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An Omega's Keeper

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If you were to ask anyone, what they would choose to present as they would say Alpha, and if they could not be born Alpha, they would choose to be Beta. Not a single soul would admit to wanting to be an omega, since they were overrunning the earth, leaving the Alpha and Beta population to dwindle and the birth rates to decrease, leaving the economy to suffer.

Not only that, but omegas were suffering as well, not enough Alpha’s to go around, their heats wreaking havoc on their body, mind, and souls. Omega’s were desperate five days of every month, sixty days of the year. That meant that any Alpha could collect omegas, hoard them and do with them what they pleased. Society was collapsing upon itself as crime rates peaked at an all time high alongside sexual violence and an uproar of the masses.

The new ruler had promised to combat the problem that had started ages ago by implementing a new system. He created a program and a way to figure out ones second gender before birth, and then catalogs all Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, the larger population of the three genders were cut out from society’s more time-consuming institutions such as education and the workforce, instead quarantined at home, taken care of by their sires, and then relinquished to a government or private facility as soon as they presented.

Alpha’s were required to take tests all their life alongside schooling with their beta counterparts, their grades, performance, and mental health were kept on file and recorded three times a year. Once they turned of age, eighteen, their financial status was required as well, and those in good standing were encouraged to adopt their first omega, after the age of twenty-one they are required to take at least one, every two years that passed the government sends notice, another recommendation to take another.

It was very common for one Alpha to have as many as four Omegas by the age of twenty-five. Omegas needed an Alpha to combat the high level of stress they faced during heats and the overall distress one felt the as they aged and failed to be claimed and bred. Omega’s were essentially society’s children, since they weren’t schooled, and they developed most of their personality and knowledge from parents, media, and then the Alpha that took them in. Their innocence and naiviety demanded someone strong to watch over them, Alpha's expected to do their part and care wholeheartedly for as many as they could,

Bakugou Katsuki was currently twenty-one and he still hadn’t gone and adopted an omega. If you were to ask him, being an Alpha was just as bad as being an Omega, it was work, constant hard work and struggling and fighting to make something of yourself, being an Alpha meant being the backbone of the country. Betas had it the easiest, mostly focusing on their own life instead of the life of their country. Not much was expected of them, other than volunteering in all the agencies that fostered the Omegan population.

Overall, the blonde didn’t want an omega, omegas meant effort, omegas were time-consuming, and they required coddling. All those things were beyond him, Bakugou couldn’t see himself softening up like his best friend had, as all his friends had taken to, but specifically Kirishima.

The way he constantly scented them, his hands always on them at all times, eyes easily distracted by a yawn or a sneeze. For a man who was almost all muscle, it was impossible to not see how doughy he became with his little mates.

He had two omegas already, the first one he took in the morning of his eighteenth birthday, a mischievous little blonde haired mouse omega that was constantly bombarding him with the horrible humor he picked off shitty sitcoms that the redhead allowed him to watch. The second a very timid deer omega with blue-black hair and pale white freckles on his face only making an appearance when he turned beet red, Bakugou liked him more since he sat in one spot and didn’t annoy the crap out of him. Kirishima had snagged him the day after his twenty-first, quick to fill out the paperwork and herd the two over to Bakugou’s apartment to celebrate.

That’s who he was staring up at right now, eyes glaring at the Alpha in front of him with his arms crossed and lips stubbornly pressed into a thin line. Kirishima has been harassing him for weeks the damn mutt, shoving those infuriating government mandated letters threating to freeze all his assets and arrest him for obstructing the law. In a matter of days, he could become a criminal, penalized, and then forced to pick out an Omega all the same.

“Bakubro they’re just gunna assign you one if you don’t go and try and find one for yourself,” The alpha is smiling, an expression showing understanding as he tries to reason with him, “If you let them arrest you it’ll look bad on your record. On top of that the omega you keep might have an incompatible scent and then you’ll both suffer,”

Bakugou huffed, head turning away like a dog refusing to look at a mess he’s made, which isn’t too far off, Bakugou is a wolf hybrid, rare as hell, and proud of it. There’s no reason he has to answer Kirishima, he can just stay here and avoid the reality of the situation he’s gotten himself into.

“Don’t make that face at me blasty,” Kirishima waves his hand, motioning to the look that’s plastered over his friend’s face, “I even made it easy for you, brought you a bunch of scent samples that my favorite matchmaking house promised would have the most potential,” From his back he pulls out an inconspicuous black bag, a bag that’s now holding the angry red glare of an Alpha who hates being told what to do.

The blonde rips the bag out of Kirishima’s hand, eyeing it wearily as he pulls out tiny air sealed bags with different fabrics in them. Each is unsuspecting, looking like scraps of clothing you’d find in a textile store, but they held his future, or potential future if he warmed up to any of them.

Strong hands ripped open bag after bag, taking small whiffs before growling out in disgust and resealing. It went on like that a couple more times. Open, smell, gag, reseal. His head was hurting and he was growing more and more agitated with the minutes that ticked on by, so engrossed with trying out scent after scent to notice how the redhead was deflating with each rejection.

“Shitty hair you know how sensitive my fucking nose is and all these are making me nauseous,” His voice rising higher and higher, that little voice inside his head whispering out his darkest fear, his biggest insecurities.

You’re defective, a joke of an alpha, no omega would want you, could you even find one that you liked yourself? Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic.

He threw the bag filled with terrible smelling cloth back at Kirishima’s face, lashing out and taking out his anger on him, just like he always had.

“Bakugou,” The redhead groans out,” Come on man here’s one more baggie and then I’ll promise to leave you alone,”

He had forgotten one, to be clear it was two baggies sutured together, so he had assumed something was wrong, “Why are they together?” Voice coming out less exasperated more puzzled, brows knitting together.

“Oh it means they’re bonded, a package deal,” Kirishima relay back from his own vault of knowledge, knowing it can be common for omega’s to latch onto each other quickly after first presenting. It was a survival instinct when one or both feel at risk for isolation, whether it be real or a panic induced hallucination.

For some reason, Bakugou holds the two more gently, carefully opening the first bag up and taking a hesitant whiff. The smell is smooth, creamy vanilla, making his mouth water. Mind going a bit foggy, the scent is a bit older, who knows how long the redhead has been holding out on him.

“Don’t get stuck on just one, remember the other is part of the deal,” His voice of reason, chastising him.

The next bag weighs heavier on his mind but is quickly forgotten when sweet honeysuckle fills his nose, floral and as intoxicating nonetheless. Now that he’s smelled both of them, he can smell how the undertones hold hints of each other, their scents have intermingled together, one smelling slightly like the other.

“So what do you think,” A heavy arm slung over his shoulder, knocking him out of his thoughts. Kirishima has on that stupid smile, so sure of himself that he let’s his tone come out teasing.

Bakugou doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction of telling the truth. He could just lie and forget, let the fabric turn stale and try and fight the losing battle in front of him, Bakugou could do that, but then he remembers how he feels when he comes home late at night to a dark and empty home, two rooms is one too many, his bed large and empty.

He’s suddenly reminded of all the time Kirishima has come over, bounding up to his door with omegas in tow, their scent seeps into every inch of the apartment. Once they’re gone, the sweet smell always lingers a tad too long. Those nights engulfed in the smell are the worst, always leading to guilty sessions where he fucks into flesh toys drowned in lube, knotting it with his face buried into a pillow that Tamaki had been nuzzling into anxiously.

He always knots the toy extra hard before going off to the shower to wick away the residual shame after cumming to the scent of his best friend’s omegas.

Those thoughts are what finally pushes him to make a decision, clutching the two scents in each hand, a strong urge to wrap them both around his cock and smear them with his pre-cum before using them to pop a knot. Alongside that feeling, he also wants to hold onto them, mind worried that they might disappear, the only proof he had that he was normal, that he wasn’t broken.

They’re two conflicting feelings, both on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but the polarity making his answer much more obvious that it had been when he first started out.

“Fine, I’ll get these ones, just hurry up and leave before I change my mind,” Teeth grinding together as he forces the words to leave his lips.

“Settle down there grouchy, you have to meet them first remember, they might have special needs, and then there’s paperwork. We could go next week, I’ll call in for you,” He’s chipper, standing up and stretching his arms above his head as he makes plans for the both of them.

“Jesus fuck Eijirou get out before I rip your throat out,” Another empty threat to disguise how anxious he is now, wanting to get it all over with, wanting to stop feeling like a failure because he’s too pigheaded to man up and just do what’s best for everyone. What’s best for himself.



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To say the blonde haired alpha was on edge would be a large understatement. He was antsy as his friend led him into a large building that looked and felt like a hospital. The air was sterile, lacking any scent or possible indication that there were at least a hundred or so omegas inhabiting it.

This all felt a bit too impersonal for his liking, shouldn’t these place feel warm and inviting instead of empty and quiet, felt like more of a funeral home than a caregiving facility.

“Don’t make that face or you’ll scare the nice receptionist,” Kirishima gave him a pointed look before turning and signing them in together. The beta at the desk gave them visitor badges and was quick to dispose of them at another door that required a higher level of clearance.

Bakugou had already been checked at the gate, gone through a background check, and had to provide not two or three or four, but five physical copies of his income. He was only now, after a good hour and a half of work, going to see the omegas he was interested in.

Another male beta led them through a myriad of halls with large windows giving view to even larger rooms where groups of omega’s were partaking in a variety of recreational activities. Kirishima kept trying to get him to look, but Bakugou was downright refusing to even offer them a glance. His gaze was dead set on the path in front of him, instincts waiting to set eyes on the omegas he came here for. An alpha with a purpose isn’t going to let anyone deter him from his course.

After what felt like an eternity, they arrived at the room that held his two. Kirishima tried crowding the window, but Bakugou was fine where he was. The two he was looking for were sitting on a sad blue coach, which looked well used and a bit worse for wear. They were huddled close, eyes glued to the TV screen and wrapped together in a thin quilt stitched with mismatched thread.

“Jesus Christ how old are they Eijirou,” Bakugou’s voice was breathless, not believing his eyes. 

“Probably sixteen,” He answered back quickly, “That’s the standard age where most omegas present,” 

Red eyes couldn’t tear away from the two. One green curled bunny, with long floppy ears and viridian eyes, a face smattered with freckles. The other a cat hybrid, red and white hair and ears to match, porcelain skin and heterochromatic eyes. They were both so small, they looked so fragile. Bakugou couldn’t help but look at his hands, how large they were in comparison to the omegas. 

“What the fuck,” The blonde cursed out again, coming closer and resting his forehead against the glass, he still couldn’t wrap his mind around this, around them. It was all becoming a bit too real, the strips of fabric in his pocket no longer just scents, but actual omegas who need an alpha, who needed him.

“You didn’t know,” 

“I’m an Alpha, why the fuck would I need to know when most omega present,” Voice spitting it out like acid, maybe he should have paid more attention in class, if he had this wouldn’t feel so daunting. It wouldn’t make his palms sweat and his heart race every time he stared at the two for just a little longer than necessary.

“I didn’t mean to make you feel bad bro, just didn’t expect you do not know. You were always on top of your grades, sorry for assuming,” His voice is far away, lost to the other alpha as he tried to reason with himself. 

“I don’t think I can do this,” He whispers more to himself, Kirishima giving him space, but another elderly woman takes the redhead’s place at his side.

“They’re both high-risk omega,” She begins solemnly as she stares at the two,“ They both are more likely to exhibit strong signs of separation anxiety and depression. That’s another reason they bonded together, to help ease some of the stress they both experience for future heats,” 

The way she speaks about them like they’re damaged goods. Bakugou doesn’t want to believe it but can see it in the way the bunny’s eyes carry dark bags and how the kitten trembles slightly. They’re both jittery, both a bit ostracized from the rest of the group, hands intertwined to stave off the anxiousness in their body.

“That’s why a majority of the alpha population is hesitant to take them,”

“And why the hell are you telling me this lady,” He grounds out harshly, “Trying to talk me out of taking them in,”

“Just informing you. They aren’t regular omegas, and you’re new so it may be wise to take in ones that are less problematic,” She sounds unbothered by the hostile energy he’s emitting, but all he can think about is how many other alphas she’s told this to. How many times had she convinced someone else to not take them in? 

“Yeah well I’m not any fucking alpha, and I’m sure as hell not going to let you talk down on em like they’re gunna be some burden on me,” His hands are balled up in fists at his side, he always did have a nasty temper and this woman was checking every box on his list that told him when someone needed a good punch in the jaw.

“I wanna meet em, that’s all I have to do right? See if they like me and then take them home,”

“Are you sure you’d like to do that young man,” Again with that look, like he’s making some grave mistake like they aren’t worth his time, it’s infuriating. Eyes darting back to the omegas, his omegas. Watching them from the glass mirror made something in him twitch, fuck if anyone knows how long till they’re saved from this place. Each second where he’s denied what he wants is like playing a dangerous game of Russian roulette.

 “I already said I want them to meet me, is this place supposed to fight alphas like this, hurry up and do your job lady,” It takes all his energy and Kirishima to bring him down, jaw twitching in agitation while they lead him to yet another room.

That damned beta herds them in like cattle, face impassive as she stands at the door and letting them stumble in on their own.

Bakugou wants to get a good look at them, but the air is clouded with distraught pheromones and both the boy's eyes keep darting back behind them, timid and fearful of the woman, it's painfully clear that there will be no proper introductions till she’s long gone and out of sight.

“She needs to leave, she’s making them all skittish I want her fucking out of here,” He slams his fist on the wall, but it makes no difference. The lady is led out alongside Kirishima, leaving the three of them alone.

Bakugou doesn’t know what to do now that everyone’s gone, the omegas are even smaller in person, blinking too big eyes at him like he’s some kind of miracle.

“Do you things have names are or do I just call you thing one and two,” He tries to keep the growl out of his voice but is only half successful in the intent. 

“Izuku Midoriya,” The bunny says confidently, although his little hands are bunched up in his shirt. Behind him the cat hybrid peeks out before replying in his own meek voice.

“Todoroki Shouto,”

“I’m Bakugou Katsuki,” A crude thumb jabbing into his chest as he points himself out, eyes staring down at them. “Obviously I’m an alpha and I’m here working my ass trying to take you home, both of you,”

“Are you really,” Shouto chirps, a hint of excitement betraying him. 

“Fuck yeah I am but that bitch of a beta was giving me shit,” It’s easier to talk if he pretends he’s speaking to Kirishima.

“She doesn’t like us, says we cry too much,” Izuku murmurs as he wrings the fabric of his shirt in his hands.

“Well fuck her,” The alpha says with an air confidence and sureness that it must be contagious, the omegas smile up at him sweetly, nodding their heads in agreement. 

“So are you guys going to come home with me or stay here,” Almost too blunt in his questioning, Bakugou still forgets that these are kids in a sense, not used to being offered any real choice. There’s a pause before the omegas are running and jumping into his embrace. 

“We want to go with you,” They shout together, climbing on top of him and scaling up his back and chest like he’s a mountain, small feet and hands digging into his side and grabbing at his hair.

“What in the fuck,” He sputters. Large hands going at and trying to grab at them, but it’s hard to get a grip as they wiggle and squirm onto his shoulders.

“Alpha,” They purr as they drench him in their scent, it’s too distracting that the blonde doesn’t notice his friend reenter the room, not until he hears the sounds of shutters clicking as the redhead takes photo after photo of him being attacked by two omegas.

Bakugou has to walk into the hall like that, with two touch-starved omegas clinging onto his body like he’s some kind of living breathing jungle gym. Tries to keep his muscles relaxed with all the groping going on and the strong waves of affection emanating off the two, they must have known that there was a small chance of them getting taken home, can feel it in the way they refuse to let him go.

Still, there’s paperwork to fill out and he can’t hold a pen steady with Shouto and Izuku precariously dangling off of him. “Sit down and don’t move from this spot,” He barks out with as much authority as he can muster, a special kind that he sees he has to develop just for them.

Both squirm in their chair, hands holding onto one another as their alpha turns his back to sign what looks to them like hundred and hundreds of papers. All their previous excitement leaves them drained, big eyes going heavy-lidded and droopy as that lean on each other for support.

It only takes about thirty minutes to have it all set up and ready, but when the blonde haired alpha turns around he’s not expecting to find his omegas fast asleep on shitty plastic chairs that don’t seem even a bit comfortable.

“Jesus,” Is all he mutters to himself as he scoops them up, unused to having to hold anything this warm and alive. Their heartbeats are so loud, and they smell so sweet. Anyone else would be fine doing something as simple as this, but the alpha in him is going haywire, body on edge waiting for anything to go wrong. If anyone were to so much as touch him, he’d probably freak out.

Betas alike watch him walk out, posture overly stiff and movements mechanical. Bakugou must look like a joke of an alpha, but he’s too focused on his task, if he were to wake up the omega’s he would definitely feel like a failure, and it’s a bit too early to feel like he’s in over his head.

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 Arriving home felt odd. Mainly attributed to the fact that as soon as he walked through the door, the once sleeping omegas squirmed out of his hold and began exploring every inch of his apartment.

 They were made up of wide eyes and hands that needed to pass over every inch of his home, before finally settling on his room where his scent had built up over the years.

 “I’ll go shopping for you guys tomorrow. You can wear some of my shit for tonight,”

His footsteps were heavy as he made his way into the master bedroom, only to be greeted by two omegas rolling on his bed with one of his favorite shirts caught in the crossfire. The green one was crying out as the Shouto tackled him, gnawing on one of his ears as his hand tried to rip the shirt out of the smaller boy’s grasp.

He felt even larger as he manhandled the two apart. “What the hell do you two think you’re doing,” He growled out. The two didn’t even flinch, unapologetically unbothered as they glared at each other. “Why the fuck are you fighting over this dirty ass shirt,” He waves it around, the two now entranced with it instead of their once dire staring competition.

“It smells the most like you,” Izuku is whining a bit, hand reaching up to try and grab the shirt while Shouto stares up at the two of them with this intense longing and petulant tears welling up in his eyes.

Bakugou does his best to keep the prize out of their reach, mainly Izuku who won’t give it a rest. “You’re being a brat,” He says more so to himself than to the little omega.        

He can’t stop the more energetic bunny from squirming around impatiently, so he wracks his brain as quickly as possible to solve the matter. He strips the shirt he’s wearing off and hands it to Shouto, and goes and grabs the one he wore yesterday from the hamper and throws it at the bunny.          

“Since you decided to fight for it, I’m the one who’s going to wear it, let's go set the stuff you do have in the guest room,”         

“We don’t want to sleep there, we want to sleep here,” The two refuse to move an inch, even after being bated with the very shirt that had them scrapping it out in the first place.       

“Fine we can all sleep in here, is that what you wanted,”    

He tries not to laugh at how fast they nod their heads, leaving the bed and heading back into the living room.             

Bakugou needs to make dinner. They’re all hungry and he’s the only one capable of making dinner.          

The T.V is the perfect distraction, some discovery channel bullshit that is discussing D.N.A and evolution. Bakugou didn’t think it would be that interesting, but the way those two have curled up over each other is proof enough that they should be able to handle him not being around for over an hour.           

Spaghetti is easy. He grinds up the beef and puts the sauce to simmer alongside the noodles. It’s enough time for him to peek out and see them fast asleep. The food would be ready soon, but nothing a microwave couldn’t heat back up.         

There’s something in his chest, a tightness that’s hard to ignore as he wraps them up and goes to tuck them in his bed. They look different when they’re asleep, less intimidating, like he actually stands a chance against the both of them.           

It’s tempting for the Alpha to crawl in with them. He can feel the pull to bundle himself in their scent, his own claiming teeth peeking out of his mouth, making it hard for his mouth to shut comfortably, but it’s still too early. Still to daunting of a task to permanently bind them together like that.          

Instead, he trails his hands gently, smoothing the curls and stray hairs that stick to their sweet drooling faces, and then shuts the door. Bakugou eats alone. His own portion is small, more worried about leaving enough for his new housemates than actually feeding himself enough to fight off the hunger that’s been building.         

After cleaning up after himself it’s easy to saddle up on his couch and put on a movie, mindless background noise for him to nod off too. It’s not that late but a nap is due. He’d wake up and then feed them and then head into the guest room. That’s the last thought he has as his eyes shut for the last time, darkness enveloping him for a quick rest.         

When he wakes up, it’s too a gentle purring against his chest and two faces rubbing their faces deep into each side of his neck. It’s almost unfair how good they smell and how warm they feel like this. The blonde alpha merely groans out, eyes bleary with sleep and limbs weighed down but the thick pheromones wrapped around him.           

“What are you guys doing,” He huffs out, feeling so powerless as they practically pin him down.         

“You smell good,” Is all the bunny says with Shouto nodding in agreement. They’re easy and honest. It’s almost a relief to not have to wonder what they’re thinking. Bakugou finds comfort in the knowledge that they’d answer any question he asked. “You slept without us,”          

“We get lonely,” Shouto mumbles, hands kneading into the firm muscle of their Alpha’s shoulders.         

“You have each other,”        

“Now we have you too,”         

Their argument leaves no room for him to fight, but it’s hard to think with them scenting the place so thoroughly. Against his instincts desires, he peels them off delicately, wincing internally when they wine out and try to keep them hauled up together on a couch that was not built for the three of them.           

He shoves Izuku into the bathroom, throwing in a towel and an order for him to shower that isn't well received. Shouto sits next to him, hands in his lap as he waits his turn, declining to use the guest shower and more comfortable to wait outside for the other to be done. The silence isn’t stifling, but it isn’t completely comfortable either. Without Izuku’s bubbly personality, the two aren’t much for conversation.          

Once Izuku comes out he grabs Shouto and pulls him into the restroom, effectively shutting the alpha out. The feeling that was lingering before is more present. Bakugou feels like an outsider, watching the two comfortable interact, to speak without words. It makes him feel inferior, unneeded, a disgusting heaviness in his heart.           

The blonde heads to the guest bathroom, trying to wash away the distress rolling off of him. Bakugou feels like he needs to get a grip. He knew this would be different, and all the emotions he’s experiencing at once are foreign and new, but he’s an Alpha. It’s his job to reign it all in, and to compose himself for them. They need him to stay strong and fight through whatever it is going on in his head.         

Just like that he walks out, toweling off his head, heading back into the kitchen. Without so much as asking, he heats up their food and sets the plates down on the table. They both are quick to eat, scarfing down their food like they forgot they had teeth to chew.           

Bedtime is a bigger hassle. The blonde has to practically swaddle them like they’re infants to keep them from getting up. He sits at their bedside, standing guard until their resistance is chipped away and they finally knock out. Only then does he stand up and shut the door as he leaves. He’s not ready to sleep with them like that. It’s too intimate. It feels private, how their limbs intertwine, knowing the perfect way to tangle themselves up in one another.           

There doesn’t seem to be any room for him, not yet anyway, and forcing them to carve out a hole big enough to fit him is too much, too selfish to demand. Bakugou doesn’t even know how he’d go about it, so he crawls into bed, the guest room smelling stale and old from lack of use, and tries not to dwell on the inadequacy that seems to be holding him together.         

For once the Alpha can’t decide between feeling hollow and surprisingly fulfilled. It’s too muddled up in his head to pick apart, and sleep seems much more appealing.




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To say that the blonde alpha hated shopping would truly be selling the feeling short on multiple accounts. Bakugou absolutely despised shopping and crowded malls and the unnecessarily loud thrum of endless conversation. Most shopping had to be planned out, and he usually dragged his friends along to ease the burden, but for some reason, he couldn't find it in him to call anyone. The idea of bringing them and having them see the shirts, pants, and underwear of his omega rubbed him the wrong way and made it so he decided it was a necessary evil to just get through this alone. Bakugou decided he was going to lock that feeling up and away from prying eyes, no one had to know about it but him.


As he walked through the stores, Bakugou came to the realization that shopping for omegas seemed progressively worse. All the retail workers kept trying to help him by asking him questions, highlighting the fact that he really didn’t know anything about them. On top of that they keep handing him themed outfits, the alpha was trying to dress two people, not accessories dolls.


After the second store, all his patience for fake smiles and cutesy shirts with matching pants dissapated into a puddle of annoying goo, and he ended up walking into a familiar store meant for alphas, the stores his own parents had taken him to buy his own clothes at one point or another.


When he finally gets back home, it’s later in the afternoon. He thought he’d have been back sooner but all the sales clerks had kept him busy with their upselling tactics. The alpha could only hope that the two omegas were still asleep, or that they hadn’t missed him too much.


When he walks in, he mentally prepared himself to be greeted by an onslaught of probing whiny questions, but he’s surprisingly not. The two omega’s are on the couch, and when they turn to look at him there’s something off about them now.


“Where were you,” Shouto is the first to speak, tone even, but eyes staring at him almost accusingly.


“Went to buy you some clothes, mentioned it yesterday,” He walks towards them, instincts making his movements slow and deliberate, setting the bag down in front of them.


Both of them quickly sift through each article of clothing, stripping without much thought, the blonde alpha averting his gaze, but not before getting glimpses of freckled skin, and creamy pale legs.


“These are too big,” Izuku says, the red shirt he’s wearing hangs low on the collar, the hem of it almost reaching mid-thigh. It’s not a lie. Even the pants he has on pool at his feet, meant for much more developed bodies than the two may ever have in their lifetime.


“The shirts are fine, it’s just the pants,” Shouto sighs, discarding them and throwing them back into the bag indignantly, crossing his arms and repositioning himself on the couch without so much as looking at the blonde.


Izuku smiles sheepishly as he stares at the other omega, before returning his attention back to Bakugou. “Thank you Katsuki,” Izuku says, smiling warmly at him while he puts on a pair of socks. The two make no move to wear the pants, not even looking at the shorts.


It’s as though they’ve reached an agreement, no pants. Izuku going so far as to separate all their clothes, leaving all the undergarments in a separate bag that’s left on the floor, obviously rejected with some deeper nuances that the blonde cannot unpack right now.


If the two notice how Bakugou stares at them, they don’t comment on it, whatever show they’re watching comes back on, a superhero movie that has them both enraptured. It’s like the blonde Alpha isn’t in the room, their attitudes so much different that it has Bakugou’s mind teetering and turning, trying to make sense of what the hell just happened.


He turns quickly on his heel, rushing to the guest room and pressing his phone to his ear as he calls the only person he’s comfortable talking to about all of this.


“Hello,” Eijirou answers on the second ring, as fast as usual. He’s in the middle of eating but is overall happy to hear from his best friend.


“They’re acting differing Ei. I don’t know if it’s normal and I have no idea what to do or say to them,” His words are rushed and said in a quiet whisper as if the two omega’s could hear their conversation over the sound of the T.V.


“What do you mean different?” Kirishima mumbles through a mouth full of food, the loud chewing is disgusting, but if the blonde wants help he needs to ignore it.


Answers first and insults later.


“When I met them and when I brought them home yesterday they were all,” He tries to articulate, “And I came back after shopping all afternoon and now they’re all...not,”


“Okay first of all, leaving them alone kind of makes you an asshole,” Kirishima says, on the other end of the line he’s cradling his phone between his ear and his shoulder, trying to help one of his omega’s with a particularity difficult level on a video game he bought, “Second of all, I have literally no idea what you mean,”


Bakugou wants to tear his hair out, but he knows he's being difficult and that his explanation makes no sense. At this rate, they aren’t getting anywhere and he has maybe one more chance to try and explain this before he hangs the phone up and takes the two of them to Eijirou’s house for him to inspect in person.


“Yesterday they were all needy and well omega-like and now they’re talking to me like I’ve grown a second head and back talking and they won’t wear pants Eijirou I’m serious they refuse to wear pants,”


“Katsuki did you read any of the books or pamphlets I gave you,” It's as if Eijirou already knows the answer, voice trailing off knowingly.


“I skimmed,” The blonde answers back, his mind's eye already remember his room where he knows those exact books are, unopened and still in the bag Ejirou had handed to him.


“If you had read then you would have been prepared,” He tries to lecture Katsuki, as if he actually expected his stubborn blonde alpha friend to sit down and read each and every book.


“Can you skip the annoying part where you tell me I’m an idiot and just explain,”


“Isn’t that usually your line?” And Eijirou must find himself so funny because he snorts loud enough for the blonde to breathe out in frustration, he doesn’t have time for any of this. If anything he’s been hiding too long for it to be normal. The two omega’s were going to think that he had IBS or some other bowel problem at this rate.




“Fine Fine. Katsuki if you had bothered reading the books and or even opening one of the incredibly short but informative pamphlets you would know what’s going on and not be all freaked out like you are,” In the background Bakugou can hear the sound of lasers or guns going off, “Once you adopt an omega and take them home, where all your alpha pheromones are concentrated from sleeping and rolling around and generally doing the whole living thing, it basically sets them off,”


“And what does that even mean,” Bakugou had retreated back into the bathroom, now that Kirishima was finally getting down to the important information, information that would hopefully help him deal with the people now living in his house.


“I really like being the smart one, I think we should keep the dynamic like this, really changes the power structure of our relationship,”


“Keep going before I murder you in your sleep,”


“Ah okay. Let’s put a pin in this bro. Anyways, once the omegas are in your home and are thoroughly drenched in an alpha’s pheromones, it turns that part of their brain off, the part that has them all needy and cuddly and baby cute,”


Bakugou still feels confused, Eijirou explained why they’ve suddenly had a major personality change, but it doesn’t ease the pit in his stomach or help him deal with the situation at all. “Well why are they like that in the first place,”


“Dude come on, you really didn’t pay any attention in class.” Kirishima brushes it off, more a statement than a question,“ Guess I have to be your teacher today. Before omegas have a mate, they act in a way that draws strong Alphas to them or any Alpha if we're being honest. Before the system, it really just meant being flirty and sexually attractive, since they were constantly surrounded by alphas and betas, it really hadn’t been a big deal,”


Thinking back to school, Bakugou remembers their history teacher talking about how society was before Alpha’s became hard to produce. It wasn’t that interesting and Bakugou hadn’t bothered paying attention, because in the end why did the past matter when the present was like this?


“Their biology forces or influences them or whatever to act in a way that attracts alphas, once they’ve found an alpha they aren’t influenced by that one single desire anymore. Things were different once the new system was enforced, the omega’s started to change a lot. Since they’re basically quarantined once they present, and surrounded by only omegas and betas their bodies go into like panic mode or something. I can’t really remember the exact science or whatever,”


“So they would have stayed like that forever if no one had picked them?”


“Well yeah. No alpha means no pheromones, which means their brains stay like that,” And now Eijirou sounds less chipper. Bakugou can’t imagine what that would be like, to have this entire part of you locked away forever.


He wonders if they remember what it felt like or if he should even ask that question.


“Katsuki? You still there,” Kirishima sounds so far away, but his voice helps ground him.


“Yeah, I’m still here,”


“You also said something about pants,”


“Oh yeah,” And that topic is much more palatable than the one before, “I bought them some clothes at the stores I used to go to when I was sixteen but the pants are a little too big so they won’t wear them.”


“Why’d you shop at an alpha store?”


“Because the omega stores were all weird and themed. They didn’t have any regular clothes and the salespeople were pushy and weird,”


“Knowing you, you probably just went to the mall and walked into all the stores that had omega in the name,” Kirishima laughs now, hitting the nail on head. When his friend doesn’t come to his own defense he can’t help but laugh harder.


“Bakubro, you should have looked up stores that actually cater to omegas as people, instead of the luxury stores you probably saw that treats them like pets. No malls are really going to have stores like that,”


“How was I supposed to know,” He barks back, defensive and upset to be called out so explicitly.


“Well your mom was a designer and you were an alpha so you obviously had more choices to choose from. Alpha clothes are way too big for omegas, serves you right for buying them those,”


“I’m doing my fucking best here Ei,” Bakugou’s voice coming out sharp and distressed. He knew that the clothe's might now have fit, but at the time he was sure it was going to be okay. No his best friend is telling him how bad he screwed up and even his own omega's had mentioned it.


How the fuck does he screw up buying clothes? It was literally one of the easiest things on the list and he screwed it up.


Shitty useless alpha. Can't even provide right. Incompetent and worthless.


“Shit Katsuki. I was just joking around. You’re doing really good,”


“No Ei I fucking suck at this. I don’t know anything and I didn’t read the books and I have them out there in shirts that are too big. I can’t do this,”


“Katsuki don’t say that,”


“I’ll talk to you tomorrow Ei,” Bakugou hangs up, cutting his friend off before he can try and make the blonde alpha feel any better. He wasn’t in the mood to listen to his best friend lie to him, even if it was coming from a place of love.


Before he can get up or compose himself, there’s a knock at the door. “Katsuki are you okay,” Izuku’s voice is sweet and tinged with worry, without meaning too the blonde had let off some strong waves of distress, and the two were now conscious enough to pick up on it.


He makes his way out, head hung low and shoulder slumped in defeat. The two are looking at him, heads lifted and eyes critical of his every move. Bakugou wishes he knew what to say as he sits on the edge of the couch, but words have never been so difficult to come by, and the blonde had spent many a year trying to figure out the art of communication.


“I don’t know how you guys got so unlucky,” He almost laughs, staring at the two beautiful omegas, even dressed in too bit tees and their hair obviously unbrushed, there's still a glow to them, “Ending up with a sorry excuse of an alpha like me,”


“That’s not true. You stood up for us,” Izuku’s words are strong, unwavering in their execution.


“You didn’t leave us behind, even when there were other omega’s who were less difficult,” Shouto continues. The two are on their knees, hands intertwined as they try and find the words to help ease twenty-one years of self-hatred and doubt.


Bakugou can see how hard they’re trying, and it makes him all the more upset. They had been stuck in some god-awful place with people who obviously hadn’t treated them well, in some fucked up state of mind, and they were trying to console him of all people when it really should be the other way around. He should be the one wrapping them in his arms and drawing them close, soothing whatever worries they had hidden beneath such pretty eyes. 


What had he done to warrant any kind of pity or to deserve their kindness, he didn’t deserve to sit there like this in front of them. So he does what an Alpha is supposed to do, for them, and for his nation. He gets up and pushes it all back down again, something that he’s going to have to keep doing, for them. If he wasn't so much of a coward he'd hold them close, but he's obviously not ready to confront them.


“Are you guys hungry,” He murmurs, watching them share a look between themselves before nodding shyly. “Alright, let's make lunch,”


“We’re going to help too Kacchan,” Izuku says, standing up and stretching.


“Well no shit, if you’re living here then you’re pulling your own weight, two-toned can wash dishes and you're setting the table,”


“Is that all,” Shouto says flatly, but there’s a tug at the end of his mouth, betraying the fact that he wants to smile.


“You’re going to learn to cook and that’s only the start so don’t get too comfortable,” Their earlier conversation is put away, pushed to the back of a drawer and left to be dealt with on another day. Instead, the omega’s can’t help but feel a bit worried, a bit confused, and a lot enamored with their alpha as he teaches them which knives to use for what.


It’s almost easy for Bakugou to forget that they aren’t wearing pants, shirts covering just enough to keep him sane, as long as he didn’t let his eyes wander lower. As long as he focused on cooking, and reminded himself to keep his instincts in check, this would all work out fine. 

Chapter Text

“Wake up, the both of you I told you guys thirty minutes ago,” Katsuki said, dragging the two out as they grumbled in protest. The alpha had to go to work and after the first time leaving them alone, he now had a decent system in place. It’d been working for the past month and a half as the three tried to settle in together.


Izuku hadn’t seemed to be upset, but Shouto was the one who’d questioned him about it before bed, asking him if he’d be leaving them like that every day or if it was a one-time thing, the blue of his shirt making him look even paler, fragile but still intimidating. The green-haired omega had fallen asleep, but Shouto was adamant on staying up till he got the answers he wanted, inquisitive and persistent till Katsuki had told him that it wasn’t going to be a regular occurrence and that he was going to make sure that he never left them without company.


Now every day since then he’d drop the two off at his mother’s house, the hag was enamored by them and insisted on taking on the responsibility of keeping them company while her son was at work. The blonde knew his parents might be lonely, his dam had only been able to sire one pup, and after Katsuki had left home he knew they ached for more.


As of right now, he was yanking them up, pulling them by their ears till they were bemoaning and making little annoyed huffs. These two were horrible at waking up, ignoring all the alarms, and every check-in the blonde made to their room, his room.


“You’re being so rough Kacchan,” Izuku simpered as he got dressed, rushing to change out of his pajamas.


“I wouldn’t have to be if you two got up the first time, I can’t be late to work,” He yelled out. He didn’t want to go back into that room, where their scents had already taken root in his sheets and they were half-naked and faces scrunched up from sleep.


Out of the two Shouto was the one who wore his tiredness the cutest, but he was also the one who was the most infuriatingly stubborn when it involved their morning routine. He was slow to rise and slow to dress, eyes consistently bleary and shut as he tried to put his shirt on over his head and his pants on while Izuku shuffled out before him.


“Shouto if you’re sleeping I swear to God,” Katsuki yells, knowing for a fact that if the cat hybrid had his way he’d be in bed till noon, lounging around in his sleepwear for as long as possible.


Luckily, the two scrambled out with enough time for him to rush them over to his mother’s home and for him to clock in without ruining his on-time streak. Katsuki had an upper-level job in finance. It meant working with numbers and constant projects where he was expected to lead and to effectively manage the team he was assigned.


What that also meant was then when one of his subordinates made a mistake that set them all back, the blonde alpha was in charge of having to somehow salvage their timetable. Today was one of those days, two of his men losing three nights worth of work and their deadline coming up in forty-eight hours. Instead of getting out on time, as he had hoped, Katsuki and fifteen others would be staying late. Not just one hour or two past five, but would be stuck in the office till half past midnight.


Katsuki was tired, agitated, and on edge. Everyone did their best to keep out of his way while they worked as the alpha’s eyes kept checking the clock, the handles ticking continuously making his stomach churn with stress.


Logically, the alpha knew his omegas were fine, they were with his dam and sire. They were safe, but instincts didn’t care about logic. Alpha’s were creatures of habit and his body told him that he should have been home ages ago, should have been making dinner and then sending the two off to bed by eleven, a reasonable hour that they had discussed together, as a family, as partners and equals and all the words that had the blonde’s chest thrumming with satisfaction.


When he finally escaped, his body ached from hunching over to examine documents and his feet were sore from constantly standing and walking to monitor everyone’s work. Their team had made up the work that was lost and finished what needed to get done today, their boss wouldn’t have cared unless they failed to meet their projected deadline so it would all be okay.


Katsuki mind was numb as he picked the two up. His mother hadn’t minded having them along, but he knew the two were displeased with him. The green bunny’s eyes were red-rimmed, nose rubbed raw from constant attention as the omega wiped his face with his sleeve. Shouto was different, no sadness tainted his features, his lips stayed in a hard line, and where Izuku avoided his gaze, Shouto stared head-on, eyes glaring at him accusingly.


He herded them back home once they arrived, heading into the master room for only a moment to strip down and out of his work clothes. All three changed alongside each other, enough distance between the omega and the alpha for Katsuki to pick up on it, and without having to look, he knew they were watching him.


“If you two have something to say then say it,” He states, too exhausted to let them beat around the bush.


“If you didn’t want us you shouldn’t have chosen us,” Shouto says under his breath, haughty but still fully aware of where he stands between the three of them.


“What the fuck did you say,” Katsuki turns, disbelieving and enraged as the accusation.


“If you were just going to leave us every day for hours then why would you even take us in,” Shouto says louder, anger emboldened by looking at the alpha, who’s eyes are now trained on the cat hybrid.


“Do you want a history lesson or the truth,” He growls out, the two eyeing each other like beasts before a battle, neither looking to stand down, except for Izuku who looks between the two


“I don’t want anything from you. You don’t care about us, you only care about yourself,”


“You can act like a child all you want but I’m not going to humor you. I was at work, you don’t want to be left alone so I leave you with my mother. It was out of my control, I had to stay late,”


“Then you should have called and told us yourself. We didn’t know why you were late or when you were coming back. You’re selfish and inconsiderate,” Shouto’s voice isn’t loud but each word rings out in the enclosed space, the cat hybrid trembles with his fists clenched.


It’s as if Katsuki can see what he’s doing wrong, barking back instead of folding, instead of apologizing because the omega was right. Behind the anger in Shouto’s eyes was pain and fear. Both of the omegas were afraid of being left behind, abandoned after finally experiencing a sense of familiarity and happiness.


Instead of apologizing or trying to bridge the gap between them, Katsuki turns his back and walks out. The blonde doesn’t want to hear it, doesn’t want to hear what he’s been telling himself said out loud by spiteful lips, hearing it from someone who matters is so much worse than he could have imagined. Behind him the door is slammed shut, and like that he’s left outside while the two fall apart only a couple feet away.


The distance isn’t welcomed but it helps a bit, to be able to feel the pain away from sweet faces marred by disappointment. Katsuki lets a few tears slip out, allowing himself to open up and let a steady stream of his sadness trickle out from the dam that’s holding it all back.


Katsuki should know better, know better than to pick childish battles with an omega who has nothing and barley knows how the world works. That’s one of the many thoughts on his mind as he hears the bunny break down at three in the morning, separated only by the door and his own cowardice and indecision.


“He doesn’t want us,” A warbled cry, broken and disjointed as the omega sobs into the embrace of Shouto, who’s own tears are falling silently, the cat hybrid just as hurt even if he doesn’t express it as loudly as Izuku. “I don’t want him to leave us,”


A good alpha would have burst in at that very moment, would have told them that they were wrong as many times as he needed to until their crying ceased, but all Katsuki can remember is how Shouto looked at him with hate in his eyes and how the two huddled in on each other, seeking out affection and comfort from each other instead of the alpha who caused them pain.


Katsuki can accept that he isn’t a good alpha, it was something he had already known. He stays outside, listens till the crying stops, and waits even more, till finally opening the door, peeking in. The both of them are wrapped in the comforter, alongside Katsuki’s workout hoodies that they seem to be sharing if the way it’s stuck between the middle of them says anything.


And that fact makes him want to recoil in disgust, shame filling him up and making him feel heavy with remorse. Even when they’re angry, they have no choice but to want him near, want him to be there for them and to subdue the feelings of distress and uncertainty. Alongside that feeling is the strong urge to grab them and press them against his chest. They look so perfect, just as perfect as they looked when he first saw them, and now they’re upset and all his thoughts should be focused on their feelings and what he’s done, but fuck does he want to kiss them.


He stares at them for a minute, heart-aching to know how much they’ve suffered, are suffering in the present tense. At the edge of the bed, he watches them subconsciously shift till they’re drawing in on him, heads nestling into his lap at either side.


“I want the both of you,” He whispers, afraid of waking them up, “I’m just shit at this, at dealing with people and I don’t know how to do any of this,”


His fingers rub gently at their ears, smiling slightly when they each begin to purr, content and pleased in their sleep, as if they’re having dreams much sweeter than the reality of their actual lives.


“I have a terrible temper, but so do you,” He mutters fondly, admiring how Shouto looks when he’s asleep, face impassive but sweeter due to the vulnerability that radiates off of him.


Izuku is the same, freckled cheeks still holding baby fat as Katsuki rubs it gently, subtly scenting them both so that when they wake up, they’ll both know he hadn’t left them alone all night.


“This is the last time we fight,” He promises, “I won’t let us fight, even if guys act like brats. We can go out in a week with Kirishima since I asked for a week off,”


He’d made sure to ask his boss long before, working these hours wasn’t necessary anymore, and now with two omegas at home, time was letting him know that it was the perfect moment to cut back on his hours.


“You’ll like Kirishima’s omegas. It’ll be like a vacation, all six of us,” And Katsuki tries to keep his voice down as he talks to himself as the sun rises, feeling a bit better about everything, more open to change and to the fact that it felt really good to hold them like this.