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The Bane of my Existence

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His mother enters his room without knocking, again, and Alec wants to be annoyed but he just finds it funny.

“Alexander Gideon Lightwood, were you in jail again?”

“Just for five minutes...Luke bailed us out.”
He said while changing his pajamas shirt to a more formal one that he could use at his job. When he looked at his mother, he noticed a serious expression. “If it helps, I think I’m old to be doing that so no more jail for me for a long time.” Her eyes squint. “...and I mean, forever.”

“That’s better. I don’t want your father to call me and start saying how poorly I’m doing as a mother.”

She exits the room and closes the door, leaving Alec with a strange feeling inside his chest. Every time she mentions his father, it makes his heartbreak a little.

While being 28 years old he thinks that it’s time to move out from home, but every time he opens the apartment finder site he feels completely alone and he doesn’t want to feel that way or leave his mother alone with Izzy that barely ever stays there. His younger sister, Isabelle, is a somewhat blogger that loves parties and is dating a comic writer, so she sometimes stays at his house for a week before coming back to their actual home.

Alec feels the pressure of being there for his mother because his father failed them, he knows it’s not his obligation but he loves his family.

He was almost late for work, and to not break his impeccable record of never arriving late for work, he gets out of the apartment without eating breakfast and almost forgetting his bike helmet.

The streets were packed as always and during one of the crossovers, where the green light was on for him, a black SVU almost collides with him. Fortunately, he has fast reflexes and when he stared at the ultra film front window to say some truths to the driver, he couldn’t see anything over it. He threw an angry look at the car either way and continued on his way to the legal aid office he works for, and practically runs the place, seeing that the boss is never there.

“Good morning, Raphael.”
He greets the lawyer in charge of the family cases that sit in front of him but gets nothing as a response, only a grunt. That was an improvement to him, so he smiles at the paper stack on his table.

The work was busy as always, many people needing help that don’t have the ability to pay for it but they deserve to have their rights served. While he tries to help the world outside, he also likes to help some families to find some peace.

After four mugs of coffee and many reports read and analyzed, Alec leans back on his chair and sees that Raphael is gone as he always is when the clock ticks five o’clock in the afternoon. And not a minute late. It was already almost six so it was time to go home, Alec has tons of meetings with families tomorrow and two settlements to resolve so he needs to go home and prepare as well as have a good night’s sleep.

When he closes the office and locks the front door, he notices that Raphael is still there. Talking to someone on the other side of the street, the person he was talking to was tall and was wearing an expensive maroon suit, a bold choice of color.

Alec never saw his coworker out of the office so it was interesting to see him interacting with someone, anyone really. The mysterious man put a hand on Raphael’s shoulder who quickly brushed it off while taking a step back.

“Raphael, is there a problem?” Alec voices out before thinking while carrying his bike to the other side of the street. His coworker stares at him with an annoyed look.

“Don’t meddle in this, Lightwood.” He turns to the other man and says angrily. “I don’t need your help. Never asked and never will. Leave me alone.”

And then Raphael practically ran to the subway station down the street. Alec took that opportunity to evaluate the man and see if he was trouble or not.

The man had a sad expression on his face while looking at the direction that Raphael disappeared to. He had lively eyes that showed tons of emotions even without wanting to, but there was something about this man that seemed to be distant. He wasn’t trouble, not the kind Alec thought he would be, but the kind that stirs his heartbeat to beat a little faster than normal.

“You must be Raphael’s colleague.” The man said making Alec notice that he had been staring at the man’s chest for far too long.

“Yes, Alec Lightwood.” Alec reaches to grasp the man’s hand and is surprised to feel smooth skin. The man smiled.

“Oh, you are the Alexander. Raphael talks a lot about you, when I say a lot I mean he mentioned your name twice and that’s a lot considering that is Raphael.” He didn’t know how to respond to that so he stayed quiet, only a little bit afraid of how warm his chest was with only this guy touching his hand. “Magnus Bane.”

The warm got suddenly cold and it was like having a bucket of ice thrown at him.

“You are Magnus... Bane ?”

The man in front of Alec seemed to be confused by Alec’s tone.

“You are the owner of Bane’s Corporation? The business that is putting beautiful historical buildings down to only build something horrendous in the same place?”

Magnus Bane had the audacity by smiling and looking like he was having fun.

“You must be one of the people that try to prevent my business from flowing smoothly.” He says with an amusing tone clearly there.

“Yes! Someone should try and stop you!”

“You do know that I’m not the only person involved, right?”

“Yes, but it’s your name on the front...”

Alec turns around and angrily pedals towards his house, he didn’t want to look at this guy’s face anymore. Even if it was a handsome face. Alec hated himself for thinking that, now.

He left the guy standing alone on the sidewalk, not wanting to ever think about Magnus Bane again. How can someone be ok doing what his business does, destroying important places...totally erasing their stories and the emotions they pass on from each generation.

He went to sleep that night with disappointment on his mind.