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How was this sentence going to end?

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It was night when Rose woke up with a breathtaking start to the sound of screaming. The earth was shaking menacingly under her body in jerky jolts, as if a very huge and very heavy beast was approaching. Rose sat straight up when she remembered where she was and what had happened. "Shit!" She cursed as she got up. The Cybermen must've left her for dead in this frozen cemetery.

How long did it take for her to come back to life this time around? So many hours seemed to have pass since she accidentally pulled the trigger on the red woman. Rose was actually facing her, the woman in red. Her body was awkwardly twisted at the bottom of her improvised grave and the dress seemed to emanate its own red glow through the thin sheen of snow that had fallen over it.

Another quake of the earth made Rose falter. She turned around to see the reason for the earthquakes. "Shit!" She cursed again. Then started running towards a Cybermen-like giant towering over the town. She looked around in panic as she ran. Donna was nowhere to be seen and Rose felt like crying. She wouldn't be able to survive this if Donna didn't make it.

She would never forgive herself. She had to believe Donna made it out alive. It didn't take long that she was out of the graveyard and speeding through the streets of the town, making her way against the crowd of screaming people. She needed to get to the Tardis, then she would be able to stop this monster and find Donna's bio-signature. She swerved right, remembering where she parked the Tardis and let out a breath of relief when she saw the blue box intact and waiting for her.

A house nearby had been crushed by the inconsiderate foot of the titan. "Thank God, you're still here." Rose said as she laid a hand on the wooden doors and felt the welcoming hum as she ran to the console, turning the computer screen toward her. Rose decided she would use the big guns this time… literally. With a few turns of dials and pulls of switches, she was expertly lifting the Tardis off the ground.

She knew she could do it. The doors opened and she saw the head of the metal giant through them. She was maneuvering the Tardis to fly around the head until she came to a stop in front of the emotionless face of it. That's when her heart stopped. Rose had already aimed the deadly weapon toward the opening serving as mouth before she noticed Donna's body tied to a metal throne in the middle of it.

Her head was held into a contraption clearly made from Cybermen's technology. Did they turn her? Why wasn't she in the normal metal body? Rose let down her aim, there was no way she could fire and disable the giant Cybermen with Donna right in the middle of it. "Donna!!!" Rose screamed holding on to the hand-ramp so she wouldn't fall through the open doors.

The wind was blowing her hair around ferociously and stealing her voice before it got to the woman. This wasn't working. She closed the door again and went back to the console. When she got out after landing the Tardis, she was inside the mouth, right beside Donna. Rose fired her gun a few times and disabled all the Cybermen around before she got to the woman sitting on the metal throne.

"Donna!" Rose said as she grabbed her face in hers. "Donna, look at me!" Donna's eyes were fully black, from the brown of her irises to the white of her sclera. "Donna!" Rose pleaded and Donna seemed to hear her since her head looked down toward her.

"I am CyberKing. My mind inside the Cybermen. The world will bow down to me." Bow down to her? Cybermen didn't want to be worshiped, Cybermen only wanted to rid the universe of emotion, to turn the flesh into metal.

"What have they done to you?" Rose asked with tears in her voice.

"I am CyberKing. My mind inside the Cybermen."

What did she mean her mind inside Cybermen? "Are you controlling this thing? Donna you have to stop, you have to…" Rose shook her. "Snap out of it!" Rose didn't know what to do.

And that's when a black tear fell down Donna's cheek, leaving an oily trail in its path. "I am… CyberKing. My... mind inside.. th-the Cyberm-men." Donna repeated with so much emotions, Rose's heart felt like crying too.

"Donna you have to fight it." She grabbed the woman's face and wiped the oil off her skin. "You have to come back." A long sob came out of Donna, a horrifying wail, a frustrated plea, a desperate cry, and a jolt made Rose fall backwards and she understood the giant Cybermen was turning back. Donna was controlling it and although she was crying out in pain, the determination was evident.

Donna was going to end this madness. Rose got back up holding her gun ready when other Cybermen started to swarm back toward them, trying to stop Donna's attempts to save London. "Rose leave!!" She heard Donna's metallic voice scream.

"I am not leaving you!" Rose answered as she shot two other of them. She turned to the Tardis and saw that Donna was bringing them back to the Thames.

"Leave!" Donna said again. Tears were flowing on her face and her cheeks were black all over. Rose ran to Donna and tried to open the metal bindings on her wrists and chest. It was to no avail. She should've taken the time to build herself a new sonic screwdriver.

"I am not leaving you here." Rose affirmed through gritted teeth and Donna's face scrunched up, forcing another wave of powerful energy against the machine. An electric current started to fizzle around the contraption on Donna's head and Rose took a step back as Donna screamed again, loud, and through the determination, Rose could clearly see the fear pouring out of Donna.

The electricity flashed all around Rose, into the floors and the walls, a through the Cybermen and in a blinding light, they all exploded simultaneously. Donna too. Rose was stunned. Too many emotions flowing through her to understand what had just happen, to acknowledge that Donna had just sacrificed her life to eradicate the last Cybermen in existence.

The world started to lurch drastically and Rose still couldn't register a thing until water came rushing through the opening of the giant Cybermen's mouth, crushing her against the far wall.


The Tardis was floating right beside her when she came back. The golden hues of her regeneration still illuminating the depths surrounding her. She was trapped in a metal chamber, at the bottom of the Thames. She swam towards the blue wooden doors and pushed on them before she didn't have any air left in her lungs. The doors closed by themselves, immediately stopping more water from rushing in as Rose find her breathing back.

She laid on the grating floor for a long time. Her mind on full stop. Then rolled in a tight ball and cried, her hands over her head wouldn't stop the hum of the Tardis trying to comfort her. She cried for what seemed like hours… days… She eventually fell asleep, rocked by at the soft song of the Tardis, the only thing in the world she had left.