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One-shots of the Numbers

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I am on the way to visit my sibling in the hospital, but somewhere on the way I must have taken a wrong turn. The hallway in front of me is completely empty - not just of people, but there aren't any doors, no chairs or tables standing around, nothing. All I can see is a mysterious blue something on the wall at the very end.

Actually, the something looks like a swirming galaxy full of glistening stars, like someone had captured a piece of the milky way. I have no idea why it's there but it might be dangerous. Maybe this is a prank someone left here to confuse visitors and staff members. Either way, it's definitely not supposed to be here. I step closer to inspect the something but as I make it within a 5-meter-range, something starts pulling me closer.

"Oi! What in the-"

It's like I'm caught in a gust of wind and before I know it, I've lost control of my feet. But instead of slamming into the wall, I somehow pass through into the blue galaxy. And then I fall.


BAM. At the last second, I manage to turn midair and land on my feet. I have no idea where I am. Everything is dark for a moment, then a blinding light errupts right in front of me.

"Ah, I see the guardians have retrieved you!" calls a man's voice.

I blink past the light and recognise the sillhouette of a person who is opening a double door where the light is pouring out from.

"What the hell is going on?" There's so much more I want to say but for now we'll go with this.

"Oh, please don't speak so rudely of that forsaken place when you are here! Besides, I have come to reveal important matters," the man says.

I want to ask where 'here' is but as soon as my eyes have adjusted, all thoughts vanish from my mind. The guy in front of me looks like he got lost on his way to a Halloween party: barefoot, white nightgown, giant angel wings and a glowing halo atop his head. Just what kind of place is this?!

"Yo, I forgot to introduce myself! I'm an arche angel, and a high-ranging one, mind ya! They say I'm Armour's right hand but ya can just call me Mitsuru," he chirps.

Ah, this must be the asylum for the mentally damaged. Maybe I should have listened to the directions more closely.

"Just take me back to the place I was before. I don't have time for this at all."

"Hey buddy, will ya stop moaning already? I told ya, 'tis kind of important!" says the person called Mitsuru.

His fancy speech pattern from before is gone so now he just sounds like a thug. As he walks closer to me, I also notice that he wears sunglasses, has a face tattoo and his hair is unkempt. So I'm stuck with a crackhead. Just great.

Before I can say anything else, he grabs me by the arm and pulls me along with him. Since I have no idea where we are, the best thing to do might be to let this guy drag me along until I find someone more reliable. Damnit, I really don't like this situation. My stomach starts to hurt.

We pass through the double door into a gleaming white room. This place has the exact same layout as the hospital but it's way fancier. The floor is marble, the white walls are painted with half-naked angels dancing or playing music. Everything is decorated with rich ivy and exotic flowers, bathed in white light even though there are no lamps or windows anywhere. Maybe this really is an asylum for the crazies from wealthier families.

Mitsuru pulls me to the reception desk where a guy in the same outfit as him is writing some document - except he's doing it with a feather quilt and he's not even actually holding it. The white feather just glides over the paper on its own while the guy watches, nodding every now and then as if he's deep in his thoughts.

"Yo, Seitarou! How ya doing, buddy?" Mitsuru yells.

The guy at the desk jerks upright and the feather drops. He looks scared shitless for a second, then places a hand over his chest and sighs.

"Mitsuru, please lower your voice for once. I would really appreciate it if you would kindly use indoor volume for once," he replies.

"I got the guy ya wanted me to bring in!" Mitsuru screams in response.

Seitarou, apparently, looks at me in surprise. Then he gets up from behind the desk and walks over to me. His long blue hair and girlish face match the angelic getup way better than Mitsuru could. Still, I wonder why even an employee has to dress up in such weird clothes.

"Welcome to the Gates of Heaven. My name is Seitarou and you must be Hajime Sugoroku. This is probably all be very confusing to you but please do not worry. We don't mean to harm you or others in any way. On the contrary, the reason we have called you here today is a very pleasant one," he smiles.

At this point, I really don't know what to say or who to believe anymore so I just nod dumbfounded like a morron.

"Hell yeah it is! Ya know, here at the gates we gotta take care of all kinds of stuff, like manage the balance of good and evil in the world! It's really hard sometimes, I tell ya... But there are also fun times, like fixing love matters, that's my speciality by the way! So don't worry, ya are in super-safe hands here! Just leave it all to the lovely me and it'll be fine," Mitsuru rants.

I feel more lost with every word this idiot says. Seitarou raises his hands to get him to stop.

"Well, uh, you see, it's a pretty complicated issue. But we don't want to bother you with that. The reason you were summoned here is because we would like to introduce you to someone! That person is someone very special, or rather, they are perfect. It is our responsibility to ensure that you meet them. We have to make sure this event occurs so that everything will turn out as it should. That special person is your soulmate, Hajime. You are destined to be with this person and they are meant to be with you. This might seem like a lot right now but you will understand once the two of you meet, I'm sure. Mitsuru will give you the details," Seitarou explains and gestures to his colleague.

"Yep! Love matters are what the lovely me is best in, after all! Now lemme see, where are my notes... Ah! There we go. So, the person you are destined for is a sixteen year old boy named Jyugo who currently lives in your city with his roommates. The two of you are supposed to run into each other today at precisely 19:32 in the hallway of the central hospital. That boy doesn't know his own parents and has been pretty lonely for most of his life so he is in desperate need for some loving affection and all kinds of special attention. Now I'm not supposed to tell you this but I took a sneak peak at him up close and he's pretty damn cute! You're a lucky man," Mitsuru whispers as he leans in way too close.

At this point, my head is spinning and my stomach is in pain. I can't take this. I need to go, right now, somewhere else, anywhere, just away from this madness. But before I can decide where to run off to, Seitarou touches my arm.

"That is all we had to tell you. We hope you found this meeting informative and helpful. From here on, we have to leave you to your own devices. Best of luck, Hajime," he says.

He and Mitsuru perform what looks like a series of complex secret handshakes. Suddenly, another swirling blue galaxy pops up beneath my feet. I can feel myself being sucked in.

"Goodbye!" the two sing in union as they wave me off.

Again, I'm falling.

WHAM. This time, I didn't manage to catch myself during the fall. The ground is hard and cold. Damnit, my head really hurts. I pick myself up and sit on the nearest chair. What the hell just happened?

"Hey, you okay there?" asks a nurse passing by.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine," I answer without really trying to convince.

The nurse rushes towards her destination. I rest my head in my hands. It feels like I had a terrible dream but can't remember a thing. There's nothing I hate more than not being able to do something about a miserable situation. But there's no point in overthinking. I stand up and walk back to the entrance hall, though this definitely isn't the hallway I was in before. Weird.

Either way, the time has come.


"Big brother!" Niya calls out for me as I enter the room.

"Hey. Did the operation go well?"

"Yes! The doctors say it was a complete success! Though I have to stay at the hospital for two more weeks," she pouts.

I can't help but smile. She's always been so adorable.

"Then you should do so. The doctor knows what's best for you so listen to what you're told. In the meantime, I brougth your favourite candy."

Her eyes light up as I pull a box of sweets out of my jacket. Success.

"Oh brother, you didn't have to! But I'm so happy, thank you so so sooo much! I love you," she cheers, holding the box to her chest.

That smile of hers alone makes coming here so worth it. And if I have to do it every day until she's well enough to come home with me, then so be it. I would do anything for my sister, anything.

"Remember to tell me the visitation hours beforehand. Don't watch TV until late at night and don't bother the nurses too much. Also- Hey, don't eat it all at once!"

At that, she smiles with an impish look and holds one candy in front of my face. I sigh. There's no saying no here. I let her feed me just this once and it really does make her smile. It's so worth it.

I end up staying until a nurse asks me to leave. Walking out of the room, I feel more at ease than before. But there's also a nagging feeling at the edge of my mind, like I forgot something really important. Just what could this sensation be?

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I don't wannaaaaaaaaaaa!" screams a distant voice.

Now this is nothing unusual at a hospital. But the sound is growing closer. As I round the corner, I feel something hit against my chest. There is a thud like a floursack falling over. I look down. Someone is sitting on the floor.

"Owowowowowowow..." the person whines, rubbing their backside.

"Hey kid, watch your step. That's dangerous."

I reach out a hand and the person looks up at me. I hold my breath for a second. In front of me is a teenage boy with dark hair, wearing a hospital gown. Nothing about him is really striking, except for the eyes. He searches my face for a few seconds and I notice that the colour of his iris changes with the angle. 'He's perfect' is all I can think.

"Ah! Uhm, I... erm," he stutters.

"Where did he run off to?" calls another voice.

The kid gasps and jumps to his feet. Then, he ducks behind my back as if attempting to hide. Two seconds later, a group of hospital workers run past us. Once they are gone, the kid sighs and steps away.

"Man, that was close. I just barely made it this time," he states. Then, as if he'd forgot about me, he turns back.

"Uhm... Thanks," is all he says.

I can't think of a reply. My mouth is dry, I feel too warm. This kid has to be an idiot for running away from nurses and trying to use someone as a hiding shield and walking around without a care and for having such captivating eyes...

"Who are you?"

He stares dumbfounded. Then, "my name's Jyugo and I hate eye exams!"

I can only shake my head at that. Is he for real? And what's with this strange sense of deja-vú?

Just as I open my mouth to speak, the nurses come running back. Jyugo starts and pushes past me. The nurses chase after him. I turn around to see him disappear into a room down the hall. He's gone and there's nothing I can do.

I check my watch. 19:33, still enough time to drop by the store on the way home. I should get Niya some flowers, since her room is rather plain-looking. After all, I promised to come back tomorrow.

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No matter who you are, there is always something you don't want others to know about. Even the people who seem perfect have one or more darker sides they try to hide. We believe that our secrets will change our lives and the minds of others. That's why we eep them. To have a secret is to promise to yourself that you will keep it from the world, no matter how difficult or painful it might be. Whether we are right or not is hard to say, but we don't want anyone to find out the truth for sure. The fear of others' knowledge makes us nervous, even paranoid. We would go to extreme lenghts to prevent anyone from finding our secrets, such as distancing ourselves from others or building up a facade. It's lonely, never disclosing all of yourself to someone. But it is for the better. What's your secret?

Well, as for me, I'm a guy and I like to wear girls' underwear.

"Samon, it's time to go," my brother calls.

"Yeah, I'm coming!"

I stumble down the stairs while fixing my tie and find Enki standing in the doorway, ready to leave.

"Ready for your first day?" he asks.

"Yup, I'm super exited to be a high schooler!"

He smirks at me and scoffs. I grab my bag and we step outside. It's a beautiful spring day, the sun is already up and bright. As Enki and I make our way to school, birds are chirping around us and cherry blossoms dance in the air. It feels like the perfect day for a beginning.

"By the way... What was your first day of high school like, bro?"

Enki closes the book he was reading while walking.

"Why are you asking now? Are you nervous about today?" he asks in his deep voice.

"Well... Maybe a little? But I guess it's more excitement. After all, there will be new people, different classes, oh, maybe I could join a club! Do you think your club would want me?"

My brother was in the martial arts club for all of high school and the previous year, he was even the club president. The team won many championships and there was a rumour that they were even representing our school at the national tournament. But Enki had to quit a month before the final eliminations. Though I don't want to think about that today.

"Is that the club you want to join?"

I nod my head. More than anything, I want to be like big bro.

"Don't decide that so soon. You should keep your options open, look at the other clubs as well. There might be something more suitable for you," he says in his manly tone.

His voice is always steady, the same deep rumbling. That makes it hard to tell what he's thinking sometimes.

"But I already know what I want to do! Why bother when I've already decided?"

"Then you should apply. Good luck," he answers and continues reading.

"Hey bro, it's been a while since we've walked to school together, right? I'm happy we're going to the same school now! But it's too bad you'll be so busy preparing for exams all year..."

Enki is looking at me but it doesn't seem like he really listens. It looks more like he's thinking really hard about something. I stop talking, since he's not really listening anyways.

"Do your best, Samon. You're going to have many new experiences from now on..." he says and reaches out towards me.

One large hand drops on top of my head and he ruffles my hair. I can't help but smile about it. It's nice when he pays attention to me.

"... After all, you should tell people who you really are."

My blood runs cold at those words. I freeze under his touch and struggle to form words.

"Uhm... yeah, thanks bro."

We spend the rest of the walk in calm silence. Enki is reading his book while I'm lost in my thoughts. The sun is still shining but somehow I feel cold in my new uniform. For one second, I thought he knew. There is no way Enki would ever find out about my secret, let alone bring it up. There is no way he'd ever be able to tell, I've always kept the truth hidden well enough from everyone after all. Yet for a moment, I totally panicked. What if he knew? No, don't go there, I don't even want to think about it. Enki won't ever find out and neither will anyone else. I take a deep breath to reassure myself and bring my thoughts back to what lays ahead of me.

At the school gates, we say our goodbyes. Enki heads to the first class and I walk towards the gym hall to join the entrance ceremony. This will be great. This year, I will excell. I'll study hard and make friends. I'll join the martial arts team and make it to the nationals. I'll be popular, maybe I could even start dating someone. Today is a really special day for me so of course I made sure to prepare myself.

The panties I'm wearing today are my favourite pair, green with white polka dots and ruffles all around the edges. At the center front is a tiny white bow with a gold-painted charm dangling off it. There is also a little cut-out above the butt, to make them a bit naughty. The fabric is soft with a slight shimmer and fits snug on me. Of course the bra matches - an a-cup bustier from the same fabric, also adorned with ruffles and bows. It's really a super cute set and I couldn't stop checking myself out in the mirror this morning. I spent so much time starring that I even forgot to finish getting dressed and ended up running late. That would have been embarrassing on my first day, to miss the entrance ceremony because I was too focused on my underwear-

"Hey, you there!" calls an unfamiliar voice.

At first I assume the guy meant someone else and keep walking, but when he calls again I stop and turn around. There's a group of guys strutting towards me and by their uniforms I can immediately tell they're upperclassman. What could they possibly want from a freshman like me?

"You there, monkey boy!" yells the tallest one of them.

That ticks me off right away. How in the world did this guy find out my old nickname from middle school? Besides, he himself looks pretty awful with that bulging stomach and pig-shaped hat covering his eyes. Is that even allowed at school?

"What do you want?"

"Kehehe, he sounds like a child," giggles the guy next to him, and with that I've had enough.

"Shut it, glasses! You look like an old man!"

There. He looks offended but can't respond. I hear more laughter from the group and a third guy steps up. The huge grin on his face is downright nasty, even with his kempt blond hair and neat uniform he looks like someone who is up to no good.

"Now now, there is no reason to fight! After all, we should welcome a freshman on his first day at our wonderful school," he says. "Don't worry, Saru, we just wanted to chat with you for a bit!"

This imp is getting way too close. Even with his kind words, I can't trust him. And him using a nickname on me just pisses me off more.

"I have no business with you guys so get lost."

"How cold of you, Saru! We just wanted to have a friendly conversation. No need to be so mean, huh? You're just as cruel as that brother of yours," he states.

What does this bastard know about my brother? And why is he putting his hands on my waist like that?! The other students have already started entering the gym hall where the entrance speech will be held. We are standing behind the fountain and trees in the school yard so it's unlikely anyone will see us here. I feel myself break into a cold sweat.

"Your big brother sure is amazing, huh? Being the captain of the martial arts team as well as the student council president - too bad the seniors have to give up their club activities to prepare for exams. But Enki sure made a name for himself at this school. Maybe you two really are completely different?" he questions.

I feel my blood boiling. Who does this guy think he is, talking like that? This imp keeps moving in closer until he has me backed up against a tree, his arms caging me in on either side. If it was just me against this guy, I'm pretty sure I could take him out in one swing. But with the other two hovering over me as well, I'd rather wait for the right moment to escape.

"You know," the pig chimes in, "that Enki sure got us into some trouble. Always talking about duty and following the school's rule set, that guy was a huge pain in the ass... Speaking of pain, maybe we should teach this rude monkey a lesson, hm?"

The imp smirks, "sounds good to me! Looking up close he's actually kinda cute for being Enki's younger brother."

With that, he starts opening my jacket and tugging on the belt underneath. My blood actually runs cold now. Oh dear God, what if they find out, what if someone else sees, what if...

"Hey, check it out guys! This guy is wearing girl's underwear," the imp snickers.

All around me I hear their filthy laughter. It makes me sick, so sick. Like I'm actually going to throw up.

"No way, he must be a faggot! What would Enki say if he knew his own brother was a girly slut who gets felt up by guys before school," the pig laughs. "You should check if he even has a dick!"

Oh no, oh no, nononono. I can't do this, I can't think straight, can't fucking breathe...

"Uh, isn't that going a little too far, you guys?"

"Shut it, glasses," replies the imp and shoves his hand down my underwear.

I want to scream but all the air gets sucked from my lungs. My body is too sensitive to bear it and I can't help but squirm and bend in agony. Two of the guys laugh, the third one runs off somewhere. I'm about to black out or start crying or vomit or all three any second now. This can't be happening, not on my first day as a high schooler, not here, not to me, how is this possible? I want to disappear, to hide or for someone to come for me, I want my brother, anyone, PLEASE-

"Hey, what the hell's going on here?"

There, from between the cherry blossom trees, emerges a huge guy with a scary face, a cigarette in his mouth. The glasses guy is hiding behind him.

"You..." the imp snarls.

"Whatever this is, stop right now. The first year students have to attend the ceremony," he states as if nothing strange was going on here.

"Listen you punk, don't get mixed up in other people's business or else you'll wish you never-" the pig breaks off when he takes the lit cigarette out of his mouth and ashes it on the guy's chin.

"Watch it. You better get your arses moving before the authorities find out about this. Leave right now," he snarls.

The guys actually take off at that, with imp swearing, pig clutching his face and glasses trutting behind. This guy, just who...

"You there." He turns to me and I freeze. Then: "Those guys are bad news. Better be careful from now on."

For a full view seconds, I'm speechless. What am I even supposed to do in this kind of situation? But my pride has already been wounded enough today, so I just fix my pants and take off.

"A-as if you need to tell me that, moron!"

The guy just huffs and takes out another cigarette. I race to the gym hall as fast as I can and sit in an empty seat in the back row. The ceremony has already started but nobody seems to notice me being late. I sink into my chair and pray for this to be over soon.

So much for my amazing first day.


"So, how was your first day?" my grandfather asks.

We are sitting on the front porch outside the dining room having tea. The day ended early for the new students so Enki is still at school.

"It was... okay, I think."

"Have you decided on a club to join yet?" he asks before taking a sip.

"... Not really."

"Did you get along with the others?" he questions while scratching his beard.

"I tried my best but... I'm not sure if they like me or not."

"Hm." He blows into the cup, then says, "you will find your way, Samon. There is no rush to grow up, so just be yourself."

I look at him but can't think of a word to say. It's rare for grandpa to talk so open and free, so I'm pretty surprised. But I don't know if I can make good use of his advice. I stare at my reflection in the tea cup. It stares back at me.

"Yeah, I guess. Whatever."

I stand up and walk to my room.

"Hey, don't just walk out on me! I didn't mean you can act like a child forever," he scolds.

His anger actually makes me feel really bad but I can't muster an honest answer right now. I lock the door to my room and flop down on the bed, face in the pillows. There was so much I wanted this day to be and it let me down all the way. I heard life at an all-boys school is tough but who would expect something like this. Just what could these guys want from Enki? Doesn't being student council president make you more popular? My brother would often stay at school until closing time and he also got invited to a lot of parties last year. Why would anyone be upset with him?

Suddenly, my chest feels tight. I sigh into the sheets beneath me. For some reason, a memory pops into my head. It's something from a long, long time ago...

"Hey big bro, look at this!"

"What's the matter, Samon?"

"I did so many push ups today, I'm already at 30! How many did you do today, bro?"

"I did 100 just now."

"Gaaaaah, I thought I finally caught up to you! Look at this!"

"Your arms?"

"No, this right here!"

"That's where your bicep is supposed to be."

"Keeeh! But I worked so hard to improve!"

"... Yeah, you did. Good job Samon, I'm proud of you."

He reaches out and drops one hand to ruffle my hair. I can't help but feel happy about this. If I work hard, bro will pay more attention to me, right?

Why am I remembering this now? And more importantly, why am I crying? I roll on my back and wipe off the stupid tears. Yeah, today has been awful. After that I must have fallen asleep because next thing I know, Enki is calling me to dinner. We eat together with grandpa, in silence for the most part. Afterwards I take a bath and then announce that I'm tired.

In moments like this, there's only one thing that cheers me up: my lingery collection. I lock the door to my room again and take of my PJs. The collection is kept in a special drawer in a lockable cuppord. I keep the key hidden under my pillow. Opening the cupboard and seeing my collection always fills me with the greatest pride and a giddy joy. I stand there for a while and wonder which set I should put on. The wide bloomers with pink ribbons? The light blue ones that tie at the side? Or maybe pink stripes with a cute camisole? How about the adorable panda print and a lacy bralette? Perhaps classic black garter belts? Or the red thong with a matching corset? Or maybe- hmmm. I've collected a lot of amazing pieces over time, huh? After all, this is my secret hobby.

Of course I also own boxer briefs, for the days we have gym class or whenever someone might see my underwear. I also keep a pair in my bag at all times, just in case I need to change to avoid anyone seeing my panties. It's kinda weird how I don't ever want anyone to find out but at the same time want to share this with everyone on earth. I mean, who wouldn't be overjoied at this sight? The tiny yellow panties sit low enough on my hips to almost show my butt, but not quiet. The black cheetah pattern adds something really cheeky to this look and the matching bra is sexy, too.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I want to be a girl. I'm happy living as a guy. But it's a little constricting at times. Like not being able to wear whatever you want, that really sucks - since cute clothes will help anyone cheer up. There, I already feel much better about myself! After checking my butt out one last time, I get ready for bed and tuck myself in. I'll worry about tomorrow when the time comes, but for now I sleep.

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One day, Niya came to work without her Lolita-getup.

"Sheesh, too bad I overslept agian... I didn't even have time to clip in my extensions or put in my contacts," she muttered to herself.

Rock and Uno were chilling in cell 13 by themselves when they suddenly heard footsteps.

"Huh? I wonder who this is," said Uno.

He took a glimps outside and gasped.

"Whoa! Check out this fly chick coming our way," he whispered.

"Lemme see," responded Rock, "damn she's cute! I like those boyish looks."

As Niya approached the cell, Rock gathered up all his confidence and decided to throw his best picup line, his brainchild, which he was very proud of.

"They call me Rock 'cause I get harder than a boulder!"

Uno and Niya just stared at him in total shock. Then, Uno decided to speak up.

"They call him Rock 'cause that's what he lives under," he stated.

Niya was too confused to say anything to that so she just decided to pretend it never happened. As the girl went on her way, Rock still hadn't recovered from this almighty burn. Uno sat next to where he was laying on the ground and patted his shoulder.

Chapter Text

Most would say that Yamato is a good man.

He is a diligent worker, even though he often looses sight of his objective. He is not onely strong like a God, but uses that strenght for the right purposes. He is loyal and kind. He doesn't hold a grudge for anyone. He respects those who earned it and shows mercy to those who deserve it. Even towards inmates like me, he is forgiving. And he does his very best to provide for and protect his wife and daughter - everything for his family. The only ones who dislike him are opponents he beat in battles he didn't start. Truly, Yamato is an amazing person.

That said, he's not perfect. Nobody is, of course. And since he is generous enough to forgive everyone else their flaws, I won't hold anything against him. Well, that and I'm the biggest cause for said flaw. But that's besides the point. It's not like I dirtied him with my own heart's filth or anything sappy like that. I just gave him room to express ideas he would have never even considered without me. Or maybe he would have, there's no way for me to be sure.

To get to the point, I put him in a kind of peculiar situation. It's not something we can ever tell anyone about. If others found out about this, it would mean our - but mostly his - absolute social ruin. So we go on with our routinous lives, pretending we're normal. Pretending nothing abnormal has ever happened between us. Pretending everything is fine - until it's not.

"Tsukumo!" Yamato calls.

He's waving at me all the way from the racing tracks. The others already assembled - Rock, Liang, Upa, Samon, not Qi - to begin today's workout session. How nice of them to wait for me.

"I'm coming, Yamato," I yell.

My shoelace keeps untying and I fix it for what has to be 99th time that day. Then I run to join in. Yamato smiles at me and nods. We go through our usual warm-up. But today, there won't be a match with the supervisor.

"Very well! For today's training, you'll be introduced to a new technique! Supervisor Gokuu, please elaborate," announces Yamato.

"... Right. This is a methode most useful for when you're up against a larger and stronger opponent. For practice it doesn't really matter, though. First, watch carefully while we demonstrate. Afterwards, I'll guide you through step by step so don't go apeshit when you can't see through it right away," Samon explains.

"Well said, supervisor Gokuu! Ahahaha!"

"Whatever. Let's just get into position."

The two immitate a fight for a while with Samon dodging every attack. Then, he lurches forward at once and grabs Yamato by the middle. In one impressive stroke, he pulls the larger man towards him and is somehow able to turn him upside down midair. Yamato lands on his hands instead of the head at the last moment. The two stand and bow. After explaining it, Samon groups us in pairs. Liang and I form a team.

"Let's go practice down the lane. I want to try it with more momentum," he says.


I move to follow when a strong hand lands on my shoulder.

"Tsukumo." It's Yamato.

"Yes, supervisor?"

To my and everyone else's surprise, he drops to his knees and... Oh.

"It was untied," he says after fixing my shoelace for me, "that's dangerous so be more careful from now on, okay?"

He's smiling again. My throat feels parched. I nod at him and run off.



This whole thing started a few weeks ago. Everyday here is pretty much the same as the day before so it's difficult to keep track of time. I don't know what day it was but I had just returned from building 5, only to find that Yamato had disappeared. He was supposed to guard me back to my cell. I thought he must have been looking for me and got lost on his way, perhaps. Without thinking too much, I walked down the hallway and opened random doors. One led to the archive. From somewhere inside, I could hear strange noises. Past a couple of shelves, behind some boxes of discarded documents, I found Yamato while he was masturbating. And that's how I found out.

Yamato has a horsecock.

He sat there, pants undon and mouth hanging open, stroking the biggest dick I had ever seen in my whole life. I wanted to swallow him whole. It's not like him at all to run off during work to go jack off. It surprised me quite a bit and I couldn't look away. And I knew that I couldn't let this opportunity go to waste.


I spoke loud enough for him to hear me. But he seemed to be waking from a long dream and it took a moment before he realised who was speaking. He looked at me and just froze. It was almost too easy.

"There's no need to be ashamed, just let me take care of you," I whispered.

I knelt on the ground between his open legs and looked up at his shocked face. For a moment, he hesitated, then took his hand off to let me work on him. And work him I did.



Being a famous actor made me popular, more so than anyone could imagine. All kinds of people were throwing themselves at me, sometimes even demanding I sleep with them. That was just another reason I felt so lonely at the hight of my career. There were plenty of bedmates, more than I can count, but not one worth remembering.

Yamato, on the other hand, decided early on that he would only give himself to his true love. He only wanted to sleep with one person, meaning lifelong commitment to that exclusive partner. But there were a couple of things he should have learned about before marriage, even if that went against his principles. It's not that his wife doesn't want him to make love to her. On the contrary, they seem pretty happy together. But it's not physically possible. Not every person can handle that giant of a penis, in fact I doubt it's even possible to insert into a vagina. And given their traditional family values, the ways for the two of them to have sex are pretty limited. Or at least they were.

In that sense, I'm totally different. As long as it's big, I don't really care who that dick is attached to. This time, it just so happened to be my supervisor. In fact, I'm so glad it was him. He doesn't resist much as long as we do it under his terms but he's not the type who would gloat about it either. It's pretty much the ideal situation for both of us. I get to put something decent in my mouth and he gets the kind of relief his marriage can't provide. At times I feel a little bad for him. But not as much as I'm happy for myself.




I call his name as I enter the office. Why did he take me out of my cell at this hour?

"Please close the door," he replies.

"... I see."

He's standing in front of his desk, leaning against it like he has trouble standing. Well, soon he really will. I lock the door twice from the inside and turn back to him.

"You havn't changed your mind?"

He shakes his head no. Oh well. When we first started this, he wanted it to be a one-time-thing since he felt so guilty. I convinced him that it doesn't count as adultery if we only do oral and don't actually have intercourse. That's of course total bullshit but we both choose to believe it anyways, just to make this a little easier. Because I made him believe me, I'm allowed to suck him off, but unfortunately he refuses to fuck my ass, ever. Curse my acting skills.

"Don't hold back this time," I remind him.

He nods without looking me in the eye. I walk over to him and get on my knees. Like I asked him to, he lets me undress him until his hard dick stands up right in front of my face.

"Amazing, it's even better than usual," I marvel at its magnificient size, "did you hold it in for a long time?"

"Don't talk like that," he pants.

I can't stop smiling. He's already so desperate, meaning he's been horny for days now. I wish he'd let me blow him more often, then he wouldn't be as frustrated. But we've already made a lot of progress compared to before. Now, he looks at me with anticipation before I even get started. In this moment, he almost looks in pain and his dick is twitching. Time to get started. I pull down the mask and take a good sniff of his aroma. It's really strong so the cum must have built up a lot. I kiss the very tip for a little taste of precum and it's really thick, too. I'm also getting excited by now.

"Tsukumo..." he whispers.

With that, I lick from the glands, over the underside, all the way across his head. Then, I kiss a trail down the side until I'm at the very base of his dick. From there I lick upwards in long strips, over and over again.

"Oh Gods," he groans from inside his stomach and I know he's more than ready.

I take the head in my mouth and suck hard while wriggling my tounge against the slit. Yamato's moan is louder at that and I know without looking that he threw his head back and closed his eyes. With my middle finger and thumb, I form a ring around the base to hold up the shaft. It's so thick I can barely wrap my hand around it. But pros don't use their hands anyways.

"Aah yes," he grunts as I swallow his dick.

Getting started is always the hardest part and when I take it all in, my gag reflax almost starts. Here, I need to breathe through my nose and swallow hard, then keep pushing right away. When I've managed to deepthroat all of it, I can finally exhale. Yamato is looking at me now and I hold his burning gaze. He looks almost concerned, like he's feeling my pain, or maybe he's just that horny. There's now way anyone would understand this feeling anyways. I can't even explain what it's like to have your esophagus stretched out and bruised with every single thrust.

"Mmh, feels so good..."

It's just incredible. I move back and forth on the dick as fast as my neck will let me go, all while using my tounge and sucking. For some fucked up reason I find it comforting to feel his meaty head shoved so far down my throat. His shape is familiar to me now, as is his rythm so I can tell what he's feeling just by feeling him.

"Yes YES, suck it!"

Well, he's pretty honest either way. He never hides his face or his voice when he's feeling it. He's just my type. Maybe that's why I like sucking his dick so much. So much that I've become pretty damn good at it. Almost like I'm his personal blowjob machine. Oh, that thought really turns me on...

"Aah, oh fuck... mmmh."

At this point he grabs my hair to hold my head in place. I know what's coming next and brace myself for it. Yamato starts thrusting into my mouth with a violent force. I can actually feel his dick pop in and out of my throat. When he moves however he wants to without worrying about hurting me, that's when he's at his best. I moan around his cock to thank him for the good fuck my face is getting right now. It feels insanely good, almost like my mouth has become sensitive to his cock. Maybe I'm developing a mouthpussy.


Yamato grunts like an animal and then stops moving. He takes two steps forward without pulling back so that I basically have to bent over backwards. My head is trapped between his hands and his dick. In this position, I might really choke. He starts riding my face hard and there's nothing I can do to stop him. At this point I just let my jaw slack and focus on breathing. His juicy sac is tapping against my chin. I've never felt so used, so in pain, so fucking good in my entire life. It's like with every thrust he's penetrating deeper into my body and this sensation of something entering me is all I can focus on. It's like the rest of me has gone numb and I'm only that now, a body opening that exists to pleasure this man. I can't feel anything. I'm feeling it all. He's going to orgasm. It takes all I have to pull down the waistband of my pants.

"Mh... Aah!"

With a shout, Yamato cums inside. Hot semen pours down my throut, fills my mouth and spills out from my lips. He cums more than I thought was humanly possible and it's all mine. He came for me. That alone is enough for me to release as well. I cum for him with my mouthpussy, harder than ever before. I don't even want to let him go and when he finally pulls back I suck the last off him dry. His soft cock pops out of my mouth with a wet squelching sound. I gasp in my first real breath in ... hours? How long have we been doing this for?

"Oh my."

Yamato tumbles backwards and leans against his desk. I catch my breath and cough a few times to get my throat back into place. By the time I'm done, he already pulled his pants up. What a shame.

"Are you okay?" he asks me.

"Mh? Yes, I'm fine. Sorry about making such a mess. Ah, some got on your boot," I reply.

My seed flew all over the floor. Maybe I enjoyed this more than I should have. But damn, it was good. I lick my lips to get the rest of his flavour. He watches.

"... Did you really like it that much?"

"Of course! Why else would I do this for you?"

He doesn't say anything back so I fix myself and head to get out. Just as I'm about to leave, he grabs my elbow. I turn and see him looking as carefree as ever.

"Next time, let me help you with training! You get overwhelmed way too easily," he comments. I just nod.

"Until next time!"

I wave at him before closing the door.

Chapter Text

One evening, Momoko took all the guards of Nanba to see a musical for a totally logical and canon-typical reason. Kenshirou had taken the noble duty upon himself to escort the warden to get the tickets. Hajime and Samon were waiting in the Lobby.

"This is pointless. I hate musicals," stated Hajime.

"Now I know you are a complete and utter fool but this. Why would you ever say that you hate musicals?!" yelled Samon.

"This is a complete waste of time. There was no reason to make attendace mandatory," said Hajime in response.

Samon was already ticked off. He put both hands on his hips and tried his very best to stand tall in front of the Gorilla.

"Oh come on now, Mr. Grumpypants! There is no reason to act like musicals have done anything bad to you. What are you even afraid of here, hm? Joy? People singing and having a good time?" asked Samon.


Hajime didn't bother to come up with a reply so he just went out to smoke. Samon crossed his arms over his chest and pouted.

"Now now, little Monkey," taunted Kiji.

"Whoa! Since when are you back from the restroom?" asked Samon.

He almost fell over in surprise but caught himself just barely. Though he couldn't hide the blush spreading from his cheeks, over his entire head down his neck and even to his shoulders.

"I've been here for quite a while, you know. Touching up my make-up didn't take that long, I'm a real professional after all," said Kiji and flipped his colourful hair, "but what has been going on all this time? You have no reason to adress Hajime as 'Mr. Grumpypants' like you are his lawfully wedded husband!"

This time, Samon really did fall over. Being associated with that muscle-brained ape was a piercing blow to his ego. How dare this little queen just make up lies! Well, maybe it was fitting since the process of 'make up' was all he was good for...

"Kehehe, wouldn't you like to have that place! You couldn't nab a guy if you were the last bird on earth," Samon teased.

But to his great surprise, Kiji didn't step back. Instead, the drag queen smirked like the evil mastermind he was and started to put on a show.

"How nice you finally admitted it! Come on my dear monkey, run back to your sweet hubby's arms and give him a kiss already," he sang all while making a smoochie expression.

Samon was about to give back when he noticed at last that Hajime had come back. The three guards just stood there as if frozen in time, all staring at each other in complete bewilderment.

"Uh..." Samon tried to speak up.

Then he realised there were no words of context he could think of to make this situation sound any better. At this rate, he was going to die of shame. So he ran.

"Wuuuaaaaaaah!" he screeched.

Other visitors of the theater made room for the crying monkey who took the fastest route to the men's room. Hajime and Kiji just stared.

"... I forgot my lighter in my coat pocket," explained Hajime.

"Interesting," replied Kiji.

He seemed more amused by the coinciding events than embarassed. Just in time, Momoko and Kenshirou returned with their tickets.

"We are ready to go," announced the Warden, "now where is officer Gokuu?"

"I'll get him," sighed Hajime, "we'll meet you inside."

Chapter Text



Honey and Trois stood on the outdoor court in front of each other. They were both instructed to bring a football so they could have a match against the inmates of the dreaded building 13. However, coming here, they were each holding a very different item from the other.

"The heck is that black and white pattern?" asked Honey.

"What in the world is this oval thing?" asked Trois.

"It's a football," said Honey.

"No, this is a real football," said Trois, "that thingy is for rugby."

"What's a rag-bee?"

"It's like football but without the pads. Simple as that."

"There are no pads used in football. You Europeans always make up strange words like that for no goddamn reason."

"Geez, but that was the sport you were talking about."

"So you fucking admit I'm right."

"Definitely not, you American idiot!"

"Don't call me that!"

"Let's just say we're playing soccer so you can stop being unattractive."

Honey looked about ready to burst a blood vessel. Then, a quiet voice spoke up from the benches beside the field. It was Seitarou.

"Actually, the plan wa-"

Honey threw the football as hard as he possibly could. Trois saw it coming, of course, and took one step to the side just in time. The football flew past him and hit Seitarou right in the face. He ran away crying.

As punishment for injuring a supervisor, even if it was such a minor incident, all inmates had to do stamina excercises under Yamato's unforgiving guidance for the rest of the day. Honey and Trois secretly thought that was worth it because a guy more handsome than them ended up with an ugly bruise on his face.