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A GoT and Seventeen crossover with a mix of other Idols. I am intending to use actual Korean last names as House Names, however, there are a lot of people with Kim, Park, Choi and Lee last name, therefore, they will be dynasties with several branch families under the same last name but all are blood-related. Although, I am very much aware that there are a lot of idols with Jung and Kang last names too, and both Jung-Kang last names are very much popular in South Korea, I only know couple of idols with said last names whom I will be including in this story, therefore, the Jung and Kang will be vassal houses and not dynasties. I am majorly focusing on Seventeen with side characters from BTS, GOT7, DAY6, EXO and occasional characters from other groups if needed. The Realm they are living in divided into several areas where previously mentioned Dynasties reside and rule over. There are several independent islands and free cities scattered here and there.


Kim Dynasty: rule over Misty Mountains on the West from the free city of Lordran (center of the universe). The capital city and the main castle— Golden Sunrise. Pray to the Solar God.

— Direct Branch: Kim Junmyeon (Heir to the throne), Kim Seokjin (second to the throne), Kim Jisoo, Kim Jongdae. Reside at the Golden Sunrise, the richest and the most prosperous city.

— West Islands Branch: Kim Namjoon, Kim Taehyung, Kim Jennie. Reside in Storm-hall citadel, which is located on the island of Sunken Sun. Agricultural isle.

— South Lands Branch: Kim Jongin, Kim Mingyu. Reside in borderlands in the Silent Castle, city of Wind Dale. Home to the order of Silent Brothers (assassins). The militarily advanced part of the Kim kingdom.

— East Mountains Branch: Kim Yugyeom. Reside in Stone-hall, city of Nord. Mining and forestry.

Currently at war with other dynasties for the right to rule over the Realm.


Park Dynasty: rule over Eastern Forests to the East of the free city of Lordran. The capital city and main castle— Forest Shade. Pray to the Weeping Goddess.

— Direct Branch: Park Chanyeol, Park Chaeyoung (Roséanne), Park Jimin (BTS). Reside in Castle of Forest Shade. Financial center.

— Side Branch of East Riverlands: Park Jaehyung, Park Jinyoung, Park Jimin (JYPE). Reside in the Twin Towers in the city of Seagull Shore. Sailing and fishery.

— Vassal House of Min: Min Yoongi (only heir). Hightower castle of the Glendale city. Military academia and main military forces of the Park Dynasty.

— Vassal House of Jung: Jung Hoseok, Jung Crystal, Jung Jaehyun (knight, therefore cannot claim the throne), Jung Wooseok. Reside in the Badger’s Den of the city of
Birchwood. Forestry and Mining.

Currently at war with other dynasties for the right to rule over the Realm. Arranging Marriage with the House of Kang.


House of Kang: Reside on the bank of the Siren River in the castle-city of Youth Fall. Pray to the Weeping Goddess (majority), and Two-Faced Serpent (old folk).
Kang Younghyun, and Kang Seulgi (soon to be married to Park Chanyeol).

Very rich house with great influence in the free city of Lordran.

Choi Dynasty: South to the free city of Lordran. Rule over Blazing Plains. City-capital— Blazarat, one of the two cities on the Choi territory. Main Castle— Scorching Fortress. Second Castle- Glass Tower of the Myrrh City. Nomadic lifestyle. Pray to the Natural Gods (Sun, Wind, Fire, etc).

In peaceful relationships with the House of Yoon.

Direct Branch: Choi Seungcheol (heir), Choi Hansol/Vernon. Reside in the city of Blazarat. Military, agriculture, gold mining.

Side Branch, Choi of the Myrrh: Choi Youngjae. Healing city. Sacred city.

Nomadic extended family: Choi Minho (commander-in-chief). Leads free folk across the plains, raiding farms of the Kang House, and the Park Dynasty. Extremely skilled in warfare.

At conflict with the majority of the Dynasties and Houses.


House of Yoon: Reside at Wellspring, city-citadel west to the Blazarat. Well-known for their science advances, libraries, and academies. Extremely rich in gemstones. Pray to the All-Knowing God.

The only heir to the House of Yoon: Yoon Jeonghan. His only cousin Yoon Dowoon was stripped of his heritage as he was sent to the Spiral Academy.

House of Yoon has blood relations with the House of Hong.

House of Hong: Reside at the Ivory Isle at the castle of Solar Throne. Pray to the Solar God. The only heir to the House is Hong Jisoo. House is known for its elephant warriors and very rich in ivory and silk.

Lee Dynasty: Reside at the Far North from the free city of Lordran. City-capital— Saraddel. Main Castle— Drowning Citadel (new fortress was built upon drowned ancient swamp castle). Very mighty Dynasty, well armed and densely populated. Pray to the Frost Gods (on the West), and to the God of Death at the far East regions (Red Mountains)

Direct Branch: Lee Jihoon (heir to the throne), Lee Seokmin, Lee Chan. Reside at the Drowning Citadel.

Side Branch, reside at the Vigil Keep (Red Mountains): Lee Hwitaek. Mining and outpost.

Side Branch of the Crestfall, reside at the riverbank: Lee Jooheon and Lee Jieun. Fishery, sailing, and agriculture.


At war with every single existing House and Dynasty.


House of Jeon: Reside at the Heaven’s Gate, at the Moon Garden Isle. Home to the Lunar Sisterhood, elite assassins, and healers, residing both at the capital and at the Hidden Temple. Sisterhood is very well known for taming feline beasts. The city is very rich in diamonds and gold, not very militarily strong. Polytheism. Worship of Moon Goddess and Three Faced Goddess. There’s a rumor that city is magically protected by now-extinct Warlock Legion.

Jeon Wonwoo and Jeon Jungkook are the only heirs to the city and to the throne.

Currently House is neutral in war affairs, however, the Lee Dynasty is threatening them from the west, and pressure is growing from the Park Dynasty from the East.


House of Boo: small sovereign house located at the Isle of Songs, at the Orange Valley. The City-capital is Bloomingvale. Very well known for their theatres and operas. Citizens have a free right to worship whatever God they want to, however, Crying Knight is worshipped by the Head of the House and the royalty. Isle is a free land for free people. Orange Valley is famous for fertile soils and their vast fruit tree plantations. Home to the famous Elevated Gardens.

Boo Seungkwan is the only known heir to the throne.

Isle of Songs keeps away from Mainlanders’ wars.


House of Im: small but proud House to the South from the Forest Shade. The only city is Elze, and the Ims reside at the Wailing Castle. Very well known for their hot temper and feral brutality. Mediocre in riches but the heir to the throne is married to the Park Jinyoung of the Riverlands, therefore, House is in close affiliation with the Park Dynasty. They pray to the God of Pain.

Im Jaebeom (heir) and Im Nayeon.


House of Kwon: reside at the Thornhill at the Thorny Wastes. House is small and almost bankrupt, as their lands are barren and the trades are frozen due to the war. They pray to the Windbringer, Old God of Wind. Kwon Soonyoung is the only living male member of his family. His father was executed by the Lee Dynasty on the border, and his mother left him to join the Hidden Temple, as she couldn’t bring herself to forget horrifying scenes of her husband’s decapitation. Young Lord is very conflicted and is ready to be married off to someone of the Lee Dynasty to keep his lands at his family name.

The story will be from different POVs and perspectives. But mostly Wonwoo-centered. I will most probably start it non-chronologically and explain events in the notes if needed.

Aside from noble houses, there are rich people living in the free city of Lordran who have an impact on the war affairs and economy equal to the feudal lords beyond the walls of the city. The free city of Lordran is home to the hundreds of thousands of people who rely upon the city for their survival. There are several temples scattered throughout the free city all to the different Gods. The Great Conclave reside in the city, acting as a governing figure. It consists of 12 wealthy citizens who are supposed to act to the benefit of the city's civilians. Annual knight tournament gathers nobles from all across the Realm to participate, to watch and to invest into the city. The Free City of Lordran does not openly support any particular Dynasty and/or House but rather choose a winning side to invest in. The Free City of Lordran is home to Steel Knights, elite mercenaries that are believed to be the strongest men and women all across the Realm. The free city of Lordran is in great relationships with several houses across the Realm, such as the house of Kang, Kang Daniel is one of the Great Conclave members and the leader of the Steel Knights or the House of Jeon due to the dependency on their stocks of gold and gemstones. The Free City of Lordran is a no loyal ally but rather a chevalier of fortune that will backstab if they deem an alliance useless for their benefit.