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One-shots of the Numbers

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Honey and Trois stood on the outdoor court in front of each other. They were both instructed to bring a football so they could have a match against the inmates of the dreaded building 13. However, coming here, they were each holding a very different item from the other.

"The heck is that black and white pattern?" asked Honey.

"What in the world is this oval thing?" asked Trois.

"It's a football," said Honey.

"No, this is a real football," said Trois, "that thingy is for rugby."

"What's a rag-bee?"

"It's like football but without the pads. Simple as that."

"There are no pads used in football. You Europeans always make up strange words like that for no goddamn reason."

"Geez, but that was the sport you were talking about."

"So you fucking admit I'm right."

"Definitely not, you American idiot!"

"Don't call me that!"

"Let's just say we're playing soccer so you can stop being unattractive."

Honey looked about ready to burst a blood vessel. Then, a quiet voice spoke up from the benches beside the field. It was Seitarou.

"Actually, the plan wa-"

Honey threw the football as hard as he possibly could. Trois saw it coming, of course, and took one step to the side just in time. The football flew past him and hit Seitarou right in the face. He ran away crying.

As punishment for injuring a supervisor, even if it was such a minor incident, all inmates had to do stamina excercises under Yamato's unforgiving guidance for the rest of the day. Honey and Trois secretly thought that was worth it because a guy more handsome than them ended up with an ugly bruise on his face.