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you're a beautiful and kind person (get out of my life)

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Bakugou slammed the door on his way in, the walls trembling from the force.

Mina heard someone yell curses from the other side of the hall. She couldn’t blame them, Bakugou could be an asshole sometimes. Especially right now, when she was supposed to be getting a project done, and the bastard decided he just had to tell her something.

Scratch that, Bakugou was an asshole all the time.

“...fuckin- Shitty Hair and his goddamn muscles,” Bakugou mumbled under his breath, taking Mina’s desk seat without permission. She continued work from her bed, absentmindedly noting where he was.

“What happened?” She drawled out the word, telling him to get on with it using only her eyes. He obeyed.

“It’s training, we’re sparing. I’ve been beating him the past five times, but the self-destructive bastard decides he wants to lose again.” Mina just nodded her head, glancing at the snacks she had by her side. She threw a bag of chips at Bakugou. He started munching on them as he continued his rant.

“Then, out of fucking nowhere, Shitty Hair is apparently sweating so much he feels the need to unzip his training jacket.” Mina nods. “And underneath, he’s wearing a thin-as-fuck tank top! The bastard is so fucking self-absorbed he assumes everyone should be looking at his muscles, instead of focusing on winning the spar!” A small explosion went off in his right palm, Mina intently stared at it, concerned for her poor, wooden desk chair.

“Or,” Mina starts, “maybe he was just hot from fighting you five times. I’m assuming you already took yours off the moment you two started sparring?”

“Don’t interrupt me. Anyway, he fucking wins the fight, how could he not with his giant fucking muscles,” Bakugou said, his voice rising in volume and tone. Mina made a small shushing motion with her finger, which unsurprisingly had no effect. “The worst fucking part is,” Bakugou paused to eat a chip, “after we left the locker room, Shitty Hair starts talking with the others. He starts spewing shit like ‘hey, wonder why Bakugou was so out of it’.”

At this point, Bakugou had gotten up from his chair and started pacing across Mina’s room.

“I trailed behind him like a fucking coward,” Bakugou muttered, the tips of his ears beginning to flush. “I kept my fucking head down like a middle schooler with a crush, trying not to trip over my feet.”

There was a pause as Bakugou’s slowed down his pacing to a stop, and Mina heard his breathing slow. He looked like he was gathering himself, eyes lost in thought. He jumped up onto her bed, with his upper body lied down on her bed, the lower half slowly dangling off.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and said, “I fucking hate crushes.”


“You’re a beautiful and kind person, get out of my life .” His hands moved with his words, and Mina stifled a laugh at the increasing redness across his face. She couldn’t tell whether it was because he was getting worked up, or whether he was talking about Kirishima.

“I like being able to look someone in the eyes and say ‘fuck you’ to their face,” Bakugou started. “I wanna just go up to his face, use words I’m sure the innocent fucker has never even heard of before, and not deal with this shit .”

“But alas, you’re in my room, talking to me.” Mina opened a bag of chips and started eating them, not waiting for Bakugou to continue, but he did.

Bakugou sighed. “Give him the middle finger,” Bakugou stole a chip from her bag, “just for me.”