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Now then, I have a small list of rules for my one shot book. 

  • No smut. 
  • No M/F pairings, I just can't write them. 
  • Please make your prompt detailed enough that you will be sure to get what you are asking for. 

That's really it. 

Have fun!

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Shinsou sighed as he lay there, thoughts swirling as he realized that he hadn't moved in hours. He glanced at the clock. The school day was coming to a close, and he had only woken up a few hours before. He returned to tiredly glaring at the ceiling. Eventually, the rest of the class returned to the dorms, Shinsou groaning softly after hearing a soft knock on the door.
"Shinsou, can I come in?" He made a soft noise, barely heard through the door, but it opened anyway, revealing a worried Kirishima. He closed the door behind himself and moved to sit on the bed beside Shinsou.
"Are you alright?" Shinsou just groaned in response, and Kirishima sighed. He hummed in thought before nodding to himself.
"You tired?"
"I'm so tired I can barely move. There's a reason I haven't gotten up today." Kirishima sighed before standing.
"I'll be right back."
He left the room for a minute or two and returned with a small stick, a small pot-looking-thing, and a lighter. Kirishima set them up and smiled at Shinsou. "Todoroki let me borrow some incense. He told me it helped him sleep, so I thought it might help you."
Shinsou chuckled breathily. "Thanks, Kirishima." He forced a smile as he closed his eyes.
Lavender. His mind supplied, and the forced smile softened. He felt hands in his hair, and he looked up to see Kirishima casually carding through his hair, smiling.
"Go to sleep. You need it." He did.

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Tokoyami had been out for days. They had been training at the USJ, and he was hit by a boulder before one of the teachers could stop it. He had a concussion, but he would survive. At least, that's what the doctors told Sero. He wasn't sure that was the case, but he could hope.
Sero, when he wasn't at school or training, could often be found sitting in Tokoyami's patient room, playing games on his phone, or studying. Sometimes he would have one-sided conversations with the other student.
One day, while he was studying and chattering mindlessly, he heard a soft noise. He glanced over at the boy, chalking it up to nothing as he looked back to his book. He continued to talk mindlessly about school, and whatever else came to mind.
He heard another noise and stopped. He looked back over to Tokoyami, finding that he was looking right back.
"Hey... You're awake." His voice was soft, but his smile was real.
Tokoyami smiled back. "Want me to call the nurse?" A nod. When the nurse came in and looked the boy over, finding nothing amiss, he left the room to go contact Tokoyami's parents, as well as the school. Sero stood, and Tokoyami sat up, leaning against the wall.
"Want me to leave? Your parents will probably be here soon." Tokoyami shook his head.
"How long was I out?"
"About a week." Tokoyami looked surprised, just nodding at the statement. Sero moved to sit back down on the chair, closing his bag.
"How do you feel?"
Sero nodded, having figured from how he was speaking. He wasn't being as thoughtfully poetic as usual. Tokoyami smiled softly, looking at the ceiling.
"Have you been here every day?" Sero gulped but nodded.
"Yeah, why?"
"I was just curious. Has anyone come to see me, besides my parents ?"
"Yeah. The whole class came here the first day, one at a time."
Tokoyami smiled again.
"That's unexpected."
Sero chuckled. "Well, we all care about you."
It was then his parents came in, and Sero excused himself, waving to Tokoyami as he left, smiling softly on the way back to the dorms.
When he entered, he saw everyone sitting in the main room, chatting about something or another. Kirishima was the first to notice his smile. "Did he wake up? You aren't usually smiling when you come back." Sero nodded as he made his way back to his own room, ignoring the barrage of questions as he closed the door, locking it. He plopped down onto his bed and sighed softly, mostly relieved that Tokoyami would be okay.
The next day, Tokoyami returned to school, walking into class. Sero looked back at Tokoyami every now and again but quickly turned back to his own work.
When school ended, Tokoyami walked with Sero back to Heights Alliance, neither saying anything, but they both seemed to be enjoying the company.
Finally, when they made it back, Tokoyami did the one thing nobody would have expected him to do. He quickly leaned in for a hug, nuzzling into Sero's shoulder for a minute before letting go and heading back inside. Sero was dumbfounded for a moment before regaining his thoughts and heading inside after Tokoyami.
He resolved to hug him back the next day, smiling on the way to his room.

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Kouda didn't like to study alone. So, who did he ask for help? One of the kindest and smartest students in the class, in his opinion. Tenya Iida.
They were currently seated in Kouda's room, studying together. Kouda would ask for help when he needed it, and Iida would help with a smile. It was a simple arrangement, but it was enjoyable. Kouda's rabbit hopped onto the bed, poking at Iida.
"Oh, sorry..." Kouda moved to pick him up, but Iida started to pet the small rabbit.
"It's quite alright, Kouda." Kouda smiled, and they both continued to work, quiet scratching of pencils filling the air. Eventually, Kouda had finished both studying, and all his homework, and looked up to find that Iida had done the same. They looked up at the same time, and Kouda blushed.
"Um... Are you done?" Iida nodded.
"Yes, I just finished. I can leave if you're done too."
Kouda looked down as he began to put away his work.
"If you want to stay, we can play with the rabbit..."
It was a soft invitation, and Iida smiled.
"I'd love to."
After they had played with the rabbit and talked for over an hour, Kouda noticed something. He reached over and fixed it without thinking, hand gently brushing over Iida's forehead. Iida blushed, looking like a deer in headlights, and Kouda pulled his hand away, blushing.
"Sorry... your hair was in your face..." He looked down, placing his hands in his lap, prepared for anything but what he got.
"Thank you, Kouda, I hadn't noticed." Iida smiled as Kouda looked up, blushing. He noticed the flush on Iida's face and smiled. A knock on the door made them both jump. Aizawa's gruff voice sounded through the door.
"Iida, it's your curfew. You need to get to your room." Aizawa moved along to the next room, telling another student to go.
"Ah, I hadn't noticed the time. Do you want to study again tomorrow?"
"Yeah... Goodnight Iida."
"Goodnight Kouda." Iida grabbed his bag and left the room, heading to his own dorm to sleep. Kouda smiled to himself as he wondered what the next day would have in store.

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During a Saturday at the pool, you'd think one would be relaxed, and most were, but Awase, he was a different story. He didn't dislike pools or water. No, he just didn't like most people. Some, he could stand. Not both 1-A and 1-B deciding to have a noisy pool party. Not at all. That's why, when Tetsutetsu pulled him aside and back to the dorms, he didn't complain, and just followed along.
"Sorry, you didn't look like you were having any fun, so I thought we could go back and watch a movie or something. I know you don't like to be around too many people at once."
Awase smiled. "Thanks."
When they got back, Tetsutetsu set up a movie in his room, motioning for Awase to sit on the bed. They both sat down at the same time, and Tetsutetsu looked at Awase, worried. He softly placed his hand on Awase's shoulder, furrowing his brow.
"Are you okay? You seem..." Awase's shoulder bunched up, and Tetsutetsu looked even more worried.
"Tense." Awase shrugged.
Tetsutetsu set the laptop aside, movie forgotten. He moved to sit behind Awase, one hand on each of his shoulders.
"Can I..." Awaze just nodded. He didn't know what Tetsutetsu was going to do, but he trusted him, for the most part.
When Tetsutetsu's fingers dug into his shoulders, gently massaging in circles, he melted, leaning back into Tetsutetsu's chest, sighing softly.
Awase hummed in answer, nuzzling into Tetsu's chest.
"Yeah. Much."
"I'm glad."

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Kouda's eyes shoot open, and he sighs softly before getting up. He picks up his rabbit and opens his door, slowly heading towards Shoji's room, relieved to see the light still on. He gently knocks, and it's opened immediately. Shoji knows the look on Kouda's face, letting him in right away. Kouda stood in the middle of the room, setting his rabbit down on the ground. He looks at Shouji after he hears the door click, and he turns on the lamp. "Go ahead and sit down, I'll get the light." He said, heading back to the door. Kouda did as told and sat down beside his rabbit, scratching his neck. Shoji sat beside him.
Kouda nodded and was immediately pulled into a hug, face hidden in Shoji's chest.
"Are you okay?"
He shook his head, and Shoji sighed, rubbing his back.
"Are you tired?"
Another nod.
"Do you want to sleep?"
He shook his head, and Shoji hummed.
They stayed like that for a while, and Kouda began to go limp in Shoji's arms, falling slowly asleep before snapping himself out of it. After this happened about three more times, Shoji had enough.
"Go ahead and sleep."
"I don't want to."
"Are you scared?"
"I don't wanna have another nightmare."
Shoji sighed softly at this, gently rubbing Kouda's back.
"You can sleep, I'll keep you safe."
"Do you promise?"
"Yeah, I promise."

Chapter Text

Kouda and Midoriya ran to get into the dorms, Midoriya looking up at the white, fluffy clouds which held snow, without a doubt. When they made it back, bolting into Kouda's room, as he had a space heater, they huddled together. Kouda wrapped a fluffy blanket around the both of them, his bunny hopping to join them, nestled in front of the heater. Midoriya shivered, and Kouda tried to pull him closer.
"Thanks for letting me stay with you, it's freezing."
"No problem, it's better for both of us this way." He said quietly.
Midoriya subconsciously nuzzled Kouda's shoulder, rubbing his hands together. Kouda gently took Midoriya's hands into his own, running his fingers over Midoriya's.
"Your hands are so warm." He mumbled, slowly relaxing in front of the heater. Kouda just smiled, slowly wrapping his arms around the smaller boy, letting him slowly fall asleep in the warmth.
After an hour or two, Midoriya began to wake up and saw that Kouda was looking at him quickly looking away.
"Oh, you're awake."
Midoriya nodded, nuzzling back into Kouda's shoulder.
"Not really." He mumbled tiredly, making Kouda chuckle.
"Then sleep."
And so he did.

Chapter Text

Monoma opened the bathroom door, having heard odd noises, and dropped down, sighing.
The other boy looked up slightly, from his place leaning over the toilet, before another wave of vomit passed his lips.
Monoma sighed and rubbed his back for a moment before standing to retrieve a hair clip, returning to attach it to Aoyama's bangs, keeping his hair out of the way while he retched.
"Will you be okay alone for a bit? I know how long this goes on, and I want to make you some soup."
As the wave passed, Aoyama coughed slightly before nodding. Monoma rubbed his back for a moment longer before standing back up, leaving the door open to go prepare some soup.
When he returned, Aoyama was washing his mouth, still dry heaving, but no longer having anything in his stomach to puke up.
"Do you wanna rest for a bit? I can reheat the soup, but I don't wanna make you eat before you're okay."
Aoyama smiled softly and nodded. "Yeah, I think I... Need that." He dry heaved in the middle of his sentence, sighing.
Monoma nodded, taking his hand and gently leading him to the couch, grabbing a small heating pad and a blanket, helping Aoyama get situated.
"Thank you, Monoma."
Monoma smiled.
"You're my friend, why wouldn't I help you out?"
Aoyama shrugged.
"I can still... thank you."
Monoma nodded, flushing slightly at the next words he said.
"Want me to hold your hand?"
Aoyama looked surprised for a moment, but smiled, regardless.
"That would be amazing of you, Monoma."
The flush on Monoma's face as he did what he said he would, was unmistakable, and in Aoyama's opinion, adorable.
Aoyama's hand was cold, and Monoma's was warm, and Aoyama began to relax, and his stomach began to settle.
After a few minutes, he mumbled, "I think I'm ready to eat now."
Monoma got up, and returned with a warm bowl of soup a minute or two later, smiling softly.
"Here, there are a few crackers in there."
Aoyama sat up and took the bowl, smiling at Monoma as he began to eat.
"Thank you, I feel a bit better now. I think I should sleep."
He finished off the small bowl of soup, moving to get up, but Monoma pushed him back down.
"You shouldn't move too much, you just ate. You can stay here, I don't mind."
He did.

Chapter Text

Monoma was training with Midoriya, by Vlad King's orders, so he could work on fighting without relying on his quirk. Seeing how Midoriya used to fight had steered him clear of borrowing /that/ quirk, so Vlad thought it was a good idea. Monoma, however, did not.
Monoma, who was currently sprawled on the floor, sweating like a pig.
Midoriya held out a hand, but Monoma ignored it.
"I am not... getting up."
Midoriya just laughed, going to grab a towel. He handed it to Monoma, heading to go grab some water.
Now third years, Monoma had mellowed out quite a bit, and no longer really cared for taunting 1-A like he used to. This meant that Midoriya was fixed on being friends with him. Monoma didn't resent Midoriya, far from it, but it was still a tad much for him to handle, being with him almost always when he was outside of the classroom. Especially since he harboured feelings for the shorter boy.
After a few moments, Monoma stood, taking Midoriya's hand as it was offered a second time.
"No problem, Monoma!" They began to wander back to the dorms, stopping along the way to pet a small cat they had passed.
"He's so cute!"
Monoma chuckled at Midoriya's gushing, rolling his eyes.
"Come on, we'll be late for curfew."
"Come on."
Midoriya relented, heaving to his feet and following as Monoma trudged back to the dorms, slouching.
"You have no earthly idea of just how sore I'm gonna be tomorrow."
Midoriya chuckled lightly, shrugging.
"And I have no way to change that now."
"Well, there are a few, but some of them are too expensive."
Monoma looked over as if to say, 'Go on.'
"There's medication, but that's not allowed in the dorms, there's always getting a massage, but we're gonna be late as it is, there's a warm shower, there's-"
"I get it Midoriya. All of your suggestions could work, but there's one problem. I can't do any of them. You and I both know that we aren't allowed in the Common Rooms after curfew. It's fine. I'll just see what I can do about heading to Recovery Girl's office before class tomorrow. She might give me something."
"I have an idea that could work. Mr Aizawa gave us a pamphlet, and it basically just told us the rules, but I remember thee only being rules about boys and girls being in the same dorm after curfew."
"Where are you going with this?"
"I don't know how much it could really help, but... We could try... Um..."
Monoma sighed.
"Whatever it is you're getting antsy about, I'm sure it's fine, Midoriya. Just tell me."
"We could try cuddling."
Monoma was frozen for a moment.
"I... Wh-What?"
"I know, it's kinda dumb, but I thought it could help... maybe?"
"It could work..."
They both knew Monoma was spouting bullshit, but neither of them particularly cared.
When they got back, it was past their curfew, but since they both were rule-following students, their teachers let it slide, and they got back to Monoma's dorm without any trouble.
"Sorry for that, do you even /want/ to cuddle, Midoriya? You seemed really off about the idea..."
Midoriya frantically shook his head, waving his hands
"No, no, that's not it Monoma, I promise, it's fine."
Monoma sighed, relenting and taking off his sweaty shirt to trade it for a thinner, almost sheer one.
Midoriya rubbed his arm.
"We didn't really think this through, did we?"
Monoma shook his head.
"If... I mean, if you're okay with borrowing my clothes, you can." He said as he grabbed a pair of shorts. Midoriya looked away so Monoma could change.
"Okay, that works. And, I don't mind, unless you do, of course."
"No, it's alright."
Midoriya looked a bit calmer at that, and Monoma handed him a pair of shorts and a grey shirt. Midoriya set his bag down, and Monoma turned to grab an extra blanket while Midoriya changed clothes.
When he finished, he tapped Monoma on the shoulder, and he nodded to the bed.
"Let's lay down."
Midoriya ended up on the inside, while Monoma stayed on the edge of the bed.
Monoma hesitantly shifted closer, and Midoriya did as well. Eventually, Midoriya ended up with his head nestled under Monoma's jaw, and Monoma's legs tangled with Midoriya's, and they just held each other. Monoma pulled the covers over both of them, and after just a few minutes, they fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Iida smiled softly, one hand on Todoroki's stomach as he read a book, Todoroki shuffling through his phone.
Todoroki yawned softly, looking up at Iida, who put his book aside to look back.
"We should go to bed."
Todoroki hummed, considering the idea before shrugging.
"If you want."
Iida smiled again, softly rubbing Todoroki's belly.
"I think that would be a good idea. You seem a bit tired."
Todoroki hummed, turning off his phone and setting it aside with Iida's book.
Todoroki sat up to plant a small kiss to Iida's cheek.
They both got up, Iida taking off his glasses and putting it up on his glasses shelf, along with putting his book away after placing a bookmark inside.
Todoroki just set his phone on the nightstand, getting under the covers and patting the space beside him on the bed.
Iida smiled and followed Todoroki's example, shuffling underneath the covers to gently hold the other boy.
Todoroki made his way a bit closer, nuzzling his head into Iida's chest.
Iida began to play with his hair softly, humming.
"Your hair's so soft..."
Todoroki fell asleep, and Iida followed.

Chapter Text

Pain. He could feel himself screaming at someone, trying to get them to run away, but they just wouldn't.

Blood. Warm blood, and there was so much of it. There was red everywhere, and he stared, not being able to look away.

Tokoyami started coughing in his sleep-which forced him awake-/thank god/-and he scrambled to sit up. He stared at his hands, still being able to feel the blood. It took him a moment to remember who was in his nightmare, but when he did, he shot out of bed faster than anyone could imagine, getting trapped in his covers and almost toppling over in his haste to get out of the bedroom and up the stairs in a mad dash to locate Kouda's.

He halted at the door, palm hovering over the doorknob, fully prepared to find a vacant dorm, or possibly one filled with boxes to make room for a fresh classmate to steal Kouda's place, but when he did open the door, he gasped at the fact that his initial thought was nowhere near the case. He saw Kouda at his desk, writing away and whispering softly to himself.

Tokoyami relaxed right away, sighing once more. Kouda looked over and smiled gently, waving him into the room, and how could he say no?
He made his way over, peering over his shoulder to see what he was scribbling, and hummed at the homework arranged on the table. He breathed softly, looking to Kouda.

"I had a nightmare..."
Kouda quickly pulled him into a soft hug, standing so it would be less awkward. Tokoyami nestled his beak into Kouda's shoulder, sighing.
"I... I hurt you."

Kouda softly hushed him, rubbing his back.

Tokoyami wrapped his arms tight around Kouda, murmuring soft apologies into his ear.

Kouda hushed him once more, pressing a kiss into Tokoyami's feathers, smoothing them over with his hand.

"Shh... It's alright... It's alright..."

Kouda turned off his lamp, the only thing illuminating the room, and Tokoyami whimpered softly, tensing.

Kouda softly rubbed his tense shoulders and back, pulling him to the bed.

"Let's go to sleep, yeah?"

Tokoyami nodded, and Kouda pulled him to lay down, letting Tokoyami wrap his arms around him.

Neither of them really moved that night, but they stayed close to each other, grateful and happy to share each other's warmth.

After, Tokoyami's nightmares stopped, and he returned every night just so he could hold Kouda close.