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To The Future

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In recent news, worldwide known rapper, RM, was spotted at a Japanese cuisine restaurant in  Seoul with a man and little boy. RM seemed to not stop smiling through their meal. He left the restaurant carrying the little boy and holding hands with the other handsome man. Is it possible that the 22 year old man has a secret family?

Namjoon was sitting across from Bang PD who called for Namjoon to come to his office before heading to his studio. Namjoon had barely read and saw the pictures the media were posting and knew that's why the meeting was called. He wasn't able to talk to Jin this morning since Soobin had a doctor's appointment.

“We have to keep it hidden” Namjoon told the man.

“Namjoon there's no way people will like you going silent about the topic. Your fans are already noticing how much Soobin looks like you. It's been four months and it's about time you make a statement”

“I'll have to talk to Jin first. If he agrees on telling the public then I start a Vlive this afternoon”

“I know you love Soobin so much and I'm sure the world will love him too. There's nothing to worry about”

“I'm still gonna worry” Namjoon rubbed his forehead as he thought about his future conversation with Jin. Bang smiled since he found it so interesting to see Namjoon acting fatherly. He stood up and smiled at Bang PD. “I'm gonna get some work done since I'm sure Soobin is still at the doctor's”

He left the office and head to his studio. He closed the door behind him and turned the lights on. He sat down in his desk chair and booted up his computer. He pulled out his phone to see Jin had texted him.

My Love: Just got home. How did the meeting go?

Namjoon decided to just FaceTime Jin since he already missed his beautiful face. It was ringing for awhile which worried Namjoon but then Jin popped up.

"Hey Joonie. Sorry I was putting away some groceries" Jin apologized as he went to sit down on the couch.

"Where's Soobin?" Namjoon noticed that it was quiet in the background which was unusual.

"Oh he's asleep. Jimin gave him way too much sugar so he crashed"

"I thought Soobin just got home from the doctors" Namjoon asked confused.

"Oh uh" Jin was caught. He was so stupid for saying that. "It was actually an appointment for me" he admitted.

"You okay? Why didn't you tell me you were sick, baby" And just like Jin thought, Namjoon was worrying.

"I'm fine. It was just a check up. I knew you would worry"

"I could've watched Binie"

"Then you would of missed your meeting" Jin moved to lay down since he was feeling tired. "How did it go by the way?"

"He just wanted to talk about all the press. He, uh, wants me to tell everyone about you guys. Saying that I can't hide it forever"

"Well you know we agreed that we wouldn't tell people about Soobin for his safety"

"I know, but Bang wants me to tell them soon. Like in the afternoon soon"

"It's up to you Namjoon. As long as it won't change the way we're living now"

"Of course. I would never want to disturb that. Also were you still gonna wanna come into work later?" Namjoon asked as he took a sip of his tea.

"Yeah. I made reservations afterwards since we should celebrate. You're just one song away from finishing the album"

"I'm guessing Jimin and Tae will watch Soobin again"

"Yep and this time I'm gonna be sure they won't just feed him candy"

"When has that ever worked, babe?"

"Kookie is gonna be there and he's always scared to go against my rules. He'll make sure no sugar goes near our baby"

Namjoon smiled and said, "If you're so sure"

"I better let you go. I have to clean up a bit before making lunch. Do you want me to bring you some?"

"Please" Namjoon whined. "Love you"

"Love you too, Joon. Bye" Jin puckered his lips to give a kiss and Namjoon did the same. They ended the call and Namjoon was left again in his quiet studio. He decide to put the finishing touches to his last track before putting the vocals. He finished his cup of tea and decided it was time. He started to broadcast and told them to wait a few minutes so he can get more tea. He went down the hall to the eating area and got more hot water. He walked back to his studio to see there was over a million people so he smiled and waved.

"Hey guys. Just wanted to announce some good news. The album is basically all finished. Just need vocals on one more track and then the concept photoshoot. So the official release date will be announced soon" he pointed at the camera with a huge smile. He looked at the chat to see lot of people in different languages were asking if the boy was his son. He took a sip of his hot drink amd sat back in his chair as he mentally prepared.

"So I can see a lot of you guys have a lot of questions about the other topic I want to talk about. The media had saw me having lunch with a man and little boy. I can say that the very handsome and stunning man is Kim Seokjin my boyfriend and hopefully future husband" Namjoon laughed and hid behind his hands embarrassed. "Um, we use to date in high school but then I moved to America as you guys know"

Everyone knew that's where Namjoon became RM. He was an instant hit in the states and then it became worldwide.

"At my fansigning in Seoul I saw Jin again and he had a little boy with him. I instantly fell in love with the kid. He was so much like Jin yet not. He was smart and shy and a little bit of a troublemaker" Namjoon smiled at the memory of when he first met Soobin. It felt like yesterday he saw that dimpled smile for the first time.

"I spent a week looking for Jin and I finally found him in his brother's restaurant which is the one you recently saw us in. Jin was hesitant on seeing me again but later that day he invited me to dinner. That night I got the biggest news that ended up changing how I look at the world now"

Namjoon grinned as he looked at the camera. "On December 5th, 2015, our son, Kim Soobin, was born. He is my entire world. His giggles make me smile and the kid somehow says more dad jokes than his appa. Jin and Soobin have given me so much happiness that I didn't even know I was missing in my life. Oh look" Namjoon moved out of view to grab the picture frame on his desk. He held it up close to the camera so they can see it.

"This was after my concert in Los Angeles" Namjoon was still in his performance look and his hair was damp from sweat. He was carrying Soobin who was smiling, showing off his dimples, as he held onto his abeoji tightly. Namjoon had his other arm wrapped around Jin's shoulders to pull him closer. Jin had his eyes closed with that smile that was exclusively for Namjoon. The younger was kissing Jin's temple which earned him that smile.

"We took Soobin to Disneyland the next day since he told me he always wanted to go" Namjoon told the viewers as he put the frame back where he had it. "It's been four months since I met the kid but man" Namjoon shook his head as he started thinking. "I can't imagine them not being in my life. I don't know how long I went without them"

His phone chimed and he grabbed it to see Jin massaged him.

My Love: Keep streaming. In the elevator right now.

"We didn't tell you guys since we did it for Soobin's sake. We want him to grow up like a normal kid rather than have the media always trying to get pictures of him. We hope he doesn't have to deal with that and I'm sure Jin and I will attack anyone who has anything bad to say about our son" Namjoon explained. He heard the door open and he turned to see Jin's head peeking in. "Hey babe" he said with a smile.

The door was pushed open and Soobin ran in. "Abeoji!" He shouted as he ran to climb onto Namjoon's lap.

"Hey Binie" Namjoon kissed his son's cheek before Soobin went back to hugging his abeoji.

"Missed you this morning" the boy mumbled against Namjoon's shirt.

"I missed you too. I heard you ate a lot of candy with uncle Jimin and uncle Tae"

"Shh" Soobin reached his hand up to put over his abeoji's mouth. "Appa will hear you" Jin laughed and shook his head as he ruffled Soobin's hair.

"There's no hiding anything from appa" Jin told the boy. He placed the bag of food on the table and walked over to give Namjoon a kiss hello.

"Hey. Look" Namjoon turned Soobin so he was looking at the computer screen that was showing them. "Wave hi to everyone"

"Everyone?" Soobin turned his head to look at Namjoon confused.

"All of abeoji's fans are watching" Jin told his son as he started reading the chat that was on the screen. He read comments about how cute Soobin is and how perfect they look as a family.

"Oh" Soobin grinned and waved excited. "I'm Soobin" he introduced himself.

"Binie here is one of my biggest fans. Because of him the new album has a bit of the same sound as my old stuff. Are you excited for the new album?" Namjoon asked him.

"I guess. First album is the best cause they're all about appa" Namjoon blushed and buried his face into Soobin's hair.

"This one might have a few songs for appa and even you"

"Really?" Soobin eyes grew wide at the thought of a song inspired by him.

"Yeah. Maybe later I can play it for you" Soobin clapped his hands in excitement. "How about you go across the hall to see uncle Yoongi?"

"Okay" Soobin got down and ran out the door as he shouted, "Uncle Yoongi, let me in!"

Namjoon laughed and pulled Jin to take Soobin's place on his lap. "How about you introduce yourself now?" Namjoon looked at Jin with his soft smile and heart eyes.

"I'm Kim Seokjin. Soobin's appa and RM's future husband" Namjoon blushed and hid against Jin's wide shoulder as Jin giggle. "So cute" Jin cooed.

"I can't believe you heard that part" Namjoon mumbled out.

"You know Soobin and I never have missed any of your broadcasts" Jin looked at the camera and back at Namjoon. "You didn't tell them the other big news"

"I was gonna get to that" Namjoon kissed Jin's check before talking to the camera. "I'm gonna be heading to New York in a few days for a huge event. You will hear more about it in a couple hours so keep an eye out"

"I'm gonna go save Yoongi from Binie. I'm sure he's trying to touch all of Yoongi's equipment" Jin got off of Namjoon's lap and kissed his cheek.

"I'm pretty sure Hope is in there too" Namjoon turned in his chair to see Jin grabbing some containers in the bag he brought.

"I know. I brought them lunch too since I know you boys only work and forget to eat" Jin smiled as he left the room. Namjoon turned back to the views and read some of their comments in the chat.

Soobin is so adorable <3

Army better be invited to this Namjin wedding

Can't wait for the album from you king

Old vibez on a new album. Sign me up!

"So I have to eat lunch and put those finishing touches to the last track. I love you guys and will see you all soon" he blew a kiss to the camera and waved before turning off the broadcast.

He got up and left to go to Yoongi's studio. Soobin was sitting on Jin's lap while the couple were eating and chatting. "Hey. Will you guy's watching Soobin for a bit?"

"No problem. Have fun recording" Yoongi said with his mouth full. Hoseok shook his head at his boyfriend and let Soobin have some of his food.

"We can watch him for the rest of the day if you want. That way you two won't miss those reservations Jin was telling us about" Hoseok offered.

"Really?" Jin asked surprised. "That would be great. I'm sure you guys wouldn't feed him only sugar unlike Jimin and Taehyung"

"I'll be sure Hobi won't" Yoongi pinched Soobin's cheek which was his favorite thing to do to the boy.

"Thank you guys. We'll let you know when we'll pick him up" Namjoon said before kissing Soobin's forehead.

"Be good for your uncles, baby" Jin told his son.

"Okay. Love you appa. Love you abeoji" Soobin hugged Jin and then Namjoon.

"Let's get to work" Namjoon clapped his hands before heading back into the studio.


“That was by far the best meal I’ve ever had” Jin said as he put the napkin on his lap on the table. They just finished eating their meal at the extremely fancy restaurant that Namjoon wasn’t expecting.

“I can argue that your food is better” Jin glared at Namjoon since he knew it was a lie. “I’m not kidding, babe. You can go against this chef”

“Shut up” Jin blushed as he grabbed his flute with champagne. “Let’s toast” Namjoon raised his own glass.

“To the success of the now finished album” Namjoon said. Before they can clink glasses, Jin moved his glass back and said, “and to our future”

Namjoon smiled as they finally clinked glasses. He drank the whole glass and set it on the table. “So Soobin is starting school soon”

“Why are you mentioning that? You know how much I’m gonna miss my baby when he leaves me” Jin pouted. The waiter came and set their check down. Namjoon stopped the man from leaving and just handed him his card.

“I’m mentioning it because it’s gonna happen since you want him to go to public school” Namjoon offered to just have Soobin be homeschooled but Jin shot the idea down right away.

“You know how much he wants to go make friends. It’ll be good for him” Jin reasoned a bit more to himself.

“I know. The kid’s too smart for his own good”

“Yeah well his abeoji is very intelligent” Now it was Namjoon’s turn to blush. The waiter came back with Namjoon’s card and receipt. They left the restaurant and decided to walk around a bit before heading over to Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s to pick up Soobin. Jin soon stopped walking and Namjoon was forced to as well since they were holding hands tightly. He looked at Jin to see he was staring into the store window. Namjoon looked to see it was a baby store and there was a display of a crib and a cute mobile over it.

“You okay?” Namjoon asked.

“Hm” Jin snapped out of his trance and looked at his boyfriend who was looking at him with a gentle look. “Yeah. It’s just um”

“You miss Soobin being little?” Namjoon guessed. The little boy seemed to be growing every day and his fifth birthday was around the corner so he wouldn’t blame Jin for thinking that.

“No. Well yes but” Namjoon figured out why Jin was looking at that display with so much love and hope.

“You want another baby”

“It’s a little too late to want” Namjoon was confused by what the older said until Jin spoke up again. “I’m pregnant, Namjoon” He watched as Namjoon just stared at him with slightly wide eyes.


Jin can feel his eyes watering from fear. “Just oh. Say anything else Joon”

Namjoon can see Jin’s walls about to break and rushed over to pull him into his arms. “Don’t cry please. I’m just shocked” Namjoon kissed Jin’s forehead as he swayed Jin in his arms to try to calm him down a bit.

“You aren’t mad?” Jin asked as he pulled away to look up at Namjoon.

“How can I possibly be mad” Namjoon pushed some of Jin’s fluffy hair back a bit since it got messy from their hug. “I’m gonna be there this time. Through every step of the pregnancy. I love you so much”

“I love you too Joonie” They went back to hugging tightly as Namjoon kept soothing Jin. “I didn’t look at the ultrasound. I wanted to wait for you”

“We can go tomorrow if you want” Namjoon suggested.

“That sounds good. Soobin is gonna freak when we tell him"

“We’re gonna have to spoil him endless before this little one comes then” Jin’s heart melted as Namjoon’s large hand was splayed across his still flat stomach. He looked up to see Namjoon was already looking at him with that look in his eyes. The one he always got when he was dancing with Soobin or making jokes as he did his skin care routine. They met in the middle for a soft kiss that expressed all their love. They stood there on the sidewalk holding each other in a tight embrace as they basked in the idea of another child coming into their life.