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Mineta Die Challenge: Failed

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iida added im babie, hEWWO??, lickitung, u'll float too, the REAL babie, bolt, rock city bih, !kouda!, sugarbaby, puppet man, msi turned me gay, scotch, a shout out from tara and raven, burn baby burn, lesbian hulk, bakubitch, deku, grape juice, and lets go lesbians! to the chat!

iida named the chat Class 1-A!

hEWWO??: owo? whats this!

deku: iida, ochako and me were talking about how we should have a class gc just in case something comes up that involves all of us!

iida: please only use this for important matters!

deku: i would've made it myself but i didn't have everyones numbers

u'll float too: by everyones he means he didn't have bakugous

bakubitch: iida i trusted you fucker

iida: ,,oop

grape juice: oh????

grape juice: thank you for all the girls numbers iida :)

bakubitch: i think the FUCK not

bakubitch removed grape juice from the chat!

bakubitch: this chat is for faggots who respect women only

rock city bih: god im in love

bolt: mood

burn baby burn: in that case

burn baby burn added Gucci eyebags to the chat!

bakubitch: youre the only bitch i trust

Gucci eyebags: tf is this

burn baby burn: class 1-a group chat

bakubitch: welcome to the class loser

lickitung: ive never seen bakugou like this and tbh it scares me more than seeing him irl

hEWWO??: you get used to it eventually trust me

bolt: wait tho hold on can yall say who you are and why the fuck your user is whatever it is? idk who half yall are

bakubitch: i swear i lose a brain cell everytime i hear kaminari say yall

bolt: ive heard you use yall at least once before cmon

bakubitch: bullshit

scotch: will yall shut the fuck up

scotch: everyone say who they are and why they have their users before denki loses it

scotch: im sero and scotch is,, y aknow,,,, self explainitory

hEWWO??: its mina! and i honestly dont remember when or why i made this my user oop

iida: im iida. my name is iida.

the REAL babie: wow originality

deku: leave him alone!! hes not very creative :((

bakubitch: obviously you aren't either lol

deku: shove it kacchan

bakubitch: up yours deku

bolt: well we know who those two are obvs

bolt: and uhh its kami and the user is for that lil dog named bolt in the movie bolt bc he has a lighting bolt n i thought it made sense

msi turned me gay: that sentence gave me a headahce

bolt: fuck you

msi turned me gay: thxs but im a lesbian

bolt: trust me, i know

msi turned me gay: anyways hi its jirou

msi turned me gay: and uh

msi turned me gay: this is where my user came from

im babie: mina made my user!

im babie: also its aoyama uwu

the REAL babie: ochako made mine lol

the REAL babie: its ojiro btw

u'll float too: its ochako! and my user is bc the new it trailer came out and im hyped!! but also cause ya know,, quirk

hEWWO??: oh thats good bitch

u'll float too: thanks baby!!

lickitung: its tsu

lickitung: and uh,,, idk how to explain this but yall probably get it anyways

rock city bih: its kiri!!! and mines just rack city bitch but with ROCKS

bakubitch: god your stupid i love

rock city bih: !!! ily

!kouda!: its kouda :) but you guys probably already realized that haha

scotch: now THAT is the REAL BABIE

!kouda!: !!!

im babie: u rite

the REAL babie: absolutely right

sugarbaby: this is such a bad joke but yeah its bc my quirk

sugarbaby: this is satou btw if it wasn't obvious

bolt: thats so bad....but so good.......

puppet man: someone said my arms are like fucked up puppets and its haunted me since

puppet man: but also its still lowkey funny

deku: ,,,honestly thats awful

puppet man: ye lol

a shout out from tara and raven: tragic, truly

bolt: god tokoyami is that you

a shout out from tara and raven: howd you guess?

bolt: ive seen the fucking video you emo little bitch

a shout out from tara and raven: GOTH YOU WHORE

bolt: i,,,,

burn baby burn: what video?

bolt: a shout out from tara and raven

burn baby burn: oh lord

rock city bih: hey todoroki!! thats u right?

burn baby burn: yes

rock city bih: is your user bc your quirk?

burn baby burn: no its bc the burn on my face

rock city bih: ,,,oh

burn baby burn: what

lesbian hulk: this was a terrible time to look at this chat huh

burn baby burn: wym

lesbian hulk: nothing dw

lesbian hulk: anyways hi its hagakure! my user is bc everyone talks abt thor being the lesbian protector but consider... lesbian protector hulk.

rock city bih:

rock city bih: holy shit ur right

lesbian hulk: oh god kiri i just realized somethinh

rock city bih: huh?

lesbian hulk: youre the lesbian protector of our class im-

rock city bih: HOLY SHIT AM I??


lets go lesbians!: oh my god oh my god you guys are right im crying kirishima i love you

rock city bih: ilyt but who are you?? :( sry

lets go lesbians!: right, sorry! this is yaoyorozu!


msi turned me gay: this makes me so soft i luv

rock city bih: !!! i love my lesbians!!!!!


u'll float too: we love you so much kiri

lickitung: sooo much

bakubitch: i wanna get in on this kiri appreciation but im not a lesbian :/

rock city bih: baby youre right next to me you dont need to join in the lesbian kiri appreciation

bakubitch: shit youre right

bakubitch: sorry lesbians please resume

bakubitch muted the chat!

lickitung: yeah i dont think ill EVER get used to text bakugou what the fuck

scotch: trust me its wack at first but eventually its just a thing and you dont think twice about it

Gucci eyebags: bullshit ive been texting him for months now and i still get confused sometimes

bolt: honestly me too

burn baby burn: in his defense all we talk about in our chat is our parents and bein gay so yeah getting confused makes sense

sugarbaby: yall have your OWN group chat???

burn baby burn: i mean,, yeah lol

Gucci eyebags: we the shitty parents squad

Gucci eyebags: imagine i whipped after that bc im not sending a video of myself rn

lets go lesbians!: add me add me add me

burn baby burn: okay

deku: why are all my friends sad im-

puppet man: who else has chats now im interested

hEWWO??: bakusquad and dekusquad obvs do

iida: how do YOU KNOW

hEWWO??: im friends,,, with all of you??? ive seen,,,,,, yalls chat??????? ochako has ADDED ME to settle arguments before????????????????????

iida: oh yeah

msi turned me gay: kasjks

msi turned me gay: anyways me bakugou tokoyami and shinsou have a goth chat

lets go lesbians!: the wlw have a chat

im babie: trans kids have a chat

burn baby burn: provisional hero license course kids have a chat

the REAL babie: why is bakugou in like,, every chat holy shit

deku: bakugou: i have no friends and no emotions

also bakugou: friends with the whole class, numerous group chats, even has friends from FUCKING SHIKETSU

rock city bih: in his defense he got added to all these chats just bc he happened to fit the requirements

burn baby burn: bullshit. bakugou made shitty parents squad chat, license course chat and was the one who "jokingly" suggested a trans chat in class. next.

bolt: in conclusion, bakugou is a bitch ass liar.

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[Chat: Class 1-A]

bakubitch unmuted the chat!

bakubitch: deku shut the fuck up challenge: failed

deku: what i do now

bakubitch: what h a v e n t you done

deku: just abt anything and everything you've ever accused me of



bakubitch: you guys are supposed to be MY friends what the fuck

scotch: in all fairness uh 1) youre an ass and 2) mido gots jokes

bakubitch: this family is a FUCKING NIGHTMARE

bakubitch muted the chat!

msi turned me gay: i feel like this chat has already become bakusquad shenanigans with a side of bakugou being an absolute dumb bitch

bakubitch unmuted the chat!

bakubitch: i sensed someone talking shit

bakubitch: you wanna fuckn GO jirou

msi turned me gay: currently busy being suffocated by momo while shes sleeping so ill have to pass

bakubitch: pussy

bakubitch muted the chat!

im babie: he has such chaotic gay energy i luv

lesbian hulk: we all love

rock city bih: i especially luv

a shout out from tara and raven: WE KNOW KIRISHIMA

the REAL babie: yes, you love bakugou, we know you love bakugou katsuki so much, he's the lights of your life, you love him so much, you just love bakugou, we KNOW, you

love bakugou you fucking love bakugou ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE BAKUGOU. WE GET IT.

rock city bih: ik that was supposed to be a joke but ur right ojiro

the REAL babie: sigh

iida: you guys ever see bakugou kiss someone besides kirishima and almost break your neck from whiplash or

u'll float too: me this morning lol

puppet man: wait no do tell

iida: kaminari kissed bakugou before leaving the common room and for 2 seconds i didn't think anything of it and kept walking. Then i realized what i had just witnessed and thought any second kaminari would be dead and then i remembered that's,,, just how bakusquad b now huh

scotch: we jyst love each other okay :((( and its what baku deserves

u'll float too: sure jan

u'll float too: this morning i came down and you were tryna bribe baku into making you breakfast with smooches

u'll float too: (which also i couldn't help but notice YOU FAILED)

u'll float too: twas cute but i did not stay to watch for fear of my own safety

rock city bih: katsukis a baby idk why yall scared

sugarbaby: hes only yalls baby so

iida: he may be a baby but he is a SCARY baby.

bolt: thats going on the quote page

iida: ...quote page?

bolt: ya know,,, the quote page

iida: no i dont know obviously why do you think im asking

bolt: lol true

bolt: uh me mina and hagakure run an Instagram account where we take dm submissions from students with quotes people at UA have said

bolt: its pretty popular with the other classes actually! most of it is bakugou quotes tho,, the submissions are from todoroki a lot of the time

rock city bih: todo youre lucky he has the chat muted rn lol

burn baby burn: he dont scare me tf

burn baby burn: he may have won the sports festival but i will win THE WAR

deku: honey what the fuck are you on

burn baby burn: i haven't slept in 2 days and coffee really aint cutting it anymore tbh oop

deku: squad we going to todos for a cuddle pile now

u'll float too: okay!! ill bring the noise machine

iida: please do n o t bring the noise machine

iida: i will bring blankets though

burn baby burn: that isn't necessary but also i aint gonna say no to iidas blankets,,

deku: mood

[Chat: shitty parents squad]

DEADASS deadass: hhngh i wan boyfren

DEADASS deadass: NOW

macaroki: i want fucking sleep but we dont always get what we want do we, hitoshi?


macaroki: thanks but im good

eddies Gucci chanclas: date monoma

Hayley gayoko: awful

DEADASS deadass: whys everyone say i should date that rat

eddies Gucci chanclas: listen i dont like him either but he cute lowkey

eddies Gucci chanclas: also hes probably only shitty to our class so

DEADASS deadass: ya but hes still a rat bitch

macaroki: hes got a point

eddies Gucci chanclas: get in on sero and kamis gay shit

Hayley gayoko: i cant tell if you think any of these would actually work out or if you just dont care enough and youre throwing out random names

Hayley gayoko: and if its the second maybe dont throw out your best friends???

eddies Gucci chanclas: again, hear me out, sero and kami would 1) b good bfs and 2) would stop asking me to cook them breakfast every morning since shinsou can cook

eddies Gucci chanclas: plus its not like they aint open to another bf they just aint looking

macaroki: i see your point but i raise you: ojiro

DEADASS deadass: veto that shit rn

DEADASS deadass: he hates me

macaroki: he dont but okay

macaroki: id suggest midoriya but im pretty sure hes in a long term relationship with his all might collection

eddies Gucci chanclas: i never thought id be saying anything deku related was a mood,,, but mood

Hayley gayoko: like we dont already know youre just as much of an all might stan as midoriya

eddies Gucci chanclas: how the fuck would you know

Hayley gayoko: kaminari was dared to go into your room once while you were sleeping and take pictures of it since we never saw it during our whole competition first night at the dorms

Hayley gayoko: there was a lot of posters,,, a lot of figures,,,,,,, i think i even saw a handful of all might magazines in that bookshelf of yours

eddies Gucci chanclas: this is all FALSE you cant prove SHIT, BITCH

Hayley gayoko: i mean i can but,,, i dont think i need to

eddies Gucci chanclas: FUCK OFF

eddies Gucci chanclas left the chat!

macaroki: AJSSKJDSK hes so fucking STUPID

[Chat: blondes do it better]

bakubabie: ur banned from my room for the next month asshole


bakubabie muted the chat!

kamiNANI: fucker.

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[Chat: Class 1-A]

u'll float too: its june BABEY


deku: its pride!!

bakubitch: its demonize cishets month!!

iida: bakugou no!

Gucci eyebags: bakugou YES

rock city bih: dont encourage him pls he really will spend this whole month like that

Gucci eyebags: not my problem lol

burn baby burn: in his defense he only has one cishet to demonize in our class and its mineta so

iida: shit you're right

iida: carry on bakugou

rock city bih: sigh

bakubitch: dont sigh at me eijirou

rock city bih: SIGH

bakubitch: tf do you want from me

rock city bih: attention

bakubitch: im in seros room

rock city bih: come to MY room

bakubitch: i dont wanna move

scotch: also i wanna see u too :)))

rock city bih: fuck fineeee

bolt: can i come

scotch: ye

bakubitch: mina get ur ass over here too

hEWWO??: okay <3

lesbian hulk: bakusquad more like soft dumbass squad

bakubitch: i know where you sleep bitch DONT TRY ME

lickitung: aksjsj

lesbian hulk: i would say i know where you sleep too but lbr half the time youre in someone elses bed soooo

scotch: i was gonna argue but hes slept in my room 3 times this week oop

rock city bih: he was with me the other 4 lmao

bakubitch: this is slander and i will not tolerate it

sugarbaby: either bakugou doesn't know the definition of slander or hes ignoring it for his own benefit

puppet man: we all know its the second

sugarbaby: yeah, tragic

bakubitch: stfu

bolt: okay okay that bullshit aside does anyone know when mail is getting here

msi turned me gay: it got here earlier??

bolt: why didn't someone say so!!!

lets go lesbians!: i texted the chat this morning saying mail came in wym

a shout out from tara and raven: ??? no you didn't

lets go lesbians!: who the hell did i text then omg

lets go lesbians!: hold on


the REAL babie: oh god what did you do now

lets go lesbians!: dw!! it wasn't anything embarrassing for once

the REAL babie: ill be the judge of that

lets go lesbians!: ,,, i mean

lets go lesbians!: okay

lets go lesbians!: anyways i started to text it this morning when i was walking back from getting my stuff but aoyama was making a mess trying to cook mac and cheese when i got in and i had to help him so i never sent it :(

bolt: damn you two

lets go lesbians!: sorry kaminari!

im babie: in my defense,,, i really wanted some kraft

msi turned me wicked gay: MOMO GETS UP AT 5:30 WHY THE FUCK WERE YOU MAKING MAC N CHESE AT 5:30???


deku: is there kraft left in the fridge omg

deku: please tell me theres kraft left i haven't had kraft in 800 years

bakubitch: thats a lie ur mom buys you that shit weekly and sends it in the mail

bakubitch: there was literally a package in there for you this morning, probably with your fuckn kraft


bakubitch: yeah i brought up everyones shit except minetas, its in the common room

bakubitch: has been all fuckn day idk how yall didn't see it

burn baby burn: i did

bakubitch: well you had no packages so it doesn't matter

burn baby burn: true

u'll float too: okay but,,, love how baku brings up dekus stuff but not minetas wow

iida: thanks for bringing up the packages bakugou!

bakubitch muted the chat!

bolt: wait why the FUCK didn't katsuki give me my shit then im gonna fight him

puppet man: what shit lol

sugarbaby: also weren't you literally going over there anyways why couldn't you have jyst told him ur gonna fight him

bolt: im gonna go over but i went to check for mail first only to get there and it to be empty so i was like wtf where the mail at and now i hear BAKUGOU BROUGHT IT UP

rock city bih: oh shut up and get over here now

hEWWO??: also no fighting!!

msi turned me gay: whats so important in there anyways?

bolt: i bought a bunch of stimtastic shit and ive been waiting for awhile

deku: mMm gimme sum shit

bolt: hell no soz but this shit MINE

iida: midoriya! come over we can buy some stuff

deku: !!!

Gucci eyebags: yall a mess

Gucci eyebags: but also @ bakusquad can i come chill

rock city bih: katsu said you should come!!

scotch: bring snacs n ur good

Gucci eyebags: yall think we got any food in this damn dorm

scotch: id hope so??

Gucci eyebags: lol ur lucky we just went shopping yesterday

scotch: hell yeahhhh

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[Chat: achy breky]

deku: hey uhhhh

deku: okay i needa talk 2 u abt smth!!

deku: its important!!!!!

kacchan: fuckn what

deku: okay so im supposed to be going home this weekend to see my mom but she just texted me saying my dad showed up out of nowhere and she has no clue why and now i dont wanna go home?? but i also need to see her bc its been awhile since i have????

kacchan: hol up boutta go full fucking FERAL

kacchan: what the fuck is he doing at your house?

kacchan: hes been gone for fucking years why does he think he has the right to show back up at your fucking house and just act like nothing happened

kacchan: after the shit he did to you? the shit he pulled on auntie?

kacchan: i will literally break his fucking kneecaps

deku: pls do

deku: but also like on a serious note what should i do?

deku: mom said its fine if i dont go home but i want to see her

deku: i just dont want to see him

deku: not after what he did

kacchan: honestly? i dont think you should go

kacchan: but like

kacchan: if youre gonna maybe take someone?

kacchan: like shouto or one of your other nerds

deku: ,,,

deku: will you come

deku: or is that not an option

deku: cause as much as i trust the others they dont know any of this shit

deku: also mom misses u!!

kacchan: i mean,,,

kacchan: i guess i could

kacchan: for auntie

kacchan: and so i can fuck this bitch up

deku: kacchan no

kacchan: kacchan yes

deku: seriously if you come you gotta be nice

deku: or at least not any meaner than you usually are ig

kacchan: ...that can be arranged

deku: i want you there but i dont want to give him any reasons to get mad or something, okay?

kacchan: fine.

kacchan: but just an fyi ill probably have to go to my place for few hours if i do come

deku: uh why

deku: thats like,,, the last thing you should be doing

kacchan: shes been trying to get me to come home for awhile now

kacchan: i dont know why but id rather show up for a few hours and then go back to your place than spend a whole weekend being yelled at and shit

deku: fine.

deku: 3 hours, tops.

deku: or else im coming over and dragging you out

kacchan: fucking trust me, there'd be no dragging needed.

deku: alright, its settled then!

kacchan: yeah yeah just

kacchan: hold on

[Chat: shitty parents squad]

juicy juicy added deku t o the chat!

DEADASS deadass: oh worm?

macaroki: huh

hayley gayoko: i wanna question this but i dont want to be rude???

juicy juicy: dekus dad is a lil bitch and i want to beat him with a bag of bricks end of story

deku: i mean...i wouldnt be opposed to that idea but also pls dont get arrested for it

DEADASS deadass: i love how he says "dont get arrested" not "no dont do it bc its immoral and wrong no matter how bad a person!" is kasjsj

DEADASS deadass: this really b our future pro heros huh

macaroki: murder is okay as long as the bitch deserved it!

hayley gayoko: i disagree but...i also get where youre coming from so

deku: im gonna opt to ignore all that ish cause like,,,

deku: kacchan why is your user juicy juicy?

juicy juicy: when doja cat came out with her mv for juicy juicy the other day shinsou changed my user to it and the only explanation i got was "u keep it juicy juicy"

juicy juicy: followed by shouto replying with "he eat that lunch" and then nothing else from either of them for the next like 6 hours

macaroki: it was 2am when that happened and a school night

macaroki: ...also i was having a sleepover with ochako and she didnt appreciate my screen being at full brightness right next to her

DEADASS deadass: i just didnt feel like explaining myself any further, i thought i was pretty clear the first time

deku: i dont know what to do with this information...

DEADASS deadass: homie thicc what can i say

DEADASS deadass: sometimes u just gotta appreciate ur friends and their thiccness

DEADASS deadass: dont you do that to iida sometimes orrrr

deku: GOD NO

DEADASS deadass: well you should

DEADASS deadass: he deserves it

hayley gayoko: i,,,,

hayley gayoko: ya know when i joined this chat i thought there would be more of a weird type of group therapy type thing going on in here not this

hayley gayoko: and i still dont know if this is worse or better than what i was expecting

macaroki: if any of us actually talked about our parents in this chat more than we already do we all wouldve ended up deleting this chat after 2 days

juicy juicy: tru

DEADASS deadass: yeah like ily guys but i could not deal with actually talking abt my feelings that much and i know for a FACT none of yall could either except MAYBE momo

DEADASS deadass: oh and now midoriya!

deku: no i couldnt

juicy juicy: no he couldnt

macaroki: no he couldnt

deku: i like to talk about others feelings but my own?

deku: that shits OFF LIMITS

deku: vip only!!!

deku: (and the only one with a vip pass atm is kacchan)

deku: and lbr he only has it bc hes been there for all of it

juicy juicy: tru

juicy juicy: also i caused like a good portion of ur issues too

deku: tru

deku: but ur fixing it! making up for it! so its okay!!!

juicy juicy: i mean its not but whatever

macaroki: *eyeball emojis* uhhhh

macaroki: we love character developement

DEADASS deadass: for the last fucking time shouto JUST USE THE ACTUAL EMOJI


hayley gayoko: im sorry but h o w can you not find it

macaroki: I JUST CANT I DONT KNOW ????

juicy juicy: this chat is a fucking NIGHTMARE

deku: i personally think its great!

juicy juicy: you fucking would

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[Chat: Class 1-A]

lesbian hulk: just realized none of have gfs except jirou and momo


lesbian hulk: we goin big sad hrs yall

sugarbaby: i mean yeah ur right but why are you telling all of us


gucci eyebags: i was aboutta say i sure as fuck HOPE i dont have a girlfriend

lesbian hulk: rip im sorry i meant to send this to wlw chat

lesbian hulk: now if you would excuse me, mlm

lesbian hulk: ill just be on my way :)

lesbian hulk muted the chat!

lickitung: that had the same energy as bakugou's "shit youre right sorry lesbians please resume"

scotch: bakugou 🤝 hagakure

saying weird shit to people with their opposite sexual orientation and then muting the chat

bolt: also hi i just realized mlm dont have a chat but wlw do whats up with THAT

bakubitch: whats up with that is im already in fifty fucking chats with your stupid ass and i dont want to be in another

bolt: we're only in like,, 2 chats together

bakubitch: class 1-a chat, trans kids chat, bakusquad chat, blondes do it better AND ADHDumbass

bolt: point taken EXCEPT blondes do it better is just our personal chat and ADHDumbass only has us and camie in it so does it REALLY count as another chat?

bakubitch: considering how much you two fucking talk? absolutely.

puppet man: n e ways,,,

puppet man: why dont we actually make one?

!kouda!: i think its a good idea! :)

the REAL babie: okay that settles it lets GO

bakubitch: yeah bc fuck my life, right?

burn baby burn: exactly :)

[Chat: wlw central]

chlorine mouf: did yall see what i said in class chat orrrr

still gayoko: yeah! was gonna say something but then the boys started spamming

babie goth: same lmao sorry

chlorine mouf: YOU SHOULD BE

chlorine: we all out here single n shit and yall just out here,,, happy,,,,,,gay,,,,,,,,,,,in LOVE

babie goth: aksjsj i wasnt apologizing for being 1/2 of the only successful wlw in the class i was apologizing for not saying anything in chat oop

chlorine mouf: FUCK OFF

king princess: if it makes u feel any better,,,

king princess: we can all be single together :)

king princess: we could also like,,, maybe hangout tonight and console each others single asses

king princess: sans momojirou sorry hehe

babie goth: just gives me more time to smooch my gf soooo


still gayoko: sorry hagakure! you guys should hangout tonight though, me and jirou had plans anyways :)

prince naveen bottoms: yo im super hype for tonight i feel like we havent hung out in so long!

bombastic!: we havent ugh i cant wait

prince naveen bottoms: we could even invite some 1b girls to make it interesting ;)

chlorine mouf: idk if youre suggesting what i think ur suggesting but if you are....lmk

prince naveen bottoms: if you think im suggesting we set u up with a girl in 1b then yea


still gayoko: wait if we're doing match making i dont wanna miss that :(((

bombastic!: dont worry itll take a few more visits before anything happens! its just introductions!!!

still gayoko: okay :((((((((( but it better be just that!

bombastic!: we promise, right?

prince naveen bottoms: yeah!!

still gayoko: okey doke :) have fun tonight then!

chlorine mouf: yall have fun too! gimme deets later!!!

babie goth: deets to WHAT we're just going to dinner aksjsj

chlorine mouf: "just dinner" can lead to a lot of things ;)

babie goth: yeah?? maybe as a first date it can lmao

still gayoko: for christs sake jirou

babie goth: WHAT IM RIGHT


still gayoko: yea :)

babie goth: FUCK YOU

puppet man added the REAL babie, bolt, rock city bih, !kouda!, sugarbaby, scotch, bakubitch, gucci eyebags and deku to the chat!

bakubitch named the chat gays only event

puppet man: really bakugou?

bakubitch: stream ginger by brockhampton or perish


Chapter Text

[Chat: Class 1-A]

u'll float too: 2 more days yall

u'll float too: TWO

bakubitch: TWO!!!

a shout out from tara and raven: TWOOOO

!kouda!: ?

scotch: it chapter 2 comes out on thursday

deku: theyve been keeping a countdown in kacchan's room since the release date was out

rock city bih: and now ill ive heard for the last WEEK is "ei, baby, i know you fucking hate horror movies but you should REALLY come see it with me", "shitty hair, you need to see it with me", "eijirou i swear to god if you dont see it with me I SWEAR-"

bakubitch: u should

rock city bih: NO I SHOULDNT


bakubitch: yeah no shit

bakubitch: i meant for my second time

the REAL baby: the fact that youve already decided on seeing it a second time without it even being released yet aksjsj

bakubitch: why wouldnt i

bakubitch: i saw the first one seven times

bakubitch: you bet ur ass im gonna beat that record for ch2

msi turned me gay: where the fuck do you even get the money for this shit

bakubitch: ,,,

hEWWO??: ive essentially become his sugar mommy

hEWWO??: except i get nothing out of it

burn baby burn: oh so im not the only one being robbed huh

bakubitch: its not ROBBING

bakubitch: you two literally offer me fucking money for everything because youd rather be broke than make me ask my mom for money

bakubitch: also, todoroki, you stupid bitch

bakubitch: the money is all your fathers

bakubitch: and even if it was actually stealing, WHICH ITS NOT, id be okay with stealing from that scumbag

gucci eyebags: wait okay but like can we actually steal from endeavor i-

burn baby burn: thxs but i already get my ass beat enough

deku: im-

lets go lesbians!: i,,,,

lets go lesbians: why dont you three move this chat to our gc?

gucci eyebags: yea good idea oop

puppet man: ,,,,moving on

bolt: actually no can we go back to the sugar mommy thing?

sugarbaby: why

bolt: bc i wanna tell yall what my favorite part of the sports festival was

lickitung: do tell

scotch: if its what i think it is PLEASE DONT

bolt: my favorite part of the sports festival is how many thirsty bakugou stans showed up after it

bolt: and how many dms i got from actual grown women™ asking me to talk to katsuki about being his actual sugar mommy™

rock city bih: jesus

bakubitch: fucking what

rock city bih: JESUS

scotch: i love it when my bf doesnt listen to me

bolt: sorry love

bolt: n e ways

bolt: after the sports festival kiris followers jumped like 2k in a couple hours just because he posted one (1) photo with you a few days before

bolt: and every time he posts a photo of yall like,, holding hands or smth dumb it goes up hella

bolt: my photo of bakusquad last week got me almost 3k new followers

bolt: to be fair tho, minas got a weirdly large amount of followers compared to the rest of us, besides u, so it could also be her

hEWWO??: what can i say? im tiktok famous hehe

bolt: ive had fan accounts with basically every photo of you someone in 1a has posted reposted dm me asking me to tell you things they said

bakubitch: what the fuck

iida: how do you not know this?

iida: even i do!

iida: I've gained followers just because you followed me back!

bakubitch: i never go on my socials really

bakubitch: half my posts are from ei using my phone

bakubitch: and when i do post i never check anything, i just log out right after

im babie: is that why you STILL havent followed me back on twitter

bakubitch: uhh

bakubitch: shit

bakubitch: whats ur @

im babie: spaarklyaangel

bakubitch: anyone else need a follow while im at it

puppet man: shoujikees

the REAL baby: ojirozone

hagakure: stupidsapphicgakure

deku: u already know my @ jus follow me back already

bakubitch: on which account? your all might fan acc or your actual acc?

deku: okay mr @tsukimight


lesbian hulk: wait hol up while i go follow this shit

a shout out from tara and raven: me too tf


Chapter Text

By the time the weekend had rolled around, Bakugou had more or less come to terms with the fact that he'd be seeing not only Midoriya's dad for the first time in years, but he'd also be seeing his own mother, who he had been avoiding ever since he moved into the dorms. Well, avoiding may not be the right word for it. He'd responded to the occasional text from her, but most of their communication had been through his father and he hadn't agreed to going home despite the fact that Masaru had asked him repeatedly.

Bakugou hadn't even considered it. Not until his mother had demanded he come home, at least. There was no explanation, just "bring your ass home within the next two weeks, Katsuki." and"I mean it, you better be here".

In the end, he still hadn't planned on showing up.

Yet here he is, a few days after accepting to go home with Midoriya of all people and planning to show up at his old home unannounced.

Shit really has changed, huh?

They had planed to leave early in the morning, hoping to avoid most of the class- or really, Bakugou was hoping to avoid them- and traffic on the bus ride home.

The trip had been silent for the most part, the only time they spoke being towards the end of the ride.

Midoriya had quietly asked if the other had told Kirishima where he was going for the weekend- if he'd even mentioned it at all. Bakugou had taken his sweet time answering, crossing his arms, eyebrows knitting together as his frown depend, before he finally said, "No. No fucking way. He shouldn't have to worry about this shit."

He didn't elaborate. Midoriya hadn't asked him to, either.

Once they had actually made it to the Midoriya household, the silence was still there, but the younger boy had begun shaking, his hand's tugging harshly at the lose strings on his sleeves. Bakugou didn't mention it, instead beginning to pound his fist on the door.

Midoriya knows it'll be his mother answering the door. He knows she wouldn't let his father see him before she did. But...just the possibility of him answering the door instead is enough to have him on edge.

He knows it'll only get worse from here, too.

"Jesus fuck," Bakugou mutters, slamming his fist against the door once again.

"I could get my keys-" Midoriya starts to suggest, pulling his bag around his body so he can grab them out of the side pocket.

"Nah nah, don't worry about it." Bakugou cut him off, raising his fist to start banging on it again. Just before his fist makes contact, the door was swung open abruptly, a nervous looking Inko standing in it's place. Upon noticing who it was, her face brightened.

"Katsuki! I was wondering why Izuku would've been pounding on the door like that! Now it makes sense..." She trailed off with a small smile before shuffling back from the doorway. Bakugou smirked, moving so he could push Izuku towards the entrance.

"Yeah, Deku dragged me along for the trip. Figured you wouldn't mind,"

"You kind of offered..." Izuku trailed off, walking into his mother's open arms quickly.

"I suggested you bring someone, not me." Bakugou griped, entering the house. Kicking the door closed, he turned on his heel to begin taking off his shoes when he noticed another person standing at the top of the stairs.


"Been awhile since I've seen you, huh, Katsuki?" Fixing him with a glare, Bakugou leaned back against the door. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Izuku tense in his mothers arms, shaking starting to pick up again. Inko was quick to turn him away from the stairs, tucking his head into the crook of her neck.

"Been awhile since you've seen your kid too, huh?" Bakugou snapped back, kicking off his shoes and grabbing the back of Izuku's shirt.

"C'mon Deku. You still haven't had breakfast, right? I'll make you something." He tugged the boy gently from his mother's grasp before guiding him up the stairs.

Hisashi rolled his eyes, "And why do you give a shit? Last I saw, you were still torturing the kid." He chuckled, holding onto the stairwell as Bakugou approached him.

"That was years ago, dumbass. You don't know shit about it so can you move your ass?" The blonde hissed, climbing the last few steps quickly so he was face to face with the older man.

Quirking a brow, Hisashi held up his hands in mock surrender before moving just barely out of the way. Grabbing Izuku's hand, Bakugou pulled him through the small gap quickly, shoving the younger boy towards the kitchen once they had passed his father.

Though it was quiet, Bakugou could vaguely make out the sound of Inko's voice as he started pulling out some stuff to cook a quick breakfast. Izuku hovered behind him, fiddling with a string on his shirt in silence.

"Cut that shit out before you ruin another shirt and get me the fucking eggs." The blonde ordered, placing a pan down and turning on the stove in the process.

As he placed it down he could hear Hisashi start to raise his voice. Out of instinct, he reached to pull out his hearing aids, but stopped himself, instead gripping the edge of the counter. Closing his eyes, the blonde took a deep breathe.

"Would you please shut the fuck up, dickbag!" He yelled, wincing at the way Izuku flinched, but he wasn't too concerned because Hisashi had, surprisingly, stopped yelling.

"Thanks, Kacchan." Izuku muttered, a small, nervous smile on his face as he placed the eggs down besides Bakugou. Nodding, he pulled out a few. As he did so, Inko entered the kitchen, the sound of a slamming door following not long after.

"The fuck is he even here for, auntie?" The blonde asked, turning to lean against the counter. Izuku had moved to hoist himself onto the counter besides him, sitting cross legged. The older boy could see him tugging on the holes in his jeans, picking off stray threads to wrap tightly around his fingers before dropping them to the floor.

Inko frowned, clasping her hands together, "I'm still not sure...I thought he would've left by now, honestly. The only reason I told Izuku before is because I knew I'd have to tell him eventually. I thought it would've been better to just tell him sooner rather than later."

Cocking a brow, Bakugou turned back to the stove, "Whatever. You want me to cook something for you too?" He asked, cracking two eggs into the pan in quick succession.

"No, but thank you, Katsuki. For the offer and...For always taking care of my son." She said softly. He could hear the smile in her voice and it made him feel sick.

With a click of his tongue, Bakugou shook his head, "Nah, I didn't-"

 "He didn't do shit for that kid, Inko, and you know it. Don't praise him for nothing,"


He hadn't even heard Hisashi enter. Usually that didn't mean much, but by the looks on Izuku and Inko's faces, he cold tell they hadn't either. The man was leaning against the wall just outside of the kitchen's entrance, smirking with his arms crossed.

"I may not have been around much, but I saw more of Katsuki smacking around that kid than I actually saw of him alone." Hisashi chuckled, taking a step into the kitchen.

Bakugou didn't know what to say to that. There wasn't much he could say, realistically. Because...if he were to deny it- snap back something about how he took care of that kid just fine- he'd be a fucking liar and Bakugou Katsuki was anything but.

So he stayed silent, jaw clenched as he continued to cook. If he could deal with Mitsuki for years, he could deal with Hisashi for a couple of days. It's not like the man was lying, either.

Just as he went to pick up another egg, he felt a hand on his shoulder, startling him into dropping the egg.

"Jesus fuck, Deku-"

"Look!" Hisashi laughed, "He even still calls him that-"


At first, Bakugou didn't recognize who said it, just that they were pissed.

But then he saw the anger on Inko's face, the way her hands were curled into tight fists and how hard she was glaring up at her ex-husband and he knew.

"You spent years manipulating and insulting me, but I won't tolerate you doing that to my boys. I've kicked you out before- when you called Izuku that, I knew I should've never let you into my home, never left you alone with my son- I should've never let you back in, either." She seethed. Izuku's grip on Bakugou's shoulder tightened a the mention of all the time he had spent alone with his father, receiving the same- if not worse- treatment than his mother. Hisashi knew he'd never mention it to Inko, not when it would hurt her so much to hear.

"What? You mean when I called him retarded? You know he is-"

Taking a step forward, Inko cut off him off again, "You don't know anything about these two kids. Not a goddamn thing. Katsuki...He's made mistakes before- especially with Izuku! But they don't define him. And you don't get to use them against him!" Inko snarled, lifting a hand to point towards the kitchen entrance, "Now get out."

Bakugou could feel himself shaking, but he knew Izuku couldn't tell. Not with how he was so close to tears, breath ragged as he stands almost completely still. His hands had found their way around the blonde's bicep, fingers curling into the fabric of his hoodie.

Bakugou could hear Hisashi talking and Inko yelling over him, but none of their words seemed to register as he took the green haired boy's hands in his own, "Dek...'Zuku." Bakugou squeezed his hands tightly. Their eyes met briefly as the blonde bent his knees slightly so they were closer to the same height.

"'Zuku, do you wanna head to your room? Watch that stupid All Might movie from like...the early 2000's? I know it's your favorite." His laugh was unsteady as he jerked his head in the direction of the younger boy's room. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Hisashi leaving the room, causing him to sigh in relief.

When he asked, it was less of a question than it was him just letting Izuku know the plan. Bakugou already knew the younger would do anything to leave the room, especially if it was to watch that movie. Nevertheless, he waited until the other boy nodded, squeezing his hands lightly.

Finally looking up, he noticed Inko watching them quietly, eyes red rimmed. He could tell she hadn't been listening, but she nodded lightly at the blonde as he began ushering her son out of the room, signing thank you quickly.

He could hear her turn off the stove as they left- thank god- but besides that it was silent.

So much for breakfast.


Chapter Text

[Chat: achy breky]

deku: where the FUCK are you asshole

deku: i want my sour patch kids!!

kacchan: i will literally obliterate you holy shit

kacchan: im still picking out snacks for you assholes

kacchan: is she even there yet?

deku: no!!!

deku: so fuck ochakos snacks, i want mine NOW!!!!!!

kacchan: oh?? fucking???? well??????

kacchan: im an asshole but if im buying snacks i might as well get shit for everyone

kacchan: and since round face chose not to give me specifics, im working with basically nothing rn

deku: just get her sweets!! she likes sweets!!!!

kacchan: jesus why do you want these so bad theyre just candy

deku: g o o d candy

deku: also nice comfort food

kacchan: listen deku i know today was shit but im not gonna treat you special for it

deku: :(

kacchan: seriously deku i already spent the whole day watching all might movies with you, i painted your fucking nails, i let you fuck with my hair, what more do you want?

deku: hmm

deku: well, firstly, i want my candy

kacchan: literally checking out now

deku: good!

deku: and uh,,,,

kacchan: just spit it out asshole

kacchan: preferably before i leave the store, if its something else you want me to buy

deku: no its not

kacchan: okay? the fuck is it then?

deku: text kirishima and let him know where you are.

kacchan: fuck you.

deku: dude i know you havent texted him back all day

deku: he literally texted me this morning asking if /i/ knew where you are.

deku: you know what that means?

deku: it means he already asked the whole dorm, anyone else you hangout with AND blew up your phone

kacchan: whats your fucking point?

deku: you cant do that shit to him. I know you don't want to bother him with this shit, but keeping stuff like this from him isnt right. ESPECIALLY if you're gonna just disappear without a word for the whole weekend.

deku: and it wont bother him! he just wants you to be safe!!!

kacchan: you think i dont fucking know that?


kacchan: just because it wont bother him, doesnt mean he wont be worried.

kacchan: i dont want to ruin his fucking weekend by having him worried about me.

deku: and you think he isnt worried now? when youre ignoring him and im having to tell him that youre safe, but not being able to say anything else?

deku: and if hes fucking worried, so are the rest of your friends.

deku: i know you love to act like you dont care about how they feel but its so painfully obvious that you do so why dont you just suck it the fuck up for once and at least talk to kirishima?

kacchan: im sorry but why the hell do you give a shit, deku? we're friends, but that doesnt give you the right to be a nosy little bitch when it comes to my relationship. and need i remind you that im only here because of you? im only seeing my mom now because if she heard from inko that i was here and didnt stop by that id get my ass beat

deku: its not being NOSY if YOUR BOYFRIEND is texting ME asking if youre fucking okay

deku: and dont try to fucking act like youre only here for me. you wouldve been coming down here regardless because she told you to come. you can say no to masaru all you fucking want but you cant ignore her and you know that.

kacchan: fuck you, Izuku.

deku: fucking christ katsuki just TEXT HIM

deku: im not trying to be a dick but you cant fucking do this bullshit to him

deku: hes my friend and i dont want to see him get hurt because youre a stubborn, closed off bitch baby

deku: and i dont want to see you hurt either because i know he means the world to you

deku: alright? im sorry. just text him, please.

deku: and get your ass back here with my candy.

kacchan: fuck you

kacchan: youre lucky i still feel bad about earlier, fucker.

deku: yeah whatever

kacchan: ill be there in 10.

[Chat: earfquake]

lover boy: katttt

lover boy: where r u bb

sent at 10:43

lover boy: kats?

lover boy: cmon srsly where r u

lover boy: denks said he saw you and midoriya in the living room when he went to piss this morning

lover boy: did you guys go somewhere together?

sent at 12:31

lover boy: katsuki seriously where the fuck are you

lover boy: i don't care what you're doing i just wanna know you're okay and you ignoring me doesn't make me think you are

lover boy: midoriya said you guys had something important to do but he wouldn't say what

lover boy: just

lover boy: text me back?

lover boy: please

lover boy: i love you

sent at 2:47

lover boy: i know you usually go to bed around now so i just wanted to say goodnight

lover boy: i'm not mad, just a bit worried

lover boy: i know you're okay, midoriya texted me to make sure i knew but

lover boy: whatever

lover boy: just text me tomorrow, please

lover boy: i love you katsuki

sent at 7:55

baby boy: i'm fine ei

baby boy: i'm at deku's for the weekend

baby boy: he wanted to visit his mom but his dad was going to be home and hes a piece of shit so i went with

lover boy: okay...

lover boy: that still doesn't explain why you've been ignoring me all day.

baby boy: i'm seeing my mom tomorrow.

lover boy: ???

lover boy: what the fuck why

lover boy: katsuki seriously that isn't safe

baby boy: yeah i know

baby boy: its only for a few hours but my mom said i need to come home, wouldn't tell me why though

baby boy: id rather not get called out of school for it and then have her be even more pissed at me

lover boy: i mean...

lover boy: i get that baby i do

lover boy: but you should really just tell one of the teachers or something idk

baby boy: fuck no

baby boy: shes an asshole but shes my fucking mother

baby boy: we've already had this fucking discussion i'm not saying shit and neither are you.

lover boy: okay, okay, i know.

lover boy: i'm just worried, okay?

lover boy: you know that right?

lover boy: i'm sorry, i won't bring it up again

baby boy: fuck

baby boy: look, i'm sorry too

baby boy: i shouldn't have ignored you or got all pissed like that

baby boy: it was shitty of me

baby boy: i've been shitty.

lover boy: yeah

lover boy: you have been

lover boy: but, don't worry about it too much, k?

lover boy: not now at least

baby boy: okay

lover boy: why didn't you tell me you were going to see her?

baby boy: didn't want you to worry

baby boy: fucked that all up anyways

baby boy: i'm sorry eijirou

lover boy: stop apologizing its weird ajsjsk

baby boy: i only did it twice?

baby boy: damn you act like i never apologize to you asshole

lover boy: i mean,, you don't really

lover boy: you don't need to most of the time tho lmao

baby boy: ur literally the only person who thinks that

lover boy: and what about it?

lover boy: youre a little shit but youre MY little shit and i ALLOW YOU to be a little shit therefore theres no apologies needed!

baby boy: you literally make it sound like i wouldnt be a little shit without you

lover boy: i know you would be it just makes me feel better to say i let you do it


lover boy: oof ily bb <3

lover boy: isnt it way past your bed time tho? its like 10 now damn

baby boy: yeah but deku made me go get him and round face snacks so

lover boy: shit howd he rope you into that?

baby boy: he had a bad day sooo

baby boy: like a super bad day and i probably didnt make it any better

lover boy: bet u did tho

baby boy: yeah sure shitty hair

baby boy: thats a bet you would lose

lover boy: oh? is it?

baby boy: absolutely.

baby boy: n e ways ur right its way past my bed time and im fuckn exhausted so im gonna force these two fuckers onto the floor and crash

lover boy: dont be mean baby :(

baby boy: oh fuck off

baby boy: i love you eijirou

baby boy: ill facetime you in the morning

lover boy: !!!

lover boy: okay i love you <333333

lover boy: goodnight :)

baby boy: night <3

Chapter Text

If you were to ask Bakugou Katsuki if he loved his mother, he would've easily said no without a second thought. Truth was though, he wasn't sure what he felt about his mother.

You see, when things are good between them, they're great. They'd watch movies together just to find as many things to complain about as possible and spend hours laughing about them. They'd cook dinner together, Katsuki working at the stove as Mitsuki cut vegetables and ground up dried red peppers for her son to cover his food in. She'd spent hours in the past helping him come up with possible hero costume designs and even more time was spent trying to think of functional support items for him. He didn't necessarily need them, but Katsuki had always liked to err on the side of caution—having a support item or two wouldn't kill him. That's besides the point though—because when she was happy they got along like a house on fire.

But when things were bad? When Mitsuki lost her temper? Things were goddamn miserable for everyone around her.

Mitsuki would always start with the yelling, hurling insults at anyone she could—him in particular. If Katsuki yelled back, she wouldn't hesitate to smack him across the face. Watch your fucking mouth, brat, she'd hiss before turning on her heel and stomping away, muttering under her breath every complaint she could possibly think of.

Katsuki considered that to be a much favorable response to what he got for staying silent or trying to leave the room and diffuse the situation. His scalp had become tough from the numerous times she'd dragged him back by his hair but that didn't mean it didn't still fucking hurt when she did it. There'd been times where she'd ripped whole chunks of hair out of his head—others where his scalp had ached for days afterwards.

From there she was always unpredictable. Sometimes she'd yell more, holding onto his hair tighter and tighter until the spot went numb, watching him seethe as she spat in his face. Other times she'd get quieter, leaning down so she could hiss things into his ear that left the realm of pointless insults—things that were meant to hurt. Things that did hurt.

Unfortunately for him, Mitsuki had significantly more bad days than god ones.

"All Bakugou's do, son," his dad had once said, smiling sadly, "even me."

So yeah, saying he didn't love her may not have been the whole truth, but it was the closest he could get to it without lying.

Mitsuki was having a good day— "was" being the operative word, of course.

Everything had been going her way.

No work, a quiet house, a new season of her favorite show. Masaru was home, too. He had made her breakfast and everything.

Then Katsuki had texted her and she was reminded of her own text to him earlier that week—reminded of why she had sent it.

I'll be over in 20. was all she needed for her day to go to shit.

It didn't help that when Katsuki said 20 he almost always meant 10.


Masaru had been the one to let him in, smiling in earnest as he pulled the boy into a quick hug before pushing him gently towards the kitchen. Or at least, he tried to. Katsuki didn't move though, instead narrowing his eyes at his father.

Despite the fact that Masaru had never defended him from his mother, he did at least try to buy him some time when he knew there was a shit storm coming.

Katsuki knew there was something really wrong. It was clear as fucking day.

"The fuck is going on?" He hissed, barely above a whisper, shoving his fists into his pockets.

Masaru grimaced, wringing his hands, "I'm...I'm not sure, really. She won't tell me anything, Katsuki," He whispered back.

Fuck. Katsuki thought, squeezing his fists tighter in his pockets. He knew he was screwed, anxiety weighing heavy in his gut, but he didn't want to show it—he couldn't, not in front of him and definitely not in front of her.

So he simply rolled his shoulders and stomped his way towards the kitchen.

If Masaru wasn't going to say shit—because Katsuki knew damn well he did know something, Mitsuki loved to run her fucking mouth, especially about him—Katsuki would just have to find out for himself.

Rounding the corner, Katsuki immediately noticed his mother was sat at the dinner table, back to him. He could only see a couple of papers lined in front of her and a few opened envelopes off to the side, but that was enough to have his heart sinking.


Tons of fucking bills and he knew they must've been his if Mitsuki was so pissed she demanded he come home.

Clenching his jaw, Katsuki twisted the gum wrapper he had just realized was in his right pocket before finally approaching the woman.

"Mom," he said in lieu of a greeting. He didn't wait for an answer before walking to the other side of the table and pulling out a chair. Sitting in it, Katsuki quickly pulled his left leg to his chest, propping his other leg up on one of the table's legs, beginning to bounce it lightly.

Mitsuki glared back at him, choosing to ignore the way he made the table shake (for once), instead picking up a couple of the unopened bills and throwing them down in front of him.

Cocking a brow, he glanced down at them, "What?"

"What?" She hissed, slamming her left hand on the table.

Katsuki didn't flinch. He never did—not in front of her. 

Instead he tore a hole in the gum wrapper, only vaguely aware of the fact that he did so as all his focus was on the fat envelopes in front of him, "Yeah, what?"

Her glare only seemed to get harsher as she picked up another handful of bills from besides her.

"Let's see...we've got a bill from your doctors, one from your dentist—since you can't seem to brush your fucking teeth correctly—oh, here's one from your therapy!" Mitsuki punctuated each one by dropping the bill back onto the table. Her eyes flickered up to his momentarily before slapping her hand down on one of the bills in front of him, "Broken glasses, broken hearing aids. Then you've got medications I have to cover regularly and you want to start HRT?" She growled.

Katsuki rolled his eyes, "The fuck is your point? You think I don't know I'm expensive? Not my goddamn fault-"

"Like hell it isn't! You made yourself go deaf, you want to transition, you keep getting sent to the doctors, you got yourself kidnapped by acting like a goddamn villain on live fucking television—that shit's on you, Katsuki." Mitsuki snarled, standing from her seat abruptly.

"I got sent to the doctors once for a mild concussion while on an off campus trip, what the fuck are you on?" Katsuki laughed sharply, running a hand through his hair, "And I didn't "make myself go deaf", are you fucking crazy-"

"You did, Katsuki! You did that shit! How the fuck do you expect us to keep paying for all this shit, huh?" She snapped, rounding the table.

Taking a quick step away from her, Katsuki's mouth snapped shut, teeth grinding. He knew they had the fucking money for it—his dad alone could've paid off all the expenses they had.

But money wasn't the problem.

He was.

Taking a shaky breathing, Katsuki balled his hands up, nails digging into his palms, "The fuck do you want me to do then? It's not like I have the fucking money."

Mistuki rolled her eyes, crossing her arms as she took a step closer to him. He knew if he were to take another step back he'd hit the porch door, effectively trapping him.


"What I want you to do is get a fucking job, brat," she scoffed.

Quirking a brow, Katsuki squeezed his fists tighter, feeling blood start collect under his nails, "And how do you propose I do that? I go to fucking U.A.. Not only do I have no time, but they wouldn't allow me off campus long enough to hold a job. Everyone's been on fucking lock down since the dorms were built—me especially." He snapped, narrowing his eyes at her.

In retrospect, Katsuki should've seen it coming. Should've seen it seen it in the way she glared back down at him—her eyes challenging and furious, as always—the way the corner of her lip twitched down, the way her brows knitted and the way she squared her shoulders. They were all telltale signs—he knew them like he knew his own quirk—

Yet it was still a surprise to feel her smack him across the face, not even waiting a second before she was threading a hand in his hair, pulling his head back until his neck cracked at the unfamiliar angle, his eyes now barely able to meet hers.

"I don't give a shit, Katsuki! I don't fucking care how you get the fucking money—just fucking do it! When I tell you to fucking do something, you fucking do it." She shouted, spit hitting his reddened cheek. Katsuki said nothing, teeth clenched so tight his jaw ached.

He knew better than to say something at this point, but he still felt the overwhelming urge to snap back at her—shout in her face, spit on her cheek, slap her just like she did to him—

He wouldn't though. He's too much like her already.

Katsuki could feel pain blossoming at the base of his neck from Mitsuki holding his head at such an odd angle for so long, but he ignored it in favor of glaring back into his mother's eyes.

"I'm not paying for all this shit, Katsuki. You keep breaking your fucking aids? Your glasses? You fucking pay for them." She hissed, tugging his hair once more causing him to stumble back, head bumping the porch door in the process. Katsuki could feel his eyes begin to sting, tears collecting in his waterline as he tried to keep up his glare.

He couldn't tell if it was just the pain in his head and neck or the dull throb of his cheek causing his eyes to fill or if it was just the fear of what would happen if he couldn't pay for them.

Sure, he had a backup pair for both—he was in the fucking hero course, he needed them—but what happens when those break?

He couldn't get a job.

He had no money to pay for repairs.

He'd be fucked.

Noticing the tears gathering in her sons eyes, Mitsuki clicked her tongue before letting go of his hair and shoving him in the direction of the kitchen entrance.

"Get the fuck out. Don't come back until you have money," she said, watching him stumble and wipe at his eyes, blood smearing on his cheek from where his nails had broken the flesh on his hands, "And stop fucking crying. You aren't a girl, right?"

Katsuki's could feel the warmth of tears on his cheeks again, but this time he ignored it, "Fuck you." He snarled, not waiting to see her reaction—not waiting to get dragged back by his shirt, to feel her fingers wrap around his neck just like his


Bakugou didn't go back to the Midoriya's for the next four hours.

He'd spent most of that time clawing at his skin in the woods by his house, his flesh left raised in angry red marks and cut in some places by the time he started letting off small explosions to try and calm down. He still didn't stop crying until it was starting to get dark out.

And he sure as hell didn't head back to Deku's while he was still crying. But when he did finally turn up—crawling through the window to Izuku's room to avoid Inko seeing him—he was covered in dirt and dried blood, his palms red with irritation from continuous use of his quirk.

Though, Bakugou had never been more glad that Izuku decided to have his bed right next to his window than when he was in that moment because as soon as he had half his body through the window, his foot caught on the sill and then he was going down.

So yeah, thank god for the bed and all that bullshit, but it was squeaky as all hell and he knew Inko and Izuku would've both heard it.

So much for a stealthy entry, huh?

Knowing he'd only have a few seconds before the two Midoriya's were busting down the door, he spat into his hand and began to rub at his blood and arms, hoping to get rid of as much blood as possible.

Bakugou couldn't really tell if he had gotten it all—he honestly doubted he did—but he didn't really have the time to think about that before the door was slammed open by a teary eyed Midoriya and...

"Eijirou?" Bakugou rasped, eyes wide. He could feel his lip begin to tremble, eyes stinging once again.

Kirishima was quick to push past the younger boy, rushing to cup Bakugou's face in both his hands. Vaguely, he registered the sound of Midoriya closing the door behind him but he ignored it, instead latching onto his boyfriend's forearms.

Kirishima gave him a tight smile, burshing his thumb over his cheek bone, "Hey bub, where were you? You had us all worried..." He trailed off. Shaking his head, Bakugou rubbed his thumbs across the redhead's skin—rough and familiar.

"Sorry, I'm fine." Bakugou said, barely above a whisper as he leaned into Kirishima's hands, relishing in the feeling of his boyfriends warm, calloused hands.

The redhead choked out a laugh, squishing his face gently, "That's bullshit." He said before tugging him into a soft hug with one hand, the other one moving Bakugou's head into the crook of his neck. He didn't slip his fingers into Bakugou's hair like he usually would and for that Bakugou was thankful.

"Yeah..." Bakugou breathed against the boy's neck, nuzzling into his shoulder lightly, "It is bullshit. But we need to get back to the dorms soon and I don't feel like talking about it."

"Later?" Kirishima asked, squeezing his hip lightly.

Bakugou nodded into the boy's shoulder, "Later."

"Alright," Kirishima said, pulling back from the hug just enough so he could see the blonde's face again, "Let's get you cleaned up then, okay? You're fucking filthy."

Bakugou could hear Midoriya try to stiffle a laugh from behind him but he just rolled his eyes and shrugged, "As long as I don't have to wear this fuckers clothes, sure."

Midoriya gasped dramatically, still trying not to laugh, "Hey! You're just jealous of my large collection of All Might shirts!" He said, sticking out his tongue at Bakugou's back.

Turning on his heel, Bakugou stuck his middle finger up at shoved it in the boy's face before walking around him and to the door, "Sure, that's it," he drawled, swinging open the door, "Now are you two coming or what?"

Chapter Text


[Chat: shitty parents squad]

DEADASS deadass: i wanna see my little boy

sent at 7:25

macaroki: here he comes

macaroki: (katsuki that's your cue)

sent at 9:32

hayley gayoko: ...

hayley gayoko: i don't think he's coming

DEADASS deadass: y tho

hayley gayoko: i mean, besides the fact that katsuki gets up earlier than both of you and yet he still hasn't replied

DEADASS deadass: who says i slept hehe

hayley gayoko: ...might fuck around and tell aizawa on you

DEADASS deadass: nooo you're so sexy aha please don't

DEADASS deadass: that's my emotional support teacher

macaroki: just say replacement dad and go

hayley gayoko: anyways..katsuki left the dorms with izuku this morning

hayley gayoko: at least, that's what kaminari says

macaroki: why not just ask kirishima

hayley gayoko: pretty sure he's still in bed, but you're welcome to go ask him yourself

DEADASS deadass: damn :/

DEADASS deadass: wuz gonna ask katsuki to spar wif me later but ig not ://///

DEADASS deadass: SIGHh

DEADASS deadass: if only...someone would spar with me

macaroki: suxs for u loser

macaroki: im boutta go get ice cream with inasa

DEADASS deadass: motherfucker

hayley gayoko: i could probably spar with you later?

DEADASS deadass: bless ily

hayley gayoko: <3


DEADASS deadass: so do we still not know where bkdk r

macaroki: izuku texted me this morning and said theyre at his house but he hasnt texted me since

hayley gayoko: kinda worried bc of what bakugou said about his dad the other day

hayley gayoko: now theyre just? at his house?

macaroki: shit u rite

macaroki: SUS

DEADASS deadass: fr

DEADASS deadass: i miss kat :(

DEADASS deadass: i mean i miss izuku too but katsuki is my best friend and i wanna fuckn hang

macaroki: same but

macaroki: u can come hang with me instead

DEADASS deadass: tru...

DEADASS deadass: omw to break into ur dorm

hayley gayoko: it isnt breaking in if someone lets you in?

DEADASS deadass: yeah but its technically against the rules and aizawa would murder my ass for sneaking into yalls dorm at 7pm on a school night just to fuck around

macaroki: night?

hayley gayoko: honey its sunday, we go back to classes tomorrow

macaroki: aw fuck

macaroki: time to die then

DEADASS deadass: mood but wait for me to get there first

deku: while ur at it wanna let us into the dorms too

deku: i honestly have no fuckn clue where my keys went

DEADASS deadass: 👀👀👀

DEADASS deadass: can i get katsuki or-

deku: uh no?

DEADASS deadass: then no u arent allowed into the dorms

deku: its not even ur dorm???

DEADASS deadass: and what abt it?

deku: aksjsjk dude i havent slept for more than an hour in like two days just let me in

hayley gayoko: are you okay...?

deku: heh

deku: will be once i take a hot nap

deku: also once kirishima gets kacchan to bed

hayley gayoko: so he's with you two? we couldn't find him for dinner

macaroki: we couldnt find any of bakusquad tho

deku: its weird seeing anyone but bakusquad say bakusquad...

deku: but yeah hes with us

macaroki: what else am i supposed to call them?

DEADASS deadass: will yall shut the fuck up

DEADASS deadass: is katsuki okay? he doesn't like,, not reply usually

deku: yeah uh

deku: not really but yall should just give him time and space for now

deku: he went to his house this morning sooo

deku: i dont know shit but even if i did its up to him if he wants to talk about it

deku: hes passed out rn tho, has been since we got in my moms car

deku: can yall actually let us into the dorms now thoooo

hayley gayoko: yeah, i'm in the kitchen already! just one more sec!

deku: thanks yaomomo

DEADASS deadass: damn tho

DEADASS deadass: hes probs real fucked up then hhhhh

DEADASS deadass: can yall leave the door open btw? almost there

DEADASS deadass: also sho can we have tea before going to ur room? feel icky now

macaroki: yeah ofc

macaroki: also feel icky but i know he'll be fine

macaroki: we'll just check in tmrw right?

DEADASS deadass: yeah

DEADASS deadass: for now tho im gonna hit up denki and let him know katsuki is back? cause thats probably why him and bakusquad have been kinda MIA right?

hayley gayoko: good idea! tell them to make sure they eat before going to bed, please!

DEADASS deadass: yes ma'am

hayley gayoko: pls never call me ma'am again but thank you

DEADASS deadass: lmao k

DEADASS deadass: shouto get ur ass down here now plssss

DEADASS deadass: ion know where shit is in here!!! and i want tea!!!!!

macaroki: yeah yeah im coming

macaroki: was just talking to kirishima on the way down

macaroki: katsuki looks exhausted even tho hes like?? asleep???? :/

DEADASS deadass: me energy but also yikes

DEADASS deadass: hhhhhh i wanna see him just to make sure hes okay but i know i cant fucknAHHHH

hayley gayoko: i get that :/

hayley gayoko: can i come hang with you guys too? maybe we can just watch a movie and cuddle...?

DEADASS deadass: of course momo <333

macaroki: yeah just make the tea for me pls

macaroki: cause uh

macaroki: ion wanna fuckn do that tbh

macaroki: wuz lowkey jus gonna put it in the microwave and hope toshi didnt notice

DEADASS deadass: bruh

DEADASS deadass: thats all i expected you to do anyways aksjsk

hayley gayoko: you two are both a mess...

hayley gayoko: but yeah ill make the tea

macaroki: thank you momo

DEADASS deadass: thank you momo

hayley gayoko: <3