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“I’m thinking of continuing my father’s legacy.” Jonathan Morgenstern said simply. His companion looked up quizzically.

“Which is…?” he asked cautiously.

“Did you ever hear of The Pit?” Jonathan asked. “It was a big deal in the 90’s. I was eighteen when it was shut down.”

“You don’t mean that underground wrestling/child trafficking operation?” his companion asked. “I never saw any of it but I heard things. You father ran it?”

“My father was…everything about that was all Valentine Morgenstern.” Jonathan said, his voice tight. His father had died a few months ago, out of his mind. It was best really. “Now, I want to revive it.”

“I never saw it as something you’d enjoy.” His companion mused. “It seems too dirty. Too…ugly. You are elegant, perfect.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, my love.” Jon said, turning to look at his partner. Sebastian had been with him since high school. The tall Frenchman lay on his belly on the bed, watching Jonathan as he dressed up for work.

“So where does this leave me?” Sebastian asked. “Is this going to be like the others; where you’d abandon me for days, weeks and then I’d find you under some whore?” the question ended with a hard tone delivered in a sickly sweet voice.

“Sweetheart.” Jonathan said, grinning. “I thought that was behind us.”

Sebastian shrugged and turned away. Jonathan chuckled. “Sweets, you know I love you. No one can take your place in my heart. All those ‘whores’ were just distractions.”

Sebastian was silent.

“OK.” Jonathan sighed. “How about this? You join me. You be my partner in this…arrangement. That way, you still get me and my time.”

Sebastian turned to look at him, a hopeful expression on his face. “You mean that?”

“Yes.” Jonathan said, simply. “I would do anything for you. So what do you say?”

Sebastian reached for his lover’s shirt and pulled him down. He kissed him slowly, smiling slightly as Jonathan deepened the kiss. Pulling away, he grinned. “I’d love to be your partner.”

“I thought you might.” Jonathan said, leaning in to kiss him again. Sebastian placed a hand on his chest. “Wait, don’t you have to be at work?”

“I am working.” Jonathan said, smirking. “I’m sealing the deal.”

Sebastian laughed out loud. “Is this how you seal the deal with all your other partners?”

“God, no.” Jonathan grimaced. “You’re special.”

Sebastian hummed happily as Jonathan leaned to kiss him again.





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Jace was bored.

All he wanted was to go home and sleep for a year. But, it was his grandmother’s birthday and he, as the heir to her fortune and her only living relative, he was obligated to attend. Not only that, he was also supposed to mingle.

“So Jonathan Christopher…” Raphael Santiago, one of his grandmother’s business partners said his name in slight Spanish accent.

“Jace.” Jace automatically corrected.

“Jace.” Raphael grinned. “What are your thoughts about the Institute?”

“That’s classified information.” Jace said. “I have no idea what my grandmother does with the Institute. Now, the magazine or the orphanage or the bookstores or the…”

“I get it.” Raphael snapped. “You have no idea what the Institute is.”

“Right.” Jace said. He looked up and saw one of his mother’s employees, Magnus Bane walk in with a tall, dark-haired and scowling man and a tiny dark-haired girl. Jace rolled his eyes. He’d met the Asian a few times and he’d spoken to him once. He was his grandmother’s Head of IT and according to Imogen, he was a genius; good at his job. Apparently, he was head hunted by a lot of powerful companies around the world but he was working for HERONDALE’S.

Jace watched him stand on his toes to whisper something to the tall man before kissing his cheeks.


Apparently, that was his boyfriend. The dark-haired girl rolled her eyes and walked away from them. Jace watched as she walked away. She was beautiful but not exactly his type.

“Jonathan.” He sighed as he heard his grandmother’s voice. “I’d like you to meet someone.”

Jace rolled his eyes before plastering a smile on his face and turning to walk towards his grandmother and the man she was talking to.

This night could not end fast enough.

“Jonathan, this is Jonathan Morgenstern.” Imogen said. “His father was a good friend of mine.”

Jace looked up at the tall man standing in front of him. He was blond, like Jace, except his hair was close cropped. He had cold grey eyes and a sardonic smirk on his face. “Jonathan?” he asked. His voice deep.

“Call me Jace.” Jace said. “So as to avoid any confusion.”

“Of course…Jace.” Jonathan said, giving Jace the once over. Jace stifled a shiver. The look reminded him of that creepy swim coach in middle school who liked to watch the boys undress.

“Jonathan is a philanthropist.” Imogen was saying. “He works with children. Orphans and abandoned kids.”

Jace nodded, wondering why Imogen had to do this to him every time. He wasn’t interested in HERONDALE’S. All he wanted was to cook and bake and maybe shoot at things in his free time.

“…with social and psychological issues.” Jonathan was saying. “I had it all. This is a way of giving back.”

What a douchebag.

Jace smiled and nodded. As they were talking, a tall man with red hair walked up to them and smiled at Imogen. “Imogen, it has been too long.”

“Monsieur Verlac.” Imogen smiled, kissing both cheeks and giggling slightly when the redhead did the same to her. “I didn’t know you’d be here tonight.”

“And miss your birthday?” the redhead said in a slight French accent. “When Jonathan told me, I pushed my flight to next week.”

“This is my grandson, Jace.” Imogen grabbed Jace’s arm. “Jace, this is Sebastian Verlac, Jonathan’s partner.”

“I’m pleased to meet you.” Jace said automatically. Business partners probably.

“Sebastian is going to be working with me on the Children Initiative.” Jonathan said, smiling at the Frenchman with a soft expression.

“Apparently, I’ll finally get to work with my Jonathan.” Sebastian said, leaning against the tall blond.

“Does that mean we’ll be seeing you in New York more often?” Imogen asked.

Jace tuned the conversation out and started to think of the order he had for Saturday. A huge four tier princess cake for the daughter of one of his secretaries. The mother had insisted in paying him for it even though he had no need for her money. He just loved to bake. And he loved the little girl who was turning five on Saturday.


Jace blinked as he heard his name. “I’m sorry, what was that?” he said, blushing slightly at the attention on him.

“I told Jonathan about your little hobby.” Imogen said, her eyes sharp.

“So you love to cook.” Sebastian asked. “So do I. Let’s talk about that. I’m hopeless at your American pastries. I mess it up somehow. Let’s exchange ideas.”

Jace found himself being pulled away from the group by an excited Frenchman. “You looked like you needed to be anywhere but there.” Sebastian said.

“Was it that obvious?” Jace asked, rubbing his face. Sebastian smiled.

“You’re fine.” Sebastian said.

“You don’t really need my help, do you?” Jace asked.

“Of course not.” Sebastian laughed. “I was a professional chef back in France. There’s nothing I can’t make.”

“In that case…” Jace grinned. “I might have a few questions.”


Simon was bored.

Quinn had left a few hours ago and he was alone at home. Magnus, Alec and Izzy had gone to Imogen’s party. He had been invited but he was still mad at Imogen for suspending him from missions for two weeks.

Just because he had gone off script a little.

OK, so he deviated from the plan totally, but he had a hunch and went with it. He had saved the kid and eliminated the culprits. It wasn’t his fault that they lost their intel and had to start from scratch.

So now he was at home, sulking. Clary was on a date with Maia, so he was bored with no friends.

Maybe, he shouldn’t have kicked Quinn out so soon. He could give him a call and ask him to come back. Maybe, spend the night…

His phone buzzed as he reached for it. It was a message from Izzy.

Princess 9.40PM

Your future husband has been spotted.

She had attached a picture. Simon chuckled at her message as he clicked on the image to open it.

There were two men standing and talking, dressed in tuxes looking delicious. One was a redhead while the other was blond. The redhead was tall and slim. He was handsome in a way that screamed old money. The blond…now that was another matter entirely. He was tall and built, not so much but Simon could tell he worked out a lot. His blond hair was in a neat bun at the nape of his neck and his grin in the picture…

Vamp 9.43PM

Please tell me it’s the blond.

Princess 9.43PM

Of course it’s the blond. Blonds are so your type.

Vamp 9.44PM

Hey. I like redheads too. And brunets. And dark, brooding men.

Princess 9.45PM

Again, leave my brother alone. Magnus may not kill you but Alec will.

Vamp 9.45PM

Alec’s just shy.

Princess 9.47PM

No. You’re not his type. Now, do you want me to get his number?

Vamp 9.47PM


Princess 9.48PM

No. The blond hottie.

Simon shook his head as he snorted. Izzy was always trying to set him up with someone. She was relentless.

Vamp 9.50PM

I can pick men on my own, Isabelle Lightwood. Thanks anyway. He’s probably straight. And you know I don’t handle rejection well. Remember Lee?

Princess 9.52PM

Fine. I still think you’re missing out. You should have come.

Simon sighed and threw his phone aside. Izzy was right; he should have been there. He looked at the time. These things usually ran till really late.

He stood up and undressed as he stalked to the bathroom. If he was quick, he could still make it.

Even if he struck out with the blond, Imogen’s parties always had the best booze and food.

Looks like he was going to a party.


“Stopped sulking, didn’t you?” Simon heard Alec’s voice before he saw him. For such a huge man, he was really quiet, which made him great at his job. But still…

“Missed me, sweetheart?” Simon asked, grinned when the dark-haired man scowled. “Relax, Izzy found me a boy to play with, so here I am.”

Alec laughed. “So you’re here to pick up boys?”

“Of course, it’s a party.” Simon said, deadpan. “So boys and booze.”

Alec shook his head and patted Simon on his shoulder before disappearing out the door Simon walked in from. Simon adjusted his tux and walked into the party nearly walking into Magnus.

“Simon, you made it.” The glittery Asian said. He was about Simon’s height and his ears were pierced. His hair was black with red highlights and glitter. He had painted his nails a deep red tonight to match his suit.

“Alec is outside.” Simon said, winking. Magnus blushed slightly and shook his head.

“Izzy is somewhere inside.” Magnus said before leaving. Simon sighed and walked further into the party. He noticed people staring at him in curiosity before looking away. He knew he looked…well, different. His brown hair was tipped with blue and purple. His ears were pierced and there was a hint of a tattoo peeking from inside his tux. He was certain he looked like a rebel or a wannabe bad boy, with his wire-rimmed glasses and boy-next-door smile.

“I knew you couldn’t stay away.” Izzy whispered behind him. He smiled as he turned to face his friend.

“I’m here for the booze.” Simon said. “Plus, I was bored.”

“So you don’t want to see the next love of your life?” Izzy asked arching an eyebrow.

“I can drink and do that.” Simon said. “Right?” At Izzy’s nod, he added. “Lead the way.”

Izzy led him to the bar and they both ordered their drinks. As they waited, they looked at the people in the party. Simon’s gaze moved lazily around the floor; people watching.

He saw a familiar physique and froze before Izzy grabbed his arm and sank her nails in. “Found him.” She hissed. Simon shook his head and followed Izzy’s gaze to…him.

He was even more gorgeous in person.  He was taller than Simon expected, and he was walking, moving like he owned the place, towards…

“He’s coming this way.” He hissed turning away. “For fuck’s sake, stop staring.”

Izzy giggled. “Too late.” She whispered.

Simon frowned and turned, or tried to because when he did, Simon found himself staring into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. One blue and the other was brown. And not boring brown like his. Brown with a speck of blue.

“Well, fuck me…” he murmured and saw the eyes widen.

Oh shit.


Jace balked at the brunet who stared at him like he was, well, something delicious. His murmured “Well, fuck me…” was unexpected.

He grinned when he saw the blush rise up his cheeks. “But I don’t know your name…” he said smoothly.

The brunet grinned slowly. “I’m Simon…Simon Lewis.” He said, holding out his hand.

“Jace Herondale.” Jace said, reaching to shake his hand. He studied Simon. His brown hair was a messy mop on his head with blue and purple highlights, he had black studs in his ears and there was a tattoo peeking from under his shirt.

“Herondale?” Simon asked frowning. “As in, Imogen Herondale?”


“Of course.” Simon murmured to himself. “Not only are you gorgeous. You are my boss’s grandson.”

“Is that a problem?” Jace asked boldly.

Simon grinned. “Jace, I love the way you think. May I get you a drink?”

“It’s free…” Jace said.

Simon’s grin grew. “In that case, do you want to get out of here?”

Jace looked around, searching for his grandmother. He gave up after a few seconds. His heart was beating hard. He couldn’t believe he was going to ditch his grandmother’s party with a boy.

“I’d love to.”


Jonathan watched dispassionately at the 10 year old girl who was currently whimpering at his feet. As soon as she’d seen him, she had charged at him, snarling like a wild animal before she suddenly dropped, twitching as she was hit with tazers.

“She’s a fighter.” His Head of Security told him as he gestured for his men to pick her up and take her into a truck. “She has a history of schizophrenia and she bites.”

“She’ll do.” Jonathan said as he turned and walked back into the building. The first phase of his plan was coming together.

He would have his fighters and he would have his whores.

He knew men who would pay to play with little kids and he intended to exploit that. That way, he would be able to blackmail them and keep himself rolling in money that his great grandchildren would enjoy for years and years to come.

“I’ll surpass your legacy, Father.” He whispered as he walked towards his office.

This was just the beginning.


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“So, how do you know my grandmother?” Jace asked, as they got into Simon’s black Mercedes.

“I’m her Head of Security.” Simon said, tongue in cheek. Jace arched an eyebrow.

“Really?” Jace frowned. “I wasn’t aware Atwood had resigned.”


“I’m usually on the field.” Simon said. “That’s all I’m telling you. Anymore, then I’ll have to kill you.”

Jace laughed and Simon joined him. Crisis averted.

Jace didn’t have to know that Simon wasn’t joking. Imogen had told him over and over again that the Institute was completely classified. Like, so far underground that only a handful of people knew about it. To the outside world, it was just a security company, but underneath that cover, it was so much more.

If anyone needed to eliminate anybody, Imogen was called.

If some dignitary was to be assassinated, Imogen was called.

If VVIPs were needed to be rescued, Imogen was called.

Simon didn’t mind at all, as long as he got kill people, Imogen could call him whenever she wanted.

Plus the pay wasn’t so bad.

“So where’re we going?” Jace asked.

“Do you want a drink or do you want a drink?” Simon asked, a small smirk on his face.

“What’s the difference?” Jace asked innocently. Simon laughed.

“My place it is…” Simon said as he started the car and drove home. It was going to be a really fun night.


Jace stood in front of a huge bungalow.

At least he thought it was a bungalow.

“You live here?” he asked. The place was almost as big as the mansion he lived in with his grandmother. The property was huge and looked like something in one of those telenovellas his grandmother watched on her days off.

“So you live here alone?” Jace asked again as Simon opened the door and led him inside. The foyer was huge. Just how much did his grandmother pay this guy?

“I like my space.” Simon said simply. “Want a tour?”

“I’d like that drink first.” Jace said. Simon grinned.

“Of course.” He said. “This way…” Simon led him to a room with a huge plasma TV and an Xbox console. The room looked like it was well lived in. There were cushions scattered all over the chairs and a futon right in front of the TV. He walked towards the TV and bent down to look at the games next to the console.

Not bad.

“”Do you play?” he heard Simon ask as he came back into the room with two bottles of beer in his hands.

“Nothing intense.” Jace replied taking a bottle from him. “I take it you are a gamer.”

“Only when I’m not too busy.” Simon said. “And for the past couple of days I have had a lot of free time. Excuse the mess.”

“It’s fine.” Jace murmured as he sat down on the couch. It was just the right amount of soft. “This is comfortable.”

“You should see my bedroom.” Simon said, grinning at the cheesy line. “My bed is way more comfortable.”

“Well, why don’t you show me?” Jace said, standing up again. Simon beamed gleefully and he looked younger.

“Sweet.” Simon said and then turned around. He opened a door and walked through. “Come on.” He said as he walked briskly down what Jace saw was a hallway. Simon opened the door at the end of the hallway and stood aside. “After you…”

Jace rolled his eyes and walked inside.

The room seemed more lived in than the living room. It was just the right amount of messy. There was a guitar and a keyboard at one corner of the room, facing the windows. There is a desk with papers and pictures pinned to a large square board. The en-suite bathroom door was slightly ajar and there is a hamper with a few dirty clothes. The room smelled faintly of pot and something citrusy. There was a large bed in the middle of the room. King size, four posters and were those handcuffs?

It looked like his room back in college; without the musical instruments. Or the handcuffs. Plus his bed was huge. Queen sized.

At the corner of his eyes, he saw Simon take off his jacket and pull his dress shirt out of his pants. He turned and watched him. The brunet smirked at him as he walked slowly up to him.

He had the look of a predator, something dangerous but Jace couldn’t find it in him to be afraid. Instead he was excited, like the first time he jumped off a plane.

“You have really pretty eyes.” Simon said, when he stood in front of Jace, his head cocked to the side as he studied him. “Makes me want to say cheesy stuff like…’I could stare at them all night’ or something ridiculous like that.”

“Are you just gonna stare at me?” Jace asked, his voice suddenly breathy. “Cos I should really let you know that isn’t what I came for.”

“Oh yeah?” Simon grinned. “What did you come here for, pretty boy?”

“First of all, don’t call me that.” Jace said, rolling his eyes. “Secondly, what I came for involves more…touching than looking.”

Simon laughed delightedly. “I’m sure we could work something out.”

Suddenly, Jace found himself pressed against the wall and Simon’s lips hard against his.

Simon’s arms went around his neck as he tried to pull himself up Jace’s body. Jace pushed his hands under Simon’s shirt and felt, rather than heard Simon’s low moan. He dragged his blunt nails up his back and Simon pressed closer, squirming.

He gasped when Simon pulled away and kissed along his jaw, breathing hard. Jace sighed when he felt Simon’s tongue lightly graze the side of his neck. The moan he made was breathy and he felt Simon smirk against his skin. He felt Simon’s hands on his shoulders, pushing his jacket off. Then he started to unbutton his shirt. Jace, in turn started to fumble with Simon’s shirt, pushing off his shoulder. But since Simon was busy with Jace, the shirt was caught on his arms.

“W-Wait…” Jace mumbled and pushed Simon away slightly. Simon made a small, annoyed sound which turned into a gasp as Jace turned and pushed him against the wall.

He moaned when Jace slid to his knees in front of him and Jace looked up at him as he started to unfasten his pants. Simon had his head against the wall with his eyes shut tightly. His hands were curled into fists at his sides. Jace chuckled slightly and Simon opened his eyes and looked at him.

He bit his lip and drew in a ragged breath. “You are unbelievably gorgeous…” he murmured.

Jace already had the pants open and was sliding them down. He had heard this a lot and he fought the urge to roll his eyes. Although, when he had a guy on his knees about to blow him, he usually said the same thing. Or just…

Simon made a small whine and his hips bucked slightly. Jace shook himself out of his reverie and made quick work of Simon’s pants and boxer briefs. He ran his hands up the strong thighs and he shifted a bit, gasping a little as his erection rubbed against his pants.

Simon’s dick was in front of him, high against his belly, the head dark red and Jace could swear that he could see it pulsing urgently.

“N-Not to steal your line…”Simon said shakily. “But are you just g-gonna stare at-oh shit!”

Jace wrapped his hand around him and wasted no time taking him into his mouth; practically inhaling him till the tip touched the back of his throat.

In his periphery, he could see Simon raise his hand before he clenched it into a fist and slammed it into the wall.

“Oh-oh fuck!” Simon moaned, his fist hitting the wall again. Jace quickly unzipped his pants and sighed audibly as he freed his own dick.

Simon clenched his thighs so hard, they trembled. And Jace held back a smirk and pulled back, letting his tongue tease the tip. Simon jerked slightly and Jace looked up at him. Simon was staring down at him with dark, dark eyes, breathing hard, his lips parted.

Jace dove down again, and again, setting up a rhythm his eyes still on Simon’s face. The brunet gasped as his eyes rolled back. “Oh…s-shit!”

Jace felt himself get lost in the moment as he bobbed up and down Simon’s dick, encouraged by the bitten back sounds and the flex and bunch of Simon’s muscles against him. He hummed softly and was rewarded with shaky fingers sliding into his hair, rubbing his scalp gently. He hummed again and looked up to see Simon watching him intently; his jaw clenched and his eyes burning with undisguised lust.

Suddenly, the fingers in his hair tightened and he was pulled away sharply. He heard Simon breathing hard. “Wait, wait…” he said harshly. “Let’s…”

Simon started to shed the rest of his clothes and Jace hurried to do the same and soon they were on the bed and Simon straddled his hips before leaning down to nip at his earlobe. Jace shuddered. He really didn’t care how tonight went as long as this beautiful man made him cum.


Jonathan couldn’t sleep.

He was sure he saw someone he never expected to see ever again. But before the shock could set in he lost sight of him.

Surely there was no way…although if he thought about it, there was a little chance that he survived. But with what went on at The Pit, he should have been either dead or at the very least, insane.

And yet, for a split second, he thought he saw him.  But in just a split second, he had he had vanished. Sebastian would say it was probably all in his head.

Then again, he was more than certain he saw Simon Lewis. Older and a little different but it was him. If he was imagining…

If Simon Lewis was alive or sane, Jonathan had to find out for sure and get rid of him because, nothing was going to interfere with his plans.

The need for revenge was a powerful thing and Simon Lewis had more than enough reasons to want revenge against the Morgenstern name.

And that was very, very bad.


Simon blinked a few hours later and looked at the time. Ha grunted softly and sat up. He flinched slightly when his leg bumped against something warm and before he could go into beast mode, he saw the blond hair on the pillow next to him. He relaxed as he remembered last night.

He grinned as he shifted closer to the guy, Jace. He wrapped his arm gently around the blond’s waist and pulled him close to his chest; kissing the back of his neck.

Jace made a small sleepy sound and buried his face into the pillow. Simon chuckled softly and slid his hand over the taut stomach.

“Simon!” he heard Izzy’s screech just outside his door and sighed heavily, leaning his forehead on Jace’s back. Sometimes, that girl’s timing was shit.

He felt Jace wake up, stiffen and then sigh. “Should I…?” he muttered.

“No, no…” Simon said sitting up and getting up off the bed. “I’ll get rid of her.” He grabbed his sweatpants off the closet door and put them on. “Do you want breakfast?”

Normally, he never made breakfast for any of his hookups. But this was Imogen’s precious baby boy and he was certain she didn’t hire him to do half the things he did to Jace last night.

Jace nodded before he buried his face into the pillow.

He was grinning like a loon when he got out of is room, almost running into his best friend.

“Someone looks proud of himself.” She crowed. “Was it…?”

Simon grabbed her arm and dragged her into the kitchen. “Shh! He’s still asleep.”

Her eyes widened. “He’s still here? Really?”

Simon rolled his eyes. “Close your mouth. It’s the least I could do.”

She frowned. “Why? Is he a prince or something?”

“Oh yeah.” Simon stalked into the kitchen and went to the fridge. “He’s a Herondale.”

“A Herond-.” Izzy stopped. “Wait, a Herondale? As in, your boss’s…”

“Yep.” Simon said, standing in front of the open fridge.

“Imogen is going to kill you.” Izzy said hoisting herself onto the counter.

“That’s why I’m making breakfast.” Simon said. “If I’m nice, maybe he won’t tell her.”

“Simon, you can’t cook.” Izzy said. She got out her phone. “I’ll get Alec to pick up something.”

“Ooh, yes.” Simon said. “Make sure to tell him I hooked up with a real angel. Maybe he’ll get jealous.”

Izzy snorted. “Simon…”

“Alec and I are meant to be together.” Simon said simply. “He just doesn’t know it.”

“I’ll make coffee.” Izzy said, sliding off the counter. Then she stopped. “Maybe…”

“Like I’d let you make me coffee.” Simon said easily. “I almost didn’t survive the last time.”

He laughed as she flipped him the bird.

He caught a movement at the entrance to the kitchen. He looked up to see Jace walk in with his hair all mussed and still looking sleepy. His fingers flexed as he remembered his hands fisted in that perfect blond hair. “Good morning, beautiful.”

Jace grunted. He wore his pants from last night and one of Simon’s tshirts which were a bit too tight. And he was barefoot.

“Coffee?” Simon asked as he went to the coffee machine; the only thing in his kitchen that he actually used. Jace nodded and smiled at Izzy.

“Sorry.” He croaked. “I need coffee.”

“It’s OK.” Izzy said cheerily. “Not all of us can be like Mr. Happy over there.” She said, pointing at Simon. “I’m Izzy.”

“Jace.” Jace said holding out a hand. Izzy shook his hand.

“Alec is going to flip.” Izzy said gleefully.

Simon shrugged. “He could use a little shaking up.”

Chapter Text

Jace watched Simon and Izzy bicker over something he couldn’t be bothered about right now. He looked at them as he sipped on his mug of coffee.

It was as if he was in this bubble; separate from the rest of the world. It was peaceful.

Just as the rest of his body was waking up, there was the sound of the main door opening and Simon perked up. “Breakfast is here.”

“Why are we getting extra…?” A tall dark haired man started saying as he walked into the kitchen. He stopped and stared at Jace for a few seconds before glaring at a grinning Simon. He stumbled a little as someone walked into him.

“What is the hold-Oh…” an Asian man said, walking around the tall man and spotted Jace. “Mr. Herondale…good morning.”

Jace smiled and waved. “Hey.”

Izzy snickered and nodded. “I think you broke him, Si.”

Simon chuckled. “Do you think he’d let me kiss him?”

That got the tall man moving. “Try it and you’ll be eating your meals out of a straw.” He growled, dropping the bags in his hands on the table. He made his way to the coffee machine.

Simon gave a theatric shudder. “Baby, you say the hottest things.”

The tall guy scowled. “Magnus…”

“He’s teasing, Alexander.” The Asian, Magnus, said. “Simon? A word.”

Simon shrugged and walked out with Magnus, leaving Jace with the tall man and Izzy. Izzy rolled her eyes. “Jace, this is my big brother, Alec. We work with Simon.”

“In security?” Jace asked. Alec stiffened and Izzy choked.

“Yeah, something like that.” Izzy said. She rummaged through the bags and handed Alec a pack. Alec grunted and walked out of the kitchen.

She shook her head. “Don’t mind him. He’s just grumpy. And seeing you was kind of a shock.”


“Well, you’re our boss’s grandson for one.” Izzy said. Then she handed him another pack. “Hope you like cheese. Simon ordered that for you.”

Jace nodded and thanked her. He looked at the door where Simon and Magnus disappeared through.

“Don’t worry about Simon.” Izzy said. “He’s always getting into trouble.”

Jace didn’t like the sound of that. He actually liked Simon, even though the guy acted like he was a little unbalanced. Plus, the sex was topnotch. He wouldn’t mind doing it again.

Just then Simon walked in with Magnus behind him looking exasperated. The Asian walked towards him.

“I really hope this won’t get back to Imogen.” Magnus said without preamble. “Simon is in enough trouble as it is.”

Jace saw Simon roll his eyes and dig into the bags on the table. “What?”

“Imogen won’t like that you and Simon hooked up.” Alec said, walking inside. “This can’t happen.”

Jace laughed. “My grandmother doesn’t like a lot of things. And you are not the boss of me.”

Alec blinked and Simon snorted.

“I don’t care what Imogen likes or doesn’t like.” Jace went on. “I am a grown man and if I decide I want to fuck my way through her company, she can’t do a thing about it.”

“Typical.” Alec muttered. “Another spoilt…”

“Watch it, Lightwood.” Simon cut him off.

Jace grinned. “That being said. Thanks for breakfast.” He left the kitchen and walked back to Simon’s room. He needed to get his phone and call an uber.


Simon felt Alec’s glare on him but he ignored him to glare at Magnus. “Did you have to do that?”

“Someone needs to look after you.” Magnus said, looking worriedly at the kitchen door where Jace just left through.

“Why?” Simon asked. “What did I do that was so wrong?”

“That’s Herondale.” Alec snapped. “Our boss’s grandson. He’s practically our boss.”

“Are you jealous?” Simon asked, smirking. “Did you want to fuck him too? Are you angry I got to do it first?”

“Don’t be crass.” Magnus sighed. “Imogen will be pissed.”

“Imogen is always pissed.” Simon said dismissively, still looking at Alec who was looking at him like he wanted to kick his ass. “Alec, baby…if you continue to look at me like that, I won’t be responsible for what happens.” He winked at him.

“One of these days, you’ll fuck up so bad and we won’t be here to pick up the pieces.” Alec said darkly. “A Herondale? It’s like you don’t even care about the rest of us. You take everything like it’s a joke and it’s not.”

“Alec…”Izzy started. Simon raised his hand.

“No, let him finish.” Simon said.

Alec stalked towards him and stood towering over Simon. “Not everything is a joke, Lewis.”

“Why are you really mad?” Simon asked, his smile fading.

“You are irresponsible and a risk.” Alec said. “And one day you are going to get all of us fired. Or worse, killed.”

“Just because I hooked up with Jace?” Simon asked. “Or is this about me being your leader? Are you mad that Imogen put me in charge and not you?”

Alec growled and before he could take a step forward, Izzy was in front of him, her hands on his chest and Magnus grabbed his arm. “Alec, calm down.”

“Let him go.” Simon said. “He’s been dying to hit me. Let him get it out of his system.”

He had barely finished speaking when Alec clocked him. The burst of pain was eclipsed by the rush of adrenalin. He tasted blood and his vision dimmed for a few seconds. He took a deep breath and poked at his teeth with his tongue. Still there.

“Feel better, princess?” Simon asked. Izzy and Magnus looked stricken. Even Alec looked like he didn’t believe what he had done. “Answer me!” they all jumped as Simon barked that last word.

“You know the difference between you and I, Lightwood?” Simon said, shaking his hands to release the tension in them. “You are ruled by your emotions. You may be strong but if you were my enemy, you’d be dead by now. When you learn to control that temper of yours, then you come at me for my position.”

“Simon…” Magnus started but Simon held a hand up. “You will sit our next mission out. Maybe Magnus can teach you to control your temper or blow you, I really don’t care.”

Then he turned and walked out.

That had just ruined his good mood. Maybe he’d see if Jace was up to cheer him up before he left.  


“Sir.” Jonathan looked up to see Hodge, the head of his security at the door of his office. He waved him in.

“Starkweather.” Jonathan said. “What’s the problem?”

The tall, slim man flinched slightly. “Problem, sir?”

“You don’t get to be where I am without anticipating problems.” Jonathan said breezily. “What is it?”

“There is no problem.” Hodge said. “The location for the Pit is ready for inspection. The subjects are being settled in as we speak. The Callahan girl is in solitary for the time being.”

Jonathan nodded. “Sebastian and I should be there this weekend. I want the tech guys there before then. We want to begin as soon as possible. How does next Monday look?”

“Doable…” Hodge said, taking out his cellphone. “I’ll get Hannah to work on that.”

“Excellent.” Jonathan said, then he remembered something. “Startweather, I need you to look into something for me.”

“Of course, Sir.” Hodge stood straighter.

“I need everything there is to know about Simon Lewis.” Jonathan said, his hand on a folder on the table. He picked it up and handed it to Hodge. It was a file his father had on the boy when he was at the Pit. It was comprehensive enough but it was ten years outdated. “I want to know what he has been up to for the last ten years.”

“I’ll get you the info in 48 hours.”



Jace kept staring at the man walking him out of the house. He had put on a shirt but he was still barefoot. Jace had put on his clothes from last night except his jacket and tie.

Simon had a bruise forming on his cheek but he didn’t act like anything happened. When jace had asked what had happened, Simon said something abot Alec being his usual jealous self.

Jace scowled.

He didn’t like the guy. He had looked at Jace like he was something gross underneath his shoe.

“So, when can I see you again?” Jace asked. Simon grinned wider before flinching slightly.

“You’ll see me.” Simon said. “I work for Imogen. I’ll find you.” He winked and Jace shook his head.

“What if I want to find you?” Jace asked. “Can I at least get your number?”

Simon cocked his head and held out his hand. “Your phone?”

Jace handed over his phone and Simon typed his number in before handing it back. “You can text me anytime and I’ll reply when I can. Don’t call me, I’ll call you…”

Jace arched a brow. “What are you, some sort of spy?”

Simon rolled his eyes. “Please, I’m better than a spy.”

“So what exactly do you do for my grandmother?” Jace asked.

“Sweetie, if I told you, I’d have to kill you.” Simon winked and looked up as the uber pulled up in front of them. He wrapped his hand at the back of Simon’s neck and leaned down to kiss him soundly on the lips.

He winked at Simon as he got into the car. “See you around, Si.”

He chuckled at the bemused expression on Simon’s face as the car drove away. He had to meet Imogen for lunch so he had enough time to get home for a shower before he went to the house he grew up in.


Simon hated it when his teammates were antsy around him. It reminded him of the first group he was paired up with.

He loved his new teammates, especially Izzy. She was dainty and deadly. Plus she knew a lot of dirty jokes. He met her brother and Magnus a few years after he had been cleared to go on missions.

Izzy had been his friend a year and a half before then. They had met in the infirmary when Simon was recovering from second degree burns from running into a burning building to drag out his teammates. She had been curing a blue streak and Simon had to meet the girl who cursed like a sailor.

She had caused him snickering at a particularly filthy phrase and she had smiled at him. “Hey, you’re cute. Who are you?”

The rest was history.

“You should let Magnus look at that.” Izzy said, trying to look at his cheek. Simon moved his face away from her probing hands.

“I’m fine.”  Simon insisted. “What do we have to do? I can’t wait to get back to work.”

“Nothing yet.” Izzy said.

Simon nodded. “So, do you want to beat me at…?”

Izzy shook her head. “I have a lunch date.” She looked towards the living room. “Look, about Alec…”

“It’s OK.” Simon said, winking. “I get that he wants me. He has a hard time dealing with it.”

She shook her head. “He shouldn’t have…”

“No, he shouldn’t.” Simon agreed, his voice hard. “But, I love the guy. He’s so pretty.”

“Prettier than Jace?” Izzy teased. Simon just rolled his eyes.

“Please, nobody is prettier than Jace.”

Chapter Text

“You seem distracted.” Sebastian said, his fingers tracing the tattoo in the middle of Jonathan’s chest. “Want to talk about it?”

Jonathan sighed. He didn’t want to talk about his fear but he knew he had to say something or Sebastian would think he was hiding something. “It’s work stuff.”

Immediately he cringed. But Sebastian chuckled. “I thought we were partners.”

“Damn it, Sebastian.” Jonathan sat up in bed. “It is not a big deal.”

“Then tell me about it.” Sebastian said, sitting up too. “At the very least, you’ll stop looking like you need to throw up.”

Jonathan laughed. God, he loved this man. “You are an ass.”

“I know.” Sebastian said, smiling. “Tell me. What’s wrong? Is it the Pit? Is there a problem there?”

“No.” Jonathan shook his head. An image of a young Simon Lewis crossed his mind; his face dirty and swollen. “Someone from my past is alive and that is a bad thing.”

When Starkweather had brought all he knew about Simon Lewis to him that afternoon, his worst fears were confirmed. Simon Lewis was alive. And he was in New York. According to the information, he had lived in New York for years. And he was sane.

He looked different. A lot different. And he didn’t seem to have the scars of his ordeal and Jonathan knew he had a lot of them.

“Who?” Sebastian pressed. “And since when did that ever stop you?”

Jonathan sighed again. Very true.

He just had a bad feeling about Simon Lewis. If he was alive, then he was probably the one he saw at the party. How did he know Imogen? That is, if he even knew her.

“He was someone I…I betrayed.” Jonathan said. He was man enough to admit that. He had thrown the young boy under the bus to save himself and now he was being haunted.

“Darling, you stood by while your mother was gunned down.” Sebastian said darkly. “And you still made it to Paris for our anniversary. Tell me something else.”

Jonathan rolled his eyes. “He was in the Pit. He fought in the Pit. He’s alive and well. Stronger men than he either went insane or died after their ordeal. He’s alive. Do you know what that means?”

“Oh.” Sebastian said. “Do something about it.”

Jonathan smiled at him. Sebastian was almost as devious as he was. “You mean…?”

“Exactly.” Sebastian said, returning his smile. He pushed Jonathan to his back and straddled him. “I’ll even arrange it.”

“What did I do to deserve you?” Jonathan murmured.


“Simon…” Imogen gave him a tight smile. “How are you?”

“I missed you.” Simon said with a grin. “And I know you missed me too.” He winked.

She rolled her eyes but she relaxed. “I just hope you’ll behave next time.”

“We both know you don’t pay me enough for that.” Simon said, tongue in cheek. “But I’ll make sure we have all the information we need before I kill anyone.”

“All I ask.” She said dryly.

Simon’s phone buzzed and he grinned. He and Jace had been texting since that morning. They had not made plans to meet up but that was fine.

JaceH 12.13PM

I am catering this party in Manhattan. Boring, black tie shit. Wanna keep me company? I promise to feed you and I’ve heard the booze is top notch.

SimonL 12.14PM

You spoil me. When is this party? Maybe I can make it.

JaceH 12.16PM

Next weekend. And maybe we can go back to my place.

Simon shifted slightly in his chair, trying to hide a smile as he deciphered that message. Well, he was down for that. He had a lot of fun the last time.

SimonL 12.18PM

I’m sitting in front of your grandmother right now with a hard on. I don’t think she’ll find that funny.

JaceH 12.19PM

So that’s a yes?

Simon looked up at Imogen clearing her throat. Simon looked up apologetically. “Sorry. It was important.”

“I’m sure.” Imogen said dryly. “So, I hear Alec is…”

“It is a team matter.” Simon cut in. “I have it handled.”

She shrugged. “As long as you boys don’t kill yourselves, I don’t care what you do. Just make sure it doesn’t affect your job.”

“It won’t.” Simon smiled. “So what do you have for me today?”

She stood up. “Yes.” She took out a small remote and pressed a button. The large screen behind her flickered to life and immediately, there was the face of a girl of maybe 10 or 11 on the screen.

“Her name is Mary Stein. Her grandfather is a friend of mine. She was abducted a few nights ago.” She started. “Her grandfather is understandably worried.”

“So, the usual locate and pick up?” Simon asked taking out his phone intending to give his team a heads up.

“Not quite.” Imogen said. “Her sitter was killed. Her throat was slit but the police have no leads. The culprits walked in, killed the babysitter and took the girl. The only clue was the bloodstains on the walls. Like she clawed the walls in a bid to escape.”

OK.” Simon nodded. “Does Magnus have all the information?”

“I’ll forward it to him after this meeting.” Imogen said and sighed. She flicked a look to a picture on the table. Simon looked at it and saw a picture of Jace. A much younger Jace. “Simon?”

He looked up.

“I cannot stress how quiet I want this to be.” She said. “We don’t want another international situation. When you find her, alive, I hope…be as discreet as you can and let the fallout be minimal.”

“I’m not making any promises.” Simon said standing up. “I’ll let you know what we have in 48hours.”

She nodded and was typing on the keyboard on her desk.


“Simon, you need me.” Alec said again when Simon went through the information Imogen had sent Magnus. They were at his place again, take out and files scattered on the rarely used dining table. “What if something happens to Izzy? Or to you? You need the back up.”

“First of all, I am insulted that you think that I’d let anything happen to Izzy.” Simon said, not looking at the larger man. “And if you keep talking like that, I’ll think you’re worried about me.”

Alec grumbled and Simon sighed as Magnus whispered something to him. “Look, you are back up. So Izzy and I will do recon and you’ll wait with your boyfriend in the van as look out. You should be happy I didn’t make you stay home.”

Izzy choked and Simon looked up to see Alec’s look of shock. “What?”

“Nothing.” Alec growled out.

Simon nodded and went back to what he was reading. They decided they were going to the home of the victim first and worked their way from there.

Something about the case niggled at him but that was overshadowed by the fact that he was going back to the field.


His phone vibrated and his eyes flicked distractedly to the phone and he smiled when he saw it was a message from Jace.

JaceH 08.30PM

So, are we still on for Friday? You never got back to me.

Simon sighed. He had totally forgotten about it. He and Izzy were set to go to the Stein’s home to search for clues or something.

SimonL 08.32PM

What time?

JaceH 08.34PM

It starts at ( but I need to be there at 7.

Simon nodded as he thought. He would be done before then, but he’d have to meet Jace at the venue.

SimonL 08.36PM

Sweet. Text me the address and I’ll meet you there.

After that, he tossed his phone onto the couch and went back to the document he was perusing.

“Who is that?” Izzy asked and Simon knew without looking that she was smirking. He could bet that she also knew who it was.

“None of your business.” He muttered.

“Don’t tell me it’s Herondale.” Alec said.

Simon looked up, his eyebrow arched. “You’re looking a little pink, Lightwood. Are you jealous?”

Alec seemed to deflate and Magnus scowled at Simon. “Simon, leave him alone. He has a right to know.”

“OK.” Simon put down the file. “Like I had the right to know about you two. Am I right?”

Alec looked away and Magnus sighed. “Look, we are worried about you. That is all.”

Simon looked at Izzy who nodded slightly, then at Alec whose expression was pinched but he stared at him unblinkingly. “I see.” Then he picked up the file again. “I am fine.” But there was a warm feeling in his chest at that. “I’m fine.” He repeated.


Jace grinned as he heard his phone ring. He answered without looking at the screen.

“I’ll send the address right now, Lewis.” He said.

“Is this Herondale?” A slightly accented voice asked. Jace blinked and sat up straighter.

“I’m sorry.” He said quickly. “Yes, this is Herondale.”

“This is Sebastian Verlac.”

“Monseuir Verlac.” Jace said, envisioning the tall French man. “What can I do for you?”

“I understand you are catering to the Maddox’s party this weekend.” Sebastian said. “Jonathan and I will be there.”

“Oh?” Jace said. “I’m sorry, who told you? That I was catering?”

“Jonathan told me.” Sebastian replied. “I assume Imogen told him.”

Jace snorted. His grandmother hated what he did. He remembered the fight they had when he told her what he wanted to do. “I’m sure she did.”

Sebastian chuckled. “I take it your Grand’Mere isn’t happy about it.”

“Well, she doesn’t have a choice.” Jace said, smiling. “We’re all we’ve got. So she may be annoyed but it’s not like she can take away my toys.”

Sebastian laughed.

“Is there a reason you called, Monsieur Verlac?”

“Oh yes.” Sebastian said. “I hate the Maddoxes. The wife is an idiot and their son is a self-hating homophobe. And I’m sure if Adrian Maddox didn’t want my Jonathan’s money, he’d be spitting on us. And, unlike Jonathan, I am not diplomatic. I might hit him or his wife.”

Jace understood. “So you need a partner in crime?”

“If it’s not too much trouble?”

Jace grinned. He liked the French man. He was warm and he wondered how he and Jonathan managed to stay together. Jonathan was a stone cold bastard and there was something about the guy that scared him.

“No problem.” Jace said. “A friend of mine will be joining us later. But that’s much later.”

“Oh?” Sebastian said. “The more the merrier I say.”