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a warm delivery for the cold winter

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it was saturday. katsuki thinks he could finally sleep in as a reward for himself after all the stress he’s been through for the past few weeks at work, but apparently, he can’t even afford that luxury when one of his neighbors decided to blast some of the most awful songs katsuki has ever heard, and it’s only six in the morning.

“fucking kaminari,” he grunts out, burying his head into his pillows in an attempt to at least muffle the sounds, but even then he could still feel the vibrations of the stereo.

dragging himself out of his bed, he shivers when he feels the winter breeze from the small opening of his bedroom window. the first few weeks of september has been progressively getting colder, and now that it’s october, the weather is surely taking it up a notch. he scrambles to his closet, fishing out a sweatshirt to keep himself warm. looks like he has to turn up the heater in his apartment again.

he has no choice but to go through his usual routine now. wake up, make breakfast, a couple of stretches, then he prepares for whatever it is in his schedule for the day. but for now, it looks like he has to go grocery shopping—he’s tired of eating toast for dinner and it’s about time that he spoils himself with some good food.

it was all planned out; the stuff he’ll buy, how long it would take, how much he could spend, but there was a sudden interference which comes in the form of three fluffy, ball-like carpets. when one of the three rolled over, katsuki realizes that these are puppies—wait, two puppies and a kitten. three little angels at his front door. little fluff balls. who would leave some stupid pets at his door step in this horrible weather?

now, katsuki may look like a grumpy and rude man, but it would be awful of him to leave such pets out in this weather.

hoisting the box up and inside his apartment, he thinks of possible ways to, well, do with these. the one in the middle starts stretching, and whether it was a coo or grunt that came out of katsuki’s mouth, no one will ever know. the moment it opens its eyes, he visibly swoons. he notices this one had lightly colored irises, almost close to green when he got closer to take a look at it. the moment his face was within its reach, its paw comes in contact with his nose. was that… a boop? a paw boop. he received a boop from its paw.

there goes katsuki’s plans of taking them to a nearby pet shelter because he’s absolutely sold now.

he heaves the puppy up, cradling it in his arms while it wags its tail excitedly. katsuki thinks he might’ve saved the world in his past life because this puppy is looking at him like he did something phenomenal. katsuki almost drops the puppy if it weren’t for his quick reflexes since it wouldn’t just stop wiggling in his grasp.

maybe the excited huffs from the pup woke up the other two, and now both are trying to jump out of the box, to which katsuki helps them with once he lets the green-eyed pup down on the floor. the kitten lazily rubs their face on katsuki’s legs, so he decides to sit down and let it rest against him while he holds the other in his hands.

his eyebrows pinch in concern, now seeing a scar on this puppy’s right eye. it’s not a fresh wound, and it looks like it has healed already, but katsuki frowns and runs his fingers on its head. maybe he’s feeling extra protective of these new additions to his life already. whoever left these angels on his doorstep probably has nothing else left to do with them so he’s claiming them, no one gets to lay their dirty hands on his children ever again.

setting the pup down next to the kitten, katsuki stands up to brush the accumulated fur on his sweatshirt, adding a few more things on his grocery list. surely, his new lodgers wouldn’t eat any of his spicy concoctions he consider as food.