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The Bane of my Existence

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Alexander Lightwood was angry.

Angry with how everything in the world seemed to be falling apart while he tried to save it. His sister says he is overreacting, but after years of him fighting for the environment and preservation of historical buildings around New York, he thinks he is allowed to be angry. Call it an obsession, if you want, but Alexander will always fight for the things he loves. Unfortunately, he loves a city that is being destroyed by corporations that want to modernize everything, including buildings that were important back in the day and hold a sentimental value for many people or to nowadays way of people’s thinking.

So there he was, laying on the ground in front of a theatre that is almost being brought down to be replaced by a gigantic building that would probably be similar to the ones around that hold nothing of history or emotions.

“Man! Get out of there!”

He stayed quiet even with the demolition workers yelling at him and saying they will call the police, at least, Jace and Clary went with him and were also laying on the ground next to him.

“We will call the police!”

“We are not moving from here!” Yelled Clary back, she was also passionate about the cause but gets distracted easily.

Alec smiled at her and was glad to have such nice friends that have his back.

There were tons of sounds going around them, some trucks being turned off because of their meddling and for a moment Alec was happy. But then the police sirens appeared and he internally screamed at himself. Why they always call the police? He just wants to make them stop doing their job and make them lose time and money...Ok, maybe he was doing something illegal but not that illegal.

“I’m sorry, I think we are going to be arrested…” Alec murmurs and he is certain that Clary and Jace will be mad at him again, but then he looked at both of them and they are kissing. In the middle of the street, while laying on the dirty ground.

Alec is sure he heard Clary saying ‘yes, a thousand times, yes’ but he wasn’t sure why she was saying that but when the police started to drag them out of the street to be inside the vehicle, he knew. Seeing his best friend never stopping smiling and seeing Clary with little tears on the corner of her eyes...well, it was obvious.

“Do you think it was the best timing to ask your girlfriend to marry you?” Alec asks quietly when they were waiting for his parents to come and bail them out.

“Love doesn’t have timing,” Jace said while leaning to the right to kiss his girlfriend, now fiance, on the lips. Something about that bugged Alec, and it wasn’t about Alec having had a crush on Jace for years, he got over it and is now successfully crushless and single.

Now was not the time for Alec to remind how single he is and how long it has been that he kissed someone.

Luke, Clary’s stepdad came to bail them out and gave each of them a burger as a gift for getting out of jail. Sometimes Alec was confused by how Luke seems to be a father figure and as well a friend to his stepdaughter.

“Clary, your mom is going to be really are not a little girl anymore to be getting yourself in so much trouble.” He looked at Alec. “Not blaming you. I’m just concerned for all of you...this is your fifth time, Alec.”

“To be honest, I think I’m getting old for this too. But if I don’t do this...I would feel a waste of the world.”

“Yes, Luke...And you know I also agree with what Alec is fighting for.” Clary says. “And Jace knows how this is important to both me and Alec, so he also helps.”

Luke turns to stare at the street in front of him, and Alec swears he hears a hiss ‘kids…’. That wasn’t his best behavior as an adult, he knows and Luke probably thinks so too, but he couldn’t stop fighting for what he believes.