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The Bane of my Existence

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It's been a week since the bike incident. And Alec was 100% sure that someone was following him by this point. It was nerve-wracking and utterly annoying.

He caught glimpses of movement with the corner of his eyes, but every time he turned to look the person vanished.

He was meeting Diana Taylor for a chat before her trial next week, so he chose a little coffee shop in Brooklyn where both of them could chat more comfortably.

“Hello, Mrs.Taylor.” He shook her hands while she seemed tired. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, Mr. Lightwood…”

“Alright, I'm going to drill you one last time before out session next week, and then you are free to relax until Wednesday…”

Alec asked all the questions that the opposite side would probably ask and even invented some things that could jeopardize her in front of the jury just to see how she would react. 

“...once again, you did nothing wrong. Mr.Taylor did all the wrong things and you want to feel safe again...and your kids deserve that too.”

“Hum, Mr. Lightwood?”

“Yes? Any questions?”

“It's just...he called me many times this week.”

“Did you-”

“No, I never answered. But my landlord said that he...he went to my apartment building and kept trying to enter through the gate.”

“He shouldn't be doing that...I will talk to the detective in charge of his parole. Don't worry. He is not going to hurt you.”

“The kids are with their grandparents this week. But I'm scared he will go to them too.”

“I'm going back to the office now and will call the authorities. Maybe they will send a police car to park near your house…”

“Thank you…” She held his hand sobbing and very much afraid, he could understand her fear.

It was almost seven o'clock in the evening but he went back to the office after saying his goodbyes to her, promising he would call the detective.

Alec forgot his cell phone in the office, that's why he had to go so late there. Upon coming to the front door he noticed a shadow forming on the door before he could open it.

He tried to turn around but the shadow was quicker and hit him with something solid. Alec tried to yell but the person attacking him got a hold of his arm and punched him in the face. His face must be swollen up because it was both hurting and numbing at the same time.

“Better not help that bitch!” Mr. Taylor dragged him to the sidewalk and Alec wondered why the street was so empty at this hour. “I’m-” A punch on his abdomen. “Going-” Then a kick on his body that was currently having a moment in the ground. “To-” He stopped the attack and looked down at Alec, spitting on his face and smiling. “Kill you, little bitch.”

Someone started to scream on the street, finally, and then Alec remembered sirens and the solid ground underneath him. Practically welcoming him to a painful sleep.

The next thing he knows is being on a white sheet bed, with bright lights coming from the slightly open door of his room and his sister sleeping on the couch next to his bed.

He grunted trying to move but then the door opened and Magnus Bane walked inside. Alec noticed that the man was being careful to not wake up Alec's sister or even bring more light to the room. It must be the middle of the night.

“You are awake.”

He said while sitting on the chair next to the bed, his elbows resting on the white cotton sheet, near Alec's torso.

“Why?” His mouth hurt like hell and he must be all ruined on his face.

“Let's just say that me missing you saved your life from that man.”

He then remembered.


“If you are referring to that man's ex-wife...Raphael told me she is fine but worried about you. Everyone is. Your mother had to take a calming sedative.”

“ 'right.”

“I'm going to find the doctor in charge...just wait a moment.”

Magnus went out of the room again and five minutes later the lights were being turned on and Izzy grunted from her couch. The doctor, being followed by Magnus, asked many questions to see if there was any sign of a concussion. Alec told him that his recent memories were a little fuzzy but he assured that was normal for at least a day. He also said that Alec would have to stay in the hospital for observation for two days, his ribs and facial bruises were being treated delicately and he needs to take a look after the swollen dies down.

His sister was still dead to the world, the doctor went outside and turned off the lights. Only the bedside lamp on, making Alec awfully aware of how messy his face must look to Magnus.

“Still pretty, Alexander.”

“ ‘ank you…”

“You are very welcome.” Magnus seemed to be thinking about something serious before speaking up again. “I will take the opportunity to talk about some things out…I'm sorry for what my business is doing to the things you love the most, but you have to understand that I have a family too. And that they have expectations about me, and it's my father running the company and not me. I have some power? Yes. But not enough to stop him.” Alex wanted to interrupt but he was tired and Magnus's handheld his, the warmth making everything suddenly better. “If you can put your misguided hatred aside...I would like to take you out on a date. You can yell at me during the date if you want.” He winked at Alec, making him smile weakly. “I will take that as a yes.”

Alec doesn't remember anything after that, but he is sure that Magnus stayed there holding his hand for some time before going back to his house. When the nurse woke him in the morning, he was in a good mood.