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Sometimes I Get Jealous ‘Cause This is Love

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Kirishima and Bakugou are dating. They’re keeping it a secret, for now. Kirishima had confessed at the beginning of second year, and Bakugou had said he returned his feelings after a not so fun week of freaking the hell out. After the somewhat rocky start to their relationship, things had mellowed out. They’d gone on some dates, Bakugou had stopped setting off explosions every time they held hands, and Kirishima is certain he’s in love. He is also certain that the Bakusquad knows about their “secret” relationship, but he definitely isn’t going to tell Bakugou that.

This morning, they’d woken up (fully clothed!) tangled together in Bakugou’s bed, and Kirishima had reluctantly made his way back to his own room (after some sleepy morning kisses of course). They’d met up again to walk to class, and that brings them here.

“Today, due to Mr. Kan’s temporary absence, hero training will be combined class 2A and 2B.”

The classroom explodes with chatter at Aizawa’s announcement. Everyone is excited to train with class 2B, wondering what kind of training they’ll be doing, yada yada. Mineta is drooling and mumbling something about the class 2B girls in their hero costumes.

“QUIET” Aizawa yells. The room goes quiet.

“Since we have this rare opportunity to battle young heroes who’s quirks you may not be so familiar with, each of you has been paired up with a 2B student to spar.”

Chatter fills the room once more. Mineta clearly wants to fight one of the girls.

When they get to the training grounds, Aizawa announces their sparring partners. Mineta gets his wish, set to fight Ibara Shiozaki. Kirishima is paired with Kendo Itsuka, and Bakugou is paired with the one and only Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu.

Kirishima enjoys his fight with Kendo. It lasts only about ten minutes, and he eventually manages to duck around her fists and pin her. They’re both sweating and breathing hard, muscles straining, grins splitting their faces from the good-old-fashioned hand to hand combat. He shakes her hand for a good spar, still grinning, and gets her number because she seems super cool!

Kirishima then goes to watch Bakugou, who is still in the heat of battle against Tetsutetsu. Kirishima frowns a little. Tetsutetsu’s steel skin seems to be holding up against the explosions even better than his own hardened skin. Which makes sense, but, well, he’s supposed to be the only one that can withstand Bakugou’s explosive power.

The wild grin on Bakugou’s face only makes him frown more. That’s the expression he wears when he spars with Kirishima, the shining effect of a good fight that only the redhead gets to see. A bad taste fills Kirishima’s mouth.

Kirishima’s already deep frown deepens more when he notices the signs of strain in Bakugou’s body. He’s breathing extra hard, his chest heaving, and his arms are shaking minutely. Kirishima nearly growls, but his view of Bakugou is interrupted when Tetsutetsu charges him, still in full steel, and by some miracle, manages to pin Bakugou to the ground, face down.

Bakugou struggles and growls, but it’s clear Tetsutetsu has won. Kirishima walks away, needing a drink of water to wash the now overwhelmingly bad taste from his mouth.

After school, they are back in Bakugou’s room, the dim light of the desk lamp casting long shadows across Bakugou’s secret collection of all might merch. Kirishima lounges on Bakugou’s orange beanbag while Bakugou leans back between his legs. His fingers run through Bakugou’s hair while Bakugou scrolls on his phone, occasionally showing Kirishima whatever he’s looking at. Kirishima responds with noncommittal hums, and all is peaceful.

Well, at least on the outside all is peaceful.

Kirishima’s mind churns nervously, insecurity welling up like it sometimes does. He does his best to keep it together, but never one to be good at concealing his feelings, he ends up blurting it out anyway. Thankfully, it’s much quieter and a lot less anxious sounding than the roiling thoughts in his head.

“Hey, Katsuki, you ever like anyone else?”

Bakugou leans his head back, staring upside down at Kirishima and raising an eyebrow. “What the hell do you mean, Shitty Hair?”

Kirishima licks his lips nervously, and his hands stall in Bakugou’s hair. “I know you’d never cheat on me, but, like, who else do you think is hot?”

Bakugou tips his head back forward, so Kirishima can’t see his face anymore. Kirishima gets more and more nervous as the seconds pass, using all his effort to keep his mouth shut. He knows Bakugou needs a minute to respond sometimes, and he hasn’t blown up yet, so he waits, his thoughts churning and his hands clenching and unclenching, now far from his boyfriend’s crown.

When Bakugou finally speaks, his voice is quiet, and he’s still not looking at Kirishima.

“No one.”

Kirishima hears him, but has to ask anyway. “What’s that?”

Bakugou whips his head around, cheeks cherry red and eyes angry. “I said no one, Shitty Hair! Who the hell would I like besides you?”

Kirishima’s mouth forms an o as he takes a moment to process. Insecurity is replaced with warmth, and he hugs Bakugou’s head tightly to his stomach. “Awwww, Katsukiiii!”

“Shut up!” Bakugou’s voice is muffled by Kirishima’s arm as he struggles to escape from the hold. Kirishima laughs, all smiles once more, his insecurity squashed (for the moment).

Eventually, they relax back into their previous position, Kirishima’s hands once more tangled in Bakugou’s soft hair. He sighs happily.

“How ‘bout you?” Bakugou mumbles, and Kirishima hums thoughtfully.

“Well, you’re obviously the best looking, but I’d say Uraraka is pretty cute. Her smile lights up the whole room, like it’s not as good as yours, but wow. And Mina’s more like my sister than anything else but she’s gorgeous, like if I didn’t know her like I do I’d want to date her, you know? She always looks so casually put together, like she’s not trying at all but her outfits are so subtly high fashion? And Tsuyu is so kind and forthright, and her eyes are so big I really-“

“WHY ARE THEY ALL GIRLS?” Bakugou’s practically steaming, sat up and turned around completely to face Kirishima, no longer touching him. Kirishima leans back, eyes wide and mouth shut. “ARE YOU JUST GOING TO LIST EVERY GIRL IN THE CLASS AND WHY YOU THINK THEY’RE PRETTY? HAH? YOU’RE JUST AS BAD AS KAMINARI!”

Kirishima makes the mistake of staying silent in his surprise.


“YES! Babe, of course you are, I like you loads more than any of them-“ Kirishima responds weakly.


“Hey! Mina’s not that nice, and I think other guys are cute sometimes, I figured you’d get mad if I said Deku-“


Bakugou gets up to leave, and Kirishima starts to panic a little bit. They’ve never fought like this before, despite Bakugou’s personality. He’s always been different with Kirishima. Without thinking, Kirishima grabs Bakugou’s ankle, yelling “wait!”

Bakugou trips, doing a full face plant onto the floor of his own room, which would be absolutely hilarious in any other situation. Kirishima quickly lets go of his ankle, standing up and freaking out, asking Bakugou repeatedly if he’s okay and trying not to hyperventilate. A wave of relief washes over him as Bakugou pushes himself up on shaky arms. He sits back onto his knees, and Kirishima gasps when he sees blood.

Bakugou wipes his bloody nose with the back of his hand, staring at it and seeming shocked. Kirishima crouches down in front of him, keeping his own freak out contained to his brain for now.

Not touching him just yet, he tries to talk to him. Bakugou stares at him, looking angrier than usual.

“Bakugouuu... I’m so sorry...” he pauses before stumbling into a ramble. “You’re the manliest guy I know, I’m sorry if I think Deku’s manly too, he’s just strong and really tries hard to be a hero, you know? But you’re way more manly, you’re going to be number one someday, I know it! Manliness is strength but it’s also living without regrets! You’re both, and so are Uraraka and Mina and Tsu. You’re definitely not girly, and I love you! Nobody else, I promise, I’ll never talk about them again! And when you said you only ever liked me my heart nearly exploded, I-“

“Hey. Didn’t I say we call each other by our first names, Eijiro?”

Bakugou doesn’t look so angry now. Kirishima wants to cry, he’s glad his boyfriend isn’t mad at him. So glad. More glad than anything.

“Sorry Katsuki.” He whispers, before noticing that Bakugou’s nose is still dripping blood. He stands up from his crouch, offering a hand, and Bakugou takes it, pulling himself up. They walk to the bathroom and Bakugou lets Kirishima stand pressed against his back in front of the sink, wipe off his nose and put Kleenex in it, and then spin him around and pick him up so his legs are around the redhead’s waist and he has to hang onto his shoulders. He carries him back into the bedroom with minor grumbling and objections, and plops him on the bed so he can crawl up between his legs and kiss him.

Bakugou lets Kirishima’s tongue into his mouth and Kirishima moans into his mouth, his hazy eyes and blush obvious when he pulls back. He laps at Bakugou’s neck and mumbles into his skin.

“God, you’re so hot, Bakugou. Only you. Only you, you’re perfect.”

Bakugou bites his lip to stop from making noise, letting it happen until he feels something hard against his ass, and Kirishima moans into his neck and grinds into him, just a little bit. Bakugou pushes him unceremoniously onto the floor, followed by a not so small explosion aimed at Kirishima’s face.

“Get off me, you fucking asshole! You’re hard!”

Kirishima rubs his neck sheepishly. “Sorry...” He hadn’t even noticed his “problem.”

Bakugou sighs. “It’s okay, dumbass. Just get up here and lets go to bed.”

Kirishima smiles toothily, glad Bakugou forgave him. They weren’t going that far yet, and that was fine with him. Bakugou was just too hot for his own good... Kirishima jumped up to the bed like a puppy, his “problem” already disappearing. He snuggled up next to Bakugou, facing him, his arms sneaking around the blonde’s waist. He kisses his nose and laughs when Bakugou’s blush deepens.

“Wuv oo” he whispers, and then yawns, glancing at the clock and realizing it’s nearly 10:00.

“Fucker, don’t say it like that.”

“Okayyyy. I love you, Bakugou Katsuki. You’re my whole world.”

Bakugou’s face scrunches up and goes impossibly redder.

“Don’t say it like that either, dumbass.” His voice sounds strained. Kirishima’s resulting smile is half in awe and half the most shit-eating grin that has ever been seen on this earth.

“Katsuki. I love you more than the sun and the stars and every other person in class 2A combined. More than cinnamon flavored candy or gingerbread cookies or meat. I’ll never want anyone else. You’re the sexiest, manliest, strongest guy in the world, wow, I’m so lucky. I’m yours forever, promise.”

Bakugou buries his head in Kirishima’s shoulder but Kirishima can feel the wetness of Bakugou’s tears soaking through his shirt.

“I love you too...” he mumbles out, choked up. “You dumb bitch asshole shitty fucking motherfucker.”

Kirishima smiles until he falls asleep, wound up in the arms of the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Being in love for the first time is awesome.