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Through Life and Eternity

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Hello lovely people! Enjoy reading my second fic. I hope.  Here’s the lovely disclaimer: I don’t own Nanatsu No Taizai and if I did this would be another story

Warning. This contains small aspects of rape. Don’t read if there’s a trigger warning.

Enjoy! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• On one side of the town ran a little boy bettered in bruises and running from the vendor he stole an apple from. His little legs were dead tired but he knew he had to make it home. Even a little bit of food would make the punishment easier.  Upon returning the boys father was in outrage that he had only stolen an apple.

He was picked up and thrown to the ground causing blood to seep from open wounds and his mouth. He was thrown into the wall repeatedly causing scars to reopen and the boy to let out a small whimper. His father, no, this man dragged him up the cold stone stairs to the room where he awaited his punishment.

When he reached the top, the boy began to struggle and kick. He knew the path they were taking all too well. He was only 6 years old and used to being chained up and tortured by his father.


“No. This is your punishment. Now you will take it.”

“I’m sorr-“


“If you were sorry your bullshit excuses wouldn’t be of existence.”

The man made it to a room on the far end of the house with no windows. Pushing the door open, he threw the boy on a table. Holding him down using his elbow, he slammed the door and gazed at the small boy. He yanked the tan trousers off of his legs and gripped his thighs with such brute force they left purple bruises in their wake.

He was used to this though. Being treated in such a way. This was his family in all its glory. The mother who left a son to a man obsessed with rape. He didn’t let this affect him. The tears wouldn’t come. He wouldn’t feel pity. He wouldn’t let this man win. He wouldn’t lose. He wouldn’t cry. The pain would subside right? He was turned on his stomach and chained to the tables with shackles.

Behind him, the man had grabbed a heated iron and lashed at the small body. Sizzling of skin and the smell of blood intoxicated the room. It’s ok. He told himself. That’s what he always said. Once he was 17 he would run. Maybe once he was older he could fight back. For now, the feeling of calloused hands running along his shaft and intruding his ass would be the only thing he knew. The blood. The pain. The sweat as the man drilled into him like he was a stuffed doll. Everything in the world was just like this... right?... The last thing that could be heard before the boy went unconscious was the unzipping of the mans trousers and him groaning as he shoved his length into the poor boy.

“Ban.....” •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• On the other side of the town was the kingdom of Lucifera. A beautiful palace built of white Stone with gold marble patterns and green roofs. Within this, was the Queen, King, and the prince. They all lived lavish lives and treated everyone within their rule with as much respect and care as possible.

Running around the kingdom was Princess Diane of Gigantel, Prince Harlequin of Fairy Forest, and a certain blonde prince named Meliodas. All of them considered each other family despite being from other kingdoms. From the beginning, Diane had a huge crush on Meliodas but, it wasn’t he who had the same feelings. King was always in the shadow but he liked it. It gave him the time to sleep in and dream about having a play date with Diane. Diane shoved Meliodas into his room and closed the door as fast as her pudgy hands could.

“Lady Diane, is the prince in his chambers?”,asked a maid.

“Ummmm nooooooo!”,she giggled.

The maid sighed with a smiled and pushed the door open as Diane tried to stop her. She found the prince attempting to dress himself in his finest clothes.

“Sire! Let me help you! You’re only 7 after all.”

“It’s ok I think I’ve got it.”, he flashed his brilliant smile that dazzled the whole kingdom.

When he turned to face her, his tie was around his feet and his buttons were done upside down. Stifling a laugh she helped him and escorted both children to the Throne room.

“Meliodas, my son. Come give your parents a hug!”

“Yes my dear, we need to discuss your birthday.” “Do we have to?”,he pouted.

“YES!”, Harlequin and Diane shouted.

“I want a small celebration... maybe invite the whole kingdom for a feast?”

“Lovely! Fetch for the servants and the slaves!”

Many people found the kingdom of Lucifera to be ruthless for they were once where the Demons resided. And sure, they carried slaves but even they knew it was better than rotting in the dungeon.

“Sire! Urgent news!”

“What is it Holy Knight Gianna?” “There is reports that a boy has been caught stealing again. This time he stole jewel and half the supply of bread from a restaurant.”

“Find him and bring him here.”

“Father please don’t hurt him...”,Meliodas said.

“If that’s what you wish. I intend for you to lead this country one day Meliodas.” •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Ban awoke to Holy knights storming the house and the man who raped him screaming.


“We won’t leave until he returns.”

Hoping this was his escape,he threw on a shawl and ran downstairs.

“There it’s him. What is your name boy?”, the holy knight asked.


“Capture him. Ban you are under arrest for stealing precious jewels from the Royal family of Lucifera.”

As much as he was being locked up once again, he prayed he wouldn’t have to endure the punishment his father gave him. Anything was better than that. He was thrown into the back of a cage and dragged away from the town he never called home.

“He’s gonna face the king right?”, one of the knights said.

“Yeah. The prince didn’t want him in the dungeon and you know how empathetic they can be.”

“The boy already looks like he’s been through a lot. At least he can live his life more then a common boy.”

The knights continued talking as Ban let sleep and exhaustion take over.

An hour passed and Ban saw a large White Castle come into view. He’d never imagined it would be so large. They then came to an abrupt stop and he was yanked by the shackles on his legs and arms. Despite the fact that he was arrested, he couldn’t help but feel excited that he was in a castle. A real castle.

They walked through a large corridor lit with torches and decorated with a golden rug. The end of the cordoned spilled out into a white throne room littered with gold and jewels. There were no windows. Just a chandelier hanging magnificently in the center of the room, illuminating is as if it were a second sun.
He was shaken out of his trance when he heard the man in the largest throne speak up.

“Ban is your name. Correct?”


“Make him a servant. He might be sly but, he is only a child.”

“Sir. Are you sure?”

“Of course he’s sure. He’s gonna be mine.” Everyone turned to see the young blonde prince striding proud towards ban.

“All mine. K?”, he smiled happily.


To be continued...