say..but it what you were programed to say.

He growls into your ear, wrapping his arms around your back squeezing you against his muscular frame refusing to let you go. "You keep saying 'can't' that doesn't fucking sound like a 'No I don't want to', for one god damn second, think about what you want."

You bite your lip telling yourself not to give into temptation, but if such a feeling was wrong then why did God give it to you? Love was suppose to be beautiful, right? It shouldn't matter if he was a Devil and you an Angel.

"I want you, I want to be with much so that it hurts..but being in your arms feel so right..." You whisper out all your thoughts and emotions that lament how in love you're with him and how you cannot get over how forbidden such emotions are.

"It hurts.." You croak feeling a tear slide down your cheek that causes him to scowl in the deepest fashion. "It be away from you. Don't let me go."

That was when he completely started losing himself to how much he loved you, as he pushed at your shoulders enough to see how glossy with tears your beautiful eyes were before smashing your lips together. He didn't stop at just one, and he never gave you a chance to pull away as he gave you kiss after passionate kiss.

His kisses were addicting and alleviating in all the right ways, that you couldn't do anything but give in and slide your hand up into his hair while the other caressed through the soft material of his wings finding such a silky sensation wonderful.

The moment his tongue pushed into your mouth, your cheeks became a red blushing mess as he passionately slid his muscle all around coating every slick surface you had to offer. He even lapped around your own till it was completely covered with saliva, only then did he pull away to let you breath.

"I want to show you, how good I can make you feel." He rasped, leaning forward to startle you with a lick against your cheek before edging down to the side of your neck.

Your body warmed, as he pressed kiss after kiss along your neck leaving some very warm bright red hickey's enticing and tempting you to give in to your sexual desires. Even when you whispered ever so softly that it was wrong to give into sinful desires, he kept kissing you if anything the way he sucked your skin got rougher and more heated.

"If an act of sexual intercourse is called love making, how can your God classify it as a sin?" He questioned rather astutely, petting his hands up and down your back in a sensual stirring way till they were caressing over the nice curvature of your ass.

"If its not hurting you, which I promise you wont be in any pain..I only want to pleasure you...It shouldn't be wrong right?"

Your skin tingled as he gave your cheeks several furtive pets, feeling the outline of your ass in perfect detail due to the white dress that clung to your body. You had to admit he was right, that was the same thought process you gave yourself when you admitted to having feelings for him.

Love isn't wrong, making shouldn't wrong either..right?

His warm tongue gave the skin of your neck a slick lap, before nipping at a small patch enough to make your body jitter from an unexpected pleasurable sensation. You blushed hazily arching your body into the shape of his, clinging rather tightly to his neck and shoulders.

"As you know I make all my deals as a Devil with a rather convincing argument, but I never take something I'm not offered. As the old saying goes 'A deal with the devil' and all that jazz." He husked kissing delicately at the space behind your ear, smirking when you moaned his name so softly clearly he'd found your sweet spot.

"Tell me, that you want me Angel Face. And I can show you just how much you mean to me."

His every world felt like a whisper of your own soul, a devil perched atop your shoulder like the old myths luring you to his dark side. That's when you realized you were the other half to his darkness, the yin to his yang, and that you, yourself, had already given into your own desires as you whispered to him.

"I...I want you...Being in your arms has never felt so right. I feel like if we were to part, I would feel lost without your warmth.." Leaning back you met his ruby red orbs that seemed to sparkle the more you stared getting lost in their beauty, as a small smirk edged up his lips.

"Mhm, that's what I like to hear." He pulled you into his body, muttering for you to fold your wings and once you did his own silky large black ones enveloped your body, pressing into your back like the warmest most softest blanket.

"Seal the deal with a kiss, (Y/n)."

For a moment you glanced to his lips, with the pinkest of cheeks. You had to admit to wanting so many more kisses, but decided to be a little proactive as you leaned forward and surprised him be trailing the soft edges of your pink lips down his neck till you were planting the warmest kiss. It was otherworldly to hear a handsome man like him, groan your name like he's waited his entire life for such a kiss.

Only once you'd sucked against his skin like a little kitten leaving him a pink round hickey, did you pulled away. However, when you leaned back to look at his face your eyes couldn't help but travel behind him. Suddenly the scenery around you was completely different than a park with a beautiful lake, instead it was a room with the a round red bed with perfect satin sheets. The entire air of the new space gave of an erotic thriller vibe.

"Welcome to my room, what do you think?" He pulled you into a standing position, detaching his wings from your body, letting you curiously walk around his room. You admired the collection of red and black furniture, that gave off a mysterious an ancient vibe with a soft smile.

Only once you'd given his room a good look over did he slide behind you, wrapping both hands around your hips before trailing one down the outline of your leg while his other pressed into your stomach getting you to step backwards into his chest with a small gasp.

"Your room is think it suits you." You whispered, leaning back as he pressed the tip of his nose against your neck giving your skin the smallest whiff, that had your cheeks twinging when he complimented your sweet addicting aroma.

"That's what I thought too." He murmurs into the rim of your ear, caressing his hand all the way down your leg till his fingers are dipping under your dress to pet over your knee. Slowly his hand rises along your leg pushing your dress up while gliding his digits towards your inner thigh.

You gasp out a moan of his name, when he places a few fingers against your panties giving your slit the slowest most sensual pet while peppering your neck with several hot warm open mouth kisses. The pulse of pleasure erupting through your body feels so utterly amazing, that you slid one of your hands against his hip the other over his own hand as he cups one of your breasts and squeezes the plush outline.

"Oh, Katsuki...I feel so light..similar to flying..but so much more euphoric.." You whispered, not minding so much the pet over your breasts as he gave each a squeeze, and even grazing his thumb over both growing perky nub.

He smirked against your skin, giving your clothed womanhood heated caress after heated caress, feeling the shape of your lower lips in intimate detail. "I can make you feel so high, and it wont have anything to do flying.." He husked with a heavy trill of lust, as he pushed your body to turn while his hand was still giving your core desire filled presses.

You blushed at his extremely handsome face, leaning forward to meet his lips in the middle when he wanted a kiss. The press of his tongue into your mouth was instant, as he hazily desired the most lewd and knee weakening kisses that had you leaning into his body just so you wouldn't collapse.

"I wish you hadn't played hard to get for so long." He rasped, tugging your lip forward as he parted sucking the appendage with foggy hazed over eyes. "I could of fucking enjoyed the taste of your plump lips a lot sooner."

The moment you tried to say something he wouldn't allow it, as he passionately wanted a dozen more kisses making it his life mission to suck all the air from your lungs, till saliva was dripping from your combined tongues.

Sliding his hand away from your lower body, he meet your eyes only briefly before pushing at your hips enough to get you to stumble backwards meeting the velvety material of his red satin sheet bed. He smirked down at your shyly fluttering eyes and softly panting his name red lips, before pulling his shirt off and tossing it to the floor.

He eased onto the bed sliding both of his hands up your legs, pushing your dress further and further up till it was being slid over your head, you were surprisingly cooperative filled with the enamoring desire to feel his lips all over your body even the intimate areas.

Once your dressed was tossed to the floor, those gleaming scarlet eyes looked your half naked body up and down, unable to stop himself from giving his lips a wanting lick like you were looking like one tasty snack.

"Did it hurt when you feel from Heaven?" He grinned wickedly when you were having the hardest time keeping your giggles down. "Because damn girl you're one fine Angel."

Delightful giggles left your lips, as he edged down and gave the soft skin of your tummy a warm kiss before trailing up over your bra to the middle of your breasts. You murmured his name softly as he kissed the edge of your exposed breasts, while sliding your hands up to caress his chest muscles whispering to him how handsome he was.

"I wish I had a cheesy pick up line..but all I can say is, that you're so fine and always on my mind." You whispered with a sheepish smile, feeling a little embarrassed at the way he instantly started snickering, lifting himself enough to push apart your legs so he could directly loom over your body.

"That works just fine, maybe you're a natural flirt~" He grinned, giving your lips a soft peck before kissing down to your neck, and over to your shoulders. You could even feel the flat of his tongue give your skin several warm licks.

Both of his hands rubbed against your stomach, petting your soft skin before gliding his slender digits around the curvature of your breasts, squeezing the round flesh while leaving a large pulsating love bite at the top of your shoulder.

Only after admiring his mark did he glide the tip of his tongue down your chest, grabbing the thin material of your bra with his index finger, making the sharpest gasp of his name escape your lips when he tugged it up roughly freeing both of your lush breasts.

His tongue was already licking a warm slick circle around the closest nip, before you could even register soft embarrassment. However, from the passionate way he sucked and lapped from one breast to the other he clearly thought your body was delicious.

"Ah, Katsuki...I love every kiss of your lips along my body." You moaned out to him leaning your head back, arching your body towards him as he gave your nub an enticing pull that sent shivers all through your body.

"Your flavor is more addicting than I could ever have imagined.." He husked, against one of your perky little nubs pressing his tongue against the tip smirking at the breathy moan of his name. He made sure he gave both of your breasts equal, slick attention with his lips and tongue before licking down your stomach.

He chuckled at the way your body shook when he kissed over your belly button, but he didn't linger on your stomach for very long before catching the dampness between your legs. Even though his instincts told him to dive straight for the prize, he wanted to be more sensual than that.

Lowering himself down till he was directly between your legs, he slide the tips of his fingers up and down your inner thigh caressing your skin enticing you with touches that would eventually lead to your most private area.

As soon as he started giving your inner thigh a passionate kiss no doubt leaving a dark hickey, your legs threatened to clamp around his head but you did your best to keep yourself steady.

The man you'd fallen for was making love to your body, being as sensual as he could despite his devil attributes. This was a story for the ages, he was fighting his programing and so were you.

His tongue lapped against his bright red love bite, turning to the other thigh sliding his tongue against that part of your skin as well before giving into his actual desire, as he pressed his lips against your clothed womanhood and gave your sensitive lower body a kiss that started driving you crazy.

"O-oh Katsuki, k-kissing me right there..h-hah..I've never b-been kissed right there.." You whimpered softly feeling really really shy even though you made no gestures to stop him, even if your legs jittered from the ensuing pleasure.

"That's fucking fantastic then, I'll be the first and last person to ravage you." He rasped possessively, husking lascivious words about being the only person who would ever get to taste you, would know the aroma of what your sex smelt like, would ever know the warmth of your inner body...he hazed all those words making your entire frame absolutely tremble while he tugged down your panties and dove his slick tongue deep into your folds.

He gave your womanhood the most passionate french kiss he could muster, sliding his muscle back and forth curling it against your folds in all the right ways that had you moaning his name over and over again as you tossed and turned your head.

Your every moan of his name only flamed his desire even deeper, the droll of his name from the tip of your tongue almost as intoxicating as the taste of your womanly juices. He downed your flavor like the most addicting wine as he tongued your body deeply and desirefully.

His hands slid over your tummy giving your body a squeeze before tugging your hips, so that his tongue could trust deeper and more accurately into your body. He made it a mission to give you the most euphoric orgasm, as his muscle licked and lapped all over your sweet spot till your juices were dripping down his chin.

Your frame shuttered as he pulled away, licking his lips with the haziest of pants. It was clear from the foggy lust in his eyes that he really wanted you so incredibly badly, it was taking everything not to just toss of his pants and fuck you as hard as he could.

"I would pay all those souls I ever collected, just to stare at your beautiful body, not to mention those white feathery wings." You blushed as he admired the shapely outline of your entire nude frame, while his words had your heart thumping so quickly against your rib cage you thought it might burst from your chest.

He unzipped his pants leaning off the bed enough to let them drop to join the pile of clothes on the floor, before sliding back over your body. Your face warmed as you looked down and admired his manly muscle, while noting his every beautiful detail just like he did.

"Are you only interested in my body?" You whispered with the softest of concern, you loved him but did he love you..or your beauty?

He frowned, leaning down to caress his hand against your cheek before surprising you with a rough press of your head forward to meet his lips. The passion in his kiss seemed desperate as your hand slid around his muscular frame meeting the sway of his tongue with your own.

"I'm interested in your everything." He growled, biting your lip a little harder than he meant to as he trailed his hands down your body with the indication of his words. "I'm interested in your body, your soul, and your heart. I want it all to be fucking mine."

Oh the feeling the rushed through your body, it wasn't 'I love you' exactly.. but in your heart that most certainly only beated for him you were a hundred percent sure that was the most romantic declaration you'd ever heard.

He caressed your legs, before pushing them just a bit further apart as he slid his hips up till his cock was grazing against your clit, eliciting the sharpest most thrilling gasp of pleasure. He chuckled, whispering into your ear how sensitive that part of your body was, and that he'd remember that for next time.

The thought of a next time, was a little to much to think about as you could barely handle what was going on right now, as he kissed your neck tracing his manhood up and down against your slit, preparing your body for what was coming before pressing into your tight folds.

"O-oh!~ Katsuki, I can feel you s-so deeply.." You groaned, pressing your nails into his skin feeling the sway of his silky wings graze over the back of your hands. It was an overwhelming sensation pulsing from your lower body, the girth of his cock seemed to be throbbing inside your body.

"You're so fucking tight..s-shit I can barely hold myself back.." He growled, making you smile as your did your best to lean forward and nibble on his earlobe. It was a sign that you hoped displayed how wonderful you thought his self control was.

He smiled in a content way, as he pressed one of his hands against your cheek till your lips were together. It was a slow and sensual kiss, where his hands caressed down your body till they were gripping your hips. He looked into your eyes making sure you were ready before, thrusting his hips back and forth at a rhythmic pace.

Instantly your voice hazed several upon several moans into his ear, gripping his body as tightly as you could muster. The tip of your nose pressed into his neck, where you couldn't help but take a small whiff of his aroma, finding his natural musk suave and charming.

He gripped your hips tightly as he rocked back and forth, groaning from the tight pulsating grip of your folds. Even the drag of your nails down his skin felt enthralling and addicting, making him pick up his pace determined to bury his length as deep into your body as possible.

"Mhm!~ Katsuki, a-ah!~ Oh, p-please!~" You moaned, feeling desperate for the pleasure building inside your body as he absolutely sloshed your womanly juices making your thighs wet and sticky with your own arousal.

Your hand glides up against the back of his head, the other gripping one of his wings trying to find a stabilizing position but such a powerful thrust mixed in with overstimulating pleasure makes such a thing nearly impossible.

Feeling an overwhelming desire, your wings stretched out before using every strength you have to wrap them around his back. "I want to be s-so close to you, I c-can't take it!~" You whimpered, squeezing your feathery wings around his frame, missing the grin on his face since your own was buried against his neck.

With a sharp cry of pleasurable shock, he lifts your legs up to wrap around his frame before picking up your entire body. Sitting back on his bed with you in his lap, wrapping his beautiful black wings around your back just like you had as he grips tightly the bottom of your ass bouncing you deeply against his cock.

Your hands and legs squeeze around his frame as tightly as you pleasured body can muster as you whimper and mewl body trembling from ecstasy. "O-oh!~ Katsuki, Please I c-can't take it much longer!~" You begged like a hurt puppy, desperate for your pleasurable release as your eyes pleaded with him for a kiss which he was happy to give.

Both of your wings gripped the others body tightly, you were literally as close to each other as you could possibly get. The sensation of being held so tightly and so possessively, had a sense of euphoria building inside your body that had your lips quivering with each moan of his name.

The moment the knot forming in the pit of your stomach snaps, your lips toss away from his own with a wet pop and a loud scream of pleasure. He growls something dripping with lust about the sensation of your warm juices coating his cock, bouncing your body till his slick seed is sliding down your inner thigh.

Your arms and even your wings fall lax, as you relax your body till your head is resting against his shoulder breathing and panting as deeply as possible. The warm enthrall of the tingle from the after math of sex is so..alleviating that you begin to wonder if this is why most people sleep afterwords.

Bakugou gently eases your body off his laying you down on his bed so he can flop next to you, and admire the goofy smile splayed upon your pretty face. He chuckles as your lips kiss the palm of his hand when tries to caress your warm skin, a soothing gesture to relieve the pleasurable exhaustion racking through your body.

"We made a deal right, Angel Face? You promised me your everything."

Instead of answering right away you snuggle into his frame, sliding your hand around his back caressing through a few of his feathers with a content smile. He sighs, usually he's not a very patient man but when it comes to you..he wants to accommodate.

"I...still have this hidden thought inside that this was wrong.." You instantly press a digit against his lips when his brows arch in anger many insults on the tip of his tongue, however displaying a smile on your face gets him to almost instantly deflate.

"However, that thought doesn't feel like it's mine. I love you, I like being with you. Those are my thoughts and they don't feel wrong."


I wanna say that its up to you whether you picture Devil!Katsuki with horns and a tail, and the same with yourself as Angel!Reader whether she has a halo is up to you.
To be honest I'm not religious at all. I don't believe in God and I'm Atheist.

I kinda just think that religion is this crutch, and that we are humans and we're very strong on our own. You don't need god to be amazing, that's all I'm saying. (I will not fault you for believing understand that, your life is up to you.)

What about you guys? Do you believe in God? There is no wrong answer.

This is probably one of my very very very favorite shots I've ever written. Ahhhhh so cute and sexy at the same time Dx

Chapter Text


Was the sun always so bright? Ugh I wish it was night time..the sun is giving me a damn headache..

Turning to the side you tried to hide from those bright rays, by burring your face against your darling bou's muscular chest. Sliding one of your hands around his hip flinching when a sharp cramp slid through your body that had you groaning softly, doing your best not to wake him but it was to late.

"Mh...the fuck are you hissing about? Am I squishing you again?" He huffed, blinking open his scarlet red eyes a smirk sliding up his lips. "You didn't seem to mind being under me last night though?~" He teased, pressing his hand against your hip pushing you more into his body trying to lean in for a kiss but you suddenly detached making him scowl.

"Sorry, Katsuki..Ah..I have really bad cramps right now..feel like I need to curl up in a ball or they wont go away.." You whispered with an apologetic smile, as you pressed your hands against your stomach and brought your legs up groaning from the lightheaded feeling consuming your body.

He frowns, turning on his side to observe you with a curious expression. It wasn't like he was stupid, he understood you were a girl and that you went through a certain cycle once a month, but the thing that bothered him was how much pain you would be in.(Not to mention the blood loss)

"You weren't..cramping up last night, right?" He murmurs, cheeks dusting a small pink as he avoided your eyes mumbling how he hoped he didn't force you into anything, especially if you were hurting.

A smile forms on your lips as you reach for his hand, and pull it to your lips giving the back of his knuckles a soft peck. "No Katsuki, I felt fine and made me feel good.." You blushed, pushing at his chest playfully when he grinned handsomely, only to gasp sharply when it felt like you stomach got jabbed.

"Katsuki, I'd hate to ask but can you go to the store for me right quick? I need some pads and some aspirin would be really nice too." You added please several times when he gave you a skeptical brow raise like he couldn't be caught dead shopping for girly things.

He groaned in defeat when you started doing that thing with your eyes that he absolutely hated because such a puppy dog pout always had him caving. "Alright, alright, fuck I'll go." He huffed sliding out of bed letting you admire his back muscles and black boxers as he slid on some casual clothes to walk to the store in.

"I better get like a nice fucking kiss when I come back."

"Of course, all the kisses I can muster." You giggled, lifting your hand to blow him a mushy kiss that had him becoming red faced, before quickly stepping out your bedroom door only to turn back muttering he'd forgotten his wallet and house key before finally making it down stairs and out the door.

"Katsuki...ah you're such an adorable dork.." You smiled softly to yourself, turning to the side to groan painfully. It felt like your tummy was both full and empty at the same time, a nauseous feeling weighing your body down.

After a few minutes it gradually went away enough for you to sit up and stand, where stretched both of your hands in the air thinking about how much the struggle being a girl was. With that thought you trailed to your loving boyfriend, smiling at the thought of him being in a store by himself looking all aggressive as fuck while he bought your womanly essentials.

"I should..make him breakfast as a thank you..that's the least I can do." You nodded assuring yourself a walk down stairs to the kitchen wouldn't be to painful.

After sliding on some comfy clothes you slowly trailed down into the kitchen, looking over the ingredients you had in the fridge and pantry. There was some pancake mix that you hadn't used yet left in the box, it was enough to make a least a few and you even saw some strawberries left, they'd make a perfect topping.

Standing up was actually a little relieving to all the tension inside your body, while still feeling a little nauseous the cramps had gone away for the most part. As soon as you flipped the last pancake in the pan onto the second plate, the front door creaked open before you heard some aggressive shoe tossing.

"In here, Katsuki." You called with a smile, adding just a few strawberries to his pancakes before striding over to the table. He came in just a few seconds later with two bags in his hands looking annoyed and huffy.

"I forgot it was so fucking hot outside, not to mention the street was crowded with damn extra's." He growled, only to take a small whiff of the kitchen before tension in his face dissipated. "Those pancakes smell nice, this almost makes up for having me buy you embarrassing shit."

You shared a grin with each other as he sat in the chair next to you, after sitting the two bags he'd gotten on the table. Instantly you leaned over and pressed your lips against his giving him a soft and sensual kiss, that he would demand more of the moment you tried to pull away.

After several kisses that became somewhat passionate he finally let you detach, with soft hazy eyes and tingly warm lips. He smirked at your blushy red cheeks, before turning to his breakfast and digging in.

"Nice job adding the strawberries, it's actually a good combo." He hummed, picking up a strawberry half with his fork and a piece of pancake shoving both into his mouth with a content murmur.

Smiling you turned and dug in as well, nodding at how good such sweet and fruity flavors went together. You didn't even add maple syrup because it usually makes them overly sugary and you know your lover doesn't like sweet things very much. Watching him enjoy food you made always brought a sense of accomplishment to your mind and body.

You'd been living together a year, but you'd been dating for almost 3. Nothing can describe the happy feeling the swarmed your body the day he he kind of yelled it with the reddest face if you wanted to move in together..and you of course were very much in love and said yes right away.

As you slide the last piece of your pancake into your mouth, your eyes glance over to his two bags before you realize he'd bought way more than what you asked for. "Katsuki, what all did you buy? I only asked for like two things.." You hummed standing up, only to hiss sharply sitting back down with a groan.

"Okay, standing is like a no go at the moment.." You chuckled sheepishly leaning over like you were trying to pop your back or stretch but really all you were trying to do was relieve the tension inside your stomach.

"You should of stayed in bed stupid..if you were in so much pain.." He frowned heavily leaning forward to press his hand against your forehead, like he thought you might have a fever. "I wasn't really sure..what type of pills to get you so I got like..a lot." He looked away when you tilted your head up, trying to not let you see the soft concern in his eyes.

"Thank you, Katsuki. You're the best boyfriend." Leaning forward you gave his cheek a peck before finally standing back up, going over to both of the bags till you found the pads smiling that they were the exact same ones you'd bought before. Such a thing made you realize he really paid attention to you even if it was something a bit embarrassing.

"Gonna go put these in the bathroom right quick, wanna watch a movie when I come back?"

"Sure, I get to pick though." You gave him a soft nod, watching him pick both of your plates up and trail over to the sink before grabbing the pads and walking down the hall placing them on the rack above the toilet. You freshened up right quick, going to the living room only once you'd washed and dried your hands.

He was still looking through your combined collection of movies as you eased onto the couch with a soft groan. "I put the pills I bought on the table, and I poured you some juice so pick one and take them." He didn't even turn around, no doubt in your mind hiding his caring soft features that just had your heart swelling as you glanced down at the glass of apple juice.

Leaning forward you grabbed the boxes, where it became hard to hide the giddy smile on your face. The man you loved had bought pills for like every kind of sickness from nausea, to migraines, fever reducers, back pain, and so on and so forth.

Shaking your head with a giggle, you picked the one that on the label had the cramps as one of the things it helped relieve. After pouring out 2 into your palm you tossed them into your mouth and took a big gulp of your juices, with a content lip smack.

Bakugou had finally picked a movie sliding it into your dvd player before flopping down on the couch next to you with remote in hand. He merely smirked when you asked which one he'd picked, sliding his hand around your shoulder were he encouraged you to lean into him.

With a soft content sigh, you thanked him for both the aspirin again and even the juice before getting comfortable resting your head on top of his shoulder. He smelled so wonderful, a combination of the natural sweet smelling sweat he secreted and a hint of the minty deodorant he'd put on before he left for the store.

Once the movie started playing you smiled, it wasn't even one of his movies. It was yours and you'd seen it like a 20 times, but you were glad even he liked the Deadpool movie as well.

Every so often you would shift and disturb him trying not to show him your soft winces or even let him feel the way your body wanted to flinch when you felt those sharp jabbing sensations, but he wasn't stupid he could see you were in pain, and even though he didn't say anything he was pissed off that he wasn't sure how to help.

"(Y/n), lay down that might be better for you." He insisted patting his lap, indicating he wanted you to rest your head in his lap. With a soft blush you complied, feeling like a change in position was probably a good idea.

Once in his lap, he gave your head a few soft pets that had you smiling whispering a thank you to him before biting your lip and curling into a ball towards his stomach. He frowned, before getting a small idea as he pushed up your shirt making you blush and tilt your head in his direction.

"Don't give me that look, I'm not gonna do anything. Just relax." He huffed, sliding your shirt up enough to show off your tummy before he placed the flat of his palm against your skin and sensually started caressing it.

Your eyes fluttered softly before nestling into him, resting your cheek against his muscular stomach finding the sway of his hand actually rather soothing and alleviating. The sharp pains and the nausea slowly dying away, replaced by a warm heat.

"Mhm, Katsuki..that actually makes me feel so much better." You whispered, closing your eyes relaxing completely under the caress of his warm skin.

"Good, I'm tired of seeing that pained expression on your face." His other hand pets your hair behind your ear so he can observe your facial features as if making sure you're not in anymore pain. His fingers slide over your neck and ear, gently pushing at the back of your head till you're lifting yourself high enough for him to give you a kiss.

One of your own hands slide around his neck, returning his passion even parting your lips when his tongue desires entrance. Even during such passionate endeavors his fingers are still caressing your stomach soothingly, even gliding the tips gently over your belly button enticing a small wave of tingles.

If it wasn't that time of the month, you'd completely jump him and slide your legs around his waist. Turn the caress of your stomach into something more intimate, and just rock his world here on the couch like you've done so many times before.

Sometimes life is fucking unfair, when you're completely turned on and horny for you man but stupid periods make intimate situations more awkward and less likely. He must understand, as he hasn't even tried for a more heated caress of your body as he sticks to just your tummy.

Once he pulls away a small trail of saliva connects your tongues together, before dissipating with the lick of his lips. "I bought you a cold compress as well, if you wanted to put something cold against your stomach..or if you want heat instead we have a heating pad somewhere in the closet upstairs.." He shrugs nonchalantly, scratching the edge of his cheek his tsuntsun qualities on full display and delighting you wholeheartedly.

"Thanks babe~" You giggle, leaning up peck his lips again before resting back down into his lap. Your eyes soften as his hand rests against the top of your head, would anyone else ever see how truly wonderful he was?

"Seriously, Katsuki I love you, Thank you for being so..understanding."

He scoffed, turning up his nose like he always did when he was trying to hide his embarrassment. The moment he looked back down the natural rough features of his face were rather serene, as he used the tips of his index and thumb to glide over your soft lips.

"I am your fucking boyfriend after all, If I'm not taking care of you then I'm doing a pretty shit job."


Some might think I exaggerated the pain of being on your period, but I don't think I did. I tried my best to describe what I've felt before, heavy periods are terrible. Cramps feel like sharp stabs sometimes, from the moment I wake up I can feel a sort of nausea that makes it hard to do anything.

My heart goes out to anyone on their monthly! <3

If you want a wonderful man like Katsuki to take care of you on your monthly, leave a comment! <3

Chapter Text


"Katsuki, I waited for you after school yesterday but I didn't see you."

"I was busy, you should focus on your homework or some shit."

Your lips curved down into the softest frown as you observed his annoyed and aggressive features. He's been in a rather fowl mood lately, more so than usual and you had no idea why. It wasn't like he was ever really 'happy or joyful' but he was always more relaxed when he was around you.

Glancing down, you noted how his hands were both shoved in his pant pockets making it rather difficult to hold his hand. With a soft sigh you picked up your pace sliding your hand around his elbow, giving him a smile when he turned to look at you. It was relieving when he didn't pull away, but at the same looked like he wasn't happy about you touching him either.

You choose to ignore such a painful thought that he didn't want you around him, and instead eased your head down onto his shoulder while walking. The features on his face would soften but it would be nothing you'd see, as he admired how calm you could be around him.

Why didn't his aggressive attitude scare you away? Why didn't the way he ignored you make you give up on him? He was rather cold to you most of the time, and there were lots of other guys out there who could show you the affection he sometimes was incapable of giving you..and yet you choose him, wouldn't leave him...why?

"(Y/n)..." He muttered, soft words on the tip of his tongue where he wanted to thank you for being by his side..but the moment your head lifted, he looked away with a scowl on his handsome features. " We're at school, let me go before everyone annoys the fuck out of me with how cute they think we are as a couple."

He pulled his elbow from your grasp, not even letting your respond as he walked forward past the school gate. From the moment he pulled away you'd stopped walking and just watched his retreating form with soft sad features.

"But I want everyone to see us as a that so wrong..?" You whispered, waiting till he'd stepped through the front doors before walking forward. He was pulling his school shoes on by time you'd caught up to him, surprising you when he actually waited for you to put your own on before walking to class.

Normally you would either sit with him at his desk or pull your chair up next to him, but since he was barely talking to felt like maybe you should give him some space. Although all you did was stare at the back of his spiky blonde head, wishing deeply that you could just give him a kiss and take away all the doubts running through his head.

"(Y/n)-chan, Good morning." Deku spoke gently, sliding into his desk that was on the right side of your own. The soft features of his face, were always relaxing to observe much different than your handsome boyfriends natural aggressive ones.

"Good morning Deku-kun, did you finish all the homework?" You questioned with a growing smile on your face, the moment he gave you a thumbs up. He spoke proudly about getting all the sheets from yesterday done in good timing, and how he felt he'd get pretty good grades on all the assignments.

Just as your lips parted similar words on the tip of your tongue, a gruff familiar aggressive voice called to you. "(Y/n), get over here." His voice was demanding, as it clearly wasn't a question. With a small apology to Deku, you slid your chair back and walked towards Katsuki's desk till you were standing right next to him.

"What is it Ka-...Ah!" You squeaked as he thrusted his hands out suddenly pulling you to sit atop his desk. Both of his hands possessively slid around your waist, as he refused to let you see the look on his face before laying his head in your lap.

"Don't fucking talk to Deku." Was all he said, or more like he growled it, squeezing your body tightly pressing his face against your stomach making your cheeks swarm in a blush.

You glanced up, feeling nearly every eye in the classroom on you even the shy face of Deku observed you in a rather affectionate state with your boyfriend whom just so happened to have been his childhood friend. With a wave of your hand, you were relieved when everyone turned away.

One of your hands gently slid to the back of Bakugou's head, it wasn't like you hated what was happening. He was super jealous, and it annoyed you sometimes but at least such actions told you that he did care for fact such actions said he wanted to always be your only focus.

"Katsuki, could I get a kiss..? Or is that to much while we're in class?" You questioned softly petting through his unruly spiky locks with a soft blush. It would be embarrassing, that's for sure but you still wanted one.

He lifted his head, his eyes staring from your own fluttering orbs to your soft pink lips. From the way he licked his own with the edge of his tongue it looked like, he was hungry for your flavorful lips but ended up turning away with softest of cheeks.

"Later, s-stupid." He muttered, reminding you of just how much the man you loved was a tsundere, and hid his feelings sometimes even from himself.

You slid off his desk with a nod as Aizawa-sensei came in, and demanded everyone get in their proper seats. As soon as attendance was called he went straight into a lesson, something about proper recourse when using your powers in public, which was a pretty good thing to go over.

"This wasn't something on the schedule today, but I'm going to do it anyway." Aizawa spoke, pulling out a paper from the clipboard on his desk. "I want to do a practical run with your powers, that means I will be scoring on how well your powers are used to rescue and save someone."

There was a resounding cheer throughout the class as nearly everyone loved using their powers when it came to tests and assignments. You could even see Katsuki grinning proudly, flexing one of his hands, just how much he thought he was going to excel written on his face.

This was an individual test where you weren't allowed to help any of your fellow classmates. The class was split up into certain groups, and taken to different training areas on school grounds. It was relieving when you were put in the same group with Katsuki..but Deku, Todoroki, and Ochako were also in it as well.

One at a time each student would enter the building, and make their way to the top floor where a dummy acting as hostage would be. The mission was to rescue the dummy, and make it out of the building as quickly as you could.

The first person tasked with going in was you, your power was a wind based quirk so you managed to sneak in undetected for the most part. In the end it took you about 12 minutes to rescue the dummy that had a silly picture of All might stapled to its face. Aizawa said you did well but you still had a few scraps and bruises, from the person acting as the Villain.

Ochako went in next, she showed tenaciousness when dealing with the enemy and ended up making it out in just under 14minutes. However, the moment she jogged out the door she collapsed and passed out due to exhaustion from using her power way to much.

Todoroki was next, and it was unsurprising that he made it back out in under 5 minutes. He barely looked like he broke a sweat, as he tossed down the dummy in front of Aizawa. His right side covered in ice sickles, that he melted away with the wave of his left hand.

Both Katsuki and Deku wanted to go next, and even though Deku said he'd let his friend go first Aizawa rebuked that and had him go first instead. Deku had probably formed like several plans watching and observing his fellow classmates, that went in before him and no doubt had a keen idea of how to deal with the enemy.

However, all of those Ideas went out the window as he seemed to be getting his ass handed to him by the villain. But your classmate was always quick on his feet literally and figuratively, as he used his quirk to absolutely speed around the enemy grabbing the dummy and barrelling outside the window making sure to land on his feet like a cat with the 'hostage' carefully in his arms.

"That was quick thinking Midoriya, but such an action could of injured the person you were trying to save, remember that next time." Aizawa reprimanded sternly, marking something on his clip board as Deku nodded his head with the smallest frown on his lips. Clearly he never meant to cause harm, and the thought of injuring someone a little to much for his kind heart.

Katsuki stepped up to the entrance with a grin, cracking both of his knuckles and flexing all of his fingers. "Watch how a real Hero does it, nerd." He growled proudly, sparking fire from both of his hands as he waited for Aizawa to start his practical test.

The moment he gave the go ahead, Katsuki darted forward using the combustion from both of his hands to speed forward at lightning fast speed. The walls inside the building were cracking from all the explosions of his quirk. He was adept in dealing with the villain causing massive damage to the enemy enough to knock him through one of the walls.

He grabbed the 'hostage' by it's throat quickly avoiding an ensuing attack from the enemy. You were practically on the edge of your toes, rooting for your love with all your heart and even cheered when he zoomed out one of the open windows gliding down till he was tossing the hostage in front of Aizawa with the proudest grin.

Even you could tell..bad news was coming from the sigh that escaped your tired teachers lips. "You managed to rescue the hostage in under 8 minutes but they would of died while you fought." He pointed to the singe marks on the edge of the dummy's back and legs.

"The point of being a hero Bakugou is to make sure you protect and keep people safe, Your quirk is remarkable but you can't go wild. You have to ensure that the ones you want to keep safe don't get hurt while you fight."

Bakugou gritted his teeth before he made the loudest argument that, he had rescued the hostage just as instructed. "If that shitty extra was real, I would of hurt them!" He hissed, telling Deku to shut the fuck up when he tried to calm him down.

"This was a practical exam Bakugou, no what if scenario. Your scores for this test place you the lowest of your group. If it was up to me I'd fail you, but other than causing some injury to the hostage you performed well. Think about that." Aizawa, dismissed himself to go check the progress of the other students after that.

Your boyfriend was positively livid, the world 'fail' was never in his vocabulary. He always did rather well, placed top or first place in nearly everything he did. The thought of being average or even lower than Deku...was making him furious beyond all belief.

"Katsuki, It's okay you still passed at least." The moment you touched his shoulder he retched his entire body away from you, hissing that you didn't fucking understand. "No, I-i Mean..I'm not top scorer like you..but I know you still wanted to be the best..I just don't want you to get expelled."

His scarlet eyes flared at you, the anger inside his body fiery threatening to consume you with their embers before he turned and stomped away. Watching the one you love leave, unable to rely on you when he was feeling so..discouraged was heartbreaking.

"Don't worry (Y/n)-chan, Kacchan just needs to cool his head." Deku encouraged, patting your back gently with a soft smile. Any other time such a look would of been peaceful, but the one you wanted to see right now was Bakugou.

"Thank you Deku-kun.." You whispered, but truthfully you just felt dejected. Such a feeling would last all the way through the rest of school. Bakugou would be so deep in his own thoughts it was like he didn't know you existed anymore. He didn't even care when you talked to Deku, and even walked right by when you were leaning against the school gate waiting for him like you always did.

"W-wait up Katsuki, I want to walk home together." He didn't say anything nor did he slow his pace down, as you had to jog just to keep up with him. "Katsuki, please..please talk to me, I want to help you.." You gave him the most pleading look but he refused to even glance at you.

"I don't need your fucking help." If you could see the look on his face, you'd see how lost he felt but it was masked by his stoic always aggressive features. "Just go home (Y/n), I'm going to go train, today's stupid test just proved I'm not working hard enough."

"That's not it Katsuki, You work so hard you're literally exhausting yourself to death with all those late night training sessions and even getting up at the crack of dawn to train. That's not good for you body, I worry about you."

"I don't need your babysitting. I'm not dead, and I'm not going to fucking die so just leave me alone.

His every word was like a jab to your heart, filling you with dread and if you didn't do something right now you'd lose him forever. Without even thinking about it you reached for his wrist, demanding stubbornly that he stop for a minute and talk to you.

However, he instantly retched away from you raising his hand into the air as he turned to face you, but the moment he saw the raise in your eyes and your entire body flinch like you thought he was going to hit you..he plummeted back to reality.

The look on his face crumbled, the pain in his eyes completely overwhelming as he covered his intense scarlet red eyes his entire body starting to shake. "I..I w-wasn't going to hit you...I w-wouldn't...I couldn't.." The trill in his croak had your eyes sizzling with potential tears.

He held out both of his hands with the most desperate look you'd ever seen, "Come here...I would never fucking hurt you.." Tears were forming in your eyes as you instantly slid forward into his embrace, feeling his hands cling to your body like he was so sure you'd disappear the moment he let go.

"I know...I know, You're amazing, and going to be the best Hero..You couldn't ever cause me harm." You assured, with tears sliding down your cheeks as you hugged him close wrapping both hands around his head pressing him into your chest.

"Do I make you happy?" You croaked more tears swelling in your eyes before dripping down your cheeks. "I know...I k-know that affection is hard for you..but you keep saying how much y-you don't need i-if I wasn't around anymore w-would that be better for you?" It was a question you didn't want to know the answer to, but you asked it anyway with tears dripping onto the top of his head.

He was silent but his body was it was trembling in your grasp. You'd never felt the man you loved be in so much pain before, you desperately wanted to know what was going through his head but it took just a few moments to realize..that your shirt was becoming cold and damp.

His hands squeezed your body, pressing his face against your breasts trying to absorb every warmth you had to offer before finally speaking. " don't make me happy.." He started a clear rasp in his throat from tears dripping of his face, " You make me feel complete, I don't want you to fucking go."

Relief flooded through your system, more tears dripping from your face as you clung to him. You held each other for a very long time, before he finally lifted himself from your chest and without caring about how you could see his red tear stained cheeks cuppeing your own and brought you to meet his lips.

Even though his lips were warm and very much what you've wanted since this morning, you could taste the combined salty flavoring of your tears. The living embodiment of pride known as Bakugou Katsuki, actually shed tears because he didn't want to lose you.

His hands eventually left your cheeks to wrap around your body, pressing you into his chest stealing all your oxygen with the most desire filled kiss he's ever mustered. Such passion had your knee's becoming weak as you leaned nearly all your weight into him.

It was even more aggressive when suddenly your back meet with the nearest wall, a gasp slipping passed your lips enough for him to slide his tongue into your mouth and dominate every slick surface you had to offer.

"A-ah, Katsuki.." You managed the smallest murmur of his name that might as well have been a moan, as he danced feverishly with your own muscle till it was completely coated with his saliva.

He only pulled away when you both became desperate for air, making the smallest trail of warm saliva drip down your lips as you took a breath. The tears on both of your faces had dried somewhat, but you could still tell his eyes were a bit pink and puffy around his ruby red orbs.

With the softest of frowns you pulled him to meet your lips again before hugging him tight, "I love you so much Katsuki, I'm sorry that I made you cry." You whispered nuzzling your nose against his neck, taking in his delightful aroma.

"S-stupid, I wasn't crying.." He lied, with the softest of hisses but he still squeezed you tight against his muscular body. Even though he was denying it he couldn't be more grateful that you were still here in his arms and still very much in love with him.

"(Y/n), do you think I can be a good Hero?"

"I don't think it, I know it. You're going to be the best Hero, and you're personally My Hero as well."

His cheeks reddened softly, as he buried his face into the soft tussles of your silky hair. He was hiding the most endearing smile, that was full of the elation you made him feel before giving the top of your head a kiss.

"(Y/n), I fucking love you. Don't ever leave my side."

I was crying so bad the last half of this chapter, it was truly heartbreaking to write about his pain DX And of course readers pain, of thinking she wasn't making him happy.

I loveth you so much sweet sweet Katsuki <3

Chapter Text


"This is stupid why did you drag me here shitty hair?"

"Because Bakugou! This is a manly game that everyone needs to experience every once in awhile!" Kirishima had the widest smile on his face as he tugged Bakugou over to join your circle of friends that were all sitting on the floor of the living room dormitory.

Your cheeks warmed as Bakugou sat almost completely opposite of you, looking as annoyed as ever folding his legs mumbling that this was completely ridiculous. It was a miracle he'd even sat down or left his room, but maybe a part of him was curious what you guys were planning on playing.

"Ya-ho~, We have everyone who wants to play. I'm sure you're all familiar with the rules of...Spin the bottle." A wide grin formed on the edge of Mina's lips as she thrusted her fist in the air, clearly the most enthusiastic about this game. "We can start once everyone agrees to the rules." She added with a wicked grin, earning a lot of curious blinks and a few groans from people who said they knew how to play already.

"Tsk, tsk my friends. You know that whoever the bottle lands on once its spun, you have to kiss." Mina's soft statement was meet with an assortment of nods, before she quickly added something that had everyone eyes widening even Bakugous.

"Whomever it lands on, that means that lets say I spin and it lands on Tsu-chan, I have to kiss her. It doesn't have to be anything over the top just a peck, but boys have to kiss boys if they land on them and girls have to kiss girls. Who ever you land on no exceptions."

Out of everyone that boys were the ones that started arguing the loudest, they had no intention of kissing other guys. They clearly came here for a chance to kiss a girl, maybe even kiss someone they were crushing on..which was the same for a few of the girls.

"W-what if we get caught... The teachers would yell at us so much.." Murmured Ochako with a twiddle of her thumbs glancing in Deku's direction, whom was sitting between Momo and Denki both of which looked like they didn't mind so much the game but were all blushing badly regardless.

"That's why we waited till 1am to meet up! Less chance for them to find out." Mina giggled giving everyone a thumbs up like she was the mastermind that thought of everything.

Slowly everyone started to agree to the terms, It wasn't like a kiss was to bad and if anything it would be interesting memories to hold on too. Like Kirishima said, everyone needs to play this game once in awhile. Plus most certainly whom ever had to kiss another dude would be made fun of for days to come, and it was just hot to watch two girls kiss.

(A/N: I just want to say that the above statement is a stereotypical one, and it's meant to be that way. I don't mean any offense, I'm Bisexual myself. I posted this before And got a little backlash..So i just wanted to point it out)

"What about you (Y/n)-chan? Are you staying?" Mina questioned, making every head turn to you. Suddenly it felt like you wanted to disappear, but with scarlet eyes also focusing on your next statement, you felt more inclined to stay.

I would stay just for a chance to kiss Katsuki..If only my dreams could come true...

"Umm...Y-yeah I'll stay.." You mumbled with shy smile, relieved when Mina moved on to the next person. Slowly going around the room making sure everyone agreed, and was surprised when Bakugou just barked at her that he was staying. You would of thought he most certainly would of gotten fed up by now.

"As the host of this party, I'll go first." Mina declared placing the bottle in the middle of the floor leaning over to give it a nice spin. All eyes watched the bottle circle the room before slowing down till it landed on Kirishima.

For the first time Mina blushed softly but stood up and meet Kirishima's lips in the middle for a soft peck, before both parties returned to their sitting positions looking flustered as all hell. When Mina muttered that it was the next person turn, Tsuyu leaned forward with a her tongue half out her mouth giving the bottle a little spin.

It landed on Sero, whom seemed thrilled he didn't have to kiss a dude as he stood for his kiss before sitting back down. This went normally for awhile, there were only about 9 or 10 of you out of all of the students. Not everyone wanted to play and a few left when they discovered the rules but out of everyone that was left there was Mina, Ochako, Tsuyu, Kyouka, Denki, Kirishima, Deku, Sero, Momo, and of course You and Bakugou

When It was Deku's turn he absolutely looked like he was going to faint as he spun the bottle and blushed madly when it landed on Ochako. She was just as red faced as him, as both little cinnamon rolls awkwardly stood and approached. Deku Gave her a soft smile when he mustered the right amount of courage and cupped her cheek leaning forward for what should of been a small peck, but when their lips meet it seemed to last a little longer than it should of before they parted.

Both of them got teased madly afterwards, which both would wave their hands back and forth and assure everyone it was just a small peck, but you could see how they almost couldn't stop glancing at each other like there was something more there. Such a thing had you desperately hoping for you turn to come soon.

Momo spun the bottle and had to give Tsuyu a small peck,Next up was Kyouka who had an impassive face as she spun but looked a bit embarrassed when it landed on Denki. They both stood and gave each other a soft peck, looking a little shy afterwords but Denki muttered something about Kyouka's soft lips which earned him a shove and laughter from everyone else.

Then Kirishima went and had to actually give Sero a smooch. Both boys looked like they regretted their life choices, which just had all the girls cackling.

You could barely focus on the game since you were boring holes into Bakugou's handsome face. Despite how annoyed he appeared to be, he definitely joined in when everyone was making fun of Deku, and even was probably the loudest laughing when Kirishima had to kiss Sero.

It brought a smile to your face to see him included in such a game, it wasn't really his thing but he was still here and it looked like he was enjoying himself. You'd been good friends with him since middle school, and were used to his angry and aggressive attitude but you also knew he had his own way of caring..and even knew he'd grown so much since the first year of middle school.

Finally it was your turn, leaning forward you gripped the bottle between you fingers and gave it a spin wishing with all your heart for it to land on the one you admired the most. You didn't even notice the intense way scarlet eyes were also focused on the twirl of the bottle as well.

The moment the bottle started slowing down you could of sworn your breath hitched as the rim gently spun till it eased to a stop. Your eyes widened, instantly looking up to meet those beautiful ruby red eyes. Your prayers had been answered, the bottle was pointing directly at Bakugou.

"Oooh (Y/n)-chan and Bakugou-kun have to kiss, that an interesting pair." Beamed an Excited Mina.

"I think they'd make a cute couple..I know that kacchan and (Y/n)-chan have been friends since middle school." Spoke the soft voice of Deku who had your cheeks burning with the brightest blush, did he just say he actually supported you as a couple? Such a thought filled you heart with such joy, someone actually shipped you with him.

"Don't just stare at her Bakugou, go get her." Kirishima laughed pushing at Bakugou's back with his hand earning a ferocious growl and even several insults, but the red haired just grinned and chuckled like he was used to his best friends many threats.

"Don't fucking push me shitty hair!" Bakugou fumed, standing to flex one of his hands that threatened to have sparks flaring. The moment he turned back, you'd already stood up and were twiddling your thumbs with bright red cheeks and shyly fluttering eyes, the image of your hair perfectly framing your face and even showcasing your perfectly pink lips that would have his complete focus.

With a small breath you edged over till you were right in front of him, doing your best to give him a smile but your face probably reflected how fast your heart was thumping. "I g-guess you and I h-have to kiss Katsuki.." You mumbled, looking from his handsome face to his lips, unable to stop the way you bit your own.

"Come on you guys, don't just stand there kiss already." Denki huffed, looking like he wanted the game to continue so he could get another chance to kiss Kyouka.

"Shut the fuck up Pikachu, I'll take as long as I like." Bakugou hissed, furrowing his brows in what looked like anger but the moment he was facing you again he looked somewhat curious and confused..a little unsure of himself.

It looked like something was running through Bakugou's head but you had no idea what, so you decided to take a little initiative. With a blush you began leaning forward, one of your hands pressed against his upper chest to steady yourself, while pushing yourself up on your tippy toes.

However, before you lips could meet both of his hands pressed against your shoulders pushing you back seconds before your lips were together. His eyes looked intense and angry as he furrowed his brows shoving you backwards enough to stumble away from his body.

"This is fucking stupid, I'm going to bed."

Nothing can explain the way your heart sunk all the way to the bottom of your chest, watching as the one you liked simply refused to kiss you as he turned and stomped angrily back to his dorm room. You could of sworn there was a mixture of protest from everyone around you, but it was like you couldn't hear anything besides the echoing of Bakugou's voice.

In your head you twisted his words into the worst possible scenario where you could of sworn like your life depended on it that he was saying he had no feelings for you whatsoever. It was completely heartbreaking, so much so, that you had to excuse yourself from your friends less they see the tears in your eyes as you practically dove into your room locking the door crying into your pillow.

He doesn't like me..I should of...known more than anyone that I can't have a place in his heart. We're just friends, probably not even that..I was stupid to think that I could of meant something to him..

I would of completely accepted a kiss induced from a game, it wouldn't of meant what I wanted it too but I still would of been content. I would never have told him how I truly felt, I thought I would've been okay...I would be okay without the return of his feelings..but I was wrong. It hurts more than I expected it too.

You were so lost within the confines of your sadness you didn't hear the tapping on the glass window of your room, but you did register the pulling of the frame and the clanking of heavy shoes as they dropped to the floor.

With a sharp gasp you lifted yourself raising both of your hands, but the moment you registered familiar blonde hair and red eyes your defenses relaxed a smile sliding to your lips but the moment you realized that tears were covering your face you turned away trying to hide your wet cheeks.

"W-what are you doing in my room Katsuki? Get out..I'm trying to s-sleep.."

"If you're trying to sleep stupid, why is your light still on?"

You mentally cursed yourself for being so distraught before, the moment you got to your room you just slapped your face into a pillow. "I was just about to turn it off..I'm tired..and you said you were going to bed like..get out and go to bed.." You almost wanted to add a desperate please but despite how sad he'd made you just seeing him brought a smile to your face that fact was undeniable.

"No." He said simply, walking over till he was right behind you but you refused to turn around. "Why wont you fucking look at me, (Y/n)? I could of sworn you smiled when you first saw me, but now you wont even look at me." He spoke like he was hurt, but did he even understand what he did an hour ago?

You were silent thinking of the right way to respond but they all began with the desperate feelings you had for him, but you didn't want to confess it already felt like he rejected you.

Suddenly your bed dips with the addition of his weight, as he grabs one of your hands and places it on his cheek. Slowly he turns your body towards him, and even though you at first avert your eyes his rough fingers wipe the drips of water from your cheek till you have no choice but to stare into his scarlet embers.

Your face must be an absolute mess, wet and cold from your tears. Eyes puffy and glossed over with the threat of more, hair disheveled from the way you buried yourself against your pillow..but from the gaze in his eyes he looked like he was mesmerized.

The more you stare at him the more his light fills that void inside your heart, when did you fall so deeply in love with your friend that just being in the same room with him is enough to make you feel so much better? Even if he was the one that caused discord inside your heart in the first place.

A blush warms your cheeks as his fingers caress the edge of your skin, sliding his thumb over your bottom lip watching as your eyes flutter shyly, a soft breath hazing over his skin from your parted lush pink lips.

"Do you really fucking like me that much?"

His question has your heart rate picking up again, trying to turn your head away but he keeps your eyes focused. You'd never seen the mixture of concern and seriousness on his face before, usually he was just an angsty aggressive hot mess. Throwing caution to the wind you decide you have nothing to lose, since it already felt like he broke your heart once.

"I love you, Katsuki. My heart aches for you." Tears gloss over both of your eyes again, like you've committed yourself to being rejected. "I would do anything to be important to you..."

"You're so fucking stupid, I can't believe I like such an airhead." The moment your eyes rise in complete and utter surprise, he thrusts both of his arms around your body pulling you against his chest giving you the tightest hug..where you can feel just how fast his heart is thumping in his chest.

"Can you really not tell how important you're to me?"

"No, p-please tell me..please explain to me..sometimes it feels like you hate me.." You sobbed clutching his body tightly lamenting your sorrows about all the times he's pushed you away, and even the most recent rejection of the opportunity to kiss you.

If you could see his face you'd see the red it was swarmed in as he thought about the moment you started leaning towards him, he'd gotten so embarrassed about kissing in front of his fellow classmates because he genuinely liked and cared about you..that he couldn't take showing everyone else that side of him.

He pushed at your shoulders looking into your deeply saddened eyes that craved his love and attention so much, it wouldn't show on his face but you were making him feel bad. He used both of his hands to glide against your cheeks simultaneously wiping away your tears and brushing your hair behind your ears before he whispered.

"Close your eyes." Before you lips could even part he spoke again, "Just do it stupid, please..." The sincerity in his ruby orbs, along with the trill of the word please had shivers gliding down your body..never did you think he would ever say please to anyone.

Gently your eyes fluttered before easing closed, feeling the caress of his hand through your hair till it was resting on the back of your head pushing you forward. The moment your lips collided together, the most warm wave of euphoria swarmed over your body.

Like it was as simple as breathing, you instantly relaxed under the sensation of his lips. Instinctively your hands slid up to wrap around his neck, where with his help you brought each other closer till your chests were pressing together.

It felt like you were on cloud nine, you never knew such a simple kiss could feel so heavenly. A part of you began to feel grateful that he had actually pushed away before because the kiss you both would of started