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Fisty Cuffs

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Katsuki wasn't some newby to the Hamamatsu OBLT. he'd attended for the last three years with his pack. If only to make sure they didn't get absolutely monstered by the competition and shamed him. Everyone in his pack was a top notch fighter. Everyone in his pack could put up a damn good fight. Kind of. Kirishima was kinda easy to outwit and Denki was just straight up stupid, Especially when it came to other omega. Dumb horny fuck. Katsuki had watched him have his underwhelming ass handed to his because he got distracted by the competition to many times. “OI BAKUBRO!” Katsuki winced and glowered at his red haired pack mate waving to him from down by the rings fence in their front row seats.

Thanking the lord they remembered to save him one so he didn't have to threaten some chump out of the seat next to his pack. “Was he nervous?” Mina grinned like knowing the dumbass blonde was nervous brought her pleasure. “Fucking hands were shaking as I wrapped him and put his gloves on.” Katsuki grumbles. Dumbass always got nervous before the tournament. Always stressed about whether he was gonna make it far enough in the competition to make it to the finals and then on a finals night light tonight, he’d stress about being knocked out in the first round and looking like a fluke in.

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AND ALL YOU WATCHERS IN BETWEEN!!!!” the whole room flinches and goes silent at the sudden scream from onstage. “WELCOME TO THE 7295th HAMAMATSU OMEGA BATTLE LEAGUE TOURNAMENT!” the familiar host bellowed “HOSTED BY YOURS TRULY!! PRESENT MIC!!” Katsuki glared at the blonde and clenched his jaw. He never quite got used to the mans insane screaming. Slumping into his chair and watching boredly as the first few fights blur past, a mix of typical omega fight outfits and hardly impressive fighting. It was like watching kids brawl over who got to use the favourite toy first. When Denki’s first fight came up, he walked out, slack faced and looking ready to piss his tight vinyl booty shorts and probably shaking under the huge bomber jacket draped over his shoulders, his opponent stepping out into the blue corner as Denki huddles in the red corner of the ring, Sero talking to him quickly as Denki nods furiously.

“Mother fucker.” Katsuki curses as he looks Monoma up and down. Dumb fucking obnoxious prick was barely dress, just tight shiny briefs with a bow tie and collar around his neck. The shit may be a cocky dirt bag, but he also was a pretty decent fighter, especially with that copy quirk, hard to predict what quirk he’s walking in with. “You got this Denki Babe!” Mina squeals out obnoxiously cupping her face like she wasn't easy enough to hear with her shrill shriek. Denki turned around and have a shit eating grin and held up to thumbs up. “Dumbass.” Katsuki mumbles to himself as the two fighters shake hands and prepare to fight.

“Fight!” Present mike yells jumping back from his perch on the edge of the ring. Faster than light, Monoma shoots his fist out to jab Kaminari in his throat, the electric user Just quick enough to dodge so it hits him in the shoulder before Monoma leaps backwards out of range. Denki staring wide eyed and frozen in the centre of the ring. Monoma starts laughing mockingly and danced forward like a typical showy omega who thought he won an unfinished fight. His hand crackling with electricity as he flings his fist towards Kaminari’s face.

Katsuki grinned when the omega caught the fist in his hand and his own body cracked with electricity. The omega’s were flashes of bare skin, and the slap and thud of punches landing. Till finally. Denki landed a punch right in Monoma’s stomach, his arm sparking like a thundercloud, electricity arcing over his arm and disappearing into Monoma’s skin as the blue eyed omega spasmed wildly before collapsing to the ground. “And ChargeBolt is the victor!!!” Present Mic screams and Katsuki lets the smirk slide over his face as he watched Kaminari dance around the stage as the crowd cheers for him.

Katsuki settled in, prepared to wait boredly for the Omega’s next fight. Scrolling through his phone, setting up meetings, working through the training regimen he’d started organising for his pack to keep them in peak shape, looking over the list of people who’d managed to get in the ABLT. really just wasting time till Dunce Face was back in the ring. A soft nudge from Kirishima had him looking up and smirking as Kaminari bounded onto the stage like the hyperactive mess he was, floundering about and blowing kisses and winks to the crowd. Confidence was good, confidence meant less panicked moved, which meant a calm collected approach to the fight.

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Katsuki settled in, prepared to wait boredly for the Omega’s next fight. Scrolling through his phone, setting up meetings, working through the training regimen he’d started organising for his pack to keep them in peak shape, looking over the list of people who’d managed to get in the ABLT. really just wasting time till Dunce Face was back in the ring. A soft nudge from Kirishima had him looking up and smirking as Kaminari bounded onto the stage like the hyperactive mess he was, floundering about and blowing kisses and winks to the crowd. Confidence was good, confidence meant less panicked moved, which meant a calm collected approach to the fight. The announcer made yet another introduction for the lightning rod omega as a second figure climbed to the stage. The entire arena going silent. Baggy green cargo pants, and a loose steel grey sweatshirt covering basically every inch of the figure, minus the thick red leather shoes that look like they came from the kids section. “What the fuck is he wearing?” Katsuki snorted, finding the crowds shocked silence and quiet murmurs amusing as the shy fiddle of the omega’s hands.

“I thought you were against the costumes omega’s usually wore anyway?” Mina huffed and Kirishima jumped as if shocked out of a state of confusion. “Wait why’s he still talking to his coach?” Kirishima frowned. Katsuki watched intrigued as the coach argued vehemently with the omega in the ring before just reaching through the bars or the ring and ripping the baggy cargo pants right off the omega revealing smooth pale legs from the ankles where the red shoes stop, all the way up to the grey hoodie still hanging around his thighs. “Oh shit!” kirishima murmured staring at the pale freckled legs. “ I know right! Look at those damn Legs!” Mina gasped and Katsuki rolled his eyes as the hoodie was tugged off the omega finally revealing what Katsuki guessed was his actual costume. A tight, forest green, latex body suit. The high cut leg holes revealing the entirety of the Omega’s thick muscled thighs, from there up the green latex stretched up over taunt lean muscle, all the way up to the high collar and down the omega’s arms to his fingers which were covered with white gloves, but the by far most eye catching part of the costume was the top part that was pulled over the top half of his face ending over the bridge of his nose, holes for giant bright emerald green eyes and tall, bunny ears swaying a little on the omega’s head as the pale freckles guy tried to hide himself as best he could from the crowd, that was now roaring with excitement. “ and in the red corner we have our lovely Deku!” the announcer shrieks through the microphone over the noise of the crowd. Finally having come to terms with his costume, the Omega walked to the centre of the ring to shake Denki’s hand, “that’s Deku….” Kirishima gasped seemingly awed. And Katsuki snorted “dude… he’s All Might’s SON!” Kirishima marvelled and Katsuki swallowed hard. All Might. His idol. 27 times straight champion of the ABLT. Undefeated. And his son was going up against Dunce Face. “READY!!” Katsuki watched in horror, fascination and a little interest as “Deku’s” thighs flexed and rippled,

“FIGHT!!” And suddenly the green latex clad figure was replaced with a blur, zipping about the arena like some kind of crazy spinning top, till suddenly he was right behind Kaminari, the electric omega’s back bent as a red shoe slammed into his back sending Kaminari flying across the arena landing face down and gasping for breath. “Deku” had barely broken a sweat. “AND
CHARGEBOLT IS DOWN JUST LIKE THAT!!!” shaking like a leaf, Denki slowly rises to his feet and turns, face like he’d just seen a ghost. The blonde omega ran forward, swinging fist after fist as “Deku” Dodges every punch before slamming his foot right into Kaminari’s stomach. Hard. Hard enough to send Kaminari back four feet and send him to the ground heaving weakly. Tapping his hand on the ground. THAT FUCKER WAS TAPPING OUT!

“IT APPEARS WE HAVE A VICTOR!” Present Mic screams and bounds into the centre stage lifting Izuku’s fist into the air as the crowd roared and Kaminari clutched his stomach, Gasping to try and get the air back into his lungs. “BUT MAKE SURE YOU ALL COME BACK NEXT WEEK TO SEE THE SEMI FINALIST TAKE EACH OTHER DOWN FROM TWELVE TO OUR SIX FINALISTS!” Present Mic yelled letting the omega’s arms go. Katsuki glowered as “Deku” crouched down next to Denki and gently pet his hair, His lips moving quickly as he spoke softly to Katsuki’s packmate as he slowly started to even out his breathing. “The fucks he doing?!” Katsuki glowered as Deku gently lowered Denki’s head into his lap and pet his hair. The blonde omega’s face slowly easing out of his pained expression as he started talking back. “I’m gonna find out!” Kirishima declared and jumped up starting off towards the competitors lounge. Katsuki begrudgingly got up to storm after him with Mina, barging through the lounge area out to the arena entry halls and out to the ring, where Deku still knelt with Denki’s head in his lap, only now Sero knelt next to him and Denki’s jacket was laid over his stomach.

“Oi!” Katsuki yelled stomping over, Deku’s eyes lit up and he smiled blindingly at Katsuki, so bright his steps faltered for a split second before resuming their thumping across the ring floor. “Get Up!” Katsuki growled and nudged Kaminari’s side with his shoe, making the omega Whine. There was a flash of green in the corner of his eyes before something shoved hard at his chest, forcing him to stumble back a few steps to remain standing. “Don’t kick him!” Deku growled at him glowering at him from his new position between him and his omega. “I DIDN’T FUCKIN’ KICK HIM, I BARELY TOUCHED HIM!” Katsuki yelled and Deku started fucking Posturing. Full puffing his chest out, squaring his fucking shoulders and baring his teeth.

“You hurt him.” Deku glowered and Katsuki blinked. Never in his entire LIFE had he seen an omega posture. NEVER. And here one was, SHAPING UP TO HIM AS IF HE WAS GONNA FUCKING FIGHT KATSUKI OVER NUDGING SOMEONE HE’D JUST MET, AND KICK THEIR ASS BARELY FIVE MINUTES BEFORE. “Izuku, It’s Okay. He’s just worried.” Denki called from the ground and “Deku” deflated like a balloon being let out. “Well he’s got a funny way of showing it.” “Deku”, or Izuku apparently, crossed his arms and walked back over to Kaminari’s side. “You sure your okay? I kicked you pretty hard.” Izuku asked, carding his hand through Kaminari’s hair one last time before the blonde sat up. “Yeah I’m fine. Just panicked, been a while since I’ve had the wind knocked out of me in a fight. Scared me pretty bad. But i just panicked.” Denki grinned like an idiot and Katsuki Scoffed “YOU TAPPED OUT! DOUBLE CARDIO TRAINING FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTHS!!” Katsuki yelled and Kaminari whined. “TWO months?! Isn’t that to harsh!?” Katsuki’s replied was cut off by a lilting giggle. His stomach flipping in his chest as he stared at the green latex clad figure. “ sorry. You just seem very close. It’s nice to see.” the greenette smiled. Sero frowned. “Are you not close with your pack?” he asked and Katsuki frowned. How could you not be close with your pack? Omega’s thrived of pack interactions, thrived off affection and attention, it was biological. “Oh, I don’t have an official pack yet. I only know my dad’s small pack and the trainers he’s hired for me.” Izuku smiled like he hadn’t basically just admitted to not having any real friends.” Wait really?!” Kaminari gaped and Izuku Blushed. “Y-yeah… I know Its weird, but I’ve lived a very sheltered life, my quirk didn't develop till I was fifteen and being an omega my dads a little overprotective.” Izuku laughed it off But Katsuki frowned. “Well guys we better get Kaminari home, tomorrow's a training day, and now he’s got extra cardio to do he’s gotta get a good night's sleep.” Kirishima declared after walking over from the referees box. “ oh.. Right!” Deku smiled and stood up. “It was nice to meet you!” the greenette grinned. “Why don’t we keep in touch? Sounds like you could use a few more friends” Kaminari grinned and Katsuki winced at the lack of tact. But Izuku lit up like a stick soaked in gasoline. “ Really?” he grinned like Christmas had come early. “Really?!” the greenette beamed. Katsuki huffed and turned away to meet Kirishima at the exit of the ring. Ignoring them all in favour of thinking about what they were going to do tomorrow. Trying his best to ignore the thoughts of the green haired omega.

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Katsuki knew Kaminari wasn’t exactly the most graceful fucker to live. But even Kaminari could run laps around a track without tripping. So when the blonde omega trips over seemingly nothing randomly about ten minutes into the warm up laps around the track that everyone but him had finished already, Katsuki snorts at the faceplant and is scanning the gym to see what exactly distracted the omega enough to land him a face full of shame, when Eijiro, who was currently swigging from his water bottle, snorted a stream from his nose with the most pitiful sound of shock Katsuki has heard from him since he had walked in on Katsuki with an omega in his bed- Not a habit of Katsuki’s and something he keeps rather quiet about himself, but who is he to refuse an outlet for pent up frustrations when it’s right in front of him practically begging to suck his dick- Katsuki frowns a little at this and hurries his search along before finally catching on to what was causing such a flurry. An unaccompanied omega strolling into the mixed gender gym, basically the unofficial announcement that they were very down to fuck. Katsuki swallowed as he trailed his eyes over the omega, fluffy green hair that bounced with their overly cheerful steps, a round sweet innocent looking face with chubby cheeks and freckles flicked over the bride of their nose, a slight smile to their lips, a thin unmarked neck with a few splattered freckles a cropped baggy hooded sweatshirt baring a slim toned pale stomach with a few of those devilish freckles sprinkled over the taunt skin, the leggings cutting off the view an inch or so below the omega’s belly button, the black second-skin fabric trailing down familiarly thick thighs, down calves Katsuki will deny imagining having draped over his shoulders, down the the too familiar, bright thick leather red shoes.

“DEKU?!” Kaminari shrieked, still clambering to his feet, and the green haired omega perked up, bouncing over to the blonde, seemingly very unaware of the stares from half the people currently in the gym. “What the fuck.” Katsuki grumbled as he stalked over to the gleefully chatting omega pair. “What’re you doing here?.” Katsuki growled out and the two omega’s stared at him like they’d both done something wrong. “ I invited him to train with us… I thought it’d be cool..” Kaminari whined out and Deku shrunk in on himself a little more. “ I- I can leave if you don’t want me here…” He murmured out, the stench of wood rot tingeing the air in Katsuki’s nose. “You shoulda fuckin told me you fuckin dumbass.” he growled at Kaminari before whirling on Deku.”and you! Are you goddamn stupid?! Just walking in here alone? You tryna get jumped or something?” he bite out glaring at the omega’s face as he frowned. “Jumped?” he asked looking around like he answer was somewhere on the walls. “Katsuki… I don't think he knew…” Eijiro murmurs from behind him and Katsuki straightens up. The little shit couldn't be THAT clueless right? “Knew what?” Izuku asks cocking his head to the side.

Katsuki opens his mouth to tell the fucking air head exactly what he'd just done before Mina jumped forward, leaning one elbow on Katsuki’s shoulder as she grinned. “That you basically just declared you wanna spread them fine ass legs for someone in here.” she grinned and Katsuki scrunched his nose at that. What a fucking delightful way to fucking put that shit into words. “Wh-whaaaat” Izuku wailed and Katsuki grit his teeth. That sound was almost endearing at it was fucking hilarious to here. “Comin into a gym alone means you wanna fuck someone dumbass.” Katsuki huffs, his stomach warming a little at the red splotchy colour overtaking the omega’s face. Snorting again he rolls his head back and looks over to KaMinari. “ run him through the cardio routine then Pikachu.” he sighs before wandering over to the weights. “Not gonna train him yourself?” Kirishima asks. The Alpha looks over his shoulder as KaMinari leads Izuku through stretches, casual chatter almost reaching Katsuki’s ears. “ and deal with their yabbering? Not a fuckin chance” He grouses.

Katsuki jogged over to KaMinari and Deku doing the last of their Squats, Deku’s barbel weighing Literally double KaMinari’s. Only half of Katsuki’s though. Smirking as KaMinari drops his weights whining about his legs to a grinning, panting Deku. “ oi fuck munches.” Katsuki smirks when both heads whip over to him. His heart stops for a second when he watches the dumbbell fall from Izuku’s hands, narrowly missing his obscenely red shoe. “K-Ka…” the greenette was staring at him, his not his face, his eyes scanning over the exposed skin of his upper body. “See somthin you like Deku?” Katsuki smirked, strolling casually closer, trying to ignore the urge to fucking preen like a peacock under the omega’s gaze. He didn't need to puff his chest to impress omegas. “y-You… where’s your shirt?!” the greenette squeaked, eyes still locked on Katsuki’s chest. “ got to annoying clinging to me.” the alpha brushed off, stopping in front of the omega, ignoring the disgruntled look on Kaminari’s face as he cocked his head back a little grinning. “ b.. But were in public! You can’t not wear a shirt!” the omega hissed. Katsuki smirked and crossed his arms, ignoring the fact that his mouth was watering a little at the smell of chocolate and cinnamon from the omega, to busy frothing the way the omega’s eyes bulged when his biceps did. “ and what? Deny the world seeing all this?” Katsuki smirked as the omega made another squeak.

“ cmon.. Stop teasing him Katsuki. We gotta cool down and leave if we wanna make it to the shops before they close.” Kirishima grinned, swooping in to save the practically melting omega. “ tch. Whatever.” Katsuki smirked and turned, walking with Kirishima to the track to do some cool down laps. “ w..wait up!” Izuku squawked behind them as they started jogging. “ so…” Eijiro looked at Katsuki with a shit eating grin. “ I will break every bone in your body.” Katsuki growled and jogged a little faster to avoid listening to Kirishima’s cackling.

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Katsuki grit his teeth at Mina and Kaminari’s Habit of making shopping trips go from a half hour trip buying Katsuki new shoes for his fight next week, to an already three hour long trip of trying on various outfits and buying one in every twenty items they try on. The fact that Kirishima encouraged his pack like a child because he loved shamelessly ogling Kaminari in various tight clothing despite his continuous denial of said ogling, let alone his three-year-long-and-still-going-strong crush he only talks about after eight shots of tequila and minimum two jagerbombs, really pissed Katsuki off even more. And to make it all fucking worse. He was stuck having to listen to the added praise of fucking Deku… Izuku… gushing over Kaminari enough to make the blonde omega’s ego grow bigger than the earth he resides on. Just as he’s about to put a fiery end to it, Kaminari has the bright fucking idea to drag the green omega into the shenanigans by yanking a pair of ripped green skinny jeans off the rack so fast the fabric smacks Mina in the face.

“‘Zuku! You should try these on!” the blonde screeches. The greenette suddenly freezing and staring at the jeans. “Oh… uh… I.. I dunno Kami-chan…. They’re not really my style…” the freckled omega stammers like a scratched CD. “AWE C’MON! ALL OMEGA’S HAVE TO HAVE A PAIR OF SKINNY JEANS! AND YOU TOTALLY HAVE THE ASS TO WEAR THEM!” the blonde omega flounces over and dumps the jeans on the other omega’s outstretched arms. “I… I Dunno… I don’t usually wear omega clothes…” the greenette mumbled and the whole group stops. “Wait.. what?” Katsuki frowns. “What fuckin else would an omega wear?” he frowns and the greenette fiddles with the jeans in his hands. “Well. my dad says they draw the wrong kind of attention. He raised me to respect myself better than that…” the omega mumbles. “I'm not allowed to wear them.” Katsuki scoffs “but he’ll put you in a green skin tight fuckin body suit for your fights?” Katsuki snorts and Izuku brightens. “Oh no that’s uncle ‘Zashi” Izuku grins like its a good memory. “He buys my work out gear and fight costumes because he’s an omega too.” the greenette smiles. “Wait.. then what do you normally wear?” Mina frowns looking the omega up and down, he was literally wearing purple shoes with light up soles from the kids section, light wash jeans so baggy they looked like they could fit someone three times the omega’s size, and a baggy grey shirt, that almost definitely was some alpha relatives. Katsuki just assumed it was laundry day for the nerd to be dressed so… casually.

“Oh. dad buys me Alpha clothes. I fit in a XL kids size.” the omega smiles like he hadn’t just admitted to dressing like a potato sack every day. “The fuck?!” Katsuki spits. He knows for a fact that Deku wouldn’t fit in an XL alpha kids size, because Kaminari fits in an alpha kids size medium, and he was at least a full size bigger than Izuku. “So you don’t have any omega clothing?” Kaminari frowns and Izuku shakes his head. “I’m not allowed.” he shrugs and Katsuki grits his teeth. “‘Not allowed’ my ass. You gotta be at least 18 to enter the OBLT so we know your a legal fucking adult. Which means you can do whatever the fuck you want.” Katsuki growls and Izuku stares up at him wide eyed, mouth slightly parted, green skinny jeans clutched to his chest. “Yeah! I agree! Your totally old enough to wear whatever you want.” Mina declares and Izuku looks around at them with a look Katsuki almost wants to call hopeful. “B-but what if I look bad in them…” the omega huffs reeling himself back in. “no way! That’s why you go shopping with friends. So they can tell you what you’ll look good in!” Kaminari grins hanging onto Izuku’s arm. “Oh…. umm… o-okay then… if.. If you’ll help me.” Izuku bites his lip and looks over to Katsuki. Like he was looking for permission. And Katsuki will deny to his dying day that it made his chest warm and fuzzy that the omega trusted him enough to give him the authority over him. Like he was his temporary Alpha while they were out.

“I say we all buy an outfit for Izuku to celebrate his new style.” Mina declares and Kirishima cheers to the idea whilst Katsuki huffs. Because Katsuki wasn’t fucking stupid. He knew that it would all be going on his credit card. As usual. Not like he doesn’t have the money. He definitely does. But that doesn’t mean his pack can go about just spending his money willy nilly. Fucking ingrates. Kaminari squeals as he drags Izuku off further into the male omega section. “ fuckin hell.” Katsuki sighs and grunts when an elbow lodges itself just under his ribs. “Bet he’d look great in a pair of those short shorts. He might even do a spin if you posture a little.” Kirishima snickers and Katsuki growls lowly. “ go back to drooling over pikachu you fucking knot head.” Katsuki spat and stormed off into the omega section, grumbling to himself about his fucking pack and their habit of jumping to conclusions and flat out making shit up. Sure. the nerd was an omega. An omega with a pretty face and thighs that could crush his skull whilst katsuki has his head between the omega’s legs. And sure, that thought makes Katsuki a little hot under the collar, but he didn't think with his dick. He wasn’t about to pine after some random omega, regardless of how much Katsuki loved his chocolate and cinnamon smell, and regardless of how much he wants to test the waters. The omega’s father was beyond protective.

Katsuki stopped looking up at a display, a green sweater with a black collar at the neckline. He lifted his hand softly and felt the fabric. It was soft. Really fucking soft. Like that blanket kaminari slept with every night soft. Katsuki looked down the rack and bit his lip. Well… Kaminari was a size small, but his shoulders weren't as broad as Deku’s. maybe it’d be better to go a size 10 though. The sweater wasn't loose, but it wasn't skin tight either. Katsuki grabbed a size 10 and looked around. For a clothing store this place was fucking huge. Sighing, Katsuki shook his head and yanked a pair of black skinny jeans off the rack. Setting off to search for the others. Scowling at the omega’s staring at him as he stomped past them. Finally spotting a familiar turret of red hair and storming over to it, dumping the outfit in the basket the redhead was carrying. “Done. what's taking you fuckers so long?” Katsuki huffs, taking in the scene and frowning a little harder, Kaminari was waving about three pairs of underwear at a Mortified looking Deku and Mina was standing a little ways away looking like she was about to explode from holding in her laughter. “Uh, Izuku said a pair of shorts Denki picked out were shorter than his underwear, and Denki found out he was wearing Jr Alpha underwear and is trying to buy him Omega style underwear.” Kirishima explains, staring at the blonde omega waving around what Katsuki has finally discerned is a pair of black lace briefs, a green thong and pink jockstrap. The blond alpha swallowed and looked back to the read head.

“ uh… so why’re you letting him terrify Deku?” Katsuki growls and the redhead tears his eyes away from the omega he’d been watching (read, eye fucking) and looks at katsuki. “Huh?” “jesus christ.” Katsuki sighs and storms over, shoving Kaminari away by the face and scanning the underwear section, before grabbing a black pair of omega trunks, and a black and a white pair of omega briefs and tossing then at the omega and watching the greenette fumble with the clothing, face flushed as red as the underwear he was currently next to. Attempting to avoid anymore thoughts of the greenette omega and underwear, Katsuki shouldered past Mina and looked back over his shoulder. “We done here?” he growled, snapping the crowd to attention, minus Izuku who was still staring at the underwear in his hands. “Nope! We still gotta try everything on.” Denki demanded and Katsuki grit his teeth. “Then let’s go. I got shit to do today fuckers.” Katsuki grumbled and lead the irritatingly cheerful group to the change rooms. Which were just cubicles with curtain doors. “Hey ‘zuku, you who’s outfit do you think your gonna like most?” Denki grins as the omega stumbles over words. “I guess I won’t know until I try them on. But I think I like this green top.” the omega smiles pulling out the baggy green sweater with the black collar flaps attached and Katsuki can’t help the little puff of his chest in pride. He had the fucking best fashion taste. Of course he knew what the omega would look good in. the fact that he didn't wanna spend eons wandering the shops meant jack shit. He had amazing taste.

Dropping himself into one of the seats, Katsuki rested his head on his hands and his elbows on his knees as he watched Deku carry the basket into the change room and close the curtains. Checking the time, Katsuki cursed under his breath. “Its fuckin six o'clock already, who’s fuckin idea was this?” Katsuki grumbles. Glaring, Katsuki fidgets in his seat, imagining the shit that was no doubt going to happen when they dropped the green haired omega home. Katsuki was not looking forward to that shit show to his them. “Chill out dude, the mall doesn’t close till eight, sunday night late hours dude.” Kirishima grinned, watching Kaminari sit fidgeting waiting for the omega to come out of the change room. “I ain’t fucking worried about the mall fuckin closing you fuckwit.” Katsuki bites out. Jerking his head back to look at the dressing room as the curtain pulls back.

Katsuki knows who picked the outfit out the second he sees it. If the giant light beige fur coat wasn’t enough of a tell, the cherry coloured crop top with “kiss me” bracketed between two lipstick mark kiss shapes printed across the chest WAS. not to mention the pleather booty shorts that Katsuki Knows for a fact Mina herself owns a pair of in the alpha style (meaning it has pockets). Katsuki was struggling to figure out what to say. The omega looked good. Very good, the patch of skin between the high waisted pleather shorts and the crop top was beautifully pale and taut over the muscles underneath it. The fur jacket made him look smaller in a delicious way rather than a childish way like the potato sack clothes he usually wore. But the omega looked beyond different, he looked like a completely different person. Like a bitchy pop star with a horrific attitude and a pillow princess outlook. “Holy Shit ‘Zuku you look so CUTE!” Denki screeched and Katsuki winced. “I feel weird.” the Omega whined and pulled the coat around him. “And the pants are itchy.” He mumbles, fidgeting with the clothes awkwardly. It was endearing enough to piss Katsuki off. “Cmon, you look great, tell me you at least like the jacket!” Mina whines. And Deku bites his lip. “its nice… but I don’t like wearing it. It feels like it used to be a dog.” the omega mumbles off in a quiet voice long enough for Katsuki to get annoyed. “Next.” Katsuki bit out, making the green haired omega jump and bolt back into the changing room.

“I can’t believe he didn't like the jacket, I thought it was omega’s disposition to love fluffy soft things?” Mina huffs. “It’s cuz you picked out things you would wear dumbass, he’s used to wearing shit that hangs off him like a blanket, wearing the shit you wear would freak him out. Doesn’t suit him either.” Katsuki grumbled. At the pink haired alpha. “Awe cmon, he looked great!” Mina whines and Katsuki glowered at her. “He looked like he raided your wardrobe.” Katsuki spat as Denki hummed. “He has a point, ‘Zuku looked cute, but not like ‘Zuku.” the omega blinked, finally activating the few brain cells he had and listening to Katsuki. The blond alpha opened his mouth to growl out that he was always right when the curtain parted again, a lot slower this time, Katsuki looked back to the omega and grit his teeth. Denki was barely any better than Mina, Deku was dressed in the green skinny jeans with slashes at the thighs, and a light gray crop top, partially hidden by a bulky black and white varsity jacket that still managed to highlight the omega’s little waist. He looked like he was wearing something from Denki’s wardrobe. “Well?” Kirishima encourages gently, a hopeful lilt to his voice as Deku fiddles with his hands. “The jeans are tight… do they make my legs look to big?” the omega asks quietly, like he was expecting an affirmative answer. Katsuki was about to tell the omega that he looked fine, he wasn’t nice enough to say the omega looked good. But dunceface pipes up with an excitable “‘Zuku your legs look amazing! I’d kill to have thighs like that!” sending the greenette into a flushed frenzy as he hid his face in some clumsy disaster vogue pose. Katsuki’s eyes are drawn down to the slits in the denim at the omega’s thighs his stomach heating a little as the muscles flex when the Omega take a step forward. “So the jacket and the jeans. Gotcha.” Denki pipes up and Katsuki blinks frowning at his lack of control, he was not gonna swoon over this omega, the psycho parental wrath wasn't worth the trouble, not to mention the complete lack of social knowledge, the guy was so normal till something bizarre pops up, like he wears kids shoes, and alpha clothes, or his father won’t let him form a proper pack bond.

Katsuki looks up, breaking out of his thoughts Izuku walks out looking like a blind man dressed him, a scarlet Blazer, a violet V-Neck T-shirt, and a pair of Yellow denim jeans. Bakugou’s head whipped around to glare at Kirishima so fast, his neck cracked. “You fuckers are doing it on purpose!” he bites out as Kirishima holds his hands up in a placating gesture. “What do you mean?! I wouldn’t wear that!” Kirishima yelped out, gesturing at Izuku. Katsuki could feel the throb that meant the vein on his forehead was showing. “Noone would wear that! He looks like a colourblind school kid!” Katsuki spat looking back and gesturing to Izuku who had shrunk back into the change room like a scared animal backing into its burrow. “Sighing Katsuki rubs his temples, why was he even this high strung, it's not like he actually cares what the omega wears. Looking up as the curtain closes, he returns the glare Kaminari sends him and rolls his eyes. What was he supposed to do? Pretend the omega didn’t look like an idiot? Katsuki let his head rest on his hands and closed his eyes, this shit was giving him a headache.

“Woah..” Katsuki sighed and looked up when Kaminari gasped at Izuku’s outfit. Katsuki dragged his eyes up the skin tight black denim, blinking when he reached the green before snapping his spine straight and blinking at the omega, whose face was an adorable shade of pink, the green sweater was baggy, hanging off the omega’s shoulder’s, yet still sinking in at the waist, the miracles of modern sewing techniques dumbfounded Katsuki. How did Deku look so soft yet… still hot. Swallowing Katsuki looked over at the group and locked eyes with Kirishima. He glared and stood up crossing his arms and checking his watch. “ c’mon. Pick up what you like and let’s go we gotta drop you home before your parents send out a search party.” he grunted and turned walking off to the counter. Katsuki stood next to the counter, glaring out at the isles of clothes, he could feel the uncomfortable stare of the cashier worker, but kept his gaze on the entrance to the omega clothing section. Watching for when the group would come through, and glaring at the bunch as they finally clambered through a full TEN MINUTES later. Katsuki grabbed the basket of clothes from denki and pointed his finger at the two omega’s “you two wait outside.” Katsuki growled and turned his gaze on the other two. “You two go get the car and meet us at the front.” Katsuki growled and dropped the basket hard onto the counter

Katsuki thrust his card against the scanner and glowered as an approved sign flashes up. $340 dollars spent on clothes for that fucken omega, not like he couldn’t afford it, but he sure as fuck isn’t letting any of his pack go to the new amusement park next week when it opens. Spinning around Katsuki starts stalking towards the entrance to the shop, standing in the doorway and searching for the two omega morons he told to meet him here. Hearing a squeak, Katsuki jerks his head around to find Kaminari backed up against a wall, an alpha with gripping his chin between two finger’s. Gritting his teeth, Katsuki forces his feet to start moving, picking up the Alpha’s half of the conversation from a good twenty metres away. “C’mon beautiful, why don’t you come home with me tonight, my buddy will take care of your little friend.” the Alpha backing Kaminari to the wall was probably only a head taller than him, and had greasy black hair like he hadn’t washed it in a few weeks, whilst the one currently trying to wrap his arms around Deku had fuzzy blonde hair cut close to his scalp, neither looked particularly clean, or like they hadn’t done time.

Katsuki was probably about ten metres away from them when it happened. The blond alpha’s arm settled on Izuku’s shoulder and then suddenly he was flying through the air and slamming into the wall next to Kaminari, then the alpha that had been caging Kaminari in was on the floor with the green haired omega holding a foot to the Alpha’s throat whilst he gasped like a fish out of water, clearly winded. Katsuki watched the scene as Deku declared that if the alpha’s ever bothered either of them again he’d leave them so broken they couldn’t identify their bodies to send them home to their families. And Katsuki refused to admit that his groin had twitched at the fiery look the omega was wearing. That may have been the hottest thing he’d ever seen, but that also was kind of against the law, and whilst most officer’s would brush off an omega tossing an alpha against a wall as impossible, Katsuki couldn’t let the accusations be thrown around, not with the psycho parents the greenette has.

“Oi” he growls storming over and yanking the greenette back and glowering at the two alpha’s shaking on the floor. “Get lost before I fuckin kill you both!” Katsuki spit’s and the Two alpha book it out of sight. Katsuki turns to glare at the two omega watching the greenette check over kaminari like a worried mother, rolling his eye’s Katsuki snaps his fingers and turns “ hurry up, were leaving.” he grumbles walking out to where mina and Kirishima should be waiting for them at the front of the shopping centre.