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The vents are dark, and quiet.

Loki pitches backwards, narrowly missing the end table.

There is nothing, as if the world is frozen, then a cyclone of ThorthroughthewallTonybythebodyStevecaughtbetweeneverything. The dwarves come, the same ones as before. They bring back the Loki who reached into his mind and left him torn apart. Steve carries the body downstairs and the dwarves step out to have a quiet conversation with JARVIS. He stays and watches until Tony and the old man leave, his finger tapping staccato against the side of the vent.

When they are gone, Clint drops out of the ceiling into his room and collapses on the bed, hand clenched tightly on the grip of his bow. He doesn’t sleep until he can feel the steady silent presence of Natasha and the dip in the mattress as she sits down next to him.