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Tony was being annoying, he wouldn’t stop pestering you. Thor was laughing as he watched you run away from the man in the iron suit.

Loki had been on better behavior lately and you wanted to see him but Tony seemed to find you each time you tried to run off to see the god of mischief.

You had felt a connection since you first saw him. He to you as well but tried not to say anything about it.

You finally snapped punching Tony in the nose which got you a high five from Pepper and a loud laugh from Bruce, and Thor.

“Damn what in the world was that for?”

“I said leave me alone.” You snapped. Tony took the hint and walked off, you went to find Loki, but you soon ran into a solid figure.

“Oh Loki, sorry I was looking for you.” You said with a blush. He chuckled and took your hand.

“You punched him real good, you know that right?”

You ran your hand over your neck. “ saw that?”

“Yes I did.” He replied with a chuckle. “How is your hand? It looked like you hit him hard.” He caressed your hand with soft movements. You nodded.

“It is alright, for the most part, might bruise later.”

“Will you come and have tea with me maybe? I can wrap your fist if you’d like.”

You nodded. “I would love that.”

He smiled and you took his arm, he smirked and walked you to the balcony and the two of you sat together eating drinking and talking. You were more then happy. He seemed to be happy as well.

“May I ask you something.” You asked softly.


“Why is it that you began to become nicer?”

“For you.”

You almost spit out your tea. You swallowed it with wide eyes. “F..for me?”

“Yes, for you. If I was kind I thought you would want to go on a date with me maybe.”

“Loki I would have before.”


“Yes Loki.” You said taking his hand. He squeezed yours.

“You are the reason I keep going love, the reason I want to help these silly mortals, even you have captured my heart. I never thought a mortal could hold my heart in their hands.” He smiled leaning close to you.

You felt a red blush cover your cheeks.

“I love you (y/n).” Loki said kissing you carefully. “I always will.”

You kissed him back. He smiled and took your head in his hand with a careful pull. “I love you darling.”

“I love you too Loki.”

He smiled. He would keep you safe, no matter how dark he had to turn.

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You were getting yourself ready for a night out with Jughead. He had invited you to a night at the drive in. You willingly agreed to do exactly that, you heard a knock on the door.

You raced downstairs waving goodbye to your parents. He took your hand and led you out, the two of you walked to the small drive in. The two of you were happy, smiles spread across your faces.

At the moment in time not a single thing was wrong with your little town. The blossom twins were still bratty but perfect, Archie and his father worked together in his fathers business, the pussycats were playing at every place they could, Polly and Betty were the closest as sisters could be, and the two of you were more then happy.

The world was good.

He smiled, his hand wrapped around yours. He wrapped his arm around you and the two of you bought popcorn and soda. You had a perfect spot and the movie played, and the colors left light on the two of yours faces.

He kissed your cheek, then your lips, and held you close.

You felt so safe, with his arms around you. He held you close, you felt perfect there. You felt like you were on cloud nine.

He turned to you and kissed you once more. A smile spread across your face, you were his and he was yours.

Soon the two of you began to toss popcorn at one another. Your laughter ruining a sad moment, the two of you rushed to the park after people started to yell at the two of you.

As you went to the park the bright sign of POPs shined brightly. You smiled and followed, the two of you got a strawberry milkshake to share. As well as a basket of fries.

The two of you couldn’t help but laugh during the night. Of course Pop couldn’t help but smile as the two spoke back and forth, laughed and soon a song came on.

The two of you danced together in the middle of the restaurants. The tile under the two of you clicked with your bell like laughter.

This world was perfect.

The two of you together felt perfect.

Jughead is perfect.

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Dean picked you up carefully in his arms, you were bloody and scratched up, bruises ran up your arm. Sam rushed inside to get a bed set up for you. They were rushing to sew up the gash running up your left leg.

As Dean kicked open the door a soft golden glow was seen standing beside Sam.

“Who’s that?” You whispered softly your eyes barley opened, you were in and out of consciousness. Gabriel grabbed Sams arm.

“It’s Gabriel, the angel.” Dean whispered softly as he laid you down on the bed. You let out a slight moan in pain as you were set down.

“What happened to her?!” Gabe asked almost panicked. The two of you had never met in person and yet he was more worried about you then anything he had ever been before.

“Werewolf, he had kicked the buildings foundation loose and it collapsed on her.” Sam replied as he sewed together the wound. You sighed as you remembered what had happened.

Dean had yelled out your name. Sam let out a scream as the building began to crumble. You heard the gunshot seeing the wolf fall, as you ran towards the exit you tripped and cut your leg on a poking out pole. You crawled towards the exit when the building fell. Sam rushed to dig you out, Dean helped until you were free. He rushed to pick you up and Sam got the car open, soon you arrived at the hotel where you were now.

“How can I help?” Gabe asked looking over you his Carmel eyes full of sadness.

“Heal her?” Sam asked. Dean held your hand tightly.

Gabe places his hands on your leg carefully, his eyes close and soon all your wounds were healed. You smiled softly feeling the rush of serenity full you while the pain left.

“Thank you.” You whispered softly. He nodded taking your hand in his own. His smirked. Dean and Sam went to get you and water and food from the nearest convince store. You smiled at Gabe as he looked you over.

“You alright?” He asked softly.

“Yes.” You smiled. “Thank you.”

“You said that already.” He grinned. He kneeled down next to you. “I...the minute I saw you I fell...I think you’re my soul mate.” He said softly.

“What...” You said with a surprised gasp. He nodded and kissed your forehead. You let out a soft purr. He kissed your face softly once again. “I..I think I need to.take a minute...but if not it’s okay...” You said with sigh and smile as he kissed you again.

Gabe grinned looking over you. “I will have to take care of you forever.”

“You barely know me.”

“I don’t have to know you. I just know I love you.”

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Frozen hands.

The pale light of red and blue sabers against pale snow.

Warm embrace.

A flash of skin.

The feeling of snowflakes against ones face.

The others warm breath.

His face nuzzled into her collar bone.

His sweet nothings.

Her promised vows.

Her soft hand tracing his scars.

His promise, to the galaxy, of her safety.


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"Sam Winchester I swear to every god that exists if you do not come here right now and clean up your mess I will kill you dead." You shouted, he lumbered in. He was much taller then you, he was tired, and you knew it. But the books all over your bed were not your doing, it was obvious that he had used them and walked off to take a nap.

"What did I do now?" He asked with a shy chuckle. You pointed to your bed, he looked them over and at first he was unsure about what you meant, slightly dirty, but then he realized you had meant the books. He nodded, and slowly began to clean up the books.

You smirked as he bent over to clean them up, as he did so he turned over to look at you. "Why are you smiling?" He asked.

"Oh moose," you chuckled, "I have a nice view over here." He smirked and nodded.

He sat on the bed and looked towards you. "Come over here." He said. You smirked and slowly made your way towards him. He pulled you into his lap, he kissed your neck.

"Moose what are you doing?" You asked as he rubbed your arm. He wanted to protect you forever, and love you.

"Saying sorry for not cleaning up after myself." He kissed your neck again. "You know I love you."

"I love you too." You replied back, kissing him softly. "Now stop leaving your shit on my bed." The two of you laughed together, as you laid down on the bed together.

"Why? It makes it so I can sneak into your room."

He laughed as he kissed you softly.

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Killian woke in a daze, the last thing he remembered was being with Emma and her family. He looked around and found he was in a cottage, one he had never been in before, it looked like it belonged in the enchanted forest not the world he had built his new life in. He searched around the small broken home and searched for any clues as to why he would be here. He had been out trick-or-treating with Henry and Emma, the Charming's had Neal.

He exited the cottage and looked around more, why did he get sent to this place? He saw across the way a tree, the large oak was splitting down the middle, in the center laid a letter. The papers parchment had burnt edges, crinkled and broken, the lettering was beautiful however moving your eyes away from the imperfections of the paper.

My dearest Killian,
I see the life you have now, the love you should have. I see the happiness that has come into your life. I wish I could have been that happiness, but I am glad you can be the father and husband I knew you could be.
Best of Wishes, Milah.

Tears ran down his face, his first love had reached him, somehow beyond the veil. He pocketed the letter, running his hand over his hook. A constant memory of what he had lost, as well as a goal to never loose that again. He clenched his fist and realized what the cottage was, her home with the croc, the place she raised her boy, the place she lived before they knew one another.

He slammed his fist and hook on the table, he would not go back and change the past, the life he had now was one of the truest kinds of love, but there was always that question in the back of his mind. If things had turned out differently what would have happened, would he have never met Emma? Would Henry never been born because Milah would have brought Bea alone? Would he still have a beating heart? He entered the room that looked to have once belonged to Milah, a bed and sewing supplies, a hidden drawer of trinkets and jewelry he was sure had been gifts form the croc or her child.

He turned to see a mirror, faded out and cracked in many places, the image staring back at him was one he had long forgotten, a true pirate no longer looked back at him but rather a man who would do anything to keep the women he loved and the child who he had taken in alive.

He turned once more to see Milah, her apparition staring him in the face. He jumped only to wake, Emma in his arms.

This was where he belonged, where he should and always would be.

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You were sitting on your bed when one of the girls from your house came to find you. “Draco wants to see you.” She said to you softly.

“Really?” You asked. “Alright,” you nodded and headed down to your common room, “Draco?”

He looked at you a scarf covering his face. He curled his finger and drew you closer, you followed him out to the hall way and the two of you sat within a hidden corridor. “Draco what happened?” You asked removing the scarf.

“That filthy mu-“ He stoped remembering you hated that word, you had a few friends who were muggleborn and disliked the way Draco spat the word. “Hermione she punched me.”

You gasped and caressed his face, soon you cupped his cheeks in your hands. “Are you okay?”

He sniffled a moment but nodded. “Yes I..I just it shocked me and I didn’t realize angry she could get.”

You nodded and hugged him tightly. “Why did you want to see me?” The two of you were friends and hung out often but you didn’t realize how much he liked you.

“ are just. I hate to scare you but I love you (y/n). I would die for you, break any vow made to get to you. I enjoy making Potters life miserable but I would forget about that within a second if you asked it of me. You are who I want and who I love and that is all need.”

“It took you getting punched by a girl to tell me this? I should have punched you or had Pansy do it sooner.” You said throwing your arms around him quickly.

He looked at you surprised. “You- you like me as well?”

“Who wouldn’t? And I mean I wouldn’t want you telling your father in me now would I?”

He made a sour face but laughed soon after. “No, you would not, now kiss me.” He commanded. You grinned running your hands through his hair. The two of you shared a kiss that felt as if it could go on forever and be the most wonderful thing in the world.

As the two of you pulled away a wide smile crossed his face. “Twenty points to Slytherin.” He whispered with a grin.

You felt a wide blush come across your face. He hugged you tightly and the two of you cuddled in the corridor until it was time to eat. As the two of you made your way towards the glorious smells and chatting of classmates you saw professor Snape.

He saw the twitter patted look on Draco’s face. “The two of you finally hooked up?”
You smirked and Draco nodded. “Good.”

You chuckled and felt your face cover in a blush.

Dumbledore nodded to you as the two of you made your way into the great hall.

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Sam was not going to let anyone know he was under the weather. He was not going to cough, or stutter. However that ended almost to quickly when he rolled over in bed. He covered his mouth quickly to hide the coughing.

However one angel in particular heard the cough.

"Shit." Sam muttered as he heard the flutter of wings and candy wrappers.

"Sam Winchester you are staying in bed today."

"No I am not, I am okay, I can hunt today." Sam said as he slowly began to sit up, his nose red.

"No, you cannot." Gabe growled as he pushed Sam back into the soft cushioning of his pillows. The tall man crossed his arms looking back at the determined angel. "I will be right back, and I swear to my father if you get out of bed, I will smite your ass."

"You wouldn-" Sam began when he was interrupted by a fit of sneezing and coughing. Gabe slightly smirked as he walked out of the room, hoping that would prove his point enough.

The young Winchester rolled his eyes, knowing Gabe was going out of his way to either make him a bowl of warm soup, or slipping on some strange outfit in attempts to make him laugh and forget how sick he felt.

He was surprised by how often neither he or Dean got sick, Dean especially, at least he could take care of himself. While Dean wasn't always the cleanest. After a few minutes Gabriel returned, in his right hand a bowl of warm soup and in his left a cup of orange juice. As Sam had suspected he wore a pink apron with small moose and corgi details. He chuckled as he was handed the food.

"Now eat and rest up you big lug." Gabe said as he sat at the foot of his bed. Sam did what was asked after a few more attempts at getting out of his new predicament and sneezing. After he ate, he felt his eyes grow heavy, and he just gave in sleeping.

The angel smiled as he brushed his hair from his face and kissed his forehead. "Love you Sam." Gabe said as he quietly cleaned up and turned off his light.

His human was going to get better.

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10k was in full panic mode, after loosing Casandra he was more then ready to spring into action to protect you. From the moment he met you he was in love with you. Murphy was always on his nerve hitting on you. Now the two of you were missing.

You were stuck in a hole with Murphy and a zombie. The two of you had been looking for some wild berries or something to eat in the woods, Murphy had stumbled upon the hole and inadvertently got you stuck in it too. You were hiding bending Murphy. He was keeping the undead at bay but it wanted you more then it really wanted to listen. The room was dark and only the zombie and Murphy were visible in the room.

Soon the dark room was flooded with light, a man entered the room, he let out a sharp gasp as the zombie ran towards him and left the two of you alone. You were knocked back hitting your head on the concrete. "Ah..oh no come on (y/n)." Murphy said, he tried to pick her up but soon the scientist knocked him out and took them both back to his house.

Murphy woke after a few hours and saw that the man with scraggly hair stood over you. "Murphy...I didn't think you were real but oh boy are you! This is awesome! A zombie king and his little pet.. think of the money this could bring in."

"She isn't my pet." He snapped. "Leave her alone!" Murphy snapped as he watched the man play with your (h/c) hair and poke at your face. He snickered.

"She isn't half zombie is she?"

Murphy growled. "No know leave her alone!"

10k had found the hideout after some searching. He had been on the look out for you since Doc said he couldn't find you. He snuck into the basement seeing Murphy on a stage being asked questions by some crazy guy in a lab coat. He noticed you still out cold on a table.

He carefully made his way to you un doing the straps around your arms. Murphy noticed 10k but continued to answer the questions he was asked to allow you and 10k to escape.

"Ah I almost forgot something..." The scientist said running off. 10k his under the table until he was out of the room then hurried and untied Murphy.

"Hurry!" 10k hissed running back to pick you up and carry you out the door. The man was in another room and hadn't noticed what was going on yet. Murphy snuck out finding the group. They were told to wait, he trusted 10k to find his way back.

The man walked out finding Murphy gone and 10k picking you up. "Oh no no. That's mine now." He said grabbing a weapon and chasing after 10k the boy stood his ground lifting his slingshot. The man laughed thinking that wouldn't never harm him but soon the gear ended his life. Zombies from the other rooms were entering now. He managed to pick you back up and run. He prayed you were alright.

After finding the group again they set up camp in a secure place for the night.

You woke in a panic you were laying in a tent next to 10k. "10k? What...what happened?" He smiled down at you.

"You're awake!" He held you close. "You got kidnapped." He said. "I was so worried." He tightened his grip on you. "I was so worried, I thought I was going to lose you too."

You sat up looking at him with your (e/c) eyes. "You'll never loose me."

He smiled, he had never kissed anyone before but he wanted to so badly. "I love you (y/n)." He whispered in your ear as he brought you close in a kiss.

After retuning the kiss you smiled. "I love you too 10k."

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Percy was always there for you, after your mother/fathers tragic death, he hadn't judged you or told you that it was your fault even though you felt it was. If you weren't a demigod maybe non of this would of happened but you also wouldn't have met Percy or the others.

"(Y/N)," he said softly as he snuggled close to you on the couch.

"Ya Perc."

"Are you okay?"

"No..." you reply, you felt horrible it had only been three weeks since the funeral and (g/p) godly parent, hadn't even came. Percy snuggled closer to you. Why had i agreed to come over? you asked yourself.

"Baby it's okay don't worry calm down," he said softly as he brushed away the tears. You looked at him my worst fear had happened, and yet Percy doesn't seem to realize it. He doesn't think it's your fault. But how can it not be?

"I..Percy how can you look at me so calmly? How can you even love me?"

"I will always love you no matter what, you may think it's your fault but really it isn't, you didn't know that there were monsters near by, no one could have know, it could have happened to anyone," he said with a grin, his beautiful sea green eyes looked me over, he blinked once and leaned in.

The kiss tasted like sea water, yet it was always the best taste when coming from such an amazing man, he pushed you under him, his weight kept you under so you were powerless against him. "(Y/N) i love you."

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Nico decided he wanted to take you to his favorite mortal food place McDonalds. It wasn't romantic but it was more then he would usually want to do. He smiled that beautiful ghostly smile and took you into the food place.

"Do you want a cheeseburger?" He asked you with a smile.

"Ya (without whatever you dislike or regular you choose)," you reply with a grin as Nico orders. Some little kids ran around the play room, "Neeks thanks so much you didn't have to do this but you did."

"I really like you, I mean I know we aren't together yet or anything but I..." he closed his eyes. This was his chance he leaned in and kissed you.

Best date ever... you mentally said to yourself. He is so amazing, the son of death himself chose you to be his.

"Will you be my boyfriend?" He asked as he kissed your hand. The smile that spread across your face. Told him that was a yes. He looked into your (e/c) eyes and kissed you once again as the food was brought to you.

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Leo was always trying to make himself look good for you, he was always making sure that the grease was gone from his face and that he wasn't wearing dirty clothing. Thankfully since your siblings weren't around they were out of the cabin.

"(Y/n)," Leo called as he walked into the room, "I made you something," he called as he entered the cabin, he wasn't suppose to be in here but you didn't care.

"You didn't have to Leo," you reply as you sit up on your bed.

"I wanted to (Y/N)," he said as he handed you a metal rose. "I hope you like it."

"It''s so beautiful. Thank you so much, I love it so much Leo."

"I really hope you like it (n/n)," he said with a grin knowing it isn't your favorite name in the world.

"Thanks bad boy supreme."

He gave you a look, your grin grew wider.

"Don't worry," you said with a smile as he crashed his lips into yours. He smiled happily and then the door opened and an older male sibling walked in his face turning bright red.

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You were Sam Winchesters soulmate. Because of this Lucifer saw the opportunity to use you against him, if he took you then it would be one easy way to get Sam to say yes. You were walking past the room you and Sam shared at Bobby’s when your name was called by a voice you had only heard once before.


You turned to see him, he slammed you against the wall. Your (e/c) eyes grew wide as he leaned closer to you. “Call for him.” He growled in your ear. “Call for Sam.”

“No.” You said kneeing up. The ex angel let you go falling back at the impact of your knee to his groin. You ran down the stairs. Sam’s head whipped up to see you. The look on your face told him you were in danger. He grabbed his gun and knife and watched the stairs. You grabbed your knife.

“Babe,” Sam began. “What is it?”

“Lucifer.” You replied as you watched the disoriented ex angel come down the stairs anger in his flashing eyes. Sam growled.

Sam stepped in front of you. “Do not touch (y/n).” Lucifer laughed.

“Well then Sammy, it seems you really do want to protect (y/n) don’t you? Tell you what you tell me yes and I won’t ever touch them.”

“You’re a liar.” You hissed narrowing your eyes to look at him. Sam nodded at what you said.

“I will never tell you yes.” Sam growled. You lifted your gun at the arch angels face. “Get our of here!” Sam yelled.

Lucifer only smiled disappearing. Sam sighed and held you close. “I’m so wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t with me....I’m sorry.”

“Sam stop it, this isn’t your fault!” You said with a groan, he kissed your forehead. “Sam I chose you, I will always choose you. Please don’t..this isn’t your fault. Our life is unconventional, yes you have demons blood coursing through your veins. Yes you are meant to be the vessel to Lucifer, yes you are a Winchester but I love that. I love all of that.”

He kissed you once again. “I love you so much (y/n/n).”

“I love you too moose.” You said kissing his lips after getting on your tippy toes. The door opened and you both raised your guns. Bobby and Dean raised their hands which were full of groceries.

“Sorry.” Sam said lowering his. “Lucifer came here... he tried to get to me..he tried to take (y/n).”

Dean and Bobby grew angry as they set their stuff down on the counters. “Balls, You two alright?” Bobby asked hugging you each. He had become much of a father to you after you started dating the tall Winchester.

“Yes Bobby fine.” You replied.

“That’s my (girl/boy).” Bobby said hugging you again.

That night Sam cuddled with you as you slept. You woke up and made your way to the bathroom, it was three in the morning and no one else was awake. You turned around from washing your hands and let out a hoarse yelp as Lucifer put his hand around your neck.

“You really should be more careful.” He said leaning close once more and flipping you around holding your wrists behind your back.

Sam woke to see you weren’t there. “(Y/n)?” He asked groggily. He shot up looking for you. “Lucifer?” Sam growled running down the hall to the bathroom. He opened the door to see Lucifer holding your body close to his. “No!”

Lucifer turned with a smile. “Tell me yes, and I’ll let (y/n) go.” He said as he caressed your (h/c) hair. Tears streamed down your face as he touched you. Sam dropped to his knees.

“Let (y/n) go first.” Sam growled.

“Sammy no don’t do that!” You cried out as Lucifer pushed you at Sam.

“I did as you asked now tell me you will be my vessel.” Lucifer smirked. Sam only untied you.

“Run downstairs, first get Bobby and Dean tell them to get inside he safe place. I’ll be there soon.” He whispered in your ear. You nodded and got them both.

“Downstairs, it’s the safest place.” Sam said. Lucifer only agreed following Sam, the bunker door sat open waiting for Sam.

Sam stepped inside as Lucifer watched. Sam snickered as he began to shut the door. Before Lucifer could say anything he heard Sam shout. “Not today Satan.”

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War will ride the red horse. He will turn brother against brother until no one stands but kneels in their own blood.

Famine will ride the black horse. He will make man starve for their greatest desire, being sure they all sin.

Pestilence will ride the white horse. He will bring great sickness upon man and when it is done few will stand.

Death will ride the green horse. There he will bring great destruction and end any life that gets in his path

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It was a boring week for the Winchesters and their capanion (y/n). Nothing exciting was going on, the god squad was out working and Crowley was busy torturing souls for information that he claimed he needed. So Dean came up with a great idea.

Strip poker.

Dean figured that (y/n) wasn't going to be super good at the game and he wanted to see some TaTas.

What he didn't know is that their (h/c) haired companion was actually very good at Poker. You had failed to mention that before you met them and combined all the money you had for one another you made money off bets and poker.

Sam had given Dean a classic bitch face but didn't admit he'd be okay with seeing you practically naked, the fact that you had been hunting with two boys made for some sexual tensions on a few occasions. Sam and you expecially because you were a bit younger then him, Dean the eldest of the group. Crowley and a few of the angles also had feelings for you, which was weird for everyone.

As you all sat down to play you grabbed a (drink) and waited to be handed some cards. "Ready to loose sweetheart?" Dean asked. He was being very cocky.

"The real question is are you?" You asked rasing an eyebrow, this gained a laugh from the younger Winchester. As you all began to play Sam and Dean both lost a few arrivals of clothing. All you had lost were your heels which you had taken off in a way that both Sam and Dean couldn't stare at you directly in worry you'd see how frustrated they had already gotten.

Sam finally lost his shirt, you looked him over and smiled. His face grew red in color, you giggled and then Dean was in only his underwear and one sock. "Giving up yet?" You asked.

"I don't give up." He said back. You all played until both Sam and Dean were in their underwear and you were nice and warm in; leggings, underwear, bra, tank top and a skirt. All you'd manage to loose was your shirt and heels. Dean grumbled and Sam continued to fidgit in his position. You laughed again.

"Okay let's do this. Whichever one of you takes of your final layer of clothing fastest gets to see what you wanted." You said jokingly. But to your surprise both Winchesters stripped faster than a hungry Wendigo. You turned bright red. "Uhmmm..."

"Rock paper scissors!" Dean shouted.

"You always loose Dean." Sam said trying to hide himself from his brother. Dean only grumbled again, suddenly Crowley appeared.

"What in Lucifers name his going on?!"

"Strip poker!" You shouted back as red as a tomato,

"Looks as if you won..."

You only nodded when Crowley left again and Dean was enclocked in the weirdest Rock Paper Scissors in the history of Rock Paper Scissors. Dean and Sam ended up tied. "How about we share?" Dean asked with a happy smile as you melted in your chair.

Who could say no to Sam's puppy dog eyes and Deans sexy stare?

Not you.

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t was coming time to die, he knew it was. He had loved you for so long now and it was his time to tell you.
As the explosion race towards you, Jyn, and himself he crawled to you.

"Cassian what is it?" You asked with widened (e/c) eyes. Tears were running down your face from the wound you had gotten, but the pain was nothing compared to the fear you felt.

"I can't die without telling you how I feel. I..I love you (y/n) I love you so much. Beyond anything. I fight with the rebels because I want to make the galaxy a safer place for you." He hugged you tight. He ran his hands through your beautiful (h/l) (h/c) hair and held you close.

"I love you too Cassian." You said holding him tight. He held you in the embrace and in your finale moments his lips touched your own. Suddenly you didn't feel pain, or fear, all you felt was safety and release.

If you were to die you would die happy, die knowing you saved the galaxy, and got what you wanted most.


Jyn smiled happily seeing her two newest fiends be happy. In a place where hope was all anyone had she was glad that you and Cassian could be happy.

Suddenly the wave of heat rushed over you, but the two of you died lips touching, and arms embraced in a never ending hug.

You were the hope that brought the galaxy to safety. It was you, and the never ending want to keep you safe that made everyone else safe.

You were Cassian's hope and that's what rebels live on.


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You had been craving chocolate for a while now, Sam and Dean knew you were in need of something or you'd be unhappy for the rest of the week. Castiel appeared while you were looking through your bag for anything to snack on.

"I can't even find a simple candy bar." You hissed folding your arms in distaste. Dean looked to Cas seeing he could have the angel go get you some candy.

"Cas go get (y/n) a kiss," he said thinking about the chocolate sweet but Castiel didnt know there were two kinds. He smiled and nodded happily as he inched closer to you. Sam pulled out his phone and hit record on the camera. Dean laughed, you looked up to be surprised with a kiss from the angel. He pushed you against the wall and continued to deepen the kiss. When he pulled away you and him were bright red. Your beautiful (e/c) eyes were wide with surprise when you punched on the know surprised angel. You pulled him into another kiss.

Sam continued to record. "Send me that when it's done will you?" Dean asked hitting him softly. Sam nodded and continued to record as the angel and you fought for dominance. Cas won being stronger then you. He pinned you to the bed and kissed you ever so sweetly, his one hand held your waist while the other on held a fist full of your (h/l) (h/c) hair. He kissed you again, he but done on your lip softly and you let his tounge enter your mouth exploring.

When the two of you pulled away you smiled. "That kiss was better then the one Dean meant."

"What kind did he mean." Cas asked embarrassed now.

"Well my dear angel he was talking about a brand of candy. Chocolate."

"Oh..." he smirked, "I think this one tasted better."

You blushed and nodded. "It did."

"Good maybe we could do it again sometime. He kissed your lips and disappeared with a flutter of wings.

"He's got style." Sam said as he sent Dean the video.

Dean smirked and looked to you. "Are you still in need of sugar?"

"No but I want that angel to come back." You stated as you grabbed for your phone and added in a date on your calendar. *the day I got what I wanted.*

Chapter Text

People had been disappearing. Dean was still high on the mark and Sam was ready to get him out of the house. You packed up your bag and got ready to go. “What do you think this is?” You asked as Dean drove. Sam only shrugged seeing that he was still reading into the case.

“Not sure.” Sam replied.

That’s when you got to the place of the disappearance. A homeless man had seen it all. “Light, and a flowery scent.”

“What kind of flowers?”

“Flowery flowers.”

“That’s great.”

“It was aliens man, had to be.”

“Okay thank you for your time.” You said sweetly as you and Dean went into the bar to get info while Sam went off to find more information.

The two of you talked while Dean drank. A man watched you, you hadn’t noticed him. “I’m going to use the bathroom real quick.” You said as you got up, the bathroom was an outhouse. You got up to leave and walked outside.

Dean watched as the larger built man with a grey hat followed you out. Dean ran to get to you but you were already up on smoke. Dean growled when he went up in smoke as well.

Sam was in the motel room, he expected the two of you were looking into it better.

“Dean!” You screamed. Dean heard you but you sounded younger.

He looked into a mirror and punched it. “Son of a bitch.” He growled. He saw your eyes. Those beautiful (e/c) eyes.

“(Y/n)?” Dean asked.

You let out a surprised gasp. He was younger. “Dean?”

“Baby girl you look like you’re twelve.”

“I am twelve Dean!” You spat. You saw a boy behind you.

“JP?” You asked. He only nodded looking up. He didn’t speak.

“Dean you have to get to Sam.” You said. You were pacing back and forth. “Please.” He nodded and broke the bed. He opened the window.

He crawled through the window and ran, he had to find Sam. He knocked on the door, Sam answered to a boy. “Heya Sammy.”

“ happening? Wait where is (y/n).”

Dean chuckled. “Younger about twelve bro.”

Sam let out a growl. “Where?!”

“In a basement someplace. We need to get to her.”

“Well duh.” Sam said as the two of them headed to the car. They drove as quickly as they could to find the place they had been in.

“Sam in the hole.” Dean said as he pointed to the small window.

“Dude I cant fit in that.” Dean chuckled. “Dean, I will knock you out.” Dean only went into the hole, Sam found another way in.


Silence, you had been taken up the stairs. You were tied to a chair, watching an old witch make a stew. “You smell different my you have seen things...”

You only mumbled a gag in your mouth. She laughed. Sam was knocked back, another light. He was a child again, the man realized he could get through to him. “Sorry I just...the witch made me eat my sister. Sugarcoated bitch.”



“God I hate this...”

“How do we change it?” Sam asked.

“My hexbag.” He said. “Squeeze it and you grow your original age again.”

You were trying to get out of your binds working to get out, you were trying to use a bracelet you always wore when you were a child. The witch smiled as she turned until two boy came up the stairs.

“(Y/n)?” Sam asked, he was small, he had fluffy brown hair and was much shorter then Dean. You never thought you would see the size difference.

You nodded as Sam ran to you. Dean lifted his glass with flames when he was knocked back.

“You bastard you’re working against us!” Dean yelled. The man smiled as he pressed Dean against a wall. You screamed into the gag as Sam was thrown against a wall.

Dean grabbed the bag. He smiled, Hansel went to help the witch. You got out of your binds seeing Dean suddenly change to an adult. He put the bag in his pocket and fought knocking out the man. Soon he attacked the witch.

The witch was thrown into the oven. He locked it up. Sam hurried to untie you while Dean changed Sam back.

“Me now change me.”

“Aww look tiny (y/n/n).” Dean said picking you up. You struggled in his hold until Sam grabbed he bag from Dean giving it to you. You changed back and pushed him to the floor.

“Eat cake bitch.” You said as you shoved cake into his mouth.

Sam laughed as he destroyed the hex bag. “Now let’s never be young again.”

“But Taylor Swift man.” Dean said with a grin. You groaned as he kissed you then Sam did.

“No more Taylor SWIFT.” You said.

Chapter Text

Crowley paced back and forth watching the many demons fight back and forth. Suddenly the doors of his throne room threw open and you were tossed into the room. Your hands hit the floor first the rest of your body followed shortly after. Your head the only thing that didn’t crash to the floor.

“What the hell are you doing?” Crowley yelled at the demons that tossed you into the throne room. “(Y/n)?”

“Hello Crowley.” You snapped standing carefully. Your muscles were sore and the pain in your body was pulsing. He stepped forward placing his hand on your cheek. Your (e/c) eyes widened as he snapped his finger and the two of you appeared in his room.

“What did they do to you?” He asked as he looked your body over scratches and bruises.

“They said you talk about me all the time they figured you wanted me for something.” You said looking the king of hell over.

“I....” the king of hell turned fifty shades of red. You smirked letting out a snort. He looked at you and his embarrassment went to a large smile. “I do talk about you a lot.” He replied.

“Why?” You asked leaning against the bedpost. Then you realized the king of hell didn’t need to sleep. You looked around the room, it wasn’t his at all. It was a room for you. The walls were (f/c) and the bed spread was your favorite pattern. Pictures of you and your family, Bobby, Ellen, Sam, Dean, and Jo were around the room. A large dog bed sat at the other side of the bed and a small hellhound slept.

“Crowley?!” You asked out loud. He looked at you then read your mind.

“Yes (y/n)?” He asked stepping forward and placing his hands on your face.

“What is all this?”

“A place in hell for you.” He replied as he kissed your face. The taste of Craig was intoxicating and soon the soft kiss grew deeper. “ and I are soulmates. I know this sounds insane. The hunting partner of the Winchesters and the child of Bobby singer but.. you and I are meant to be together. You are meant to rule by my side.”

“I..Crowley I..why did you not tell me before?”

“I didn’t know how to tell you...” he replied softly as he leaned in kissing you once more. “Sleep well please, when you wake I will take you back to your family then we can work on how to tell your family you and I are soulmates.”

You nodded and crawled into the soft bed. He kissed you once again and walked towards the door. He turned to see you fall asleep, he smiled realizing he had made the right choice to wait.

He loved you more then anything he could ever say and he would always protect you.

Chapter Text


The damn things always seemed to stop Duke for just the right amount of time. But not this time, at least not for long. He smiled as he watched Kevin sleep, the kid was never gonna learn. He kissed his forehead and waited, he was gonna teach the kid a thing or two about drinking; how hard could it be?

'You should just leave the poor boy alone'

'I say screw him, now, hard.'

'You always say that, we should give him a cookie, a nice back massage and take out. He looks so peaceful right now'

'Duke you decide'

"Just shut up already." Duke snapped, Kevin stirred. "Morning sleepy head." Duke said stooping to his level, Kevin looked around. He remembered where he was, his dream had been so peaceful. He shot up with a scowl. "Oh come on Kev, my man, my main sexy man. You sleep I get to watch." Kevin shuttered afraid that this brute had touched him in his sleep. Duke only chuckled watching the boy, he was so cute.

"Kev, I mean since you are practically a man I wanted to share a few beers with you, maybe some scotch." He smirked taking the boys arm in his large hand, helping him up off the bed. He sat him on the couch, after a few minutes of hesitation Kevin decided to say screw it. He may not make it out of this place alive.He began to drink, Duke and Kevin began to have wars about who could drink the fastest and after a few drinks Kevin’s words were slurred. The boy turned to Duke. “I like your face.” He said, his words slurred.

“What?” Duke asked his eyebrow arcing with question, his face was covered in a bright red blush.
Kevin lifted his finger as if he was about to scold him, however he booped his nose. “I like your face,” he grinned, he leaned close. “I wanna kiss it.” He said leaning closer, Duke grinned. “Go on.” He said puckering his lips.‘You should put him to bed, he looks tied.’

‘Or just screw him hard, way hard.’

‘When you are drunk, it is your most true self, he wants you Duke.’

‘The poor thing is tired, put him to bed.’Kevin leaned in kissing Duke drunkly, he managed to kiss him well, just seemed to be breathless. Duke grabbed his face and pulled him closer to him. Kevin began to run his fingers through the mans long hair. Duke grunted feeling his pants tighten, he kissed back gruffly.
Kevin pulled away after a few minutes. “I hate you, for taking my kidney by the way. But I…I do think you are good, sexy at least..” He said his hand tightening in a fist, he lifted it up as if he was going to punch him. Duke smirked as the boys hand wavered and fell into his lap.“Kevin, would you give me a hand job?”

Kevin back up slowly, his lower lip began to quiver. “I just wanted to get to know you better,” he whispered. “Hey hey hey, I was joking, really.” He said pulling the boy into a hug. “Im sorry hey hey calm down I am so sorry.”

Kevin nodded and looked as if he had forgotten about it. He kissed Duke’s cheek. “Can you get me a dog, at least I will have a friend when you aren’t around… and…and..I mean once you kill m-“

Duke’s jaw tightened. “I am not going to kill you, I want you to love me one day.” He said kissing him. “I won’t I promise, I didn’t know you were a kid, if I would have I would have just kidnapped you.”

Kevin ignored him. “Can I get a dog please?”

“What kind?” Duke asked as he kissed the boy lovingly. “A lab maybe?”

“Good, okay, only if you can beat me in a round of lip sync battle.”Kevin’s eyes grew wide. “Really?”

“Yes, you ready?” Duke asked as he walked to a stereo. He nodded happily, Duke turned on Marilynn Manson’s Sweet Dreams and began to air gaiter. Kevin wasn’t good at pretending to sing, he started to drunkenly sing his words slurring. The two began to sing together, no longer battling. When the song ended and the dance battle, singing war finally ended Kevin hugged Duke quickly. “Oh noooooo….” Kevin yelped.



“I don’t get a puppy anymore..I didn’t battle you in lip sync.”He grinned. “Oh shush, you will to. If you take a nap, I will come back with a dog and whatever else you want.”

“Cupcakes! Oh and pizza.” He said clapping like a child. Duke smirked, he needed to get him drunk more often. He kissed the boy after putting into bed, maybe he would take advantage of this another time.

He looked up lab puppies in the area, after a while he went and picked up the pup. He brought the wiggling boy home with cupcakes and a pepperoni pizza. Duke helped the puppy down to Kevin’s room.Kevin woke after a little while, the smell of pizza filled his nose. He suddenly was jumped on by a small wiggly black lab. Kevin held the dog happily. He couldn’t remember asking for one. Duke smiled seeing how happy Kevin was.“Hey sunshine, do you like him? After you asked me for a puppy I thought you deserved it. After all those sweet kisses you gave me.” Kevin’s face went white in horror, he kissed this psycho, the puppy licked his face. He kissed the puppies noes.

“Yes I do like this puppy, what..what is his name?”

“I wanted to call him Duke junior but you should probably name him.” Duke said sitting beside him. “Oh and I brought you the cupcakes and pizza you asked for.” He said rubbing the boys arm. Kevin wished he could remember what he had done, why did he drink? Well he got a dog and good food out of it maybe it was worth it

.“Arrow.” He replied back. “I want to call him Arrow.”

Duke smirked, cute name.He kissed his forehead and helped himself to pizza. “I will go and get him a name tag and some toys tonight, you behave now Kev, and you Arrow. You take care of my boy.” Kevin felt a blush run over his face, maybe he was going to enjoy being here.

Chapter Text

"Please, Duke please!" Kevin begged. "Don't do this, you will regret it, I will never forgive you." He cried harder, his wounds hurt worse. Duke stopped, he wasn't sure what to do, he forgot what was happening. He stepped back after Kevin was almost completely stripped. His mind going crazy, this kid drove him wild. In every sense of the word.

'Hurt him.'

'Oh the poor thing, leave him alone.'

'Be soft with him, hurt him, but be soft with him.'

'No just hurt him.'

"Stop it." He yelled at himself. "Stop it." Kevin began to shake harshly, he was looking at Duke with wide eyes.

Tears ran down Kevin's face. "Please Duke, I will do anything, just don't hurt me."

"I won't hurt you." He replied as he leaned in, he kissed his forehead. "Kevin, I want you to stay here with me, forever." Kevin stopped, he no longer struggled, he just looked at him with all over panic. "Kevin I just want to make you want for nothing, and I want to make sure you are okay, only with me however. Just me."

"I don't love you." He cried.

Duke kissed his forehead again. "You will learn to love me." He replied back, Kevin frowned and was terrified. He thought by now he would be saved, safe, away from this hell. His plan had failed, his life was over.


It had been a few months now, Kevin's wounds were healing. Duke had began to do whatever Kevin asked for, he had more access to movies, and books. He was allowed to use the computer with Duke supervising, the two had began to sleep together, not sexually but in the same bed just sleeping.

Kevin had managed to convince him that he needed a companion, so they got a gold fish. Duke called it Duke Junior, but Kevin called it Bubbles. Duke continued to do his 'job' selling bodies, and the items inside for a profit. They eventually moved out of the school, it was a hard process. Duke did have to drug Kevin to ensure he was a sleep when he moved him. He placed the boy in his truck and wrapped him in a warm blanket. He had already packed all their stuff, and put it in the truck. Bubbles had also safely been transported.

Kevin woke in a panic to the blaring sound of Sweet Dreams. "DUKE!" He screamed in fear, he looked over to see Bubbles was in a larger tank with a castle, as well as some foliage, a few guppies swam with him. Kevin looked around in confusion until Duke came in. The man had a large smile on his face.

"Kev hey Kev it's alright." Duke soothed as he wrapped him in his arms. "Are you alright?"

"Where are we? How did we get here?" He was looking around at the room he had never seen before. How had he arrived there?

"You..fell asleep, we moved, we are in a bigger house. I have been working really hard and now, we have a big house, pretty secluded. I had some friends build it and nobody really knows it exists. So we are just together now, alone. The basement is off limits, and I know you know why."

"Really?" He asked. "You mean we aren't on the college campus any more?" He asked, fear set in, there was . no way anyone would ever find him now.

"No, not any more." He replied with a smile. "I got us our own house."

"Our own..our." He couldn't figure out what to say. He was afraid, he wanted to get away. "Our home." He actually blushed, why had he blushed. He was surprised, he said he got them a house, that meant he was thinking of him when he built it.

"How quickly did it get built?" His eyes were wide.

"I had began building it the moment you arrived at my home," Kevin gasped. "I had uhm... that the moment you appeared..I knew that you were.. that we were going to be together." He blushed, trying to hide it.

"You did?" He asked with wide eyes.

"Yes. I did." He kissed him, at first he hesitated, but soon it got deeper, more intense. Kevin pressed on his chest, he leaned back. "Sorry..I just...I.." Kevin pulled his face closer and they kissed once again. " really did..want to kiss me?"

"Yes, I did." He replied back with a smile, he was trying not to gag, this man was insane; but would he ever escape. "I have one request for you.. and I don' can say no if you want...if you need to."

"Anything for you love." He replied back.

"Before you and met my friend-" He was cut off.

"Oh that boy yes, sorry continue." He wanted that boy dead.

"We were trying to start a company to help people who need sister was supposed to get mine. But the kidneys you take...can you please give them to hospitals. Children hospitals or any hospital, with letters saying give it to anyone that needs?"

Duke hesitated, Kevin was precious, he had such optimism, even when staring at a monster like Duke.

"Alright." He replied.

His eyes grew wide. "Really! You would help me!" He asked as he wrapped his arms around his neck quickly, he had just wanted a hug. Their lips crashed against one anothers. Duke held him tightly, not letting him go. He held him close to his body.

"I would do anything for you, I love you." He replied back. "I will do anything you wish of me."

Kevin's eyes grew wide. "Even let me see people again."

Duke looked at him carefully. "I...Kevin.." Kevin's face fell, he whined softly. " know that we cant."

"The..people..I need people." He whispered, he was afraid. He was slowly starting to fall for him, but at the same time he was afraid of him.

"Baby you know we can't. I have friends. But.. I don't know if you would want to meet them. They are similar to me." Kevin was hesitant, but he was desperate.


"What?" He questioned in surprise.

"I need more people."

" want to meet them?"

"Yes please." He replied. "I meet them, meet people. If they are your friend then they are..m..mine." He replied, he was mostly happy with him, he was still somewhat afraid.

Duke smirked and instantly got on the phone, he said a few names Kevin didn't know. He watched the fish swim, he was watching Duke out of the corner of his eye. Duke smirked and pulled Kevin into his lap. Kevin leaned against him, he was careful not to say anything. He wanted to be happy, and he realized that being happy for him would be pretending. After all, staying here was good for him at least as of right now, Duke as going to ensure he was safe. Until he could get away.

Kevin heard the door bell go off, his head quickly went to the sound of the bell. Duke smiled and pulled Kevin along, a woman and a man stood at the door way.

"Kevin this Ellen, and Stephen." Kevin slightly waved, Ellen smiled happily at him.

" Stephen King?"

The man smirked. "Exactly." He was slightly afraid, what did the two of them do? After bringing them into the kitchen he smiled and had them sit grabbing everyone some wine.

"Kevin has a request."

"Oh?" Ellen asked with a grin, she was staring at Kevin watching him. He felt safe around her, the others not so much. Including Duke. "He is such a cutie, I have heard so much about him."

Kevin looked to duke and he smiled, he had talked about him? "What is it?" Stephen asked.

"Kevin is...well you both know I took his kidney. His sister was supposed to get it apparently. He had been trying to make a business with a friend to help people get kidneys. I know they make a lot of money..but would you be willing to give them to people..drop them off at hospitals for free?"

"Free? That's a lot of money to just throw away. I can..make a promise that one of the two kidneys from every person I kill will go, but not every one."

Kevin smiled. "Thank..thank you."

"I can do that." Ellen smirked. "Anything for Dukie Wookies Kevin." Kevin started laughing.

"Dukie Wookie?"

"Inside jokes dear." Ellen snickered flashing Duke a grin. The man tried not to smile.

"So you like life with old Duke?" Stephen asked.

"I..yes of course." He replied, they were all heavily drinking, he was hoping that if they got drunk enough they would leave him for a few seconds and allow him to run. However eventually he was coaxed into drinking.

Duke smiled slinging his arm over his shoulder, he blushed slightly. Duke kissed his cheek, the three talked about who knows what. He watched them with question, they all seemed perfectly normal, all but the fact they murdered people for their parts.

Ellen was kind, but he didn't understand how someone so sweet could be gruesome. After a few hours the two had left, Duke was drunk and had taken advantage of drunk Kevin. He was mostly out of it, however had consented accidentally.

Kevin woke and Duke was asleep, he raced out of the room, after gagging at the after math of their 'sleep'. Handcuffs, toys. He was shaking, did he really do that?

He raced to the kitchen when he saw Ellen.

"Morning kiddo." She said drinking some coffee.

"I though you left." Kevin said softly.

"No, I came back. I told Duke I was this morning. Old lug must have forgotten, is he hammered?"


"You okay?" She asked as she nibbled on a muffin.

"Yes..I am sorry..I just wasn't expecting you."

She smiled. "You were trying to escape weren't you."

"What? No of course not." He replied, he was shaking. She could see right through him.

"Oh Kev yes you were. Don't worry I won't tell. I like you too much." She handed him a muffin. Duke walked out of the room. "Morning Duke."

"Dammit women..I forgot you were here."

"Did you enjoy yourself?" She asked. "You smell like sex."

"If you want the truth, yes, yes I did." Duke smirked, Kevin blushed. What happened last night?"

Ellen smiled as Duke headed back to his room to get cleaned up. She handed Kevin a paper. "It's my number. If you ever need me, and he lets you call me; then call me." He watched her as she left, he finally had a friend again. Someone safe in the darkness he felt.

Chapter Text

As you walked to close you heard the new boy calling your name. You ignored him as you walked to Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan, after the year you had with them before your friendship with them had grown.

Steve stepped in front of you as Billy stepped up.

“Get out of here.” Steve snapped as Billy tried to get around him. “I said get out of here!”

Billy growled as he tried to push past him. “I want to talk to (y/n).”

“Why?” You asked from behind Steve, Jonathan held your shoulder protectively.

“I want to talk, that's it.”

“Then talk. Anything you want to say you can say with them around.” You say as you run your hand over your (h/c) hair. He growls and walks away. He was ruggedly handsome but he scared you, with hiss Douchy demeanor and his angry walk.

As you headed through to Jonathan’s car to get a ride home you were grabbed by the hand. “Ahh..” You shouted as you were pulled into the janitor's closet. “B..Billy.”

“I want to talk.” He hesitated, “Please.”

You were surprised he was kind, you nodded. “The bruises. Where are they from?” He turned over your arm rolling up your sleeves. “Please tell me.”

You felt sadness and fear rush over you, “I..B.Billy I can't..I..”

“Please.” He looked you over with intense need, you felt tears slip down your cheeks. “(Y/N) please.”

“” You said. “Girls at school, and a boy too.” You were severely unpopular and on occasion (almost daily) someone would hit you, or take a stab at your self esteem.

“Who?” Billy asked in anger.

You told him the names and he stormed out of the closet, you left the room running into a terrified Jonathan. “Oh there you are I thought you were..why are you crying?”

Your friends did not know of what you were going through, you had hid it well, but somehow not well enough from Billy, and you did not know how he found out. “No reason. I just…Flashbacks from last year.”

“Oh..hey come here.” Jonathan took you into his arms, he was awkward and goofy but kind. You followed him to the car when you saw Billy with a younger girl, she had bright orange hair and blue eyes.

“Who is that with Billy?”

“His sister Max. Will and his friends talk about her a ton.”



You were dropped off at home, you went to head up the stairs when your father spotted you, he tossed his beer bottle at you. You let out a cry as you ran to your room. “You better get down her bitch.”

You sat against the door. You heard his footsteps on the floor, oh no. You pushed your bed against the door, you knew it was risky but you had to get out of the house. You grabbed onto the closest tree branch.

You managed to get down, the moment your feet touched the floor you booked it, fear filling your every moment, you could hear his yells as you took a right up the hill.

You screamed as you tripped over a rock. You hit your head against a tree, you felt your head begin to bleed as you stood up. You began to walk to Nancy’s house when you heard the rev of an engine, you looked up to see Billy’s car.

The car instantly stopped. “(Y/N) get in the car please.” Billy yelled to you calmly, you got in the car, as he drove to his house you noticed his shirt was unbuttoned further than usual. “What happened?”

“He tossed a beer bottle at me, I ran. Tripped.”

“When we get to my home I will clean you up.”

You got to his house, no one was home, Max was at the arcade. “Sit on my bed, I will be right back.” Billy said.

As he returned he cleaned your wound and bandaged it up. “I..I am sorry..” He suddenly stopped when he heard the door handle turn. He pushed you in his closet.

You heard sounds then a voice. “Billy where is Max?”

“The arcade.”


“She wanted to go. So I dropped her off.”

“Her chores are not done.”

“She said she would when she gets home.”

Suddenly you heard a crash, then the closet you were in was slammed against. “Did you ask to take her?”

“” Billy whispered.

“I can't hear you.” You heard the sound of someone being slapped.

“No sir!”

“Good, now when she gets home you will help her with her chores and cook her dinner. I am headed out to dinner with Susan. Now get.”

You realized why Billy knew, because he had gone through what you did. The two of you had both been harmed.

“You can come out now.” you excited out and saw a tear running down his cheek. You hugged him tight.


“I..he does it to me, that is how I know.” He said as the two of you sat down on the bed, you laid your head on his shoulder he petted your hair carefully as the two of you cried together.

“(Y/N) will you just give me a chance?” He asked. “I seem like an ass but I use the tough exterior to hide my pain.”

You did not reply with words, but rather you kissed him. As the two of you pulled away he smiled, he kissed your forehead. “I take that as a yes?”

“Yes.” He hugged you tightly. The two of you did his and Max chores as well as cooked dinner together, he went to pick up Max while you finished dinner and plated.

You spent that night with them until Nancy picked you up.

Chapter Text

After everything you and Jonathan stayed close, you were his rock and he was yours, he had asked you to come over that day which you did.

You were always out of the house being home wasn't exactly your favorite thing. You mom a drunk and your dad a deadbeat, very often did you have to cover up bruises with makeup to hide it.

As you walked up to the Byers house you kicked rocks and looked to the leaves that were changing colors. You wanted to just hold him, that day had been the worst for you. Your mom had been caught with another man after a night of drinking and your dad had taken out his anger on you. You has a black eye, and your leg was screwed up now.

He had thrown you down the stairs.

You made your way up their driveway, you took a deep breath trying to forget that morning.

Before you coukd knock Will was at the door. "Jonathan its (y/n)." He called you laughed giving the kid a fist bump. Jonathan came to the door letting you in.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes yes why."

"What did he do to you?"

He could see right through you, you choked back tears as he pulled you into a hug. You let out a sob, he was holding you tight. "Hey hey its okay, dont worry. I have you, stay here for the night."


"Yes really, my mom wouldnt mind, you know that." It was true Joyce was the kindest to you. You composed yourself walkong to the bathroom and washed off the makeup you had put on. You walked back out Jonathan gasped anf Joyce covered her mouth, Will gave you a hug. You smiled at him.

"You'll stay here for the night wont you?" Joyce asked you.

"Yes of course," you replied as you began to eat, after you had finished Jonathan took your hand leading you outside the two of you walked hand in hand through the forest. He didnt want to let you go, he cared a lot about you and you meant everything to him.

The two of you finally stopped at a bench that seemed almost out of place. He took your hand leading you to sit down, the silence was nice and you knew it wasnt because he didnt want to talk. He pulled you into a protective hug. He was yours and you were his.

After a few moments of silence he kissed your forehead, then down your nose to your lips, he pulled away after a moment but soon he had kissed you once again.

"I am going to always love you. You can never get rid of me." He said. You smiled, he didnt often speak but when he did his words meant the world. This is what you needed. You needed a safe place.

"Good luck getting rid of me Jonathan Byers, you are stuck with me too."

He chuckled. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Chapter Text

Gabe wasn't often around, he enjoyed popping in and out of your life. You had been hunting with the Winchesters for almost three years now. However Gabe had taken a special interest in you. You were sleeping when you heard the sound of feathers and candy wrappers. You slowly turned over to see the angel sitting beside you, the bed slumping.

"Morning." Gabe said, you looking towards your alarm clock.

"Its three in the morning." You muttered.

He chuckled. "Still morning isn't it (n/n)." He asked cocking his head as he looked you over.

"I suppose." You yawned. "Let me sleep will you, the hunt kicked my ass yesterday." Gabe nodded and left you to sleep, after a few more hours you woke to a mouthwatering smell.

You made your way down to the kitchen, Dean, Daryl, Sam, Carl, Maggie, Rick and Jack were sitting around the table. "There you are. why did you make this all for us?" They asked confused.

"I didn't, I thought one of you guys did." You replied. "So you guys di..didn't make this for us?" You asked slightly concerned.

"No, we didn't" Daryl shrugged as he reached for the bacon. You shrugged and sat down. Dean was piling his plate so you figured it would be okay. Suddenly Gabriel appeared behind you.

"This was for (y/n)." Gabe said with a grin on his face. "But i suppose you guys enjoy it too."

"You just made it for (y/n) all of this for them?"

"Yes, all of this."

"But why?"

"I don't know, I figured you would be okay with a free meal cooked up by everyones favorite angel." Gabe said, Daryl cocked his head. Favorite angel was an overshoot in his head, he didn't think anyone liked angels accept maybe Castiel who was currently out doing something.

"You look disappointed." Gabe said looking to Daryl.

"Not disappointed, just surprised you would uh never mind." The man said frowning. He kept eating. You chuckled at how flustered the hunter had gotten. Gabe suddenly leaned down and kissed you, and with a surprise you let out a shout.

"What..what was that for?"

"Got to give a kiss to my favorite human." And with that comment he was gone.

Chapter Text

Sam smirked as he watched you dance by yourself to music in your room, the bunker was usually quiet. But your music was radiating through the house, you thought the boys had gone out to eat and show Jack some of the local hot spots. However they had gotten back faster.

Dean slowly made his way towards Sam, he held his finger up pointing towards you. Dean chuckled. "Go dance with her, I know you want to. You have been so silent about your feelings but you should go and talk to her."

"I do really love her, ever since we saved her during that hunt." He was blushing, looking towards her. His eyes soft, and his smile wide.

"Then go and talk to her Sammy." Dean replied with a chuckle as he watched as his younger brother walked into your room. You were still dancing, your back turned from the door.

"Girls just want to have fun!" You sang into the fake microphone. Suddenly a hand was on your shoulder. you let out a scream instantly punching the man who had touched you.

"Ow what the-" Sam groaned as you sat back.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry Sam. I didn't realize you were here. Wait how much did you see?"

He only laughed. "Girls just want to have fun." He said licking his lips as he took your hand in his and began to dance with you. You chuckled and the two of you began to dance happily, smiling wide. "You are mine. Please."

"I like that... you and me, together. Sam Winchester. We can have fun together."

"Yes, yes we can."

You looked towards the write to see Jack and Dean watching you with a smile on their faces. "Why don't the two of you get in here too?" You asked as you waved your hands to get them to come in. "Come on."

"You want us to join you?" Dean asked.

"We are a family aren't we." They grinned and the four of you started to dance. The two of you weren't going to give this up. You loved him, and he loved you.

Chapter Text

Kylo was an amazing leader, in your eyes. Why didn't others see this? Some did others didn't, only two years younger then the handsome leader you always had desires you suspected wouldn't be filled.
You would be a traitor if the resistance found out about this. As a young Jedi in training you knew this could go horribly wrong. Then you were given a guest to bring Kylo into custody and suddenly your world flipped. Could you do it?

"Be safe and don't hurt him," your instructor told you, "may the force be with you."

"Thank you I wont let you down."

As you got closer to the ship Kylo was on you felt a strange shift in the force. Suddenly your pod was hit and carried into the hanger.

"Well well isn't it a Resistance."

"No please I'm here to join you," you cry out trying to sound convincing, you certainly wanted to be around Kylo as much as possible.

"Really?!" A surprised voice said, you knew the voice and had remembered it from child hood. "Bring her to me."


"Bring her to me."

The stormtrooper nodded and dragged you over to Kylo, he had his helmet off, you looked into the familiar face and felt safe.

"(Y\n)?" Kylo asked.

"Ya Ben..I mean Kylo its me."

He smiled at you and picked you up by the force, as you for to your feet, "You're alive?"

"Ya and I learned how to use the force and now I can come to you."

"You've been learning for me?"

"I learned enough, and now you can teach me how to be like your grandfather and you."

He smiled happily, he took you by the hand and pulled you into a room. "You want to come to the dark side?"

"Ya as long as you have cookies."

"I'll find some," he muttered as he locked the door.

"Kylo what..are you doing?"

He didn't respond instead he pushed you up against the wall. "I should have brought you with me," he said as he kissed your neck, "I should have not left you," he smiled and looked at you. "You look absolutely beautiful."

You blushed hard, he smiled seeing your cheeks go so red. "K..Kylo I...I've wanted to see you ever since you left..I've lied to everyone saying I'd bring you back. That was my job but I could never do it."

"You're becoming my dark queen," he muttered againts your skin. "Changing already," he smiled and kissed your neck once again. "Show me the force will you, I want to see if you can use it well."

With a smile you nodded, you lifted his helmet off a table and then set it back down. Then with a devious grin you unzipped his pants with the force and zipped them back up. He gapped at you in want.

"You are really good," he said with a smile as he picked you up by force and dropped you on the bed. He sat on top of you and began to kiss you with a want that seemed to be as big as yours.
"After tonight I'll teach you how to use the force properly but I want this night to be mine." He said in your ear as he pulled on your top.

Chapter Text

It was a dark day, your family was all dead, there were stormtroopers everywhere and you were alone. Looking through a crack in your hiding place you saw a black suit. It wasn't a stormtrooper. You were questing your sanity. Crawling slowly from your hiding place you looked to see if this was real. Than you were lifted off the ground.

"No no please don't hurt me!" Your voice rang out. The black suited person cocked their head with a deep chuckle.

"Hurt you? Why would I do that no dear a slave, and information giver you will be." The voice said, it was a deep scary sound. It was male.

Slave? Did he say slave? No no that can't be! "No please!" You began to beg. Another laugh, he easily threw you over his shoulder.

"Calm down." He ordered. You did the opposite crying and screaming suddenly everything went black.

(Two hours later because BB-8 =))

You woke to the sound of something being sliced by a light saber. You went to get up when you were stopped by restraints. "Help!" You scream, "Someone please help!"

Looking around you saw a stormtrooper. "No use I'm not going to let you out." He said with almost a half head cock. The door opened and the man in black came in.

"Go 1784g6," the man said, the stormtrooper nodded and walked out with out question. "Now are you going to talk?"

"A..about what?!" You cried out scared.

"You know what," he hissed, "name?"

"'s (y\n)," you said scared, he nodded and removed the helmet. He was actually cute. He smiled and walked forward.

"Tell me everything you know about the resistance."

Your eyes widened. is this what it was about? "Oh..well they are on a planet of their own..they have a few droids."

He smiled knowing this was all you knew. "So know that's out of the way how about a kiss?" You cocked your head as he began to kiss down your neck. You moaned out softly as he began to suck on your soft spot.

"What..what is your name?"

"Kylo." He said with a smile as he kissed again. He undid your restraints and sat on a chair patting his lap. You walk over slowly and straddle him. He smiled and began kissing you again with a grin.

"You aren't like other girls." He muttered against your neck as he kissed you slowly. "You are special.." He pushed you under him and kissed happily.

"Ky.. Kylo..." You moaned softly. He slowly kissed up to your jaw bone. He kissed your lips with passion.

"My slave," he muttered with a grin as he continued to kiss you. He smiled at strapped you back to the restraints. "Later my love," he grinned as he shut the door behind him.

Chapter Text

As you ran from your capture you slipped. A evil triumphant laugh came from the one who was so close to you. You couldn't move something was holding you down, something that hurt, something that only a jedi or a master of evil could control.

Letting the force surrond you Kylo looked down with a grin. "You knew I would get you eventually." He said with a evil grin. He lowered his face so he was inches from yours. "Get you little pet, I told you I wasn't going to mess around with you, only play with you, keep myself pleasered. I really didn't want to have to hurt you," he growled as he lifted you up by your (h/l) (h/c) and pulled you along with him.

You screamed and cried as he carried you away, he wasn't going to let anything get past him. He threw you on his bed, your slave outfit was less then willing to hide anything, your boobs were visable and Kylo found that the best. "You look so pretty in that little outfit you know." Fearing for you safety you nodded in fear, he grinned. For nine days you had been here, for nine days you put up with this torture but something had changed, Kylo was upset about something and you would get used because of it.

"I'm willing to let you roam as long as a trooper is with you, I am really trying to help you, why can't you see that?"

"I don't want any part of this," you retorted, he growled and grabbed your hair again being inches from you face again, he was evil but he was handsome. He leaned in inches from you lips, "I...i'm sorry...master..." you squeaked out. He smiled kissing you intensly bitting your bottom lip for an entrance. You complied not knowing what else to do.

"I want you undressed when I come back to you understand?" Kylo asked but more so ordered. You nodded and he smiled walking into his closet to get something.

You quickly undressed making sure Kylo wouldn't beat you for misbehaving. He reaturned to see you completly naked. He smiled and walked over kissing you once again as he grouped your body. "Are you ready for the dark side?" He whispered huskily in your ear as he nibbled the lobe.

"Y...yes master," you moan softly as he removes his clothing. His member is larger than you had expected usually he didn't take his own clothing off so this was diffrent. He pushed you under him and entered, he thrusted hard holding both hands above your head with one of his the other placed firmly on your waist.

"Say my name," he ordered.

"Kylo," you moan.

"AGAIN!" he yelled as he thrusted hard.

"KYLO!" you screamed as he came, your breathing was all over the place and he was liking this to much. "Please can i cum?" You beg but you get no responce he just thrusts harder, you needed to so badly.

"Go on baby i want you juices all over me," he moaned, you released what you needed to as he continued to thrust.

Chapter Text

Dean had been driving for hours, the girl in the back seat was starting to wake up.

Sam was smirking at his brother whom of which was trying to concentrate on the road.

They both knew (Y/N) liked to play games to get what she wanted and she usually did, but they didn't always turn out how she had planned them.

As her beautiful (e/c) eyes opened to a squint at the sun beaming down at her through the window she turned her head to smile at the brothers.

"Morning Sunshine." Dean said with a grin. She was damn sexy no matter the situation, covered in blood, mud, dead person you get the idea.

To Sam she was a goddess, someone he had found when he was in need of a friend, then it turned into something more.

Both boys couldn't keep their eyes off her and after a consultation with their angel friends found they both had feelings for her and didn't want to tear their relationship as a family apart. Days later they asked this beauty if she'd date them both, of course she said yes.

Their relationship as a group had been running strong for over a year. Of course they had their ups and downs but what relationship didn't?


You stretched to get Dean's attention, your breasts pushing forward. He muttered something under his breath. Sam gulped and moved the laptop he had higher on his lap.

You smirked seeing you got the reactions that you wanted, you had learned many tricks to get to each Winchester. Sam was more visual as Dean was more contact based, they both were different but as a whole made for a perfect person.

You smiled your lips curling in excitement. You leaned forward so your breasts were visible, you pressed against Dean's arm so you could lower the volume, as you pulled back you kissed under his earlobe.

He purred in want. Sam gave you puppy dog eyes. You smiled leaning over to kiss him as well. "Good morning you two."

"Dammit I will pull this car over." Dean said as he tightened his grip on the car.

"Dean I think that's what she wants" Sam said gulping again as you grabbed for his laptop. He adjusted his legs. You giggled. Sam had found you out.

"I will not be happy if we have to pull over. We have another seven hours." He grumbled as you set your hand on his shoulder and massaged his back. "D..damn..okay okay!"

He swerved quickly driving into a dense forest and slammed on his breaks, he turned to you his eyes filled with a fire you wanted. "I won". You managed out, he was practically undressing you with his stare.

Sam got out of the car quickly and popped the trunk grabbing out some blankets. He laid them on the back seat of Baby and then pulled his shirt away in one swift motion. "It's a good thing it's not cold." He said as he removed all his clothes. Dean quickly did the same.

You started to remove yours slowly just for the fun of it when Dean started undressing you himself. You were left in your (f/c) bra and lace panties. Dean ripped off the panties and Sam unclipped the bra. "Hey I loved that pair of underwear."

"It was in my way." He hissed as he laid underneath you and pounded his hard asset inside your ass, Sam slipped carefully inside your folds. "You were a naughty girl, and I'm going to show you who actually won." He muttered in your ear as he began to pick up speed.

This was them playing good cop bad cop, Sam being the good one. Dean always tried to prove he was right. Which sometimes he wasn't.
Sam squeezed your breasts carefully as he placed kisses up and down your chest. You giggled and moaned loudly. Dean was trying to be super dominant.

"Dean slow down." You cried out but that only made him speed up. You whined and felt his balls slam against your body. "Dean..." you shouted.

He wanted you begging. You could tell in his actions. "Dean please please slow down. I'll do anything just please, not a lot just a little." Suddenly you felt Dean slow his pace but he would do random spurts of quickly paced pounds. He kissed the back of your neck as Sam kissed your breasts.

"Sammy!" You cried. "I need"

"Don't let her". Dean said demandingly. Sam hesitated.

"Only if I get to first. I'm almost there baby girl." Sam said as he picked up speed his long cock pressing against your sensitive spot. You moaned happily, the car shook, Dean pressed himself against you all the way in and stopped. You averted your eyes as he slowly began to pull out.

Sam chuckled and felt his climax coming. "I'm going to cum love. Two seconds..." he groaned as he let a wave of his seed fill you. "Go on." He said. You let out another moan as you came.

Dean had pulled out of you and gone to the back of the car to grab something. When he came back he had a set of handcuffs and some rope. "I want to play." He demanded as he pulled you away from Sam. The younger brother gave Dean the puppy dog eyes but got no response.

You giggled as he carried you over to a clear area in the woods. Sam carried over the blankets that had plenty of wet spots on them. A large low hanging branch was in his reach. He handcuffed you then laid you on the blanket. He grabbed the rope and smirked at Sam.

"What are you thinking?" Sam asked fearfully.

"Sammy it's all for fun, come here." Sam hesitantly walked over when his brother tied his wrists then tied the rope to the tree branch. Sam pulled on it but wasn't able to break free. "Our baby deserves to be punished. Not to bad, I promise. But you're just so nice".

Sam grumbled as he watched Dean mount you. You gave Sam a look, you'd show him attention later which made him struggle less. Dean pushed himself inside you, he picked up his speed and held your arms above your head, he explored your body.

You looked over at Sam who was dripping with cum. "This is the best porno I've ever watched". Sam muttered. Dean chuckled as he got faster. "Be careful with my baby, I don't want you breaking her."

"I..won't.." Dean said between pants. You were moaning loudly filling the early morning woods with sounds of pleasure.

After a while Dean had spent so much energy on you that he could barely untie Sam. Sam picked you and the blanket up he sat the blanket in the back put his shirt on you and set you on his cock.

"Drive Dean. I'm busy." Sam managed out as he unhand-cuffed you and began to push up inside you. You moaned and pressed against Sam.

Dean grinned and drove. The moment you all got to a motel he'd start another round.

Chapter Text

It had been a long time since all of you had gone on a vacation, all you wanted was to lay in the sand, or swim. You were sitting beside Peter while Tony drove. Pepper held his free hand as he drove, Thor and Loki were supposed to meet you four at the local beach.

As the four of you pulled up you noticed Loki laying in the sand, his chest bare, his long black hair pulled up, and he wore sun glasses over his eyes. You blushed seeing him, Peter punched your arm softly with a wink. You tried to brush him off. Thor was already in the water, not waiting for anyone to show up. Tony shook his head and Pepper only laughed. Peter smirked, the two of you were so ready for a beach day. You both raced towards the water, Loki sat up as he watched you.

You were wearing your (f/c) bathing suit with stripes of (2nd F/C). You smiled as you jumped in the water, it was cold on your skin and you began to shiver. Peter smirked and splashed you, the two of you continued to have a splash fight. Loki smirked as he watched the two of you. Thor suddenly splashed you both, you sputtered and coughed, suddenly you were under the water.

Loki sat quickly as he jumped to save you. Peter was dragged in my Tony, Pepper watched for you biting her lip. You were like a daughter to her, and she was petrified. Thor was watching terrified, what had he done to the small humans? Loki came out of the water carrying you bridal style. He laid you down in the sand, the warm grains of small rocks were warm. He began to work on getting you to breath, his panicked expression obvious. Thor slowly made his way towards you two.

"I am sorry brother for harming your girl friend." Thor said, his eyes lowering to the ground.

Loki chocked on his own tongue. "She isn't my girlfriend." You suddenly began to cough out water. Loki wrapped his arms around you quickly, holding you tightly towards him. "Oh thank goodness you are okay (y/n)." He said running his hands up and down your back.

"Loki, thank you.." You managed out after a few minutes of coughing and holding onto him. "You saved me."

"I didn't do anything.." He replied.

"Other than jumping in to save her, no you didn't do anything." Peter replied as Tony stood him up.

Loki rolled his eyes. "I think this is what a girlfriend and boyfriend are like." Thor replied.

"Will you shu-" Loki began, he was cut off by your lips pressed against his. "I like you Loki."

"I like you too." He replied. After making sure you and Peter were okay you went back to playing in the water, Loki staying with you nearly the entire time. Peter was busy showing off his sand castle making skills to Tony, while Pepper slept against his chest. Thor was more careful with his splashes, unless it came to Loki.

Chapter Text

You had been Olympia’s student for a while now. Every day you would go and learn from her about the type of Pokémon she trained. Whenever anyone came to the gym she would have you watch, you would take notes. She smiled as she won the next battles.

As a psychic gym leader she also had abilities, she often kept them to herself but would let you know about certain things she had come across. One day the two of you had been sitting across from each other having lunch.

Her periwinkle eyes looked over you. “You know I know your secret right?” She asked with a smile. Her purple hair shined in the sunlight. You looked her over your own (e/c) eyes grew wide.

“My what?!” You asked. You were trying to keep your crush on the psychic on the down low. You ran your hands through your (h/l) (h/c) hair.

“You like me.” She said. She had a big smile on her face. You looked down at your feet.

“I Uhm..I..” You were stuttering unsure of what to say to her. You were afraid she would shut you down.

She grinned. “I like you too you know.” She said.

Your eyes shot up. “You do?!” She snickered.

“I do.” She said with smile as she leaned in. The two of you were inches apart. She kissed you, the two of you shared a deep and passionate kiss.

“ you Olympia.” You said with a smile.

“And I love you, (y/n).” She said as she kissed you once again. You looked her over, she really was beautiful. Her purple hair, periwinkle eyes, and the black outfit with the silver star cape everything about her was beautiful.

Your favorite Pokémon sat beside you happy, if kept saying its name trying to get your attention. You looked down at your Pokémon and smiled. “Yeah I know.” You only said with a smile. You grinned happily.

“I think we should be go out as a couple tomorrow for dinner.” She said with a smile. “I think I see a good future for the two of us.”

You blushed seeing she used what she could do against you. You smiled, she kissed you again.

Chapter Text

You woke up that morning refreshed. You made breakfast and left it on the stove for the boys to get when they woke up. You smiled seeing them cuddled together. You had managed to wiggle out of their hold so they moved closer together. Your relationship together was one that you all shared. The boys shared you, and they shared each other as well.

You went off on a run, you needed more supplies to make pie and salad. You put the note on the table.

‘Love you be back soon

You got on one of the bikes to leave the bunker. You made it to the store and then got ready to leave after getting everything you needed. As you got ready you saw a young girl in a car, she looked panicked. You began walking towards the car, her eyes grew wide and she pointed behind her.

A hand grabbed your arm and a cloth over your lips. You struggled for a moment but soon dropped to your knees. He carried you off and put you in his car the girl sitting next to you cried harder and rolled the window down for a moment after using your phone to send a text.

She found the last contact.


“Taken, help. Minimart she drove a bike here. Please.”

She sent the text and then hurried rolling the window back up as the man got in the car. “You two are going to be more fun then I ever expected. The Winchester’s pet.”

Bobby let out a growl calling the boys. “You better get your ass to find (y/n).”

“What do you mean? She went to the store.”

“I got a text from her phone that says otherwise. A minimart text saying someone took her. My guess whoever sent it must be too. Find her now!”

Dean slammed his fist on the table. “Dammit. She’s been taken Sam.”

“ not (y/n).” Sam whimpered. Dean grabbed the boys hand and pulled him up.

“Come on.” Dean said getting in the car. The two got in. They drove to the minimart and found the bike. “Damn.”

You woke in pain, your (e/c) eyes looked around the room. You were chained to a chair, the girl who tried to warn you sat in a chair as well, knocked out. You saw your phone.

I can reach you. You thought stretching out in your chair your foot touching it but for only a moment. A door slammed, you let out a cry as the man stepped towards you.

“Little Winchester pet. Oh my master will love this.”

“Who is your master?” She cried as he pressed his hand onto your shoulder.

“Oh a certain demon.” He said as his eyes flicked black. “I sure will love this.”

He grabbed a knife and cut the symbol to banish angles onto your skin. You screamed as he did so the girl waking up.

“Oh look isn’t that fun.” He said looking her over. “Twos a party ain’t it?”

“Ain’t isn’t a word.” You snapped as he slapped you hard.

He glared at you. “Then why does anyone use it?”

Sam looked at Dean as they drove looking for anything. Information anything that they could find when they stopped driving. They saw lights flickering, you had that affect when you screamed.

It was part of being like Sam, demons blood coursing through you. You screamed again as he stabbed your leg.

Dean drove towards the place. Sam grabbed his knife and gun and got ready to go. Dean grabbed his own when you screamed again.

“Damnit what is that thing?!” Dena yelled as he parked. The two boys entered the abandoned place. Dean and Sam entered the building to hear you scream something.

“You can kill me for all I care. Leave her alone.”

“Oh but darling our king needs you good and ready to talk to and get information on those damn Winchester’s.”

You struggled as he stabbed your leg again.

Suddenly the building shook as Crowley appeared. “What part of you hurt her and I kill you does no one understand?!” He growled he slammed his demon against a wall. He rolled his eyes snapping his finger and letting out the girl who tried to save you. She appeared in her own home.

Sam and Dean came into view. Crowley growled. “Every single time, I just want to take the girl.. every damn time Winchesters.”

You whimpered as he caressed your face. You kicked at him. He licked his lips seeing you helpless to him. Blood was dripping from your wounds.

Sam lifted his weapon up, he growled. “Let her go.” Dean growled. “Now. Or I will kill you Crowley.”

Crowley only laughed as he looked around seeing the look on Sam’s face. “You really want her don’t you?”

“Please Crowley.” Sam growled.

“A Winchester just said please to the king of hell.” He laughed as he sat you on the chair.

Dean grabbed his flash from his pocket. “Really Dean..” Sam whined when he saw the flask. Dean only rolled his eyes and undid the cap. He flung the water at Crowley.

The king of hell let out a yell and stumbled back, Sam ran to you grabbing you carefully.

“Hey baby it’s ok.” Sam said. He picked you up running out of the area.

Dean growled. “You touch her ever again I will kill you.” He said as he left after Crowley disappeared.

The boys drove you home after getting you out of your binds. Sam sat in the back with you holding you close and trying to keep you warm and feeling safe.

He sowed you up from the back seat as careful as he could. The three of you made your way home and Sam carried you in the house.

Dean got you a water and something to eat.

They each kissed you and made sure you were okay. You cuddled into them and slept. When you woke the three of you are dinner and then you realized. You never brought home the groceries.

“The bike, and groceries?” You finally asked.

The boys only laughed. “We can get them later.”

Chapter Text

It was a long night and the Winchesters decided to take you to a bar. It had been a week since you had been able to do anything fun. A vampire hunt had taken you and the boys almost to long. Dean and Sam had been fighting over you since you started hunting with each other. Dean and Sam smiled at you as you took the karioki stage.

You sang along and when you were done Dean and Sam clapped loudly, the whistled at you. You walked towards them only to be stopped by two men. "Would you like a drink baby?" One of them asked.

"I'm here with two people already."

"Oh but baby we can't just let you go"

"Hey buddy, me and my brother already called dibs." Dean said loudly. You turned and saw him and Sam hurry over to you. He grabbed your hand and pulled you away from the men. "She's ours."

"Oh come on let the lady decide."

"I chose the boys that I came with." You hissed fallowing Sam and Dean. "That was crazy."

"You're a good singer." Sam said kissing your cheek. Dean kissed your other cheek. "Maybe we can Uhm..I don't know.. make music together." Dean chocked on his beer.

"Sam.." Dean whined you saw the look on both the boys faces.

"So which one of you had called dibs on me?" You asked.

"We both did." Both of the boys said at the same time.

"If you want me to tell you the truth I've liked both of you for a very long time. I can't decide between the two of you." You said with a smile, "the Winchester brothers are amazing eye candy and they are also amazing men. Caring, loving, always willing to help anyone they can." The boys blushed at your complements. "I love you both."

"And we love you even more." The two said, "can we..would you want to date both of us?"

"Both Winchesters?" You asked.

"Yes, both of us." Dean said kissing your forehead lovingly. "We want to love you. Ever since we met we wanted to date you. We both have. It's the only thing we ever fight over your favor. But if you want to date both of us we'd love that. If you'd let us."

"I love both of you."

"I love you." Both boys said kissing you. You smiled happily as they each gave you a kiss. The men that had tried to grab you earlier walked over to your table.

"Can we buy you a drink?"

"No back off guys!" you said pushing them away, they grabbed for you but Dean and Sam stood up and grabbed your hands, they walked you out of the bar and took you to the impala.

"You are our baby." Dean said.

"That is correct." Sam said taking your hand and kissing you. You smiled.

"We are so glad that we called dibs."

"I am too." You said blushing.

When you got to the motel Sam carried you into the room. Dean turned on the lights. "Welcome to our home for..a few more hours until the morning."

"Let's put the bed to use then." You said with a smile as you pulled off your jacket, then your shirt leaving you in a tank top.

"Why didn't we do this earlier!" Dean said pulling off his shirt. So did Sam.

"Because we are idiots." Sam said.

"Oh you are." You said grinning as the two kissed you lovingly.

Chapter Text

"Salt, I am salty." Nico said as he looked at the internet meme.

Will walked past his boyfriend, laughing historically. "Are you alright Nico?"

"Yes of course." Nico said as he flipped Annabeth's computer around. "I am Salty."

"At what exactly." Will asked cocking his head while laughing.


"Oh I love you," Will said. "This is why I said we shouldn't be letting you check out memes."

"I am a salty man Will Solace."

"You are my salty man." Will said kissing him softly.

Percy ran by, thinking it was a perfect time to just yell at them. "Mood!"

Nico broke the kiss. "I know that meme too."

Chapter Text

Charlie was walking down the hall of the bunker, you trailing behind her as usual. With a smile on your face you were carrying the books for the newest hunt. She was like a Disney princess to you, smart, funny, and she enjoyed dressing up. The two of you bonded over LARP. The two of you headed to the nearest Cafe, she ordered a coffee and you got some waffles and an orange juice. It was early and you were in need of something to eat before you went on a hunt.

She smiled, as she began to research. She had a clipboard that had all of the information for the hunt she assumed the two of you would need. You continue to eat for a while until Charlie sat up. "I figured it out."

"What is it?"

"Come on lets get in the car, I will tell you on the way." She said, you drank your orange juice quickly and shoved your face full of waffle and chased after her. As you got in and made sure you had all your books you made sure to seatbelt yourself in.

"What is it?" You asked as you brushed your (h/l) (h/c) hair out of your face.

She smirked, triumphant. "Skinwalker."

Racking your brain you had dealt with them at least twice in the last year. "How did we not know that before?"

"They were trying to pretend to be a ghoul, thats why we thought it was so weird." She said, the two of you pulled up to the place you both thought he was hiding out.You both began to carefully walk, weapons up. She smirked looking back at you, your (e/c) eyes sparkling. "Ready?"

"Ready as I will ever be." You replied. She smiled and the two of you kept going. Soon you were in a heated battle against not one but two skin walkers. You were thrown against the wall of the sewer. Blood dripping around you, Charlie let out a scream.

"(Y/N)!" Soon the walkers were dead and she was racing to get you in the car. She drove like a mad women all the way to the bunker. As quickly as she could she got you in the hospital like wing in the bunker. Sam was quickly helping her.

"Is she okay?" Charlie kept asking. Dean trying to comfort her, Charlie was like a sister to him. You were his actual sister.

"She will be fine soon." Sam replied as he finished playing doctor. "What happened?"

"Skinwalker tossed her against the wall." Charlie sniffled. She buried her face into Deans arm. He held her close.

After a few hours you woke up. Charlie was instantly at your side. "Hey (n/n)." She said smiling.

"Hey Charlie." You smiled softly. She then kissed you, your face was covered in blush. "You. I didn't think you were interested."

She smirked, making a joke. "After I watched you get thrown against a wall you got hot." She smirked and kissed you again. Dean and Sam smiled watching from the door.

"I approve." Dean said with a smile.

"As long as she keeps our little sister safe."

Chapter Text

The well that connects our world with their world is connected to a river, that runs deep within the earth. The only other entrance into it is from a cave. This cave is hidden, but a few have found it. Those who have and enter through the caves entrance become monsters, of myth and legend.

Chapter Text

You were standing beside Daryl, his frown noticeable, with the sounds of groaning coming close, he held you close to him. The walkers growing closer you were petrified that you could be the next to die. Fear was radiating off the two of you, however the smell of the dead was enough to stop you from moving. He held you close, kissing your temple to calm you. The two of you had managed to get into a crawl space that was impossible to get into unless you could unlock the latches.

You held onto him tightly, fear making you shake. The walkers kept going, in their hoard. The two of you were going on a food run. Trying to search for anything, either something you had to hunt and kill or just find. You muttered under your breath, trying not to cry. He kissed you up and down your neck then stopped. Hugging you, he soon opened the latches and went out first.

You slowly followed behind him, biting your lower lip. "(Y/N), its safe now." He coaxed, you followed behind him slowly, and carefully. You held you gun in your hand, and he held his cross bow up, the two of you began to run towards a few gas stations. He went in first, weapon up, you watched for anything to come around you. "You can come in, its empty." He said.

The two of you went in, he smiled as you began to pack food and other supplies into your bag, checking the dates to ensure you could actually eat the food. With a grin on your face you packed in as much as you could get. You remembered that you were asked to find some stuff to help Carol make some bread. You found as much as you could that was still safe for consumption. The two of you made your way back out towards the motorcycle. As the two of you got to the bike you noticed a few walkers.

"Daryl, Daryl we need to go." You muttered pushing on his side.

He looked back towards where you were looking and nodded. "Lets go."

Chapter Text

Annabeth watched Percy from the dock, he was trying to see how long he really could stay under the water. His smile was wide as he swam around the lake. His green eyes finally trained themselves towards Annabeth. "Hey!" He called. "You want to come in? The water is perfect!"

"You always think the water is perfect." She said laughing. "Is it really?"

"This time it is." He said laughing as he swam towards her, she smile as she slowly got her tank top off and adjusted her swimsuit. He smirked and waited as she wiggled herself out of the shorts and stuck her toes in the water. She smiled, it was actually a good temperature.

"Ah come on wise girl, get in. Why don't you get in?" He asked smirking.

"Oh shush seaweed brain." She said smirking as he splashed her. She let out a squeal as he got closer, he splashed her again. "I am going to get you!" She shouted.

"Come and get me than!" He shouted back as he splashed her again and disappeared into the water. She crossed her arms, than began to back up to get a head start into the water. She ran and dove, she smiled feeling the rush of water come over her, however she knew Percy had the advantage, she couldn't technically see in the water, and opening her eyes wouldn't make it much easier for her. She began to swim around grabbing for anything that could come towards her. She swam towards the surface to get a breath to find Percy across from her.

He smirked and kissed her. "You enjoying the water so far?" He asked smirking as she got closer to him, wading in the water.

"Yes, actually." She replied, he smirked, splashed her again and dove under.

"PERCY!" She shouted diving after him. She grabbed for what she thought was his foot, and pulled up. "I got y-" She looked to her hand and saw she was holding a fish. She let out a shout and tossed the fish back in. She let out a scream as something or someone grabbed her waist. Percy giggled and kissed her neck and cheek.

"You caught a fish."

"You are a fish." Annabeth replied with a giggle. He smirked and created a bubble for the two of them to relax in, she smiled as she watched the aquatic creatures swim around them.

"This is nice."

"Yes it is."

Chapter Text

Prompt: 8/100 Race
Daryl x Reader (any gender)
Fandom: The Walking Dead

You finally felt safe, after everything you and your group had gone through you were ready to finally have some peace. Daryl had opened up to you more throughout the year you had been with him and the group he was a part of.

"You want to play a game sunshine?" He asked laughing as he looked towards you. He smiled, you looked back at him a little questionably. What was he planning?"

"Yeah alright. Why not. Whats the game?"

"I am going to race you from wall to wall. If I win I get a special prize of my choosing, if you win you get to pick your prize."

"Whats the prize you are going to get?"

"You will see when I win." He said.

"Oh, you think you are going to win?" You asked eyeing him with a growl. He nodded, a smile on his face.

"Of course I will." He replied back. "Why wouldn't I?"

You grinned. "Alright lets go then." You said, not entertaining the idea of him winning. You were going to win. The two of you laughed and joked walking to the edge of the high walls that protected you from the outside world. You were safe here, and with him. Alexandria was your home now, and you prayed it would always be your home. He laughed and tapped your shoulder.

"Ready, set," he paused as you got ready. "Go!" He yelled as the two of you began to run. He was laughing at you as you tripped slightly, you caught yourself, and began to go quicker. You finally made it to the wall, but Daryl had made it two steps before you. He smiled.

"Alright, what is your prize?" You asked.

He grinned, placing his hands on either side of your face. "This." He replied kissing your face, you blushed, he kissed you again, than once again. "I really wanted to get a kiss from you." You were surprised, realizing that this man actually liked the way you did.

"Daryl...what..why...why would you do this? You actually like me?"

"More than like you, sunshine, I love you."

Chapter Text

Prompt: Poor 9/100
Dean x Castiel


Dean was pacing, Sam was in a hospital bed and all he could do was wait. He wanted to make sure his brother was okay, he needed to know he would survive. He kept walking, his eyes lowered to the floor, they wouldn't let him in not while they were checking over his wounds. Suddenly he stopped pacing, as he had a hand on his shoulder, the outline Castiel's hand throbbed slightly, the red handprint reminded him there was always someone there for him. "I gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition." Echoed in his head, he raised his eyes slightly to meet the ice blue orbs of Castiel. "Hey..hey Cas." He said letting out a slight sigh, he couldn't say anything else. Worry was eating at him.

"Are you hungry?" Castiel asked knowing Dean hadn't eaten anything since they arrived at the hospital.

"No. I can't focus on eating knowing my brother is dying."

"The two of you die a lot." Cas commented. Dean's eyes grew wide, Cas realized his mistake. "He is not dying do not fret."

Deans shoulders sagged, realizing he needed at least a water. "I should probably get something, but I can't leave." He said softly, terrified that if he left Sam would be gone, the lights around them flickered and Dean stiffened. He was praying that it wasn't a reaper. If it was he was going to plead, beg for the saftey of his brother.

"Its an actual light problem, not a spirit." Castiel soothed rubbing his hand up and down his muscled arm. Dean bit his lip, trying not to show Cas his true emotion. All he could do was ball up his fists. "Lets go and get you a burger or something." Cas said as they disappeared and reappeared in front of a diner. The light to the N and R in diner May's Diner flickering. He couldn't help but look to Cas for reassurance. "Come on lets go."

They slowly entered the diner, and Castiel ordered for Dean while he sat contemplating what he was going to do if he lost Sammy again. The waitress returned with a on the house shake. "We didn't order this."

She smiled. "Its alright, on the house." She said with a giggle, she turned on her heal her skirt flipping up. Dean looked to Cas and smiled. He grabbed the two straws and pushed it towards the angel. He cocked his head.

"I don't eat and drink you know that."

"Just try it please." Dean said. Cas nodded and leaned forward his lips on the straw. He started to suck when Dean leaned in and drank from the other straw. Castiel almost leaned back but realized Dean did it on purpose. He smirked and got more comfortable with it. "Hows the shake?"

"Tastes like nothing." He said with a slight frown.

"Oh well that would be expected I suppose." Dean said softly. Soon the food arrived and he stuffed his face. "This burger is so good." He said. Cas smiled at him.

"We probably need to get back don't we?" Castiel said.

"Yeah." Dean replied. They started to head out after paying and Cas grabbed his hand. "What.."

"I like you too." Castiel said grinning and kept walking.

"Cas you don't want me, I have nothing."

"I could care less what you own, what you have is a good heart and you are someone I want to be with Dean." Cas replied. Dean blushed. "Now lets go back to your brother."

They appeared at the hospital and as they entered the doctor met with him. "He will be fine, the injuries were not as bad as we first thought."

"Oh thank god." Dean said. No matter what he had he had Cas, and he had Sam.

Chapter Text

Annabeth had always felt alone within the camp, her family hated her, and she didn't know if she belonged. Luke tried to help her, and Thalia was gone.

After five years of feeling alone, you arrived to camp, and Annabeth finally felt a weight lifted off her chest. You were claimed by (godly parent) and you were beautiful. Your (e/c) eyes were mesmerizing and you looked like a goddess yourself. She was drawn to you and she couldn't figure out why.

You were shy at first, confused about who you were. Annabeth tried to be there for you the entire time. You didn't understand why she was there for you, not until you started getting the butterfly feeling in your stomach when she was around you. You finally decided to talk to someone about it. You knew Nico was openly gay, and you were thinking that he could help you understand. You made your way to him, and began to ask him questions.

"What is this about (y/n)?" He finally asked after a few minutes of hesitation.

"I think..I think I like like Annabeth." His eyes grew slightly wide, than he smiled. Annabeth had asked him similar questions a few days earlier about you. "I just..what f she doesn't really like me.. not that way anyway. What if she doesn't want to be my girlfriend. What if I am just going crazy and thinking about it to hard."

He set his hand on your shoulder and smiled. "Just go for it, what is the worse that can happen she says no?"

You needed and made your way to Annabeth, she was sitting with her legs over the doc. She came her every once in a while just to talk to herself and think things over. You began to walk towards her, slowly and carefully. Annabeth looked up towards you and smiled. She stood and you began to run towards her, she steadied herself and was waiting for you to stop but you didn't. You ran straight towards her, wrapped your arms around her and the both of you ended up in the water together. The two of you surfaced and she sputtered.

"What..what are you doing (y/n/n)?" She asked with a wide grin, her eyebrow arched in question.

You grinned, and instead of saying anything you cupped her cheeks in your hands, using your legs to keep yourself up, you pulled her close to you and kissed her intently. She didn't pull away or stop you, instead she kissed you back. She grabbed your hair in her hand and kept you close to her. As you pulled away you smiled to her. "Will you become my girlfriend?"

"Yes..yes I will." She said as she pulled you with her up to shore. "We should we should go get changed." She said giggling. The two of you were soaked. You nodded smiling. You were finally with Annabeth, you finally felt welcome and safe. She was your safety, and you hoped you were hers.

Chapter Text

Jughead wasn’t sure what to say to you, the idea that your father was missing and the black hood was still out there. You were crying holding onto Hotdog and rubbing his soft fur. Your father was a kind man and he was one of the very few parents in Riverdale that were actually good to the people of the town.

He finally decided to talk to you, he crouched down looking you over. “(Y/N).” He began softly, reaching for you, you looked up. “(Y/N) what can I help you with?”

“MY father is out there Jug…and and the black hood is too.” Tears ran down your face. “He has helped the Serpents, and the Ghoulies, sold drugs to keep me and my family alive. He has sinned, this entire town is sinful.”

“Hey calm down, calm down.” He hugged your tightly, and carefully. “Hey, how can I help you?”

“ a Serpent I know that you care for me, but as you, do you really care?”

Jughead sat back, he was surprised by your blatant question. “You think I don’t care about you?”

“I..Jug I don’t know how to feel..I know that there is a reason you have to care about me, but do you really care about me?”

Jughead didn’t know if he should just tell you, or prove it to you. He held the back of your neck and pulled you close to him, your lips parted as he kissed you passionately. The other Serpents watched from their seats trying not to say anything. He rubbed your arm as the two of you shared that kiss. He was going to care about you for the rest of your life. He wanted you to know that he was going to be there for you. You were going to be the Serpent queen, and he was the Serpent king.

“You will never have to worry about anything while you are mine.” Jughead promised. “We will find your father, and we will make sure the black hood never touches you, or your family.” You needed thankful for him, he hugged you tightly while Hotdog cuddled in your laps. The other Serpents watched the two of you snuggle, and they smiled knowing the Serpents wouldn’t die out.

Chapter Text

Bakuga was getting dressed that day in his best attire, he was told he was to wear it for a surprise later. He hadn't even remember it was his birthday, April 20th. He combed his ash blonde hair up and got his tie tightened. He headed out the door, as he did his friend and crush Deku was standing there waiting for him. The boys lopsided smile brought a grin to his face.

"Well hello Deku. What was it you wanted us to do?"

"Well, just come on and you'll see." He grinned grabbing his hand and dragging him along. Deku smiled, they continued to run throughout the town to find a secluded spot by a large beautiful willow tree. "I know this may seem silly but I wanted to do something nice for you."

Bokuga smiled thankfully towards him still confused as to why he was doing it. They sat down on a blanket that was laying on the floor. The two sat down while Deku pulled out some of Bakuga's favorite foods. The two sat down together and began to eat, they smiled at one another and talked about how their life was going. "I have to ask," Bokuga began with a grin. "Why did you decide you wanted to do this for me?"

"You dont know?" Deku asked.

Bakuga thought for a moment but was still highly confused, he frowned then shook his head. "No I really don't."

Deku held his finger up for him to wait a moment, and held out a cupcake for him. "Happy Birthday Bakuga."

Bakuga blushed happily, he hadn't expected it whatsoever. He was extremely surprised that Deku had cared so much about him to do this. "Deku, I never expected this, are you sure you want to spend the day with me?"


"Of course!" Deku said with a wide grin. "I would never want to leave you alone on your big day."

"Im just getting a bit older." Bakuga said back. "I am so surprised, thank you!" Deku blushed and nodded watching Bakuga blow out the candle, the small flame casting a shadow on his face.

"Happy Birthday Bakuga." Deku said smiling.

Bakuga blushed and took a bite of the cupcake. "Mhmm this is awesome, thank you." He offered to share it with Deku but Deku declined.

"Its for you." He smiled, however Bakuga soon had frosting on his lips. He smiled and leaned in, Bakuga watched him, his eyes wide. Deku kissed him, licking his lip gingerly. "Had to clean it up for you." Deku said with a giggle. Bakuga blushed again and hugged him.

"Thank you Deku for the best birthday."

Chapter Text

Everything he had known was a lie, and the fear that was flowing through Epic was more then he could take. He gripped the table, tears began to well up in his eyes. His children, all of his sweet children were experiments for his husband. He had loved Myebi, and he did, but this, this was too much. His husband was using his children to experiment genetics. He slammed his fist on the table, vials of liquid clattered as he slammed his fist. He was going to have to find Myebi and talk to him, he needed to. He ran his shaking hands through his light hair. He bit his lip and went to turn when he felt a body press up against him. He panicked, no no no. He screamed as he felt a stab in his neck. Myebi smiled as he injected his husband with an experimental drug, it was supposed to turn his fear into sexual desire.

Epic let out a gasp as he dropped to his knees for a moment, Myebi grinned as he began to unbuckle his pants, his dark red eyes glowing with lust. The drug was beginning to run through Epic's veins, but he was still terrified. The fear was fighting to stay at the surface, Myebi growled seeing that the drug wasn't at its full effect yet. He dropped his belt to the floor and his pants crumpled at his feet. He used his other hand to grab Epic's hand. Epic gave him a glare, but lust was beginning to pool in his eyes. Epic's fingers began to grab for the hem of Myebi's boxers. Myebi wasn't waiting long so he pulled them down so he could see his large cock looming before him.

"Wait, wait..Myebi why are you doi-gah.." His question was stopped as Myebi shoved his cock deep inside his throat, he was gagging. Myebi didn't seem to care about the gagging, it made him speed up, he wasn't letting him stop. He pulled his cock out for just a few seconds, a string of saliva connecting them. Epic coughed and whimpered as Myebi smirked. "Myebi..I.."

"Stop opening your mouth if you don't want it." Myebi growled as he shoved his cock back inside his mouth, he groaned in pleasure as he felt Epic's tongue lick the underside of his shaft. He felt himself getting close to his climax, his dick twitching. Myebi's eyes began to cross as he forced his cock deeper down his husbands begging throat. Epic pressed his hands against his husbands legs but the more he resisted the deeper Myebi shoved his cock. Hot cum began to drip from Myebi, he pulled out held his mouth closed. "Swallow, and open so I can see it." Myebi instructed. Epic whimpered slightly, knowing he either listened or he would be in a lot of trouble.

Epic swallowed after a few seconds of hesitation, and opened his mouth. Myebi smiled, cum dripped from him hard cock. He grabbed the belt off the floor and wrapped it around Epic's throat like a leash and collar. Epic whined feeling the 'collar' tighten. Myebi took off his own clothing, his body toned and Epic drooled a little, he was highly confused. He was angry and afraid of Myebi but he wasn't able to stop himself from wanting to be used by Myebi.

Myebi grinned as he dragged his husband along towards a table, Epic was shaking. He was afraid of whatever Myebi was planning. Myebi smiled as he pushed all the items off the table, a few glass bottles breaking and papers flew carefully to the floor. "What shall I do with you little pet?" Epic went to speak when a gag ball was placed in his mouth. "Good, now what should I do?"

Epic let out another whine as he was lifted up onto the table, his arms tied above his head. He was whimpering as he shook, Myebi laughed as he grabbed one of the shining pieces of glass glittering on the hard concrete floor. Epic began to scream into the gag worried he was going to be harmed. Myebi held it up to the light, a small rainbow revealing a moment of hope for Epic. Myebi took the sharpest piece of glass and cut away his clothes, the rips were messy and varied around his once nice buttoned shirt.

He squirmed as the glass grew inches from his pale skin. Drool dripped from the gag ball, he moaned and cried into the ball as his cock was placed in a lock bondage toy. "I have wanted to do this for a while." Myebi said with a grin as he licked his lips, he took the glass and began to cut his name into his back, the blood dripped around him. He arched his back trying to get away from the weapon. He screamed into the gag, more and more drool dripping. "Are you trying to say something?

He nodded, but he was spanked harshly at the move. "Please Epic, stop complaining."

He whimpered again as the glass cut him one last time, he was soon moved forward and his legs were spread apart, his ass presented to his husband. "I finally realized that this is who I am, the doctor who likes to experiment, in work and play." Myebi laughed, it was a guttural and dark laugh. Epic whined as he was spanked again, handprints littered his light skin. He screamed into the gag as his husband took a glass vial off a neighboring table and began to slowly enter it inside of his ass, he bucked his hips as the tip of the vial hit a sensitive spot. "Take it all in." His husband, no master, said. He felt his cock twitch as Myebi began to move the vial up and down intensely.

He soon pulled out the vial, he had done what he wanted, and he soon took his cock and entered it in harshly. "Take it all in." He snarled as he slammed himself deep against him. " feel so good little pet." He screamed harshly as he felt his cock twitching. Why did he like this? After about six deep thrusts hot cum began to pump out of Myebi's thick cock and pooled inside his ass. "Fuck, do you need to cum too slave?"

Epic began to nod, his cock twitching, he needed to cum. It was such an intense feeling he couldn't focus on anything else. "Only if you let me do that again." He didn't want to say no, so he just nodded again, his husband pulled out causing all the cum to drip out and make a puddle underneath him.

He removed the locked item around him and he began to cum, it covered his chest and the table he was tied to. "Oh fuck you are a little slut aren't you?"

He just nodded, his head hung low. He couldn't bring himself to look at Myebi, the emotions running through him were confusing and he was concerned. His husband had been using their kids for experiments, and many had died, he finally understood why. But whatever he had been injected with was becoming stronger within in. His face was hot, it was red from the blush, and his mouth felt almost numb from the ball-gag.

He soon was untied, he stretched his arms just to feel a little better when he was pinned to the floor, the wind was knocked out of him, and as he began to regain it Myebi pressed his cock inside him once again, their legs tangled. He had his hands pinned above him, and with his husbands free hand he was jacking him off. He was wiggling, trying to fight it, but each movement brought him another deeper thrust. He felt himself grow close to his climax, and as he was about to cum Myebi pulled out almost knowing it was coming. He cried out in detest but it was no use, Myebi grinned and stood up, he went to find something leaving Epic alone for just a moment. Epic got up, he wanted to run, yet his legs were jelly. He slowly stood wobbling over to another door. He could feel his legs give way as he grabbed for the unknown doorknob. He tossed his gag away.

He began to fumble with the knob, Myebi was fast approaching and he wanted to know what was on the other side, and if he could get a door between them it could help. He heard his husbands footsteps coming close, he slammed his fist against the door, and he dropped weak.

He turned to see Myebi glaring at him, his dark hair ruffled and plastered to his face in sweat. "What do you think you were doing?"

"Please Myebi please don't."

"Oh begging, I like that. Open that loud mouth of yours."

He strained to say the word, but it was powerful. "No."

Myebi bit his lip and balled up his fist, he dropped the items in his hand and grabbed Epic's white hair. He gripped it tight enough to cause Epic to scream out in pain. Myebi grinned taking the chance to slip his thick cum covered cock inside his mouth. Epic was slammed against the door with each thrust, his vision was blurry as his cock twitched. He grabbed for Myebi, but his hand was stopped mid thrust. He pulled out his cock and grabbed his husbands small hands. He wrapped one around the base of his cock, and the other he made run across his chest.

"Thats it Epic, give in."

Epic was loosing the fight, the serum was beginning to take hold. He licked his lips as he began to suck his husbands cock willingly. He licked the base and sucked on each ball for a moment, Myebi threw his head back in bliss. The toys and rope littering the floor looking more appealing. He thrust into the back of Epic's throat again as his seed filled his husband's mouth. "Swallow it all and you can have a present."

Epic nodded gulping it down, he kissed the tip of Myebi's twitching cock. The man grunted in approval, he opened his mouth to prove he had done as he was asked. He was led towards the table and set up doggy style. A dildo was slid carefully inside his willing ass. However the fight was trying to rise back up. He felt the toy get pressed deep inside him. Myebi began to play with his cock gingerly, he carefully squeezed the balls and began to speed up his movements. His back arched as he was close to cumming again.

"May I please, please may I cum?"

"Of course," Myebi began, Epic let out a sigh of thanks when Myebi added one more thing on top of it. "Wait until I am deep inside your ass."

He whimpered as he forced himself to wait, but Myebi was mean, he slowly took the toy out all the way to the very tip and slammed it back inside. He let out a scream, begging echoed throughout the entire lab, Myebi laughed again as he pulled the toy out for real this time and tossed it to the floor. It fell with a wet pop. He slowly entered himself inside taking as long as it could.

"Please please let me!"

"Go ahead now." He said laughing, Epic covered the table with his seed again while Myebi attached the makeshift collar to the ceiling. He began to thrust deeper inside, his balls slapping against his skin with each thrust. He left bites and kisses along his back, shoulders, and neck as stopped moving, the tip of his cock as deep as it could be.

Epic was moaning, bucking his hips to feel movement. Myebi smirked seeing the serum was taking a deeper hold. He spanked him again, and pulled out to the tip and got deep once again. Epic tossed his head back as his cock began to throb with need.



"Please..please I need to! Please, what.. please!!" He was practically screaming.

"Not until my dick is filling you too. You better pleasure me." He ordered, he stopped moving and let Epic take control. Epic was moving quickly but it was causing him to reach his max faster then he wanted. He felt each thrust more and more and he felt tears drip down his cheeks, blood from his wounds was still dripping around the table. Myebi smiled as he finally released another load into him. "Fine, go ahead."

Myebi pulled out and watched as his cum became a puddle on the table. "You got my table dirty." Myebi said. "I need to punish you for that."

Epic's eyes grew wide as Myebi placed a metal ball in his ass, this ball was attached to a rope the wrapped around his hair. If he moved his head forward the ball moved. He also had another cock cage put on and a ballgag was placed in. His ankles were tied to the table and his hands were tied above his head. "I will be back for you later, I am hungry. See you then my pet."

Epic screamed as he walked away, his husband smiled, he wondered if the serum would where-off. If he came out of the injection it would be more fun to break him again. Epic hung his head, he screamed in realization, the ball moved inside of him. He was fucked, he was his husbands toy now, and he allowed it to happen. His husbands name was branded across his back, and he would have his name forever. No matter what it came to, he was no longer his own person. He was Myebi's.

Chapter Text

Calix let out a soft sigh as he padded to his spot in the cave, he stretched, and yawned. He watched the stars before him as he swiftly allowed sleep to take him over. As he closed his eyes his world exploded with color. He watched as the grasslands were even more vibrant then usual. Animals were abundant in all kinds, and between two large and sturdy trees sat a lioness that seemed to have a glow about her.

Calix instantly recognized her, it was his late mother. He bounded through the grass, dirt kicking up behind him as he barreled towards the apparition of his mother. Shani smiled as she saw her child. "Calix," her sweet voice said as Calix came to his mother. In reality Calix and his mother had been alive together only for mere hours, his recollection of her was practically blind. He however remembered the feeling of safety she provided him for those short hours he longed to retrieve. She had been alive only long enough to beg the scout for the Pridelands to take in her small and helpless cub. Her last breaths were spent soothing the small male, she was able to explain what had happened to her, and her lost litter, as well as Calix's dead at birth siblings. He was lucky to survive, and he spent every moment dreaming of returning the favor the pride did for him, and his later mother.

As Shani licked her cubs fur Calix realized it was all a dream, but if this was the only way to see his mother, he would take it in a heartbeat every night. Calix had just recently turned a year, and he wanted his mother to know everything about his adventures. The shining lioness chuckled at each story, she was patient as she led him towards the shimmering waterhole. "Calix my love, look into the water, what do you see?"

Calix followed his mothers instructions, he peered into the reflective water. Starring back at him was his reflection, the stars sparkled around him, the sky above had suddenly become night. He looked to his mother, who smiled back, despite the fact she too was looking in the water Calix could not see her. "Mother..why..why can I not see you, are you leaving me again."

"Oh but my dear, I am there with you. I am in the stars watching you as you grow up, strong and proud. I am in the grass that carries you, I am in the wind that whispers to you, and I am in the water that peers back at you. We are one."

Calix felt calm once again, and as he felt another brush of his fur his mother was now gone.

Calix woke quickly, tears fell from his eyes. His mother was all around him, that was all he had to remember. He just had to remember she was there for him. He laid his head back down, falling back to sleep again.

Chapter Text

Daryl watched Rainy as she bathed in the river, the water cascading over her flawless body. She had a few scars, but that wasn't a bother to him, the things they had gone through was enough to bond them for life. Daryl made his way over to her, slowly taking off his clothes, he smirked as she turned to look at him. His body was muscled, the work on the compound and fighting the undead had conditioned him for the perfect body. Rainy's breasts bounced slightly as she made her way over to him. He blushed and felt his pants grow tight, she grinned as she slowly began to undo them. They felt safe at the moment, and were sure they wouldn't be see by the living or the dead. Daryl allowed her to do as she was going to do, she freed him from his tight jail. His rod sprung from his pants. She smiled and he picked her up carefully placing her on a rock after placing his shirt down for her safety. She mutter and whimpered into his skin as he pressed himself into her gently, his speed got faster with her moans. She bit his shoulder as he continued to work his way into her. She begged for him, and he felt himself grow ready, he pushed himself farther into her womb and she felt him fill her with his seed.


Why did i write this?
When did i write this?
Answers both unknown

Chapter Text

Daryl was fighting Rick to go back to the farm, his daughter (y/n) had to still be there. She had to be, she couldn't be dead. He was devastated, everything told him to go back to the farm. As the fire raged you watched your father, Carol, Rick and the others leave. You slammed your fist on the house as you raced to the roof just to make sure you weren't eaten. You stayed on the roof for at least two days. You went to search for him, he was your father after all. You hated Carol, she took your father from you.

The way out you knew was going to be messy, you waited till most of the walkers had left and killed a few, gagging you put another outfit on top of your own and began to lather yourself in walker guts.You were terrified, you had never been away from your father before.

The entire time you were searching you thought about maybe he wanted to find you, maybe he wanted you back. You cried as you fought against the undead, and humans alike. You had to kill multiple humans in your travel. Each kill becoming more torturous then the last because of your anger. You cursed your father for leaving you, you cursed the group for the torture you were living through because of it. You had finally spotted your father, but when you went to run to him he was holding the dead body of Beth in his arms. He was crying over her body, you had only seen your father cry a few times in his life, and not once has been over you. That you knew.

You ran, killing walkers in your wake. Everything that you had known felt like a lie, you felt like your father didn't love you anymore. Which was actually far from the truth. He had fallen into a depression after loosing you. Rick convinced him you had died, convinced him that you were no longer on the planet. He would wake from nightmares dreaming of you as one of the dead.

You lived on your own for a while, killing men and the undead. You were furious, you had been left for dead by your father. they left you forever. You had finally come to a point in your young life that made you think that nothing better would come to you.

However as you hunted for food you ran into a man literally.

The man turned knocking your weapon on the floor, you were knocked against a tree and he held a bat with nails up to your face. "What the fuck do you think you are doing?" He asked, his voice deep and his eyes felt like they were peering into your soul.

"Sorry I didn't mean to." You said with a growl.

"You should feel lucky, I want to know about you before I kill you." He snarled. "So, spill your guts before I honestly spill your guts."

You began to talk, hiding nothing, if you were to die you were going to die with your conscious clear. However when you spoke of the torture you had began to do to humans he perked up. "You know, Lucile and I have decided you are my daughter now, since your old daddy dropped you like a stinking shit I think I will take you in. My wives would love a daughter anyway."

"Your wives?"

"Are you taking it, or leaving it?"

"Taking it." You said back.

He smiled and got you into his car, you were now the princess of the compound. Everything about you people loved. You were beautiful, you were smart, and cut throat. Despite you having no blood bond to Negan he took you in like his own, and he raised you as such. You learned to kill, you learned to scare and you learned to take your anger and use it to your advantage.

Eventually your new father took over a smaller compound called Alexandria, and you decided you wanted to come with him to a pick up of items. As you pulled in you instantly took notice of a few of the members of the group. Maggie, Rick and his son, and Carol. But as you pulled all the way in you saw your father. Negan took notice of your instant panic.

"Whats wrong sweetie, one of them look at you funny? I may just have to kill them huh?"

"No, dad.." You said as your (e/c) eyes looked towards you birth father. His hair was longer, and he was aging. But he looked good. "Just.. you know the dad I once had? Him and the group that dropped me are here."

"Oh, well we can defiantly up the anti then huh?"

"I want him to see me"

"You what?"

"I want him to see me, and I want him to know I am better of without him."

"You are your daddy's daughter." Negan smiled as he kissed your cheek. You smiled and the two of you exited the car. That was when Daryl saw you, he dropped everything and headed towards you, however two of Negan's men stood in front of you to protect you.

"(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Let me see her! You cannot keep me from my daughter!" Daryl yelled.

"No you don't get it street rat, she is my daughter, and you are just a piece of shit father that left her to die. Do you know what she had to go through without you? She watched you cry over another girls dead body, yet you never went back for her! You are a shit dad. So no she is my daughter."

You smirked at him as you stayed behind the guards.

You were handed Lucile and you watched as things were loaded into the car. Daryl tried to get to you again, but you held your hand up to stop him. "I am not your daughter any more, you left me, and you didn't come back for me." You snapped. "I have killed more people and done it brutally for the fun of it, because you left me!"

He stumbled back, angry but he knew it was his fault. He was angry with Rick, he didn't let him go back for you. He knew he should have, and he was almost more upset with you being part of Negan's army then being one of the undead. They were going to take over the compound, and he hoped he could prove to you that he still loved you.

Chapter Text

Gabriel could hear the crying coming from somewhere within the bunker, he slowly made his way around the large building. Opening each door to inspect the contents of the room, finally he got to the room Sam lived in, despite what he thought he should do he opened the door, as he did he spotted you in the corner crying. You were the Winchester's kid sister, and he loved you with every fiber of his being. Gabriel rushed to your side. "Oh what is wrong sugar?"

His pet names for you had always been candy themed.

"The boys have been..been gone for a really long time. They wouldn't let me join this hunt because they were dealing with a case that they thought was to dangerous for me. I just started thinking about all the times we have lost someone close to us, and I lost it. They mean so much to me, they took me in before I could even say who I was. They just knew I was their sister. I couldn't have survived without them. They know I can hunt, but then they just left me."

"Tell you what, I am going to do whatever it takes to cheer you up." He replied kissing your cheek, you looked up at him in surprise, your face becoming redder then the strawberry sucker that hung from his mouth. Gabe smiled and helped you up from your place on the floor. "Come on cupcake."

He snapped his fingers and you were suddenly dressed in a (f/c) dress and your (h/c) hair was done up in an updo. He was in a suit and you couldn't help but think he looked handsome. You didn't know it, but Gabe was your soulmate. You were falling for him more and more each day. All Gabe wanted was you to smile, and to be happy.

Walking to the dining room the smell of your favorite food wafted towards you. Your stomach growled as he pulled the chair out for you to sit. You accepted the kind gester and he helped settle you in. With another snap of his finger two glasses of white wine were on the table, as well as candles and a serving of breadsticks. You grinned as the two of you began to talk to one another and eat. You learned more and more about Gabe, and he learned about you. He was already in love with you, this just made his love stronger.

Gabe got up from his seat on the table, looked you over and you stood. You could tell he wanted something and you were unsure what that was exactly but you got up anyway. He hugged you first, you smiled and accepted the hug, you both didn't hear the door to the bunker open, Sam and Dean were watching you confused.

"Thank you Gabe for making me feel better."

Gabe just nodded, he spotted the brothers but grinned anyway, he was planning on kissing you before the night was over and no tough brothers were going to stop him. He set his hand under your chin and pulled you into a passionate kiss. At first you were confused, and surprised, but melted into the kiss quickly. He pulled away after a few minutes and you hugged him and skipped off to your room, still not knowing the brothers had seen the entire thing.

Gabe waited for you to walk off, and stepped into the light for your brothers to see better. Dean scowled at him, Sam just shook his head. They both wanted you to be happy, but that trickster wasn't going to have you that easily.

This meant war, a kind war, but war.

Chapter Text

Bucky and the others quickly made their way towards a hydra base when they came towards the direction of the hydra base Bucky heard noises. It sounded like whining? Possibly crying, and he was unsure about what to do or say. The other avengers took off towards the hydra base and Bucky continued working on finding the source of the crying.

He opened a door to a house close by to the base and stepped back nearly falling on the floor as a child crawling on all fours came running at him. Her limbs were gangly obviously older then a small child who would be expected to crawl on al fours. He rolled as she jumped at him, he was slightly scared honestly. He didn't want to harm the child, however he didn't want her to attack him either.

He held up a shield to protect himself and some of the other avengers arrived back.


Natasha watched in confusion as she kept her eye on the child.

"Who is that Bucky?" She asked when he finally got her slightly calm. "Bucky?"

"I don't know, she doesn't seem to speak any english. I... whoa!" He let out a cry as the girl lashed out again at him. Natasha quickly helped him calm her down. She was calmed and Hulk carried her, she could hardly move.

"Do you think she is okay?"

"What is she?"

"I can figure that out." Tony replied.

They made their way back to Shield and got to work, she had fallen asleep after fighting for a while. Bruce and Tony worked on figuring out who she was. Bucky felt a pull towards her. He didn't understand why, but he just felt there was more there then he understood.

Tony came back to the front room where the other Avengers were and began to explain what she was. "So, she seems to be a clone. Her name is nonexistent but she does have a code name, its Zeowolf. Her memory has been wiped each time she begins to learn anything, which Bruce thinks is why she is crawling on all fours. Crying and cooing like a child."

Bucky quickly went to her, looking her over with a soft smile. He was going to protect her, and help her understand who she was. He was going to make her a real person, and help her understand she could survive in a world that treated her so terribly.

---------------- Time skip brought to you by Loki messing with something else he's not supposed to ----------------------

"(Y/N) slow down, if you run to fast I can't keep up with you!" Bucky yelled chasing after you, your smile was wide. It had been six months since Bucky and the others had found you.

You and Natasha were running and Bucky and Peter were chasing after you. You had found a new family here, Bucky was teaching you everything he could. You were slowly learning to read and write, Natasha was teaching you how to walk. You had plenty of help from uncle Tony, aunt Pepper and your cousin Peter. Bucky was like your dad, and he treated you like a daughter. You still had nightmares, but your memories were starting to get filled in.

You tripped but Natasha was holding you in her arms, Bucky ran quicker and took you in his arms. "Are you alright?"

"Yes Dad- I mean Bucky."

Bucky smiled. "You can call me Dad if you want to."

Peter and Natasha smiled watching the two of you have your moment.

Bucky held you close as he carried you back home.

When Bucky was with you he felt calm, and happy. Everything about the two of you seemed and was perfect. He enjoyed being your father. It was all he wanted, and all he would ever need.

Chapter Text

January sat on the train happily as he sipped his hot chocolate. He was on his way to a wonderful vacation. He stretched and looked around the train to see a familiar face. Kira smiled waving to him, she had also noticed him. She sat up from her seat on the train and walked over to him, her peach hair bouncing as she did, she sat beside him and adjusted the blue strips. "How are you January?"

January smiled. "Perfect, and you? Where are you headed?"

"The Ski resort."

"Oh really me too." January's face lit up.

Kira laughed and the two of them shared a hot chocolate on the train ride. As they arrived to the resort, snow piled high on the hill they separated to get their rooms and do whatever they wanted. Kira had a gig singing, so it was half vacation half job. January just enjoyed the cold, he got his hotel room. A quaint little cabin, the interior was rustic. He smiled happily, as he went to take a small nap. Soon January was up again and off to check out more of the resort. There was snowboarding, skiing, tubing, and even hot springs. He took some supplies and went off to find the most entertaining of all the actives. He also knew there would be a campfire however very few people went to enjoy them. He however wanted to take advantage of the free fireside. He made his way up a hill, and set his sled down, his sled shaped and painted like a penguin. He pushed off and made his way down the long hill, others were also enjoying the slopes. One person was even dressed as a giraffe, he couldn't help but laugh at the sight.

Kira was off to find where she would be singing, she got everything set up and went to find her own hotel room. The interior was beautiful, she found the hot tub and took spent some time in there to relax. She smiled as she stretched and began to hum to herself going over the lines of the songs she had to sing later today. She soon made her way to a lobby filled with people, everyone seemed to be having a good time, talking to one another, eating or drinking. A few young children sat quietly coloring while they waited for their meals. Kira smiled as she took the stage, she did a few last minute tests making sure the mike was working and soon began to talk to the crowd. The people were very kind, giving her responses and smiles. Soon she began to sing, and the crowd grew silent, their many eyes trained on Kira as she gave them a show that they would never forget.

On the next tram together were Blu and Akito, Akito was happily eating some candy Blu supplied to her while Blu was braiding Akito's long pink hair. "Are you excited about our trip Blu?"

Blu looked up from braiding and nodded with a smile. "I get to spend time with you, so yes I am excited about our trip Akito." Blu said kissing her girlfriends cheek lovingly. Akito blushed as she kissed her cheek back. "Did you pack my dinosaur onesie?"

"Of course I did." Akito replied back. "You packed the candy, I pack the onesie."

Blue smirked and nodded as she finished braiding her hair placing her flowers back in. "I think I am all done. Now the tram seems to be stopping ready to find out hotel room?" Akito nodded and grabbed her suitcase, which was pink and had candy decals all over it, Blue grabbed her own suitcase, a dinosaur pattern covered the dark blue case. The two girls checked in and got their stuff to their room. "To the lobby for some food?"

Akito smirked and bit her lollipop quickly. "Do you ever stop having good ideas?" She asked with a laugh as they raced down towards the lobby where a familiar face was jamming out singing original and cover songs. Soon Akito and Blu had their meals, Blu with a medium rare steak and Akito with a milkshake and some other goodies. January was singing under his breath to the songs as he ate as well. His smile was wide as Kira danced across the stage, she was an honest popstar. Everyone was cheering and clapping for her as she came to an end.

By the end of Kira's set the four friends came together, they each congratulated Kira on her fantastic performance, Anikto and Blu hugged her tightly while January praised the use of the stage "Even the lighting was perfect." Akito said as she thought over the scene again. Kira couldn't help but hide her embarrassment.

Akito laughed as Blu held her hand tightly. "So shall we all go and attend the fireside? I heard no one else was going, we could eat some smores?"

Akito's head jerked up. "Is there chocolate?"

"What is a smore without chocolate?" January asked confused.

The girls laughed. "I suppose that is a good point."

January smirked as the girls followed him along towards the fires, the orange and yellow flames licking the open air. The four sat together, Blu and Akito sitting together, not necessarily confined but close together. January began to roast marshmallows as the stars twinkled above them.

"It is beautiful." Akita said, Kira nodded in agreement as she looked around the campsite. Kira began to hum a soft tune, the four of them joining in on the song as they began to learn the lyrics slowly. "Kira, how do you come up with such beautiful lyrics?"

Kira grinned. "Time and effort." Akito nodded as she snacked on some chocolate, January was busy making smores for everyone. Blu smiled and began to sway back and forth between Kira and Akito, she would happen to drop a kiss on Akito's cheek every once in a while. As they sang and laughed together they realized a vacation was much more fun when traveling with a group.

They sang and talked through the night, until they all became tired and headed off to their respective homes, for that night they had wished all their friends were there.

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Chapter Text

"Faster come on you guys, if you don't speed up we will all be dead."Rick snarled as your group got everything packed and began to run. The cars had broken done miles back, blood and sweat caked your tired bodies. Daryl was the only one who looked normal, he had found all of the rivers and lakes in the area, still dirt covered but normal.

You on the other hand were still working on getting used to the apocalypse, you worked off logic, wanting to know how the apocalypse was even possible. Daryl knew you were working on it, and he was there to help you. He didn't try to owe anyone nothing but you were the exception, you saved his life near the beginning and it was the only thing he allowed you to hold over his head.

He now was your protector, your dark angel of sorts. He fed you, kept you healthy, made sure you were beside him for the most part. He loved you, but he didn't know if he could ever say it without sounding cheesy. He was usually bad ass but he wasn't the type to shove you against a tree and kiss you. You had feelings for him, but you weren't going to push it. You weren't going to hold more over him if he didn't want to. He wanted to tell you but was unsure how.

That was until the darkness fell. It was like a cloud of dust had settled over your small group, everyone made their way towards a nearby home, one they had scouted earlier and kept hidden from humans, and walkers alike. Daryl was holding your arm tightly in his hand making sure he couldn't and wouldn't loose you. Everyone sat up against door, ensuring they would be safe where they were. "What was that?" Carl asked.

"Carl shush," his mother warned. "Don't asked questions, we just need to be quiet."

Carl nodded and kept his mouth shut the looming darkness continued to threaten them. It was the undead, walkers were ragging through the field, kicking up dust in their wake. They took shifts keeping themselves safe in the dark house. Despite the little knowledge of one another they still managed to protect one another, become closer than most of their families before the apocalypse had.

You woke up early in the morning, only a few others awake, you knew the walkers had passed and wanted to find a meal for everyone. You took your sword and slipped out of the house, Daryl still asleep. As you hunted for something to eat depending on the size it would only be one kill rather than multiple. You wanted to provide for the group, when they took you, Daryl, and Myrle in it was a life savor. You searched until you founded a few deer tracks and made way towards them.

As you came to the field you saw a few bucks, you slowly crept towards them, all you needed was one. You weren't too far from the cabin you were residing in. You managed to get one down, and you began to drag it back towards them. It took a minute but you managed to get it back towards them all. You sat outside skinning it, and gutting. You began to cook, and that was when Daryl jumped outside with panic on his face, but that was when he saw you and he began to grow calm.

"You left?"

"Just to get food, I wouldn't leave you." You replied back.

He couldn't hide his smirk, you were his, and he wasn't going to let you disappear. You saw that as things died, new life began to take form. From teh deer your group would be able to survive longer. In the bodies of the dead you had seen new life such as birds nests and families of rodents take hold. You would have never met Daryl without this disaster, and you had seen women pregnant with the future.

There was life after death.

In more way than one.

Daryl sat beside you helping you cook, he wanted to make sure you knew he was there for you. The others didn't get to see this side of him. He kissed your cheek, and your face began to grow red with surprise. He hadn't ever done that before, and it was the first time he had really showed affection to anyone.

"I really do love you."

"I love you too." You said as you kissed his cheek back, he smirked and squeezed your hand in his. A new beginning was taking place.

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Easy Street

Daryl let out a growl as the sound of chains could be heard outside his cell. He was trapped, but all he wanted was you, all he needed was you. The two of you had gotten separated, and because of that you hadn't witnessed the murders occur, but when you made a wrong turn Simon had found you. You were gagged, and struggling to get away from them by the time you had arrived at the compound.

Daryl didn't know it was you on the other side of that door.

You were placed in a cell and it was shut quickly, you pounded on the door, screaming the best you could with the gag. Your hands were still tied together. Daryl was pacing back and forth, he was angry, everything around him was falling apart, and you were the only one in his life he cared about. The world around him was falling apart, he had just gotten his friend killed, you were missing, and he knew that Maggie would be furious. He was terrified, he was angry, and they were torturing him and he knew it. That damn song had happened for what seemed like the 100th time, and the girl screaming in the cell next to him sounded distressed. He wanted to get to whoever it was, and comfort them. Despite his appearance and the way he acted he did really care about, he wanted to protect those around him. She sounded desperate, and he wanted to protect her.

That was when your door opened, and Negan was standing there. "Well hello sweetheart, now, you are cute aren't you?" You wanted to kill him. "Oh you don't know who I am do ya? The name is Negan. I was wondering if you were part of the group I killed two from, I think you are."

Your eyes grew wide, panic began to spread through you.

"Oh you can't talk can ya?" He laughed with a wide smile. He ungagged you, you snarled.

"Go to hell!" You yelled loudly.

That was when Daryl heard you.

He began to slam on the door. "(Y/N) (Y/N)."

You turned quickly. "Daryl? Daryl!! No"

Negan smiled. "Oh this will be easy." He opened the door and Daryl came spilling out. You raced towards him holding him in your hands tightly. You could see tears in his eyes. Daryl held you tightly in his arms. "So, I already killed your friends, so I would just give up now."

You held Daryl tightly, and he held you. You knew that there was no use in fighting, not until later. You looked up to Negan. "Can we please stay together? Stay together in his cell?"

Negan grinned, he knew that he could use the two of you against one another. He dragged the two of you apart. "This isn't going to be an easy street." Negan laughed as both the doors shut and the two of you were screaming for one another.

You would get to him.

He would get to you.

Chapter Text

Crystal and Candy-Heart were headed towards their home when Candy-Heart heard a snapping of twigs, he quickly hid under his sisters wings, water dripping down his nose. She giggled, jelly, her jellyfish floated around in her stomach letting off a slight light as he zapped. She looked to try and see what he was scared about, but nothing more than a few leaves tumbling in the soft wind.

"What is it?"

"Didn't you hear that snap?"

"No silly, how about we just keep going." Candy-Heart nodded terrified and slowly followed his sister, Crystal smiled and held his wing in hers. "Let's just keep going," Crystal said kissing his forehead softly. Candy-Heart nodded and continued to followed his sister. Another snap of a twig spooked Candy-Heart while Crystal's ears perked up hearing this snap and the rusting of leaves.

"Did..did you hear it that time?"

"I did," she whispered keeping her voice quiet. "Now keep silent, we need to be quiet."

"We could just fly a little." Candy-Heart suggested.

"We can't fly, you know that, I have the basket."

He nodded frowning she was right, the basket filled with goodies was too heavy for her to carry while flying. He shuttered his wings shaking as they kept walking. They would stop every few feet to listen, and they would hear the sounds of rustling leaves, snapping twigs, and small chitters.

Candy-Heart wanted to protect his sister, but he wasn't brave. He was a normally scared tori, and he wasn't sure how to protect anyone. He just knew he loved his sister, and her little jellyfish. He continued to follow behind her, despite shaking and trying to help carry her the basket.

Candy-Heart turned once again when he heard another snap of twigs. He squeaked fluffing his wings trying to make himself look larger than he was. Crystal patted her brothers head, they turned back to back to scan the area when Crystal spotted matted green fur in the bushes. She let out a squeal of her own as another rustle of leaves was heard.

"Do not hurt me or my brother!" Crystal shouted as she held her brother close to her. Water splatting against him as she held him close. That was when whatever was hiding came out to attack. Candy-Heart screamed tumbling back as a large monster came out of the bushes. Candy from the basket spilled on the floor, Crystal tumbled back as well.

The monster was four chockins high, leaves and matted fluff came towards them. As they screamed and dropped to the floor they heard giggling, and the monster suddenly collapsed onto the floor. Not only was it four chockins high, but it was made of four chockins. A yellow, green, white, and rainbow chockin. They had been following them to try and steal some candy.

Candy-Heart looked them over, terrified.

Crystal smirked laughing.

A little halloween scare was acceptable, they sat around the basket adn ate some snacks while they laughed and played.

Chapter Text

Carter smiled as he watched blood flow from his face. "God this will be so much fun."


Asher eyed the knife on the ground. "What are you going..going to do?" He whimpered.


"You will see." He said with a grin as he grabbed the knife off the ground. Asher dug his finger into the dirt. "Are you ready?"


Asher shook his head. "No please don't." He begged as he watched the knife grow close to his neck. "You cannot kill me, she would hate you."


Carter laughed. "Kill you? No you are my new toy." Asher froze his shirt was being cut off.


"Wait, no you cant." He screamed as Carter took his cut shirt and tied his hands behind his back. Asher was on his knees his face pressed agains the floor. "Keep your screaming to the minimum." Carter growled. Asher continued to cry, Carter smiled as he watched him sob. Just watching him like this turned him on. He was a monster and he knew it, Asher tried to make himself look smaller. "Please... don't do this."


Carter smiled as he pulled off his belt, with the belt be began to whip him, he screamed out as the belt hit him. By the time Carter dropped the belt to the floor Asher was breathing heavily, blood dripped from the wounds. "Ready?"


"Carter..please...I am so sorry."


Carter grinned. "You told me the truth, but you still fucked up." Carter said as he dropped his pants and boxers. He was fine with doing it where ever. As his large cock hung in front of Ashers face Carter grabbed the boys hair. "My little slut." He slapped him across the face before hitting him with is cock. Asher let out a cry as his mouth was forced open by Carters hand. "Keep it in there, bite my dick and I will kill you." Asher gulped as Carters large cock was forced down his throat. Carter smiled as he began to fuck his mouth, his moans were loud. Asher was gagging on the large penis, his erect shaft hardly fit all the down his throat. That was when he pinched his nose and ejaculated. Asher thrashed trying to breath. Carter pulled out laughing as he let go of his nose and quickly slammed his lips closed so he had to swallow. "I almost wonder if I could convince my sister to let me have you."


" are a monster." Asher heaved, he could hardly manage out the words. His nose was in pain from being punched earlier, and he was almost positive it was broken. His face felt like it was on fire, Carter's sperm tasted horrible. This family had ruined him, he had never wanted any of this. Both the boys had used him in ways he had never wanted, just like the girls. Valery was the only sane one. Carter laughed as he stood Asher up. He punched the left side of his chest. Asher let out a scream as he did so. Carter was trying to make him hurt, he needed to take out his anger on something. Asher fit the bill.


"Now what to do, do I fuck your hole now or make you swallow some more cum?" Asher whimpered as he was dropped on his knees again. "God you are hot," he slapped him with his cock again. He began to jack off, Asher watched him heaving and biting his lip. Carter moaned as he slapped his face again. "Open your mouth."


He felt tears run down his face as Carter's cock was shoved deep down his throat once again. He thrusted in a few times before more hot cum spilled out. He pulled out and some covered his face. "Swallow you bitch." He ordered. Asher gagged but swallowed feeling the hot cum drip down his face.


"My little slut." Carter said walking around him in a circle.


Carter pulled Asher's pants off quickly. Asher felt exposed, his own cock was not erect. Carter smiled as he slapped his ass. Asher jumped at the contact. He could hardly move between the pain and tied hands. Carter smiled as he walked away for a minute. Asher tried to move, but he realized the reason his pants were pulled down around his ankles was so he couldn't run. As Carter returned Asher let out a scream. "What the fuck is that."


"Language slut." Carter growled slapping his ass again. "Say hello to your friends for the next little while."


Carter gagged Asher with a bone, he tied the gag around his head using more of the t-shirt and took the backside of an axe and put a condom on it. "This things going to make you wide."


Asher struggled as he felt the axe hilt slam inside his ass. He bucked forward as Carter laughed, this was his toy now. Asher cried and screamed biting into the bone, Carter pulled out the hilt and slapped his ass a few more times with his hand before having his cock taken in by the boys hole. He groaned and moaned as he got balls deep each thrust causing Asher to shake, scream, and moan. His cock was becoming erect despite how much he hated what was happening. Carter smiled as he squeezed his waist.


As Carter thrusted inside of him he got closer and closer to ejaculation. He stopped moving for a few minutes just to hear Asher. His breathing was becoming faster and faster, he was bucking his own hips to make it feel like Carter was moving. Carter smiled. "God what a slut." He moaned as he continued to pound into him. As he pushed in as deep as he could he let out a moan as he thrusted hard and ejaculated filling the boys ass with cum.


"Ill come back for you, once you feel you learned your lesson." Carter said pulling out with a wet popping sound. Asher panicked watching him leave, storm clouds were rolling in.

Chapter Text

Prince Gumball X Marshal Lee -- Gumlee

Marshal smiled watching over the pink prince, he pierced the apple in his hand while watching the prince go over some paperwork.

"You want something Lee?"

"Hmm? Oh no.." He replied back trying not to blush, PB nodded going back to his paperwork. "What exactly are you working on?" He asked floating over the top of him. His gray skin becoming a slate blue as he came into the light.

"As the prince I have to work on things, you know that Marshal."

"Yes, I do. But really come on have some fun." PB shook his head trying to wave him off when Marshal grabbed the pen from his hand floating up where he couldn't reach. "Come on, come get me."

"No Marshal. Come on please give me the pen back."

"Not until you come get me."

"I will do no such thing."

"Please PB, you don't ever take a break, or have any fun."

"I will when I am not working."

"But you are always working."

"I need to take care of my kingdom."

"I am a part of that kingdom, you need to take care of me."

Gumball looked him over, thinking it over for a moment he wasn't necessarily wrong. "What do you want to do?"

Marshals smile grew wide as he floated down sitting on the edge of his desk. "You really wanna know?"

"Of course I do." Gumball said standing from his seat.

"Come closer." Marshal said holding the pen back. Gumball eyed him curiously, he began to grow closer. Marshal smiled as he licked his lips, his fangs poking his tongue gingerly. As Gumball went to swip the pen from his hand Marshal closed the gap between them, Gumball drew back for a moment in surprise, but inched closer again. "I told you it would be fun." Marshal whispered as they finally broke the kiss.

"That isn't fair."

"No, it is fair, you have been ignoring me all day. Now lets have some real fun." He dropped the pen, he grabbed his pink hands in his gray ones. He led him towards the open window and pulled him into his arms. "Ready?"

"No, what are we doing?"

"I am taking you out for some fun."

"But its dark." PB said pointing towards the starlight sky.

"I know, I can't fly in the daylight without a hat and stuff anyway." Marshal replied. Gumball nodded remembering, it wasn't something he was used to, and he knew he had to work with it. "You want to go?"

Gumball looked towards his stuff on the desk, papers with requests covered the top. Marshall carefully grabbed his chin pulling his attention back to him. "Are you ready?"

Gumball nodded, he knew he needed to give in. He knew he needed to accept that he shouldn't always be working. His life shouldn't resolve around it. "Alright, where are we going."

Marshal leaned in close. "That is the secret."

His whisper sent a shiver down his spine.

PB held tightly onto Marshal. "Don't worry, I won't drop you." Marshal said as he felt PB's fingers graze his neck, he was holding on tighter now, he knew he was afraid. He wanted to protect him. PB nodded just holding onto him, he needed to just hold onto him.

"Are your eyes closed?" Marshal asked.

PB nodded. "Yes."

"Open them." Marshal suggested. PB slowly opened his eyes, his purple orbs were blown wide in panic and amazement as he looked up. The night sky was filled with sparkling stars. "Do you like it?" Marshal asked as he lowered them to the ground slowly. PB nodded, speechless. "Pretty isn't it?"

"Yeah," he finally managed out. The stars sparkled above them as Marshal held him tighter to him.

"Is this a good break?"

"The best." Gumball replied as he leaned into Marshal.

"I love you PB." Marshal said kissing his forehead softly.

"I love you too Marshal."

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I sing my own songs while others sing songs of me, my songs are beautiful yet murderous . l am fair of look, until I lurk within my natural home. My smile is pure, filled with rows of sharp teeth line it. My heart is vile, while my cousins hearts are pure. They sing for others, I sing for myself. People drown in love when they are around me. My song is not escapable.

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"Sam fucking Winchester!" Crowley yelled as you watched him pace the floors. "You mean to tell me, my daughter is fucking Sam Winchester?" He asked with a growl. You nodded with a smile. "Darling what..How did you manage to fall in love with Sam Winchester?"

"I don't know if its love daddy, it may just be desire."

Crowley made a face.

"Darling please do not say that, you know I cannot handle another scare."


"No no you cannot date Sam Winchester."

"What about De-"

"No! You are grounded to your room!"

"You cannot ground me I am an adult!"

"No you are my daughter, the princess of Hell!

"So I just cannot date anyone named Sam or Dean Winchester?" You finally asked looking your father over. He nodded and waved you off.

You smiled and called Sam, the boy seemed to be groggy, you must have just woken him up. "Hey love, so my dad found out about you. I am not sure how, so what other names would you like to go by?"

"Wh-What (Y/N)?" He asked, his face was scrunched up as he got up out of bed walking towards the bathroom. He had to understand why you wanted this.

"My dad said I couldn't date anyone named Sam or Dean Winchester. So come up with a new first name."

"Oh.. that.. you are cunning love."

"I am a demon, the princess of Hell my handsome Winchester."

"What would you like my name to be?"

"Oh you are giving me that choice! Awesome, alright my boy toy. You new name is (NEW NAME) Winchester." You smiled as you laid back on your bed.

You heard Sam chuckled. "Alright, I can roll with (New Name)."

"How about we go on a date later?"

Sam agreed. The next week the two of you went to a fancy restaurant, with your power you had enough money to buy the entire place. You let Sam pick anything he wanted. "Sa-"

"No no sweetheart remember my name is (New Name) now. You decided that, thats my name for you."

You grinned and nodded kissing his cheek. "You're right love, you can pick anything from the menu three times over if you want. I will buy you everything and anything you want."

He smirked and the two of you ate and laughed together. You had a smoothie and a plate full of (favorite food), Sam was eating a steak and had plenty of greens lining the plate. You had always admired his enjoyment with the healthier things in life. You knew you were not the healthiest thing for him, but you wanted him to love you anyway.

This went on for weeks, when you father asked you who you were dating now you smiled. "His name is (New Name)."

"Oh no longer those horrible boys than huh?"

"Would you like to meet him?" You asked with a wide smile on your face.

Crowley nodded wanting to meet the boy who had captured his daughters heart. A few more weeks passed and you and Sam were seated at a table with Dean and Castiel, your father was supposed to arrive within the next few minutes the you couldn't help but laugh. You new he would be furious, but he couldn't make a scene with so many people around. As your father spotted you his brow furrowed and he stormed over to you.

"Where is (New Name)?"

"This is (New Name)." You said smiling as you grabbed Sam's hand. "You said I couldn't date anyone named Sam or Dean Winchester. So we changed his name. Dad I love him, and you need to deal with that."

Crowley looked like he was about to combust, he was fuming. "" Before he could finish you handed him a bottle fo Craig.

"Sit father, enjoy the meal. The Craig is forty years old daddy." He snarled as he sat beside you and Castile.



"I was outsmarted by my daughter, you damn Winchesters." You couldn't help but smirk as you all enjoyed your meal, Crowley throwing daggers at Sam with his eyes. He did see how much he made you laugh and smile but he was still furious, it makes it harder to kill someone when your child is dating them."