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The Bane of my Existence

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Catarina told him to take two weeks off from work, most people would be glad for having so many days of doing nothing, not Alec though.

“It hurts to move…” Alec grumbled to his sister. “And I’m bored.”

“Alec, c’mom...since you got back from the hospital two days ago you haven’t showered!”


He reached the shower all alone and was panting hard while leaning back on the shower stall, breathing was hard these days. His body was still full of scratches from the time he had a meeting with the hard ground of the street and the bruises around his torso were turning green. Still, he felt awful and every time he moved everything started to scramble in front of his eyes as if he was falling. That's why his sister was currently waiting outside of his bathroom door, just in case he needed help.

There was some struggle to get to his room, but Izzy let him lean on her while practically crawling through the corridor of their apartment.

He was finally back to wearing his usual black shirt and comfortable sweatpants, also black, and his sister seemed to be staring at her phone with worry.

“Izzy, I’m alright. Go to wherever you want to go…”

The TV turned on and after many buzzes from Izzy’s cellphone, she finally smiled and then stood up. Looking refreshingly relieved.

“Alright, now I’m ok to leave you.” She caught her purse and jacket, before closing the front door she sends Alec a kiss. “Call me if you need anything but I’m sure you will be alright.”

She left so abruptly that Alec was a little dazed and didn’t hear the sound of the TV, only going back to watch it when there was a loud explosion sound coming from it. He was lost by the movie that was currently airing, and he thought that a nap would do wonders for his body. But then when he finally got into a comfortable position, in which his ribs wouldn't hurt a lot when he breathes, the doorbell rang. He wasn't sure he could go to the door, for a second he thinks he fell asleep because he woke up to the smell of something cooking in the kitchen.

His mother shouldn’t be home yet, she said she had to take care of things until late at night and she was going to eat out by then. And Izzy never cooked something that smelled so good...So, maybe Jace?


A clattering sound from the kitchen and then Magnus Bane appeared in the living room holding a kitchen ladle.

“What are you doing here?”

“Isabelle, told me where the spare key was.”

He said as if it was normal for him to be there, at Alec’s house. As if they were close friends.

“What is happening…?” Alec asked himself.

“You promised me a date...seeing your state I thought it would be better to take things slow and maybe dinner in with a movie was the best option.” He smiled, his white perfectly aligned teeth being framed by thin lips. Alec was starting to hallucinate because suddenly he had the urge to touch those lips, and that wasn’t a normal reaction when a stranger invades your house.

Magnus disappeared back to the kitchen, and Alec suddenly got very self-aware of what he was wearing, but then...he didn’t care how he looked in front of Bane, right? A horrible headache is coming, he just knew it.

“I made some kitchen soup because your sister told me you don’t have much of an appetite these days.”

He put two bowls of soup in front of them and sat next to Alec on the couch. Magnus took a glance around them, probably forming something to say about the apartment.

“Your place is unusually homey. I don’t feel at ease in new places but this place...something about it makes it perfect.”

“There’s a lot of history here,” Alec said, not knowing why he was indulging Magnus with this friendly conversation.

The Tv was off, so there was only the silence between them while they eat the soup, which was good, by the way. Alec even made Magnus put some more for him, apparently finishing the whole bowl of soup on the oven.

“Thank you.”

“It's not a hassle to make this soup, don’t worry.”

“I meant about that night…”

“You could thank me with a kiss...I wouldn't mind.” Magnus laughed at seeing how red Alec became and Alec hated himself for having such a reaction.

He was a little annoyed by this man in front of him, so he wanted to make him shut up after Magnus started to ramble about the soup they just eat. Alec did something very dangerous and very stupid. Magnus was taken by surprise when Alec’s hand came to his shoulder and dragged him down. 

Their mouths collided and Alec forgot all about his intentions, it was supposed to be a peck and nothing more. But then Magnus’s hands were holding his cheeks and when they both gasped at the same time, Alec had a little heart attack. 

The soup subject was long forgotten, and Alec lost himself on the feeling of Magnus's lips dragging on his face and placing little pecks over his eyelids and nose. Strangely tender coming from the taller man.

“Wait-” Alec stopped the kiss, having difficulty to breathe, his ribs were killing him.

“Oh, you’re hurt, totally forgot. Sorry.” Magnus seemed truly concerned, and Alec was in pain.

Alec let himself be embraced by Magnus’s arms, in his defense they were very comfortable to have around his waist so Alec placed his hand on the other’s man's chest and tried to not fall asleep. Unfortunately, he wasn’t lucky and slept on that position until late that night when his mother came back and awkwardly tried to go to her room without making any sound. Obviously, failing.

“I think it’s better if I go, even if pains me to leave you.”

“This meant nothing...”

“Keep telling yourself that, Alexander.” Magnus placed a soft kiss on Alec’s cheek and got up. Putting on his orange jacket, and grabbing his car keys. “I will see you soon.”

Alec was so sleepy that he didn't even fight. When he heard the door closing he opened his eyes, and Magnus was gone.

A part of him wanting that to be a temporary thing.

The other part wishing that they never see each other again.