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Yuletide Misfits

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From the looks on their faces Eijiro was sure he was the only one who actually wanted to be here. Or so he had thought before he’d gotten into the middle of what the Bakugos called a holiday. And maybe it would have been a normal holiday too, if not for the inclusion of one Midoriya Izuku.

The Bakugos’ home had become a place of Christmastime misfits, collecting people with no place better to be, or rather, were missing someone to spend it the holiday with. The invitation of the Midoriyas, upon hearing that Izuku’s father wasn’t going to be making it home for Christmas this year, and the inclusion of Eijiro who’s family found themselves absent at Christmas as well every year, spread into an uproarious Christmas Eve bash that included half the neighborhood.

It was mostly adults, though and left the three teenagers pretty much to their own devices throughout the evening, while Mitsuki ran the show and Masaru followed her lead. She would periodically grab Katsuki to make him help with some hosting and cleaning, but for the most part he, Eijiro and Izuku hid away from the clammer in Katsuki’s room, not without the inclusion of a plate of Christmas cookies.

Eijiro knew that having those two away from adult supervision was a bad idea, though he sort of hoped his presence would keep them from flying off the handles at each other. But Katsuki was in rare form today and Izuku seemed as closely short tempered, far from his usual bright, cheerful self. Eijiro felt like the only one actually enjoying this whole Christmas thing. It was his first year really doing it after all. But they were making it really difficult to enjoy it.

The current argument especially.

“You don’t fucking know everything, Deku,” Katsuki spat at him, crossing his arms at the boy that sat on the floor across from him, “You have your stupid book and you dumb notes, but that doesn’t make you the boss of me!”

“I was making a damn suggestion,” Izuku glared back, their eyes a clash of green and red, ironically festive for the season, “You’re too stubborn to even acknowledge that I might know what I’m talking about! You arrogant asshole!”

Eijiro sat blinking at the two of them dumbfounded, sitting cross legged with a plate of cookies on his lap, darting his eyes against the scene. Was this really what Christmas was like? Cookies and arguments over meaningless trivialities? He could have sworn he’d heard things like that on websites like Reddit where people shared crazy life stories, but he thought they were just exaggerating for internet points, for karma and such. Turns out it might be more real than the internet made it out to be.

“Arrogant?” Katsuki scoffed at the accusation, “I’m not the one claiming to know my own quirk better than I do. You have your head up your ass! Shove this up with it!” He threw up his middle finger and stomped at him aggressively.

Izuku leapt up to his feet like they were about to go, green eyes intense and a sparkling of green energy surging around him, tingling over his strong, steadily bulking body. Even with how he’d grown and built on muscle mass, Katsuki was still bigger than him, more intimidating too. It was hard to find anything truly threatening in those freckled cheeks and that soft mouth, no matter how it twisted and pursed to show frustration and determination.

“If you’d actual accept when people are trying to help instead of acting up, then you’d be making more progress, Kacchan,” Deku bent his knees and clenched his fists, “Maybe I can see something you aren’t able to! Ever think about that?”

“Stupid nerd,” Katsuki wrinkled his nose at Izuku, “You think you can be useful to me? You’re so fucking useless you’re own father couldn’t bother to show up!”

That defused Izuku in an instant, the surge of energy around him disappearing and his eyes going wide as his expression blanked. Eijiro could see his throat tighten and found himself just as stricken.

“Good God Katsuki,” Eijiro’s dropped his jaw in horror, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Katsuki seemed to realize what he’d said and with a pinched expression turned a look to Eijiro, cringing at the poignant disappointment he saw in those maroon eyes. Arguing was one thing, jabbing at the very obvious absence of Izuku’s father was a low blow Eijiro wasn’t at all happy with. It was clear that Katsuki was regretting the choice of words, but his pride was insurmountable and if he said it, he couldn’t take it back.

Eijiro wasn’t having that, though, wasn’t going to stand by while his boyfriend said some shit like that. He spun up to his feet and stormed over to him, rage in his face, not even the adorably cheesy Christmas sweater able to dumb down the serious way he took Katsuki’s shoulder and jerked him back from the fight he was starting.

“You know what,” Izuku slowly turned his eyes back up to Katsuki, giving them both pause, “Fuck you!”

The words hit the air like they were made of fire and Eijiro had to take a moment to let his mind compute that Izuku had really just yelled that at Katsuki. It was warranted, definitely, just not an attitude he was used to seeing in the boy who was at most times a walking ray of sunshine. But he was also a determined, proud hero, strong and intense when dealing with something he cared deeply about. Maybe it made more sense than Eijiro gave him credit for.

“Fuck you!” Katsuki yelled back against Eijiro’s hold, no even slightly helping the situation.

Eijiro felt the need to appeal to a hidden camera, just wished for one moment someone else could see and commiserate with him about what he was witnessing, about how petty and stupid this was. How they were literally yelling “fuck you”s at each other over Izuku making a small suggestion on a move Katsuki was working on.

“That’s it,” Eijiro threw up his hands and walked back to his plate of cookies, scooping the thing up, while the two dropped their yelling long enough to pay attention to him, “I’m leaving. I’m going to go hide with the adults.”

Before either of them could say anything further, Eijiro had swept out and slammed the door behind him, leaving them to their petty childish behavior.

The rest of the night went by with Eijiro outside on the front stoop in a terrible mood. Katsuki had tried to come out and get him to come back in, but a bladelike hand swung up at him and told him to go away. If an adult came by he threw on a smile and told them everything was good, he just wanted some fresh air. It about twenty degrees outside, so their skeptical looks were warranted. He had a coat on top of his corny sweater though, so it wasn’t much of a bother. He went shirtless most of the year anyway.

He finally found his way back indoors towards the end of the night, when only a few quests were left. He sat on the couch and eyed some Christmas cartoon playing on the TV while an unhappy conversation went on behind him.

“Inko just go, it’s totally fine,” Mitsuki’s voice was bright and enthusiastic.

“Are you sure?” Izuku’s mother sounded somewhat nervous, “It won’t be a bother to you?”

“Never has been,” Mitsuki replied.

“I just don’t want him to wake up to an empty house Christmas morning,” Inko said, and her voice turned to a whisper she assumed no one else could hear, “I really appreciate it. I know he’s upset his father isn’t home this year. I don’t want him to be by himself at least.”

Mitsuki gave an acknowledgement and, like that, Inko was gone, leaving Eijiro feeling a little worse for storming out like he had. Inko’s words made him realize Izuku was likely having a really bad night to start with and Eijiro’s getting quickly aggravated and leaving their situation without a mediator was probably a mean thing to do.

Feeling both tired and guilty, Eijiro sighed to himself and stood, catching Mitsuki’s attention while she cleaned.

“Eijiro,” she said, stopping him before he could get down the hall, “Could you tell Katsuki to put down a sleeping bag in his room? Izuku will be staying over tonight. His mother got called into work.”

Eijiro smiled back at her and nodded. “So…”

Mitsuki rolled her eyes, “Yeah, you can sleep in his bed,” she conceded, “But only because Izuku will be in there. Merry fucking Christmas.” the big blond woman huffed to herself, almost amused.

A pulse of excitement jumped in Eijiro’s chest.

It hadn’t exactly hindered the two boys from doing what they wanted or utilizing that bed for non-parent approved activity, but Mitsuki had said off the bat the first time Eijiro had stayed that she wasn’t having any monkey business in her house from a couple of sixteen year olds. How she thought putting him in a sleeping bag next to Katsuki’s bad was enough deterrent never made sense to him, but he was always happy she didn’t think too hard about it. Getting the stamp of approval to actually sleep in bed with him was definitely the perfect Christmas present. It showed clear on his face up until she hit him was a warning glare and it dropped.

He wasn’t worried. She’d slept through them unheeding her rules more than a few times before. Not that anything would happen tonight. Much like she was hoping, they wouldn’t start fucking like rabbits while there was a guest in their room. Eijiro was adventurous, but...that was just rude.

With a renewed pep in his step, Eijiro slipped back into Katsuki’s room, taking a long breath before entering, not knowing what he was going to find. It was definitely relieving to only find Katsuki within, lounging back on his bed looking at his phone.

When he noticed Eijiro he shot up and the pissy look on his face swept away.

“You good?” his brow showed concern for a moment and then he looked away obstinate, “I’m not apologizing if that’s what you want.”

Eijiro rolled his eyes and stepped up to him, hitting him roughly in the shoulder, showing he wasn’t playing games with him, not today. Katsuki fell back at the shove, but scrambled up immediately, a grumble on his lips.

“Stop being a fucking dick for one day of the year won’t you?” Eijiro slapped his hands on his hips, “I thought we were having a good Christmas. I was excited, I thought, hey this year will actually be significant, this year Christmas won’t just being sitting alone at my grandparents, listening to old people gripe. You’re a few years behind them, but it seems like you’ll do anyway.”

His eyes narrowed sharply and Katsuki was taken aback, swallowing as his own eyes widened. His cheeks were red in an instant and he looked away from his boyfriend sheepishly, but still with the twisted annoyance in his brow.

“Eijiro,” he said quietly, “I forgot...can I make it up to you?”

There was a note of satisfaction in Eijrio’s lips. “You can put out the sleeping bag, make room in your bed and stop picking on Midoriya, just until the 26th.”

“Wait, why?” Katsuki turned a glare back up at him.

“He’s sleeping over,” Eijiro ground his heels, waiting for the explosive response, waiting for the blond to just lose it.

And he looked like he was about to, like his quirk was being held back by fibers, but Eijiro stood his ground, nose scrunched, arms folded, eyes convicted. Katsuki couldn’t ignore what Eijiro had just said either, couldn’t ignore the guilt trip that had been so laid on him and with a stomp of frustration he stood and grabbed the sleeping bag, muttering to himself.

“Cool,” Eijiro threw up a massive smile again and stepped to the door, “I’ll go find Midoriya and tell him we have a bed for him.”

A hand caught onto his before he could slip out and jerked him back. He assumed it was to try and stop him from getting Izuku or make another complaint, but instead he found those hands move onto his waste, pulling him in close to the full, toned body. His boyfriend took a rough kiss from his surprised lips, giving an affectionate swipe to his wet mouth. It took about a second for the surprise of it to melt away, making Eijiro soft in his grip.

It was as close to an apology as he could expect from Katsuki. And it worked like the blond knew it would, the redhead forgetting in the midst of the sweet snog why he was upset at him at all. Damn, this boy had him fucking whupped didn’t he?

Over the next couple hours the house finished being cleaned, things settled down an Mitsuki ordered the three boys to showers and bed. Izuku had helped Mitsuki with the cleaning, possibly to avoid being around Katsuki and didn’t say much to either boys until they were behind Katsuki’s door in their pajamas, settling into their beds.

Eijiro was sparking with excitement as he jumped in bed with Katsuki, grabbing onto the boy in a snuggly fashion which got him kicked at, mixed with loud complaining for him to get off. A much louder shout from Mitsuki told them to quiet down and Eijiro settled back, snuggling into Katsuki less expressively, claiming the position of a big spoon since Katsuki was being a tease and not just cuddling back.

Izuku had been very quiet and laid facing away from them. Eijiro was especially distracted by it and couldn’t even think of being tired anymore, seeing that his friend was unhappy and knowing more indepthly the reasons behind it. Despite every part of his body telling him he just wanted to be as close to Katsuki as possible and stay that way forever, the part of him that was a good friend tried harder and won.

Eijiro sat up and gave the boy a sad smile in the lamplight. “Midoriya,” he said, “Bro, is everything okay?” he already knew it wasn’t, but he wasn’t sure what else to say or ask.

Izuku rolled a little back to look over at the redhead, shirtless and bright eyed next to an angry looking Katsuki. He pushed out a smile at Eijiro’s concern and nodded before rolling over the rest of the way to lay down facing the bed and the boys on it. “I’m sorry about earlier,” he said, “I should have realized the arguing was upsetting you.”

Eijiro smirked huge and punched Katsuki in the shoulder. “It wasn’t your fault,” he waved it off.

Katsuki shot up and shoved the red haired boy back, roughly. “The fuck are you saying Shitty-Hair?”

It looked threatening offhand, but Eijiro was grinning. He liked the rough treatment.

“He’s saying you were the one acting irrationally,” Izuku glared, “You should apologize too, Kacchan.”

The almost playful danger in Katsuki’s face turned to real danger in a split second and his attention flew away from Eijiro.

“You trying to fucking tell me how to treat my own boyfriend you son of a bitch!” Katsuki screamed and another shout from his mother told him to shut up. He didn’t listen, neither of them did, to Eijiro’s chagrin.

“Apparently someone needs to,” Izuku sat up, hands in fists again, “If you have someone willing to be with your explosive, irritating ass then you should be better to them! You should fucking apologize when you fuck up!”

Fucking hell, not again. Fucking hell, Izuku was losing his shit. The cursing like a sailor part was off putting as well and Eijiro thought the tone was better suited to his own boyfriend, rather than the green haired cinnamon roll across from him.

Katsuki was kneeling at the edge of the bed, hand in a fist in the air. “Dammit you nerd, I’ll fucking kill you! You don’t know anything about me or Eijiro!”

“Fucking stop, you two!” Eijiro fumed, about ready to storm out for the second time tonight.

They didn’t listen, caught up in their anger and frustration.

“I know he deserves better than you!” Izuku’s words were cutting and Eijiro was even taken aback by them.

Explosions crackled in Katsuki’s hands. “Son of a bitch!”

It happened in a second, something in Eijiro snapping and just being entirely fed up. With both of them. His palms whacked as hard as they could into Katsuki’s back and shoved him off the bed, forcing him to collide into the green haired boy on the floor in front of him.

“I’m fucking walking out and I’m not coming back if you two don’t fucking stop!” Eijiro screamed at them as they landed on each other and Izuku tried to shove him away.

His words made them both pause and look over at him slowly. There was a good deal of regret in those expressions and they looked back to each other with hesitance, Katsuki still half collapsed on top of Izuku.

“What’s so fucking hard about this?” Eijiro threw his hands in the air, appealing to heaven, “You two can’t ever just fucking kiss and makeup? Fuck!”

He crossed his arms over his chest with a pout on his mouth, staring at them with frustrated determination to make this shit just end. He didn’t really expect his words to have any effect, expected that they’d just turn this into a fist fight and he’d be walking home tonight.

But Katsuki took them all by surprise and listened to him. Listened to him very literally. More literally than he intended or expected.

A look hit his eye like he was going to kill something as he pushed up over the green haired boy not asking or looking for approval before smashing their mouths together, taking a handful of green curls and holding his head to the ground. Green eyes stared up into his reds with shock, but Izuku acted frozen, too shocked to move or shove his childhood friend off.

Eijiro’s mouth fell open. That hadn’t really been what he’d meant...but shit he wasn’t complaining. How many times had his words been the ones cut off by that sharp tongue darting between his lips? How many times had it been his hair so roughly handled to hold him in an aggressive kiss? How many times had it been his own hand planted against Katsuki’s chest, pushing, but not wanting him to pull away? There was no denying the appeal of seeing it happen to someone else, to sit in third person and see it happen in front of him.

“K-Katsu-chan?” Eijiro blinked shock at him, his knees snapping together in the reaction that jolted through him at the sight.

At hearing his name Katsuki pulled up and the two stared wide eye at each other.


Izuku darted his gaze between Katsuki and Eijiro, looking somewhat scared actually, like he was waiting for Eijiro to freak out or Katsuki to realize what he’d done and break his face for it.

“Kacchan, what the hell?” Izuku gaped at him, swallowing back his excess of saliva, breathing heavy and rushed.

“Holy shit,” the words fell out of Eijiro’s mouth without him realizing he’d even said it, but Katsuki sure as hell did. If there was a hint of desire to be found in Eijiro’s voice at any time Katsuki was going to hone in on it and find it. He couldn’t hide what was going on in his pants from Katsuki if he tried. Never could. And It was practically all the blond needed to turn a sly grin to the boy underneath him.

Izuku didn’t have a chance to realize what he was doing or stop him before Katsuki’s hand dropped down to grope between the boy’s legs to find a difficult to disguise erection growing there. Izuku shot away from him in the next second, kicking him back and staring angrily at Katsuki, red faced and confused by the way Eijiro didn’t look even a little bit upset.

Katsuki turned a smile, a mischievous, rotten smile, back to Eijiro, who looked highly uncertain, darting glances to the green haired boy his boyfriend had so taken by surprise. It was obvious Eijiro had liked what he’d seen, but it didn’t mean Katsuki should have done it or that Izuku was okay with it. That didn’t really seem to occur to the blond though.

“You absolute whore,” Katsuki shook his head at his boyfriend, noting the physical signs of his overall interest in what was happening.

“Fuck you, man,” Eijiro crossed his hands in front of his own issue. Red in the face to be so flustered in front of Izuku...while Izuku was in a similar situation and watching the two with as much uncertainty.

Katsuki chuckled and then looked back to Izuku with a sneer on his lip, shuffling towards the green haired boy. Izuku glared in warning to him not to come any closer, but the blond gave little heed to it. He’d started something and his said he was going to finish it or at least escalate it, his muscles remaining tensed in aggression and the rage not entirely gone from his face.

“Look Deku,” Katsuki curled his lip, “We can either fight and ruin Eijiro’s first real Christmas or we can work this out another way.”

Izuku grit his teeth in annoyance, fists clenched and raised to start that fight they were edging towards if Katsuki got much closer. “What are you talking about?” Something in Izuku’s eyes told them that he already knew the answer to that question, but didn’t want to assume, maybe was afraid to assume.

“You know what I’m fucking talking about?” Katsuki called him out with a growl and slammed his hand into the wall beside Izuku’s head. “You’re doing a terrible fucking job of hiding how turned on you are. So’s he.” Katsuki shot a glare back to his boyfriend, who rolled his eyes in response. “So are we going to fuck or fight?” There was a lot of heat in his words, like no matter what the boy in front of him chose he’d be okay with it, like the two actions were entirely interchangeable to him right now. It was such a Katsuki thing to do. As long as he was venting aggression he was happy...and right now both of these boys looked like they needed to vent the absolute shit out of each other, both about to burst.

Izuku’s eyes lifted over to Eijiro, teeth grinding, annoyance etching his mouth, but subduing some of that aggravation when he saw Eijiro’s hopeful expression. Hope that Izuku would agree, that this would all turn very unexpectedly sexual, that he’d get to witness his boyfriend vent his anger onto someone else...and maybe someone else vent their anger on him for a change. The appeal was strong and swirling up inside of him. He hadn’t considered it before, outside of a joke here and there, telling Katsuki they should just fuck it out when they would fight sometimes, but never really being serious. Now that he’d gotten a tiny teaser of it, though, it was all he could think about.

“I...don’t know,” Izuku chewed his inner cheek.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and moved his hand down to grab Izuku’s shirt collar and jerk him away from the wall, intensity like a vibration between them.

This didn’t look like it was going to end well, neither of the boys in front of him ever being very good at communicating with one another. Eijiro didn’t want this to turn into a fight and definitely wanted to see where this could go with option number two. But if it was just those two going at it, it would definitely just be a fight.

So Eijiro jumped off the bed and moved to intervene, pushing them apart with hardened arms to assert that he was not allowing this to escalate in that way. He gave Katsuki a sharp glare and then turned a soft look to Izuku, arms falling off of them as he faced the green haired boy with a gentle smile.

“Would you be okay with it if I was involved?” Eijiro suggested, kneeling towards him, with arms propped against knees,“I’m not an asshole like him.”

It was hard for Izuku to keep the smile off of his face at the soft approach of the red haired boy. He seemed to relax some, straightening a little and fixing his gaze into those gentle maroon eyes. And as Eijiro stared back he started to just fall into the adorable features, started to see just how big those green eyes were, how strikingly like emeralds they were, how cute his curls fell when messed, how his freckles were like constellations on his skin. His heart tingled a little and he found his teeth chewing into his lip, suddenly preoccupied on wanting to know just how luxurious and full Izuku’s mouth would feel on his.

Shit he really was an absolute whore sometimes. Teenagers and hormones were a dangerous combination.

“Fuck’s sake,” Katsuki grumbled behind Eijiro, “kiss or something. Even I’m uncomfortable watching whatever the fuck this is.”

Eijiro lifted his middle finger, directing it behind him to the impatient blond, giving him no other response. But he did like the suggestion. And Izuku didn’t look like he would be upset about it, at least not as upset as he’d been about Katsuki doing it.

His right hand fell from his own leg to slide onto Izuku’s knee as Eijiro leaned in. Izuku didn’t pull back, but surprised him by meeting him halfway, catching those lips into his own. Eijiro didn’t kiss like Katsuki, he was the one more used to be roughed on rather than doing the one roughing up and Izuku didn’t respond with the aggression he was used to either. It was a really pleasant experience if Eijiro was being honest, really warming, to kiss someone with both passion and tenderness. To have the brush of their lips be hot and delicate, wet, but clean. It did something unique to his insides, giving him both a sense of raging need and relaxation at once.

He could only press in deeper when Izuku’s scarred hand came against his cheek and moved his fingers lightly into his hair. It showed his enjoyment in the action and his want to continue it, which made Eijiro simply purr with happiness, absolutely elated to engage in this unexpected little adventure.

“Well I’m starting to feel pretty left out,” Katsuki huffed.

Eijiro rolled his eyes, but realized that it was pretty selfish to make out with Izuku like that and leave Katsuki so unloved on the sidelines. With some regret he fell away from Izuku’s lips, the two sharing a pleased smile between them and a few deep breaths of desire, eyes sparkling.

“So?” Eijiro grinned at Izuku, squeezing his knee hopefully.

Izuku’s smile pulled into his eyes. He nodded. “I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if you’re here.”

Katsuki curled a devilish grin and Eijiro grit his teeth with a shrug.

“Don’t count on it, nerd.” Katsuki said.

The look on Izuku’s face showed uncertainty again and Eijiro had to raise his hands for cooperation once more, speaking sternly. “Neither of you get to decide on shit,” he insisted, “When you guys get your way, you just fight and it's fucking annoying. So both of you agree to listen to me or we don’t do this.”

Izuku quickly nodded agreement, but Katsuki got a knowing grin. “You getting ideas again? You just sick of being bottom lately or something?”

Eijiro frowned at him, more out of exasperation than any kind of annoyance. He knew the occasion Katsuki was talking about, occurring not that long ago at school. But that situation had been a bit more unique, though enjoyable. He’s been entirely dominant and pushy in that instance, which had caused a good time, but wasn’t entirely what he was looking to do again tonight. But that sense of control being in his hands rather than Katsuki’s seemed necessary for this situation. At least for now. For getting them started.

“Never,” he smirked, “I’ll get it out of my system soon. Just not tonight. I think you could stand to get taken down a notch”

Katsuki growled at him, but Eijiro was unaffected.

“I’m fine with it,” Izuku agreed, throwing a narrow look to Katsuki.

“Perfect,” Eijiro clapped excitedly, “So we all agree I’m in charge and you’ll both listen to me, right?”

Both nodded.

“Good,” Eijiro bounced on his heels, alight in enjoyment of his newfound power, “Katsuki take off your clothes.”

He got a pouty glare, but a firm purse of Eijiro’s lips had Katsuki complying. Standing he pulled his shirt over his head, letting them both watch and study the body that slowly revealed itself. His loose pajama bottoms slid off after that, leaving him standing in just briefs, tight and doing absolutely nothing to hide his erection, thick and large under the constricting fabric.

“All of it,” Eijiro snapped his fingers at him, “More strip, less strip-tease.”

“Fucking bossy,” Katsuki rolled his eyes.

Izuku watched the two’s interactions with a hesitant curiosity, more than a bit red in the face watching Katsuki remove his clothes.

“We both agreed he’d be in charge, Kacchan,” Izuku bit his lip as his eyes followed Katsuki’s hands dropping low on himself.

His thumbs went into the waistband and Katsuki’s underwear fell away and off of him entirely. He turned a look to Eijiro narrowly at the wide eyed enjoyment. Both boys were very happily looking him over, though it hardly mattering that Eijiro had seen it many times before, finding extra interest in Izuku getting to see the fully naked and erect form of Katsuki for the first time. It really was something to look at. Damn was he gorgeous. Full pecs, defined V-line, enticing cock. It took a good deal of resistance for Eijiro to keep up this tantalizing game and not just pounce on him himself. But he felt his self control would definitely be worth it in the end.

“Sit down and don’t move,” Eijiro ordered and tugged Izuku forward some, looking into those green eyes and jerking his head towards the blond, “I’m thinking Katsu-chan deserves some punishment for what he said earlier. It’s up to you, Midoriya. You get first strike.”

Midoriya eyed the situation, ate up the image of the naked blond sitting in front of them, palms planted on the rug, legs lifted and slightly parted to give a partially blocked view of his package. There was already a curl in his lip at Eijiro’s words, at the idea of Izuku getting full rein to do what he wanted to him in some sort of petty revenge for the hurtful things that were said. It was hard to tell whether he was dying for Izuku to get his hands on him or if would bite off the first finger to touch him. It only heightened Eijiro’s thrill of anticipation as Izuku assessed and got a clever look in his eye.

“Whatever I want?” his eye turned sideways to Eijiro.

He very much liked the look in his green haired friend’s eye, liked the intensity and mischief and was excited to see what this side of him was like. How the hell was he supposed to say anything besides, “Whatever the fuck you want.”

The hand in his suddenly got very tight and Eijiro didn’t realize he was being jerked forward, until his back slammed into the floor. He blinked up to find Izuku straddling him and his hands pinned down beside his head.

“Mi-Midoriya?” Eijiro gaped at him in shock, not displeased, merely surprised.

The green haired boy got a sly look at Katsuki, grinning widely at the glare in the blond’s expression.

“You said I could do whatever I wanted,” Izuku looked back down, leaning close to Eijiro, “And if I know anything thing about’s that he hates being ignored. This is supposed to be payback after all.”

Eijiro could have applauded his perception, finding utter admiration for the ingenuity of it and the surprisingly attractive idea of being given attention to make Katsuki sit by untouched, wanting, and waiting. Katsuki had done things like this to him before, made him wait and be unable to even touch himself while he was sexually teased and made remarkably flustered. He’d always enjoyed it in the end and maybe Katsuki would to. Or maybe he’d just get what he deserved for being a dick to his friend.

Amidst his already irritable demeanor towards where this was going Katsuki turned an uncertain look to Eijiro, asking silently and in a language his partner very much understood if he was actually alright with being the weapon Izuku used against him. He’d offered to get involved after all and he never turned down a good roughing up. Izuku’s hands were surprisingly strong too and the boy looked in need of expelling of some energy, so Eijiro didn’t guess this would be tame either. He had no objections.

But he did have one condition. “Katsuki,” he looked over to him, a firmness in his maroon gaze, “Don’t fucking move. Don’t touch yourself. Don’t intervene. Got it?”

Katsuki’s fingers dug into the carpet becoming fists while his expression tightened into pure sexual frustration. It was positively delightful and Eijiro wondered why he’d never done this before.

The blond didn’t respond, but Eijiro knew he’d obey, especially when one of Izuku’s hands snagged in his recently washed mess of red hair and Katsuki managed to remain still, despite the look in his eye saying that he wanted badly to hurt Izuku. And it only deepened when Izuku grabbed onto his lips again and proceeded to make out with him furiously, not at all like last time.

His mouth was warm and inviting, with or without the harsh, aggressive pace that he kissed Eijiro with. He nipped and bit at Eijiro’s mouth, tugging his bottom lip with his teeth, pulling low, happy groans out of the red head beneath him.

Izuku shuffled and used his free hand to push Eijiro’s legs open and situate himself between them, giving a few sharp tugs on his hair to get sharp little moans at the rough handling. The hand that spread him stayed low and did some exploring, caressing his hips, palming his thighs and finally groping over his clothed cock, hard under the layers of pants and briefs.

A full moan filled their ears and Izuku pulled back so it couldn’t be interrupted by the intrusion of his own mouth, visibly prickling the skin of both boys in lust over the sound. Katsuki sucked in air through his teeth, arms shaking with how hard he was flexing into them, with how intensely he was watching his childhood friend get rough and physical with his boyfriend.

Every time Izuku rubbed over the erection, his lips perked up further with enjoyment, not just from the pleasured sounds Eijiro made, but from the way it was obviously driving Katsuki insane, the way the sounds excited the hell out of him, and the way he was dying in frustration not to be able to do anything about it. And Katsuki’s patience was wearing thin quickly.

“Dammit!” he snapped, “Are you going to just fuck him or what?”

Izuku glanced over at him then back down to Eijiro, smiling far more softly with a shrug. “No.”

If Eijiro wasn’t so occupied with the attention Izuku was giving him, he’d have laughed at the pure aggravation drenching Katsuki’s face. And he was almost going to say something, but then cold air hit his cock as Eijiro suddenly felt his pants being jerked past his knees.

Izuku smiled over at Katsuki’s wanting expression, the needy look in his eye expanding at the sight of his boyfriend’s naked lower body. The green haired boy was just living for Katsuki’s frustration right now.

He leaned in another firm kiss to Eijiro’s parted lips, both hands roaming over his body, attentive but far from gentle. The energy that needed to escape the boy radiated through in his every touch, which burned and alighted the redhead’s skin like fire.

“Thanks for being so accommodating,” Izuku whispered into Eijiro’s ear.

Eijiro gave a sharp whimper while those hands came in contact with his sensitive areas and applied attention and friction, making the boy have to work through it to give some sort of answer. He doubted Izuku did it on purpose, doubted he’d intended to offer a sincere thanks right as he rubbed up his cock and pinched into his nipple, but it added to the tease of it and Eijiro definitely enjoyed having a hard time responding.

“Make,” Eijiro managed to whisper back, grinning through his arousal. If the situation hadn’t been that one of them was naked while the other literally had his hands around the others cock, he likely would have fist bumped him. But this was no time for being bros. No, this was far too gay a situation to warrant that.

Izuku kissed him once more and then shone big green eyes into his. “You bet.”

Then Izuku’s mouth was trailing saliva, lips and teeth, down Eijiro’s body, all the way down to the solid shaft of his cock, pulsing in the air, waiting to be attended to. He started with a quick lap and found the very vocal reaction to his liking. He gave a full swirl of his tongue around the soft pink skin of the head, licking up the salty taste of the small dribble of precum it produced.

Eijiro had no idea what Izuku’s sexual history was, but he slid his mouth down on the cock like a man with experience, an arm looping up to wrap around his thigh and hold him while his fingers found their way to Eijiro’s gasping mouth. As they slid past his lips and the redhead sucked down on them he shifted his eyes over to his boyfriend with a lustful blink, shaking under the long drag Izuku ran down and back up his length. And Katsuki looked about ready to destroy his entire room, looked like if he had to sit still another moment while the guy he wanted to beat the shit out of laid pleasure into his boyfriend he’d actually go for the kill.

There was a painful wince in Katsuki’s constricted expression, showing that his erection was beyond what he could handle much longer, that it was past the point of enjoyment and edging into pure discomfort. It didn’t make Eijiro want to speed anything up, though, hoping he could keep Katsuki out of his comfort zone a while longer, really drive home how much what he’d said had pissed him off. Not to mention his red faced, needy, groans were hot as hell. But Eijiro to push him even further and knew just how to get him to the breaking point.

His jaw fell loose around the prodding fingers, while Izuku slurped heavy on the alighted nerves. The sounds he let pour from his lips were sharp, erratic, high and mingled with carefully chosen words as he focussed his full attention to Izuku, grabbing into the green hair and running fingers along his arm as he pumped up into his hot, slick mouth.

“Fuck, Izuku!” He practically screamed, forgetting entirely that this was a household where other people lived, “Please...ah...keep going…you’ll make me...agh!”

Hearing Eijiro so engrossed and blissed by Izuku’s attention was simply too much for Katsuki anymore and his patience had pretty much worn into nothing. He couldn’t hold still any longer, not at Eijiro’s cries, not at the way he looked about to cum. However open they were with sexual experiences, there was one thing Katsuki was possessive of and that was his boyfriend’s semen.

Katsuki was on them in a moment and ripping Izuku off of Eijiro, slamming him back on the ground, entirely finished with being obedient. There were aggressive flailing of limbs as Katsuki fought to hold him down and Izuku struggled to get out from under him. Katsuki was still strong, though and got his way, prying his tongue between Izuku’s lips, to lap every ounce of Eijiro that remained inside, every taste of his cock, every molecule of his precum, roughly licking and biting it out him.

Eijiro had to take a moment to come back from the way he’d just been edged and found Katsuki tongue deep inside Izuku’s mouth, trapping down his every straining limb to force the fight out of him. Eijiro’s stomach knotted in still prominent need at the harsh display and was only sent further careening into desire for his boyfriend to rip into him when Katsuki pulled away from Izuku’s lips to state sharply, “Don’t fucking take what doesn’t belong to you!”

Izuku just panted up at him, the struggle in his limbs turning into a tremor under the rough handling, making Eijiro realize that perhaps he and Izuku were more alike than he’d before thought. There was no denying how incredibly hot Katsuki’s sexual behavior was, how sexy his alpha male personality and violent streak bleeding over into the passions of sex were like a shot of electric espresso to his dick just to even witness. Izuku was getting the hands on experience of it and however much Eijiro wanted to watch him just tear the boy apart, he was desperate for Katsuki for himself. He’d already been properly edged and his body was furious that he’d been denied his orgasm. Now all he could think about was being filled and pounded into.

“Katsu-chan,” he moaned, pulling onto all fours to crawl over to them and try to steal his boyfriend’s attention.

Katsuki understood the look in his eye off the bat, seeing quivering need in his red head only to look back down to the equally excited boy who’d sourced his insurmountable frustration. His lip curled at it and he saw how easily he’d gained back his power.

He grabbed the front of Izuku’s shirt and Eijiro’s hair at the same time and jerked them towards him, a bite in his lip.

“Looks like I’ll just have to fuck both of you,” Katsuki sounded in no way displeased with that burden and licked his lips at the way they both went wide eyed at him.

“K-kacchan!” Izuku gulped, before being shoved back.

“Take off your damn clothes, nerd,” Katsuki bit and unstraddled him, keeping Eijiro close, turning an intent red eye on him. He leaned into the redhead’s ear and sent shivers through him at his warm breath, “Put that loud mouth to work for me, won’t you. I’d hate to go in dry.”

Then Katsuki shoved Eijiro’s head down until his nose brushing the dripping tip of his sizable cock. The redhead offered no complaint or hesitation, taking the length of it in one go all the way back into his throat. He purred at the feeling of being filled in any sense, slobbering heavily over the cock to give it the lubrication it needed, taking eager slurps over it, muffling out his little happy moans with the girth.

Izuku watched them closely why he scrambled to removed his clothes, tossing everything aside until he was bare and throbbing at the greedy, hungry expression on Eijiro’s face to be taking a mouthful of cock as well as Katsuki’s short pumps into the wet environment his boyfriend provided. But he didn’t let it go on too long, pulling Eijiro off by his hand and watching him gasp for a moment.

“How many times do I have to tell you to just breathe through your nose, you fucking idiot?” Katsuki chided the boy, pink cheeked and burning for air over his cock.

“I’m sorry, Katsu,” Eijiro’s chest heaved, “I just don’t think about it.”

There was a rumble in Katsuki’s throat and he laid a biting kiss on Eijiro’s lips.

When he pulled back he looked him in the eye harshly. “You aren’t in charge anymore.”

Eijiro shot a look to Izuku and with chewed lips, both nodded, conceding their own authority to Katsuki, not without a degree of nervousness.

“On your back,” he ordered Eijiro and coaxed him with a rough shove. “You,” he jabbed a finger at Izuku, “all fours on top of him.”

Izuku almost offered a questioning response, but Katsuki snapped it off at the hilt with a, “Did I fucking stutter?”

The boys did as they were told and before Eijiro knew it he was back on the floor staring up into the anticipation filled eyes of Izuku hovering above him. Both were fully naked and on display and Eijiro couldn’t resist feeling over his muscular body, couldn’t help eying the erection hanging between his legs, brushing against his own when either of them would shift.

Katsuki left for a second and came back, though neither looked to see where he’d went. There was a bottle in his hand and Eijiro frowned at him.

“I’m gonna need more than that,” Katsuki explained, dropping lube into his hands, “It would have been fine if it was just you, but the green haired shit needs to get fucked too.”

Eijiro kept up a pout that his saliva had not been enough lube for Katsuki in any case, but was quickly consoled by an array of soft kisses provided by Izuku. Which became quickly cut off by the sudden invasion of Katsuki’s fingers into both of them at once. Digits and lube worked around the inner canvas of their walls and they elicited groans against each others mouths, Izuku down on his elbows and knees over Eijiro, very little distance between them as they were finger fucked simultaneously.

The fingers popped loose from Eijiro first, but continued in Izuku, Katsuki using the free hand to push Eijiro’s hips up, the boy’s knees sliding up to support his endeavor. The empty feeling was quickly remedied by the cold wet head of Katsuki’s cock pushing in and stretching him the rest of the way open. Eijiro’s hands gripped into Izuku’s back at the intrusion and shouted a cry into his ear.

“Fucking shut him up,” Katsuki demanded, “He’s going to wake up the whole house.”

Through his delirious enjoyment of the jabbing and scissoring of Katsuki’s fingers he leapt right into his task, locking his lips back on Eijiro’s, sucking down the shaking yelps and moans that escaped while Katsuki thrusted into him. They became a muffled garble as his tongue became preoccupied with Izuku’s, but it only sent more thrills through him to be filled at both ends and to have his cock so teased into Izuku’s with every pump Katsuki pushed into him.

And then suddenly he was empty again and Katsuki was hovering over Izuku’s back, yanking his fingers free and using both hands to spread his hips as wide as he could to open him up for the cock he forced into him. Izuku’s arms shook and Eijiro suddenly felt like he was the one trapping Izuku’s cries instead of the other way around, the boys tongue falling entirely loose at the cock pushing inside his walls and filling every inch.

“You’re tighter than Eijiro,” Katsuki commented through a groan, “Guess we know who’s the bigger whore.”

Amidst his heated makeout with Izuku and his delicate upward thrusts to keep some friction on his cock with Izuku’s, Eijiro threw up a middle finger at his boyfriend, half smiling through his pleasure. But Eijiro didn’t mind the lighthearted insults, internally purring at the idea of how Katsuki knew how much he was a slut he was for cock, especially his.

Katsuki went a bit slower than with Eijiro, just because of the difficulty of fitting into Izuku, but after a few long thrusts he opened up a bit more and Katsuki was able to jab sharply into him, hand slipping underneath him to find the two intermingled cocks and stroke over them. Heat surged into Eijiro’s cock at the contact and a needy whimper made it past Izuku’s guard.

He could see Katsuki smiling over him and pulling free from Izuku to the boy’s relief and disappointment. He went back into Eijiro with a snap of his hips, hand gripped in his hip while he continued to stroke lazily over the two cocks.

“What did I fucking say about you being a whore,” Katsuki snickered at how his boyfriend pushed into the cock and dribbled unbridled desire into Izuku’s hot, drooling mouth.

Katsuki kept this up, filling, pumping, retreating and re-entering into each of them back and forth, keeping them both wanting and satisfied at once as the stimulation to their erections remained steady. They were a moaning, slobbering, quaking mess under his attention and furthered things by brushing and flicking into each others hard nipples.

Eijiro was the first to come back to the point of orgasm and he was quick to let Katsuki know.

“Katsu-chan, fuck! Don’t stop...I’m almost…”

“Say please, fucking ingrate,” Katsuki demanded, showing the slightest hesitation in his strokes and thrusts to prove he was willing to hold off again if he didn’t get what he wanted.

In situations like this Eijiro had zero pride. He was a slut for Katsuki and he was perfectly alright with that. He’d do whatever the hell that husky voice told him to.

“Please Katsu please!” he cried, “Let me cum please!”

Katuski quickened his pace again in response. “Fucking cover his mouth, Deku!”

Izuku didn’t seem to think about it, just did as he was told, not even using his mouth this time, but clamping a hand down over Eijiro’s lips as he watching those red eyes roll back and felt his body become a convulsing mess underneath him. The tip of his cock was hitting on Izuku’s stomach now and Katsuki gave the full attention of his hand to the pulsing, member while he pounded him senseless.

The blond knew well what he was talking about and what to expect, because when Eijiro’s orgasm ripped through him, especially strong from the earlier edging, he could have easily woken the entire household if not for the hand, unnaturally strong, clamping over his mouth. He messed Izuku’s stomach over with milky white liquid and even while he was still ejaculating all over Katsuki’s hand, himself and the other boy Katsuki jerked his cock free and slammed back into Izuku.

The fingers in Eijiro’s cheeks squeezed down in Izuku’s reaction. He’d see no more mercy now, Katsuki would pound him until he was done and the pressure of both of the hands that Izuku was gripping into Eijiro told him that he was going to be held there for every second of it.

Stuck in a state of pure euphoric bliss, Eijiro watched with bleary eyes as Katsuki gave Izuku the same erratic attention, watched Katsuki’s face tighten and his throat erupt with gravely moans, like a gorgeous symphony in his ears. Izuku’s mouth hung open and and an array of short whines poured out of him, eyes closed as Katsuki pushed him to his edge.

Katsuki found his first though. His hand clamped like a vice into Izuku’s hip as he snapped his last harsh thrusts into him and came entirely undone. Unlike Eijiro, he knew how to bite his tongue and held his orgasmic emission back to a guttural, rocking moan as he spilled inside of Izuku, hand still working the green haired boy for all he was worth.

By then Eijiro had come around enough to slide his hands back up Izuku’s chest to offer additional stimulation to the hardened nipples of his formed pecs, nipping lightly on the hand that still squeezed his mouth with his sharp teeth. Together they got him to the point where muscles were quivering uncontrollably and his build up was finally able to burst free.

Hot, thick liquid sprayed Eijiro, mixing on their stomachs in a cum cocktail. Izuku bit his lips hard and muffled his own cries, whining quietly through his pinched mouth as he fell into the body beneath him and the cock inside of him slid free one last time.

To Eijiro’s relief the hands stopped gripping into him and his mouth was finally freed as he slid his arms up around Izuku. They breathed heavy into each other’s hair, while Katsuki leaned back and blinked at them in exhaustion. He’d expelled the most effort of all of them and looked entirely worn out. Even still he was the first to stand and grab his clothes.

“Just stay there,” he said it less like an order and more like he was assuring them they didn’t need to move.

Katsuki slipped out and the only sounds that could be heard for the next minute were steadily slowing breaths. The boys tried not to move, knowing the mess trapped between them wasn’t going to be pleasant to deal with if they did, but mainly finding their embrace calming.

“Thanks for indulging us,” Eijiro finally managed a smile into Izuku’s ear, “I’m really just glad you two didn’t end up fighting.”

Izuku’s nose brushed up against the soft red hair and his lips brushed the boy’s ear. “I’m sorry we ruined your Christmas,” came his heartfelt whisper.

Eijiro’s heart cramped and he squeezed hard on Izuku. “I think you definitely managed to fix it,” he chuckled. “Besides...I was more worried about you…”

Izuku pushed back a little so he could look Eijiro in the eye, unfortunately separating their stomachs to reveal the jizz disaster coating them. They paid it little attention, though, meeting green and red eyes.

“I know you were upset about your dad not being here,” Eijiro went on, “And I’m sure having to stay here with Katsu-chan wasn’t going to make that any better.”

There was surprise in Izuku’s face, but it turned to a soft, endearing smile quickly, the green haired boy brushing a thumb against Eijiro’s cheek fondly. It was a look of relief, maybe just relief that Eijiro was understanding about it all, that he knew his own boyfriend well enough to know that there was a significant strain between him and his childhood friend, that under no circumstances would it have been acceptable for Katsuki to claim that Izuku’s father staying away had anything to do with the boy himself. He loved his boyfriend no matter what, but he knew well that he was an asshole sometimes and could be a bully if rightly riled. That was why it was so important that he was there to balance him out, make sure his volatile side didn’t get him into regrettable situations or damage his friendships irreparably.

But Izuku had known him longer than Eijiro had, Izuku had been the guy Katsuki had dumped most of his negative energy on over the years of their lives. And yet Izuku had stuck with him anyway, always had. He never gave up on Katsuki being a good person, on him being someone who could be a strong, incredible hero. He was Katsuki’s original supporter and even if they lost it at each other now and then, Eijiro felt like Izuku was really the one to learn from here. This ever patient, charming, bright as the mother fucking sun boy who would always adore his Kacchan.

“Thanks, Kiri,” he leaned one last kiss into Eijiro, this one returning to that soft, affectionate way he had kissed him the first time, “It’s already better than I thought it would be. You’re a really good friend.”

Eijiro hummed and winked up at him. “And you’re a good kisser.”

Izuku blushed and looked away, smiling. “Thanks,” his shoulders hiked up, “But I do want to make it clear that this is a one time thing, okay? I already think it’s going to be crazy awkward from now on without making this a repeat thing...I don’t want to be like...well…”

Eijiro’s eyes narrowed, not at the admission that he wasn’t comfortable with this being repeated, because that was highly understandable, but at the part where he was circling around admitting to knowing something Eijiro had previously thought was a secret. He ran a hand up his bicep comfortingly as he tilted his head in curiosity.

“Like...Todoroki?” Eijiro filled in for him.

The red in Izuku’s face had overwhelmed him and he nodded heavily. “I mean it’s fine that’s something you want to do and he said it was only a couple of times, but I just don’t think it’s really going to end there. And seriously you three can do whatever you want I’m not judging you for it, I’m just saying that it’s not for me! I don’t usually even go this far with someone I’m not entirely interested in so this is really out of the norm for me. And I know the whole thing with Todoroki was supposed to be a secret and I didn’t mean to pry, I just noticed something last time and when I asked he just told me!”

“Midoriya!” Eijiro slapped a hand over his rambling mouth, chuckling, “Dude, seriously it’s fine. Just don’t go spreading it. We just think it’d be kind of awkward if it was common knowledge, but it’s cool that you know. It’s seriously very casual. No feelings involved. And this was too. No one’s making any commitments or saying this has to be anything other than a weird thing that happened one time. I’m fine never bringing it up again.”

“You’re sure?” Izuku looked insanely relieved, shoulders falling with Eijiro’s hand.

“Never happened,” Eijiro shrugged, “Though I wouldn’t start denying anything until there isn’t cum all over us…”

Almost on cue the door crept back open and Katsuki appeared, tossing wet hand towels at them.

“Enough laying around, assholes,” Katsuki huffed, “Clean up and go to bed.”

The blond didn’t even wait, just hopped into bed and got comfy under the sheets, not saying even a word about what had just happened. Eijiro rolled his eyes at his boyfriend for probably the three hundredth time that week and started cleaning himself up, while Izuku went to work on himself, the boys finally separating from each other to wash off the excessive amount of cum.

They dressed quickly and while they did, Izuku threw a nervous glance towards the figure already with his eyes closed in the bed next to them. Eijiro smiled reassuringly to him and shrugged with a whisper.

“I’ll catch him up later, don’t worry about it,” he said.

Izuku found that satisfactory and went to climb back in his sleeping bag. Eijiro caught him by the hand before he could and tugged him towards the rather large bed that Katsuki filled his room with.

“Just because it never happened doesn’t mean you have to sleep by yourself,” Eijiro gave him a hopeful bat of his eyes, “It’s Christmas.”

Izuku thought about it a moment, seeming hesitant, but finally nodded to the request. Before Katsuki really knew what was happening there were two other bodies in his bed, sandwiching Eijiro between them, who bounced the mattress happily.

Katsuki shoved him down into the bed by his head and grumbled for him to “go the fuck to sleep”, giving only a passing glare to the inclusion of Izuku in their little nest.

With all the kinkiness out of their systems, Katsuki had turned possessive and wrapping up Eijiro in his arms, intertwining their legs and squeezing his back into his firm chest. Izuku laid beside them, facing Eijiro with a content smile on his still red, freckled face.

“Merry Christmas, Eijiro,” Katsuki’s sleepy voice came across his ear.

Izuku’s laced his fingers with Eijiro’s as he voiced agreement.

“Merry Christmas.”