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Their encounters were often stilted and awkward.


From Shouta’s viewpoint, they were two ends of the spectrum. They could easily be nothing more than just acquaintances. If they were both stubborn and willing, they both could test the limit and push for the title of friends. 


Shouta could admit that he wasn’t the easiest person to deal with. Often times, he is grouchy. Easily irritated with a splash of apathetic comments, sometimes with a pinch of sass. He was anti-social, strictly so, focusing more on his dreams of being a hero more than anything in this world.


He was intense. With humor so crass and dry that it toed the line of passive-aggressive friendliness. He was mean to his friends and meaner to those who weren’t a part of it.


It was by a miraculous force that his so-called friendship with Yagi Toshinori managed to work.


As he said, their first few encounters were awkward. When paired with a man whose muscle mass was frighteningly large for a high-schooler, anyone could understand the pressure of being near a said man. 


Especially when both men, skinny and jacked, were part of Yuuei's hero course. Acclaimed to be the best in the world, pushing out heroes who dominate the charts with a ferocity (with kindness) that brought a sliver of safety to the people they help. It was frightening, thinking that the man who was built thicker than a brick house was his senior, part of the big three which they looked up to. If Shouta, who crawled and suffered just to take a seat in the hero course, was supposed to look up and follow a man whose body was a building - in summary, he felt faint. 


It was even worse knowing the said man was his senior, in school and in internships. He thought the fated big-three speech, it would be the last time he would see the powerhouse. Just as he thought about it - as if the universe wanted him to drown in anxiety and coffee - he meets him once more in Streak's agency. Streak, ever oblivious to the Shouta's shoulder rising in tension, decided to tell Toshinori freaking Yagi to take Shouta under his wing.


Cue gay panic.


He was jovial and strikingly handsome. His smile brightened everything around him as if he was the living incarnate of the sun. His dedication and drive have yet to waver from the expectations brought to him. His passion fuels him in every sense of the word.


His heart made the decisions and his brain was just for show. Though Shouta doesn’t doubt that he is smart, he can admit that the man was a bleeding heart that didn’t think twice before jumping in a fight.


Somedays, he is overbearing and intolerable. On others, he was a giant teddy bear whose great joy in life was finding someone to love and to help those in need.


By - probably the same - miraculous force, his friendship evolved to flirting which grew into courting which brought them together as the lovely - albeit chaotic - couple that they are.


“Shouta,” the muscled bafoon of a man - that he so affectionally calls his lover - dropped to his knees, jutting one knee out. “I think we both know that your heart is colder than the mightiest taundras.”


 With a smile that rivaled the sun, Toshi pulls a velvet box from his pocket and opens it. “I can not even express the utter affection I have for you, to tell you that I am so happy to be the one who thawed it.”


Toshi reaches over to the frozen Shouta, grasping the shorter’s hand in a shaky grip. “You bring me so much joy in life that I can’t believe I am alive. You make me feel as if every moment with you is a dream. As if I can’t believe someone as special as you could be with someone like me.”


Shouta feels a prick in his eyes, a trickle that is beginning to slide down his nostrils, an itch in his throat that tells him that the frantic beats of his heart were not just some sadistic dream. He, not once expecting this relationship to bloom, is on a romantic restaurant by the sea, overlooking the nightlife of Musustafu and being proposed to.




“You have every piece of my heart and every bit of my soul. You are my night and day, my every day, my tomorrow and yesterday.” Toshi smiles despite causing his trapped tears to leak down his cheeks. “After being with you, after getting to taste what your love fees like, I don’t think I could ever bear to live a day without you.”


The ring glints as Toshi shifts. His grip on Shouta’s hand is still shaky but it grounds the both of them to the ground, to each other. “Shouta, will you marry-”


His words drift into the air, lost in the sharp pop that fills their ears. In a second, their eyes meet in a confused glance, searching the night sky for the cause of that weird sound. Toshi stands, pocketing the ring while clasping Shouta’s hand, mind racing in the thought that this could be a possible villain.


“A distress signal?” Shouta asks, casting a side-eye glance at the blonde before clearing his throat, cheeks flushing gently as the blonde answers with a grin, both of them bathed in the colorful lights of the city.


Pretty. Toshi thinks aimlessly, softening at the sound of Shouta’s voice. “I think not. Distress signals are usually-”


Another pop echoes. This time, the two heroes flinch as the night sky flashes in green.


They lose sight for just a minute before they regain it. With shackles rising, the two heroes separate and sweep their surrounding, assessing any threats with their backs touching - a silent assurance in tonight’s events.


Silence gulfs them. Their breaths light and their feet lighter as they shuffle about. It took a few minutes before they hear the telltale sound of a child’s tinkling laughter.


They glance around again, hearing the giggles quickly increase in volume.


Shouta deduces that it might be an attack. Subtle in nature but definitely clever in execution. Whoever was baffling the couple was most definitely new to the scene, most likely to be clever and sadistic, going by the sounds of soft pops in the air and the giggles of a child that follow.


Another minute passes and the heroes are starting to freak. This was clearly a deceptive plan orchestrated by a group of masterminds, wanting to take out the two most promising heroes on the rise, Underground and not.


A pop booms directly above them. Shouta meets the flash of green with his crimson eyes while Toshi raises his fits in preparation.


Shouta feels their quirk factor turn off. By the abrupt stop of the green flash, he knows that Toshinori also is aware that the vile, sickening villain who thought they could mess with them, is currently quirkless.


The green flash pops out a blob clad in white. Shouta moves aside to let Toshi deal with the villain, eyes trained at the blob to keep it harmless.


Closer and closer, the giggles increase. Closer and closer, Shouta can see the blob form. Closer and closer-


“Shouta, it’s a toddler!” Calls Toshi, dashing after the squealing little thing at it nears the ground.


Shouta blinks and Toshi jumps from the edge of the shoreline. As if in slow-motion, Shouta witnesses Toshi dive mid-air to catch the toddler, who laughs even more.


A second suspended in time, they hover over the sea before the two crash onto the waves.


Shit, indeed.




Chapter Text


The first thing Shouta did after staring incredulously at the calm waves, was to have a mini heart attack.


It was ridiculous to even recount what happened in the span of minutes. To think, his day off started pretty normally - waking up to be smothered by the bulging muscles of Toshi, having one too many cups of sweet coffee and petting the screaming cats he reluctantly adores with his whole heart - it was a mundane day in the life of a hero.


It was perfect in the sense that he had a nice breakfast with Toshi. The blond eating up the vegetables Shouta shoves his way and Shouta being fed by Toshi with the juicy meat left on his plate, they kept up a nice conversation which leads to another episode of their morning debates.


The afternoon passed by like a dream and soon, he was shaving the evidence of his stubble for his date with Toshi. He went along his usual black ensemble and tied his hair away from his face, hoping that conveyed to Toshi that he managed to put effort on a rare planned date.


A nice dinner by the beach that consisted of more fond argument and rants about the hero community. During small breaks of silence, Shouta would catch Toshi staring at him with a look in his eyes - he couldn’t tell what it is, but guessing by the bulge at the blond’s back pocket - it was obvious that he was going to propose.


Shouta thought he will be ready. Ever since getting together when Shouta was still in his third year and Toshi working his ass off, he knew that there was a possibility that they would end up together forever - not because love was a fickle thing that managed to grow on him. No, it was because he knew he wouldn’t find anyone else like Toshi.


As the blond dragged him to the shoreline, Shouta reinforced his steely tear ducts. He forced himself to think of nothing, a blank slate, to just focus on the now and keep the tears back.


He should have known that tonight was bound to head downhill.


Toshi asked him the big question, but before he could, the toddler fell out of the sky and decided to crash a memorable moment in Shouta’s painfully happy life.


So here he was, hearing the sound of his heart beating rapidly in his chest while he wills his feet to move and his hands to stop trembling so harshly.




Shouta sprints to the sea and dives in, bumping his body harshly on the shallow sea floor as he hastily paddled his way to where he has last seen them. He’s trying to calm himself but knowing that Toshi - who couldn’t swim that well - with a toddler - who might have parents that are worried sick - just fuels the hysteria burning bright in his gut.


Shouta eyes the area around him, slowly feeling the guilt climbing his throat. Just as he was about to frantically search the deep sea, Toshi floats to the top and settle the toddler on his torso, acting like a floatie while the child splashes the water.


“TOSHI!” He swims with fervor.


“Oh, Shouta!” The blond says as if he couldn’t potentially drown with a toddler. It irritates Shouta for a small second before relief overpowers his senses. He almost wants to cry again but decides that stirring the two to the shore was a better decision.


The temptation to drag the human floatie by the erect strands of his hair tempts Shouta on a new sadistic level - maybe its his way of payback, maybe his tough love for the bafoon just got a little tougher - but either way, he decides against it for the fact that there’s a child in their midst.


“I can’t even begin to explain how many times I have some sort of stroke or heart attack because you can’t think for just a second before you go sprinting like you’re some kind of goddamed-”




“God! Some sort of god.”


“Oh,” Toshi frowns. “I didn’t mean to worry you, dear.”


Shouta sighs and reels back a bit. “I know, Toshi.” He pats his shoulder lovingly before encasing his strong biceps with his iron grip. Toshi whines and the toddler, who watched the spectacle unfold in front of him, giggles, even more, slamming his hands on Toshi’s chest.


“Let’s get you back to shore, little fucker.”


“Shouta! Language!”


“I was talking to you, Toshi!”






Shouta’s proposal was ruined by a toddler.


Not just any toddler. Oh, boy. It was the cutest little thing Shouta ever laid eyes on. Even with his hair flattened on top of his head in a wet mess, the toddler kept giggling as if falling from the sky was a regular pass time for him.


His cheeks were freckled chaos. His smile was scarily similar to the blond hero that roused from the shore with him, bouncing the boy on his hip. Though Shouta couldn’t tell, he guesses his hair was of a dark shade, complementing the twinkling emeralds the boy had as his eyes.


He had chubby cheeks and was a tad bit less problematic than any other toddler Shouta met. The underground hero admits that while he is surprised the supposed mastermind of the supposed attack was a toddler, the little brat was a cute one, probably will grow up to be a heart-breaker.


But still, he ruined his proposal and Shouta could hold his grudges well.


“Shouta,” hisses Toshi at his side, bouncing the baby on his knees. “We should call the police and file a missing child’s report.”


The brunette frowns and sighs, his pale fingers resting on the blond’s bicep. “I will don’t worry.” He reaches past the bulging muscles and pressed a chaste kiss on Toshi’s cheek. “I just need a moment to recuperate.” The toddler giggles, smacking the blond’s cheek.


“After the stunt, you pulled, I need to make sure you,” He wags his finger, suppressing his mirth with a smirk. “And you, are both safe.” Poking the child on its cheek, wary of his adult strength.


“Bababa!” The toddler babbles, reaching for his finger.


“Well, he seems fine,” He takes a peek at the toddler. “Maybe a little wet but overall, nothing too major.”


“That sounds great!” Toshi beams at Shouta, raising the toddler until he was starfished above their heads. “I’m glad I was here to save you, zygote!”


Shouta watches fondly, fighting a smile from breaking through his tough exterior. Briefly, he imagines them as a family, with Toshi as the doting father while Shouta was the recluse who made his kids feel at home. It was a nice thought.


He shakes his head and quickly pats Toshi down. After checking his palm for any blood, he takes his phone to shine a flashlight on his body. His search came up blank and concluded that the two were safe and sound.


“Take care of the brat while I call Tsukauchi.”


The blond ignores him in favor of cooing at the toddler. Shouta takes it as his cue to call the detective.






“Yagi? Aizawa?” The detective says, jacket swaying with the wind as he gets out of the car. “Where’s the kid?”


Shouta eyes the man in the dark, approaching the vehicle quietly while Toshi trailed along, his arms folded across his chest. It was half past midnight, as the couple had a nice, long date while it took about an hour to catch the kid and settle him down.


Tsukauchi was rather indifferent when Shouta called, asking him where to meet up to catch whatever villain the underground hero caught as a greeting. At the man’s sigh and defeated groan, he explains swiftly that while he and Toshi were on a date, a child dropped from the middle of the sky.


Of course, the detective took his explanation as a crass joke. Chuckling while asking once again where to meet them. Shouta’s answer was marching to Toshi and shoving his phone (gently) near the toddler’s mouth, the giggles erupted like fireworks on a clear night, silencing the detective’s chuckles.


“Are you sure it’s not some sort of trap?” Tsukauchi says, his voice hardly able to mask his disbelief. “This could all be an elaborate plan-”


“Trust me on this one,” Shouta rubs his hand on his temple. “It’s just a child whose quirk came in a little too early.”



“Mmmm. Somehow, I have a feeling that this will escalate quickly.”


“Don’t junx it, Nao.” Shouta grumbles. “I don’t want to deal with this problem child.”


“Problem child?”


“That’s the kid’s species.”


Species?” Tsukauchi repeats and explodes in laughter. “Suits him, by the sound of his escapades.”


“Tell me about it.”


Luckily, the precinct was nearby. Having to wait for the man for a few minutes before he pulled up.


That’s how the gloriously damp couple with a sleeping child tucked between the bulging muscles of Toshi found themselves filling a missing child’s report. Both tired and ready to jump at the nearest bed.


“You both look worse for wear.” Comments Taroka, the secretary who types at the speed of light whose eyes flicker back and forth on the screen. “I wanna say that nobody jinxed it…” Taroka sighed. “But it seems problem child is an orphan in Fukouka.”


Toshi chokes, gracefully. “Fukuoka?”


“Mhm.” Taroka flipped the monitor to their side. “His file appeared a few minutes ago in the precinct near Hakata Ward. The civilian who issued for his file is the owner of Fukuoka’s Home for Brilliant Children.”


“Quite the name,” Shouta says. “Maybe that’s his parent? For all we know they just happened to own an orphanage.”


“I did consider that…”


Toshi sighs. “I sense a ‘but’ in there.”


“But his family name is different from the civilian. More so, I typed in his file in the National Birth Registry,” Taroka flips the screen and types again. “See, his parents are registered as unknown. This certificate? Registered about two months ago when clearly, problem child is at least two in a half.”




“So what?”


“What’s gonna happen to problem child? Surely, the owner will come here but that’s going to take a while.”


“Take care of him for the meantime.” Enters Tsukauchi, a cup of hot chocolate in his hand. “I contacted the owner and she says that in light of the situation, she will transfer little Mikumo here to Musutafu.”


Toshi frowns, clearly displeased. “Just like that?”


The detective waves his hand. “The owner informed me that Mikumo was supposed to be transferred to Musutafu’s Orphanage for Boys tomorrow.” He takes a generous and loud sip. “Mikumo here as a peculiar quirk, she says that it activates at random so she suggested that maybe he heard of his transfer and poofed his way here.”


“It’s a long way from Fukuoka.” Shouta sits up, rubbing his chin. “Way too long for a kid and impossible for a toddler his age.”


Toshi sighs again, slower and deeper. “We are not qualified to take care of a child.” His voice shakes as if the very thought troubled him. “But I do suggest that Shouta and I will escort the baby to the orphanage.”


“Are you sure?” Shouta pipes up, raising a brow.








Chapter Text

Toshi leaves him with the brat ten minutes after their meeting.



Shouta, whose only experience with kids comes from his internships about three years ago, holds the dozing baby at arm’s length. Not to dock his own strengths, but he rather not get drooled on, or puked on, or screamed at. For all he knew, the baby was waiting for him to be vulnerable before it starts another riot near his ears.


He’s scared, he can admit that. As an underground hero, business is as cut-throat as a shark attack. Get it done, quickly and efficiently, or else their cover is blown and forced to work as a sidekick.


He deals with villains, sometimes he helps confused teenage helions to the right path, but all his experience boils down to talking with no ounce of faux bravado and beating criminals. This was a whole new level of experience and expertise.


A baby was a human whose discernment has yet to form. A baby was the future of the future. They will be the impressionable youths that will lead Japan to peace. A baby was sensitive and needed all the care in the world.


Shouta was none of that.


So while Toshi excused himself to the bathroom, Shouta racked his brain on how to take care of babies. Asides from cheesy commercials and blogs he managed to stumble upon, all he knew was how to hold on - if the commercials and blogs were anything to go by.


“Okay brat,” His eyes glare into the baby’s adorable doe eyes. “I cannot guarantee that this experience will be great, but it’s a learning curve and I’m willing to try everything.”


He curls his arms around the baby and settles his tiny head on the crook of his elbow. His feet dangle on his other forearm and his hands curl around himself. Shouta stops, observes the lolling head of the baby and begins to think he must be doing something right.


He stands, slowly, scared that even the slightest swift movement or incriminating sound would trigger the airhorn the baby has for lungs. Shouta remembers seeing mothers sway a little when they were pulling their kids to sleep - for once, he is thankful Toshi drags him out for a walk around the park - and he, the imitator, sways as well.


“Huh,” He says, finding his free palm patting the baby’s side. “This isn’t as hard as I thought.”


Shouta wanders around the office while swaying gently to an unknown tune. He hums a little, discovering the almost calming effect it has to send a kid to sleep. He wonders idly if this is why mother’s get so protective of their demons, quickly dismissing his thoughts before it begins to be even more troublesome.


Don’t get attached, He chants. Don’t get attached






His eyes shoot open when he feels hands wrap around his waist.


He has half the mind to throw the baby in the corner and begin fighting the intruder who thought it was okay to lay his hands on him. He nearly does, with sleep defecting his rationality and coffee draining from his system, he decides not to. Just from Problem Child’s sake.


“Sorry if I took too long,” Toshi whispers into his shoulder, nuzzling the side of his head to Shouta’s. “Nao called the adoption center and informed me that we hit another road bump.”


“Can’t get any worse than this, Toshi.” He replies.


He feels the blonde wince. “You might not think that way after I tell you.”


Shouta sighs, anxiety creeping his spine like the desperate bitch it is. “Is it that bad?” He hums, falling backwards a little to bump against Toshi’s chest. “You already know I hate beating around the bush, and I know that you know.”


“It entirely depends on you if it is good or bad.”


“I’ll decide when you tell me, preferably soon.”


“Okay, okay.” The blonde sighs, removing his head from Shouta’s shoulder and placing on top of the brunets head. “Nao called the adoption center to give them a heads up about us coming over.”




“They didn’t anticipate Mikumo coming over earlier and haven’t cleared a room yet.”


Shouta stops his mindless swaying, breaking free from Toshi’s embrace and facing him. “But they accepted his transfer?”


“I was getting there.” The blonde runs a hand through his hair. “One of the older kids got adopted and was going to be picked up early morning. The only space available is the supply closet and the secretary adamantly protested against placing a kid there for a night.”


“I get the picture.” Shouta waves his free arm absent-mindedly. “But how is this a road bump for us?”


“Ah, you see…”


“What did you agree to without my consent?”




Shouta sighs, for the hundredth time tonight. “Just say it. At this point, complaining won’t do us any good.”


Toshi rubbed his nape, smiling a little. “Nao asked if he could take care of Mikumo-can for a day before sending him off.”


“And you agreed?” Shouta asked, eyes popping at the weight of such promise. “Toshi!”


“Shouta!” Toshi uttered, resting a hand on his shoulder, grounding them both to the ground. “I’m a trained professional for child welfare.”


“So?” Shouta huffs, disbelief etched on his face. “Training is nothing close to experience Toshi, you and I both know.”


“I’m aware, love.”


“Then why are you accepting this?” Shouta sits, patting the empty space next to him for Toshi to sit. “I know a handful of officers here who’ve had kids or have experience with them.”


The blonde sits, resting a giant hand on his knees, eyes drooping into those sweet crescent shapes that Shouta has no power against. “Remember his quirk, dear?”


It strikes him. Rationality finally deciding to come back knocking on Shouta’s noggin. “It activates at random…”


“Exactly!” The blonde grins, teeth, and dimples. “And who has a quirk-erasing ability? Eh? Eh?”


“I will smite thee.”








Thus began Shouta waking up every hour to random bouts of giggles erupting as his side accompanied with random flash surges.


Ah, parenthood. A cruel mistress indeed.

Chapter Text

The night was a mess of caffeinated scents and muffled cries. From Shouta’s point of view - which certainly wasn’t reliable since he’s been in and out of sleep - everything felt as of the world has been hit on fast forwards.


The car ride was filled with hazy dreams and the walk towards their apartment was a ruckus. Shouta kept stumbling on his own two feet like a newborn fawn. At some point, he had bumped into Toshi, feeling his muscled back as if it would provide further insight on what he bumped into.


Toshi shrieked like a banshee cause he was ticklish in the oddest places. Shouta, unaware that he had groped his boyfriend in the name of sleepiness, patted the plump cheeks of Toshi and unlocked their apartment door. Tripping his way to the bedroom.


His last memory of their hectic night was hearing the mumbles of Toshi as he entered the apartment. At last, when his head nestled between the soft pillow hills, his remnants of consciousness slipped happily away from his grasp. Shouta embraced sleep and didn’t care for anything else.


Shouta roused from slumber when the soft sunlight grated his crusty lids open. He groaned, rolling over to avoid the idea of waking up - only to stop at the sight of little Problem Child, sprawled in the middle of the bed, separating Shouta from Toshi.


“Fuck me.” He groans into the pillow, hair astrew as he shakes his head. “Of course, he’s sleeping here. Of course, he’s a little prick and hogging all the space.”


With no choice, Shouta shimmies his way out of the covers. After a good stretch and more soft complaining, he heads to the bathroom, clicking the door behind him as he enters.


“What a lovely sight to see.” He mutters, peaking at the bird’s nest he has for a head, at the wrinkly void that has become his clothes, at the astonishing horrendous state of his face. “Luckily Toshi hasn’t seen me yet,” He chuckles at himself.


“He might’ve thought of me as a villain and punch me through the wall.” he erupts in quiet laughter, shoulders shaking and cheeks twitching from a growing smile.


“How lucky of me.” He says to himself in the mirror, patting the five o’clock shadow starting to grow again.






Shouta starts breakfast around late-morning.


His skills were average at best and downright poisonous when he isn’t feeling it. Despite the flurry of last night's events, he was feeling a little more energetic than usual - maybe it was the promise of fried squid that has him excited, maybe the taste of rich coffee awaiting him with his meal - there many reasons and he has no time to dissect all of it.


He defrosts the squid. Taking out five and settling in a bowl. He turns on the coffee machine, pouring in Shouta’s new addiction and throwing in some water. He passes the counter and eyes the radio, shrugging before tuning in on today’s news.


“-this is DJ Wildcat on Musutafu Radio-”


“-a sighting of the infamous Manhattan serial-”


“-yyyeeaaaAAHHHHH! Welcome listeners! This is Pres-”


“-the debate will start at the commentator’s notice. Speakers, prepare. The topic of discussion, to resolve that the criminal liability of Japan be instated.”


With the musings of intellectuals arguing behind him, he seasons the squid. He busies himself with preparing the dishes on the table and getting the platter for the squid. He loses touch in reality as he listens on the debate as he stuffs the squid with vegetable.


“-practicability of the notion, the government has provided a fund for the reinstatement if the need arises. With the evolution of quirks-”


Shouta finishes frying the squid. Sprinkling some last minute spices before turning around. “Fu- Kid!” He screeches, nearly losing grip of the platter when he sees little Problem Child standing by the doorway.


“You scared the bejeezes outta me, kid.” He places the platter on the table, walking towards the little brat before picking him up. “At least you can walk, glad to know I have to keep a closer eye on you in case you decide to travel somewhere again.”


Shouta looks around the table and belatedly realizes that he doesn’t know where to put the baby. It was still a mystery whether not the kid was actually two in a half, with the idea that his abnormal growth could be the work of his quirk, it was a prospect.


He glares at the table. Eyeing the steaming cup of creamy coffee and the sinfully delightful plate of squid. He curses, placing the kid on the side of the counter, resting most of the brat’s weight on his torso, and rearranging the counter so that he could eat.


He lifts the child and places the adorable goblin on his lap. Shouta looks at the brat and the platter, conjuring up memories whether or not he was allowed the feed the child some rice and squid.


“Good morning Shou.” Toshi wanders in, hair in a hairband and pajamas mildly astrew. “Good morning little Mikumo.”


“Toshi,” Shouta says gravely. “What do we feed Problem Child?”


“Problem child?”


“No time for specifics.” Shouta pats the green-haired munchkin. “What the fuck-”




“Fu-fudge, what the fudge are we going to feed this brat with?”




He pointedly glares, mouth thinning as he motions to the kid. “Just going to shove food down his throat right? Hmm?”


Toshi rubs his neck sheepishly. “Well, we can only go down the safer route.” The blonde sits across from the two. “We have no idea how old he is, his size might be a mutation of his quirk - hell, we have no idea if he has dietary plans because of his quirk.”


Shouta frowns. “Dietary plans?”


“Of course.” Toshi shrugs. “Children whose quirk came in a little early have dietary plans so that their quirk won’t create such a big backlash.”


“I see.”


“Water is the safer choice. Food, on the other hand, is a whole new ball game.”


Shouta sighs. “What should we do then, oh wise senpai?”


“Wise senpai?” Toshi raises a brow. “I thought we got over that phase?”


“You didn’t answer my question.”


“Oh, ah, yes. Well, I lack experience in this kind of thing so I decided after feeding Mikumo with a little water - and of course having a nice, quick breakfast - we head over to Nana.”


He groans. “I totally forgot about Nana.”



Chapter Text

The rest of their meal was spent in relative silence.


There was a glance or two, a few times when their eyes would connect but their mouths only wobbled as they tried to keep quiet. Even with the radio playing in the background, it didn’t dissipate the ridiculous feeling bubbling in their chest - in Shouta’s perspective, every time his eyes meets Toshi’s, he has to press the side of his fist to his mouth.


While he was pleased that Toshi was humming in delight while eating the breakfast he prepared, every few minutes he would choke on his own meal. Shouta would peek from the corner of his eyes but at the feeling of laughter stabbing his gut, he paused and decided to spy instead.


Looking at each other’s eyes was a dangerous game.


Especially if the problem child was dozing on Shouta’s lap.






After Shouta claimed victory by making Toshi laugh. He gave the dozing child - who slept through the loud honks of the blond’s shrieks - and excused himself.


“I’m going to take a quick shower.” He tilts the blond’s head upwards using his forefinger, pressing a sweet kiss. “If you can, could you please wash the dishes?”


Toshi looks at him, eyes shining under the fluorescent lights of the kitchen. “Hm?” The giant flushes, looking away before meeting his eyes again. “I’ll try,” He motions to the drooling child.


“That’s enough for me, Toshi,” Shouta says, walking away from the two and closing the door behind him.


Meanwhile, Toshi watches the hallway in a daze. His heart thrumming in his chest like a busy hummingbird. The radio keeps playing in the background, filling the silence that Shouta left him in - not that it was bad, just lonely, in some ways.


He huffs, his lips curling to a soft grin as he shifts little Mikumo a little higher - hoping the drool would cease if the baby was in a better position. “Mikumo-chan.” He hefts the child, patting it’s butt as it babbled away on his shoulder. “One day I hope I can have a child with that man. I hope, someday, you would still be up for adoption if we do.”


The child answers with a series of sneezes, grabbing a tissue, he wipes his nose and smiles as little Mikumo opens his eyes. “Would that be alright with you?”


He doesn’t get an answer.


And that’s all right with him.






The two trade places and once again, Shouta is holding the baby at arm’s length.


He doesn’t understand how babies work. Over the past twenty-four hours, he has learned a lot more about babies and child-care that he ought to admit.


It was safe to say, however, that he was not qualified to take care of one when he finally has coffee in his veins and the said brat - with little doe eyes that begs Shouta to keep him, smiles so pure and heartwarming that it crushes a tiny piece of his soul when he thinks of giving the child back to the center.


A tiny part of Shouta wanted the little sucker to stay.


But as said Problem Child wails the house down, he begins to realize how much responsibility and sacrifice it must take to raise one, especially at the age where both of them - Shouta and Toshinori - are in their prime.


Yeah, no. He will think about baby-making when he deems it of importance.


“Shouta?” A voice calls from the hallway. “Why is the baby crying?”


Shouta fumbles. “Hell if I know, Toshi.”


“What happened?” Shouta’s savior enters the living room in long strides, picking the child from the younger’s grasp in a swift lift. “Oh, sweet Mikumo-chan.” The giant coos.


“We were dozing off on the couch and the next I knew, he was wailing like a fire alarm.”


The blonde raises an eyebrow, bouncing the toddler on his hip. “Well, maybe he’s starting to get hungry.” The giant marches off, the wailing beast at his disposal. “I’ll check the diapers in case he soiled himself. I’ll be right back.”






After giving Problem Child a nice towel bath - to Toshi’s discovery, he did soil himself - they locked the house and walked down the street to the Shimura Manor.


The Shimura’s, most commonly known for being related to the great Shimura Nana, lived in a modern American styles suburban home. It was down the street from where the two live and was easily accessible thanks to the generous gift of an extra key. While the two did their best to check up on the family - namely Nana, her son Tenrei with his wife Koriko and their son, Tenko - due to their busy schedules, they either visit separately on their day offs or together during their bi-monthly week off.


Their mission was simple. With their visit to the Shimura home, they would ask the adults for guidance in feeding the problem child. Knowing the adults, who were slowly relaxing from taking care of Tenko - who just turned three - it was a simple plan involving three parents who know the ins and outs of parenting.


Shouta unlocked the front gate and closed it was a snap. By now, the problem child was looking around the splendid garden, cooing at the colorful array of flowers. The two walked till they reached the front door, exchanging a quick look to each other before ringing the doorbell.


Silence engulfs them until a series of clangs and bangs came from behind the door. Shouta distinctly hears the maniacal laughter of Nana accompanied by the squeak of her wheels, the flustered voice of her son echoes to the door which was promptly followed by the giggles of Tenko.


“Did we come at a bad time?” Toshi whispers as he leans down.


His brows shoot upwards, showing his surprise. “I think we’re interrupting-”


“Nonsense!” Nana-san exclaims as she throws the door open.


Chapter Text


Despite her old age, Nana is a firework-filled with childish energy. To say it was a hassle to keep her still, with her love of all things youthful and of her action-packed career, was nothing short of an adventure. Though she has some sense to act her age, most of the time, she and her grandson, Tenko would embark on silly escapades around the Shimura property.


“I know, I know.” Nana flaps her leathery hand. Shouta steps forward and gently helps her down to her wheelchair. “’ I’m too old to be running around like I’m twenty, I shouldn’t strain my injuries- sheesh! Can’t an old lady have some fun?” She huffs, accepting Shouta’s kiss on her cheek with a twitch on her lips.


“Fun, for people your age, consists of bingo and crochet,” Shouta replies, his hand clasping hers gently as he stirs her towards Toshi and the problem child.


“And poker! Can’t forget poker!” The old lady laughs, her graying hair swaying.


“Of course, Nana-san.”


The retired hero simply hums in reply, letting Shouta guide her to the porch. “Oh, Toshi!” She cooes, smile amping to a certain kind of brightness that only the sun can mimic. “Did the proposal go as planned?” She scoots as if her energetic ramble would will the wheelchair forwards. Toshi turns to her, a fond smile pulling at lips. “Who am I kidding, of course it went well, knowing you two-”


Nan freezes. She blinks, once, twice, a few more times as her gaze connects with the toddler. She turns, her face absolutely slackened in disbelief. “Shouta, my dear.” She glances at the giant and the baby in his arms. “Tell me you see what I’m seeing?” She glances at them once more, eyes never leaving the child who was blubbering at her. “There’s a kid, right? Right? Toshi is holding a baby?” She moves closer, stopping in front of the problem child. “Maybe a goblin? A cute one?”


Toshi leans down to press a kiss to her cheeks as a greeting. “Hello Nana, I assure you that you are not hallucinating.” The giant bounces the problem child on his hip, spewing another round of loud babbles from the toddler. “This is Kuroma Mikumo.”


Nan huffs, relaxing into her seat, practically melting to her wheelchair as she eyed the two. Her leathery palm coming up to cover her mouth delicately. “Not that I don’t like him or anything- he certainly is cute, for sure. But what is he doing with you two?” She turns to Shouta, who shrugs and sighs, then to Toshi, who freezes as if he was caught red-handed.


“About that-” The blonde starts but Nana immediately misreads hesitation as shyness.


“Is he yours? Oh!” Nana clasps her hands, a glimmer in her eyes shining brilliantly like a mesmerizing galaxy. “That’s great! Not only are you getting hitched but I’m going to be a grandma again!” She squeals, wiggling in her seat like a child.


Shouta smiles a little brighter, watching the old lady act cute and excited. “Ah, no, Nana-san.” He breaks her excitement.


“Hmm? Am I missing something?” The smile has yet to leave her face but her brows raise questioningly at the two.


Toshi steps forward, opening the entrance a little wider as he motions inside with his free hand.  “Nana, if we can, could we please talk inside?” The blonde smiles gently at her as their eyes connect.


“Of course, where are my manners?” She motions for Shouta to push her in. “Come in, come in!” The two change their slippers and help the lady to their lavish living-room. Once she is situated in her recliner - with the help of Toshi transferring her and with Shouta watching the biceps of his man - she motions for the two to sit down and explain.


Nana opens her mouth, as she flickers her eyes to the problem child. A naked three-year-old - hair like the morning sky and skin as clear as a porcelain doll - zooms from the hallway and rushes to the living room.


“Te-Tenko! You’re naked!” Tenshiro, the father of the said child, rushes to the child scoops him up before he could streak the adults in the living room. “We can go to the living room after.” He says to the kid, ignoring the cackles coming from Nana.


“But Shouta, papa!” The toddler pouts, looking up to his father with the same red eyes.


Shouta and Toshi exchange a look. Figuring out why the house sounded like it was being rummaged through. “Come on now.” The two disappear with Tenshiro profusely apologizing for a minute straight before ushering away with Nana’s teasing.


“Now, enough about diverting the subject.” She turns to the two. “Did the proposal go well? Whose kid is that?” She fires off, her hands clasping on her lap as she eagerly awaits the juicy details.


Shouta looks as Toshi, who is looking at back at him. For a few silent moments, the two exchange a silent conversation. In the end, Shouta nods his head to the kid. “I really don’t want to impose Nana-san but we haven’t fed the kid yet and we were wondering if any of having anything we could feed him?” Shouta ruffles the kid green hair, causing a soft train of giggles. “He already drank some water but I have a feeling he might cry again if we don’t give him some food.”


“Shit, yeah.” Nana curses, rubbing her chin. “How old is he? We could whip him up some food-”


Toshi winces at the question. Slowly, he opens his mouth. “We don’t really, ah, know his age.”


“...What?”  The old lady gapes, looking at the two of them as if they fused together to become Siamese twins. “How can you not know his age? I’m pretty sure the National Registry would have his birth certificate.” Nana shakes her head at the ridiculous though, huffing as if the two haven’t thought of it already.


“That’s where our problem lies.” Shouta begins, leaning forward. “We first encountered him when he fell from the sky-”


“Fell from the sky?” Nana gasps, her head tilting to the side. “That’s pretty hardcore for a little dumpling-like him.”


“Well, we saved him from plummeting to the sea. We called Tsukauchi and managed to file a missing child’s report.” Toshi continues, reaching for Shouta’s hand. “Apparently, little Mikumo is from an orphanage in Fukuoka. His quirk activated at random and the owner of the orphanage suggested that he might’ve overheard his transfer and traveled himself here.”


“But that would be impossible, he’s just a kid.” Nana voices, making an incredulous face.


“That’s what we thought as well.” Shouta reaches back and twines their fingers together. “We decided to look through his records and found out that his birth certificate was recently registered casting doubt of his age.”


“So far, everything seems like a possibility.” Nana hums, scratching her salt and pepper hair. She pours herself some cold tea from the table, taking a generous sip. “In this day and age, anything could happen and the possibility that a quirk powerful at that age is a prospect.” She takes another sip, scrunching her brows as the toddler babbles a little louder. “What does that have to do with his age, however?”


“Well, since there is no certain record about is age, his growth and size might have been from a mutation of his quirk.”


“I see. Like Yamada’s obscenely large diaphragm and Satoshi’s impeccable memory.” The old lady supplies, following along the story.


“Mhm.” Shouta answers.


A comfortable silence fills the room as Nana takes a moment to register what she heard. While the couple exchange reassuring squeezes, she jumps in her seat, eyes lighting as if she had the most brilliant idea. “You’ve come to the right place, boys! Koko took a week off so know she could use her quirk one the little lettuce.”She smiles pridefully, crossing her arms over her chest as she melts back to her seat.


“Is she allowed?” Shouta quips, knowing all too well that he was required to tell illegal quirk usage.


Nana rolls her eyes. “Of course she is! She is a registered doctor- a good at that!” The old lady flips her hair.


Toshi smiles at her, like a son after his mother gives him a gift. “Thank you so much, Nana.” The blonde unclasps his hand from Shouta’s to squeeze hers in return. The squeeze she gave him back assured him of his previous worries.


“Oh please dear, just because I’m retired doesn’t mean my love for saving people retired as well.” She pats his hand lovingly. “I’m glad you came by, you’ve been so busy since-”


Tenko zooms from the hallway and into Shouta’s space. Like a switch, Nana tries to contain her shocked laughter only to choke on it, spewing another round of hearty cackles. Toshi, at her side, smiles with her before falling infected of her laugh, joining her with deep chuckles.


“Shouta!” Tenko exclaims, hair held back by a hair band. “Hi!” He says as an afterthought, proceeding to climb his lap while his parents enter behind him, looking worse for wear but with fond smiles on their faces.


Toshi grins at the two. “Good morning Tenshiro,” The red-eyed male merely waves at Toshi before collapsing on the other couch. “Korimi.” The mother grins back, leaving her husband and son to their own business as she sits beside Shouta. The two exchange greetings and pleasantries before she focused on the blonde.


“Toshi! Its been a while!” She starts.


Toshi flushes, rubbing the nape of his neck with his free hand. “Ah yes, I’m pretty busy since, you know-”


The lady crossed her legs and waves her hand as if to dismiss his explanation. “No need to explain yourself Toshi.” She relaxes in her seat, smile shaping up to a mirthful smirk. “Nana told me you two are getting engaged?” She glances at their fingers, ultimately leading her eyesight to the toddler. She gasps. “A child two! You two are surely moving fast.”


Toshi shakes his head in unison with Nana. “The child isn’t ours, Koko.” He heaves the child higher, giving the ladies a nice view of the adorable child. “We saved this little guy and we managed to get ourselves into a little predicament.”


Shouta stands and excuses himself, Tenko’s demand for playtime getting louder by the second. Shouta leaves the room before Tenko decides to interrupt the conversation. The brunette approaches the blond at they exchange whispers. While the two converse, Nana indulges herself in eating the snacks on the table. Finally, the two separate with a quick peck.


“As much as I like to see you two act like the sickeningly sweet couple that you are, what’s with the kid?” Korimi questions as soon as Shouta leaves and Tenko’s voice became nothing more than background noise.


“Not much. He fell from the sky and traveled all the way from Fukuoka to here.” Nana snarks, swallowing pink mochi balls.


Korimi takes her quip with a grain of salt, humming as she mulls it over. “His quirk came in early I’m guessing.” The mother sighs. Looking at Toshi as she speaks. “Are you here for dietary meals for him? I’m sure I have some veggies-”


“Um, if it isn’t a bother,” The giant interrupts before she could continue. “I actually came here for some advice.”


“Oh? Advice on what?”


Toshi explains quickly as he could. The whole time, Korimi’s face remains passive. “Maybe you could use your quirk to see how old he is? He hasn’t been fed yet so we wanted to be sure what we fed him would match with his age.” He ends, lifting the child as if to emphasize his point.


“Oh sure, yeah.” Koriki smiles and shrugs. “Anything to help you guys.”


Toshi slackens as if a giant weight drops from his shoulder. “Thanks.”


Korimi repeats her nonchalance, motioning to the kid. “Hand over the little guy for a bit.” Toshi leans closer to pass little Mikumo, the said toddler looks up at the new face with widened eyes and pouting lips. The mother hums. “Hmm, well he is certainly heavy. Easy to assume he might be around two to three years old.”


“That’s what we assumed as well.”


Her eyes light up, switching from glistening blue to royal purple. She does a sweep of the kid, rotating the child manually as she keeps humming, possibly mulling over the data she is seeing. “Pretty strong spine. Eyes are lighter than newborns. And I- oop.” She deactivates her quirk, settling the baby on her lap. “Heart is strong for a toddler, definitely a mutation from his quirk. His organs, however, show drastic grow from about a couple months ago, its previous state before its speedy development is similar to that of a four month old.” She bounces the baby while the toddler reaches to her blouse and toys with her locket.


“From that alone, his real age is about six to seven months old.” She huffs , shaking her head. “Astonishing to think from his size, he’s barely a year old.”


“Do you know what his quirk is? Teleporting does not really mutate the body to spectacular growth.” Toshi questions.


Nana coughs, clearing her throat. “My guess, it isn’t teleporting alone.” She sips her tea and leans back to her seat. “One of my friends, Doc Yumi, came by the other day. Though we had a nice chat she mentioned that kids nowadays are starting to have more than one quirk.” She shakes her head. “Her new research, quirk mutations, suggests that multiple quirk or powerful quirks may cause serious mutations to a child at a young age. She told me how she found a newborn who grows every day.”


Korimi nods. “His bones are extremely strong for a regular child. At this rate, at the age of twenty-five, he would have bones that are stronger than platinum.”


“Ah yes, but this clues us in that his quirk will have serious backlash, powerful too guessing by the mutation.” Nana quips.


Toshi contemplates. Nodding along as the three exchange data. “Six months then. Soft foods and pureed fruits should do the trick.”


The ladies nod. Nana leaning forwards to share her two cents. “For now of course, after we can go to a specialist, we can see what kind of food he needs for his diet, especially for his growth rate.”


“Great! I think I could whip up some rice porridge.”


“I’ll help you, dear. Toshi!” Nana quirks her fingers at him in a come-hither motion. “Lift me back to my wheelchair, I’ll teach you to make some good rice porridge.”


Toshi does help. But in the end, he doesn’t have the heart to tell them that after their visit, he will give the baby back to a local orphanage.


(He wants Mikumo to be his son though.)


Chapter Text

“Are you sure about this Toshi?” Nana softly murmurs, stopping her wheelchair next to her successor. “Engagement is a big step of itself- but a child?” She turned to him, eyes going tender as she catches his downtrodden expression. “How would Shouta take it?”


Shouta misses little Mikumo’s mouth and bumps the plastic spoon on the child’s cheek. It strikes a jolt in his heart, wishing that this was their every day as a family of three. “All I ever wanted is a family, Nana.” Toshi leans heavily on the doorframe, a frown turning a touch sadder. “I accepted the idea of not having parents when I was younger, I mean- it was something I needed to accept when a quirkless child was unappealing to childless parents.”




“I have moved on from that point of my life, Nana.” Toshi looks down at Nana and quirks his lips to a semblance of a smile. “I have you and Tenshiro, Korimi, Tenko. Most especially, I have Shouta.” He crouches down so that his knees bump the edges of her wheelchair, he takes her ancient hands to grasp them. “I have the family that I needed when I was younger but now,” he sighs, looking over his shoulder to look at Shouta. “With Shouta, I want a family that I can nurture by his side.”


“I don’t doubt you, dearie.” Her hands find his cheeks. “I’ve been with you since you were a rebellious teen and I’m here now - when you’re a man filled with so much love.” She smiles at him, wrinkles crinkling by her eyes. “I’m asking if you are sure with this. Sure enough to take risks and roles you have never taken before. Sure enough to put your career on old for those two.”


“Nana, as long as I am with Shouta,” The blond grins. “I am always sure.”


“Then I have no means of stopping you from getting the family you always wanted.” Her smile turns downright mischevious - shifting the sentimental air into a playful one. “How are you going to convince Shouta though?”








The couple left the Shimura manor when little Mikumo’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and conked himself out on Toshi’s shoulder, drooling a pond on the blond’s shirt as they walked back to their place.


It was silent, like most of their walks when they have nothing to say and just wanted to be in each other’s company. This time, Shouta sensed that the comfortable air had vanished. In its stead, the air seemed to cloud over their heads as a reminder - a looming reality that as much as they wanted the sweet little boy dozing on the blond’s shoulder - it could never be. Not at this moment, when both of them are too focused on their careers.


Shouta knew the moment he had set his eyes on the problem child, the whole ordeal would be as painful as losing a limb. He had thought it would be quick and painless, but he had doubted the charm the little brat unknowingly bestowed upon them in such a short amount of time. He doubted the fondness bubbling in his heart when the kid babbled in the background, or the little giggles he would find himself listening to when he couldn’t hear them.


He had a serious case of baby fever - with a lot at stake and a lot of things to mull about - all the things he needed to do but had no time for.


Shouta sighs, a deep bone-aching sigh, that made his eyes sting - in the longing of sleep - and his heart crumbled in his chest. Knowing that their walk would lead them home, to ride in their car just to drop the child in the orphanage - it was too much in too little time. The feeling of foreboding clinging to him in his steps as they round the corner and reach their humble abode.


He reaches for Toshi’s hand, their fingers knotting themselves with each other. The blond’s handshakes, as if he was crumbling from a new found weight.


“I don’t think I can do this,” Toshi whispers in the solace of their front yard. “I’ve been in the system Shou, I know how it feels to wait so long for someone to love a kid…!” Their steps seize in front of Toshi’s truck. “If I leave him there, it feels as if he was just some random person I saved - I don’t want him to be that- I want him to be my-our son.”


“Toshi please.” Their fingers tighten around each other - disbelief, shock or sadness tying them to the ground, adamant they stay with the child. “I want him too. I want him to be our son but you have to think, we aren’t married yet and we don’t have any certificates for the government to approve for adoption.” Shouta closes his eyes and leans forward so that his forehead rests on Toshi’s torso. “We need to figure this out before we reach the orphanage, whatever our decision be - let’s hope the orphanage will comply.”


Silence engulfs them. For a second, Shouta thought he had gotten through Toshi, that maybe he had crumbled all the other things they had to figure out - engagement, marriage, certification - but yet again, Shouta has forgotten that the blonde was even more stubborn than him.


“Darling,” Rough, calloused tips trace his cheek. “I’m not giving up the chance of happiness for menial things like marriage and certification.” Toshi tilts his head so their eyes meet - Shouta with uncertainty clouding his every nerve and Toshi whose bleeding heart bled for the little munchkin. “We have to start somewhere, even fostering him for now sounds better than just dumping him as if he hasn’t captured our hearts.” Shouta melts into his palm, Toshi smiling as he hefts the child higher. “We can get certifications at the orphanage, just a few interviews, and a weekly check-up. We can do this, even trying can do us good.”


“Are you sure?” The doubt in his voice cracks the tension. “We don’t even know where to start-”


“We have Nana and Tenshiro and Korimi.” Toshi chuckles, easing the doubt. “We have Yamada and Nemuri and Satoshi.” He lists on, going on and on until Shouta jabs his chest. “We have all these wonderful people in our lives. We aren’t alone Shou.”


“Yeah, I get it.”


“So?” Toshi stretches his free hand towards Shouta. “Will you take this chance with me?”


His reply was an eye-roll, a huff, and a blush. “With you?” he grabs his outstretched hand and clutches it near his heart. “Always.”




Nearly five hours later, Toshi leaves his side to talk with one of the housewives.


In between those hours, they had driven from their gated hero community to a quaint area in the city. The orphanage, through the critical eyes of Toshi, had welcomed the two with smiles and greetings - maybe a few offers of adoption - but at their request to see the Head of the Orphanage, they were quick to point out that little Mikumo had captured their hearts.


Three different interviews, several personal questions that had them edging to the cliff of uncomfortable, they were told to head over to little Mikumo’s room for them to pack all of his stuff - which wasn’t much - and to heft it over the car. Shouta was stubborn enough to carry all with sheer will-power so that Toshi could ask for advice in the throng of housewives following them.


With a suitcase filled with clothes and a list of thing to buy in Toshi’s hand, they settled little Mikumo in Shouta’s lap in the back and drove back to home.




“Toshi- Toshi-”






“Yes, love? I’m- I’m a bit sleepy.”


“I think Problem Child grew again.”


“That’s great, love.”


“Toshi, Toshi!”




“I don’t think you understand what I’m saying- the kid, you know? Our Problem Child?”


“What about him?”


“He grew!”


“What do you mean he grew?”


“It means exactly what I meant. He grew, which means his quirk got stronger- whatever the hell it is and- Shit! He disappeared!”


“Quick, Shou! Activate your quirk!”


“Fuck! Where did he go?”






“Shit- he’s in the oven!”




Two weeks pass by quickly when all the couple did was play random games of hide and seek with the growing Problem Child.


Pooping, screaming, puking all aside, the worst thing Shouta experienced with the brat was whenever he sees a flash of green light in the corner of his eyes and curses when he realizes the brat was probably somewhere around the house again.


“Shou! There!”


“I got him!”


“There! In the fridge!”


The brat loved going into places where both adults had countless of heart attacks over. In the span of these two weeks, Shouta feels as if his hair has gone gray. He had thought after taking parental leave for a few months - the span of months where Izuku is expected to turn a year old - he would have the leisure to sleep in and eat some better (healthier) foods in. All he got was late nights where he would wake up to wails and early morning searching when they both wake up from a flash of green.


He didn’t mind at all.

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

The young couple - namely, Shouta and Toshinori - had booked a check-up in Musutafu General Hospital a few days ago.


After realizing that little Mikumo had grown an inch or two in a span of two weeks, Toshinori decided to pull a few strings and search through-out all of Musutafu for the best pediatrician. For Satoshi - more commonly known as Nighteye - he had recommended traditional doctors near the urban parts. Yamada was a bit better, he had enthusiastically directed him to their family doctor, alas, it all was useless when the said doctor moved to Hosu.


Komiri was the safest option. She had studied quirkology and is one of the more renown general doctors in the area. Upon calling her and asking her schedule, she had regretfully informed Toshinori that she was booked for the week - she was happy to inform that she was free next week. A few hushed conversations later, they had hung up Korimi with a rushed goodbye. The couple decided to look somewhere else.


Surprisingly, when Toshinori called Enji, the hot-headed man had directed him to a pediatrician who had specialized in abnormal quirks. The red-haired man had warned that the doctor was a little blunt, had little to none manners and was rough around the edges.


“Doc Anzen was the one who figured out why Touya’s quirk made him burn up.”


Toshinori sighed, rubbing his temples. “I am a bit wary of his unorthodox methods, Enji. Our Mikumo is enigmatic, dare I say he is a true mystery. Nonetheless, he is still a child.”


The other hero scoffed. “How old is the little bastard? I’m sure the bugger could take it.”


“About six to seven months.”


“Then Doc Anzen won’t do anything bat shit insane. The old fart migth make the little bastard uncomfortable but it ain’t anything that would make the kid wail.”


“Are you sure, Enji?” Toshinori sat down on the sofa, relaxing into the many cat-theme throw-pillows. “I fear little Mikumo-



If you’re so scared, I could come with you guys and bring my own little bugger. He’s been sneezing like hell the whole week and it’s beginning to make me worried.”


“Sounds like some sort of flu, hope little Shouto gets better soon.”


“No worries, he has the best mom and dad duo on his motherfu-”

“Enji! The kids can hear you!”

“-furkin, furkin planet.”

“Nice one, dear.”

“Stop it, Rei.”

“Never, dear.”