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The Best of Me

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The summer had been extremely busy for Uraraka. Between helping her parents at their construction company and being a paid summer student for a rescue hero outfit in her home town there had been little time to do anything else. She was saving up every single penny that she could for school this year. Her parents had already paid for her tuition for her second year at U.A. High school and had been able to splurge on a meal plan, which included breakfast and lunch. The funds she was earning over the summer would pay for her suppers and some outings with her friends, she hoped. Uraraka was also putting away all the money her parents were paying her from the construction company, a rainy day fund, for if she was short for food or her parents had a slow month.

Thankfully, her parents were quite busy with work. The rescue hero unit she was working for had been employing her parents to help with their new office building. Being a hero-in-training had its perks. Her parents worked hard, something they had instilled in their daughter and could be seen in all of the work they were completing. Her parents would still be working on this construction job several months after she returned to school. If they could get their name out there then they could hopefully keep the good momentum up.

Reflex Rescue was a newer agency that had been operating downtown in Uraraka's home town and was expanding quite rapidly. The head hero, and owner, of the agency, was Cacti Strean, a levitator. He power was similar to Zero Gravity except for the fact that she couldn't give or take away gravity. Cacti was only able to levitate inanimate objects up to 100 ton, which was half the size of a blue whale. It was crazy to see the agency had been improving the well-being of her district, it almost made Uraraka want to cry.

Uraraka had been working directly with Hover, Cacti's hero name, and was learning so much about her own quirk. She had gained several new tricks, which she was excited to show everyone once they were back in school. She had also upped her hand-to-hand combat game thanks to working with another hero in the agency, Slinger G. Her internship with Gunhead had brought out her competitive edge and had helped her find the confidence she had been missing. Slinger G had taken her raw talent and was working with her to perfect it. She had one secret super move she had been practicing in private, one that she didn't want anyone to know about until she'd mastered it. Uraraka's phone dinged next to her from its place on her desk at home.

Hey Uraraka! Long time no chat girl! A bunch of us from Class 1-A are getting together this weekend to go out for supper and a movie before school starts. Was wondering if you would be able to make it - Ashido.

There were only two weeks left until they all headed back to U.A. High school for their second year and Hover had given her the next two weekends off so she could pack for school. She had enough money that she could probably splurge on the the train, supper, and movie but she'd have to get the okay from her parents. If they had something she needed to do then she'd help them out first.

Let me check with my parents when they return from getting groceries. I'll get back to you either way - Uraraka.

Awesome! Chat soon - Ashido.

Uraraka smiled at her phone. She had been able to upgrade it this summer to a smartphone instead of her old, taped together, flip phone. She had gotten it at a killer sale and while it wasn't the brand new tPhone X she was still happy to have gotten the tPhone 6. This was her small reprieve to her friends and the outside world since she hadn't been able to visit with anyone since summer break started.

Deku, Ashido, Iida, and Asui had been in constant contact with her over the summer. Each had stories of their own training or work experiences to share with her, well except Ashido, she mainly gushed about how Kirishima had finally asked her out on a date. They've been going strong for the last six weeks which had Uraraka smiling because she knew how much of a crush the pink alien had for the hardening hero. Iida was busy working with his brother while learning all that he could, buying more books that she knew what he was going to do with. Asui was working with Selkie, again, for the summer and having a great time with Sirius. Deku had been working with All Might all summer, working on channeling One for All via his legs. He'd sent her videos every week, which impressed her. He'd be a force to be reckoned with once they started the year, but then again so would everyone else.

She put her phone down as her parents called her for supper. The conversation at the table was quiet that night, outside of Uraraka asking if she could head into town on Saturday to see her friends. She had to work a half day but otherwise, it was fine and her parents preferred her to stay with a friend instead of taking a train home after midnight. You never knew who would be on the train that late plus it was an hour walk home yet. She would do as her parents asked, slightly upset that they didn't think she could take care of herself but knew they were ultimately just looking out for her well-being.

I was given the green light! I'll see you all on Saturday but I'll need a place to crash since my parents don't want me coming home alone so late - Uraraka

Best damn news I've heard all day girl! You can totally crash at my house - Ashido

Perfect! Can't wait to see you all and thanks - Uraraka

Uraraka put her phone down, plugging it in so it could charge overnight, and curled up into her twin bed. Being able to see everyone made her happy and she couldn't wait to catch up in a stress-free environment. No worries about exams, League of Villains, hero stuff . . . just a relaxing day with good company.

She sat on the train, which was virtually empty for a Saturday, reading a book she brought along. This was the worst part about living so far away from U.A. or any of her friends, the stupid train ride. It gave her too much time to think which made her anxiety skyrocket before she even met up with her friends, hence why she was now reading. A coping method she found worked quite well for her.

Her stop finally sounded over the train's intercom system as she began to pack her stuff up and prepared to disembark. The bright sun was hard on her eyes as she stepped onto the platform, she raised a hand to temporarily block it out. Before she knew what was happening she was being engulfed by several arms and people were yelling her name. Uraraka couldn't help but laugh at her friend's antics.

"You took forever to get here, Uraraka!" Ashido complained as they started to disentangle from their surprise group hug. "I have so much I want to catch you up on!" Uraraka smiled as she looked around at the others who were here. The mass majority of Class 1-A was here but she was a bit shocked to see Utsushimi from Shiketsu High School among them. Ashido was laughing at the puzzled look on her face and as she looked around the group she realized how red Iida's face was.

"Anyone going to fill me in?"

"Camie and Iida are dating!" Ashido sang as she gushed over how cute of a couple they made.

"Camie?" Uraraka wasn't aware that Ashido and Utsushimi were friends.

"She prefers to be called Camie and since those are her wishes it is best that we all follow them," Iida still looked like a tomato but Uraraka could see happiness dancing amongst his normal straight laced face.

"Camie it is then!"

"You'll never guess who else is dating! Todoroki and Yaoyarozu are an item and so are Kaminari and Jirou!" Ashido squealed and Uraraka was sure she was going to have an eardrum burst if she reached another higher octave. "There are also rumors of Aizawa and Ms. Joke being sighted together, is it romantic! Maybe Aizawa will take a chill pill this year if he's getting laid on a regular basis." Uraraka choked on her own spit as she looked at a blushing Deku. Trust Ashido to say exactly what is on her mind, no matter the consequences. Looks like some things stayed the same over the summer.

"Ashido I don't think that . . ."

"How many times have I told you, it's Mina or Pinky. We're friends so this last name bull shit doesn't apply to you and me."

"Sorry, Mina. I don't think anything, even . . . sex will get Aizawa to change who he is."

"Oi! Nerd!" Uraraka looked to see Bakugou stomping his way over to the three of them. "You ready for this school year? I won't back down and I expect your best at all times!"

"Ye . . . Yes, Kacchan! I'lldefinitely bring my all!"

"Good! The only one here who managed to impress me and go all out was pink cheeks here. Look forward to sparring with you in the future." He stormed away to meet up with his trio of friends; Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero.

"That was actually . . . pleasant. What happened to Bakugou?"

"Kacchan and I have come to some sort of . . . friendship after our first year in school. Had to fight it out but we are on much better terms. He's been working extremely hard not to come off so . . . crass but in the heat of the moment he still manages to become all ragey." Uraraka looked back to the man with the explosion quirk noting how he'd gotten taller, styled his hair shorter on the sides and wild on top, and if she wasn't mistaken he had upped his muscle game too. Heaven help her. His arm muscles were practically pushing their way through his black leather jacket and the skin tight navy blue t-shirt did little to hide his well-defined abs. Bakugou had always been insanely hot, actually, the majority of her class was incredibly good looking, but there was something different about this Bakugou. Some kind of allure that had her under a spell.

"Best Jeanist requested Bakugou for the summer and has been helping him on his rescue work so that he can get his provisional license," Deku whispered to Uraraka. "It's not a well-known fact but he re-takes his test on Monday, along with Todoroki. I think this summer has had a bigger impact on his attitude, working with Best Jeanist again."

"It was a different interaction than what I remember him to be, but in a good way," Uraraka whispered back to Deku. "I'm sure they'll go Plus Ultra to get their licenses for the upcoming school year. They won't let this beat them a second time."


"Hey, gang!" Mina called out to their classmates. "We have a reservation at the Pizza Parlour in twenty minutes, so I suggest we all move our cute asses and head over there." A round of cheers filled the air as they all proceeded to their destination. Deku was busy talking her ear off about his summer and Uraraka was only half listening. She was partially lost in her own thoughts about her classmates and their dating life, such as when did that become a thing? Had she been hiding in a hole all summer to not notice who liked who?

"Cheeks?" Uraraka looked at Bakugou who was staring at her with a raised eyebrow. "You stopped in the middle of the damn sidewalk. You coming in or what?" He pointed his thumb over his shoulder to the restaurant.

"Oh, oh right, sorry."

"Don't apologize, just get your ass inside." This polite side to Bakugou had Uraraka blushing as she went inside to sit between Asui and Deku. It was just so . . . odd. It made her head spin a bit, hopefully, he wasn't polite while on the battlefield. She laughed aloud at her internal musings, imagine Bakugou stepping aside so someone else could get a hit in, yeah right.

"Are you alright, Uraraka?"

"Fine Deku, just had a funny thought is all. No worries!" Supper was a loud affair as Class 1-A swapped stories and told jokes, most of which were at the expense of Kaminari. Once they paid their bills they headed to the theatre to watch a movie, which where the groups ended up splitting up. The couples all headed to a rom-com, the single dudes headed to a horror show, and remainder headed to an action sci-fi.

Uraraka was sitting between Deku and Bakugou during the movie, which was almost like a comedy in itself. Deku was flinching whenever something loud or intense happened while Bakugou was barely concealing his excitement at all of the battles. The movie itself was awesome, with the car chases, awesome fight scenes with a dash of romance. It was one of those movies where the class would be talking about it the next day and doing a bunch of movie quotes of their favorite parts. A loud crash was heard and Deku jumped so badly his popcorn spilled all over the floor. Uraraka, Bakugou, and Asui couldn't help themselves to the laughter and snickers at the friend's expense. Midoriya blushed and hid his head in his hands.

They all headed out of the theatre laughing and going over the parts they liked best. Uraraka looked at her friends as they all started to say goodbye to one another. She looked at her watch then at the theatre doors and back to her watch. Mina should have been out already, so where was she?

Hey Mina. Where are you? - Uraraka

Our movie ended first and since Kiri's parents aren't home we're going there to enjoy a romantic night - Mina.

She looked at her phone, a frown on her face. She didn't want to interrupt their night of fun . . . activities, but she also wanted to let Mina know that she was supposed to be crashing at her house. Uraraka took a deep breath and made a decision.

Sounds like a great night! Don't do anything I wouldn't do - Uraraka.

Oh girl! I fully plan on doing a whole bunch of things you never would. I'll fill you in on EVERYTHING once we're back in school! xoxo - Mina.

Uraraka didn't know what to do. She could catch a train back home but her parents would be disappointed in her and she couldn't bear that. She might be able to find herself a cheap hotel for the night and but then she'd have to cut into her food allowance for the year. She sighed.

"Oi, cheeks." Hearing his deep voice startled her as she spun around to see him push off the closet wall. "I heard pink acid telling the nerd earlier that she was excited to have a damn slumber party with you, also heard shitty hair telling zapper boy and tapeworm that his parents were out for the night and he was hoping to get laid. Judging by your reaction I'm going to guess that pink acid left your ass here."

Uraraka could only nod her head. He hadn't dropped a single f-bomb and that was probably the most he had talked to her since the sports festival last year while being civil. This newer Bakugou was throwing her for a loop and she wasn't sure on how to handle it.

"You can come back to my place if ya want. Better than heading home in the damn dark," Bakugou wasn't looking at her as he spoke but off to the side. She could see the barest hint of red in his cheeks, but she was grateful that he said something.

"Are you sure your parents won't mind?"

"Pft. As if they'd care. The old hag will be more than a handful but my dad is chill."

"If you're sure then."

"I wouldn't have asked you if I wasn't damn sure, cheeks. Come on, follow me. They don't live far from here." Uraraka followed him back to his place in silence. She wasn't sure what else she could say and she didn't want to piss Bakugou off or offend him so she'd just stay quiet, for now.

"This is my damn house," Bakugou opened the front gate but all Uraraka could do was stare. Their house had to have been six times the size of her own and was absolutely stunning. Looking around she realized they were in a lower part of a high class neighborhood. She knew that he came from money but he didn't realize he was rich, not Yaoyorozu rich, but he was well off. "Ya coming in or what, cheeks?" She swallowed the lump in her throat as she entered the threshold. How bad could staying at Bakugou's house for the night be?

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Uraraka followed Bakugou through the dimly lit house, it was almost midnight so it would make sense that his parents were sleeping. She wrung her hands together, a nervous tick she had developed since starting at U.A. high. It wasn't so much the fact that she was with the temperamental blonde, oh no, it was the fact that she'd be seeing his parents. She barely knew him as it was and meeting his parents just seemed so . . . personal. Meeting the parents was something best friends did or if you were in a serious relationship. Not some random invite because her friend wanted to have some alone time with her man.

"Spare bedroom is here," Bakugou stated as he opened the door. "Make yourself at home. The bathroom is the second door to the right, I'm the next room from yours and I'll be going for a run at six am if you want to join. Otherwise, don't make a damn sound and the hag won't be any wiser, at least for now."

"Thanks for everything Bakugou. I really appreciate everything you did." He just huffed and went into his own room. Uraraka followed suit, entering the bathroom so that she could at least brush her teeth. She unzipped her backpack, uncapped the toothpaste lid and squirted some white and blue paste onto her toothbrush. Her tired mind started to slowly quiet down from the busy day she had. Uraraka pulled out her clothes for tomorrow, plus the spare pair of workout clothes because you just never know, but she kept digging around.

"Shit." Tipping her bag upside down she shook it in hopes that something else would magically fall out. She should know better by now, it was the first thing she packed every time she went anywhere and yet this time she forgot them. Her pajamas. She groaned as she flopped on the bed.

"Oi, cheeks, what the hell you groaning about in there." How could she forget that he was in the room next to hers already? She went and knocked on his door, knowing he'd be upset with her for disturbing him. He opened the door and Uraraka froze. His blonde hair was slightly tousled but he stood solely in a pair of tight black boxer briefs. Her eyes wandered back to his blood red eyes, had he always had little orange flecks in them?

"Cheeks? What the hell do you need?"

"Sorry! Right! I forgot my pajamas." She blurted out all at once. He rolled his eyes and went into his drawer to pull out a pair of boxers and a t-shirt before chucking them at her. He stood just staring at her, waiting for her to do something. "Uh . . . thanks." She went back to her own room and slipped into the boxers and shirt. The boxers fit alright but the shirt was too baggy and easily slipped off her one shoulder.

The room was cool as she slipped under the thin blanket that was on the bed. She curled into a ball and tried to keep warm, but she couldn't help but shiver. Any colder in this room and her teeth would start chattering as well. She couldn't sleep when she was cold and no matter what she did she couldn't warm up. Rolling from one side to the next she flinched as the bed squeaked for the hundredth she made the slightest movement. A light banging was heard at her door. Looking at her watch the time read one eleven but she got out of bed, hoping it wasn't his parents at the door.

"What the hell is with all the noise in your room? Your constant damn moving is making it hard for me to sleep."

"Sorry," she licked her suddenly dry lips as she caught another look of a shirtless Bakugou.

"Tch. Get your ass into my room, you can sleep with me. You'll stay warm and stop the damn movement."

"Bakugou we're at your parent's place, what if they catch us?" Normally she wouldn't even contemplate something like this but she really was too freaking cold and tired to give a hoot.

"My alarm with go off in the morning when we go for our run, stupid. They won't be up until seven, it's the same damn routine they've had forever." Uraraka bit her lip as she stood there debating what to do. "Cheeks, I don't have all damn night."

"Ok." She whispered as she followed him into his room but they both stood there staring at the bed, neither was sure on what to do next. She briefly glanced at Bakugou who was intently looking at her, red filled his face as he realized he was caught. He went and laid in the bed, pointedly looking at her then the bed. Uraraka slowly slipped into the bed, staying close to the edge as she could, she could almost feel the eyeroll with his grunt as he placed a hand on her hip and pulled her flush against him.

"Hard to stay warm when you're so far away, cheeks." His voice had dropped an octave as he whispered those words into her ear. Her breath caught in her throat as his thumb traced tiny circles on the inside of her hip bone. He kissed her bare shoulder and Uraraka thought that she was going to explode. "Go to sleep, Uraraka." Uraraka closed her eyes, willing the way his name sounded on his lips fade into what she hoped would be a good dream.

Uraraka woke to the sounds of a feminine scream filling her ears. She shot out of bed, or tried too, and ended up on the floor with her legs trapped in the blanket. Looking up from her spot on the floor she caught a glimpse of a man with crazy chestnut brown hair and a woman with equally crazy hair that was the same shade of platinum blonde as Bakugou's.

"Fuck! What the hell is with the screeching so fucking early ya old hag?" That was definitely Bakugou's angry voice, nice to know he wasn't a morning person either.

"Don't fucking yell at me, you damn brat! What the hell are you doing with a girl in your room? Did you think your Dad and I are fucking stupid and wouldn't notice the second pair of shoes in the entryway? It is eight am after all!" Wow, this cleared up so much of where Bakugou's explosive personality came from.

"Honey," a soothing voice entered her ears as she looked at the man before her. "If you give him a chance I'm sure he'll be able to explain who this young woman is."

"This is Uraraka. She goes to U.A. with me and shitty hair and pink alien freak bailed on her last night so I invited her back here. Didn't know you turned the fucking spare room into a goddamn freezer."

"Oh, you poor dear!" His mom gushed as she pulled Uraraka up to her feet in a swift motion, damn she was strong. "I am sorry for this ungrateful boy's manners. I'm Mitsuki and this here is my husband, Masaru."

"I'm right here, hag!"

"Of course you are! The whole fucking neighborhood knows where you are, I'm sure." Uraraka couldn't help the small giggle that escaped her lips. All the pieces of the puzzle were slowly falling into place where it concerned Bakugou. He seemed to have all of his mother's same mannerisms, physical appearances minus his father's build, and same . . . colorful language.

"Why don't the two of you get dressed and meet us for breakfast before you head out for the day?" The two teens nodded their heads silently as Masaru pulled Mitsuki from the room. Uraraka looked at Bakugou who was running a hand through his hair so she took the opportunity to scurry to her own room and put on her black skirt and rose pink t-shirt. She brushed her hair, gave herself a once over in the mirror in the spare room, took a deep breath and proceeded to the dining room.

"Please have a seat Uraraka. I'm sure my son will be joining us shortly," Masaru pulled a chair out for her, blushing she took a seat as he slid the chair in. "I feel like I should know you from somewhere but I just can't quite put my finger on it."

"Bakugou and I fought at the Sport's Festival our first year."

"That's right. You gave our boy a run for his money," Masaru beamed at the shocked brunette.

"Run for his money? I think you have me confused with someone else from the festival because he beat me pretty good." Uraraka stated as she played with a stray piece of hair. She still felt bad that she had lost and was constantly reminded by EVERYONE that she wasn't good enough to beat him. Still a sore spot.

"The gravity quirk, right? The one who rained rocks down on my son?" Uraraka nodded her head yes as the man continued to smile. "Katsuki is a brash and, mostly, fearless kid who has been told how powerful his quirk is since he learned about it. He's always aimed for the top and conquering all in his path, kind of attitude. Which, in all honesty, Mitsuki and I probably embellished a bit too much as he was growing up. I'm sure that by watching their interaction this morning you can tell that he's more like his mother than me." Masaru chuckled at that as a slow smile formed on Uraraka's lips.

"He has a few traits of mine, like his calculating attitude. He's also quite a softy underneath the macho bravado he parades around to everyone else, you just have to know what to look for. I knew the moment he was impressed by you during your match. When you refused to back down and was giving it your all, that moment you earned his respect and I guarantee some things at school changed after that. He probably stopped calling you names, wasn't as mean to you, little things like that. He also hesitated for a slight moment when you launched all those rocks at him, so much so that he panicked and fired one large blastoff. Does that really sound like the Katsuki to you?"

It was true that Bakugou was a hot-headed individual who hated working with others but he did dominate events when he was relying on just him. He always had a plan and if that didn't work then he'd blast everything to pieces. Sure he wasn't as in-depth of a strategic planner as Deku but he did know his stuff. He also paid attention in class and was in the top five for the highest marks, so he had the brains behind his brawn.

"Plus," Mitsuki smiled as she placed a couple of items on the table, "he wouldn't be talking about how your match-up was a great fight. He practically bragged about how you were the only one who was bringing everything they had to the battlefield."

"Shut the fuck up ya old hag," Bakugou joined the rest of them at the table, sitting to Uraraka's left with a cute blush on his cheeks. He didn't correct her on anything else or try to deny it, but then again Bakugou hated liers so it stood to reason that wouldn't lie.

"Is that any fucking way to talk to your mother while you have a guest here!" He just rolled his eyes and waited for his mother to sit down. The meal was eaten in silence which Uraraka thought was odd but maybe all their yelling came to a halt because they were too busy shoveling food into their mouths?

"What are you kids up to this afternoon?" Masaru asked the duo as they stood to carry their dishes to the sink.

"I'm going to be heading back home on the train at eleven. Only have a couple of weeks left before returning to U.A. so there are a lot of things to prepare for plus I need to start packing."

"Starting with pajamas," Bakugou smirked whiling saying that under his breath, but she heard him and turned red. She looked away because she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing her embarrassed.

"What a great idea! Never hurts to be prepared for whatever may come. Any plans for the next two hours?"

"I was just going to wander around the market close to the train station, try to waste some time."

"Katsuki can join you then since Mitsuki has a list of groceries that need to be picked up." Bakugou rolled his eyes as he snatched the yellow paper off the fridge before proceeding to the entryway.

"Coming cheeks?" He asked while slipping on his runners. Uraraka slipped on her black flats, backpack in hand as she turned to thank his parents.

"Think nothing of it, my dear. I hope to see you around more frequently this school year." She blushed and stuttered out a response since Bakugou wasn't helping her any. They headed out the door and were halfway down the path when Mitsuki yelled out the front door.

"Don't forget condoms, Katsuki! If you're going to be sharing more beds in the future you need protection! I am too damn young to be a fucking grandmother!"


"IT IS IF YOU PUT A BABY IN THAT NICE GIRL, YOU FUCKING UNGRATEFUL BRAT!" Bakugou grabbed Uraraka's hand and stormed the rest of the way out the yard.

"Was that really necessary Mitsuki?"

"Probably not, but that boy is so dense sometimes that I might actually never become a grandmother. Don't get me wrong I am way too young to be one but hopefully, he'll pull his head out from his ass and admit he has a crush on the girl."

"She likes him too, that much was obvious, but there's no need to scare the poor thing off. I actually really like this one, even if meeting her was an accident."

"That girl is tough as nails. She'll be able to stand up to him when he's being a grade A asshole and patient enough to help him deal with the new emotions that will come from liking someone. Think we should say hi to her at the Open House? Kirishima will be tickled pink that we stop by to see him, think she'll be the same way?"

"As if I could stop you from saying hi to her dear," he kissed his wife's cheek as they went back into the house. Hopeful that their son's crush would turn into something more with time, patience and perseverance.

Uraraka and Bakugou said absolutely nothing to one another as they walked to the market. After that display, she wasn't sure what she could say to him. If she was embarrassed then he must have been mortified by his mother's outburst. Part of her was angry that she'd yell that for all the neighbors to hear, another part wanted to crawl into a hole and die, and the third part wanted to know what it was like to kiss the man. Sex had never really crossed her mind while at school. She had heard her fair share of rumors, heard guys bragging from Class 1B about the girls they'd scored and she didn't feel like being a notch under their belts.

Instead, Uraraka had thrown herself into her studies and martial arts. She heard ALL about different sexual experiences from Ashido the tail end of first year. Now that she was dating Kirishima she was bound to hear more, which was slightly weird when you had to see said person every day. Even the terminology was for sexual acts was weird, like motorboating. How the hell were the two things even remotely related was beyond her, but it did force her to look up some terms that had been spoken about. Some were hard no's, others were just odd, and some she could see herself liking.

"Get your damn head out of the clouds cheeks, we're at the market."

"Oh, sorry. What did your mom need from her list?"

"Most of it is fresh fruits and vegetables, so I'll pick up the damn things last. Don't need them to spoil before I get them home and have the old hag on my damn ass about it."

"For sure! Is there anything you wanted or needed to do? I was just going to window shop after I bought my ticket, or maybe there was someone else you were meeting up with?"

"Just you an' me cheeks." A smile crept onto her face as warmth bloomed in her chest. She knew his words shouldn't have made her feel so incredibly happy but they did. Good thing she had the train ride to analyze her feelings. "Sale counter for tickets is over this way." She must have had a strange look on her face that caused him to raise an eyebrow at her. "Something on your mind, cheeks?"

"You've changed so much since last year. Why is that?" She blurted before she had a chance to stop herself, internally smacking herself in the face. "Not that you have to tell me, I was just . . ."

"Summer classes. I have to retake my damn licensing exam this week and part of the stupid ass thing is rescue work which I am shit at, or so I have been told. Plus I don't work well with others. I want to be the number one damn hero then I need to change parts of my plan to reach the damn top."

"These changes are good," Uraraka softly spoke to the amped-up blonde. "I know that you'll ace this test and be ready to go for our second year."

"Tch, don't need you to tell me that, cheeks." The pinkish tinge to his face told her otherwise. "We've been wandering around for a while. Better get you to the station before you miss your damn train." He led her to the platform her train was departing from, another comfortable silence between the two.

"Thanks again for everything Bakugou. I really do appreciate you helping me out."

"Don't mention it. I'm sure you'll repay the damn favor one day." Uraraka bit her lip as she looked at the almost calm face. She was wrestling with herself over what she wanted to do and how'd he react. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

"Good luck at the exam." Uraraka stood on her tippy toes, placing a kiss to Bakugou's cheek before dashing into the crowd to escape whatever reaction he may have. There were no explosions so that was a good sign. Now all she had to do was figure out how to face him when they went back to school. A couple of weeks was long enough to wrap her head around everything and formulate a plan, right?

Chapter Text

Uraraka woke up early, excited to finally be back at U.A. Highschool with all of her friends. She was busy brushing her teeth as she quickly ran through how the last couple weeks of break had gone by so fast. Granted, she had thrown herself into work to keep her mind off of the fact that she had kissed Bakugou goodbye on the cheek. She still wasn't sure what the hell she had been thinking. She had been so engrossed at her parent's construction company and working at the agency that she was tired every night, which meant her mind couldn't wander. She had even received a bonus from her agency for the amazing work she had done while with them, which was more than enough to help with her budget for school that year. Money was always a sore subject with her but for the first time in a while, everything felt like it was on track!

Almost everything.

She still had to face Bakugou in class today, whom she hadn't seen or spoken too in two weeks. They had never exchanged numbers and she was about to ask Mina or Deku for his number, the headache that would have followed either of those conversations was so not worth it. Uraraka finished putting on her uniform for class as a knock was heard at her door.

"One minute!" Uraraka hollered as she finished with her shirts before swinging the door open. "Ba . . . Bakugou." Her heart hammered so loud in her ears she was sure he was going to hear how fast it was beating.

"Hey, cheeks. You left your damn sweater at my house. Figured I'd return the stupid thing before class started." He tossed it at her as it landed on her face, however, she was frozen with her hand on the doorknob. "Cheeks? You got brain damage or something?" She pulled the sweater off her face and whirled around to go and put it on her laundry basket, giving herself a few extra seconds to get her red face under control.

"Sorry, was just startled," she lamely stated, wincing at her own dumb comment.

"Com' on, we'll be late for class if you don't get your ass in gear." She squeaked, grabbing her bag and wallet before closing the door behind her. Walking with him was grating on her nerves, she figured she wouldn't have to see him until class and definitely wouldn't have had to converse with him for at least a week.

"How was the rest of you break?" The silence was defining so she tried to break it up by starting a conversation.

"Nothing special." Ugh, she should have known better than to try and have a conversation with Bakugou.

"Hey, Uraraka!" Mina showed up, with Kirishima in tow, as she linked arms with the brunette. "Hey, BakuBoy! How was the rest of your summer girl?" Bakugou simply rolled his eyes at the idiotic nickname and fell behind the two chatty women.

"How was your night with Uraraka?" Kirishima whispered to the blonde who shot him a glare and elbowed him in the side.

"Would you shut your fucking mouth!" Bakugou angrily whispered to the red-head. "Nothing happened. Still can't your stupid girlfriend flaked on her to fuck you."

"What can I say, I'm awesome!" He waggled his eyebrows and Bakugou had a hell of a time not gagging. "Come on man! You've had a crush on her since . . ." Bakugou took the opportunity to harshly shove Kirishima down the approaching stairwell causing the two women to stop at stare at him.

"He was pissing me off." Uraraka giggled as Mina rolled her eyes, mumbling about stupid boys and their egos. The three of them entered the classroom and took their seats, conversing with their normal group of friends.

"So not fucking cool, man!" Kirishima partially glared at his best friend as he sat down beside him, all the while the blonde boy couldn't help the smirk that made its way to his face.

"Alright class, quiet down," Aizawa said as he peeled himself out of his sleeping bag. "A couple of announcements today. Firstly, there will be no Sports Festival for the second or third years this time around." The room erupted into chaos as everyone was yelling or screaming about how unfair it was or wanting to know what was going on. "The staff have decided to try something different for our second and third-year students this time around. Third-year students will be having a Battle Royale with other students towards the end of first term, which we will all be attending to cheer on our school." That had brought on some more whooping and hollering from the class.

"Second-year students with be randomly selected for two-on-two battles mid-way through the first term. All-Might and I will be drawing the names the morning of the Sports Festival, so you will also have one month to prepare with your partner. The first year's Sports Festival will take place one month from today and yes we are attending that as well."

"Excuse me, Sensei?"

"Yes, Ida?"

"What will our duo test be?" Aizawa smiled, one that sent chills down everyone's spines.

"You won't find out until homeroom that day. The second announcement, there had been a change in staffing this year as there has been an exchange of teachers. Midnight and Ms. Joke will be swapping places for, at least, this term. Ms. Joke will be teaching you Hero Ethics this term, you'll have your regular classes with myself and All-Might. Yes, Ida?"

"What is the reasoning for the exchange?"

"Some people believe that our students have become too complacent with the staff in both schools." There were a lot of eye rolls and whispered remarks. "We have all agreed to give this a try, but we are all quite sure that the outcomes will be the same because you kids are plain awful." There was some booing and red faces in the class as Aizawa eyes scanned the group of kids.

"Thirdly, I am assigning everyone a study-buddy for the term. You will be paired with this person for all group assignments as well as helping one another's grades. If the less academically inclined person you are paired with continues to do worse than the higher achieving students marks will continue to drop as well. Your first, and only, duo grade will be a wash as you figure out how each other prefers to study, work around your schedules etcetera. Todoroki and Mineta, Tokoyami and Hagakure, Yaoyarozu and Aoyama, Midoriya and Jirou, Ida and Kaminari, Bakugou and Uraraka, Asui and Kirishima, Ojiro and Ashido, Sero and Koda, lastly, Shoji and Sato." Uraraka wanted to crawl into a hole and die, an entire semester with Bakugou as a study partner.

"Last announcement. For those with their provisional licenses, I asked each of your employers to send me a scorecard that will be going towards your grade. There are comments from your employers, good, bad or otherwise. Read through them and work on correcting your mistakes. You are all ranked as well, with the top ranking going to Uraraka." Her eyes became as wide as saucers as she stared blankly at her sensei. Had he really just called her name and told her she was number one at something? Aizawa passed Uraraka her scorecard before handing out the rest to the overly excited class.

"Alright! You can now all head out to the training field where All-Might is waiting for you for the remainder of the day. Grab a class schedule off my desk on your way out." Aizawa stepped into his sleeping bag and fell asleep behind the desk within seconds of the class buzzing about.

"Congratulations Uraraka!" Deku, Ida, and Asui said at the same time while hovering about her.

"I had heard your agency was gaining popularity amongst the others and there seemed to be a lot of rescue work going on. To get a glowing recommendation from your agency will definitely work in your favor as an aspiring hero!" Deku mentioned as he continued to natter to Ida, the pair comparing their own time at their agencies and where they needed to improve and how to accomplish those goals.

"What's wrong Uraraka?" Asui asked as she noticed the frown on her face.

"There's a comment on my card that, well it's just odd."

"What's it say?"

"Uraraka is too trusting of others and needs to work on discerning who she can trust and who is using her for their own gain," the brown-haired girl read aloud. "I don't know where this comment came from. There is no particular moment I can think of that stands out or comes to mind."

"Maybe it's just a general comment. You know, one that is meant for you to think about going forward. Not all heroes are super nice, some of them have awful reputations when it comes to money or women," Deku smiled at her. "Caution is our line of work is a good thing and knowing who to trust is something we should always keep in our back pocket. People can change, bad or good, but having a circle of people who genuinely care about your well-being is a good thing."

"I agree with Midoriya," Ida said while pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose. "This comment must have something to do with your employers past and giving you insight early means you have the upper hand."

"Guess I'm just reading too much into this," Uraraka laughed at herself. She was just being silly and probably looking for something to be wrong since she was number one at something for a change.

"Don't let all this praise go to your ego," Mina's hip bumped Uraraka with a wink. "Don't want you to forget about is little people in all your fame." The group laughed as they entered the training grounds.

"Welcome, Class 2A, to your second year at U.A." All Might's voice boomed across the stadium as he stood in all his former glory. He could only hold his hero form for ten minutes since his battle with All For One and he wasn't able to use his powers. He was still a valued teacher and offered a lot of insight but it was always weird to see him as the older, smaller man.

"I trust that everyone enjoyed their break! I'd like to congratulate Todoroki and Bakugou on achieving their provisional licenses. I have several teachers to help me evaluate your skills from the beginning of last year to now. You will be broken up into four groups of five, each group will be heading to a different station where you will each have three chances to do better than your previous scores. A teacher has the ability to make you go again if they believe you should have done better."

Uraraka's team consisted of Mineta, Ashido, Ida, and Koda, all of which were following Cementos to their first activity, running. She quickly realized they were all being given the same tests as they were their first year, judging by the activities the other were doing. All of this in one day? Damn, she was going to be one tired hero at the end of the day.

The entire group of students were moaning and groaning as they all made their way to their rooms to freshen up for the evening. Uraraka stepped under the warmth of the water as she let it cascade over her sore body. Who would have thought she'd be so sore after spending time at the agency and her parent's construction company. Even her nose was sore!

She threw a towel on her head to dry her hair somewhat as a knock sounded at her door. Looking at the clock she realized that Mina was a couple of minutes early for their catch-up session. Shrugging her shoulders she wrapped a towel around her body and proceeded to open the door, "Hey, Ashido. You're a bit ear-ly. Ahhhhh!"

Uraraka slammed the door shut, holding the knot in her towel tight as the other hand covered her flaming face. What the hell was wrong with her? She should really stop opening her door because every time she did there was Bakugou. She'd seen more of him the last couple weeks than all of last year!

"Open the damn door cheeks. I just want your schedule so that I can figure out times to study." Uraraka grabbed her schedule and slid it under the door, biting her bottom lip as she heard Bakugou scoff and mutter something she couldn't understand. She through on her undergarments, a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt when another knock was heard at the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's meeeeeee! Open up girl, we have so much to catch up on." Uraraka sighed, opening the door with a smile as she let the pink girl in. "I'm so happy to be back! It makes seeing everyone so much easier, especially my main man."

"I'm just happy we are on opposite ends of the dorms this year," Uraraka mumbled to herself. Mina was very very loud when she had 'friends' over late at night and noise canceling headphones were a pain to sleep in.

"I can't help it that there were some really great guys pass through my room." Uraraka rolled her eyes. Mina was normally not as bad until her and Kirishima started having sex, then the volume was tenfold. The walls weren't thick but they muffled the sound well enough until those two started hooking up. "Ok fine! There has only been one guy to frequent my room now. We were only able to see one another every other week over the summer. It was torture!"

"So what you're telling me is that I should wear my headphones tonight?" A smirk on her face as Mina chucked a pillow at her head, both girls laughing.

"He's just so talented with his fingers, or tongue." Uraraka went red as Mina talked about his talents in the bedroom. "One day you'll get it. You'll get a man who'll make your toes curl with the slightest kiss or the instantaneous throbbing between your legs when he gives your 'that' look. Out of the guys I have been with, I have to say, Kirishima beats them all."

"I'm glad you're happy."

"Cheeks! I have you damn paper." Containing the heat that wanted to rise to her cheeks she opened the door. "Here. The damn nerd also wanted me to tell you that supper will be ready soon." He shoved his hands into his pockets, making his way to the kitchen and common room on the first floor.

"Thanks, Bakugou! Mina, supper is ready."

"Thank gawd! I'm starving after today's activities." She linked her arm with Uraraka's as she drug the woman with her to the stairs. "Being on the fourth floor sure is a pain in the ass! So many stairs!"

"Be thankful we're not on the fifth floor then," giggled Uraraka as Mina continued to complain about there being too many stairs. Uraraka waived at everyone as they entered the dining room that was attached to the kitchen and common room. This was her favorite part about living in the dorms, the sense of home and community her class had. Their first year was definitely not a cakewalk but it had brought them all closer together and that made her smile.

"Hey, Uraraka! Ashido!" Deku waived at them. "We are each sharing an interesting fact that we did at our agencies over the break. Want to join in?"

"Abso-freaking-lutely!" Mina found a spot beside Kirishima, who placed a kiss on her cheek as she sat down.

"They're too cute," Uraraka spoke to herself.

"Cute enough to make a person hurl." Uraraka looked to her left to see the scowl on Bakugou's face.

"It's nice that he wants to show everything that he likes her. PDA isn't that awful."

"PDA isn't that bad, but those two escalate it so damn fast. In a couple of minutes it'll turn into a full on fucking make-out session then actually might vomit."

"They aren't that bad, right?" Uraraka wasn't too sure. She knew how Mina could get but wasn't sure about her boyfriend's tendencies.

"Pft. I spent a hell of a lot of my spare time with Kirishima. Bet your sweet cheeks that they are both equally damn bad, just wait. I will reserve the right to say 'I told you so' after it happens." Uraraka giggled behind her hand but really she was trying to cover up her blush at being called sweet cheeks.

"A wager then?" Bakugou raised an eyebrow at her question. "How long before the make-out session starts. Person closest to the betted time wins." Bakugou looked at his watch then at the couple and everyone else in the room before smirking.

"I bet they'll last twenty-one minutes. Enough time to eat with everyone but since they are on dish duty tonight they'll sure are shit be sucking face."

"I think they'll last thirty-five minutes. I don't think they'll do much of anything until the movie starts and they're curled up on the couch."

"Name your stakes, cheeks."

"If I win you have to tell me all about your license exam." Bakugou's eyes went wide at her statement. She figured the only person in their class who might have the slightest idea as to what happened was Todoroki. Uraraka was aware that Bakugou hated talking about himself, and his feelings, but she really wanted to know how it had gone. She had complete and utter faith in him passing this time around, plus his demeanor wasn't AS high strung as first year.

"Fine," he huffed as he ran a hand through his hair before he leaned down to whisper in her ear, "I'm claiming those lips with my own." Uraraka looked into his red eyes, that seemed a shade darker than normal as she bit her lip and held her breath. He walked to the kitchen to scoop up some food and sat beside Kaminari and Sero.

"You ok?" Asui asked from behind Uraraka as she entered the room, startling the poor girl who accidentally floated herself to the ceiling. The entire room erupted in laughter but she could care less as her eyes locked with a certain blonde's. The confidence and conviction in them had her heart pounding in excitement. Excitement? Was she really that excited about Bakugou stating he wanted to kiss her, even if it was a bet? She brought herself back down to the ground and sheepishly went to get her own dinner before sitting beside Deku and Asui.

Stories were told by everyone at the table, except Bakugou who stated the whole thing was stupid. The class didn't let him deter them as they continued to share their tails. Most were funny stories of things that happened while capturing villains or little items that happened on patrol, thankfully, no-one seemed to have gotten significant injuries while they were being heroes-in-training.

"We have a movie to pick while Kirishima and Ashido finish up the dishes!" Kaminari beamed as he ran towards the living room, whipping out a black binder full of DVDs. Kaminari chose to watch an action-comedy to get them amped up for school while lightening the mood. Uraraka was about to sit down when she felt a slight tug on her elbow.

"Twenty four minutes," Bakugou's thumb pointed to the kitchen where the pinkette and red-head were very heatedly making out. "I'll claim my prize when I walk you back to our dorm." Uraraka gulped as Bakugou went and made himself comfy on one of the loveseats. She looked back towards the kitchen to see Kirishima's hands under Mina's shirt and resting a little higher up than her hips. Those two wouldn't be making the movie, which was confirmed as Mina grabbed his hand and led him to the far stairwell. Sighing, she decided that a movie wasn't completed with popcorn.

Pulling out the air popper she added kernels to it and melted the butter as she waited. She did this two more times before using her quirk to float several bowls to where her friends were just finishing the introduction to the movie. The only like the previews when they were in a cinema since they were showing new movies that were coming, but here they usually skipped them altogether. Unless Kaminari had the remote, then they were all subjected to the torture. Uraraka looked around for a place to sit but it seemed the only place that was open was on the loveseat . . . next to Bakugou. Why her?

"Do you mind?"

"Only if you share your damn popcorn." She nodded her head yes as she grabbed one of the blankets and tucked it by her legs. Movies always made her cold so she always made sure there were blankets around for her. It could be plus thirty outside but she'd still need a blanket while watching a movie, or tv show.

Thirty minutes into the movie Bakugou untucked the blanket to throw it over his legs too as one of his arms snaked around the back of the loveseat. His arms slowly made it's way lower until it rested on her hips and pulled her closer to him. Thankfully the room was dark so he couldn't see just how red she had become. She wanted to move but he was so friggn warm that she nestled up close to him instead, placing a few pieces of the remaining popcorn into her mouth. She knew she'd pay for this later when her mind would decide it needed to dissect everything that happened but for now, she didn't care.

A particularly suspenseful scene came on, the one where the music seems to drown everything else out, as the movie characters enter the bad guy's hideout. Uraraka waited with bated breath, knowing that something huge was about to happen. A loud bang happens as one of the main characters is suddenly thrown, the noise caused her to jump slightly as her hand gripped Bakugou's thigh. She honestly had no idea she had been doing so until the movie ended, because Bakugou hadn't said anything to her.

"Great movie choice Kaminari, it was definitely one of your better choices," Jirou commented as she headed back to her room with her floormates.

"Shoji retired earlier and we know that shitty hair and alien freak are, more than fucking likely, bumpin uglies so it's just you and me heading back to our floor, cheeks." She nodded as they walked in comfortable silence, which was better than how tense she had been feeling around him earlier. They stopped at Uraraka's door and she was about to bid him goodnight when either of his hands planted themselves on the sides of her head.

"I believe I won a bet earlier, sweet cheeks. I plan on collecting it tonight."

"To-tonight?" He nodded as his right hand moved to caress her red cheek before he leaned in slowly. She wanted to run and hide bet she wanted to know what kissing Bakugou was like more. His lips gently pressed against her, in a soft, slow kiss that had her knees suddenly going weak. Before it had even started it was over, which had moaning is disapproval.

"I like winning bets against you."

"I didn't hate losing," she dared to look his in the eyes, seeing the same deep red she had seen earlier. Uraraka smiled up at Bakugou as she opened the door, "Goodnight Bakugou."

"Goodnight Uraraka." She closed the door and once it was closed he pressed his head to his arm as it rested against the cool wood. He heard a low whistle and looked over his right shoulder to see Kirishima with a shit-eating grin on his face. "How fucking much did you see?"

"Oh, just the kiss and the fact you called her Uraraka and not cheeks. Shall we continue this in your room?" Bakugou rolled his eyes but didn't stop Kirishima from following him into his room. "I'm assuming you've made some headway when it comes to your year-long crush?"

"I won a bet."

"What were you betting on?"

"How long it'd take for you and pinkie to start making out after she joined you at the table."

"Those were unfair odds, you've seen us make-out plenty of times to know that we never ever make it past thirty minutes before one of us starts."

"Just be thankful that Uraraka didn't see pinkie grope you before you left the kitchen. The girls might be friends but she seems pretty damn innocent."

"Ya, ya. We'll TRY to be more careful in the future. You know the new & improved Bakugou is freaking everyone out, which I find hilarious, but eventually, someone is going to find out why you changed. Think you can handle that?"

"I'll have too. Not like a fucking give a damn what anyone else thinks."

"Except her." Bakugou turned his head to the side but didn't dispute that fact. "Anywho, I'm turning in for the night. See ya at breakfast or in class." Kirishima let himself out as Bakugou got ready for bed. He needed to know if he felt anything while kissing Uraraka, was his main reason for stating that as his prize. He had kissed a lot of women over the summer, his sexual prowess had grown substantially but kissing the girls he fucked seemed too intimate, almost wrong.

Kissing Uraraka . . . felt like his damn mind might explode and it was the most PG kiss he could have mustered. He knew then that he definitely was going to pursue her but when she moaned after their kiss ended he wanted so badly to ravage her. But this had to be done correctly, thought out like a battle plan and executed like she was his prey. He lay down on his back on his bed thinking back to the moment when he realized he was attracted to her. It was, of course, their battle at the Sports Festival their first year. He was so certain that the plan she concocted had come from the fucking nerd, but even so, the way she went all out on him, he shivered at how badass she had been.

He had found her jacket laying on the ground, and out of respect for their fight, he decided to return it to her. He came upon the infirmary, listening to the nerd and four eyes hash out their battle. Four eyes had complimented the nerd on a well laid out plan only to have the nerd state that it wasn't his plan. He did stop by to go over strategy with Uraraka but she politely declined, saying she had something of her own she wanted to try, and try she fucking did. Smirking he went back to the waiting room and placed her jacket on the back of a chair, eventually, someone would find it.

From that point on he carefully watched her whenever he had the opportunity stuck. He respected the gravity woman more than he would ever say but the moment the damn nerd had kissed her on the cheek after an intense conversation he had felt a white-hot rage consume him. He had stormed out intent on pummeling something but had ended up walking around for hours instead. He never did figure out what had happened and there were no rumors for him to formulate his own thoughts on. Jealousy, it wasn't something that had been directed at another person before, not someone he was interested in anyway. He planned on asking her one day but for now, he'd take his victory over the fact that she had stuck around for the kiss and enjoyed it.

Being study buddies with her would prove to be interesting for the rest of the term. Should be easy enough to keep himself in line while slowly easing himself into a . . . whatever the hell it was called when two people liked each other. He pulled the covers up as he rolled to his side and let sleep claim him.

Chapter Text

It had been almost a month since they had become study buddies, a month since they had made the bet, and a whole fucking month since he had kissed her. They flirted all the damn time but whenever he'd move in on her she'd somehow manage to dodge his advances . . . EVERY FUCKING TIME. He was ready to lose his gawd damn mind. He'd been playing it over and over and over in his head but couldn't fucking figure out what the hell he was doing wrong.

She was a damn flirt! Batting her eyelashes at him, placing a hand in his upper thigh or his bicep, leaning over his shoulder to say something so her words tickled his ear. He felt like he was drowning in all the fucking mixed signals. Normally he had no issue being blunt and asking whatever the hell needed to be asked, but she was different. It was some random girl he was hooking up with for an hour. No. Uraraka was someone he wanted a . . . relationship with.

Who the hell was he?

He was concerned with being the number one fucking hero and he was sure as shit going to get there. Now he had to deal with feelings and emotions - BARF! Couldn't he go back to the simpler fucking days when he was like eight and girls had cooties? He slams his locker door, pressing his cool head to the metal. Training would be so much fucking better if he wasn't incredibly distracted by the thought of her big brown eyes.

"Yo, Bakubro! What's got your panties in a knot?" Kirishima leaned against the lockers as Bakugou rolled his eyes. Should have known shitty hair would be here, he did spar with the idiot earlier.

"None of your damn concern." He threw his bag over his shoulder and proceeded to walk out of the changeroom.

"Dude, I know something is on your mind. You've barely yelled at anyone today and we all know Kaminari was pushing all the right buttons at lunch today." Bakugou knew that Kirishima wouldn't drop this, he'd just pester him again in an hour or two. "Does this have anything to do with Uraraka? Tell the Loooove Doctor what he can do for you."

"You're a massive fucking idiot, you know that."

"Perhaps, but this idiot happens to be your best bud." He winked and nudged Bakugou in the side as the temperamental blonde smirked back. He could admit that Kirishima was his 'best friend,' that the nerd wasn't AS awful anymore, and that most of Class 2A were okay people, but the only fucking people who know that are himself and Kirishima. Bottling shit up made it harder to control his quirk, he'd found that out the hard way earlier. Kirishima was all fucking sunshine and rainbows when he decided to actually talk about shit with him.

"My room. No way in hell am I discussing this with you in the fucking open." Kirishima broke into a huge grin as they silently made their way back to their dorms, it helped that they were on the same floor.

"Alright, spill the beans!" Kirishima excitedly said as he closed the door to Bakugou's room. Bakugou groaned, he hated all this touchy-feely bull-shit. "I want all the details about how you are rocking Uravity's world!"

"Nothing more has happened," Bakugou muttered under his breath, hating the fact that he had to admit that.

"What do you mean? She'd totally into you! She watches you all the time in class, flirts and blushes whenever you're too close in public. Hell, I had to put Mina on a gag order so she wouldn't tell anyone."

"Bet she liked that order," smirked Bakugou while the redhead laughed.

"I might have had to do some extra . . . persuading," he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Uraraka has been talking with Mina and Asui about . . . well, whatever it is girls talk about. I could get you some inside information, but it'll cost ya."

"What the hell do you want?"

"A week's worth of supper cooked by you for me!" Kirishima practically started drooling at the thought of home cooked meals by his blonde buddy. Cooking was a soothing exercise for Bakugou, not that he would ever admit it, but it helped his friend to relax and gave him much-needed reflection time. He could get yummy food while Bakugou thought of a new game plan, it was a win-win situation!

"Fine, but the information you get better be fucking good or I am docking days! How much damn time do you need?"

"Well, tomorrow the announcement will be made for our duo groups and then we are headed to the first year's Sports Festival, sooooo three days. Should be enough time to get you some good stuff."

"Deal! Now get outta my damn room, Uraraka will be here soon to study for the math test we have coming up."

"Good luck dude!" Kirishima gave Bakugou two thumbs up as he walked out the door. The blonde looked at his watch, he had a good twenty minutes before Uraraka would be here which meant he had enough time to hop in the shower since he didn't have one after his workout. He jumped in, letting the warm water flow down his body which wasn't too sore, thankfully. He hadn't had to go all-out in a long fucking while which meant he had time work on his endurance and quirk precision. Kirishima was good to work with when it came to their quirks since he was less likely to hurt the loser.

He towel dried his hair before wrapping a towel around his waist, grabbing his phone to see that Kirishima had been messaging. Stupid fucking memes, what the hell did people see in them? Someone had too much damn time of their hands so he told Kirishima to get his homework done since it was highly unlikely that he had already done the damn thing. The response he got was another meme telling him that he wasn't his mom, Bakugou snorted. There was a knock on his door and he stormed over to it. His stupid best friend probably had a dumb ass question about their assignment. He opened the door to see a smiling Uraraka standing there, eyes going wide.

Uraraka's mouth fell slightly open as her eyes wandered the expanse of his chiseled abs, sculpted pecs, and broad shoulders. Her head tilted slightly as she continued to look over his well-toned body until she reached his eyes, red eyes that seemed to be on fire. She blinked several times before realizing she had just openly ogled a half-naked Bakugou. Uraraka made a high pitched squeak, turning fifty shades of red, before turning around and getting ready to bolt but and hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"Chill out sweet cheeks. Give me a few damn seconds and we can get to studying math." He closed the door as Uraraka shook her head and gently slapped her cheeks. She was internally groaning at herself, embarrassed at being caught stupidly staring at the man before her. The ground could swallow her up any minute now, yup any damn minute would be nice.

"We've got an hour to study," his hard voice stated as the door opened. "Oi, cheeks, you coming in or what?"

"Sorry," she flustered stated, wishing the redness in her face would just fade away already. She plopped down on the floor and spread out her notes and the remaining questions she had from class to finish. Bakugou picked up one of her sheets of paper, looking over her algebraic equations.

"Well, it's not damn bad. You seem to do just fine up until the end and then it all kinds of fucked up."

"Sorry. Mathematics and I do not have the greatest of relationships." He snorted, that was plain to fucking see plus he had heard her whine about it their entire first year.

"Let's start here and explain what the hell on going on in that heads of yours to give you wonky ass answers." Uraraka started to explain the process in which she was solving her equations, not super confident at all in her abilities, good thing they got partial marks for showing their work so at least she was doing AS poorly.

"Stop! Why are you fucking solving everything in brackets last? No wonder why your damn answers are so obscure. You gotta do it like this." He proceeded to explain the proper method, laid out perfectly on a sheet of paper so she could easily follow through on her own for the next issue she was having was that she kept staring at his lips as he talked, the way his eyes shone as he talked passionately about school, how the top of his hair bounced when he got excited. Why did she want to run her hands through his hair so badly?

"Oi! You fucking paying attention cheeks?"


"Good, then do the next two damn equations and we'll see how it goes." Bakugou was thankful that he had gotten Uraraka as a partner, if he had gotten sparky he would have slit his wrists two damn days into studying, of that he was fucking positive. "Good. Now we can move onto the next two pages of questions. If you get stuck just fucking ask and I'll help." Part of his grade was riding on her doing well and he was going to make damn sure her grades stayed up!

"Hey, Bakugou, who do you think you'll be paired up with for the duo exercise?"

"Don't know, don't fucking care. We'll annihilate anyone in our path!" Uraraka giggled at his constant number one attitude.

"Who do you hope to be paired up with?"

"Doesn't fucking matter since we have no say in it."


"As long as it's not fucking Aoyama I could care less." Uraraka broke out in peals of laughter which had Bakugou smirking. He might not be carefree enough to laugh but hearing from her warmed him to the core.

"I'd take Aoyama over Mineta, that guy gives me the heebie-jeebies."

"Heebie-jeebies?" Bakugou snorted and looked right at her, "What are you, fucking five years old?"

"Heebie jeebie is an acceptable term!"

"Maybe if you're in playschool. You could have used any other damn word, like creepy or perverted but instead, you go with the most childish version you could think of."

"I happen to like using that term, thank you very much!" He tched and turned his head away from her only have it forcefully shoved forward. He looked at the pillow that was lying on the ground as she held another one up, ready to throw it at him.

"Oh, it's fucking on now cheeks!" He grabbed the pillow she had thrown at him and began to swing wildly at her. She blocked with her pillow before getting another jab into his side and he brought his pillow down in a forward slashing motion, catching her in the shoulder. They continued to exchange blows until he grabbed her around her sides, eliciting a shriek from her. He brushed his fingers along her side again as she giggled. Fuck, she was ticklish! Well, this opened a whole new can of damn worms now didn't it!

"Baku-gou stoooop," Uraraka have whined while she tried to catch her breath. She managed to bring her chest to his, using all her muscle to pry him off of her without using her quirk.

"Hell fucking no cheeks! This is like winning the lottery!"

"Maybe . . . for . . . you!" She breathlessly stated, still trying to free herself. Her foot caught on the leg of the bed in her attempt to wiggle free causing the two of them to tumble to the floor. They hit the floor hard, the wind was knocked from her as she closed her eyes to take a couple of steadying breaths.

"Damn! You alright sweet cheeks?"

"Yup, gimme a second." She honestly didn't need time to gather her breath, oh no. She needed to gather her mind from traveling to the gutter since Bakugou's forms was completely covering hers. His uneven breathing was fanning over her cheek and she just knew that he was staring right at her. One look at his heated eyes and she'd be a goner, hook, line, and sinker.

"Uraraka?" Her eyes opened immediately, he had never called her by her name, EVER! It sounded so good coming from his lips too.

"I'm fine," she smiled at him, blushing at their close proximity. "I ah, I should probably head back to my room. Don't want to be too tired for tomorrow's events."

"Right," he stood up, offering her a hand, which she took as he pulled her up. She gathered her papers, textbooks, and writing utensils before she headed to the door. Bakugou was oddly still but she was thankful was a bit of space.

"Thank for everything, Bakugou. I'll see you in the morning, goodnight."

"Ya, g' night." She closed the door as he continued to stand in the middle of the room. The feel of her pressed against him, the way her chest rose and fell with each deep breathe, fuck! She would be his undoing. He ran a hand through his hair, thanking who-the-fuck-ever was watching out over him because his raging hardon happened to be pressed into the floor between her legs. Not sure how much more red a person could get, especially if she would have felt him against her leg.

Cold shower or solo job?

Those were his two solutions to his problem right now. He looked at the clock noting how it was just after nine. A cold shower would easily do the trick but then he'd be awake for at least another hour. Masturbating would take the edge off and he'd fucking sleep well tonight. He stripped his clothes, grabbed his supplies and lay on top of his covers. Bakugou might not have gotten laid for over a damn month but he now knew that Uraraka was worth waiting for.

Bakugou squirted a bit of lube into his palm, letting it sit there for a bit to warm it up before he started at the head on his penis, confidently stroking his way down. He hissed at the feeling, being turned on every day for seemingly a month because of all the little things Uraraka would do was torturous. Nothing compared to how she felt underneath him, how he wished it was her velvet soft hand stroking his large cock. He groaned quietly, picking up the pace as their brief kiss flashed through his mind, wondering what it'd be like to get her all worked up by one heated, passionate kiss.

He placed his thumb at the head of his cock and smeared his precum around in circular motions. Fantasies of the curvaceous brunette would have to do, for now, because he fully planned on winning her over and when he did he was going to explore it all with her. The thought of her warm lips around his cock as he slowly took him deeper, how tight her pussy would feel around him, wondering if she'd be quiet or not. His thoughts were all over the place, yet they were all about her. His breathing became labored as he felt his balls drawn up before he came on his chest, laying still he listened to his gasps in the quiet of his room.

He wiped the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand as he grabbed the towel from beside him to clean up his mess. He sat on the edge of the bed for a minute running through how, if Uraraka wasn't so clumsy, he wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to be so close to her. He tossed the towel into his laundry basket, the lube into his nightstand drawer, and threw the covers over his naked body. He set an alarm for the morning so he'd have time to rinse off before class, but knew his dreams would be filled with a beautiful smile and pink cheeks.

Uraraka was one of the last people to enter the classroom that morning, having been plagued of dream with Bakugou. Not all of them were bad, some of them were really, REALLY good but there was one that had left her shaken. Not that she could remember it anymore. Just one of those dreams that left you with a sinking feeling in your gut, that set you on edge for the rest of the day. She still managed to get a solid six hours of sleep, which wasn't horrible, she could easily still function throughout the day. She just preferred to have seven to eight hours every night.

"Alright class," Ms. Joke said as she strolled into the room. "Aizawa is helping get the first years ready so I'm here to pass back some marked homework and collect what was due today. Pass it all up." The students passed in their scribblers to the next one in front of them until there was a stack of books on the first desk where Ms. Joke proceeded to collect them all.

"Excuse me, Ms. Joke?"

"Yes, Mr. Ida?"

"Since sensei is not here does that mean we will not be receiving the information about our duo challenge?"

"Absolutely . . . yes. I have a list here of who the partners will be but we before I call them out let me go over the assignment. As you are all aware we have changed things up this year, wanted to give all of you different metrics of measure since . . . well, you've fought each other and villains already." The class nervously chuckled, not like they could forget the battles and trials from their first year.

"You will be paired up with a partner that was chosen for you by Eraserhead and All Might. Chances are you haven't worked with this person very much in the past so don't expect the pairings to be with your BFF's." The class laughed as her voice went super high, pretending she was ten years old.

"You will be judged on your ability to assess the situation, teamwork, and rescuing the civilians. You will be graded TOGETHER, so know that taking off on your own will set you back, big time. There will often be points in your career where you'll have to work as a team, either with someone in your own agency or one within the overlapping area. There will also be times where you won't necessarily like the person you are paired with. Tough it out! You are there to do a job and while you might not like one another you have to respect whom you're working with. Inter-agency cooperation is important."

"Is that why you're here and Midnight is at Shiketsu?" Ashido asked as she rocked back and forth in her chair.

"It's part of the reason, yes. Now, each pairing will have a timed rescue and the top four will go head to head in a style of Eraserhead and All Might's choosing. And no, I do not know what it might be. I do believe there are three options though. One: You'll have two on two battles with the winner of each round going against one another. Two: It'll be a four on four battle, winner takes all. Third: Something totally random that no-one expects."

"Third option sounds like our teachers," Kaminari muttered a bit too loudly, causing the class to laugh and agree at his statement.

"Also, I will be posting your study buddy grades by the end of the day outside the class. Feel free to come back after the Sports Festival to see them. Now . . . the moment you've all been waiting for! Drumroll please?" Some of the students patted their hands on tops of their desks in anticipation.

"Sero x Sato, Kaminari x Yaoyorzu, Ojirou x Jirou, Aoyama x Koda, Mineta x Tokoyami, Midoriya x Hagakure, Bakugou x Asui, Ida x Shoji, Todoroki x Ashido, and Kirishima x Uraraka. You will have assigned training times provided to you by your teachers, plus any extra time you book after school hours. Now that that's all said and done, off to the Sports Festival!"

Chapter Text

Uraraka was hanging in the back of the class as they all made their way to their seats in the stadium where they were about to watch the first year U.A. students test their quirks against one another. She was excited about being out of classes for the day and to see what the new Class 1A would be like, but she was absolutely mortified about what had happened between her and Bakugou last night. Like, wishes she could still be in bed with the covers pulled over her head for all eternity kind of mortified. The thought of it had her cheeks flushing and she was desperately trying to ignore it all.

Which was frickin hard when you see the guy every single class of every single day!

Mina and Asui were already giving her weird looks while Deku was frequently looking over his shoulder as they continued on their way. This itty bitty crush on him from the end of the first year had developed into its own kind of monster that was taking over every waking moment and most of her dreams. Not that she could complain about all of her dreams, after all, there were some that she enjoyed way more than others. She needed to pull herself together! She was Ochako Uraraka for peat's sake, if there was one thing she could do was smile through it all!

"Hey, super awesome duo partner of mine!" Kirishima threw an arm around her shoulders and slid in beside her. "I was thinking we should come up with a totally badass name now that we're partners. I also took the liberty and booked the private training grounds for every Tuesday from seven pm to nine pm."

"Wow, Kirishima, that fits my schedule perfectly! How'd you know?"

"Big Bird has given loads of insight." Big Bird? She was puzzled for a minute before she realized he was talking about Bakugou.

"Why on earth would you call him Big Bird? He's literally the opposite of the kind, gentle, quiet character."

"Gotta have a good code name for your study buddy in case he catches onto our super secret moves!" He winked and she just couldn't help the bubble of laughter that was threatening to come out.

"What about your girlfriend? Do I want to know her code name?"

"Cream soda!" Uraraka lost it. He was absolutely ridiculous but she couldn't help but feel like some of the anxiety she'd been feeling all morning lift.

"You're insane!"

"Insanely awesome!"

"Anyways, Tuesdays will be great. It'll give us a solid five days to think of ideas of how we can use our quirks together. Not sure how much we can do with your hardening quick and my gravity one."

"Whatever we do it'll be epic! Can't wait to see what crazy ideas Aizawa and All Might come up with for us. You think the newbs will have the same challenges as we did for our Sports Festival?"

"A variation of it I'm sure. Can't deviate from it too much."

"Hopefully, this year's winner won't need to be chained up to accept their win."

"Shut the fuck up! I can still hear you, you damn idiot!"

"Don't sweat it, man! You won and no-one will forget it." Kirishima chuckled as Uraraka hid her laugh in her right shoulder so that Bakugou wouldn't see it. She did manage to catch the knowing looks on several of her friend's faces.

"Not my fault half n' half decided to have a damn pity party during his battle with me. Maybe we'll face off again and I can really pummel him into the damn ground."

"There were issues with my father last year, which I assure you won't happen this year."

"Issues? You had a fuckin identity crisis last year. I want to win a battle because I had to work at it, had to go all out because the damn opponent is worth it," he briefly glanced at Uraraka who instantly turned red, but glad he got those words across to her. "If we face each other this time around I won't fucking go easy on you."

"Seems the longer he's away from the Best Jeanist's Agency the more his swearing comes back," Deku whispered to Asui who just smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

"We are joining the rest of the school and hundreds of civilians so we need to be on our best behavior. I find Bakugou's crude language to be a hindrance to our image."

"What the hell did you say four-eyes!"

"Chill out Bakuboy! My BF is just, like, trying to make you less . . . you."

"Camie?! What the hell are you doing here?"

"Midnight had a challenge and the winner was able to join Ms. Joke's class to watch the festival. I haven't seen much of my BF so I, like, won so I could see you." Ida's face went tomato red and the class was pretty sure they saw steam coming from his ears. Surprises and Ida didn't mix very well.

"I am so, so glad you are here Camie," Ashido gushed as she grabbed the blonde's hands. "Maybe you can help Ida be less stressful so we can have some fun around the dorms."

"The rules are there to keep us safe and focused on our studies!"

"Oh babe," Camie linked his hand in hers and pulled him down so she could kiss him on the cheek. "I think you need some super ultra special Camie time this weekend."

"Get some Ida!" Kaminari shouted before Jirou had a chance to cover his mouth with her hand.

"Alright, class! Kindly enter the stands and prepare for Obstacle Race that Cementoss has whipped up." The students found their seats with Uraraka sitting between Midoriya and Asui. She rolled her eyes as Deku whipped out his notebook, preparing to documents new quirks.

"Damn nerd." She looked out of the corner of her eye to see Bakugou a row behind her and four seats to her left. Far enough away that she didn't have to worry about him but definitely still within earshot. The race started like there's had but instead of robots, Ectoplasm had created clones of himself. The twist was that some had blue rings under their jackets while others had red rings. Blue rings were worth three points and red were worth one, each student needed at least twenty points when they crossed the finish line to qualify for the next round. Stealing rings was fair game.

"This is so lame. They don't even have any good quirks, stupid newbs."

"Don't say that Kacchan. There are some really neat boomerang quirks in this group as well as some variation of copy quirks."

"They're super boring. They aren't even stealing fucking rings from one another!" He made a sweeping gesture with his hand over the grounds, to which several people intently watched. "Oi! Camie! Can you keep your damn face sucking noises to yourself!" She flipped him the bird and continued to focus on unwinding her man.

"One should really do that in private," Yaoyorozu quietly said as her eyes quickly darted to Todoroki and them back to the couple. "I find it hard to believe that Ida would be doing something of this nature in public."

"Any man would be lucky to have their girl in their arms public or not, right Jirou?" Kaminari made smooching noises at his girlfriend, puckering his lips for the full effect. Jirou shoved his face away from her, blushing wildly at how idiotic he was being.

"Has everyone in our class lost their minds?" Asui whispered into Uraraka's ear, "Or is there something going around that we don't know about?"

"I honestly have no idea." Uraraka wasn't sure what was wrong with everyone, but she suspected it had something to do with the fact that there were couples amongst them. The flirting between the couples who were out in the open was clear, then there were some subtle one here and there she wasn't too sure about, yet.

"I can't wait to use this as blackmail." Kaminari snapped several pictures of Camie and Ida's makeout session, knowing that he definitely would put them to use.

"Oh look! Present Mic is announcing the winners of the first round!" Deku was practically vibrating in his seat as he muttered to himself. "Teams of three have to protect a crystal if it's stolen or broken before the timer runs out they're out. I wonder who will forms teams with one another. If it was me down there I'd be looking for . . ." Uraraka tuned Midoriya out after that, knowing that he was lost on his own little world for a while.

She was becoming lost in her own thoughts anyway. He Bakugou issue was rearing its ugly head again. Uraraka needed some serious girl talk before she broached the subject with the moody blonde if she could find the courage to do so. Leaning to whisper into Asui's ear she asked her friend if she could meet her tonight to talk about an issue. She didn't want to tell her it was about him just in case she said no or made a big deal about it. Normally she'd ask Mina but she'd tell Kirishima and she was pretty confident that Bakugou would find out. Keeping her secret and insecurities to herself for a little while yet was what she was hoping to do. Eventually, she'd have the conversation with Bakugou.

"They're not even fucking trying! What the hell is wrong with this group of first years?"

"Dude, they're quirks aren't bad. They're just not as . . . intense as we were our first year. We are a pretty kick ass class, after all!"

"Tch," Bakugou had a slight smirk on his face, siding with Kirishima. "This is so boring! When will something fucking exciting happen!"

"DUDE! No! Last time one of us wanted that we had the League of Villains at our doorstep! I'd like to go one semester without having any issues with them."

"The likelihood of that happening is twenty-three percent, according to my calculations. The League is still after something or someone, and let's not forget the fact that they want to destroy all heroes."

"He's surfaced for air, folks!" Sero pretended to have a microphone in his hand as he held it to Ida's face. "Tell us, Ida, on a scale of one to ten how is Camie's kissing style? Will there be a repeat performance?" Ida was sputtering at being put in such an awkward situation, face red, but thankfully his girlfriend swept in to rescue him.

"I'd worry about your own lack of kissing performances."

"Ooh, burn bro!" Kaminari slapped Sero on the shoulder. "By the way, I thought the third years were supposed to be here today too?"

"Nah, they are on some super, secret camping trip this weekend." Mina piped up, offering up the information.

"And you know this how?"

"Oh, I'm friends with that chick that goes by Dusty Ash in 3A. We worked at the same agency this summer."

"You know everything!" Kaminari pouted slightly.

"I just know that's where they're not, but I have no idea of the location. Rumour has it though that several Pro Heroes are with them this week as well as a handful of teachers. Must be something big going down."

"Or your gossip could just be lies. We don't have any of the correct information, or leads, to make a proper hypothesis." Ida pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose as Yaoyorozu nodded her head in agreement.

"Regardless of what's going on there, we should focus on what's happening down there," Todoroki pointed to the stadium. "Midoriya, does anyone that has been participating in the tournament have an earthquake quirk, or something similar?" Deku flipped through his several pages of notes, skimming fairly fast.

"None by my calculations, but I didn't get everyone written down from the Obstacle Course. Why?"

"The Battle Tournament portion has just begun and I could have sworn I saw ripples of movement in the ground."

"Odd, of the sixteen players entering the battle round none of them have anything that could cause something like that. Are you sure that's what you say?"


"We'll just keep an out for now," Yaoyorozu placed her hand on Todoroki's shoulder, "There's no use getting worked up or telling a teacher unless it's a real threat." The class nodded in agreement, each watching for anything abnormal. The fights were going fairly fast, and Uraraka had to agree with Bakugou, these students weren't anything special. Maybe it was because she was partial to her class and how diverse they were or maybe it was super boring after everything they had been through the last year. Either way, she was also hoping for more excitement, maybe a good battle would perk them all up.

"Deku," Uraraka whispered to her friend, "Do you see the tremors under the bleachers on the other side of the stadium?" Maybe her eyes were tricking her but she could have sworn . . .

"Yea, yea I do! What is going on over there? Do we tell Ms. Joke?" The two of them looked back to see what their teacher was on the phone, face serious. "Well, I think that tells us that something is going on at the very least."

"Are you still able to power up with your arms?" Uraraka questioned, biting her bottom lip in thought.

"As long as I'm not going all out then yeah, it's not a problem. Why?"

"Just have a feeling I'll need you to use your arms." Deku looked perplexed but Uraraka didn't say anything further, she was busy looking around the entire stadium.

"Class, gather round." Ms. Joke called to everyone, the edge in her voice earning their immediate attention. "We have a situation. Some villains have entered the grounds and are currently trying to bring down the stadium. We do not know their quirks, no idea how many of them there are, or what their motive is. The police are on the scene but they haven't been able to get far in their investigation. You all have your Provisional Licenses now so we'll be helping evacuate the building, Camie this includes you as well until we are told otherwise. It's important to stay calm and help those who cannot help themselves get to safety. I want you all to stay in groups of . . ." Ms. Joke's eyes went wide as she looked across at the stand on the other side. The stadium was divided into two crescent moon shapes, allowing entrance and exit from either the north or south side where a gap was at. The entire foundation of the on the other side was giving way and the screams from thousands of people filled the area.

"The tremors!" Yaoyorozu gasped, grabbing Todoroki's hand as they all watched in horror.

"Deku," Uraraka whispered but he was too caught up in the sight before him. "DEKU!" He slowly turned to look at the brunette, shocked she yelled at him and at what he was seeing. "Throw me to the top of the bleachers. I can try to float it or stabilize it while everyone helps evacuate the civilians."

"There has to be another way!"

"You know of anyone else who can keep an entire building from collapsing into the ground? I have to try Deku, try to save as many as possible!" The screams were almost drowning out their own conversation.

"This is crazy but fine! I don't like this though."

"Acknowledged, not get me onto the roof!" The two of them ran to the steps to the left that were empty since everyone else was too busy watching what was happening. "Left me activate my quirk on myself, it'll make things easier. I think." She took a deep breath before she started floating. Deku grabbed her belt as his quirk surged through his arm, he took a short running start before he launched Uraraka across the grounds. Hopefully, his aim was true and she'd land on the roof across from them.

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL! What made you launch cheeks over there!" Bakugou fisted a hand in the front of Midoriya's shirt, lifting him off the ground. Ida and Todoroki were on either side of the pissed off blonde, trying to get him to release the green-haired boy.

"She . . . she asked me too. Want . . . wanted to try to help!"

"HELP HOW?" He lowered him down so that he could speak properly.

"She's going to try to keep the building floating so we can evacuate as many people as possible."

"Fuck! Has she ever . . . ever used her quirk on this large of scale?" Kirishima asked, nervous for his new partner.

"No, not that I am aware of."

"Let's not have Uraraka's plan go to waste," Ms. Joke calmly announced. "Mineta, Aoyama, Sato, and Koda, I want you to stay here on this side and ensure all of these people get to safety. Everyone else you will head into this thinking like a rescue hero, these civilians are out first priority. Triage has been set up on the main grounds for those who need to be looked at and the general meeting point is the front of the school. Keep your phones on you at all times, I will be sending out messages every fifteen minutes. Every single one of you will check in. Let's spread out!"

Bakugou blasted off right away, followed quickly by Todoroki and Tokoyami. Everyone else was sliding down a zip line that the creative chick had made from her boobs. There were three different lines, each heading to a different section as the rest of the class divided themselves amongst the wreckage. There was a shit tonne of dust floating about, so it was difficult to see what the hell was going on, thankfully someone with a wind quick was blowing it away. Slowly but at least it was something.

"Half n' half!"


"Some damn ice slides would be fucking great right about now!" Realization dawned on Todoroki as he began sculpting a slide to where he had just landed. Bakugou smirked as he saw others were copying icy hot with ropes, poles, metal slides, earth slides - anything had was fast at getting people away from the collapsing stands. He was set on making sure Uraraka was alright until he saw it. Someone standing in one of the booths with crazy orange hair standing on end, happily dancing away. If that wasn't a villainous happy dance then he was BFFs with Midoriya

"NERD!" Deku looked to see Bakugou waving him down, he charged his legs and jumped to where he was at."


"At least one villain, now I don't know about you but I sure as shit need to punch something."

"I'll be back-up. You sure it's only one?"

"Nope, but if I was them I would be spread out. Chances are the one causing the fucking sinkhole is close to the bottom."

"Could be more people causing that."

"If it was a super villain then you bet your ass it'd just be one of them. This is different, those damn tremors happened in random places, some at the same time. Pretty sure we're dealing with a team, a fucking stupid one."

"How do you mean?"

"There's no fucking way they'll get far enough away in case this does crash. The aftermath and extra shockwaves wouldn't allow them too."

"Unless they had a transporter!"

"Could be a damn option. I think these guys are just naive, trying to make a big fucking scene without thinking it all through. Who the hell causes this big of a scene on national television? Not even the fucking League was that ballsy."

"Guess we're on a capture mission! Knock them out and ensure they get to Ms. Joke or another teacher, I don't trust the police."

"First damn thing we have agreed on in a long ass time."

"Uraraka, so you think she's ok?"

"Well the building hasn't shifted lower in the last three fucking minutes, so cheeks is doing something. No damn idea how long that'll last though."

"After you," Deku made room for the testy blonde to go first. The fact that his comment wavered slightly when he spoke about Uraraka meant something, something he'd figure out when it was safe to do so. Bakugou kicked open the door and fired a single blast at whoever was in the booth, he ran in to make sure that person was still alive. Deku scrambled back ask Bakugou came out with a suspect over his shoulder.

"That was easy, too easy?"

"He might be a couple of years older than us. There's Ectoplasm, I fucking think."

"Are you two alright? Does this boy need medical help?"

"He was one of the ones involved in this mess," Deku stated before directing some people to where a slide was located. "Bakugou knocked him out."

"I will take him into custody. Will you two be alright alone?"

"Of fucking course!" Ectoplasm smiled as he carried the orange-haired man away.

"Deku! Bakugou!" Kirishima yells as Ida, and Asui followed him to meet up with the two teens, slightly out of breath. "We have everyone evacuated that we could get too. Ms. Joke says we are supposed to be heading to the meeting point she texted us.

"Anything else you three need?"

"Dude, haven't you heard yet?"

"Fucking heard what?"

"The ground underneath our bleachers has started to tremor too! It's mostly all evacuated, thankfully. But ahh . . ." Kirishima scratched the side of his face as he looked to Ida or Asui for help.

"The ground has begun to open up," Ida matter-of-factly stated, "However, the bleachers aren't moving."

"Say what! How the hell is that even possible?"

"Uraraka," Midoriya whispered to himself.

"What now nerd?"

"Uraraka had asked me if I could still use my arms after we spotted another set of tremors. You don't . . . you don't suppose she used her quirk over there as well, do you?" Everyone was quiet as they all mulled it over.

"Awe hell, cheeks. We need to get to the damn roof!"

"Even if we could," Ida began to argue, "We would be disobeying Ms. Joke's instructions to meet at our safe point."

"I AM NOT LEAVING HER BEHIND!" Bakugou's face flushed with anger. "She's one of us and with how much of her quirk she's used there's no fucking way she'll make it out of here safe."

"Bakugou is right," Asui went to stand by his side. "She's our friend. Uraraka gave us the time so we could evacuate everyone and no-one besides Class 2A even knows she up there."

"We are going to need one of Yaoyorozu's ziplines. Once she releases her quirk we're going to need a fast escape," Deku began to explain. "It'll need to be anchored to the pole on the far right, which should take us out by . . . the training facility. Kirishima can you and Ida get it done?"

"Done. Let's go Red Riot."

"How are we going to get Uraraka down?" Asui looked from one boy to another. "It's not like you can just carry her on the zip line."

"I've got her."

"Kacchan, are you sure?"

"Do I sound fucking sure?" Midoriya nodded his head yes, fast, several times. "Then up to the roof we fucking go."

Uraraka saw the ground tremors, saw the way the dirt was folding in on itself like a . . . like a sinkhole! The sand and dirt would suck everything down into it and the larger the mass the faster it would sink, trapping, and ultimately killing everyone on the stands. She could float it, it'd be one hell of a job, but she could do it. Midoriya had just stated he could throw her with his arms, but just to be sure, she grasped the chair in front of her pushed her quirk down the chair and onto the cement portion of the building. She felt in the instant drain on her quirk but needed to make sure her friends were safe. Thankfully, their stands weren't falling right now as it would take time to push her quirk over this large mass.

"Deku," Uraraka whispered but he was too caught up in the sight before him. "DEKU!" He slowly turned to look at the brunette, shocked she yelled at him and at what he was seeing. "Throw me to the top of the bleachers. I can try to float it or stabilize it while everyone helps evacuate the civilians."

"There has to be another way!"

"You know of anyone else who can keep an entire building from collapsing into the ground? I have to try Deku, try to save as many as possible!" The screams were almost drowning out their own conversation.

"This is crazy but fine! I don't like this though."

"Acknowledged, not get me onto the roof!" The two of them ran to the steps to the left that were empty since everyone else was too busy watching what was happening. "Left me activate my quirk on myself, it'll make things easier. I think." She took a deep breath before she started floating. Deku grabbed her belt as his quirk surged through his arm, he took a short running start before he launched Uraraka across the grounds. The debris on the wind cut her face and bare arms, and she was pretty sure there'd be holes in her school uniform after this too.

The dust was thick and she thought about releasing herself but realized she couldn't or else she'd release the other stands a well. She saw a wall fast approaching, so she tucked herself into a ball for a tuck and roll landing . . . a really really rough landing. She held her breath as she saw her opening, wasn't the roof, but it was pretty close. Uraraka turned herself mid-air, starting her roll on her shoulder as she tumbled about the seats before landing on the cement.

"Ohhh, that . . . that'll leave a mark," she groaned to herself as she took a minute to catch her breath, or tried to and realized she was starting to float. She took her pinky on her right hand and pressed it to herself, increasing her center of gravity so she could walk. That was something she found out she could do during her summer at the agency, not only could she make things float but she could make them heavier too. Still a work in progress but it was definitely a great help to herself right now.

She stood up, her body protesting already, but she had to get to the roof. She'd been working on increasing the mass of items she could float and this was by far the biggest thing she'd ever done. Two ginormous stands was going to be a huge drain and she wasn't sure what the repercussions would be, but there were thousands of civilians lives at stake. Uraraka rounded a corner to face a bunch of distraught people, crying, yelling, and praying with one another. She pressed her hand to the closest cement wall and started infusing her quirk with it. Looking around she saw what looked like ice latching itself onto the part of the building, peering over the edge she saw it was a giant ice slide. Genius!

"Excuse me!" Uraraka was trying to get everyone's attention but the noise was just too great. "Excuse me!" This so wasn't working.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" She looked to her right and there was a guy with shoulder length mahogany-hair in a hoodie and dark-wash jeans.

"What the hell did you say, kid?" Some random older man yelled back.

"I said . . . SHUT THE FUCK UP! We have a hero here who is trying to get our attention." The crowd of people went quiet as they all turned to look at her. "There ya go darlin', all yours."

"Thanks. We are evacuating everyone off of this stand, so if you can calmly for a single line, there is an ice slide over here that'll take you to safety." She was really, really hoping there was something soft at the bottom too, because at the speeds these people were going to be going they'd die on impact with the ground. The people did make their way to their escape route with minimal pushing and shoving.

"Miss, do you know why this is happening?" A mother holding her young son's hand asked, eyes full of tears.

"I am sorry ma'am, but I do not have any answers for your right now."

"Of course she doesn't. Stupid kid isn't even a REAL hero, look at her."

"I am a second-year student here at U.A. with my provisional license and right now I'm your best shot of getting the hell out of here!" She understood the man was probably scared but she wasn't about to let him bully her. The man's cheeks were tinged red as he scoffed and looked away.

"Darlin', you got some fire in ya I see." Uraraka looked to see the man from earlier coming up to her in the line of people. He looked vaguely familiar, like something from a dream, but she couldn't put her finger on it. "Thanks for helpin' all of us, greatly appreciated." He tipped his imaginary hat as he made continued forward, she blushed slightly before shaking it off and heading to the roof. Hopefully, they'd all get to safety without her babysitting them. She ran up several flights of stairs until she was on the roof, looking around she realized she was all alone up here.

Uraraka needed to find a place where she could easily get off the roof but not close enough to the edge where pieces of the building might fall. She took a could steps forward before falling to her hands and knees. Well, looks like this is where she'd be staying as a large amount of her quirk was suddenly drained but the building stopped sinking. She expected this just not quite on this level, she was understanding just how much more training she had ahead of her.

Her breathing became labored as she tried to focus on not passing out, surprised that she didn't have the urge to vomit. Maybe that was only when she was floating? Something to try to remember to look into if she survived this. Survived . . . she might not make it out of here alive. What would her parents do? Would her friends miss her? She hadn't even graduated yet or had sex? Why couldn't she own up to her feelings and tell Bakugou she really liked him? She really needed to stop thinking, just keep a blank mind. Focus.

She rolled onto her back, the weight on everything becoming too much for her. The sky was blue, it was so pretty, the fluffy white clouds that were gently floating across her field of vision. Uraraka couldn't tell if it had been minutes or hours that she'd been up here, but she was getting really tired. She pinched herself to stay awake if she passed out her quirk would release itself and she couldn't risk that.

"URARAKA!" Great, now she was hallucinating Deku calling out to her.

"CHEEKS, WHERE THE HELL YOU AT?" Hallucinations of Bakugou too, well there were worse ways to go. "ANSWER ME, DAMMIT!" That sounded really close, she turned her head to the side to see Bakugou coming out of a small shroud of dust. She blinked several times, pinched herself again.

"FOUND HER!" He walked over to her kneeling as she checked her pulse. "You have a shit tonne to answer to sweet cheeks."

"Are you an angel?" She knew it was stupid but she couldn't stop her brain and mouth.

"Pft. Hit your damn head earlier when the nerd threw you?" She giggled uncontrollably.

"Kacchan, did you break her?"

"Hell if I know! She just started giggling like . . . like that," he gestured to her as another bout of giggles erupted from her.

"It's a reflex." Asui held a bottle of water up to Uraraka's lips. "When she is under extreme stress she breaks into giggles like this. I've only seen it happen one other time." Asui went quite, refusing to go into further detail. "How are we getting her off the roof? Do we know where Ida and Kirishima are?"

"Here!" Ida called as he ran over to the group of teenagers. "Had to use Kirishima as a javelin and toss him down so that the line anchored to something."

"Bout time his damn quick was of use to us," Bakugou grumbled.

"I was only able to secure three handled pulleys for us to get off the roof on. The Pros have everything contained on the ground, according to Ms. Joke's text. Uraraka will be good to release her quirk when we are about halfway down."

"Frogger, ride down with four-eyes first. Nerd you head alone second and I'll take Uraraka down with me last."

"Kacchan are you sure . . ."

"Yes!" He cut Midoriya off. "Four-eyes will be able to get medical staff to us fast to look at cheeks, Frogger has her tongue so that if something happens she can join you or safely get herself down. You're the first damn line of defense if a stupid ass villain tries to stop out decent. I won't be able to use my hands with helping cheeks." Everyone slowly nodded their heads before standing up to follow Ida. Bakugou scooped Uraraka up bridal style, who groaned in pain as her brows drew in. "Hang in their cheeks." Ida handed everyone a handled pulley before Asui jumped onto his back and they took off first.

"You sure about this, Kacchan?" He watched Bakugou brought Uraraka to his chest. "Is she going to be able to hang on to you like that the whole way down?"

"I've fucking got this! Just go!" Midoriya frowned but did as the blonde said and hooked himself up before jumping off the ledge.

"Alright cheeks, I need you to monkey yourself to me and don't fucking let go."

"I'll try, but everything hurts, Bakugou." Tears had been sliding quietly down her cheeks since he had picked her up.

"You gotta hold on. I can't lose you sweet cheeks." He hooked his pulley to the cable as her legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck. He could feel her tears hitting his neck, an ache formed in his chest seeing her like this. "On three. One, two, THREE!" They took off fast, but he was realizing he didn't know how he was going to stop with her in his arms. FUCK! He looked over his shoulder, gauging their distance.

"We're safe, cheeks, so go ahead and fucking release your quirk." He felt her head raise up slowly from his shoulder, felt her arms moving closer together so her fingertips could press to one another.

"Release," she said it so quietly that he barely heard her, but the jerk in their line gave him major whiplash. He had definitely been using her quirk on herself judging by her weight now, but how the hell had she not floated off the rooftop?

"Are we flying?" He snorted because it was a ridiculous thought.

"Gliding more like it." They were coming close to the end of the line. "I need you to trust me, cheeks."

"Always." His heart constricted with that one word.

"I'm going to let go and use my quirk to bring us to the ground." He felt her nodded her head against his neck. He sure as hell hoped this worked. Taking a deep breath he let go and started firing explosions so that he could slow down their fast descent. He sure as shit had more control over this what he had his gauntlets on. He saw an ice slide coming up to meet him, damn icy hot, and his girlfriend and some other classmates pulling over what looked like a giant blue mattress.

He hit the ice hard, nearly letting go of Uraraka as he was jostled around a bit. He could feel the bruise forming on his ass cheek already and there was no way in hell the nurse was healing that for him. They neared the bottom and at the last moment, he turned around so that his back was facing the mat and tucked Uraraka into him more, trying to cause her a little pain as possible. Hitting the mat the air rushed out of his lungs as they rolled a couple of times before stopping. They were both breathing hard, partially because of the landing and the other because they were now safe.

"You are an angel," Uraraka whispered to him as the medics began to come towards them.

"Doesn't fucking suit me. You're the only one I see here, angel face."

Chapter Text

Bakugou was trying his best not to run from class on his way to the medical bay to see Uraraka. He had taken to checking on her every morning, lunch break, and evening for the past three days. Uraraka had sustained several injuries during the overexertion of her quirk. Recovery Girl had been able to heal them all while she was out of it but she hadn't woken up yet and no-one was sure why. They also had no idea how this would impact her quirk; good, bad or otherwise.

He was left tossing and turning every night, hoping and wishing to gaze into her chocolate brown eyes once more. He never would have thought that one person would have such a huge impact on his life, but here he was. Last night Kirishima had stopped by and after a bit of yelling and threatening, on Bakugou's part, he shed several tears in front of his best friend. Kirishima didn't say anything, which he was grateful for, but stood with his on Bakugou's shoulder. Needless to say, there was the threat of death should he tell anyone about what happened. However, he knew that nothing would be shared.

"Is she awake yet?" Bakugou inquired as he threw the door open, walking over to her bed.

"Not yet, I'm afraid," Recovery Girl answered, watching as Bakugou pulled up a chair beside Uraraka's bed. "Her brain activity picked up this afternoon, which is promising. Shouldn't be long now, a day or two at most." She curiously watched as the outspoken young man grasped one of her hands within his own, playing with the pads of her fingertips.

"I can stay here for a bit?" She looked into his lost, lonely, and sad eyes, nodding her head yes. She had heard from the rumor mill that there was a spark between the two of them, it was plain to see that he cared for her. How much so she wasn't sure but there was plenty of time to let that blossom yet.

"Just remember you need to be out by six thirty so that you can eat supper and get to your studies." He rolled his eyes before focusing on Uraraka's peaceful face once again. He breathed a sigh of relief as she left the room to attend others on her watch. He had missed coming to see her at lunch since all of the extras decided to make a visit, and she sure as shit wasn't going to be caught here, holding her hand in front of them.

"Wake up soon, angel face." He rested his head further up the bed as he continued to hold her hand, falling into a light sleep.

After what felt like minutes he felt his hand and body jerk, waking him out of his nap. Looking around the room he was startled at first but as his eyes made his way back to Uraraka his heart clenched. She was crying in her sleep, thrashing about as if an invisible villain was after her. He jumped onto the bed, pinning her hands above her head and his legs secured her.

"Cheeks, cheeks wake up." He tried to call out to her but she fought against his more. "Angel face." Trying another tactic, she calmed slightly but not enough for him to ease up on her. "Ochako." Her entire body stilled after he called her name out calmly and gently. Sweat covered her brow as he hair clung to her forehead, her eyes were fluttering. He held his breath.

"Open your eyes Ochako, please." Her eyes fluttered a couple more times before they opened, slowly. She closed them quickly, he suspected the light was too bright after being asleep for three days. Her big eyes stayed open after the fourth attempt at opening them, meeting his and not straying. A smile graced her lips as she opened her mouth to say something but ended up coughing a bunch instead. He leapt off the bed, hit the buzzer for Recovery Girl and filled a small glass of lukewarm water.

"Easy cheeks. Don't drink too fast." She pushed herself into more of a sitting position as Bakugou brought the glass to her lips, blushing as he helped her drink.

"Young Bakugou, why on Earth would you press that but. . .ton. Sweet Stars! You're finally awake dear child. How are you feeling?"

"Achy and tired." Her voice was still quite gravely, even after the water.

"To be expected. Bakugou will go to the kitchen and bring a bowl of warm soup for Uraraka, and one for yourself." Bakugou gave her hand a squeeze before he left the room.

"Now, how about you tell me how you really feel?" She raised one eyebrow as she looked at the brunette in the bed before her. "I have been in this profession for a long time."

"I am achy and tired, mentally exhausted as I feel like I've been in a never-ending nightmare. Trying to make sense of what happened after we hit the ground. I think I remember the major stuff."


"But . . . I'm nervous to try out my quirk," she said in a quiet voice.

"You'll be here overnight and maybe even part of tomorrow, so there'll be no quirk activity. All Might and Aizawa have informed me that you'll do an informal quirk test to see if anything has changed once I have cleared you and before you head back to classes."

"What happened to the villains? Did we lose a lot of civilians? Are my classmates alright?"

"Chill cheeks," Bakugou re-entered the room with two bowls of soup and a sandwich. "I can handle this part if you have others to tend too."

"Much appreciated young man. Don't forget to head back to your room at some point in time."

"Yeah, yeah." He set the bowl on the side table as the small nurse brought a portable bed tray over for Uraraka to use to eat her soup off of. "We caught one of the villains, Deku and I took him out fairly fast but the others escaped. He's been interrogated by the police a couple of times but nothing so far, damn bastard. The extras are all fine, same with the Pros that were there to help out."

"And the civilians?"

"Body count was over four hundred the last anyone heard." He watched as tears silently began to fall down her cheeks. "None of that. You saved so many more than we could have ever hoped for. Your crazy ass stunt was incredibly fucking stupid but it worked, cut the casualty amount down by over three quarters. We're going to be Pros one day and we can't save everyone, as shitty as the idea is. Besides, you were a fucking badass!" Uraraka cough laughed at his statement as she wiped her tears away and proceed to eat her vegetable soup.

"How's the rest of the class?"

"Pft, still a bunch of annoying idiots. They've visited several times while you were out."

"And you? How often were you here?" He blushed at her question. "Bakugou?"

"As often as I could."


"Why? Hell cheeks, I thought it was obvious."

"What was?" She tilted her head, a puzzled look on her face as he took a deep breath. Now or never!

"I fucking like you. Not in the friendly bullshit way either. I want to hold your damn hand and been seen with you and well," the last part he said so quietly she missed it.

"What was that last part?"

"AND KISS YOU!" Both of their faces were bright red at this point, both looking away from one another.

"I . . .like you too, Bakugou. Can we table the rest of this discussion until I figure out if I'm damaged?" She stared at her soup, not saying anything.

"You were a badass on that rooftop! Everyone knows so and your quirk will be fine, hell, I bet you fucking powered up a shit ton!" He tried to ease her worry but knew that until she could test it out herself that she wouldn't be satisfied. He knew he wouldn't be. "Finish your damn soup so you can go back to sleep. I'll have to head out soon to finish my homework."

"Thank you, for staying with me." He grabbed her hand, gently, looking into her eyes to ensure he had her attention.

"Anything for you, angel face." He smirked as she blushed a deep crimson this time, he could get used to seeing that color on her face. "I'll stop by in the morning."

"Goodnight Bakugou."

"Goodnight cheeks." Uraraka watched him leave with the dirty dishes before she pulled a spare pillow from beside her, covering her face with it, and screamed. She couldn't believe everything he had told her in the span of thirty minutes. Her head was spinning from his confession, the news about the casualty count but was ultimately relieved that she'd done more good than harm. It was selfish, but she was really thankful that she didn't drop the entire stadium.

She looked at her hands, palms then the backs of them and back to her palms. Uraraka had been floating a lot heavier items while with Reflex Rescue, but to float two stadiums that size was unheard of for her. How long had she held them? It had all seemed like seconds but it could have been hours. She inhaled deeply before snuggling back under the covers, maybe she'd have a peaceful sleep tonight?

When Uraraka woke the next morning she felt energized, like nothing could bring her down. Deku and Asui had brought her a hearty breakfast as they chatted about what they'd been learning about lately, thankfully there wasn't too much actual in-class homework. They'd been helping with the rebuilding of the stadium in another section of U.A. by coming up with ideas to keep it more secure, what could be added or taken away, and new safety protocols. The third years had returned from their trip to their school in disarray but were eager to pitch in as well. Classes would resume as normal on Monday and they were being given a three day weekend starting tomorrow due to their hard work and quick thinking while in a state of emergency, essentially.

"Off to class you two. I have to give Miss Uraraka a once over before anything else can happen here. Shoo." The three kids giggled as they waved goodbye to one another. "Can you stand dear girl?"

"I can try." Uraraka pulled the covers off, throwing her legs over the edge as she edged herself slowly off and stood up.

"Good, now take a couple of steps." She wobbled a bit, the muscles were tense from overuse but she confidently made her way across the room and back. "Good, good. How about we get you washed up? A daily sponge bath can only do so much and a new uniform has been supplied for you so head to the showers at the end of the wing." Uraraka happily smiled at the thought of having an actual shower, cautiously made her way to her destination.

The water felt good as she stepped under its warmth. She scrubbed herself clean of dirt and dust, washing her hair three times until she didn't feel anymore grime in it. Wrapping a towel around herself she stepped out seeing her clothes with a white note on top of them. Curiosity got the best of her as she opened it up.

Only the best for my girl - Mina

Confused she pulled the shirt from the pile and underneath was a black lacy bra and panty set. Her face was instantly red as she slammed her shirt back over them. How on earth did Mina think she could wear that under her school uniform, just the thought of it made her feel weird. She could imagine that for a sexual encounter, but just day to day activities was stupid. Unfortunately, she couldn't not wear them since the ones she was wearing were toast and headed for the garbage.

After all her clothes were on, she finished towel drying her hair and looked at herself in the mirror. This bra made her boobs look huge! She wore a sports bra most of the time to keep the girls contained since they were always physically active at some point in the day. Thankfully it would just be All Might and Aizawa there to test her quirk, then she could zip up to her room and change out of this ridiculous lingerie.

"You're looking much better already!"

"It's amazing how a warm shower and feeling clean can boost a person's spirits." They both laughed over that as she sat in the chair beside Recovery Girl.

"A quick once over, but I have already informed Aizawa that you would be ready to go. All Might is going to meet the two of you at their arranged meeting spot." Uraraka bit her lip as a wave of negativity washed over her. Her doubts crept in as she tried to take a steadying breath and calm herself. She could worry after she gave it a whirl.

"Uraraka, if you're ready then follow me." She hopped off her chair, thanking Recovery Girl before following Aizawa to a random building on campus. Nothing was said between the two, they were both tense and she figured he was just as worried about her quirk as he was.

"Hello, young Uraraka. So good of you to join us today. I trust you are doing well."

"I'm feeling much better, thank you."

"We have a series of objects here that we want you to float. Start with the smallest and work your way to the larger item." All Might instructed.

"Make sure you inform us if anything feels off. Any small shift could be a cause for concern." Uraraka nodded her head in understanding before she walked up to the golf ball, pressed all five fingers to it and watched as it began to float before pressing the fingertips on both hands together. Before she had a chance to say 'release' the golf ball dropped to the floor, she stood there stunned.

"Young Uraraka?"

"I don't have to say release anymore, just touch my fingertips together it seems." She moved onto the next item, a desk lamp and the same results happened. The random items got bigger and heavier but with each one everything seemed to be as it was before. She floated a wrecked truck and she threw both hands up in the air in excitement, however, the vehicle skyrocketed to the ceiling. They watched in awe as the truck hit the top and stayed floating before she released it.

"Well . . . that one is new. I've never been able to move anything unless I was throwing it because I had to be at least holding it before something like this would happen." Aizawa made more notes as All Might approached her.

"Last task, float yourself." She nodded, dreading the bout of nausea she was about to have. She activated her quirk and began to float. "Turn in a circle." She did as she was told, surprisingly her stomach was still. "Float to the left and then right." Uraraka moved herself to the left, then placed both her hands in front of her to pull herself to the right and ended up shooting across the room. In fear, she put her hands up by her chest, palms out, towards the wall and suddenly stopped. She eased herself down to the ground, clutching her shirt as she took several deep breaths.

"It seems as if your quirk has evolved which means you're going to some work cut out for you. I want you to meet me here right after class for a half hour every day next week as we get this under control," Aizawa stated before writing some more notes. "Do not tell anyone of this until we have time to examine it more thoroughly."

"What about Kirishima? He's my partner for our duo match in a months time. I feel like he should be made aware."

"She had a point, Eraserhead."

"That's the ONLY person you tell. He can attend your sessions with me as well, that way you can practice after while everything is still fresh in your mind."

"Thank you!"

"Class should be wrapping up, so I suggest you head to the classroom so not everyone crowds Recovery Girl's space." Uraraka skipped out of the room, things were looking up for her.

"Eraserhead, you look concerned."

"I can't help but feel as if this attack targeted her. I mean how many other Pros or in-training heroes could have done what she did. My gut is telling me there's something more to all of this."

"We get our shot at interrogating the villain tomorrow, maybe he'll reveal something then."

"Hmmm, perhaps."

"Is that damn fool in place?"

"Well, he was caught if that's what you're referring too."

"I can't believe he's even on our team, I mean what the hell were you thinking?"

"He's the perfect person to 'reveal' out plans to the Pros and then when we are in a position we can take them all down." The two men were talking at a small table in an abandoned storefront, sipping on coffee.

"You know that Hetaera isn't going to like this. There were specific plans in place, ones that damned fool messed up by getting caught so easy."

"Hetaera has been informed of the changes already and is invoking the start of Plan D."

"Plan D is so damn boring."

"Regardless, it needs to be done before we can move onto the next phase."

"What about those other bumbling idiots?"

"No need for concern. They will be playing into the next phase quite well, as long as our intel incorrect."

"You sure that kid is alright there? I don't want to have to kill him for double-crossing us since it'd be a damn shame to lose his quirk."

"He's bored but otherwise fine. Finish your coffee, we have work to be done."

"Yeah, yeah. Damn slave driver." The two men headed for a door at the back of the room and slipped into the shadows.

Chapter Text

Uraraka had been working incredibly hard with All Might and Aizawa, with Kirishima adding a comment here or there. He was much more open once the teachers were not watching their every move, and she was genuinely having a great time training with him. She had been teaching him some basic fighting moves, that Gunhead had started her off with last year, and he was picking up on them really fast. In return, he was able to push back against Uraraka's moves due to his hardening quirk, which made her think outside the box, as well as become stronger.

They had been working on launching Kirishima after he lost his gravity and while he was using his own quirk. There was a lot of trial and error with that approach since they had to work on distance versus speed, plus they were adding some math in there to see how different angles propelled him differently, as well as the 'rainbow effect,' named after the arching approaching they were taking. It had taken them the entire first week the two of them to concretely have those moves down pat, plus Uraraka was still working with her own quirk advancements.

She hadn't seen a lot of Bakugou outside of the classroom since they hadn't had any homework this week. Which was a miracle in itself and she believed that it was due to the teacher's wanting to give them a small reprieve, even after a three day holiday? She had been bombarded with questions from her classmates, even Class 2B had stopped by to see how she was doing. Granted, most of them were just being snoopy by trying to gauge whether or not her quick had been affected or not. She hadn't said a word about the changes and Kirishima had been sworn to secrecy by Aizawa and threatened of serious consequences if he squealed.

Uraraka really wanted to continue their conversation from when she woke in the hospital wing, but she hadn't been able to find the time. Tomorrow was Saturday, and thanks to Kirishima, she knew that he was going to be in the gym at seven am. She internally groaned at being up that early on a weekend but she could nap in the afternoon, so she'd be alright.

"Our four-month anniversary is coming up, should I get something for Mina?"

"If it was me I would say no because it makes more sense to do six months or one year. However," she paused while tapping her index finger to her lip, "I may have inside knowledge that someone is hoping for a romantic evening away from U.A. I might even know where she has been hoping to go for supper."

"You're the best Uraraka!" She gave her a big hug, swinging her around as she laughed.

"This knowledge comes with a price," she smirked at him as he put her down, an extra twinkle in his eyes.

"Name your price! Anything you want I will give or get for you."



"An exchange of knowledge then. I will tell you Mina's date night hopes in return I want you to answer three questions about Bakugou."

"Ba-Bakugou?" His eyes widened as he stopped walking before his eyes widened. "I knew it! I knew that you two had a thing for each other! I will tell you almost anything you want, but there are some things that I won't due to the bro-code and you should ask him those questions."

"Deal." She sat down on the bench, hanging a towel around her neck as Kirishima sprayed water on his face from his bottle. "Mina found a tiny Italian restaurant on Market Street that she's dying to go too. It's not overly busy and quiet so I think it'd be a good place to say the L word if you're so inclined."

"L-word? Shit, I didn't think we were there quite yet."

"She won't say it first, has decided to wait until you're ready."

"But she obviously is."

"Yeah, but you've got until tomorrow night to figure out if you do or not. She wants it to be sincere."

"Way to apply the pressure."

"Don't whine, I've given you top-secret intel here." They both stared at one another before breaking off into laughter. "There's also some comedy movie she's hoping to see and I have it on good authority she bought new lingerie for the occasion," Uraraka added as an afterthought, trying to remain composed and show that she could be mature, talk about sex and stuff.

"Alright fine. Now it's your turn for me to divulge my 'locked in a vault, in a cave, in the deepest part of the ocean' insight on King Explosion Murder."

"You're ridiculous, you know that," but she couldn't help but laugh at his antics.

"It's how I am and how I've managed to deal with Bakugou for as long as I have."

"Fair enough. Question one; when and why did Bakugou start liking me."

"Hmmm, that one is a bit hard. He really respected you after your fight last year but I'm not sure if that's also when he started to like you. I mean it's not like he's super chatty or anything, oh and he definitely deals with feelings well." Kirishima snorted as Uraraka bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing. "Feel like you'd better ask him if you want the truth, use your feminine wiles."

"Question two," Uraraka blushed at what he was insinuating. "Is he really angry all the time or is it a defense mechanism."

"Oh, he comes by it honestly. If you ever get the pleasure of meeting his mother you'll understand."

"But I have, briefly, the morning after I stayed at his house due to someone ditching me to spend 'alone time' with her man."

"Haha, yeah, sorry about that. Wait a tick - there was no yelling match, name-calling, a battle of wills between Mitsuki and Bakugou?"

"There was some . . . loud teasing in the morning but that was it," Uraraka's face was hot as she recalled Bakugou's mom telling him to buy condoms in case they ever shared a bed in the future.

"Bakugou gets most of his traits from his mother. If you ever have the chance to see them interact, I mean really interact, you'll understand what I mean. Pretty sure there is an 'anger' gene that gets passed down through his mom's side of the family. His dad is super awesome though, his mom is too if you aren't Katsuki. His dad is who he learned his cooking skills from and, in my humble opinion, is where he gets what little emotional intellect from."

"So you mean he's not always emotionally constipated?"

"Oh no, he's definitely that. Takes him longer to sort through it all but once he does there's no regret and no taking it back. He doesn't say anything he doesn't mean, EVER!"

"Last question," Uraraka picked at her nails for a bit before she gathered the courage to ask. "Do you - Do you think he'll mind if I'm a . . . virgin?" Where was a damn pillow to hide her face in it when she needed one?

"Doubtful. Bakugou had his cherry popped before he came to U.A. but he did have a nasty reputation over the summer."

"So I heard."

"Bakugou had a string of one night stands, not that the women ever complained they weren't pleased, but they all wanted to be the one who tamed the beast, so to speak. He learned rather quickly that most of them were just after the novelty of banging U.A.'s top firecracker. After one particular incident with Best Jeanist and another Hero-in-Training, everything changed, and no, even if I did know the reasoning behind it I wouldn't tell. That one is super personal."

"Makes sense. I've been scared to talk to him because he has all this experience and I, well, don't. I know it probably seems really stupid but if something were to evolve to that stage I can't help but think I'd let him down."

"Pft," Kirishima snorted as he got right in Uraraka's face. "If you didn't already know you're his whole world lately. Poor guy even slept when you were in the hospital, could barely wait to see you every day, and man did he brag about how fast you were catching on in your studies. If you asked for the moon he'd figure a way to get it for you, just who he is. Doesn't half-ass anything."

"It's so . . . daunting."

"He'll fall hard if you let him, so please, as his best friend I ask you to ensure you're really ready for him. If you decide to pursue a relationship with him it will be unlike anything you've ever tried, that I guarantee."

"You know all of this how?"

"He's my best bud. I've gained a hell of a lot of insight into that man and based on how strong our relationship if he fell in love, well let's just say you wouldn't be the only one with a quirk upgrade." Kirishima got up and headed to the boy's locker room, leaving Uraraka a lot of information to process. He probably broke the bro-code by mentioning anything involving his best friend, but he could feel it in his bones that this was the right move. Now it was up to Uraraka.

Hey babe. You got plans tomorrow night - Eijiro

Nothing of importance, what's up babe? - Mina

Want to go out on a date? Might have a surprise or two for you - Eijiro

Babe, I've seen that surprise several times before lol - Mina

Hey now! I don't hear you complaining about how well I fuck you - Eijiro

Hopefully, you never will babe - Mina

So, tomorrow night be ready at six-thirty pm. Wear a cute dress - Eijiro

I love it when you're bossy babe - Mina

I'll show you bossy tomorrow night - Eijiro

How about you show me now? Just about to hop into the shower - Mina

Be there in 10 - Eijiro. He groaned as he shoved his clean clothes back in the duffle bag and took off running towards the dorms. His phone dinged, looking at it he tripped over his own feet but managed to keep himself upright, barely. She'd sent him a picture of her in a sapphire blue bra and thong. He was one lucky bastard.

"Watch where you're going shitty hair!"

"Sorry man, my woman awaits me!"

"Damn, can you please be done fucking one another before I get back? Really don't want to listen to you two go at it all fucking night long."

"Her room tonight bro, you should be good."

"Thank fuck! Where's cheeks at?"

"Probably heading back to the dorms, or will be shortly. Later dude!" Bakugou rolled his eyes as he shoved his hands into his pockets and walked towards where he thought his best friend had been coming from. He rounded a corner and there stood Uraraka looking up at the moon, a small smile on her face. The water droplets in her hair caught the moon rays in a way that made her look divine, as all the air left his lungs. He was utterly speechless at her beauty.

"Hey, Bakugou. What are you doing here?"

"I . . . I just wanted to talk with you. Hadn't had a chance to finish our damn conversation from last week." The normal heat wasn't in his words like normal, but the smile she gave him was well worth it. He could keep his tone normal with her at this moment, right?

"What about?"

"I'm not fucking good with words, emotions, and shit."

"I'm not asking you to be. Just try to talk to me honestly and I'll do the same." Her encouraging smile and bright eyes made his heart skip a beat.

"I wasn't lying when I said I like you, ya know, back in the hospital. I want to give us a damn try but I don't know how to . . . date."

"Neither do I Bakugou, but I think that hanging out with you and going on the occasional date is a good way to start," she blushed deeply but never took her eyes off of his, she wanted him to see that she meant it as well. "I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm not attracted to you Bakugou. I don't know you well, at least not outside on combat training, but I want too. Do you want to know me?"

"Everything! No detail is too small or fucking insignificant!" He watched as her hands slowly reached for his as if she thought he'd spook and run off. Instead, he met hers halfway and held her smaller hands in his own, playing with her pads.

"You really like to do that, huh?"

"They're so soft, like cashmere." His compliment had her turning her head away, which had him frowning. He didn't want her to look away from him so he took a step forward, hand under her chin to bring her face back to his. He caught her looking at his lips then back his eyes. He noticed as her tongue barely darted out to lick her bottom lip before biting it. "Keep biting your damn lip in front of me and I'll bite it for you soon."

She smirked, fire igniting in her eyes as she blatantly pulled more of her lip into her mouth. Uraraka was issuing a challenge, one she hoped that he'd catch on to and boy did he ever. Before she had time to blink his mouth was on hers, hot and demanding, as his grip on her chin tightened its hold. He pulled back before it got better, breathing fast as he placed his forehead in hers.

"We'll get to do more of that too, right?" She whispered to him breathlessly.

"Damn straight, angel face. Just don't bite your lip in public unless you want to be ravaged, I won't be held responsible for what happens." She buried her head in his shoulder as he chuckled, amused by how innocent she was being. She mumbled something into his shirt that he didn't catch. "Speak up angel face, I couldn't hear you."

"I'm a virgin, Bakugou. Is . . . is that ok?" She raised her head far enough away to speak but not enough for him to see how red her face was. His shoulder could act as her pillow, for now, hiding her from her embarrassment.

"Pft, who gives a shit. You let me know when you're ready for more and we'll see how that goes. I'm not a fucking rapist, not going to push you into something your not. We take this at your pace."

"Ok. Walk me back to the dorm?"

"Yeah. Fucking glad we're on the same floor, makes dropping you off at your damn door super easy." She laughed as her left hand intertwined with his right, right hand resting on his bicep as he head leaned against his shoulder. Curfew wasn't for another hour, so the took their time walking across the grounds to the dorms. Enjoying the peace and each other's company in silence.

Asui had decided to get some early training in with Midoriya Satuday morning, someone she was hoping could help her better understand her ragey partner. Even if he could provide a bit of insight into his fighting style that would greatly benefit her when they started practicing on Monday. She always kept her head level but she wasn't too sure how she'd fare against the temperamental blonde. The two of them were heading back to the dorms for breakfast when they overheard two voices yelling at one another.

"That's not what I meant at all!" Well, that was definitely Uraraka frustrated voice.

"Hell, I definitely thought that's where you were going with that!" Kirishima, obviously these two were getting a head start on the duo challenge.

"You look, I dunno . . . kinda soft still." The two green-haired teens stopped in their tracks.

"What? Why would you say that you wound me Uraraka," whined Kirishima. Maybe it wasn't what they had been thinking . . .

"Is that as hard as you can get?" The challenge in Uraraka's voice had the other two teens looking at each nervously.

"Of course not! What kind of a man would I be if I couldn't get super hard?"

"Well, if I'm going to play with you like a bat you better get harder." There were several seconds of quiet that had sweat rolling down Midoriya and Asui's foreheads.

"Damn! Easy on your grip woman!"

"Sorry, sorry. Might have been more excited that I thought to try this out."

"Obviously. You should have brought this idea up earlier!"

"What was I supposed to say, 'Hey, I want to try something special with you, and you'll need to be rock hard otherwise I won't be able to finish.' Pft, come on." Midoriya fell to the floor, covering his face with his hands as Asui's eyes were as large as oranges.

"When you put it like that, no, but all you had to do was ask. I'll get hard for you anytime, Uraraka!"

"Then show me what you've got, Kirishima!" Minutes ticked by, all Midoriya and Asui could hear was heavy breathing and the occasional male moan. They were both stunned that the two of them would be doing something so private in such a public setting. What about Ashido? Bakugou?

"Yes, yes, yes!" They heard Uraraka cry out.

"Damn straight girl, knew you'd rock my world. Best idea ever! Hit the showers and head back to the dorms?"

"Yea, but we're not meeting up until Monday after classes. I deserve to actually sleep in tomorrow."

"Sorry about that. Just had some pent of frustrations."

"Happy to help. You know what you're going to do now?"

"Absolutely! Later Uraraka!" Asui and Midoriya were scrambling back from the doors as they swung open to reveal a sweaty gravity quirk user.

"Oh, hey guys! Great morning don't you think?" She smiled before making her way towards the dorms.

"She didn't even seem to care that we heard!" Midoriya was practically hyperventilating by this point. "Not even a bit embarrassed by what the two of them just did." Asui was tugging Deku along, letting him ramble a bit to himself.

"Do you think we should tell Ashido or Bakugou?" Asui questioned her friend. "I mean, if Kirishima and Uraraka really had sex in the gym should we inform them or just let it be?"

"I'm not telling Kacchan! Do you think anyone else knows of the affair between Kirishima and Uraraka?"

"What the fuck?" Asui and Midoriya went ram-rod straight, fear taking hold of every nerve. "What the fuck did you two extras say?"

"Noth-nothing Kacchan," squeaked Midoriya who was trying now to shake from head to toe.

"You honestly think those two are into one another like that? You fucking stupid?"

"We know what we heard Bakugou," Asui stated, holding her gaze with furious red ones. "We were debating whether to tell you or not."

"Oh hell no! Shitty hair is too far gone with alien girl and cheeks, well let's just say she wouldn't fucking do that." He glared at the two extras. "Keep this fucking nonsense to yourself, or go ask either one of them. I'd bet a million yen that it's a bunch of horse shit." He stormed off leaving Midoriya and Asui to figure out their own shit.

He was ninety-nine percent sure that the two of them wouldn't be caught dead screwing the other, but that damn one percent was whispering lies. Convincing ones, but lies nonetheless. Only one way to solve this problem, as he kicked the door to the men's shower room open.

"Oi! Shitty hair, you still fucking in here?"

"Bro! What are you doing here?"

"The nerd and the frog said you and cheeks were having sex in the gym this morning. That true?" Kirishima slipped, almost falling to the floor in shock.

"What the? Dude NO! Where the hell would they get such an awful idea from?"

"They said they fucking heard you!"

"I don't know what they thought they heard but we did no such thing. I'm in love with Mina and she's over the moon over your irritated ass. Gawd, how could they even think that we were working on a new move to obliterate our opponents."

"Again? Damn, you guys have been in the gym every night this week."

"Actually, this was kinda sudden. I'm taking Mina on a date tonight and I'm going to tell her I love you. Nerves got the better of me and I needed a sympathetic ear to listen to me. Since we were in the gym Uraraka wanted to test a new move out, but we'll have to spend time perfecting it this week."

"Fucking promise?"

"Promise, or may you turn me into a crazy cat lady's scratching post."

"Good. Have fun on your stupid date."

"I'll tell you all about it later."

"Fuck, please don't. And let her take you back to her damn room again. The peace and quiet was fucking nice, for a change."

"Can't help it that I make my girl scream." Bakugou rolled his eyes as he wandered off, perfectly content with his best friend's answer. However, he was utterly curious about what was said, or heard, between the two parties that would constitute as sex. He'd probably never know but it still a tad irksome.

Chapter Text

Bakugou rounded the corner off the common room, Uraraka following behind him. He glared at Midoriya and Asui as he watched Uraraka run up to icy hot to start yapping his ear off. He made a bee-line to the two extras to set them straight and to ensure they hadn't spread any stupid ass rumors.

"You two kept your damn traps shut?"

"Yes, Kacchan."

"Good, because nothing fucking happened. I talked to shitty hair and cheeks, they were both said they were training, so I fucking believe them. Keep anything else you fucking hear to yourselves from here on out."

"Sorry Bakugou, we will keep that in mind." Asui and Midoriya let out a breath they were holding in as the angry man stormed off towards the kitchen. "Never again, Deku. We keep our mouths shut, especially when he is concerned."

"Agreed! Oh, hey Uraraka. How are you this afternoon?"

"A bit tired from all of the training I have been doing with Kirishima. We were working on a new move, which was slightly more difficult with his hardening quirk than expected. I think we got the jist of it down though." Uraraka watched as the two of them turned red and averted their eyes from her. "What's wrong?"

"They just heard some shit while you two idiots were training that they took way out of context." Uraraka looked back and forth between the three heroes in training, shrugged her shoulders and continued to the kitchen to grab a water bottle from the fridge. He snuck up to her, whispering in her ear, "You have plans tonight, U-ra-ra-ka?" Her hand met her red face as she began to float herself, squeaking as Bakugou grabbed her ankle and brought her back down.

"Are you really going to fucking float every damn time I ask you on a date?"

"There's going to be more?" She was shocked he asked in the first place, even more so now that she knew he was considering being seen in public with her more than once.

"Hard to date you if we don't do anything but fucking studying."

"Well, it's not that I don't want to go out tonight but I have an appointment with the company that created my hero uniform. Going to try to work on a way to lessen my nausea by changing items in my belt and wrist cuffs."

"Not a problem. I'll see you later, cheeks." The smirk he had on his face as he left the kitchen had her wondering what he meant by that. The glint in his eye spoke of untold plans, but she wouldn't worry about that now. She had to shower, grabs her suit and catch the train to head her appointment at three. His demeanor surprised her a bit, he was confident yet smug. It was perplexing, but then again, nothing about Bakugou ever made much sensed to her, at first.

The costume agency had specifically told her to come to them with any design issues or flaws that she had concerns over. Nauseau, that was her biggest worry every time she used her quirk on herself for too long or went too high. It made her vomit and become super disorientated, which was a hindrance to becoming a pro-hero as well as a liability. She didn't want to be the cause of any civilians being injured or fellow heroes and definitely didn't want to wind up dead because she was too busy upchucking.

Hopefully, there was a way to increase the nausea tolerance of the belt and wrist cuffs. She had been training her body, testing her limits as to how long she could float but she hadn't been able to make it past thirty-three minutes in a while. Even Kirishima had tried to help her by launching stones at her but dodging only managed to use her quirk up fast. She only lasted half of her normal time, which she didn't like. She didn't want to depend on her suit to make her stronger but even a minute extra could make all the difference in a battle, and with the League still out there one minute could mean the difference between life and death.

She went to knock at the door when it swung open on its own accord as she was swept into feminine arms. Familiar blonde spikey hair and perfume engulfed her sense as a male cleared his voice.

"I'm so excited to see you again. Its been far too long since that ungrateful son brought you home. Yet again he hasn't told us you were dating so I take it you're playing hard to get or he's a bloody idiot. I'm favoring the second option."

"Umm, it's nice to see you again Mrs. Bakugou, Mr. Bakugou."

"Please come in, Uraraka. We received your email about what you'd like us to change and I am happy to say we have a solution to your predicament. Follow us, please." She followed Bakugou's to the second door on the right where there was a changing room, mirror, rolls of fabric, several mannequins, two sewing machines, a cupboard exploding with accessories, and so much more. It was an organized mess.

"You can hand your suit over to Masaru, who will make the necessary changes. I want to hear all about how you that idiotic son of mine has been trying to woo you, or not."

"Uh, well there hasn't been a lot of wooing. There's been some hand holding and a kiss here and there, but nothing more." Her face was bright red, discussing things with Bakugou's mother was not on the top of her list, ever.

"Not even a date yet? Moron, how slow moving can one person be?"

"Well, I'm sure it's my fault. He's been hard to read and he's umm experienced and I'm not so uh, yeah." This conversation could end any time now.

"Experienced in sex, yes. In matters of the heart?" she snorted and shook her head. "Things changed over the summer for him, he made a promise to someone that he'll make damn sure he carries out. If there is something you want from him, in your relationship, be direct. Subtlety isn't something my side of the family is known for."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about your costume. We thought about using another quirk on your suit but that will only last so long before you'd become too used to it. We toyed with different scents, new ranges for the belt and cuffs, fabric. You name it we thought it through in every aspect. Then Masaru had a brilliant idea?"

"I can't take all the credit, dear. It was after hearing someone talking about how they deal with their constant vertigo that the idea developed."

"What's your idea?"

"Your suit needs to work with your center of balance. Right now the big boots, belt, cuffs, neck guard, and helmet throw off what you normally feel on a regular day. There are four types of balance disorders; Peripheral vestibular disorder, a disturbance in the labyrinth, central vestibular disorder, a problem in the brain or its connecting nerves, systemic disorder, a problem of the body other than the head and brain, and vascular disorder, or blood flow problems. We focused on the last two since it's your body that's physically reacting to your own quirk."

"Most quirks have limits," Masaru explained as he continued to work on her suit, "but for the most part they do not cause damage to the person who is using them."

"Unless you're Midoriya," chuckled Uraraka as Mitsuki and Masaru joined in.

"That boy is going far above the limits of his quirk, hence the multitude of broken bones and nerve damage. Marasu is far better at the details of the costume functionality than I am, but even if Midoriya's costume was our design there's nothing we could do about him pushing past his limits so frequently."

"So how did you two get started in this industry?"

"My parents were simple tailors, so I learned everything I know about fabrics and sewing from them. Mitsuki is the brain behind the operation. Her diligence in business school has led us to where we are now, financially. It's where our son gets his smarts from."

"True, but his passion comes from you," Mitsuki smiled sweetly at her husband. "Masaru has tweaked specific parts of your suit to help with your equilibrium, which we hope, will help you with your nausea going forward. We'd like for you to send us a report when you have time to test out the new upgrades."

"I will, I promise. How come you only decided to do two hero suits for this upcoming school year?"

"We've been busy advertising in America since we have had many requests coming from there over the years. We are going to be opening up a second store there when we have finished ironing out the details. As such two suits, plus the dozens we have out in the field now are more than we can handle with this new venture."

"You've been here for a few hours now, so it's best you head back to campus. I would hate to have you late for curfew." Masaru smiled as he bagged Uraraka's suit so it would be easier for her to carry. "You be sure to let us know when you arrive back, please."

"Of course, Mr. Bakugou. Thank-you, both, for everything you've done for me today."

"It was our great pleasure. We hope to see you again soon, with our son on your arm next time." Uraraka had to stop herself from covering her face in her hands, which would activate her quirk on herself. She didn't want too embarrassingly float away in front of Bakugou's parents. She was also extremely happy there were willing to do all the adjustments without a single dime in repayment. They didn't start charging until students graduated since they were still developing their quirks.

"Yo, Uraraka!" She spun around to see Kirishima and Mina waving at her.

"Hey, guys! What are you doing here?"

"The movie was sold out so we decided we'd head back to the dorms for some couple time. What are you doing out here?" Mina inquired while looking at her overlarge bag.

"My hero suit was getting an upgrade. Want to walk back together?"

"Obso-friggn-lutely!" Kirishima threw a fist in the air before wrapping it around Uraraka's shoulders, his free hand intertwined with Mina's. "So how was your chat with Bakugou's parents?"

"What are you talking about, babe?"

"Bakugou's parents designed his and Uraraka's suit. See the two black dots, that's their signature for every costume they have out there."

"Huh, well that's pretty cool. What else did you learn from them about our favorite Baku-bro today?"

"Well I learned that being subtle isn't going to work on him, that came straight from his mother."

"Yeah. Best to just be upfront about EVERYTHING when it comes to my bestie. I think that the only hints he gets will be in the bedroom, but even then it may prove to be . . . did you guys hear that?"

"Sounds like people screaming? Is that Mount Lady?" Mina pouted out at the growing blonde woman a block away.

"We should evacuate the civilians, let the pros handle the villain." They nodded in agreeance, splitting up and each taking an area away from where Mount Lady was currently at. Uraraka was floating debris away while instructing the citizens to head away from the fight. Thankfully, there were not a lot of people out and about so early in the night.

"Mina, look out!" She heard Kirishima yell, as a large cement block came tumbling down. She managed to dodge the largest boulder but a smaller one landed on her leg, screaming into the cement in pain. A Nomu approached her, club above his head but Uraraka got to him first, floating him off into the distance.

"KIRI! Behind you!" Mina screeched through the pain as another Nomu approached the red-headed man. He hardened just the bat connected with his ribs, launching his several feet away. Uraraka easily got the piece of cement off of Mina, floating her to the hospital that was just a block away. An obscenely large Nomu blocked her their path to the hospital, as she heard Kirishima give a victory shout over the other noise.

"Capture heroes." The Nomu repeated those two words over and over, as he continued to attack the two girls. Mina was launching her acid, causing holes to form in the ground as the Nomu fell through when he stepped in a weakened area.

"You!" Uraraka grabbed a young woman by the upper arm. "Take her to the hospital. Tell them a piece of boulder landed on her left calf. Go! Please!" The woman nodded her head as she easily pulled a floating Mina towards the hospital. Uraraka was pushing her way through the wave of people when maroon hair caught her eye. It looked like the exact same boy who had stood up for her when they were evacuating the stadium. She ignored him and continued on to where Kirishima was last seen.

Death Arms had his arms wrapped around the large Nomu, squeezing the life out of him. She was desperately looking for Kirishima. He spotted him struggling to move a heavy piece of equipment off of his body. Racing over to him, she breathed a sigh of relief when she realized his quirk was still active. She pressed five fingers to cold steel, moving it to the other side of him before releasing her quirk.

"Are you ok?"

"I have some bruises and scrapes here and there, but nothing awful. You?"

"I'm good too," her shirt was torn with a couple of blood spots here and there, but nothing was broken or profusely bleeding.

"You kids okay?"

"We are, thanks Death Arms."

"Not a problem. I'll need you to stick around for the report before you head back to the dorms."

"Actually, we're going to the hospital. A friend of ours was injured during the attack."

"That's fine, young miss. Head over here with me and we'll have you off in no time." Kirishima and Uraraka looked at each other before sighing. Dealing with the police could take up to an hour, which was more time than they wanted to spend. There wasn't much they could do though, so Kirishima pulled Uraraka in close as they waited for the officer to address them.

Chapter Text

Kirishima held onto Uraraka like his life depended on it, both taking comfort the hug as they waited to finish talking to the detectives. Both were impatient, wanting to make sure that Mina was alright. First, there was the issue at the Sports Festival and now there was this disturbance. Both caused by villains but each attack was so much different from the other one.

"Alright kids," Death Arms motioned them over, "Eraserhead has been contacted, neither of you are to leave the hospital until he arrives. Am I clear?" Both teens nodded their heads yes in understanding. "Do either of you want to see a doctor?"

"No thank you. We'd really just like to see our friend, please?"

"Follow me then." Kirishima held onto Uraraka's hand as they made their way to the hospital, giving him a warm smile to try to cheer him up. "I'll be here until your teacher arrives. DO NOT STRAY." The words held a finality to them that meant serious repercussions if they didn't follow his one rule.

"Excuse me, ma'am," Urarak spoke quietly to the nurse at the front desk, "Do you happen to know the status of Ashido, Mina? We are her classmates."

"One second please." The woman began riffling through her paperwork before she pulled out a manilla folder. "Miss Ashido is in recovery room six eighteen. Her leg had been casted for now since we didn't have any medical heroes in the office at this particular moment. Her leg was broken in three places, so it will take several healing treatments and some physiotherapy but she should be good as new in a few weeks. You may see her IF she is awake."

Both heroes-in-training sighed with relief as they made their way to the elevator, heading to the sixth floor. Uraraka watched as Kirishima rocked back and forth on his feet, eager to see his girlfriend. They followed the arrows to her room, to find Mina sitting up watching TV with her casted leg hanging in a sling from the ceiling. Kirishima was frozen in the doorway, silent tears running down his eyes in relief. Uraraka pushed his shoulder with her own, urging him to go in.

"Hey, babe." Kirishima's voice was rough with emotion, as he saw her yellow and brown eyes widen upon hearing his voice. Tears collected in her eyes as he sat on the side of her bed, pulling her into an easy hug, as she clung to him. Uraraka had tears in her eyes as she stepped out of the room to give them some privacy. This would be her world one day, a world where she didn't know if she'd come home alive or not. Would she truly be able to be with Bakugou or maybe Deku had it right? Maybe being single was the best way to live so that you wouldn't hurt your loved ones in case you didn't make it home.

What would Bakugou say?

She snorted to herself, knowing he'd curse up a storm and tell her that there was no way that they would time from some puny villain. He'd call the two of them the best team and find ways to make it seem as if this topic didn't bother him. Uraraka knew he'd think on it though if he hadn't already been working on a game plan for "what if." He was always prepared but how did one prepare for death?

Uraraka shook her head, deciding to get herself from the vending machine that she saw on their way to Mina. A snack might make her feel better, but chances are she would just eat her feelings about this away for the time being. It had already been a long day or was it night? She looked at her watch, ten twenty-two pm, well that would explain why she was hungry and tired. She looked through the glass at all of her options, nothing really looked appetizing but her gurgling stomach was protesting, so a bag of Cheezies was her choice of snack.

"Hey, Uraraka. You've some blood on your shirt, you ok?" Uraraka whirled around to see the boy who helped her at the Sports Festival.

"Not my blood. Are you ok though? I thought I saw you earlier amongst the crowd when the Nomu's attacked."

"Yea, I'm just fine, thanks darlin."

"Since we seem to keep bumping into one another would it be alright to know your name?" The question had been eating her up after ever brief encounter or sighting.

"Call me Hayate, Hayate Ryouta." He outstretched his hand in which Uraraka took it in her own to shake in a friendly gesture.

"Well, it's very nice to officially meet you Hayate. What brought you to this part of town this evening?"

"Oh, just had some things that needed to be checked out and errands to run. Nothing of great importance." He smiled, one that sent shivers down her spine and she knew then that he wasn't fully telling the truth. "I have to be going, but I'll see you soon."

"You will?" She cocked her head in confusion.

"Figure of speech darlin. Later Uraraka." He waved his hand behind his head as he rounded a corner, Uraraka rubbed her arms feeling a coolness wash over her from his departure.

"Uraraka, are you alright?" She smiled when she saw the familiar face of Aizawa and Ms. Joke entering the building.

"Yea, I'm good." He gave her a once over, clearly not convinced. "Minor cuts and bruises, but the blood isn't mine."

"Ms. Joke is going to stay here while I check in on Kirishima and Ashido." She nodded her head before taking a seat, still feeling a bit on edge from the evening she had. Ms. Joke and her sat in silence for a while before Aizawa motioned for the greenette to come to him. Uraraka watched them talk in hushed tones, clearly not agreeing on whatever they were discussing.

"Uraraka, you will be coming back to the school with me while Ms. Joke stays here with Kirishima and Ashido. Recovery Girl will be here in the morning to tend to them." He turned on his heel, walking towards the exit as Uraraka stumbled as she began to follow him, waving by to Ms. Joke. They entered a black car with U.A.'s emblem on the side and sat in silence the car drove. One stoplight turned into two, then three, then they were just a blur of colors.

"I'd like to know why you were in this neighborhood today, Uraraka." She looked at her teacher, who was looking out the window, seemingly troubled by something. She relayed that she was just heading back to the train station from getting her hero costume fixed when the attack happened. She broke it down in as much detail as she could recall thinking that maybe he'd be able to pick up on something.

"Well, I guess that boy wasn't entirely wrong then," Aizawa muttered under his breath.

"Boy? You mean the one they detained after the Sports Festival?"

"Yes, he has been interrogated several times now. Each time he only reveals that the League of Villains is after the strongest hero in Class 2-A and that they plan to capture said hero. Nothing else is said and we still do not know where the League's hideout is."

"That could be several different students though. Granted, my thoughts automatically go to Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugou. They definitely are the top three students in our class, in my opinion."

"Agreed. The faculty is deciding how to proceed with this development, as it is obvious that the League is starting to rise up again. Uraraka, you cannot tell them about this, not until we figure out how we are to address ALL the students safety."

"Understood sir."

"Good, now head straight to your dorm and try to enjoy tomorrow." She smiled, sliding across the leather seats, wishing him a quick goodnight before she closed the door to the car. Uraraka looked at the school, wondering if she should just float herself to her room so she wouldn't have to deal with whoever may still be up at this hour. Pulling out her phone she flipped it open, sighing when she saw it was dead. She really, really needed a new friggn' phone that kept a charge, shoving it back in her pocket she headed to the front doors. The chances that she left her patio door unlocked was highly unlikely.

Uraraka scanned her card at the door, silently opening as it grated her access. She was careful to peek around corners to make sure she didn't run into anybody. All she wanted was a shower, clean clothes, and to fall onto her comfy bed to let sleep claim her. She made it to the elevator hitting the number three where the dorm showers were. Hopefully, she had some spare clothes in her locker in the bathroom or maybe an extra school uniform.

The lights were off in the shower room, sighing as she went to her locker opening it to reveal a pink tank top and black shorts. She quickly stripped, throwing her clothes in a plastic bag to take back to her room to either wash or burn, she wasn't sure just yet. Uraraka saw a small purple spot on her side as she passed the mirror, stopping she went back to look closer. Wasn't exactly a surprise that there was a large bruise on her hip that seemed to curl around her lower back too. She'd hit the ground hard several times so a bruise was to be expected.

She turned the water on, letting it soak her skin before she began to scrub the grime, blood, dirt, and debris off. There was a feeling of satisfaction as she watched the water turn from red and brown to clear, finally clean she wrapped a pale blue towel around her body and a smaller one around her head. Once she was dry she shimmied into her shorts and tank, foregoing any underwear since she had no clean ones on her.

Did she stop by the kitchen for food and water? That was the question.

Uraraka decided it was worth someone seeing her, it was just after midnight after all so the chances of anyone being up was unlikely. Hopefully, there hadn't been anything on the news this late otherwise she'd be in for an even longer night and all she wanted was food, water, and sleep. The elevator dinged as she hid in the corner and peered around the opening doors. Lights were all off so that was most definitely a good thing. She made her way to the fridge in the dark, opening it up she grabbed a bottle of cold water and a small container with leftovers that had her name on it in Deku's writing. He was such a good friend, she'd have to thank him when she saw him next.

She looked up from the fridge lights, blinking as she became accustomed to the dark again. Glowing red eyes met hers as she screamed, dropping the items in her hand and started to float away. She kicked out when someone grabbed her ankle, hearing a grunt followed by a string of curses.

"Fuck Uraraka! It's just mean for fuck's sake!" She let him pull her closer to the ground before releasing her quirk that she activated on herself.

"Sorry, Bakugou. It's been a bit of a crazy night."

"So I've seen. What happened to answer your fucking phone when someone fucking calls or texts you?"

"It's dead." She held it out for him to inspect, watching him huff as he glared at the old, taped flip phone.

"You going to tell me what fucking happened tonight?"

"Had a great visit with your parents who happened too . . ."

"Fuck no!" Bakugou interrupted her. "What the hell happened you, Kirishima, and Pinky?" The look in his eyes meant there was no room for games, he just wanted the truth from her.

"Can I eat this quickly then we can head to my room?" He sat down at one of the island stools, which she took to mean she had to eat quickly. Thankfully, it was just chicken and noodles so it wouldn't take her long to eat. Bakugou was already impatient, strumming his fingers on the countertop as he waited for her. "I'll just put this in the sink to do tomorrow then we can head up."

She placed the empty dishes in the right-hand sink before heading towards the elevator. Bakugou wrapped his arm around her waist, his hand resting on her bruised hip and had initially jumped at the contact. Bakugou didn't say anything, wasn't looking at her so she figured she was good to go. She leaned into him as she waited for the elevator doors to open, once they did they silently walked to her room. He stepped back to let her open the door, turning on the lights she tossed her bag dirty clothes into her laundry basket. She'd deal with that issue tomorrow.

"So what the fuck happened tonight and I don't mean about the costume bull shit. The old hag already called me to gush about you tonight," he rolled his eyes as she giggled. He sat on the chair at her desk while she took a seat on the edge of her bed then launched into retelling her story for the umpteenth time tonight, or was it today?

"Fuck. The League sure has been getting cocky lately, doubt this'll be the last attack too." He watched as she bit her lip in worry, her eyes fading as she was lost in thought. "What's on your mind, angel face?"

"Do you . . . do you ever wonder what would happen if you died? That maybe, just maybe, Deku is right wanting to try to be the number hero without anyone depending on him." She was looking at her feet as she swung them nervously back and forth. Calloused fingers gently brought her chin up until she was staring into his concerned red jewels.

"What the fuck brought this on?" he asked in hushed tones.

"We can't save civilians all the time, then there are times that heroes die while trying to save them or fighting the bad guys. Is it worth putting the ones you love through something like that when you never know if you'll be coming home at the end of the day? Occupational hazard and all that."

"Yes." Bakugou had said that one-word such conviction and confidence that Uraraka couldn't help but feel sure of his answer. "Cheeks, this world isn't worth living without you in it. I'm a brash, angry, mother-fucker," she smiled and waited for him to continue since he wasn't one to talk about feelings all that often, "But I know that if I had you to come home to every night I would make DAMN sure that any asshole in my way ends up in handcuffs or dead. No-one will fucking hurt you and get away with it, that's a promise!"

Uraraka dove into his arms at that point, tears streaming down her face from the stress of the night. He wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing the top of her head which had her sobbing even more. He just held her, alternating between kissing her head and rubbing soothing circles on her back until she was able to calm down.

"You're too good to me."

"I'm not near good enough to deserve you, not sure what you see in me, but I'm damn lucky to have you in my life." Bakugou shifted Uraraka so that she was sitting in his lap, head resting on his should with one of their hands intertwined.

"You may be a brash, angry, mother-fucker as you so eloquently put it earlier," he chuckled at her, kissing her temple, "but you really just need to understand what those things are. You're a passionate, fiery, smart, athletic, and driven man who rarely lets anyone, or anything, stop him from attaining his goals. That's the man that I know and love."

"Love, huh?" He smirked as her eyes widened as he stared back at her. "Right back at 'cha, angel face." He pulled her in for a chaste kiss and felt the tension from her body leave as she relaxed.

"Will, will you stay with me tonight, please? I just really don't want to be alone tonight," she whispered, barely moving her lips from hers to ask him.

"Anything you want, anything at all angel face." He groaned when she pulled him back in for a deeper kiss, biting his lip before slipping her tongue into his mouth. He liked this bolder side of her, liked that she was the one who initiated this kiss but knew they couldn't go any further. He wouldn't take advantage of her when she was feeling vulnerable.

"You should change into your pajamas," he suggested, pulling away from her plump lips and enjoying the hazy look in her eyes. He helped her to stand as she grabbed her pj's from her bed, walking into the bathroom to change. He stripped down to his boxers, folding his t-shirt and sweatpants and placing them on the chair he had been occupying. He pulled back the covers of her double bed, crawling over to the wall to wait for her.

Twice now she had scared the living shit out of him, twice he hadn't been around to help her, twice he felt like an absolute failure. Logically, he knew that what had happened was out of his hands but he still didn't fucking like it. Not like he could lock her up in a cage or tell her to stay put, that would be fucking suicide. He trusted her, knew that she was a kick-ass hero but you can't stop worrying for those you care about.

"Making yourself comfortable, I see."

"Abso-fucking-lutely!" She laughed, crawling into bed beside him with her back facing his chest. He pulled her flush against him, arm draped over her hip as he kissed her shoulder. "Goodnight cheeks."

"Night Bakugou."

Chapter Text

Uraraka was positively vibrating as she stood next to Kirishima, who was just as jittery as she was. Class 2A was gathered in front of the bus, looking at the expanse of land from the cliff they were parked on. They had just arrived at their location for their second-year Festival Challenge, which they still had no idea about what the actual challenge was. They rode the bus in their assigned teams, some going over last-minute strategies while others slept or talked amicably amongst themselves. The excitement and tension could be felt by all, each ready to prove that they were the best.

"Listen up Class 2A," Aizawa called out to everyone. "Welcome your Festival Challenge for the year. This is something that several of the faculty have designed to test such a talented group of up-and-coming heroes. The entire point of this Challenge is to develop your teamwork skills, so the first challenge will be based on teams who come in first, second, third and so on. The second Challenge will be a mini Battle Royal. Mic will explain the Challenge rules."

"I will be announcing the entire Festival Challenge and we do have videos and drones set up in the area to record and send back to the school. We decided that only the students and Faculty of U.A. will be able to watch the second and third-year Challenges. And with that, I introduce to you to your first challenge." Mic pulled a white sheet off a board to reveal the layout of the forest. "Festival Challenge Number One, Hero Trap! Consider this forest a giant board game." As he started talking about it the forest rumbled to reveal a white path winding through the trees, being cut off when the forest became too dense.

"This is a timed event with your teams that will be drawn at random," Midnight spoke as she gestured to the glowing red lights of the timer next to the game layout. "Each of you will be given a badge to activate if there is an emergency but we're hopeful that won't be necessary." There were several snorts as several looks were directed at Midoriya who blushed, laughing nervously.

"Thanks, Midnight. The rules of the game are simple, follow the white path through the forest, defeating any obstacles or saving any civilians as you come across them. The top four fastest times will be entered into a Battle Royal, so over to you All Might."

"We have a viewing room set up for those who complete the first challenge to relax in, grab some food and see Recovery Girl should you need it. There will be a ten to thirty-minute wait between teams so that we may fix the course if need be," he pointedly looked at Bakugou and Todoroki. "We will not go into the specifics of tomorrow's Battle Royal challenge until we arrive here at ten am sharp. At that time we will all convene here, where those who do not make it will be able to watch the battle here with the teachers. Any questions?"

"Sir!" Ida raised his hand before speaking. "We are essentially running an obstacle course with random items being thrown in our path?"

"Correct. Anything else?" The kids were all quiet. "All right, Midnight, if you could draw the first team please?" She stuck her hand inside a box, pulling out a folded piece of paper.

"The first team is," she paused as she unfolded the paper, "Ojiro and Jirou. Please make your way to the start line." Uraraka wished her classmates luck before they made their way down to the start line. Group by group the students were taking their test. Midoriya and Hagakure, Kaminari and Yaoyorozu, Ida and Shoji had already gone.

"Team five will be," All Might pulled the paper out, "Bakugou and Asui," Bakugou smirked as he turned to make his way down to the start line.

"Good luck bro, Sue."

"Kick that courses ass, you two."

"You fucking know we will cheeks." He kissed her on the cheek and proceeded to head down with his partner.

"I hope they make it into tomorrow's match."

"It's Bakugou, you really think his stubborn ass won't be in the top four?" Uraraka giggled at Kirishima's way of making her feel good, insulting him and complimenting him at the same time. They watched as Sero and Sato, Aoyama and Koda, Mineta and Tokoyami, and Todoroki and Ashido were all called up to take the test, leaving just her and Kirishima. The last of their class, leaving them on pins and needles knowing all of their classmates would be watching.

"Nervous?" Kirishima asked as they walked to their starting point.

"One thousand percent yes," they both laughed, easing the nerves a tad bit. "Think we can be the fourth team to make it in? Bakugou and Asui in first, Midoriya and Hagakure in second, Todoroki and Ashido third, and fourth with Ida and Shoji."

"Hell to fourth, Uraraka, we're gonna be first!"

"I bet Bagukou is screaming at you on the TV right about now. What time do we need to be in first?"

"Twenty-eight minutes forty-two seconds."

"Memorized it did you?"

"When aiming for the top you need to know your goal. Bakugou has drilled that saying into me, literally every part of my body flinches when he says it now." Another round of laughter filled the forest as the red ribbon on the start line came into view.

"He certainly doesn't make anything easy, but that's just part of his charm. Sometimes I wonder what exactly he sees in me, you know?" Her bubble of insecurity had been popping up lately, she'd done a good job of suppressing it.

"He's crazy about, don't ever think I've seen him stumble over someone or something the way he does you. Think they can hear us?"

"Absolutely. You're so dead when we get back to the school, you know that, right?"

"Haha, yeah. You ready to crush this course?"

"Bring it on!"

"Students," their heads snapped up as they heard Mic's voice sound from one of the floating devices. "At the sound of the gun, you may begin. Good luck!" The gun went off and the two U.A. students made their way down the white path.

"What kind of obstacles do you think we'll encounter?"

"I don't know, but knowing our teachers it'll be extravagant." They'd been running for a while when they reached their first obstacle, a giant mud swamp. "Up and over." Uraraka pressed five fingers to Kirishima's back, picked him up and getting ready to throw him. "Watch out for mud monsters." Uraraka joked before launching him. She took a running start to a tree pressing five fingers to herself, jumping at the tree and spiraling off it, clearing the mud pit.


"Over here!" She followed his voice to find him stuck in a tree, underneath a thorn bush. Uraraka bit her lip as she pulled him out and released him on safer ground. They started off running again along their outlined path, steadily running up an incline in the terrain.

"What the hell is that large yellow tub at the top of the hill?" As Kirishima finished his sentence he felt something click under his foot as he ran over it. He stopped in his tracks, Uraraka pulling ahead of him a bit.

"Kiri, what's wrong?"

"I activated something as we were running." The ground started to rumble as the large yellow tub began to turn towards them, releasing a rather large round ball of sorts. "It's definitely a dense object with the way it's careening towards us. I could smash through it but I don't know if I'll make it all the way. Can you float it?"

"Hypothetically yes, but the issue is getting my fingers on it when it's moving that fast."

"We could up and over again?"

"Might as well." They ran side by side head-on. "Ready?" She reached her hand out, grasping his as they jumped at the same time, easily clearing the ball. Uraraka released her quirk, landing as they continued to the yellow tub. Moments later the terrain changed and they were running downhill.

"It's a giant teeter-totter!" Kirishima yelled, looking over his shoulder as he spotted the ball rolling towards them again. "Have another plan?"

"Outrun it and fly away?"

"Oh, damn! Do we get to fly already? Does that mean I'm anchoring?"

"Guess we'll find out what the drop looks like." The ball was fast approaching as she yet again grabbed Kirishima's hand before leaping off the edge of the cliff. Kirishima let go of her hand to drop himself to her ankles, grasping both in each of his hands. Keeping them afloat with her quirk was quite easy, plus she had been working on moving herself around instead of floating upwards. However, to everyone else it looked like Kirishima turning his hardening quirk on and off was what was directing them back to the ground. They had learned that his hardening quirk offset her zero-gravity quirk when active, but he returned to being weightless when he turned it off. They had decided they rather liked flying around the gym like this.

"How are you holding up?"

"Great! My nausea hasn't been acting up since I got the improvements to my suit from Mr. and Mrs. Bakugou." They had done a second round of upgrades to her suit shortly before the Sports Festival, which were fantastic!

"Awesome! Alright teamy, I see our next obstacle over there. Highly doubt we can fly the rest of the course and pass." They chuckled knowing full well that Kirishima was correct, they'd probably fail instead. "Well, looks like we need to head up to the top of this tower, follow the white brick road."

"Boys first," she cheekily smiled at him as he rolled his eyes, smiling the entire time. There was a large metal door at the top bearing a red X. "That isn't the least bit ominous."

"I'm heading in first, you're my back-up." She nodded her head, watching as he activated his quirk before opening the door. She was happy that she was paired with Kirishima, happy to have developed such a strong friendship with the man. Who also happened to be a Bakugou expert. Bakugou, Deku, and now Kirishima were her top three guy friends in school and she was truly happy about that, about all of her friendships with her classmates.

"Uravity," Kirishima called out to her. "We have two bots in the tower, I'm taking fire from one and the other one is circling the tower to the other side. There's a giant slide on the southeast side we need to head down. What's next?" She heard an oomph followed shortly by the sound of Kirishima being thrown into a wall, which she knew the sound of because she had personally thrown him into many a wall.

"Can you break a window? How long until the second bot comes back around?"

"Window is broken and it circulates past me ever forty-three seconds." That was a shorter lap time that she was expecting but she could make it work.

"Are you by the door? Can I come in without being shot at?"

"I've got your front!" Bakugou was going to kill him for that comment, was her only thought as she went through the doorway.

"I need a Riot Shield until I touch him." He nodded, blocking her from shots being fired, reaching down to grab onto a leg, using it like a baseball bat to swing bot A at bot B, both falling out the window.

"Head to the slide before whatever bot comes out of the closet."

"Sit behind, don't let go! I have a feeling we'll need to use a quirk before we reach the bottom." He pulled her flush against his chest, arms anchored around her waist to ensure she wasn't leaving without him. His best friend was going to fucking kill him for being this close to his girl, but at least he was well equipped to handle Baku-rage. The slide looked to be a mile long, quite the drop-down, they'd be going quite fast.

"Looks! There's the end flag. Looks like we only have two obstacles left." He pushed them off, the force of which they were going pushed the two of them into the slide.

"Uravity! It's a drop at the end."

"Hold on tight. I won't activate my quirk until the last minute." She felt him nod, gripping her middle tighter as they were both thrown into the air, gravity making them free-fall.

"Float yourself Uravity. I've got this one." She trusted her partner, pressing five fingers to herself to become light. Kirishima's regular weight kept them heading towards the water below.

"If you keep pulling us down we'll be submerged and the current will take us off course. What's your plan?"

"Keep yourself as still as possible. I'm going to swing us!"

"Swing. SWING! Riot, we've only done that move once and it was an epic fail!"

"We've got this!" He hoped they had this anyway. He dropped down to her ankles again, swinging back and forth while Uraraka kept her body perfectly still. He knew that this was hard for her to do, but essentially the plan was to rock back and forth so hard that she could grab his ankles, activate her quirk and the momentum would spin them in circles towards their destination. Last time they tried it, the only time really, they ended up not being able to connect at all landing incredibly roughly in the dirt. It had been an utter failure but with everything on the line today he just kind of hoped it would all be good. Ever the optimist.

He felt when she grabbed his ankles and the circular motions were starting, going faster than he anticipated. "Now Uravity!" They let go of one another, she released her quirk immediately as they hit the dirt. A bunch of groaning was heard from the two teens who eventually pulled themselves up from the ground. "That didn't hurt near as much as last time, plus look how far down the white path we are." She looked around and they were quite a ways down, how that happened she had no idea.

"Let's get a move on. We'll never be first at this rate."

"Yes, ma'am!" He saluted before continuing after her. Rounding a corner they were met with mounds of dirt that looked like stairs, each one taller than the next leading towards something. "They look close enough to jump from one to another."

"I'll float us up there, then release part of our gravity back to use. Should make jumping much easier for the two of us." They followed their plan, legs starting to get tired after the twentieth jump, but they kept going pushing through the pain. The last step started sinking back into the ground, they rode it down, leaping off and heading towards the last obstacle.

"There's the checkered flag!" Kirishima excitedly yelled, not noticing the falling trap from above.

"Watch it Red Riot!" Uraraka pushed the two of them out of the way as an anvil landed where they were standing.

"An anvil! Seriously! Think the path to the finish line is covered in them?"

"Probably. Wanna kick this across it to get rid of some of them?" She touched five fingers to the anvil, Kirishima activating his quirk to kick it the last five hundred yards. Another six anvils fell but they were quite certain there would be others. "Guess we're running for it." She took off before him, on high alert for things falling from the sky or coming from the forest around her. She'd barely made ten steps when the next anvil fell from the sky and the next. There seemed to be no pattern, so they were making this up as they went.

"Watch it!" Kirishima knocked her to the ground when a sinkhole opened up beneath her feet. "Are they trying to kill us? We need to be lighter and go faster now."

"Oh, I am so ahead of you," she had already activated her quirk on them when he pushed her down to the ground. "Let's finish this, Red Riot!" They ran faster and harder than they ever had before, dodging and dipping the obstacles where they could. They both managed to jump across the finish line at the same time, laying on the ground as the red timer glowed 28.56.

"We didn't beat Bakugou but damn we were close. Also, I'm sad we didn't get to use too many of our super awesome moves. But we kicked ass in the teamwork department, partner."

"Hell yes, we did. Now for a shower, food, and sleep."

"Amen sista!"

"Well done young heroes," All Might said as he offered his hands to pull the two heroes up. "That was quite the teamwork skills you two have developed. I look forward to seeing you in the Battle Royale tomorrow, but for now, we shall head to camp where everyone else is awaiting your arrival." They followed the famous hero to their campsite where everyone was already sitting around the campfire cooking hot dogs that were skewered on sticks.

"Oh my goodness!" Mina screamed, being the first to see the three of them walk into view. "You two were absolutely insane out there! It was incredibly amazing to watch."

"Thanks, babe," Kirishima smiled, a light blush flared to life on his cheeks.

"Why don't you two head over to the showers and then we can fill you in on everyone else's trial?" The two of them nodded their heads, Uraraka was busy looking for any sign on Bakugou but he was nowhere to be found. She grabbed her bag from a tent that had been set up for her before making her way over to the showers with her partner.

"What's with the down face, Uraraka? I thought you'd be pumped about everything."

"I am, it's just . . . I thought that Bakugou would be there to congratulate us too."

"I'm sure he'll be there when we get back. Maybe he has a surprise for you?" He stated, wiggling his eyebrows at the brunette who laughed. Uraraka stepped into the shower, happy to get the sweat and dirt off her body. Her body began to register just how tired it was, from being tense waiting for their turn to the actual exam she was absolutely exhausted. Even food wasn't all that appealing but her sleeping bag and pillows were definitely calling her name. She looked at her bra that was sitting amongst her clothes, pushed it to the side for one of Bakugou's black sweaters and a pair of steel-gray leggings. Comfort was key.

"Hey, cheeks." Uraraka's head popped up at the sound of his voice as she exited the showers. "Sorry I missed you earlier, but I was preparing something for you."

"A surprise?"

"Fucking Shitty Hair, ruining everything I try so damn hard at," he grumbled but reached his hand out to grab Uraraka's. "He better not have ruined the fucking thing."

"He didn't spoil anything, promise."

"You better not just be saying that to cover his ass." Uraraka nodded her head no, stood on her tippy toes to kiss Bakugou on the cheek.

"I promise."

"Good. Hop on cheeks." He bent down slightly so she could get onto his back for a piggyback ride. She rested her cheek against his shoulder, arms draped around his chest as he grasped her thighs. The warmth from his body spread throughout hers as she relaxed more and more. "Oi! No falling asleep."

"I'm so tired though."

"I know cheeks. Need you awake for the surprise though."

"It's your fault. You're just so warm and," she yawned in the middle of her sentence, "and cuddly."

"Don't fucking tell a soul that! I have a fucking reputation to uphold!"

"Mhmm yeah, yeah." She yawned again, letting his movements rock her into a light sleep. She stirred slightly when she felt herself being moved about. Uraraka opened her eyes to see a blanket on the ground with a small wicker basket upon in.

"What's all this for?"

"Some of the fucking extras were telling me how much I actually suck at the whole dating bit."

"Bakugou, you know that I . . ."

"Just sit down cheeks, let me get this out." He sat on the ground, Uraraka opted to sit between his legs to use his chest as a backrest. His arms wrapped around his middle, pulling her in close, as she placed her gloved hands on his. "Being number one is all that I strived to attain for so long, then you show up at the damn first Sports Festival and change everything. I know it took me a long ass time to ask you out but I was convinced that a relationship would just get in the fucking way of everything."

"And now?"

"Now," he paused for a minute, "It's been fucking amazing. YOU'RE fucking amazing. You push me to be fucking better, challenge me at every turn, and don't fucking back down from me. You're the only person who has ever seen past all my bullshit, gotten to know the real me and that shit is scary."

"You're not all that bad," she giggled, kissing his cheek again.

"It's fucking weird as hell, but having you by my side makes being the number one hero more attainable. Hell, I even talked to the old hag this week and only mildly yelled at her."

"Katsuki! Your mother is not old, or a hag. I don't know why you call her those things."

"The same reason she calls me an ungrateful brat, just how we are." She shook her at her boyfriend, cuddling closer to his chest. "Watching you with Kirishima working together on that course, was so fucking impressive. Hell, I was fucking jealous at how smoothly you two made it look."

"Well, it wasn't an easy course but it wasn't super hard either."

"Fucking true, but you definitely had me fucking worried with some of those stunts you pulled. How often you used your quirk, plus those stupid fucking bots."

"Katsuki, I'm fine."

"Of course you are, you're a complete badass! But," he paused to look down into her glowing chocolate eyes. "But, it had me envisioning you fighting a real villain, being hurt because you didn't have back-up. I automatically went to the worst fucking scenario and . . ."

"Shhhhh. We are both going to be put in difficult positions as heroes, we are both aware that our career choice isn't exactly safe."

"I know. I want to have your back all the fucking time. I don't fucking think I'd survive if I fucking lost you. You're the best fucking part about me."

"Is that your way of saying you love me?"

"I fucking love more than times than there are stars in the damn sky."

"Oh, Katsuki. I love you so, so much too." She pulled him in for a kiss, sweet and sensual as they continued to hold one another. Tomorrow they would fight one another. One day they'd be pro heroes, out of the protection of their teachers and U.A. One day they may have to face the fact that they'd be without one another. But today, today there was just them underneath a night sky full of twinkling stars.

Chapter Text

Uraraka and Kirishima stood back to back in a heavily treed area. They had been scooped from their rooms unannounced and thrown through a gateway a few short minutes ago. They were immediately on alert and Uraraka was super thankful that she was at least dressed in her U.A. pants and a black tank top. Kirishima only had his pants on, not that it was a huge deal since he was practically shirtless in his hero costume. 


“Think the other teams are close to us?” Kirishima whispered to his partner.


“I have no idea,” Uraraka whispered back, eyeing the dark greenery around her. “Asui and Hagakure would be able to blend in quite well to the surroundings. Todoroki and Midoriya would know better than to make any noise, and Bakugou, well . . .”


“He knows when to quiet, I think? Possibly?” Kirishima looked at Uraraka who was trying to hold in her giggles, but then he smirked and she lost it. “Baku-bro knows when to be quiet but I’m pretty sure he has issues with decibels.” Uraraka fell to the ground laughing at her boyfriend's expense who wasn’t here to defend himself, which she found even more hilarious. 


“Hagakure and Midoriya have been eliminated from the Battle Royal.” Mic’s voice sounded through a small radio that was clasped to Uraraka’s belt. How had she missed that?


“Already? That seems super weird for the two of them to be down and out when we’ve only been here like, ten minutes. Think it’s actually part of the exam?”


“I don’t know Riot, but it’s definitely safe to say that anything could happen with our class.” Uraraka looked around, trying to find something to identify their whereabouts.


“Float me up so I can take a look where we’re at?”


“Not with your flaming red hair. I’ll float myself if you want to provide cover?”


“You bet!” Uraraka activated her quirk on herself, easing herself off the ground while sticking close to the inner part of a pine tree to camouflage herself somewhat. There were several trees encased in ice to her right and several other trees were on fire to her left, with smoke billowing about. She used the branches to guide herself closer to the ground before releasing her quirk. 


“Not sure which team got to Midoriya and Hagakure first but there is ice and fire on either side of us. They might have even ganged upon them to get Deku out first.”


“You think he’d work with Todoroki?”


“Under these circumstances and the be number one . . . I think he actually might. Todoroki beat Midoriya when they were sparring not long ago so he’d want to take on the toughest of us.”


“Plus a little rematch from our first Sports Festival, I’m sure,” Kirishima smirked at the brunette. “Might as well get going towards the action, would hate to miss out on everything.”


“Yeah, but I’d rather encounter Todoroki and Mina first.”


“Agreed. We need to take my girl out first though because Todoroki will be a handful. It’s just weird having to go up against them, ya know?”


“True, but at least we know that Bakugou won’t go easy on us, ever!”


“He’s too manly to not do his best.”


“Careful,” Uraraka raised an eyebrow at her partner who was looking at her confused. “Your boy crush is starting to show.”


“Your boyfriend is super manly, there’s no way anyone can deny that.”


“Guess you’re right. Just don’t tell him that, he doesn’t need a bigger ego.” They laughed while they ran amongst the trees and shrubs. They could hear Bakugou yelling from where they were at, followed by explosions rocking the forest floor. “Isn’t he subtle.”


“Oh, definitely, one hundred percent so.” Kirishima joined in on the jab. “How far out you think he is?” 


“He’s definitely to our left still, so let’s go right. If all works out he’ll want to get Todoroki out sooner than later because he’ll think we’re easy pickings.”


“Downside to fighting your best friends is that they know all your moves just like we know theirs. Except, our top-secret move!” 


“Secret moves, hmmm. Do you think Mina’s acid is flammable? I know it melts items quite well but do you think they could have acid traps set up, then Todoroki would just toss a ball of fire onto them and they’d . . . I don’t know, explode? Start on fire?”


“It’s definitely flammable. Don’t look at me like that, it was a kitchen accident!”


“Riiiight. Whatever you say,” Uraraka rolled her eyes, knowing full well that they had been playing around with hot wax and the candle fell onto her clothes that had some residual acid on them and it started a tiny fire in her dorm room. 


“Ugh, she told you.”


“She tells me EVERYTHING. There are some things I wish she’d keep to herself.”


“Sharing is caring?” Uraraka snorted, trying to cover it up with a cough that was super unsuccessful based on the look her partner shot her. “Look over there?” Kirishima pointed to a spot higher up in the tree.


“Is that . . . an acid web? Looks a bit odd.” Uraraka analyzed the massive web so high up. “It’s frozen! If Mina was able to figure out how to control the consistency of her acid she could easily have items like this hidden all over the forest by now.” 


“Instant acid bombs, holy shit! Stay behind me so I can protect us from anything that explodes. I know for a fact that Mina’s poison has little effect on my quirk plus I’ve played with Baku-bro’s explosions enough to have some resistance to fire.” Uraraka grabbed a glove from the back pocket of her pants, apparently one had made their way with her. She placed it on her left hand before placing that hand on Kirishima’s bareback. Her right hand was in a high-five motion, extended outside her body, ready for whatever may come their way. 


“There,” Uraraka whispered, gesturing to the right where Asui had Mina wrapped in her tongue, the end covering Ashido’s mouth. “Think we can KO them right here, right now?”


“We’ll only be able to get one. Asui’s instincts are super accurate, so she’ll flee before we get the chance to get to her. Let’s create a diversion and go after Mina. Sneak attack.”


“Alright.” Uraraka and Kirishima split up, Uraraka was going after one of the girls while Kirishima approached the other. Once she saw Kirishima in place, she started to float pinecones. They wouldn’t hurt anyone, just yet, but it’d be enough of a distraction to get their plan in place. She had about three dozen pinecones hovering in the air before she launched the first dozen. This was something Uraraka was super proud of, being able to send different items soaring at different times, instead of all at once. It took a lot of control and wasn’t something she could do with heavier objects but these pinecones, piece of cake. 


Asui was pelted with several objects, immediately releasing her grip on Ashido to camouflage into her surroundings. Kirishima pounced on his girlfriend, a hard fist connecting with the back of her head as he yelled an “I’m sorry, babe.” A red X appeared above Mina’s body followed shortly by a black portal opening, out stepped a third-year student who they’d seen on campus but didn’t actually know. 


“You ok?” Uraraka asked her partner as Mina disappeared.


“She’d going to fucking kill me for that cheap shot.”


“Probably, but they say that make-up sex is the best kind, so there’s that.”


“Always looking on the bright side, thanks Uravity. Sooo judging by how much ice and smoke is in that direction I’d say Todoroki and Bakugou are facing off.”


“Yeah, let’s go observe those two, and possibly Asui, see if we can get any kind of insight. Feel like those two will be who we are fighting against for first place.” 


“Let Baku-bro tire himself out, that is very logical and unnerving since he’s your boyfriend.” 


“We were the furthest from everyone when we were dropped off here, gives us an advantage we should take. Not like he’ll go easy on us even if he is ridiculously tired, or that he’d show it. Tsu had a couple of tears in her costume, so she must have had a hand in Deku and Hagakure’s takedown.” 


“Damn, I could use some popcorn right about now,” Kirishima joked as became in range of the two brawling classmates. “Do you see Asui anywhere?”


“No, wish I had my visor. I recently had it equipped with heat and cool signatures to help identify quirk users who fall into those categories.”


“Smart! Did Hatsume get that gear for you?”


“Yea, she was beyond thrilled I came to her. She made some other adjustments but I honestly haven’t had time to try anything out yet.” Uraraka was looking around her surroundings trying to figure out what their plan of action should be. The hair on the back of her neck stood up as she pushed Kirishima to the ground, barely missing Asui’s tongue. Her tongue came at them several more times, in a whip-like fashion, that they were managing to dodge. 


“Kirishima!” Uraraka yelled as he was pulled into the air after Asui managed to grasp his left forearm.


“Go! I’ve totally got this, I am like five hundred pounds now,” he called back to her as he hardened before crashing into several trees. He watched as Uraraka made her way to the fire and ice tower to face off against the two biggest powerhouses in their class. He felt the slack of his classmate’s tongue start to tighten so he also activated his quirk slowly. One day he would have to thank Uraraka more-so for figuring out how to get his quirk to work for him.


Being damn near impenetrable to most everything was a given with his quirk and after dealing with Bakugou’s explosions he found that his body would harden and protect him better the more he was exposed to certain items. So, fire was no problem now! She’d also taught him about changing the weight of his quirk, which had seemed really odd at first. She had challenged him to be harder if he could make his quirk heavier than he’d be almost immovable. It had taken a hell of a lot of practice but damn if it didn’t pay off in the end. He found out that depending on how much of his quirk he used he could change his trajectory when being pulled around. Being a human slingshot while training wasn’t super fun mind you.


“You should give up Kirishima. I’m long range and you’re close range for combat, so you’ll never even get close to me,” Asui taunted him, something the good-natured girl must have picked up from her egotistical partner. “Might as well quit while you’re ahead.”


“Do your worst!” He sure as shit wasn’t going to go down without a fight, something that Bakugou had instilled in him was to bring it at every opportunity. He hardened just as her tongue went tight, pulling him directly for her. He watched the way her tongue was arching, guessing what direction he was about to be pulled in, calculating where he wanted to actually go. She had been hauling him around by his normal hardened weight thus far, but she was in for a bit of a surprise. Her tongue moved, he adjusted the strength of his quirk and went barrelling into Asui instead of the large rock cliff he suspected she was aiming for. He hit her hard, knocking her out immediately from his impact alone as he curled around her so he wouldn’t hurt her any further. He set her down as he saw the telltale signs of the portal opening. Knowing she’d be taken care of he headed towards the iceberg that had suddenly appeared in a heavily treed area. He broke through the clearing, stopping immediately in his tracks.


There were bits of ice floating about everywhere, which was usual with his partner’s quirk but what was really add was that there seemed to be small droplets of a yellowish liquid absolutely everywhere as well that were surrounding Uraraka. Neither of the boys moved a muscle, they both just glared at her.


“What’s up?” He asked as he walked next to the petite brunette. “I get the ice but what’s up with the liquid stuff? And why do you have one of Bakugou’s gauntlet?” 


“Fucking Icy Hot froze the damn thing in his stupid ice and cheeks picked it up once it was melted.”


“And the drops of . . . water?”


“It’s not fucking water! She somehow managed to float the drops of my fucking sweat!”


“Your sweat?” Kirishima looked from his enraged best friend to his partner’s smug look and back again. “Damn, that’s fuckin’ genius! You have your own personal arsenal surrounding all of us between ice chunk and liquid fire.”


“Liquid fire! That’s a great name for this.” The two of them laughed as their opponents seethed across from them. “Well, I think it’s time that we,” Uraraka paused as she looked around the small clearing. 


“Whoever the fuck you are, you better show your fucking faces.” Todoroki’s fists clenched as Kirishima took a defensive stance.


“Well well well. You must be the top in your class to be able to sense me.”


“How? How are you out of your holding cell? They caught you after the attack at the stadium!” Uraraka stumbled back a bit with the knowledge that a villain has escaped. 


“Just had to bide my time and follow the plan. Also might be partially to do with the fact that you have my twin brother in custody. He’s a little more dimwitted, which serves us just fine.”


“What do you want?” Todoroki asked point-blank.


“One of you is coming with one of us.” He grinned at the blonde before him.


“You’re not after me cuz you sure as shit aren’t with the league. They’re not this fucking cocky.”


“True, we are not part of those loud-mouthed idiots,” the villain ran a frustrated hand through his dark locks. “They give villains a bad name, maniacal or not, powerful or not they’re still sub-par.”


“You believe you can take the four of us out?” Kirishima stood partially in front of Uraraka, just in case this jerk decided to hurl something at them. 


“Absolutely. You’ll be too busy with your own quirks to worry about who I’m going to steal away from you.” His eyes were glowing green as Kirishima fully blocked Uraraka from his view only too feel his chest tighten briefly.


“Take this you BASTARD!” Bakugou launched himself towards the enemy with his gauntlet covered hand, explosions of mass destruction flaring up everywhere while Todoroki tried to use his ice to stop the fire from spreading. However, his iced seemed to come non-stop from his hand, plowing into Kirishima who went flying back into a tree, clearly winded. 


“URAVITY!” Kirishima yelled as he saw a green portal open up behind the villain who had a clothed hand over her mouth and nose, watching helplessly as she slumped into his arm.


“Don’t worry Kiddos, my quirk, Amplification, has a time limit so eventually you’ll reign everything in again. I’m sure the teachers will be making their way down here shortly since we have restored their view of the field. Ta-ta!”


“URAVITY!” Bakugou yelled, dropping his gauntlet to the ground so he could try to reach her. “Uraraka!” He yelled again trying to get her to wake-up, rationally knowing that it was no use. 



Chapter Text

Bakugou looked at the spot where Uraraka had stood, eyes wide as he collapsed to his knees in the mud. His hands rested palms up on his thighs, shaking terribly from the use of the villain’s quirk on him. Amplification. For the first time in his life he was terrified of his own quirk, felt the true, raw destruction that Explosion could have. He had absolutely no control, not something he was used too at all. He always had everything figured out to the last miniscule detail. He looked to Todoroki who was standing to his left, shirt completely gone as he fell to his ass staring at his own hands.


Power wasn’t something that Todoroki wasn’t used too, he came from a long line of powerhouse quirk users. However, the idea of being able to not control his own quirk, especially his ice, had thrown him for a loop. He hadn’t even fathom the idea that his fire and ice could ever become that strong, uncontrollable. It shook him to his very core and yet even with all his strength he was helpless against the villain. Couldn’t save his classmate. He looked up to see some shrub bushes shaking, sighing in relief as Kirishima crawled out from underneath it. 


Kirishima pushed the brambles out of the way as he crawled out amongst the foliage. The villain didn’t even have to touch him to use his Amplification. It was like a crushing feeling in his chest for a few seconds before it was released and he was flying through the forest. Breaking anything and everything his body came into contact with and normally he’d only be able to last through about ten trees, since they were at least four feet wide, but he counted how many he went through as he made his way back to his classmates. Thirty-three trees. He was still conscious after his body physically passed through thirty-three trees. 


Kirishima met the defeated look of Bakugou and Todoroki’s faces, he was quite certain that his own mirrored theirs. They’d been helpless against this villain and now Uraraka was gone. He looked at his best friend as he curled in on himself, lying in the mud in the fetal position. He’d never seen Bakugou look so . . . crushed. Todoroki was lying on his back, passed out from the exertion and shock. Kirishima wasn’t far behind them, his body ached something fierce.


“Eijiro!” He heard the panicked call of his name from his girlfriend’s lips, wishing his vision wasn’t swimming so he could see her. Tell her he was alright, but the darkness came before he could. 

The villain who had captured Uraraka carried her bridal style throughout the dank, dark house they were occupying. Smirking at his good fortune over the fact that he hadn’t needed to call in any backup, granted using his quirk on that many powerful students was taxing, but oh so worth it. It wasn’t very often that he was able to let loose like he was since Amplification increased everyone else’s quirk, which meant he’d been caught on the receiving end of another’s amped up quirk. 


“Sawyer,” a feminine voice called out of the room he’d just passed. “I see you’re mission was successful?”


“Yes Mistress, but they will be prepared for my quirk next time.”


“There is no need to worry about such things, our group is powerful and logical. We will not be engaging the heroes or students until we have finished with her training.”


“Why her though? I’ve never understood why you think that she’ll be the one to break them, to bring down the heroes.”


“All in due time, my boy. For now though, you need to take her to the chamber where the good doctor is awaiting your arrival.” 


“Of course, Mistress.” Sawyer walked further down the hallway, opening the last door to reveal an elevator. He hit the B3 button, patiently waiting for the elevator to reach its destination. The doors opened to reveal a petite woman with hot pink hair and penetrating yellow eyes. 


“Doctor B.”


“Mega Amp. I trust this is the woman Mistress has been waiting for?” He nodded his head as she motioned for him to follow her. “Place her on the bed.” He did as he was told, ensuring that he handled her gently as it was unwise to get the Mistress angry. 


“How long do you think the process will take?”


“She’s young so she doesn’t have as many memories to alter like someone our own age does. It just depends on how deep rooted they are.” Doctor Ki tapped her chin several times in thought. “Two weeks tops I’d say. Plus another two weeks training, so the Mistress should be happy with that timeline.” 


“Are you destroying her memories?”


“No, my quirk doesn’t let me. I can only input others in their place, such as Mistress in the place of All Might. A particular person or emotion could unravel it all so we will definitely need to test her out once, to be sure.”


“Sounds like a lot of room for errors.”


“It’s science there is always a margin of error, but in order to know what arrears I need to alter more she needs to be thrown into the situation. I am the best at what I do though, otherwise Mistress wouldn’t have recruited me.”  


“Guess they don’t call you Doctor Brainwash for nothing.” He turned on his heel to leave her to begin the process. Maybe he’d head to the kitchen, grab a snack before he went to his room for a nap. He was going to need it for tonight’s training session, after all. 

Chapter Text

A month had gone by since Uraraka had been taken, Class 2A had become quiet and sullen. No-one spoke of the events that had transpired in the forest, the only three who knew the truth had kept to themselves. The cameras had been disabled when this new villain had come into view. Enough for the teachers of U.A. to mobilize but not soon enough to be able to help. The three young men who had been helpless to do anything had remained quiet, barely speaking to anyone except the counselors that were assigned to them.  


They studied. They trained. They hid. 


No-one dared to say anything to them, unsure of how they would all react or even how they could help them. Kirishima had withdrawn from everyone; no dates with Mina, no game nights with the guys, no “manly” comments. He never ate with anyone, instead, he always took his food to his room. Nowadays he could be found sitting against a random wall staring blankly across the room he occupied. The cheerful, carefree, loveable man that the class had known seemed to have disappeared on the same day as his partner.


Todoroki, on the other hand, had become the exact opposite. It seemed that the class couldn’t shut him up. He answered every question in class, randomly spoke facts whenever he passed anyone else in the common rooms, was eating anything other than soba noodles. Momo had tried to talk to him on several occasions but every time he would laugh at her like she had just told a joke before he wandered off. The class really wanted their quiet, Icy Hot friend back too. 


The most explosive man in their class had become quiet, withdrawn. He only ever worked out by himself, studied by himself, and ate by himself. He wasn’t very approachable before, now he was even less so. Everyone had become nervous around Bakugou, not really sure what would finally set the young blonde off but all knew that it would be bad. So, they tip-toed around him, leaving him to the quietness to stew in silence. 


Midoriya had watched day after day, hour by hour as his friends seemed to deteriorate even more before his very eyes. He’d been analyzing them for the last several days, had come up with a plan to get them out of their funk. Hopefully. He was on his way to speak with All Might and Aizawa about what he wanted to try. He had to do something, get his class prepared because the police were getting nowhere fast. Midoriya hoped that this would work. 


“Young Midoryia, you do realize the risks you will all be taking in this?” All Might asked from his spot in front of Aizawa’s desk.


“I am aware, sir. I haven’t asked anyone else about this yet but I can’t see them saying no.”


“You are going to need a contingency plan,” Aizawa said from his place behind the desk, hands folded across the top deep in thought. He watched as Midoryia placed a single piece of paper before him. He read through it before handing it over to All Might.


“Are you sure they’ll help you out?”


“Two of the three definitely will, and he will, for Uraraka.” The two teachers seemed to look at one another, having a silent conversation while Midoriya fidgeted with his scribbler in his hands. He rocked on his heels, waiting impatiently for them to come to an answer.


“Fine. We will prepare a secure location for tomorrow’s lesson while you get your classmates ready. I will let other teachers know, they might be able to lend a hand in case things happen to go south,” Aizawa replied as he leaned back in his chair. 


“Walk with me young Midoriya,” All Might motioned for the green-haired boy to follow him. They walked the hallways, in silence at first, thinking over the plan that would be put into action tomorrow. “Kirishima and Todoroki will crack far before Bakugou does, do you believe that bringing him in will help?”


“Uraraka is great friends with him. Ever since she worked at the agency for a bit in her first year they’ve been fast friends. They rarely see each other now that he graduated but they text all the time.”


“And the back-up of your back-up?”


“Honestly, I really hope we don’t have to bring Shinso into this. I think that is the absolute worst-case scenario. Honestly, I don’t think that we’ll have to go that far.” 


“Alright. I will leave you to your classmates then.” All Might left Bakugou at the entrance of the dorms, as he stared at the daunting doors. He was fairly certain that most everyone would agree to it but that didn’t mean they would ALL be on board. He pulled out his cell, texting the three people he couldn’t talk to in person. Within seconds he had positive replies from them all, at least they were all unanimous on that front. 


“Midoriya,” Asui waved him over to the table where they were all eating supper. Well, everyone except for three. “Where were you after the class? We were waiting for you so you could join us for some light sparring.”


“I was talking with All Might and Aizawa about a plan to get Kirishima, Todoroki, and Bakugou back to their regular selves.” A hush fell over the class as all wide eyes turned to him. “I have a plan approved from the two of them, for anyone who wants to help. It’ll be dangerous and it’s totally optional for anyone who wishes to help out.” The class all looked at one another, landing lastly in Iida.


“We are in. Tell us what your plan is.” They spent the rest of the night going over the ins and outs of what they were about to do tomorrow. Midoriya kept the back-ups to himself though, since there was no need to alarm the others or give it away. Bakugou would need to be surprised and if everyone knew he wouldn’t react the same way. At least in theory.

The students all lined up on in their hero suits inside of Ground Beta, most were trying their best to be calm. Midoriya looked up at the observation deck to see the teachers who could spare time to watch the “spar practice” that was about to happen. His three spades were all in place as was his ace, should he require it. All Might gave him a single nod of encouragement, as the students were instructed to warm up. Midoriya intertwined his fingers together, stretching his arms over his head to signal that it was go time. 


“It’s a shame about the lead the cops thought they had found, hey?” Momo above whispered to Iida. “To think that they had come so close and then nothing. It makes you wonder if the three of them even stood a chance in the forest.” Todoroki physically flinched after hearing that, at least they were on the right track. Target one was on point.


“I understand completely, Yaoyorozu. It is most difficult to believe you have all the power of your family line but in the end, it means nothing. Not an easy thing to overcome.” Iida was playing his part perfectly, trying to gain the upper hand with Todoroki’s logical side.


“You would know, wouldn’t you?” Yaoyorozu questioned, thinking hard for a moment as she stretched her hamstrings. “You had that run-in with Stain our first year of U.A. How’d you recover from that?”


“I had a lot of time to think in the hospital bed after that incident. Letting my ego get the best of me after what that villain had done to my brother,” Iida shook his head in shame. They knew that some of them would have to bare a bit of their souls to reach two of the three boys. “It took a long time to realize that I might have the Tenya name but I am far from being a powerful hero, but I’m well on my way to making it happen. We can’t protect everyone all of the time and sometimes we are the ones who need rescuing, even if it’s from ourselves.”


“Yea, self-doubt can be a powerful thing. It creeps up on you, takes one small thought at roots within it until it grows too mighty to combat alone. Sometimes a simple conversation, someone telling you that they believe in you is all that’s needed.” Momo knew that truth all too well. Todoroki was the one to help bring her out of her slump last year when they faced Aizawa. Now she was attempting to return the favor. She snuck a peek at the fire and ice mage, who was openly staring at Iida and her. 


Todoroki’s mind was swimming with what his friends were saying. He had closed a piece of himself off to the world, trying to block it with the only he had never tried before, idle chit chat. He was so very tired of talking about random information, he just wanted to be himself again but was having a hard time getting over the fact that there were some things that were out of your control. It seemed so simple when it was put into the proper perspective, so logical. He now knew how hard it was to see something so easy when wrapped up in all of the negative. Todoroki strolled over to his classmates.


“Thank you. I am sure you have been trying to get me to see reason for a while now but I must not have been ready, until now.” He took Iida’s hand in a firm shake before grabbing Yaoyorozu’s and kissing the back of it, causing her to blush slightly. “I appreciate your efforts in all of this. Is there any way I can help the others?” Now that his mind was clear he wanted to help his classmates and after this, he’d book a real session with his counselor. 


“Maybe with Bakugou? I think that Midoriya has everything handled though.” Momo answered, face still red from Todoroki kissed her hand. Such a simple gesture yet it brought her such joy. “Looks like plan B is about to begin.” Asui and Ashido had a similar task to Iida and Momo, just a simple conversation to make the gears turn. 


“You heard about the false lead on Uraraka this morning?” Ashido inquired with Asui as she sat on the ground a few feet from Kirishima. “Pretty shitty luck if you ask me.”


“At least they’re still following leads and haven’t given up. Not like any demands have been made for her either, which is rather odd, ribbit,” Asui sighed, sitting next to Ashido on the hard ground. 


“I wish I could be out patrolling! I feel so, so . . . useless,” Ashido rested her elbow on her knee, head in her hand with a slight pout on her lip. “We’re heroes on training yet when it comes down to it we can’t do anything.”


“Well, I think the fact that we’re in training plays a big part in that, ribbit.”


“What do you mean, Asui?”


“Essentially, we’re still rookies who are still trying to learn all they can in three years. We’re only part of the through our second year and have so much room to grow, ribbit. I don’t think anyone blames us for what happened, for something that was out of our hands.”


“I blame me for not being there,” Ashido turned her head to the side, so Kirishima couldn’t see the real tears forming in her eyes. “I was out before anything could happen. I could have helped, done something more!” 


“Oh, baby, don’t say that!” Kirishima’s hands were on either side of her cheeks, thumbs brushing away the few tears that had managed to creep down her pink cheeks. “There’s nothing you, or anyone of is, could have done.”


“Then why are you punishing yourself, huh? If you know that then why ignore me? Your friends?” Ashido’s voice had risen a bit, catching a look from several other classmates.


“I . . . I don’t know. Guess I figured that if I couldn’t protect my friend and teammate that I couldn’t protect my girlfriend if something similar happened. Not very manly of me.” Kirishima admitted to his girlfriend, closing his eyes as his shoulders drooped from openly admitting his fear. 


“Kiri, I love you, truly and deeply but I can’t help you if you won’t let me in. No-one here blames you for what happened.” Tears were falling from behind his closed eyes as his head came to rest in the crook of Mina’s neck. 


“I love you too. Sorry for being an idiot,” he whispered to her as she held him close. 


“You’re forgiven, but now you need to actually talk to a real professional. It helps and you’ll feel much better afterward.”


“Yeah, sounds good babe.” Mina made an ok sign with her hand from their spot on Kirishima’s back. Midoriya motioned to All Might that Plan A and B were successful, so now onto Plan C. His shoulders slumped slightly at how sore he was going to be tomorrow. He was also nervous about the role he was to play in all of this, so much so that he went to see Shinso last night for a pep talk. A pep talk on how to exploit other’s weaknesses, such an underhanded move but one he’d need to pull out today. 


“Today’s battles will be drawn at sparring matches will be drawn at random,” Present Mic announced to the students on the field. “Remember, there will be an additional character coming into play that may be friend or foe to either of the participants. First up are . . . Bakugou and,” Mic made it look like he was truly mixing up pieces of paper but they were all blank, “Midoriya.” 


Bakugou froze at that name. Normally that name had him amped up, ready to show the world who the better hero was. Not today, today he felt his stomach drop to his feet when he heard that name. The one person who probably could have saved Uraraka was who he had to fight, out of all the nerds it was her best friend. Fuck, he had shitty luck today. He stepped onto his side of the arena while Deku went to his and took his stance. Green bolts of electricity flickered across his body, prompting Bakugou to clench his fists as sweat gathered there. 


The bell rang, each U.A. student took off towards one another. They were exchanging blows, nothing life-threatening but definitely enough to do some damage. Bakugou was throwing his usual taunts to the green-haired boy who had an utterly serious look on his face. Normally by now, he’d at least heard the nerd call him Kaachan, but he was radio silent. He didn’t like that.


“No wonder the villain took Uraraka with how pitiful these hits are.” Bakugou inhaled sharply, dropping his concentration enough for Deku to land a hit that sent him flying into a rock formation. He was winded from the crash and his startling words, couldn’t seem to catch his breath as his chest tightened.


“If you’re not going to give it everything you have then why are you here? Did you even want to protect Uraraka? Maybe she was better off with the previous guy who was interested in her?” Deku had to move fast to avoid the rapid, precise explosions that were sent his way. He absolutely hated saying this stuff, hated creating such an elaborate lie but he needed Bakugou to become angry enough that he’d spill his guts. Just like he did in first year when the two of them fought until All Might came to break them up. He was scratching the surface, new his one spade would absolutely push him over the edge. 


“What the fuck do you know about anything? She may be your best friend but she’s MY girlfriend. You weren’t even fucking there so don’t give me any of that bull shit!” There is was the tip of the angry iceberg. 


“I know you weren’t strong enough to beat the villain. How is she going to look at you knowing you couldn’t protect her?” Low blow, but one that provided another opening to get a hit in.


“FUCK YOU! There was never any other man in Uraraka’s life!” Well, at least he knew what Bakugou was focusing on now.


“Didn’t say there was, just that there was one who was interested. One who was more powerful than you, who would have been enough to save her.” The entire rock formation to his right exploded as Midoriya was tossed a fair way, sliding against the dirt.


“Who is this fucker? I’ll make sure all that’s left of him in pieces!” 


“You’ll need to be better than that if you’re going to make me into pieces.” Bakugou was slammed into a wall, eyes glaring at the other blonde who now on the field.


“Fucking invisi-boy! You’re my enemy for this spar, then so fucking be it.”


“I’m excited to play the villain and maybe see the flaws in your style so I can figure out why you couldn’t save my Chako-Bit.”


“Your . . . Chako-Bit?” The vein in Bakugou’s forehead was pulsing something fierce as he took off with new determination to get to his new opponent.


“Well, she should have been mine but she was pining over Midoriya for a bit and then I graduated. We still talk ALL the time though which makes me pretty sure I have a shot. I mean, who wants to stay with the BOY who can’t even control his own quirk?” Bakugou’s hands grew cold as he listened to Mirio’s words, ice seemed to freeze the blood in his veins.


“You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about! I fucking love her and would do anything for her. Don’t you fucking see! I HAVE to be better, be stronger so that I don’t lose her so that I can protect her at all costs once I have her back! She’s my everything!” Bakugou fell to his knees, letting the whirlwind of emotions flow through him as he began to face everything he’d been pushing down the past month. “You don’t understand, she the best of me. Her smile lights up my world, her cuddles make any day better, he kisses chase away the darkness. I NEED her in my life.”


Mirio and Midoriya stood before the broken teenager who was openly crying in front of them, leaving everything out in the open. Baring his soul to all those who were there and not giving a shit about who saw him doing so. They looked at one another before kneeling before the explosive man. Just being there for him until he calmed down, gathered his witts.


“Guess you need to stop wallowing in self-pity and self-doubt and help us get her back,” Mirio held out his hand, which Bakugou grasped being pulled back up. 


“This stupid fucking plan was your idea, wasn’t it nerd? Poke the bear until he explodes?”


“Ha ha ha,” Midoriya rubbed the back of his neck, “Something like that.” 


“I get it. I was a fucking idiot shoving everything down. Cheeks was right, I am emotionally constipated. Wasted all this time on nothing when I could have helped in some way.” 


“Don’t take it personally, Bakugou, we figured the best way for you to figure everything out was to fight the emotions out of you. Lying to you had to be the hardest part.”


“You’re not after MY fucking girl?”


“No, we are just friends. Platonic friends,” Mirio stressed the last part. 


“And since when can you fucking trash talk?” His glare was directed at Midoriya.


“I . . . may have spoken with Shinso on that topic. Plus I had some help from the Baku squad last night when we were planning.”


“Oi! You fuck tards knew about this?” A clenched fist was pointed at Sero and Kaminari.


“Hey now, we were just trying to get you back to your normal explodie self,” Kaminari stated as he held his hands up in front of his body. 


“I’ll show you fucking explodie!” Bakugou chased after the two while everyone else laughed at their antics. Things were finally feeling like they were back to normal, now they just needed to bring home the heart of their class.

Chapter Text

Uraraka looked around her surroundings, taking in the sights, sounds, and different people. She was slightly perturbed that they wanted to send her out on a test run after several weeks of brutal training she had endured from being woken up from her coma. Her fists clenched just thinking about how the do-gooder hero wannabees had gotten the drop on her. Well, she supposed there were three of them but still, she was better than that. Some lowly UA Class 2A students knocking her out only to be saved by another was repulsive in her book. She had been weak! 


Not now though, oh no.


She smirked as she watched human children run around at the park during their afternoon break. This time she would be prepared for whatever they had to throw at her. She had watched in-depth footage of that specific class’s entrance exams and Sports Festival, knew everything about their quirks and had been watching them from afar to understand their personalities. They were a tight-knit group of teens but so was the team she was now part of.


This time they’d be the ones who wouldn't know what hit them. 


“Acclivity,” a rough voice broke her inner musings. “We’re heading out now that we have confirmation from our mole the whereabouts for their new training activity off school grounds. Warp is going to send us through but we wait on the boss lady’s signal, got it?”


“Yeah, yeah. You sound like a broken violin. You sure you’re only five years older than me, not fifty?” She snickered as he rolled his yellow eyes at her, but followed him to where they were meeting up. A bubble of excitement was turning in the pit of her stomach, she’d been itching for a real fight and she was about to get it.

Bakugou had been on edge all goddamn day, he couldn’t push the feeling away that something big was going to happen. Even Shitty Hair hadn’t been nearly as loud today, constantly looking out the window. In fact, all his shitty classmates had been quieter than normal. It was fucking disturbing. 


Maybe it was the fact that they were heading off grounds for training today so no one was super ready to do that considering what fucking happened last time they went off school property. Hell, it didn’t seem to matter where they fucking were because trouble followed them fucking constantly. Didn’t seem to matter who they targeted but it was ALWAYS someone in their damn class.


He had snapped the fuck out of his stupor, had trained harder and was regularly seeing a therapist but it didn’t help the damn ache that was in his heart. Shitty Hair and Icy Hot were doing better now too since they’d all gotten over their fucking issues. He was pretty sure he had seen several other of his classmates talking to a counselor or therapist over the last few weeks. Fuck, if he wasn’t so set on being the number one hero he’d be a damn therapist. He imagined all hero agencies paid major money to have one available at all times. It was definitely fucking necessary. Actually, Uraraka would make one hell of a counselor. Uraraka . . .


She was still missing. No leads, no ransom, nothing - absolutely fuck all.


It was driving him and his classmates fucking crazy with the fact that the pros and police hadn’t discovered anything. They were forbidden from going out and looking for her themselves, the threat of expulsion from U.A. dangled in front of them. All Might and Aizawa were just as rattled as the kids were, they just hid it much better than they did. 


“Listen up class!” Mic shouted out over the group of teens. “We are heading to an abandoned warehouse this afternoon to do some rescue drills.” Bakugou felt the entire class deflate with that announcement, Uraraka was the best when it came to these situations. Her quirk was the fucking bomb plus she was quick to come up with solutions.


“I know each of you are feeling the effect of your missing friend,” All Might stepped up, placing a hand on Bakugou and Kirishima’s shoulders. “However, we also know she wouldn’t want you to back down from your studies.” 


“Cheeks would be pissed if we fucking stopped. She’d be the first one to get our asses in gear to make sure we could do this.” Whispers and murmurs escaped the students, who were all in agreement. “Let’s get our asses on the bus and get to the damn site. We’ll show her how we’ve improved while she was gone.”


“YEAH!” With renewed vigor everyone started filing onto the bus.


“Nice speech, bro.” Kirishima knocked shoulders with him as Bakugou’s cheeks flushed ever so slightly. “Didn’t peg you for the sentimental, uplifting, sappy . . .”


“Oi! Shut the fuck up already, I get it.”


“It was just so beautiful man,” Kirishima wiped a fake tear drop off his cheek, laughing when he was shoved into the bus’ door frame. Kirishima sat next to the window as Bakugou plopped himself next to the red head. “Bro, you feeling as unsettled as I am today?”

“Yeah, I don’t fucking like it either. Aizawa and Mic seem to be on edge as well. I mean, look how they are fucking standing.”


“Yeah, Miss Joke has barely cracked a smile all morning and she keeps playing with her gloves. Think they’ll tell us what’s going on?”


“They fucking better. I’m tired of these stupid ass surprises whenever we try to do something as a group.” The two of them stopped talking after that, the bus had become insanely quiet which was driving Bakugou crazy. This wasn’t how the extras behaved, EVER! They were loud and constantly in his face, bugging the sit out of him every moment of every day. 


“Listen up class,” Aizawa stood as he faced the students. “We have been alerted that the location of our training exercise has been compromised and we suspect we have a mole at U.A.” Whispers started to spread throughout the bus. “Quiet down. We are telling you this because we believe you deserve to know.”


“Is it linked with Uraraka’s disappearance?” Midoriya asked his teacher, with hopeful eyes.


“We are unsure at this time, young Midoriya.” Toshinori spoke as he stood from his seat. “The four of us on this bus suspect that it has something to do with her capture earlier but we have no concrete evidence.”


“That being said,” Mic turned in his seat next to Toshinori, “We are going to be continuing with the rescue exercises today, just in a modified capacity. Instead of all of you rushing in to see who can do the most rescues you will be in teams of three that we have strategically put together. This change was made as we boarded the bus so no-one at the school is aware of our teaching strategies.” 


“Upon arrival you will come to myself,” Miss Joke pointed to herself, “or to Aizawa to find out who your teammates will be. We will have a random draw to see who goes first and I have contacted a few friends to come to assist us with your protection from my old school. Everyone is aware that while the U.A. students might be the primary targets lately they may not be the only ones going forward. We want to be as prepared as possible.”


“You all need to remain calm,” Aizawa pointedly looked at Bakugou, Todoroki, and Kirishima. “I know all want to get even, some more than others, but we need to logically look at every possibility.”


“What kind of possibilities, sir?” Momo asked her teacher, quizzically looking at him.


“As you are all aware no ransom was ever asked from the school or Uraraka’s parents which means they have ulterior motives. We are thinking more along the lines of black mail of some kind. We have also given thought to trades of some kind, such as a student trade, or a student teacher trade or even a student knowledge trade.”


“Do you think they want Bakugou or All Might?” Asui asked, looking next to Midoriya who nodded his head in agreement.


“We are not sure. What we have been able to figure out is that this isn’t the League orchestrating this operation.”


“Seriously? Then who the fuck is it?” 


“We’re unsure at this time, but we do know they are well organized with several strong quirk users. Which we have only a couple due to the last run-in with them and neither are registered in the database.”


“What is the point of the database if we can’t track anyone’s quirks?” Todoroki asked, a hard look in his eyes.


“Todoroki,” Miss Joke looked at him sympathetically, “there is no way for us to track quirks with one hundred percent accuracy, it's just not realistic. There are several items we can’t account for such as runaways, children born to unregistered quirk users, and several others. Nothing is perfect in this world.” 


“We’re almost there,” Aizawa stated as he looked over his shoulder and back to the students. “You need to be as normal as possible. We can’t alert the villains by you not being yourselves. That means going back to the overly chatty, overly loud class that your are but talking amongst one another and cheering each other on.”


“YES SIR!” Bakugou’s palms were starting to sweat. He’d been itching for a good fight and now was going to have an excuse to pummel some villains. Nothing was going to stop him, outside of murder, from getting answers about Uraraka. 

Chapter Text


The teachers had decided to pair students together based on strength, so a lessor strong student was paired with a strong one. Bakugou was with Kaminari, so it wasn’t really that bad since he knew what to expect from Pikachu. The Nerd was with tail freak, Icy-Hot was stuck with the Grape Perv, Kirishima landed the Dark Chicken and the rest he wasn’t really too concerned with. Each had a list of pros and cons that balanced each other out well enough. His and Kirishima’s groups were to be the third ones to head into the “training ring” to work on duo rescue work. The cover was good enough but he was still itching for a fight. 


He could feel eyes on him already, pinning Aizawa with a look that clearly stated they were here. They weren’t going to change anything and there was no point in attacking air since they couldn’t be sure where anyone was at. He flexed his hands several times, wishing he could just fire a blast from his gauntlets already. Some poor fuckers were going to be on the end of his rage quite soon and he couldn’t hide the smirk. Kirishima let a low whistle out, something that the two of them had worked out when the got off the bus this morning. It allowed him, Icy-Hot, the Nerd, and Kirishima a small advantage over the others, to prepare one another. The fact that it had been Kirishima to notice it besides him meant one of two things. One, they were getting ready to attack after the first “rescues” or two, they were waiting for the two of them to head down for their turns. Either way, someone was going to fucking die.


The Nerd’s team came out on top, nothing surprising there. Todoroki’s team barely pulled through over the other team but now it was his turn. He grabbed Kaminari’s shoulder a bit more roughly than usual causing the blonde to stop and look back. The seriousness of his face told him everything he needed to know. They were here, be on guard. The rules of the rescue were simple, post-earthquake scenario where they had to help as many people as possible in a thirty-minute time period. Roads and buildings were unstable so there was usually a time constraint on natural disasters such as these. Never quite knowing what would give and when. 


Uraraka watched from above as the two new teams made their way to their starting point. Wraith had wrapped his invisibility quirk around the top level of the compound, completely hiding them from view. Uraraka had watched the first two teams go, something eerily familiar about the green-haired boy and the white and red-haired guy. Her head had started to hurt at seeing them in person, but she didn’t have the slightest inkling as to why. When the red-head and the blonde-haired guys confidently strolled into the arena she felt a pang of guilt run through her. She kept her emotions under tight wraps, she didn’t need these guys to pull her from the fight.


But still . . . this wasn’t sitting right with her.


Her eyes kept coming back to the blonde, watching as his toned muscles moved with each controlled blast. His smirk when he blew up something made her insides quake while heat spread throughout her lower regions. That had never happened in all of the times that her boyfriend had kissed her. He was greedy and hungry, pushing her until she floated his ass off of her. Shade had a similar quirk to the bird boy on their team, using a shadow to help fight. The only difference was that he could force his shadow away from him and essentially teleport to wherever the shadow was located. It was adept in combat as well but he preferred the reconnaissance of a mission instead of close combat. She wasn’t even sure how they’d come to date since he was a lazy bastard. 


Her eyes followed the blonde, the one she was told to stay away from at all costs. No explanation just an order from their boss, which she would follow but she was bothered as to why she couldn’t fight him. He looked to be one of the strongest out of this bunch. She moved to observe the guy with the hardening quirk who was ridiculously toned and left very little to the imagination in his hero uniform. She instantly felt bad for thinking about him in such a way, but why? He was attractive, stupidly sexy in fact but part of her mind revolted at that thought. Why? She needed answers. 


“Acclivity, you will stay here until I give you the signal to join.” Uraraka huffed, knowing that she needed to follow the chain of command. “Do not engage until I give the signal. Do you understand?” 


“Yes, Dad.” She rolled her eyes as she watched the other six head out to their posts, leaving her alone. Uraraka looked around to make sure Shade’s shadow wasn’t lurking around. She needed answers and she knew just how she was going to get them. She was here to show them who she was, to come out to the students here as the new villain on the team. It had always struck her as odd though, why she needed to be paraded around in front of them. 


Uraraka watched as the other six were in position. Wraith could expand his invisibility to individual people, hiding them as they fought but he couldn’t hide their quirk attacks. Shade kept to the shadows of a rather small building, out of sight for his long-distance attacks. The other four that had been brought along were Cool-Aid, Owlsey, Blotter, and Sleeter. Cool-Aid had four gemstones in her stomach, each of which was a different color that had a different type of acid capability. Owlsey was a man who had the head of an owl, along with wings, that could WHO supersonic waves. Blotter shot ink blots from his fingertips that created an ultra-sticky surface. Sleeter could shoot rain pellets from any part of his exposed skin, so he was frequently seen in just shorts all year round. 


Her breath hitched as Sleeter launched his covert attack on the guy with the hardening quirk. Her stomach dropped as she watched the attack hit but only succeeded in pushing his back several feet. She took a deep breath the steady her raging insides, everything about this screamed it was wrong. Watching them from long distances had been easy but now . . . now she wanted nothing more than to flee. Which was ridiculous, she was a badass fighter with a kick-ass quirk!


Kirishima had felt the air change, becoming slightly cooler so he hardened himself slightly, ready for whatever was about to happen. He turned to see several blue colored bullets heading his way. He braced himself, arms forming an X in front of his body as he was pushed back a couple of feet. He looked around for the culprit but saw nothing, not until it was too late. More ice pellets hit him in rapid succession from his left side, pushing him straight into a crater that looked like it was covered in black ooze. Dark Shadow managed to scoop him up before he hit whatever the substance was. Bakugou lit up the joint with a large explosion, causing Kirishima to see a waver in the spot opposite of him.


“They’re being hidden! Some kind of cloaking quirk so we can’t see where the attacks are coming from!” Kirishima yelled for all to hear. His class jumped into action, Aoyama blasting his naval laser throughout the area, effectively canceling the effects of the cloaking quirk. 


“Well done U.A.” Shade clapped as he walked out from the roof he had inhabited. “I didn’t think you’d figure it out so fast, granted we did have someone jump the gun on our end.” The look he gave Sleeter was more than enough for the villain to know he’d be severely punished when they returned. He moped back, grumbling while he did so. 


“Who the fuck are you and what the hell do you want?”


“Quite the mouth on you.” Shade pulled back his hood to reveal a mop of mahogany hair. “My crew calls me Shade. Nice to meet U.A.’s most promising hero class!” He took a slight bow.


“Ever the dramatic one.” The class froze as Uraraka walked up to Shade. She wore a black corset and dark red shorts paired with knee-high gladiator sandals. Her black anti-nausea wrist bands flowed into the long black and red jacket that was all cinched together at her waist with a white belt. Slade held out his hand for her as she placed her in his. He pulled her body close to his as he planted a chaste kiss to her lips.


Bakugou was shocked to see her with him, with the villains. She was dressed differently and when that idiot kissed her he almost fucking lost his mind. Aizawa placed a hand on his shoulder, not looking at him but towards the pair above them.


“This is our newest member, Acclivity. She’s been such a great addition to our cause but this is her debut after some intense training.” Slade grabbed her ass as Uraraka rolled her eyes, pushing him away from him slightly. He was just being an idiot and making a show of stupid shit now. 


“Give her back! Give Uraraka back to us!” Midoriya yelled, the rest of his classmates joining him.


“She was never yours to begin with. Isn’t that right, Darlin’?” Uraraka didn’t say anything, she just stayed still by his side.


“Angel, you can’t possibly want to be a villain. What about your parents? What about being the top fucking rescue hero?” Bakugou tried not to get emotional, but this was trippy as fuck. He expected to be taken, or Todoroki, or the Nerd but he never figured a villain would want her. There was no reason behind it, none he could see.


“What the hell are you blabbing on about?” Uraraka spat at the blonde before her. “My parents were in an accident where heroes wouldn’t save them. Why the hell would I want to be a hero? The only thing they’re good at is bringing hope to people and then crushing it back down when they can’t live up to their oaths.” Several people flinched at the venom that was behind her words, and to some degree truth. 


“This is so fucking boring,” Sleeter whined as he shot several rain bullets into the group of teens. “How about a little bloodshed now? Hmmmm.” 


“For fuck's sake, Sleeter!” Blotter yelled after the manic man. “Boss is going to kill his stupid ass for wrecking the plan.” Slade’s eyes had turned black as he watched the idiot before him. He’d deal with nuisance later.


“You know what to do,” Slade called out to the group. “You have ten minutes to fuck shit up before we head out. Exploso boy is mine though.” Slade sent his shadow out, forming a replica of his own body with shadow swords in hand. He stood directly in front of the murderous looking blonde. “Why don’t you go join the fight to babe? I would hate for you to miss out on all the fun.” He kissed her cheek which was Bakugou’s tipping point. He went to charge the man on the roof only to be blocked by a damn shadow. He set off a mediocre explosion before blasting his way up, only to serve in his course as a blade swept to his left.


“Fucking shadow BASTARD!” The rest of the class seemed to be busy with other random assholes. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her fighting with Kirishima. He went to change his trajectory to head towards her but the shadow prick was having none of it.


“Your fight is with me. She’s mine now so you can keep your beady red eyes off of her,” the shadow taunted as he continued to block Bakugou’s advances. Kirishima would hold his own against her, had been her partner so was well aware of what she could and couldn’t handle. 


Kirishima blocked another floating rock from Uraraka, she’d been pelting him since landing on the ground. Nothing had been sent his way terribly hard or fast so he had yet to figure out what her game plan was. Up until she appeared right in his face and kicked him in the stomach with enough force he was pushed back. 


“Uraraka this isn’t you! Why can’t you remember who we are? Who you really are?” She said nothing as she sent another round of debris his way, followed by her getting close and personal with him again. She started the same cycle again, this time he was ready. “Ochako, snap out of it! We just want back our Uravity!” This caused her to pause, gave him enough time to get behind her, grabbing her outstretched wrists in his own. 


“I don’t know what they did to you,” he whispered into her ear, “but we’ll do everything we can to get you back. Anything!” Uraraka struggled against him for a bit, but it was futile while he was in his hardened stage.


“Pocket,” she whispered back to him before the tips of her hands began to glow the softest pink color. She closed her fists as a pulse went throughout the building, knocking Kirishima off her back and most of the students on their asses. Shade appeared beside her, grabbing at her waist again.


“That’s our queue to leave. Head out you idiots and someone grab Sleeter’s crazy ass on our way out!” Red eyes stared into brown ones, slight recognition within them as the group of villains walked out through a portal. Uraraka didn’t look back, didn’t acknowledge any of them. Once the portal closed a bunch of them collapsed onto the ground.


“What the ever-loving fuck was that? Why couldn’t the teachers and Pros around the perimeter enter?”


“There was a barrier preventing them from doing so,” Midnight explained as the rest of the staff walked in. “Did we learn anything?”


“They seemed to have altered her perception somehow. She believes her parents are dead and heroes are to blame,” Mic stated, walking up to Midnight and Aizawa.


“What do we do now?” Ashido asked holding onto her left upper arm with her right hand that was bleeding. 


“We head back to the school to inform Nezu of what transpired here and then we work on getting answers based on what we all saw and experienced here today.” Aizawa noticed that most of his students were in pretty good shape, physically. Mentally, he had no way of evaluating that right now. 


“What was that pulse earlier? It was crazy strong!” Midoriya asked the group of teachers. No-one said anything, had no idea which villain it came from.


“It was from her. From Uraraka.” Kirishima found his voice to speak up. “I have her wrists in my hands so she couldn’t release any more rock, wood, or glass in the area. Her hands . . . her hands were glowing and then she closed her fists . . . and we were all thrown back. I don’t know how else to explain it.”


“Did she get hit with the quirk that increases the severity of the attack?” Todoroki inquired looking between Kirishima and Bakugou,


“No fucking way. That fucker wasn’t here for the damn fight and she couldn’t have been hit with it before she arrived here because that’s outside of his damn time limit.” Bakugou supplied, ready to punch something in uncontrolled anger. 


“So they changed her memories and made her more badass than she already was?” Kirishima questioned as he plopped onto the ground. “How does that make any sense? Make her stronger so she can fight her friends?” 


“I don’t have answers for you, yet,” Aizawa stated looking across the room at his student's faces, “but we will figure this out before it’s too late. For now, head to the changerooms and get ready to leave. The sooner we’re out of here the better.” They picked themselves up and made their way to the makeshift change rooms that were really just old full stall bathrooms.


Kirishima took his mask off, staring at it in his hands. They didn’t wear masks, any of those villains, why was that? Most didn’t want their identities to be given away so why be so bold? Why be easily recognizable? His hand rested easily in his pocket, moving his finger brushing up against something solid. He carefully pulled it out, a folded up piece of paper.


She had whispered something to him right before she left, it hadn’t made a lick of sense to him until right now. He unfolded the tiny square five times before he saw her writing on it. I need answers. You’re going to give them to me. I’ll contact you. What the hell was that supposed to mean? He groaned, running a hand through his hair before he flushed the note down the toilet. He was just going to have to wait to see how she was going to play this. No sense in telling anyone just yet. She wouldn’t do anything to hurt him when they did meet up, he hoped. 

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Todoroki sat in the in the bay window of the library at U.A. while trying to wrap his head around the previous day’s battle, if you could call it that. It was pretty much an attack against their class for no other reason than to surprise them with an evil Uraraka. Those words felt odd as he thought them. She wasn’t the one they pegged for being captured and turning evil. Or maybe being turned villainous was a more astute way to put it. 


The sky was unusually blue today and the sun was bright and warm, just like Uraraka’s smile. She always found a way to make the dimest of situations seem not so bad. He wasn’t quite sure how she did it but he found himself wondering what his childhood would have been like if she had been in his life sooner. If anyone from U.A. had been in his life sooner, really. She was just the rays of warmth in their class. 


Uraraka was always respectful of his boundaries. She never touched him without just cause and when she did, it was usually a squeeze to his hand or shoulder. A comfort without him wanting to hyperventilate. He had a lot of issues he found, especially compared to most in his class but she never spoke out about them. She had coaxed him into more conversations when they were doing work study and opted to sit beside for help as well. She said the simplistic nature in which he explained things helped her, granted that changed when Bakugou became her study partner.


Did he hate Bakugou? No. Was he the best of friends with the blonde? Absolutely not. He was a rival at best, one that he knew he could go toe-to-toe against yet neither would know the outcome of that fight until it was fought. He had seen the changes that Uraraka had instilled in the explosive man, something she was really good at doing with all her friends. He found it funny and odd how someone as small and happy could date someone as brash and grump as Bakugou.


It struck him a bit odd about how one person could make such an impact on his life.


Speaking of impacts to his life the most recent conundrum just walked through the doors of the library. Midnight hair in its signatures ponytail wearing her school uniform. Yaoyorozu. She had been a large part of the reason he fell out of his slump after Uraraka had first been taken. Midoriya’s plan aside her tears had tugged at something within himself. He had no idea what caused it though, he thought that he was coming down with an illness for a bit.


“Good afternoon Todoroki. Would you find if I sat with you?” Her eyes sparkled in the sunlight as she smiled at him.


“By all means,” he gestured to the open space on the other side of the bay window. She slipped her shoes off before sitting side saddle on the cushion since she was in her skirt today. Her fingers grazed his sock clothes foot as she adjusted herself, he felt his heartbeat speed up slightly. She looked out the window, eyes closing as she let the sun warm her skin, taking several deep breaths of aged paper books. 


“How are you doing after yesterday’s shocking revelation?”


“I am fine. Confused as to why they decided to capture and brainwash Uraraka.”




“She would not go against her beliefs and values as an aspiring hero. That aside the information about her parents death was false. I heard Aizawa talking with Mic about it when I passed his office on my way here.”


“You don’t think they blackmailed her?”


“No. The vacant look in her eyes as she looked at all of us proves that. I don’t know if her memory was wiped by a quirk or if there was an accident while she was captured or held hostage but something has changed.”


“Agreed. She barely even spared Bakugou a second glance. I can’t imagine how hurt he must be feeling from all of this.”


“Hurt? I can see the unbridled rage barely contained under the surface, but hurt?”


“Someone else has claimed the woman he loves, he kissed her in public while keeping her close to his side. You can’t tell me that if you saw your significant other openly displaying affection for another that you wouldn’t be hurt.” Todoroki mulled over her point. He immediately thought of her in Uraraka’s place, anger instantly pumping through his veins but there was also sadness. Sadness at seeing her at his side and not yours by a choice that wasn’t hers.


“You’re right. Underneath all the pretenses I’m sure there is sadness and I doubt it’ll ever go away until she’s back to normal and with us. Her U.A. family.” Momo smiled at him then. It wasn’t often he mentioned family, especially fondly like he was now. 


“Do you think we can get her back?” Her lip trembled as she held her clasped hands close to her heart, worry was clouding her normally bright noir eyes. He leaned close to her, closer than he had ever been inside anyone’s personal bubble outside of sparring. Todoroki placed both his hands over hers, staring deeply into her eyes.


“We will get her back. Anything else isn’t an option.” He said it with such confidence and certainty that she couldn’t find it in herself to disagree with him. She leaned forward a bit more, their interlocked hands were pressing firmly against her chest. He tried not to think too much about how they felt, how soft they were even through her clothes. He watched her eyes flick lower for a moment before staring back into his heterochromatic ones. Maybe he was reading to far into this or maybe it was the right moment, the one where he could express how he thought he felt about her.


He leaned the rest of the way forward, brushing his lips gently against her own. They were soft, like flower petals yet firm. He pulled back after a few seconds to see a dusting of red coloring her cheeks. His stomach felt weird, like hundreds of balls were being bounced at once. Just like the other times he’d been in close proximity to her. “Your lips, the felt like flower petals.” If he thought she was red before she was definitely more so now. “Are you alright? Should I take you to the nurse?” he pressed the back of his hand to her forehead as she shook her head no.


“I am alright, thank you. Perhaps we should return to the common room for the evening meal? It should be close to being done by Kaminari and Koda.” Todoroki stood up, offering her a hand as she slid off the cushion to slip on her shoes. She didn’t remove her hand from his as they walked out of the library and he found it oddly calming. He wasn’t good at feelings but he did know that he wanted to kiss her again, it was enjoyable. 


“Is that Iida with Camie? Under the tree over there?” Todoroki pointed to the couple to the two students as they made their way from one building to the next. 


“Seems odd that she would be here on a school night. Perhaps she needs help with something?” Momo asked as she waved to them before the rounded a corner. Camie enthusiastically waved back as Iida straightened out like a rod. She giggled at him.


“I doubt those two will think less of you for seeing me.”


“You are here on a school night with curfew only a few hours away. It’s highly inappropriate for me, as a class rep, to be conducting myself in such a way.”


“Like how you conducted yourself when we watched the newbies sport’s festival?” She traced her index finger slowly up and down his pectoral muscle.


“That was highly inappropriate of me. I was on cleaning duty for a week after that once Aizawa-sensei found out.”


“But, it was fun, right?” She pressed her chest chest out so she was just grazing his arm. 


“It cannot be denied that I had a good time with you. I always do.” Her cheeks turned pink at his admission. “You know that there is no need to rush this, correct?”


“Who says I’m rushing? Why does it matter?” Camie looked up into his dark eyes, slightly confused.


“I do not know what your past experiences with men had been, nor am I inclined to ask because it is in the past. However, you must know that I want more than just sex from you. I want to take you out on dates, buy you flowers, hangout with our friends, to do all the cliche outings that I am sure others have not treated you too. You deserve the world, Princess.” Camie teared up, she had never had someone so romantically sappy want to be with her. It was usually all about sex because she was perceived by many as a slut but here was a man who saw right through her. 


“You’re too sweet Iida,” she whispered as she pushed the tears back. He cupped her face in his strong, calloused hands, bending forward to gently kiss her lips. Nibbling on the bottom lip before he slid his tongue slowly into her mouth, taking his time to explore her.  Camie moaned into his mouth, hands grasping the front of his uniform to pull him closer, needing him closer. He pulled away, thumbs grazing her cheeks as he stared into her eyes.


“I am in no rush because I want you to know how I feel about you first.”


“You might regret waiting,” she giggled before kissing his cheek then turning to walk away, extra sway in her hips. “Walk me back to the train station?”


“Of course.” Iida might regret waiting for her but this game of cat and mouse was sure to be fun. “Ashido, where are you rushing from?”


“The store around the corner. Female emergency!” She continued on running back to her room, not even stopping when her boyfriend called out to her. Ashido slammed the door to her room as she raced into the bathroom, opening the bag as she grabbed a tampon. She sighed in relief as she walked out of the bathroom, tears streaming down her face.


“Mina,” Kirishima called softly from the other side of her door. “Babe, are you alright? You looked panicked when you ran through the dorms.” She opened up the door after brushing the tears from her eyes but he saw the trails down her pink cheeks. “Babe, what’s wrong?”


“I . . . I,” she burst into tears again, gripping the from of Kirishima’s shirt. He rubbed her back, slowly moving them further into her dorm so he could shut the door behind him. “Take some deep breaths babe. Then we can talk about what’s upsetting you.” Kirishima continued to hold her in the middle of her room, content to just hold her in his arms for a while. 


“I’m sorry,” her response was muffled by her face in his shirt. “My period was late so I had taken a pregnancy test last week but it was negative. I was still super anxious over it so I went to Recovery Girl who said the stress of the last while may have delayed it. Imagine my surprise when I woke up cramping and had nothing in my bathroom.”


“Thankfully, we have a lot of female classmates.” Kirishima smiled, knowing where this was going. “You know I don’t have an issue running to the store to grab you stuff. It’s manly to help out when you’re in need of it.”


“I just told you I was late, a possible pregnancy scare, and you’re going on as if I hadn’t mentioned it!”


“Mina, we are super careful the majority of the time. You have even told me before that you didn’t have a regular cycle so I’m not surprised you’re late. What I am a bit put off by is that you didn’t talk to me sooner. You’re usually pretty open about ALL aspects of your life.”


“I was scared. Thought that I had screwed up and that you’d hate me.”


“Could never hate you babe.” He kissed her temple, wrapping his arms around her again. “We would have to make some decisions but we’d do them together. Now we just have to be super extra careful,” his lips found the junction of her neck and shoulder, teeth grazing along it. He smiled as she shivered. 




“Yeah, I know. Shark week.” She smacked him on the shoulder but couldn’t hide the grin. “Shark week for you, bj week for me?” He wiggled his eyebrows pulling a laugh from his girl. 


“Who says you’ve done anything to deserve a bj, hmm? Not manly to tease your girlfriend.” She pushed him onto the bed, straddling him as she followed him down. She pressed her palms onto his hip bones, sliding them upwards to his neck as she drug his shirt up too. She bit his ear when she leaned in, could feel his erection pressing into her lower stomach.


“Mina,” Kirishima breathlessly moaned into her ear.


“I need ice cream,” Mina jumped up from her spot on top of him to grab a light sweater, feeling cool without his heat. “Let’s head to the kitchen. I’m in desperate need of Ben and Jerry.”


“Tease,” he groaned, throwing his arm over his eyes while taking several deep breaths. 


“You love it.” She held her hand out to him once he had calmed down, he accepted the offer as she pulled him up from her bed. He followed her out of the door, once out in the hallway he threw an arm over her shoulder before kissing the top of her head. She blushed at the action, something that was very rare for her to do. 


“Is that Midoriya . . . coming from . . . Bakugou’s room?” Kirishima froze as he watched the green-haired boy walk out followed by the irritable blonde. “There were no explosions, no yelling . . . did we step into an alternate universe?” 


“It’s the most likely explanation. They have gym bags so why don’t we go creep AFTER I get my ice cream?”


“Spy mission?”


“Spy mission!”

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Midoriya had been holed up in his room since they returned to campus yesterday. He was sure a lot of his other classmates were in the same proverbial boat as he was. Uraraka was a villain? It was an absurd thought but the truth rang true as he witnessed it with his very eyes yesterday. Obviously, it wasn’t her choice, nor was she being blackmailed since there were some very real holes in the story they had weaved to her. It hurt to see his best friend like that, not the bubbly, smiling, enigmatic person she always was. Now she was negative, brooding, and angry. It just didn’t suit her, not even a little bit. 


The group she was with were strong, ridiculously so, and that made him nervous. They only saw a small handful of however many were part of this villain faction. How were they supposed to save Uraraka when they didn’t even know who else they’d be facing? At least the League of Villains, and most others he’d seen, were quite public in their plans and groups. Always wanting to show off and one-up another villain or group. Not this group. Did they even know the name of the group? It was still so unclear as to why they wanted Uraraka. Did they have bigger plans? Did they want to mess with U.A. students and faculty? Was there a ploy aimed at civilians?


His brain hurt but not as much as his heart. 


Uraraka was one of the first students he had met when he came to U.A. and the friendship they had formed was strong. They’d all been through a lot but it hadn’t deterred them from their dream of being Pros. In fact, it had made their resolution to be better, do better more resolute. They had all stepped up their game after Bakugou’s incident and now they were raising the stakes again, more determined to save Uraraka. He couldn’t imagine what Kacchan had been going through either. She was his best friend but his girlfriend.


With his mind made up, he threw some items into his gym bag and took the stairs to a different floor. Bakugou’s floor. He needed to vent and he was sure that Bakugou could use someone to spar against, just nothing as serious as when All Might intervened. He hoped. He knocked on the door, nervous as could be at what would happen once the door opened. Midoriya heard a mumbled “come in” as he turned the knob and let himself into the blonde’s room.


The blinds were drawn making the room feel dark and eerie as light streamed through the sides of them. The room was still in immaculate shape, not a single thing seemed to be out of place. The blonde on the bed with his arm thrown over his eyes was a different story altogether. He was quiet, disheveled, and it looked like he had tear stains on his face. This wasn’t the Kacchan that he knew.


“Hey, Kacchan.” Midoriya quietly called out, not wanting to scare him.


“What do you want, Deku?” Bakugou gruffly asked, not caring to look his way.


“Came to see how you were doing. To see if you wanted to spar with me?” He jiggled his bag a little bit causing Bakugou to look at him with one eye. “Sitting in your room being stuck in your own head won’t help. Let’s go throw some punches, get your adrenaline pumping and then we can do whatever.” Bakugou groaned as he rolled off the side of the bed into a standing position, grabbing his bag of stuff to follow Midoriya out of the room.


Bakugou spotted Kirishima and alien freak out of the corner of his eye but chose to ignore them. The last thing he really wanted was to have them asking about how he was feeling because then the rest of his idiot friends would come. He didn’t want to blow up his friends, at least not this time. He followed the gree-haired nerd in silence, taking solace in it. They changed quickly before heading tot he mat where they started doing some light stretches. 


“Quirks or no quirks?”


“You can’t fucking beat me without your damn quirk, Nerd. Let’s get this shit started.” Bakugou cracked his neck once followed by his knuckles before he slid into his typical fighting stance. Midoriya shifted into his own stance, green lightning began to jump across his form. They jumped at the same time, fists clashing with one another. Neither giving an inch but not gaining either. They jumped back, eyeing the other for an opening.


“You know that no-one expected her to be there, right? We were all just as stunned as you are, maybe not as hurt but we’re all feeling something about . . . her new friends.”


“I fucking know that you dumb shit,” he threw several explosions in rapid-fire towards his opponent. “She didn’t fucking recognize anyone.” He was thrown by a rather hard kick from Deku but managed to stay upright. 


“Then why pout in your room? The Kacchan I know would have been strategizing or training or anything but sitting in his room.” Midoriya punched Bakugou again but he managed to get his arms up in an X formation to block it. He could see the tightness in his jaw, knew that he was striking a nerve. “Why mope for an entire day?”


“As if you’re one to fucking talk. You might have gotten me out of my damn room but how long did take for your balls to drop to leave your room?” Was he fighting fair, not really but if the Nerd wanted to toss some theories or insults or whatever else then he was game. “Our class keeps getting tossed for a loop but we can fucking deal with it and move forward now. Try to figure shit out.” 


“Glad your motivation is back,” Midoriya grunted as one particular explosion caught him by surprise causing his to dig his heels into the ground, skidding back. Bakugou was on him in an instant, trading blows with All Might’s replacement. “What has you so worked up?”


“She didn’t know who we were. Uraraka looked right through me as if I was no-one!” The right hook caught Midoriya by surprise but he retaliated with a swift kick to the gut. They paused, both breathing heavily as they both looked at the ground. “Ochako didn’t see me, Deku. She was one of the first people to truly take the time to understand me. Now someone has gone and fucked her all up to satisfy some sick fucking plan.” Bakugou layed out on the ground, looking like a starfish as he took several deep breaths.


“I get it. She stopped me from tripping over myself and landing on my face the moment I walked up to the front gates.” Bakugou snorted at that but Midoriya was pretty sure he could hear the smirk on his face. “What do we do?”


“We do what the Pros can’t,” Bakugou sat up, a look of confidence on his face. “We know Uraraka the best, maybe outside a select few other fucking extras in our class. Let’s dive into her background and see what we come up with. I’m sure All Might would spill some inside information to his star fucking pupil.” The cheshire look on Bakugou’s face meant he had formulated a plan, that Midoriya had done something good for his friend.


“You can count us in,” Kirishima and Ashido stepped out from where they had been watching the action, a safe distance away knowing these two as they did. “Guarantee all of our class will want to help out.”


“No.” Bakugou immediately went rigid. “There’s a mole in the school so we keep it small. Us four plus Icy-Hot, Four Eyes, Ponytail, and Frogger. We keep this shit to the eight of us. You two chat with the other four while the Nerd and I finish the plan. No-one else in the fucking class, hell the fucking school can know, got it?” Everyone shook their heads yes. “Fucking get to it then!”


Kirishima and Ashido left the other two to shower, change, and develop the main game plan. He was rather excited to finally be able to do something about saving their friend. Seeing her as a villain was shitty but it also gave them an in as to where she was, finally. Mina excused herself to head to Yayaorozu’s room before heading to find Iida or Todoroki next. He kissed her quickly as he was looking for whichever guy he happened upon first. His pocket vibrated as he pulled his phone out showing a text from an unknown number. He swallowed thickly, could she be messaging him already? Only one way to find out. I want my answers. Meet me in one hour at the address below. Alone. She picked his favorite crepe shop on this side of town, how odd. Either she researched him or had a memory surface up but he was going regardless. He was just hoping that she was the only one there as well. Guess he’d find out in an hour.

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She was strong. She was tough. She had a kick ass quirk. She didn’t take shit from anyone. So why was she being plagued by the oddest of dreams?


After the pointless fight they had with the students from U.A. she’d been catching glimpses of scenarios she had no recollection of yet her heart hurt at not being able to remember them. It was throwing her off kilter but she would be damned if she was going to let the other idiots around here know about. Uraraka wasn’t stupid, there was something extremely odd about everything since her return.


They’d all been ecstatic when she fought the students without “relapsing” saying that the good doctor had lived up to the promise. Her blood boiled at that, the fact they were keeping secrets about her from her! She had barely even been able to fight any of them and the one she did had called her Uravity, which had struck a chord within her very soul but she couldn’t for the life of her figure it out. She needed answers and she wanted them RIGHT NOW! She texted the attractive red-head now she just had to figure out how to get out of here without anyone noticing.


“Yo! That move you pulled against the muscled red-head was awesome! Didn’t know you’d been keeping that move from me while we fought.”


“Please,” Uraraka rolled her eyes, “I’ve been pulling moves during our matches for weeks, Sleeter.” 


“Regardless, you were amazing!”


“Amazing? All I did was fight one kid for ten minutes before I pushed them all back so we could escape. I wouldn’t call that anything spectacular. Hell, it wasn’t even an actual fight like I wanted or expected.” Uraraka crossed her arms over her chest, huffing in annoyance. The pit of her stomach dropped thinking about the fight. Why was this rubbing her the wrong way?


“Man, I’m fucking starving! Acclivity, how about you go out and pick up some grub?”


“Why me?” She whined, but this was her chance to get out and meet with him.


“Don’t be a fucking baby. You’re still the newb, so do as I say.”


“Fine,” she grumbled while celebrating internally. “What do you guys even want?” The group looked at one another before all yelling, “Pizza and wings!” She should have known better, that was the go-to meal whenever they ordered out. “The usual order then?”


“You bet, babe.” Uraraka turned around to see Slade standing there, pulling out a wad of cash and placing it in her hand. “You did so good at the battle, the boss was really impressed.” He kissed her cheek, Uraraka had to stop herself from gagging. Another odd thing that had been happening since they returned from the fight.


“When do I get to meet the boss? Surely I’ve proved myself by now?”


“Soon, Acclivity. Very very soon.” Uraraka gave him her brightest smile, kissed him on the cheek before heading out the door. Once she was far enough away from the base she let out a shaky breath, just in time for a new memory to pop up. Green forest, being pulled through a portal, fighting against invisible captures, and being strapped to a table. The pain pushed its way to the front of her head, tears welling up in her eyes as she forced them away. She took several deep breaths before she continued onward, lucky for her their meeting place wasn’t far from the pizza place so she’d place her order then meet up with the red-head. It was perfect! 


“Good afternoon little lady,” the owner of the restaurant greeted as she stepped into the door.


“Hello, could I place a take out order?”


“Of course. What can I get for you?”


“I need three dozen wings in salt and pepper wings, spicy dill, and sweet chili thai along with three large pizzas. An all meater, a donair, and spicy chicken ranch please.”


“That’ll be about fifteen minutes.”


“Perfect! That’s enough time for me to grab some other groceries.” She waved to the older man behind the counter as she headed the meeting place. She’d get a couple of items from the store right before she grabbed their food. 


“Uraraka?” She looked up to see the red-head a safe distance away from her, on guard, with wary eyes looking at her. 


“What’s up Red?”


“I’m good. How are things?”


“Things are . . . confusing. I need answers Red and you’re going to give them to me.”


“What kind of answers?”


“How do you all know my last name? Why were you all so distraught to see me? Who was the green-haired crybaby? Who was the blonde angry boy? Who are you to me?” 


“You go to school with us, Uraraka, as part of our class. We haven’t heard anything from you in weeks, ever since you were captured while we were at our second Sports Festival. The green-haired boy is your best friend, Midoriya or as you like to call him Deku,” Kirishima watched as her eyes widened when he mentioned the name, this was a good sign. “The angry blonde is your boyfriend, Bakugou Katsuki.” Tears gathered in her eyes this time, so he continued to speak about him. “Bakugou has been in love with you ever since you almost creamed him with a meteor shower at our first Sports Festival.”


Uraraka shook her head, placing her hands over her eyes as she tried to stop the onslaught of memories from surfacing. “You were paired together for study sessions by Aizawa during the year and that was when things started to happen.” She just let the tears fall, because what else was she supposed to do? Everything was utterly garbled in her head.


“And you?”


“We were paired together by Aizawa for the Sports Festival. I . . . I couldn’t protect you from being captured, none of us could. Bakugou and Todoroki were also there but we couldn’t do anything about his quirk amplifying quirk.”


“Augmentor. His quirk allows him to heighten another's quirk within a certain radius of himself, but it’s effects only last so long before they wear off. It depletes faster the more people that are within his vicinity.”


“The warehouse incident was the first time we had seen you in forever, so we were all very surprised to see you as a villain. You’ve got a heart of gold Uraraka, you’d never willingly join the baddies.”


“Kiri?” Uraraka said the name as if it was a natural everyday occurrence but the brilliant smile she received from the red-head made her feel at ease. “So we’re not dating but I am dating the angry porcupine?” He laughed, fully belly laughed and she followed suit because it was just contagious. 


“What do we do now?”


“I work on getting my memories back and you work on getting me the hell out there. After the fight everything has felt . . . off and now I know why. We’ll keep in touch.”


“Hey, do you know who the mole is at school?”


“You’re looking for a rat, Kiri.” Uraraka waived as Kirishima watched her run into the grocery store. A rat? What the hell was he supposed to do with that information? He pondered the thought as he went to grab a couple crepes, since thinking on an empty stomach was not his strong suit. With three of the delicious treats in hand he headed back to the school, pondering what Uraraka had said. 


He groaned as he walked up the steps of the school, he had been going around in circles forever it seemed. He walked into the common room and just looked at the new faces that seemed to be there. Why was 2B being all chummy with his classmates? Kirishima thought it was odd, but everyone seemed happy enough. Even Shinsou had a small smirk on his face as he listened in on multiple conversations. Monoma was being overly loud and obnoxious in the corner but his woman had promptly put him in his place. His eyes widened!


Mole! Monoma! Rat!


Uraraka had meant it literally! They must have a shape shifting quirk user amongst them that could change into a rat, one that could come and go off campus using some weird mousy trails from the actual rodents. No wonder they were having such a hard time finding the intruder. Now he just needed to tell Aizawa and then they could change security and . . . And how was he supposed to tell his teacher he met with villain Uraraka off campus and she was the one who told him this information?


Now what? 


Kirishima headed to the empty love seat, throwing himself face first into the cushions in defeat. One of the few brilliant ideas he had in a long time and he couldn’t even act on it, some friend he was. Maybe he needed to do some investigating? Where did regular rats usually hang out? Where would a spy pick to overhear conversations? He groaned loudly into the cushion.


“Dude, what the hell is eating you?” Sero questioned, poking Kirishima in the shoulder. “You sound like you lost all your bandannas.” Sero chuckled as Kirishima turned his head to glare at his friend.


“Don’t joke about some so horrendous.”


“Well stop acting like,” Sero waved his hand in irregular motions but all directed at Kirishima, “that.” 


“Sorry bro. Just trying to wrap my head around something and it’s not going well.”


“What do you do when you’re frustrated? How do you gather your thoughts?”


“Sparring or sex, but those are both off the table at the moment. Bakugou is immersed in something and then it’s also shark week, so yeah.”


“Shark week, yeah that’s definitely no fun. If you weren’t tied down to one woman you could have a trove of women to choose from, like me.”


“Like you? When was the last time you actually got laid?” Kirishima smirked as he finally sat up on the couch. “Pretty sure you were bitching that it had been over a month to Kaminari not long ago.”


“Just biding my time, ya know?”


“Oh really?” Kirishima raised an eyebrow, a sly smirk on his face. “Sure it has nothing to do with an eccentric pinkette?” He cackled as Sero’s face turned red, knowing he had hit the nail on the head. “Your secret is safe with me man. Anyways, I should probably get going and see how my GIRLFRIEND is doing.” Sero rolled his eyes but laughed as he headed back to the kitchen where the others were at. Kirishima whipped out his phone and sent a quick text Asui asking him to meet her in his room. Asui and Uraraka were pretty tight and she was level headed, so maybe she’d be able to help him out with his puzzle.


Kirishima was leaning against his doorway as Asui turned the corner. They exchanged pleasantries before he opened the door for her to head on in, laughing at some comment she made about his room. The door closed, leaving Kaminari and Sero to stand there slack jawed. Surely those two weren’t actually hooking up? What about Mina? Was Asui in the market? Do they tell Mina?


They shared a glance with one another. If it was either of them they’d want to know so Sero pulled his phone out of his pants pocket and messaged their pink friend. 



Chapter Text

Kaminari had decided it was best to keep his trap shut about what he saw between Kirishima and Asui, granted he did tell his girl. Jirou had rolled her eyes at his stupidity over something so trivial. She wasn’t the least bit worried and he shouldn’t be either since nothing had gone on between the two. Jirou had given him a pointed look as she swung one of her jacks around, receiving the message loud and clear.


They were currently huddled under one of his weighted blankets, it helped to keep his anxiety down. He had suffered from small bouts of it as a child but it had become worse since joining U.A. At the suggestion of the counsellor he made purchased one and damn was he happy that he had. Kaminari rubbed his cheek into his girlfriend’s small, round boob that he had decided to use as a pillow. What was comfier than a boob pillow? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Jirou calmly rubbed her hands through his blonde locks, absentmindedly as she scrolled through her phone. He enjoyed moments like this, when they could just chill in the quiet of the night. No TV, no music, no friends, no loud noises. 




Of course nothing stayed quiet for long around here.


“What’s going on, babe?” He watched as one jack implanted itself into the wall, her brows furrowed as she listened intently. 


“Sounds like Bakugou and Midoriya are in some kind of an argument.”


“What the hell could they be arguing about now? I thought they were doing better lately?” Jirou laughed, shaking her head as she pulled her quirk back so it rested on her shoulder.


“Apparently Midoriya was filling Bakugou in about when Uraraka’s crush started.”


“Oh! It was an excited boom boom then. I wonder if his quirk acts up when they have sex?” He sat up quite curious over the concept.


“Denki,” Jirou looked over at him with a small smile, “You do realize that they haven’t had sex yet, right?” The flabbergasted look on his face told him that he didn’t. “Uraraka still has her v-card and they really haven’t gone that far. Plus Bakugou was rumoured to be a bit of a slut over the last break, so I’m assuming he doesn’t explode the women he’s with since Bakugou isn’t in irons.” 


“Maybe he doesn’t explode them in quite the same way.” Kaminari’s hand rested on her thigh, tracing small circles as he kissed her shoulder smirking at the way she sucked in a breath. His fingers slowly made their way closer to the apex of her covered treasure as his kisses trailed up her neck, down her jaw.




“Come on!” Kaminari whined in the back of his throat as he looked at a flushed Jirou. “You have to answer the door since I have an issue.” He gestured to the tent in his light grey sweatpants. 


“Ah, yes. Right!” She jumped out of bed but he couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped him at how flustered she was. Jirou was normally so cool, calm, and collected while they were in class or working with their quirks. It was quite surprising to find that she liked to not be in control when in the bedroom. It stemmed from having parents who were utterly unorganized as musicians, creatively expressive but couldn’t keep up with housework or bills to save their lives. Jirou had strived for control over everything that she possibly could but in the bedroom . . . she was quiet and shy, and liked to be coaxed out of her shell. That shit was intoxicating, Kaminari loved to make his lady feel good and when he was in charge she was ALWAYS taken care of. 


“Denki?” Jirou called out, startling him from his thoughts as he fell out of the bed. Two snorts met him as he turned his head to stare at his two classmates.


“Friends don’t laugh at friends.”


“They do when they’re dumbasses. Hurry up and get your ass off the floor. We have shit to do.” Kaminari groaned, knowing it was best not to piss off the blonde man. He’d like to live to see tomorrow. 


“Sorry babe,” Kaminari kissed her cheek as they followed Bakugou out of the room, heading towards Todorki’s room instead. He was disappointed that they couldn’t proceed to the good stuff but that just meant Jirou would be desperate when they returned. Bakugou swung the door open and the other two teens paused. 


“What the hell? Why does it look like a paper shredder threw up in your room?” Jirou questioned as they took in the sight. There were papers pinned to boards, piled up on the desk and bed, and scattered all over the floor. 


“Oh, hey guys!” Midoriya chirped happily before he became engrossed in the paper he was reviewing.


“Sorry about him. Kirishima laughed as he slung an arm over Kaminari’s shoulders. “We’re compiling a list of everything we know, or could find, about Uraraka. Trying to figure out if we can find any small details in regards to Uraraka’s whereabouts or why the villains targeted her.” 


“That’s ingenious but why do you need us?” Kaminari looked sideways at the red-head. “You already have the five smartest people in our class here, so?” 


“We need you girlfriend, you just happened to be in same fucking room as her.”


“Harsh!” Kaminari feigned hurt feelings only to have Bakugou roll his eyes. 


“There are rumblings that there’s going to be another attack from that new unnamed villain group. The teacher’s have been guarded lately and we are hoping you can see what they know, or hear what they know.” Momo answered not looking up from the notes she was writing down. 


“And we know this information how?” Kaminari asked knowing that the faculty kept tight lips when it came to this kind of information. 


“Midoriya was able to get the information from All Might,” Todoroki supplied as he pinned another paper to the board. 


“Okay. I will go see what I can listen in on.”


“You should enlist in help from Asui. She has been working on camouflaging people other than herself, so it could be handy.” Jirou nodded her head at Iida before leaving the room. 


“Sooo, I’ll just head back to my room now,” Kaminari left the room but found that Kirishima was still latched onto him. “What’s up man?”


“I need your help, specifically in the rumor mill department.”


“Dude, your girlfriend has a fine handle on the rumours going around this school. Why not ask her?”


“If I wanted to know who was banging who then I’d ask her, but I need a different kind of rumour.”


“Ahhhh you need conspiracy rumours huh? What am I looking for in particular?” 


“Anything to do with rodents?”


“Like Principal Nezu or Monoma?”


“Anything, literally anything.”




“Just a tip I was given.”


“Super mysterious man, but I’ll help out where I can. Guess I need to go find my bestest buddy from 1-C.” 


“Thanks bro.” They parted ways, each with a job they needed to complete. Kaminari walked the quiet hallways until he entered 1-C dorm rooms where he made a beeline a familiar door with a dark aura. He knocked seven times, letting the student inside know it was him. The door cracked open a bit, tired eyes looked at Kaminari.


“Shinsou! My main man, I need some help.”


Uraraka looked around her dark room, the lights were off while her music was blaring. After her recent encounter with Kirishima the floodgates were opened, whenever she slept she would wake up with several new images or moments in time that were her repressed memories. At least that’s what she assumed. She had heard several people talking about how the “good doctor did a remarkable job on Acclivity” which added fuel to her fire. She wanted out of this hell hole, back to where her heart was longing to be but her mind couldn’t process what was real and not at the moment. 


“Hey babe.” Cool hands gripped her waist as he kissed her neck, causing her to shiver. Shade had taken her shiver as one of anticipation when really Uraraka was trying not to run and hide. Her mind had told her that they’d never had sex, she hadn’t gone that ever, but they had gotten to second base, close to third a few times. Her heart was screaming at her to do nothing with this man, as he wasn’t the one she truly wanted. Her body sat on the fence, part of it was craving the release that he had brought to her before while the part wanted nothing to do with this man as it wasn’t the angry blonde.


“You’ve been distant lately, babe.” Uraraka snorted at that.


“We’ve only been back for a few days and I’ve been training a shit tonne lately.”


“True,” Shade’s hands slipped under her t-shirt, tracing her hip bones. “I haven’t been able to feel your body close to mine in a while.” To emphasize his point he pressed his clothed erection against her round ass. 


“Sorry to break up this love fest but the Boss wants to see you.” Sleeter had slammed the door open, not a care in the world as to what was going on behind it.


“I was there this morning,” Shade groaned as he pushed Uraraka away from him, taking a few deep breaths.


“Not you asshat, her. Boss wants to meet Acclivity.” Shade straightened up immediately, shocked at the news especially since the Boss had said nothing to him this morning. “Follow me and hurry it up.” Uraraka jumped at the opportunity to leave Shade’s side, knowing she’d have to get creative to deter his next advances. Tender kisses and molten eyes filled her vision then. Her mind was showing her snippets of her time with the blonde, in what felt like an alternate life. He was so gentle with her, so warm.


“We’ve arrived. Good luck in there.” Sleeter pushed open the door for her as she tentatively made her way into the room. Soft yellow lights lined the dark hallway as she followed it to an open arch in the wall that led to a wide open, and brightly lit room. 


“Hello Acclivity,” a feminine voice called out from where she was in the corner, misting some plants. “It’s lovely to see you my dear.”


“Hello ma’am.”


“Ma’am?” she laughed a little, “I am not old enough to be called ma’am. You may call me Boss or Revoh.”


“Ok. Was there something you needed from me, Revoh?”


“I feel as though it’s time I fill you in on the plan and why you are instrumental within our organization. Please have a seat.” Boss gestured to the chair in front of her desk as she finally turned to face Uraraka. There was something eerily familiar about her kind smile and lilac colored eyes. There were a few moments of silence as Revoh made herself comfortable.


“Acclivity, have you ever wondered about the past?”


“In what way, Revoh?”


“The past of your family, friends, people you’ve come across in your daily routine.”


“I can’t say I’ve thought too much about it.”


“Most people don’t. However, the ones who think about the past are the ones who have experienced great pain or great happiness. It’s these moments we tend to reflect on the most throughout the course of our lives. I enlisted the help of these people who you interact with ever since your awakening. They weren’t evil people until one moment in time caused them that great pain.” Uraraka sat there unmoving as she took in as much as she could.


“Each individual is here on their own accord, free to leave if they see fit but none of them have. We have a deeper bond that those illicit idiots in the League of Villains. True they have tragic backstories, but most of them are there for their own selfish reasons which is why none of the plans never seem to work. There is no unity, just dictation.” 


“I suppose it would be hard to follow someone if you don’t believe in the cause.”


“Exactly!” Revoh smiled, heading to her coffee machine to make herself a cup. “Would you like one dear?”


“No thank you.” The other woman hummed to herself as she waited for the machine to finish with her drink, silence filled the room.


“I will not tell you about the other’s stories, not my place, but I can share with you my own. I dreamed of becoming a combat hero, knew it was I wanted to do the moment I understood what a quirk was. I was quite diligent in practicing and developing mine from a young age, and made a name for myself in elementary school. Middle school is where it all started. The teasing, the bullying. Being told that a quirk like mine wouldn’t be fit for a combat hero only rescue.” Uraraka flinched at that, she could definitely relate to that feeling.


“Ah, I see you have been on the end of such demeaning words as well. It doesn’t seem like much at first but when you’re constantly criticized at every turn things can turn dark.”


“But the outlook has changed in recent years for combat and rescue heroes.”


“True, there have been leaps and bounds but they are still behind their time, especially if you’re female. Tell me Acclivity, how many Pro Heroes do you know that have lithe, fit physical bodies like you and I that are not forced to wear skin tight or revealing outfits?” 


“Well, I suppose there aren’t too many.” She put her finger up to her lip, thinking hard but coming up with a list of less than five. 


“How many females teach at any of the three hero schools in the city? How many own their own agencies? How many make it more than ten years in the industry? Do you know how many women are cast aside when they reach a certain age?” 


“You? Was that what happened to you?”


“I was cast aside after my entrance exam into Shiketsu High. Out of the sixty students they were taking into the three classes there were only eight women, I was one of the lucky chosen. The teachers were all male, except for the nurses, so you can imagine being one of eight women in an all boys club. The teasing, taunting, slander - it was awful. There was one girl in 1-C that commited suicide, which was all covered up at the time.”


“So you want to expose those wronged women in the past? How does that help anyone now?” 


“You’re a smart girl, Acclivity. Why don’t you tell me thoughts on all of this.” Uraraka hummed in thought not really sure what Revoh was getting at but knowing it had to do with her past as a woman in a male dominated world. 


“You want to punish those who hurt you, your friends, and any other female hero who has been a victim. A victim of what, that I am not sure of.”


“Blackmail. Rape. Suicide by association. Cover-ups. Abuse. There is a long list of items, Acclivity.”


“Why not go to the police?”


“Do you know who the Chief of Police for the city is?” Uraraka shook her head no. “He was a year older than I was, a Pro Hero-in-Training that everyone had deemed amazing. Needless to say it went to his head, he did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted.” Uraraka held her breath, she had a feeling she knew where this was going. “He drugged me, raped me, and took pictures so that he could blackmail me into servicing him whenever he wanted.”


“They’re the same person. Thirty years later and all the men who took advantage of us are now all in prestigious occupational roles. The seven of us have been lost in the dust but I have created a haven for said women and others like them. That is for another time though.”


“So you want to use me as a modern day femme fatal? I don’t understand.”


“Oh no, Acclivity. You see there is an event happening one week from today at U.A., a reunion from my graduating year for all three of the hero schools.” Uraraka’s heart skipped a beat as she kept her composure so as not to bring attention to herself. Revoh walked around the front of the desk, sitting on the edge so that she was directly in front of Uraraka. Revoh’s hand reached out to caress her cheek, “We are going to destroy them.”          



Chapter Text

Shinsou sat alone in his room, digesting everything that the exuberant lightning quirk user had dumped at his feet. It was true he loved his conspiracy theories, but there was literally nothing at this school about any rat references. This had the gears in his brain starting to work in overtime. Had he misheard any information lately? Had he missed something is passing? Was their principal really who he said he was? Monoma was an idiot but surely he wasn’t involved in this? On and on the questions rolled around his active brain until he fell asleep around three am.


When his alarm sounded three hours later he actually felt refreshed, an odd concept for an insomniac. Regardless he had classes to get too and spying to get underway. He felt bad for Uraraka, having been someone who could do some damage in the brainwashing department, he knew how real this threat was. What it could eventually become. Uraraka had been sparing with him in secret since the start of the school year. Most people thought she was off with Bakugou or Kirishima for their partnership studies, but twice a week she’d fit an hour in to help him in hand-to-hand combat. He had just mastered the basics when she had been taken. Her class had nearly fallen apart without her bubbly personality, warm presence, and words of encouragement to keep them all united. It was crazy how much impact one person could have on a group of people.


For now, he’d keep his ears open, do his part to help no matter how small it might be.




Bakugou, Kirishima, and Midoriya sat in paper splattered room by themselves that night, each taking in the shear amount of information they had gathered on the missing brunette. They had run into dead end after dead end, even going so far as to dive into her parents past a bit. Nothing. Bupkiss. Sweet shit all.


“What the absolute hell? How could we have come up with fucking nothing?”


“Your girl is as clean as they come. Which means they want her for her quirk.”


“Or they want her to hurt someone else, emotionally.”


“Shut the hell up Deku. The League doesn’t have her, this group of villains is too damn different compared to the League’s fucking antics. If they wanted something like money or an exchange of people they would have fucking done something already.” The other two knew that Bakugou was right, which meant they were back to having nothing.


“How about we look at her quirk then?” Midoriya suggested as he sat on the closest chair. “We know that she can take gravity away of any animate or inanimate object, her weight to float has grown exponentially, and she was able to blast us all away at the warehouse.”


“She can do partial releases now too.” Wide green eyes looked up at the red head. “She said she had been working on it during her summer internship.”


“Did we look into the damn rescue agency she was at?” Bakugou asked while going through papers.


“Not a deep dive, Kacchan.”


“Fuck, then let’s get to it.” The three of them all opened up their laptops, fingertips to keys was the only sounds that could be heard in the small room.




Uraraka had spent the last twenty-four hours dodging Shade at every turn, attempting to keep up her façade about being brainwashed, keeping the flow of memories returning at bay, and trying to strategize in regards what her plan was. She needed to find a way to tell Kiri what was going on while trying to thwart Revoh’s plans, which she wasn’t privy too just yet. Not only that but the good doctor wanted a check-up appointment with her. She had no idea how the doc’s quirk worked, if what she had recovered would be seen or not.


Uraraka had caught a bit of a break when Shade announced the doc would be heading out for a few days to get things lined up for the Reunion Bashing. She could breath for a little bit at least on that front.


“Acclivity,” Sleeter called out, motioning for her to come over. “We’ve got a mission. Our rat says that U.A. has been doing some homework lately and we need rough them up a bit.”


“Really? What kind of homework?”


“Don’t know, don’t care. I don’t question the boss when she tells us we have a mission, just that I get to go fuck shit up! Suit up and let’s go.”


“Just the two of us? Doesn’t that seem odd?”


“Hell no. We’re just trashing one room at campus.”


“Campus? How are we supposed to even get in there?”


“Boss says we have a ten-minute window that’ll be open in an hour.” The wheels started to turn as she went to get in to her her-villain suit. Her plan started to formulate as she was getting dressed. Sleeter had informed her of what needed to be done when they arrived. Wraith was their driver and would be providing the cover they needed to get in and out without being mostly seen.


They were perched in a tree, it was almost midnight which meant most of the students would be in bed. She grabbed a rock before her and Sleeter had made the climb up, now she was trying to discreetly morse code something to Jirou. Uraraka wasn’t entirely sure how far she’d be able to hear something like this, but it was the best shot she had. Never had she been so thankful to her grandfather for teaching her something she had deemed useless until this moment in time.  


“It’s midnight. Float us on in Acclivity.” She activated her quirk on the two of them as they floated right through the barrier that was over the tall concrete fence. The slipped through without incident, which had her placing that tidbit of information away for later. “I need you to float me up to the second story so I can mess shit up.”


“Shade said no killing,” Uraraka hissed at the man she was floating, hoping it came off more as a warning and not worry for her friends.


“Yeah, yeah. I don’t need you, Shade, and the Boss on my ass, again,” he grumbled as she released him onto the balcony. He used a piece of ice to pick the lock before he rained ice down upon the entire empty room. Once it melted everything would be destroyed and no-one would be the wiser. In fact, he hoped they blamed it on the number one hero’s son.


“Uraraka?” Sleeter looked out the window to see three men in jogging outfits standing before her.


“Well shit!” He threw ice at the three of them, all of which who scattered and dodged. “We’ve been spotted by three students.” Sleeter radioed into Wraith as he jumped the balcony, using a thick piece of ice he dug it into the side of the building to slow his decent while hurling more at the heroes-in-training.


“Move it,” Uraraka harshly whispered to Sleeter as she used her quirk on them again, propelling them forward with a single timed jump. Uraraka looked over her shoulder, brown eyes meeting with red as her features softened as she gazed longingly at him. Once they were in the tree Wraith wrapped them tightly in his invisibility shield before they ran to the get-away vehicle.


“Why the hell were they able to see us, Wraith?” Sleeter yelled as the vehicle lurched forward.


“I was momentarily distracted. The evidence was destroyed?”


“Of course it was! I made sure I did my job!” The two continued to bicker as Uraraka slumped forward. Seeing him had been harder this time around, now that she knew they were romantically involved. She closed her eyes, letting the background sounds fade out as she took deep breathes. One day she’d be back in his arms where she belonged.   

Chapter Text

“You all saw that, right?” Bakugou asked Todoroki and Midoriya as they just stood there, staring at the sport Uraraka had been. “I’m not losing my fucking mind?”


“Not at this particular moment,” came Todoroki’s retort. “She looked as if she didn’t want to leave.”


“She didn’t. That’s not a look one gives when they’re not supposed to remember who we are, which means something has changed drastically if she remembered Kacchan.” 


“What the fuck do we do now?”


“I’d start with what you three are doing out of bed hours after curfew.” The three students spun to see Midnight walking up to them. “Why are one, or all of you, always around when something goes wrong?”


“Wrong? We were just all out for a late spar since we couldn’t sleep.” Midoriya chuckled, clearly not being able to tell a lie. 


“Come on. We’ll figure out why they wanted to trash the room where you’d been doing your research on Uraraka’s history in the comfort of my office.”


“They trashed it?” Todoroki inquired, slightly surprised. 


“Yeah, the entire room looks like a frozen storm passed through it. When it melts nothing will be left.”


“Not that that fucking matters. Everything we posted up was one damn dead end after another. Our new lead hasn’t been fucking great either.”


“Well, I have something that will cheer you up then.” Midnight smiled as she opened the door to where Jirou was sitting alone. 


“Jirou, what are you doing here?”


“She came to me right before the ruckus the villains and Uraraka caused. Go ahead Jirou.” Midnight sat behind her desk, resting her head in her hands.


“Uraraka reached out to me. Found a way to morse code me a few words but they don’t make a lot of sense.”


“Don’t waste any more fucking time! Let’s fucking hear them!”


“Kacchan, give her a minute.”


“There were four sets and words. The first ones were: memories, back, fine.”


“That would explain why she knew who we were, or at the very least Kacchan, when her and the Sleeter left campus. At least we know that our Uraraka is in there, surfacing, and fighting to come back. She’s probably working on some kind on a plan too.” Midoriya was vibrating in his seat at this revelation.


“Second set of three words was; past, agency, Revoh.”


“I think we have our villain’s name now and that something happened in her past which led to Uraraka being taken. Agency? Perhaps the rescue agency Uraraka worked at, as was suggested earlier?” 


“It’s a fucking starting point. Third set?”


“School, kidnapping, invade.”


“That clearly the fucking plot of something bigger, but what the hell could it be? She didn’t give you any other fucking clues to that one Earbud?”


“No, but maybe the last one will lead up to the third one?”


“Fucking out with it then.” Jirou played with the end of one of her jacks nervously. “Spit it the fuck out!”


“Conspiracy, mole, Kirishima.” The room was deadly silent at that point.


“There’s no fucking way Shitty Hair is in on this shit. He couldn’t come up with a damn elaborate plan like this.”


“He could be lying.”


“Have you seen Shitty Hair try to lie Icy Hot? He fucking sweats bullets and gets this high squeaky voice like the Nerd here.”


“Brainwashed like Uraraka then?”


“There is no brainwashing on this whole damn planet that could hold out for months and not have any fucking one of us not be suspicous.”


“Clone? Doppelganger?”


“No, Bakugou is right Midoriya. They couldn’t keep up the act for this long.”


“Blackmail? Threats?” Jirou offered the group. 


“No, he couldn’t hide that shit either.”


“Well,” Midnight smiled at the four students, “You could just ask Kirishima about it in a safe and secure location. As much as I know you don’t want to believe it there are certain things that add up.”


“You mean how she seemed to know who Kirishima was at the warehouse battle, or all his little plans to try to help us but we only got further off track,” Midoriya stated, eyes going wide as he looked at Bakugou.


“No. Fucking. Way. I refuse to believe that Shitty Hair would betray me, Uraraka, any one of us like that.”


“Tomorrow the four of you will meet in Aizawa’s office at seven am. You’ve already been excused for the day because we don’t know what will come of this. You will tell NO-ONE about the events of tonight, understood?” They all nodded their heads yes. “Off to bed with you then.” The four of them quietly walked back to their dorms. It was just after one am, if they were lucky they’d get several hours of sleep. Bakugou glanced at the others, knowing that they’d each be lucky to get an hour's worth tonight. Just fucking great.