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Compendium of the Crimson Tactician

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Loyalty: 3/5 – It’s a good trait to have, but I try not to let it define me.

Power: 4/5 – Formerly one. Thanks to my position as the Battlemaster, it’s now four.

Initiative: 5/5 – I’m the Crimson Tactician!

Threat: 5/5 – Mind. Over. Matter.

Usefulness: 4/5 – I resent myself for putting that four there, but I need to keep some semblance of honesty.


I woke up in Valm one day, suffering a severe bout of amnesia. After a battle, an arrest, and a quick kangaroo court in the oddest direction I’ve seen (not that it says much, given my current lack of memory) I wound up with a noble title, and became one of the Valm Empire’s tacticians. The best one, really.

I’ve double-dealt and schemed to get where I am, and while I’m not exactly proud of it, I didn’t have much of a choice otherwise. I suppose I believe the ends justify the means, of course that’s only when the ends, in fact, justify the means. Don’t kill a man to get that last ale. But war is kind of hell and I’ve no sympathy for those who continue it. And those who are in it will kill me if I give it to them.

I have a lot more to say, but since it all can stay safely in my head, and not this ledger, I’ll keep it there. Especially since that dratted spymaster of Walhart seems to know everything.


I seem to have a natural talent for things. I’ve taken to riding quickly, archery isn’t that hard, and I sparred with an axe a few times to see what it’s like. The only downside is that I’m not the strongest, nor the fastest, nor heartiest, nor … well, you get the point. I’m the ultimate jack-of-all-trades and I’d like to keep it that way, because I’ll always engage at your weakness, while laugh when you try to find mine.

Stat Block (Join) CLASS: Tactician (Valm) / Lvl: 1 / HP: 19 / STR: 6 / MAG: 5 / SKL: 6 / SPD: 6 / LCK: 2 / DEF: 6 / RES: 4 / WPN – Lances, D-rank; Anima, D-rank.

Stat Block (Class-Up) CLASS: Battlemaster / Lvl: 1 / HP: 39 / STR: 20 / MAG: 14 / SKL: 20 / SPD: 18 / LCK:  12 / DEF: 18 / RES: 13 / WPN – Lances, B-rank; Swords, A-rank; Anima, B-rank.