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Elizabeth looked at the book and blinked a few times in confusion, “I don’t get it…”


Margaret smiled down to her baby sister. Elizabeth may have been 5, but she was still like a baby to everyone in the palace. “It’s called a diary. You write your emotions in it when you feel super happy, or sad, angry, anything! I got one almost as soon as I started to write, and Veronica got hers around a year ago.”


Elizabeth smiled cheerfully, “Oh! You mean her purple book, where she writes about how amazing Griamore-Kun is?”


Veronica burst through the door and pointed to her sister in embarrassment and anger. “It was you!”


Ignoring her other sisters run in, Margaret opened the diary and showed it to Elizabeth. “See? You just started to learn to write, so it may be a little difficult, but don’t worry! This is for your eyes only, and you can write whatever you want in it.”


Veronica and Margaret saw stars appear in the small girls eyes, “Anything?!” Gosh darn it, she was just too cute.


Margaret nodded and Elizabeth hugged them both excitedly, “Arigato!” She took the book and ran to her small desk area, humming as she tried to choose a colored pencil to use. “Ooh, I’ll write in red! That’s Meli’s favorite color!”


She took the red pencil and began writing.


Hello there diary-chan! My name is Elizabeth!

But if you ever learn to talk, just call me Eli, okay? That’s what all my family calls me. I’m super happy that big sisters gave you to me, and I hope I can tell you all my feelings and secrets in the future!

Love, Eli~


Margaret and Veronica blinked down at the writing in mixtures of surprise, and disappointment. Veronica cursed under her breath, “Seriously?! That’s it?! Where’s all the good stuff?!”


Margaret scowled to her sister. “Veronica! To start with, we shouldn’t even be looking into her private belongings, also; you can’t start being picky with her for it! She’s only 5! What do you expect her to write?” “Anything! A secret stash of junk food; admittance to something she did on accident and never told about; anything!”


Margaret rolled her eyes and closed the diary, setting it down beside their littlest sisters head, which laid asleep on her pillow. “Come on, we can’t go on like this. We were supposed to have gone to sleep over an hour ago.”


Veronica grumbled as they left the room, “Whatever… I’ll check once a month, to see if there's anything good in there.”


Baltra walked into the throne room and was surprised to see his wife and two of his daughters huddled over a small pink book that had small hearts pasted onto it, as well as a red dragon that seemed to resemble Meliodas’ sin mark.


Caroline looked up and smiled, “Sweetie, come look at this! Margaret gave Elizabeth a diary a month or two ago, and while I wasn’t so keen on looking through it at first; it’s absolutely adorable!”


Baltra chuckled as he walked over, “Veronica, weren’t you getting upset a while back because you thought your sister to be reading your own diary?” The second princess crossed her arms proudly, “Yep! This right here is payback!”


Baltra sat in his throne and leaned over to look.


Dear diary-chan,

I’m a little sad that you can’t ever talk, but I am happy about it cause you won’t ever tell my secrets if you get upset with me-


Veronica felt her eye twitch, “How is a book supposed to get mad at her?”


-so I guess that’s a plus side to it.

Today, I waited for Meli to come back from his mission. He’s a super strong holy knight, remember? He’s also my best friend! When he came back, he brought me back a present. Guess what it was? A piggy!


Baltra felt his eye twitch, “This was after his mission with the Sins to Canaan a month back, was it not? I knew something was off when he returned. He and Elizabeth looked to have been hiding something, and now she doesn’t allow anyone to look into her walk in closet.”


Caroline giggled as she continued to read.


I named him Hawk, because Meli had made a joke on when piggy’s can fly. He also brought his mommy, who’s a huge green piggy with a hat. Meli says he lives in the hat, which may or may not be a building though...


They all blanked. Was she talking about the bar that Meliodas had supposedly bought? It hadn’t been there before he returned…


They were a little confused on what she meant by a huge green pig in a hat though.


Anyways, Meli says not to tell daddy about Hawk, or else he might take him away! I had asked for a piggy before and they all said no, but Meli promised to get me one.

Anyways, I have to go to bed now. Good night!

Love, Eli


Meliodas walked into the room and frowned in confusion, “What’s up? Isn’t that Eli’s book?”


Veronica nodded and frowned, “Umm yeah, Meliodas? What’s this going on about you living in a hat on top of a giant green pig?”


Meliodas almost immediately burst into laughter. “Dang! Guess you know about Hawk to then? Sorry, but she really wanted a piglet, and I just happened to find one in trouble. As for the green pig, that would be Hawk’s Mom, who lives in the ground under the Boar Hat.”


Baltra grumbled under his breath as Caroline turned the book to him. “It really is adorable though. The girls took her diary expecting to find her secrets, but I feel this is a much better find.”


Meliodas crossed his arms, “But it is her personal property. Should you really be-”


Margaret pointed to the book with a sneaky smile. “When talking about others, she mainly speaks on you.”


In less than a second, Meliodas was standing beside them and smiling widely at the book. “Please continue~”


Caroline flipped to the latest one from the other day.


Hello diary-chan!

Me and Hawk got to play at Meli’s house today, cause mommy and daddy let him watch me for the day. It’s really cool, and it’s filled with a lot of sweet smelling drinks, but Meli won’t let me drink any of them.

My birthdays coming up in a month or two, and I can’t wait to be 6! I don’t really want any presents, but I want to be able to have my birthday party at Meli’s! Do you think mommy and Meli would be okay with it? Daddy may not agree though, and-




The five nearly jumped in fright as they looked to the door of the throne room. Elizabeth stood there in her small yellow nightdress looking towards them shyly. “Meli? Have you seen my diary? I was gonna write in it, but I can’t find it…”


Veronic, Margaret, and Baltra, all gulped in panic, as Caroline took the diary and secretly placed it into Meliodas’ hands behind his back. He then walked over and knelt down with a smile as he presented it to her. “Gomen. I saw it in your room and wanted to look. I really love your handwriting is all~”


Elizabeth looked to it in surprise before smiling up to him, “Really?!”


He nodded cheerfully. “Uh-huh. Sorry for not asking first.” She shook her head as she hugged the book to her chest. “It’s alright! If it’s just you, you can read it!”


Veronica gaped, “What?! What about me?!”


Elizabeth stuck her tongue out to her sister. “You’ll just want to read my secrets, but Meli says he likes my writing.” The male in question snickered as he picked her up and took her of to bed. “So, you want to have your birthday at my place?”


She nodded happily, “Uh-huh! Is that alright?”


He nodded, happy to receive her cheer of delight at his answer.


Elizabeth kicked her feet back and forth as she watched Meliodas fight another holy knight. Meliodas had finally relented in letting her watch him as he practices with his friends. She hadn’t met any of them yet, but everyone in the kingdom referred to them as Sins, whatever that was.


This holy knight had orange hair, and was called Escanor. To Elizabeth, he seemed to glow, almost like the sun!


She looked back down to her diary and wrote this down as well, until something tapped her on top of the head. She looked up in surprise to see a tall man in red leather looking down to her. He had blue spiky hair and red fox like eyes. He smiled down to her, showing of a fang in his smirk.


“Hey there kiddo~ What’s a lil’ girl like you hangin’ out in the trainin’ area?”


Elizabeth took notice of the mark of a fox on his left hip-side, and knew that he was one of Meliodas’ comrades. She smiled and pointed towards the blonde in battle. “Meli let me come and watch him fight!”


Ban looked over in surprise, “Meli? Oh, you mean the cap’n. How do you know him?”


She smiled up to him cheerfully, “He’s my holy knight, and my best friend! He didn’t want to get hurt or anything, so I have to watch from over here.”


Ban hummed as he sat beside her, “So what’s your name kiddo?” Elizabeth pointed to herself, “My names Elizabeth! I’m a princess here, you know that? And I’m only 6!”


Ban looked her up and down, finally taking notice of the poofy dress she wore. “Oh yeah, the cap’n mentioned you before I think. Wait, that’s right! It was your birthday a few months back, at the bar.” She nodded. “Well, the names Ban, lil’ Eli~”


“Nice to meet you, Sir Ban!” She quickly wrote his name down in her diary before glancing up at his mouth. “So, why do you have a fang? Is it cause you’re a fox?”


“Eh? Whaddya mean?”


She pointed to her own eyes. “Well, your eyes look like a fox, and you have a fox mark on your side. Your tooth is also really sharp, doesn’t it hurt?”


Ban stared at her long and hard for a moment before bursting into laughter. “I can see why the cap’n likes you! Nah, I ain’t actually a fox. I am immortal though, which is way cooler.”


Elizabeth's head fell to the side, “Immortal? What’s that?” “It means I can’t be injured or killed.” Her eyes sparkled in excitement, “Really?! Awesome!” He chuckled as he watched her write a bit more into her diary, “So whatcha writin’ there?”


“This is my diary, and I’m writing everything that I want to remember. My big sisters gave it to me, and Meli likes to read it a lot, so I try to write in it whenever I can.”


Ban frowned in confusion at this, “Isn’t  it supposed to be secret or whatever? You just let people read it?” “Nope, just Meli. He says he likes my writing and how it looks, so I let him. My sisters just want to know my secrets though.”


Ban hummed as Elizabeth closed it and set it down beside her, before rushing over to Meliodas, who had just finished with his fight. Meliodas smiled down to her and threw her high into the air before catching her. “There’s my favorite princess! Did you enjoy the battle?”


“Uh-huh! I got to meet all of your friends, and I can’t wait for you to read my diary tonight!” Meliodas laughed as he put her up onto his shoulders, “You bet!”


Ban hummed as he watched the 2 leave into the palace, before looking down to the diary the princess had left behind. He picked it up just as the other sins walked over. King looked deeply confused to the small book, “Umm, Ban? What is that?”


Merlin looked almost disturbed, “It has the captains sin mark on it. Please tell me it isn’t yours and you just stole it.” Ban shook his head. “Neither. It belongs to the princess he always hangs out with. She left it behind when he took her inside.”


Diane smiled, “Nee~ You mean the one whos birthday was held at the captains bar?” King shook his head, “I can’t believe he held it at his bar. She was turning 6…”


Merlin took the diary and inspected it. “Ahh, so this is her diary? I met her a while back, but we haven’t spoken much. I wonder what a 6 year old would even write about?”


Ban stretched as he came to a stand. “Well, she shows it to the cap’n all the time. Somethin’ about him likin’ the way she writes.” Escanor hummed as he pointed to the cover. “She has his symbol on it, so she seems to favor him deeply.” They were all silent for a moment before all smiling widely and opening it up to the latest entry. They were all surprised however by the title. ‘My thoughts on the Sins’.


Dear diary-chan,

I got to meet all of Meli’s friends today, you know, the ones that everyone calls the sins? I still don’t get what that means though…

Well, first I got to meet Lady Merlin. I met her a while ago, but I’ve never really spoken with her. She’s really pretty though, and super duper smart!


Merlin smiled at this, “I never thought I’d be so pleased with hearing this from a child.”


Then I got to meet Sir King and Lady Diane! Sir King is a fairy, and he can fly. He doesn’t have wings though, but that just makes it even more awesome! And Lady Diane is a giant, so she’s really tall and strong. She has really pretty eyes too!


Both smiled at this. King often got defencive whenever someone asked on him not flying with wings, and he was rather embarrassed about it sometimes; but this helped to know that she found it so amazing.


Diane often felt slightly nervous around small human s=children, as a lot of them were scared of her. But when they had run into Elizabeth earlier, the small girl was ecstatic to meet them. She had been so interested in where they came from, but said she had to hurry to meet with the captain.


Then I got to meet Sir Escanor. He and Meli were fighting, but not in a bad way. They’re both super strong, and Sir Escanor is awesome! He almost glowed like the sun, and he sounds to be really cool!


Escanor chuckled at how accurate the princess was in her statement.


Then Sir Ban sat with me to watch the fight, and he’s really nice. He has sharp teeth and fox eyes, but he says that he’s immortal. I didn’t get what that was, but it turns out that he can’t get hurt and can’t die! Cool, right? He’s really nice and funny.


Ban smirked at this. He always did have a small soft spot for kids. They were just easier to be with and hang around.


Oh yeah! And I got to meet Sir Gowther the other night. I was looking for mommy’s room because I couldn’t sleep, and i met him in the halls. He helped me sleep better. I really like his pink hair, and his glasses help him see better, but they made everything wobbly when I looked through them. He talks strangely, but he’s smart and makes funny faces to make me laugh!

Bye for now, Eli


The sins all blinked in mixes of confusion and utter shock.


She just said that Gowther had pink hair and glasses, but… he had never come out of his suit before; right?


They all turned to Gowther, who remained in his full suit. He nodded and spoke through, “I encountered her when I walked through the halls. I merely helped her from a nightmare.”


Ban pointed to him in shock, “Wait a minute, so she’s seen you out of the suit?! How come you ain’t ever shown us?!”


Gowther merely shrugged, “You’ve never asked.”


Ban later on returned the diary to Elizabeth and said she had left it behind. He managed to get through without her knowing they had looked through it.


Elizabeth was now eleven years old as she sat in her bed in the middle of the night. She had a small candle lit beside her as she wrote in her diary. Even after all these years, there was almost half the book left blank for her to continue.


Things had happened that changed with it. The last time Meliodas had looked in it was a year back, when her Goddess eye had first appeared. It was because that was around the time that she learned of her deep feelings for him.


Due to embarrassment of her love, she wrote in the diary on her emotions and made extra precautions to make sure that no one would ever look into it. She had even gone as far as having Merlin put a spell on it that only allowed for her to open the book. Meliodas hadn’t been all that pleased with it, but eventually relented.


She was dumbfounded however when her sisters came to her complaining about her lock on her diary.


She now sat in bed happily writing with her favorite red pencil.


Dear Diary,

It has been at least a month since I’ve last written, but rest assured that nothing is different.

Sir Meliodas had taken me out into the town today, and had complimented how pretty he thought I was, and how he thought the bangs I have are cute.


Actually, the words he had used were beautiful, and adorable, but she couldn’t get herself to write it down.


He bought me a bouquet of roses, though I don’t think he knows the meaning behind the ones he had chosen.


The bouquet had been a mix of red and lavender, both of which conveyed that he has loved her since they had first met. She highly doubted he knew the meaning though, as he didn’t love her like that, and she had been a baby when they first met. In fact, Margaret had told her how Meliodas had brought her to them, so then she was just a newborn.


If he held meaning to the words of the flowers, then they must have ment love like family love.


Disappointing in her eyes, really.


I loved them nonetheless, and hoe that the two of us can always be together. Even if it isn’t by true love…

Love always, Elizabeth



Now at the age of 16, Elizabeth knew what was someday to come. She was a princess, and one day, she would have to marry.


None of her family had mentioned it on her though, mainly just speaking on Margaret’s part, and once in a while on Veronica’s. Their parents had agreed to allow them to marry whomever they pleased, and Elizabeth hoped that it would be the same case when it would come to her.


Elizabeth now sat in the dining room as she listened to Meliodas and Baltra speak on a trip to Camelot. Hawk laid behind her, eating away at a bowl of mixed foods. Veronica was busy reading something below the table, which striked Elizabeth as odd.


Veronica was fine with reading, but this… she was way too focused on her book. Suddenly, a gut feeling went through Elizabeth, and she didn’t like it. “Sister Veronica…”


Veronica jumped lightly, but didn’t look up as she grew a string of sweat beads, “Y-yeah, Eli?”


Elizabeth narrowed her eyes. She didn’t. “What are you reading…?”


Veronica didn’t respond as Elizabeth heard her slowly close her book below them. Elizabeth slowly came to a stand, gaining her family and the sins attention. “Veronica… give me my diary…”


They all looked to Veronica, seeing that she did indeed hold Elizabeth's diary. Margaret should have scolded Veronica, but that wasn’t what she said. “How did you open it?! I’ve been trying for years!”


Veronica smile nervously, “Umm, well I-”


Elizabeth glared to her sister, cutting her off as she gave a small eep i fear at her younger sister. Veronica jumped out of her seat and tried to run around the table. Elizabeth ran around as well, chasing her sister in circles around everyone, who merely just laughed and cheered.


“Veronica! Give it back!”


“Finders keepers! You left it out, so I couldn’t help myself!


Meliodas snickered as he stood and grabbed Elizabeth around the waist, hugging her back to him as he laughed. Elizabeth flushed pink, but ignored it and tried to no avail to escape. Meliodas smirked to Veronica. “Read what she’s written!”


She smiled evilly, “What do you think, Eli? Should I tell him what you’ve written?”


Elizabeth turned red as she shook her head no violently. “Veronica, I beg of you!” Her sister snickered as she silently read it in her head. After reading it down in her head, they all watched as her eyes slowly widened and her jaw dropped low. When done with the page, the book slipped from her grasp as she slowly pointed to her younger sister in shock.


“Y-you… you love m-”


Elizabeth broke free of Meliodas’ grip and ran over to clamp a hand over her sisters mouth. She laughed nervously, “I love my family ?! YES! Yes I do! Hahahaha, come on now sister Veronica!” She swiftly pulled her sister out of the room.


Margaret shrugged lightly, “Just tell him.”


Elizabeth looked up from hugging her pillow and glared to her sisters whom sat opposite on her bed. “Very funny…”


Margaret rolled her eyes and veronica shrugged. “Really though, would it be that bad?” “YES!”


“Well you’re gonna have to tell him at some point, so you might as well do it now.” Elizabeth shook her head violently, “No way! I can’t risk it…”


Her sisters watched her with a frown as she hid herself under the covers once more. They shook their heads before leaving their sister to be alone.


Meliodas stretched tiredly as he walked down the halls of the castle. He had returned late after being on a week long mission, and he was exhausted. He had missed being with his princess beyond belief.


He stopped when he reached her room and poked his head in to look. She laid gently on her bed, lying upon the covers in her day dress. He chuckled and walked over to pull the blankets over Elizabeth's frame. She smiled gently at this and his heart warmed.


That was when he noticed why she had fallen asleep in such a state. Under her hand was her open diary.


Meliodas knew it was wrong. It was her private property after all, but… she didn’t have a problem with it when she was younger, right? What was so different now?


He picked up the diary and read over what she had written for the day. By the looks of it, she had fallen asleep in the middle of a sentence, and-?!


Meliodas blinked a few times at one of the sentences, and even rubbed his eyes to make sure it wasn’t just his mind playing a cruel trick.


I mean, I love Meliodas so much, but it’s not like he thinks of me romantically like I do him.


He wasn’t sure which part shocked him more; the fact that she loved him romantically, or the fact that she honestly didn’t think he felt that way for her.


Like- really ?! He wasn’t all that subtle about it! He groped her body on a daily basis! Only hers!


Meliodas frowned as he grabbed the red pencil from her hand, and flipped to the next page. No way was he going to let her go on thinking he didn’t love her the same.


Elizabeth sat up and groaned at the sunlight that hit her eyes. She could remember falling asleep while writing in her diary, and-? When did her bankets get there?


She ignored it as she got up to get ready, only to stop when she noticed her diary was closed. Now she knew 100% that she had not closed it.


Elizabeth nervously flipped through the pages to her latest page to try and recall if maybe she had finished writing and just forgot. She froze in panic when she saw that the latest page was not in her writing.


Dear Elizabeth,

I love you.

I love you more than anything in the world, and I would give up everything in the world to make sure that I can be with you forever. You mean everything to me, and I want more than anything to be able to call you mine.

I have wished for the day when you would love me the same, and I longed to hear the words I love you leave your mouth, aimed for me. I love you Elizabeth, and I always will.

Always your knight, Meliodas


Elizabeth ran out of the room and rushed down to the training area.


Meliodas was there with the sins, Baltra, Veronica, and Margaret. They were speaking over the mission he and the sins had returned from when she ran out to him. “Meliodas!”


The others looked up to her in surprise, merely thinking she was going to him from excitement of his return. Meliodas couldn’t even fully turn around when Elizabeth tackled him in a hug to the ground. He laughed loudly, “Dang Eli, missed you to!”


She didn’t care of the others around them at the time. She only saw him, and only thought on what she had convinced herself she needed to do. Before anyone could react, she swooped down and kissed him.


He followed through with the kiss almost immediately, seeming to expect it, which he probably did. Cheeky bastard knew this would happen when she read his entry. She pulled back after a few seconds, giggling when she caught the wide and goofy grin on his face. “Mooooore…”


She pulled off him and helped him to a stand. He immediately planted his head into her chest with a shit eating grin on his face. “Welp! I can die happy now~”


She hugged him to her happily, content with his placement when suddenly-




She looked up and flushed red at the sight of everyone staring at them with dropped jaws. Even Gowther, who had recently come out from his armor, looked surprised from the actions of the princess and the captain.


She squeaked in fright as Meliodas picked her up bridal style, keeping his face in her breasts, and threw a peace sign back to the others as he took her inside. “Later! I’m gonna be busy for a while!”

Sir Meliodas !”