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Highschool reunion

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It was a normal day at the Pym's house. Since Janet's arrival, everything was going back to what their life used to be. Scott and Hope, who were now living together, had dinner at their house frequently. That night was not different. Janet invited them and cooked an amazingly done turkey. It still amazed Scott how after 30 years trapped in the quantum realm, she still performed almost everything perfectly. He would have forgotten how to talk, honestly.

“So, Hope, are you excited to see your classmates?” Hank casually asked her, having another bite.

Hope froze,and almost spilled the wine she was drinking.

“Classmates?” Scott inquired, looking at her.

“Uhm, dad I don't think this is..” Hope started but was cut by Janet.

“What, your school's reunion? It's next week right?” Hope glared at her mom and then back to her dish.

“Do you have your school's reunion coming up? Why didn't you say anything?” Scott looked at her with enthusiasm “That's dope, I wish my school did that”

“Yeah well it doesn't matter because I'm not going” she stated, taking another sip to her wine.

“What? Why?” Hank sounded shocked.

“I don't have anything to do there. I don't want to go, that's it” Hope stood up and carried a few dishes to the kitchen. Scott excused himself from the table and followed her.


“Hey, hey, what's with your school's reunion? I can't tell there's a reason why you don't want to go” Scott placed his hand in her arm while she turned to face him.

“You know Scott, I-” she sighed “It's just, my years at Deerfield weren't my best. I was that weird girl who studied a lot and liked ants. And don't forget, I was the girl with the dead mother and the wealthy father who didn't want her home. Kids with money can be really mean and nasty. I just don't want to be back again to feel like a 12 year old again” Hope said looking into his eyes.

“God, Hope I had no idea” Scott rubbed her arm “but you know, maybe going back it's not that bad.”

She looked at him, not understanding what he meant.

“I mean, look at you, you're a beautiful, young woman, who's CEO of a billionaire company and not to mention you are the freaking Wasp. Even though you can't tell anyone that.” Hope chuckled “my point is, you are successful, you are happy and you don't have anything to be ashamed of” H

bit her lip and placed her hands against his chest, looking at him with fondness.

“And plus you have this good looking amazing boyfriend” Hope laughed and hit him lightly in the chest.

“Yeah, yeah I do” and closed the gap between them, giving him a slow kiss.

“So, what's it gonna be?” Scott asked her when they parted “will I have the honour to accompany you to your school where you surely made out with tons of guys?”

Hope laughed again. Honestly she would never get tired of the way he could make her laugh anytime.

“Well I don't know… I have to think about it… will you be the last guy I make out there with?” Hope looked at him suggestively, making him come closer to her.

“I hope so Ms Van Dyne” god, he knew that it turned her on so much when he used her surname. Scott closed the gap between them and she moaned lightly when he started giving her neck kisses, but before it could scalate more they heard Hank calling them from the dinning room.

“Would you two please stop making out and bring dessert before it's tomorrow already?” Janet was clearly laughing. H

quickly walked away from Scott, her cheeks turning bright red.

“We should, um” Scott tried to look normal, cleaning the little stains from her lipstick.

“Yeah” she took the pudding from the fridge and made her way to the dinning room, Scott behind her. 


This I didn't miss in boarding school.


They both looked like a pair of teens caught red handed. No matter how old she was, it was still embarrassing her parents knew what she was doing with Scott.

“So, good news” Scott looked at Hope, who was sitting next to him “we're going to that fancy school reunion”

Hank and Janet seemed surprised.

“Yeah, Scott made quite great points back there to why sould I go”

“If with points you mean that he mad-” Hank was cut by Janet who gave him a deadly stare. Hope felt her face burning red.

“Scott, will you be going with Hope then?” Janet, lovely as always, asked to him.

“Yeah, I can be her knight in shining armour whenever she needs me” Scott said seriously.

A few seconds later they bursted into laugh.

“Honestly, not. She's surely the one who'll have to save my butt, who am I lying to”

He then enrolled in a conversation with her parents.

Hope looked at him and felt that, if Scott was with her, that reunion wouldn't be so bad. After all, what are a few mean classmates against Ant Man and the Wasp?