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Kirishima has had enough, he loves Bakugou- he really does, and that's why they have this arrangement, but Kirishima is tired of Bakugou's attitude, him just being angry is one thing, but his actions lately go way passed that.

Kirishima is done dealing with that, he is going to put him in his place, and he's going to make sure the lesson sticks.

Kirishima was going to wait till classes were done, but Bakugou couldn't manage to stop from imploding again.

Bakugou punched Deku in the face, and Kirishima lost it. He dragged Bakugou from the hallway with a tight grip on his arm, the red head knew that Bakugou would already be angry and embarrassed from the scene, Kirishima simply smirked.

"LET GO OF ME SHITTY-HAIR!", was heard, but Kirishima simply blocked him out until they got to Kirishima's dorm room.

He pushed Bakugou onto the bed and pulled off his school shirt and started to unbuckle his pants. "W-what are you doing?", Bakugou timidly asked, but made no move to stop his boyfriend.

"Unless your saying the safe-word I suggest you keep quiet", Kirishima coldly stated and Bakugou shivered at the tone, knowing that some cruel torture was going to happen.

Bakugou wordlessly looked down shirtless as Kirishima pulled the rest of his clothes off and started on his own, the dom got to his pants then stopped.

"Get on the floor", He commanded a sly smile on his face, "What?", the blond asks in disbelief, "You heard me, are you going to disobey me?", Kirishima asked his eyebrows raised challenging him.

Bakugou scoffed and moved to the floor on his knees with his head down to hide his heated up cheeks, he heard the bed creak and Kirishima sigh.

"Crawl between my legs, then take off my pants", Kirishima ordered with no room for arguing, Bakugou huffed and slowly crawled on the hard floor and settled between his barely opened thighs that crushed him.

Bakugou would never admit it, but he felt oddly safe being crushed between Kirishima's thighs like this, the floor is definitely not comfortable- it actually hurts a bit, but the heat radiating from Kirishima is so intoxicating Bakugou just can't seem to care about the pain in his knees.

"What are you waiting for, take my pants off", Bakugou with the little room he has to move around unbuckles the belt and puts that to the side, the with a lot of trouble and no help from the red head, he manages to get his pants off.

Bakugou starts to pull down the red boxers, but Kirishima slaps his hand away and smacks him in the face (not to hard, but hard enough to leave a red mark); "I never told you to take those off, slut", Kirishima spits on his face and pulls his hair until Bakugou's flushed and red face is resting against his soft thigh.

"You've been a bad boy recently", Kirishima looks down at him with a stern expression and Bakugou flushes even more and looks down at the ground, wanting to look anywhere except for his boyfriends disappointed eyes.

"Look at me", Kirishima demands and Bakugou not wanting to make his situation worse meekly obeys.

"Bad boy, bad dog", Kirishima whispered without any emotion to it. Bakugou spluttered at the name and furrowed his eyebrows, "Hm, you've been very bad, but I'm going to let you fuck me, but you have to earn it first", Kirishima seductively purred.

Bakugou whined and blood went straight to his dick just from the implication that he would get to fuck him. "Lay on the bed with your hands above your head, and don't move", Kirishima ordered and Bakugou complied quickly.

Kirishima got rope from under his bed and tied Bakugou's hands together, Bakugou bites his lip, waiting for Kirishima to get on with whatever he's planning.

"If you eat my ass well, than you'll get to fuck me, but only if you pleasure me well enough", Kirishima informed and Bakugou whined.

Bakugou loved eating Kirishima out, it was his favorite sexual thing to do other than fuck him of course.

Kirishima took off his boxers and threw them to the side, he climbed onto the bed and then onto Bakugou's chest.

He looked at Bakugou for moment before slapping him more roughly from last time, but still not hard enough to bruise him (even though Bakugou loves that); "Slut", Kirishima degrades and moves up to Bakugou's face and sits down on his open mouth.

"Lick", Kirishima breaths out, already feeling arousal stirring. Bakugou blows on the hole and Kirishima sits down full weight on him effectively blocking all of his airways.

"I said lick not blow, you stupid whore", Bakugou squirmed around unable to breath, he licks a fat stripe over Kirishima's hole and Kirishima gasps and moans at the sensation.

"F-fuck", The dominate moans, Bakugou starts to lick around the rim trying to please him more so that he could breath.

Kirishima was moaning and grabbing onto the bed sheets tightly, needing something to ground him from the pleasure coursing throughout his whole body.

Bakugou squirms more frantically now, the need to breath getting more urgent. Kirishima moves some of his weight off and makes sure he isn't covering his sub's nose.

Bakugou breaths in, but keeps licking Kirishima's hole, "Mmh, doing really fucking good so far slut, yeah I know you love to worship my hole, l-lick it and eat me out like t-this, f-fuck", Kirishima grabs onto Bakugou's hair and looks at his eyes which are red rimmed and glistening with lust.

Bakugou slowly enters his tongue into Kirishima's hole and tongue-fucks him, licking his walls just as eagerly.

"Fuck, I'm going to sit down again, and I'm not moving till I cum, If you need to safeword stop everything your doing", Kirishima instructed and Bakugou nodded as best as he could under the weight on him.

"Good Boy", Kirishima praises and sits all his weight down again which blocks Bakugou's airways, but Bakugou keeps licking him as fast as he can.

Kirishima rocks on his face a little and Bakugou starts squirming again from the lack of oxygen.

Bakugou massages his walls and puts his tongue as deep as he can and wiggles his tongue around effectively.

Kirishima's thighs start to shake and he grips Bakugou's hair tightly and he feels like he's going to pull it out, but he ignores the ache and continues the assault on his insides.

Bakugou is wiggling desperately , needing to breath, Kirishima rides on his face until he at last cums, Kirishima's cum squirts out into Bakugou's hair and some lands on his forehead.

Kirishima shakily stands up and Bakugou coughs and takes big breaths until he is breathing normally again.

Kirishima sits on Bakugou's stomach, his thighs still shaking, "You did really well,good boy", Kirishima praises and ruffles Bakugou's blond spikes.

Bakugou's dick is slapped against his stomach rock hard, Bakugou preens at the hand in his hair and pouts when Kirishima moves his hand away.

Kirishima moves off Bakugou's stomach to next to his hips, he takes Bakugou's hard cock and start's jacking him off. Bakugou groans and arches his hips high in the air, the pleasure of having Kirishima touch his cock while it's this hard being euphoric.

 "Don't cum", Kirishima demands and Bakugou sobs pathetically, Kirishima shush's him and and speeds up the pace of his hand.

Bakugou's legs start trembling and he really try's not to cum, but before he can tell Kirishima to stop, he's cumming all over himself.

He moans brokenly while sobbing, fear clutching his heart, he fucked up.

Kirishima growls and slaps Bakugou's cock hard, he slaps it multiple times until Bakugou is begging him to stop.

Kirishima slips onto Bakugou's cock which is still sensitive from just cumming, he bounces up and down moaning loudly while Bakugou is writhing on the bed, his overstimulated cock can't help but get hard again.

"F-fucking cock whore, bad fucking slut, can't l-listen to orders, I-i'll have to teach you a lesson", Kirishima berates while moaning.

Bakugou is whimpering and moaning the feeling of Kirishima around him being too much and feeling so fucking good.

Kirishima continues to ride him, bouncing quickly up and down, slapping Bakugou's balls every once in while which gets the same reaction each time; a loud moan and a whine.

Kirishima eventually cums for the second time that night, and gets off Bakugou's cock just to let him fist his hand until Bakugou cums with a loud whimper.

"We're not done yet, slut", Kirishima informs and unties Bakugou's hands, smiling while listening to Bakugou whine.

Kirishima sits on the edge of the bed and pulls Bakugou over his lap, Bakugou mewls and plants his hands on Kirishima's thigh, Kirishima grabs a vibrating dildo and lubes it up before slowly inserting it into Bakugou's clenched hole.

Bakugou loudly wails, the pleasure being overwhelming, Kirishima places a gentle hand on the end of his back and soothes him until he can continue.

Kirishima lays a loud slap onto Bakugou's backside and Bakugou jumps foreword and hiccups, Kirishima delivers five harder slaps to his right thigh and then the left.

Bakugou's cock somehow get's hard again and Bakugou whines pitifully, "Hm, I think 20 more should suffice", Kirishima states and Bakugou just sobs against Kirishima's naked thigh.

After 20 smacks have been delivered to Bakugou's abused backside Kirishima lays him on the bed more gently, and Bakugou hisses at the pain, but his cock twitches.

"Good boy baby, You are going to cum one more time for me kitten", Kirishima orders and Bakugou lets the tears free, Kirishima jerks off Bakugou as the vibrations that made it's why to his prostate pleasure him there.

Bakugou feels the warmth in his stomach and he knows he's close, Kirishima's thumb moves to plays with the slit of Bakugou's dick and that does it.

Bakugou is cumming for the third time that night and un-surprisingly almost nothing comes out of him, Bakugou hiccups and sobs while Kirishima wipes himself and Bakugou down with a wet wipe, Kirishima also takes out the dildo which draws another sob from Bakugou.

"Good Boy, such a good boy took that so well", Kirishima praises and takes Bakugou into his arms cuddling him.

Kirishima plays with Bakugou's hair and whispers sweet nothings into his ear until he calms down.

"Was that too much babe?", Kirishima questions while kissing Bakugou's red cheeks, "N-no", Bakugou whispers and latches himself onto Kirishima's body.

"Good, you're a good boy, such a good boy, the best boy", Kirishima kisses Bakugou's lips gently.

"I love you", Bakugou mumbles and kisses Kirishima's collarbone, his legs are wrapped around Kirishima's hips and his hands are clutching at his skin.

"I love you too Kat", Kirishima kisses Bakugou one last time that night and plays with the blond spikes until he falls asleep.